Tonight, just one week away from The Valentine Bash, the road to Super Card VI continues to wind. With only one week remaining before his first ever CWF World Heavyweight Championship match, Jack Mason takes of the campaigning Tige’, who is insistent that he should be the number one contender.

Magnus Thunder battles Mariano Fernandez in a non-title no disqualification match, as the rivalry heats up once more.

Rob Osbourne returns to the ring, teaming with newcomer Retribution, to take on Da Xtreme Dynasty.

That, and so much more as Mark Xamin returns to Showdown!

This is the CWF…

This is…

Fade in to a sold out Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where 21,000 screaming CWF fans have jam packed the facility to its capacity. The usual Showdown set up. Fireworks explode at the entrance way and shoot down the aisle, bursting over the ring and igniting the crowd. Standing at ringside are Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! Welcome to the final stop before The Valentine Bash! And yes indeed, welcome to the CWF’s Saturday Night Showdown! Good evening everyone, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…

BC: The Ford Center, Teddy? Really? People who drive Fords ought to be ashamed of themselves. You know better than that! Ford means Fix Or Repair Daily, I’ve never seen a Ford that couldn’t be topped by a nice Volkswagen or Mazda…don’t be afraid to buy imports, people!

TT: Will you stop?! We are one week away from February tradition, The Valentine Bash…and not only that, Bobby…we are one week away from the one year anniversary of the CWF’s grand reopening! It was one year ago next week that we all watched Craze in the Maze and sat here in disbelief that the CWF was back to dominate the world of professional wrestling once more, and it hasn’t disappointed…this past year we truly showed the world why the CWF is the standard of excellence in the world of wrestling!

BC: You’re not kidding, what a year…but this year is gonna be even better, Teddy! I mean, we are one week away from watching Magnus Thunder battle Jack freakin’ Mason for the World Title!

TT: Indeed and tonight, both of those men will be in action as Magnus Thunder takes on his storied 2009 rival, Mariano Fernandez, in a no disqualification match…and Jack Mason, the current number one contender, takes on…

A techno version of “Hail to the Chief” plays as the arena lights up in red, white, and blue. Jagermeister and the Magnificent Warrior comes onto the stage in the secret service suits and place cardboard cutouts of Tige’, Xamin, The Nitemare Rob Osbounre, Jack Mason, and Brain Adams onto the stage.

TT: Well he takes on the man behind these antics…the man who has been campaigning for a title shot, Tige’.

BC: Tige’ deserves it, Teddy! He lasted longer than anyone at Last Man Standing!

The music cuts off and Mark Xamin walks out.

Mark Xamin: I told you, you’re not approved to put these out here.

A voice rings from the back as Tige’ walks out onto the stage wearing his red, white and blue wrestling attire.

Tige’: Dude, you did not approve for us to put the huge ones hanging from the rafter with explosives attached to them. You cannot stop me from coming out and doing my thing. I am glad you are here because I wanted you to see this first hand anyway. You know, I respect you and have nothing but good things to say about you but the CWF management has screwed up and the refs are as blind as bats. So, I am just here to continue my campaign until you give me an answer either here tonight at Showdown, or over e-mail, or you can even call. Hell, I have become pretty good at twitter lately. So Xamin, here is what we got.

Tige’ walks over to the 5 cardboard cutouts with his arm around Xamin. You can clearly see that Xamin is not impressed.

Tige’: We are going to do some basic math here and I have brought out these useful visual aids. You ready?

Tige’ walks up to the Nitemare standup.

Tige’: This is “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and had his shot at the world title and blew it. He could not beat Magnus Thunder and the way I see it….too bad, so sad.

Tige’ pushes over the Nitemare stand-up and walks over to the Jack Mason stand-up.

Tige’: Jack here…well Jack won a title shot at Last Man Standing but….wait. He lost to me. Now you have me fighting him again tonight and guess what…it will be the same result. So…

Tige’ pushes over the Mason stand-up and walks over the to the Brian Adams stand-up.

Tige’: Jack is out! Now Adams also won Last Man Standing…wow, I never thought about adding that to my list of CWF problems. A match that can only have one winner had two….ugh! Ok, Adams gets his shot but it is still two months away…so… Adams is not a factor.

Tige’ knocks over the Brian Adams stand-up. He steps back and looks at the three remaining stand-ups and puts his hand on his chin as if he was in deep through about something. The camera shows the Magnus Thunder standup, the Tige stand-up and in between them the Xamin stand-up.

Tige’: Now you see Xamin, what we have here is you standing in between me and Magnus Thunder for the World championship and we all know that I beat Magnus not too long ago, thus making me the number one contender. Do I sound like a broken record player yet? So….to add to the visual aid part of my presentation here…

Tige’ walks over the Xamin stand-up, picks it up, and walks it over to Xamin.

Tige’: If you take…you away then you have the match everyone wants to see. Magnus Thunder vs Tige for the CWF World Championship. So what is it going to be Xamin?

Xamin shakes his head is disgust and walks away. Tige’ just stares at him with an evil smile and puts his arm around the Xamin stand-up.

Tige’: What do you say old budday? Yeah….yeah….oh I get my title shot? I see and you love to rape cats? Got it!

Tige turns to the crowd.

Tige’: CWF….make some noise because your number one contender is here and tonight you get a very special treat! Not only am I in the ring against Jack Mason but while Xamin had the CWF employees looking for cardboard cutouts in the rafters…we installed this…

Tige’ points at the rafters and a giant video screen stretches out across the arena roof. An image of Tige’s face appears with five sets of women’s boobs around it. “VOTE 4 TIGE” is shown just underneath the picture.

Tige’: Now if the CWF can figure how to turn that off….awesome. I just want to say good luck and enjoy the boobies tonight! Ain’t It Cool?

“Discotheque” by U2 plays at Tige’ grabs his cardboard cutout and he, Jager, and the Magnificent Warrior exit the arena.


TT: Oh God…I’m gonna hear that all night. Someone please turn the damn thing off…

BC: Well you know he has a point Teddy…no pun intended…

TT: Dear Lord…

BC: I mean, he out classed Magnus Thunder, Rob Osbourne had his shot and blew it, he lasted longer than anyone at Last Man Standing, and if he can beat Jack Mason here tonight, well…why shouldn’t he get a title shot?

TT: Well nonetheless, folks…we are set for our first match of the evening, and what a match it should be as the women of the CWF battle it out in an elimination matchup, and Bobby…this division is really beginning to heat up.

BC: More boobies! Bring ‘em out here!

TT: (sighs) Well before we get to that, I understand we have a camera on Danielle Lopez…

BC: That’s voyeurism!

Cut to the parking lot area where Dennis Donnelly is standing by with Danielle Lopez.

Dennis Donnelly: I am standing by with Danielle Lopez who is competing in a Four Way Elimination match up against Sharlene Berger, Ashley Mastrangelo and Jinx in just a moment. Now Danielle, is your mindset completely concentrated on the match?

Danielle Lopez: Of course. Why wouldn't it be?

Dennis Donnelly: Well because of the war between Da Xtreme Dynasty and The Richards Legion which really is just an extension of the rivalry between your husband James Baker and Terry Richards.

Danielle Lopez: It's like I said. It doesn't really concern me.

Suddenly The Richards Legion's bodyguard Trent Walker then walks into the scene.

Trent Walker: Aww how cute. Little Danielle Lopez is not concerned about the rivalry between the S[BEEP]t-Fested Dynasty and the glorious Richards Legion.

Danielle Lopez: I want what you've been smoking because the Richards Legion is definitely not glorious as you like to put it. In fact, I'll go as far as to say that they absolutely suck.

Trent Walker: I'd watch your tone if I were you. The fact that your idiotic husband and his gang of thugs kidnappin' Hikari is not goin' to go unnoticed.

Danielle Lopez: While I don't and never will have anything to do with what James does to get your crew's attention, I really doubt that any of y'all can do anything that'll faze him.

Trent Walker: And I think you're a liar, but then again I'm not surprised because two cent whores always lie.

Danielle attempts to slap Trent, but Trent grabs her wrist and starts squeezing it tightly.

Trent Walker: I see you were about to slap me and that's a big GIGANTIC mistake there Danielle because I am not afraid to hu...

James Baker comes running up and blasts Terry Richards in the back of the head with his spiked out baseball bat.

James Baker: Take that you sorry son of a bitch. Don't you EVER lay your dirty hands on her again. Oh S[BEEP]T!

Trent Walker then grabs James by the throat, but Malik Jones hits Trent with a low blow, grabs a steel chair and starts hitting Trent with it repeatedly in the head. James then grabs a steel chain and some tape and ties up Trent to where he can't move. Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks also come up to see if everything's alright.

James Baker: Nice work Malik. Very nice work indeed.

Malik Jones: It's no thang really. I'm just doin' what I do.

James Baker: Now Kev, J.T, make sure that Terry Richards does not get involved in the tag team match between the O'Reilly's and the Richards Legion.

Kevin Styles: I hear you loud and clear there James.

James Baker: Now Malik. We take care of Trent Walker and we'll do that oh I don't know, NOW.

Malik Jones: Sounds good to me.

James and Malik then place Trent Walker in the trunk of the 64 Impala and drive off while Kevin Styles, J.T. Banks and Danielle Lopez go back into the arena.

Cut to the ring.

TT: Well then! The war between The Richards Legion and Da Xtreme Dynasty rages on!

BC: Oh man! And Terry Richards is supposed to make a huge announcement tonight! I hope he makes it!

TT: Well nonetheless, we’re set for our opening match!

The arena goes blue as the first notes of "Here I Come" hit the sound system. Just as the music gets to the vocals a solo blue spotlight hits the top of the entrance and there is the newcomer, Sharlene Berger rocking out with a couple of cheers from the crowd.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is a women’s Fatal Four Way Elimination Match! Making her CWF debut, from Santa Cruz, California… SHARLENE BERGER!

She runs to the ring sliding under the ropes and waving to the cheering crowd as she blows kisses to the crowd waving and cheering them back.

TT: And look, Bobby, we’ve got newcomers here! Another lady is in the roster!

BC: Bah, who cares? They can’t wrestle, for god’s sake! Well…this one’s hot…but it doesn’t matter!

The lights in the arena go out, Taiko drums can be heard thumping loudly in the darkness, the eery atmosphere silences the capacity crowd, the drums then slowly fade and a Small handheld Monkey drum can be heard in the distance, Over the PA system a deep male voice then counts down in Japanese from five to one, Go...Shi...San...Ni...Ichi...All noise then ceases and a loud explosion via Metsubushi (Ninja Smoke Bomb) force the spotlight to focus on the center of the stage, the lights come on at the same time as "Hanging On By A Thread" filters through the speakers, through the smoke walks Jinx wearing a black Hijiakata Shinsengumi style female suit, one side of her face has the full make-up of a Geisha.

Ring Announcer: And her opponents, first, from Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan… JINX!

Jinx strides with a purpose towards to the ring, slides under the bottom rope, climbs up to nearest turnbuckle and sit on the top, staring up at the aisle awaiting the next opponents to come in as the music slowly ceases playing.

“3” by Britney Spears blasts throughout the PA system to an unpleasant crowd reaction. Ashley Mastrangelo comes out, pumped up, raises her arms and taunts as the crowd slightly boos her.

Ring Announcer: From Cleveland, Ohio…ASHLEY MASTRANGELO!

Ashley slides under the bottom rope and stares at her opponents.

TT: Only one is left…

"Pardon Me" by Incubus hits and Danielle Lopez emerges from behind the curtain to an enormous reception from the crowd. She points to the crowd and then does a pose on the ramp.

