One week removed from the Valentine Bash. A night where Mariano Fernandez captured the Unified Championship from Bob Osbourne... A night where Shock Value overcame Sickboy and Chemical X, thanks to the help of a returning Ricky Chambers... A night where a contender was supposed to be crowned, but instead ended with Tige' and Rob Osbourne falling victim to a double countout... A night where Magnus Thunder was pinned, only to have Jack Mason arrested, allowing the champion to retain by countout...

One week later...

The lines have been drawn. Tonight, the world will watch as a new contender is crowned for the Unified Championship, a match to take place at Night of Champions V: Liftoff! Tonight, the world will watch as The O'Reilly Brothers defend their World Tag Team Championship against Da Xtreme Dynasty in a Lumberjack match! Tonight, the world will watch as Sickboy attempts to get vengeance as he takes Brian Adams on in a one on one match! Tonight, the world will watch as Chemical X, Tige', and Retribution compete in a triple threat match! Tonight, the world will watch as the World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus Thunder steps in to the ring with the National Champion, Keith Daniels! Tonight...worlds collide as the path to Liftoff begins!

This is CWF...

This is...

CWF Saturday Night Showdown


We fade in to a sold out crowd erupting, all on their feet. Fireworks and pyro blast off at the entrance stage, lighting up the whole arena. Flames continue to burst as fireworks spray up from the stage. As the fireworks and pyro die down, we scan through the crowd one more time. The fans are frantic as several members hold up their signs. We cut to the commentator's table, Teddy and Bobby sitting near ringside.

TT: Hello everybody and welcome to Saturday Night Showdown! I'm Teddy Turnbuckle and with me as always is Bobby Crane! We are coming to you live from the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas! This sold out crowd is on their feet just one week removed from the Valentine Bash!

BC: It was such a great event, Teddy! Mariano Fernandez was able to overcome Bob Osbourne for the Unified Championship! Shock Value made a successful return as the defeated Chemical X and Sickboy in a tag team match!

TT: Well, you have to give some credit to Ricky Chambers! After all, that chair shot to Sickboy was a game changer!

BC: Either way, Shock Value was still victorious! Tige' and Rob Osbourne competed in a number one contender's match...only to have it end in a double countout! We're still not sure what exactly will happen as a result of that. Will we have a second contender's match...or will a different decision be made?

TT: Double countout or turned out to be one hell of a match!

BC: And what about that main event, Teddy?! An excellent match competed between Jack Mason and Magnus Thunder. In fact, it looked like Magnus Thunder had finally met his match!

TT: You're telling me!

BC: Mason had hit Magnus with the Brainwash. He had Magnus covered for what would undoubtably be the three count...but before the ref could finish the count...Mason was arrested!

TT: It was quite an unusual ending to the Bash. But that's in the past, Bobby! How great is tonight's show going to be?! We have a rematch from two weeks ago as Yoshiru Long and Paul Blair will go one on one...this time in an official match!

BC: Well, we saw "The Ruler" and Yoshiru square off in the ring on Showdown two weeks ago. Neither man was scheduled to compete that night, but that didn't stop them from having a match! And it was a great match! Unfortunately for Yoshiru...Blair had his number. Blair drilled him with a vicious Blair Kick, and he should have had a three count! But that assailant of Yoshiru's pulled the ref out of the ring, forcing a disqualification! Will Yoshiru change his luck tonight? Or will we see another "Fair to Blair" moment?

TT: We will also determine an opponent for the new Unified Champion to defend his title against as Terry Richards, Bob Osbourne, Eddie Noble, and Leon Lonewolf will compete in a fatal four way match...the winner advancing to Night Of Champions V: Liftoff to take on Mariano Fernandez!

BC: Mariano and Bob Osbourne put on a great show at the Bash. But you can't take away from the others in this match! Lonewolf has shown just how much heart he has. Eddie Noble has really been impressive since his debut. And Terry Richards...what an amazing roll he's been on! Four of the CWF's youngest and hungriest all reaching for the same goal! Who will be our new contender for the Unified Championship? We'll find out tonight!

TT: Indeed we will! We also know that the World Tag Team Championship will be on the line tonight as The O'Reilly Brothers defend the belts against Da Xtreme Dynasty in a lumberjack match!

BC: Huge opportunity for Da Xtreme Dynasty here tonight! They've had their issues with Terry Richards and the Legion of Shadows, but tonight they can turn that luck around! The only problem is, in order to change their luck, they have to compete against a red hot tag team in The O'Reilly Brothers! Not to mention...the Legion of Shadows will be four of the eight lumberjacks!

