With one week remaining until the November pay-per-view extravaganza, Battle to Survive, the CWF makes one final stop in Stockholm, Sweden. Tonight, enemies will become partners as Mariano Fernandez team with Magnus Thunder to take on Blood and the hometown hero, “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv.

With the tension from within the Horsemen building, “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and Jimmy Blast will team up in Jimmy Blast’s return to action to take on Terry Richards and James Baker in a clash that has the whole wrestling world guessing what will go down. Can Blast and Osbourne resolve their issues in time for the match?

Three debuts are on tap as newcomers Jaxx Harrington and Bobby Cale do battle, and Ashley Mastrangelo debuts against Danielle Lopez.

Keith Daniels makes his long awaited return to the ring as he battles Enrique Lopez.

Degradation will defend the CWF World Tag Team Championship against Double Dragons, marking the first time the titles have been defended in Sweden.

And Paul Blair does battle with the unique “Heart Throb” Chris Chandler.

This is the third stop of the CWF’s 2009 World Tour, and the final stop before Battle to Survive…

This is…

Fade to a sold out Globen Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, where 16, 000+ screaming Swedish CWF fans jam pack the building to capacity. Fireworks explode at the entrance way and shoot up the aisle, exploding above the ring and igniting the crowd into a deeper euphoria. The Showdown set is the usual, except the backdrop is a giant Swedish flag. Standing at ringside is Teddy Turnbuckle and, as always, “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to the Globen Arena! Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden! And yes indeed, welcome to CWF’s Saturday Night Showdown! Good evening, fans, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane. We are on the third stop of the 2009 CWF World Tour, and what a couple of weeks it’s been!

BC: This is what’s made the trip all worth it, Teddy! All the food poisoning in Argentina, the rectal searches at airport, the bland food and crooked teeth in London…all for this stop, here in Sweden, the home of “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv!

TT: And what an ambassador for the CWF Roland Ulv has been this past week, appearing on talk shows, making public appearances, and the big one tonight, wrestling in the main event alongside Blood, who by the way was announced earlier this week as his opponent at Battle to Survive next week in Sydney, Australia…to take on a team comprised of Battle to Survive opponents as well, Magnus Thunder and Mariano Fernandez!

BC: And there’s no way Magnus Thunder and Mariano Fernandez can work as a team! No way! But then again…there’s no way Roland Ulv and Blood can work as a team either…not after the attack on Blood by Roland last week. Roland Ulv is working as the Horseman’s muscle, and he’s standing in the way between Rob Osbourne and Blood…you think winning the match is a priority for either of these teams? No sir, they all want to maim their partners. The real winners will be the ones that walk out of here unscathed!

TT: Absolutely right, and this crowd is chomping at the bit to see Roland Ulv in action! But also tonight, another tag team bout with huge implications… Jimmy Blast and “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne will team up to take on Terry Richards and James Baker. Richards and Baker forged an alliance last week, we know they’re on the same page…but we can’t say the same for Jimmy Blast and Rob Osbourne…there’s some dissension in the ranks of the Horsemen…a power struggle, if you will.

BC: Well Jimmy Blast has always been the leader of the Horsemen, since their inception in 1996. Now Blast is back and The Nitemare is running the show…that’s a whole lot of ego to put aside, and the cracks are starting to show…tonight, one week away from Battle to Survive, the whole wrestling world will be watching this match, hoping and praying that the most dominant force in wrestling today crumbles from within!

TT: Also tonight, Degradation will defend the CWF World Tag Team Championships against Double Dragons! This will mark the first time in history that the Tag Team Championships, or any CWF championship for that matter, is defended in Sweden!

BC: And Degradation should have no trouble at all chopping up these two idiots known as the Double Dragons, squishing them into tin cans, and selling them with extra garlic sauce here in Sweden!

TT: Well we’ll see about that, but in any event…also tonight, the legendary EWA Tag Team, Molten Lava, debuts on Showdown tonight against Da Xtreme Dynasty, with the winners…get this…the winners moving on to Battle to Survive for a Tag Team Championship match!

BC: Things are picking up on the tag team scene, Teddy! Molten Lava were one of the best teams in the business back in the 90s, but can they recapture the magic a decade later? I don’t know, we’ll have to see…

TT: Three other CWF debuts tonight as well, Jaxx Harrington and Bobby Cale will collide…Jaxx Harrington of course garnered some attention in another realm of the wrestling world but these are the big leagues, this is the CWF…and we’ll find out tonight if he has what it takes to survive with the top talent in the world.

BC: Well, I saw Bobby Cale taking advice from Kyle Sync earlier this afternoon, so we’ll see how much of a fight he can put up.

TT: Keith Daniels, one half of the former Shock Value, returns to the ring tonight, and what a huge reacquisition for the CWF!

BC: It’s great to have The Dangerous One back, Teddy! He has main event written all over him, he’s just gonna have to rise through the ranks to make it happen! And you know where Daniels is, Brian Adams can’t be too far behind…

TT: Well, we’ve been waiting for the return of Shock Value since Summer Smash back in June…here’s Keith Daniels, but Brian Adams remains out of action…nonetheless, Daniels is a force to be reckoned with on his own accord…some suggest he’s Brian Adams’ equal in the ring when he wants to be. Tonight, he’s up against Enrique Lopez.

BC: And Enrique has an el problemo, holmes! Keith Daniels is gonna send that punk kid back to Latin America with a juice box full of fermented apple juice.

TT: …let’s not go there again. Ashley Mastrangelo will join the ranks of the up and coming women’s division here tonight as she battles Danielle Lopez.

BC: And she’s no slouch, either! I mean, good looks, great rack, nice ass, and legs to die for aside, Ashley Mastrangelo is a hell of a woman’s wrestling. And bouncy ass and fiery attitude aside, Danielle Lopez has proven herself to be capable of going up against even men in the CWF! This should be hot.

TT: …you’re deplorable.

BC: Hey, I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking.

TT: Sure you are. And rounding out the card tonight, how about this one…Paul Blair goes one on one with “The Heart Throb” Chris Chandler…

BC: Now I’m a fan of both of these guys, but it’s not fair to Blair to put him in the ring with a guy like Chris Chandler. I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with the team Chris Chandler plays for, but Blair ain’t “that” way and Chandler is, shall we say…open about his orientation. This is just uncomfortable for the Ruler!

TT: What does wrestling a man have to do with his sexual orientation?

BC: I’m just sayin’, Blair is the measuring stick, but I think that might turn Chandler on, if you know what I mean.

TT: Wow.

BC: Again, just saying what everyone else is thinking.

TT: Sure you are. In any event folks, let’s head to the ring for our opening match!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

"The Anthem" by Pitbull and Lil' Jon hits the arena as the crowd erupts in cheers. Enrique Lopez steps out to the stage and poses for the crowd. The crowd continues their admiration as Lopez makes his way down the aisle, tagging the hands of some of the fans in the front row.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from San Jose, California! Weighing in at two hundred seventy one pounds...ENRIQUE LOPEZ!

Lopez slides under the bottom rope and in to the ring. He returns to his feet and jumps on to the second rope, again posing for the crowd. He hops down as his music fades out.

TT: Enrique looks ready for the fight, tonight...and he better be! Daniels is very experienced, and is much bigger than Lopez!

BC: Even the small guys can surprise us, Teddy! Look at Mariano over the last two weeks! He defeated a man that was nearly three times his size!

"It's All Over" by Three Days Grace blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in boos. The lights dim and Keith Daniels makes his way to the stage. He stops briefly on the stage, looking at the surround crowd before continuing down the aisle. His expression doesn't change as he appears almost like a machine.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at three hundred twenty four pounds..."THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!

Daniels makes his way to the ringside area. He climbs on to the apron and steps over the top rope. Daniels doesn't pose for the crowd, just makes his way toward Lopez. The ref holds him back as his music fades out.

TT: Daniels doesn't even look like himself, Bobby!

BC: He's like a zombie!

The referee calls for the opening bell.


Daniels lets out a primal scream and quickly rushes at Lopez with a vicious knee lift to the gut!

TT: Daniels not wasting any time as he instantly goes on the attack in this match!

BC: He looks possessed, Teddy!

TT: Daniels with a hard lariat, and Lopez is sent head over heels from that shot! Daniels with a boot...and another...and a third! He picks Lopez back up, lifting him over for a scoop slam, but Lopez falls behind. Daniels turns to Lopez...dropkick to the knee, and Daniels falls to a knee! Lopez with a hard forearm to Daniels' face...and Daniels quickly grips his hand around Lopez' face!

BC: Daniels is obviously a psycho!

TT: Daniels gets back to his feet, and he lifts Lopez in the air by the skull! Lopez with a kick to the chest...and a second! And Daniels drops him as he stumbles back! Lopez rushes at Daniels. Daniels with a lariat, but Lopez ducks it! Daniels hooks on a crucifix, and he's trying to pull Daniels down to the mat!

Daniels lets out another scream as he forces Lopez in to the fireman's carry position. Lopez drills Daniels with a series of elbows to the side of the skull, and he's able to fall behind! Lopez with a hard kick to the back of the knee, and Daniels falls to a knee again!

TT: Lopez hits the ropes...and he plants Daniels with a throwback! Lopez grabs Daniels' right leg, and he quickly locks his foot around Daniels' leg! Lopez bridges back, and he locks in an inverted facelock for the submission here!

BC: This is exactly the type of offense that Lopez will need in this match!

TT: The ref is checking on Daniels. And it looks like Daniels has broken the hold, as he forces Lopez off of him! Daniels makes his way back to his feet as Lopez comes at him with a kick to the side of the leg. And Daniels retaliates with a headbutt! Lopez quickly gets back to his feet, and he's taken back down with a vicious lariat!

BC: Lopez needs to find a way to defend against Daniels' power!

TT: Daniels brings Lopez back to his feet and instantly runs him full speed back first in to the corner! Daniels with a shoulder to the gut, and a devastating knee to the gut! Daniels brings Lopez up to his shoulder...running powerslam! And he places a hand on Lopez' chest for the cover!




TT: Lopez gets the shoulder up! Daniels quick with the attack as he continues with a series of stomps. He brings Lopez back to his feet once again...lariat...but Lopez ducks it! And Lopez jumps and Daniels' back, quickly applying a sleeper hold!

BC: He needs to wear this big man down, Teddy!

TT: Daniels quickly rushes back first in to the corner, crushing Lopez! Lopez slumps in the corner as Daniels turns toward Lopez. He rushes at Lopez, and Lopez moves as Daniels crashes chest first in to the top turnbuckle! Daniels stumbles back and Lopez grabs him with a front facelock...TORNADO DDT! And Lopez makes the quick cover!




TT: Daniels kicks out!

BC: It'll take a lot more than that to keep Daniels down!

TT: Lopez steps out to the apron as Daniels starts to get back to his feet. Lopez springboards...European uppercut, and Daniels is taken back to the mat! Lopez measures Daniels...standing leg drop!

Lopez reaches to pick Daniels back up, and Daniels sends him through the ropes to the apron. Lopez makes it to his feet, as does Daniels. Daniels drills Lopez with a right and instantly grabs him with a front facelock. He lifts Lopez in to the air...vertical suplex! Daniels picks Lopez back up and plants him with a short arm clothesline...and a second...and a third, almost turning him inside out!>

TT: That was just devastating! And again, Daniels doesn't appear to be showing much emotion! Daniels brings Lopez back to his feet, and he lifts him up in to a torture rack position. Daniels drops down to his knees, and Lopez falls off of his shoulders in pain!

BC: That had to hurt! He definitely is earning the moniker "The Dangerous One"!

