One week ago, the world witnessed the grandest spectacle in Classic Wrestling Federation history. Super Card V was a night no wrestling fan will ever forget. Two new champions were crowned, and a new era was ushered in. Tonight, both champions clash in a battle for supremacy! Tonight, the world is watching…

We fade in to the Humphrey Coliseum in Starkville, Mississipi. 10, 500 fans have packed the modest arena to capacity. Blue and yellow spotlights shoot through the arena. The camera pans the raucous crowd, fans holding up signs reading “Khrist – Save Me,” “Be Fair to Blair,” and “All Hail the Flawless One” are shown on screen. The set, as usual, features the word “SHOWDOWN” in huge blue block letters, with both “O”s featuring video screens, and a curtain between the “W” and the “D”. The ring features a grey canvas, red turnbuckles with the CWF logo on it, and black ropes. The Showdown logo is stamped into the center of the ring and onto the ring apron. The ring is surrounded with blue padding.

Standing at ringside are the two newest Hall of Fame inductees, Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Starkville, Mississippi! We are one week removed from the biggest event in CWF history and this is CWF Saturday Night Showdown!

BC: And we have a new champion, and his name ain’t Paul Blair!

TT: Brian Adams is the new champion of the world and what an Elimination Chamber it was!

BC: He may be the man to carry the CWF into this next generation, but everyone in the world thought Magnus Thunder had him beat after the powerbomb on the turnbuckle…those two should be having a war over that belt for months to come!

TT: No question about it, and how about that Sacrifice Match between Blood and “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne? That was a bloody war and a match none of us will soon forget…

BC: Well Osbourne bested him last Saturday night but how much of that can you credit to Pledge Allegiance? The guy had gone nuts, thinking he was you and Trixie Lee was me!

TT: We will no doubt see that rematch down the line but as it stands now, Rob Osbourne will be taking on the new CWF National Champion, The Juggernaut, at Vendetta next month, on April the 25th.

BC: What a match that’s gonna be! For all his accomplishments, Rob Osbourne has never won or even competed for CWF gold…this is his big chance!

TT: And of course…well, this is something that everyone has been buzzing about all week, and I know you don’t like to think about it…but Paul Blair stabbed you in the back and ruined your Hall of Fame ceremony.

BC: Yeah well, I’ve come to terms with it…Paul Blair is a jackass and if that’s how he treats his friends, think of what this “new” Blair is gonna do to his enemies. Anyway, tonight, he’ll have to face the music because he’s up against Mark Xamin’s new enforcer, “The Beast” Kodiak Winters!

TT: Xamin ordered that match as a punishment to Blair for his actions at the Super Card V half time show, and I for one am looking forward to seeing Kodiak Winters lay down the law! And also tonight, in our main event…the two new champions crowned at Super Card V will collide tonight as the new CWF World Heavyweight champion, Brian Adams, takes on the new CWF National Champion, The Juggernaut!

BC: That is going to be an epic confrontation! A real battle for supremacy.

TT: And what’s this?

"Represent" by hed p.e. comes over the pa system as Brian comes through the curtain and is greeted with a chorus of boos. Brian stops in the middle of the aisle and starts jawing with one of the fans before continuing down the aisle with the CWF World Heavyweight title slung over his shoulder.

TT: Now what is he doing? He's not scheduled to appear until later tonight?

BC: Would you stop your whining and let the man have his moment? He's the CWF Champion!

TT: As far as I know, he had his moment this past Saturday at Super Card five, how many moments does the man need to satiate his ego?

Brian climbs up the steel steps and steps in between the ropes and holds up the title to the crowd. He brings the belt back down to his side as he makes his way across the ring and takes the microphone handed to him by the time keeper. The music cuts off and the arena is immediately filled with more boos for the champion. Brian throws off a quick smirk and let's them go on.

TT: Jesus would you look at that? Would you get on with it already? We have a show to do…

BC: Would you shut up? I want to hear what he has to say!

TT: ...but why?

BC: You better hope he can't hear you Teddy, he's already angry enough as it is. Have you heard what he's been saying all week?

TT: It's more like what haven't I heard, it's like he refuses to stop complaining.

BC: Then you two should get along just fine Teddy!

Brian lifts the microphone up to his mouth and waits for the crowd to calm down.

BRIAN ADAMS: Does this make you sick? Huh? Does it?! Does it make you sick to see me with this title instead of one of your heroes? Think about it. If it was someone like Pledge or Magnus Thunder coming out here instead of me with this title, you wouldn't be able to control yourselves. You'd be screaming the roof off of the god damn building wouldn't you?! You would have been throwing confetti at them instead of the insults you were throwing at me! Fact is, you hate what I stand for. You hate that I stand for people who actually EARN what they have in this business. I WORK for what I have and for what I keep. I've been telling you for years what I'm going to do when I'm in the ring. What happens though? You don't believe me, I go out and do it, you become disappointed and want to rest the blame on my shoulders. What about you? What are you jerks guilty of huh?! You're guilty of doubt. For doubting me and my ability for years! For doubting what I can do and what I can accomplish. You're all guilty of it, guilty as sin!

More boos come from the crowd as Brian continues.

BRIAN ADAMS: I know what it is though. You don't hate me, you don't even hate that I'm holding this belt. You hate the fact that at Super Card five I proved each and every single one of you WRONG! I've been proven you wrong for years and this title right here is the pay off. This title signifies that everything I've been saying for the past decade has not been in vain. This title signifies that in this ring that I have no equal. I am in a league of my own and it's killing you isn't it? It's eating you up from the inside out. Me? I'll just watch you as you rot out from the fact that Brian Adams is on top of the world and is looking down on all of you!

You all wanted to bet against me. How many of you in the stands are flat broke for being stupid enough to do such a thing? How many of you have taken a second mortgage out on your house because you spent all your money on the other guys? How many of you bet on Blair or Pledge or Magnus? How many of you wanted your so called "American Icon" to take the big one home? How many of you wanted to finally see Magnus Thunder have his Super Card moment? Come on tell me, how many? How many of you have declared bankruptcy because of your own stupidity? You hear these so called 'superstars' taking their shots at me and you are stupid enough to actually believe them! You want to live in a fantasy world where the good guy teaches the bad guy his lesson and goes home with the gold. But real life isn't about living out your fantasies, real life is about living IN reality, and you people are victims of it. You want reality? Look at what sits on my shoulder. You want reality? Re-watch Super Card Five. If you want reality, tune in every week on Saturday night. If you want to live out a fantasy, hey, that's what a 1-900 number is for.

You know, you morons aren't the only ones to place your bids against the Flawless One. Oh no, there are people that have been watching my career develop for years that still can't help but predict the other guy for the win. What is it about me that is so hard to see through. What's the matter with you people? You don't like the way I walk? The way I talk? What is it about me that makes you want to lean the odds against me? Hell maybe it's not me, maybe it's you! And you! And YOU! ALL OF YOU!

With every 'you' Brian points at different fans and gets himself very worked up. Brian's face turns red with anger and he starts to breathe very hard. He runs his fingers through his hair and looks over at the announcer's table and points his finger in that direction.


Brian drops his arm to his side and started making his way across the ring and towards the announce table.

TT: What is he doing? Was he talking to us?

BC: No he couldn't have been talking to us. He must have been talking to you. What did you do Teddy?!

TT: What the hell are you talking about?!

Brian exits the ring and stops in front of the announce table. Bobby tries to distance himself and accusingly points his finger at Teddy. Brian walks over to Teddy and gets in his face.

BRIAN ADAMS: Who did you predict to win this title at Supercard Five Teddy? Who'd you pick to win?!

TT: I picked....

BRIAN ADAMS: SHUT UP! The point is that you didn't pick me! You've sat at this very table for how many years and called every single match I've had since I joined CWF. You know what I can do in that ring so why didn't you pick me?

TT: Because I honestly thought Pledge was going to win it Brian, that's all. It was my honest opinion.

BRIAN ADAMS: No, it was your honest mistake. It was your mistake and your stupidity that brought you to that misguided conclusion. What is your problem with me Teddy? What makes you the expert and me the shit heel that'll never be able to 'cut it' in your eyes? What makes you think Pledge is so much better than me!? What makes YOU so much better than me?!

TT: Hey wait!

Brian snaps and grabs Teddy and rips him from his chair, drags him over the announce table and throws him into the ring. Brian slides back in and grabs Teddy by the hair and shoves the world title into his face and starts screaming in his face.


Brian raises his fist to strike Teddy in the face but is interrupted as "Elevation" By U2 blasts over the sound system as Xamin makes his way out on stage with Kodiak Winters in tow. Brian lets Teddy go and picks his world title back up along with the microphone. Xamin raises his microphone up and signals for his music to be cut off and stares down at the ring at Brian.

BRIAN ADAMS: What do you want, X?

MARK XAMIN: How's everybody doing tonight?