TT: That's right, Bobby! Mike Laszlo, Paul Blair, Death Squad, Trent Walker, Israel Steele, and The Richards Legion will be the lumberjacks for that match! In addition to that, Sickboy will be looking for a little vengeance tonight as he goes one on one with Brian Adams!

BC: Both men were involved in a phenomenal tag team match at the Valentine Bash as Shock Value, with the help of Ricky Chambers, defeated Sickboy and Chemical X! It was a shot from a steel chair followed by The Last Chapter by Adams that ended the match. Can Sickboy change that tonight? Can he be the first man to pin "The Flawless One" since his return? Or will the former World Champion and 2010 Last Man Standing winner get a second victory over Sickboy?

TT: We'll also see Tige', Chemical X, and Retribution in a triple threat match tonight! What a match this should be!

BC: Chemical X found his team on the losing end at the Valentine Bash...but he was not the one who was pinned! He also has informed us that the Horsemen are dead! A win for Chemical X tonight could solidify his rightful spot here in the CWF...but his road won't be easy. Retribution is the bodyguard of Rob Osbourne. He is big...he is powerful...and he is fully capable of winning this triple threat match! Finally, we have Tige'! The man goes in to the Valentine Bash, claiming he should be the number one contender. He goes to a double countout at Valentine Bash with Rob Osbourne. With the contendership still up in the air...a victory for Tige' tonight could easily put him in the championship match at Liftoff with Magnus Thunder!

TT: Speaking of Magnus Thunder...he will be in our main event tonight, Bobby! It will be Champion versus Champion as the World Heayvweight Champion, Magnus Thunder will go one on one with the National Champion, Keith Daniels!

BC: What a match that should be! It was a couple of weeks ago in a Championship Showcase match that we saw Keith Daniels pin the World Champion! Another victory like that tonight, and he has to be seen as one of the top contenders! On the other side, this match has so much importance for Magnus Thunder. Ever since his big win at Last Man Standing, he has ran in to problem after problem! A win for him tonight will be a huge step heading in to Liftoff!

TT: Hold on! I just got word of an event brewing in the back. Take it away!

The camera follows Brian Adams, listening to a voice on his cell, distressed by trying to hide it.

Brian Adams: What do you mean you don’t know where he is? He no-showed at school..? When was the last time you...I know......I !@#$%^& know! YOU ALREADY SAID THAT! When was the last time you saw him!? DON'T GIVE ME THAT @#$%^&*&%$!!!

He kicks a locker.

BC: Ur...can anyone in back verify what’s going on exactly?

Brian Adams: Listen to me...LISTEN TO ME !@#$%^! If someone touches even one hair on that kid’s head I swear--!

The lights brown out in the locker room. Adams takes the phone away from his face and flips it shut, looking around intently. The crowd boos viciously!

Brian Adams: son of a...

He throws the phone across the locker room and goes on a warpath, crashing through anything in his way!

TT: Say it isn’t so! Has Thunder done something to Adams’ son Frank!?

BC: That’s low even by Adams standards! And they’re hard to beat! Adams is throwing people out of his way and tearing the place apart from top to bottom!!!

He grabs a security official by the collar and slams him up against the wall, struggling against an enraged Brian Adams.

Brian Adams: Where is he!? Where’s !@#$%^&* MAGNUS THUNDER!?

TT: Other officials trying to pull Adams off the official, he’s out of his mind fighting their superior numbers!!


It goes pitch black in the locker room area, and the sounds of a great scuffle are heard!

BC: I can’t see anything, but someone’s getting their heads bashed in!!!

TT: This is completely insane! The lights come and...WHAT IN THE..!!! THE GUARDS ARE LAID OUT LIKE DEAD FISH AND ADAMS IS LEFT STANDING! Did he honestly put them down on his own!?

Adams looks around, face white as a sheet.

BC: I’ll take that as a no!

Sinister laughter echoes throughout the arena. Adams is enraged once again. Magnus’ haunting voice is heard.

Magnus Thunder: Adams...(He laughs)...Adams, why have you come back?

TT: Oh my word...what in the name of heaven and hell is going on?

Brian Adams: WHERE IS HE!?

Magnus Thunder: Come now, that’s no way to talk to an old friend. Especially a friend who may...or may not...know something important.

Brian Adams: You...mother...son of a...

Magnus Thunder: So angry...COME OUT TO THE RING BOY!



The lights come back on.