TT: Daniels picks Lopez back up and whips him hard in to the corner! Daniels rushes in...but Lopez gets the feet up, connecting with Daniels' face! Daniels stumbles back as Lopez quickly elevates himself to the top...missile dropkick!

BC: The big man is back on the mat!

TT: Lopez again climbs to the top! WEST COAST SPLASH!!! NO!!! Daniels rolled out of the way!

Daniels hesitates as Lopez crawls toward the ropes. He slowly gets back up, dazed. Daniels rushes at Lopez...big boot, and Lopez tumbles over the top rope out of the ring! Daniels climbs out of the ring as the crowd releases a chorus of boos. He brings Lopez to his feet and lifts him overhead with a military press. Daniels drops him face first across the barricade outside!





TT: The ref is at a four count, and Daniels is picking Lopez up once again! Daniels with a hard whip...and Lopez crashes back first in to the steel steps!





TT: Daniels grabs Lopez and slams him face first in to the apron! He rolls Lopez is and follows, barely beating the ten count!

BC: Daniels is dissecting Lopez in this match!

TT: Daniels returns to his, and he quickly brings Lopez back up to a standing position. He applies a front face lock and lifts Lopez vertical...and he drops him gut first on the top rope! Lopez is hanging on the top rope, and Daniels grabs him again, this time bringing him up in to a fireman's carry position! Daniels looks ready for the Final Verdict...but Lopez hits him with a knee to the side of the skull!

BC: Lopez needs to get out of this move! If Daniels hits this...it will be over! Lopez struggles and falls behind...back cracker!

TT: Lopez quickly rolls out to the apron. He gets back to his feet, and here's the slingshot...legdrop! Lopez makes the cover!




TT: Daniels kicks out! Lopez lifts Daniels to a seated position. He grabs Daniels' arms as he places his knee against Daniels' back...modified bow and arrow stretch! Daniels is struggling to break the hold, but Lopez is relentless...yanking back to apply more pressure! Daniels is trying to get back to his feet...and Lopez uses that momentum to force Daniels on to his stomach, allowing more leverage for the submission!

BC: Very bad position for Daniels! How in the hell will he escape this hold?!

TT: The referee is checking on Daniels...but Daniels is refusing to give up...as he isn't even answering the referee!

Daniels is finally able to get an arm free from the hold. He quickly flips over, breaking the submission. Lopez drops the knee to the abdomen of Daniels, which just seems to turn Daniels more furious. Daniels quickly gets back to his feet and drills Lopez with a series of rights. The referee pulls Daniels back, but Daniels quickly rushes at Lopez and hits him with right after right again! He shoves Lopez, sending him in to the corner. Daniels follows in...massive lariat!

BC: I think Daniels has snapped!

TT: Lopez drops to a seated position in the corner...and Daniels delivers a hard knee! And another! Again the official pulls Daniels off of Lopez! Lopez uses the ropes to try to pull himself back up...and Daniels drills him with a hard shoulder to the gut...and a second!

BC: I've never seen Keith Daniels be this brutal!

TT: Daniels with another shoulder...no! Lopez counters as he flips over Daniels...attempt at a sunset flip! Lopez is trying to pull Daniels over, but Daniels is holding on to the top rope! Daniels reaches down and grabs Lopez by the throat with both hands! NO!!! Lopez broke the grip, and he pulls Magnus over for the sunset flip pin!




TT: Lopez almost snuck away with the victory there!

BC: So close!

TT: Daniels and Lopez both are back to their feet! Daniels rushes at Lopez...and Lopez with the inside cradle!




TT: Daniels almost got caught again! Both men again are back to their feet...and Lopez is met with a boot to the gut! Daniels picks him up for a powerbomb...NO!!! Lopez again with the counter as he lands the hurricanrana in to a pin!




Daniels kicks out at the last second! Both men return to their feet, but Daniels again is knocked back to the mat as Lopez executes a double leg takedown! Lopez flips over in to a jacknife pin!




TT: Four pins in a row by Lopez, and Daniels just barely kicks out before the three count! And you can see the frustration in Lopez' face!

BC: Can you really blame him?!

TT: Again both men return to their feet. Lopez rushes at Daniels...and he's caught! Daniels with a sidewalk slam! Daniels lifts Lopez up by the side, and drops him across the knee for a backbreaker!!! He holds Lopez, lifting him again...and drops him across the knee again! He brings Lopez back to his feet...boot to the gut!

Daniels positions Lopez for the powerbomb. He lifts Lopez, holding him in a crucifix position. Daniels runs towards the ropes...but Lopez slips out of the move at the last second! Lopez rushes at Daniels, and Daniels reacts with a back body drop over the top rope...but Lopez is able to hold the top rope, landing on the apron!

TT: Daniels turns to Lopez. He rushes at him...but Lopez slides in to the ring between Daniels' legs! Lopez with a dropkick from behind, and Daniels is forced chest first hard against the middle rope! Lopez with the slingshot...picture perfect legdrop on the back of Daniels' neck! Daniels stumbles back, obviously effected from the move as Lopez climbs back on to the apron.

BC: How is Lopez even staying in this match?!

TT: Lopez with the springboard...flying shoulderblock!!! Lopez is back to his feet and hits the far ropes as Daniels slowly gets back up...DDT off the rebound!

BC: This could be it!

TT: Lopez grabs Daniels with a front facelock, lifting him back up...NO!!! Daniels quickly brings Lopez up in a fireman's carry position!

BC: Why didn't Lopez go for the cover?!

TT: Daniels swings Lopez around...THE FINAL VERDICT...NO!!! Lopez counters with a reverse DDT!!! And he grabs Daniels' legs, pulling them back for the pin!




TT: It's...

BC: NO!!! The ref's calling it off, Teddy! It looked like Lopez fell back in to the ropes during the pinfall, which means that the count would be stopped!

TT: It looks like you're right, as the referee is trying to explain to Lopez that the match isn't over! Lopez again looks frustrated as he makes his way to the corner! He climbs to the top...possibly looking for the West Coast Splash!

BC: Too bad Daniels is starting to get back up!

TT: Daniels is to his feet, still slightly dazed. Lopez dives off the top...flying crossbody...NO!!! Daniels catches him! He tosses Lopez in to the air, catching him in the fireman's carry position! Lopez is struggling...he swung around...THE FINAL VERDICT!!!

BC: Daniels nailed it!

TT: And Daniels makes the cover!





TT: What an impressive showing from Enrique Lopez, but Keith Daniels was just too much for him tonight!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..."THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!

The referee turns to raise Daniels' hand in victory, but Daniels has already started making his way back up the aisle. The arena is filled with boos as Daniels passes by them.

BC: He's like a machine, Teddy!

TT: Seemed to work for him tonight, though! In any event, folks…I understand there’s something going on backstage….let’s get a camera back there!

Cut to a backstage hallway. Death Squad, TJ and Bruno, shadowed by their massive manager The Juggernaut walk through the corridor. TJ is wearing a New York Yankees jersey, Bruno is in his black leather jacket with “ITALY” across the back in red, white and green. The Juggernaut is dressed in a brown leather jacket with a black muscle shirt.

Bruno: (thick Brooklyn accent) Listen, this is going to take a little finesse. You two just hang back would ya.

The Juggernaut: I wrote the book on finesse, don’t you know who I am, I’m The Juggernaut…

Bruno: Nuttin’ for nuttin’ Juggy, but kicking opening every door you walk through isn’t exactly the definition of finesse, besides X told us not to mess this up. This is a lady, she’s fragile and looking at your two ugly mugs isn’t going to help. Just hang back and look out for anyone.

They stop in front of Ashley Mastrangelo’s dressing room. TJ and The Juggernaut walk past the room. Bruno licks his thumb, fixes his eyebrows and then knocks on the door. The door swings open and Ashley Mastrangelo stands with an angry scowl.

Bruno: You must be Ashley, X told me you was beautiful but not like this… how are we doing on this particularly fine evening?

Ashley smirks at the particularly abrupt approach as Bruno lets himself into the dressing room.

Ashley Mastrangelo: What’s this, some failed attempt to woo me?

Bruno: Unfortunately sweetheart, I’m here on business. But we can talk personal afterwards.

Bruno steps to Ashley and reaches for her hand. Ashley jerks the hand back and goes to backhand Bruno. Bruno catches the hand just before it hits his face and quickly steps back raising his hands.

Bruno: Alright! Alright! We’ll keep this strictly professional… for now. My name is Bruno, I’m part of DEATHSQUAD…

Ashley: And you’re selling cookies, I’m not interested…

Bruno: Oh you must be from some part of the boot with that mouth… Sicilian and Italian? Me spidey senses are tinglin’.

Ashley: (rolling her eyes) What do you want?

Bruno: Listen, a guy I work with, his name is Gary Scarletti, better known as Chemical X, you been around this business long enough you better have heard of him. You’re new so I understand if you haven’t. Anyway he wants to meet with you. He has this saying, something like ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ or something like that. Anyway, he wants to meet you.

Ashley: And he couldn’t come himself?

Bruno: No, he’s away on business, he couldn’t make it tonight but he did want to give you something in his absence, a little good luck gift courtesy of Chemical X.

Bruno reaches in his Italy jacket and pulls out a set of black and red brass knuckles.

Ashley: What’s he want me to do with this?

Bruno: I’m not gonna insult your intelligence toots, but hopefully something brutal. Good luck against Danielle Lopez.

Bruno makes his way out the door. Ashley looks down at the brass knuckles and shakes her head, conflicted.

Cut back to ringside.

BC: Chemical X is a genius, Teddy! He’s not even in Sweden tonight and he’s still calling the shots!

TT: Well, it would seem Ashley Mastrangelo’s character is going to be put to the test her first night on the job…she’ll battle Danielle Lopez later tonight, but up next folks…Paul Blair takes on Chris Chandler!

BC: Woo! Come on, Blair!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The BlairVision Theme hits the arena as the crowd erupts in cheers. Paul Blair steps out to the stage. Blair poses for the crowd. The crowd continues to cheer as he makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...hailing from River Falls, Wisconsin and weighing in at two hundred seventy five pounds..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!

Blair makes his way to the ringside area. He climbs on to the apron. He climbs in to the ring and again poses for his Swedish Ruler Rooters as his music fades.

TT: The fans in Sweden are being very fair to Blair!

BC: I love this country!

"Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga hits the arena as the crowd is overcome with boos. Chris Chandler steps out to the entrance. He gives an odd pose to the crowd before smirking and making his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Los Angeles, California! Weighing in at two hundred twenty pounds..."THE HEARTHROB" CHRIS CHANDLER!

Chandler continues his walk down the aisle. He makes his way to the ring steps, glances over at Robin and poses for her. He makes his way up the steps and climbs in to the ring. He gets face to face with Blair, giving him the same odd pose that he gave the crowd as his music fades.

TT: An odd person to say the least, Bobby.

BC: You kidding me?! He's a freak!

The ref checks to make sure both competitors are ready, and he calls for the bell.


TT: Here we go! Blair and Chandler lock up. Blair forces Chandler in to the ropes, and the ref is asking for the break. Blair releases Chandler...poke to they eyes by Chandler! The ref warns Chandler who instantly locks in a side headlock. Blair with a shove off, to no avail! And Chandler swings Blair over, dropping him to the mat!

BC: Come on, Blair!

TT: Chandler applying the pressure with that side headlock, and Blair is struggling to get to his feet. He finally makes it, and he shoves Chandler off in to the ropes. Chandler on the return...and Blair ducks a lariat! Chandler turns to Blair...hard right! Blair lifts Chandler...inverted atomic drop! Double leg trip, and he takes Chandler to the mat!

BC: Gotta love him...Blair is a veteran in that ring!

