Two weeks ago at Night of Champions IV: Season’s Beatings, Magnus Thunder defeated Roland Ulv via disqualification thanks to “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne. With Roland Ulv forced to retire as a result, he berated Osbourne in the ring as the show went off the air and 2009 came to a close.

The Nitemare’s Nightmare was revealed to be the infamous Tige’, but as Tige’ laid out Osbourne, coming to the Nitemare’s rescue was the legendary Jack Mason.

Tonight, Magnus Thunder and Tige’ team up to battle “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and Jack Mason just one week before Last Man Standing where Magnus Thunder will defend the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against Osbourne and where Jack Mason and Tige’ will go one on one.

This is the CWF…

This is…

Fade in to a sold out Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York where 18,000+ fans have jam packed the facility to capacity. Fireworks explode at the entrance ramp and shoot up the aisle, bursting over the ring. Confetti rains down on the crowd in honor of the new year. The usual Showdown set up only tonight there is a ramp and stage, set up to house an addition to the set – “20” in steel block letters on one side, and “10” on the other.

Standing at ringside are Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to the Nassau Coliseum! Welcome to Uniondale, New York! And yes indeed, welcome to the very first edition of CWF Saturday Night Showdown in 2010! Happy new year, fans! I’m Teddy Turnbuckle and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane!

BC: Let old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? I don’t think that applies to the CWF, Teddy! Despite the weather outside, the heat has been rising in the CWF and next week at Last Man Standing, every man, woman and child in the CWF will be in the same ring at the same time and can you imagine some of these rivalries spilling over?!

TT: We are one week away from Last Man Standing and like you said, Bobby…every CWF superstar will be participating in that over the top rope battle royal, and the winner will receive a CWF World Heavyweight Championship match at Super Card VI!

BC: It’s gonna be great, Teddy…I mean you’ve got Jack Mason, Keith Daniels, Pledge Allegiance, Mariano Fernandez, Paul Blair, Chemical X, Sickboy, Bob Osbourne, Terry Richards, Blood, Jimmy Blast, and Brian freakin’ Adams in the same damn ring, all vying for the same prize! It doesn’t get much better than that!

TT: Indeed and next week at that pay-per-view from Calgary, Alberta…you are going to see not only that Last Man Standing battle royal, but how about this… Magnus Thunder defends the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against none other than “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne!

BC: And Osbourne has been telling people he thinks this match is an afterthought! Can you believe that? He thinks it’s a foregone conclusion that he’s gonna leave Calgary with the title but I’ll tell you what, as someone who’s felt Magnus Thunder’s wrath, it’s anything but a foregone conclusion!

TT: Also next week you’ll see Tige’ battling Jack Mason in a match we thought we may never see in the CWF!

BC: No one thought either of these two men would ever return to wrestling, but for both of them to come back on the same night…what an awesome moment.

TT: And tonight, all four of those men will be in the same ring together as Magnus Thunder teams with Tige’ to take on Rob Osbourne and Jack Mason!

BC: It’s like I said, Teddy…it may be cold outside but it’s hot in here! You throw four combustible elements like those guys in the same ring and you’ve got a recipe for something special!

TT: Also tonight, six man tag team action as a trio of Horsemen – Sickboy, Chemical X, and the legendary Jimmy Blast, take on the team of Mariano Fernandez, Keith Daniels, and Paul Blair!

BC: Well Mariano is out for revenge on Chemical X after what he did at Season’s Beatings after their match…but Chemical X isn’t exactly an easy man to exact revenge on! Keith Daniels, well…I hear he may be auditioning for a National Championship match tonight and that spells trouble for Sickboy! And Blair and Blast? Well, there’s no love lost between those two, but tonight, Jimmy Blast will KISS THE HAND!

TT: You know I’ve been dreading your reaction to that little catch phrase since it came out of Blair’s mouth? Also tonight, a CWF World Tag Team Championship shot at Last Man Standing is on the line as Da Xtreme Dynasty meets The Richards Legion and The O’Reilly Brothers in a three way dance!

BC: I’ll tell you what, The O’Reilly’s look pretty damn impressive, but The Richards Legion is jacked up tonight! I saw them backstage earlier this afternoon and they were practically foaming at the mouth…this is gonna be one to watch!

TT: In addition, Israel Steele and Jimmy Johnston will collide once again, but this time Bob Osbourne will be the special guest referee! Jinx and Ashley Mastrangelo will square off with Danielle Lopez as the special referee! And our opening match of the night…how about this for a warm up for Last Man Standing? A five man elimination war, Simon Jacobs, Blood, the returning Alex Ruettiger, the debuting Eddie Noble, and Leon Lonewolf!

BC: Well all of that sounds fine and dandy, but as much as I hate him, we’re expecting to hear from Pledge Allegiance tonight and I for one can’t wait to hear what he has to say! I want to hear him explain himself! He faked his own death, for crying out loud!

TT: Pledge is gonna walk out here tonight and explain himself later on but we are ready for our opening match and…uh oh!


“Represent” by (hed) p.e. starts out of the sound system as the arena goes dark before being lit up by a show of pyros and fireworks. Brian Adams breaks out from behind the curtain to a chorus of boos from the crowd. A smile to Brian's face at the familiar sound coming from the fans. Brian makes his way down the ramp and slides in the ring staring around looking into the crowd, as if he was trying to take in the moment. The ring announcer hands him a microphone as the music cuts off and waits for the crowd to die down.

Brian Adams: WELL! Have you people missed me?


Brian Adams: I have to say, I missed you all too. I missed your faces as you watched my matches hoping and praying I would lose, and every time I would find a way to disappoint every last single one of you! I couldn't help myself. I was like the kid that couldn't keep my hand out of the candy jar. Admit it, you all lost so much money paying to see me lose, didn't you. But did I? NO!

TT: That's not true! He lost to Magnus Thunder back at Summer Smash, along with his World Heavyweight Championship!

BC: He's the flawless one, not the honest one. Give it a rest, Teddy.

Brian Adams: Now after somehow losing my title to that neanderthal Magnus Thunder, I took a little vacation, I needed a little 'me time' if you will. In hindsight it probably wasn't the smart move, seeing how quickly the vultures descended to pick the last meat off of the bones I left for them. Rob Osbourne as champion? Didn't last very long. Pledge Allegiance? You remember him right? I spent three months trying to kill that guy, and then low and behold, I leave, and I hear on the television that he died. I was ecstatic! I was ready to throw a good bye Pledge Allegiance party and everything. Then at Season's Beatings he decided to come back from the dead like Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. At the very least I was disappointed, but that's not true, I was devastated. Do you know how much f**king money I spent on the supplies for that good bye party? Pledge, you have always been a disappointment, but never to me! I was your only fan, but now you've ruined that! I hope you're happy with yourself!

What else has managed to slip through the cracks while yours truly has been missing in action? Oh yes, the dreaded horsemen are back! Rob, Bob, Sickboy, Chemical X, Jack Mason, and whoever else Rob Osbourne can suck off into joining his group of miscreants. It's sad who you people have forced to become accustomed to in my absence, and I promise that will never happen again. Alright, enough with the introductions, let's start with why I came out here. I came out here because I have a problem. I was the World Heavyweight Champion for over three months here, and even though I had to leave shortly after I lost said world title, I never received my contractually obligated rematch for the belt, and I've come out here to address a certain man who needs to step up and do his job, if only this one time. Xamin, I want you to come out here right now and tell everybody that the Rob Osbourne versus Magnus Thunder match at Last Man Standing has been cancelled and replaced with the Summer Smash rematch. Don't you people sit there and act as if I don't deserve this! I am not asking anything more than what I am owed by the offices of the CWF! I'm not as stupid as Osbourne, I would never agree that if I lose my title that I don't get a rematch for it. So Xamin, get off your ass right now and come down and make the match!

"Elevation" by U2 hits and Mark Xamin makes his way onto the ramp with a microphone in hand looking confused with Brian's demands. The song cuts off as Xamin brings the microphone up to his mouth. Xamin puts his hand up to quiet the crowd down before beginning.

Mark Xamin: Brian, you can't stand there and seriously think I can just cancel a match that we've been building up for weeks now. It'd be unethical and financially devastating.

Brian Adams: Did you just call me financially devastating!?

Mark Xamin: No, brainiac, I said canceling it would, or even changing it would. The money we put into advertising, the time we put it in, it'd all go to waste. And for what? To satisfy your ego? I'm not in the business of giving everybody what they want, but I think I have an alternative.

Brian Adams: Alternative?! Alternative!? Xamin I didn't ask for an alternative. All I'm asking for is what I'm owed by a contract that you signed!

Mark Xamin: That contract has become null and void ever since the world title changed hands from Magnus to Osbourne, then from Osbourne to Pledge, and then Pledge to Magnus.

Brian Adams: So what? We all just forget about Brian Adams while those three get to have an orgy with my god damn title? I won't have it!

Mark Xamin: I understand your anger Brian, which is why I've come up with an alternative. Call it a reward for the title reign you had, or a consolation prize for not being given your 'contractually obligated rematch' that you can't stop talking about. I am going to give you a spot in the biggest brawl for it all! Last Man Standing!

BC: This is an outrage! Xamin, you're supposed to be his friend!

TT: He just gave him a free spot in the Last Man Standing match! He has a chance to win a shot at the World title at Super Card 6!

BC: He shouldn't have to! He's flawless! He shouldn't have to go through the whole roster to claim what’s rightfully his!

TT: Give me a break! The man has been gone for half a year and then expects Xamin to hand him a pot of gold?!

BC: It's only right!

Brian Adams: So what you're telling me is that instead of giving me what's owed to me by you and by this company, you're going to throw another hurdle in my way?

Mark Xamin: Either that, or you can wait until AFTER Super Card for me to even start considering you for another World title shot.

Brian Adams: Fine, I'll take it.

Mark Xamin: I'm sure you will.

Xamin hands the microphone off to a tech guy and disappears back behind the curtain leaving Brian Adams in the ring.

Brian Adams: Do you see that people? I have worked my ass off for this company, and yet another politician f**ks me over with his motives and agendas. It's all about the money. There's no friendship in this business, no sense of loyalty. Well that's just fine by me. I'll take Xamin’s offer into Last Man Standing, and once again I'll best the odds he puts in front of me and I'll headline my second consecutive Super Card, and once again shock the world.

“Represent” by (hed) p.e. comes over the PA system once again as Brian drops the microphone on the canvas as he slides out of the ring and starts making his way up the ramp.

TT: Unbelievable…

BC: He’s baaaack!

TT: We haven’t seen Brian Adams in the ring since Summer Smash last June…but if he’s in the same form he was in the first half of 2009, he’s got to be considered a favorite at Last Man Standing next week…

BC: A favorite? He’s a shoo in!

TT: Well last year at Super Card V, Brian Adams won the CWF World Heavyweight Championship for the first time…will history repeat itself this year? If Adams wins Last Man Standing next week, it could very well happen. But up next folks…we are ready for our opening contest! It’s a five man elimination match! Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a five man elimination match. First, making hs way to the ring hailing from Chicago, Illinois...standing six feet two inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and twenty-eight pounds....SIMON JACOBS!

"The People" by Common stings eardrums in attendance. Simon Jacobs emerges to an explosion of boos, which REALLY surprises him! SJ Famous makes his way down the aisle, high-fiving fans (despite having to pay them five dollars) along the way. He goes to kiss a baby on the forehead, but he pumps the breaks as that might be breaking his probation! He steps into the ring, drops the robe and begins to stretch along the ropes.

Ring Announcer: The second participant in the match, hailing from New York, New York (crowd pops at the mention of New York) standing six feet two inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds....EDDIE NOBLE!

“Just” by Radiohead begins to play as a light is directed on the big screen. Noble walks through the curtain and stands under the light. Noble struts down the ramp, smirking and taunting at the fans. He walks up the steel steps, walks to the middle of the apron and looks at all the fans booing him. He then gets into the ring and spreads his arms in the middle of the ring.

Ring Announcer: And the third competitor, hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, standing six feet five inches tall, and weighing in at two hundred and eighty-five pounds.....LEON LONEWOLF!

“Maybe I'm a Lion” plays through the arena and flames and fireworks go off synchronized with the music. 12 seconds into the song, fireworks go off one more time and Leon Lonewolf appears in huge pop. Leon makes his way down the ramp in a normal pace, but taking time to socialize with fans. He makes his way to the ring, climbs up the turnbuckle, taunting the crowd by extending his thumb, middle and little fingers of both hands in the air: his symbol of honor. He climbs up another turnbuckle and taunts again. He jumps down and readies himself for the match.