Ring Announcer: And finally, from San Diego, California…DANIELLE LOPEZ!

Danielle then walks down the ramp high fiving the fans along the way. Danielle then slides through the bottom rope and does a couple of cheerleader poses before going to the corner with a prepared expression on her face.


TT: And this bout is underway! Jinx starting exchanging fists with Danielle right away! On the other side, Ashley grabs Sharlene in a collar and elbow tie up! Sweet!

BC: You are a pervert.

TT: Shut up, Bobby. Danielle takes the upper hand against Jinx…Snap suplex! Ashley is near, don’t turn around, Danielle! HIGH KICK to the forehead!

BC: Damn, I love Ashley!

TT: Sharlene Berger comes after Ashley, grabs her arms… FULL NELSON SUPLEX! The bridge…




BC: Near fall! Thank GOD!

TT: Sharlene Berger is lifting Danielle up, here we go… POWERBOMB! Wow!

BC: And there’s Jinx! CLOTHESLINE! And Berger flies over the top rope!

TT: What a nasty landing! Jinx is now in total control of this match. She’s got a hold of Ashley, she goes for a ride to the TURNBUCKLE! Ashley turns around…DROPKICK! Danielle stumbles to her feet, Jinx goes for a high cross body, and Danielle ducks it! SUPERKICK! Jinx is down, and Danielle has snapped out of it!

BC: Here we go, baby! Danielle bounces off the rope, what the hell?!


The crowd is on their feet, a thunderous ovation for Danielle’s high risk bump.


TT: All three ladies getting to their feet, and Jinx… OH MY GOD!!! HUGE BASEBALL SLIDE!

BC: This is unbelievable.

Jinx slowly gets to her feet, grabs Danielle, and shoves her back into the ring despicably, before entering it herself.

TT: These two “Suicide Girls” in the ring now, Jinx with a little more gas on her tank… BODYSLAM! And there goes Jinx messing with the crowd!

BC: Damn, she’s hot! I wonder if she’ll be the next unfortunate person to be kidnapped by James Baker. Guy doesn’t even shave.

TT: If she can lay her hands on Danielle right now, she may just be. Danielle back to her feet, Jinx lifts her up in the air…

BC: She’s spinning… Spinning…Spinning…Uh-oh!

TT: BLACK SYMPHONY! Hooks the leg!




TT: And Danielle is out of this match! Wow!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Danielle Lopez HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

BC: Goodbye, San Diego whore!

TT: BOBBY! Show some manners!

BC: Oops, sorry. Terry Richards exclusively required me to say this.

TT: Yeah, yeah, right. Well, Ashley and Sharlene are back in the ring, and this is down to a triple threat bout!

BC: Sharlene and Ashley…DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE on Jinx! Jinx gets up…ANOTHER ONE!

Sharlene and Ashley taunt the crowd. Suddenly, Sharlene turns Ashley around…

TT: What the hell?! DIAMOND CUTTER! Ashley is down and Sharlene is climbing to the top rope…

BC: CORKSCREW SENTON!! I think that’s the move she calls The Avalanche, Teddy!

TT: Jinx is also climbing to the top turnbuckle, the crowd on their feet, what’s going to happen here… THE SENSORIUM! Ashley is completely knocked out!

BC: Look at Sharlene, crawling into the pin…But Jinx kicks her off! Ha, SHE wants the pinfall!

TT: And she’s going for it, but Sharlene fighting right back, pushing her off the prone body of Ashley! And they start to brawl, wow!

BC: If you’re not aroused by this, Teddy, you’ve got to be gay! Look at them twisting and turning, struggling for the pinfall!

TT: Well Jinx has got the upper hand, and she…SLAMS Sharlene’s head into the bottom turnbuckle! Ouch!

BC: At least Sharlene has released her, and here we go! Another Black Symphony is coming!!

TT: Jinx has got Sharlene well set; the Black Symphony is coming… SHE HITS IT!!

BC: But here’s Ashley by behind… KISS! KISS! SO HOT, DAMNIT!

TT: She releases the Kiss of Death… NOT INTERESTED! Jinx is out! But…What the hell?!

BC: Oh, god! Danielle is back here, and the referee didn’t see her! What are those…? BRASS KNUCKLES?! DON’T!

TT: HA! She’s giving Ashley a taste of her own medicine!

Ashley goes under the top rope and screams at Danielle, wondering why she is back here, just to be clocked with a violent brass knuckle shot to the forehead, which makes her fall back, unconscious.

TT: Danielle hides the brass knuckles and leaves! Smart girl! But now there are three knocked out ladies in the ring!

BC: Wait! Wait! Sharlene is slowly moving…Crawling towards Ashley…And she drapes the arm over her! Cover!




TT: And ASHLEY IS OUT OF THIS MATCH! All thanks to Danielle!!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen… Ashley Mastrangelo has been ELIMINATED!

BC: Another one bites the dust! And it’s all down to Jinx and the rookie Sharlene Berger!

Jinx and Sharlene both crawl to their feet, secure to the ropes, and stare each other down as the crowd gives them a big ovation.

TT: Sharlene starts on the offensive… CLOTHESLINE! No, Jinx ducked it! She grabs the arm…CRUCIFIX PIN!



TT: But Sharlene rolls out! She now has Jinx on her knees…BITCHSLAP! What a slap right on Jinx’s face!

BC: And she’s shameless enough to grab Jinx’s arms…SMALL PACKAGE!



TT: Jinx kicks out! Both women to their feet again, both in martial stances, and the crowd is nuts!

BC: PUNCH by Sharlene! PUNCH by Jinx! PUN…Jinx blocks it… BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

TT: Sharlene slowly gets up, Jinx turns her around, lifts her up…OH NO!

BC: Sharlene comes out of the Black Symphony! Kick to Jinx’s gut, grabs her neck, spins around, going for a neckbreaker…

TT: Jinx is struggling… Wow, wow, what is this?! UNBELIEVABLE! Jinx has lifted Sharlene Berger into the suplex position, spins like a tornado and…BLACK SYMPHONY! AMAZING!

BC: The cover!





“Hanging by a Thread” fades into the arena as the crowd gives Jinx a mixed reaction.

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…JINX!

TT: Another big victory for Jinx here tonight, but all of these women look incredible…this is gonna be one seriously competitive division.

BC: Yeah, it won’t be long before we crown the first ever CWF Women’s Champion!

TT: It may not be long indeed, and as the ring area clears here, folks…we’ll remind you that CWF’s The Valentine Bash is available only on pay-per-view next Saturday night at 8:00 PM EST…be sure to clear your schedule for that one because it’s gonna be a special night!

BC: It’s our last night on pay-per-view before Super Card VI!

TT: Absolutely, and Super Card VI….are you ready for this, folks? Super Card VI, on April 3, 2010…will emanate live from the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California!


TT: That’s right folks, Battle to Survive set the record for the biggest crowd in CWF history with 95,000+…well the Rose Bowl can hold upwards of 100,000 with floor seats! We’re gonna break the record at Super Card VI!

BC: 100,000 people! My God, that’s the size of a small city! And bonus, it’s not far from my gorgeous mansion in Hollywood! I love it!

TT: It’s gonna be a very special night indeed and….wait a damn minute, what’s this?!

The instrumental version of “Haunted” by Type O Negative hits and the thunder rolls in. Magnus Thunder towers through the curtain, Hellbringer slung over his shoulder, the CWF World Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist. He stalks down to the ring as the crowd boos wildly. Magnus steps over the top rope and grabs the mic from the ring announcer. The lights restore power. He waits for the crowd to shut up before he speaks.

Magnus Thunder: Tonight I shall face the diminutive thorn in my side known as Mariano Fernandez. After crying like the weakling he has become because of what I have done to his little tag-along waif, I grew tired of his lamenting and here I am to put an end to their suffering ONCE AND FOR ALL! And that means, ENDING THEIR LIVES!

The crowd boos and begins chanting Mariano's name.


Voice: Not if I have something to say about it!

The crowd turns to see Mariano at the entrance, mic in hand. They come unglued at his sight. Magnus smirks.

Magnus Thunder: Brave as usual, boy. But let me ask you, what makes your insignificant self think you will be able to beat me later on tonight?

Mariano Fernandez: I don't know if I'll beat you later tonight. But I plan to beat you... RIGHT NOW!

He rushes into the ring and a brawl begins!


The crowd comes unglued as Mariano dives at Magnus in a flurry of right hands! With Magnus staggering, Mariano throws his leg at him…YAKUZA KICK! No! Magnus catches his leg!

Magnus Thunder: Hehehe... I got you now, boy.

Mariano Fernandez: (smiling) I don't think so.

Enzuigiri by Mariano and Magnus is down! Magnus Thunder rolls to his stomach, a sour look on his face as he clutches the back of his head. His eyes narrow and he looks up at Mariano furiously. Security swarms the ring and the crowd roars as Mariano drops through the ropes and heads back up the aisle, walking backwards, eyes locked with Magnus Thunder’s. Magnus seethes inside the ring.

TT: Good God! The tension continues to mount and these two will go one on one, no disqualification later tonight!

BC: This is gonna be unbelievable!

TT: Don’t go anywhere, folks! We’ll be right back!

As we come back from commercial the scene is the backstage hallway leading from the catering area to the locker rooms. Rob Osbourne and Retribution come walking through the doors, bags over their shoulders, to check into their dressing rooms. As they round the corner, Tige' slams right into Osbourne. Tige': ROB! I'm glad I "ran" into you!

Rob Osbourne: Is that a fact? What the hell do you want, Tige'?

Tige': Ooooh....the hostility. Why so blue lately cha- oh yeah...THAT...

Rob Osbourne: You sonofa-

Tige': Now now, calm down, Robbie. I wanted to have a quick chat with you is all. You know, I still love ya fella...all of this was just to get rid of him and bring back...You. Don't hate.

Rob Osbourne: Maybe I do owe you one for that. Like I said, this NEEDED to happen.

Tige': Well, you're welcome! Listen old buddy, old pal...I saw your interview with Crane. You for real about cutting ties with The Horsemen?

Rob Osbourne: I am.

Tige': Yeah, I can see that. Bunch of no good cheaters The Horsemen always were. Not like us. Not like the Established Elites. Huh? Whadayasay Robbie? Wanna get the band back together?

Rob Osbourne: I said I was cutting ties with ALL things The Nitemare. That would include the Elites. It's just not in the cards. You'll have to find someone else to play with you.

Osbourne and Retribution walk away as Tige' fumes.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Wow, there’s something I didn’t think we’d ever see…Tige’ trying to form an alliance with Rob Osbourne?

BC: The Elites? Oh man…we may have a group as dominant as the Horsemen ever were running around here if Tige’ was serious about that…

TT: And now folks we're going to see the official in ring return of that man there....Rob Osbourne, the man formerly known as "The Nitemare."

BC: He's teaming up with his insurance policy, Retributon. They are set to take on Da Extreme Dynasty, and I don't like the Dynasty's chances in this one.

TT: Tell us what you know about this Retribution character Bobby.

BC: Will do Teddy. Retribution is a man by the name of Kerry Collins. He was a three time MWWF Tag Team Champion back in that storied promotion with his brothers Kevin and Keith Collins. They were a group called The All American Boys. After a string of tragedies, Kerry is the sole survivor. He wrestled under the moniker "Mr. Intensity" in the IoA and the AIW as well. After a horrible hate related attack he was badly scarred and had amnesia and became known as Retribution at that time. He has a long relationship with Rob Osbourne and you can be sure of one thing Teddy, these two will be prepared tonight to take on JT Banks and Kevin Styles.