TT: Blair with a stomp to the gut! Blair brings Chandler back to his feet with a front facelock. He lifts Chandler vertical...suplex. Blair hits the far ropes...running knee drop to the skull! Blair floats in to the cover!




TT: Chandler with the kickout! Blair quickly brings Chandler back to his feet. He delivers Chandler to the corner and quickly follows with a lariat...but Chandler gets a boot up, nailing Blair in the face! Blair stumbles back, and he's taken down with a Chandler lariat!

BC: This crowd is really getting behind Blair here tonight...chants for "The Ruler" resounding throughout the arena!

TT: Chandler brings Blair to a seated position and locks in a rear chin lock! The ref checks to make sure it's not a choke as Chandler applies more pressure. Blair again is trying to rise to his feet, finally making it as Chandler switches to a side headlock. Blair with an elbow to Chandler's gut...and a second, forcing Chandler to release the hold!

BC: Woo! Come on, Blair!

TT: Blair whips Chandler in to the ropes. Chandler on the return, and Blair drops to the mat, forcing Chandler to hit the opposite ropes. Chandler again on the return, and Blair catches him with a bone shattering spinebuster!

BC: That was a vicious spinebuster! Perfectly executed by the Ruler!

TT: Blair floats over in to the cover once again!




Chandler kicks out at the last second! Blair brings Chandler back to his feet and forces him back to the corner. Blair delivers a shoulder to the gut...and a second! Blair whips Chandler to the opposite corner, but Chandler reverses it...and he pulls Blair back in to a clothesline! Chandler picks Blair up and pushes him in to the corner. Chandler turns away from Blair...back elbow...and another...and another! Chandler with a series of back elbows to Blair's jaw, and the ref finally calls for the break!

BC: Come on ref! Get in there!

TT: Chandler pulls Blair out of the corner...snap powerslam...and he makes the cover!




TT: Blair with the kickout! Chandler picks Blair back up and delivers an open-handed uppercut! Blair stumbles back to the ropes. Chandler grabs Blair, whipping him across the ring. Blair on the rebound...and Chandler catches him with a sleeper hold! The ref is checking on Blair, who is struggling to get out of the hold!

BC: Put him to sleep, Chandler!

TT: Chandler has it locked in tight...and Blair looks like he's fading! His face is turning red...and his movement is slowing...

BC: Ha! I think he's out!

The ref checks on Blair, lifting his arm in the air. Blair's arm falls to his side. He lifts the arm again, and again it falls. He lifts the arm up one last time...it falls!

TT: And that's it!

BC: No it's not!! The ref is waving it off, as Blair barely keeps his arm from falling to his side! What a warrior!

TT: Blair is struggling once again, and Chandler is forced to float in to a side headlock! Blair tries lifting Chandler for the back suplex, but Chandler with great defense as he won't allow Blair to lift him! And Chandler with a hard right, sending Blair reeling against the ropes!

Chandler places his hands near his own gut, bringing them up slowly over his body. He gives Blair a wink before delivering another hard right!

BC: What a freak!

TT: Chandler with an arm drag and twist, and an elbow to the back of Blair's arm. He grabs ahold of Blair...russian leg sweep! Chandler hits the far ropes...and he returns with an elbow drop!

BC: Chandler has been very impressive in this match, Teddy…I have to admit! Any time you can go toe to toe with Paul Blair it’s impressive!

Chandler makes his way to the corner. He looks across at the booing crowd as he shows off his pecs. He turns back to Blair who is slowly getting back up. Blair stumbles, dazed, finally getting to his feet...THE SNAPSHOT!!! NO!!!

TT: Blair ducks The Snapshot! Chandler turns around...OH MY GOD! BOTH MEN DOWN!

BC: I think they knocked each other out, Teddy!

TT: Chandler went for a second Snapshot, and Blair hit the Blair Kick!!! And the referee has started his count!





Chandler is able to roll out to the apron, trying to use the ropes to pull himself back up. He finally gets to his feet, as Blair returns to his feet as well. Blair approaches Chandler, and Chandler delivers a shoulder to the gut!!! NO!!! Blair connects with a boot to Chandler's face instead!!! He pulls Chandler up, leaning him against the top rope. Blair applies a front facelock and suplexes Chandler back in to the ring.

TT: Blair with an excellent counter! Blair quick to attack as he drops the knee across Chandler's skull! He picks Chandler back up, turning Chandler around...back suplex! Chandler rolls to his gut in pain, and Blair quickly capitalizes as he applies a hammerlock to the arm!

BC: Yes! Beautiful counter!

Blair holds the hammerlock as he elevates his own body, driving a knee down upon Chandler's arm! Blair elevates his body a second time, and plants another knee to the arm! He releases the hammerlock and quickly locks in an armbar keylock combination!

TT: Blair with the submission here, and Chandler is telling the ref that he doesn't want to give it up! Blair applies more pressure as Chandler lays in the middle of the ring, obviously in trouble!

BC: Give it up, Chandler! Come on!

TT: Chandler is struggling to get back to his feet...and he finally does! Blair tries holding the armbar, but Chandler is able to shove him off in to the ropes! Blair on the rebound...low bridge by Chandler, and Blair crashes to the floor!

Chandler poses for the crowd. He drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring after Blair. Chandler picks Blair up and rams him back first in to the apron. He turns Blair around and rams him back first in to the barracade! The crowd erupts in boos as Chandler whips Blair hard in to the steps! Chandler pulls Blair back to his feet, slamming him face first in to the apron!

TT: The ref is trying to get Chandler to bring the fight back in to the ring!





TT: We're up to a five count, and Chandler finally rolls Blair back in to the ring! Chandler climbs up to the apron, and now to the top rope! He's positioning himself, but Blair is back up and drills him with a hard right! Chandler falls to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle as Blair climbs the corner. Blair applies the front facelock...and Chandler is trying to fight him off with hard shots to the kidney!

BC: Knock him down, Chandler!

TT: Blair releases the front facelock...but quickly grabs Chandler by the back of the head...and he drills the point of his elbow in to Chandler's forehead! Chandler appears dazed as Blair again applies the front facelock...SUPERPLEX!!! and Blair floats over for the cover!




TT: Chandler kicks out! And you'd have to believe that it Blair would have hooked the leg, this match would have been over!

BC: Chandler needs to find a way to turn things back to his favor!

TT: Blair lifts Chandler back to his feet...swinging neckbreaker! What beautiful execution! Blair again drops a knee to Chandler's skull, and quickly follows it with a rear chin lock! NO!!! He can't quite get it hooked on, as Chandler is trying his best to keep Blair from being able to interlock his fingers!

BC: Come on, Blair!

TT: Chandler is slowly starting to get to his feet as he separates Blair's arms! Chandler kicks back, and he drills Blair in the gut with a boot! THE SNAPSHOT!!! He hit that out of nowhere...but Blair falls through the ropes to the outside as a result!

BC: Ahhhh!

TT: Chandler rolls out of the ring and brings Blair back to his feet. He rolls Blair back in to the ring, and quickly makes the cover as he hooks the leg!




TT: NO!!! Blair grabs the bottom rope just before the three count!


TT: Chandler can't believe it! He picks Blair back up...and drops him with a hangman's neckbreaker!

Chandler again taunts the booing crowd. He waits, poised in position for Blair to get back to his feet.

TT: Chandler is waiting for Blair to get back up...but Blair isn't moving! And it looks like Chandler will help Blair up! He has Blair up, pushes Blair away...SNAPSHOT...NO!!! Blair ducked under!!! Chandler turns back to Blair...BLAIR KICK!!! Direct connection, and Chandler is out! Blair falls on top of Chandler, and the ref starts the count!





TT: It's over!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!

The ref raises Blair's arm in victory as Chandler rolls to the outside, holding his jaw in pain. The Ruler absorbs the crowd’s admiration as Chandler walks to the back, frustrated over the loss.

TT: What a victory for Paul Blair, who continues to find his form again in the ring….

BC: That Karate Priest promotional tour he did took a lot out of him, a lesser man would have retired and basked in his wealth, but not Paul Blair! Professional wrestling couldn’t withstand the loss of a man the caliber of Paul Blair!

TT: Right…anyway folks, we have to take our first commercial break of the evening…don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown, fans…we’re off to a running start and coming up next, we’ve got the debut of Ashley Mastrangelo…she’ll take on Danielle Lopez, but earlier tonight, Bruno of the Death Squad handed her a pair of brass knuckles and told her to use them on Danielle!

BC: He basically handed her a golden opportunity to win her debut tonight…let’s see if she’s smart enough to take it!

TT: I don’t know, Bobby…she seemed conflicted about the whole thing. Bruno tried his damndest to charm her, but to no avail…I don’t see what she’d get out of dealing with Death Squad.

BC: What? Dealing with Death Squad would get her in good with Chemical X, which would get her in good with the Horsemen, the most dominant force in wrestling! Are you kidding? She’d be an idiot not to do what Bruno says!

TT: Well…let’s see what happens. Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall. First, making her CWF ring debut, from Cleveland, Ohio...USA...standing five feet, nine inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and twenty-seven pounds...Ashley Mastrangelo!

"3" by Britney Spears plays as Ashley makes her way out onto the stage. She poses at the top of ramp and pyro ignites in three quick bursts and she jogs to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And her opponent, hailing from San Diego, California...USA...standing five feet, seven inches tall and weighing in at one hundred and seventeen pounds...Danielle Lopez!

"Pardon Me" by Incubus erupts and the fans give a decent pop as Danielle steps out from behind the curtain. She heads to the ring, high fiving fans along the way.


TT: Danielle and Ashley waste no time tyinging up in the center of the ring. And Ashley breaks the tie up and grabs danielle by the hair...ref trying to make her let go and Danielle is grimacing something terrible! Danielle with a quick elbow to the abdomen of Ashley, but Ashley yanks down on her hair, slamming her to the mat on her back....and Ashley leans back and gets a little momentum off of the ropes...grabs Danielle....swinging neck breaker!

BC: Well that's obviously because Ashley has a two inch and ten pound advantage over the more diminutive Lopez. Danielle had better get it together or this is going to be quick and very painful...she's already being thrown around like a rag doll.

TT: Yeah...I HEARD the announcer Bobby...again...thank you Captain Obvious!

BC: ....and Ashley pulls Danielle back up via a handful of hair again. But Danielle rolls backwards pulling Ashley by that same handful of hair, and barrel rolls, flipping Ashley in the process! I love it, it's the Hair Four defense made famous by Hair Polomalu!

TT: Is Head & Shoulders at least a CWF sponsor?

BC: If not, they will be now after seeing Danielle whipping that mane around. Think about it, Latinos are now the largest minority, passing African Americans as the larger part of non-white America...Head & Shoulders could tackle a whole new avenue of customers.

TT: Gee, you missed your true calling Bobby. You sure do know what the people like huh?

BC: I'm telling ya Turnbuckle, I've got my finger on the pulse...

TT: Right...and Danielle now off the ropes...Ashley slow to rise to a vertical base...missile dropkick by Danielle sends Ashley crashing back to the mat...

BC: Danielle back up and she's doing a little Spanish salsa dance as Ashley tries to get back up. Ashley now up and waiting...Danielle turns towards her, and Ashley spears her!

TT: Ashley now in a fit of rage is pounding Danielle Lopez!

BC: Giggidy...

TT: Watch out girls, "Beautiful" Bobby Crane is getting excited over here!

BC: Giggidy giggidy...giggidy goo…

TT: Seth McFarlane is gonna sue us now...

BC: Nah, Seth and I, we go way back.

TT: This I have to hear...but not now...we have a match to call Bobby.

BC: How could I forget? Danielle rolls Ashley over and she starts slapping Ashley silly...rip off her top!

