Last week, from Osaka, Japan, the man that has come to be known as “The Nitemare’s Nightmare” continued to play mind games as many EWA legends were in attendance. Rob Osbourne had enough, and called out the mysterious assailant, challenging him to a cage match at Night of Champions IV: Season’s Beatings. A note was left in the ring for Osbourne, reading “All that glitters…” Was it a hint, or another mind game?

Paul Blair was beaten to a bloody pulp by Magnus Thunder, but scored a huge disqualification victory over the CWF World Heavyweight Champion. No doubt his biggest victory of the year, Blair arrives tonight to take on Rob Osbourne!

The CWF 2009 World Tour reaches its explosive conclusion tonight from Oslo, Norway!

This is the CWF…

This is…

Fade in to a sold out Telenor Arena in Oslo, Norway, where 18,000+ screaming CWF fans jam pack the facility to its capacity. The Showdown set is as set up as per the usual, only with the Nordic flag serving as the back drop. Fireworks explode at the entrance way and shoot up the aisle, exploding over the ring. Standing at ringside are Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to Oslo, Norway! Welcome to the Telenor Arena! Welcome to the final stop on the 2009 CWF World Tour! And yes indeed, welcome to the CWF’s Saturday Night Showdown! Good evening, fans…I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…

BC: Do you smell that?

TT: Smell what?

BC: Why, that’s the smell of over 18,000 fjord monkeys! They’re EVERYWHERE, Teddy! This must be Roland Ulv’s nightmare!

TT: It must be, but the hometown of Magnus Thunder is busting with excitement…this is the first time in history the CWF has visited the great country of Norway!

BC: And hopefully the last!

TT: Are you out of your mind? It’s amazing here! It’s majestic! I took a drive around Trollstigen Road on Wednesday afternoon and couldn’t believe my eyes! This place looks like a fantasy novel.

BC: Yeah well you’re living in a fantasy world if you think I won’t be on the first flight out of here after the show. I’ll be flying first class with Roland Ulv, what a hell hole this is!

TT: Well in any event, tonight ladies and gentlemen, in our main event, we will see Blood team up with Mariano Fernandez to take on Keith Daniels and the CWF World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus Thunder!

BC: It should be quite a homecoming for Magnus Thunder…these Scandinavians don’t like Mariano Fernandez…and hell, this arena looks like a damn Viking meeting hall so Magnus Thunder should feel right at home.

TT: Also tonight, Roland Ulv will be in action in a triple threat match, taking on the up and coming Israel Steele and Jimmy Johnston!

BC: These fjord monkeys aren’t worthy of seeing Roland Ulv in action!

TT: Paul Blair will look to take advantage of his… “victory” last week…

BC: Why’d you say it like THAT?! Paul Blair defeated Magnus Thunder last week, that’s what the record books say, clearly!

TT: Well a disqualification victory is a victory all the same, I suppose…but nonetheless, Paul Blair will take on “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne tonight and a victory or even a good showing tonight could go a long way for Blair!

BC: Blair will be headlining Super Card VI in March, you watch!

TT: Ok then, Bobby…anyway, also tonight, for the first time in history the CWF National Championship will be defending in Norway, as Sickboy defends against Terry Richards!

BC: Pfft, Terry Richards. This should be a quick and easy victory for Sickboy tonight.

TT: I really doubt that, Bobby…and if that’s Sickboy’s mindset tonight, he may very well LOSE that National title! But in any event, also tonight, Bob Osbourne teams up with the legendary Jimmy Blast to battle The Richards Legion! And what an experience this should be for Bob Osbourne!

BC: Getting the chance to team up with Jimmy Blast…not many kids get an opportunity like that, Bob Osbourne should come out a better wrestler for it!

TT: Also tonight, two debuts as Jake Douglas returns to the CWF to take on Simon Jacobs, and Leon Lonewolf will make his CWF debut tonight as he takes on James Baker!

BC: The talent just keeps pouring into the CWF!

TT: Absolutely, and we are about ready to…uh oh…here we go!

“All Nightmare Long” by Metallica kicks in and cuts Teddy Turnbuckle off in mid-sentence as Rob Osbourne tears through the curtain onto the stage. He is dressed in all black suit pants and jacket with a deep purple dress shirt. His hair is pulled back in a braided pony tail, with his trademark Oakley frog skins resting on the bridge of his nose. He stops abruptly, mic in hand, at the top of the ramp.

TT: Well here he is! Rob Osbourne has something to say and he looks like he’s in a foul mood!

NRO: Cut the music...CUT IT! Anybody with basic cable and internet access knows I ain't having a great week so let's just get this over with...Nitemare's Nightmare...I'm officially calling you out.

I'm sick to death of your quirky little one-liners and your annoying regurgitation of my past opponents’ catch phrases. Until you show your face, it's all just pillow talk. And for what it's worth pal, it's gonna take a hell of a lot more than pillow talk to best me in the ring.

But don't just take my word for it! Like I said last week...action begets action. And unlike my opponent, I will not stand here idle on this stage commenting about WHAT I am going to do. So tonight, I'm going to beget myself a little action as I prove my point to my opponent for next week at Season's Beatings, the Nitemare's Nightmare. I plan on showing this idiot...along with that seven foot five inch stack of sh[BEEP] we call a World champion...and the entire CWF Locker Room, just what happens when you succeed in getting the attention of Rob Osbourne and The Horsemen. Enjoy your evening...cause it damned well may be your last! Now cue my music...

Osbourne drops the mic on the stage as "All Nightmare Long" by Metallica rips back in and the crowd erupts.

BC: Well then!

TT: Rob Osbourne has had enough! He’s pissed off and he’s not gonna take it anymore! We may not have to wait until next week at Season’s Beatings in Chicago, Illinois to see Osbourne get his hands on the mystery assailant!

BC: Well this Nitemare’s Nightmare guy had damn well better not be in Oslo tonight! If he is, Rob Osbourne looks like he’s intent to track him down and kill him!

TT: Hold on a minute…I’m getting word of something going down in the parking lot…let’s get a camera back there!

Cut to theoutside of the arena in the parking lot. A pair of high beamed headlights with a set of high fog lights begin to roll into the arena practically blinding the camera.

TT: Who is this?

The lights turn and what is exposed is Chemical X’s 1983 GMC Flawless A-Team van replica. The van passes the camera, speeds through the parking lot, the brakes lock up and the van does a complete 180 facing the camera. The bright lights blind the camera for a moment and then the lights go out.

BC: That’s Chemical X, The Horseman’s Hitman! Rumor is he’s out for Magnus Thunder!

TT: This could get ugly.

BC: Could get ugly? This is Chemical X! X has been running around this place like a mad scientist and no one knows what’s going on. But we do have a video from earlier today!

Cut to footage from earlier in the day.

The video opens up with the Theme from the 1980’s TV Show, The A-Team playing in the background. Gary “Chemical X” Scarletti, Jimmy “The Juggernaut” Washington, and Bruno and TJ of Deathsquad are walking side by side away from the A-Team van. The Juggernaut with a propane tank and welding set, X with a tool chest, TJ and Bruno with sledgehammers.

Chemical X: Let’s do it guys.

The scene continues in an 80s style montage. The four start building something out of metal and wood, close up shots and angles of things being pieced together; Chemical X pulls a welding mask over his head and begins spot welding. Whatever they are building is big, heavy and made of metal. Next, the scene cuts to The Juggernaut, flexing his muscles lowering something from scaffolding with ropes and cables. The three minute montage concludes with Chemical X, The Juggernaut, TJ and Bruno standing just outside the van. Bruno hands Chemical X a cigar and X looks around at his men who are dirty from building.

Chemical X: I love it when a plan comes together!

The video fades to black.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Well that certainly was a nostalgia trip.

BC: What do you think they were building?

TT: I have no idea but I have a feeling we’re gonna find out…I always get nervous when Chemical X is plotting something!

BC: Every time? Damn, you must be nervous a lot.

TT: You have no idea. Anyway folks, let’s head to the ring for our opening contest!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Raleigh, North Carolina….weighing in at 218 pounds…JAKE DOUGLAS!

As the droning guitar riffs of “It Ain’t Like That” by Alice In Chains begin to rip through the arena, the fans perk up to give recognition to their long forgotten showstopper. Jake Douglas bursts through the curtains like a man possessed, sporting his usual leather jacket and sky blue tights. Without the common glitz and glam, or the ever common dark persona, "Showtime" makes his way to the ring with the strut of a man who is ready to get down to business. Douglas slides under the bottom rope, with the class that he not only possesses, but demands, and begins to hop around the ring in preparation for his next victim.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent….from Chicago, Illinois…weighing in at 228 pounds….SIMON JACOBS!

The opening dialogue of "Exhibit A (Transformations)" by Jay Electronica stings eardrums in attendence. Lights appear when the song kicks in, flashing in sync with the piano stabs. Simon Jacobs emerges to an explosion of boos, which REALLY surprises him! He walks down the aisle, high-fiving the crowd (despite having to pay the fan five dollars) along the way. He goes to kiss a baby on the forehead, but he suddenly pumps the breaks as that might be violating his probation! He enters the ring, drops the robe and begins to stretch a bit along the ropes.


TT: Well here we go, I’m sure Douglas is chomping at the bit to get his CWF career back underway…

Douglas charges at Simon Jacobs…Jacobs side steps him. Douglas turns around…boot to the gut! Jacobs grabs him…FANTASTIC DAMAGE!

TT: Uhh…





BC: Ok, so this should be a great match, I’ve been looking forward to it all week!

TT: It’s over, Bobby.

BC: What? How long was I tying my shoe?

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner... SIMON JACOBS!

Simon, on his knees beside an unconscious Jake Douglas, looks up at the referee in disbelief.

Simon Jacobs: WINNER? What the F[BLEEP]!

TT: Simon just defeated Jake Douglas. He got the W. What's the problem?

BC: It appears that things didn't exactly pan out the way he wanted.

Simon shakes head from side-to-side with a smile on his face.

Simon Jacobs: Haha. No, this match is NOT over. Isn't that right, Jake?

Simon hunches forward, closer to Jake's face. Simon then grabs Jake's wrist and throws him on top. Simon plays the role of the shocked opponent, facial expression and all.

Simon Jacobs: Look! Jake Douglas was just playing possum! Jake Douglas on top of Simon for the pin! One! Two! NO!

Simon then rolls himself over on top of Jake Douglas.

Simon Jacobs: Simon Jacobs with the counter! ONE! TWO! THR- NO!

The crowd boos. Simon senses the hostility and quickly shoots up to his feet. He then picks up Jake Douglas to a vertical base, but it's obvious that Jake is just out of it. As soon as Simon releases his grip Jake instantly drops to the mat. EMT's rush into the squared circle as the crowd dies down. They watch as Jake Douglas receives medical attention.

TT: EMT's are now on the scene, tending to a very injured Jake Douglas.

Simon faces the crowd, instantly getting hit with a wave of boos. SJ steps through the ropes and makes his way up the aisle, getting pelted with trash in the process. He then turns around and takes one last look at the scene in the ring.

Simon Jacobs: It wasn't supposed to be like this. It wasn't supposed to end like this.

Simon speeds his walk up to a sprint, dodging debris as he exits out of view.

TT: Well then…always an interesting experience any time Simon Jacobs is out here.

BC: Understatement of the year.

TT: Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Jake Douglas. In any event folks, coming up next, Leon Lonewolf will make his CWF debut as he takes on James Baker! A tall task for the newcomer and…

BC: Ugh, here we go.

“Hellraiser” by Ozzy Osbourne plays as the fans rise to their feet, roaring. Terry Richards, wearing his formal dark tuxedo suit and dark sunglasses, walks down the aisle, with his sights always set on the announce table.

TT: Well, Terry Richards doesn’t seem like he’s out here to wrestle, he’s looking straight at you, Bobby…You know what that means?

BC: That he’s going to finally accept how great I am and ask for my hand in marriage? Who wouldn’t?

TT: I somehow doubt that.

Terry Richards enters the ring, the crowd cheers, and he grabs a mic.

Terry Richards: Well, this thing has been going on and on and on for too long. You all know what I am talking about…this rivalry, this thirst for the blood of the man born Robert Crane. I’d like you to come out here, please.

Bobby Crane gets up, slams his headset away, and grabs a mic.

BC: The hell I am, Richards! Another MMA fight, huh? Another screwjob, another attack, another controversy? Ain’t going to happen, dimwit!

Terry Richards: I was thinking of something else, something that could fix our problems once and for all. Come here.