Ring Announcer: The fourth man in...hailing from South Bend, Indiana...standing six feet one inch tall, and weighing in at two hundred and thirty-eight pounds....ALEX RUETTIGER!

“Hollywood Whore” by Papa Roach blares through the arena as Alex Ruettiger makes his way onto the ramp. He salutes the crowd, giving high fives on his way to the ring for his CWF return bout.

Ring Announcer: And finally, hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina...standing six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty-five pounds....BLOOD!

“Hero” by Skillet plays as Blood walks out onto the stage in street clothes. He has a mic in hand and begins to speak.

Blood: You know, I'm not even going to come down there to the ring and climb between the ropes. This is a complete travesty. I am light years past these so called opponents. It wouldn't be fair to them or their well-being if I participate in this bout. Therefore, I will not be wrestling tonight. Sayonara.

Blood gives a praying bow to the crowd and leaves the entry way.

TT: My, my Bobby....Blood is walking away from this match and will in effect be listed as the first man eliminated. What do you make of it?

BC: What do I make of it? He's right you idiot. None of these clowns are even in Blood's league. Yoshiru is a main event wrestler. Why Xamin is punishing him into curtain jerking, I have no idea...but Blood won't stand for it. Good for you, Blood. Good for you.

TT: Well the ref calls for the bell and here we go. Leon Lonewolf goes right after Simon Jacobs as Alex Ruettiger heads into a tie up with Eddie Noble. Ruettiger with a hip toss on Noble and Leon snapmare's Jacobs at the same time.

BC: Lonewolf pulls Jacobs back up by the back of the head and bounces Simon's forehead off of his knee with a brutal facebuster. Meanwhile, Rudy with a handspring slash off of the ropes onto a downed Eddie Noble.

TT: Ruettiger pulls Noble up groggily in front of it comes...PARTY'S OVER!!!! Ruettiger nails the reverse DDT on’s the cover!




Eliminated: Eddie Noble

BC: And Noble's outta here! Lonewolf pulling Simon Jacobs up and Jacobs thumbs him in the eye, but Rudy flies in and chop blocks Jacobs in the back of the knee as Lonewolf comes up into a rising lariat. Jacobs hits the mat hard with a sickening thud. What is Lonewolf that a triangle choke?!

TT: No...I don't know what that is...that’s some sort of submission move I have never seen.

BC: Wait a minute...I've not seen that move in years. That's an ancient Japanese submission hold...the Gogoplata! And it's all she wrote for Simon Jacobs, he taps furiously!

Eliminated: Simon Jacobs

TT: And as soon a Lonewolf breaks the hold, Ruettiger is all over him. Tae kwon do sidekick by Ruettiger and Lonewolf doubles over. Jacobs finally rolls out of the ring, dejected.

BC: Rudy in control now, grabs Lonewolf by the whip into the ropes, Rudy off of the opposite handed bulldog! Rudy now getting hyped up, raising his arms in the air, getting the crowd pumped.

TT: Lonewolf gets to his feet and stumbles forward right into a cross faced chicken wing. Ruettiger cinches the lock in deep and stpes over the shoulder for extra leverage...Lonewolf screams out at the undue pressure being placed on his shoulder that is being wrenched in the wrong direction.

BC: Rudy with that submission hold locked in....the ref checks with Lonewolf...he won’t tap Teddy...what the hell?!

TT: Lonewolf's eyes glaze over and he goes limp for all of a two seconds then his facial expressions and body control completely change and he gets a free hand up and pokes a thumb in the eye the ame way Jacobs got him earlier....Ruettiger breaks the hold and Lonewolf looks possessed. He flies up off the mat and tackles Alex to the mat, landing a barrage of lefts and rights on the unsuspecting youngster from South Bend!

BC: Lonewolf is on fire...pulls Rudy up off of the mat and sends him rocketing into the ropes...he goes for a tilt a whirl suplex, but Rudy rolls through and turns it into a hurricanrana! Terrific counter by Rudy!

TT: And Ruettiger stands, hunched over, waiting...poised to attack....Lonewolf staggers to his feet...Ruettiger from behind...PARTY'S OVER!

BC: Cover by Rudy!





Ring Announcer: Ladies and is your winner...ALEX RUETTIGER!

“Hollywood Whore” by Papa Roach plays as Ruettiger celebrates in the ring.

TT: Alex Ruettiger wins his return bout here tonight on Showdown and Bobby, I was impressed with what he brought into this match. I expected to see some ring rust but there was no hint of that.

BC: This kid has all the potential in the world...he's just got to stick with the program and keep his head straight and he's going to go places.

TT: Alright folks, don’t go anywhere…more CWF Saturday Showdown after the break!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown, fans…and coming up next, we may get some answers! It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

BC: What? Don’t tell me…you’re finally going to tender your resignation?

TT: You really are an idiot, you know that, right?

BC: Takes one to know one!

TT: Anyway…here tonight…we will finally get the first official comments from The American Icon since his miraculous return from the great beyond two weeks ago at Season’s Beatings.

BC: Uh, hate to break it to you, but it wasn’t a miracle we witnessed at Season’s Beatings. What we witnessed, Teddy, was what might possibly be the biggest hoax in the history of this sport!

TT: I wouldn’t call it that at all!

BC: Well what exactly would you call it? I did some research, Teddy; and pseudocide, or faking your own death, is a felony in this country. I hope the minute Pledge Allegiance steps through those curtains, he’s arrested! Some role model! And quite honestly, Teddy, I’m appalled that you would continue to support this criminal!

TT: I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for all this, Bobby, and we’re about to find out right now…

“Iron Man” by Black Sabbath blazes throughout the arena and everyone in attendance jumps to their feet. Pledge Allegiance marches triumphantly through the curtain and stands in the middle of the stage soaking in a thunderous amount of cheers. With a huge grin, Pledge makes his way down the aisle, slapping hands along the way. Once at ringside, he jumps from the arena floor to the ring apron and steps over the top rope. Pledge calls for a microphone from the timekeeper and gets tossed one. He stands in the middle of the ring, taps on the microphone, relishes in the cheers then begins to speak.

Pledge Allegiance: Two weeks ago, at Season’s Beatings, everyone in attendance in Chicago as well as everyone watching from home witnessed a Christmas miracle. You witnessed the resurrection of your American Icon, Pledge Allegiance. Not just the resurrection in a physical sense, but in a spiritual one as well.

Sure, my return may have been a bit of a spectacle. It might have even been a bit over the top. But I needed the music, the lights, the ascension from the heavens, if you will, to prove a point. You all truly did witness Pledge Allegiance rising from the dead.

Pledge Allegiance, as you know him, died long before that plane crashed off the coast of Florida. The man who single handedly brought SAW out of obscurity…twice, the man who helped put The EWA on the map, the man who forged his legacy by kicking “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne’s ass around every promotion he’s ever been in, the man that you’ve come to know as a CWF Hall of Famer…was deader than disco.

Somewhere along the road, the Pledge Allegiance that you knew as a kick-ass, take no prisoners kind of guy went soft. He was just going through the motions. He was here just to collect a paycheck, pop the crowd and go home. His heart wasn’t in it anymore. Dare I say, he lost his smile?

I meant every word I said when I stood in the center of this very ring right after Night of Champions III when I delivered my farewell address. I was content to pack my bags, call it a career, and focus on my charitable endeavors with The Pledge Allegiance Foundation. I would have been pleased as punch to not have my head kicked in anymore, nurse my lingering injuries and have a productive post-wrestling career with Trixie.

But then came the night of that fateful flight. I remember sitting in the seat and looking out the window at what looked like some treacherous weather. I was watching a podcast of CWF events on my laptop and saw the return of the no-good, geriatric, glory hound of a prima donna, Jimmy Blast call me out. I remember thinking to myself how pathetic and full of cowardice it was of him to call me out AFTER I had already left The CWF. But I digress.

Anyone who knows Pledge Allegiance knows that I do not back down from a challenge. However, I didn’t feel the need to dignify the challenge of a has-been, who was WELL past his peak, cling on to one last shot at greatness.

Then the engines began to flutter. Then they stopped. There was a moment of complete and utter silence before the plane dropped out of the sky like a lead balloon. As that plane plummeted out of the sky my life flashed before my eyes. I prayed for survival, I prayed for my Mom, and I prayed for Trixie. I also made a pledge to myself that if, by the grace of God, I was able to escape that, I would make my triumphant return to the ring, answer Blast’s challenge and be the champion that I am capable of being.

The next thing I knew, I was laying face first on a beach in Nassau. I was awakened by the blazing Caribbean sun and the tide beginning to wash over me. Once I got my bearings about me, I realized that Russo Family Enterprises has a beach bungalow on the island and I laid low there until just the right time, that being Season’s Beatings, plotting my return.

I’d like to take this time to again apologize to the love of my life, Trixie Lee, for putting her through this ordeal. I couldn’t reach out to her because I had to sell the accident. I couldn’t take the risk that I would be found out, spoiling my opportunity to mess with the head of the so-called “dirtiest player in the game.”

Trixie, if you’re within the sound of my voice, and I think you are…I’m so sorry. Please, please, please…forgive me. Please answer my calls, my texts…accept my flowers…PLEASE! I’m lost without you.

That all being said, I stand before you a new man. Completely recharged. I can’t tell you how sick to my stomach it made me while I was keeping up with the events of The CWF over the last few months to hear about “Nitemare this…” “Adams that…” “Daniels this…” “Blast that…” I refuse, from this moment forward to be considered an afterthought to those assclowns or to anyone else back in that dressing room, as a matter of fact.

To the four of them, I say “F[BEEP]k You!” I am, Pledge Allegiance. I am, your American Icon. In 2009 I was recognized for having the match and the feud of the year with The Nitemare. I pledge allegiance that 2010, despite what anyone in that dressing room, despite what Mark Xamin has to say, will be the year of Pledge Allegiance. Gone are the days of walking the straight and narrow, gone are the days of drinking my milk and being on Wheaties boxes. This is who I am. Take it or leave it. I will scratch and claw my way back to the top of The CWF one broken body at a time, starting with Jimmy Blast at Last Man Standing. Beginning next week at Last Man Standing, I will make you all remember why I am the most enigmatic, most charismatic, most sensational superstar…ever!

“Iron Man” booms again throughout the arena and Pledge drops the microphone and exits the ring, walking up the ramp with purpose, barely acknowledging the crowd.

TT: Well there you have it! Pledge is back and he’s got a new attitude!

BC: Are you kidding me? That wasn’t a return speech, that was a damn confession! Lock his ass up, he’s a dirty, stinkin’ criminal! He belongs in prison!

TT: Well, I may not agree with his methods but I’m damn glad to have him back! And I would have to assume he’ll be involved in the Last Man Standing battle royal next week in Calgary on pay-per-view…and how great would it be to see Pledge and Adams clash again?

BC: It’s gonna be awesome next week.

TT: Hold on a minute…I understand we have a camera on James Baker and crew backstage…let’s head back there now!

Cut to the backstage area where we see Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks warming up for their match while James Baker is pacing back and forth and Danielle Lopez is sitting down on a chair. James then speaks up once Styles and Banks stop warming up.

James Baker: 'Ight everybody, do all of y'all know your objectives for tonight?

Kevin Styles: I know my objective and I'm pretty sure J.T knows his as well.

James Baker: J.T, do you know your objective?

J.T. Banks: Yeah I know my objective and that objective is to have both Kevin and myself gain the number one contendership for the tag team titles by any means necessary. We'll beat the untalented inbred brothers and we'll also beat the O'Reilly's to accomplish our goal.

James Baker: Good, I'm glad to know that both you and Kev know your objectives.

James then turns his attention towards Danielle.

James Baker: Baby do you know what your plan is for your special guest referee match for later on tonight?

Danielle Lopez: Of course. I'm not going to screw anybody over. No instead I'm going to be as unbiased as I possibly can.

James Baker: Well it couldn't be more clear that we have entirely different objectives as far as special referee roles are concerned. I know I would at least kick the crap out of one of the competitors just for the hell of it.

Danielle Lopez: Well that's just your prerogative baby. My prerogative is to be un-biased and fair which is what I always will do when it comes to any situation.

James Baker: Well either way I'm glad that your prerogative is different from mine. Anyways now that it's clear on what the motives are for everybody here, let's go out there, kick some ass and achieve what we aspired to achieve.

Kevin Styles: Yeah let's do this.

James Baker: A'ight guys now go out there and do your thing.

James, Danielle and Da Xtreme Dynasty then leave their locker room.