TT: Will you stop it please? Good grief! Ashley and reaches in her tights...that's those brass knuckles that Deathsquad gave her earlier....no...no...

BC: Awe...not like this kid...

Ashley slides them on her hand and looks down at Danielle, an unsure look on her face...she cracks Danielle and her head busts open like a stuck pig -- as her hand makes impact, Ashley's face becomes one of regret, shock, and horror...the ref calls for the bell as she stares, paralyzed.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen..here is your winner, as a result of a disqualification...Danielle Lopez!

TT: Well..Ashley went with it, she used the brass knuckles but she pays the price with a loss here tonight in her CWF debut.

BC: She may have lost on paper, Teddy…but she’s earned the backing of Death Squad, Chemical X, and by association, the Horsemen…that sounds like a victory to me!

"Pardon Me" by Incubus plays as EMT's, Enrique Lopez, James Baker, and Da Extreme Dynasty rush the ring to tend to Lopez. Ashley takes off crying up the ramp at what she did.

TT: You never like to see this. Lopez took a serious straight shot to the forehead there, Bobby. She's lost a lot of blood.

BC: Ashley's gonna have hell to pay that's for sure. And no, you pansy, that's not THAT much blood. Sickboy gets drained of that much crimson every week.

TT: Point taken. It was just such an unseen shot that Danielle may have suffered some neck injuries as well, because the larger Ashley had everything packed behind that haymaker. Oh this isn't right at all...

As the EMT's lead the gurney to the bottom of the ramp, with Malik Jones and James Baker on one side of it, and Enrique Lopez on the other, with JT Banks and Kevin Styles coming up the rear, Rock and Ash, Molten Lava come racing down the ramp, tackling JT and Styles on the ramp, nearly overturning the gurney along the way.

BC: Well no time for introductions in this tag team match Teddy.

TT: We should make it known if you weren't already fans, that the winners of this match will go on to face either Degradation or Double Dragons next week at Battle to Survive, whoever leaves as champions tonight.

BC: Did you really just say that?

TT: Beg your pardon?

BC: Did you really just say "...either Degradation or Double Dragons next week at Battle To Sruvive, whoever leaves as champions tonight"?

TT: Yes, I believe I did, what's your point?

BC: You idiot. JT Banks rolls Rock into the ring and the ref calls for the opening bell as Ash and Styles take their places in the corners.


TT: JT now all over Rock, dropping boot after boot on the back and legs of the bigger member of Molten Lava.

BC: I know what you wanted to say Turnbuckle...

TT: What, he's huge, the other guy's little...

BC: You were gonna say cause he's the black one right?


BC: Oh, you are. You're just too blind to see it. We're the same...you and me. We're the same.

TT: Banks pulls Rock to his feet in his corner as he tags in Kevin Styles. Styles leapfrog over the ropes and brings both legs across the outstretched arm of Rock, driving his shoulder into the canvas.

BC: JT Banks climbs out as Kevin Styles gets back up and mule kicks Rock of Molten Lava.

TT: Styles showboating...Rock crawling across the ring towards Ash...but Kevin cuts him off and drags him by his foot back towards his corner, quick tag to JT Banks...and Styles leaps up on the top turnbuckle...JT sets Rock up for a power bomb...Rock punches him in the head a few times and he drops to his knees...but Styles flies off the ropes as Rock stands and turns, and gets caught with a cross body splash by Styles and both men fly across the ring!

BC: Both men are crawling back across the ring to tag in their partner....Styles extends his hand out to Banks as Roch stretches for Ash.....and both make the tag at the same time...Ash hasn't been in yet though, he does have a slight advantage in energy...BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER!

TT: JT Banks takes Ash's head off and quickly pulls Styles to his feet. JT Banks reels Ash in...you can almost hear Alicia Keyes and Jay-Z now can't you Bobby....

BC: Blasphemy! That's the great Billy Joel!

TT: Either way...JT Banks........NEW YORK STATE OF MIND!

BC: And as Ash's head hits the mat from the brainbuster DDT......Styles...450 splash....

TT: It's the Cleveland Hangtime...combined they call it the MidEast Driveby.

BC: Right. Sure they do. Cover by Styles!





Ring Announcer: Here are your winners, and the number one contenders for the CWF Tag Team Championships...JT Banks...Kevin Styles....DA EXTREME DYNASTY!

Just as Ashe and Rock are heading up the ramp, Death Squad's Bruno and TJ come out dressed in full riot gear. TJ is wielding a night stick in each hand, and Bruno is behind a riot shield. Just as they are about to reach the ring, Chris and Alex Richards come racing out of the back. as the Richards Legion reaches Bruno, Da Extreme Dynasty reaches TJ and an all out riot ensues.

TT: My God! My God! It’s chaos in Stockholm!

Security and CWF staff members swarm the ringside area and pull brawl apart. As they clear the scene, the camera cuts to the announce booth.

TT: Well…we’ll see how this plays out over the course of time, but earlier today folks…a number of matches were signed for Battle to Survive. These all come from the desk of Mark Xamin who is back home in Toronto now, nursing the burns he sustained courtesy of the CWF World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus Thunder, two weeks ago. Get ready for this…it’s quite a line up!

BC: Well get on with it then, Teddy!

TT: As we already know, Magnus Thunder will defend the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against Mariano Fernandez! Also added to the lineup, the winner of the CWF World Tag Team Championship match up later tonight, Degradation or Double Dragons, will defend against Da Xtreme Dynasty. How about this one…Israel Steele will captain a team consisting of Jaxx Harrington, who we are about to see in action…get this, Paul Blair! What a recruitment for Israel Steele…and rounding out their team…Keith Daniels! Israel Steele, Jaxx Harrington, Paul Blair, and Keith Daniels…taking on Jimmy Johnston’s team of Chris Chandler, and the freshly signed CWF new comers, Lev Mikovich and Christoffer Wallace Patrickson…so a four man elimination match – Steele, Harrington, Blair, and Daniels versus Johnston, Chandler, Lev Mikovich and Christoffer Wallace Patrickson!

BC: Wow! That’s a lot of egos in one match!

TT: Then you’ll love this one! Chemical X, Sickboy, Bob Osbourne, and Bruno of Death Squad will take on James Baker, Enrique Lopez, and The Richards Legion!

BC: Whoa! That one is gonna be heated!

TT: Horsemen members battling the anti-Horsemen contingent…what a match up! And as mentioned earlier tonight…signed this week, one on one…Blood takes on “The Radiant One” Roland Ulv!

BC: And you just know these two want at each other! But they’ll be partners later on tonight!

TT: And I understand an announcement will be made later on tonight concerned Rob Osbourne and Terry Richards…but right now, let’s head back to the ring as Jaxx Harrington makes his CWF debut!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Charlotte, North Carolina…weighing in at 245 pounds… “THE PLATINUM ONE” JAXX HARRINGTON!

“Getting Away With Murder” by Papa Roach hits and Jaxx Harrington steps through the curtain to a loud mixed reaction. The tattooed warrior walks briskly up the aisle, slapping hands with a few fans along the way, and steps through the ropes into the ring.

TT: Well there he is…he left the “other” guys on controversial grounds but the CWF is giving him a second chance here tonight…

BC: He’s got a long way to go though, Teddy. This kid is very green, he’s gonna be a work in progress.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from Indianapolis, Indiana…weighing in at 215 pounds… BOBBY CALE!

“Soldiers” by Drowning Pool hits and the fans show no reaction at all as Bobby Cale appears from behind the curtain, expecting a louder ovation. His face turns from excitement to pale white as he realizes no one gives a good god damn who he is. He walks nervously down the aisle and climbs into the ring, nearly tripping over the ropes as he does.

TT: I see Kyle Sync has already got to this guy…

BC: Yeah…taking wrestling advice from Kyle Sync is like taking dating advice from Napolean Dynamite.


TT: Well, here we go…Jaxx Harrington has been jacked up for this one all week!

BC: And I think this whole thing played out a lot differently in Bobby Cale’s oversized head.

TT: He DOES have a big head, doesn’t he?

Bobby Cale charges at Jaxx Harrington but trips and crashes to the mat. Jaxx grins and helps him up to his feet. Bobby Cale, thinking Jaxx is showing some sportsmanship, thanks him. But Jaxx doesn’t let go of his hand, and pulls him in with a short clothesline! Bobby Cale hits the mat and immediately starts flopping around like a fish out of water, feeling betrayed by Jaxx. Jaxx yells at him to get up. Cale reluctantly gets to his feet and charges at Jaxx again with a wild clothesline. Jaxx easily side steps it and kicks him hard in the thigh – the smack echoes throughout the Globen Arena. Cale gingerly clutches the back of his thigh in pain and looks at Jaxx with puppy dog eyes.

BC: Is this guy a wrestler or a figure skater who came to the arena on the wrong night?

TT: He’s looking an awful lot like the latter. The last guy I saw that was this sensitive in the ring was…well, Kyle Sync.

Harrington has had enough and charges at him, catching him with a forearm to the jaw. Bobby Cale stumbles back into the corner and Jaxx unloads on him with rapid right and left hands. Bobby Cale has tears in his eyes as Jaxx whips him to the ropes…and charges in behind him, kneeing him in the cut as Cale spins around on the rebound. Jaxx makes a throat cutting motion with his hands, signifying the beginning of the end. He pulls Cale back to his feet, and lifts him up…. HARRINGTON EFFECT! He nailed it and Bobby Cale bounces off the mat hard! A cover!

TT: Here we go! Jaxx Harrington with the cover, and this has to be it!





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner… “THE PLATINUM ONE” JAXX HARRINGTON!

TT: Well that was fast.

BC: Could it be?

TT: What?

BC: Have we really found someone…worse than Kyle Sync?

TT: (laughing) We just might have, but what an impressive move that was by Jaxx Harrington…he calls it the Harrington Effect and it rendered Bobby Cale effectively unconscious.

BC: Well we’ll see if this guy can hold his own next week at Battle to Survive.

TT: Indeed we will. We have to take a quick commercial break, but don’t go anywhere, fans! Coming up next, the CWF World Tag Team Championships are on the line! We’ll be right back!


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TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown fans, brought to you by Mywrestlingforum.com and Spider Site Builder, the world’s easiest and most powerful website builder. Up next, the CWF World Tag Team Championships will be on the line, defended for the first time in history in the great country of Sweden!

BC: Yeah well, this should be short and sweet, don’t you think Teddy?

TT: Why’s that?

BC: It’s Degradation versus Double Dragons, two world class athletes versus two idiots who think they’re the Power Rangers.

TT: What they do outside of the ring is their own business, Bobby…inside the ring they’re very capable athletes.

BC: Yeah, sure.

TT: Well, let’s not waste any time then…let’s head to the ring and make history!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the CWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD! First, hailing from Miramar, Florida, at a combined weight of four hundred and seventy-seven pounds, "Dragon Blue" Jeffrey Bogard and "Dragon Red" Johnny Lee....DOUBLE DRAGONS!

"Runnin’ Wild" by Airbourne plays as the Dragons make their way onto the stage from behind the curtain. Lee is dressed in an all blue karate uniform with the sleeves cut off and matching bandana while Bogard wears the same attire, but in red. They both go through a series of movements at the top of the ramp then race to the ring, shooting up opposite turnbuckles and posing for the crowd as flash bulbs pop.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents...hailing from Little Italy in Brooklyn, New York...weighing in at a combined weight of five hundred and forty three pounds...they are the current CWF World Tag Team Champions…Vincent Torigianni....Donovan Torigianni...DEGRADATION!