Bobby, suspicious, slowly slides beneath the bottom rope and stares at Richards, very uncomfortable and apprehensive.

Terry Richards: You know, Season’s Beatings is getting near. Think about it, this rivalry between us has been lingering since…June? Jesus Christ, I’ve been tormenting you for a long, long time, and you’ve been throwing around feeble attempts of tormenting me for a long, long time. I was thinking, why not end it as the year also ends? Get a fresh start in the New Year?

BC: Forget it, Richards… I won’t fall into your vile schemes again. Get a life!

Terry Richards: It’s a match. A one on one match, regular rules. No one is allowed to interfere. Just Terry Richards and Bobby Crane, in the ring for the first and last time. No unfairness involved. If you win, you can make me your laughing stock. If I win, you shut your mouth until death takes you away from me. What do you say?

BC: (thinking) Fine. I’ll agree to that… with two stipulations.

Terry Richards: What is it?

BC: First, IF…and that’s a big IF, you win the National title tonight, it’s on the line at Season’s Beatings.

Terry Richards: You’re on.

BC: Number two, and you listen closely…(grabs Richards’ tuxedo and pulls him close) If you send in one of your little incestuous, repulsive crotch-lickers you call brothers, you are FIRED – F-I-R-E-D – from the CWF. You’re banned for all eternity. What do you say?

Terry Richards: You’re on.

Terry extends his hand to Bobby Crane.

BC: Oh, go to hell. Your sweaty, grubby little palms aren’t worthy of touching perfection.

The crowd boos huge. Bobby turns his back on Terry and starts exiting the ring.

Terry Richards: You’re welcome, oh, and one more thing… come Season’s Beatings…YOU’LL REGRET YOUR DECISION!

Terry turns Bobby Crane around and superkicks him to an incredible crowd ovation. Bobby, with blood pouring out of his lips, rolls beneath the bottom rope and into the ground.

TT: Superkick! Insane superkick by Terry Richards! Bobby, getting up in shock…

Terry taunts to the crowd, furious, throws the mic away and rips his tuxedo off, to reveal his wrestling suit.

TT: Terry Richards is maniacal! He bounces off the ropes, look out… SHOOTING STAR PLANCHA! INSANITY!

Terry lies prone on top of Bobby Crane.

TT: JUST WAIT ‘TIL THESE TWO BATTLE IT OUT! Ladies and gentlemen, we need to take a commercial break! Be right back!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown, folks, and…

BC: Shut up! Terry Richards, this time you’ve got too far! These fans are too stupid to know any better, but everyone in the entire damn company is sick and tired of your obnoxious, entitled, pissy little attitude! You’ve earned NOTHING in this business, you hear me? NOTHING. You haven’t earned the privilege of getting into the ring with a Hall of Famer like me. I’m the best looking thing this company has ever employed, I’m a former World Champion, and I’m straight up in a different league than you, you little punk…but next week at Season’s Beatings, after Kyle Sync jingles your bells, I’m gonna deck your halls in your own back yard, Chicago, Illinois…and you are gonna have a complimentary Beauty Sleep, courtesy of the Beautiful One!

TT: Well, a fired up Bobby Crane here folks…but nonetheless, up next we’ve got another debut…let’s hope it goes more smoothly than it did for Jake Douglas earlier…Leon Lonewolf takes on James Baker! Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

"Maybe I'm a Lion" by Black Mages plays through the arena and flames and fireworks go off synchronized with the music. 12 seconds into the song, Fireworks go off one more time and Leon Lonewolf appears to a positive reaction. Leon makes his way down the ramp in a normal pace, but taking time to socialize with fans.

Ring announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 285 lbs, making his debut in the Classic Wrestling Federation…LEON LONEWOLF!

TT: The CWF is getting a plethora of new talent recently, Bobby! What do you think about Leon?

BC: Meh, just another lowlife thug I’ll have the pleasure to embarrass.

TT: Bobby, it’s his debut! How’d you feel if someone said something like that when you walked down this unique aisle for the first time?!

BC: Normal.

TT: (sighs)

Leon makes his way to the ring, climbs up the turnbuckle, posing for the crowd by extending his thumb, middle and little fingers of both hands in the air: his symbol of honor. He climbs up another turnbuckle and taunts again. He jumps down and readies himself for the match.

TT: And here comes his opponent…

“Hail Mary” by 2Pac plays throughout the arena, strobe lights blinking a vary of colors as the crowd in attendance stand to their singing along to the lyrics of the song and just going crazy. Smoke starts hitting the ramp, fulfilling throughout the bottom level attendance. Cameras hit the entrance ramp, as out from behind of the mega tron, headlights on high beams coming into view through all of the smog cruises a Black 64 Impala, switches slamming to the ground. The camera then switches to "Da Xtreme Gangsta" James Baker who is decked out in a white Emmitt Smith #22 Dallas Cowboys Jersey, black dickies and a black bandana on his head as he's driving the car.

The lowrider makes its way down the ramp, James is playing up to the audience as the audience giving off more positive feedback towards him, James then hits the car’s hydraulic switches once again, causing the car to bounce up and down before the nose of the car makes a stop right in front of the ring. The car then moves side to side, before halting in position.

James opens his door, getting out of the car reaching into the upholstery to pick out a 40 ounce bottle of Beer wrapped in a white bandana. James then slaps hands with the fans at the corner of the barricade's and then steps in between the ropes to get inside of the ring. James then hops on the top turnbuckle and plays up to the audience a little more by throwing up the West Side Signal with his left hand while he takes a drink of his 40 ounce bottle of Beer with his right hand. Once James does that, he hops off the ropes and then kneels down in the corner while he waits for the bell to be rung.


TT: Leon Lonewolf runs straight at Baker, tie-up, Leon quickly turns it into a wrist lock, now hammerlock…slams him right into the ring post! Impressive!

BC: The kid DOES have guts after all.

TT: Lonewolf picks up James Baker, irish whip, Baker ducks the clothesline and bounces off the ropes again, but Leon counters with a back body drop! Has anyone ever dominated James Baker like that?

BC: I would, if had the chance.

TT: (sighs)… Leon Lonewolf lifting James Baker up, but Baker counters with a jawbreaker! Baker off the ropes… big clothesline! Baker taunts, and the crowd roars!

BC: He’s lifting Leon up…Going for Da Xtreme Knockout…Leon pushes him away, and they exchange a stare! Leon grabs him by the throat!

TT: CHOKESLAM! Huge, thunderous chokeslam by Leon, and the quick cover! 1…



TT: KICKOUT! Baker kicks out at the last second! How is he still on this match after THAT?!

BC: Leon walks into the ropes, jumps… LIONSAULT! NO! Baker manages to roll out at the very last second!

TT: Baker slowly rises to his feet… he’s climbing to the top rope… uh-oh…

BC: All Eyez on Me?! No! Leon Lonewolf quickly climbing into the turnbuckle. Both men exchanging punches like crazy…

TT: Leon manages to get the upper hand… Oh no…DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX! OFF THE TOP ROPE! BOTH MEN ARE OUT!

BC: Leon slowly crawling towards the cover…




TT: James Baker still able to kick out! This match will continue!

BC: Both men, slowly rising… Leon gets to his feet first! He gets a hold of Baker…

TT: WAAAHH!! LIONHEART!!! The huge powerbomb, I knew this guy has a lot of potential! Cover!






BC: How the hell did he do that? Teddy, he’s on steroids, I’m sure.

TT: Shut UP, Bobby! Leon Lonewolf is visibly frustrated… LIONSAULT….No, James Baker counters into a cutter…No, Leon’s feet hit the ground…REVERSE DDT!

BC: NOW I like it. When you use Nitemare-esque moves, everything is good. Leon lifts Baker again, but Baker counters…DA XTREME KNOCKOUT! THIS IS OVER!



TT: FOOT ON THE ROPES! “The Honorable Demon” uses the same strategy than James Baker used on him!

BC: The WHA?!

TT: “The Honorable Demon.” Baker, now mega frustrated, gets a hold of Leon…Leon kicks him In the gut! Baker turning around, in pain, and Leon grabs him by behind…TIGER SUPLEX!

BC: James Baker down…WHAT?! HE’S COME TO HIS FEET! Da Cheap Pimp waits for Leon to roll around…

TT: DA XTREME KNOCKOUT! AGAIN, TWICE AS STRONG! What an impact, the ring shook with it!

BC: But both men are down, Teddy!

TT: Wait a second, James Baker is moving…Slowly crawling towards the cover… And he manages to drape an arm over Leon! The referee is counting the fall, this is it…





BC: And James Baker wins! This was a hell of a matchup, Teddy! Mah gawd the intensity!

TT: I know you’re mocking me. Cut it out. This was indeed a great match! And a superb performance by the debuting Leon Lonewolf in his CWF debut match! I kinda like Leon Lonewolf!

BC: Stop with your mancrushes, Teddy. Paul Blair is better.

TT: And you’re giving ME a man crush speech?

BC: I can whoop Terry’s ass in a week, and I can whoop yours now. Watch your mouth.

Suddenly, the crowd erupts as “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne sprints down the aisle and slides into the ring.


BC: Ha! Making good on his word!

Nitemare grabs James Baker…BADD DREAM! The crowd explodes with a loud mixed reaction. Leon Lonewolf slowly pulls himself up, dusting himself off after the heartbreaking loss…Nitemare greets him with a BADD DREAM! Baker and Lonewolf are laid out in the ring and Nitemare kicks the ropes and yells at no one in particular, the adrenaline and seething rage flowing through him.

TT: OSBOURNE IS A MAN POSSESSED! He’s snapped! He has officially snapped! And what the hell is this now?!

Suddenly, the big screen lights up. The sounds of a casino buzz through the arena and a slot machine bearing the names of EWA and MWWF legends appear on the screen. The slots rolls and land on three Darklight Warriors.

BC: Ha!

TT: Well I guess we’re gonna narrow this mystery assailant down. It’s not Darklight Warrior according to the slots!

Rob Osbourne clenches his teeth and shakes his head angrily, and storms to the back.

TT: Rob Osbourne is not amused by any of this at all…and we still don’t have an answer to his challenge from last week! Will this mystery assailant accept the challenge to a cage match next week at Night of Champions IV: Season’s Beatings? Will he reveal himself here tonight?

BC: I don’t know, I think he’s having too much fun making Osbourne guess!

TT: Well be that as it may, coming up next folks…what a dream match this must be for Bob Osbourne, teaming up with the legendary Jimmy Blast, a man he called “Uncle Jimmy” growing up…

BC: And if greatness hasn’t rubbed off on the kid, being raised by Rob Osbourne, already…well, Jimmy Blast should do the trick.

TT: Indeed…they take on The Richards Legion…and you have to wonder if the Richards Legions might be thinking about the National Championship match set to take place later tonight as Terry Richards will get his shot against Sickboy. But we are ready to get this one underway…let’s head back to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

"Fight" by Motorhead hits the arena as the fans erupt in boos. Chris and Alex Richards step out to the stage, looking around at the crowd in Norway. They show no respect as they make their way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois! A combined weight of 376 pounds...CHRIS AND ALEX...THE RICHARDS LEGION!

Chris and Alex both slide under the bottom rope to enter the ring. They climb the turnbuckles and pose for the crowd as their music fades. Both men turn their attention to the entrance area.

TT: The Richards Legion have a difficult task at hand tonight as they will take on two members of the Horsemen!

"Four Horsemen" by Metallica blares in the arena as the crowd continues their massive boos. Jimmy Blast and Bob Osbourne step out to the stage. Osbourne poses, belt draped across his shoulder as Blast looks around at the crowd. Blast raises his arms and a series of pyros blast off on the stage. Both men make their way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring...representing the Horsemen! At a total combined weight of four hundred ninety-two pounds...JIMMY BLAST and the Unified Champion...BOB OSBOURNE!

Blast climbs up the steps followed by Osbourne to enter the ring. They pose in front of The Richards Legion as their music fades. Osbourne hands his championship to an official on the outside as all four men wait for the opening bell.

TT: Osbourne and Blast look prepared for a battle tonight!

The ref waits as Blast and Chris step out to the apron. He calls for the opening bell.


TT: It looks like Alex will start things off against Osbourne! They lock up, and Osbourne takes quick advantage with a side headlock. Alex forces him off in to the ropes. Hip toss off the rebound from Alex...but Osbourne blocks it! And he counters with a hip toss of his own! Alex brings himself back to his feet, and he's met with a hard forearm shot from Osbourne!

BC: Bob Osbourne has come so far in the short time he's been here, Teddy!

