Last week, at Battle to Survive, the CWF housed the largest capacity crowd in federation history. The world witnessed Magnus Thunder retain the CWF World Heavyweight Championship via referee stoppage, but after the match, Magnus Thunder snapped, destroying everyone in his path, including announcers, wrestlers, and even the legendary Maniac himself.

The Horsemen rift turned out to be a hoax – Jimmy Blast and Rob Osbourne were on the same page after all, and Terry Richards learned the hard way that things aren’t always what they seem when it comes to the Horsemen. But after the match, Rob Osbourne was attacked by an unknown assailant, who sped off in a black SUV immediately after the attack. Who could the assailant be?

Another mysterious assailant attacked both Roland Ulv and Paul Blair separately, disguising himself as the multiple time former CWF National Champion, Freeze.

Roland Ulv defeated Blood with a little help from his taser. With the referees back turned, Ulv electrified Blood and scored the pinfall victory.

Tonight, as the 2009 CWF World Tour reaches its second last stop in Osaka, Japan, the world is waiting with eager anticipation, hoping for some answers. Who are the mystery assailants? When and who will they strike next? Who will Trixie Lee invite to compete in the Pledge Allegiance Memorial Trophy match? Can Mariano Fernandez rebound from his crushing defeat? And who is next in line to challenge for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship?

This is….

Fade in to a sold out Osaka Dome in Osaka, Japan. 45,00+ fans pack the stadium to capacity. The respectful Japanese crowd sits and claps as the introductory display unfolds. The Showdown set is the usual, only with a Japanese flag serving as the backdrop. The crowd “ohs” and “awes” as fireworks explode at the entrance way and shoot down the aisle, erupting over the ring. The ring mat this week is made to look like a Japanese flag – white with a red dot, representing the sun, in the middle. Standing at ringside are Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to Osaka, Japan! Welcome to the land of the rising sun! Welcome to the Osaka Dome! And yes indeed, welcome to the CWF’s Saturday Night Showdown! Hello everyone, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me as always is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane!

BC: My God! We’re lucky to have made it here alive with all these horrible drivers here in Japan!

TT: Will you stop?! What a lineup we have tonight! Right here in Osaka, Japan, Magnus Thunder will take on Paul Blair in a non-title match up…and after even WE felt his wrath in Sydney, Australia last week at Battle to Survive…it just makes you feel even more fearful for Paul Blair tonight.

BC: This match is definitely not fair to Blair! Let’s be honest, Teddy…if Blair has to climb into the ring with this monstrosity, it should at least be for the title!

TT: Well speaking of titles, also tonight, Bob Osbourne will defend the CWF Unified Championship, the first time it’s ever been defended here in Japan, against Jimmy Johnston! And Johnston remains undefeated in singles competition, so quite a test for the third generation superstar, Bob Osbourne tonight.

BC: Well I…hey…

TT: Wait a minute, something is going on in the parking lot backstage…we have a camera crew back there, what’s going on?

The scene cuts away to the back where a large super stretch limo is seen pulling into the parking garage. The door swings open and out steps Roland Ulv, dressed in a powder blue suit, sans tie, and Armani shades. Trailing him is Gary "Chemical X" Scarletti, dressed in black slacks, a dark crimson mock turtle neck, leather jacket, and shades. Behind him exits Curtis "Sickboy" Wilkes, wearing a black pinstriped suit with a butterfly Ollared white dress shirt, his hair pulled back in a short pony tail, CWF National title draped over his shoulder. Following him is Bob Osbourne, wearing an all black suit with an orange dress shirt with the CWF Unified title over his shoulder. Behind him is the legendary Jimmy Blast. Finally, as the five Horsemen stand waiting, "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne climbs out of the limo clad in his typical black suit with a deep purple dress shirt and black and purple tie. Osbourne, moving slowly after the injuries he suffered last week at the hands of the CWFs newest mystery man, fully emerges from the limo and the men make their way towards the entrance of the arena as Dennis Donnelly, crack CWF backstage reporter, greets them.

DD: Rob Osbourne...can we get a word with the Horsemen?

Jimmy Blast: Whoa Donnelly, back up a step!

Rob Osbourne pulls his son Bob to him and whispers in his ear.

Bob Osbourne: Dennis, my dad dad says to go f[BEEP] yourself.

DD: Excuse me?!

Roland Ulv: Ja! Thii Niitemare wiil answiir all of thii FANS questions iin the miidle of thii CiiWiiFii riing tonight fur sure!

DD: Rob Osbourne is going to be speaking here later this evening, but why does he have to be rude to me? What did I ever do to him?

Roland Ulv: Calm down, calm down. Don't yuu go all WAGGA WAGGA WAGGA on thii Horsemen...or wii wiil biit yu down fur sure!!

The Horsemen walk past and enter the arena.

DD: Well Teddy, Bobby, there you have it. Back to you!

Cut to ringside.

TT: So apparently we’ll be addressed by “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne later tonight, and man, he is in a foul mood! It must have something to do with this mystery assailant. But anyway folks, as I was saying, also tonight…

BC: Wait a minute…just a minute, who is THAT?

The camera zooms in on a man sitting in the 200 level seats, front row, wearing a blue Pledge Allegiance t-shirt. He looks oddly familiar…

BC: That’s Matt Baron!

TT: Wow…you’re right! That’s Matt “The Real Fan” Baron, former MWWF and EWA wrestler. No one has seen or heard from him in about twelve years! Wait a minute…you don’t think HE could be the assailant, do you?

BC: I don’t know…I mean, he’s wearing a Pledge Allegiance t-shirt…Pledge is arguably Nitemare’s biggest rival…

TT: This is getting crazy…whoever this assailant is, whether it’s Matt Baron or Darklight Warrior or whoever it is…is absolutely toying with the mind of Rob Osbourne, who is the master of the mind games himself!

BC: Did you listen to Off the Record this week, Teddy?

TT: I certainly did, and someone calling himself “The Nitemare’s Nightmare” hijacked the phone lines and on multiple occasions uttered the words “the Nitemare must die”…I’ll tell you what, fans…the CWF continues to heat up heading into the holidays! But as I was saying, also tonight, Degradation will take on Chemical X and Sickboy in a non-title matchup, and word around the locker room is, if Chemical X and Sickboy do well tonight, there could be a title match in it for them at Season’s Beatings. BC: A united Chemical X and Sickboy have been a force to be reckoned with…hey, if there’s a hope in hell for anyone to defeat Degradation, it might be these guys!

TT: Also on the card tonight, Mariano Fernandez will go one on one with Keith Daniels! What a matchup that should be! Mariano, just one week removed from a lost opportunity at the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, will meet Magnus Thunder’s…well, what would you call him?...

BC: Bitch?

TT: Well ok, for lack of a better term…

BC: I’ll tell you what…Magnus Thunder has corrupted Keith Daniels, and if you thought Keith Daniels couldn’t be any more corrupt than he already was, well…you were wrong. Magnus has a grip on this guy and Mariano is gonna try to snap him out of it tonight!

TT: All that and so much more tonight, including Jimmy Blast in action here against Israel Steele, Terry Richards meets Jaxx Harrington, and coming up right now folks…Simon Jacobs makes his return to the CWF, battling the one and only “Radiant One” Roland Ulv! Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois…weighing in at 228 pounds….SIMON JACOBS!

TT: Jacobs is definitely looking glad to be back in the CWF after all these years…

BC: Yeah but he’s got a big test his first night back on the job!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from Stockholm, Sweden…weighing in at 275 pounds… “THE RADIANT ONE” ROLAND ULV!

“Marcia Carolus Rex” by Wilhelm Harteveld plays as Ulv makes his way onto the ramp. Dressed in his flowing blue robe with yellow Swedish cross on the back and blue trunks with yellow accent he stops to pose, flexing his large biceps and grinning wildly at the camera. He reaches into his robe and pulls out his taser! He brushes his flowing blonde locks behind his ear with his hand and then proceeds to the ring.

TT: Roland Ulv has that damn taser again…but nonetheless, this should be a good one, folks…both of these guys are savvy ring veterans.


Roland Ulv meets Jacobs in the middle of the ring and they lock up…Ulv takes him down with a drop toe hold and messes up his hair to add a little extra insult. Jacobs springs to his feet and smoothes his hair out, trying not to show frustration. They lock up again…Ulv twists around and hooks in a waist lock…and messes up Jacobs’ hair once again, shoving him away. Jacobs again smoothes his hair out and remains composed. They lock up once more…Roland muscles him into the corner and…messes up his hair. Now Jacobs is furious…and charges out at Roland! Jacobs throwing wild right hands and connecting! Roland staggering back…and sticks his thumb in Jacobs’ eye!

TT: Roland Ulv with the short cut and now he’s got Jacobs in a precarious position! We all know the strength Ulv possesses…one power move could just the tide of this match entirely!

BC: He knows exactly what he’s doing in there, Teddy! Roland Ulv can flick a switch and end the match any time he wants!

TT: I don’t know about THAT but certainly you have to be on your toes at all times with him in there.

Roland Ulv whips him to the ropes…spinebuster! And Jacobs reeling in pain. Ulv pulls him up and backs him into the corner…and DRIVES his shoulder into Jacobs’ gut! And again! And again! Jacobs drops to his knees and Roland sits up on the top rope behind him and pulls him up off the mat by his ears! Jacobs dangling over the mat and Ulv SLAMS him back down! Jacobs lands hard on his back…Ulv off the top…ELBOW DROP! No! Jacobs gets a boot up and catches Ulv in the jaw! Roland spits high into the air and drops!

TT: Jacobs got a foot up! And just like that the match has swung the other way!

Jacobs pulls himself to his feet and heads to the second rope…and drops an elbow across the chest of Roland! Roland rolls over to his side in pain and Jacobs off the ropes…and a low dropkick into the small of Roland’s back! Jacobs pulls him up and whips him to the ropes….head scissors takedown! Jacobs pulls him right back to his feet and Roland is reeling…Jacobs to the ropes…Roland ducks a charging clothesline…Jacobs on the rebound…Roland twists around behind him….RADIANT PLEX! HE CAUGHT HIM!

TT: Roland caught him! Roland caught him with the Radiant Plex!

BC: Turn out the lights…the party’s over!



The lights go out.

BC: Umm…that was a joke.

TT: What the hell?!

When the lights come back on, Roland Ulv is unconscious in the middle of the ring with Simon Jacobs lying on top of him. The referee reluctantly makes a cover.





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…SIMON JACOBS!

TT: What the hell happened?!

BC: I don’t know! I was here with you!

Towering through the curtain with a wide grin on his face is Magnus Thunder. He laughs maniacally as Simon Jacobs’ arm is raised in victory.

TT: MAGNUS THUNDER! It was Magnus Thunder who must have knocked Roland Ulv unconscious!

BC: That big fjord monkey!

Magnus Thunder disappears behind the curtain as Simon Jacobs celebrates in the ring like he’s just won the Super Bowl.

TT: Give me a break! Simon Jacobs is acting like he just won the World title…a tainted victory for Simon Jacobs all thanks to our World Champion, Magnus Thunder…and I don’t think Roland Ulv even knows what happened!

Roland Ulv groggily stands up and staggers over to his corner, grabbing his taser. He falls through the ropes and to the floor…and then slides under the ring.

TT: What on earth? Roland doesn’t even know where he IS, let alone what just happened…

BC: Looks like he’s setting up shop under there, Teddy!

TT: Well in any event…right now we apparently have a backstage camera on Israel Steele! Let’s head back there and see what’s going on!

Cut to Israel Steele's locker room where Israel Steele is warming up for his match. Kevin Styles, J.T. Banks and Alex and Chris Richards all approach Israel Steele without their respective leaders at their sides.