The crowd pops as X purposely ignores Brian's question. X then turns to Brian and continues.

MARK XAMIN: Oh yeah, you. Brian, did you happen to catch Super Card? I know you were there so I know you had to have heard what I said. I said everybody is going to follow to rules or face the consequences of meeting the man that is standing behind me face to face. Now when I said everybody, that included you, Adams.

BRIAN ADAMS: What’s your point Xamin? You think I'm scared of that jerk off you got standing behind you? You think I'm scared of you?! Get over yourself Xamin, you aren't that special.

MARK XAMIN: Regardless if you're the man with the worst record on the roster or the world heavyweight champion, you will abide by my rules Adams. That title doesn't give you immunity to do just whatever in the hell you want to do without it going unpunished! I've seen jerks like you sink the CWF to the bottom of the ocean faster than the titanic. I am not about to sit around and let that happen again!

BRIAN ADAMS: Bold men tend to make bold statements, now let's see you enforce them.

Before Xamin can reply "The Beast" Kodiak Winters starts making his way down towards the ring. Brian starts to look around for an escape route as a look of panic comes across his face. Xamin starts to laugh as he continues.

MARK XAMIN: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on there a second big man, that's not what I had in mind for him. Me personally? I have no real problems with you, Brian. I had no problems when I joined forces with you and Jericho back in 2001 to try to help you, nor do I now even though all you're doing is coming out here and making an ass out of yourself. What I do have a problem with is what people think of the CWF these days. People think that the titles didn't mean as much as they did before, and you're here to prove them wrong right, Brian?

BRIAN ADAMS: You're damn right!

MARK XAMIN: That's the spirit! So here is what I was thinking. Since you're out to show that you, Brian Adams, are the best that the CWF has to offer, I have the perfect person and the perfect place for you to show that you are just that!

Brian looks to the crowd and then back at Xamin with a confused look on his face.

BRIAN ADAMS: Would you just get to the point?

MARK XAMIN: Oh don't worry, I will. The perfect place is on April 25th at the next CWF pay-per-view Vendetta, and the man you will be facing...

BRIAN ADAMS: Who damn it!?

MARK XAMIN: The American Icon, Pledge Allegiance!


Brian is livid. He starts to snap as he starts yelling something at Xamin but is inaudible because he isn't speaking into the microphone. Brian takes a few deeps breaths and then looks back up at Xamin.

BRIAN ADAMS: What the hell has he done to deserve a shot at me?

MARK XAMIN: When he was one of the last three men in the elimination chamber, not to mention he is a former two time world heavyweight champion, what more do you need?

BRIAN ADAMS: That's great, keep bringing up the past like it means a damn thing about the here and now! What has he done lately, Xamin? As a matter of fact, what has ANYONE done lately to deserve a shot at me?

MARK XAMIN: Well, the man you’re facing tonight did win the second tier title at Super Card. If you want I could scrap the title match at Vendetta and just make this match tonight a world title match against another seven foot monster. Maybe this time you don't get so lucky and maybe this time you don't walk out with that title that you covet so much!

Brian looks down at the mat and then holds his title in front of his face. He drapes the title back over his shoulder and seems to be frustrated in having to make such a decision on short notice.

BRIAN ADAMS: Tell Pledge it's on!

MARK XAMIN: I knew you'd see things my way Adams. Everybody does eventually.

"Elevation" starts to play over the PA system as Xamin and Winters start to make their way to the back and leave Brian in the ring as we fade to commercial break.

TT: Welcome back to Showdown, fans…before the break we learned that our main event for Vendetta on April the 25th will see Brian Adams defend the title against Pledge Allegiance!

BC: That match is going to be hot, and you were lucky Xamin showed up when he did, Teddy! What is this, pick on announcers week?

TT: Well, I’m going to keep my mouth shut on that…folks, we are about to see the CWF debut of Drastic!

BC: Well let’s see kind kinds of “drastic measures” Drastic is willing to take to win his first match in the CWF!

TT: Let’s head to the ring!


The arena goes completely dark. An image of a butterfly made of blood, and dripping of blood appears on the screen. "Never Enough" by 5 Finger Death Punch begins to play. Drastic paces slowly to the stage. He stops completely in his tracks on the ramp as if he has entered one of his visions. Pyro ignites from both sides of the stage and the 'Butterfly' in the screen dissipates. The explosion snaps Drastic out of it and he bolts to the ring and slides under the bottom rope on his stomach.

BC: Teddy this man bothers me. I think he has some serious psychological damage, and none of that Pledge Allegiance bump on the head damage, I mean REAL significant damage.

TT: Bobby, my friend, is not our place to judge the mental faculties of the CWF roster. It is our job to do what we have been doing each and every Saturday night and that is call the match right down the middle. That ability is why we were inducted into the CWF Hall of Fame and it is why we get paid to do what we do.

BC: You get paid?! I've been working for free all this time? XAMIN!

TT: Bobby you crack me up...uh oh...what's this?

“Dead Memories” by Slipknot plays as the 6'11" Hangman makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos.

BC: Why do the fans hate The Hangman Teddy? What did he ever do to them?

TT: Where do I begin to answer that one Bobby? The Hangman has been one of the quietest superstars in the CWF. He seems to be quite anti-social. Every other member of the locker room was present at our Hall of Fame induction ceremony EXCEPT for The Hangman. Despicable.

BC: Seriously, he shows us and the CWF fans and locker room no respect. I for one hope Drastic does something, well, something drastic here tonight!

TT: And the two men lock up, The Hangman has the obvious advantage in both size and strength and slingshots Drastic into the turnbuckle and catches him on the rebound with a shoulder block sending Drastic to his back.

BC: But he won't stay down Teddy, kip up by Drastic and he looks like he has snapped again. Look at that far off stare in his eyes, Teddy. He may be standing in the ring facing The Hangman, but in his head he is in a bar in 1978 Cleveland, Ohio looking for a fight!

TT: What?! Bobby, I think maybe we need to have the CWF staff psychologist check YOU out. Drastic with a barrage of kicks and punches on The Hangman. He looks like Ralphie beating up the bully in A Christmas Story right now, Bobby! A real David and Goliath and David is on top of Goliath pounding away at his face, chest, head, neck, and breast. What carnage!

BC: The Hangman is groggy, he's teetering and tottering but he hasn't fallen down. He shoves Drastic off as hard as he can and stumbles backwards into the ropes. Uh Oh!

TT: That's right, Bobby! The Hangman has just succumbed to the big man killer, getting caught up in the ropes in a crucifix position. And Drastic sprints to the far side of the ring, off the ropes....running knee lift right to the side of The Hangman's 33 and a 1/3rd pound head. I think this may be all she wrote Bobby!

BC: This guy is on something heavy.

TT: Yeah....sure....whatever Bobby. The guy is definitely a head case, but I can't say much as Pledge spent the whole last week thinking he was me and calling Trixie you.

BC: No way man, I'm telling you, this cat is sick in the head. Truly demented.

TT: Hangman lunges forward trying to escape the ropes. He gets free just in time to grab for Drastic as Drastic slides under his legs and Hangman falls to a knee.

BC: Missile drop kick to the back of Hangman’s head, and he falls flat. Drastic back up on his feet quickly and goes running at the opposite side of the ring and does a diving head butt to the back of the head of The Hangman.

TT: What in the hell was that.

BC: Pain?

TT: He is going to cause more brain damage than what is already been caused to himself. Hangman twitches violently as blood pours from his nose and mouth. Drastic goes to the top rope and looks around at the crowd. He leaps off in a shooting star press but lands on his feet in the middle of Hangman’s back.

BC: Are you seeing this Teddy?

TT: Yes. Yes I am.

BC: NO I don't think you are.....Drastic pulls Hangman to his feet and whips him to the ropes, Drastic takes a step back as Hangman reaches Drastic. Drastic nails a 360 spinning heel kick directly to the chin.

TT: QQ!! BC: You know I've heard the phrase QQ a few times before.

TT: Oh really? Whats it mean?

BC: Cry more.

BC: I don't get it....Drastic after nailing "The QQ" lies on the mat with his eyes rolled back into his head staring at the roof.

BC: What is going on. Drastic, get up. PIN HIM ALREADY! TT: I think he is in lala land. He had better get up if he plans on capitalizing on the move he just nailed.

BC: This isn't good, the ref starts the count…


BC: Look at this! Drastic stands up almost as if he forgot where he was or wondering how he got there. He appears to have whispered something to the ref and the ref points over to The Hangman who is still out cold on his stomach.

TT: This guy is seriously whacked out. Drastic walks over to The Hangman who is lying on the mat eyes shut and incoherent. Drastic slaps Hangman a few times to wake him up.

BC: It's the old "Wake up and go back to sleep," Teddy! Hangman’s eyes open and Drastic jumps back then stomps on the face of Hangman. Hangman back into never never land.