TT: Speaking of Da Extreme Dynasty, their entire stable seems to be in an all out war with The Richards Legion. This thing really has gotten out of control, hasn't it Bobby?

BC: Well, I could stand to see Baker go nuts and beat Richards within an inch of his life. You can bet Terry Richards, as petty as he is, is still holding a grudge against Baker for the way Baker became the Unified Champion when Richards got his walking papers from The Horsemen.

TT: Speaking of the Horsemen, what's left for them without Osbourne Bobby?

BC: Well, don't forget Teddy, they still have an Osbourne. It just isn't The Nit-

TT: Ah, ah Bobby!

BC: Oh get my drift. Let's get the intros under way.

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is a tag team match! First, at a total combined weight of 472 pounds…the team of JT Banks and Kevin Styles...DA XTREME DYNASTY!

“Sorry N' Shit” by Tech N9ne plays as Danielle Lopez emerges from behind the curtain and then stands on the ramp clapping her hands while J.T. Banks and Kevin Styles then come out with a slow and evil expressions on their faces with the crowd giving the team a huge positive reception, J.T and Kevin then each have an arm looped through an arm of Danielle as she leads the two down the ramp. Kevin and J.T then hop onto the ring apron and hold the ropes for Danielle before entering the ring. Kevin and J.T then stand in the ring while Danielle does a couple of cheerleader poses in the middle of the ring. After Danielle gets out of the ring, Kevin and J.T then go to one side of the ring and wait for their opponents.

Ring Announcer: And their a combined weight of 570 pounds...the team of Retribution and the former CWF National and World Champion...Rob Osbourne!

"Pain" by Three Days Grace kicks in as Osbourne walks onto the stage with Retribution on his heels, towering above him. He eyes the ring with determined focus, and then sprints down, sliding under the bottom rope. He comes up onto a knee and reaches out with both arms to the sky as rhythmic pyro explosions shoot out of the turnbuckles as Retribution climbs over the top rope, Osbourne stands and flexes as the music fades out.


TT: And this one is under way! The grizzled veteran Osbourne and the up and comer Styles will start things off. Osbourne with a collar and elbow tie up...Styles ducks under and belly to back suplexes Osbourne.

BC: The veteran Osbourne though, lands on his feet, flipping through the maneauver. He grabs Styles from behind under the chin and drops on his behind, slamming Styles head backwards onto the mat!

TT: Osbourne back up on his feet and he pulls Styles up and whips him in the ropes, Styles on the rebound, flying elbow by Styles! Impressive counter by the younger man!

BC: Way to out think Rob Osbourne...if he can keep this up we may see a huge upset tonight. I still don't buy it what they're saying Teddy.

TT: What is it that "they" are saying Bobby?

BC: That Magnus broke Osbourne. That he can't get the job done anymore. That he's on his way out. I've seen him now that he's back. I don't buy it for one minute.

TT: Styles quickly tags in Banks as Osbourne tags in Retribution. Retribution with a short arm clothesline on Banks...and he nails Styles who had just stood up on the other side of the ring.

BC: Retribution off of the ropes...big boot to Banks who was just coming up!! Kerry Collins is cleaning house!

TT: Osbourne hops off the apron and heads towards Kevin Styles on the outside of the ring. The ref is warning him to get back on the apron, but is forced to turn his attention back to the ring as Retribution pulls Banks to his feet and hoists him high in the air and then powerslams him!

BC: Osbourne jumps up on the black guard rail...running towards Styles...flies off with a splash onto the downed Styles...NO! Styles showing some ring awareness and pulls his knees up and Osbourne lands ribs first across them and bounces back to the arena floor!

TT: Banks now getting back to his feet in the ring but Collins right back on top of him. Retribution putting the boots to Banks now...but here comes his partner Kevin Styles for the save...Styles shimmies up the turnbuckle ...flies off...bulldog on Retribution!

BC: And Kerry Collins forehead just bounces off of the mat as Styles brings him down. The ref now warning Styles to get back to his corner. Banks and Retribution, meanwhile, are both down in the ring.

TT: Osbourne back up now and makes his way to the ring apron and extends out his arm, screaming for Collins to get up for the tag as Styles does the same to Banks from the other side. Both men make the tag and Styles leaps over the top rope as Osbourne climbs in the ring. Styles sprinting...

BC: And Styles spears Osbourne.....NO!!!! Osbourne sidesteps him and sends him flying into the turnbuckle....Turnbuckle!

TT: Like it's the first time I've heard that one! Osbourne and Retribution with the upper hand here. It doesn't look good for Styles and Banks.

BC: But let's be honest, they have done a hell of a lot better here tonight than anyone everr expected. Give credit where credit is due.

TT: And Osbourne signals for the Badd Dream. He's hovering in the corner waiting for Styles to get up to his he comes...BADD DREAM!

BC: Cover by Osbourne.......1...............................2..............................thr-

TT: JT Banks with the save out of nowhere and he breaks up the count...Osbourne comes up fast and catches Banks in the jaw with an elbow, then he whips him into the ropes...Retribution pulls the ropes down on the other side and Banks goes flying back out of the ring.

BC: Osbourne with a tag to Retribution...

TT: But here comes JT Banks, back up....he is on the apron and he reaches out in dsperation and grabs Retribution by the hair...

BC: Collins spins around and grabs him by the throat....CHOKESLAM FROM RETRIBUTION OUT TO THE ARENA FLOOR! Banks is out cold!

TT: Meanwhile, Osbourne sends Kevin Styles into the ropes...leapfrog...Styles off the ropes...Retribution steps back over the top rope...Osbourne monkey flips Style...Retribution catches him in the air...SPINEBUSTER by Retribution!

BC: Wait a comes Tige'.....what is that he's got in his hand Teddy?

TT: It's a damned "Tige' for #1 Contender" sign...and he slides under the bottom ropes as Osbourne stands back up after the monkey flip...

BC: And Tige' swings the campaign sign...and cracks Osbourne on the back of the head...what the hell kind of campaign sing causes that kind of impact?

TT: One that is glued to a Haliburton steel attached case...and the ref didn't see a thing...

BC: I don't think it's gonna matter...Retribution whips Styles into the ropes.....FINAL JUDGEMENT!

TT: Methodical spear followed by a crucifix powerbomb by Retribution is a strategic attack!

BC: My God the intensity this man performs with...cover....1.....2......3!!!!!

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners, the team of Rob Osbourne and Retribution!

TT: Well Retribution with a hugely impressive debut…looks like Rob Osbourne has found himself some pretty adequate muscle as his enforcer!

BC: Yeah, no kidding…I’d think twice about screwing with Osbourne now!

TT: So much for that gesture by Tige’ earlier tonight though, trying to put the Established Elites back together with Rob Osbourne…

BC: Yeah, unlike that briefcase he just hit Osbourne with, that invitation was pretty hollow.

TT: Just a minute folks, I’m getting word that something is going on in the back…

Cut backstage, just outside a dressing room marked “The O’Reilly Brothers.” Standing outside of it are J.T. Banks and Kevin Styles of Da Xtreme Dynasty.

J.T. Banks: Is this it?

Kevin Styles: Well the door does say The O'Reilly Brothers on it after all.

J.T. Banks: What should I do then?

Kevin Styles: Simple. Open the god damn door genius.

J.T. Banks: Okay okay, calm down Kev. Geez.

J.T. then opens the door and he and Kevin then find The O'Reilly Brothers inside and they then look at Styles and Banks with angry expressions on their faces.

Kevin Styles: Whoa whoa whoa. Chill out there guys. We come in peace.

J.T. Banks: That's right Kev. We're here in peace.

Kevin Styles: Can it, J.T. Now I'm sure that you two don't like us a whole lot and that's completely fine with us, but both J.T and myself are here for a deal that you two just cannot turn down.

Cyril O'Reilly: And just what are you trying to offer here exactly?

Kevin Styles: Well you see it's already well known that Da Xtreme Dynasty and the Inept Legion are at war her and seeing as how that jackass Terry Richards and his homosexual life partner will likely interfere and cost you two the titles, we were thinking that in exchange for J.T and myself to watch your backs out there tonight, well then we get to be the next challengers for your CWF World Tag Team Championships.

Ray O'Reilly: Can we really trust you two here seeing as how your leader has a rather shady past?

Kevin Styles: Despite James' shady past and despite the fact that we are associated with that same past, the fact remains is that we will have your back out there and we will do everything that there is to do so you two can keep the CWF World Tag Team Championship around your waists. So is this a deal or no deal?

Ray O'Reilly: We have a deal.

Cyril O'Reilly: Yeah we have a deal, but once the deal is completed. All bets are off.

Kevin Styles: Glad we can do business with you two.

Kevin and J.T then leave the room while the O'Reilly's go back to preparing for their match.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Well, looks like The O’Reilly Brothers have some insurance…

BC: Smart move!

TT: That match is coming up right now, fans…The O’Reilly Brothers putting the CWF World Tag Team Championship on the line here tonight against The Richards Legion! Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

"Turn The Bass Up, Will Ya?!" reverbrates throughout the entire venue to a chorus of boos. The rest of "Fight" by Motorhead keeps playing as Chris and Alex pop out of the curtain, with their hands raised.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the CWF World Tag Team Championship!!! Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois! At a combined weight of two hundred seventy-six pounds...Chris and Alex...THE RICHARDS LEGION!

Chris and Alex sprint down the aisle, slide under the bottom rope, do the letter "L" with their hands to the crowd and await their opponent as their music fades out.

TT: Huge opportunity for The Richards Legion here! They have a chance to become the World Tag Team Champions!

BC: What a roll they've been on as of late, Teddy! This should be a great match!

The arena goes dark and the crowd goes quiet with anticipation. In a split second the entire place explodes with flashes of light and loud music as fireworks blast off at the entryway and "To Boston" by Dropkick Murphy's blares over the PA system. As the fireworks die down Ray and Cyril O'Reilly appear at the top of the entryway. The brothers, dressed in jeans and t-shirts with the logo OB's on the front, enter the arena as cocky as ever. Suzanne suddenly appears behind Ray and drapes her arm over his shoulder as she waves to the fans. Cyril follows closely behind his older brother Ray and Suzanne as the pair saunter to ringside.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring, accompanied by Suzanne! Hailing from Wicklow, a combined weight of four hundred twenty pounds...they are your CWF World Tag Team Champions! Ray and Cyril...THE O'REILLY BROTHERS!

A mixed reaction from the crowd. Ray runs and slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds hype the crowd. Throwing his hands in the air he praises some fans and insults others. Suzanne, after blowing a kiss to Ray, makes her way to a chair set up near the ring bell. Cyril finally makes his way into the ring via the stairs and the two brothers meet center ring with a hand slap and half hug as their music fades out.

TT: The champs look ready!

Ray and Cyril both hand their titles to the referee. He raises them high in to the air for the crowd to see before handing them to an official outside of the ring. The ref calls for the opening bell.


TT: Here we go! Chris starting things off against Ray, and here's the lockup! Ray struggles, but he's able to force Chris back in to the ropes. The ref calls for the break...and Chris with a thumb to the eye!

BC: The O'Reilly's better be careful. One wrong move and they can kiss those tag titles goodbye!

TT: Chris hits the far ropes...and he snaps off a head scissors on the return! Ray returns to his feet, and Chris meets him with a spinwheel kick! Ray gets back up again, and Chris takes him over with a monkey flip! And he quickly tags Alex!

BC: This is exactly what The Richards Legion needs to do if they want to win this match! Quick moves...quick tags!