Cut back to ringside.

BC: …ok?

TT: Well they’re focused and it’s a good thing because there’s a lot on the line tonight.

BC: Great. You’re in the CWF, I assume you’re focused. That was 30 seconds of air time we’ll never get back.

TT: Well in any event folks…some bad news to pass along here. Jinx and Ashley Mastrangelo were unable to make it to the arena here tonight due to a snowstorm delaying their flights into Long Island today. As a result, their match has been canceled tonight…

BC: Damn, that sucks for Danielle…she was really counting on this income here tonight. Guess she’ll be working overtime at Taco Bell this week…

TT: Would you stop? Anyway, we hope to see them next week at Last Man Standing but right now, we’ve got something going on backstage…let’s head to the back and see what’s going on!

Cut to Mark Xamin’s office, where Xamin is sorting through a few papers with a frustrated look on his face. He keeps looking back at other papers and comparing them to the ones he has in his hand. He pulls out a calculator and begins to punch some things in. He looks back at the paper and at the calculator in confusion. He then jots a few words on the paper and looks it over.

Mark Xamin: All these new faces... This is going to be a long night...

Suddenly, Xamin was startled by a loud knock at the door. As he regained his senses around him, he addressed the knock.

Mark Xamin: Come in.

The door flew open and Keith Daniels entered. He walked up to Xamin's desk and seated himself. Xamin looked at Daniels, and Daniels, seemingly focused, glared back at Xamin.

Keith Daniels: I want Magnus Thunder tonight.

Mark Xamin: Why would I do that when, clearly, both of you are in matches already tonight?

Keith Daniels: I don't care. I'll do a second match. Make it happen.

Mark Xamin: He's the World Champion. Don't think for a minute...

Keith Daniels: This isn't about the goddamn title!

Keith slammed his fists on the table, causing a lamp and a few figurines on the table to fall off and shatter. Xamin examined the damage as Daniels continued to glare at him.

Keith Daniels: I want to destroy Magnus tonight. Then all Osbourne will have at LMS is a few scraps to pick up on his way to his next World Title run.

Mark Xamin: I can't do that. That's bad for business. If Magnus is hurt going into Last Man Standing, I'm not going to sell as many seats. Some may even ask for refunds. Surely you understand that.

Keith Daniels: Do you realize what I've went through this past month and a half?

Mark Xamin: And I've sought out help for you. You just need to listen to the therapist and take whatever medication they provide.

Keith Daniels looks as if he's about to erupt in anger. However, Xamin quickly speaks to diffuse the situation.

Mark Xamin: However, I do have another proposition for you instead.

Keith Daniels: Yeah? What's that?

Mark Xamin turns a piece of paper toward the camera and slides it across the table. The camera is unable to see what exactly is on the paper, but Keith Daniels smiles and nods.

Keith Daniels: Alright. Yeah. We'll do that then.

Mark Xamin: I thought you'd like it. Good luck in your match later tonight. Make me content with my decision.

Keith Daniels: You have nothing to worry about.

Satisfied, Keith Daniels turns around and walks out of the office. Xamin goes back to work on his files.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Now what was THAT about?

BC: I don’t know, but watching Xamin put out fires left and right is like watching a genius at work, Teddy!

TT: Well whatever he presented Daniels, it sure satisfied him…maybe we’ll find out later tonight what exactly the proposition was. But right now, we’re all set for our next match, and it’s a big one…Israel Steele and Jimmy Johnston will renew hostilities once again, and this time…Bob Osbourne will be the special referee!

BC: Jimmy Johnston is between a rock and a hard place…there’s no love lost between him and Steele OR Bob Osbourne!

TT: It could be a long night for Johnston but let’s head to the ring and get this underway!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following match-up is scheduled for one fall and it is for the #1 contendership to the CWF Unified Championship. Here is your special guest referee...he is the CWF UNIFIED CHAMPION...BOB OSBOURNE!

“Here to Stay” by Korn rips through the arena. As the guitar opens, white lights flash in-time. When the drums kicks in, orange and white flash in a pulse with the beat as Bob makes his way to the ring wearing a black and white ref striped hoodie and baggy black shorts. He slides into the ring and jumps up on the turn-buckle. He slowly smirks and raises his fists to the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And the competitor's....first, hailing from Kill Devil's Hill, North Carolina...weighing in at 305 pounds....ISRAEL STEELE!

“Dead Horse” by Guns N' Roses begins, just at the chorus of the song. Israel Steel steps onto the stage and poses then struts to the ring, licking his thumbs then wiping his boots on the apron before climbing between the ropes and raising his hands.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...making his way to the ring from London, England… weighing in at 275 pounds…."Double J" JIMMY JOHNSTON!

Mozart's Piano Sonata begins as JJ steps onto the stage. He gracefully bows and then makes his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans on his way. He climbs in the ring and lifts both arms high in the air as the crowd pops.


TT: And here we go. Bob leans up on the turnbuckle and stretches out, legs propped up on one side, elbow on the other, laying across the corner of the ring. He's biting his nails, looking at a watch that isn't there. How disrespectful!

BC: How disrepspectful? How awesome? That's classic Osbourne style Teddy!

TT: That may be the case, but this match is under way....Steele and Johnston tie up. Strong grapple by Steele...Steele in control...and a big hip toss!

BC: Steele drops back into the ropes...and he drops a rolling knee across the chest of Jimmy Johnston.

TT: Johnston right back up on his feet though...locks back up with Steele...and this time JJ gets the strong grapple and pulls him in close.....snap suplex by Johnston!

BC: Israel Steel gets back to his feet rather quickly. He's agile for a big man Teddy. That's a rare find these days. Most of the big guys are all about the power moves.

TT: Hold that thought...Steele scoops up Johnston...has him on one shoulder...running towards the turnbuckle...snake eyes...NO...Johnston shakes down his back and sends Steele into the turnbuckle chest first!

BC: What resilience by Johnston! He's putting quite a fight tonight. He's got moxy. I like him already. Steele falls backwards into Johnston's arms....fisherman's suplex!

TT: Johnston with the cover!

BC: Bob isn't paying attention to whats going on Teddy! Jonhston is fuming!

TT: And Jimmy is all in his face! Bob pushes him! And Johnston snaps!

BC: Johnston now, pummeling on Bob! But here comes Steele! He throws JJ off of Bob and connects with the Death Drop!! Bob with the fast count!

TT: And the cover..1..2..3! Bob hurries out of the ring along with Steele!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…ISRAEL STEELE!

TT: What a sham! And Johnston's got a mic...

Jimmy Johnston: This isn't over you wanker! You really are a f**king parasite!

BOB: I know! I practice!

“Dead Horse” by Guns N' Roses begins as Bob lifts Steele's arm on the stage as Johnston fumes in the ring. Bob yanks the arm he was holding up down and in and nails a Badd Dream on Steele on the stage!

TT: Osbourne drops Israel Steele on the stage ...what do you think about him NOW Bobby?

BC: Well Teddy, I think Israel Steele just learned a very valuable lesson. NEVER trust an Osbourne.

TT: What a dastardly move by Bob Osbourne! Jimmy Johnston got screwed here tonight and Israel Steele picks up a big victory!

BC: You should’ve seen it coming! Bob wasn’t gonna let Jimmy walk out of here without driving home a point!

TT: Well, be that as it may, Jimmy Johnston isn’t happy and…hold on a minute, we’ve got a camera backstage…let’s head back there now!

Cut to the backstage area. “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne walks through the corridor with a cup of water in his hand. He takes a sip of the water and opens the door to his locker room. As he steps through the door way, he flies backwards, slipping. His water flies everywhere and he lands with a thud on the floor.

NRO: What the fu…

He examines the floor.

NRO: Who the f[BEEP]k put butter all over the floor…

He seethes.


Tige’ appears in the door way as Nitemare looks up from the floor.

Tige’: Dude, you making popcorn or something in there?

NRO: You son of a…!

Tige’ takes off running. Nitemare gets to his feet and begins running after him but slips on the floor again and lands on his face. He kicks the door hard in frustration, uses the wall to pull himself up, and then slams the door behind him furiously.

Cut back to ringside.

BC: Ha! It’s so great to have Tige’ back!

TT: Everyone is picking on the Nitemare these days!

BC: I know, I know…I guess we shouldn’t be laughing, poor guy. He’s getting more and more pissed off every week…he’s bound to explode any time now…

TT: Honestly, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. He’s been running his mouth about how great he is for almost a year now…it’s about time someone took him down a peg! But nonetheless, it’s time for our next matchup!

BC: This should be good!

TT: Three of the CWF’s tag teams will go to war here for a shot at the CWF World Tag Team Championships next week at Last Man Standing…and what an opportunity for the O’Reilly Brothers in their debut match!

BC: Yeah well you just know The Richards Legion and Da Xtreme Dynasty aren’t gonna let the O’Reillys show them up on their first night…

TT: Well let’s find out! Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following is a triple threat tag team match with the winner earning the right to challenge Degradation for the World Tag Team Championship at Last Man Standing! Introducing first...

"Guerilla Radio" by Rage Against The Machine plays as J.T. Banks and Kevin Styles emerge from behind the curtain with a dose of high energy as the crowd cheers them on. JT and Kevin pose for the crowd before making their way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the a combined weight of four hundred seventy-two pounds...JT Banks and Kevin Styles...DA XTREME DYNASTY!

Kevin and JT hop onto the ring apron and enter the ring. They go to the ropes and play up to the crowd as their music fades out.

TT: Big opportunity for Da Xtreme Dynasty here!

BC: "Fight" by Motorhead hits the arena. Chris and Alex Richards step out to the stage full of energy, taunting the crowd. Fireworks blast off on the stage before both men rush down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: On their way to the ring...from Chicago, Illinois! At a total combined weight of three hundred seventy-six pounds...Chris and Alex...THE RICHARDS LEGION!

Chris and Alex slide under the bottom rope to enter the ring. They make their way to opposite sides of the ring, standing on the middle rope and taunting the crowd as their music fades out.

TT: Say what you want about this team, Bobby. But considering their size, they are rather impressive in the ring.

BC: Oh, there's no doubt about that! But they're still related to Terry Richards...which, let's face it...a relation to him is like being spit on by god!

The arena goes dark and the crowd goes quiet with anticipation. In a split second the entire place explodes with flashes of light and loud music as fireworks fire up and down the entryway and "To Boston" by Dropkick Murphy's blares over the PA system. As the fireworks die down Ray and Cyril O'Reilly appear at the top of the entryway. The brothers, dressed in jeans and T-shirts with the logo OB's on the front, enter the arena as cocky as ever. Suzanne suddenly appears behind Ray and drapes her arm over his shoulder as she waves to the fans. Cyril follows closely behind his older brother Ray and Suzanne as the pair saunter to ringside.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring, being accompanied by the beautiful Suzanne. Hailing from Wicklow, Ireland and at a combined weight of four hundred twenty pounds...Ray and Cyril...THE O'REILLY BROTHERS!

A mixed reaction from the crowd. Ray runs and slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to hype the crowd. Throwing his hands in the air he praises some fans and insults others. Suzanne, after blowing a kiss to Ray, makes her way to a chair set up near the ring bell. Cyril finally makes his way into the ring via the stairs and the two brothers meet center ring with a hand slap and half hug as their music fades out.

TT: This is the Irish duo's debut, Bobby! Will the bright lights be shining upon them tonight...or will they suffer an Irish curse?

BC: Umm...sorry...didn't catch what you said. I was kind of...distracted...

TT: Stop looking at her and watch the damn match!


TT: Here we go! Kevin Styles and Alex Richards starting us off here. Collar and elbow tie-up and Styles forces Alex back in to the ropes. Styles with the whip...leap frog over Alex on the rebound. Alex hits the opposite ropes. Styles with the hip toss on the rebound, but Alex blocks it...and he catches Styles with a hip toss of his own!

Styles quickly returns to his feet and rushes at Alex. Alex with a monkey flip...but Styles lands on his feet! Alex comes at Styles and leaps up for a hurricanrana, but Styles pushes Alex off. Alex lands back on his feet and once again rushes at Styles...and Styles lifts Alex in to the high! Styles holds Alex down for the cover!




TT: Alex with the kickout!

BC: Damn jumping beans!

TT: Styles picks Alex up...arm drag and twist. He pulls Alex over to the corner...and he tags in Chris. Chris with the springboard...facebuster with the knee as Alex drops Styles with the arm breaker!

BC: What a combination!

TT: Chris flips Styles on to his stomach and locks the feet. He grabs Styles by the arms and pulls back...Mexican Stretch submission!