TT: Drastic drags Hangman up to his feet and pushes him into the turnbuckle. He turns and cockily walks slowly back to the opposite turnbuckle. Drastic takes off running at Hangman and does a cartwheel landing it in a flip onto Hangman’s shoulders in a hurricanrana position.

BC: Hangman eyes open and he realizes he is staring into the face of Drastic. Drastic holds on tight as The Hangman tries several times to break free. Drastic spins around on The Hangman’s shoulders and then drops it into a front Russian leg sweep.

BC: GG!! GG!!

TT: I know what that means either…

BC: Really? GOOD GAME! And GOOD NIGHT! Drastic stands and drags The Hangman by a foot to the middle of the ring and drops a knee to his throat and holds it there. The ref counts.......1.....2......3......

WINNNER: Drastic

TT: Drastic has won this match up here tonight! What a way to debut in the CWF! This guy will fit right in with the sickos and psychopaths on our roster!

BC: At one point I think Drastic could have lost that or it could have at least ended in a draw because of his weird hocus pocus voodoo vision head case thing. This guy needs a lobotomy.

TT: Speaking of head injuries and sick psychopaths...there has not been a peep since the end of his Sacrifice match with Blood out of "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne…

BC: I think we are about to find out what is going on with Osbourne Teddy!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X plays as the jumbo screen lights up to show Alex Romanov standing outside of a hospital room. The plaque on the wall next to the room says Orlando Regional Medical Center. Romanov begins speaking.

ALEX: Ladies and gentlemen, CWF fans, let me take a few minutes to update you on the condition of my employer, "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne. Last week at SuperCard V you fans witnessed one of the most brutal, barbaric, blood lettings in recent CWF history. Both men left everything they had in the ring and when the smoke cleared it was Mr. Osbourne who was the victor. However, that win did not come without cost. Upon arriving back at his Windermere, Florida home last Sunday, Osbourne began convulsing and was immediately rushed here, to ORMC.

BC: Excuse me Alex, Bobby Crane here. I have to ask on behalf of the CWF fans, how is "The Nitemare" doing? When will he return to the CWF ring?

ALEX: Yes Bobby, I can hear you. Mr. Osbourne is fine. According to his personal physician, he did receive a concussion in the match with Blood and has since been cleared to wrestle by the doctors. In fact, I'd say you should be seeing him very shortly!

TT: Not to beat a dead horse, but how soon is that Alex? When does he expect to be released from the hospital?

ALEX: What? Released? He wasn't even admitted. Right now he should be in the back of the arena.

Scene cuts to the locker room area. Jimmy "The Juggernaut" Washington is pacing back and forth in front of Johnny Gritz preparing for his match-up later with the CWF World Champion, Brian Adams. Gritz's cell phone rings and he lets Washington know he has to take the call and that he will be outside the rear service entrance for better reception. Just as the door closes behind him and he takes in a deep breath of fresh air he is cracked over the back of the head with a 4x2 and drops like a crumpled heap to the ground. The camera man pans to find Rob Osbourne holding the piece of lumber. As Osbourne tosses the piece of wood he pulls Gritz up by the back of the neck, turns him around and delivers a sickening Badd Dream straight onto the unforgiving cement, splitting the foul mouthed manager's forehead wide open.

NITEMARE: If there is one thing I cannot stand as a southern boy born and bred, is GRITZ! Why on earth someone would take on the name of mashed hominy and corn? Well Jimmy Juggs, this is what you can look forward to.

Osbourne pulls Gritz's disgustingly bloodied head and torso into a sitting position. He slaps the unconscious man around a bit before smacking the inside of his palm against the manager's forehead.

NITEMARE: Ya coulda had a V8. I have to tell you something CWFers. That Sacrifice Match at Super Card V awoke a beast within me that has not been seen in years. I think I left more blood in the ring than Blood. Now that I have proven to Xamin that this old dog can still hunt, it's time for me to take my place at the table. To FINALLY hold CWF gold. Jimmy, enjoy being the steward of my title. It's coming home all too quickly.

Scene fades back to the announcers table where Teddy Turnbuckle looks like he may lose his lunch.

BC: That man is a criminal and should be treated as such. Johnny Gritz is not a CWF competitor Teddy. This is insane. Osbourne should be locked up and they should throw away the key.

TT: Bobby, he is an active member of the CWF roster and whether he is in ring talent or not, he put himself in the situation he did. Rob Osbourne just taught Johnny Gritz and Jimmy Washington one of the oldest lessons in the wrestling world. Don't let your mouth write checks your ass can't cash!

BC: Teddy, enough with the language, this is a family show!

TT: To hell it is. How many families tune in to see grown men mutilate each other for sport? I cannot wait for Vendetta when these two men, one a literal giant, and the other a giant in our business. Can one ring contain them both Bobby?

BC: Teddy, all I know is this. If Rob Osbourne does to The Juggernaut what he did to 3 of Xamin's reporters, Rey Del Dragon, Blood, and Johnny Gritz he's going to need a Juggernaut size bottle of aspirin to cure that headache! Rob Osbourne is a sick and twisted individual, and I for one am having second thoughts about Mr. Xamin having signed him.

TT: Well it is time for our second match up of the evening Bobby. This bout pits newcomer Axel Way, who has been on somethng of a hot streak as of late, taking on another CWF newcomer, 42147.

BC: Teddy what is the deal with that name? 42147...what is he, an android, a cyborg, a droid?

TT: Maybe tonight we will find out Bobby.

Desolation Row by My Chemical Romance begins as Axel Way steps out onto the ramp. The crowd gives a moderate pop for the rookie. As he climbs into the ring and his entrance theme fades the arena lights drop. A wicked bright strobe fills the arena floor with the illusion of movement as 42147 steps out onto the ramp with his head hung low. “The Learning” by Nevermore begins as the head lifts and 42147 menacingly hulks towards the ring. With mechanical ease he enters the ring and raises both arms in the air as the crowd takes in his entrance for the first time.

BC: What is this guy Teddy? I still haven't a clue!

TT: The bell rings and Axel Way wastes no time attacking the larger 42147 as he begins pummeling him with lefts and rights. 42147 tosses the 6" shorter man off of him with a nearly effortless motion. Way cannot believe what just happened Bobby and neither can I!

BC: He's a machine Teddy! A friggin’ machine! Way is doomed! 42147 now grabs way by the back of the neck and sends him rocketing chest first into the turnbuckle! What a collision!

TT: Axel Way hit that turnbuckle hard Bobby! He's gonna have bruises across his chest after this one. 42147 showing no sign of quitting as he hoists the stunned Way above his 6'8" frame and powerslams Axel to the mat.

BC: 42147, again with fluid motion rises back to his feet and agan scoops up Way and executes an atomic drop that emits an ear splitting houl from Axel Way! That answers it for me Teddy. He's gotta be metal. He just crushed Axel Way's meat and two veggies…

TT: I think you may be right Bobby. Axel is in real pain. He rolls out of the ring and 42147 gives chase and we will follow their action. Way running at a near sprint now trying to elude 42147 who is moving like, well, a machine Bobby. As they reach the catering area in the backstage section 42147 finally overtakes his prey. Axel Way now getting his head slammed over and over into the buffet table.

BC: 42147 now setting up Axel for a powerbomb Teddy. He's gonna put him through the punch bowl!

TT: NO! Axel twists with all his might and counters the powerbomb into a hurricanranna and sends 42147 flying head first into the punch bowl. What the hell?!

Smoke starts pouring out of 42147's head as sparks shoot from his eyes, nose, and mouth. With a sudden burst smoke rolls from the nostrils as his head slumps over as he appears to short circuit and shut down.

BC: He's out! Pin him, Axel! We could be looking at a huge upset here tonight Teddy! 42147 has owned Way this entire match, but if Axel can get up from the damage he suffered hitting the concrete after executing the hurracanrana he may be able to pull this off yet!

TT: Cover by Way.....1......2....3!!!! He did it! Axel Way has defeated the mysterious 42147.

WINNER: Axel Way

A mysterious man in black walks towards 42147, stopping about 15 feet from him. He pulls out something that looks like a remote control. It only has one button on it. He walks a little closer and 42147 looks on, emotionless.

42147: What are you doing?

???: What I should have done from the start.

He pushes the button. Nothing happens. 42147 just stands there, emotionless. But something is different. He's not moving at all. Suddenly a spark shoots out from his head. The mysterious man in black walks back up the ramp, as he turns back to face the ring at the stage the camera picks up what he says...

???: You were a mistake, an abomination...I'll set things right next week when I make my return to the ring.

42147 is left standing in the middle of the corridor, motionless, lifeless. It takes an entire ring crew to move him out.

TT: Absolutely bizarre…

BC: …bordering on ridiculous.