TT: Chris grabs Ray by the legs as Alex prepares to slingshot. Chris falls back launching Ray toward Alex...and Alex nails him with a slingshot shoulderblock, forcing Ray back down on to Chris' knees! Chris quickly rolls out of the ring as Alex brings Ray to his feet and forces him to the corner.

Alex drills Ray with a European uppercut and quickly follows with a snapmare. He grabs Ray by the head and flips over for a variation of a neckbreaker! Alex brings Ray to a seated position and applies a rear chin lock. He reaches back and tags in Chris. Boot to the face, and Alex makes his way back out to the apron!

TT: The Richards Legion with all of the offense in the early part of this match here!

BC: They've been on an impressive streak lately, Teddy! The Legion has overcome Da Xtreme Dynasty numerous times over the past month. Terry Richards defeated Paul Blair last week at our house show! And tonight, tonight they could become the new tag team champions!

TT: Chris brings Ray back to his feet and whips him in to the ropes. Chris with a dropkick...but Ray breaks his momentum by grabbing the ropes, and Chris with the miss!

BC: This could be the opening!

TT: Chris returns to his feet, and Ray with a vicious running knee lift! Chris is dazed as Ray hits the opposite ropes...vicious lariat! Ray brings Chris back to his feet...arm drag and twist. He drags Chris over to the corner...and here's the tag!

BC: This is not good, Teddy! The O'Reilly's have the fresh man in!

TT: Cyril quickly enters the ring and he boots Chris in the arm! Ray steps out to the apron as Cyril grabs Chris with an arm drag and twist! Cyril with an elbow to the back of the arm...and a second! And Chris stumbles forward in pain!

BC: Cyril is the more powerful of the four in this match, so he'll need to rely on that if he wants to win!

TT: Cyril grabs Chris and launches him in to the ropes. Chris on the rebound...and Cyril catches him with a scrapbuster slam! Chris is in pain as Cyril quickly brings him back to his feet. He whips Chris in to the corner...and he follows in with a massive lariat! Chris crumbles to the mat as Cyril makes the cover!




TT: Chris kicks out! Cyril quickly pulls Chris back to his feet...Russian legsweep! He grabs Chris by the wrist, dragging him to the corner...and here's the tag!

BC: Chris needs to find an opening so he can tag Alex back in!

TT: Cyril pulls Chris back up...double front facelock...double suplex by the O'Reilly's! Cyril steps out to the apron as Ray quickly applies a rear chin lock.

Chris struggles to get back to his feet...and finally does. He forces Ray off in to the ropes. Ray with the rebound...and Chris drops to the mat, forcing Ray to leap over him. Ray hits the opposite ropes. He rebounds, and Chris leap frogs over him! Ray again hits the ropes and Chris catches him on the rebound with a monkey flip!

BC: Here's Chris' opening! He needs the tag!

TT: Chris is crawling toward his corner as Ray slowly gets back to his feet. Chris is almost there...and Ray grabs his ankle, preventing the tag! Chris struggles to get to his feet as Ray holds the leg...enziguri! Ray is down!

BC: He has his chance here!

TT: Chris inches closer...and closer...and he leaps to make the tag!

BC: Here we go!

TT: Alex rushes in with a full head of steam as Ray returns to his feet...spinwheel kick! Alex rushes at Cyril, hard forearm, and he knocks Cyril off the apron!

BC: He's on fire!

TT: Ray slowly getting back to his feet...and he's caught with a head scissors takedown by Alex!

Ray starts to get back up and Alex hits him with a dropkick, sending him in to the ropes! Ray leans against the ropes as Alex rushes at him. Alex slides between the legs and out of the ring...and he trips Ray to the mat! Alex climbs on to the apron as Ray slowly returns to his feet...springboard...seated senton!

TT: Alex with a great move as Cyril makes it back to the apron! And Alex makes the cover!




TT: Not quite! Cyril was able to break up the pinfall!

BC: We almost saw new tag team champions, Teddy!

TT: Alex pulls Ray back to his feet with a front facelock. He pulls Ray over to the corner...tornado DDT!


TT: Cyril is coming back in to the ring...and here comes Chris! Chris with a running spinwheel kick, and Cyril falls back in to the ropes! Double clothesline by The Richards Legion, and Cyril crashes to the floor!

BC: We could be seeing new tag team champions momentarily!

TT: The ref is trying to get Chris out of the ring as Ray slowly gets back to his feet. Alex with the springboard back elbow...but Ray sidesteps it! DUBLIN DROP...NO!!! Alex is able to push Ray off! Ray quickly turns around...

Alex nails Ray with a reverse STO! He makes his way over to Chris for the tag...and Chris suddenly drops from the apron, smacking his head on it!

BC: What the hell?!

TT: It looks like Da Xtreme Dynasty are making their presence felt!

BC: Come on, ref! Where's the disqualification?!

TT: Alex distracted by the Dynasty here!

BC: This ref needs to pay more attention! Quit checking on Ray and keep an eye on the outside interference!

TT: Ray is crawling to his corner as the Dynasty still has Alex distracted!

BC: Alex! Don't worry about them and watch what's happening in the ring!

TT: Cyril tags himself in and makes his way over to Alex.

BC: Chris is still down outside, and it looks like the ref has finally noticed the Dynasty as he waves them to go to the back!

TT: The Dynasty is finally leaving as Alex turns around...Cyril with a boot to the gut! SERIAL SUPLEX!




TT: It's over, Bobby!


Ring Announcer: Here are your winner and STILL CWF World Tag Team Champions...Ray and Cyril...THE O'REILLY BROTHERS!

Chris makes it back to his feet and checks on Alex as The O'Reilly's hold their championships high above for the crowd to see!

TT: Well the O’Reilly’s get the victory thanks in large part to Da Xtreme Dynasty and The Richards Legion, suffice to say, are not gonna be happy about this…

BC: They got ripped off!

TT: Well nonetheless, we have to take a quick commercial break, fans…don’t go anywhere, when we come back, Brian Adams takes on Chemical X!


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Real Estate Agent

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown folks, brought to you by and Spidersitebuilder, the world’s easiest and most powerful website builder. And coming up next, Brian Adams goes one on one with Chemical…wait a minute…

BC: Uh oh!

The lights flicker off and thunder is heard. “Haunted” by Type O Negative blares into the arena. The crowd erupts in a massive chorus of boos. Magnus Thunder, beleaguered and furious, strides onto the stage through a shower of blue pyro with something large wrapped in a burlap cloth. He looks around at the crowd.


TT: And the hate continues for the man who has betrayed everything this proud federation stands for!

BC: What I want to know is whose in the bag!? He obviously murdered someone!

TT: I don’t think any of us want to know, Bobby! Magnus making his way down to the ring, and looks like a fan got under his skin! Security now telling Magnus to get a move on down to the ring!

Magnus throws the object into the ring and climbs in with a mic.

Magnus Thunder: Whine. Cry. Tell me how much you hate me. It only shows what cowardly simpletons you really are! If any one of you thinks they can defeat me, then let him prove his worth!

Magnus turns and looks around at the booing crowd.

TT: Oh please...

Magnus Thunder: No one, eh? Just as I suspected. Thousands of people, not one shred of intelligence between you!

Magnus removes the effigy of MASON! He stands it up in the center of the ring.

Magnus Thunder: Mason, you have done your due diligence and kept yourself hidden. But like the straw competitor that you really are, I will now put you out of your misery before you waste our time at Valentine Bash! This will be the fate of all who oppose me from now until you’re all crushed under my heel!

TT: Whoa what’s he doing!? He’s lit the thing on fire with Hellbringer!


Magnus Thunder: See the flames now as you will when I cast your body into the pit! Your horsemen will be sure to follow you!


Security and CWF staff rush to the ring with fire extinguishers, putting out the fire. Magnus Thunder grins evilly and makes his way to the back, slowly.

TT: This guy is just a damn monster…I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…he needs to be stopped! Perhaps Mariano Fernandez can do it tonight…

BC: Ha! That little gnat? Not a chance.

TT: Well I understand something is going on…at the Red River? What? We’ve got a camera out there, let’s take a look…

Cut to the Red River that acts as the border between Texas and Oklahoma. James Baker and Malik Jones standing over Trent Walker with weapons in their hands.

James Baker: Tell me Trent, did you really think that this was gonna happen?

Trent Walker: You sick bastard. You let me go right now.

James Baker: Malik, did that response sound very appropriate and polite?

Malik Jones: It did not sound appropriate one bit.

James Baker: I thought so. You see Trent, you should've seen this comin' a mile away after all the shit that your boys have done to piss me off.

James and Malik then drop their weapons and grabs the chained up Trent Walker and shove him towards the ledge of the bridge.

James Baker: I've spent a few days goin' back and forth from my parents house in Texas and all the way here to Oklahoma just tryin' to find the PERFECT location to place your sorry ass at and I think this damn place is PERECT.

James removes the blindfold from Trent's eyes and Trent's eyes widen when he sees where's he at.

Trent Walker: No no, you're insane.

James Baker: You're damn right I'm insane. I warned your sorry ass crew that somethin' would happen and that retaliation was in order when your crew kidnapped Enrique.

Trent Walker: You have Hikari. That's more than enough.

James Baker: You see I disagree with you wholeheartedly there, Trent. While you, Alexis, Chrissie and your homosexual life partner Terry Richards all had a laugh at kidnapping and torturing Enrique to near death, I didn't find it funny one f[BEEP]in' bit and while I did indeed kidnap Hikari just to get under their skin, I figured I would get personal payback of my own for Terry Richards playin' me like a bitch for draggin' my career down by formin' The Doubtful Alliance.

Trent Walker: I'm sorry for what Terry did.

James Baker: I didn't catch that. What the hell did you say?

Trent Walker: I said I'm sorry.

James Baker: Sorry isn't gonna bring back the CWF Unified Championship in my hands now is it? Sorry isn't gonna turn back the damage that Terry's sorry ass Doubtful Alliance plan did to Da Xtreme Dynasty now is it?

Trent Walker: Don't do what I think you’re gonna do...

James Baker: Listen to me. I'm gonna do the same damn thing that you and your crew of idiots have been doin' to Enrique for the past god knows how long.

James then attempts to dump Trent into the river.

Trent Walker: You son of a bitch. Ahhhh.

James Baker: You like the fear of dyin' right on national television, huh?

Trent Walker: Okay okay okay. It's over, I'm sorry. I really am. Now I advise that you really don't want to do this.

James Baker: You know you're right. This is way too easy and simple for me to do. In fact, I think you should beg me to not kill you.

Trent Walker: If this is about Enrique. I'll get Terry to release him and give him back to you pronto. I promise, I promise.

James Baker: Well while I will throw you over this god damn bridge. I want you to beg and plead and cry and if you happen to not even do any of those, then your ass is gettin' thrown over faster than the Horsemen's demise. Now without any further delay, beg bitch, BEG!

Trent shakes his head no. James then starts slapping Trent and also spits on him.

James Baker: I said BEG FOR ME you little bitch. BEG FOR ME!

Trent Walker: I'm sorry.

James Baker: Say what? Speak up asshole or you're goin' in the river.

Trent Walker: I'm sorry this is all a big misunderstanding and I didn't mean to be a part of the kidnapping. I know Enrique...

James Baker: I'm sorry now. Speak up.

Trent Walker: I know...

James Baker: Louder.

Trent Walker: I know how much Enrique meant to you guys and it was stupid of me to be a part of it. I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.

James Baker: I've come to the conclusion that you really are pathetic, fat little bitch. If you look up the word pathetic in the dictionary, you'll see Trent Walker's face right beside the word.