The ref checks on Styles, but Styles refuses to give up! Chris applies more pressure, but Styles still continues to hold on! Chris releases the submission and quickly brings Chris back to his feet. He whips Styles in to the corner and quickly follows in with a running spinwheel kick!

BC: I don't think Chris noticed Teddy, but Cyril tagged himself in there!

TT: Chris picks Styles up and snapmares him to the mat...but Cyril drills him with a lariat from behind! The ref is trying to get Styles out of the ring as Cyril picks Chris up with a front facelock...suplex!

BC: That's the danger of a triple threat tag team can't always see the tags...and only two teams have members in the ring at the same time!

TT: Right you are, Bobby. Cyril brings Chris to a sitting position, and he applies a rear chin lock! Chris is quickly making his way to his feet, and Cyril floats over in to a side headlock.

BC: First time we've seen the O'Reilly's in action, and from what we've seen from Cyril here, they could be prime candidates to go against Degradation for the Tag Team Championship!

TT: Chris tries pushing Cyril off, but to no avail. Cyril quickly snaps his hips slamming Chris back to the mat! Cyril releases the headlock. He grabs Chris by the leg...and here's the leg lock! The ref checks on Chris as Cyril applies more pressure.

Chris won't give up. Cyril holds the leg lock as he drags himself to the corner and tags in Ray. Ray quickly enters and drops the elbow to Chris' chest as Cyril steps out to the apron. Ray picks Chris up and whips him in to the ropes...powerslam off the rebound for the cover!




TT: Chris with the kickout! Ray picks Chris up, and he brings him to the shoulder. Chris squirms...and he falls behind! Chris staggers back to the corner, and Banks tags himself in!

BC: Here comes the big man!

TT: Ray turns...running lariat by Banks! Ray is slow to get back to his feet, and he's met with a boot to the gut. Banks lifts Ray in to the air and violently rams him in to the open corner! Banks buries the shoulder in to the gut...and again! Banks forces Ray to the top rope and grips him by the throat...overhead toss!

BC: JT Banks has amazing strength, Teddy! Ray could be in some serious trouble here!

TT: Banks waits as Ray starts getting to his feet...and he drops him with a hard clothesline! And Banks makes the cover!




TT: Ray with excellent ring awareness as he gets his foot on the bottom rope! Banks grabs Ray by the arm...and here's the overhead keylock! Ray struggles to get back to his feet...and he nails Banks in the gut with a hard right...and a second! Banks hunches over as he releases the keylock.

BC: Ray needs to tag out here!

TT: Ray with a front facelock...and he plants Banks with a DDT!

Ray slowly begins to move, crawling toward his corner. He inches closer as Banks begins to stir. Ray is almost there...inches...NO!!! Banks grabs Ray's ankle, preventing the tag! Banks makes it to his feet, still holding Ray's leg. Enziguri by Ray, and Banks stumbles back across the ring! Alex tags himself in as Ray leaps to his corner...and he tags Cyril!

TT: Cyril and Alex are legal! Cyril and Alex rush at each other, and Alex ducks under an oncoming clothesline! He pulls Cyril down for the quick rollup!




TT: Cyril with the kickout! Cyril is quick to his feet rushing at Alex, and Alex takes him over with a hip toss! Cyril is up again...and a second hip toss by Alex! Alex applies the armbar, grounding Cyril!

BC: The Richards Legion has been impressive in this match so far, Teddy!

TT: Indeed they have! Cyril makes his way back to his feet and he's able to counter with an arm drag and twist...and he follows with a short arm clothesline! Cyril brings Alex back to his feet...hangman's neckbreaker!

Alex rolls out to the apron as Cyril gets back to his feet. Alex slowly gets back up on the apron and Cyril grabs him with a front facelock. Cyril lifts him vertical...and he drops Alex gut first on the top rope! Cyril hits the far ropes...hard knee to the skull on the return, and Alex falls back in to the ring! Cyril drags Alex to the center of the ring and makes the cover!




TT: Alex got the shoulder up! Cyril grabs Alex by the leg and drags him to the corner. Cyril tags Ray. Cyril hooks both legs as Ray enters the ring. Cyril with the slingshot...and Ray drills Alex with a vicious clothesline!

BC: Great teamwork by the O'Reilly's!

TT: Cyril steps out to the apron as Ray brings Alex back to his feet. Ray lifts Alex...backbreaker! He brings Alex back to his feet and shoots him off in to the ropes. Alex on the rebound...flapjack by Ray!

Ray waits...stalking Alex. Alex slowly starts to get to his feet. Alex is dazed...he turns to Ray...DUBLIN DROP...NO!!! Alex blocks it, pushing Ray off! Ray crashes in to Styles as Alex stumbles back...and Cyril tags himself back in!

TT: Styles rushes at Cyril...but Cyril plants him with a lariat! And here comes Banks! Cyril comes at Banks...and Banks plants him with a spinebuster! Chris has entered the ring and he nails Banks with a dropkick!

BC: Banks is still standing!

TT: Chris picks Banks up with a front facelock and Alex rushes over...double facelock. Chris and Alex with a double! Banks blocks it! He pushes Chris and Alex off to the ropes!

Banks rushes at Alex and Chris. LARIAT...and both Richards' are sent to the outside! Banks climbs out of the ring as Styles plants Cyril with a hard running knee! Alex and Chris use the barracade to pull themselves back up...and Banks grips both men by the throat! He lifts them high in to the air...but he receives a double boot to the gut!

TT: DOUBLE DDT! Alex, Chris, and Banks all three have landed in the crowd!

BC: Move of the night, Teddy! MOVE OF THE NIGHT!

TT: Cyril is using the ropes to pull himself back up, and Ray has tagged himself in!

BC: It doesn't look like Styles noticed, Teddy!

TT: Styles with a boot to Cyril's gut...MIDWEST KICK!!! And he's not done!

BC: What the hell is he doing?! Cyril isn't the legal man anymore?!

TT: Styles to the top rope...

Styles dives off the top for the Cleveland Hangtime, but Ray springboards at the same time...and he catches Styles with the Dublin Drop!!! And he has the cover!




TT: That's it! What a move by Ray O'Reilly!


Ring Announcer: Here are your winners...Ray and Cyril...THE O'REILLY BROTHERS!

Alex and Chris finally make their way back over the barricade as Banks starts to get back to his feet. Ray and Cyril climb opposite turnbuckles posing for the crowd, signalling that they are coming for the tag team championship!

TT: With that win, the O'Reilly Brothers will now challenge Degradation at Last Man Standing for the World Tag Team Championship, Bobby!

BC: Watch out Degradation...this team is definitely on the rise!

Alex slides back in to the ring and attacks Styles as the O'Reilly's make their way up the aisle!

TT: And a post-match brawl has broken out! Alex Richards and Kevin Styles are at it! Alex taking the upper hand… Spinning heel kick to the back of the head!

BC: And J.T. Banks is coming in…CHAIR SHOT! Alex is out!

TT: J.T. taunting the crowd, looking for more damage… Alex slowly getting up, he turns around and… SPEAR! Alex spears him out of nowhere!

BC: Kevin Styles getting to his feet…Please take these whores out of here!

TT: Chris on the apron, he goes for a flight… SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE! Magnificent!

“Hail Mary” by 2Pac plays as the crowd pops big.

BC: Oh-no…Da Cheap Pimp in the house! More annoying wimps! It’s just like the Ozzfest!

TT: And there’s James Baker! He’s in the ring and the crowd goes wild! Clothesline on Alex! Clothesline on Chris! Alex grabs the chair, looking for some damage…BIG BOOT! He picks Alex up…EXPLODER SUPLEX! Chris returns to the fight, trying a Rear Naked Choke on Baker…But Baker grabs his neck, watch out…STUNNER! Everyone in this arena is on their feet!

BC: I’m not, you dimwit.

TT: Whatever, Bobby! James Baker is dominating here, anyways. He grabs Alex and Chris, kicks both in the midsection…He’s dragging them to the steel chair nearby…Uh-oh, could this be a double Da Xtreme Knockout on a steel chair?! LOOK OUT!

Suddenly, the crowd pops huge. Terry Richards’ face emerges into the big screen!

Terry Richards: Hold your horses, Baker!


Baker, surprised, let’s go of Chris and Alex, who fall lifeless on the ground. Baker stares at Terry.

Terry Richards: Baker, are you such a monster? I’m just saying, are you really going to do that? Because, if I were you, I wouldn’t just do it.

Baker opens his eyes wide, surprised, and asks for a mic.

James Baker: Oh really? Why’s that?

Terry Richards: I’ve got a secret you won’t like to see revealed. A big huge secret…

James Baker: Spill it out, motherf[BEEP]er!

Terry Richards: You know, Baker, some time ago I put you under a test. I thought this thing, The Doubtful Alliance, wasn’t going quite as I planned. I mean, while I was busy trying to gain the National Championship, you were away, doing, I quote yourself, "jack and sh[BLEEP]". So, I put you under this little test, to see if you were apt enough to help me fulfill my objective. I had this little distraction maneuver, to see if whether you were going to keep helping me destroy the stable I helped rebuild, or you’d start caring about something else.

TT: Wait a second…does that mean…

Terry Richards: This test, through, gave me every single proof I needed to have that you are not a trustworthy partner when it comes to reaching a goal. You let me down, Baker. Needless to say, you failed our test.

James Baker: I can fight the Horsemen on my own, Richards.

Terry Richards: Correction, you WILL fight the Horsemen on your own. Because you cared more about your personal life than what you promised to achieve.

James Baker: Wait a second. Did you REALLY do what I’m thinking?

James Baker’s face is boiling with rage as he furiously stares at the big screen.

Terry Richards: Everything led to Manhattan, New York, didn’t it? All the evidence around this, wasn’t this so damn obvious? What, did you think it was mere coincidence that the day I got suspended was really near the day your wife’s brother went missing? What, did you really believe in your mind, Baker, that I wouldn’t be careful with my behavior, that I would really do such crap in a flight to my hometown, Chicago, that I praise and love, did you actually inject into your retarded mind the thought that I’d throw away a chance to shut once and for all the mouth of the man born Robert Crane for no reason whatsoever? Did you suddenly forget I was kidnapped too? Did you wipe away the memories that I am the violent, sadistic bastard you loved fighting for the sake of the crowd, the crowd who wanted to see their heroes strike over the honest beasts like me? Did you? Well then…YOU’RE A SON OF YOUR WIFE!

Terry pulls into the scene Enrique Lopez, arms handcuffed behind his back and blood pouring out of his mouth. Baker, red with rage, starts yelling at Terry.


Baker grabs the steel chair from the ground, rolls out from the left side of the ring, kicks the steel steps out of his way, and runs up the entrance ramp.

Terry Richards: (amused, disdainful) Don’t try, Baker! You don’t know where I am! Where is your wife’s little brother?! Oh, poor little Baker!

Terry does an awful imitation of Baker's wife.

Terry Richards: Watch out for any cars, dear!

TT: Baker going backstage, wait a minute…TRENT WALKER WITH A HEADBUTT OUT OF NOWHERE! The Richards Legion’s bodyguard is here!

BC: Ha! I love someone teaching Baker a lesson afterall! Well, it IS Terry Richards, but what the hell, it’s awesome! Da Cheap Pimp ain’t pimpin’ tonight!

TT: Trent furiously stomping on Baker! He lifts him up…GOD, NO!

Terry Richards: Well, this is what I like to call, Baker…FAREWELL!


Trent Walker gets up, and Baker’s rolls away, leaving a huge mark on the damaged, bent steel. Chris and Alex slowly exit the ring and meet Trent.

Terry Richards: Ladies and gentlemen…from now on…

Terry takes out a ring from his pocket. He smirks…

TT: SUPERKICK ON ENRIQUE! That was uncalled for, Richards!

Terry Richards: Okay. Now, ladies and gentlemen… The Doubtful Alliance…

Terry grabs the ring with both hands...

Terry Richards: Lives…

Terry bends the ring slightly.

Terry Richards: No…

Terry bends it from one side to another.

Terry Richards: More!

Terry drops the ring over Enrique’s prone body. "Perfect Insanity" by Disturbed fades into the sound system. The crowd boos huge as Trent, Chris and Alex raise their hands, Mariana and Hikari Richards pop into the big, Terry wraps both arms around both girls and laughs. His wicked, evil laugh reverberates along with his theme around the arena as we cut back to ringside.

TT: My God…we always knew Terry Richards was a little “off” but no one expected this!