TT: 42147 was apparently a robot? And who on earth is that mysterious man in black? We’ll try and get all of this sorted out…we’ll be right back ladies and gentlemen, don’t go anywhere!

TT: Welcome back to Showdown, fans…I understand something is going on in Mark Xamin’s office…

We cut to Mark Xamin's office. Xamin is at his desk with "The Beast" Kodiak Winters standing beside him. Out of nowhere, there is a knock on the door and without being told to come in, Paul Blair opens the door. Winters stands up as if he's about to knock him out. Blair barely even looks at him.

BLAIR: Easy there big man. I didn't come to take anyone out here tonight. Besides I will deal with you later tonight. No, I came to speak to Xamin.

Blair is walking towards the front of Xamin's desk. Winters gets in his way. After a brief stare down, Mark Xamin tells him to back up a bit. Blair moves past Winters.

BLAIR: Yeah that's what I thought. So Xamin, congratulations! You did it!

Blair begins a golf clap. Xamin does not look amused.

BLAIR: You set out to make sure I wasn't wearing MY Title and here it is a week after the biggest event of the year and someone else has MY CWF World Title. Don't tell me you didn't have anything to do with this. In fact, I have thought about it all week and I now realize that Crane and Turnbuckle are in the Hall of Fame because you had it already planned that Crane would cost me my match. How can you possibly feel that screwing me is the best thing for business? Who else has brought more butts in the seats than me over the past 10 years? Listen to those peons out there.

Blair pauses and you can hear the fans chanting "Blair Sucks" inside the arena.

BLAIR: I looked at there, and saw the signs. Crane Rules the Ruler. Blair fears the Crane. What did you do, go out and make those signs yourself? I can't believe how those peons that bought t-shirts with Crane's face on them this week. But they only bought those because of me. It is Paul Blair that makes those morons care. Do you see that with anyone else? No.

Xamin is now getting irritable at Blair still being in his office.

XAMIN: Do you have a point?

BLAIR: Oh I have a point. I want you to fire Bobby Crane!

Xamin shakes his head ‘no.’

BLAIR: NO?? Well then I want you to take Bobby Crane out of the announcer's booth when I'm out there. And before you say no to this, I want you to think about one other thing. If you say no and deny the Ruler this, then I'll do what I always do and that's take things into my own hands.

Blair stares down Xamin who after thinking it over for a second or two shakes head no again. Blair is beside himself.

BLAIR: Oh that's Fair!! You know what. I knew you would say no to me. So I brought a back up idea. Do you remember who you are dealing with, Xamin? I'm the King of the Low Down Good for nothing evil tricks.

Blair looks away from Xamin and towards the door leading to the arena as if he's talking to Bobby Crane himself.

BLAIR: Crane, I hope you are watching this. Do you remember all those matches of mine you announced? I beat Jeff Jericho, Z-Puke, Mark Xamin, Steve Dart, Maniac, Triple X and soon we will add one more to that list. Bobby Crane, after tonight I will have beaten you down too!

Blair storms off.

BC: You know what, Blair? Come and get it, old man. You think I’m afraid of you? You’re old enough to have an autographed copy of the Bible and you think you’re going to intimidate Bobby Crane? Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, Blair…hate me because I’m straight up better than you ever were and you know it!

TT: Well Paul Blair really has an axe to grind, he just tried to get you fired, Bobby! And for what? Being inducted into the Hall of Fame? This guy is clearly in a bad state right now, he’s lost his mind!

BC: Yeah well if he continues to mess with Bobby Crane he’s gonna lose more than his mind…

TT: Well nonetheless, ladies and gentlemen…up next we have an interesting tag team match up…The Raving Lunatic teaming up with the newest member of the New Church, Motion. Motion, apparently under the guidance of the New Church, completely dominated the loser leaves town match at Super Card V, eliminating every other man in the match!

BC: Well let’s see how he does with his new running mate, The Raving Lunatic!

TT: They will be taking on The M.u.H., who had an impressive matchup with Axel Way in the opening bout of Super Card V, and his partner, Mr. Markowitz….let’s head to the ring!


Spotlights go bright white and flood the area where the entrance is for the wrestlers as “Requiem – Lacrimosa” by Mozart begins to play throughout the arena it gets out only a few bars before it is cut off suddenly by “Princes of the Universe” by Queen. The Lunatic walks through the entrance; you see him appear through the spot of bright white light. He holds a milk crate in his hands and stares straight forward as he makes his way to the ring… behind him is Motion; he carries a golden bowl and walks up and down the guard rails holding the bowl out asking for “Alms, Alms for the poor!” The Lunatic meanwhile has made his way inside the ring and is now standing on the milk crate he holds a microphone and begins to talk.

LUNATIC: Brothers and Sisters! Sinners and saved alike, welcome! Today is a dark day in the CWF. A shadow looms low over us all, for you see, my leader, [the Lunatic shoots a glance towards Motion who is still collecting “donations” from the fans at ringside] our leader has gone away. He has told me to come out here tonight and let his faithful lambs know that he will return. He will resurrect more powerful than ever before, mark my words my brothers and sisters. Magnus Thunder and Blood may breathe a sigh of relief at hearing that he will be leaving us, oh yes, because they know the anger they have brought out in my master. They know full well the scornful wrath that will befall them come his return and they fear it as they should. But don't breathe so easy just yet Blood, you freak of nature, you twisted demon in human garb. You either Magnus Thunder, you great Thor look-a-like, for even though my master may be gone momentarily, I am still here. The New Church grows by the day, by the second even and all around me I see the saved and beloved. I will take it upon myself to make both of your lives a true unstopping living hell on earth. I will stop at nothing to put the fear of The New Church into your hearts and souls. And we begin tonight. Tonight there will be a sacrifice for The New Church. Tonight I along with Motion show The New Church's true power.

The crowd boos, though a small segment appears to be cheering. Markowitz and The MuH come down to the ringside and the match begins.

TT: The official calls for the opening bell, and we're ready to get this started! It looks like Motion and The MUH will start things off for us! Here's the lockup...neither man taking a definite advantage here. They both struggle...and Motion delivers a well-placed knee to the gut! He applies a side headlock on MUH, but MUH quickly shoot him off in to the ropes!

BC: What kind of name is MUH?!

TT: the middle of calling a match here. Motion off the rebound and he's able to boot MUH in the chin after a telegraphed back body drop! Motion hits the far ropes again...but he's caught with a crucifix on the rebound! Not even a one count as Motion quickly rolls through!

Both men return to their feet. They meet in the center of the ring again. MUH attempts another collar and elbow tieup, but Motion retaliates immediately with another knee to the gut. Motion sends MUH to the corner. He follows in for a lariat...but MUH moves as Motion hits chest first in to the turnbuckle! Neckbreaker by MUH, and he cradles the legs for a cover!



TT: MUH tried for the early fall here, but Motion was able to kick out! MUH brings Motion back to his feet and places him in the corner. MUH with a shoulder to the gut...and a second...and a third, knocking the air out of Motion! MUH reaches for Motion, but Motion drops down grabbing a hand full of tights, and pulling MUH face first in to the middle turnbuckle!

BC: That was a great move, Teddy! Shortcuts are the best way to win!

TT: Not everyone takes shortcuts, Bobby.

BC: But the true winners do!

TT: Motion grabs MUH by the arm and drags him to the corner. He tags in The Lunatic. Lunatic with a vicious stomp to the skull as the official forces Motion to the apron! The Lunatic brings Motion back to his feet and thrusts him hard, back first in to the corner. The Lunatic places his boot on MUH's throat, choking the life out of him!





TT: And The Lunatic finally lets up! The official admonishes him...and Motion chokes MUH from the outside!

BC: Teamwork! Classic teamwork!

TT: More like cheating!

BC: Only if they get caught!

TT: Motion releases MUH, who slumps down in to a sitting position in the corner! Lunatic continues his attack with boot after boot to MUH's skull! Lunatic brings MUH back to his feet and hoists him to the top rope. Lunatic follows him up...applies the front facelock...but MUH hits him hard in the ribs!

MUH with a second shot to the ribs, and he pushes Lunatic off! Lunatic crashes to the mat as MUH tries to stand on the top turnbuckle. Motion grabs his leg, but he keeps Motion, knocking him off the apron! Lunatic slowly gets back to his feet...MISSILE DROPKICK! MUH hits the ropes as Lunatic begins to stand again...flying forearm! Again The Lunatic slowly returns to his feet and is met with an inverted atomic drop...and a hard right to the skull! Lunatic slowly gets back up, and MUH grabs his arm, twisting it as he makes his way to the corner...and he makes the tag to Markowitz!

TT: Markowitz with a hard elbow to the back of Lunatic's arm! MUH steps out to the apron as Markowitz twists the arm. Russian leg sweep from Markowitz, and Lunatic finds himself on the mat! Markowitz quickly gets Lunatic in a sitting position and applies a rear chin lock.

