One week ago at Last Man Standing history was made. Calgary was treated to one of the best pay-per-views in the history of the CWF, and all to kick off 2010. Keith Daniels was able to overcome Sickboy, taking away a piece of the precious gold which The Horsemen held. Magnus Thunder was able to face the odds and defeat Rob Osbourne to retain his championship...albeit by help from Tige' and Roland Ulv.

The Last Man Standing Battle Royale was phenomenal as 20 superstars fought for the right to face the champion at SuperCard VI, but only one would be able to take that next step...or so we thought. But in the end it was all about the Last MEN Standing as both Jack Mason and Brian Adams were declared the winners.

Tonight, both of the number one contenders will be in action as Brian Adams steps back in to the ring with Paul Blair, a one on one event that hasn't happened in years. Jack Mason prepares himself for his future championship oppertunity as he takes on the new National Champion, Keith Daniels. And finally...just one week removed from a successful title defense at Last Man Standing...World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus Thunder will go one on one with Tige' in a non-title match.

This is the CWF...

This is...


Fade in to a sold out Rimrock Auto Arena in Billings, Montana. The facility is packed as the enormous crowd are all on their feet. Fireworks blast off from above the videotron and stage. Pyro erupts in to the air from the sides of the ramp as another series of fireworks pop, going up and down both sides of the aisle. The crowd is estatic as colored lights strobe throughout the crowd.

Sitting near ringside are Teddy Turnbuckle and "Beautiful" Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everybody to a sold out Rimrock Auto Arena! Welcome to Billings, Montana! And welcome to SATURDAY NIGHT SHOWDOWN! I'm Teddy Turnbuckle and along side me, "Beautiful" Bobby Crane!

BC: Hot off the heels of one of the biggest pay-per-views in history...our road to SuperCard VI begins tonight!

TT: Indeed it does, Bobby! What an amazing show Last Man Standing was! We crowned new World Tag Team Champions...a new National Champion...and TWO new number one contenders!

BC: It was a damn cold night in Calgary...but definately a night to remember! We had hyped up all of the great matches on our first show of 2010...and it lived up to the expectations! Pledge Allegiance defeating the one and only Jimmy Blast! Tige' outsmarting Jack Mason! Keith Daniels bringing Sickboy's impressive title reign to an end!

TT: It was a very impressive reign as National Champion...but after seeing Keith Daniels' performance at Last Man Standing...there's no doubt in my mind that he deserves that championship!

BC: We'll just see how long he can hold on to it... How about Magnus Thunder once again successfully defending the World Heavyweight Championship! As we mentioned earlier...he had a little help from Tige' and Roland Ulv...but it was enough to bring Rob Osbourne crashing down! But none of that was more important than the feat which Brian Adams and Jack Mason accomplished!

TT: Well, Jack Mason cheated to be announced as the co-winner!

BC: A win's a win, Teddy!

TT: Technically, you're right. In any event...we have a great show on hand for you tonight! We're going to see Brian Adams in action against Paul Blair!

BC: The Ruler will have something to prove tonight after not being successful at Last Man Standing! The question is...can The Ruler overcome the red hot, Brian Adams?! If you ask's time for Brian Adams to...KISS THE HAND!

TT: That may just happen tonight! We'll also see Pledge Allegiance team up with the very impressive Mariano Fernandez as they take on The Horsemen's Chemical X and Sickboy!

BC: Pledge is trying to mentor the young Mariano. We've seen Mariano's struggles with The Horsemen...more specifically with Chemical X as of late. Maybe Pledge will be the difference maker in the no disqualification match tonight! Only time will tell!

TT: Also tonight...we will see Jack Mason...the other man heading to SuperCard VI to take on the World Heavyweight Champion squaring off against our new National Champion...Keith Daniels!

BC: This should be a blockbuster match, Teddy! We can talk about how great Jack Mason is all we want! Yes, the man's impressive...yes, he was able to weasel his way in to getting a World title shot...but the bottom line is...Keith Daniels has been on a very impressive streak since his return! In fact, he has yet to lose a match with the exception of the Last Man Standing battle royale! He's hot off the heels of defeating Mason's fellow Horsemen member! This should be an excellent match...but DO NOT count The Dangerous One out!

TT: And what about our main event, Bobby! How fitting is it that just one week after defeating Rob Osbourne, Magnus Thunder will now step in to the ring with The Nitemare's Nightmare...Tige'!

BC: It should be a unique match, Teddy! In a sense, Magnus Thunder should be thanking Tige'! Tige, along with Roland Ulv ensured that Magnus would retain his championship at Last Man Standing! But to be honest with you...I feel sorry for Tige'... I felt Magnus Thunder's wrath in the past...he is not a man that you want to get in the way of!

TT: He is definately an impress...

"Represent" by hed pe hits and Brian Adams storms out to the stage from behind the curtain. Even behind the dark shaded sunglasses you can see Brian doesn't look too happy with what happened last week at Last Man Standing.

TT: I imagine Brian is coming out here to confront Mark Xamin about the controversial result of the Last Man Standing battle royale last week.

BC: Why confront Xamin? He didn't do anything! It was Mason!

TT: Mason just did what Brian Adams would have done as well given the chance. I'm not very fond of either of their actions, and while I do admit Brian was screwed last Saturday, can you really sit there and tell me after all the screw jobs Brian pulled off last year that he didn't have it coming...maybe just a little bit?

BC: Yes I can.

The music cuts off from the PA system as Brian rips the microphone out of the hand from the announcer as he looks on at the crowd who aren't very thrilled seeing him first thing of the night.

Brian Adams: I need you morons to shut up a second, I have business that needs to be straightened out. Xamin, I need you to bring your sorry ass down here and fix this!

TT: That's great, act tough and call the boss out when he damn well knows Xamin's getting married!

BC: Xamin is getting married and I wasn't invited?! How could he do this to me?! If I was there, that wedding would be beautiful!

Brian Adams: Let's get one thing straight. I won Last Man Standing clean. I threw that worthless scumbag Jack Mason out of the ring...over the top rope, just like I said I would. I did my job, but did the referees do theirs?! NO! They didn't register Mason as an eliminated participant and for that...he gets to have a second chance because someone fell asleep on the job? Bullsh*t! I won't have it! I came in at number eight and did exactly what I said I was going to do! Xamin, I have proof, the REAL replay from Last Man Standing to give you more than enough ammo to overturn the referee's ridiculous decision of a double winner from the battle royale! Roll the tape!

Everybody directs their attention to the big screen above the stage. There they see the replay Brian has instructed the people in the truck out back to play.

Tige’ furiously pounds on Pledge on the outside! He tries to climb back into the ring, refusing to accept his elimination but the referees swarm him! Pledge up and he goes after Tige’! Every official on the floor trying to break it up!

Back in the ring, Adams and Mason brawling it out…Mason whips him to the ropes…Adams clings to the top rope and stops his momentum…Mason charges at him…ADAMS WITH A BACK BODY DROP OVER THE TOP!




The camera cuts back to Adams in the ring, still seething at the footage he just saw, and remember what Jack Mason did to him.

Brian Adams: Do you see that Xamin? How about you Teddy and Bobby? You see what that little bitch did to me?! He has truly screwed the pooch on this one, and now we have to do some triple threat because people can't do their job? I WON'T HAVE IT! I'm here to ask, no...scratch that, I'm here to DEMAND that Mark Xamin comes out here right now and overturns the referee's incompetent decision! I should be the one going to SuperCard VI to face Magnus Thunder, not Jack Mason! This is my shot! Not his!

The videotron suddenly rolls a clip from Last Man Standing. Gonzo Goblin quickly slams open the production truck's door. As the techs' attentions are turned to Gonzo, he rushes over to one of them.

Gonzo Goblin: run the replays around here?

Tech: Umm...yes...

Gonzo Goblin: Good...good... Are they asking for a replay?

Tech: Of course. I was right about to give it to them. They want definative proof on who won the match.

Gonzo Goblin: I see... let me ask you know who I am?

Tech: Not by name. I just know that you are an aquaintance of Jack Mason.

Gonzo Goblin: Right...right... I see. Well, let me give you a better idea of who I am, kid. I'm the crazy motherf*cker that's gonna shove this fist down your throat and pull out your intestines for our Congolese Tribesmen to use as a jump rope if you give them that replay!

Gonzo smirks as he holds his fist in the air. The worried tech continues to listen.

Gonzo Goblin: Now...if you were a smart man... You'd play the end of the match...that part where Adams and Mason both go over the top rope. See...I'm a betting man...and I have alot of money placed on Mason for this match. So...I lose my lose your guts!

Gonzo gives a little snicker at the terrified tech quickly switches the replay for the officials. Gonzo watches over his shoulder as the videotron goes dark. Suddenly, "Chinese Democracy" by Guns N' Roses plays and the crowd erupts in a chorus of half boo's and half cheers. Gonzo Goblin walks out ahead of 10 Congolese tribesmen all surrounding Jack Mason, who is being carried on the shoulders of 2 of the tribesmen. Gonzo grabs a microphone from a stage hand and walks it over to Jack. The tribesmen let Jack down, but he stays in the middle surrounded by them.

Jack Mason: Look you won, I won, we won, who cares? Let's just agree to disagree! And when I say agree to disagree, I mean agree to agree that I'm the true winner! Look, I explained earlier this week what happened! I was never eliminated originally! I stepped out of the ring to help and old lady cross the street, then I got back in the ring and knocked you over the top rope! I had a dinner date to get to with many famous celebrity friends of mine, so I quickly exited the ring, too ... because I was in a hurry to win and leave. I wanted to beat the LMS traffic out of the arena! So, in light of this new evidence from my testimony, I believe that we should just all calm down, allow me to be the official winner of Last Man Standing, and say to Brian Adams "hey, good job! You almost did it! Better luck next year, loser!" Gonzo and I both feel that, since it wouldn't be fair to let Brian have a shot because he lost, this is the only fair thing to do. I mean, are we going to let EVERYONE who lost have a shot at SuperCard? That's a lot of people! Brian, try to be honest for once in your life and declare me winner! NOW!

Brian Adams: F*ck you!

Suddenly, the video screen bursts to life. We appear to be inside the wedding reception of CWF Owner and Founder, Mark Xamin. As people laugh and dance in the background, Mark Xamin stands at the fore front in a tuxedo, a scowl on his face. Adams and Mason look up at the screen.

Mark Xamin: God, can't I get a night of peace around here? I just got married, I'm about to give my speech, and you two assholes can't get along for one night? Well here's the deal. I saw what happened. I saw what Mason did, I saw Adams win the rumble and Mason re-enter the ring and well, you all saw what happened. But the fact is, I'm not in the business of reversing a referee's decision so here's the deal. Jack Mason, I owe you a title shot...

Mason smiles and nods and agreement.

Mark Xamin: But it won't be at Super Card no, it will be on February the 13th at the Valentine's Bash!

The crowd roars.

Mark Xamin: That's right,'ve got your title match. And Brian Adams, well...whatever the referee says, I watched you win Last Man Standing and for that reason, you will face the winner of Magnus Thunder vs Jack Super Card VI!

Brian Adams nods, smiles and claps the decision as the crowd boos.

Mark Xamin: Now gentlemen, if you'll excuse IS my wedding day.

The screen flickers off. Mason holds his hand up to hold Gonzo and the tribesmen back. He makes his way down the aisle as the crowd begins to cheer for what they feel is about to come. Jack nears the ring as boos suddenly flow in the arena again.

BC: Look at this! We have about twenty of Jack's tribesmen that just jumped the barracade, all dressed in street clothes!

TT: This is not good for Adams!

Adams noticing, looking around at the ring as the tribesmen surround, stalking as they circle the ring. The crowd erupts in cheers again as Winters appears at the entrance stage with several security members. He sends security to the ring and they instantly go after the tribesmen.

TT: Looks like Mason's plan may not work like he had hoped!

BC: Damn security!

Kodiak Winters: It won't happen like that tonight, boys!

Mason steps up to the apron...ready to hop in to the ring. He smirks as he quickly hops back down. Adams waves for Mason to get in to the ring as the lights suddenly go out. Lightning strikes the four corners through the darkness. As the lights come back on...Adams, Mason, and Magnus Thunder all stand in the ring with security leading the tribesmen out of the arena.

Magnus Thunder: And here we are again...

Magnus looks around at the booing crowd.

Magnus Thunder: You have all faithfully proven one thing to me in the last six months. You are all like stones at the bottom of a river! Too heavy and too weak and too dense to think and reason your way out of the drowning pool of sin!

The crowd pops in a chorus of jeering.