Trent Walker: Let me try this again. I truly am sorry. I reall......

James Baker: Just shut up. Shut the hell up already. Since we already know that you're pathetic at the beggin' aspect of this little game. I think you should cry. Now cry god dammit. Cry.

Trent Walker: I can't.

James Baker: Come on Trent. You know you want to cry on national television.

Trent Walker: I don't know how to cry.

James Baker: Malik, do your thing.

Malik Jones then grabs a steel chain and starts whipping Trent Walker in the back with it.

James Baker: Are you gonna cry now you little bitch?

Trent Walker: (starting to cry) I'll cry, i'll cry. I'm so sorry. I really am.

James Baker: You have got to be jokin' me. You truly are a joke of a human being.

James then repeatedly slaps Trent in the face as he continues to cry.

James Baker: (laughing hysterically) This is some funny s[BEEP]t indeed. After havin' to witness this weak and pathetic display presented by The Legion's 'big bad bodyguard'. I think it's safe to say that The Inept Legion really is filled with soft yet pathetic human beings, but I'll tell you what though. Do you want an answer on whether I throw you off this bridge or not?

Trent Walker: Yes. Yes. What's the answer?

James Baker: Well you're still goin' in the water. Help me out with this Malik.

James and Malik then dump Trent Walker over the ledge and into the river below.

James Baker: See you in hell Trent and I'll see you next week Terry Richards, hahahaha believe that.

James Baker and Malik Jones then hop into the 64 Impala and drive away.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: …good Lord.

BC: There is gonna be hell to pay for that!

TT: That was absolutely heinous…I know what the Richards Legion did to Enrique Lopez but James Baker just sunk to their level…

BC: Yeah and this is just adding fuel to the fire, Teddy…with Baker and Richards colliding at the Valentine Bash, there’s no telling what could happen now!

TT: Well nonetheless folks, 0ur next match is a little grudge match for Chemical X who will be looking for a little payback for what Adams did to him last week...

Replay begins....

Cut backstage where Chemical X is seen walking down the hall. All of a sudden he is hit from behind with a baseball bat by Brian Adams! Brian gives him another shot to the back to make sure he's out. Brian takes a look around the halls to make sure the Horsemen are out of sight. When he feels comfortable enough, he throws the bat down and picks Chemical X up by his arms and starts to drag him away. He drags X down the hall and to the restroom. The stall is currently in use at the moment. Feet, belonging to a man of obvious huge strture can be seen under the stall door. Brian curses his luck as he drags Chemical X farther in to the bathroom. Now at the stall, Brian starts banging on the door trying to hurry the man up.

Brian Adams: Hurry up in there, I got a fresh on!

Keith Daniels: So do I a**hole!

Brian Adams: You've been in there for twenty minutes! What's the hold up?!

Keith Daniels: Ten tacos and too much fire sauce, that's what you moron!

Brian Adams: We ain't got all day, they could be coming any minute.

Keith Daniels: Would you at least let me wipe? God...

A few moments later Keith opens the door taking shallow breaths. By the pale look on his face, he did quite a job in there for the past twenty to thirty minutes or so.

Keith Daniels: Hold your breath!

Brian Adams: Jesus Christ, Keith! It smells like a biological f*ckin' warfare in there!

Keith Daniels: Well, that's why we have our little devil dog here, don't we?

Brian Adams: Marines are trained for anything Keith, no matter what kind of sh*t they step into...

Keith Daniels: Or dive into in this case..

Brian Adams: Ooh, that's a good one.

Keith Daniels: Shut the hell up and get him in there!

Brian drags him into the stall, his face cringing at the rancid smell of Keith's most recent bowel movements that have yet to be flushed. Brian props Chemical X up so his face is facing the toilet bowl. Brian forces himself to kneel down and starts talking to Chemical X.

Brian Adams: You're out of time X. You boys are in a war that you can't possibly win or hope to survive. You want to insult us? You want to talk sh*t to us? That's fine, but I think it's about time I make you eat your words. Literally.

Chemical X is only half conscious from the two shots he took earlier from the baseball bat. Switch to a view inside the toilet bowl, which is filled with Keith's liquid feces, caused by the spicey food he had eaten earlier in the show. A sadistic smile comes across Brian's face as he palms the back of X's head and forces his face down into the toilet bowl. At this point, X has figured out what is happening and starts to struggle. His hand goes for the flush handle but Brian slaps it down and holds his arm down. After a few moments X stops struggling and Brian lifts his head up. Covered in toilet paper, feces and dirty water diluted with urine, Brian laughs at the site of X who seems exhausted from not being able to breathe. Brian leans down once again to Chemical X still holding the back of his head.

Brian Adams: Oorah motherfu--

Brian slams Chemical X's forehead off the edge of the toilet bowl and lets him fall to the floor. He stands for a moment, appreciating the work before walking away and exiting the restroom.

End Replay

The replay ends and we cut back to Bobby Crane and Teddy Turnbuckle at the announcer's table.

BC: Adam's isn't going to make it to SuperCard 6 Teddy, because after that, Scarletti's gonna kill him!

TT: We both know "The Flawless One" doesn't go down that easy.

BC: Yeah, it usually takes at least a couple of shots and a decent sized bet before he'll do it.

TT: What?

BC: Wait...scratch that...reverse it.

TT: Nevertheless, it's time for this one to get under way. Let's turn it over to the announcer.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall and it is a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATACH! First, representing The Horsemen, standing six foot five and weighing in at two hundred and seventy-five pounds...from Brooklyn, New York...CHEMICAL X!

The lights drop to a low hue of pulsating red lights dances with the opening acoustic riffs as “Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria begins to play. As the crescendo hits and the electric guitar kicks in Gary “Chemical X” Scarletti appears at the top of the ramp, raising from the ground on a slow rising elevator, ready for business. He stands with his head bowing down. As the lyrics kick in, and the elevator levels he raises his chin and starts a methodical walk to the ring as the lights continue to strobe in red with the music. As he enters the ring he stops on the top rope and taunts the crowd, holding the sign of The Horsemen up high.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...standing six feet two inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds....a former CWF Unified, Mid Atlantic, Tag Team, and World Hevayweight Champion...the 2009 CWF Champion of the Year and the 2009 Last Man Standing..."THE FLAWLESS ONE" BRIAN ADAMS!

"Represent" by Hed P.E. plays out the PA system as fireworks start to blast out of the entrance ramp. A mixed reaction drowns out the music as Brian Adams emerges from the curtains. He spins around showing himself off to the crowd, pointing at himself and taunting the fans as he continues towards the ring. A few hands reach out for Brian but he doesn't bother acknowledging them as he runs up the steel steps posing for the crowd before stepping inbetween the ropes. He spins around again as he takes off his t-shirt and throws it out into the crowd. He makes his way over to the corner and leans back while he waits for the bell.


TT: And here they go Bobby....Scarletti and Adams...two old RWF studs who have walked similar paths leading through that storied promotion, it's off shoot, the RW, and of course the IoA. Now crossing path s in the CWF, these two are no strangers to one another.

BC: And Brian Adams is ready for anything. He's going to face the world champion at SuperCard 6, but who that champion will be remains to be seen. Magnus has been on a roll, but he has to get past Jack Mason, then if he can, he has to get past Tige or Osbourne again. That's not going to be an easy road. We're not talking about Mariano and The Radiant One here. These are stiff opponents for Thunder to have to get past to make it to SuperCard as the Champion against Adams.

TT: If there is any man that can do it, it's Magnus Thunder. And here we go...Adams and Scarletti in a collar and elbow tie up...arm bar by Scarletti and Adams slaps at his chest then back at Chemical X.

BC: And Scarletti shoves him forwards, Adams hits the ropes with front on, as he does, Scarletti drops a forearm to his kidneys! Adams drops to a knee. Scarletti rares back to go for a quick X'd OUt...Adams ducks the kick and grabs Scarletti in a fisherman's KICKOUT! Not even a two count. Come on Adams, you ain't taking Chemical friggin X that quick and easily.

TT: X back on a vertical base and Adams bounces off the far ropes for momentum...he nails Scarletti with a clothesline!

BC: But Scarletti then pops right back up and grabs Adams by the back of the head and sends him flying over the top rope!

TT: And Adams is on his duff. Scarletti is in the ring taunting him. Adams is seething.


Just as Adams is about to climb back in the ring, Sickboy hops over the guard rail from out of the crowd and sprints down the side of the railing, flying off and spearing Brian Adams!

TT: OH MY GOD! Sickboy just drilled Adams!

BC: But it's perfectly legal Teddy, this is a no disqualification match!

TT: Sickboy now pulling Adams back up and rolling him into Chemical X in the ring.

BC: Wilkes and Scarletti on the double team...they whip Adams into the ropes...DOUBLE SPINEBUSTER!

TT: And Sickboy pulls Adams back to his feet again....holding him in place...Scarletti takes a step back....X'D OUT!

BC: NO! Adams ducks and Scarletti nails Sickboy!

TT: And here comes Keith Daniels!



BC: SHOCK VALUE! Daniels slides under the ropes and clips Chemical X from behind in the back of the knee.....Daniels standing over a downed Adams, Chemical X and Sickboy. Adams now slowly getting to his feet. But so is Scarletti.

TT: And Adams and Daniels both start putting the boots to Scarletti...and as they double team him they make the mistake of forgetting about Sickboy!

BC: Curtis Wilkes is up. He slides out of the ring and grabs a chair from under the ring. He climbs back in and cracks Daniels from behind. He swings for Adams but Adams ducks and he nails Scarletti!

TT: Adams caught off guard, gets popped in the face with the chair as it bounces off of Scarletti's head! This is insanity Bobby...what is going on?

BC: I think the referee has had enough, no DQ or not!!


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the result of this match is a NO Contest.

The fans begin to boo.

TT: Well a no contest here as the ref loses control and folks…I am getting something in my head set here…what? Are you serious? My God…next week at the Valentine Bash….it’s Brian Adams and Keith Daniels taking on Sickboy and Chemical X! Good Lord!

BC: Oh my God!

TT: Don’t go anywhere fans, we’ll be right back!

TT: Welcome back fans and I understand Terry Richards is scheduled to come out here and make a huge announcement in just a moment…

BC: I’m chomping at the bit to find out what it is, Teddy!

TT: Well here he comes, we won’t have to wait any longer!

The cameras circle the arena. The canvas is now red, and there’s a table in the center and two cushioned and comfortable chairs.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…THE RICHARDS LEGION!

“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed hits the PA system to an extremely enraged chorus of boos. Lights of many colors circle the arena and the crowd. Pyro starts raining in the stage, and The Richards Legion steps out of it to more booing. Terry, Alex and Chris are wearing dark tuxedos and dark sunglasses, whilst Mariana is wearing a beautiful black dress. All four of them go down the aisle. Chris and Alex enter the ring first, while Terry lowers the bottom rope for Mariana. Terry takes the Psychosis Championship off his shoulder, climbs to the second rope and lifts it high above his head as more pyro blasts the ring. He climbs down and grabs a mic.

TT: Well noticeably absent is Trent Walker, thanks to James Baker and crew…

Terry Richards: What’s up, you two-side ticket whores?!

The crowd boos loudly.

Terry Richards: Yeah…I found your secret. ALL of you are going to the Super Bowl, right?

The crowd cheers to the mention of the SuperBowl.

Terry Richards: But nobody gives a [BEEP] about good old Terry’s birthday, do you?!

The crowd boos nastily.

Terry Richards: Therefore, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be at the SuperBowl to shove my beautiful figure down your throats. But now…Let’s get to serious business. First off, as a commemoration of old man Blair being my bitch for the second time ever, I’ll defend the Psychosis Championship, right here, right now!