BC: MUH had the momentum...why on earth would he tag out?!

TT: To bring the fresher man in maybe? That's what I'd do.

BC: Whatever. It's a stupid move!

TT: Lunatic is back to his feet and he forces Markowitz off in to the ropes. Markowitz off the rebound...and he slides between Lunatic's legs! Markowitz quickly applies a side headlock! Lunatic lifts him...back suplex, and both men are down!

BC: I'm telling you, was a stupid move from MUH to tag out when he had the momentum!

TT: Shut up, Bobby!

BC: How dare you talk to a hall of famer like that!

TT: I'm sorry, Bobby. You know, it's barely noticeable.

BC: What are you talking about?

TT: The bruises from the two Blair Kicks that you took to the kisser at Super Card V.


TT: Both men are back up, and Markowitz comes at The Lunatic with a clothesline...but The Lunatic ducks it! Markowitz turns around...boot to the gut...snap DDT! And The Lunatic makes the cover!




TT: MUH pulls The Lunatic off of Markowitz at the last second!

The Lunatic brings Markowitz back to his feet and drags him to the corner. He tags in Motion. Motion waits on the apron as The Lunatic gets Markowitz with a double leg takedown. Lunatic with a slingshot...and Motion buries his shoulder in to Markowitz' gut! Lunatic rolls out to the apron as Motion enters the ring. He catches Markowitz with a hard European uppercut followed by a decapitating lariat! Motion makes the cover!




TT: MUH again makes the save! The official warns him as he makes his way back to the apron. Motion forces Markowitz in to the corner and blatantly chokes him!





TT: Motion releases just before the five count, and the referee warns him about the choking...but doesn't see Lunatic using the tag rope to choke Markowitz from the outside!

BC: Brilliant strategy!

TT: Motion quickly tags Lunatic back in. Motion steps out to the apron as Lunatic drills Markowitz with a hard forearm! Markowitz stumbles out...lariat from Motion on the apron! The referee again warns Motion!

The official and Motion argue as The Lunatic backs off, waiting for Markowitz to get back to his feet. MUH quickly enters the ring, spins Lunatic around...flapjack dropping Lunatic throat first across the top rope! Lunatic stumbles, turning back towards MUH...BONESHATTERING SPINEBUSTER!!! MUH rolls back out to the apron as the official turns back to the action!

BC: Where's the disqualification?! MUH just broke the rules!

TT: Are you serious?! Motion and The Lunatic have been breaking the rules this whole match...and now you'll call it when MUH is the culprit?!

BC: He has given his team an unfair advantage!

TT: Markowitz slowly crawls towards his corner as Lunatic is starting to come to. Markowitz is almost there...but Lunatic grabs his leg! Markowitz struggles...trying to break the grip...and he kicks Lunatic in the face! He leaps...and there's the tag! MUH quickly enters the ring, full of energy!

BC: Thanks to the unfair advantage!

TT: Lunatic rushes at MUH for a lariat, but MUH ducks it! Lunatic turns back to MUH...snap powerslam! MUH climbs out to the apron and to the top rope...diving legdrop!!! MUH is signaling for The Lunatic to get up. He does slowly...still dazed...boot to the gut! MUH hits the ropes...and here comes Motion with a clothesline...but MUH ducks it!

BC: What the hell?!

TT: MUH with a front facelock on Lunatic as he grabs Motion...DDT and neckbreaker combo! Lunatic again gets up, slightly dazed...Russian leg sweep by MUH! The official tries to get Motion out of the ring, but Motion ignores him as he rushes at MUH! Low bridge...and Motion crashes to the floor outside!

BC: You've got to be kidding me?!

Markowitz is finally making it to his feet on the apron as MUH admires his handy work. He turns around to a waiting Lunatic...SHUT UP FROM THE LUNATIC...BUT MUH DUCKS IT!!! Lunatic is slow to get back to his feet!

TT: MUH with a boot to the gut of Lunatic! He hits the far ropes...THE AUTOMATIC!!! He goes for the cover...but the official is holding him back?

BC: Haha! I think Markowitz made the blind tag when MUH hit the ropes, Teddy!

MUH argues with the official as Markowitz lifts The Lunatic up to his shoulders, positioning him for the Helicopter...unknowing that Motion has slid back in to the ring and is resting in wait for him to turn around. Markowitz turns...MOTION PICTURE!!! The Lunatic falls back to the mat, but has enough composure to get back up. MUH finally gives up the argument as he makes his way to the apron. Lunatic quickly grabs Markowitz' leg...MADNESS!!! The Lunatic has Markowitz' right leg wrenched across his shoulders as he grinds his knee in to the back of Markowitz' neck! And Markowitz instantly taps out!

TT: It's over! Bad timing from Markowitz to make the tag there, Bobby!

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners by submission...THE RAVING LUNATIC AND MOTION...THE NEW CHURCH!!!

MUH contemplates saving Markowitz, but decides to walk away instead. The official desperately tries to get The Lunatic to release the hold, and he finally does. Motion climbs out of the ring as The Lunatic drops to the mat, slithering out of the ring with a sadistic look on his face, keeping his eyes locked on his victim.

TT: Somebody needs to stop this group, Bobby!

BC: Don't look at me, Teddy. I like these guys! They know how to get the job done!

TT: Well Markowitz completely blew that one, what a selfish thing to do making the blind tag like that, and MuH can’t be happy…

BC: No he can’t, he’s set a deadline for himself…he told the world in a promo this past week that if he didn’t win a match in the next two weeks, he would quit the CWF…well this was the first week, which mean next week his CWF career is on the line!

TT: And it’s a real shame he’s become so discouraged…he’s a rookie, he’s going to experience some growing pains, he’s going to take a step backwards now and then and go into a slump…but what separates the men from the boys is the ability to bounce back and fight through it. Maybe setting this ultimatum for himself will give him that extra push.

BC: Well I’m being told that next week, The MuH will be his career on the line against Mr. Markowitz! That’s right, a career ending match, right here next week! The loser is going home for good!

TT: Well that is no doubt going to be the most important match of The MuH’s career to date.

BC: I can’t wait!

TT: Folks, we’re getting word that something is going on backstage in Xamin’s office again…

We cut back to the backstage hallway of Humphrey Coliseum. Jimmy “The Juggernaut” Washington is walking through the backstage area still in his street clothes, carrying a large gym bag. The CWF National Championship belt is draped over his shoulder. He walks directly to Mark Xamin's door and pushes on it like it should be open.

THE JUGGERNAUT: Open door policy my ass!

The Juggernaut places the gym bag on the ground, drops the National title in the bag and begins sifting through the bag. He pulls out a large sledgehammer labeled “The Juggernaut's Key”.


The Juggernaut heaves the sledgehammer over his head and slams it into the door busting it open. The Juggernaut steps into Xamin's office. Xamin stands up out of his chair. “The Beast” Kodiak Winters, also in the office jumps up from out of a chair.

MARK XAMIN: Juggernaut, who the hell do you think you are barging in here like this?!

Winters steps up to the Juggernaut ready to strike placing himself between The Juggernaut and Mark Xamin. The Juggernaut looks down at Winters, sledgehammer still in hand.

THE JUGGERNAUT: Mmmmm! Just wanted to meet your new weather man, looks bigger on TV.

MARK XAMIN: Oh is that all…haven't you heard of knocking? Get the hell out of my office!

THE JUGGERNAUT: Xamin, I'll leave when I'm good and ready and you better tell your dog to back up before he gets hit in the mouth.

Winters looks at Xamin, unimpressed.

THE JUGGERNAUT: Xamin, you're going to need a lot more then this guy to stop me. He's big enough to piss me off but not big enough to stop me.

MARK XAMIN: We'll see about that.

THE JUGGERNAUT: We will see about that wont we... Mark. [He turns towards Kodiak Winters] Hey weatherman... do you know who I am?

The Juggernaut raises the sledgehammer with one hand and puts it right in front of Winter's mouth. Winter’s shoves it away and gets in Juggernaut’s face.

KODIAK WINTERS: I know exactly who you are, little man. You want to barge in here and throw your weight around? Well that’s fine, I wanna throw your weight around too. Just give me a reason and I’ll turn your lights out just like that, you got that, punk? And if you ever barge in here like that again, you’re gonna need something more than a sledgehammer if you plan on intimidating me…

He grabs the sledgehammer and breaks the handle over his knee, the head clanking on the floor as he tosses it aside.

KODIAK WINTERS: Do you know who I am, champ?

THE JUGGERNAUT: Tell you what, weatherman! You’re gonna find out who I am latter tonight….you got that? Peace.

The Juggernaut slowly backs out of the office, grabs the over sized duffel bag and walks away.

TT: Well Kodiak Winters has already made an impact here! Who knows what Juggernaut would have done if not for the CWF’s enforcer!

BC: He would have hammered Xamin into the ground like a railroad spike!