Israel Steele: What brings you guys by?

Kevin Styles: We couldn't help but notice that you're facing Jimmy Blast this week.

Chris Richards: What Kevin is trying to say here is that Jimmy Blast is a member of The Horsemen and well my brother Terry and Da Xtreme Dynasty's co-leader James Baker know a thing or two about being screwed over by The Horsemen.

Israel Steele: So how does all of this benefit me?

Alex Richards: Well you see judging from the experiences that both Terry and James have experienced, there's a 99 percent chance that The Horsies are going to interfere in your match and cost you the victory.

Kevin Styles: We thought it would be alright with you if J.T, myself and The Richards Legion all watched your back to help even up the odds.

Israel Steele: Is it just you, J.T, and Chris and Alex Richards watching my back?

Chris Richards: Yes. Terry's not gonna get involved in this as he's got an important match to concentrate on.

Kevin Styles: And James isn't gonna get involved either as he's focusing on his match with Blood. Basically we all came here on our own.

Israel Steele: I see. Where are the others?

Kevin Styles: Enrique isn't even at the arena and Danielle's not gonna be here for a long, long time to come due to the injuries that she suffered.

Israel Steele: Well I hope Danielle gets better.

Kevin Styles: Me too. Now let's go do this.

Israel Steele: Yeah let's go do this.

Israel, Kevin, J.T, Chris, and Alex all look into the camera hold up four fingers each and pointed them toward the ground.

Kevin Styles: The Horsemen are going down and it starts tonight with you Jimmy Blast!

Israel Steele then leaves the locker room area with The Doubtful Alliance.

TT: Looks like Israel Steele has some guardian angels tonight!

BC: He’ll never get the job done against Jimmy Blast!

TT: Well that match is coming up next folks…don’t go anywhere!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown, fans…and check out what happened during the break!

BC: I couldn’t believe my eyes!


A black SUV pulls up in the parking lot. It stops, and the back door swings open. Out steps…


TT: That’s Jack Mason, fans…an EWA legend and if you consider that he AND Matt Baron are both in the arena tonight…well…could Matt Baron have been the driver of the SUV last week?

BC: Or could it have been Jack Mason? I mean…this is getting insane, Teddy! What’s going on?

TT: I don’t know but the stars are out here in Osaka, Japan tonight!

Jack Mason walks into the arena, and through a door marked “Mark Xamin.”

Cut back to the live feed.

TT: Something is going on again here tonight and this must be driving “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne crazy, Bobby!

BC: It must be! I mean, he’s got someone after him and he doesn’t even know WHO!

TT: Well in any event folks, let’s head back to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following match-up is scheduled for one fall. First, hailing from Kill Devil's Hill, North Carolina...weighing in at 305 pounds....ISRAEL STEELE!

“Dead Horse” by Guns N' Roses begins, just at the chorus of the song. Israel Steel steps onto the stage and poses then struts to the ring, licking his thumbs then wiping his boots on the apron before climbing between the ropes and raising his hands.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, weighing in at 275 pounds... representing the Horsemen....JIMMY BLAST!

“Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne rips through the PA as the crowd comes to their feet and the flash bulbs erupt. The Blaster appears at the top of the ramp, wrenching each wrist slowly, methodically... he locks eyes with Israel Steele then heads to the ring.

BC: The Teacher is in the house and this kid Steele is about to get taken to school!

TT: We'll see about that as this one gets under way!


TT: Collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring. Blast with a slight size advantage, which doesn't happen all too often.

BC: Steele with the win in the show of strength and he sends Jimmy Blast into the ropes, Jimmy Blast rebounds with a knee lift, crashing into the chest of Israel Steele, sending the big rookie to his back! Steele, face a little flushed, feeling embarrassed by getting caught off guard, rushes right back in at Jimmy Blast and tackles the veteran to the ground and starts unloading on him. Blast rolls him over and starts dropping haymakers on the rookie as the kid covers up and hunkers down. Blast climbs off and Steels rolls to his back.

TT: Blast with a quick knee drop on the mid section of Israel Steele! Blast pulls Steele to his feet now...what's this? Ah...Blast's is locking in an abdominal stretch. Steele inches from the ropes gets his hand on them at the last second and the ref forces Blast to break the hold and Steel rolls out of the ring and lands on the mat and catches his breath. Blast out of the ring now and he starts putting the boots to Israel Steele.

BC: Blast isn't going to let up on this kid one notch! You don't come at someone like Jimmy Blast and expect to get a breather in! The guy's a legend. There are several reason the Horsemen are as dominant as they are, and one of those is that man right there, Jimmy Blast. If it weren't for Jimmy Blast, there'd be no Rob Osbourne, no Roland Ulv, no Pledge Allegiance, no Scott DeVille, no Shawn Hillard, no Mike Stewart, no Jeff Jericho, no Paul Blair...

TT: I get the point. And I agree, Jimmy Blast is the measuring stick folks and Israel Steele is getting himself checked here tonight! Blast now pulling Steele to his feet outside of the ring as the ref starts counting. Steele doubled over but on his feet, elbows on knees, winded....Jimmy Blast rolling under the ropes long enough to break the ref's count.

BC: What a methodical presence that only comes from years of in ring experience. Blast now pulling Steele up...and Steele delivers a hard double axe handled blow to the gut of Jimmy Blast as he turns back around, catching the Blaster off guard!

TT: And the rookie got the surprise move in, catching Blast off guard with a heavy shot right to the bread basket. Steele now with a short arm clothesline, taking the Blaster off of his feet for the first time so far tonight! Blast rolls right back up, but clutching his side where the shot by Steele hit.

BC: I know that look. He's just had the wind knocked out of him, but now he's ready for business. He was toying with Steele. Now it's time to go to work.

TT: We'll see. Steele rolls back in the ring and Blast circles around, walking up the ring steps, eyes locked on Steele, sheer determination gleaming in his eye. He climbs in the ring and he and Steele circle around and goes in to tie up, but Blast pulls away at the last second and leans back, sizing Steele up and wrenching his wrists once more, then reaching in slow, extended for the tie up, as he does Steele drops a boot right in the same spot he landed the double axe handle! What's that grimace telling you Bobby?

BC: I think the Blaster is in some pain. He may have cracked a rib there. Steele is huge and packs a big punch. That's why Paul Blair has been training him, guiding him along. Leave it to Blair to leach on to a promising young star like Steele!

TT: Oh stop it! Steele now circling Blast again. Jimmy Blast moving a step slower, right hand tucked in on the ribs for protection. Steele moves in. He goes high faking a tie up, then drops down to a knee, wrapping both arms around Jimmy Blast's waist, one leg planted, bent at the knee, the other leg stepping through, shoulder driving into the injured ribs of Jimmy Blast , and Steele slams him down to the mat and Blast cries out!

BC: That hurt allot Teddy Turnbuckle! Steele reaching down with those giant maws now and grabs Blast with both hands around the throat...DEATH DROP!

TT: Steele nails the double handed chokeslam into a sitout powerbomb! He drops his heels across the elbow joints of Jimmy Blast...ref making the count...





BC: The ring presence of Jimmy Blast! He slid his leg two feet to the right and got it under the ropes to break the count! AMAZING!

TT: Steele is outraged! He grabs the leg Blast got under the ropes and drags Blast to the center of the ring. He bends down to pull Blast to his feet and Blast pokes him in the eyes and the big guy takes a stumbling few steps backwards.

BC: But Blast is having trouble getting moving, He keeps clutching those ribs, then drops to a knee....Steel up...running...knee lift right to the face of Jimmy Blast! OH MY GOD!

TT: Blast is out! Cover by Steele....






TT: What an upset! And what a huge notch in the belt of the rookie Israel Steele!

“Dead Horse” by Guns N' Roses kicks back in and steele raises his arms in victory. He then reaches down and extends his arm to Jimmy Blast who is stirring on the mat, overcome with shock.

TT: Uh-oh Bobby, is this a smart thing to do?

BC: Jimmy Blast is the dirtiest player in the game, but I think he has a newfound respect for Israel Steele here tonight. He looks up at Steele...and he takes his hand, and Steele pulls him up to his feet. Blast lifts Steele's arm and points to him then he fakes a lurch, to catch Steele on his toes, and then shakes his hand and point to him as he lifts his arm again! See Turnbuckle, the consummate professional!

TT: That he is. I think Steele may have gained a lot of attention tonight. Things aren't starting off well for the Horsemen so far here tonight.

BC: There's still two more Horsemen matches to go tonight, including the Unified title match where "Double J" Jimmy Johnston takes on Horsemen member and second generation CWF superstar, the two time CWF Unified Champion Bob Osbourne...

TT: But up next is former Horsemen member and former CWF Unified Champion, "The Windy City Madman" Terry Richards taking on AWF Castoff, Jaxx Harrington.

BC: Rumor has it he's a bit of a scam artist Teddy, he may not even show up for this match. TT: Well, we'll find out in a moment…but right now I think there’s something going on backstage…apparently we’ve got a camera on James Baker!

Cut to the backstage area where James Baker and Kevin Styles are talking to each other while J.T. Banks is standing in the background.

Kevin Styles: So James are you focused for tonight's match against Blood?

James Baker: Hell yeah, dog. I mean why wouldn't I be focused?

Kevin Styles: I don't know, man. I mean with what's been going on as of late, I think that it's starting to weigh in on your mind and it's starting to get to you both physically and mentally.

James Baker: Look, I'm well aware about the recent events that's went down, but I can assure to you that my focus is squarely on my match against Blood. I'm not bull[BEEP]in' this match. I know how important it is and I think I know what I gotta do to win.

Kevin Styles: That's good to hear. By the way where's Enrique?

James Baker: I don't know. Wasn't he with you guys?

Kevin Styles: No. We haven't seen him since Battle to Survive.

James Baker: Oh great. More s[BEEP] to worry about. That's just f[BEEP]in' great.

Kevin Styles: Well J.T and I are leaving. You stay focused on Blood and if you need us then just give us the word and we'll come out and watch your back.

James Baker: A'ight, thanks dog. Later.

Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks then leave the locker room. James' agent and friend Malik Jones then walks into the room dressed up in a black tuxedo.

James Baker: What the hell happened to you, dog? You’re wearin' a damn tuxedo.

Malik Jones: Hey, I gotta look professional for negotiatin' business with the big time corporate people here.

James Baker: Please tell me you ain't sellin' out to the corporate people?

Malik Jones: Hell no dog. There's no way I would sell out.

James Baker: I'm just makin' sure man.

Malik Jones: So are you focused for Blood?

James Baker: You know it. This is a huge match for me dog. I can't f[BEEP] around with this match like I've done in the past. No this is my chance to redeem myself.

Malik Jones: You do know that Blood is not an easy opponent right?

James Baker: No s[BEEP]. That's why I said I can't f[BEEP] around with this match. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go back towards gettin' ready for my match.

Malik Jones: Well good luck then.

Malik Jones then leaves the locker room area as James Baker goes back to getting prepared for his match.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Well a very focused James Baker…he’ll take on Blood later tonight.

BC: Baker and his little posse make me sick, Teddy. “Oh, it’s ya boy, James Baker.” You ain’t my boy, Baker. You’re just a punk.

TT: Well…that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, however wrong it may be…but nonetheless folks, coming up next, Terry Richards takes on Jaxx Harrington and this should be…wait a minute…looks like Richards isn’t waiting for an introduction…

“Hellraiser” by Ozzy Osbourne plays as the Osaka Dome erupts into cheers. Terry Richards comes out, with a microphone on his hand and a rabid, furious look on his face.

TT: And out comes Terry Richards… What are you doing, Bobby?