TT: Brian Adams is storming his way to the stage area and HERE HE COMES! A MAN POSSESSED!

Magnus Thunder: I would keep your distance if you want your son to live.

Brian very reluctantly holds his ground, his face ready to explode with fury.

Magnus Thunder: That’s a good puppy. Or should I say puppet? You really should learn to keep better company. Or things like this wouldn’t happen. Coward.

Brian is handed a mic.

Brian Adams: Coward eh? You take up a new hobby, hammer boy? Got a soft spot for the kiddies? I’ll make this simple for you. Tell. Me. Where. He. !@#$%^ Is. And I promise...I’ll only make you a quadriplegic vegetable.

Magnus Thunder: Heh. Big words for such a tiny mind. Very well, lest you be humiliated in front of all these people trying to enact your bravado, I give you to...FRANK!

TT: Oh my...Oh my...

Magnus raises Hellbringer, and Frank is lowered from the ceiling, his body tied with electrical cord, his mouth gagged, and a bruise on the side of his face. Adams drops the mic in shock. Frank dangles five feet above the canvas.

Magnus Thunder: I've avoided you long enough. I understand you want what I possess. As if it makes you anything more than a worm underfoot. This poor young man...

TT: Get some security out here for heaven’s sake!!

BC: We can’t! They’re all out cold in the back!

Brian Adams (Screaming Angrily): WHAT DO YOU WANT!?

Magnus Thunder: What do I want? It’s really quite simple. I want to let the world know what a truly despicable coward you are. Unless you can prove me otherwise. Do so, and I will cut him down and he may go free.

Adams charges the ring, but Magnus rears back with Hellbringer.

Magnus Thunder: NOT ANOTHER STEP! I will not hesitate to give this boy a warmer welcome than you have... [A flame bursts forth from Hellbringer as Magnus holds it just far enough away that it doesn’t burn Frank, who tries to writhe away from him.] You simply can't handle a diplomatic solution can you? Now take a step back, so you can look at the big picture, Adams. DO IT! OR I SET THIS BOY AFLAME!

BC: Nutjob...the kid didn't do anything to you!

Adams throws his arms out in defiant, sneering resignation, taking several steps back...

Magnus Thunder: Good. Now tell him you love him.

Brian takes up the mic.

Brian Adams (Flatly): I love you, Frank.

Magnus Thunder: Say it like you mean!

The flame grows hotter.

Brian Adams: I love you, Frank.

Frank mumbles something, face full of fear as he dangles there awaiting his fate.

Magnus Thunder: What’s that, young Frank? Awww, he said that’s not good enough dad. [Frank tries to shake is head ‘no’ furiously.] Too bad for you, Adams, you’ve lost the wager! You refused to fight for your son! And you couldn’t even tell him you loved him in front of all these people! So let this be a warning to you! Whether title or no title, pay-per-view or house show, know this day that your fate is in the hands of the storm! And when we finally meet at last, your bones will be shattered like glass in front of millions! Let your son then meet his unborn sibling in the afterlife!!!


The pyro explodes all over the ring, spraying right into Frank’s face and all over his body!



Magnus swings the hammer down at Keith but he catches it mid-swing!

BC: OOF! Magnus’ crotch, say hello to Keith’s shin! Magnus fighting the pain but it’s not enough! FINAL VERDICT! CAN KEITH DO IT!? YES!!!! THE CROWD IS CAUSING A 7.0 QUAKE CHEERING!

TT: Keith slides out of the ring, mildly burnt by the pyro which has finally died! Frank is being hauled off to the hospital as Adams follows alongside him! He turns back to face the ring, Magnus gets to his feet and grins a sadistic, chilling grin! It appears that no one is out of the reach of this psycho!



TT: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! It appears as if we have maintained order. What's bigger here, Bobby? The actions of Magnus against Brian Adams and his son...or the fact that we saw Keith Daniels lift Magnus on to his shoulders and deliver The Final Verdict?!

BC: It was an amazing show of strength from the National Champion!

TT: We'll see Daniels and Magnus later tonight! Let's head to the ring for our first match of the night!

Ring announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...

The crowd’s attention is turned toward the stage as the intro to “Voices” by Rev Theory hits the sounds system.

I hear voices in my head
They council me
They understand
They talk to me

The actual music of the song comes on and out onto the stage walks Mike Laszlo, hand in hand with Lilly Sparks by his side. The two stand atop the stage and slowly lookout into the crowd, devilish grins coming across their faces as they take in the boos of the crowd. They look at each other and share a kiss, smiling at one another before they head down the ramp as the song continues.