TT: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be right back after this commercial break, don’t go anywhere!

TT: Welcome back fans… I understand our colleague Dennis Donnelly is backstage and he has our American Icon, Pledge Allegiance with him who apparently wants to get something off his chest. Take it away Dennis…

DD: Thanks Teddy, I'm standing here with Pledge Allegiance. Pledge, you said you had something important to discuss here tonight…what is it?

PLEDGE: First and foremost Dennis, I'd like to apologize to all the fans in the CWF universe for my behavior after last week's Super Card. Everyone knows me well enough to realize that that person in that dressing room was not the Pledge Allegiance that you've all come to know and love. I think I just got lost in the moment and lost my head for a second. So for that, I'm very sorry.

More importantly, I'd like to apologize to Magnus Thunder for my behavior. I've said in the past that I respect him tremendously and if I were in his shoes at Super Card, I would have probably acted the same way. It was Magnus' more than gracious extension of an olive branch this week that's made me realize how foolish I have behaved. So Magnus, if you're within the sound of my voice, and I think you are, I'm sorry for my actions this week. And Magnus, should our paths cross later here tonight, I will be proud to shake your hand, say "I'm sorry", and call you a friend.

DD: Well a humbled Pledge Allegiance has offered his apologies…Teddy, back to you.

TT: Certainly a classy move by Pledge Allegiance, who for the most part has been a class act for his entire career…all week though he’s been bad mouthing Magnus Thunder and calling him a turncoat, claiming Magnus stabbed him in the back when he eliminated him in the main event at Super Card V, but now he’s offered his apology and if I know Magnus, he’s a forgiven man.

BC: Yeah well Pledge changed seemingly every ten minutes. One minute he’s Teddy Turnbuckle, the next minute he’s Pledge…one minute he’s crazy, the next minute he’s sorry. You never know what you’re gonna get with him these days…

TT: In any event, we are ready for our next matchup, Magnus Thunder taking on the now former CWF National Champion, Astro!


Both men are already in the ring. The bell sounds and the match begins.

TT: Here's the lockup...and Astro instantly is overpowered by Magnus as he is forced back to the corner. The official calls for the break, and Magnus obliges. Magnus returns to the center of the ring as Astro hesitates in the corner for a second.

BC: Astro has to be the unluckiest man I know, Teddy! Last week at SuperCard, he gets put against the seven foot five monster known as The Juggernaut. This week, he's forced to take on the seven foot five Magnus Thunder!

TT: They lock up again...and again Magnus is using his strength to force Astro back! Astro breaks free and quickly goes behind Magnus with a reverse hammerlock! Magnus throws an elbow, but Astro dodges it. Astro releases the hammerlock...chop block, but Magnus stays on both feet!

BC: It's like trying to take down a redwood, Teddy!

Astro notices the lack of effect, quickly hitting the ropes. He rebounds as Magnus turns around...clothesline...but Astro ducks it! Another chop block, and Magnus finally is taken to one knee! Astro quickly brings himself to Magnus' front...knee to the jaw! Astro with a front facelock looking for a DDT...but to no avail!

TT: Astro was looking to capitalize with a DDT...but instead it looks like Magnus has a bear hug firmly locked in! Magnus rises back to his feet, and Astro struggles...obviously in pain!

BC: Look at Astro's face! It looks like his head is about to pop off!

TT: Magnus tightens the grip as the official checks on Astro...but Astro retaliates with a hard headbutt! Magnus stumbles...another headbutt, and his grip is loosened! Astro holds Magnus' shoulders as he leaps in to the air...and he pulls Magnus down face first in to a set of knees! Magnus is down, and Astro quickly crawls over to make the cover!




TT: Magnus powers his way out of the pin!

BC: That wasn't even close to a three count!

TT: Astro sits Magnus up and locks in a tight reverse chin lock, obviously looking to wear down the much larger opponent. Magnus struggles...he's been around this business for long enough to know the purpose of this hold.

BC: Astro can try whatever he wants. The bottom line is he's going to need to hit a high impact move and make the quick cover if he's looking to score the victory tonight!

The official checks on Magnus, but Magnus powers his way back up to his feet. Astro switches to a side headlock, but Magnus quickly forces him off in to the ropes. Astro rebounds, leaping in to the air for a flying forearm...but Magnus catches him by the throat! Magnus with the lift...chokeslam! Rather than making the cover, Magnus picks Astro back up and sends him to the corner. Magnus follows in...devastating clothesline, and Astro falls face first to the mat!

TT: Did you see the force behind that clothesline, Bobby?!

BC: Of course! I'm not blind, Teddy!

TT: Sometimes I wonder... Magnus brings Astro back to his feet, lifting him for a side slam...but he drops him across the knee for a backbreaker instead! Magnus holds his grip on Astro as he returns to his feet...and there's the side slam! Magnus hooks the leg as he makes the cover!




TT: Astro with a kickout at the last second! Magnus returns to his feet and quickly brings Astro up to his shoulder. He makes his way to the corner...possibly looking for snake eyes...but Astro squirms and falls behind Magnus. He pushes Magnus chest first in to the turnbuckle, and the big man stumbles out of the corner, turning back to Astro...drop toe hold! Magnus is down!

BC: If Astro wants to keep on the offensive, he'll have to keep Magnus grounded!

TT: Astro steps out to the apron, and it looks like he's climbing to the top! He waits as Magnus makes it to all fours, slowly getting back up...leg drop across the back of the neck! Astro shoots the half and quickly makes the cover!




TT: Magnus barely gets his shoulder up!

BC: I'll admit...that one was a close call!

TT: Astro grabs Magnus' right leg and delivers a series of toe kicks to the back of the leg! Astro twists Magnus' leg around his own...sits down...brazilian heel hook!

BC: This could be trouble for Magnus, Teddy! This is a very dangerous and painful submission hold!

The official checks to see if Magnus is ready to quit, but he refuses as he tries to stay sitting up. He tries to break the grapevine around his leg, but every time he tries, Astro applies more pressure! The official checks with Magnus again, who still isn't ready to give up!




TT: Magnus almost lost there, as the official began his count after Magnus fell back to the mat from the pain! Magnus continues to struggle, trying to pry apart Astro's legs...and he finally does! Astro rolls off and returns to his feet as Magnus tries to get back to his feet, making it to one knee...shining wizard by Astro, and Magnus falls back to the mat!

BC: He couldn't slay a seven foot five giant at SuperCard, but he might actually do it here tonight!

TT: Astro again climbs out to the apron and ascends the ropes. Magnus slowly returns to his feet as Astro leaps off the top with a diving lariat! NO!!! Magnus caught Astro...overhead belly to belly suplex!!! Magnus hesitates as he catches his breath. Both him and Astro are slowly returning to their feet...and Magnus plants a boot to the gut! He positions Astro for the Thunderstorm! Magnus lifts him...and Astro fights as he throws right after right at Magnus! DOUBLE ARM DDT!!! Astro with an amazing counter, and he quickly makes the cover!!!




BC: AMAZING!!! I think Astro just slayed the giant, Teddy!

TT: All off of a counter from the Thunderstorm! Wait! It looks like the official is saying that Magnus was able to get his foot on the bottom rope before the three count!

BC: If you're Astro right now...what the hell else can you possibly do to this man?!

Astro returns to his feet in disbelief. He lifts Magnus in to a sitting position and hits the far ropes...Magnus is up...SPEAR ON ASTRO!!! Magnus collapses to one knee, still trying to shake the cobwebs after the DDT. He finally regains composure as he stands. He makes his way to Astro and grips the throat! NO!!! Astro playing possum...and he locks in an inverted triangle choke hold on Magnus! The official checks to make sure Astro's shoulder's are off the mat, and quickly checks on Magnus' condition! Magnus' face turns red as he quickly begins to fade! He struggles, but falls to a knee. Magnus' body goes limp, and the official quickly checks on him, raising his arm...and it falls! He raises Magnus' arm a second time, and it falls again!

BC: It looks like the giant is finished, Teddy! Astro has that submission locked in tight!

TT: Magnus definately appears to be out of it! One last time our official brings Magnus' arm in the air...and stays up! Magnus is still in this! Magnus uses his strength...and he lifts Astro high in to the air...powerbomb! Astro's grip is broken as Magnus brings him back up...powerbomb! He brings Astro up again...THUNDERSTORM!!!

BC: How in the hell?!

TT: Unbelievable! Magnus has the cover!




TT: Magnus has done it! He survived the devastating triangle choke and nailed the Thunderstorm to pick up an impressive victory tonight!

The official calls for the closing bell and raises Magnus' arm, who is still having troubles standing.

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...MAGNUS THUNDER!!!

"Iron Man" blazes over the PA system and Pledge Alligence marches down the aisle with purpose. Magnus is in the ring looking surprised. The fans in the arena jump to their feet.