The crowd cheers loudly.

Terry Richards: Please, whoever wants to step out of the back and face me, please go ahead.

“Hunt you Down” by Saliva hits the PA system to no reaction from the crowd. Kyle Sync comes out, determined, and The Richards Legion cracks up laughing.

Terry Richards: AHAHAHAHAHA! Please…Please…That theme isn’t adequate!

The theme is quickly switched to “The Asshole Song” by Jimmy Buffett.

<#Were you born…An [BEEP]hole?
Or did you work it in your whole life?#

Kyle Sync boils in anger, slides under the bottom rope and directs a punch straight to Terry’s face, who swiftly blocks it and sweeps his legs, throwing him to the ground. Terry grabs both his legs and locks a devastating Sharpshooter in, to which Kyle Sync quickly taps.


Ring Announcer: Here’s your winner, and STILL Psychosis Champion… TERRY RICHARDS!

The Richards Legion laughs furthermore. Kyle Sync, angered, leaves the ring in total shame.

Terry Richards: Excellent. And now that THIS is over… Let’s get really serious. At a recent CWF House Show, many of you saw Israel Steele attacking Paul Blair. Roll the footage.

Footage is displayed from Steele’s attack on Blair. Terry sits on one of the chairs.

Terry Richards: Well, I’d like Israel Steele to come out here. Please.

“Dead Horse” by Guns N’ Roses hits the PA system to a chorus of boos. Israel Steele comes out, head facing the ground as he walks down the aisle, slides under the bottom rope and sits on the chair.

Israel Steele: So, Terry… What do you want from me?

Terry Richards: Well…First and foremost I’d like to thank you for giving everyone’s bitch a little spanking. Sometimes they misbehave, so they need to be put back on line.

Israel Steele: You’re welcome, Terry.

Terry Richards: And now… I’d like to make a very important announcement. I’d like to give you the opportunity of joining The Richards Legion.

Many murmurs of incredulity are heard from the crowd. Israel is astonished.

Terry Richards: All you need to do… [Takes several papers from beneath the desk]… Is sign on the dotted line. This means your contract is ours. This also means your salary will skyrocket, you will be privileged by staying with us…But it’s hard to follow. The choice is yours, Israel…

TT: NO! Don’t!

BC: Do it, Israel! Come on!

Israel grabs a pen and ponders if he should sign the contract or not. He slowly gets the pen closer to the paper… And he finally signs the contract. A huge smile is drawn on Terry’s face.

Terry Richards: Welcome, man, to the Legion of Shadows.

TT: Legion of Shadows?! Wow! BC: Oh yes! He’s gone into success! Woo!

Israel Steele shakes the hands of Terry, and then of Chris, Alex, and Mariana. The crowd boos hard.

Terry Richards: I warn you, folks, revolution has begun. With this man with us, life is about to get a lot tougher to our opponents. As a matter in fact, I’d like to call out Mark Xamin, right now…

“Elevation” by U2 hits and Mark Xamin appears at the top of the aisle.

Mark Xamin: You know, Terry…I’m glad you called me out here…because I have an announcement to make. Next week at the Valentine Bash…you’re gonna get what you want. That’s right, I got your letter. Next week, it’ll be you and James Baker, one on one!

The crowd roars.

Terry Richards: Well that’s exactly what I wanted, so I guess we’re done here.

Mark Xamin: Oh, but Terry…one thing.

Terry Richards: What’s that?

Mark Xamin: After what Mr. Baker did to Trent Walker earlier tonight…well, I’ve decided to add a little stipulation. Both the Legion of Shadows and Da Xtreme Dynasty will be banned from ringside! Have a nice night!

The crowd roars as Xamin disappears behind the curtain. Richards looks around at his crew and nods, reassuringly.

TT: Looks like Richards is fine with that stipulation!

BC: That’s another huge match for the Bash!

TT: Indeed it is and folks, we’ve got something going on backstage, let’s take a look!

Cut to Bob Osbourne's locker room, where he is looking for his usual painkiller dose. Upon opening his cabinet and searching for them avidly, he finds a note saying "turn on your computer".

Bob Osbourne: What's this all about?

He opens his laptop... only to see Mariano smiling and speaking ala Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory."

Mariano Fernandez: Greetings, Bob Osbourne. I assume you have read the note I have left you. (Bob types and clicks but Mariano is still there) You probably wonder how you are powerless to do nothing but look at this video message. But it matters not as much as what I'm about to say next.

I would like you to know that your "medication" has been conveniently... misplaced. (Sound of a toilet flushing down) Furthermore, I have got word that you will visit Rei at the hospital, and as a token of gratefulness I'd like to inform you that I won't do anything to you if you do happen to go.

I bid you farewell and wish you good luck in our match. Which you will need.

He imitates Sheldon's wicked laugh and the laptop turns off.

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Alrighty then…there’s another match we can look forward to next week…Bob Osbourne defending the CWF Unified Championship against the 2009 rookie of the year, Mariano Fernandez!

BC: I hope Bob shows that little whelp how it’s done…

TT: In any event folks, I’m getting word that Blood is expected to join us next…and here he comes!

A slower version of "I Came To Play" by Downstait blasts in the arena as the lights slightly dim. The crowd erupts in boos as Blood steps out to the entrance stage, his cloaked assailant following. Rather than his normal attire, Blood now has black hair and is wearing trunks rather than pants. He no longer carries his staff, wears the cape or harness, and doesn't have his bone mask on. He pays no attention to the crowd as he and the assailant make their way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen...please welcome...BLOOD!

The crowd continues to boo as Blood and the assailant make it to ringside. Blood makes his way up the steps and enters the ring as the assailant slithers under the bottom rope. The assailant stands still in the ring, arms crossed as Blood grabs a mic from an official outside of the ring. His music fades out and he waits for the frantic crowd to quiet down.

TT: Man has he become hated over the past few weeks, Bobby!

BC: He's become a whiny little bitch, Teddy!

Blood: Boo all you want! I don't care anymore! You see, this all started ten years ago... my father had wrestled for the CWF and I decided that I would follow in his footsteps...come to the company that he was so proud to be a part of! And guess what happens? Management pulls me in to the back offices. They tell me about my father's career, and they decide that I should take over his "legacy"! So, like the little obedient dog...I did!

BC: Does he have a point to this? Or are we in store for the same ramblings he spewed upon my audience at the Crane Show?

TT: With all due respect, Bobby...the man has been in this company for ten years. I think we owe it to him to listen.

BC: Speak for yourself! I don't owe that man a single thing!

Blood: I did everything that management told me to do! I took on every opponent they put me against. I made you...the fans...have nothing but pure hatred for me! After obeying management for a couple of years, they had the nerve to tell me that I couldn't receive the push that others were receiving. That the fans didn't react to me the same way that they did with the Steve Dart's and The Patriot's!

The fans erupt in a chorus of boos as Blood hesitates.

TT: These fans are overwhelming with the boos, Bobby!



Blood smirks as he waits for the fans to quiet.

Blood: As I was saying! So again in my career...I was being overlooked! But what did I do? Management told me to wait and my opportunity would come, so like the good little dog...I obeyed again! A couple years later, still no push! Finally, management approaches and they say "Yoshiru, it's time we brought you to the next level." I was put in to a match with Mike Van Pro for the Unified Championship...a match I won!

The crowd interrupts as they once again join together in overwhelming boos.

BC: These fans have the right idea, Teddy!

Blood looks like he's becoming irritated.

Blood: Shut the hell up! are the reason why I was held back!

The crowd is deafening as Blood hesitates, waiting for them to calm down once again.

Blood: So, I won the Unified Championship thanks to management finally giving me my "push". So what happens? Mike Van Pro...just weeks after losing the Unified Championship to me...he's given a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship...which he wins! So here I am...given the "push". Given my shot at the Unified Championship...and my opponent...the one I beat for the Unified Championship is given the World Heavyweight Championship as compansation! I go to management about it and they tell me "It was Mike's time, Yoshiru. Don't worry...your time will come soon." So again, I obey!

TT: Okay, I think I'll agree with you now, Bobby...someone needs to cut off Blood's mic!

BC: Wait...I want to hear the next part! It's my favorite...I know exactly where he's going with this!

Blood: Finally I decided to take matters in to my own hands. I still had a legally binding contract offering me a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship! One that was supposed to be against Steve Dart before it was deemed that I didn't "draw" as well as the Steve Dart's or The Patriot's did. Management was forced to give me my match. But rather than being just, they make Pledge Allegiance the referee. On top of that...I lose when Z-Pac forces a knocked out Pledge's hand down for a three count!


Blood: So what happens next? I find myself competing with the main eventers. Competing against the likes of Jason Collins...Paul Blair...and Magnus Thunder! You see, management's idea had become that I was "skilled" enough to compete with the main eventers, but didn't "draw" enough to be given championship matches! And again, like the loyal dog I obeyed!

The crowd furiously boos as Blood hesitates once again, anger resting in his eyes.

TT: Blood sure isn't gaining the fan's support here tonight!

Blood: You see! This is half of the problem! You don't show ANY respect for a guy like me! A guy who has busted his ass off in this ring year after year...just to put on a show for you! I came back late last year for you fans! And what did I get? Management right away put me in main event match after main event match! They had me go against the likes of Mariano Fernandez...Roland Ulv...Keith Daniels...Magnus Thunder... And look what happened! As usual, I found myself in these matches...and these men went on to compete for championships! I get tasered by Ulv at Battle To Survive...and he goes on to face Magnus Thunder for the World Heavyweight Championship at Season's Beatings! Myself and Daniels wrestle to a draw at Season's Beatings...and Daniels goes on to Last Man Standing to face Sickboy for the National Championship! I ask management about it...ask why I'm not given any of these opportunities...and suddenly I find myself left off of Showdown for a month!

TT: It's true, Bobby! The last official appearance that Blood was scheduled for was at Last Man Standing!

BC: He's a crybaby, Teddy! Plain and simple!

Blood:! It's time for a change! The cape...the harness...gone! The bone mask...not anymore! I will not live out the embarrassment of a "legacy" that my father started! No more of the "mentally troubled" persona. From now on, I will be myself...Yoshiru Long! No fancy playing to the crowd! No playing to what management thinks is "best for me"!

BC: Is he done yet?!

Blood: Hell! I have an idea! Since management seems to think I can work main events so well...why doesn't someone from the back come out here and face me man to man! I don't care who the hell it is! Brian Adams...Keith Daniels...Magnus Thunder! It doesn't matter who comes to the ring. I will take on any challen...

Before Blood can continue, the BlairVision Theme blasts throughout the arena and the crowd erupts in cheers. Blood looks shocked as he glares up at the entrance. Blair steps out to the stage, listening to the fans' adoring cheers. He makes his way down the aisle, letting his fans in the front row kiss his hand.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from River Falls, Wisconsin! Weighing in at two hundred seventy pounds..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!

BC: WOOHOO! The Ruler will shut the crybaby up!

Blair makes his way over to the steps, climbing them to enter the ring. He comes face to face with Blood as his music fades.

Blood: Whoa! I wasn't talking about you, Paul. You and I, we're in the same position here! Management is holding you back too!

The fans boo as Blood makes sure his assailant doesn't attack.

Blood: Look, Paul. I have the utmost respect for you. You're not like the others I mentioned! You're not like the pathetic worms that they are! You know what...we'll...we'll leave.

BC: What?! He makes the challenge, and now he's going to walk away?!

TT: Looks to be the case, Bobby!