BC: This whole time! This whole time Richards was the one behind Enrique Lopez’s abduction! I love it! Maybe I misjudged him, Teddy!

TT: That is absolutely sickening but lost in all this is the fact that The O’Reilly Brothers will get a CWF World Tag Team Championship match next week in Calgary, Alberta at Last Man Standing!

BC: Degradation might have a big time challenge in front of them…this could be their biggest test yet!

TT: Absolutely…and folks, I’m getting word that something is going on backstage…let’s get a camera back there!

We cut to the back and see Sickboy reviewing the latest version of CWF Magazine, his National Title draped over the table. He takes a drink of the beer he has and continues to read.

Voice: Hey Sickboy. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Sickboy lowers the magazine and sees Keith Daniels standing in front of him. He shakes his head in disappointment but steps forward into Keith Daniels' personal space.

Sickboy: What do you want?

Keith Daniels: Whoa, calm down, guy. I come in peace.

Keith Daniels gives the vulcan 'V' to Sickboy, who isn't amused in the slightest. Daniels drops his hand after a moment.

Keith Daniels: Don't smile much, do you?

Sickboy: I'm still waiting for you to tell me what it is you want.

Keith Daniels: Well, we have a six man tag match later tonight.

Sickboy: Right...

Keith Daniels: And I was thinking, I could turn on Blair and Mariano, you know, give you gentlemen the win. That is, if you could do me a bit of a favor.

Sickboy: Do you a favor? Oh, this has got to be good...

Keith Daniels: Oh, it is. I want you to talk to Rob Osbourne for me about possibly joining the Horsemen.

Sickboy: Wait... What?

Keith Daniels: Yeah. I want to be part of the best thing going today. I know, I've said some things, but in light of it all, I really do think that the Horsemen are the best thing out there right now and, quite possibly, the best ever. I'd like to contribute to that.

Sickboy: Sorry, Daniels, but I just don't think you're really Horsemen material.

Keith Daniels: Wait... son of a bitch, there's Osbourne right now. I'll go ask him.

On cue, Sickboy turns his head to see if Osbourne is coming. As he does so, Daniels spills a vial of white powder into Sickboy's drink and disposes of the vial. He then leans and pretends to be looking with Sickboy.

Keith Daniels: Oh, damn. That's just Jimmy the camera guy. But hey, just mention it to him, alright? He might think it's a good idea. I know I do.

Sickboy: Yeah, sure. I'll mention it.

Keith then bids Sickboy adieu and walks past him down the hall. Sickboy examines him carefully as he walks and takes another drink from his beer.

Sickboy: Not on your life.

He picks his magazine up and continues to read. Cut back to ringside.

TT: Wait a damn minute…Daniels doesn’t want any part of the Horsemen, what the hell did he slip into Sickboy’s drink?

BC: Huh? I didn’t see anything.

TT: Are you kidding me? He put some kind of powder in Sickboy’s beer!

BC: Probably just a protein shake or something, relax, Teddy…

TT: Give me a break! And what’s this now?!

The lights drop to a low hue of pulsating red lights dances with the opening acoustic riffs as “Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria begins to play. As the crescendo hits and the electric guitar kicks in Gary “Chemical X” Scarletti appears at the top of the ramp, raising from the ground on a slow rising elevator, ready for business. He stands with his head bowing down. As the lyrics kick in, and the elevator levels he raises his chin and starts a methodical walk to the ring as the lights continue to strobe in red with the music. He climbs in and grabs a mic as the crowd continues to boo.

Chemical X: Alright shut up, I got things to do! Last week I was served papers by single handedly the hottest process server known to man. Paul Blair and his legal team are looking for restitution for an action that took place, five, six years ago.

A scene pops up on the big screen showing the demolition of Paul Blair’s estate by Chemical X some years ago.

Chemical X: And so because of these actions, I have had men working around the clock to rebuild this house in one week, because I will not be carrying the drama of 09 any farther into 2010! And so at this time, I’d like to ask Paul Blair if he would come down to my ring.

The Blairvision theme begins to play, Paul Blair comes out and climbs into the ring to a standing ovation.

BC: Woo! Kiss the hand, Chemical X! Kiss the hand!

TT: Would you stop?!

Chemical X: Paul… you’re an asshole and I can’t wait to beat your ass later tonight, but right now I must right a wrong. Take it away Ty.

A scene pops up on the big screen again -- Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is walking around the empty lot of what used to be one of Paul Blair’s homes.

Ty: Hi, I’m Ty Pennington, and today we’re all about senior citizens. Paul Blair’s home was destroyed some years ago by Gary “Chemical X” Scarletti who “recruited” (puts fingers in quotes) me to build you a house in one week.

Chemical X: Alright, Skip ahead! Skip ahead! Blah! Blah! Blah!

The tape fast forwards and speeds through an entire episode of extreme home makeover. The fast forwarding stops just as Ty is standing next to his bus. Bruno of Deathsquad is dressed as Paul Blair and is standing next to Ty. There is a crowd of volunteers lead by the massive TJ chanting “Move that bus! Move that bus!” Bruno isn’t speaking but clapping and keeping the crowd amped.

Ty: So Paul Blair! Are you ready to take a look at your new house?

Chemical X grabs the real Paul Blair and brings him in close holding his shoulder like they are best friends.

Ty: OK then, say it with me…

Chemical X, Ty Pennington, Bruno and some of the crowd: Bus driver…MOVE! THAT! BUS!

Inspirational sappy music begins to play as the diamond coach blocking the view of the house gets one more obvious product placement advertisement. The bus moves out of the way and the song crescendos as Paul Blair’s new mansion is shown.

BC: Wow! X went all out.

Bruno begins to flip out and jump around for joy as he runs towards the house. The house is a mansion, immaculate and designed almost exactly like his previous mansion X had destroyed all those years ago. We begin to see interior and exterior shots of the house. Back in the ring Chemical X is smiling.

TT: There’s gotta be a catch here.

Chemical X: Paul, that’s your house, and I spared no expense building it, I’ve fulfilled my legal obligation and replaced your house.

X reaches into his pocket and hands Paul Blair the keys to his house as a live wide shot of the mansion is shown. Blair smiles and accepts the keys and grabs the mic.

Paul Blair: Scarletti, I told you that 2010 would be the year the CWF would kiss…

Chemical X stops and grabs the mic in Blairs hands in a Kanye West fashion.

Chemical X: Paul! Paul! Paul! I’m very happy for you, and I’mma let you finish but hold on just one moment, I have to make a phone call…

X takes out hi iPhone and presses a button dialing a number. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! A loud explosion on the screen rattles the entire arena as Paul Blairs mansion explodes into a red ball of fire and smoke. Chemical X and Blair’s head snap towards the screen as secondary explosions begin to go off around the house.

Chemical X: Oh my god!

TT: I told you there’d be a catch!

BC: That wasn’t fair to Blair!

Blair’s face turns red as he drops the keys. X looks at Blair and begins to size him up as his eyes are still glued to the big screen.

Chemical X: Hey Blair! Say hi to Rei in coma land for me!

Blair turns around and X hits him square in the jaw with a spinning roundhouse kick.

BC: X’ed out! Blair’s been X’ed out!

Chemical X drops the mic and walks out of the ring.

TT: My God! Chemical X has done it again!

BC: Poor Blair!

TT: Don’t go anywhere folks, we’ll be right back!


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TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown folks, brought to you by and Spidersitebuilder, the world’s easiest and most powerful website builder. And coming up next folks…well, Blair won’t have to wait long to get his hands on Chemical X after what we just saw!

BC: Chemical X will kiss the damn hand in about two minutes!

TT: It’s six man tag team action as Sickboy, Chemical X, and the legendary Jimmy Blast, all representing the Horsemen, take on the team of Keith Daniels, Paul Blair, and the 2009 rookie of the year, Mariano Fernandez!

BC: You just get the feeling something big is going down in this one…I mean, Keith Daniels is messing with Sickboy, Chemical X just made a huge mistake and screwed with Paul Blair, and Mariano Fernandez has a lot to live up to in 2010 after winning rookie of the year for 2009! And then throw the ultimate dark horse, Jimmy Blast in there…anything can happen and it probably will!

TT: Well let’s not waste any more time! Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is a six man tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall!

"Four Horsemen" by Metallica blasts throughout the arena as the crowd erupts in boos. Jimmy Blast, Chemical X, and Sickboy make their way out to the entrance stage. All three look serious and determined as they continue their walk down the aisle paying no attention to the crowd.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring, representing the Horsemen! At a combined weight of eight hundred twenty-three pounds...JIMMY BLAST...CHEMICAL X...and the National Champion...SICKBOY!

The three men step up to the apron and enter the ring. Sickboy hands his National Championship to an official on the outside as their music fades. All three men focus on the entrance area.

TT: This should be a great match, Bobby!

BC: Of course it will be! The Ruler himself is in this match!

"Blow It Out" by Ludacris blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in cheers. The lights dim as Keith Daniels, Paul Blair, and Mariano Fernandez make their way to the stage. Fireworks blast at the stage as the three men look at the surrounding crowd. As they make their way down the aisle, Blair stops to let certain fans kiss his hand.

Ring Announcer: On their way to the ring... at a combined weight of seven hundred seventy-five pounds... MARIANO "SHADOW" FERNANDEZ..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR...AND "THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!

Mariano slides in to the ring as Daniels steps on to the apron. He steps over the top rope to enter the ring as Blair makes his way up the steel steps. Blair enters and all three men keep their eyes on the opponents as the music fades out. The referee instructs both teams. Blair, Mariano, Sickboy, and Jimmy Blast step out to the apron as the ref calls for the opening bell!


TT: Looks like we're going to see Chemical X start this match off against Keith Daniels. The two men are staring each other down...and it looks like they're trash talking each other!

BC: Well, both men have been known in the past for their cockiness!

TT: They're nose to nose...GFY! X takes the first strike with the GFY!

BC: And look at Daniels! He looks pissed!

Daniels instantly spears X to the mat and starts laying in hard rights! The ref has to forcefully pull Daniels off of X...and X retaliates with a spear of his own! And he starts lacing in right after right!

TT: What a way to start this match! The ref finally pulls X off of Daniels! Daniels is back to his feet...and X with another double leg takedown! He mounts Daniels...but Daniels with a headbutt! Daniels rolls X to the mat and drills him with a hard forearm! He brings X back to his feet...short arm clothesline!

BC: We know that X is a brawler, but it's hard to match the power of Daniels!

TT: Daniels lifts X back up...arm drag and twist. He pulls X to the corner...and there's the tag to Mariano. Mariano with the springboard...double axe handle to X's arm! X stumbles back, and he's met with a dropkick from Mariano!

BC: It was just last week that we saw the gnat beat Chemical X! Can he do it again tonight?

TT: Mariano waits as X starts to get back up...headscissors takedown! X again is getting back to his feet. Mariano with a springboard...crossbody...NO! X catches him...and he drops Mariano with a powerslam!

BC: Excellent counter by X!

TT: X brings Mariano back to his feet...hard right...a second! X with a vicious elbow to the face and Mariano is sent back toward the ropes. X with the irish whip. Mariano rebounds...and X sends him airborne! Mariano crashes hard chest first to the mat!

X brings Mariano back to his feet and quickly lifts him. He carries Mariano to the corner...and there's the tag to Sickboy! X brings Mariano out to the center of the ring...atomic drop! X holds Mariano in place as Sickboy hits the ropes...running lariat on the rebound! X steps out to the apron as Sickboy makes the cover!




TT: Mariano kicks out! Sickboy pulls Mariano up with a front facelock...vertical suplex! He brings Mariano to his feet again...and he delivers a second vertical suplex! Sickboy rolls Mariano on to his stomach and applies a rear hammerlock!

Sickboy holds the hammerlock as he elevates himself, driving a knee in to the arm and the small of the back! He elevates himself a second time...and again plants a hard knee! Sickboy releases the arm and stands. He hits the ropes...and he drops a knee to the skull on the rebound! Sickboy places his knee against Mariano's upper spine and pulls back on the head for a modified camel clutch!

TT: Potential submission here!

BC: Ha! The gnat might get squished here!

TT: The ref checks on Mariano...and Sickboy brings down a hard forearm in to Mariano's face!

The ref checks on Mariano again...and again his is met with a hard forearm to the face! Sickboy slams Mariano's face forward in to the mat as he releases the submission. He grabs Mariano by the leg and drags him toward the corner. Blast hops down from the apron and places his boot on the steps to check his laces as Sickboy tags in Chemical X.