Magnus Thunder: Yes, protest! It's what you all do best when you are too afraid to stand up and fight! Yell for help! Yell for the helping hand of your rulers! And when they come, I'll crush them into powder with the lot of you! Crush I crushed Osbourne.

For a brief moment, the crowd forgets they hate him, but remain silent. Magnus continues.

Magnus Thunder: For how many months did you claim to be unconquerable, Nitemare? How many times did you claim your victory was sure? And how many times will you be proven WRONG!? At least once more, I suspect...and I will be there to help you understand it! You rise and you fall, you rise up again and fail again. But one thing is clear right now... You finally know your place at the table. Underneath, on the dusty floor, eating the scraps that fall from my table. Just like you, Adams. And just like this gutter imp...Jack Mason! You, my young idiot, will know the true meaning of judgment! You will beg me for mercy!

Mason looks ready to attack Magnus, but before he can he finds himself quickly turned toward Adams...THE LAST CHAPTER!!! Adams pounces on Mason and lays in with right after right as Magnus smirks, stepping out of the ring. He makes his way back up the aisle as security once again rushes down to the ring to seperate Adams and Mason.

BC: What a start to the show!

TT: It looks like security is resolving this situation! We'll be right back!



We go backstage and see Ashley Mastrangelo lacing up her boots in the locker room area. There's a knock at the door which causes her to look up.

Ashley Mastrangelo: Come in!

The door opens and in walks Dennis Donnelly.

Ashley Mastrangelo: What do you want?

DD: Well, you have a match tonight. What are your thoughts on facing Jinx in a match that didn't happen a few weeks ago?

Ashley Mastrangelo: Is that all you do?

DD: What do you mean?

Ashley Mastrangelo: Anytime I see you or your fellow interviewers running around, all you do is ask people's thoughts. How about a legit question? Like, what's my strategy? Maybe ask why I look like I'm in a very angry mood?

Donnelly looks rather stunned that he has been approached in such a manner.

DD: Uh, um, okay? What's the reason for your bad mood?

Ashley Mastrangelo: Oh, sure, steal my material. Whatever, I'm pissed because I'm here alone and I as a lovely young lady, don't like to be alone.

Donnelly's manner seems to change a bit as he moves in a little closer.

DD: Well, you know...I could help you in that area.

The look in her eyes told the story.

Ashley Mastrangelo: EW! GROSS! You sick pervert.

She starts smacking him toward the door, then turns and starts throwing things in his direction. A man walks past the door and sees the commotion. Rather than continue on, he stands in the doorway and watches.

He himself was a muscular man, short hair, piercing blue eyes, and a demeanor that would intimidate many. He had to duck as a shoe came his way and ended up in the hall.

Donnelly started to stumble out of the room and bumped into this man. Ashley was turned away from the door looking for something else to throw. The man in the doorway grabs hold of Donnelly and holds him by the shirt.

Man: Excuse me miss, is this guy bothering you?

The voice itself lit up Ashley's face as she turned toward the door. A smile flew across her face almost as quickly as she flew across the room, leaping toward this mystery man. The man throws Donnelly to the side as he catches Ashley who wraps her arms around him with a huge hug before jumping down.

Ashley Mastrangelo: I thought you said you weren't coming?

Man: Changed my mind. Time for me to get back in the game.

Donnelly readjusts his shirt and grabs hold of his microphone, doing his best to avoid eye contact.

DD: By get back in the game, you mean signing with the CWF?

Man: Not just signing with the CWF, taking it over.

DD: Who the hell do you think you are?

The man takes hold of Donnelly by the shirt again, and takes the microphone from his hand.

Man: Who the hell do I think I am? I'm Mike Laszlo, and that simply put, makes me...THE BEST!

That said, Mike takes hold of Donnelly and shoves him out the door of the locker room, throwing the microphone out behind him. The scene cuts back to ringside as Mike and Ashley continue talking.

TT: Ashley and Jinx will be in action later tonight...but first...

"Maybe I'm a Lion" plays through the PA and flames and fireworks go off synchronized with the music. 12 seconds into the song, Firework go off one more time and Leon Lonewolf appears in huge pop. Leon makes his way down the ramp in a normal pace, but taking time to socialize with fans.

Ring announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at two hundred eighty-five pounds� LEON LONEWOLF!!!!!

BC: Schizo invasion!

TT: Bobby, please.

Leon makes his way to the ring, climbs up the turnbuckle, taunting the crowd by extending his thumb, middle and little fingers of both hands in the air: his symbol of honor. He climbs up another turnbuckle and taunts again. He jumps down and readies himself for the match.

�Hollywood Whore� by Papa Roach hits the PA system to a big ovation. Alex Ruettiger sprints down the aisle, tagging the fans� hands on the way down.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from South Bend, Indiana...weighting in at two hundred thirty-eight pounds� ALEX RUETTIGER!

Alex Ruettiger slides under the top rope and focuses on Leon.


TT: And here we go! Alex right at Leon with a clothesline! But Leon gets up... Bulldog! I�m amazed!

BC: I�m not. Damn rookies.

TT: Leon gets the upper hand in this bout, and he�s got a hold of Alex�TOSSED right into the ring post!

BC: His shoulder may be a little messed up after that!

TT: Alex turns around� BIG BOOT BY LEON! The quick cover!



TT: Quick kick-out right there!

BC: This match ain�t over this soon, Teddy!

TT: Leon lifts Alex up, looking to end this early with the Lionheart� Alex counters with a quick sunset flip! And Leon rolls out of it�SEATED DROPKICK! Wow!




BC: Not even close, Teddy. Leon is going to take a chance here on the turnbuckle�

Leon climbs to the turnbuckle as the crowd�s excitement gradually rises. He does his Symbol of Honor high up in the air.

TT: What is he going to do here?! UH-OH� FLYING CROSS BODY BLOCK! Cover again!




TT: Not yet! Leon is visibly frustrated� LIONS-OW!! Alex with a double knee counter!

BC: Rudy! Rudy! Rudysaurus back in the game, and the crowd cheers like the little plague of tapeworms they are!

TT: Ruettiger gets back on his own two feet, bounces off the ropes�BASEMENT DROPKICK! Lonewolf rolls to the outside, and he�s out of it!

Alex Ruettiger slowly stumbles to his feet�

TT: Rudy going to take a chance here, bounces off the ropes again and� Suicide dive! Wow!

BC: Damn, that must�ve hurt!

Leon screams in pain after his back hit the barricade and slowly slides into the ground where Alex is.



TT: Neither one of them is getting up�



TT: Wait! Alex is moving!


TT: Alex has gotten to his feet, here we go!


TT: Alex slides under the top rope, and Leon is going to lose this thing!

BC: Thank god this thing is over!


TT: Leon is on his feet as well! He takes a glance at Alex and�WHAT THE HELL?!

Leon swiftly jumps into the apron and grabs Alex�s throat secure�

TT: HUGE CHOKESLAM! Leon has snapped!

Leon enters the ring and rolls his eyes into his sockets.M

BC: That�s his demon, let�s all cry in fear for Mr. Schizophrenic!

TT: This is serious, Teddy! Alex getting to his feet� Lonewolf with the right hand! Irish whip into the ropes, Leon getting a hold of Alex� SPINEBUSTER! Wow!

BC: What is this? He�s got a hold of Alex� MODIFIED GOGOPLATA! I think that�s called the WOLVEN ASSAULT, Teddy! It�s locked in! So sick, I love this demon!

Leon continues the Wolven Assault locked in. Alex slowly struggles to get out of the hold, moving and squeezing himself in every direction, until�

TT: Alex gets his foot on the ropes! Leon is forced to break this hold, for god�s sake!



TT: He�s not breaking it!


BC: Leon is insane! Stop the damn hold, you�re going to lose!


TT: And five! He�s disqualified� No! No!

BC: He stopped at the last second!

Leon gets up and picks Alex up.

TT: Leon going again for the Lionheart, here it is�No! Alex counters into a huge facebuster! Ruettiger up�KNEEDROP! To the back of the skull!


TT: Can Alex recover?! Rudy picks Leon up, going for a bulldog! No! Lonewolf counters into a back suplex! But Alex gets his feet on the ground, grabs his head� PARTY�S OVER! PARTY�S OVER!

BC: God, that was sick!

TT: Alex grabs the legs, can he do it?!




TT: MY GOD! This match was incredible!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner� ALEX RUETTIGER!!!

Ruettiger makes his way up the aisle as Lonewolf returns to his feet.

TT: Still to come tonight...Tige' and Magnus Thunder, one on one!!!

“Fight” by Motorhead hits the PA system as the crowd erupts in boos. Chris, Alex Richards and Trent Walker, dressed in black tuxedos pop out the curtain to an even bigger shower of boos.

TT: Well, look who is here?

BC: No fair…Where the hell is Terry Richards? I want to see him!

TT: Bobby, it’s extremely awkward hearing you say that.

BC: It’s the truth, Teddy. Anyways, let’s see what his brothers and his bodyguard pull out.

A single spotlight follows them as they calmly walk down the aisle.

BC: Bah, it’s not the same! There’s no cocky smirk!

TT: I wonder why they're so serious…

They slide under the bottom rope and make it over to the far side of the ring. Officials on the outside hand each of them microphones as their music fades out.

Chris Richards: Well, tonight we’re extremely serious. We have an important announcement to do.

The crowd becomes silent.

Chris Richards: Well, as everyone has noticed…Well, you people hate us. You people hate us with every tiny bit of your bodies. I’d like to announce that The Richards Legion is about to become emptier.

TT: Huh?!

Alex Richards: You know, it’s not working out. Therefore, in mere minutes, we’ll announce who’ll depart forever. You may have noticed someone isn’t present here tonight…

TT: You’ve got to be kidding me! Terry Richards, retiring?

Alex Richards: Sad, isn’t it? Well, it brought us quite a legacy.

BC: I swear to God I’m going to riot!

Chris Richards: Yes, it is that sad.

All three men drape their arms around each other, Chris in the middle.

Chris Richards: I’m deeply saddened to announce that…

Chris lowers his head and sighs

Chris Richards: Leaving The Richards Legion for eternity…

The crowd starts being sympathetic.

Chris Richards: Ladies and gentlemen, we announce the retirement of…


Every head in the audience turns around. Terry Richards is standing on the entrance stage in his usual tuxedo, a big smile on his face. The crowd wastes no time showering him with boos.


Terry Richards: I can’t believe this!

Terry makes his way down the aisle as the crowd continues to unleash overwhelming boos.

Terry Richards: I mean, you showed no sympathy whatsoever when we did you a favor and beat the holy hell out of Da Xtreme Dynasty! All you sick bastards care about is the little good guys! If James Baker is your freaking hero, where is his damn kryptonite?! I’ve had it with you people!

Terry slides under the bottom rope.

Terry Richards: So, from now on, no more of the crap you like! No more incredible feats of athleticism...from now on...I’m going to wrestle in the most efficient way ever, not in the bump-a-palooza you jackasses want me to! The Richards Legion are different from everyone else, hence the beautiful tuxedos! Just wanted to clear everyone’s minds here… From this day forward… We are sheer success! We will not tolerate any disrespect from you...and WE WILL NOT BE YOUR BITCHES!

“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed plays as they toss down their mics and leave the ring.

TT: Bold statement from the Richards Legion!

BC: Ha! I loved it!

Cut backstage. Alex Ruettiger is making his way down the hallway toward the locker room as Blood, dressed in a black suit passes by. Ruettiger is still showing the wear and tear from his match as he makes it passed Blood. Blood slowly looks over his shoulder toward Alex as he passes, coldness in his eyes. He springs at Alex, attacking him from behind. Blood knocks Alex to the ground with a hard forearm from behind. He picks Alex up and slams him face first in to the wall...and again! As Alex stumbles toward Blood, Blood cracks him with a hard headbutt. He slams Alex face first in to the wall once more. Alex collapses to the floor as Blood smirks. He glances over to the wall. Blood grabs a fire extinguisher from the wall and waits as Alex slowly gets back up. Blood drills Alex in the skull with the extinguisher, forcing a crimson stream to rush out of his head. Blood tosses the extinguisher aside and leans over top of Alex. He grabs Alex by the back of the head, lifting it from the ground.

Blood: Nothing personal, kid...

Blood drops Alex' head back to the floor as he continues his walk down the hallway. We return to the commentator's table.

TT: Blood with a brutal attack, and it looks like he's on his way to the ring!

BC: God was that brutal!

TT: We have to take a quick commercial break!



The lights go out as "Hero" by Skillet blasts throughout the arena and the crowd gives a mixed reaction. A wall of flames erupts on the stage as the lights begin to flash red throughout the arena. The flames die down as Blood makes his way to the stage. He glances around at the sold out crowd before making his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen...please welcome BLOOD!!!