The lights dim as “Du Hast” by Rammsteins begins to play. The entryway fills with smoke as crimson colored lights set the stage ablaze. As the song kicks into the main riff, four flames of fire shoot up from the bottom of the stage as Degradation appears at the top of the ramp. Donovan stands popping his neck and shaking himself "loose" with a look of determination on his face and a twinkle of devastation in his eye. Vincent stands next to him flexing his muscles for the crowd, absorbing the crowd's love for him, while obviously being in love with himself. The two walk down the ramp and to the ring. Vincent jumps over the ropes while Donovan climbs through them.

TT: The ref holds up the belts and both teams stare down in the center of the ring. You can feel the tension!

BC: As if “Du Hast” didn't make your hair stand up on the back of your neck. What a violent song. You ever seen the video?

TT: (shakes head) Fans, it looks like Vincent and Johnny Lee...Dragon Red...will start things off. They saunter around the ring, locking up and letting go a time or two. Lee backs up a bit and executes a series of Martial Arts form moves, ending in a pose aimed at Vincent.

BC: HAHAHAHAHA! Look at Vincent Torigianni! He's mocking the hell out of Johnny Lee doing a "Crane Kick" formation like he was Daniel-san on the log in Karate Kid!

TT: Vincent is the jokester of the two brothers. Donovan seems a little more...high strung.

BC: To say the least. Lee angry at the mocking by Torigianni, charges at Vincent and Vincent brings him down with a drop toe hold. Lee back to his feet and Vincent jogs in place...Lee, angered again, charges forward, Vincent locks up with him, and Johnny lee gets control and gets behind Torigianni and executes a belly to back release suplex, but Vincent uses that agility and lands on his feet and sidekicks Lee in the ribs, and Lee tags in Bogard...

TT: And here comes Dragon Red...he races at Vincent..arm drag takedown by Torigianni, and Vincent tags in his brother Donovan and the crowd goes nuts!

BC: It's gotta be his world's strongest man like physique Teddy....them Swedes, they love that stuff...look at Ulv, they eat him up, on a cracker with some pickled herring!

TT: You actually might be right, that and he's half a tick away from the time bomb within going off, he lets out a primal scream and clotheslines Bogard...Lee in the ring, and another clothesline by Donovan! Both members of double dragons roll out of the ring as Donovan roars and the flash bulbs go off!

BC: Donovan now pacing back and forth and Bogard rolls back under the ropes. Donovan fakes a jump at him and "Dragon Red" nearly jumps out of his skin and Donovan grins and tags in Vincent. Bogard approaches Vincent and they tie up. Bogard whips Vincent into the ropes, Vincent on the rebound, ducks the out reaching Bogard, off the ropes again, he goes low, Bogard leap frogs and Vincent again off hte ropes, and Bogard catches him with a back heel kick catching Vincent in the chest, and Torigianni gets knocked off his feet!

TT: Bogard with a bit of confidence moves in for a submission maneuver, but Vincent wrenches his arm in tight and rolls bringing Bogard flipping over.

BC: That was an old amateur hip toss Teddy, nothing fancy about it, just leverage and balance. Both Torigianni brothers were well documented amateur wrestlers. We've yet to learn much beyond Donovan's deadly obsession with the wife of Rob Osbourne, and that Vincent likes to party, anywhere, anytime. That, and they can flat out wrestle, the both of them. Quite honestly, I'm surprised this match has lasted as long as it has, all due respect to the Double Dragons.

TT: Well that's about as close to a compliment as you can expect from "Beautiful" Bobby Crane for the Double Dragons!

BC: Bogard back up to his feet, and so is Vincent Torigianni. They lock up again and Vincent sends Bogard into the ropes...off the far side he goes himself, and spinning elbow in the center of the ring by Vincent Torigianni...NO...Bogard ducks it and Johnny Lee slaps him on the back with a blind tag.

TT: Bogard drops and rolls out of the ring as Johnny Lee springboards over the tope rope nailing the pursuing Vincent with a hurricanrana!

BC: But Vincent flies right back up out of it as quickly as Lee does. Vincent bounces off the ropes once again for momentum and jumps, grabbing Lee around the head in a rolling DDT! Lee hits the mat hard and Vincent leaps up onto the turnbuckle and nails a whisper in the wind!

TT: Cover by Vincent!





BC: KICKOUT! Holy Cow, I don't know where that kid found it in him to kick out of that one but this match ain't over yet!

TT: Vincent angry...back on his feet, grabs Lee by the back and pulls him to his feet then Irish whips him into his corner towards Donovan, who catches Lee and holds him in place, dazed.

BC: And Vincent does a backflip and spins around catching Bogard under the chin with a dragon wheel kick, sending him flying off the apron - Donovan lets go of Lee and pushes him back towards Vincent who is running at him, leaps up...CRUCIFIX!

TT: Another cover by Torigianni!



Foot under the ropes!

TT: My God that was so close. He would have had him if his body would have been an inch to the right!

BC: Vincent tags in Donovan. Donovan quickly scoops Lee up...TOTAL DEVESTATION!

TT: The brutally executed Hangman's DDT by Donovan Torigianni...pulls Lee to the middle of the ring...and he tags Vincent back in.

BC: Vincent leaps right onto the turnbuckle...TOTAL ANNIHALATION!

TT: Thousands upon thousands of flashbulbs go off as Vincent is in midturn, getting big air in the shooting star press. AND HE NAILS IT!

BC: Cover by Vincent!





Ring Announcer: Here are your winners...and STILL CWF World Tag Team Champions...DEGRADATION

! TT: They did it! Degradation retained the titles and will take on the new number one contenders, Da Extreme Dynasty, next week at Battle To Survive in Sydney!

"Du Hast" by Ramstein plays as Donovan and Vincent pick up the tag team titles and pose in the middle of the ring with them.

TT: Well a big title defense for Degradation…they continue to look unstoppable.

BC: The only team that could touch them was High Concept, Teddy. They were capable of beating these guys but from what I hear, they’re in the midst of a contract dispute.

TT: It’s not really our place to discuss those things so I’ll just leave that alone, but nonetheless folks…the show continues to roll on here…we’re one week away from Battle to Survive, and coming up next…strap your seatbelts on, this could be a bumpy ride. Terry Richards and James Baker team up to take on Jimmy Blast and “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne. That’s right, Jimmy Blast returns to the ring in just a moment, but the intrigue behind this one stems from a power struggle from within the Horsemen. Jimmy Blast and Rob Osbourne had a disagreement on Showdown last week and they’ve been at odds all week long.

BC: Well like we were talking about earlier, Teddy…Jimmy Blast has always been the leader of the Horsemen. Now suddenly it’s Rob Osbourne. Too many chiefs, not enough Indians, as the saying goes…one of them is gonna have to stand down, and I can’t see either of them doing it.

TT: Let’s head to the ring and get this thing underway!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…at a total combined weight of 418 pounds…the team of JAMES BAKER and TERRY RICHARDS!

The crowd roars as a combination of “Hail Mary” by 2Pac and “Hellraiser” by Ozzy Osbourne hits and James Baker and Terry Richards walk out from the back together, unified. They discuss strategy the entire way down the aisle, stopping only to slap hands with a few fans along the way. They climb into the ring and stand in their corner, awaiting their opponents.

TT: Two men with a common purpose…they look strong, they look unified…they’re ready to fight, that’s for sure.

BC: But they’re up against two all time greats, Teddy!

Ring Announcer: And their opponents…first, from Windermere, Florida by way of Nashville, Tennessee…weighing in at 245 pounds… “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X hits and “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne steps out from behind the curtain to raucous boos. He smirks and makes his way down the aisle, stopping at ringside to await his partner.

TT: Classic example here, Bobby…Terry Richards and James Baker walked out here together…Rob Osbourne and Jimmy Blast insist on having their own entrances…

BC: They’ve earned it.

TT: …please.

Ring Announcer: And his partner…from Cincinatti, Ohio! Weighing in at 277 pounds…making his return to the ring! JIMMY BLAST!

The crowd explodes into a loud mixed reaction as “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne hits and the infamous Jimmy Blast steps out from behind the curtain. He can’t help but grin slightly, the rush of hearing his music thump through the arena overwhelming him. He strides to the ring, and as he reaches Osbourne, they simultaneously slide under the bottom rope and into the ring, immediately attacking Baker and Richards!


TT: Well as much tension as there may be between Blast and Osbourne, they have a game plan and they strike first!

Nitemare attacks Richards, Blast takes Baker. They assault them with flurries of punches and then whip them to the ropes…and back body drop both men in perfect synchronization! Richards to his feet and Osbourne clotheslines him over the top! Baker to his feet and Blast tosses him through the ropes and to the outside! Blast and Osbourne flash the sign of the Horsemen to the booing crowd as Richards and Baker regroup on the outside!

TT: They’re off to a good start! A united Blast and Osbourne catch Richards and Baker by surprise!

BC: Even with all the tension, they’re still a perfect team!

TT: Well Richards and Baker climb up on the apron here and the referee is forcing Blast and Osbourne back to their corner…one of them is gonna have to leave the ring here…

Blast and Osbourne both want to start the match. The crowd begins to react as they squabble in the corner. Jimmy Blast wins out and Rob Osbourne angrily takes his spot in his corner. Richards starts thing out for his team.

TT: Looks like Jimmy Blast is gonna try to shake off some ring rust early here…perhaps it’s the best thing for him, get a sweat going, get the nerves out of his system.

BC: Well whatever the reasoning, Rob Osbourne doesn’t like it.

Blast and Richards circle each other. They lock up…no, Richards slips around him and takes him down with a belly to back slam! Blast quickly gets to his feet but it met with a high hip toss! Blast to his feet again and Richards with a drop kick that sends Blast staggering back to the ropes! Blast winces and grabs his face in pain…Richards charges at him…Blast with a clothesline out of nowhere and Richards flips 360 degrees from the impact and crashes to the mat!

TT: And there it is…the cunning savvy of the legendary Jimmy Blast! Just when you think you have against the ropes, bam!

BC: He had to be nervous for a second there though, Teddy! Richards was taking it to him and it looked like Blast was a little out of sorts…but in classic Blast fashion, he was just stringing Richards along!

Blast pulls him up and whips him hard to the ropes…twisting spinebuster! Perfectly executed and Blast looks over at Rob Osbourne, who feigns approval. Blast smirks and pulls Richards back to his feet…and European uppercuts him. Richards staggers back into the ropes and Blast comes in for him…but Richards with a boot to the gut and a swinging neck breaker! Blast down and Richards tags in James Baker!

TT: And here comes Da Xtreme Gangsta!

BC: And Richards got Blast to the mat, Baker has a chance to do some damage now!

Baker with a series of elbow drops into the chest of Jimmy Blast, and he pulls him up to his feet…and whips Blast to the buckle! Baker charges in…but Blast gets his boot up and Baker gets a mouthful of leather! Baker stumbling back and Blast charges at him…STO! And Baker is down! Osbourne reaching out his hand for a tag but Blast ignores it and pulls up Baker.

TT: Wow, Jimmy Blast just completely blew off the tag opportunity there…seems he wants to do this on his own!

BC: He might be sending Nitemare a lesson, Teddy! He’s showing Rob Osbourne who the real leader of the Horsemen is!

Blast shoves Baker into the corner…and a big reverse knife edge chop! Baker’s chest lights up…and Blast with another! And another! Baker’s chest is bright red and Blast leaps up and plants his feet in Baker’s hips, grabs him by the back of the neck and drops back…monkey flip! But Baker lands on his feet! Blast has no idea and as he gets to his feet, Baker with a knee lift to the jaw that sends Blast to the mat! Baker shakes out the cobwebs and Nitemare hollers from across the ring for Blast to make a tag, slapping the turnbuckle in frustration.

TT: Rob Osbourne chomping at the bit to get in there…

Baker drags Blast to his corner and tags out to Richards. Richards grabs one leg, Baker grabs the other…and they split Blast apart!