You got your rules and your religion
All designed to keep you safe.

But when rules start getting broken
You start questioning your faith

I have a voice that is my savior
Hates to love and loves to hate
I have the voice that has the knowledge
And the power to rule your fate.

The two walk down the ramp, taunting the fans, doing their best to avoid the outstretched hands while the chorus plays.

I hear voices in my head
They council me
They understand
They talk to me, they talk to me
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me, they talk to me

The two reach the ringside area as the ring announcer makes his announcement.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Lilly Sparks, now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at two hundred forty-seven pounds... MIKE LASZLO!!!

Mike lifts Lilly onto the apron before he himself climbs onto it. He holds the ropes open, allowing her to step in. He himself then enters the ring, posing to the crowd as the song continues.

All the lawyers are defenseless
All the doctors are disease
And the preachers all are sinners
And the police just take the grease
All you judges you are guilty
All the bosses I will fire
All you bankers will have losses
And politicians are all liars

I see darkness falling
I hear voices calling
I feel justice crawling
I see faith has fallen

Done inspiring the hate of the crowd he backs into the corner where he clasps his hands, twirling them to loosen the joints. His theme fades as he receives a kiss from Lilly before she steps out of the ring, taking her spot at ringside.

Ring announcer: And his opponent, from Cincinnati, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred thirty-six pounds… HUDSON!!!

The lights begin to flash on and off. “Debonair” by the Afghan Whigs begins to blare across the sound system. Hudson steps onto the walkway wearing khaki pants and carrying a coffee cup. He exchanges high fives with a few fans and raises his arms, then he proceeds to step into the ring.

BC: This is another veteran vs. newcomer match Turnbuckle! I can’t wait to see these two lock horns!

TT: You won’t have to wait too long Crane! Here’s the bell and the match begins!”


TT: Great start by Mike Laszlo! Running big boot to Hudson!

BC: Can you believe the strength and speed of this guy?

TT: Hudson gets up, and Laszlo goes for the grapple!

BC: No! Hudson swats Laszlo away with a kick to the gut!

TT: Laszlo doubles over, and Hudson with a right to his face! A left! Another right!

BC: Laszlo has enough and grabs Hudson into a grapple… unbelievable suplex!

TT: Hear that impact! Hudson is down again! Laszlo stalks him like a predator hunts his prey, while Hudson is slowly getting up!

BC: Laszlo takes off with another big boot… NO!

TT: Hudson evading at the last moment! And now hits Laszlo with the DDT!

BC: Laszlo gets up and they both circle each other… and here’s the lockup! Wait… Hudson with an eye gouge! He runs to the ropes, rebounds and hits Laszlo with a neckbreaker!

TT: Laszlo gets up, Hudson from behind with a bulldog!

BC: Come on Laszlo, you can do it!

TT: Hudson goes for the cover!




BC: Lazslo kicks out! Look at how he pushed Hudson away!

TT: Hudson is getting up, Laszlo got him in a grapple… Spinebuster!

BC: And there’s the cover!




TT: It’s amazing Hudson could get up!

BC: He got lucky, that’s all!

TT: Laszlo is rather incredulous, and so am I!

BC: He picks Hudson up, he goes for the finisher! FACEBUSTER!

TT: NO! Hudson is struggling to break free… he makes it and lands behinds Laszlo’s back! Now he rams Laszlo’s head against the turnbuckle!

BC: Dammit!

TT: Hudson now at the top rope… JUMP SWINGING DDT! Laszlo is down!

BC: Come on Laszlo, get up!

TT: And now Hudson stomping on Laszlo! He picks him up and goes for the irish whip… German Suplex by Hudson!

BC: Great impact!

TT: And it looks like Hudson has gained momentum now! Look at him getting the reception from the crowd!

BC: NO! Laszlo comes from behind and hits Hudson with a Sunset Cutter! He now goes for a crossface! DOWN PAYMENT!!!

TT: Look at the pressure he’s putting on Hudson’s face! Hudson is screaming in pain! He attempts to grab the ropes… and he makes it! The ref is instructing Laszlo to break the hold!

BC: Wait a moment Laszlo, you have until five!

TT: Laszlo releasing the hold at three, and now taunts as Hudson is rolling on the floor in pain!

BC: My God that was close! This is Laszlo’s match for sure!

TT: Laszlo gaining momentum! He’s going for his No Mercy signature move, grabs Hudson in the vertical suplex position...!

BC: NO! Reversed suplex by Hudson onto his own… HUDSON DRIVER!!! Laszlo is down!