Blood reaches ringside and makes his way over to the steel steps. He climbs in to the ring and makes his way over to the far side of the ring, grabbing a microphone from an official on the outside. His music fades out as the lights return.

TT: The crowd doesn't know what to think of Blood right now!

BC: Well, he left Alex Ruettiger a bloody mess in the back!

Blood: Ten years ago...I made my way through those curtains for the first time. It was the most amazing feeling in the world! But I look back on that day...I look back on my past...and it makes me sick!

The crowd gives some boos as Blood pauses.

TT: These fans are NOT liking Blood!

Blood: Hold on...just hold on. Hear me out here! It's nothing against any of you! guys have ALWAYS been a huge part of who I am! What makes me sick is being here for ten years and seeing men like Brian Adams...Keith Daniels...Rob Osbourne... THESE men getting their dues. Guys like Brian Adams getting match after match for a championship! I have watched as these guys have advanced their careers. And for's such a let down!

BC: Here comes the whining!

Blood: How many others do you see in the CWF that can be placed in the main event...or high profile matches...but NEVER get a shot at a championship? Brian Adams...he's back for ONE WEEK and he's guarenteed a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship!

The fans boo as Blood mentions Brian Adams recieving a title shot.

Blood: Be fair, people. The man did earn his shot. But like many of you are I'm sure...I'm sick of seeing the same people headline EVERY show! For the past few months it's been Magnus Thunder, Rob Osbourne, Pledge Allegiance, Brian Adams...the same people over and over and over again!

TT: He makes a good point, Bobby! Since April, every pay-per-view with the exception of two have had at least two of the four names which Blood has mentioned! If you count the Night Of Champions shows...that's ten months of events!

BC: Yeah, but they earned their shots!

Blood: For some feels that I am able to perform with the top names...but that I don't deserve the same perks as the rest of them! THAT WILL CHANGE!!! Like I said to that kid in the's nothing personal. But apparently if you want to make it big in the CWF, you need to force it upon management!

The crowd erupts in cheers.

Blood: Xamin...I hope that you're watching... Because what happened with Ruettiger in the back...that is only...the...beginning!

Blood tosses the mic out of the ring. His music hits as he climbs out of the ring and makes his way to the back.

TT: Powerful words from Blood!

BC: Can he do anything other than whine?! It's like he said...Adams earned his title match! What has Blood done to earn himself a title shot?

TT: Either way...he made a few good points.

BC: Let's just get back to our matches! I want to see the women!

The lights in the arena go out, Taiko drums can be heard thumping loudly in the darkness, the eerie atmosphere silences the capacity crowd. The drums slowly fade and a small handheld monkey drum can be heard in the distance,






All noise then ceases and a loud explosion via Metsubushi (Ninja Smoke Bomb) forces the spotlights to focus on the center of the stage. The lights come on at the same time as "Hanging On By A Thread" by The Letter Black filters through the speakers. Through the smoke walks Jinx wearing a black Hijiakata Shinsengumi style female suit. One side of her face has the full make-up of a Geisha.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...from Shinjuko, Tokyo, Japan! JINX!!!

Jinx strides with a purpose toward the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. She climbs up the nearest turnbuckle and sit on the top, staring up at the aisle as she awaits her opponent. Her music fades out as she coldly stares.

TT: You think Ashley is ready for Jinx?

BC: Not sure...but I'm ready for Jinx!

"3" by Britney Spears blasts throughout the arena as the crowd boos. Ashley steps out to the stage and looks around at the surrounding crowd. She smiles and poses for them before strutting down to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Making her way to the ring...from Cleveland, Ohio...ASHLEY MASTRANGELO!!!

Ashley reaches the apron and looks up at Jinx. She climbs up to the apron and poses one last time before stepping in to the ring. Jinx rolls back landing on her feet. She keeps her eyes on Ashley as the music fades out.

BC: Teddy, am I drooling?

TT: Yes...yes you are, Bobby...

The ref calls for the opening bell.


TT: Here we go, Bobby! The match that you've been anticipated!

BC: Ashley...Jinx...I don't know if I can pick a winner!

TT: Here's the lockup...and both women are struggling to take advantage. Jinx is able to apply the side headlock, but Ashley instantly shoves her off in to the ropes. Ashley on the rebound...Lou Thesz press! Jinx quickly rolls her over and slams her head hard in to the mat. Jinx gets off of Ashley and bring her back to her feet...arm drag and twist.

BC: Woohoo! Bouncy, bouncy! I love it!

TT: Jinx forces Ashley back in to the corner...knife edge chop. She leaps in to the air...jumping snapmare! Ashley quickly gets back to her feet as Jinx rushes at her...headscissors takedown! Ashley again returns to her feet as Jinx comes at her...hurricanrana...NO! Ashley blocks it in mid move and drives Jinx face first in to the mat!

BC: Don't hurt her face!

Ashley sits Jinx up and applies an overhead keylock submission! The ref checks on Jinx, but she won't give up! Jinx struggles, and she makes it to her feet. Jinx quickly counters with an arm drag and floats behind with a rear hammerlock. Jinx grabs Ashley with a rear waistlock...german...NO!!! Ashley blocks it! Ashley rolls forward flipping Jinx to the mat and pressing on her for the cover!



TT: Jinx kicks out! Ashley waits as Jinx gets back to her feet...running lariat! Jinx slowly gets up again...and again she's met with a running lariat! Jinx returns to her feet once more, and Ashley grabs hold of her with a side headlock!

BC: Fast paced so far!

TT: Jinx lifts Ashley in the air, but Ashley flips out landing behind Jinx. Ashley spins Jinx around...boot to the gut, and she follows with a russian legsweep!

BC: Can we do a mud wrestling contest between these two next week?

TT: Guess you'd have to ask Kodiak Winters...

BC: I might have to do that!

TT: Ashley is making her way to the top rope as Jinx gets to her feet...and Jinx falls on the top rope, crotching Ashley on the turnbuckle! Jinx quickly climbs up the corner...hurricanrana...NO! Ashley holds the ropes...but Jinx lands on her feet! Jinx with a beautiful front roundhouse, and Ashley is dazed!

BC: Flexible like a cheerleader...just the way I like 'em!

TT: Jinx with a springboard...and there's the hurricanrana! Jinx quickly rushes over for the cover!




TT: Ashley rolls the shoulder! Jinx not wasting any time as she brings Ashley back to her feet. Jinx whips Ashley to the corner and quickly follows in...but Ashley moves out of the way as Jinx crashes chest first in to the top turnbuckle!

BC: Hope she doesn't have implants...

Jinx stumbles out as Ashley leaps to the middle rope...moonsault press! Ashley quickly gets back to her feet and hits the far ropes. Ashley on the to a legdrop! Jinx rolls out to the apron as Ashley returns to her feet. Jinx uses the ropes to pull herself back up. Ashley with a front facelock...and she lifts Jinx vertical...NO! Jinx blocks it!

TT: Oh my! Jinx is trying to suplex Ashley to the outside now as she has Ashley vertical...but Ashley struggles and is able to land on the apron! Ashley with a roundhouse...and she nails Jinx in the back of the head!

BC: That hurts!

TT: Jinx collapses to the floor outside as Ashley hops down from the apron. She picks Jinx up and rolls her back in to the ring. Ashley slides in after her, quickly making the cover as she hooks the leg!




TT: Jinx grabs the bottom rope...and this match will continue!

BC: Woohoo!

TT: Ashley picks up Jinx...and here's a dragon sleeper! Looks like she's going for Rejection! NO!!! Jinx spins around and pulls Ashley over with a northern lights suplex! Ashley instantly bridges up and spins Jinx around. She lifts Jinx up to her shoulder...but Jinx struggles and slides behind!

BC: Great escape by Jinx!

TT: Ashley turns back to Jinx and rushes...but Jinx catches her with a picture perfect powerslam!

BC: I love this, Teddy! Can we have these two wrestle each other every week?

TT: Again, you'd have to ask Winters... Looks like Jinx is going to the top! SENSORIUM...NO!!! Ashley moved out of the way!

BC: Jinx with a nasty landing!

TT: Ashley slowly gets back to her feet. She pulls Jinx back up and whips her in to the corner. Ashley rushes in...vicious lariat! She pulls Jinx out of the corner dropping her face first to the mat! She picks Jinx up again...swinging neckbreaker!

BC: I love this Ashley! She's...she's...umm...bouncy!

Ashley keeps her eye on Jinx as she stands near the ropes. She leaps to the middle rope...spins around in mid-air...summersault senton! Jinx rolls out to the apron again before Ashley can make the cover. Jinx uses the ropes to slowly pull herself back to her feet and Ashley grabs her arm. Ashley pulls her on to her shoulders...

TT: Jinx in serious trouble here! Ashley has her...but Jinx is holding the top rope! Ashley pulls trying to force Jinx to release...but Jinx is holding on tight!

BC: Well, she's in trouble here!

TT: Ashley finally pulls Jinx off the rope...rolling samoan! Ashley back to her feet...and she's stalking Jinx!

BC: What does she have planned here?

TT: OH MY GOD!!! Ashley is kissing Jinx!

BC: I'm in heaven!

TT: And here's the outside crecent kick...NO!!! Jinx ducks it! Jinx swings Ashley around...boot to the gut! She lifts Ashley vertical...BLACK SYMPHONY!!!

BC: Ashley is out!!!

TT: Jinx lays on top of Ashley, face to face with her for the cover!





TT: Jinx with an impressive victory!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...JINX!!!

TT: Ashley put up a good fight...but there's no getting up from the Black Symphony!

BC: Can we see the replay for that kiss?! Please! PLEASE!!!

Cut backstage with Jimmy Blast walking through the hallway...Money Train and “The Nature Boy” Tony Mullins with him. Suddenly, Chemical X begins to walk toward them from the front with a group of Jack Mason's Congolese Tribesmen. X stops as he nears the former Horsemen. Sickboy appears behind the former Horsemen with more Congolese Tribesmen. Sickboy halts them. Jimmy Blast begins to circle, realizing he is completely surrounded.

Sickboy: So, I guess if we’re not worth enough to be Horsemen you should be able to get by us just fine.

Chemical X: Jimmy, if you were would have done a little research on just how deadly myself and Sickboy are.

Jimmy Blast: So what now? Are you two going to try to take us on with your smelly natives?

Chemical X: No, not just us… we invited your best friend to the party too…

Just as X finishes the sentence the Congolese tribesmen along with Chemical X part like the red sea and Jack Mason flies through them...dips his shoulder and spears Jimmy Blast to the ground. X steps toward Money Train and hits him with a GFY as Sickboy kicks Tony Mullins in the stomach! An all out three on three brawl ensures. The Congolese tribesmen go insane screaming and chanting in strange tongues. The view is blocked by the tribesmen as the beating continues. The Congolese tribesmen calm down and once again part like the red sea. Chemical X brushes his shoulders off and walks out. Sickboy runs his hands through his hair and follows. Jack Mason cracks his knuckles and marches out. Then come the Congolese tribesmen. We return to the commentator's table.

TT: The Horsemen with a vicious attack on the former Horsemen!

BC: Did you notice that we have yet to see the presence of Rob Osbourne here tonight?!

TT: In any sort...let's head to the ring for our next match!

“Guerrilla Radio” by Rage Against The Machine plays as James Baker, JT Banks, and Kevin Styles emerge from behind the curtain with a dose of high energy. The crowd erupts in cheers as the three men play to their fans, posing for them. They make their way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, being led to the ring by James Baker! At a combined weight of four hundred seventy-two pounds...JT Banks and Kevin Styles...DA XTREME DYNASTY!!!

Kevin and JT hop onto the ring apron as Baker slides under the bottom rope. JT and Kevin enter the ring, and along with Baker, they pose for their adoring fans. All three men look to the entrance stage as their music fades out.

TT: Alot of issues for Da Xtreme Dynasty and The Richards Legion to work out...maybe we'll see some of that tonight!

BC: Doubt it! The Richards Legion are going to come in to this match to prove that they do not need the support of these peons that cheer men like James Baker!

"Perfect Insanity" by Disturbed starts playing to a neverending chorus of boos. Chris, Alex, and Terry Richards all appear on the stage dressed in dark tuxedos. Terry smirks as they pompously make their way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring...accompanied by Terry Richards! Hailing from Chicago, a combined weight of three hundred seventy-six pounds...Chris and Alex...THE RICHARDS LEGION!!!

All three climb in to the ring and taunt the crowd with the letter "L" formed from their hands. The crowd continues to boo as their music fades out. Chris and Alex rip off their tuxedos to reveal their wrestling attire.