TT: Ouch! Make a wish, Bobby!

BC: Ooo…I really wish they hadn’t done that.

Blast grits his teeth in pain and Baker leaves the ring. Richards grabs Blast’s leg and flips over to the mat, ripping at Blast’s hamstring. Blast looks across the ring at Osbourne, who has his chin in his palm, looking bored. Blast tries to inch his way towards him but Richards grabs his ankle, lifts it high into the air…and SLAMS his knee down into the mat! Jimmy Blast in big time trouble now and Richards leaps onto the second rope, and comes back with a springboard moonsault! He connects! Richards with a cover!




TT: Blast with the kickout, it’ll take more than that to keep him down.

Richards pulls him up to his feet. And shoves him into the corner…he lifts him up and sits him on the top turnbuckle. Richards meets him at the top…frankensteiner! No! Blast hangs onto the top rope and blocks it! Richards hits the mat…Blast drops to the second ropes and leaps off…and DRIVES his elbow into the chest of Richards!

TT: Blast has to make the tag now!

BC: Nitemare can’t wait to get in there!

Blast inches his way towards his corner, slowly, agonizingly…Richards stirring…Nitemare reaching out over the top rope for the tag…Blast getting closer, closer, closer…and he reaches up for the tag! But Nitemare pulls away! Nitemare hops off the apron and Blast looks at him incredulously from inside the ring!

TT: What the hell is he doing? He could have made the tag! Rob Osbourne could have made the tag and he left Jimmy Blast high and dry!

Osbourne shouts at Blast from the outside.

NRO: Come on, Blaster! Do it all by yourself, hotshot!

Richards pounces on Blast and unloads with a series of right hands to the side of the head! Nitemare jumps back up on the apron in his corner. Richards drags Blast back over to his corner and tags in Baker. Baker, the fresher man, steps into the ring. Richards holds Blast’s legs open and Baker heads to the second rope, and leaps off with a leg drop to the lower abdomen!

TT: Blast is in a world of hurt here and to think, if Osbourne had just made the tag, he’d of been a house of fire and the tables would surely be turned!

BC: Well I guess there’s no question about it now, Teddy! The Horsemen are starting to crumble under their own weight!

Baker pulls Blast to his feet and whips him to the ropes…as Blast hits the ropes, Osbourne slaps him on the back and tags in! Baker doesn’t notice but the referee acknowledges the tag. Baker with a big back body drop on Blast, but as he admires his work, Nitemare sneaks up from behind him…BACK CRACKER! Baker in pain and stunned, caught by complete surprise…Osbourne with a cover!




TT: The rogue tag by Rob Osbourne and Baker was lucky to get out of that one!

BC: I don’t think Jimmy Blast even realizes a tag was made!

The referee orders Blast out of the ring. Blast argues and shouts something at Osbourne as he walks past that causes Osbourne to turn back and yell back at him. Blast, despite the pain he’s in, steps in towards Osbourne looking ready to fight, and the crowd gets to their feet, but the referee steps between them and nothing materializes. Blast steps through the ropes and shakes his head at Osbourne in disgust.

TT: Man…these two just aren’t gonna be able to put their egos aside, that much is obvious…

BC: You can just feel the tension…something big is gonna happen here tonight!

Osbourne pulls Baker up and knees him in the gut…and drives an elbow into the back of his head! Baker drops to his knees and Osbourne with a drop kick to the back of the head. Baker dazed and Osbourne heads to the top rope! Baker slowly getting to his feet, his head swaying…Osbourne from the top…double axe handle! And Osbourne hits him with such force, he lands on his knees himself. Baker in serious trouble now and Osbourne with a cover!



Richards breaks the count!

TT: Quick thinking on the part of Terry Richards and the match continues!

Nitemare gets to his feet and charges towards Richards…the referee immediately gets between them, but Osbourne wants at him and they jaw back and forth. Meanwhile, Jimmy Blast jumps into the ring and stomps Baker behind the refs back. The crowd boos wildly. By the time the ref turns around, Blast is back in his corner. Osbourne leans over to pull up Baker…but as he does, Blast slaps him on the back and makes the blind tag.

TT: And now Blast tags himself back in!

BC: This is about to get nasty!

Blast jumps in the ring before Nitemare even realizes what happened, and charges at Richards. He knocks Richards off the apron and his chest lands across the guard rail! Richards gasping for air on the outside and Jimmy Blast quickly over to Baker…he pulls him up….PILEDRIVER! Nitemare looking on in shock. Blast with a cover!


TT: Wait a minute, what’s Nitemare doing?!


Nitemare leaps to the top rope and flips off with an OSBOURNESAULT as the ref’s hand is coming down! He nails both Blast and Baker!

TT: Oh dear Lord! It’s hit the fan now, folks! The ref calls for the bell!

BC: Ahhh!


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen…the referee has a called a stop to this bout, and has declared the winners, by disqualification……



BC: Well?



TT: Oh my God! What a huge victory for Baker and Richards! But the bigger story is, folks…Rob Osbourne and Jimmy Blast are clearly not on the same page!

Jimmy Blast gets to his feet and looks at Osbourne in disbelief. Osbourne yells something at him…Blast steps up and gets in his face! The crowd on their feet as Blast and Osbourne jaw back and forth! Osbourne mouthing off to Jimmy Blast, and Blast shoves him! The crowd roars! And Osbourne shoves him back!


BC: The roof has blown off this place!

TT: The Horsemen are falling apart at the seams and we have to take a commercial break! Don’t go anywhere! The cameras are rolling!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown, fans…the crowd is buzzing after that altercation between Jimmy Blast and “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne…and I understand we’re expecting Kodiak Winters out here in just a moment with an announcement on behalf of Mark Xamin…

BC: I don’t know what it could be, but the wrestling world is collectively holding its breath while it waits!

“God of Thunder” by Iced Earth hits and Kodiak Winters steps out from behind the curtain with a microphone. The crowd buzzes.

TT: We won’t have to wait any longer…let’s see what he has to say!

Kodiak Winters: So I’m sitting in the back watching the last match with great interest like the rest of you here tonight…I watch as Jimmy Blast and Rob Osbourne get ready to tear each other apart…and I’m dying to see it happen. Then my phone rings, and it’s Mark Xamin calling from his home in Toronto. He had a crazy idea and I couldn’t be more excited to make this announcement! Next week, from Sydney, Australia, Battle to Survive, live on pay-per-view…it will be Terry Richards versus “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne….versus Jimmy Blast!



The crowd roars!

Kodiak Winters: A triple threat match! Now…on behalf of the entire CWF…thank you Sweden for your hospitality! And now the moment you’ve been waiting for…the main event! Enjoy!

The crowd cheers loudly and begins chanting “Roland! Roland! Roland!”

TT: They want to see him, Bobby! What a main event it should be…opponents become partners tonight…just one week away from Battle to Survive where Mariano Fernandez will get his first ever CWF World Heavyweight Championship match, he is forced to team up with the champ himself, Magnus Thunder!

BC: And one week away from their heated match, Blood is forced to team with the hometown hero, Roland Ulv! This is gonna be great!

TT: Let’s head to the ring and give the people what they came for!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following is a tag team contest and it scheduled for one fall!

"Marcia Carolus Rex" by Wilhelm Harteveld hits the arena as the crowd erupts with deafening cheers. All eyes focus on the entrance, awaiting their hometown hero.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first! Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden! He weighs in at two hundred seventy five pounds..."THE RADIANT ONE" ROLAND ULV!

The eyes stay focused on the entrance when the music suddenly fades out. The crowd begins to boo as they sit confused.

BC: Where's Roland?

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed that "The Radiant One" Roland Ulv is here tonight...but has requested that he has the final entrance for this match! He also has requested that it be announced that he was a victim of food poisoning last week in Argentina...but he is feeling much better now that he's back home!

TT: So, it sounds like Roland wants to be the last to the ring!

BC: And that he made a great recovery from that food poisoning last week! If you ask me...Mariano should be ashamed of what his country did to Roland!

"Strike Of The Ninja" by Dragon Force hits the arena as the crowd erupts in boos. Mariano steps out to the entrance and strikes a martial arts pose, much to the crowd's displeasure.

Ring Announcer: Their opponents! First, hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina and weighing in at one hundred seventy six pounds...MARIANO "SHADOW" FERNANDEZ!

He rushes to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. Mariano gets back to his feet and once again strikes a pose for the crowd, but obtains the same reaction that he received the first time.

TT: I think this is the first time I've heard a crowd boo Mariano!

BC: There's a first time for everything, Teddy!

TT: Well, regardless of what this crowd thinks of Mariano...they have to respect his skills in the ring! The last two weeks, he has knocked off men who have been in this industry for a decade...one of them being the World Heavyweight Champion!

The lights dim as the instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative hits the arena. The boos from the crowd are loud enough that they actually overpower the music. Magnus Thunder steps out to the stage and raises his championship in the air as lightning bolts flash all along the stage. He drapes his championship back across his shoulder and begins his walk down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: His partner...from Jotunheim, Norway! Standing seven foot five inches tall and weighing in at five hundred pounds...he is the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...MAGNUS THUNDER!

Magnus makes his way to the apron. He steps on to the apron and over the top rope as the crowd is still overpowering his music. He raises the championship in the air for the crowd...smirks, and turns towards Mariano, holding the championship in front of him. His music fades but the boos still remain as he hands his championship to an official outside of the ring.

TT: Listen to these boos! I can barely hear myself talking! Roland was right...Sweden HATES Norway!

BC: What did you say?!

A violin symphony hits the arena as the lights go out. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as a wall of flames erupts at the entrance. The symphony fades in to "Hero" by Skillet as red strobes hit the arena and the flames die down. Blood is knelt at the entrance, staff in hand and head lowered. He stands back up, and slowly makes his way down the aisle, followed by a trail of flames behind each foot.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from Charlotte, North Carolina! He weighs in at two hundred forty five pounds...BLOOD!

Blood makes his way to the steps, using them to enter the ring. He climbs in to the ring and glares across to Magnus. The music fades out and the lights begin to return to normal. Blood makes his way to the edge of the ring, handing his staff to an official on the outside. He removes his cape, harness, and bone mask, also handing them to the official.

TT: Blood has yet to let his eyes leave Magnus!

BC: You can definitely see the hatred, Teddy! But on a plus note for him...some of the fans actually cheered for him as he came to the ring!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, here to sing the Swedish National Anthem...please welcome Sweden's very own...CAROLA HAGGKVIST!

The crowd is ecstatic as Carola Haggkvist steps out to the entrance stage, microphone in hand. Cameras flash throughout the arena, all trying to take a picture of the beautiful singer. Blood looks on slightly irritated as Magnus impatiently waits. Mariano tries talking over strategy with Magnus, but Magnus ignores him as the music for the Swedish National Anthem begins to play.

Carola Haggkvist: Du gamla, Du fria, Du fjällhöga nord! Du tysta, Du glädjerika sköna! Jag hälsar Dig, vänaste land uppå jord! Din sol, Din himmel, Dina ängder gröna. Din sol, Din himmel, Dina ängder gröna. Du tronar på minnen från fornstora dar då ärat Ditt namn flög över jorden. Jag vet att Du är och Du blir vad du var. Ja, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden! Ja, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden! Jag städs vill dig tjäna mitt älskade land din trohet till döden vill jag svära. Din rätt, skall jag värna, med håg och med hand. Din fana, högt den bragderika bära. Din fana, högt den bragderika bära. Med Gud skall jag kämpa, för hem och för härd, för Sverige, den kära fosterjorden. Jag byter Dig ej, mot allt i en värld. Nej, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden...Nej, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden!