Blood turns to his assailant. Blair turns toward the fans, listening to their booing reaction. Blood suddenly turns back to Blair and...THWACK!!! He drills Blair in the head with the microphone! Blood tosses the mic out of the ring. The masked assailant climbs out of the ring as Blood yells for the referee to ring the bell!


TT: Well, Bobby! Looks like we're going to have a match after all!

BC: That wasn't even fair! He hit Blair with the microphone!

TT: Blood...I mean, Yoshiru waiting for Blair to get back to his feet, and he quickly applies the side headlock. Blair shoves Yoshiru off in to the ropes. Yoshiru on the rebound...and Blair with a back body drop! Yoshiru quickly returns to his feet, and he's brought back to the mat with a hip toss! Yoshiru back up...a second hip toss!

BC: You don't mess with Blair!

TT: Yoshiru is back up and he swings with a wild right, but Blair ducks under. And Blair with an atomic drop on Yoshiru! Blair hits the far ropes...lariat on the rebound...NO!!! Yoshiru ducks it and Blair continues to the opposite ropes. Blair rebounds...big boot from Yoshiru, and Blair is down!

BC: Bastard!

TT: Yoshiru takes a quick breather before bringing Blair to a seated position...rear chin lock applied.

BC: Like him or hate him, Yoshiru has a strong technical base which makes him a hard opponent to overcome!

TT: Blair is struggling to make it back to his feet...and he finally does!

BC: Let's go, Paul!

TT: Blair tries to escape the hold, and Yoshiru quickly slams Blair back to the mat with use of the hair! Yoshiru quickly brings Blair back to his feet...and he drops him with a backbreaker!

Yoshiru holds Blair across his knee, pressing down on the leg and chest to add pressure for a submission! The ref checks on Blair, but Blair refuses to give up. Yoshiru presses down harder as Blair struggles to free himself from the hold. The ref checks on Blair once again, but again Blair refuses to give up. Yoshiru lifts Blair back in to the air and drops him with a second backbreaker, again pressing down on Blair's body to add pressure!

BC: Such a dangerous position for Blair here! Yoshiru knows that Blair will most likely keep from submitting to this move...but it weakens him for the Blood Lock!

TT: Very true! Such a devastating submission hold, and Yoshiru has mastered it over the years! He finally drops Blair to the mat. Yoshiru with a hard elbow drop...and a second...and here's the cover!




TT: Blair with the kickout! And Yoshiru instantly brings him back to that seated position. He presses his knee against the spine and pulls back on the arms for another submission!

BC: Notice how Yoshiru keeps right on the attack. Smart strategy, especially when you're competing against a man like Paul Blair!

TT: Blair once again is struggling to break free from the submission. He is slowly getting back to his feet...and he's able to counter with an arm drag and twist! Blair pulls Yoshiru in...short arm lariat! And Blair taking a quick breather now as Yoshiru is down!

BC: Blair needs to take the offensive here!

Yoshiru slowly starts to get back to his feet, but he's quickly taken back to the mat with a chop block by Blair! Blair hits the ropes...knee drop to the skull on the rebound! He waits as Yoshiru slowly gets back to his feet...boot to the gut. Blair with a front facelock...swinging neckbreaker! Blair picks Yoshiru back up and whips him to the corner.

TT: Blair rushes at Yoshiru...hard lariat in the corner...and he has taken full control!

BC: Yoshiru picked the wrong day to make an open challenge!

TT: Yoshiru stumbles out dazed. Blair quickly spins him around...vicious back suplex! And Blair quickly makes the cover!




TT: Yoshiru rolls the shoulder at the last second! Blair picks Yoshiru! Yoshiru pulls Blair in to the ropes, forcing him to the outside!

BC: Cheap move by Yoshiru...but effective!



Yoshiru's assailant slowly stalks around the corner as Blair starts to get back to his feet. The ref quickly leans out of the ring, admonishing the assailant. Yoshiru runs toward the slide! And he launches Blair hard back first in to the barricade! Yoshiru rolls out of the ring after Blair.



Yoshiru brings Blair back to his feet and rams him hard in to the barricade. He quickly follows up as he lifts Blair overhead...and he drops him face first on to the barricade!



Yoshiru picks Blair up once again and rolls him in to the ring.

TT: Yoshiru up on the apron as Blair lays in the ring. Yoshiru with a slingshot...tope atomico...NO!!! Blair gets the knees up!

BC: Yoshiru is in extreme pain as both of Blair's knees were driven in to his lower back!

TT: Blair is back to his feet as Yoshiru slowly gets back up...running lariat by Blair! Blair brings Yoshiru back to his feet and positions him for a! Yoshiru with a double leg takedown...and he's going for the Blood Lock!

BC: If he gets this locked in...the match will be over!

TT: Yoshiru is trying to turn Blair over, but Blair is somehow able to keep Yoshiru from flipping him! Yoshiru leans down to get better leverage...inside cradle by Blair!




TT: Yoshiru narrowly escapes! Both men are back to their feet...and Yoshiru take the quick advantage with a rake of the eyes! He grabs Blair by the arm...arm drag and twist. He gets the boot up to Blair's neck...BLOOD LOSS!!! NO!!! Blair with a powerslam!

BC: What a counter! And Blair quickly makes his way to the corner, ascending the ropes!

TT: Blair from the middle turnbuckle...knee drop to the skull! Yoshiru is in trouble here as it looks like Blair is setting up for the Blair Kick!

BC: Woohoo! Blair is going to show the crybaby who "The Ruler" really is!

TT: Yoshiru slowly getting to his feet...

The assailant on the outside reaches in and grabs Blair's ankle. Blair quickly turns his attention to the assailant as he releases Blair's ankle.

BC: That wasn't fair to Blair!

TT: Blair distracted! He turns back to Yoshiru...THE SUFFERING! NO! Blair pushes Yoshiru off! Yoshiru rushes at Blair with the lariat...but Blair ducks it! Yoshiru turns...BLAIR KICK!

BC: Right on the button!

TT: The crowd is blowing the roof off this arena as Blair makes the cover!




BC: What the hell?!

TT: Yoshiru's assailant just pulled the referee out of the ring before the three count...and the ref is calling for the bell!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner as a result of a disqualification..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!

TT: Blair gets the DQ victory! But it has to be a little bit disappointing as he had Yoshiru covered for what seemed like it would be a three count!

Blair returns to his feet, turning his attention back to the assailant and the referee. The assailant argues with the referee's decision as Blair turns back toward Yoshiru who is back to his feet. Yoshiru rushes at Blair with a hard right, but Blair ducks under. Yoshiru hits the ropes. He rebounds, coming after Blair again...BLAIR KICK!!! NO!!! Yoshiru sees it coming and falls to the mat to avoid the kick!

TT: Yoshiru almost kissed Blair's foot for a second time tonight! He quickly rolls out of the ring, joining his assailant!

Yoshiru and the assailant make their way back up the aisle, looking back to the ring at Blair. The crowd erupts in cheers as the referee slides back in to the ring and raises Blair's arm in victory.

TT: We have to take a quick commercial break folks…don’t go anywhere, Jack Mason takes on Tige’ next!

TT: Alright fans, welcome back…we are set for our next match here and during the break, Tige’ made his way to the ring…

BC: And now we just await the arrival of the number one contender, and the next CWF World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Mason!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Already in the ring, from Madison, Wisconsin…weighing in at 235 pounds….TIGE’!

“Discotheque” by U2 continues to play in the background as Tige’ raises his arms in the air excitedly, expecting something other than the boos he receives.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent! From Indianapolis, Indiana…weighing in at 250 pounds…being led to the ring by Gonzo Goblin…JACK MASON!


Then, instead of Jack Mason coming out, Mark Xamin appears on the titan tron, a DVD in his hands, reading a note aloud.

Mark Xamin: “Please insert disc”…ok then.

Xamin inserts the disc into his DVD player. It's Gonzo on a handheld camcorder that is shooting in night vision. We can tell that him and Jack are hiding inside of something ... it looks like a wooden box. And there is movement and the sound of an engine like they are in the back of a truck.

Gonzo: (whispering) Well, CWF fans, looks like you won't get to see your hero tonight. hehe ... yeah ... we're uhhh, "living on the lamb" if you will. There's hellhounds on our trail ... hellhounds. Blue ghosts are all around. Sapphire fire ... but don't you worry. You will see us again in one week to face and defeat the one they call MAGNUS. Jack here ... Jack here is going to be boarding a plane for Norway soon as a matter of fact. Ain't that right, Jack?

Jack Mason: Yes, I'm looking forward to the wonderful jazz and blues music I keep hearing so much about.

Gonzo: Uhhhh ... yeah ...

Jack: When I find those who know Magnus well, I will eat their faces.

Gonzo: Uhhhh ... I really don't know what to do with that. Sorry for the noise from the truck and the shaky camera, but this whole thing is ...

Suddenly the truck comes to a stop, the camera stops shaking ...sirens are heard approaching, then stopping close to where they are.

Jack: Shhhh ... Gonzo, shut that thing off. S[BEEP]T!

Gonzo: Okay, okay, goodbye CWF. Valentine Bash will not be a nice day for love ... it will be a nice day to die. Toodles! Hehehehe

Gonzo then shuts off the camera...end of transmission.

TT: Well then…I guess there goes our match…for God’s sake.

Tige’ paces in the ring, angrily grabbing the mic from the ring announcer.

Tige': No, no, no, no, no! I have been screwed out of victory after victory after victory by this company and its paper champions and bogus number one contenders. Now he can't even be bothered to show his face? I don't think so. You…

Tige' points to the ref start the ten count.

Tige': If he doesn't show up, I will win this match and I will take his place at Valentine's Bash one week from tonight to face Magnus Thunder for the EWA Univer- oh s[BEEP]t...OOPS! I did it again!

The ref begins the ten count. He finishes the count and calls for the bell. Tige' then hops out of the ring and forces the announcer to make the call.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and NEW #1 CONTENDER FOR THE CWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD......

"Elevation" by U2 plays as Mark Xamin steps out from behind the curtain, mic in hand. He stops on the stage and let's soak's in the fans response to seeing him live once more.

Mark Xamin: Thank you...really...thank you! Tige'....who in the hell do you think you are? This isn't 1997, I'm not The Edge, and in the CWF the talent doesn't call the shots. I do.

Tige': You couldn't carry The Edge's jock Xamin...besides YOUR fans have voted. I have proof. I've beaten your precious Jack Mason not once but TWICE now. I've beaten your paper champion. I killed the Nitemare, just like I said I would. You HAVE to give me the spot!

Mark Xamin: NO! Magnus Thunder will defend the title against Jack Mason as scheduled. And I will decide who the #1 contender will be to face whichever comes out of Valentine’s Bash as the champion. Maybe you can get your shot at Night of Champions.

"Pain" by Three Days Grace begins as the crowd pops and Rob Osbourne walks onto the stage, having changed back into his jeans, t-shirt, and combat boots. He reaches out to Xamin for the mic and he reluctantly hands it to him.

Rob Osbourne: You know, for someone who cost me the title at LMS, you sure do like to criticize screw job endings Tige'. You come out here and run your mouth about what you've accomplished. What HAVE you accomplished Tige'? Who HAVE you BEATEN? Really...REALLY beaten? Nobody. You want to be the #1 contender for that CWF World Heavyweight'll have to go through me to get it. I'm not done with Thunder. Not by a long shot.

Mark Xamin: Well I think we have a solution then, don't we? Tige'....versus Rob Osbourne at Valentine's Bash for the right to face the CWF World Heavyweight Champion at Night of Champions!