TT: This could become a very interesting match! Terry Richards and James Baker both standing at ringside!

Terry and James step out of the ring, standing in their team's respective corner as Alex and JT step out to the apron.


TT: Looks like we're going to start things off with Chris Richards and Kevin Styles! Here's the lockup...and Styles is able to quickly force Chris back in to the ropes. The ref calls for the break, and Styles releases...but he's met with a boot to the gut! Chris whips Styles off in to the ropes...monkey flip on the rebound...NO!!! Styles counters with a jacknife pin!



TT: Chris breaks free and bridges up! He spins Styles around and attempts to lift him for a piledriver...but Styles struggles forcing Chris to drop him back to the mat! Back body drop by Styles!

BC: Styles with a great reversal!

TT: Chris quickly returns to his feet. Styles comes at Chris, but Chris ducks between the ropes, forcing the ref to keep Styles from attacking! And Chris makes the tag to Alex!

BC: That's called strategy, Teddy!

TT: Alex precautiously enters the ring. He locks up with Styles...and again Styles is able to force his opponent back to the ropes! The ref calls for the break, but instead Styles whips Alex in to the ropes. Alex on the rebound...and Styles tosses him high in to the air...but Alex reverses with a dropkick!


Alex springboards off the middle rope as Styles returns to his feet. Alex spins in mid-air...headscissors takedown! Styles is quick to get to his feet...and Alex with another headscissors takedown! Styles again returns to his feet, but he's met with a low dropkick to the knee! He drops to one knee as Alex comes at him...hard knee to the jaw, and Styles is down!

TT: Alex drags Styles over to the corner and tags in Chris. Alex picks up Styles and whips him in to the ropes as Chris enters the ring. Double flapjack off the rebound! Alex steps out to the apron as Chris makes the cover!




TT: Styles kicks out! Chris brings Styles to a seated position and applies a rear chinlock. Styles struggles, but he is able to make it to his feet as Chris switches to a side headlock. Styles with a back elbow...and a second! Chris stumbles back and Styles quickly turns to him...double leg takedown! And he follows it up with a picture perfect elbow!

BC: Styles needs to make the tag!

TT: Styles catches a quick breather as Chris holds his chest in pain. Styles crawling now, making his way to his corner...and there's the tag to JT! JT is quick to enter as Chris slowly gets up...massive running lariat! Chris is slowly bringing himself back up again...and again JT takes him down with a lariat!

BC: The Richards Legion obviously were trying to avoid having JT in this match as Kevin Styles is the smaller of the two!

JT pulls Chris back to his feet and pulls him over to the corner. JT with the tag and Styles quickly climbs to the top rope. JT lifts Chris in to an electric chair position...spinwheel kick by Styles!!! JT steps out to the apron as Styles quickly makes the cover!!!




TT: Chris kicks out! Styles picks Chris back up...wasting no time here...and he whips Chris in to the corner. Styles follows in...another spinwheel kick...and Chris drops face first to the mat!

BC: Styles is SO quick in the ring!

TT: Styles waits as Chris is slow to get back up. Styles with the springboard...and he spins in mid-air to catch Chris with a headscissors!

BC: This crowd has just erupted!

TT: Styles quickly to the top...perhaps looking for some Cleveland Hangtime! Wait! Terry is on the apron, and the referee is trying to get him back down! Styles dives off the top...and he nails Terry with a plancha...knocking him off the apron!

The crowd is estatic as Styles quickly slides back in to the ring...but Chris is back to his feet and quick to attack! Chris stomps away at Styles. He pulls Styles back to his feet and whips him to the corner. Chris follows in...avalanche splash! Styles stumbles out and Chris quickly lifts him up, spins around...and he drops Styles face first in to the top turnbuckle! Chris makes the tag as he grabs a dazed Styles from behind...

TT: Alex with the springboard...missile dropkick...and Chris with a russian legsweep at the same time! Chris steps out to the apron as Alex brings Styles back to his feet...arm drag and twist! And Alex quickly follows with an armbreaker!

BC: Thank god! Terry's alright, Teddy! He's back to his feet and cheering on his brothers!

TT: Alex holds Styles' arm as he once again tags in Chris. He pulls Styles back up as Chris grabs the other arm...arm drag and twist! Chris and Alex with a double punch to the gut, forcing Styles to hunch over!

Alex hits the ropes as Chris hits the opposite ropes. Alex clips Styles from behind and Chris nails him with a spinwheel kick! Alex rolls out to the apron as Chris makes the cover!




TT: Styles kicks out! Chris picks Styles back up...and Styles with a boot to the gut...but Chris catches it! Styles with an enziguri...but Chris ducks it! Styles struggles as he tries to pull his leg free from Chris...and he comes back at Chris with a back kick!

BC: I'll give him credit...that was a good counter.

TT: Both men are down, but Styles is trying to pull himself back up! Styles is crawling...slowly...

BC: Stop him, Chris!

TT: He's almost there!

BC: Terry's on the apron again, and the ref is trying to get him back to the floor!

TT: TAG!!! JT storms in to the ring...WAIT!!! The ref holds him back, as he never saw the tag! He's trying to get JT back on the apron as Chris uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet. Styles slowly gets back to his feet as well...low blow by Chris! Styles drops to the mat!

Terry is please as he turns to the crowd with a smile on his face. The ref continues to try to get JT back to the apron. Baker slides in to the ring and takes Chris down with a vicious running lariat! He runs toward the slide on Terry!

BC: What the hell, ref?! Keep Baker out of the ring!

TT: Baker sneaks his way back over to his side of the ring as Chris and Styles both are getting back to their feet! Chris rushes at Styles,,,double knee takedown...NO! Styles catches him and drops him face first on the top turnbuckle...and here's the tag!


TT: JT drills a stunned Chris Richards with a hard lariat...and here comes Alex! Alex with a running spinwheel...but JT catches him! And he dumps Alex over the top rope to the outside! Chris uses the ropes to pull himself back to his feet. JT whips him across the ring...flapjack on the rebound!

BC: Come on, Chris!

TT: Chris crawls to the ropes, using them to pull himself back up!

BC: Watch out, Chris!

TT: JT with a boot to the gut...and he lifts Chris vertical...

BC: Here comes the New York State Of Mind!!!

Before JT can drop Chris with the brainbuster DDT...he suddenly finds himself on his back after Terry trips him from the outside! Chris lands on top and Terry ducks below the apron, still holding the ankle!





TT: What the hell?! How did the ref not see that?!

BC: Ha! The Richards Legion shows just why they're better than everyone else! Except Blair of course...

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners...Chris and Alex...THE RICHARDS LEGION!!!

Chris and Alex quickly slide out of the ring as Styles and Baker enter. The Richards Legion and Terry make their way up the aisle, all smiles as they look back at the ring,

TT: Da Xtreme Dynasty were screwed here tonight!

BC: No! The Richards Legion were just smart with their strategies!

Cut to backstage. Blair sits in his locker room, preparing for his match.

Paul Blair: You seen what the little punk ass rollie pollie Brian Adams did to me at Last Man Standing? Does he know who I am? I am the Ruler, the measuring stick, International movie star, CWF Hall of Famer and the winner of the VERY first Pledge Allegiance Memorial cup...

Blair raises the cup up and looks to the heavens and smiles.

Paul Blair: God rest his soul.

Israel Steele: Hum… Sorry to bring you news pal, but he ain’t dead.

Blair looks at Steele and the smile leaves Blair's face.

Paul Blair: What?! Listen here kid, I think you’re overstepping your bounds as the new guy here. I have millions, correction, billions of Ruler rooters behind me and I have let a few become Israel Steele fans and with a word they will all be gone. If I have a whim Steele you maybe the first one to kiss the hand. You know and I know that anytime, any place, I can take you down Steele.

Israel Steele: Yeah, got…

Blair cuts Steele off.

Paul Blair: Do you understand what we talked about earlier in the week you over grown hill jack?! Just make it happen!

Israel Steele: Paul...

Blair's face turns red in anger as he gets in Steele face and cuts Steele off before he can say anymore.

Paul Blair: Wait a second… Did you just call me “Paul”?

Israel Steele: It’s your name, Paul. You’ve got to be kidding…

Before Israel can finish Blair cuts him off again.

Paul Blair: What do you think you have earned the right to call me Paul? Are you some sort of equal? Are you some sort of tough challenge? Are you my closest friend in the world? Well, let me clear your mind… YOU’RE NOT! Therefore…YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHTS TO CALL ME PAUL! UNDERSTOOD!

Israel’s face turns red. He sighs, lowers his head, and replies.

Israel Steele: Mr. Blair, I didn’t mean to disrespect you in any way. Please accept my humble apologies.

Blair smirks, pleased.

Paul Blair: That’s better. I just want to give you one simple tip for the future: Steele, never, ever, EVER think you’re above me… Or you will be the first to kiss the hand.

Blair turns and leaves. Israel is left standing alone as the scene fades.



"Represent" by Hed P.E. plays over the PA system as fireworks start to blast out of the entrance ramp. The crowd erupts in boos, drowning out the music as Brian Adams emerges from the curtains. He spins around showing himself off to the crowd, pointing at himself and taunting the fans.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!! Introducing first, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds..."THE FLAWLESS ONE" BRIAN ADAMS!!!

A few hands reach out for Brian, but he doesn't bother acknowledging them as he runs up the steel steps...posing for the crowd before stepping in between the ropes. He spins around again as he takes off his t-shirt and throws it out in to the crowd. He makes his way over to the corner and leans back as his music fades out.

TT: There he is! The TRUE winner of Last Man Standing!

BC: I feel sorry for him...he has to battle with the one...the only..."The Ruler" Paul Blair!!!

The BlairVision Theme cracks in the arena as the crowd bursts out in cheers. Paul Blair steps out to the entrance ramp along with Robin Cradle. He poses for his Ruler Rooters along with Robin before sending her to the back. Blair smiles as he makes his way down the aisle, tagging his adoring fans' hands.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from River Falls, Wisconsin! Weighing in at two hundred seventy-six pounds..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!!!

Blair makes his way to the steps, using them to enter the ring. He poses one last time for his loving fans as his music fades out.

TT: There he is! The Ruler of the CWF!

BC: How can you not love this guy!

The ref checks to make sure both competitors are ready before calling for the opening bell.


TT: Blair and Adams circling each other...and here's the lockup! Adams with the quick advantage as he grabs Blair with a side headlock. Adams forces Blair to the mat and quickly gets back to his feet. Blair returns to his feet...and here's a second lockup. Adams forces Blair back to the corner, and the ref calls for the break...but Adams delivers a boot to the gut instead!

BC: Come on, ref!

TT: Adams with a back elbow! He grabs Blair and whips him across the ring. Adams rushes in for the big boot...but Blair moves! Blair spins Adams around...knife edge chop...and a second! Blair with an arm drag and twist...and an elbow to the back of the arm! And Blair pulls him in for a side headlock!

BC: Blair is such a ring technician, Teddy!

TT: Adams forces Blair off in to the ropes. Blair on the return...and he's dropped with a shoulderblock by Adams! Blair returns to his feet and hits the far ropes again...collision...and again Blair is dropped! Blair returns to his feet and hits the far ropes once more...on the return...and he stops before contact...european uppercut on Adams!

BC: Take that "Flawless One"!

TT: Blair with a hip toss on Adams, and he quickly applies the side armbar!

The ref checks on Adams...but Adams won't give up! He struggles and returns to his feet. Adams counters with an arm drag and twist of his own! He grabs Blair...russian legsweep! Adams with a stomp to the chest...and another! He brings Blair back to his feet with a front facelock...vertical suplex! He pulls Blair up once more and lifts him vertical! Adams holds Blair in the air, letting the blood rush to his head...and he drops him with another suplex! Adams with the quick cover!



TT: Blair kicks out! Adams quickly brings Blair back to his feet and whips him in to the ropes...spinebuster off the rebound! Adams in full control here!

BC: Don't count Blair out! He's a wrestling God, Teddy!

TT: Well, the wrestling God is about to find himself in a bad position as Adams is locking in a sharpshooter! There it is! Blair is screaming in pain as the referee checks on him...but he won't tap!

BC: Come on, Blair...get the bottom rope!

TT: Blair is struggling as he tries to inch his way to the edge of the ring...he's close...and he has it! The ref is calling for the break!

BC: Damn it, ref! Pull Adams off of him!

TT: Adams finally releases the hold as Blair rolls to the outside to catch a breather. Adams tries to follow, but the referee holds him back. And here's the count!





Adams rolls out of the side of the ring. He makes his way around the corner but is leveled by a lariat from Blair! The crowd erupts as Daniels appears on the stage, watching as the match continues! Blair picks Adams back up and rolls him in to the ring. He rolls in after and quickly gets back to his feet. He picks Adams back up and forces him in to the corner. Blair uses his strength to lift Adams to the top rope.