TT: Looks like Chemical X is back in as he stomps at Mariano's midsection! X brings Mariano back to his feet...boot to the gut! He positions Mariano...lifts him in to the air for a powerbomb...and he runs full speed at the turnbuckle!

BC: That HAD to hurt!

TT: X still has Mariano in the powerbomb position as he makes his way to the center of the ring...but Mariano flips over X! Mariano is trying with all of his strength to pull X down for the sunset flip!

X swings with a right...but Mariano bridges up avoiding the shot. Mariano hits the ropes as X turns to him. X waits for Mariano on the rebound...but Mariano slides between X's legs! Mariano dives...and he tags in Daniels!

TT: Daniels rushes in, and he takes X down with a clothesline! X quickly gets back to his feet...a second clothesline! X is up and rushes at Daniels...and Daniels ducks under an X clothesline...neckbreaker by Daniels! And he has the cover!




TT: X kicks out! Daniels brings X back to his feet...and he lifts X to his shoulders! X squirms, and he falls behind. X with a chopblock...and he takes Daniels to the mat!

BC: Perfect move by X!

TT: X brings Daniels to a sitting position and applies a rear chin lock, placing his knee against Daniels' back for added pressure! The ref checks on Daniels, but Daniels won't give up! Daniels struggles...and he is able to make it back to his feet! X floats in to a side headlock, and Daniels nails him with a hard elbow to the gut!

X releases the hold and stumbles back as Daniels regains composure. Daniels grabs X by the arm and positions him...russian legsweep! He picks X back up...arm drag and twist. He pulls X over to the corner. Daniels presses his foot against X's calf, forcing him to one knee. He forces X to kiss the hand of Blair who eagerly awaits the tag!


TT: Daniels tags in Blair. Daniels brings X back to his feet and boots him in the gut. Daniels and Blair with a front facelock...double suplex! Daniels steps out to the apron as Blair makes the cover!




TT: X kicks out! Blair pulls X back to his feet...swinging neckbreaker! Blair hits the ropes...knee drop on the rebound! He makes his way to the corner, climbing to the second rope. Blair from the second rope...fist drop to the skull!

BC: Now this here...THIS is fair to Blair!

TT: Blair brings X to his feet...NO! X with a thumb to the eye! X grabs Blair's arm...armbreaker! He grabs Blair by the wrist, dragging him toward the corner!

Blast is looking to the crowd as X makes his way over. Before X can tag him, Blast just down and starts to argue with a fan in the front row. Sickboy tags himself in as X brings Blair to his feet. X launches Blair in to the ropes...double knee to the gut on the rebound! X steps out to the apron as Blast returns. Sickboy picks Blair back up and locks in a sleeper hold!

TT: This isn't good!

BC: Come on, Blair!

TT: Blair is struggling to get out of the hold, but it looks like he's fading! His movement is slowing down...

BC: NO! It can't end like this!

Blair appears out on his feet! The ref grabs his arm and raises it in the falls! He raises it falls! The ref raises his arm one last fal....NO!!! Blair struggles again at the very last second! He's trying to fight out of the hold, and he forces Sickboy to switch over to a side headlock! Blair lifts Sickboy...back suplex!

TT: Here's the opening Blair needs!

BC: Both Blair and Sickboy are down here!

TT: Blair is finally starting to stir as he slowly crawls to his corner. Sickboy is starting to crawl over to his own corner as well.

Sickboy is almost there! He's edging closer to Blast...and Blast drops down from the apron, holding his eye in pain! Sickboy looks confused as he watches Blast...and Blair tags in Mariano! Sickboy makes it to his feet, but before he can tag in X, Mariano delivers a perfect dropkick knocking X off the apron!

TT: Wait a damn minute, did Jimmy Blast just back out of a tag?! Sickboy swings with a right, but Mariano ducks it! He grabs Sickboy and pulls him down for an STO in to a backbreaker! And a neckbreaker by Mariano! X is back on the apron as Mariano goes for the cover!




TT: Sickboy kicks out! And it looks like Mariano is setting up for the Yakuza Kick! He's waiting...waiting...

Sickboy groggily gets to his feet...but Mariano is quickly turns around by X...X'ed Out! The ref tries to get X out of the ring as Daniels and Blair both rush in! They both clothesline X, sending him over the top rope and to the outside! The ref admonishes them, sending them back to their corner as Sickboy picks Mariano up. TT: Sickboy with the front facelock...THE INFECTION...NO!!! Mariano held the top rope! Mariano with the springboard...MOONSAULT!!! And he has the cover!




TT: Sickboy rolls the shoulder! X slides back in to the ring as Mariano gets back to his feet...and X with a boot sending Mariano in to the ropes!

BC: Daniels made the blind tag!

TT: Blair and Daniels both step back in to the ring, and the ref has lost control of this one! X is pounding the hell out of Mariano...but Daniels grabs him from behind. He turns X to him, and he clotheslines X over the top rope!

BC: X just got dumped to the outside again!

TT: Sickboy grabs Daniels by the shoulder and turns him around. Boot to the gut...THE INFECTION!

BC: Looks like Blast's eye must be feeling better...he's back on the apron now!

TT: Sickboy turns his attention to Blair. He ducks a right from Blair and swings with one of his own...but Blair ducks it! Blair Kick...and Sickboy ducks it! He spins Blair around...THE INFECTION!

Mariano hits the far ropes as Chemical X starts to get to his feet. Mariano on the return...summersault plancha...but Chemical X moves! Blair rolls to the outside as Chemical X returns to the apron...

TT: BLASTER!!! OH MY GOD!!! Blast just hit Chemical X with the Blaster on the apron!

Sickboy turns his attention to Blast. He makes his way over to Blast, but Blast backs down the steel steps.

TT: Issues with the Horsemen here as Blast just dropped his own partner with the Blaster!

BC: Sickboy needs to focus on the match, and not on his partner!

Daniels uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet as Sickboy looks at Blast in confusion. Blast points behind Sickboy as Daniels waits...

TT: Sickboy turns around...LIVEWIRE!!! What a vicious clothesline!

BC: Sickboy was flipped inside out!

Daniels makes the nonchalant cover!




TT: Does anyone hit a better clothesline than Daniels?!

Blast quickly slides in to the ring and brings Sickboy to his feet...BLASTER!!!

TT: What the hell?!



TT: What the hell is Jimmy Blast doing?!

Jimmy Blast hops out of the ring and rolls Chemical X in under the bottom rope. He climbs back through the ropes and grabs a mic, looking down at the fallen Chemical X and Sickboy, both laid out and unconscious.

BC: What is going ON?! Did Jimmy Blast just kick them out of the Horsemen?!

TT: I don’t know but Jimmy Blast has a mic and this should damn sure be interesting!

Jimmy Blast: Robbie, are you watching brother? Did you see what I just did to your newest recruits? Rob we started this a very long time ago , and I must say that I am disappointed in what you have assembled. The "Horsemen" have always stood above all the rest. We were always a symbol of class and dignity Robbie. Then you brought this into the stable. (Blast points at a fallen Chemical X and Sickboy) This is what you have allowed the "Horsemen" to become Rob.

You have also let the Radiant One walk away. That’s right Rob, you are the reason we no longer have Roland with us brother. You let Roland sign the contract that led to his retirement. I hold you accountable for that! That never would have happened when I was running the show, Osbourne. You tried Robbie, you really did, but it wasn't good enough my friend. What you have proven to me is that you make a better Indian that you do a Chief.

So you have a choice, Robbie. You can keep running with these hacks you call "Horsemen". Or you can turn the keys back over to me, we get rid of this dead weight, and I get the "Horsemen" back to where they need to be. The choice is your’s, Robbie. You know I have always treated you like a brother, but sometimes brothers need a little tough love. And now is that time. So make up your mind Robbie ... what’s it going to be ? Your either with me on this, or your against me ... there is no middle ground. Friend or Foe, Osbourne? Make the right choice ... your career is counting on it.

TT: Well that’s a hell of an ultimatum!

BC: When it rains it pours for Rob Osbourne!

Jimmy Blast drops the mic and heads back up the ramp, turning his head, alert, expecting Rob Osbourne and Jack Mason to burst out from behind the curtain and attack him. Instead, he makes it to the top of the ramp unscathed. He turns to look back at Chemical X and Sickboy, but just regaining consciousness.

TT: Hey wait a minute…that’s….

BC: No way! It couldn’t be!

The crowd roars as two familiar faces step through the curtain and stand next to Blast. Blast looks to his left, then to his right, and flashes the sign of the Horsemen along with the two men.


BC: The original Horsemen!

TT: Jimmy Blast has put the hit on Chemical X and Sickboy and he’s already replaced them with the original Horsemen, Tony Mullins and Money Train and my God, what a moment!

BC: Yeah but what does Rob Osbourne have to say about this?! The Horsemen are in shambles!

TT: A wait a minute…back in the ring…Mariano Fernandez!

BC: What does that little jumping bean want?

Mariano Fernandez helps Chemical X to his feet. He brushes him off and pats him on the shoulder. Chemical X looks confused, but is still barely conscious…Mariano Fernandez turns like he’s walking away, and then spins and nails Chemical X with the YAKUZA KICK!

BC: Ahhh!

The crowd pops huge! Mariano Fernandez slides under the bottom rope and grabs a steel chair and signals for a mic. He thanks for the ring announcer and climbs back into the ring.

BC: Has this kid gone insane?!

TT: I don’t know but it looks like he’s about to retaliate and it’s about damn time!

Mariano Fernandez: To all of you members of the crowd, and to you Mr. Turnbuckle and Mr. Crane in the announce table, I’m really sorry for what you will witness right now… but this is the only thing I can do.

BC: What?!

Mariano turns towards Chemical X.

Mariano Fernandez: Why, Gary Scarletti, why? What need did you have to do that at Season’s Beatings? Not for the fact that you lost, but because you do enjoy being a pain in a certain body zone for no particular reason. I can take many things, but when I went to shake your hand, I really respected you. You took advantage of that. And that is something I cannot take. So this is for you!

He rears back and NAILS Chemical X with the steel chair!

BC: Ahhhh!

TT: Mariano Fernandez has finally had enough!

Mariano Fernandez: This one is for having TJ aiding you!

He nails X with the chair again!

Mariano Fernandez: And > this one is for sending me out on a stretcher!


BC: My God! Someone must’ve put extra paprika on the beans for dinner!

TT: Mariano Fernandez has lost it and Chemical X is paying the price!

Mariano forces Chemical X up to his knees and unsheathes his trademark Kendo stick.

TT: Uh oh!

BC: Who knew Mariano had it in him?!

Mariano Fernandez: So here you are, Gary Scarletti, on your knees, on the verge of humiliation and defeat. How does that feel, Chemical X? Feels bad, doesn’t it? What do you think I should do to you? Are you going to beg me to finish it like you did to Sickboy in the IoA?

Chemical X can’t respond.

Mariano Fernandez: Guess what. I have learned the lesson you taught me at Season’s Beatings. I hope you feel the effect of your own words. And remember, this is all because of you.

THWACK! The Kendo stick crackles and pops as Mariano wraps it around the head of Chemical X. X flops back, unconscious, and Mariano Fernandez turns to face the crowd.

Mariano Fernandez: Once again, CWF fans, I apologize… if I must lose your support because of this, it was good while it lasted… but please understand, I can take defeat, but uncalled for humiliation just exceeds my limit.

He bows down to the crowd, who starts chanting “WE FORGIVE YOU! WE FORGIVE YOU!” He smiles.

Mariano Fernandez: Thank you very much once again… good night.

He leaves the ring to an ovation.

BC: Well, there’s all the proof you need! This little gnat is a hypocrite! Where are his trademark good manners? Gone down the drain!

TT: Stop being an idiot, Crane! He just had enough and finally stood up for himself! And I'm with him on that one! Well done, Mariano!

BC: Yeah, well done, Mariano. You just pissed off the most ruthless, vindictive man in the CWF…congrats!

TT: Well nonetheless, we have to take a commercial break…when we come back, it’s main event time!

BC: Woo!

TT: Don’t go anywhere!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown, fans…and during the break, the drama continued!

BC: Yeah, what a way to kick off the new year!

TT: No question! Our cameras were rolling as Chemical X and Sickboy got back to the Horsemen locker room, and well…take a look for yourself.


Sickboy is walking through the back, dejected by Jimmy Blasts actions, his National Title draped over his shoulder. He shakes his head, wondering how he could've missed it when suddenly, a crowbar smacks him in the back of the head full force. He falls forward onto the ground as Keith Daniels steps into view behind him.

Keith Daniels: What? You actually thought I wanted to join? You've got to be out of your f[BEEP]king mind!