TT: Here comes Pledge!

BC: Oh come on, what's he doing here?

TT: That's a true man! Owning up to his mistakes…He's probably here, Bobby, to apologize man to man to Magnus.

Pledge gets to the ring, jumps from the floor to the ring apron and steps over the rope. He makes his way over to Magnus and the two of them stand close, with Magnus having a decided height advantage, and have a tense moment. Pledge steps back and offers his hand in friendship. Magnus, not sure what to do, tentatively accepts, and shakes hands with Pledge. Pledge, grabbing Magnus' hand, pulls him in fast, hoists him up…PLEDGE HAMMER! This gets a mixed reaction from the crowd.

TT: Pledge Alligence just dropped Magnus Thunder in The Pledge Hammer! Unbelievable! What an act of betrayal, what an act of strength!

BC: Wow! Who woulda thunk it Teddy? Nice to see Pledge finally grew a backbone! I think I'm starting to like this guy!

Pledge turns his back on the fallen Magnus and walks up the aisle, slapping hands with the occasional fan. He stops just before the curtain, turns back to look at Magnus and leaves the arena.

TT: Pledge has just made a huge enemy! And perhaps not the smartest thing he could do with a title match coming up on April 25th!

BC: He’s going to have his vengeance on Magnus Thunder! And it’s about time someone set that holier than thou Jesus freak straight!

TT: That’s despicable! Well we have to take a quick commercial break, but when we come back, Blood will meet Khrist…but is Khrist even in the building? The Raving Lunatic’s speech earlier certainly made it sound like Khrist is nowhere to be found!

BC: He’ll be here!

TT: Don’t go away fans, we’ll be right back!

TT: Welcome back folks, and we have more nonsense going on backstage, let’s get a camera back there!

We see Pledge Allegiance and CWF World Champion, Brian Adams nose to nose backstage. There's a swarm of arena security trying to pull both of them apart. Finally, they manage to get the two superstars apart.


Brian Adams manages to take a swipe at Pledge and smack him on the side of the head and this infuriated Pledge even more as security holds them both apart.

TT: Wow! Tempers are flaring backstage for sure. When those two finally get a chance to lock up at Vendetta…watch out!

BC: That is gonna be a match for the ages!

TT: We’re about ready…Blood already in the ring and we are awaiting the arrival of the leader of The New Church, Khrist!


Blood stands in the ring, yelling at the entrance way for Khrist to come out. Suddenly, the lights dim and a voice, presumably that of Khrist, booms through the arena.

KHRIST: Blood….foolish Blood. Did you truly believe it would be that easy? That I would simply walk through that curtain and let you attempt to continue your crusade against the New Church? Perhaps your friend, Magnus Thunder, would have enjoyed that. Perhaps he would have come to the rescue as I systematically destroyed you and hung your rotting corpse from a cross. No, Blood…I will give neither you nor him that satisfaction.

The crowd boos.

KHRIST: At Super Card V, I, your leader, paid a sacrifice. I sacrificed myself and the title for a chance to destroy Magnus Thunder, and in the end, that sacrifice paid off. Khrist has died, but Khrist will rise again…and when he does…Blood, Magnus…you will feel the wrath of the true son of God…the New Church will make you pay your penance tenfold. You will burn in the fires of hell until I deem you ready to entire my kingdom. But Blood…you came here tonight for a piece of Khrist. Well, I am a giving man…and if a piece of me is what you want…I’ll do you one better…I will drown you in the blood of Khrist!

The lights restore power. Khrist is nowhere to be found but Blood stands in the center of the ring, scanning the arena, screaming at no one in particular for Khrist to show himself.

TT: I have a bad feeling about this…

Suddenly, blood begins to pour from the ceiling and onto Blood. It pours, seemingly for minutes, until Blood is drenched in the thick red liquid, the mat completely stained.

TT: My God this is sick! Blood is covered in blood!

BC: It stinks! Oh my Lord what a stench…I think I’m gonna be sick…

Blood holds out his arms in shock, almost quivering with queasiness. CWF staff and security rush out to help him, spraying him down with water and trying to wash off the blood. Blood, looking ill, walks back down the aisle, EMTs and CWF personnel trying to help him.

TT: This may be the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed…blood literally pouring from the ceiling…and Khrist called it the blood of Khrist…are you kidding me?

BC: Someone better get out here and clean this up or I am going to add to the mess…

Bobby Crane dry heaves.

TT: Somebody get this man a bucket! Fans we have to take a break while we clean this mess up…stay with us! My God what a heinous scene….

TT: Welcome back fans and what a horrible scene we had here moments ago…the ring crew has managed to replace the mat but I don’t think this stench is going away any time soon…

BC: Yeah well, that stench is about to get worse because Paul Blair is going to come out here….

TT: Blair meets the CWF’s enforcer, “The Beast” Kodiak Winters next! And this match is Blair’s punishment for what he did to you, Bobby, at your Hall of Fame induction ceremony!

BC: Well I hope Kodiak Winters is what he’s advertised to be…because I want Blair in the ring with a beast!


The BlairVision theme hits and the crowd immediately explodes with boos and Blair appears at the entrance way. He shakes his head at the unappreciative crowd and makes his way to the ring. Once inside, he leans on the ropes, facing the announce booth, and taunts Bobby Crane. Crane stands up but Teddy Turnbuckle manages to control him.

TT: Calm down, Bobby…you’re playing right into his hands…let Kodiak do his job.

BC: I want a piece of this bastard!

Blair’s taunts turn to fear as “God of Thunder” by Iced Earth hits. The lights dim and wild wind can be heard whipping through the arena as snowflakes begin to fall into the ring. Paul Blair’s eyes widen, and he shivers slightly.

BC: Did it just get cold in here?

TT: Mind games from Kodiak Winters and Blair doesn’t look so brave all of a sudden!

A bear’s growl is heard and Kodiak Winters powers through the curtain. His massive frame looks almost bigger than when we had previously seen him…perhaps a trick of lighting. His full beard makes him look all the more menacing. He does not use the ring steps…rather, he jumps up onto the aprons without even using his hands, and points at Blair. Blair’s eyes widen and he desperately searches for a way out but there is nowhere to go. Winters climbs into the ring and the bell sounds.

TT: Here we go! I can’t wait to see this!

BC: Get him, Kodiak!

TT: Blair wants no part of him and Kodiak slowly stalking over to the Ruler…Blair scrambling around the ring trying to escape but Kodiak has a hold of him! Kodiak tackles him to the mat and rains down on him with fists of fury! The ref pulls Kodiak off but he shoves the official aside and powers Blair into the corner…and he DRIVES a shoulder into Blair’s gut!

BC: Yes!

TT: Blair hunched over…and Kodiak hooks him in…JACKHAMMER! He caught him with a jackhammer and Blair could likely be pinned right now but that’s obviously not Kodiak’s job tonight! He’s there to punish Paul Blair!

BC: I love it!

TT: Kodiak pulls Blair up…and Blair grabs the referee! The ref arguing with Blair…Blair pulls him in and with the ref distracted….MULE KICK TO WINTERS! A low blow and Blair has perhaps bought himself some time! Wait a minute…Blair is trying to escape up the aisle!

BC: Get back here you chicken!

TT: Blair is high tailing it out of here but wait a minute! Mark Xamin at the curtain and Blair with his back turned doesn’t see him! Xamin from behind! The crowd going crazy and he grabs Blair and walks him back down the aisle, tossing him back into the ring!


TT: Blair screaming at Xamin…Winters from behind…release German suplex! Blair sailed to the other side of the ring and bounced right back outside of it! What power by Winters! Blair now crawling on all fours…Bobby, get back here!

The crowd explodes as Bobby Crane gets up, takes his chair and smashes it into Blair’s back!

TT: CRANE NAILS BLAIR! And the ref is calling for the bell!

RING ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by disqualification… “THE RULER” PAUL BLAIR!

TT: Blair has won the match by DQ but Blair is in trouble! Crane throws him back into the ring, right into the lion’s den and Blair begging off Winters! Bobby Crane in the ring now! Blair is cornered! Crane jumps him and chops him furiously in the corner! Blair’s chest is lit up like a Christmas tree and Crane shoves him into Kodiak Winters! BEAST BOMB! BEAST BOMB! BLAIR IS OUT AND WHAT A MOVE THAT WAS!

Blair lies flat in the ring. Xamin slides in and holds Bobby Crane back, forcing him back to the announcer’s booth as Xamin raises Kodiak Winters’ arm as if he won. Blair lies motionless. Xamin heads to the back, Winters still stalking around the ring as if waiting for Blair to get back up.

BC: That’ll teach the bastard!

TT: My God, so much carnage in such little time! Kodiak Winters is exactly what he says he is, a beast!

BC: Well Blair got what he deserved and I hope he’s learned his lesson…maybe that’ll be the end of this crap.