TT: Adams sitting on the top rope, and Blair climbs the corner. He has Adams set up, ready for a superplex! Adams with a shot to the kidney...and another! Blair is rocked back, and Adams connects with a hard right to the face, knocking Blair off the ropes! Adams hops down from the corner and waits for Blair to get back up...

BC: Watch out, Paul!

TT: Blair returns to his feet and Adams rushes at him...but Blair is able to evade the attack and counters with a sleeper! Adams struggles as Blair locks it in tightly..right in the center of the ring!

BC: Yes! Blair's going to put Adams out!

TT; Adams arms are flailing as he tries to fight out of the hold...but Blair won't let up! And it looks like Adams is starting to fade as he falls to one knee!

BC: Check him, ref! Check him!

TT: Adams struggles again as he makes it back to his feet! He's trying to make it to the ropes...but Blair applies more pressure! Adams falls to a knee again! His movement is slowing...and I think he may be out!


TT: The ref raises Adams falls! Again...and it falls again! Here we go! If it falls, this match is over! The ref raises Adams arm one last time...NO!!! Adams is still in this one as he once again struggles, making it back to his feet!

BC: You've got to be kidding me!

TT: Adams grabs Blair by the leg...and he falls back! Both men are down!

BC: This is not fair to Blair! Adams cheated!

TT: When?!

BC: A minute ago...are you blind or something?! It was as obvious as night and day!

TT: I think you see what you want to see, Bobby...

BC: I'm tellin' ya...Adams cheated!

TT: Adams starts stirring...and he slowly makes it back to his feet. Blair is starting to get back up..and he's rocked with a right by Adams...and another! Blair with a wild swing, and Adams ducks it! Adams with a boot to the gut...and he applies an abdominal stretch on Blair!

BC: He's cheating again! And what the hell is Daniels doing?!

TT: Blair is in obvious pain as Adams applies more pressure! Adams brings down a hard forearm in to the chest...and another! Adams struggles, trying to escape the hold! Blair counters with a hip toss!

BC: YES!!!

TT: Adams returns to his feet...but he's met with a lariat! Adams is up again...and another lariat from Blair! Adams makes it back to his feet...scoop slam by Blair!

BC: Ha! The wrestling God is about to show Adams who "The Ruler" is!

TT: The Ruler Rooters going nuts as Adams slowly starts getting back to his feet...BLAIR KICK!!! NO!!! Adams saw it coming and dropped to the mat just in time! He rolls out of the ring to avoid Blair!

BC: Get him back in to the ring, ref!

Adams takes a breather as Blair climbs out of the ring. Blair approaches Adams...and Adams quickly grabs Blair, forcing him in to the ring post! Adams smiles as the crowd showers him in boos. He picks Blair back up and rolls him in to the ring. Adams follows him in and brings Blair to a sitting position. He places his knee in to Blair's spine and pulls back on the arms!

TT: Another submission here!

BC: Blair won't be tapping to this, but it might wear him down!

TT: Thought Blair was a wrestling God? Doesn't that mean that nothing can wear him down?

BC: Shut up, Teddy!

TT: Blair struggles as the referee checks on him. He refuses to submit as the crowd starts a "Kiss The Hand" chant! Blair is drawing in the crowd's energy...and he's slowly making it back to his feet! He breaks Adams hold...but Adams quickly floats over in to a side headlock! Blair lifts Adams...back suplex!

BC: Woohoo! Let's go Blair!

TT: Blair appears exhausted as he approaches the ropes. He uses the ropes to make it back to his feet...and he drops the knee on Adams' skull! And another knee to the skull!

BC: I love the way that Blair wrestles in the ring, Teddy! His technique is almost as beautiful as me!

TT: Blair brings Adams back to his feet...and he shoots him off in to the the rebound...Adams with a big boot...and Blair is down!

BC: Damn him!

TT: Adams leans against the ropes. He turns back to Blair...

BC: Get up, Paul!

An uproar suddenly befalls the crowd as all attention turns to the stage.

TT: We need cameras up there! Who the hell is that?!

BC: I know who it is. This match just became VERY fair for Blair!

TT: You don't mean...

Israel Steele stands at the entrance stage with a steel chair in hand and a shirt that reads “BLAIR’S #1 FAN”. He quickly glances over at Daniels.

TT: NO!! Israel is about to become one of Blair's minions! He will just use you until he gets what he wants and discard you like last week’s trash! Don’t do it!

BC: Steele is just doing as he’s told! He knows who butters his bread. You and I both know Teddy...that Steele is a nobody in a sea of CWF nobodies, but when he is under Blair's wing...Steele is in the top elite of the CWF! I love this!

Steele slowly walks to the ring. He looks broke down after the way Blair belittled him earlier in the night. Steele drags the steel chair behind him. Blair sees Steele walking toward the ring and a huge smile comes to his face. Adams looks and and quickly realizes that this match has just turned to a two on one match. Steele circles the ring, smacking the chair in to the post as he passes by.

TT: What the hell? Well, at least he’s getting a hold of Adams’ attention… Blair’s got an opportunity here!

BC: This is all about strategy, Teddy! Gotta love the Ruler!

TT: Adams turns back to Blair...BLAIR KICK...NO!!! ADAMS DUCKED IT!!! THE LAST CHAPTER!!!


TT: Adams makes the cover!!!





Ring Announcer: Here is your win...

The ring announcer is interrupted at Steele slides in to the ring...and he cracks Adams in the skull with the chair!

TT: And Blair slowly returns to his feet, adding fuel to the fire as he signals for Steele to hit Adams with the chair again!

BC: What Adams did to Blair at Last Man Standing was not fair to Blair. I think Adams will be the first to kiss the hand. After what the big man Steele is doing to him.

Before Steele can deliver more chair shots, Daniels rushes to the ring and gets between Steele and Adams!

Paul Blair: Hit him! Take him out...then finish your job on Adams! He doesn't deserve to be in the title match at SuperCard VI! He doesn't deserve to fight me! He doesn't deserve to be on the same roster as me! Point is, Adams, if you don’t surrender me your little championship match...I’m going to beat you up every week for the rest of your life!

Steele raises the chair again ready to swing as Daniels raises his arms prepared to fight.

Paul Blair: I SAID HIT HIM!!!

Israel grabs the mic from Blair. Blair looks very shocked at the act of the big man.

Israel Steele: What did you say? You're going to beat Adams up for the rest of his life?! Who the hell is the one with the chair here?! Who's the one doing YOUR dirty work?!

Blair calls for another mic and looks in disgust at Steele.

Paul Blair: HEY! HEY!!! Have you forgotten your place big man? Maybe instead of should be the first to kiss the hand!

Israel thinks for awhile, and then hides his satisfaction.

Israel Steele: Mr. Blair… you are right...

Israel drops to one knee and hold out his hand waiting for Blair to offer his hand so it can be kissed. Blair looks around at the crowd that is now in a frenzy.

Paul Blair: Kiss the hand! Kiss the hand!

The crowd gets louder and louder with a "Kiss The Hand" chant. Blair offers his hand to Steele and Steele takes it. A huge smile comes across the face of Blair. Steele leans into kiss the hand and delivers a hard punch to the gut of Blair with his free right hand. Blair doubles over and Steele raises to his feet. He raises the steel chair high above his head and with all his force...Steele cracks the chair across the back of Blair. Blair drops to one knee and looks up at his prodigy with a look of confusion and dismay on his face. As Blair looks up Steele deliveries a devastating shot to Paul Blair's head...knocking Blair out cold! Steele looks up at the crowd who is now in as much shock as Blair was.

Israel Steele: Paul… you drove me to this.

Steele rips off his “Blair’s #1 Fan” shirt and shows the whole CWF world a shirt that says “IT HAS ONLY JUST STARTED” Steele tosses the chair on Blair's lifeless body and leaves the ring. The fans boo him and throw trash at him as his music hits. He leaves the ring and heads to the back as Daniels helps Adams back to his feet. Daniels climbs out of the ring and makes his way up the aisle with his head down, a look of disappointment on his face.

TT: Israel Steele with a huge statement here tonight! And what about Daniels?! He actually stopped the attack on Adams?!

BC: A statement that was by far unfair to Blair! And who the hell cares about Daniels or Adams?! Blair is in the some respect!

Cut backstage to the Horsemen's lockerroom. Jack Mason is getting ready for his match as Sickboy, Bobby, and Chemical X are locked in discussion. Their locker room door suddenly snaps as a portion of the door falls to the ground.

Chemical X: What the...

Before X can finish his words, all of the Horsemen members find themselves under attack. Blast, Mullins, and Money Train rush in to the locker room and quickly attack their foes without question. As the brawl continues, several security members rush in. They hold the two groups apart as best they can.

Jimmy Blast: You call yourself Horsemen?! I don't think so! You guys are NOTHING compared to what the Horsemen used to be!

Both groups are able to break free of security and start to brawl once again. Security is quick to try and seperate them once more.

Jimmy Blast: Where's your fearless leader, boys?! Where's the mighty Rob Osbourne?!

Security tries to calm both sides down.

Guard: Alright boys. We have orders to remove Jimmy Blast and his guests from the building!

Jimmy Blast: WHAT?!

Guard: Mr. Winters says to remove you and your guests. You do not have a match Mr. Blast, Mr. Mullins, Money Train...we need you to leave the building.

Blast, Mullins, and Money Train look disappointed as they cooperate. Just as they make it out the doorway, Blast turns back and darts at Chemical X! He pounces on him with hard right after hard right as Money Train and Mullins fly back in to the locker room. A brawl breaks out once again. Security gets between the two groups, finally seperating them. They force Blast, Mullins, and Money Train out of the locker room.

Bob Osbourne: God damn is that old man a thorn in our sides! Something needs to be done about him!

Chemical X: Not tonight...not tonight. We have...bigger...things...

X smirks as he makes his way to Mason. He places his hand on Mason's shoulder...trying to get Mason worked up...get Mason ready.



A video clip begins to play as "Last Man Standing" by Hammerfall plays in the background. Small clips of Israel Steele's reversals from LMS are shown. Steele has Osbourne in the air for the Death Drop...reversed...BADD DREAM!!! Bob Osbourne is shown holding his Unified Championship high in to the air.

Donovan's arrest is shown next. Several moments from the tag match are shown including Vincent hitting the Annihilation. A clip is shown of the McBomb...and finally, The O'Reilly Brothers holding the tag team championships in the air.

The end of Pledge and Blast's match is shown, ending with Pledge having his arm raised in victory.

Several small clips are shown from the Keith Daniels and Sickboy match. Several reversals and finisher attempts are shown. Keith Daniels holds the championship high in the air as the clip concludes.

Several moments of the battle royale are shown. Daniels eliminating Blood...Adams eliminated Daniels. The clip ends with Adams eliminating Mason. The music stops for a second as the clip pauses. It continues as Mason enters back in to the ring and both Adams and Mason are shown falling over the top to the outside.

Clips from the back and forth action in the main event are shown. Close calls from both competitors. Ulv using the taser on Osbourne. It concludes with Magnus Thunder holding the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Last Man Standing logo is shown..

Narrator: Last...Man ...Standing. Catch the special encore presentations this week! Check your local listing for times!

The logo fades as we return to the commentator's table.

TT: For those of you that missed Last Man Standing...I assure is a MUST watch event!

BC: That's right, folks! The two men in our next match, they both had an incredible night last week! I guarentee, Last Man Standing will not leave you disappointed!

“Chinese Democracy” by Guns N’ Roses begins to play as Gonzo steps out from the back and walks down to the ring with a smirk on his face, looking from side to side. Suddenly, twenty Congolese tribesmen in white face and body paint, wearing animal hides come running down, ten on each side of the aisle. They pass Gonzo and surround the ring. Gonzo then walks around the ring nodding in approval at the tribesmen who are all down on one knee looking toward the entrance. The lights go out right as the screaming starts in the song, and Jack Mason runs out under the spotlight wearing jeans and a black leather shirt, dark sunglasses, and red dreadlocks in a ponytail.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...from Indianapolis, Indiana! Weighing in at two hundred fifty pounds...JACK MASON!!!

He continues running to the ring and does a lap around the ring while the tribesmen shake their fists in the air, screaming wildly in high-pitched voices. Gonzo is yelling “LOUDER! LOUDER!” at them while they do. One of the tribesmen gets on all fours and Jack uses his back as a springboard into the ring. He walks around the ring while flashes go off around the arena, some fans cheer, some boo. The tribesmen are all going wild climbing up on to the ring apron. Jack takes off his shirt and throws it outside. As the song fades out, Jack just stands in the middle of the ring, arms raised, and turns in circles as the tribesmen continue to yell wildly. Gonzo continues to pace around the ring, head tilted to one side, then the other, smirking, saying “Good job boys! Helluva good job, boys!” in his raspy tobacco and gin-soaked voice.