TT: Osbourne with an arm drag on Alex, and he delivers an elbow to the arm! Osbourne forces Alex to the mat with a toss and quickly applies a short arm scissors!

Osbourne drags his body along with Alex towards the corner...and he tags in Blast! Blast with a stomp and Osbourne slides out to the apron. Blast picks Alex up and applies a rear hammerlock. Alex delivers a back elbow...and a second...and Blast stumbles back. Blast rushes at Alex, and Alex with a drop toe hold! Alex hurries to his corner, and he makes the tag!

TT: Blast is getting back up as Chris and Alex wait...double dropkick...and Blast is down! Alex steps out to the apron as Chris picks Blast up. Chris with an arm drag and twist, and he quickly brings Blast back to the mat! He applies a side armbar!

BC: Potential submission here!

TT: The ref checks on Blast, but Blast is already getting back to his feet. Blast shoves Chris off in to the ropes. Chris off the rebound...and he runs right in to Blast, falling to the mat. Blast smiles as Chris gets back to his feet. Chris hits the far ropes again as Blast waits for him to return. Blast with a clothesline, but Chris ducks under!


TT: And Chris quickly plants Blast with a russian legsweep! And he makes the quick cover!



TT: Blast with a kickout after a one count! Chris brings him to a sitting position and applies a rear chinlock, but Blast is instantly back to his feet! He grabs ahold of Chris...sidewalk slam! Blast grabs Chris' arm and drags him to the corner! And here's the tag! Blast brings Chris back to his feet...atomic drop...and Blast holds him in position!

BC: Bad spot for Chris to be in here!

TT: Osbourne with the slingshot...and he takes Chris down with a shoulderblock! Blast steps back out to the apron as Osbourne brings Chris back to his feet. He sends Chris in to the corner and follows in after him...but Chris moves before Osbourne can connect with a lariat! And Chris with a pendulum kick sending Osbourne stumbling back!

BC: That was a great move! Chris grabs Osbourne and sends him to the corner. He quickly tags in Alex and drops to all fours in front of Osbourne. Alex with a running start, using Chris like a step ladder...leaping seated senton in the corner!

Alex rolls back off of Osbourne as Chris connects with a high roundhouse...and a second! The ref admonishes Chris forcing him out to the apron as Osbourne stumbles out of the corner...headscissors takedown by Alex! Alex quickly grabs Osbourne with a front facelock, lifting him to his feet. He drags Osbourne near the ropes.

TT: Alex runs the ropes...TORNADO DDT...NO! Osbourne lands on his feet and breaks Alex' grip! Alex rushes at him for a lariat, but Osbourne rolls out of the way! Alex turns around and rushes at Osbourne again...and Osbourne catches him! He lifts Alex high in to the air...rotates...and he spines him with a modified spinebuster!

BC: And it looks like the Horsemen have regained momentum!

TT: Osbourne picks Alex up...and he sends him hard in to the corner! Osbourne follows in with a vicious knee lift, and he quickly tags in Blast! Osbourne lifts Alex to the top turnbuckle. He stretches the body out, holding the front facelock as Blast comes in...and Blast with a hard forearm to the kidney...followed by an Osbourne DDT!

BC: Is the ref going to get Osbourne out of the ring?! Come on! This isn't a tornado tag!

TT: Osbourne is forced to the apron as Blast makes the cover!




TT: Alex gets his shoulder up!

BC: Alex needs to make a tag!

Blast picks Alex up and quickly brings him back to the mat with a scoop slam. He climbs to the middle turnbuckle...and he drives the fist in to Alex' skull! Osbourne tags himself in as Blast picks Alex up. He lifts Alex for a powerbomb, backing near the corner as Osbourne climbs to the top. Osbourne grabs Alex with a front facelock. He summersaults as Blast brings Alex down for a vicious DDT-Powerbomb combination!


TT: It certainly was! And Osbourne makes the cover as Blast steps out to the apron!




TT: Chris makes the save!

BC: Lucky he did! This match was most definitely over!

TT: The ref is trying to get Chris back out to the apron...and look at this! Blast has steps back in to the ring! Blast and Osbourne lay in a series of stomps as the ref is still trying to get Chris out to the apron!

BC: Chris needs to realize that he's allowing this to happen by distracting the referee!

TT: Chris finally steps out to the apron, as does Osbourne!

BC: Ha! They made the trade without the ref noticing!

TT: Blast grabs Alex' legs...and he flips him over in to a boston crab!

BC: This could spell the end for The Richards Legion here tonight!

The ref checks on Alex who is trying with all of his power to hold on! His hand is in the air...he's ready to tap...almost! His hand is twitching, ready to come down!

TT: Chris from behind with a forearm to Blast! The ref again is admonishing Chris as Blast gets back up...and Chris catches him with a headscissors takedown! He makes his way out to the apron as the ref continues to admonish him...and both of the legal men are down!

BC: He had no choice, Teddy! He had to break up that submission, because Alex was on the verge of tapping out!

TT: Alex is crawling to his corner, looking for the tag as Blast is starting to stir! Alex is almost there...and Blast grabs his ankle!

BC: So close!

TT: He's trying to fight Blast off... Blast is back to his feet...and so is Alex as Blast still holds his leg...ENZIGURI BY ALEX!

BC: Beautiful move!

TT: You would know! And Alex leaps...and there's the tag! Chris rushes in as Blast gets back to his feet...headscissors takedown! Osbourne is in the ring now and comes at Chris...and Chris ducks under a clothesline attempt...crucifix takedown! He releases the crucifix and gets back to his feet. He pulls Osbourne back up and applies the side headlock!

BC: What does he have in mind here?!

TT: Blast is back up as Chris runs with Osbourne for a bulldog...WAIT!

Chris rushes at Blast while holding Osbourne for the bulldog. He leaps up and pulls Blast to the mat with a reverse STO as Osbourne is driven to the mat with a modified russian legsweep. Alex is back to his feet and springboards...moonsault on Osbourne! Chris and Alex pick Blast up and force him over the top rope to the outside! The ref tries to regain control as Chris picks Osbourne up. He lifts Osbourne in to the electric chair position as Alex climbs to the top rope...





BC: HA! Blast made the save, Teddy! He grabs Osbourne's foot from the outside and placed it on the bottom rope!

TT: Alex gets up and hits the far rope...suicide dive...but Blast catches him! Blast rams Alex hard in to the ring apron...and now in to the barricade!

BC: Blast better pay attention to what's happening in the ring!

TT: Chris is climbing the ropes! From the top...HIGH VOLTAGE!

BC: That should be it!

TT: NO!!! Blast is back in the ring and he quickly pulls Chris off of Osbourne! He boots Chris in the gut and brings him to the corner! He sets him up on the top rope...BLASTER!

BC: How devastating!

TT: Blast doesn't see it! He turns around...and Alex boots him in the gut...BWC! Alex just drilled Blast!

Alex is back to his feet and leans on the top rope in exhaustion. Osbourne has made it back to his feet and runs at Alex! He leapfrogs over...and pulls Alex down across the top rope for a hotshot as he lands on the floor outside! Osbourne climbs back up to the apron as Alex stumbles back dazed...and Chris begins to get up dazed behind Alex!


BC: HA! But Chris didn't! Chris was just drilled with that kick!

TT: Alex turns to Osbourne as Osbourne returns to his feet...and Osbourne connects with a dropkick! Blast with a low bridge and Alex tumbles over the top rope to the outside! Osbourne quickly climbs to the top as Blast grabs Chris, lifting him in a powerbomb position! Osbourne grabs Alex with an inverted facelock...

BC: MY GOD! Blast with an alley-oop powerbomb as Osbourne hits the Near Death Experience! And Osbourne makes the cover!




TT: Wow! There's no getting up from that one!

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners...BOB OSBOURNE AND JIMMY BLAST...THE HORSEMEN!

TT: Blast and Osbourne pick up the victory and what a team they made tonight! And…wait a minute!

BC: Look out!

The video screen crackles to life.






BC: Ahhh!

Blast and Bob Osbourne both turn their attention towards the curtain, waiting for the arrival…but Brian Blair slides out from under the ring, masked as usual…and sneaks up behind Jimmy Blast…STUNNER! Bob Osbourne turns around and throws a wild clothesline at him…Brian Blair ducks…STUNNER!




Brian Blair hops out of the ring and escapes through the crowd as Rob Osbourne runs to Blast and Bob Osbourne’s aid. As he arrives, Chris and Alex Richards are both helping each other to their feet. Nitemare grabs them both…DOUBLE BADD DREAM!

TT: Osbourne’s path of rage continues and wait a damn minute!

The video screen again comes to life, this time displaying the slot machine again.

TT: Oh Lord…Nitemare is gonna snap!

The slots roll and stop on…Jimmy Blast!

TT: Oh my! Could it be? Could the Blaster be behind this?

Bobby Crane reacts like he’s watching the Price is Right.

BC: Awww!

TT: Would you stop? Rob Osbourne is incensed and who can blame him?

BC: Well hey, scratch Darklight Warrior and Jimmy Blast off the list of suspects!

TT: Indeed, but that leaves a slew of suspects still left and we STILL do not have an answer to Nitemare’s challenge!

BC: Well, based on what we’ve seen so far, I’m sure we’ll get it tonight…

TT: We have to take a short commercial break…don’t go anywhere folks! Coming up next, Roland Ulv takes on Israel Steele and Jimmy Johnston in a three way dance, and you just know these Norwegian fans will have a cold welcome for the man who has dubbed them all “fjord monkeys”! We’ll be right back!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown, folks…coming up next, this Norwegian crowd is getting ready to give Roland Ulv a reception he won’t soon forget, and I can’t wait…

BC: Who’s this now?

“Drama Queen” by Family Force 5, the familiar theme of The First Lady of The CWF, Trixie Lee plays throughout the arena. The fans in attendance jump to their feet.

TT: Whoa! And here she is…the lovely Trixie Lee! Bobby, it looks like we’re finally going to find out the third participant in the 1st Annual Pledge Allegiance Memorial Cup…

BC: If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times…who cares!?

TT: You really are too much, you know that?

BC: Thank you!

Trixie Lee appears at the top of the entranceway ramp. While she waits for the applause to die down, she bows her head and clinches her microphone under her chin. She finally collects herself and calls for the music to end.

Trixie Lee: Thank you, thank you. I’m sure you’ve all heard the devastating news that pieces of the wreckage from Pledge’s flight have indeed been found. On one of the wings, human remains were found. Due to being exposed to the elements for so long, forensic scientists were not able to draw a solid conclusion that they belonged to Pledge Allegiance. However, based on the flight records, he’s the only one who would fit the description of what they found. Based on these conclusions, The United States Coast Guard has closed this case and declared Pledge Allegiance legally dead.

Pledge may now be gone in body, but he will always be with us in spirit. Because of everything that he’s contributed to this sport over the last decade, it’s important that we honor his legacy. That’s why, at Season’s Beatings, we will be holding the first ever Pledge Allegiance Memorial Cup. It will be a triple threat match with participants that I have personally invited. These participants have all been important parts of Pledge’s career. It’s only fitting that they should be part of this monumental match.

Two weeks ago, Shawn “Hellstone” Hillard was the first participant invited to take part in this match. He was chosen because of his long-standing association with Pledge via The Russo Family. It was Pledge and Hellstone, the cornerstones of The Russo Family, fighting their way through SAW, the EWA, and the IoA together. It was because of Pledge and Hellstone that The Russo Family can be mentioned in the same breath as The Horsemen and The Elites when you talk about the greatest stables of all time.

Last week, an invitation was extended to “The Ruler” Paul Blair. The reputation of “The Ruler” speaks for itself. Blair has proven himself to truly be “greatness personified.” Some of Pledge’s most memorable matches over the last decade have been against Blair. Pledge’s battles against Blair and his minions have spanned several different organizations over the years. The fact that Blair could have a five star match with a broomstick is reason enough for him to belong in the CWF Hall of Fame with Pledge Allegiance and reason enough for him to take place in this match.

So now, that we have two participants, it’s time to announce the third. It was no easy task deciding on the third participant. There are so many excellent candidates within The CWF who could easily take part in this match.

My first instinct was to invite “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne. Pledge’s battles with The Nitemare have defined their careers. However, it appears that The Nitemare will have more than his hands full at Season’s Beatings.