As Terry goes down the ramp, tagging the fan’s hands, some noises are heard from the announcer’s booth.

BC: I’m getting a steel chair, just in case. That man is a freaking maniac, I’m telling you. If he wants to come here and solve business like a man, do it.

Terry suddenly stops at the entrance ramp, signals backstage, and Chris, Alex Richards and their bodyguard, Trent Walker, come out to a mediocre crowd pop, as they taunt.

BC: Ah, great. The cocky losers and the drooling monkey. Exactly what I needed to feel good here in Osaka.

The Richards Legion enters the ring, and Terry starts speaking, with a smirk on his face.

Terry Richards: Hello, Osaka, JAPAN!

He receives a big crowd pop.

Terry Richards: You know, when we come to some other location, the night has got to be somewhat special. I’d like to give you people a treat…

BC: How about getting your ass outta here? That would please ONE person at least?

TT: Shut it, Bobby! I’m trying to hear what he has to say!

Terry: Now, I was figuring out a special treat for the Osaka fans. After thinking, and thinking a lot, I realized that… You Japanese crowds are peaceful and quiet. You don’t usually break into useless roaring, like the rest of the world. No, you assist quietly to wrestling, always calm. So I figured, why have an egocentric bastard ruining your dreams?

BC: Yes! God listens to my prayers! HALLELUJAH!

TT: For crying out loud, Bobby…

Terry Richards: Yes, why not taking him out of the arena? NOW you’ll be able to enjoy this show! Chris, Alex, Trent, if you would.

BC: No, not them, YOU! What an assclown!

TT: They’re coming in this direction!

Trent slams Bobby’s headset off and into the ground.

BC: Hey, what’s your problem? Jealous because I went to UCLA?

TT: Watch out!

Alex swiftly takes the steel chair out of Bobby Crane’s hands and tosses it away. Trent grabs Crane’s arms and locks them behind his back.

TT: The Richards Legion is taking Bobby away! And Terry is also going to help them…

BC: Alright, the Windy City Blowhard has arrived! Grab yourselves to the nearest pole, because there’s gonna be a smooth breeze that smells like the pits of this black guy behind me!

Chris hits Crane’s belly with his forearm, causing Bobby to bend over in pain. BC: Alright, just take me out… bastards. Why don’t you go back to the bitchy city where you came from?

Terry, with a despising look at Bobby Crane, spits on his face. Chris, Alex and Trent drag Bobby Crane away before any more conflicts can happen.

TT: But… I can’t call the rest of the show on my own!

Terry puts Bobby’s headset on.

Terry Richards: Fear no more, Teddy… Tonight your announcing team features Teddy and Terry. Woo!

Terry sits down by Teddy’s side, and smirks.

Terry Richards: Eww…Did Bobby Crane fart before he left the table?

TT: Let’s just get to the ring…you DO realize you’re up next…

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing in at 245 lbs… “The Platinum One”, JAXX HARRINGTON!

“Getting Away With Murder” by Papa Roach plays to a mixed, very low crowd reaction. Jaxx comes in, pumped up, and shakes his fist in the air to a small crowd pop. He starts walking down the ramp, focused on the ring.

TT: Well…in this very moment I’m enjoying the fact that Bobby Crane isn’t around.

TR: Why so, Teddy?

TT: You know, he’d start saying this man is a mockery and a cheap shot to Jeff Jericho due to his nickname.

TR: Teddy, did Bobby Crane ever do an entire with you completely sober?


Jaxx enters the ring and raises his arms.

TR: Well, I’m off, Teddy. I’ll be back in mere seconds, my friend.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, serving today as guest color commentator, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 186 lbs… “The Windy City Madman”…TERRY RICHARDS!

To a big crowd reaction, Terry gets up and slams his headphones away. He slides under the bottom rope, determined, and shakes Jaxx’s hand.

TT: Here we go!


TT: Well, history is being made tonight. I’ve got a fellow commentator that isn’t a complete utter douche, and all I’ve got to do is call one match on my own! God does exist!

Terry and Jaxx lock up in a collar and elbow tie up.

TT: Terry and Jaxx locking up… Terry pushing Jaxx against the turnbuckle…And a flurry of punches…





TT: And Terry breaks up the wild punching before he gets disqualified! I thought these two were friends! And Terry already bouncing off the ropes… STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Cover!




TT: And Jaxx is able to kick out at the last moment! This match is going to continue!

Terry raises Jaxx to his feet…

TT: Irish whip into the ropes, Jaxx ducks Richards’ clothesline, bounces again… But Richards dominates with an arm drag! Jaxx getting up, and Terry arm drags him again…And again! Wow!

Terry poses for the crowd. The fans roar.

TT: Terry inciting the crowd, Jaxx to his knees, begging for mercy…SUPERKICK! Nearly chopping Jaxx’s head off! COVER!



TT: What?! Terry stopped the pin! I think he’s looking to do some more damage… Richards lifts Jaxx up, going for a back suplex I think… But he spikes him groin-first into the top turnbuckle! Uh-oh, I think I know what is coming…

Terry looks at the crowd, and smirks, confident.


Jaxx, hesitant, raises his hand…

TT: And Jaxx taps out! The match is over, just like that!


The referee pulls Terry away from a damaged Jaxx, and raises his arm in victory.

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…”THE WINDY CITY MADMAN”…TERRY RICHARDS!

“Hellraiser” by Ozzy Osbourne hits the PA system as the fans cheer. Terry, full of energy, starts sliding under the bottom rope, but as he notices Jaxx is coming to his feet, revolted by his loss, Terry goes back into the ring…

TT: Terry is returning, more damage is going to be made…WOW! What was that?! What a variation of the Shock Turn!

Terry makes lifts two fingers of his right hand and points them at Jaxx, with a smirk.

TT: Well…Perhaps that was the Shock Turn II! Come back here, Terry!

Terry Richards returns to the broadcast booth and puts a headset on.

TR: Well thank you, Teddy…I gave my best to the fans, and I think this was worth it.

Suddenly, Bobby Crane comes sprinting down the aisle, enraged.

TT: What? It’s BOBBY CRANE! Holy smokes!

Crane slides under the bottom rope, runs across the ring, slides again under the bottom rope and into the inside, jumps into Terry and both start brawling wildly.


Bobby starts getting the upper hand on Terry, repeatedly smashing his head against the announce table.

TT: This is INSANE! And here comes security to break it up!

Terry and Bobby furiously exchange blows until security comes in to break them apart.

TT: These two want to tear each other apart! Bobby Crane and Terry Richards couldn’t hate each other more!

Security takes Terry Richards away before he attacks Crane even further. Crane, dazed, puts his headphones in and sits down.

TT: Wow, Bobby, looks like the infamous “Richards Black Eye” returned…

BC: Aha, very funny. Screw you, Teddy. That bastard is going to get exactly what he deserves…soon enough.

TT: Okay, I think my friend here needs a rest… We’ll be right back after these commercials!


Personal Trainer

Real Estate Agent

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown folks, brought to you by and Spidersitebuilder, the world’s easiest and most powerful website builder, and…look at this! Look who it is!

BC: No way! It can’t be!

The camera zoom in on a press box where EWA legends Tige and The Edge are sitting, watching the show with an entourage of people.

TT: That’s Tige and The Edge! My God, is it EWA night in Osaka?!

BC: I don’t know, it’s like all these guys are crawling out from the rocks they’ve been hiding under for twelve years! What must be going through Rob Osbourne’s head right now?! He must be at his wits end!

TT: Unbelievable….well up next folks, Trixie Lee is scheduled to join us for an announcement regarding the Pledge Allegiance memorial match at Season’s Beatings in just two short weeks…

BC: For the love of God, GET OVER IT already…he’s gone…he’s fish food!

TT: Would you stop it?! Have some damn respect!

BC: I’m sick and tired of hearing about Pledge. Pledge this, Pledge that…Pledge QUIT wrestling, his career was over…he was done, finished, caput! At least now he won’t come out of retirement every year and try to rekindle the old flame…

TT: …ANYWAY…Dennis Donnelly is standing by backstage with Pledge’s widow, Trixie Lee.

Cut backstage.

DD: Thank you very much Teddy. I’m standing here with my former SAW broadcast partner, The First Lady of The CWF, the always lovely Trixie Lee. Trixie, how are you holding up?

Trixie Lee: I’m hanging in there Dennis. I have my good days and I have my bad ones. I can’t tell you how much I miss Pledge. Things were especially bad on the plane ride over here. I had nothing to occupy my time but my thoughts. I spent the entire flight from New York just thinking…What could I have done differently? Could I have stopped Pledge from getting on that plane? Why did we never get married?

DD: Things feel so differently around here, Trixie. Pledge brought a certain energy with him wherever he went. It’s sorely missed here. I’ve covered Pledge’s career from the beginning. While I can’t pretend to know what you’re going through, my thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time.

Trixie Lee: Thanks Dennis, I really appreciate it.

DD: Okay, Trixie. I understand that you’ve got some news for us.

Trixie Lee: That’s right, Dennis. As you know, at Seasons Beatings, we will be holding the 1st Annual Pledge Allegiance Memorial Cup. It will be a triple threat match of epic proportions; a match to celebrate the life and career of our American Icon, Pledge Allegiance.

In coming up with the premise of the match, I decided that it would be best to invite individuals who were integral parts of Pledge’s career. Last week I announced the first participant in this triple threat match, The Original Hellraiser, Shawn “Hellstone” Hillard. Hellstone will make his triumphant return to a CWF ring for one night only at Seasons Beatings.

I’m pleased to announce that the second participant in the 1st Annual Pledge Alligence Memorial Cup will be…

“The Ruler” Paul Blair!


Trixie Lee: I arrived at this decision because over the years, Pledge and The Ruler have had some epic encounters. Paul Blair was also a key player in the resurgence of SAW at the beginning of this decade. While Blair and Pledge rarely saw eye to eye, Pledge always found Blair to be tremendously entertaining and believe it or not, a loyal employee. Pledge often spoke about he hoped to have one more go around with The Ruler. Sadly, it never happened. To have the opportunity to see two legitimate CWF Hall of Famers go toe to toe would have been electric.

DD: Unbelievable! So now we know the first two participants of what will surely be a match for the ages. At Seasons Beatings, we will see Shawn “Hellstone” Hillard versus “The Ruler” Paul Blair versus…?

Trixie Lee: Unfortunately Dennis, I’m not ready to make that announcement at this time.

DD: Come on Trixie, just one hint?

TL: Sorry Dennis, nice try. You’ll just have to wait until next week’s Showdown to find out along with everyone else.

DD: Okay. Well I think I can speak for the entire CWF universe that we await that announcement with baited breath. Back to you, Teddy!

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Well another big addition to the Pledge Allegiance Memorial Cup match…Paul Blair and Shawn “Hellstone” Hillard are the first two combatants, but there will be a third, and he’ll be announced next week.

BC: Okay, well they’ve added Paul Blair…now the match is at least relevant.

TT: Would you stop? Let’s just head to the ring for our next matchup as Blood squares off against James Baker!

BC: There should be a Blair Cup.

TT: Shut up.

Cut to the ring.

The lights in the arena go out. Flames cover the whole stage, rising near the video screen. Flames also cover the full aisle as well as the apron of the ring. A violin symphony blasts in the arena as the sold out crowd erupts in cheers. The flames suddenly go out as the arena is once again black. The video screen begins to display a special cross...fading in from the darkness. Flames erupt all along the stage, except for in the center. Blood slowly rises from under the stage with a unique look to him this week. He has his full red and black ninja style attire from his debut match along with his red and black mask. The violin symphony fades in to "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth. The arena is covered with a dark red glow as smoke rises throughout the arena. Flames erupt along the aisle's sides as Blood stands at the stage, raising his arm in the air. He makes his way down the aisle as the crowd continues to cheer.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...originally from Tokyo, Japan and now residing in Charlotte, North Carolina! Weighing in at 245 pounds...BLOOD!