Daniels then begins to stomp on the downed Sickboy a few times.

Keith Daniels: Get up. Get up!

Keith Daniels reaches down and pulls the unconscious Sickboy off the ground.

Keith Daniels: I have to do everything myself, don't I?

Daniels then throws Sickboy over his shoulder, grabs the National Title off of the floor and runs down the hall. He makes a quick right and a left and busts out of the exit in the back of the arena. The camera follows as quickly as it can as Keith Daniels bolts out into the parking lot and toward the VIP/Press section of the parking lot. Finally, arriving at a black Nissan Altima, Keith Daniels pops the trunk with a key fob and pulls a rope out of the car.

Keith Daniels: We wouldn't want you trying to pull a fast one and get away, now would we?

He began to wrap Sickboy's arms and legs up in the rope while he was still unconscious. As he finished the quick tying job he had done, Sickboy began to stir.

Sickboy: Hey... What the f[BEEP]k are you--

Keith Daniels quickly grabbed some duct tape from the trunk and placed it over his mouth.

Keith Daniels: Oh no. I'm definitely not going to listen to your mouth all the way there, that's for sure.

Sickboy tries to free himself from the ropes making as much noise as he can. Daniels, however, is unfazed.

Keith Daniels: What's that? You can't wait to see what the trunk looks like? That's so ironic!

Daniels then hoists Sickboy up and stuffs him into the trunk, his body twisting and contorting all the while trying to avoid going in. Daniels then slams the trunk lid shut and picks the National Title up off the ground. He smiles.

Keith Daniels: I guess you can ride up front with me.

Keith Daniels hurries around the car to the driver’s side, opens the door and tosses the National Title into the cab of the car. He starts the engine, backs out and rips off. Just as he does so, Rob Osbourne, Chemical X and Jack Mason show up on the scene.


They look at each other trying to figure out what to do.

NRO: Mason and I have the main event coming up. X, go hunt that bastard down and teach him a lesson Horsemen style.

Chemical X, despite his injuries, gnashes his teeth and nods.

Chemical X: That's what I'm talkin' about...

Osbourne and Mason turn back around and head for the door to the Nassau Colisseum as Chemical X runs over to his vehicle. He jumps in, starts it and pulls out. He speeds in the direction the Daniels drove, but a large truck pulls out in front of him suddenly. Not being able to stop, Chemical X slams into the side of the truck, making a loud crash.

Chemical X: Son of a bitch!

Chemical X quickly jumps out of his vehicle and runs over to the truck. He pulls the driver's side door open and the man driving it slides out slightly, obviously injured.

Man: I... can't... breathe...

Chemical X: Can't breathe?! Look what you did to my f[BEEP]king car!

He then proceeds to pull the man out of the vehicle and repeatedly slam his head against the side of his own truck.

Chemical X: This should teach your ass to pull the f[BEEP]k out in front of me!

Feed cuts.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: It is absolute chaos in the Nassau Coliseum tonight and the most explosive match of the evening is up next!

BC: Everyone is on edge, Teddy!

TT: And next week, folks…it’s only going to be better on pay-per-view! Last Man Standing comes to you live from Calgary, Alberta…winter has blanketed the entire city of Calgary in snow and it’s gonna be freezing cold, Bobby…but the CWF will be on the scene to heat the place up with one of the hottest pay-per-views of the year!

BC: I love Last Man Standing, Teddy! It’s the one time of year that EVERYONE has a chance to make it to the main event! And not just any main event…the main event of Super Card! ANYONE, Teddy! Kyle Sync could headline!

TT: Well let’s not get carried away, but you’re not wrong, Bobby. Everyone is on equal ground and whoever makes the opportunity count will have the opportunity of a lifetime in March at Super Card VI! But the Last Man Standing battle royal isn’t the only thing on the docket! The match that has the entire CWF locker room talking, Magnus Thunder will defend the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against the controversial “Nitemare” Rob Osbourne in what will surely have huge implications on the careers of both men!

BC: I don’t know how on earth you can pick a winner, Teddy! Rob Osbourne has been scratching and clawing his way back to the World title scene and now he’s finally back at that level…he’s foaming at the mouth for this title shot and I don’t see anyone being able to keep him down! But then there’s Magnus Thunder, and he’s been the most dominant force in the CWF since Halloween night at Night of Champions III! He’s been unstoppable, untouchable, unbeatable! He’s destroyed every single person who’s stood in his way and has shown no signs of stopping! I can’t see anyone keeping him down either!

TT: It truly is the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object but this just in…I’m getting work that Sickboy will defend the CWF National Championship against…Keith Daniels! That had to have been the deal Xamin made with Daniels earlier tonight!

BC: Well that would explain why Sickboy is currently spending some quality time in the trunk of Daniels’ car!

TT: What a match up that should be! We also learned earlier tonight that Degradation will defend the CWF World Tag Team Championships against The O’Reilly Brothers!

BC: And The O’Reilly Brothers may be the best chance the tag team division has of taking the belts from Degradation since High Concept!

TT: How about this one…here’s a match for you, Tige’ will go one on one with Jack Mason!

BC: Damn, what a match! TIge’ was revealed as The Nitemare’s Nightmare two weeks ago at Season’s Beatings, but Jack Mason saved Rob Osbourne’s bacon that night and is the newest member of the Horsemen…that’s a fitting match.

TT: I’ve also just received word that Terry Richards and the Richards Legion will take on James Baker and Da Xtreme Dynasty in six man tag team action!

BC: Oh man! And after Richards was revealed to be behind the abduction of Enrique Lopez, James Baker and Da Xtreme Dynasty are gonna be looking to tear Richards’ head off!

TT: And finally, Bob Osbourne will defend the CWF Unified Championship against the new number one contender thanks to Bob’s actions as the guest referee earlier tonight…Israel Steele!

BC: That will no doubt be the biggest match of Steele’s career! Man, what a lineup.

TT: What a lineup indeed but that’s next week on pay-per-view…and coming up right now, live on Showdown, Tige’ teams up with the CWF World Heavyweight Champion Magnus Thunder, and they will take on Jack Mason and “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne in a small preview of two of next week’s premiere matchups!

BC: Man, this is gonna be explosive…those are four big names, all in the same ring!

TT: Let’s head to the ring and get this underway!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…at a total combined weight of 495 pounds…the team of JACK MASON and “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

“All Nightmare Long” by Metallica hits and Rob Osbourne steps out from behind the curtain, Jack Mason and Gonzo Goblin, leader of the Congolese tribe that’s been worshipping Mason for the past couple of weeks, walking along with him.

TT: Well there’s Jack Mason and Gonzo Goblin but…where is the pack of tribesmen that’s usually following them around? Are they hiding in the back or something?

BC: …how do you hide 30+ tribesmen without someone noticing? Maybe there was trouble in the village and they couldn’t make it tonight.

Mason and Osbourne climb into the ring while Gonzo Goblin takes his place in their corner outside the ring.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents…first, from Madison, Wisconsin…weighing in at 235 pounds…TIGE’!

“Discotheque” by U2 begins to play as the arena lights go out. The video screen starts quickly flashing between a wide variety of colors. As the music begins to pick up a black silhouette of man appears against the colorful screen. The main guitar riff hits as the lights in the arena explode in a colorful array of flashing lights as the spotlight shines on Tige'. Tige' makes his way carrying a portable radio with Jagermeister following right behind him. On his way to the ring Tige' is mocking the crowd as the arena atmosphere is much like a dance club. Once at the ring Tige' finds a power cord by the broadcast booth and plugs his radio in and sets it on the ring apron next to his corner.

TT: Let the good times roll, Tige’s here!

BC: What’s with the radio?

Ring Announcer: And his tag team partner…from Jotunheim, Norway…weighing in at 500 pounds…the CWF World Heavyweight Champion…MAGNUS THUNDER!

The thunder rolls in and lightning strikes the entrance way as the instrumental version of “Haunted” by Type O Negative hits. After about twenty seconds pass…there is no sign of Magnus Thunder.

TT: Well…where is he?

BC: You’re asking me? You know what, come to think of it…I haven’t see Magnus Thunder all day…is he even here tonight?

Ring Announcer: Ahem…the CWF World Heavyweight Champion….MAGNUS THUNDER!

The thunder once again rolls in. Lightning once again strikes the entrance way. Still, no Magnus Thunder.

TT: Looks like Tige’ will be on his own and that is bad news!

Tige’ furiously yells at the curtain for Magnus Thunder to come out, but to no avail. Rob Osbourne and Jack Mason laugh in their corner, realizing they’ve got Tige’, 2 on 1.

TT: This is gonna turn into a handicapped match!

Tige’ walks over to the referee and whispers something in his ear. The referee considers for a moment, and then nods in approval. Tige’ motions for Jagermeister to get up on the apron.

BC: Ha! Looks like Tige’ had a backup plan!

TT: Jagermeister looks like he’ll be taking Magnus Thunder’s place in this one and he’s certainly no substitution for the World Champion but he may as least give Tige’ a fighting chance here…


TT: Well here we go! Tige’ starting this one off with Jack Mason! And these two will be opponents next week at Last Man Standing!

Tige’ and Mason lock up…but just as they’re about to collide, Tige’ holds one finger up.

Tige’: Hold on a second…

Tige’ walks over to his corner and presses the “play” button on his radio. Loud disco music starts playing. Tige’ walks back to the center of the ring.

TT: What the hell is this?

BC: Ha! It’s a party every time Tige’ is out here!

TT: Yeah well, Mason and Nitemare look pretty damn annoyed by it…

BC: Tige’ is a thorn in their side, Teddy! I mean it’s not like they have more important things to worry about, what with Jimmy Blast stabbing them in the back earlier tonight, Keith Daniels abducting Sickboy, and Mariano Fernandez viciously attacking Chemical X…they’ve been waiting all week to get their hands on Tige’ and now he’s making a mockery of the whole match by playing disco music! I love it!

TT: Well Rob Osbourne snapped a long time ago, it just hasn’t done him much good…he’s had enough!

Tige walks to the center of the ring and challenges Mason to a test of strength. He holds one arm up…Mason goes to lock hands but Tige’ switches hands and raises his left…Mason raises his left, and Tige’ switches again. Mason follows suit…Tige’ switches again, and again, and again, turning it into some kind of disco dance move and Mason follows along not realizing until it’s too late. Tige’ and Mason stand there in the middle of the ring and Tige’ has Mason dancing…Mason stops and furiously kicks the ropes, angry that he fell for it.


TT: Well now I’ve seen everything!

Tige’ laughs and raises his arms for the crowd who can’t help but cheer…Mason EXPLODES out of the corner and drives a flying forearm into the jaw of Tige’! Tige’ goes down and Mason pulls him back to his feet and whips him to the ropes…Tige’ on the rebound ducks a clothesline….on the rebound…Mason caught with his head down…and Tige’ catches him with a swinging neckbreaker!

TT: Tige’ caught him and here’s the tag to Jagermeister!

Tige’ tags into Jagermeister. As Tige’ steps onto the apron he turns the volume up on the radio. Nitemare squints his closed tight in his corner, trying to keep his composure and not let Tige’ know how annoyed he is. Jagermeister steps in and pulls Mason up to his feet…he whips him to the ropes…Mason slides under his legs, boots him in the gut…and a big knee lift to the big man! Jagermeister goes down and Mason runs to the ropes, leaps onto the middle rope and…moonsaults back onto Jagermeister! He connects perfectly and Jagermeister grabs his ribs in pain. Mason with a cover!




TT: My God this music is getting annoying…

BC: Are you crazy? This is great!

TT: Someone bring me some damn advil…

Mason drags Jagermeister to his corner and tags in Rob Osbourne. Osbourne hops in and they whip Jager to the ropes…double back body drop and Jagermeister sails through the air, landing hard on the mat! Mason exits the ring and Osbourne goes to pull up Jager…but it was a fake out, he spins and NAILS Tige’ off the apron! Tige’ sails back and his chest lands across the announce table! Nitemare turns the radio off.

TT: Oof! Well, thanks Nitemare…

Nitemare turns around to find Jagermeister storming at him like a raging bull…Nitemare drops and pulls the top rope down, sending Jagermeister flipping over the top rope and to the outside!

TT: And now they’re both on the floor! Wait a minute…look at Mason!

BC: He’s got something up his sleeve! Ahh!

Jack Mason gets Nitemare out of the way and then runs to the ropes…and LEAPS over the top rope with a death defying plancha, landing on Tige’ and Jagermeister!