I also considered inviting the likes of Maniac and Mariano. Maniac and Pledge’s association has gone back to the early days of The EWA. Pledge proclaimed himself to be Maniac’s biggest fan and since then, they’ve had a rivalry that never really reached its full potential. In terms of Mariano, it’s no secret that Pledge saw greatness in Mariano. Mariano is by far the CWF Rookie of The Year. Pledge had a great desire to take Mariano under his wing and mold him into a CWF Superstar capable of carrying this organization into the next decade and beyond. However, with all due respect, as great as Mariano is, he doesn’t quite have the stripes necessary to take part in such an important match.

After taking all of these great candidates under consideration, I was able to finally reach a decision. I arrived upon a man who without a shadow of a doubt deserves to be in this match just as much as anyone else.

A match of this magnitude is deserving of some true star power. When perusing the CWF Roster for eligible candidates, one man caught my eye. He’s a man whose star burns brighter than most here in The CWF. He’s a man who, much like Pledge is a legend, a true icon in this business.

Ladies and gentlemen, it brings me great pleasure to announce the third and final participant in the 1st Annual Pledge Allegiance Memorial Cup…the one…the only…

Jimmy Blast!

TT: No way!

Trixie Lee: Jimmy Blast and Pledge Allegiance have had their share of battles over the years as well. They first crossed paths in SAW, Version One. Pledge holds a victory over Jimmy Blast in Pledge’s one and only MWWF singles match. Much like Blair, Pledge’s rivalry with Blast spanned many different organizations throughout the years.

Blast and Pledge couldn’t be more opposite, however. Blast is the dirtiest player in the game. Pledge was a paragon of virtue. When it’s all said and done, they will both be remembered as legends, but both for very different reasons.

So, now that all three participants have been announced, I hope you will all look forward to Season’s Beatings as much as I do. In this special time of year, we need to remember and celebrate those who are near and dear to us. At Season’s Beatings we will celebrate the life and legacy of our American Icon, Pledge Allegiance. At Season’s Beatings, The Blaster, The Ruler, and The Original Hellraiser are going to tear the roof off the building and provide an experience that will not soon be forgotten in the annals of the CWF. Thanks everyone, see you then!

“Drama Queen” plays one more time and Trixie waves to the audience before once again disappearing backstage.

TT: What an announcement! What a huge matchup that will be at Season’s Beatings just one week from now in honor of the fallen hero, Pledge Allegiance.

BC: It’s enough to make me sick, Teddy. I mean, Jimmy Blast came out of retirement for THIS?! Give me a break. Pledge is gone forever, time to move on!

TT: You know what…I hope Terry Richards beats the snot out of you next week.

BC: What?

TT: Anyway fans…let’s head to the ring for our next contest, I can’t wait for this one!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is a triple threat match and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from Kill Devil's Hill, North Carolina...weighing in at 305 pounds....ISRAEL STEELE!

"Dead Horse" by Guns N' Roses begins, just at the chorus of the song. Israel Steel steps onto the stage and poses then struts to the ring, licking his thumbs then wiping his boots on the apron before climbing between the ropes and raising his hands.

Ring Announcer: And the second entrant into the bout...making his way to the ring from London, England… weighing in at 275 pounds…."Double J" JIMMY JOHNSTON!

Mozart's Piano Sonata begins as JJ steps onto the stage. He gracefully bows and then makes his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans on his way. He climbs in the ring and lifts both arms high in the air as the crowd pops.

Ring Announcer: (looking at the cue card oddly) And their final opponent…hailing from Stockholm, Sweden….(The crowd starts booing)....weighing in at the most radiant 275 pounds to ever grace a wrestling ring…(Even louder boos as the first notes of Marcia Carolus Rex starts playing.)...and standing at a perfectly sculpted six feet and four inches tall....

TT: Oh, he’s going to get his herrings warm tonight…

Ring Announcer: (looking even more confused but shrugging and moving along) The man who says he will be the next CWF World Heavyweight Champion…

The arena erupts in boos and many get on their feet. The camera picks up people holding their noses, giving thumbs down signs.

TT: Aw, come on…

BC: He just might be!


“The Radiant One” Roland Ulv appears at the arena entrance, tonight he’s not only dressed in his usual blue and yellow ring attire, he sports a black t-shirt with an "AWF" log printed in yellow and is holding a microphone as he walks towards the ring.


Marcia Carolus Rex stops playing and we can now hear the full force of the cat calls, the booing and the "ROLAND SUCKS!" chant that is going on.

TT: What’s that t-shirt he’s wearing?

RRU: Good. Thiise Fjord Monki doesn’t deserve to hear my glorious music. You are scum and not worthy of listening to riil music.

BC: I don’t know but I’m sure we’ll get a Radiant explanation…

RRU: In fact, yuu don’t deserve to watch me wrestle tonight. I refuse to wrestle in front of Fjord Monkiis. You are not worthy of seeing thii most Radiant Wrestler in thii world. You don’t appreciate true class and grappling culture!

In the ring Israel Steele and Double J pace around. Double J motions the ref to do something to get the match started.

RRU: I am so ashamed of being a member of the CiiWiiEff that I have put on this fine t-shirt!

TT: An AWF t-shirt? This is insulting!

BC: Wait, hear him out!

RRU: I’m so ashamed fur sure of being part of a federation that chose to have a show for Fjord Monkiis! So ashamed fur sure tu bi part of a federation who has a scared Fjord Monkii as it’s so called champion! A Fjord Monkii I have pinned not once but twice! A Fjord Monkii who fears miii… A Fjord Monkii who tonight will fight a little boy I have pinned twice and fugitive from a mental ward that I’ve pinned and had to carry to victory against thii Fjord Monkiis team a few weeks back…. And yuu can’t even make that right. Handing it out to thii biggest hoax of thii century Barack Obama… A Peace Prize… So he can send more troops to Afghanistan… Job well done Fjord Monkiis…

A cup comes inches from hitting Ulv straight in the head.

RRU: Ja, fur sure! Yuu can’t even hit mii! I’m so ashamed of wrestling in a federation with a president who hold his scared little champion behind thii back… Who protects him and only gives him wiiik opponent like Mariano Boy and Wagga, Wagga Blood! That’s why I rather say I’m an AWF wrestler than a CIIWIIEFF wrestler fur sure… Well listen up Mark Xamin! I know yuu are in thii building! Either yuu give mii a title match or I will riifuse to wrestle in thii CiiWiiEff… As long as yuu chose tuu let thii big Fjord Monkii walk around without having tuu defend his title against mii this federation is a joke I don’t wan’t to bii apart of…

“Elevation” by U2 hits and the crowd erupts as Mark Xamin, recovered from the burns he suffered at the hands of Magnus Thunder in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the first stop of the CWF World Tour, steps out from behind the curtain with a contract and a microphone.

Mark Xamin: Well guess who the hell is back!

The crowd roars.

Mark Xamin: So let me get this straight…for the past month, I’ve been forced to sit at home and watch the CWF’s inaugural World Tour on television because Magnus Thunder decided to play Thor and strike me down in Buenos Aires…and on the night that I return, it’s in Magnus Thunder’s home country, and there’s a Swede wearing an AWF t-shirt challenging him for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship.

BC: I think that about covers it.

Mark Xamin: Well I’ll tell you what, Mr. Radiant fur sure…you want a title match next week? You got it, pal. All you gots to do is sign the dotted line.

Roland Ulv’s eyes light up and he grabs the contract out of Xamin’s hand and quickly signs it. He holds it up for the Nordic crowd, laughing at them and displaying it proudly. Xamin grins behind him.

Mark Xamin: That’s right, you should be proud of that. And you should go into Season’s Beatings next week and give it everything you’ve got, because if you win, you’ll be the new CWF World Heavyweight Champion!

The crowd boos loudly. Roland Ulv nods, beaming.

Mark Xamin: But you see, Roland…in your haste to sign that contract, you failed to read the fine print. Kind of like your country did when they granted Norway its independence…

BC: Ouch.

Mark Xamin: Because if you’d read that fine print, you’d of seen the stipulation. See, if you LOSE next week at Season’s Beatings…if you fail to defeat the 7’5”, 500 pound, monstrosity of a World Champion known as Magnus Thunder…you will be forced to RETIRE from the CWF!

The crowd explodes!


Roland Ulv’s face turns from pure glee to sheer fear. He gulps noticeably.

Mark Xamin: Oh, and Roland? You’ve got 10 seconds to get your sorry ass to the ring or you will be DISQUALIFIED not only from THIS match, but from your match at Season’s Beatings. So let me sum it up…you get to the ring now, or you will RETIRE right here, right now!

TT: Xamin is back and he’s laying down the law!

Roland looks back at Xamin, who is counting down from ten with his fingers. Roland sprints towards the ring and the bell sounds.


TT: And we are under way! Roland dancing around the ring as Johnston and Steele tie whip by Steele, sending Johnston towards Ulc who catches him in a well executed powerslam.

BC: Ulv is a matter of the technical game Teddy, don't expect a street fight from this veteran. he's all about finesse and execution.

TT: Steele with an attempted double axe handle but Ulv sidesteps him and Steele is caught in the clutches of Jimmy Johnston, back up from the powerslam by Ulv...SPINE BUSTER BY JJ!

BC: Good quick action. I like the way this one is going. Ulv now sneaking in behind JJ....




Kickout by Johnston!

BC: Ulv showing he can drop the best with in an instant with that impromptu Radiantplex on Double J.

TT: Israel Steele and Ulv now tied up...Steele with a four inch height advantage here Bobby…

BC: Yeah yeah, but Ulv’s got raw power, so this is an even struggle...and Steele giving ground...Ulv steps in...NO! Steele quickly drops down to an amateur Fireman's carry, but standing upright and tossing Ulv around in a torture rack!

TT: But Double J on his hands and knees out of desperation dives forwards clipping Steele in the back of the knee and Steele drops backwards, Ulv shifts his body around...RADIANT PLEX!





BC: Good Lord, he can drop you with it from anywhere. Did you see the fluid precision in the delivery? The timing...the was ..well, it was RADIANT!

TT: For sure!

BC: Don't go all WAGGA WAGGA WAGGA on me Turnbuckle!

TT: Jimmy Johnston standing back watching the action unfold moves right in and drops an elbow across the mid-section of Roland Ulv!

BC: And Ulv rolls out of the ring to catch a breath...JJ on Steele, knee drop in the small of the back...and another...slow, deliberate with their strikes are those knee drops by JJ for those of you listening on the streaming audio feed on or the podcast and you are listening to me in the future.....

TT: (rolls eyes) And JJ is flexing over the decimated Steele...and Ulv rolls back in quietly from his rear...just as JJ flexes again...RADIANTPLEX!




TT: Wait a referee is motioning that Johnston’s leg was under the ropes at the end of the fisherman's suplex. This match keeps going!

BC: How many Radiantplexes is it going to take to get the job done? Roland Ulv wants to continue the hot streak the Horsemen have going here tonight.

TT: I noticed that too Teddy. Last week Rob Osbourne was somber and a bit introverted. This week, he was...well, he was like his old self again.

BC: And his men are coming out in force to re-enforce the statement made earlier this evening. 2010 is the year of the Horsemen.

TT: Roland clearly in control of this bout...he's pulling Israel Steele up off of the mat.....RADIANTPLEX! THIS HAS GOT TO BE IT!





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner... “THE RADIANT ONE” ROLAND ULV!

Marcia Carolus Rex starts playing as Roland Ulv poses for the crowd and Jimmy Johnston takes his leave up the ramp. As Ulv's music fades out he climbs out of the ring, after taking one last disappointed look at Israel Steele and shaking his head. As he walks through the curtain into the back the arena lights flicker out and we hear the sound of a needle on a record player touching down and the crackle filled intro of "Mr. Sandman" by The Chordettes begins playing...the arena lights flicker with strobes every few seconds and only a single form can be seen leaping off of the turnbuckle and crashing onto Israel Steele then pulling him to his feet, then planting him on his head with a brainbuster DDT. The music fades out as the lights come back on and a masked man stands in the ring, mic in hand.

TT: That’s the Sandman! That’s the damn Sandman of MWWF fame!

BC: Oh my god! There have been rumors about him…

SANDMAN: Mr. were given the chance of a lifetime and actually managed to defeat a dear old friend of Jimmy Blast, last week ...right here on Showdown. You made a mistake - you let that go to your head ... tonight was just the beginning.... from now on you will see the Sandman in your dreams....

The Sandman pulls Steele up and delivers another brainuster DDT and then rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp as "Mr. Sandman" by The Chordettes plays again.

TT: Good God almighty, I can’t believe what I just saw! The Sandman hasn’t been seen since early 1998 back when he was the Horsemen’s hitman! He and Maniac had so many bloody wars, it was one of the premiere blood feuds of the MWWF…and…ahh!