Blood reaches the ringside area and uses the steps to enter the ring. He climbs up the corner and once again raises his staff for his home country crowd. Blood hops down as the lights slowly return to normal. The smoke begins to clear as his music fades out.

TT: Looks like Blood is going old school here tonight!

BC: I believe that's the same outfit that he debuted with in the CWF!

TT: Very fitting for his return to Japan tonight!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from Compton, California…weighing in at 232 pounds...."Da Xtreme Gangster" JAMES BAKER!

"Hail Mary" by 2Pac plays throughout the arena, strobe lights blinking a vary of colors as the crowd in attendance stand to their singing along to the lyrics of the song and just going crazy. Smoke starts hitting the ramp, fulfilling throughout the bottom level attendance. Cameras hit the entrance ramp, as out from behind of the mega tron, headlights on high beams coming into view through all of the smog cruises a Black 64 Impala, switches slamming to the ground. The camera then switches to "Da Xtreme Gangsta" James Baker who is decked out in a white Emmitt Smith #22 Dallas Cowboys Jersey, black dickies and a black bandana on his head as he's driving the car.

The lowrider makes its way down the ramp, James is playing up to the audience as the audience giving off more positive feedback towards him, James then hits the car’s hydraulic switches once again, causing the car to bounce up and down before the nose of the car makes a stop right in front of the ring. The car then moves side to side, before halting in position. James opens his door, getting out of the car reaching into the upholstery to pick out a 40 ounce bottle of Beer wrapped in a white bandana. James then slaps hands with the fans at the corner of the barricade's and then steps in between the ropes to get inside of the ring. James then hops on the top turnbuckle and plays up to the audience a little more by throwing up the West Side Signal with his left hand while he takes a drink of his 40 ounce bottle of Beer with his right hand. Once James does that, he hops off the ropes and then kneels down in the corner while he awaits for his opponent.

TT: Quite an entrance by James Baker tonight Bobby Crane!

BC: All the flash and hip hop BS won't get the job done against Blood...well it might get the J.O.B. done...

TT: Easy....

BC: You're getting to where you're no fun in your old age Teddy.


TT: Baker wants to tie up with blood, but Blood just delivers a quick side kick when Baker exposes himself. Baker cringes in pain at the impact of Blood’s side kick but Baker does not relent and comes right back at him and locks him up, Baker with a quick hip toss.

BC: Baker right back on Blood now, snapmare by James Baker. Blood now sitting in the center of the ring after Baker planted him on his haunches.

TT: Baker off the ropes, missile drop kick…NO…Blood lays back and Baker misses and is caught off guard as he crashes to the mat.

BC: Baker caught off guard hesitates, and Blood moves in with a few quick thrusts and open palmed strikes, sending Baker to his back. As Blood poses for the crowd and runs through a series of martial arts forms, Baker rolls out of the ring to regain his composure.

TT: Blood noticing him outside the ring on the ground and he sprints to the opposite side of the ring, rebound…leaps…plants his feet in the middle of the ropes and vaults himself into a corkscrew plancha as this capacity crowd erupts!

Crowd begins to chant “BLOOD…BLOOD…BLOOD!” as Blood stands back up after nailing the plancha.

BC: Vintage old school Blood, taking risks, defying the odds…you gotta love this guy Teddy…and listen to this crowd, they’re going straight crazy!

TT: Blood climbs back in the ring and shimmy’s up the turnbuckle as Baker gets to his feet….Blood flies off the turnbuckle going for a clothesline…but James Baker ducks at the last second and Blood tucks and rolls through, pivoting and coming up right behind Baker.

BC: Blood chop blocks Baker and clips him in the back of the leg as the ref warns both men to get back in the ring before he begins the count out.

TT: Blood pulls Baker to his feet and rolls him under the ropes and then climbs in himself. Blood now reaching to pull Baker back up and Baker lands a desperation low blow on Blood and the hometown hero drops to his knees, now face to face with Baker and Baker lands a hard left…

BC: And Blood with a right, Baker with a left, Blood with a right, Baker with a left, Blood with a powerful right hand…and another…and another…and Baker is dazed….Blood finishes it off with a sickening head-butt!

TT: I wonder how he’s going to finish this one off Bobby Crane...will we see The Suffering?

BC: Oh no Teddy…he’s gonna give these fans what they want…classic Blood…BLOOD LOCK! And he’s got it locked in high!

TT: Baker is screaming out as Blood rocks back on that elevated Boston Crab….and Baker taps! This one’s over! BLOOD WINS! BLOOD WINS! BLOOD WINS!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner, by submission….BLOOD!

“Symphony of Destrucion” kicks in as Blood poses on the top turnbuckle and the fans tear the roof off the Osaka Dome. Suddenly, the lights drop.

TT: Uh oh…

BC: What now?!

The video screen turns to static, the hum permeating throughout the arena. Suddenly, it flashes to life…






The lights restore power, and when they return, Blood is standing in the ring with his arms open, screaming towards the entrance way. But behind him stands a man in a mask that we’ve come to know as Brian Blair.

TT: It’s BRIAN BLAIR! Or whatever the hell his real name is!

BC: Ahhh!

Blood turns around and gets a boot in the gut, followed by a stunner!

TT: STUNNER! Brian Blair just turned Blood’s lights out and my God, the arena lights have followed suit!

The lights drop, and when they return, Brian Blair is gone. Blood lies in the ring unconscious.

TT: Who the hell is this guy?! Why is he under a damn mask?

BC: I don’t know, but clearly no one is safe! He could strike anyone at any time!

TT: Well this is getting out of hand! And something is going on backstage again…another arrival in the parking lot? My God, who is it now?!

Cut to the parking lot.

Another black SUV pulls up in the parking lot. This time, stepping out is the large mystery man who attacked “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne at Battle to Survive last week. He climbs out of the vehicle and walks around to the other side, opening the door. Stepping out is EWA legend, Ravishing RC.

TT: That’s Ravishing RC with him! Could THAT be the man who was driving the escape vehicle last week?!

BC: I don’t know, but there’s a who’s who of EWA legends here tonight!

Ravishing RC is approached by several diehard fans. He signs autographs for them and heads in to the arena. He runs into a stage hand.

Ravishing RC: Hey, you seen Roland Ulv around?

Stage Hand: Actually no…he sort of “disappeared” after his match earlier tonight…

Ravishing RC: Well, if you see him, tell him RC says “hi.”

Stage Hand: Yes, sir.

Ravishing RC nods and heads into Mark Xamin’s office.

Back in the parking lot, the man who attacked Rob Osbourne last week gets back into the black SUV and drives away.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: I don’t even know what the hell to say any more. What is the meaning of all this?

BC: I don’t know, but they all seem to be heading into Mark Xamin’s office! Xamin is just returning from those burns he sustained by Magnus Thunder but refuses to appear on camera until the burns have fully healed…he’s conducting business in the back though, apparently…all these EWA legends are showing up, and they’ve all made the long flight overseas…something big is happening, Teddy!

TT: No doubt, I can’t wait for an explanation! But nonetheless, let’s see if The Horsemen can manage to get a win for the evening in our next match as Bob Osbourne defends the CWF Unified Championship against“Double J” Jimmy Johnston!

BC: I have faith that Osbourne will pull this one out, but it isn’t going to be an easy task, Johnston has been like a man possessed after his team let him down at Battle to Survive.

TT: Let’s not waste any more time talking about it then…

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the CWF Unified Championship! The challenger, making his way to the ring from London, England… weighing in at 275 pounds….”Double J” JIMMY JOHNSTON!

Mozart's Piano Sonata begins as JJ steps onto the stage. He gracefully bows and then makes his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans on his way. He climbs in the ring and lifts both arms high in the air as the crowd pops.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…hailing from Orlando, weighing in at 213 pounds… representing The Horsemen…the current CWF Unified Champion….BOB OSBOURNE!

The arena goes pitch black as “Cowboys From Hell’ by Pantera blasts through the arena as white lights flicker in time with the drum beat. Orange lights are in time to the guitar. As soon as the song kicks in, the lights flash white and Bob comes out and poses at the top of the ramp. Pyro explodes as he heads to the ring. Bob then gives fans high-fives along the way. Once Bob slides in to the ring, and poses, the arena slowly fills with orange and black.


TT: And this one is under way! JJ goes in for a tie up, but Bob avoids him and dances around the bigger man. Johnston, annoyed by Bob’s dancing lunges at the second generation CWF star and drives a forearm, bowling Osbourne over in the process.

BC: Bob back up on his feet, he looks a bit taken aback at the raw power behind Johnston’s blow.

TT: Well at six eight and two fifty seven, he shouldn’t be shocked by it at all.

BC: Osbourne goes in low and tries to pick the ankle of JJ, but JJ side steps him and brings an elbow down across Bob’s back, sending him to the mat hard.

TT: Osbourne is not having a great bout thus far and his evening is going about like the night has for the rest of his Horsemen teammates.

BC: Double J now pulling Bob to his feet, JJ whips him into the ropes, Bob off of the far side…BIG SAMOAN DROP BY DOUBLE J!

TT: And Bob is reeling. JJ with the cover!





BC: It took everything Bob had to get the shoulder up on that one, and it was almost too little too late! Come on kid, get up! You’re making me look bad!

TT: Well Bobby, it wouldn’t be the FIRST time you falsely predicted the outcome of a championship match…

BC: Shut it, Teddy. JJ pulling Bob back to his feet and JJ lifts him up…POWERSLAM!

TT: Bob is getting his proverbial ass handed to him thus far…Osbourne stirring on the mat as JJ flexes his biceps for the crowd. Osbourne rolls onto his stomach and gets up on his hands and knees in a four point stance as JJ turns to face him.

BC: And Osbourne thrusts up and out, spearing JJ and taking the big Englishman off of his feet. Bob now locking in a body scissors on JJ as they hit the mat.

TT: Bob is locking that submission hold in as tight as he can…every breath JJ takes works against him, allowing Osbourne to cinch the abdomen tighter and tighter…JJ inching his body forward with pure upper body strength alone….and he finally reaches the ropes and the ref forces Osbourne to break the hold.

BC: Bob back up on his feet now while JJ catches a breath…one arm holding onto the ropes for support, one leg up, the other one down, resting on a bended knee….Bob off the ropes…he’s going for the Black Out!

TT: AND HE NAILS IT! A cover by Bob!





BC: GOOD GAWD! WHAT A MATCH!! JJ is slow to get back to his feet as Osbourne argues with the ref that he made a slow count…JJ now from behind on Obsourne…belly to back suplex and Osbourne hits the mat hard, caught off guard.

TT: JJ quickly hooks the leg….1….2….kickout by Bob Osbourne!

BC: And JJ is starting to get frustrated now…he pulls Osbourne up by the hair…he shoves Bob’s head between his legs and then lifts him high in the air for a powerbomb…

TT: NO!!! Bob twists loose and grabs JJ by the head and plants him with a Badd Dream! Cover by Bob!





TT: What happened there? Why did the ref stop the three count?

BC: Ring position. JJ’s left foot is under the ropes Teddy…do me a favor, get your check stub out and check your hire date…does it say yesterday?

TT: I didn’t see the foot under the ropes Bobby…gee whiz….and Bob is pissed. Bob back up on his feet now, JJ slowly rising, Bob off of the ropes…Bob with a swinging neck breaker and JJ crashes right back down!