TT: What a strange man!

BC: You don't know the half of it!

The referee signals to Gonzo, requesting that he and the tribesmen leave ringside. Mason argues with the referee, but finally signals for them to leave in fear of being disqualified.

TT: Looks like the referee is sending Gonzo and the tribesmen to the back!

As the tribesmen and Gonzo make their way through the curtain...

"If you mad I'm on top, then wish me gone
If you mad I'm on the road, then wish me home
And if you mad that I'm right, punk wish me wrong
But after your three wishes - BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!"

Suddenly, "Blow It Out" by Ludacris blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in both boos and cheers. The lights dim and Keith Daniels makes his way to the stage. Blue spotlights begin to roam about in the crowd while Daniels looks out. Darkness shrouds Daniels as he looks around. He raises the National Championship and the fireworks begin to blast on the stage, blinding the crowd.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring... from Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at three hundred forty-six pounds... "THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!!!

Daniels begins to walk down the ramp, taunting the fans in the front row. He climbs onto the apron, stepping between the ropes and walks to the left turnbuckle. He scans the crowd briefly before spreading his arms wide, inviting the fans to take in his glory. He climbs down and walks to the other side of the ring, a smirk on his face...once again climbing the turnbuckle. He begins to shout at the fans in the front row and point to himself as he again opens his arms to the crowd. He hops down again, turns around, hands his championship to the referee, and begins to nonchalantly lean against the turnbuckle, awaiting the start of the match as his music fades out.

TT: So, who's your pick, Bobby?

BC: Jack Mason... Let's face it...the man knows how to outsmart his opponents!

The referee hands the National Championship to an official outside of the ring and calls for the opening bell.


TT: The bell sounds...and this match is underway! Mason and Daniels circle...and here's the lockup! They struggle with each other...and here's a knee to the gut by Mason! Mason shoots Daniels in to the ropes...and Daniels plants Mason on the rebound with a shoulder block!

BC: What a feat for Daniels if he could knock off Mason here tonight! He walks out of Last Man Standing as the National Champion...and tonight...he could gain a victory over one of the last men standing!

TT: Daniels hits the ropes again as Mason returns to his feet...another shoulder block on the rebound! Mason is back to the mat as Daniels signals for Mason to get back up. Mason returns to his feet and rushes at Daniels. Daniels with a hip! Mason reverses with a hip toss of his own! Daniels is back up and Mason drills him with a hard clothesline!

BC: This match is power versus power! Can it get any better than that?!

Mason brings Daniels back to his feet and whips him hard in to the corner. Mason rushes in and catches Daniels with another hard lariat! Mason grabs Daniels by the arm and pulls him out of the corner...short arm clothesline...NO!!! Daniels ducks under and quickly grabs Mason for a russian legsweep! Daniels grabs Mason with a front facelock. He lifts Mason in to the air...suplex!

TT: Daniels with a beautiful suplex. He rolls Mason on to his stomach and he applies a rear hammerlock. Daniels drops a knee on to the arm...and another! Daniels brings Mason back to his feet, hammerlock still applied...back suplex!

BC: Fundemental offense here by the National Champion!

TT: And Daniels makes the quick cover!



TT: Mason kicks out quickly! Daniels brings Mason to a seated position and applies a rear chinlock!

BC: Great move to wear Mason down!

TT: Mason struggles, but makes it back to his feet as Daniels floats over in to a side headlock. Mason shoves Daniels off in to the ropes. Daniels on the return and Mason catches him with a boot to the gut! Mason with a front facelock...swinging neckbreaker! Mason quickly returns to his feet and drops the knee on the skull!

BC: You have to love Jack Mason!

Mason brings Daniels back to his feet. He lifts Daniels in the shot on the top rope! Daniels stumbles out as he turns around...and he's met with a European uppercut by Mason! Mason grabs Daniels and tosses him through the ropes to the outside! He tries to follow, but the referee holds him back.





Mason avoids the referee as he rolls out of the ring. He makes his way around the corner as Daniels uses the apron to pull himself up. Mason grabs Daniels and smashes him face first in to the apron! He lifts Daniels up to his shoulder as he makes his way over to the barracade...and he drops him face first on to the barracade!



Mason picks Daniels back up and rolls him him to the ring. He rolls in after Daniels and quickly returns to his feet. Mason brings Daniels back to his feet and applies a sleeper hold!

TT: Daniels in a bad position here! Mason has the sleeper locked in tight!

BC: It could be over here!

TT: Daniels is struggling, but Mason is being relentless!

BC: It looks like Daniels is starting to fade, Teddy!

Daniels falls to a knee as his arms fall to his side. The referee raises his falls! He raises the arm again...and again it falls! One more time...NO!!! Daniels keeps his arm in the air!

TT: Daniels is still in this one! He's struggling...and he's able to make it back to his feet! Daniels rushes back, and he crushes Mason in the corner! Mason is forced to release the hold as Daniels falls to the mat!

BC: Both men catching a breather here! What a match so far!

TT: Daniels slowly returns to his feet as Mason makes his way out of the corner...drop toe hold by Daniels...DANGER LOCK!!! He's trying to lock in the sleeper but Mason is fighting it! Mason with a back elbow...and a second! Daniels releases the leg as he stumbles back. Mason is back to his feet as Daniels comes at him...spinebuster!

BC: What impact!

TT: And Mason has the cover!



TT: Daniels quickly rolls the shoulder as Mason barely gets a one count!

BC: You have to be impressed by both of these men! They both had great matches at Last Man Standing...they both were in the battle royale...and just one week later, they're back in the ring putting on one hell of a show!

TT: Mason pulls Daniels back to his feet and brings him to the corner. Mason with a shoulder to the gut...and a second! Daniels falls to a seated position as Mason backs off. Mason rushes in...hard knee to the skull! Mason grabs Daniels by the leg and drags him to the center of the ring.

Mason gets on top of Daniels and lifts his head...headbutt! And another...and another! Mason with headbutt after headbutt, and he finally releases Daniels' head! Mason pulls Daniels back to his feet and rushes him hard in to the corner! Mason with the whip...and Daniels crashes hard, back first in to the opposite corner!

TT: Daniels is in pain as he falls to the mat! Mason makes his way over and scoops Daniels back up...backbreaker! And another! Mason with a third backbreaker...and he pressed down on Daniels' body, stretching it across his knee!

BC: Mason again trying to slow down the pace of this match!

TT: You have to give it to him though! It's a smart strategy! The ref is checking on Daniels...but Daniels is refusing to let Mason win with this submission!

BC: He better find a way out of this! The longer he's in this submission, the harder it will be for him to attempt The Final Verdict...or the Livewire!

TT: Daniels finally with some offense as he gets his leg up...kneeing Mason in the skull! Mason falls back as Daniels falls to the mat. Mason is back to his feet as is Daniels. Daniels with a full head of steam coming at Mason who is near the ropes...low bridge...and Daniels crashes to the floor outside!

BC: Great move by Mason!

Mason quickly follows. He picks Daniels up and whips him hard in to the steps. Mason makes his way over to Daniels and once again rolls him in to the ring. He climbs up to the apron and smirks as he looks in at Daniels.

BC: Mason should be going for the cover here!

TT: Mason steps back in to the ring and he stomps on Daniels arm! He circles around Daniels...a stomp to the leg! A stomp to the other leg! And now to the left arm! Stomp to the chest...and a second! He grabs Daniels by the wrist and drags him to the center of the ring...and here's the cover!




TT: Daniels rolls the shoulder at the last second! Mason grabs Daniels with a front facelock and brings him to his feet. He lifts Daniels in to the air...and drops him gut first on the top rope! Mason hits the far ropes...big boot to Daniels skull...and Daniels crumbles to the apron!

BC: What a kick! Magnus Thunder better be watching this match carefully!

TT: Mason pulls Daniels back in to the ring. He pulls Daniels back to his feet...release german suplex...and Mason is in total control!

Mason drags Daniels over to the ropes. He pulls Daniels chest first over the middle rope, placing his knee in the back and using the top rope as leverage to apply more pressure! The ref warns Mason who uses most of the five count before finally releasing Daniels. He hits the far ropes...on the rebound...and he leaps up, landing hard on Daniels' back!

TT: Daniels is in trouble here, Bobby! He needs to find a way to get back on the offensive!

BC: Mason is playing a smart game plan here! He has done everything he can to wear Daniels down!

TT: Mason pulls Daniels off of the rope and lifts him to the shoulder...running powerslam! Mason brings Daniels to a sitting position...and he locks in a full nelson!

BC: The National Champion may be in over his head here!

TT: Daniels is struggling as Mason smirks, knowing that he's in control! Daniels is fighting his way..,and he's back to his feet! He's trying to break the grip...NO!!! Mason with a full nelson slam...and again, the National Champion is down!

Mason mounts Daniels and drills him with right after right. The ref calls for the break, but Mason continues his attack! The ref begins his count, and Mason finally lets up just before the five count! He picks Daniels up and boots him in the gut. Mason grabs Daniels with a front facelock and lifts him in the air! Daniels struggles and falls behind! He hits the ropes...LIVEWIRE!!!

TT: Daniels with the Livewire...but he's unable to make the cover!

BC: This is a critical moment for Daniels!

TT: He's finally starting to stir! He crawls...dragging himself over to Mason...and he gets his arm across the body for a cover!




TT: Mason rolls the shoulder at the last second!

BC: I thought it was over there!

TT: Daniels is slow to get to his is Mason. Mason with a wild swing...but Daniels ducks it...and he pulls Mason up to the shoulders, looking for The Final Verdict!

BC: Bad spot for Mason to be in!

TT: Mason grabs hold of the top rope...and Daniels is trying to pull him away! Mason is latched on tight! And he's able to fall behind! Mason with a rear waist lock, but Daniels responds with a back elbow! He pulls Mason back up to his shoulders once more...and Mason counters with a DDT!!!

BC: Mason should go for the cover here!

TT: Mason pulls Daniels up with a front facelock..,

BC: We may see The Brainwash here!

TT: Mason lifts...NO!!! Daniels counters with an inside cradle!!!





TT: Daniels did it! He just beat the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!

BC: Unbelievable!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...the CWF National Champion..."THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!!!

Daniels quickly rolls out of the ring as Mason argues with the ref in disbelief that he lost. Daniels grabs his National Championship and makes his way up the aisle, looking back at Mason in the ring. Pledge Allegience suddenly rushes out and nails Daniels from behind with a forearm!

TT: What the hell is this?! Pledge from out of nowhere with an attack on Daniels!

Pledge grabs the National Championship and waits for Daniels to return to his feet. He rushes at Daniels...and he cracks him in the skull with the championship belt! Pledge smiles as he drops the championship back to the ground, proud of his actions.

TT: Pledge with a statement here tonight!

BC: Daniels never saw it coming!

Cut to backstage in Mr. Xamin's office. Winters is on the phone.

Kodiak Winters: Yeah man. Next week. Mr. Xamin has given me full power while he is consider yourself hired... Alright to ya next week.

Winters hangs up the phone when suddenly his door is kicked in.

Kodiak Winters: What the...

Before Winters can finish his sentence, Bob Osbourne steps in to the office, two paintball guns aimed at Winters. He pulls the triggers, pelting Winters over and over with pink and yellow paint! Winters throws up his arms to protect himself as Osbourne continues to fire, speaking as he continues the assault!

Bob Osbourne: I hear Xamin put you in charge...but we're only going to tell you this once... The Horsemen own the CWF...and if there's any question about that, there won't be by the end of the night! Consider this your ONLY warning. Chemical X says next time...we won't be shooting paint!

Bobby drops the paintball guns and quickly slips away before a furious Winters can respond.



Keith Daniels is walking backstage toward his dressing room. He hears music and people moving around as he nears the door. He looks around and opens his door. Dancing around in his dressing room is a group of transvestites in red speedo bikinis.

Transvestite: Hey sexy

Keith Daniels: Oh you’ve got to be fu…

He is interrupted as Sickboy appears from out of nowhere and missile dropkicks Keith Daniels into the dressing room. Daniels flies forward into the open arms of one of the transvestites. They all begin to scream and dog pile Daniels. Sickboy jumps to his feet and pulls the dressing room door shut.

Sickboy: Hurry up! Hurry up!