Rob Osbourne sprints down the aisle, slides into the ring, and pulls up Jimmy Johnston…BADD DREAM! He pulls up Israel Steele…BADD DREAM! Johnston and Steele are laid out and Osbourne heads outside the ring for a steel chair! Osbourne back into the ring…


BC: You’re right, Teddy…Osbourne HAS snapped! Ahhh!

Osbourne lifts the chair high above his head, but just as he starts to bring it down on Israel Steele, the video screen lights up with the slot machine again.

TT: What now?! For God’s sake, who is behind this?!

The slot reels spin and land on…Jack Mason!

TT: Could it be?...

BC: Awwww!

TT: Well the Price is Wrong so far tonight…scratch Jack Mason off the list!

Osbourne throws the steel chair down and storms to the back, seething.

TT: The list of suspects continues to dwindle but whoever is behind all of this could just save us all a ton of time and reveal himself…just saying.

BC: Well I’m sure the CWF roster would like that…they’re all getting creamed by the Nitemare tonight!

TT: Yeah well, next week, there won’t be anywhere to run, and there certainly won’t be anywhere to hide, in the confines of that fifteen foot high steel cage!

BC: Yeah, IF the challenge is even accepted, Teddy!

TT: I shudder to think how Rob Osbourne would react if it was declined. But nonetheless folks, we are about set for our next matchup…and what a match it should be! The CWF National Championship is on the line, Sickboy defending against the former Horseman, Terry Richards…

BC: He’s a FORMER Horseman for a reason, Teddy. If he’s dumb enough to pick a fight with a man of my stature in front of the world, I can’t imagine the stupid things he must’ve been doing behind the scenes.

TT: Well right now, he’s got arguably the biggest match of his young career…to become the National Champion tonight in Oslo, Norway would be a huge feather in the cap of Terry Richards’ year of 2009…he’s been the Unified Champion…the National title is on a whole other level though, and what a huge leap it would be for the Windy City Madman.

BC: Feelin’ froggy, Terry? Come on out and jump!

TT: Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the CWF National Championship! Introducing first, the challenger….from Chicago, Illinois…weighing in at 186 pounds…TERRY RICHARDS!

"Hellraiser" by Ozzy Osbourne hits the PA system as the entire crowd roars, most of them on their feet. Terry Richards steps out of the curtain in his regular wrestling attire and his trademark confident smirk. He walks across the entrance ramp, "tagging" the fans' hands that try to reach him. He slides under the top rope and lifts his right arm for the crowd as pyro explodes out of all four turnbuckles. He goes to the center of the ring and awaits his opponent, jumping crazed and prepared.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from New York, New York…weighing in at 275 pounds…the CWF National Champion….SICKBOY!

"Driver Down" By Trent Reznor hits and the crowd explodes into boos as Sickboy appears on the stage. He takes his time walking down the aisle, looking over at fans in the front row booing him loudly. He smirks at them and continues walking, and then climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes into the ring. He holds out his arms, soaking in the heat from the crowd, and leans against his corner as the ref calls for the opening bell.


BC: And Bump-a-palooza 2009 is under way.

TT: Bump-a-what?

BC: Well, these two numb skulls seem to get their jollies off of taking huge bumps. In a match against each other, the name seems to fit.

TT: Okily dokily…and here they go…Terry and Sickboy in a collar and elbow tie-up…Sickboy with the upper hand, and a quick arm drag takedown by Wilkes.

BC: Richards is like a tightly wound spring though and bounces right back up. Terry tries to tie up again but Wilkes catches him in a quick scoop slam. Richards though, on the ground after the slam, catches Sickboy in a drop toe-hold!

TT: Richards back to his feet, Sickboy up now as well, and Richards bounces off the ropes…Richards with a quick clothesline, catching Sickboy off guard!

BC: Richards leaps up on the top turnbuckle as Sickboy slowly gets to his feet…Terry leaps off of the turnbuckle….frog splash!

TT: NO! Sickboy rolls out of the way and Richards bounces off of the canvass. Wilkes now, pandering to the crowd.

BC: Terry stirring on the mat…Sickboy climbs between the ropes onto the apron…Richards up on his feet…Sickboy leaps up…springboards off of the ropes…missile dropkick by Wilkes and Richards crashes back down to the mat.

TT: Sickboy back up, grabs a handful of Terry Richards’s hair and drags him up onto his knees. He balls up his left fist and starts dropping punches as the crowd counts the licks...1…2…3…4…5…6…7…

BC: Richards headbutts Sickboy right in the Mommy-Daddy button! Look at him Turnbuckle…he’s in some serious pain after that!

TT: Terry Richards resorting now to anything he can do to get the advantage…Richards back on his feet, Sickboy doubled over with his hands cupped over his crotch…Richards off the far ropes…BACKCRACKER!

BC: And Wilkes is in some serious trouble Teddy. Terry Richards jumps back on the top rope and drops an elbow on Sickboy! Sickboy better do something!

TT: I agree with you Bobby Crane, if Sickboy doesn’t swing the momentum back his way, Terry Richards is going to be the new National Champion!

BC: I’d love to see the look on the face of Rob Osbourne if that were to happen! Look at Richards…he makes me sick! Taunting Wilkes and showboating for the crowd when he should be executing a finisher and ending this match now, while he has Wilkes on the ropes!

TT: Sickboy rolls onto his stomach as Richards taunts the crowd a bit more. Sickboy up on his hands and knees…Terry Richards off of the ropes….rolling knee drop across the small of Wilkes’s back! And Richards is right back up and showboating once more…I just can’t believe this…

BC: Well Teddy, I can. He’s a cocky, arrogant little piss ant. This stupid crap right here is the kind of thing that earned him his walking papers from The Horsemen.

TT: And Sickboy makes him pay...he kips up and then lands a sickening superkick catching Richards right in the kisser!

BC: HA! Get him Wilkes!

TT: Sickboy pulls Richrds by the leg to the edge of the ring. He climbs out quickly and pulls Terry out and fireman's carries him over Is he bringing him over here?!

BC: He's offering Richards up as a sacrifice to me Teddy! I think I may have misjudged old Wilkes after all! Right here, Curtis...right here...

The announcers stand up and back up a step as Sickboy lays Richards on the table then snaps his head the other way locking on the turnbuckle. He grabs a folding chair from ringside and lays it on top of Richards and then climbs in the ring, ascends to the top turnbuckle and flies off crashing onto the chair and Richards with a flying crossbody , sending both men crashing through the table and sending the crowd into a "HOLY SHIT!" chant. The announcers sit back down without the aid of monitors on the table and put their headsets back on.


TT: That was amazing, but he may have hurt himself as much as he did Richards, Bobby!

BC: Wilkes lives for this....this is what brought him to the dance and he hasn't forgotten that.

TT: Terry Richards moving first on the ground in front of us here at what's left of out announce position.

BC: Fans this wreckage is insane...there is wood and metal and wires everywhere...Richards on his hands and knees...crawling out from under Sickboy's limp and bleeding body...

TT: Richard has some lacerations as well and is slowly building a steady crimson mask of his own.

BC: These two talked trash all week about taking the other to the limit and I have to admit, as much as I hate Terry Richards, they have both left nothing on the table so far in this contest!

TT: Right again, Bobby...Sickboy now struggling up into an upright position, a steady flow of blood coming from his chest where that folding chair twisted up....and Richards is sliced across his forehead from the same impact...Richards on one leg now coming up onto his feet, bent over, gasping for breath, blood pooling on the protective mat below.

BC: Sickboy is dazed Teddy, he doesn't know where he's the old saying goes, the lights are on, but nobody's home!

TT: OH NO! Richards just missile dropkicks Sickboy out of desperation and Wilkes's head just cracked off of that same mat. This can't be good Bobby.

BC: No, I'm 99% sure Wilkes just died.

TT: Would you stop it?!

BC: I'm not kididng, that was a nasty crack on the back of the noggin Teddy. Richards took a cheap shot because that's the only way he can win against a member of the Horsemen. We may need to get paramedics down he-

Just as Bobby is about to say the word, Terry Richards, looming over Sickboy's body in front of the announcers turns and locks onto Bobby Crane in a wide-eyed gaze and then slaps him across the face.

TT: Good Lord! Richards is a monster...he's out of control....he starts to turn around, laughing, Sickboy back on his feet....INFECTION! ON THE ARENA FLOOR!

BC: Kill him Wilkes! Crack his dome open and scramble his brains!

TT: Bobby, get control of yourself....

BC: (shouting) Get up Wilkes...get him in the can't finish it out here!

TT: Bobby, at least TRY to be impartial...

BC: He slapped me across my face, Teddy! Across my beautiful, million dollar face. He's gonna pay dearly for that.

TT: Sickboy pulls terry up by his hair and rolls him under the bottom rope. Sickboy right in behind him. He catches his breath then moves in to finish off the challenger.


TT: Richards was playing possum, he rolls Sickboy into a small package....handful of tights by Richards!




TT: NO! Wilkes got the shoulder up!

BC: But Richards is pissed off now. He pulls Wilkes up to his feet...sends him into the ropes...

TT: WINDY CITY SPINECRUSHER! Sickboy is out of it bad...Richards now standing over slapping Wilkes in the face screaming at him....he rears back.....OH MY GOD! Terry Richards just spat on Sickboy!

BC: Terry Richards is a disgusting, vile, putrid stain on the soiled sheets of a crappy no tell motel on the highway you pay for by the hour.

TT: Well he seems to have this match in hand…and…YES! He’s calling for the Shock Turn…

BC: No way…there is NO WAY that Terry Richards is going to become the CWF National Champion…not like this....not on my watch….

TT: Oh no…Terry pulls Sickboy up and sets him up for the Shock Turn, but Bobby Crane pulls his headphones off and heads to the time-keeper and grabs the National title….SHOCK TURN BY RICHARDS! But as he turns around...he gets a face full of title belt, courtesy of "Beautiful" Bobby Crane…and…there’s the bell…


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner, as a result of a disqualification…"THE WINDY CITY MADMAN" TERRY RICHARDS!

As "Hellraiser" by Ozzy Osbourne begins playing, Bobby Crane once again takes his seat at the table. The referee hands Sickboy the National title as he gets back to his feet. He looks around in confusion, not sure of what just happened.

TT: Are you kidding me, Bobby? What kind of cheap shot was that?! You just cost Terry Richards the National title! And more than that…you just shot yourself in the foot, you just cost yourself a National title match next week!

BC: Hey, that punk ass had it coming! No way will his name soil the lineage of the National title!


Rob Osbourne sprints back down the aisle for the third time tonight and pulls Terry Richards up to his feet. He points at the video screen and yells for the Nitemare’s Nightmare to show himself…and PLANTS Richards head first into the mat with a Badd Dream!

TT: Well there’s another Badd Dream…and there’s the damn slot machine again!

BC: Ha! It’s like the Badd Dream is his quarter for the slot machine!

The video screen buzzes to life and the slots spin once again, this time landing on “Hotshot” Mike Stewart.

TT: It couldn’t be Mike Stewart, could it? The former CWF World Heavyweight Champion! We haven’t seen him since 1998!

BC: Awww! Rob Osbourne is no good at this game!

TT: Well scratch another name off the suspect list, but Rob Osbourne’s match is coming up next! Rob Osbourne will be in action against Paul Blair on the other side of the commercial break and folks…this could be a pivotal moment in this whole entire saga! Don’t go anywhere…we’ll be right back!


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Real Estate Agent

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown folks, brought to you by and Spidersitebuilder, the world’s easiest and most powerful website builder. And coming up next, buckle up folks…Rob Osbourne takes on Paul Blair!

BC: And this is a match that’s fair to Blair! He beat the World Champion last week, I don’t care what people say! A win over Rob Osbourne tonight has to make him the number one contender, it HAS to!

TT: Well I don’t think it HAS to but he’d certainly have an argument for himself. Nonetheless folks, we are ready to get this thing started! Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

"All Nightmare long" by Metallica begins playing as the lights in the arena go black. A crack of thunder is heard as a pyrotechnically produced bolt of lightning strikes the stage as the opening guitar riff ends and the drums kick in. As the lyrics of the song begin, purple spotlights swirl around the arena followed by a double arc of pyro that shoots out of the floor as "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne steps out onto the stage and the fans erupt with a mix of cheers and boos. Osbourne poses at the top of the ramp as the opening verse ends and the chorus kicks in.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...from Windermere, Florida! Weighing in at 245 pounds..."THE NITEMARE" ROB OSBOURNE!