BC: Bob is winded, both men are worn thin…Osbourne signaling that the match is about to end as he leapfrogs onto the top turnbuckle…OSBOURNESAULT!

TT: And Bob gets high air….cover by Bob!






BC: JJ kicks out and Bob cannot believe it either Teddy! Bob pulls JJ to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle...Bob follows him in and hoists him up onto the top turnbuckle…MIND WIPE!

TT: Cover by Bob…this has to be the end!





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner, and STILL CWF Unified Champion….BOB OSBOURNE!

BC: I told you Teddy…I told you Bob Osbourne was going to win this match! He’s gonna set the Horsemen back on the winning track tonight after this successful Unified Title defense!

Just then the arena goes pitch black…the lights flicker on and off, and thunder is heard. Magnus storms down the ramp as the arena lights continue to flicker

TT: What's going on here? Magnus Thunder angrily making his way down to the ring where has no business being!

BC: After what that fjord monkey did to me, he has no business in the CWF at all!

TT: I'm tempted to agree with you, for once!

BC: Bobby and Johnston are ready for an attack, but Magnus is way too much for these guys to handle!!! Get out of there! Get the Horsemen out here! You mess with one of them and you mess with all of them!

Magnus stomps into the ring and attacks the two hopeless athletes without mercy.


BC: Bobby and Johnston are down and bleeding! Magnus just...he just..!!!

TT: Magnus now has the Unified Title in his hands and is gloating over their unworthiness!! He thinks he deserves the title! Get security out here! Now! He's carrying Bobby in one hand and the title in the other!

Magnus picks up Bobby and drops him onto Johnston, one foot on their limp bodies as he holds the title high over his head! He drops the belt over their unconscious bodies and begins making his way outside the ring.



Magnus stands outside the ring and casually steps through the crowd as if nothing is wrong. The Horsemen rampage around the ring and attempt to chase after him, but the arena goes black with a crash of thunder, and Magnus is gone when the lights return.
BC: UNBELIEVABLE! I'm afraid to go to the bathroom at night for fear this guy might be waiting for me!

TT: I doubt Magnus is going to venture into judging your midnight bathroom habits, but he's not pulling any punches now! He was a good man, a straight-shooter, and now this has become of him. He's a pure psychopath!

BC: Let's hope our next match is nice, boring, and uneventful. I want kittens!

TT: Well in any event, Bob Osbourne retains the title in a thrilling matchup! Another impressive showing by Jimmy Johnston though who undoubtedly has gold in his future!

BC: He definitely does!

TT: But Magnus Thunder comes out for no other purpose than to display his dominance, and this is getting sickening. He needs to mind his own damn business!

BC: Hey, don’t tell Magnus what to do!

TT: Well…you’re not gonna believe this, fans…but I’m getting word that yet ANOTHER black SUV is pulling up in the parking lot…who now?

BC: Another one?!

Cut back to the parking lot where another black SUV pulls up and a hooded man steps out and shields his face from the camera. He enters the arena, and the slams the door shut behind him, but the camera catches a glimpse of his white boots, with the monogrammed script “C.R.” etched on the sides.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: C.R.?

BC: I don’t even know any more, Teddy!

TT: Chris Royal?

BC: Chris Reinhardt?

TT: This is just boggling my mind…

BC: Well, that doesn’t take much.

TT: Shut up. Anyway folks…coming up next, Degradation takes on Sickboy and Chemical X in a non-title matchup…and should Sickboy and Chemical X win…well, there could be a Tag Team title shot in their future!

BC: They were bitter enemies, and now they’re all hell of a team!

TT: Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

The arena goes dark as "Du Hast" by Rammstein begins to play. The entryway fills with smoke as crimson colored lights set the stage ablaze. Strobe lights flicker as the drum beat pulses and then an explosion of four large pyrotechnics shoot up from the bottom of the stage. Degradation appears at the top of the ramp in the shadows of the smoke in silhouettes. Vincent poses, raising his arms and flexing his biceps. Donovan, head down, stands popping his neck and shaking himself loose. Amber lights illuminate the arena as Degradation makes their way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring...from Brooklyn, New York! And at a total combined weight of 543 pounds...They are the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...VINCENT & DONOVAN TORIGIANNI...DEGRADATION!

Vincent grabs the top rope and springs himself over it. Donovan hops on the side of the ring and high steps over the top rope. They pose on opposite turnbuckles. As the music begins to fade and the house lights come back on, they jump down, and walk to the center of the ring.

TT: The champions look to be ready for a fight tonight!

"Four Horsemen" by Metallica hits the arena as the crowd erupts in deafening boos. Sickboy and Chemical X step out to the entrance, both with smirks on their faces...both paying little attention to the hatred from the crowd. Neither man poses for the crowd as they both make their way down the aisle, dead set on their match.

Ring Announcer: On their way to the ring...representing the a total combined weight of 546 pounds...CHEMICAL X...and the CWF NATIONAL CHAMPION...SICKBOY!

Both men climb on to the apron and step in the ring, still not posing for the crowd. They walk up to Degradation, standing face to face with them as their music fades. The ref tries separating them, and finally does as he collects the championship belts. He hands the belts to an official outside of the ring and calls for the bell.


TT: Here we go! It looks like Donovan will start things off against Sickboy! Here's the lockup...and Sickboy takes the advantage as he connects with a knee to the gut. He forces Donovan in to the corner and again buries a knee to the gut! He grabs Donovan's arm...arm drag and twist. Sickboy with an elbow to the back of the arm...and a second!

BC: He has brought Donovan down to a knee here...and he falls to the mat with an armbreaker!

TT: Sickboy hammerlocks the arm and follows with a series of vicious knees to the top of Donovan's skull! He releases the hammerlock and quickly hits the far ropes...knee to the skull again!

BC: Sickboy is so dangerous in the ring, Teddy!

He pulls Donovan to his feet with a front facelock and drags him to the corner. Chemical X tags in and delivers a boot to Donovan's gut! X continues the offense with a hard right...and another! He grabs Donovan with a side headlock and swings him hard to the mat! X yanks on the head, creating a potential submission situation! The ref checks on Donovan...but Donovan struggles, getting back to his feet. He forces X off in to the ropes...and he catches X with a vicious spinebuster!

TT: Donovan with a beautiful move! He grabs Chemical X by the arm and drags him to the corner, tagging in Vincent. Donovan brings Chemical X back to his feet and applies the front facelock along with Vincent...double suplex!

BC: If Chemical X and Sickboy want to win this match, they're going to have to use any bit of teamwork they can! Degradation are so experienced at the tag situations, that they're nearly impossible to beat!

TT: Vincent sits Chemical X up and applies a rear chinlock! Chemical X struggles to make it to his feet...but he's too close to Degradation's corner as they make another tag! Chemical X pushes Vincent off in to the ropes...but Donovan catches him from behind with a lariat!

X crashes to the mat as Vincent makes his way back to the corner. Donovan picks X back up and drops him with a vertical suplex. He pulls X back to his feet again, this time lifting him to the shoulder...running powerslam...and he makes the cover!




TT: Chemical X kicks out! Donovan picks Chemical X back!!! X with a shoulder to the gut! And he whips Donovan in to the corner! X argues with the ref...and Sickboy is choking the life out of Donovan in the corner!

BC: Smart move by Chemical X and Sickboy!

TT: X makes his way to the corner and tags in Sickboy! Chemical X pulls Donovan out of the corner and grabs him with a rear waist lock...german suplex neckbreaker combination! X steps out to the apron as Sickboy continues the offense!

BC: Teamwork is the way to win, Teddy!

TT: Sickboy again with a series of knees to the skull! He pulls Donovan up...and plants him back to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker! Sickboy hits the ropes...legdrop off the rebound! He grabs Donovan by the arm and pulls him to the corner, once again tagging in Chemical X!

Sickboy pulls Donovan up and hoists him to the top rope. Chemical X and Sickboy both climb the corner and grab Donovan with a gutwrench, taking him back to the mat with a gutwrench suplex! Sickboy steps out to the apron as X blatantly chokes Donovan! X releases Donovan before the five count, and is admonished by the ref!

BC: I love this team of Sickboy and Chemical X! They are so crafty in the ring together!

TT: X brings Donovan back to his feet and clocks him with a stiff forearm! He back Donovan against the ropes. X launches him across the rebound...and Donovan connects with a massive lariat off the rebound! Donovan needed that move, Bobby!

BC: This could be a good opening for Degradation...but Donovan needs to make the tag!

TT: Donovan is crawling toward his corner...he's almost there...almost...NO!!! X is able to stop Donovan at the last second! X with a hard shot on Donovan! He pulls him up with a front facelock, making his way back to Sickboy!

BC: Tough break for Degradation!

Just before X and reach Sickboy, Donovan pushes him off and again floors him with a lariat! Donovan falls to the mat, fighting through his exhaustion to reach Vincent...and he makes the tag! Vincent flies in with a full head of steam! X gets to his feet...and he's taken down with a leg lariat from Vincent! Vincent nails Sickboy on the apron with a hard right and connects with a dropkick on X who just returned to his feet!

TT: Vincent Torigianni is on fire!

BC: He is taking out Sickboy and Chemical X, Teddy!

TT: X is slowly starting to get back to his feet again and Vincent instantly forces him back in to the ropes! Vincent with the irish whip...standing hurricanrana on the rebound! And here comes Sickboy...but he's met with a boot to the gut! Donovan appears to have regain composure as he enters the ring again. Vincent whips Sickboy at Donovan...BIG BOOT!

BC: This is where Degradation get dangerous!

TT: Donovan picks Sickboy up and looks to be going for Total Devastation...and the referee is trying to restore order now as he's trying to get Donovan back out to the apron!

BC: It looks like it's distracting Vincent...and Chemical X from behind with a low blow! Vincent stumbles hunched over and turns to Chemical X...backhand...GFY...NO!!! Vincent ducks under the kick and snaps off a beautiful DDT on Chemcial X...and he makes the cover!




TT: Sickboy breaks up the cover! The ref gets Sickboy back to the apron as Vincent brings X back to his feet. He whips X to the corner and follows in with double knees to the chest! Vincent makes the tag, and in comes Donovan!

BC: Donovan brings X back to his feet...and he lifts him overhead with a military press! Donovan drops him to the shoulder...running powerslam! And he has the cover!




TT: Sickboy again breaks up the cover! Donovan comes at Sickboy...and Sickboy quickly slides out of the ring! Donovan turns his attention to X...NO!!! Sickboy with an inverted hotshot on Donovan...and the ref never saw it! Donovan stumbles forward...SPIKE DDT!!! And X has the cover!




TT: Donovan barely rolls the shoulder!

BC: That was a close one!

TT: X stands, stumbling to his corner...and he makes the tag! Sickboy hurries in to the ring as Donovan makes it to his feet...hard lariat...and the big man is down! Sickboy pulls Donovan back up...full nelson!!! He lifts Donovan in to the air...and he slams him back to the mat, driving the air out of his body!

BC: Great move by Sickboy...and he makes the cover!




TT: Donovan again kicks out...just in time! Sickboy pulls Donovan back to his feet...and Donovan with a desperation overhead belly to belly!

BC: He snapped that off from out of nowhere!

TT: Donovan makes his way to the ropes, pulling himself back up. He brings Sickboy back to his feet and tosses him to the corner! Donovan follows in...hard lariat! And there's the tag!

Donovan hoists Sickboy to the top rope, and Vincent quickly follows. Donovan backs up...waiting for the delivery...waiting for The Bloodletting!

TT: This could be trouble for Sickboy! There's the hurricanrana...WAIT!!! Chemical X with the chop block from behind on Donovan...and Sickboy lands on top of him!