Tige’: Wait a minute! I thought you just said your talent didn't call the shots?

Mark Xamin: I changed my mind. Ain't it cool?

"Elevation" by U2 plays as Xamin walks back through the curtain as Osbourne points at Tige' from the stage and then shakes his finger in a universal "ah, ah, ah" motion. Osbourne disappears behind the curtain, and Tige’ storms to the back shortly afterwards.

TT: What a damn match that should be next week at the Valentine Bash!

BC: Rob Osbourne versus Tige’?! Really?! That’s gonna be awesome, Teddy! Osbourne’s been dying to get his hands on him since Season’s Beatings!

TT: He has indeed but we are about set for our main event tonight folks…Magnus Thunder taking on Mariano Fernandez! Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

The lights flicker off to the sound of distant thunder. Lightning flashes across the entrance as the instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative grinds into the air. Through a shower of sparks walks the titanic frame of Magnus Thunder.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Jotunheim, Norway! Weighing in at five hundred pounds...he is the CWF World Heavyweight Champion...MAGNUS THUNDER!

Magnus strides to the ring with a cold stare and sinister eyes, stepping over the top rope and into his corner. The crowd boos like a swarm of bees from hell.

TT: The champion looks focused tonight, Bobby!

BC: He better be after what's happened the last couple of weeks!

"Strike Of The Ninja" by Dragonforce hits as Mariano quickly races to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope on his stomach.

Ring Announcer: His opponent...from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Weighing in at one hundred seventy-six pounds...MARIANO "SHADOW" FERNANDEZ!

Mariano strikes a martial arts stance after a roll. He then bows down towards the crowd and his opponent as his music fades out.

TT: This is a rematch from Battle To Survive, Bobby! A great match that was, with Magnus Thunder retaining after Mariano was unable to continue!


TT: It's the beast against the hero! And Magnus starts things off as he methodically tries to trap Mariano, closing him in. He has Mariano backed to the corner...and Mariano ducks under the lockup attempt! Magnus quick to attempt again...and Mariano avoids the lockup the second time! Mariano with a series of low kicks to the calf...and he follows it up with a chop block!

BC: The giant is down to one knee, Teddy!

TT: Mariano hits the far ropes. Mariano on the rebound...shining! Magnus swats Mariano away!

BC: Heh. And that's why we call him gnat!

TT: Magnus back to his feet. He reaches down, palming Mariano's skull to lift him up...and Mariano with a vicious roundhouse boot to the face! Magnus stumbles back as he drops Mariano to the mat. Mariano rushes at Magnus and leaps up at! Magnus with a vicious belly to belly counter!

BC: If Mariano wishes to win this, he'll have to avoid being overcome by the champion's power game!

Magnus steps out of the ring and looks under the apron. He slides in a trash can and continues to look. A kendo stick...a tire iron...and a trash can lid! Magnus rolls back in to the ring and picks up the trash can lid. He waits as Mariano starts to get back to his feet...THWACK! Magnus with a hard shot to the skull! THWACK! A second!

TT: Magnus Thunder has taken full control of this match, thanks to that trash can lid attack! Magnus tosses the lid aside as a smile arises to his face!

BC: The mammoth looks pleased with his actions!

TT: Magnus grabs the fallen Mariano with a double choke grip. He lifts Mariano high in to the air...and Mariano counters with a knee to the jaw! And a second, forcing Magnus to drop him back to the mat! Mariano hits the far ropes...head scissors takedown on the rebound! The big man is down as Mariano catches a quick breather.

Mariano looks around. He picks up the tire iron and makes his way over to Magnus. Magnus slowly makes it to all fours, only to have the tire iron uses in order to choke the life out of him! He struggles as Mariano pulls back to add more pressure, but Magnus won't give up! Magnus slowly makes it to his feet, struggling as Mariano pulls back for more pressure! Magnus is up...and he falls back to break the hold!

BC: That has to hurt! Five hundred pounds crashing down on top of you!

TT: Magnus takes a quick breather as Mariano is barely moving! He leans over and grabs the kendo stick!

BC: He was deadly enough with the trash can lid, I don't even want to know what he'll be like swinging that kendo stick!

TT: Mariano is slowly getting back to his feet as Magnus prepares to swing for the fences...Magnus swings...and Mariano ducks! Mariano with a dropkick to the knee, as the champ stumbles, he falls down to a knee. Mariano quickly grabs hold of the kendo stick...and he uses it to execute a picture perfect russian legsweep! And here's the first cover of the match!




TT: Magnus kicks out!

BC: Mariano is going to have to do a lot more to keep the champion down!

TT: Mariano has the kendo stick in hand as he waits for Magnus to return to his feet...hard shot to the skull...and the champion stumbles back! Mariano with another swing, and he nails the champion in the chest with the stick!

BC: This is exactly what the gnat will need to do to win this match!

TT: Magnus is hunched over...and Mariano with another swing, this time drilling the champion in the back! Magnus crashes to the mat as Mariano drops the stick. Mariano grabs Magnus by the arm and places it between his legs. He grabs the other arm applying an armbar for the submission!

BC: What a devastating submission!

TT: The ref is checking on Magnus...but I highly doubt that he'll give up to this!

BC: You never know, Teddy! This hold is very painful...and Mariano has it locked in tight!

TT: Magnus is struggling...and he uses his power to break the hold! Mariano is quick to return to his feet as Magnus makes it to all fours...dropkick to the skull from Mariano!

BC: He has the champ back on the mat!

TT: Mariano with the springboard...moonsault!

Mariano quickly brings Magnus to a seated position. He grabs the trash can lid and...THWACK!!! Hard shot to the champion's face! He tosses the lid to the side as he brings Magnus to a seated position once again. Mariano hits the far ropes...hard running knee to the jaw! And he again makes the cover!




TT: The champion kicks out again! Mariano waits as Magnus slowly gets back up...RUNNING YAKUZA...NO!!! Magnus avoids the kick! The champ grabs Mariano...spinebuster! Mariano is down as the champion climbs out of the ring.

BC: He should be following up here!

TT: Magnus grabs the ring bell and quickly slides back in to the ring. Mariano is slow to get up...and Magnus cracks him in the skull with the bell!

BC: It looks like Mariano was busted wide open with that shot, Teddy!

TT: Magnus drops the bell as he brings Mariano back to his feet. Magnus with a front facelock...and he drops Mariano skull first on to the bell with a DDT!

BC: I think Mariano's out!

TT: Magnus makes the cover!



TT: And Magnus pulls Mariano up before the three count! He brings Mariano back to his feet...powerbomb...a second powerbomb...Magnus has him ready for the third...and Mariano hits him with a hard right! And a second! And a third! Magnus stumbles back...and Mariano is able to escape!

BC: The gnat got lucky there!

TT: Mariano with a boot to the gut! He grabs the ring bell...and he drills the champion hard in the face!

BC: It looks like the champion has been busted open as well, Teddy!

TT: Mariano quickly rolls out of the ring.

BC: Why is he not following up?!

TT: Mariano is looking under the apron...and it looks like we're about to see the wood! Mariano slides the table in to the ring and quickly follows behind. Magnus is slowly starting to get to his feet as Mariano grabs the kendo stick...and he drills Magnus in the skull again! Magnus is down to one knee...double arm DDT!

BC: Mariano showing great improvement since Battle To Survive! He's holding his own as he goes toe to toe with the champion in this no disqualification match!

TT: Mariano rolls Magnus over...and here's another cover!




TT: NOT QUITE! The champion rolls the shoulder at the last second! Mariano quickly hits the springboard...spinning legdrop!

BC: He should be going for a second cover here!

TT: Mariano makes his way over to the table...and it looks like he's going to set it up near the corner!

BC: I'm not sure how wise this is, Teddy! The table is a dangerous weapon, and Magnus could do a lot more damage with it than Mariano!

TT: Magnus is slow to get back to his feet...YAKUZA! MARIANO HIT IT!


TT: Mariano grabs Magnus' wrist...and he's trying with everything he has to drag Magnus to the table! He brings Magnus back to his feet...and he rolls him on to the table!

BC: Magnus looks to be out, Teddy!

TT: Mariano is slowly climbing to the top, possibly looking for a moonsault here...NO!!! Magnus with a clubbing blow from behind, and Mariano falls off the top, crashing to the floor outside!

BC: He just took too long to reach the top...and it cost him, Teddy!

Magnus falls to the mat, catching his breath. He rolls out of the ring and looks over at the motionless Mariano. Magnus raises the apron...and he pulls out a second table! He slides the table in to the ring as Mariano uses the barricade to pull himself back up...SPEAR!!! And they break through the barricade!

TT: Both men are down after that nasty spear tore through Mariano and the barricade!

The ref climbs out of the ring and checks on both men. Magnus slowly starts to move. The ref returns to the ring as Magnus struggles, but makes it to a standing position. He picks up Mariano and brings him over to the ring apron. Magnus rolls Mariano in to the ring and quickly follows.

TT: Both men have been physically exhausted in this match, Bobby! They've both been busted wide open! We've seen brutal hits from each of them! It's amazing that they're still standing!

BC: I agree.

TT: Magnus is setting up a second table on top of the first...and this match is reaching a new level of danger!

Magnus picks Mariano up with a front facelock. He climbs the corner, sitting on the top ropes.

TT: This could be dangerous! Magnus is positioned on the top turnbuckle and he has Mariano with a front facelock!

BC: It looks like he's going to drive Mariano through those tables with a fromt suplex! To be honest, I don't know how either of these men are still going! They've destroyed each other here tonight, and both are barely able to move!

TT: Magnus with the!


TT: I think both men were broken in half!

The ref checks on both men. Mariano is twitching as Magnus lays motionless. The ref signals to the timekeeper as he waves EMT's to come out.

TT: No official word, but you'd have to believe that the ref has called this match off!

EMTs rush out to check on Mariano and Magnus.

TT: This could be bad here, Bobby. We haven't seen Magnus move since the DDT. Mariano has finally quit twitching, but he too is laying motionless!

The EMTs continue to work on the two men...and Magnus finally starts to get back to his feet.

TT: Wait! Is that.... Bob Osbourne! It is! Here he comes!

Mariano slowly makes his way back to his feet as well, still groggy from the match. Bob slides in under the rope with steel chair in hand. He swings, and at the last possible second, Mariano sees him and ducks!

TT: Bob tried to take Mariano's head off...but instead he drills the champ! Magnus falls to the canvas and rolls out to the floor!

The force behind the hit repels the chair behind Bob's head. Mariano stands behind Bob and quickly leaps up. He gets his knees against the chair and falls back, drilling Bob in the back of the head with the chair!


TT: An attempt to take out Mr. Fernandez by Bob Osbourne, ended in a backfire result!

BC: Mariano still seems out of it...but he is back to his feet!

TT: Mariano looks down at Bob...and I think he has something planned! He grabs Bob by the wrist and slowly drags him to the corner. Mariano leans him in the corner, and grabs the trash can! He lodges the trash can in the ropes in front of Bob's face!

BC: What is he thinking here?!

TT: Mariano slowly ascends the corner...possibly looking for a coast to coast!

BC: I don't think he realizes that Magnus is back on the apron!

TT: Mariano to the top...but Magnus grabs him with a choke grip...chokeslam to the outside!!! And our EMTs quickly make their way back over to Mariano!

BC: That was nasty!

TT: We're out of time, folks! See you next week at the Valentine Bash!

Mariano lays on the floor as EMTs work on him. Magnus is on all fours on the floor outside, still trying to catch his breath as blood drips from his face. Bob rests in the corner, still out of it after the hard shot to the back of his head!

Fade to black.