Osbourne makes his way toward the ring. He slides beneath the bottom rope. He makes his way across the ring and leaps up on to the farthest turnbuckle and poses as the music fades out and the lights return to normal.

TT: The question on everyone's mind tonight is...can The Ruler overcome The Nitemare?!

BC: I think he can, Teddy! I think he can!

The BlairVision Theme hits the arena as the crowd instantly erupts in cheers. A series of fireworks blast off on the stage followed by one huge blast in the center. Paul Blair steps out to the stage with Robin Cradle, forcing the crowd to get even louder with their cheers. He salutes his fans and shows off Robin before making his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...accompanied by Robin Cradle! Hailing from River Falls, Wisconsin and weighing in at 275 pounds..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!

Robin makes her way to the far corner as Blair uses the steps to enter the ring. He poses for the crowd one more time in the ring as his music fades out.

TT: Blair looks like a new man Bobby!

BC: Well, he now has transitioned from being a Hall Of Famer and a superstar to being a Hall Of Famer, a superstar, and the BIGGEST actor on the planet!

TT: Think you may be getting a little bit of the Blair ego there, Bobby.

BC: Blair? Ego? Please!


TT: Here we go! Blair and Osbourne lock up, and Osbourne forces Blair in to the ropes. The ref calls for the break. Osbourne whips Blair across the ring...and he catches him with a hip toss on the rebound! Osbourne quickly follows with a side armbar!

BC: So gonna go watch Agent 00-Zero in February?

TT: I...I don't know yet. You?

BC: Already preordered the tickets through BlairCorps!

TT: Figures... Anyway...back to the match! Blair has made it back to his feet, and he counters with an arm drag and twist...elbow to the arm! Blair sends Osbourne to the corner.

Blair points his hands at Osbourne like a gun and acts like he pulled the trigger. He rushes in...hard forearm! Blair snapmares Osbourne out of the corner and applies a rear chinlock. The ref checks on Osbourne, but Osbourne refuses to give up! Osbourne stuggles, making it back to his feet. Blair switches over to a side headlock and is instantly forced off in to the ropes by Osbourne!

TT: Blair on the rebound...and Osbourne catches him with a snap powerslam...and here's the early cover!




TT: Blair with the kickout!

BC: It won't be that easy for Osbourne!

TT: Osbourne brings Blair back to his feet with a front facelock...swinging neckbreaker! He hits the far ropes and quickly drops the knee to Blair's skull! He flips Blair on to his stomach and applies the rear hammerlock submission!

BC: That's what makes Osbourne so dangerous! He knows how to wear down him opponent!

TT: Blair is trying to get back to his feet...and he finally does. Blair with a hip toss, and Osbourne crashes to the mat. Osbourne returns to his feet and rushes at Blair...another hip toss!

BC: This is what I call being fair to Blair!

TT: Osbourne springs back up and Blair catches him with a knife edge chop! Osbourne crashes to the mat! Blair drops the elbow and quickly gets back to his feet.

Blair hits the far ropes. He stops just before reaching Osbourne. Blair puts his hands in the gun formation again shooting Osbourne. He blows off the barrels and drops the leg across the throat! Blair makes the cover!




TT: It looks like Blair's ego is becoming larger than life!

BC: Ego?! The man's about to win himself Oscar's and Emmy's, Teddy! Agent 00-Zero is going to be the number one movie in America!

TT: I don't disagree with that, Bobby...we're talking about South America...right?

BC: Shut up! Blair's the man!

TT: Blair picks Osbourne back up and shoots him off in to the ropes. Blair ducks for the back body drop...but it's telegraphed! Osbourne clips Blair with a boot to the face! Osbourne grabs Blair with a front facelock...snap suplex! Osbourne brings Blair to a sitting position and places his knee in to Blair's spine, pulling back on the arms!

BC: He's cheating! Osbourne's cheating!

TT: What the hell are you talking about?! That's a legitimate hold!

BC: He poked Blair in the eyes! I saw it!

TT: Really? Are you sure that Mariano didn't give you some of that fish that his country gave Roland?

BC: Shut up, Teddy!

TT: Blair is struggling...using his strength to get back to his feet...and he's able to bring Osbourne to the mat with a modified northern lights suplex!

BC: Ha! Take that Nitemare!

TT: Blair brings Nitemare back to his feet with a front facelock. Blair twist him around in position for a neckbreaker...and Osbourne is dropped back to the mat!

Blair picks Osbourne up again. He again rotates Blair in to position for the neckbreaker...but Osbourne counters with a backslide!




TT: Blair kicks out! He almost was caught there!

BC: The Karate Priest won't be beaten by a backslide!

TT: Osbourne returns to his feet as Blair waits. Blair with a running lariat, and Osbourne ducks it! Blair turns to Osbourne...boot to the gut! Osbourne floats behind and applies the inverted facelock...could be the Badd Dream!

BC: No! NO!

TT: Blair spins out of it...short arm lariat, and Osbourne is down again! Blair has really stepped up since winning last week against the champion! It might have been a reversed decision by the referee, but as you always say Bobby...a win's a win!

BC: Exactly!

TT: Blair brings Osbourne back to his! Osbourne lifts Blair and rushes him back first in to the corner! Osbourne with a shoulder to the gut...and a second! He whips Blair to the opposite corner, following behind him...vicious boot...and Blair falls to a seated position in the corner!

BC: Be fair to Blair! Come on ref...disqualify the Nitemare!

TT: Osbourne hits the far ropes...boot wash on the rebound! And just like that, the Nitemare has gained full control!

Osbourne brings Blair to his feet and hoists him to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Osbourne hits Blair with a hard right rocking him. He climbs the corner and grabs Blair with a front facelock...superplex! Osbourne makes his way back to Blair and brings him back to his feet. Osbourne lifts Blair to his shoulder and makes his way to the corner...snake eyes! Blair stumbles back and turns around...boot to the gut...snap DDT!

TT: And Osbourne is mocking Blair as he points his hands at Blair like a gun!

BC: Gimmick Infringement! Sue him, Blair...sue him!

TT: Osbourne lifts Blair!!! Blair with an inside cradle!




TT: Blair almost caught the Nitemare! Both men back to their feet...and Osbourne takes Blair to the mat with a running clothesline! He drags Blair to the ropes, placing his throat across the bottom rope. And he uses his boot to choke Blair with the rope!

The ref calls for the break and begins his count! He makes it to four, and Osbourne finally releases. The ref admonishes him, but he pays no attention as he brings Blair back to his feet. Osbourne delivers a knee to the gut...and a second! He whips Blair across the ring...flapjack on the rebound! Osbourne brings Blair to a sitting position and applies a rear chinlock!

TT: Great move by Osbourne here! He's going to slow down The Ruler and weaken him for the Badd Dream!

BC: Come on, Paul!

TT: Blair is trying...and he's finally able to get back to his feet as Osbourne floats over in to a side headlock. And Blair with a back suplex to free himself from the move!

BC: YES! We need to see a Blair Kick!

TT: Blair uses the ropes and pulls himself back to his feet. Osbourne is slowly starting to get up...BLAIR KICK! NO! Osbourne ducked it! He drills Blair with a forearm to the kidney and grabs him with the inverted facelock...BADD DREAM!


TT: That should do it!




TT: It's ov...

The referee waves off the pinfall as Blair's foot is on the bottom rope! Osbourne looks irate as he argues with the referee! He grabs Blair, bringing him to his feet. Osbourne with a short arm clothesline...but Blair ducks under! Osbourne quickly turns to Blair...


TT: Blair connects...but Osbourne has the where-with-all to roll out of the ring!


TT: Blair rolls out of the ring and quickly picks up Osbourne. He rolls Osbourne back in to the ring and quickly follows, making the cover!




TT: Osbourne gets the shoulder up! You'd have to believe that if Blair could have made the cover right after the Blair Kick...this match would be over!

BC: Damn it, damn it, damn it! Osbourne is getting all of the breaks here tonight!

TT: Blair brings Osbourne to his feet...atomic drop! And he continues with a right forcing Osbourne to stumble back! Osbourne stumbles forward...atomic drop! Blair bring Osbourne in to the air...scoop slam! Blair with a fist drop to the skull!

BC: Classic Blair!

TT: Blair brings Osbourne back to his feet and snapmares him back to the mat! He climbs to the middle turnbuckle. Blair dives off...and he drives the point of the elbow in to Osbourne's heart! And Blair again goes for the cover!




TT: Osbourne kicks out! Blair quickly brings Osbourne back to his feet...inverted facelock....

BC: HA! Looks like Blair is going for the Badd Dream!

TT: NO! Osbourne spins out and this time connects with a vicious short arm lariat! He picks Blair back up...russian legsweep!

BC: This can't be good for Blair! Come on, Paul! Don't let the Nitemare beat you!

TT: Osbourne pulls Blair back to his feet...and he has the inverted facelock...BADD DREAM! NO! Blair spins out again! Osbourne turns to Blair...BLAIR KICK! NO! Osbourne ducks under...and he rolls Blair up with the pin!

BC: He has the tights, Teddy! He has the tights!





TT: That's it! Osbourne has done it!

BC: That was not fair to Blair!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..."THE NITEMARE" ROB OSBOURNE!

TT: And Osbourne took the easy way out and grabbed a handful of tights for the victory!

BC: Of course he did! He couldn’t beat Blair otherwise! NO ONE COULD!

TT: Would you stop it?! And what the hell? What the hell is this now?!

The video screen lights up and the slots roll once more.

BC: Come on, baby! Bobby needs a new pair of shoes!

TT: Stop it!

The reels slow and stop on… “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne!

TT: Huh?

BC: We have a winner! Ha!

TT: I don’t get it! What the hell is the meaning of this?!

Suddenly, “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga hits and a beautiful blonde woman wear a long, flowing blue dress and high heels steps out from the back and eloquently walks down the aisle. Rob Osbourne is utterly confused. The woman climbs the ring steps and steps through the bottom rope.

TT: Who is THIS now?

Woman: Hi Rob (winks), I was sent out here to give you a message. The first one is that your match for next week has been accepted and you will be facing the mystery man in a cage. The second message is that you are not even close, darling, and need to keep guessing. And the final message is from me personally.

The woman smiles and grabs Rob Osbourne’s head and plants a kiss on his lips. Osbourne shoves her away and steps back, looking disgusted. His mouth is smeared with her deep red lip stick.

BC: Ha! Way to go, Rob! Tap that ass!

TT: This is a family show, shut your mouth! Maybe she had bad breath or something? He pulled away pretty fast…

Osbourne, looking pissed off, shoots her an angry glare. He smiles vindictively at him and leaves the ring, walks up the aisle. She stops at the top of the aisle and winks at him, and then waves. The video screen lights up with the slots again.

TT: Oh no…what now?

BC: I think Rob Osbourne might have a gambling problem…

The reels land on the image of a small man, a close up of a guy’s crotch in speedos, and an image of the woman who just kissed Rob Osbourne. The crowd buzzes, in disbelief.

TT: Oh God….don’t tell me…

BC: BLAH! (makes gagging sounds)


TT: Oh Good Lord! Good Lord this has crossed every line imaginable! Rob Osbourne is livid!

BC: How does that song go, Teddy? He kissed a guy and he liked it!

TT: Hey get it straight, the guy, disguised as a woman, kissed HIM…and he certainly did NOT like it!

Rob Osbourne’s face turned bright red and he quivers with anger. The transvestite’s face turns to utter fear as Osbourne shoots out of the ring and sprints up the aisle after him/her. They disappear behind the curtain.

TT: I…I don’t even know how to follow that, that’s never happened before.

BC: Well the match is on, Teddy! The cage match is gonna happen next week in Chicago!

TT: It is indeed and you almost have to feel sorry for whoever’s behind this, because Rob Osbourne is gonna tear his damn face off his head next week…

BC: Rob Osbourne might still be brushing his teeth vigorously and gargling mouthwash to try and get the man tongue taste out by then! Hell, he might have to bring chemicals into this, maybe some Ajax, some CLR…

TT: (trying to hold back laughter) It’s…heh…it’s time for our main event, folks….Magnus Thunder, in his home country of Norway, teams with his minion Keith Daniels to take on Mariano Fernandez and Blood! And Blood will take on Keith Daniels next week at Season’s Beatings!

BC: Wait until Magnus Thunder comes out here….it’s gonna sound like a jungle in here with all these fjord monkeys ooo ooo ahhing!

TT: Would you stop? Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen...please welcome "THE RADIANT ONE" ROLAND ULV!