BC: That is one hell of a counter to The Bloodletting!

TT: I think the referee has lost all control of this match, Bobby! Donovan and Sickboy are both slowly getting back to their feet...

BC: Who's the legal men, Teddy?!

TT: Sickboy with The Infection...and Donovan is down!!! Sickboy has the cover, but the ref is trying to get Chemical X out of the ring!

BC: Ha! Vincent is on the top rope!

Vincent leaps off...Annihilation on Sickboy...breaking the cover!!! He quickly pulls Donovan on top of Sickboy as Chemical X finally gets out to the apron! Vincent flies at Chemical X...forearm, and X falls off the apron! The ref sees the cover!




TT: It's over! The ref never saw Vincent's interference at the end!

BC: I think Vincent was actually supposed to be the legal man! And that's why Degradation are the tag team champions!

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners...VINCENT AND DONOVAN TORIGIANNI...DEGRADATION!

TT: Donovan and Sickboy are both still out, and X has come back in to the ring...X'ED OUT ON VINCENT!!! All four men are down!

All four competitors struggle to get back to their feet after a long, grueling match. As Vincent uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet, Magnus is seen stepping over the barricade. Magnus slides under the bottom rope, championship in hand. Vincent tries to rush at Magnus but is met with a vicious shot from the championship to the skull!

TT: Magnus is back out here again...this time attacking Degradation and the Horsemen!

BC: Where the hell is our security?! This is the third match that Magnus has interfered in!

TT: Sickboy is back to his feet...and Magnus cracks him in the skull with the belt!

Donovan stumbles back to his feet and is quickly brought back to the mat with a vicious spinebuster from Magnus! Chemical X is finally back to his feet on the other side of the ring...RUNNING BIG BOOT! Magnus pulls Chemical X back to his feet and lifts him in a powerbomb position...RUNNING POWERBOMB OVER THE TOP ROPE!

TT: Magnus is unstoppable tonight!

BC: Seriously Teddy! Where is our security?!

TT: Magnus has Sickboy back to his feet and lifts him in that powerbomb position...and he too is sent over the top rope!

BC: Look Teddy! It's security!

Security rushes to the ring but quickly stops when Magnus turns his view toward them. Instead of trying to stop Magnus, they quickly check on Chemical X and Sickboy. Magnus picks up the Heavyweight Championship and brings Vincent back to his feet. He holds Vincent up, showing the unconscious man the World Championship. Magnus winds up...SMACK...and he drills Vincent in the face with the belt once again!!! Vincent crashes to the mat, gushing blood from his skull as Donovan once again tries using the ropes to pull himself back to his feet.

TT: Our security apparently is scared of the mammoth as they have elected to check on the Horsemen rather than stop Magnus Thunder!

BC: Fine! I'll do something about this!

Bobby removes his headset and stands. Magnus looks back over at Bobby as Donovan appears dazed, stumbling toward Magnus. Bobby quickly sits back down at the desk and puts his headset back on as Magnus violently hammers down with the championship belt on to Donovan's skull. Donovan collapses to the mat, quickly covered with a crimson mask. The referee for the match, who has been petrified in the corner during Magnus' attack watches on in disbelief.

TT: Degradation have been destroyed by the monster! And Bobby...I must say...I admire that you at least thought about trying to stop Magnus Thunder!

BC: My jaw still hurts after Battle To Survive!

Magnus walks to the corner, shouting to the referee as he grabs him by the collar. He tosses the ref to the mat, and the ref quickly rolls out of the ring. He grabs the tag team championship belts and slides back in to the ring. Magnus pulls Donovan back up and snaps him to the mat quick with a brutal powerbomb. He picks up Vincent next, lifts him in the air...and powerbombs him violently on top of his partner! Magnus turns to the ref and is handed the World Tag Team belts.

TT: We saw something similar to this earlier!

Magnus puts a foot on top of the Degradation members and raises their championships high in to the air as the arena is filled with boos. Magnus glances at the ref who quickly dives out of the ring from fear. Security and EMTs have brought Chemical X and Sickboy to the back as Magnus smirks, laying the championship across their lifeless holders. Magnus climbs out of the ring, and once again makes his way through the booing crowd.

TT: Well Magnus Thunder is seemingly attacking all the champions the CWF has got! He’s showing his utter dominance tonight and my God, we need a cleanup crew out here after this mess!

BC: I never thought I’d say it, but I would hate to be Paul Blair tonight.

TT: Blair will battle Magnus Thunder in the main event tonight…but folks, we have to take a commercial break…don’t go anywhere, we’ll be back with more CWF action!

TT: Welcome back to the CWF’s Saturday Night Showdown, fans…and coming up next, Mariano Fernandez is set to take on Keith Daniels!

BC: And Daniels has been seemingly brainwashed or in some kind of trance thanks to Magnus Thunder…he did his best last week to rattle Mariano’s cage before his title match at Battle to Survive last week, and Mariano is no doubt seeking revenge for that…but what kind of condition is the little Mexican jumping bean in?

TT: Well, Mariano Fernandez is still a little banged up after last week’s classic match against Magnus Thunder in Sydney, Australia in front of a record setting crowd…but Mariano is not one to back down from a fight! I spoke to him earlier this afternoon backstage, and he was grimacing in pain but he couldn’t wait to get his hands on Keith Daniels!

BC: So let’s do it then!

TT: Indeed, let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

"Strike Of The Ninja" by Dragonforce hits the arena as the sold out Japanese crowd erupts in cheers. Mariano steps out to the stage, Rei by his side. She walks with a limp heading down the aisle, and Mariano follows close, trying his best to not favor his ribs.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...accompanied by Rei! Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Weighing in at 171 pounds...MARIANO "SHADOW" FERNANDEZ!

They reach ringside, and Mariano escorts Rei over near the announce table. She sits down as Mariano climbs on to the apron. He enters the ring and poses for the crowd as his music fades.

TT: Unusual entrance from Mariano as he usually runs to the ring!

BC: It makes a big difference when you have injured ribs, Teddy!

"It's All Over" by Three Days Grace blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in boos. The lights dim and Keith Daniels makes his way to the stage. He stops briefly on the stage, looking at the surrounding crowd before continuing down the aisle. His expression doesn't change as he appears almost like a machine.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at 346 pounds..."THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!

Daniels makes his way to the ringside area. He climbs on to the apron and steps over the top rope. Daniels doesn't pose for the crowd, just makes his way toward Mariano, malice in his eyes. The referee holds him back as his music fades out and the lights return.

TT: Daniels still is looking like a zombie, Bobby!

BC: It'll be a huge challenge for Mariano to overcome tonight!


TT: Daniels comes at Mariano quickly as the bell rings, and Mariano is lifted in to the air...forcefully rammed in to the corner! Daniels with a shoulder to the gut...and a second! He brings Mariano up to the top turnbuckle...hard right to the side of the head. He grabs Mariano...hip toss off the top!

BC: You can tell that Mariano is still feeling the effects from that brutal attack at Battle to Survive!

TT: Mariano slowly returns to his feet, holding his ribs. Daniels rushes in, and Mariano ducks the clothesline! Mariano with a backflip...pele kick! Daniels stumbles forward as Mariano gets back to his feet...chop block from behind!

Mariano quickly grabs Daniels by the right arm and twists it. He drops the knee across Daniels' arm. He keeps Daniels' arm pinned down and drives a second knee in to it. Mariano applies an overhead keylock. The ref checks on Daniels, but Daniels is able to get back to his feet with relative ease. Mariano switches to a reverse hammerlock but is met with a hard elbow to the skull!

TT: Mariano stumbles back in to the ropes and Daniels quickly sends him to the far ropes. Daniels leans over for a back body drop and Mariano plants Daniels with a DDT!

BC: Great move by Mariano!

TT: It definitely was! And he continues with a reverse hammerlock, delivering the knee to the arm behind Daniels' back!

Mariano holds the arm in place and flips forward, bridging for a hammerlock submission! The ref checks on Daniels...but Daniels refuses to answer. He struggles to break the hold...but he's unable to escape. Mariano finally releases the hold and applies a side headlock. Daniels uses his strength, bringing himself back to his feet. He lifts Mariano in to the air...

TT: Back suplex...NO!!! Mariano flips behind! Daniels turns around, and Mariano with a front roundhouse, but Daniels catches the leg! He grabs Mariano with his free hand by the chest...modified spinebuster, and Mariano is down!

BC: Daniels looks irate, Teddy!

TT: I'm sure he expected that Mariano would be a little more weakened than what he is right now! Daniels pulls Mariano back up...short arm clothesline! He pulls him up again...another short arm clothesline! Daniels again brings Mariano back to his feet...overhead belly to belly!

BC: Daniels has just taken full control of this match as he goes for the nonchalant cover!




TT: Mariano kicks out! Daniels picks Mariano back up and drills him with a right. He forces Mariano against the ropes and buries a knee to the gut! Daniels with the whip...and he catches Mariano with a flapjack on the rebound! He picks Mariano up again...backbreaker...and he holds Mariano across his knee, stretching out his body for the submission!!!

BC: This is a horrible position for Mariano to be in! His ribs are already in pain, and this just adds so much to that!

TT: Mariano is struggling as the ref checks on him, but he refuses to give up!

The crowd begins a chant for Mariano, trying to get him back in to the match. Mariano struggles...and finally is able to get his knee up, connecting with Daniels' skull! He brings the knee up again...and Daniels releases him, stumbling back! Mariano gets back to his feet as Daniels comes at him for a lariat...but Mariano ducks it! He retaliates with a low kick to the calf...and a second! Daniels turns to Mariano...and Mariano jumps up with a brutal knee lift!

TT: Mariano is fighting for his life here! He boots Daniels in the gut, and Daniels hunches over! Mariano with a front facelock...and he runs the ropes for a tornado DDT!!! Mariano makes the quick cover hooking the leg!




TT: Daniels kicks out! Mariano quickly goes on the offensive as he drops the leg across the throat of Daniels! Mariano with a springboard off the second rope...moonsault!!! He hits the far ropes...rolls across the mat...rolling senton! And again he makes the cover!




TT: Daniels kicks out again! Mariano backs off...and it looks like he may be setting up for the Yakuza!

BC: If he hits'll be over! We saw him use this on Magnus a couple of weeks ago and actually score the three count...unfortunately, Magnus was near the ropes!

TT: Daniels is slowly getting up...up to a knee...AND HE'S DRILLED WITH THE YAKUZA!!!

BC: But the impact knocked him out of the ring!

Mariano quickly rolls out after Daniels. He tries lifting Daniels...struggling...but he can't lift the dead weight! He finally is able to pull Daniels up, leaning him against the apron for support. He forces Daniels in to the ring and quickly enters behind him. Before he can go for the pin, Daniels stirs, making it to all fours. Mariano backs off, waiting for another opportunity at the Yakuza! Daniels gets to a knee...YAKUZA!!! NO!!! Daniels catches the foot...and he damn near decapitates Mariano with a clothesline!!!

TT: What a vicious clothesline! And Daniels uses the ropes to pull himself back up, hesitating as he catches his breath. He makes his way back over to Mariano, lifting him with a front facelock. He brings Mariano vertical...picture perfect vertical suplex!

BC: Mariano has been through hell over the past few weeks...and it certainly hasn't gotten any easier for him!

TT: Daniels again brings Mariano back to his feet and whips him to the corner. Daniels follows in...and Mariano gets the boots up! Daniels stumbles back as Mariano hops to the second turnbuckle...missile dropkick! And the big man is down! Mariano makes his way to the corner and quickly gets to the top...450 SPLASH!!! And he has the cover from it!!!