*Translation: You old, you free, you mountainous north! You quiet, you beauty full of joy! I salute you, the most gorgeous country in the world! Your sun, Your heaven, Your fields so green. Your sun, Your heaven, Your fields so green. You throne on memories for a glorious past when your name flew over the world with honour. I know that you are and will become what you were. Yes, I wan’t to live and die in the north! Yes, I wan’t to live and die in the north! I want to serve you my beloved country and to you my faith until death I will swear. Your freedom I will defend with faith and hand. Your flag high with honour I will carry. Your flag high with honour I will carry. With god on my side I will fight for our country, for Sweden the beloved fatherland. I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. No, I wan’t to live and die in the North...No, I wan’t to live and die in the North!*

The fans erupt in cheers for Carola as she finishes the anthem.

BC: Well, that was the Swedish National Anthem...but where's Roland?

A series of blue and yellow fireworks suddenly blast off all around the ring. The crowd suddenly cheers as high above the ring, "The Radiant One" is being lowered to the ring on a platform. He poses for the sold out crowd, much to their delight.

Ring Announcer: Now being lowered to the ring! Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden and weighing in at two hundred seventy five pounds..."THE RADIANT ONE" ROLAND ULV!

Roland reaches the ring, stepping off the platform, and poses for the crowd again as the fireworks finally die down. The platform rises back towards the ceiling as the crowd finally begins to quiet down.

BC: What an entrance for Roland!

TT: For sure! And what a change of atmosphere here in Sweden! Usually we would see the team of Blood and Roland Ulv being booed...but here in Sweden, they both have been receiving cheers! And normally we would see the crowd going nuts for Mariano, but they've actually started chanting "You poisoned Roland"!

BC: I've heard the crowd chanting "Fjord Monkii" as well, Teddy! They hate Magnus Thunder!

TT: I'm kind of curious to see how either of these teams will co-exist! Magnus Thunder and Mariano Fernandez will square off next week at Battle to Survive for the World Heavyweight Championship! We also found out earlier tonight that it will be Blood taking on "The Radiant One" Roland Ulv at Battle To Survive as well!

BC: Ha! I love it, Teddy! Make the opponents team up! How could this possibly get any better!

TT: I guess we'll see in a moment.

The referee tries to get a member of each team out on the apron, but both teams appear to be arguing on who will start. Mariano and Roland finally step out to the apron, and the referee calls for the opening bell.


TT: Looks like we're going to start things off with Blood and Magnus Thunder!

BC: This is going to be one hell of a fight, Teddy!

Before Blood can leave his corner to lock up with Magnus, he is slapped in the back of the head by Roland!

BC: The fireworks are going to start early!

TT: Blood looks pissed as Roland climbs in to the ring! And I believe the ref is calling the slap to the back of the head a legal tag!

BC: Great way to start things off!

TT: Magnus and Roland lock up! Magnus with the advantage as he forces Roland in to the ropes, but Roland with a perfect knee to the gut...and he takes over the advantage! Roland whips Magnus to the ropes, but Magnus reverses. Roland on the return...shoulderblock...and both men are still standing!

BC: Does Roland actually think he can match Magnus' power?!

TT: Roland hits the far ropes again...shoulderblock on the return! And again both men are still standing!

Roland smirks and signals for Magnus to try. Magnus hits the far ropes...shoulderblock on the return! Roland is knocked back a step, but he stays standing. Magnus hits the far ropes again...and Roland with a boot to the gut on the rebound! Roland grabs Magnus with a front facelock...DDT!

BC: You have to love Roland, Teddy! He lures in the mammoth...and drops him with a picture perfect DDT!

TT: Roland makes his way towards Blood, looking for the tag!

BC: Brilliant! He's not looking for a tag! He's flexing his muscles for Blood!

Roland smirks as he finishes flexing. He turns his attention to Magnus who is slowly getting up, only to be drilled in the back of the head by Blood with a hard right! The ref declares it a legal tag as Blood enters. Roland glares at Blood who defends himself by trying to say that the right hand slipped. Roland again smirks as he steps out to the apron.

BC: I love these tags from Roland and Blood!

TT: Blood rushes at Magnus...but he's leveled with a clothesline! Magnus picks Blood back up and sends him hard in to the corner with an irish whip. Magnus follows in...crushing splash! Blood stumbles out...overhead belly to belly!

BC: Blood may have picked a bad time to tag himself in, as he's finding himself in some trouble here!

TT: And Magnus makes the cover!




TT: Blood kicks out! Magnus brings Blood back to his feet...arm drag and twist. Magnus with a lariat...and Blood ducks it! Blood with a rear waist lock, and he quickly switches positions, Russian leg sweep! Blood hits the far ropes, and he follows up with a running leg drop! He brings Magnus to a sitting position and applies a rear chin lock.

BC: Notice Blood's positioning here! He has made sure that he can look Roland in the face during this hold!

Magnus uses his strength to bring himself back to his feet, which forces Blood to switch over to a side headlock. Magnus lifts Blood for a back suplex, but Blood flips behind him...chop block, and Magnus is down! Blood approaches his corner as Roland reaches his hand out for the tag. Blood smirks and flips Roland off!

BC: Blood with the double bird!

TT: Not exactly kid friendly there. But either way, I think Roland has gotten the message! Blood hits the ropes...and he falls to the mat as Roland grabbed his hair!

BC: Ha! I think that's another legal tag according to our referee!

TT: It certainly is! Roland enters the ring, and he's met with a vicious knee to the gut! Magnus with a hard forearm shot. He grabs Roland with a front facelock, lifting him high in to the air! He walks around the ring, one handed holding Roland up! And he finally drops Roland near the corner! Magnus reaches out for the tag...but he quickly takes his hand back as Mariano reaches out!

BC: Looks like there's some issues between Magnus and Mariano as well!

TT: Magnus turns back toward Roland...and Mariano with a slap to Magnus' back for the tag!

BC: Magnus can't believe it!

TT: Mariano quickly climbs to the top, and he's trying to signal Magnus to move out of the way! Roland is back to his feet...and Magnus delivers the boot to the gut! Mariano still is trying to shoe Magnus out of his way!

Magnus starts to smile as he grabs Mariano by the wrist. He uses all of his strength and launches Mariano at Roland like a lawn dart, forcing him to nail Roland with a flying shoulderblock!

BC: What a takedown by Mariano!

TT: I don't think it was by choice, Bobby!

BC: Either way, it worked!

TT: Mariano is back to his feet as he hits the far ropes. Roland is making his way back to his feet, and he's caught with a spinwheel kick from Mariano! Roland again makes his way back to his feet. Mariano with a high roundhouse...a second...and a jumping spin kick that sends Roland out of the ring through the ropes!

BC: Mariano may be the smallest guy in this match, Teddy...but he may also be the most dangerous because of his speed and agility! It's a good thing for him that the attack last week on his leg didn't lead to a serious injury!

TT: Roland is pulling himself back up on the outside. Mariano with a springboard...somersault senton! And he once again takes Roland down!

BC: This crowd hates Mariano!

TT: Mariano slides back in to the ring, and Magnus is able to tag himself back in!

Magnus hops down from the apron and picks Roland up. He rams him hard, back first in to the barricade.





Magnus brings Roland overhead with a military press, tossing Roland over the top rope back in to the ring. Magnus climbs on to the apron and steps over the top rope. Magnus picks Roland up and sends him in to the corner. He follows in with a hard clothesline, rocking Roland. Magnus backs off and quickly comes back in for another clothesline, but Roland is able to boot him in the gut!

TT: Roland with a very timely counter! And he drills Magnus with a hard forearm shot, followed by a rake of the eyes! He grabs Magnus around the waist...belly to belly front slam! Roland drags Magnus over to the corner near Blood...and he puts a hand on Magnus' chest for the pin, looking up at Blood!

BC: That is just great!




TT: Magnus kicks out!

Roland smirks as he faces Blood. The two begin to argue back and forth. Roland turns to Magnus, but quickly turns back swinging a hard right at Blood. Blood ducks the shot and retaliates with a slap across the face!

TT: Another unorthodox tag!

BC: For not cooperating one bit with each other...you have to give Roland and Blood both credit...they're working well as a tag team!

TT: Yes. I have to agree. They have been very impressive! Blood drops the knee on to Magnus' skull! He drags Magnus near the center of the ring and grabs him by the wrist. Blood flips Magnus on to his belly...and he locks in a triangle choke hold!

BC: This could spell trouble for Magnus and Mariano! Blood is well versed in many styles, especially submissions!

TT: Magnus is struggling, trying to break the hold! The referee is checking on him, and Magnus is quick to refuse giving up!

BC: What can Magnus really do in this position?!

TT: Magnus is using his strength...he's on all fours, trying to get back to his feet! He's almost...he's up! Blood still has the triangle choke locked in, but Magnus has him in a very bad position, potentially able to hit Blood with a powerbomb!

BC: If I were Blood here, I would release the choke and fight my way out of this position!

TT: NO!!! Magnus falls down to one knee...and he's back on the mat! He didn't have the strength to hold Blood up! Blood applies more pressure, and the referee once again checks on Magnus!

BC: Magnus isn't moving, Teddy! I think this match is over!

The referee raises Magnus' arm in to the air...and it falls! He raises the arm a second time...and it falls! He raises the arm one last time...

TT: It's over!!! NO!!! Magnus keeps his arm from hitting the mat! It was almost over just like that!

BC: Look at Roland! He actually looks happy that this match isn't over!

TT: Magnus is once again struggling to get to his feet...and he's up! Magnus with a full head of steam...and he rams Blood hard in to the turnbuckle with a running powerbomb!!! And both men are down!

BC: That was such a devastating powerbomb! He damn near broke Blood in half!

TT: Magnus is starting to stir as he makes his way to the ropes. He slowly starting to pull himself up, nearing his corner...and Mariano tags himself in! Blood is starting to get back up as Mariano rushes at him, hurricanrana takedown! Blood again is slowly getting back up as Mariano hits the far ropes...dropkick to the knee off the rebound!

Blood falls to a knee as Mariano again hits the far ropes. Double knee takedown off the rebound! Mariano leaps up...split legged moonsault! And Mariano has the cover!




TT: Blood grabs the bottom rope! Mariano quickly picks Blood up. Irish whip by Mariano...but Blood reverses it! Mariano hits the ropes...and Roland drills him with a knee from the apron! Mariano stumbles forward. Blood with an arm drag and twist. He gets his boot up against Mariano's neck, possibly looking for the Blood Loss!

Mariano is able to escape the move, countering with a jumping spin kick to the back of Blood's head! Blood stumbles, turns around and falls leaning in his corner. Mariano rushes in...double knee to the chest!

BC: Was it just me...or did it look like Roland made the blind tag there?!

TT: I believe he did! Mariano whips Blood in to the ropes, and he takes him down with a vicious knee lift! And Roland quickly from behind...half nelson overhead suplex! Roland makes his way over to Magnus Thunder and flexes for him!

BC: How great is this Swedish god!

Roland spits in Magnus' face! Magnus quickly enters the ring but is quickly stopped by the referee. He shoves the referee out of his way and makes his way toward Roland, but the referee once again stops him. The referee tries to get Magnus back to his corner as Roland picks up Mariano.

TT: The referee is trying to restrain Magnus...and Roland with a blatant kick below the belt on Mariano! He grabs Mariano with a front facelock as Magnus finally steps back out to the apron...spinning fisherman's buster! And Roland makes the cover!




TT: Magnus stops the count as he pulls Roland off with force!

BC: He damn near tossed Roland across the ring!

TT: Magnus returns to the apron as the referee admonishes him. Roland picks Mariano back up, gripping him with a gutwrench!

BC: We might be seeing the Radiant Plex here!