Roland steps out to the stage, Swedish flag drapes across his back like a cloak. The sold out crowd overpowers his music as they shake the arena with boos. He makes his way down the aisle and around the ring to the announce table. He sits down next to Bobby Crane and puts on a headset as his music fades out.

TT: It looks like we're going to be joined by "The Radiant One"!

BC: How great is this!

RRU: The Radiant One is here in the land of Fjord Monkey's!

Ring Announcer: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...

"Strike Of The Ninja" by Dragonforce hits the arena with a mixed reaction from the crowd. Mariano Fernandez rushes out to the stage...alone. He runs to the left side of the stage, trying to get the crowd to cheer him on. The mixed reaction continues as he makes his way to the right side of the stage posing for the crowd.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Buenos Aires, Argentina! He weighs in at one hundred seventy-one pounds...MARIANO "SHADOW" FERNANDEZ!

Mariano rushes down the aisle and quickly slides under the bottom rope. He poses again for the crowd, and again only receives a mixed reaction as his music fades out.

TT: It's unusual to see...but this crowd isn't exactly seeing Mariano as the fan favorite!

BC: Did you notice that he doesn't have Rei with him tonight?

TT: Probably smart considering what has happened over the last couple of weeks!

RRU: Why is this guy in the main event? One: Hiis a babyboy... Two: I've pinned him thrii times and Thrii: Hii's not Radiant like mii fur sure!

A violin symphony hits the arena as the lights go out. The crowd erupts in furious boos as a wall of flames blast off in front of the entrance area on the stage. The arena goes to a dark red glow as the violin symphony fades in to "Hero" by Skillet. The flames die down revealing Blood on one knee behind them...staff in hand and head bowed. He rises to his feet and slowly makes his walk down the aisle, followed by a trail of flames in each footstep.

Ring Announcer: And his partner...from Charlotte, North Carolina! Weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds...BLOOD!

Blood uses the steps to enter the ring. He makes his way to the side of the ring handing his staff and bone mask to an official on the outside. His music fades and the lights begin to return to normal as he hands the official his cape and harness.

TT: This is the man you defeated at Battle To Survive, Roland! Although, you needed a taser to do so!

RRU: I didn't niid thi just made it more fun! I tried to stop him from being Wagga, Wagga, Wagga!

BC: And a win is a win!

The lights flicker off to the sound of distant thunder. Lightning flashes across the entrance as the instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative grinds into the air. Through a shower of sparks walks the titanic frame of Magnus Thunder with Keith Daniels at his side. The World Heavyweight Championship drapes across his shoulder as his hometown overpowers his music with cheers.

Magnus Thunder: Cut the music! Cut the music!

TT: What the hell is Magnus doing?!

The music stops as the lights slowly return to normal. The pyro dies down and the monster begins to speak.

TT: I'm not sure what's going on here folks! I've just been told these people have not been watching this program in recent months due to a network ban! They're cheering on a huge and terrifying behemoth that has all but shamed this country!

BC: Up until now we haven't really known how right the Radiant One is! They really ARE Fjord Monkeys!

TT: Word has it that they haven't seen a Showdown since May, when Magnus Thunder was defeated by Brian Adams for the championship!

BC: Magnus and Daniels listening to the chorus of cheers now, and the chump...I mean CHAMP, has a mic!

Magnus paces the stage, looking at the standing ovation around him.

Magnus Thunder: Hjem endelig. Søt Norge ! Home at last. Sweet Norway!

The crowd pops with cheers of Kjærlighet lev Magnus ! Long live Magnus!

Magnus Thunder: The land of the north, bringing the world a legacy of violence and raiding and pillaging the world of the weak! To NORWAY! To the land that brought forth THUNDER!

The giant norseman raises the flag triumphantly and the crowd explodes!

Magnus Thunder: Yes! The land that saw me lose to the vile machinations of Brian Adams, the Rated-R tail-tucking Superstar!

The crowd now remains hushed, unsure of where he is going...

Magnus Thunder: Aye, watched me lose...THEN FORSOOK ME!

TT: WHOA! The big guy exploding now! The crowd begins to hang their heads in shame, jaws no doubt hitting the floor in shock!

BC: Serves these fish slappers right!

Magnus Thunder: No longer was I worthy of your banners! No longer was my name spoken with pride, once held in a place of honor only now uttered in disgust! I DEFEATED HIM! AND STILL YOU REFUSED ME IN YOUR STREETS! REFUSED ME WITHIN YOUR EATERIES! Then we come to your country, and wonder...Where has he been? Why hasn't he walked among us? Why hasn't he eaten our food! Brainless dolts! You're not people. Not people at all!

Magnus pauses amid a deathly silence...and then...




Magnus violently throws the thick remains of the flag to the mat and wipes his feet upon them before kicking them out of the ring. He then motions for Daniels to open the box.

BC: Oh man...yeah! I mean no! HE WOULDN'T!


Magnus shakes the remaining contents of the bucket out, juice dripping onto the gray pile of fermented fish, then chucks the bucket hard onto the stage, causing it to bounce high into the air and into the crowd. He then makes his way to the ring...


TT: What has come over this man!? Better question: Why do I keep asking!?

BC: Because you're in love with him!

TT: Perhaps Mr. Xamin could enter a Dumbest Comment of the Year entry to our awards show this year, Bobby!

This crowd has completely turned on Magnus!

RRU: That's thii first sign of intelligent life I've ever siin in thiis country fur sure! Iven thii small Fjord Monkiis hate thii Big Fjord Monkiii!

Magnus and Daniels make their way down the aisle. Blood quickly slides out of the ring and goes after Daniels and Magnus. He alternates hard rights between the two as the referee tries to get them all in the ring.

TT: Blood decided not to wait for this match to start, as he has come right after Daniels and Magnus!

Magnus blocks a right and drills Blood with a massive lariat sending him to the floor. Magnus picks Blood back up, gripping his throat. Daniels also grips.

TT: This is not good for Blood!

BC: It's his own damn fault, Teddy!

RRU: His sick in thii Brain. Hii doesn't know anii better fur sure.


Mariano sails over the top rope with a summersault plancha taking down all three men! He gets back to his feet, taunts for the crowd who have gained a new found love for him, and quickly slides back in to the ring. He stands on the second rope, waiting for the other three participants to enter the ring.

TT: Mariano with that leap of faith...and he took all three men down!

Blood returns to his feet and quickly picks up Daniels. He rolls Daniels in to the ring and the official calls for the opening bell!


TT: It looks like this match is officially underway! Blood brings Daniels back to his feet with a front facelock. Blood, Daniels blocks it. Daniels lifts Blood...vertical suplex!

BC: He better watch out for the gnat!

RRU: Fur sure!

TT: Daniels turns...and he's met with a running knee lift from Mariano! Daniels drops to a knee...and a dropkick takes him to the mat!

BC: Mariano better watch out! The champion is back in the ring...vicious lariat from behind!

TT: Magnus quickly brings Blood back to his feet...and he sends him hard shoulder first in to the corner!

BC: That was brutal!

RRU: I saw it coming.

TT: You did not! Blood stumbles out, turning around...BIG BOOT!

Magnus lifts Mariano to his feet and brings him overhead with a military press. He tosses Mariano over the top rope to the outside, giving Magnus and Daniels control of the match!

TT: Magnus showing his dominant side here! I have to ask do you intend to compete with Magnus at Season's Beatings?

RRU: Like I have said bifore...I have alreadii diifiited him in the past! At Siison's Biitings, you will sii a nuu Radiant champion!

BC: Blood is in a bad spot here!

Magnus picks Blood up with a front facelock. He and Daniels lift Blood in to the air...front suplex! Daniels brings Blood back to his feet and forces him to the corner. Right hand...and another! He whips Blood at Magnus...and Magnus with an overhead belly to belly! Magnus makes the quick cover!




TT: Blood kicks out! Magnus quickly continues the attack as he brings Blood up to his shoulders in a rack position...and he drops down with a backbreaker!

BC: And it looks like Magnus is stepping out of the ring.

RRU: Yuu sii that? Thii Big Fjord Monkii tires fast. His not in Radiant shape fur sure!

TT: Daniels lifts Blood up with a sidewalk slam...and he drops him across the knee for a backbreaker! He lifts him up...another backbreaker! And he holds Blood across his knee, bending him for the submission!

Magnus picks Mariano up on the outside and rams him against the barracade. He backs off...runs full speed...and Mariano moves out of the way of the big boot! Magnus is hung up on the barracade as Mariano leaps atop it...spinwheel kick...and they crash in to the crowd!

TT: The referee is being awfully lenient here, not starts a count!

RRU: If this gnat can duu this much damage tuu thi Fjord Monkii, what does that say about Siison's Biitings?

BC: Daniels has finally released the backbreaker submission, and he is following up with a series of stomps!

TT: Mariano has brought Magnus back up, leaning him against the barricade...dropkick! And Magnus tumbles back to the floor! Mariano springs back up to the barricade...big splash!

RRU: Not quite a radiant splash if you ask me.

TT: It was a great move. Inside the ring, Daniels has brought Blood back to his feet...and he rushes him violently in to the corner! Daniels with a hard lariat...and another...and another! He pulls Blood out of the corner and brings him back to the mat!

Daniels hits the far ropes and returns with a knee drop to the skull! Outside, Mariano forces Magnus back to his feet, but Magnus quickly gets the upperhand with a vicious right! He grabs Mariano and slams him face first in to the steel steps. Magnus rolls Mariano back in to the ring and climbs in after him. He picks Mariano up, gripping him by the throat. He glances over to Daniels...and Daniels joins in, also gripping the throat!

TT: This cannot be good for Mariano!

BC: Looks like we're about to see a double chokeslam!

TT: They lift Mariano up...CHOKE...NO!!! Mariano with a double DDT!!!

BC: Incredible!

RRU: It's not that impressive.

TT: All four men are down!

BC: So Roland...who's the most wagga wagga in this match?

RRU: Normally I wuuld say Blood...but I'd have to go with Magnus...because you know that he actually thinks hiis some sort of Norse God and that hii'll biit mii at Siiison's Biiitings!

BC: Haha! Wagga wagga!

TT: It looks like Mariano is starting to is Magnus. They both are back to their feet...and Mariano ducks a right! Low kick to the calf...and a second! Mariano with a chop block, and Magnus drops down to a knee! Mariano hits the far ropes...shining wizard on the rebound!

Daniels is back up and comes at Mariano...but Mariano is able to evade him! Daniels turns back to Mariano...and he's able to take the advantage as he brings Mariano up to his shoulder!

TT: Looks like Daniels is going for a running powerslam here...NO!!! Blood is back up and delivers the boot to the gut! Mariano falls behind as Blood hits the far ropes...

BC: High and low! Great teamwork from Mariano and Blood!

TT: Blood grabs Daniels and drags him to the ropes. He drapes Daniels across the middle rope. Blood stands on Daniels' back using the top rope to apply pressure!

Mariano flips Magnus on to his stomach and hammerlocks his arm. He leaps in to the air and drops a hard knee to the hammered arm! And again! The referee finally pulls Blood off of Daniels. Blood hits the far ropes...and he crashes down upon Daniels from the rebound! Blood pulls Daniels out of the ropes and brings Daniels up to his shoulders.

TT: What does Blood have in mind here?!

RRU: Do either of yuuu riialize that I have biiten thrii out of the four guys in this match? Seriously...why is there so much hype for this match? I think my first title diifene will bii a handicap match against all four of thiise wrestlers.

TT: You wouldn't stand a chance. They are four great competitors...

RRU: Well, I still think that thii boss shuuld have went for my suggestion of making this a lumberjack match!

TT: Blood rolls forward, crashing Daniels back to the mat with a rolling samoan! And Mariano has Magnus up to his knees as Blood hits the far ropes. Blood on the rebound...and Magnus quickly gets to his feet planting Blood with a boneshattering spinebuster!

BC: That was brutal!

TT: Mariano rushes at Magnus...ducking under a clothesline! Mariano with a crucifix...and Magnus drops back with devastating force, crushing Mariano! Magnus has the cover!




TT: Mariano kicks out! Daniels has reached the ropes, using them to pull himself back up. Magnus picks up Mariano, hoisting him in to the air as he keeps his back turned to Daniels. Daniels rushes...vicious lariat!

RRU: Haha!

BC: They better keep their eyes on Blood!

RRU: Mister Wagga Wagga is coming at Kit!

TT: Hard forearm from behind, and Daniels is down! Magnus and Blood are standing face to face...and here we go! They are exchanging blows in the center of the ring! Magnus finally blocks a right...headbutt! Blood stumbles back as Magnus comes at him...boot to the gut by Blood! Blood with a front facelock...and he runs the ropes for a tornado DDT! Blood has the cover!!!