Daniels gets the shoulder up at the last second! Mariano can't believe it! He brings Daniels back to his feet and kicks him in the gut. Mariano with a sunset flip!!!




Daniels again kicks out! Mariano hesitates, waiting for Daniels to get up. He rushes at Daniels...flying crossbody...but Daniels catches him! And Daniels quickly drops Mariano with a sidewalk slam! He drops the elbow to Mariano's heart...and a second! Daniels grabs Mariano with a front facelock, bringing him back to his feet. He lifts Mariano and drops him gut first on the top rope!

TT: Mariano is hung up on the top rope as Daniels hits the far ropes...BIG BOOT ON THE REBOUND!

BC: Mariano was just launched hard in to the barricade outside!

TT: Daniels rolls out of the ring as the ref begins the count!





TT: Daniels picks Mariano up and rams him back first in to the barricade! He turns Mariano around and rams him back first in to the ring apron now!

BC: More damage to those ribs!



TT: Daniels rolls Mariano back in to the ring and quickly follows! Daniels picks Mariano up in to a fireman's carry position...possibly looking for The Final Verdict! He swings Mariano...and Mariano counters with a reverse DDT!!! Mariano rolls out to the apron as Daniels begins to stir...

BC: He should have went for the cover after that reverse DDT, Teddy!

TT: Mariano is waiting as Daniels slowly makes it to his feet. Mariano with the springboard...NO!!! Daniels catches him...and he tosses him up to the fireman's carry position again! Mariano struggles...nailing Daniels with a hard elbow...and a second!

BC: Mariano squirms....and he falls behind! Mariano with a dropkick from behind...and it forces Daniels to stumble forward!

TT: Daniels turns around and rushes at Mariano...and Mariano leaps up...head scissors! Mariano launches Daniels over the top to the outside!

BC: Mariano is rather impressive here tonight! After that vicious attack last week, how is he staying in this match?!

The ref checks to make sure Mariano is still fine to compete as he still seems to be favoring his ribs. As Daniels begins to stand on the outside, Roland springs out from underneath the ring! He comes at Daniels...taser to the chest!!! Daniels collapses to the floor as Roland makes his way around the ring and back up the ramp, smile on his face.

TT: Did you see that, Bobby?! Roland just used that taser on Daniels...just like at Battle to Survive when he defeated Blood!

BC: Ha! He came out right in front of us here! The referee didn't see it! Mariano didn't see it! How could this get any better?!

The ref begins his count!








TT:The ref is up to seven, and Mariano quickly slides out of the ring! He picks up Daniels' lifeless corpse and slides him back in to the ring! Mariano backs off...and it looks like he's ready to end this with the Yakuza, Bobby!

BC: He's waiting for Daniels to get up...but I think Daniels is out!

Mariano is waiting, when suddenly he rushes over to the ropes near the announce table. He's trying to warn Rei...

TT: Mariano is freaking out...telling Rei to watch out!

BC: It's because he sees the mammoth coming through the crowd, Teddy! Look, it's Magnus Thunder!

TT: Rei stands, limping away from her chair...somebody needs to stop this man!

Mariano keeps his eyes on Magnus, not realizing that Daniels has made it back to his feet. Magnus smirks and points behind Mariano. Mariano turns around...RUNNING BOOT TO THE CHEST!!! Mariano crashes to the mat in pain but is quickly hoisted back to his feet!

TT: Daniels has Mariano up on his shoulders...he swings him around...THE FINAL VERDICT!!!

BC: The distraction from Magnus proved costly tonight!

TT: Here's the cover!




TT: And that'll do it! Daniels with an impressive victory tonight...but you have to give the credit to Magnus Thunder!

Magnus climbs over the barricade. He slides in to the ring and picks up the lifeless Mariano. He glances over at Daniels. Daniels slides out of the ring as Magnus holds Mariano by the throat. Mariano still is motionless as Daniels tears apart the steel steps. He tosses the set of steps over the top rope and quickly slides back in to the ring. Daniels sets the steps in the center of the ring as Magnus places Mariano in position for a powerbomb!

TT: NO!!! Somebody stop this!!!

Rei tries to make it to the apron, but Bobby takes off his headset and stops her, trying to prevent her from getting hurt.

TT: Magnus lifts Mariano up...WAIT!!! It's Blood!!! Blood has hit the ring and drills Magnus with a forearm from behind! Magnus drops Mariano and Daniels quickly comes at Blood! Blood with a drop toe hold! Daniels falls to the mat and Blood quickly gets back to his feet and goes after Magnus!

Blood and Magnus begin to brawl. Magnus starts to get the upper hand, but Blood ducks under a hard right. Magnus turns around...knee lift! He twists Magnus' arm and gets his foot against his neck...but Daniels is able to make the save!

TT: It looks like Blood is about to be a victim here, as Daniels and Magnus have him back to his feet! Double choke grip by Daniels and Magnus...NO!!! Mariano with the save now, knocking Daniels down to the mat!

Blood kicks Magnus in the gut, breaking his grip. He grabs Magnus by the arm again twisting it. He gets his boot against the neck as Mariano waits for Daniels to get back up...

TT: Daniels and Magnus are both in trouble here!

Magnus pushes Blood away, falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring. He reaches in, pulling Daniels out of the ring as well. The two begin their walk up the ramp, looking back to the ring. Blood climbs on to the second rope, daring Magnus and Daniels to come back and fight!

TT: Wait! I'm getting something here!

Teddy grabs a microphone to make an announcement.

TT: Gentlemen, I have just been informed that next week on will be a tornado tag team match featuring Magnus Thunder and Keith Daniels...versus...Mariano Fernandez and Blood!

Blood smiles as he and Mariano gaze up at Magnus and Daniels. The two mammoths make their way to the back as the crowd cheers for Blood and Mariano.

TT: What a matchup that should be next week! And next week, we’re wrapping up the CWF 2009 World Tour in Oslo, Norway…the home country of Magnus Thunder!

BC: Yeah and thank God this World Tour is ending, Teddy…I’ve never been so exhausted in my life! But there’s no rest once we get back to North America…we’re flying in for Night of Champions IV: Season’s Beatings!

TT: We are indeed, and Season’s Beatings will be live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois on December 19th…what a night it should be!

BC: I can’t wait!

TT: Well up next folks…we have our main event, and…wait a second!

“All Nightmare Long” by Metallica begins playing as the commentators look at each other inquisitively.

BC: Who the hell's music is that?

TT: I think we're about to find out...

As the song finishes the opening guitar intro the lights in the arena go black and a crack of thunder is heard as a pyrotechnically produced bolt of lightning strikes the stage as the drums kick in.

BC: I think our mystery man is back!

Just as the lyrics of the song begin purple spotlights swirls around the arena, then a double arc of pyro shoots out of the floor as "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne steps out onto the stage as the fans erupt and tear the roof off of the building with a mix of cheers and heartfelt boos. Osbourne poses at the top of the ramp as the chorus ends, then makes his way to the ring.

Unannounced to Osbourne, the camera cuts to the parking lot where a black SUV screeches around the corner and slams into the back of the Horsemen’s limo!


TT: What the hell?! WHAT THE HELL?! The Horsemen’s limo has been smashed up from the rear and look at this!

The mystery assailant steps out of the passenger side with a drink in his hand. He slams back the drink and walks through a door to the arena. The SUV screeches away out of the parking lot.

Back in the ring, Rob Osbourne grabs a mic from a ring tech as he climbs in the ring and the music fades out.

TT: I don’t know what the hell is going on here but let’s hear what Rob Osbourne has to say…

NRO: So I bet ya'll thought the mystery man was on his way down here didn't you? You know the mystery man I'm speaking of, right? Mr. High and Mighty who hides in the shadows and decides to jump me AFTER a three way match with one of the most legendary wrestlers in this sport in Jimmy Blast and the overly energetic waste of talent and potential that is Terry Richards. How about you bring your sorry ass down here attack me now? Come to man. I'm begging ya...

Osbourne leans on the ropes, facing the stage waiting, looking mockingly at a wrist watch that isn't there.

NRO: Tick tock mother f[BEEP]er. What's wrong? Don't have the sac to come out here now? I didn't think you would. There has been a hell of allot of speculation about just WHO it was that jumped me. Some have speculated that it could be the infamous Darklight Warrior. Others have suggested that it could be Moisture. Or even Lance Champion.

The crowd boos and cheers respectively at the mention of the legendary names of Moisture and Lance Champion.

NRO: But then again...I've been all over the on-line wrestling fan sites and forums this week, checking out what YOU think (points at the crowd) and you guys are just as befuddled about this as I am. You've all guessed at Brian Adams...(huge pop)...Triple X...(a slightly bigger reaction from the crowd)..."Studly" Steve Dart...(chorus of boos and cheers)..."The Hotshot" Mike Stewart...(chorus of resounding boo's)...hell, I've even heard it said that this it was MVP and Z-Pac! (crowd begins booing loudly at the mention of the Boston Pops) but I'm going to tell you exactly how I fell about the entire situation right here...right now!

It seems to me that I may be putting a little too much thought into this mystery man instead of focusing on the important things in my life. Like the whereabouts of my wife, the direction of the greatest stable to ever grace the squared circle....and let's not forget...the CWF World's Heavyweight Championship (huge pop from the crowd again).

So with that being said, I'm not going to worry about WHO it is that's after me. One thing is for sure, they ain't the first and they damn well ain't gonna be the last. Whoever the hell you are, let get one thing straight right now. I've taken on ALL comers since my return to the ring nearly a year ago.

Let me drop a few names on you....Terry Richards...James Baker... Mariano Fernandez...Chemical X...Sickboy... The Juggernaut... Keith Daniels... Blood... Magnus Thunder... Paul Blair... Jeff Jericho... Brian Adams... Pledge Allegiance. That's just a short list of the men I've defeated this year alone.

Need I point out that two of those men are seven feet five inches tall and over five hundred pounds? How about the fact that I've been the National Champion AND the World Champion during that time also? Suffice it to say that I have absolutely no qualms about facing you, Mr. Mystery. Rob Osbourne backs down from NO ONE! In fact, let's get this out of the about at Night of Champions 4...Season's Beatings, we do just that, and beat the hell out of each other...inside a 16 foot high steel cage! Ho............. Ho.............. Ho..............mother f[BEEP]er!

The lights in half the stadium go out as an American flag appears on the video screen with patriotic music playing. A narrator begins speaking in a dark voice.

Voice: AMERICA, founded on the principals of freedom. Throughout the history of this great country, many wrestlers have come and gone. One has stayed on top, and that man is “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne.

An image of Rob Osbourne is shown on the screen as black liquid slowly erases his image and the music turns dark.

Voice: The time has come for the Nitemare’s past to meet his present, or will his present meet his past?

The screen shows quick clips of the Nitemare being the victum of finishing moves from Moisture, Jimmy Blast, Triple X, Lance Champion, Pledge Allegiance, Maniac, Tige, Roland Ulv, Darklight Warrior, “Hotshot” Mike Stewart, Jeff Jericho, Stan Cremins, Jack Mason, Ravishing RC, Matt Baron, and Max Pain.

Voice: Look around, Nitemare. I may be a figment of your imagination, I may be somebody from your past, I may be somebody who is closer to you than you think. The light becomes darkness and the darkness is I. I am in your future and the NITEMARE MUST DIE.

The screen goes black and six red lasers from different parts of the stadium site on the heart of the Nitemare.

The mysterious large man is then found by the cameras standing at the top of the stairs in the crowd. In one hand he has a bottle of liquor and in the other the wrestling tights of Joe "The Crippler" Osbourne. The lights in the stadium go out for a brief second, and the Nitemare is shown laid out in the ring with a rose and a note on his chest. The large man, still standing in the crowd, drops the tights of Joe Osbourne onto the floor, pours the alcohol on them and lights them on fire.