TT: Roland has his eyes on Magnus...and he lifts Mariano up...NO!!! Mariano catches Roland with the back of his boot in the face! Roland stumbles back as Mariano falls back to his feet! Mariano rushes at Roland...head scissors! Roland is launched toward his own corner as Mariano gets back to his feet. Mariano with a dropkick from behind...and Roland is sent in to Blood!

BC: They just cracked their skulls together, Teddy! Blood looks irate as the referee signals to him that it was a legal tag!

TT: Blood rushes at Mariano...but Mariano catches him with a drop toe hold! He picks Blood up...using the ropes...tornado DDT!

BC: Mariano is on fire!

TT: Mariano makes his way to his corner, leaping to the top rope...but Magnus tags himself in! Mariano is trying to get Magnus out of his way...and it looks like Magnus might have had enough of Mariano, as he is climbing to the top, holding Mariano in place!

BC: This does not fare well for Mariano!

Magnus sits on the top turnbuckle, signaling for Mariano to climb on to his shoulders. He holds Mariano's wrists as he slowly makes his way to the top rope, trying his best to hold his balance.

BC: You cannot be serious! This is nearly twelve and a half feet in the air!

TT: What are they thinking here?! Mariano leaps off Magnus' shoulders...SHOOTING STAR PRESS!

BC: That was nuts, Teddy!

TT: Mariano rolls out of the ring as Magnus climbs down from the corner! And he quickly makes the cover!




TT: Roland breaks up the pinfall at the last second!

BC: It's a good thing he did...because it most definitely would have been over! For the third straight week, we are delivering one of the best main events ever seen on Showdown!

TT: I would have to agree, Bobby! When this match was first signed, I didn't think either team could co-exist...but they have really pulled out the stops here tonight!

Magnus picks Blood back up, whipping him to the corner...but Blood reverses it, sending Magnus towards Roland! Blood begins to argue with the referee as Roland drills Magnus with a series of rights! Magnus falls to a seated position in the corner as Mariano quickly tries to enter the ring. The referee holds Mariano back as Roland chokes Magnus from the outside, and Blood begins delivering boot after boot! Blood smirks at Roland as Mariano finally steps out to the apron. As Blood turns toward Mariano, Roland tags himself in!

TT: There's the tag, and Roland is back in the match! Roland delivers a series of boots to Magnus as the referee forces Blood out to the apron! Roland pulls Magnus to the center of the ring...mounts him...and again lays in right after right!

BC: The referee definitely has his hands full in this one!

TT: The ref finally pulls Roland off of Magnus. Roland brings Magnus back to his feet, and quickly points over to Mariano. The ref looks to Mariano...low blow by Roland! And he grabs Magnus with a gutwrench!

BC: He's going for the Radiant Plex, Teddy!

TT: NO! Magnus with a leg trip...and he's trying to capture Roland in The Brutal Rest! Roland is struggling...trying everything to avoid being put in this devastating hold! Magnus is trying his hardest to flip Roland...but Roland is fighting it off!

BC: This crowd is going nuts with chants for Roland! They are trying to keep their hometown hero in this game!

TT: He almost has Roland flipped over...and it's locked in!!! The referee quickly check on Roland...and Blood from behind with a forearm to Magnus, forcing him to release the hold! The ref admonishes Blood as Mariano flies back in to the ring! Blood is heading toward the apron, and the referee catches Mariano, telling him to go back to the corner!

Blood claps his hands together and quickly drills Magnus with a boot to the back of the skull. Blood rolls Roland out of the ring and begins a brutal assault on Magnus!

BC: I think the referee heard Blood clap his hands together and thought it was a tag!

TT: It appears that you're right, Bobby! Blood with a relentless attack here as Roland makes his way back to his corner. Blood picks Magnus up and sends him in to the ropes. Magnus off the rebound...and Blood catches him with a sleeper hold! Magnus is struggling...and he quickly backs Blood in to the corner! Magnus comes at Blood for the splash...but Blood moves!!!

BC: Magnus just crushed his own chest in to that top turnbuckle!

TT: Blood grabs Magnus and sends him across the ring with an irish whip...NO!!! Magnus reverses it...and Blood runs in to the referee, knocking him down!

BC: I believe that was unintentional, but I guess the result is the same either way...a chance for the Horsemen to make an appearance!

Magnus waits for Blood to return to his feet and nails him with a boot to the gut...chokeslam!

TT: What the hell is this?! Is that...Daniels?!

BC: (singing) In the Sweden...the mighty Sweden...the zombie creeps tonight!

TT: What the hell was that, Bobby?!

BC: Shut up! I was trying to set the mood!

TT: Daniels is slowly making his way down to the ring as Magnus continues his attack on Blood! Roland has now turned his attention to the approaching Daniels! It's almost like Daniels is floating, Teddy!

BC: Ha! Yeah, floating...

TT: Daniels shrieks...and he tackles Roland off of the apron! Daniels is going nuts as he's laying in right after right on Roland from a mounted position! Roland escapes...but Daniels quickly comes after him, again drilling him with right after right as Roland leans against the barricade! And Magnus still has the advantage in the ring, dropping Blood with a picture perfect vertical suplex!

BC: Blood and Roland need a miracle here!

Roland is knocked to a seated position, and Daniels quickly turns his head toward the ring...looking at Blood. He slides in to the ring as Magnus backs off. Daniels lets out another primal scream as Mariano comes in to the ring, questioning Magnus of what's going on. Daniels picks Blood up, lifting him in to a fireman's carry...

TT: Not good! This could be the end for Blood!

BC: And look at Magnus! He's actually holding his partner back!

TT: WAIT! Roland slides back in to the ring, and he delivers a boot to Daniels' gut! Daniels drops Blood and is met with a rake of the eyes by Roland! Daniels rushes at Blood and Roland...double back body drop over the top rope...and Daniels crashes to the outside! And Magnus shoves Mariano at Blood and Roland...back body drop...in to a summersault senton, landing on Daniels as he gets back to his feet!

BC: Looks like Magnus' plan backfired there!

TT: Magnus comes at Roland and Blood, but they duck the double clothesline...and the execute a picture perfect back suplex on Magnus!

Mariano gets back to his feet as the crowd chants "Go Home, Mariano!". A member of the front row throws something at Mariano...

BC: I think Mariano was just pelted with some pickled herring!

TT: Mariano makes his way back to his corner as the referee is slowly coming to. Blood and Roland wait for Magnus to stand once again, but Roland shoves Blood, sending him back out to the apron!

Daniels gets back to his feet and makes his way back to the apron. The referee slides out of the ring, trying to hold Daniels back. He signals for security as Roland blatantly chokes Magnus!

TT: And here comes security! They have Daniels, but he is struggling with them! The referee slides back in to the ring, and Roland stops the choke!

BC: This is just crazy! Look at the emotion change in Daniels' face! He is now willingly going with security!

TT: Roland with a hard right on Magnus...and Magnus looks irate! He's getting back to his feet, and Roland is quickly backing off...but he's being backed in to Magnus' corner! Magnus comes at Roland, and Roland moves out of the way...but there's the tag from Mariano! Mariano with a springboard as the referee tries to get Magnus out of the ring...hurricanrana...NO!!! Roland caught him, and he delivers a vicious powerbomb...holding Mariano down for the pin!




TT: Magnus reaches in and drills Roland with a right at the last second, forcing him to release the pin! Roland brings Mariano back to his feet and quickly lifts him overhead with an inverted form of a military press. He holds Mariano high above...and drops Mariano in front of him...capturing him with a full nelson!

BC: What power!

TT: Roland swings Mariano back and forth, ragdolling him with that full nelson! Mariano is struggling, trying to escape...and he's able to slide out of the hold! Roland reaches to grab Mariano, but Mariano crawls between Roland's legs...and he hits Roland with a dropkick from behind, launching him in to the corner!

BC: And Blood slaps Roland in the back of the head for the tag!

TT: Mariano rushes towards his corner...tag to Magnus! Blood rushes at Magnus...and he's dropped with a lariat! Blood gets back to his feet and comes at Magnus with a right...and the two are in an all out brawl now!

BC: I knew it would eventually come to this!

TT: Roland has regained composure, and he's coming for Magnus...but Mariano stops him with a running spinwheel kick!

BC: The referee has lost control of this one...and I think he's going to let all four of them go at it!

Mariano grabs Blood from behind and spins him around. He delivers a hard double knee to Blood's face, and Blood falls to the mat. Roland has made his way to the ropes, using them to pull himself up. Magnus rushes at Roland, drilling him with a hard forearm, sending Roland out to the apron. Blood slowly gets back to his feet. Mariano with a dropkick...but Blood swats him out of the way! Blood turns his attentions to Magnus who has Roland double gripped around the skull, ready to deliver a head butt! Blood with a chop block from behind...and Magnus is down!

BC: Blood better watch out! Mariano's back to his feet!

TT: Blood turns to Mariano...head scissors takedown!

BC: Blood quickly returns to his feet as Mariano rushes at him!

TT: Mariano whips Blood in to the ropes...and Blood runs in to Roland, knocking him to the floor outside! Magnus is slowing starting to pull himself back to his feet!

BC: Looks like Blood may have gotten hurt from that too, as he is stumbling forward with Magnus getting up behind him!

TT: Mariano with the Yakuza Kick...NO!!! Blood moved out of the way!

BC: Mariano just nailed Magnus with the Yakuza, sending him out of the ring!

TT: Blood with a low blow on Mariano, unseen by the referee! Blood with an arm drag and twist on Mariano...BLOOD LOSS!

BC: It could be over here!

Before Blood can make the cover, Roland slides in to the ring and grabs Blood, throwing him out of the ring!

BC: What the hell is he doing?! They had the win!

TT: Roland has Mariano...RADIANT PLEX!!! And he has the bridge for the pin!!!




BC: It's over! Roland picks up an impressive victory here tonight! *DING DING DING!*

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners...BLOOD AND "THE RADIANT ONE" ROLAND ULV!

Roland flexes for his hometown crowd as Blood climbs up to the apron. He waits, keeping his eye on Roland...waiting for him to turn. Roland turns to flex for the rest of the crowd as Blood springboards off the top rope...


BC: Looks like Blood may have gotten a little bit of vengeance here tonight!

As Blood gets up, celebrating his attack on Roland, he is met with a hard forearm shot from behind by Magnus!

TT: Magnus is back in the ring...and he has Blood dazed! He has Blood in position...powerbomb...another powerbomb...THUNDERSTORM!

BC: All hell is breaking loose!

Magnus turns his attentions to Mariano, who is trying to use the ropes to get to his feet. Magnus slides out of the ring and walks over to the timekeeper's table. He shoves the timekeeper off of his chair. Magnus grabs the chair and his championship. He quickly slides back in to the ring with them as Mariano finally gets back to his feet. Magnus drops the belt to the ground and rushes at Mariano with the chair, but Mariano catches him with a low dropkick to the knee!

TT: Magnus is down to one knee! Mariano rushes at him, and Magnus gets the chair up to swing at Mariano...NO!!! YAKUZA KICK TO THE CHAIR!!

BC: MY GOD!!! I think Magnus has just been knocked out cold!

TT: Mariano is the last man standing here tonight!

Mariano grabs the championship belt, looking down upon it. Blood and Roland both are starting to get back to their feet on the outside. Blood leans against the barricade...and Roland clotheslines him over the barricade in to the crowd as the arena erupts in cheers. He climbs over the barricade continuing his attack on Blood in the crowd as Mariano places the championship on Magnus. He poses for the distracted crowd as Showdown comes to an end!

BC: What a night, Teddy! What a night!

TT: We're out of time folks! See you next week from Sydney, Australia at Battle to Survive!

Fade to black.

Until next time…