Suddenly, Jack Mason appears wearing a gas mask and holding a book bag. He helps Sickboy hold the door closed and pulls out a strange looking contraption that looks like a bomb made out of two twenty ounce coke bottles and a digital clock. He presses a button on the contraption and looks at Sickboy. Sickboy cracks open the door and Mason tosses the contraption in, quickly pulling the door shut after. Sickboy slips on a mask as the sounds of struggle can be heard inside to room.

Sickboy: Well Dr. Mason, you’re the chemist that made that contraption... How long should it take?

Mason looks at Sickboy and shrugs. The sound of bodies hitting the floor can be heard. Sickboy opens the door. All the transvestites are knocked out. Keith Daniels is lying on his back with his feet toward the door. Lying on top of him in a sixty-nine position is one of the transvestites with his waist right over Keith Daniels face.

Sickboy: Oh my god! That’s priceless!

Sickboy pulls out a small digital camera from his back pocket and snaps a picture.

Sickboy: Alright...let’s get him outta here before someone shows up.

Sickboy and Mason each grab a foot of Daniels and begin to drag him out of the dressing room as we cut to the commentator's table.

TT: What the hell was that all about?!

BC: I'm not sure! But I will bet you anything that that picture will get a good amount of cash on e-bay!

TT: The Horsemen have been on a rampage here tonight...but we still have yet to see Rob Osbourne!

BC: It's been one hell of a night so far!

"Iron Man" by Black Sabboth booms throughout the arena and the crowd jumps to their feet. Pledge Allegiance steps out to the stage along with Mariano Fernandez. The two pose for the sold out crowd. They make their way down the aisle, tagging the fans' hands.

Ring Announcer: The following is a no disqualification match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of four hundred fifty-six pounds...MARIANO "SHADOW FERNANDEZ AND PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!!!

Mariano slides under the bottom rope as Pledge jumps to the ring apron and steps over the top rope. Pledge poses for the crowd again as Mariano steps on the middle rope and taunts the crowd. They both return to the center of the ring as the music fades out.

TT: This could be a unique tag team, Bobby!

BC: Who better to mentor Mariano than the Hall Of Famer, Pledge Allegiance!

"Four Horsemen" by Metallica erupts in the arena as the crowd overwhelms the music with boos. Sickboy and Chemical X step out to the stage, looking around at the booing crowd.

Ring Announcer: On their way to the ring...representing the Horsemen! At a combined weight of five hundred forty-six pounds...SICKBOY AND CHEMICAL X!!!

Sickboy and Chemical X rush down the aisle and slide under the bottom rope. The ref calls for the opening bell quickly as the music fades out and the brawl begins!


TT: Here we go! No disqualfications! And Mariano quickly rushes at Chemical X! Mariano with a flying forearm! He follows it up with a leg kick...and another! Pledge tackles Sickboy and pounds him with right after right!

BC: Explosive start!

TT: Pledge pulls Sickboy back to his feet and whips him to the ropes. Sickboy stops the momentum as he holds the top rope...and Pledge takes him to the outside with a massive lariat! Both men crash to the floor! X pushes Mariano off and rushes at him with a massive lariat of his own! He pulls Mariano back to his feet and forces him to the corner!

X lays in to Mariano with rights and lefts as Pledge has Sickboy back to his feet. He smashes Sickboy face first in to the barracade...and again! Pledge takes Sickboy down with another lariat as X whips Mariano across the ring, hard in to the other corner! X follows in...but Mariano gets his boots up! X stumbles back after the kick to the face, and Mariano follows with a spinwheel kick!

TT: Mariano with a springboard...moonsault on X! He hits the far slide on the rebound, and X crashes to the floor! Pledge picks Sickboy back up..low blow by Sickboy! Sickboy picks Pledge up off the ground...and he dumps him in to the booing crowd!

BC: None of these men are giving an inch here tonight!

TT: Sickboy follows Pledge in to the crowd and continues the attack as he stomps away at him. X is slowly starting to get back to his feet as Mariano hits the far ropes...suicide dive on the return...but X moves!!!

BC: MY GOD! Mariano just crashed head first in to the barracade!

TT: X is digging under the apron...and it looks like he's found himself a garbage can lid! He's waiting for Mariano to return to his feet...and he cracks him in the skull with the lid! Mariano stumbles back...and there's another shot by X!

BC: Mariano is in serious trouble here!

Sickboy smiles as he grabs a steel chair from the crowd. Pledge slowly starts to get back up...and he's met with a chair shot to the head! Sickboy presses the chair against Pledge's throat choking the life out of him! X throws the lid in to the crowd and picks Mariano back up. He rolls Mariano in to the ring and again looks under the apron.

TT: And it looks like X has found a kendo stick this time! He sets it on the apron. X pulls apart the steel stairs...and he tosses them in to the ring!

BC: The gnat better watch out!

TT: X picks up the kendo stick as he rolls in to the ring! Mariano slowly tries to get back to his feet...kendo stick to the top of the head! And a shot to the back! X drops the stick as he grabs Mariano by the wrist. He drags Mariano to the corner and leans him against the bottom turnbuckle.

BC: What is Chemical X thinking here?!

TT: X grabs the steps. He's setting them up with the opening up near Mariano's jaw, leaning them at an angle. X backs off. Full head of steam...MY GOD!!!

BC: SIMPLY BRUTAL!!! X just dropkicked the steps up in to Mariano's jaw!

X smiles at the brutality he has caused. In the crowd, Sickboy has Pledge's ankle trapped in the steel chair. He stomps at the chair over and over again as Pledge screams out in pain! Sickboy leaves Pledge in the crowd as he hops over the barracade. He rolls in to the ring as X knocks the steps out of the way and picks up Mariano. X whips Mariano to Sickboy...flapjack!

TT: This is not good! This match has basically became a two on one handicap match!

BC: I love it!

TT: Sickboy brings Mariano back to his feet...boot to the gut. Sickboy and X with a double front facelock...double suplex...and the Horsemen are in total control! What should Mariano do in this situation, Bobby?

BC: Ha! Prey to the Argentinian Gods? Prey to the American God... Prey to Budda... Prey to Shiva... Prey to Blair...

TT: Blair?

BC: Damn right! He's a wrestling God!

TT: In any case...Sickboy and X are in full control as they toy with Mariano! They have Mariano backed in to the corner. X lays in rights and lefts as Sickboy slides out of the ring. He's looking under the apron...Oh my! Here comes the table!

BC: Time for some wood!

TT: Sickboy slides in to the ring with the table as Pledge has finally made it back to his feet on the outside! He tries to hop the barracade...but you can see that his ankle is in major pain!

BC: Damn it! Right when this was getting good!

TT: Sickboy has the table set up in the corner, and he quickly slides out of the ring as Pledge finally hops the barracade! Sickboy with the attack, pounding away at Pledge as X whips Mariano to the table...but Mariano falls before making contact!

BC: The gnat lucked out there!

X approaches Mariano. He picks Mariano up...NO!!! Drop toe hold! X falls face first in to the table! He stumbles back as Mariano gets back to his feet...dropkick...and X crashes through the table! Sickboy has Pledge leaned against the barracade as he backs off to the apron. A smirk comes to Sickboy's face...and Mariano with a baseball slide from behind! Sickboy stumbles toward Pledge...and Pledge back body drops him in to the crowd!

TT: Great oppertunity for Pledge and Mariano here if they can capitalize! Pledge limps to the ring and slides in as Mariano has X leaned in the corner. Double knee to the chest from Mariano! He grabs X by the arm and whips him to Pledge...samoan drop!

BC: They better hurry up and think of something here! Sickboy is back to his feet and climbing over the barracade!

TT: Look at this, Bobby! Pledge has the kendo stick! Sickboy to the apron...and Pledge cracks him in the head with the stick! Sickboy falls to the outside as X is using the ropes to pull himself back up. Pledge grabs X...russian legsweep with the kendo stick! Mariano slides out of the ring and is looking under the apron as Pledge brings X back to his feet...PLEDGE HAMMER!!!

BC: This could be over here!

TT: Pledge with the cover!




TT: Sickboy breaks the count at the last second as he pulls Pledge out of the ring! Sickboy takes him down with a lariat as Mariano is back in the ring...with a ladder!!!

BC: Things could get interesting here!

TT: X uses the ropes to get back to his feet...and he's taken over the top rope with a vicious ladder shot from Mariano!

BC: Ha! X landed right on Sickboy!

TT: Mariano is setting up the ladder. He's making his way to the top as X, Sickboy, and Pledge are all three starting to get back up...

BC: No...No...NO!!!

TT: MY GOD!!! Mariano just took out all three men with a summersault plancha!

BC: That was about a twenty five foot drop for Mariano!

TT: Mariano uses the apron as he slowly brings himself back to his feet. He picks up X and rolls him in to the ring. Mariano follows...and it looks like he's preparing for the Yakuza kick! X uses the ladder to slowly pull himself back to his feet as Sickboy and Pledge are slow to get back up.

Pledge hits Sickboy with a hard right and Sickboy stumbles back, falling in to the steel steps. Pledge rushes in...and Sickboy catches him with a drop toe hold, sending him face first in to the steps! Sickboy quickly makes his way to the apron as Mariano prepares for the Yakuza! He grabs Mariano's ankle...

TT: Sickboy has Mariano's ankle...and Mariano quickly kicks him off! WAIT! X uses the distraction as he forces the ladder over...smacking Mariano hard in the face with it! Mariano falls back in to the ropes and stumbles forward...GFY!!! X'ED OUT!!!

BC: Great ring awareness by X!

TT: And he makes the quick cover as Pledge finally starts to stir!




TT: That's it! Pledge tried to make the save...but he wasn't able to make it in time!


Ring Announcer: Here are your winners...SICKBOY AND CHEMICAL X!!!

X slides out of the ring and helps Sickboy up as Pledge checks on Mariano. X and Sickboy make their way up the aisle, laughing as the look back at the ring. Cut to the commentator's table.

TT: It's been one hell of a night so far!

BC: It's been a crazy night so far!

TT: Well, we still have Magnus Thunder and Tige' one on one to look forward to tonight!

BC: Damn right!

TT: Hold on a second... It sounds like we have something going on backstage!

Cut to backstage where Mariano is walking through the hallway. At the end of the hallway is a stretcher. A small lifeless body looking to be Rei’s is the bed.

Mariano Fernandez: Rei?

Mariano quickly rushes to the aid of Rei. The second he touches the stretcher he freezes and starts convulsing as electricity shoots through his body. Suddenly Chemical X slowly paces out in front of Mariano. In his left hand a remote, in his right, a Beanbag Shotgun. X hits the switch and Mariano stops convulsing, but before he can respond...X raises the shotgun with one hand and fires! A beanbag flies out of the shotgun and hits Mariano right in the head, knocking him out cold!

Chemical X: Justice will prevail my ass!

X checks to make sure Mariano is down and then lifts the lightweight up in a fireman’s carry and lays him on the stretcher. He places the shotgun next to him and pushes the stretcher down the hall.



TT: The Valentine Bash will be coming to you live on pay-per-view on February 13th! And we just learned earlier tonight that our main event will be Magnus Thunder defending the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against Jack Mason!

BC: That's right, Teddy! At Last Man Standing, Magnus Thunder did what most thought he couldn't do...he defeated Rob Osbourne to retain his championship! It was with the help of Tige' and Roland Ulv...but he defeated him nonetheless! Now, now he'll step in to the ring with yet another member of The Horsemen! Can Jack Mason follow up his win at Last Man Standing as a result of trickery and defeat Magnus Thunder for the World Heavyweight Championship...or will the mammoth defeat Jack Mason and continue on to SuperCard VI as champion?! We'll find out on February 13th!

TT: I think it's time for our main event, Bobby!

"Discotheque" by U2 begins to play as the arena lights go out. The video screen starts quickly flashing between a wide variety of colors. As the music begins to pick up a black silhouette of man appears against the colorful screen. The main guitar riff hits as the light in the arena explode in a colorful array of flashing lights as the spotlight shines on Tige'. Tige' makes his way to the ring mocking the crowd as the arena atmosphere is much like a dance club.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Madison, Wisconsin…weighing in at two hundred thirty five pounds…TIGE’!

Tige' leaps up onto the apron and steps between the ropes. He walks to the center of the ring and slides his hands across his waist, indicating that he should be fighting for the title.

TT: Well, Tige' obviously feels like he should be fighting for the title here.

BC: He should be! Then we'd have a legend as our World Champion! Ain't that cool?

TT: To some, maybe. I just expect a good match as he'll definitely have his hands full.

BC: When Magnus gets in there, the ring will almost be full.