TT: My God! This is sickening! This…this THUG, has lit the trunks of Rob Osbourne’s father on fire in some kind of symbolic gesture! This is disgusting!

He raises his arms in the air while smiling and then walks away slowly. The cameras follow him to the same black SUV without getting a word from him. He climbs in and it drives away.

Back in the ring, Rob Osbourne gets up slowly and takes a look at the note. He throws is down onto the mat and runs through the crowd to try and catch the SUV but it is already gone. The camera in the area shows the note left in the ring. It reads…

“All that glitters...”

TT: All that glitters?

BC: Is gold! It couldn’t be Jeff Jericho could it?

TT: I don’t know any more! All I know is this has gotten damn personal and Rob Osbourne has got to be infuriated with all of this! He’s made the challenge…will the challenge be accepted for Season’s Beatings? Will this thug take him on inside a steel cage?

BC: What a night it would be if he did!

TT: Absolutely! But we are about ready for our main event here! Magnus Thunder takes on Paul Blair in a non-title match up!

BC: And this isn’t fair to Blair! He’s up against a freakin’ monster and the title isn’t even on the line!

TT: But a victory could certainly propel him up the rankings, maybe even into the number one contender’s slot!

BC: Fine, but the way Magnus is behaving lately, I doubt the match will even finish before half the damn crowd gets Thunderstormed.

TT: Well let’s head to the ring and find out!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...

The BlairVision Theme kicks in the arena as the crowd echoes with cheers. The Ruler steps out to the stage. Blair poses for his Ruler Rooters before making his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: From River Falls, Wisconsin! Weighing in at 275 pounds..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!

Blair makes it over to the steps, using them to enter the ring. He poses one last time for his Ruler Rooters before his music fades out. Blair turns his attention to the entrance stage...awaiting his gigantic opponent...

TT: Blair looks confident tonight, Bobby!

BC: He better be! Magnus has been on a rampage...and Blair appears to be his next victim!

The lights flicker off to the sound of distant thunder. Lightning flashes across the entrance as the instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative grinds into the air. Through a shower of sparks walks the titanic frame of Magnus Thunder.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Jotunheim, Norway! Weighing in at 500 pounds! He is the CWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...MAGNUS THUNDER!

Magnus strides to the ring with a cold stare and sinister eyes, stepping over the top rope and into his corner. The crowd boos like a swarm of bees from hell as the lights return to normal and the music fades.

TT: This crowd despises Magnus Thunder!

BC: Can you blame them?! After everything he’s done over the past few months...I wouldn't be surprised if the fans came at him with pitchforks and torches!


TT: The bell sounds as Blair and Magnus stare each other down.

BC: Magnus has been on a rampage here tonight! I'd hate to be in Blair's shoes!

TT: They lock up, and Magnus takes the quick advantage forcing Blair in to the corner. The referee calls for the break, and Magnus releases Blair. Blair slowly comes out of the corner...a second lock up...and this time Magnus buries a knee to the gut! He grabs Blair with a front facelock, lifting him vertical...

BC: Look at the strength from the monster! He's walking around the ring, holding Blair vertical with one arm!

TT: And he drops Blair with the vertical suplex in the center of the ring! Magnus drops the quick knee to the skull...and follows by lifting Blair in position for a rear chinlock.

Magnus applies pressure as the ref checks on Blair. Blair refuses to give up, using his strength to slowly get back to his feet. Magnus switches to a side headlock as Blair shoves him off in to the ropes. Magnus off the rebound...shoulderblock...and Blair crashes to the mat! Blair gets back to his feet as Magnus once again hits the far ropes. Magnus off the rebound...and Blair catches him with a boot to the gut...DDT!!!

TT: Blair takes the big man down with the DDT! And he quickly grabs the arm, pulling up as he stomps at the shoulder!

BC: Blair needs to weaken a body part of Magnus, and focus on that specific body part to wear this big man down!

TT: Blair brings Magnus back to his feet...arm drag and twist. He delivers a hard elbow to the arm...and a second! Blair whips Magnus...but Magnus reverses it! And Magnus pulls Blair back in to a devastating lariat!

BC: Blair has to watch out...he doesn't want to be drawn in to the power game!

TT: Magnus picks Blair back up, applying a bearhug! The ref checks on Blair...and Magnus quickly snaps the hips to execute an excellent overhead belly to belly! Blair rolls to the outside!

Magnus smirks as he climbs out of the ring. He picks Blair up and whips him to the steps...REVERSED!!! Magnus crashes in to the steps as Blair holds himself up with the apron, trying to regain composure!





The crowd erupts as Blair gives them a quick pose. Magnus slowly gets back up as Blair approaches...and Blair drives Magnus face first in to the steel steps! He holds Magnus...and he drives him face first on to the ring apron! Blair rolls Magnus in to the ring, keeping his head on the apron. Blair with an elbow to the face! Blair climbs on to the apron...running knee drop on to Magnus' face!

TT: Blair with some great offense here as he finally rolls back in to the ring. He hits the ropes...another knee drop to the face...and he quickly makes the cover!




TT: Magnus kicks out! Blair pulls Magnus in to a sitting position and quickly hits the ropes...and he catches Magnus in the jaw with a drive-by knee! Blair forces the big man on to his belly...CROSSFACE!!! Blair with a crossface!

BC: The big man is in trouble here!

TT: The ref is checking on Magnus as Blair yanks back harder, applying more pressure!

BC: Magnus better do something quick...or Blair may get him to pass out!

TT: Magnus is struggling...trying with everything he has! He's slowly starting to get back up... And look at this strength! Magnus has made it back to his feet, and he swings Blair around for a sidewalk slam! And Magnus has the pin!




TT: Blair kicks out!

BC: Magnus sure has his hands full this week with Blair...but what about next week when he and Daniels will team up to face Mariano Fernandez and Blood!

TT: That is going to be one hell of a match, Bobby! Speaking of that I understand it...because of the altercations earlier tonight, Mariano, Blood, and Daniels have all been escorted out of the building!

BC: Well, it should have been Magnus forced to leave the building after his interference in three separate matches tonight!

TT: Magnus has Blair trapped in the corner now...relentlessly pounding him with right after right! The ref tries to separate the two...and finally is successful. But Magnus comes right back at Blair, drilling him with a hard forearm in the corner! Magnus backs off...and he comes back in for a clothesline...NO!!! Blair gets the feet up!

BC: Ha! Excellent counter by Blair!

TT: Magnus stumbles back hunched over as he turns away from Blair...and Blair catches him with a running bulldog! Blair hesitates as he waits for Magnus to get back to his feet...dropkick! Magnus slowly starts getting back up...another dropkick!

BC: Great strategy...keep the big man down!

TT: Blair stalks Magnus from behind as Magnus slowly returns to his feet once again...chop block, and Magnus falls to a knee! Blair with the front facelock...DDT!!!

BC: Blair may actually have a chance of beating the champion here, Teddy!

Blair waits as Magnus starts to stir. Magnus slowly gets back to his feet...BLAIR KICK...NO!!! Magnus catches the leg! Magnus violently throws Blair's leg down and lifts him up...spinebuster...and Magnus makes the nonchalant cover!




TT: Blair kicks out! Magnus picks Blair up...short arm clothesline! He pulls Blair up again and forces him in to the corner...hard lariat! Magnus lifts Blair to the top rope and quickly climbs up after him. Magnus with a bearhug...looking for the Downburst...but Blair delivers a headbutt...and a second! And Magnus tumbles to the mat!

BC: Great defense by "The Ruler"!

TT: Blair off the top...knee drop to Magnus' skull! And he makes the cover!




TT: Magnus kicks out! Blair brings Magnus back to his feet...but Magnus quickly lifts him up and rushes him back first in to the corner! Magnus with a right...and another...and he rains down with right after right! The ref is trying to separate him from Blair...and finally does!

BC: I think Magnus has snapped!

TT: Magnus is right back on Blair, again bringing down hard fist after fist! And again, the referee is forced to seperate them! Magnus rushes in...BIG SPLASH!!! He hits the far ropes as Blair stumbles out...big boot on the rebound!

BC: Blair damn near had his head taken off with that boot!

TT: Magnus with the choke grip...and he pulls Blair off the mat, lifting him high in to the air! Magnus sets Blair up on the top rope and delivers a hard right, forcing Blair in to the seated position! Magnus follows him up...DOWNBURST!!! And Magnus puts his hand over Blair's face for the cover!!!




TT: Magnus pulled Blair up...not allowing the three count! He stands and brings Blair back to his feet. Blair appears to be out as Magnus holds Blair's dead weight up!

BC: What else could Magnus possibly do to Blair here tonight?!

Just as Magnus smirks at Blair...Blair suddenly pushes Magnus off...BLAIR KICK!!! Magnus is drilled in the jaw, and the impact sends him through the ropes to the outside! Both men are down!

TT: Blair Kick from out of nowhere! But Blair is unable to capitalize!

BC: He needs to get Magnus back in the ring and make the cover!

Blair finally begins to stir and rolls out of the ring after Magnus. He brings Magnus back to his feet and attempts to roll him in the ring, but Magnus drills Blair with an elbow to the gut! Magnus uses all of his force to drill Blair face first in to the steel post! Blair is out on his feet as he is leaned against the apron for support...

TT:'t do this...NO!!! Magnus with a running start...and he just drove his boot in to the side of Blair's skull...crushing it against the ring post! Blair is out!

BC: That was just sick! Blair appears to actually be bleeding from inside the left ear here! It's hard to say how serious this is...but it can't be a good thing!

TT: Magnus rolls Blair back in to the ring and quickly follows. He brings the near unconscious Blair to his feet and positions him...powerbomb...powerbomb...THUNDERSTORM!!! And he quickly locks in The Brutal Rest!!! All of that pressure to the head and neck...and Blair has no choice as he quickly taps out!!!

The ref calls for the bell as Blair taps out, blood dripping out of both ears now.

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...MAGNUS THUNDER!

The referee grabs the World Heavyweight Championship and brings it to Magnus...but Magnus won't release the submission! The ref calls for the bell to be rung again and drops the belt as he pleads for Magnus to release Blair. Blair's face turns red as he falls unconscious, and Magnus continues to apply more pressure!

TT: The match is over! Just let him go!

BC: The referee is trying to get Magnus to release the submission, but Magnus won't do it!

The referee rushes over to the edge of the ring, relaying a message to the ring announcer.

Ring Announcer: The referee has reversed his decision as a result of Magnus Thunder not releasing the submission. Therefore, your winner by disqualification..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!

TT: I don't think the win really matters to Magnus at this point!

Magnus finally releases the hold only to deliver a boot to the ref's face! He looks down at Blair...pulls him back to his feet and drops him back to the mat with another Thunderstorm! Magnus lifts Blair again, forcing him in to the corner. He drills Blair with right after right until Blair's face is covered in his own blood.

TT: Come on now! It's enough Magnus!

Magnus pulls Blair out of the corner and drills him with the championship belt, knocking Blair to the mat in the center of the ring. Magnus looks at his bloody championship and smirks as he looks down at the lifeless Paul Blair. He places his boot on Blair's chest and raises his championship high in to the air as the crowd resounds in boos.

TT: Magnus Thunder has utterly destroyed all of our champions well as "The Ruler"!

BC: Somebody needs to stop this monster!

Magnus continues to hold his championship in the air proudly...

TT: Fans, we are out of time! Thank you for joining us tonight from Osaka, Japan! I’m Teddy Turnbuckle for “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…see you next week from Oslo!

Fade to black.