Suddenly “Monsters” by Matchbook Romance begins to play, and The Juggernaut baseball slides into the ring from the crowd with a chair in hand and looks at Blair and Winters. Winters steps right to The Juggernaut but before he can do anything The Juggernaut swings the chair backhanded like a tennis racket at Winters. Winters ducks and rolls out of the ring before any damage can be done.

TT: THE JUGGERNAUT IS HERE! And Winters wisely getting out of there, Juggernaut wielding a steel chair!

The Juggernaut then turns to Paul Blair drops the chair, grabs Blair by the skull and rams his knee into Paul Blair's mouth knocking Blair on his back. The Juggernaut then signals for a microphone as Blair begins to writhe in pain.

THE JUGGERNAUT: That Chair to Blair was courtesy of Bobby Crane you washed up, big mouthed son of a bitch!

Winters begins walking up the aisle.

The Juggernaut: Hey weatherman, where do you think you’re going? Aren't you gonna stay for my match?

The Juggernaut grabs the chair and climbs out of the ring after Winters. Just as Winters turns around The Juggernaut hits him over the head with it knocking him to the ground, then he grabs the microphone.

THE JUGGERNAUT: No, weatherman... I insist!

The Juggernaut reaches into his pants and takes out a pair of hand cuffs. He drags a dazed Winters to the nearest corner and handcuffs him to the pole.

THE JUGGERNAUT: You stay right here. I'll be back for you.

TT: The Juggernaut has handcuffed Winters to the ring post and Winters is furiously trying to free himself!

BC: I don’t think the ring could sustain the weight of those two in the ring for long!

TT: Blair crawling up the aisle and he has escaped any further punishment but here comes Brian Adams! Adams and Juggernaut will go at it in the main event!

Non-Title Match

“Represent” by hed p.e. hits and Brian Adams charges out to the ring with the CWF World Heavyweight Championship in hand. He stops to look at Kodiak Winters, grinning at him as he struggles to break free of the handcuffs. Adams slides into the ring and the bell sounds.

TT: Here we go, it’s CWF World Heavyweight Champion versus CWF National Champion! Adams is up against yet another giant here this week!

BC: And Juggernaut is bigger than Magnus Thunder…but Adams has got to be used to this sort of thing by now.

Juggernaut, towers over Adams, challenges him to come and get him. Adams cockily obliges…he steps right up to the big man. Juggernaut shoves him down hard and Adams flips backwards after hitting the mat. Laying on his stomach on the mat, Adams looks up at Juggernaut in awe of his power. Juggernaut plants his feet in the mat and beckons Adams to get up and come get some more. Adams walks back up to Juggernaut, this time trying to reason with him and talk him into having a good old fashioned wrestling match. Juggernaut looks confused…Adams continues to try reasoning with him and then out of the blue jumps up and poke the big man in the eye! Juggernaut is blinding and Adams starts delivering heavy kicks to his legs, trying to take away his size advantage.

TT: Adams is trying to chop this big man down and here’s an interesting dynamic…Johnny Gritz isn’t out here after Rob Osbourne took him out earlier tonight! What kind of effect will that have on Juggernaut?

BC: Well I’m interested to see because with no one around to control this guy…yikes.

Juggernaut falls to one knee and Adams heads to the top rope…and he dropkicks Juggernaut in the side of the head! Juggernaut falls over onto his side…Adams stomping him furiously. Juggernaut fighting back to his feet and Adams can’t believe he’s getting up! Adams backing away and Juggernaut is pissed! Adams has backed himself into a corner and Juggernaut charges in with a HUGE body splash! Adams gets crushed and flops face first onto the mat! Juggernaut pulls him up by the hair and whips him to the ropes…POWERSLAM! And Adams arches his back in pain…Juggernaut off the ropes…body splash! A cover!




TT: Adams is so resilient….when a 556 pound man is attacking you with everything he’s got, the easy thing to do would be to quit, especially with no title on the line, but a loss would hurt Adams’ ego too much and he won’t give up…

BC: Oh come on, Teddy…I know you have it in for the guy since he almost made you wet yourself at the top of the show, but the man is a warrior!

Juggernaut pulls him up and whips him to the ropes…Adams slides under his legs….and kicks Juggernaut in the back of the knee! Juggernaut’s knee buckles and Adams to the ropes again…SHINING WIZARD! And Juggernaut is down! Adams though pulls the big man back to his feet…off the ropes…Adams clearly using his speed to his advantage. Juggernaut though with a BIG BOOT! And Adams spits high into the air on the way down to the mat.

The camera suddenly pans to Kodiak Winters, still handcuffed to the ring post. Kodiak pulling with all his might on the cuffs…and he’s broken free! He breaks free and the crowd goes wild! Juggernaut doesn’t see him…Kodiak picks up the chair that Juggernaut brought down to the ring and he gets up on the apron!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: Kodiak Winters has broken free and there is gonna be hell to pay now!

Juggernaut pulls Adams up…JAW BREAKER! NO! Adams ducks and Juggernaut’s fist hits the steel chair Kodiak Winters is holding! Juggernaut may have broken his hand…he turns around…LAST CHAPTER! A cover!




WINNER: Brian Adams

TT: Adams has stolen one here thanks to Kodiak Winters!

Kodiak enters the ring and assaults Juggernaut with the chair! Kodiak looks like a man possessed and here comes Pledge Allegiance! Pledge Allegiance chasing after Brian Adams! Adams grabs his title and runs up the aisle, Pledge in hot pursuit and the crowd is going wild!


BC: This is chaos!

Mark Xamin rushes down and grabs the chair off of Kodiak Winters. He calms the CWF’s enforcer down, and they head to the back leaving Juggernaut in the ring. Juggernaut slams his fist into the mat, angry at being one upped….he grabs the National title and staggers to the back, refusing medical attention. Suddenly…

Paul Blair appears on the big screen.

PAUL BLAIR: Oh Bobby Crane? Are you still watching?

Crane is yelling at Blair from the announcer's booth.

BC: How was your night there Champ? Oh wait, sorry, I mean chump. Forgot, you didn't win your World Title last week did you?

Crane is laughing. Blair is not so amused.

PAUL BLAIR: Shut the hell up Crane. You see, I couldn't get Xamin to stop you from announcing tonight. But don't worry, I told the world that tonight would be a night that you wouldn't forget. I never tell a lie. So now I'm going to go right out there and beat you to a bloody pulp. Get your henchmen ready because I'm coming right out there now.

A variety of CWF officials have come out down the ramp to prevent this from happening. Blair walks out of the view of the big screen and out to the arena. By this time the officials have made a wall to prevent him from coming through. A few seconds later and there is still no Blair. Bobby Crane is up on his feet and gesturing that Blair is a chicken. WHACK!! Out of nowhere Crane goes down and it is now seen that Blair went through the crowd and not down the ramp. Blair has one of the headsets on now and throws down a baseball bat.

PAUL BLAIR: I told the world you would never forget tonight. Come on Bobby announce this beat down.

Blair tries to get the headset on Crane but it won't work. So Blair gives his best announcer voice.

PAUL BLAIR: Blair is beating the holy hell out of Bobby Crane. Oh my gawd!!

Blair picks up Crane and nails him with a Blairkick that sends him flying onto the announce table. Blair then starts punching Crane right in the face. Blair then looks over at Teddy Turnbuckle who is speechless and appears scared.

PAUL BLAIR: Well hell Turnbuckle. You are his Hall of Fame announce partner. Aren't you going to at least call the action? Tell the world how disgusting this is? Tell them that Blair is an evil man who has gone off the deep end? What? Nothing from you either? How the hell did you peons get in the Hall of Fame?

Blair takes a cord that he finds on the floor and wraps it around Crane's neck and starts to choke him out with it.

PAUL BLAIR: Come on, Crane. Laugh. Tell the world how great you are. Tell them that Blair is a loser. What's the matter? Oh, that's right. Here let me get that cord off you.

After a few seconds Blair lets go of the cord. But Crane is out cold. Teddy Turnbuckle is pale white. Blair now stands on top of the announce table.

PAUL BLAIR: I told the world that I would end Bobby Crane's announcing days. I don't tell lies. So Crane, let me tell you something. I know you will be able to get up later today because I chose to let you be able to walk after this. I want you to watch the replay of this show and hear what I say right now. Next week, I'll be in the arena to whip your ass again. If you have any balls, you will fight me in the parking lot or in the ring or on the announce table. See you there.

Crane is bleeding all over the place as Teddy Turnbuckle tends to him. Blair watches for a few seconds and then gets back on the headset.

PAUL BLAIR: Since you pissants aren't going to do this right, let me do it. Peons and peonettes, I bet you can't believe what you just saw but it's true. Paul Blair stomped Bobby Crane. I told you Xamin that I would do it if you wouldn't. We are out of time. Tune in next week when I do the same damn thing.

Fade to black.