The lights flicker off to the sound of distant thunder. Lightning flashes across the entrance as the instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative grinds into the air. Through a shower of sparks walks the titanic frame of Magnus Thunder.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring! From Jotunheim, Norway…weighing in at five hundred pounds…he is the CWF World Heavyweight Champion….MAGNUS THUNDER!

Magnus strides to the ring with a cold stare and sinister eyes, stepping over the top rope and into his corner. The crowd boos like a swarm of bees from hell. He raises the CWF World Heavyweight high above his head, the volume of the crowd increasing, garbage being flung towards the ring.

TT: This should be a spectacular match-up between these two.

BC: I don't know which one I would rather cheer for!


TT: And we're underway!

Tige' cautiously approaches Magnus, who stares down at him in disgust. Tige leaps and drives a forearm into the skull of Thunder and begins to unload with lefts and rights.

TT: Tige' starting off strong.

BC: Uh, not strong enough, Teddy.

Magnus shoves Tige' backward and off of his feet. Tige', however, rolls backward and sprints forward, hitting Magnus with his shoulder. However, Magnus barely budges as Tige' begins to lay into him again.

TT: Tige's trying everything he can, and he can't topple the titan!

BC: It's going to take a plan to knock him over. That or a bulldozer. And I still wouldn't give the bulldozer the benefit of the doubt.

Magnus chucks Tige' out of the ring and begins to laugh maniacally. Tige' gets up and looks up at Magnus with resentment.

TT: Tige' looks almost helpless at this point! There's nothing he can do!

BC: Wait a minute! I think Jagermeister wants to have a word with Magnus.

Magnus Thunder turns to see Jagermeister on the apron. He steps over to the center of the ring and glares at him, those cold sadistic eyes probably piercing the very soul of Jagermeister. The referee urges him to step off the ring apron.

TT: I don't think Jagermeister wants anything to do with Magnus... Wait a damn minute!

BC: Yes! Tige' just slithered into the ring behind Magnus and delivered a low blow! This is great!

Magnus's eyes go wide as he bends over. Jagermeister hops off the apron as Tige' rebounds off the ropes and delivers a vicious chop block to the back of Magnus's left knee.

BC: And the tower finally topples!

TT: He needed help to finally do it.

BC: Whatever it takes to win, Teddy.

Tige' leaps onto Magnus's back and begins to pummel the back of his head. Magnus swipes at him, but he backs up and stands. As Magnus rolls over, Tige' begins to lay the boots to Magnus. Magnus attempts to shrug them off as he slowly stands. Tige' grabs Magnus's arm and attempts to throw him into the ropes.

TT: Why would he even think to try that?

BC: Once things start rolling, you probably feel that everything will work.

Magnus shakes his head at Tige', and whips him to the other ropes. Tige' rebounds and leaps into the air... Only to collide with Magnus's big boot! Tige lands on the ground and folds up like an accordion.

TT: Looks like the momentum as shifted big time.

BC: Can we get someone down here to untie Tige'? He looks like his body is tied in a knot.

Magnus walks over and lifts Tige' up off the ground and throws him into the turnbuckle. He begins to deliver body shots. Left, right, left, right, left, and ends it with a vicious uppercut. Tige' slumps down to the ground as Magnus backs up.

TT: Magnus looks like he's sizing him up. He's going to break his neck!

BC: Don't do it, Magnus!

Magnus charges, but Tige' is pulled from the ring by Jagermeister. Magnus strikes the turnbuckle hard and grimaces in pain. Tige' quickly comes to his senses and pulls Magnus's legs out from underneath of him.

TT: Tige' now back with the program, and Magnus could be in trouble here!

BC: Tige' looks like he could seriously damage Magnus's legs or... Other areas...

Tige' pulls Magnus hard into the pole of the turnbuckle. Magnus yelps in pain as Tige' grabs one of his legs. He backs up and runs forward, wrenching his leg on the pole.

TT: Magnus could be in trouble here! If he can't stand, Tige' could easily pick him apart!

BC: Just as long as he doesn't hurt him too much.

TT: What is wrong with you? Don't you want to watch good matches?

BC: I do, I just like the matches where the people I like win and come out alright.

TT: I need a new broadcast partner.

Tige' slithers back into the ring and looks at Magnus who is clutching his knee in pain. He jumps on Magnus and begins to lay the punches to him. Magnus, however, easily discards Tige to his left and continues to clutch his knee. Tige', baffled by Magnus's spirit, begins to stomp away at him.

TT: And it looks like the beginning of the end.

BC: A leg divided from itself cannot stand, I always say.

TT: That's cute. Come up with that all by yourself?

BC: Yes, now shut up and pay attention to this great match.

Magnus grabs Tige's ankle and pull him onto his back. He pulls himself up as Tige' rolls away, clutching the back of his head. Magnus steadies himself as Tige' begins pulling himself up by the ropes. Magnus charges Tige', who easily drops down and pulls the top rope, causing Magnus to spill to the outside.

TT: Well that was short lived.

BC: Was that an earthquake I just felt? Oh, no. Nevermind.


Tige' climbs the turnbuckle as Magnus is pulling himself to his feet.


Tige' leaps off the turnbuckle to the outside... But Magnus catches him!

TT: Did you see that? What strength!

BC: Looks like the match isn't over yet!

He then slams Tige's back down onto the guardrail!


Tige' screams out as he crumples to the ground, clutching his back. Magnus picks him up and slams his head on the apron. Once! Twice! Three times,


Tige' clutches his head. Magnus puts his hands on his knees and catches his breath for a second.

TT: Both competitors now look like the match is beginning to take its toll. It has a lot of implications, I'm sure!


BC: If Tige' beats Magnus, he almost has more right than either Brian Adams or Jack Mason to say he's the number one contender to the title!


TT: Hard to argue with a victory over the Champ!

Magnus picks Mason up and whips him hard into the guardrail again, causing Tige' to scream out in pain.


Magnus then grabs him and rolls him into the ring. He follows Tige' in. He pulls Tige' to his feet, and tucks his head between his legs.

TT: This could be it! What a statement victory this would be for Magnus!

BC: Get out of there, Tige'!

Magnus lifts him up... One powerbomb! Two powerbombs! Three... No! Tige' slips behind Magnus, grabs his head, and drives it down hard to the mat!

TT: Oh my God! A Thunderstorm turned into the Tige' Time! Incredible!

BC: But Tige's down, and hurt from that part of the Thunderstorm he absorbed before catching Magnus!

The referee reviews both members of the match, who are motionless. He begins his count.




Magnus begins to stir...


Tige' rolls over and pushes himself to his knees...


Magnus pushes to a sitting position...


Both men begin to climb to their feet, both seemingly dazed and confused...

They both make it to their feet, breaking the count!

"Here to Stay" By Korn blasts through the arena. Suddenly, Bob Osbourne's brand new 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor speeds out from the side of the stage and roars down the entrance ramp. Bob Osbourne is in the driver seat, Sickboy riding shotgun and Chemical X is in the bed of the truck. Bob locks up the brakes and stops inches before the ring.

BC: That Bobby could have killed someone at that speed!

Chemical X climbs on top of the truck and leaps into the ring tackling Tige to the ground, pummeling him with lefts and rights. Sickboy climbs out of the truck holding a cattle prod. Sickboy slides into the ring and hits Magnus thunder with the cattle prod. Chemical X climbs off Tige and clotheslines the rigid Magnus Thunder. Magnus falls on his face. X and Sickboy give each other a high five as Tige rolls out of the ring.

TT: It's not looking good for Magnus Thunder as Tige is making the smart move and getting the hell out of dodge!

Tige tries to slip by Bobby's truck, not realizing Bobby is still in it. Bobby opens the door and hits Tige in the head. Tige stumbles back and Sickboy rolls out of the ring. Sickboy walks up to Tige and hits him with the electric cattle prod, electrocuting him. Tige screams out in pain. Chemical X and Sickboy lift the fallen Tige into the bed of the truck. Sickboy climbs in the bed of the truck keeping Tige down as Chemical X climbs in to the driver's seat of Bobby's truck. Chemical X puts the truck in reverse and begins to speed back up the entrance ramp as Bobby rolls in to the ring, microphone in hand.

Bob Osbourne: You people have been chosen to bear witness to the single greatest stable in the history of the CWF! When we look at our enemies, our hands become vengeful striking hammers... When we are wronged...we will take vengeance upon our enemies...and we will repay those who dare stand against us! This is the fate of all who stand against us. The Horsemen Own The CWF. All eyes to the front!

The videotron opens to a brick wall in the indoor parking lot of the arena. Tige, Keith Daniels, and Mariano are tied with their hands to wooden posts with concrete bases. Their mouths are taped shut but their eyes are wide open. They are surrounded by Congolese Tribesmen standing...holding AK47s. Bobby begins to run out of the arena.

Sickboy, Chemical X and Jack Mason step into the shot.

Sickboy: Wha, I thought we were just going to intimidate them... I didn’t know we were going to kill them!

Chemical X: We’re not…well...I’m not putting the trigger at least.

Bob Osbourne rushes to join the group.

Bob Osbourne: Who gave these guys assault rifles?

Sickboy: Who do you think?

Everyone looks at Mason who shakes his head no. All eyes turn to Chemical X.

Chemical X: What… what’s the worse that can happen… ready!

The Congolese Tribesmen cock their rifles. The men who stood against the Horsemen eyes get big as they look at the Congolese Tribesmen.

TT: Oh my god somebody stop this!

Chemical X: aim!

The tribesmen aim the rifles at them. The video feed suddenly cuts as Kodiak Winters appears at the entrance.

Kodiak Winters: I don't think so, boys. For those of you wondering...I assure you that security is taking care of the occurences in the parking lot. And for those men in the parking lot...I hope that they can hear me.

TT: Were they really going to shoot Mariano, Daniels, and Tige?!

Kodiak Winters: Mr. Xamin as you all may know is not here tonight. I, along with all of these great fans would first like to wish Mr. Xamin a congradulations as him and his fiance were married today!

TT: Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Xamin!

BC: Bow-chica-wow-wha! Ha, congratulations boss!

Kodiak Winters: Continuing on... The Horsemen were trying to make a statement tonight... Well...I have a statement for them! Next week, live on Showdown... It will be Chemical X and Sickboy teaming up to take on Jimmy Blast and a partner of his choosing!

The crowd erupts in cheers as Bobby's trucks roars back in to the arena, jeering right in to the side of the stage! The doors fly open as Bobby and Sickboy quickly step out. They are joined by Jack Mason and Chemical X. All four men approach Winters on the entrance stage.

Kodiak Winters: Just hold it right there boys! There's more! Jack, as it was announced earlier... It will be you going one on one with Magnus Thunder at the Valentine Bash for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Mason smirks in approval.

Kodiak Winters: However...your services will not be needed next week!

BC: What?! No Jack Mason next week?!

The Horsemen stand with their backs to the ring as they stand face to face with Winters.

Kodiak Winters: And finally...for our main event next week! We're going to have what I call a Champions Showcase! We will have the Unified Champion, Bob Osbourne against...the National Champion, Keith Daniels!

TT: What a blockbuster!

Kodiak Winters: Against...the World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus Thunder!!!


TT: This could be one of the biggest main events we've had on Showdown!

Bobby looks at Winters in disbelief as the Horsemen edge closer to Winters, ready to pounce.

Kodiak Winters: Oh yeah...and before I might want to look behind you!

The Horsemen turn around to an irate Magnus Thunder! He attacks the Horsemen in a rage as Daniels, Mariano, and Tige' race out to the stage. They join in on the brawl as all eight men try beating the hell out of each other!

TT: We have a brawl on the stage here, Bobby!

BC: This is great!

Security finally storms the stage, seperating the eight men. Bob, X, Sickboy, and Mason make their way to Bob's truck...but it suddenly speeds off in reverse! They rush out of the arena after it.

TT: What the hell was that?!

Cut to the parking lot where Bob's trucks sits abandoned. The Horsemen rush to it. They surround the truck, inspecting it...but nobody is inside.




Chemical X: Oh damn! Duck and cover!!!

The Horsemen try to rush away from the vehicle...



Pieces of the truck fly passed the now grounded horsemen as the truck becomes a flaming metal box. The four men look back at the carnage. They all feel a presence and look in front of them to see Brian Adams standing there.

Brian Adams: Life's a mother *BEEP*, ain't it bitches! Don't worry though...I'll help you put it out.

Adams smirks as he walks passed and over to the truck. The Horsemen slowly get back to their feet as a stream comes from Adams on to the flames.

TT: Is he...

BC: Yes...yes he is...and it's great!

TT: Sorry, folks! We're out of time! We'll see you next week!

Adams finishes. He turns to The Horsemen and smiles as they look at him in disbelief.

Fade to black.