TT: Mason knocked them both down and he is looking like a damn machine! The last time we saw Mason, it was in the EWA and he was, dare I say, a one dimension brawling type wrestler…he looks to have totally recreated himself and has one hell of an offensive arsenal, or so it seems!

BC: Ok, that’s it…I love Brian Adams but Jack Mason is my pick for the winner of Last Man Standing!

Mason rolls back into the ring as Tige’ and Jagermeister regroup on the outside. Tige’ storms around the ringside area and yells at Jagermeister to get in the ring and tag him in. Jager climbs back in and tags in Tige’. Tige’ immediately hits the “play” button on his radio, turning the volume up even louder this time. Nitemare, fuming, charges at him…Tige’ dodges him and Nitemare runs himself into the turnbuckle chest first…Tige’ rolls him up!




Nitemare gets up angrily but Tige’ beats him to his feet and nails him with a dropkick! Nitemare falls back…as he pulls himself up, Tige’ runs at him…step up enzugiri!

TT: Tige’ knows Nitemare so well, he seems to know what Osbourne is gonna do before Osbourne knows himself!

BC: This has to be driving Osbourne crazy, and all the while this horrible disco music is blaring in his ear…

TT: That’s driving ALL of us crazy, Bobby…I can’t imagine trying to wrestle like this on top of that.

Tige’ pulls Osbourne to his feet and throws him into the corner. He charges in at him…but Nitemare gets his boot up and catches Tige’ in the chin! Tige’ staggers back and Osbourne out of the corner…SPEAR! And Tige’ folds up like an accordion! Osbourne storms over to Tige’s corner and slaps Jagermeister across the face! Jager goes to get in the ring but the referee cuts him off and Mason jumps in and begins stomping on Tige’ while Osbourne grabs the radio. He rips the cord out from the back and the music stops. Osbourne throws the radio onto the floor outside the ring and it smashes to pieces!

TT: Well thank God! We don’t have to hear this music any more!

BC: Come on! I was getting into that!

The referee turns and forces Mason out of the ring…Nitemare over to Tige’…LOW BLOW! Tige’ catches him with a low blow and the ref was busy with Mason and didn’t see it! Nitemare drops to the mat and Tige’ pulls himself to his feet. He doesn’t hear any music and asks Jagermeister what happened. Jager points to the smashed radio on the floor. Tige’ slumps his shoulders and frowns, upset that the music has stopped. Then he smiles and claps his hands twice, like he’s using a clapper, and the same annoying disco music starts rumbling through the entire arena, strobe lights flashing!


TT: Good Lord…Tige’ is like an annoying little brother that you want to swat across the face…

Nitemare forces himself to his feet and comes at Tige’…Tige’ ducks a clothesline…Nitemare spins around…Tige’ with a thumb to the eye! Nitemare blinded and Tige’ tags in Jagermeister! Jagermeister in now and big boot to the chops of Osbourne! Rob Osbourne reeling now and Jagermeister pulls him back to his feet…he whips him to the ropes…Osbourne ducks a clothesline and leaps up…headscissors take down and Jagermeister flips to the mat! Nitemare pulls him up…he has him hooked! BADD DREAM! No! Tige’ springboards off the top rope and knocks Nitemare down with a clothesline and now here comes Mason into the ring!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: The music is blaring, the strobe lights are flashing, I can’t even hear myself think and now all four men are in the ring going at it! The ref better get control of this fast!

Nitemare and Tige roll around the ring throwing wild punches at each other…Mason and Jager fall through the ropes and brawl to the outside! Nitemare gets to his feet and nails Tige’ with a European uppercut that stuns him…Nitemare has him set…BADD DREAM! BADD DREAM! He caught him! Osbourne with a cover!

TT: Nitemare’s got him! Here’s the cover!

BC: But Tige’ isn’t the legal man! The legal man is Jagermeister and Mason’s got him all tied up outside the ring!

The referee won’t make the cover and Osbourne screams at him. Outside the ring, Mason and Jagermeister brawl…Jageremeister gets the upperhand and has Mason up in a bear hug…and DRIVES him spine first into the ringpost! Mason slumps against the post and Jager runs back and then charges at him! MASON MOVES! Jagermeister gets a mouthful of post and Mason rolls him back into the ring! Mason yelling at Nitemare to get out of the ring…Nitemare looks confused but obliges, questioning Mason…

TT: What the hell is going on here?!

BC: I don’t know but…look at this!

Mason nods at Gonzo Goblin. The music suddenly stops. Tige’ and Jagermeister are struggling to their feet in the ring and Gonzo Goblin screams out.

Gonzo Goblin: WAMBA ZEE KAH!

TT: What the hell?

Suddenly, the ring begins to rise up off the ground…and the 30+ Congolese tribesmen have apparently been hiding under the ring, and are carrying the ring away…with Tige’ and Jagermeister in it!



BC: Am I really seeing this?!

TT: The Congolese tribesmen having been under the damn ring this whole time! And they are carrying the ring up the ramp!

The crowd is on its feet and the cameras flash as the ring is actually carried by 30 tribesmen up the aisle and towards the ramp as Gonzo Goblin screams at the tribesmen to keep moving. Nitemare looks at Jack Mason like he’s crazy, and Mason laughs maniacally.


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has lost control of the match and has declared this a NO CONTEST!

TT: Well as if we didn’t see THAT coming! Look at this! They’ve made it to the ramp and Tige’ and Jagermeister don’t know what the hell to do!

Tige’ and Jagermeister cling to the ropes for dear life as the tribesmen hover the ring over the edge of the ramp! Gonzo Goblin shouts at them.


On cue, the tribesmen THROW THE RING OFF THE RAMP!



Tige’ and Jagermeister leap from the ring just as it hits the floor…they safely land on the concrete below, but the ring lands on its side and threatens to tip towards them. Tige’ and Jagermeister hop desperately over the guardrail to safety and the ring narrowly misses them. They look on in disbelief as the tribesmen pound their chests and scream primal screams.

TT: I have never in my entire life seen anything like that!

BC: You said you’d seen everything at the beginning of the match…correction, Teddy…NOW you’ve seen everything!

TT: Unbelievable and wait a damn minute!

The lights mysteriously flicker off...

TT: Not again with the lights!?

BC: Who cares about the lights! Someone else is out here!

The lights flicker back on to reveal...

TT: It's Magnus! And he's got Hellbringer!

BC: Ahhh!

Magnus Thunder charges down the aisle to the empty ring area and Nitemare and Mason grab steel chairs and stand their ground! They circle Magnus and wait a minute! TIGE’! Tige’ makes his way back to the ringside area, fuming…he slaps Magnus on the back! Magnus doesn’t flinch, he just stands there, statuesque, as Tige’ berates him for leaving him high and dry. Magnus spins around…and NAILS Tige’ in the jaw with Hellbringer!

TT: Tige’ gets a war hammer in the jaw for his troubles and here comes Jagermeister!

BC: Ahhh!

Jagermeister sprints at Magnus…Magnus ducks his attack and drives the handle of Hellbringer into his gut. Jager hunches over in pain and Magnus drives the hammer across his back! Jager down and Nitemare and Mason drop their chairs and retreat up the aisle to safety! Magnus Thunder is a man possessed!

TT: My God! My God! Magnus Thunder is on a rampage and next Saturday night, Rob Osbourne has to face him head on!

BC: This has been the craziest Showdown we’ve ever had!

TT: No question is has and my God, we’ve got a feed…we’ve got a feed of…Keith Daniels! Keith Daniels has still got Sickboy and let’s get a camera on him!

We see the Altima that Keith Daniels drove pull into the parking lot. He jumps out with the National Title in hand and rounds the car to the trunk. He opens it and Sickboy begins to squirm again, looking at him in defiance.

Keith Daniels: What's the matter? Oh, you're tied up. Right, my bad. I almost forgot. Listen though, there's something I forgot to tell you.

Sickboy squirms, still trying to get free as Keith Daniels holds the National Title up in front of him.

Keith Daniels: Xamin informed me who your opponent was at Last Man Standing.

Keith smiles as Sickboy glares at him.

Keith Daniels: That's right. It's me!

Sickboy continues to try and get the ropes off before Keith Daniels hoists him out of the trunk. He carries him over to a door in front of the building and leans him against it.

Keith Daniels: No, don't worry. I've got a surprise in store for you. Sort of a celebration of your title reign now that it's going to come to an end. How do you feel about that?

As he finishes, Sickboy throws his head forward, nailing Daniels in the face with a headbutt. Daniels staggers back, and puts his hand to his face. Blood begins to trickle out of his nose as he looks up at Sickboy, this time with malice in his eyes.

Keith Daniels: You ungrateful little bitch! Don't worry, you'll get what's coming to you, but first...

Keith Daniels pulls a blindfold out of his pocket.

Keith Daniels: You should get ready for your surprise party.

Keith Daniels then ties the blindfold around the unwilling head of Sickboy as he continues to try and fight.

Keith Daniels: You look excited, and you should be. This is all in celebration of you.

Daniels then hoists Sickboy under his arm and walks in the door. It looks like your typical everyday bar, as a gentleman in a suit approaches him.

Gentleman in Suit: Greetings... Wow, what's going on with your friend here.

Keith Daniels: He's a very excitable guy, and I just couldn't risk how excited he would be for his birthday.

Gentleman in Suit: Oh, it's his birthday? Excellent!

Keith Daniels: Do you have a VIP room or anything so he can, you know, have some private time.

Gentleman in Suit: Not really. We don't have VIP--

Daniels quickly holds out a few hundred dollars. The man looks down as his eyes light up.

Gentleman in Suit: I do believe we can accommodate. Follow me.

Daniels follows the man in the suit as he leads him behind the bar and in a back door. He guides them to an empty dressing room of sorts, but there's no one there.

Gentleman in Suit: Just wait here. I'll be right back with some special guests for his party.

He flashes a smile and steps out of the room. Keith walks Sickboy over to a chair and sits him down.

Keith Daniels: This is exciting, isn't it?

Sickboy, obviously not trusting his motives, continues to fight with the ropes. The gentleman opens the door and beckons forth a few people.

Gentleman in Suit: Oh ladies! This way!

As he says this, the "women" he was speaking to walk into the room.

Gentleman: Sir, this is Jewel, Pixy, and Francisco. They'll take good care of your friend.

Keith Daniels backs away from Sickboy as they approach him.

Keith Daniels: Oh no, it's not me. He's the birthday boy.

Jewel: Oh, really now? Why is he tied up?

Keith Daniels: He was just so excited to come here, I didn't think he'd be able to keep his hands off you guys... Or girls... Or... Whatever it is you call yourselves exactly.

Jewel: Oh, I see.

She turns and walks toward Sickboy.

Jewel: Hey there, baby. How about we take that blindfold off, so I can see just how much you really want me...

She climbs onto his lap and slides the blindfold off of him. He takes one look at her as his eyes go wide and the color leaves his face. He looks down instinctively and back up in horror.

Jewel: Oh it's there, baby. Trust me. I'm a whole lot more than just a pretty face.

Sickboy begins to squirm as the chair falls out from underneath him.

Francisco: Ooh... You must be really excited...

Keith Daniels: Oh, and feel free to do whatever you want to. He can be such a "Sick Boy" sometimes.

Francisco: That's what we like to hear. What do you want us to do to you, baby? Maybe straddle your face a little?

As Francisco pulls Sickboy back off the ground and onto the chair, Keith Daniels walks over to the camera.

Keith Daniels: Hey Osbourne. How big and bad does your Champ look now? He may be a Horsemen, but right now, it looks like he's playing for the other team, if you know what I mean. You should probably come get him before he gets too excited...

Daniels steps away and walks over to Pixy, who is watching with enjoyment. He leans in and whispers something in her ear. She smiles as Daniels steps out of the room. She disappears to the back of the room and comes back out with a bull whip. She snaps it once, catching Sickboy's attention.

Pixy: Who's ready for some birthday whippings?

The feed cuts back to ringside, where Osbourne and Mason and watching the big screen in disgust.

TT: MY GOD ALMIGHTY! We are out of time folks and thank God! Thank God this night is over! What a wild ride it’s been and next week we are live on pay-per-view for Last Man Standing! And Sickboy will be chomping at the bit to get his hands on Daniels all week!

BC: I can’t believe what we’ve seen tonight!

TT: We will see you next week from Calgary, Alberta! Thanks for joining us tonight folks! I’m Teddy Turnbuckle for “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…so long everyone!

Mason and Osbourne storms through the curtain. Magnus Thunder raises Hellbringer in the air and lets out a war cry to loud boos from the crowd.

Fade to black.

Until next time…