RRU: I wonder if thii voices in hiis head tells him tu stay down?




Magnus kicks out before the 3-count! Blood pulls Magnus back to his feet and forces him in to the corner. He looks over to notice Daniels getting back up. He waits as Daniels stands and boots him in the gut! Swinging neckbreaker, and Daniels is back on the mat! Blood makes his way over to Magnus and drills him with a back elbow...and a second!

TT: Blood with vicious elbows in the corner as Mariano makes it back to his feet! Blood moves out of the way and Mariano rushes in...jumping double knee to the chest! Mariano moves out of the way as Blood flies in...BIG SPLASH! He hits the far ropes as Magnus stumbles out. Blood on the rebound...NO!!!

RRU: Kit springs tuu his fiiit and almost decapitates Blood with a hard clothesline!

BC: Out of nowhere!

TT: Mariano leaps at Daniels...headscissors...NO!!! Daniels is able to keep his balance, and Magnus quickly grabs Mariano, lifting his body in to a horizontal position!

Magnus holds Mariano by the head, dropping to a sitting position with a neckbreaker as Daniels drops with a powerbomb! Mariano rolls outside of the ring in pain as Blood tries pulling himself up with the ropes. Daniels grabs Blood and whips him across the ring. Daniels and Magnus both hit separate ropes...DOUBLE SHOULDERBLOCK!

RRU: That had to hurt!

TT: Magnus brings Blood back to his feet and lifts him overhead with a military press. Daniels drops to a knee...and Magnus drops Blood down gut first across Daniels' knee!

BC: Blood and Mariano better rethink the game plan here!

RRU: The Fjord Monkii and his puppet are tearing apart Mister Wagga Wagga!

TT: Daniels has Blood back up, lifting him vertical with a front facelock. Daniels is walking around the ring with Blood in the air...

Mariano has made it back to the apron. He springboards, leaping at Magnus for a seated senton...but Magnus catches him! Magnus rushes at the corner and slams Mariano hard across the top turnbuckle with a powerbomb! He pulls Mariano back up as he turns away, running to the center of the ring...POWER...NO!!! Mariano with a hurricanrana takedown! Daniels has Blood in the center of the ring...and Blood delivers a knee to the head...and a second! And Blood drops down, countering with a suplex of his own!

TT: Blood appears exhausted!

RRU: Another sign that it should be me...a real wrestler who's in Radiant shape in this match fur sure!

BC: I'm just amazed that the gnat is still standing!

TT: Mariano heads to the top...and here's the moonsault on Daniels for the cover!




TT: Daniels gets the shoulder up! Mariano hits the far ropes as Magnus has made it back to his feet. Mariano rushes at him...but Magnus counters with a back body drop sending Mariano over the top rope!

BC: The gnat landed on the apron!

TT: Magnus turns to Mariano...and Mariano delivers the shoulder...NO!!! Magnus brings up the knee and Mariano is dazed! He pushes Mariano, forcing him to the floor outside! Magnus turns and Blood comes at him with a hard knee lift...but Magnus catches him! Magnus falls back...hotshot on the top rope!

Blood stumbles back as Magnus hits the far ropes. Daniels hits the opposite ropes at the same time...DOUBLE BIG BOOT!!! Daniels picks Blood up, bringing him in to a fireman's carry as Mariano pulls himself on to the apron. Magnus rushes at Mariano but is met with a leaping knee! Mariano slingshots...double knee takedown on Magnus!

TT: Great move by Mariano...but Blood is in trouble! Daniels swings Blood around...COUNTER!!! Blood counters with the DDT!!!

BC: What a move!

RRU: Sloppy, no finesse...

TT: Daniels is down in the center of the ring as Blood uses the corner to pull himself back to his feet!

Blood glances over at Mariano. Mariano makes his way to the other corner, leaping to the top. He gains his balance as he looks over to Blood. Blood climbs to the top rope...Blood with a legdrop...and Mariano with a shooting star press at the same time!!! Blood stumbles back to the ropes as Mariano has the cover!




TT: Magnus with the save at the last second!!! Magnus returns to his feet, falling back in to the ropes...and Blood sends him over the top with a lariat! Blood falls to the mat in exhaustion as Magnus makes it to his feet on the outside. Mariano rushes at the ropes...suicide dive...and Magnus is down again!

Daniels makes his way back to his feet as does Blood. Blood comes at Daniels with the clothesline...and Daniels ducks it!

TT: Daniels brings Blood up in to a fireman's carry position...THE FINAL VERDICT!!! And he makes the cover!!!



BC: What the hell is this?! Magnus has stopped the referee from finishing the count!

RRU: It was over fur sure!

Daniels looks up, locking eyes with Magnus. He stands as Magnus picks Blood back up. Magnus lifts Blood for a powerbomb...and he sends him over the top rope to the outside!

TT: Blood has just crashed down in front of us here, and it looks like Magnus and Daniels are on their way over!

BC: Blood is in trouble, as Mariano is still down on the other side of the ring!

Magnus pulls the top off the announce table and begins to remove the monitors as Daniels brings Blood back to his feet. The ref pleads with Daniels and Magnus to bring it in the ring...and he calls for the bell!

TT: The bell has sounded, and I believe the official has thrown this match out!

Daniels and Magnus both grab Blood with a choke grip, lifting him high in to the air...

RRU: Now...just hold on a minute fur sure! I wuud be so worried about driving this man thruu a table as much as I'd be worried about...HIM!

Roland points to the stage. "All Nightmare Long" by Metallica blasts throughout the arena as Magnus quickly turns his attention to the stage. Rob Osbourne walks out from behind the curtain. Magnus and Daniels toss Blood aside as they both quickly get back in to the ring, taunting Osbourne to try and stop them.

RRU: Hold on...hold on...did I say him? I meant...THEM!!!

Osbourne smiles as Bob Osbourne, Jimmy Blast, Chemical X, and Sickboy join him on the stage. The five slowly start making their way down the aisle as Daniels looks more than ready to go...but Magnus holds him back. Magnus and Daniels quickly exit on the left side of the ring, ready to hop the barricade...

TT: Looks like Magnus and Daniels are going to leave through the crowd!

RRU: Umm...I wouldn't do that if I were yuuuu... I don't think that THEY will let you by...

BC: What the hell is he talking about?!

Roland smirks as Magnus and Daniels look through the crowd, confused on what Roland is talking about. The crowd begins to cheer as James Baker, Enrique Lopez, Kevin Styles, J.T. Banks, Leon Lonewolf, TJ, and Bruno make their way through the crowd...heading toward Daniels and Magnus!

TT: I'm not sure what exactly is going on here...but it appears as if some of the superstars are making their way to the ring through the crowd!!!

BC: The champ looks confused!

Magnus grabs Daniels and the two make their way near the aisle. Magnus hesitates as he thinks about trying to get past the Horsemen, but decides against it as he and Daniels make it to the other side of the ringside area.

RRU: Before you get too far... I think it's best if I let you know...I don't think that's such a smart idea. THEY don't look like they'll let yuuuuu pass either fur sure!

Magnus looks up in to the crowd as Terry Richards, Chris Richards, Alex Richards, Rex Fury, Jeffrey Bogard, and Johnny Lee make their way down toward Magnus and Daniels!

BC: What the hell is going on here?!

TT: I've...I've never seen anything like this before!

Magnus and Daniels make their way over to the announce table.

Magnus Thunder: And who do you think will stop me now?! You?!

RRU:!!! You see this big sign that says "Fjord Monkii" on it behind me?

Roland points to the sign directly behind the announce table.

RRU: As you can see...not only do they think that you're a Fjord Monkii...but they're also fans of The Patriot!

The men drop the sign, all of them sitting in a row...all with Patriot masks on.

RRU: As I was saying...don't worry about MIII...worry about...THEM!

The men take their masks off revealing that they are Israel Steele, Jimmy Johnston, Simon Jacobs, Jake Douglas, Vincent Torigianni, Donovan Torigianni, and Paul Blair! Magnus looks frustrated as he and Daniels back up to the ring apron, assessing the situation. The crowd is closing in, and both men slide back in to the ring, ready for an inevitable war...

RRU: Hey Fjord Monkii...Merry Christmas! Ho, Ho, ho!

TT: This is unbelievable, Bobby! It looks like the whole roster is uniting here tonight to take out the World Champion and his lackey!

BC: Ha! This could be the most memorable Showdown ever!

The full crowd continues to slowly stalk Magnus and Daniels. Bob Osbourne and Jimmy Blast help up Mariano as Paul Blair and Jimmy Johnston help up Blood. Magnus and Daniels stand in the center of the ring when a hand suddenly springs through the ring, grabbing Magnus by the ankle! The crowd stops in confusion as Magnus quickly reaches down through the mat, lifting the culprit out of the ring!

BC: Holy sh...

TT: It's Kyle Sync!!! And Magnus with the chokeslam...and he sends Sync back through the ring!

BC: That was awesome!

Osbourne jumps up to the apron and Magnus comes at him for an attack, but he quickly hops down. It sets up the distraction as the rest of the stalking crowd enter the ring and begin attacking Magnus and Daniels. Blood and the Horsemen climb in to the ring and join in as well! Magnus and Daniels try their best to fight off the crowd...but to no avail! Osbourne grabs Daniels with a front facelock...BADD DREAM!!!

TT: Osbourne with the Badd Dream...and it looks like...YES!!! Blair Kick on Magnus! Steele picks up Daniels...DEATH DROP!!!

BC: The champ and his drone are getting destroyed as Roland watches on from atop our announce table!

TT: Donovan with an impressive show of strength as he hits Magnus with Total Devastation...and Vincent is up top...ANNIHILATION!!!

BC: Chemical X has Daniels back to his feet...X'ed Out!!! And Sickboy quickly grabs Daniels before he can fall to the mat...THE INFECTION!

Blood picks Magnus back up and hits him with the Blood Loss! Magnus falls to a knee but is quickly taken down with a Yakuza Kick from Mariano! The group continues to beat down on the champion and his lackey. Rob Osbourne leans over the ropes near the announce table...

TT: I believe he's calling you in to the ring, Bobby!

Bobby pulls his headset up and quickly slides in to the ring. Part of the crowd lifts Magnus for Bobby. Bobby grabs Magnus with a front facelock...twisting him around...HANGMAN'S NECKBREAKER!!! Roland looks on in pleasure as the crowd continues to cheer. Bobby does a little trash talking to Magnus before sliding out of the ring. He sits back down at the announce table and puts his headset back on.

BC: Man did that feel great! You should go in there, Teddy! Get a little vengeance for Battle To Survive!

TT: Well, I don't know...

BC: Just do it already!

Teddy hesitates but finally takes off his headset and climbs in to the ring. Degradation pull Magnus up to his knees. Teddy swings with an open hand...bitch slapping Magnus! He grins from ear to ear as he leaves the ring, heading back to the announce table. Roland calls over an official from the outside, whispering something in his ear. The official smiles, grabs the World Championship and hands it to Roland. Roland drapes the belt over his shoulder as he continues to stand on the announce table, microphone in hand.

RRU: Season's Beatings will crown a Radiant Champion...fur sure!

"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" suddenly hits the arena. The crowd as well as the mob in the ring turn to the entrance. The jolly man in red steps out to the stage, giant sack across his shoulder. He makes his way down the aisle, paper in hand. Santa makes his way over to the announce table, handing the paper to Bobby Crane before sliding in to the ring.

BC: It appears to be...a naughty list! Ha! Look at this, Teddy! Magnus Thunder and Keith Daniels are at the top of the list!

Santa drops the sack as Rob Osbourne and Paul Blair bring Magnus up to his knees. Santa grabs the back of Magnus' skull as he places a knee to his face...fallback facebuster!!! Santa stands in celebration as Osbourne reaches in to the big red bag...pulling out a t-shirt. He opens the shirt to read..."JFH". Osbourne grabs Santa by the shoulder and turns him. He pulls off the beard to reveal...

TT: Is that Adam Mazur?!

BC: Ha! It is! How embarrassing for Magnus!

TT: And Osbourne boots Mazur in the gut...BADD DREAM!!!

BC: What a nightmare for Santa tonight!

The mob resumes their attack on the champion and Daniels.

BC: This is great, Teddy! The champ is being destroyed!

TT: We're out of time folks! What a 2009 World Tour! See you next week from Chicago, Illinois for Night of Champions IV: Season’s Beatings!

The superstars continue their vicious beatdown...

Fade to black.