TT: And here’s the count folks, this one is over!





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner… HUDSON!!!

“Debonair” by the Afghan Whigs begins to blare across the sound system as Hudson celebrates in the ring to the crowd’s cheers.

TT: What a great match! Laszlo did great, but this shows why Hudson is a CWF veteran!

BC: Indeed it does!

We fade to the parking lot. Standing outside waiting is Bob Osbourne and Sickboy, each holding the black briefcase from the Bash. A pair of headlights shine on them and a vehicle slowly rolls toward them. The headlights turn and reveal Chemical X's A-Team Van replica. The van stops and the sliding door slides open. Chemical X is sitting in one of the rear captain's chairs with an XBOX 360 controller and headset on his head. Matthew Scarletti looks at them from the driver seat and smiles.

Chemical X: Climb in boys!

Bobby and Sickboy climb in the van and and look at the television mounted on the roof just over the passenger and driver seat.

Bob Osbourne: Whats up X?

Chemical X: Hold on just a second (X presses afew buttons) OH YEAH THATS THE GAME WINNING KILL MOTHER FUCKER!

The game goes into instant replay mode and X pulls off the headset.

Chemical X: Alright boys, you ready?

Sickboy: Yeah X, we're ready, you gonna give us the combination.

Chemical X: I don't have it and quite frankly its irrelevant. Tonight it begins... I call him out!

Bob Osbourne: Whats the point of these cases if you don't have the combination?

Chemical X: Never you worry bobby? I've never let you down. Trust me, this is gonna be huge, I had you guys meet me out here because I don't trust a single person in the back. Here is safe, here is secure and here has my XBOX 360. So heres what i wanna know, are you ready?

Bob Osbourne: Yeah, I'm ready.

Sickboy: Ready X.

Chemical X: Good. Bobby, I also picked up the costumes for later, brilliant plan.

Sickboy: I know, brilliant plan.

Chemical X: Alright boys, good luck tonight, lets go to work.

Sickboy and Bobby depart from the van as we return to the commentator's table.

TT: So it sounds like Chemical X will STILL be calling out Rob Osbourne tonight!

BC: It's about time! Osbourne has been holding Chemical X back since day one!

TT: Well, up next is the debut of 2Dimentional! Let's head to the ring!

“Rock N’ Roll Train” by AC/DC fills the arena to a very little amount of cheers. James and Terry Michaels arrive to the arena, smile at the crowd and walk down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is a tag team bout scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, making their unprecedented Classic Wrestling Federation debut, from New York City, at a combined weight of six hundred ninety-two pounds, James and Terry Michaels… 2DIMENSIONAL!

They both walk down the ramp in tatty tops and jeans as an assortment of pyro hits by time they reach the end of the ramp and pose.

BC: And here are they opponents. Oh my god.

“Fight” by Ron Wasserman blares throughout the PA system to a loud reaction, mostly out of pure entertainment. Dragon Red and Dragon Blue come out the curtain, smiling, electric. They tag all fans in their way down the aisle, crazed, with a lot of video games taunts.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, from Miramar, Florida, at a combined weight of four hundred seventy-seven pounds, Jeffrey Bogard and Johnny Lee… THE DOUBLE DRAGONS!

BC: Oh my god!

TT: What?

BC: Look at the awesomeness transpiring!

TT: …You are so funny with your sarcasm, Bobby.

Dragon Red and Dragon Blue slide under the top rope and do maniacal Tekken poses to the entertained crowd. However, 2Dimensional disagree, and both starting beating up the Double Dragons.


TT: And here we go! James and Terry Michaels, the new brothers of the CWF, quickly beating up the Double Dragons!

BC: Look at the two pairs of cockroaches you’ve got here. 2Dimensional and Double Dragons. Who’s worse? Little Family Guy’s Kate Mosses, or Sci-Fi Convention Emperors?

TT: Shut up, Bobby. Terry Michaels beating up Red pretty badly…He’s got him leant in the turnbuckle, and just sending in tons of knees… But here comes DRAGON BLUE! Choke by behind!! James trying to take him out of Terry’s back… But the referee tells him to go to the apron! And Red with a sneaky spear on Terry, taking him down!

BC: These four should actually form a stable called SNES. Sucktastic Non-Intelligent Emperor Society?

TT: Shut that mouth of yours! Dragon Blue and James Michaels have gone to the apron, and now it’s all between Dragon Red and Terry Rich…Oops!

BC: See? He’s so awesome, he’s tempting!

TT: Got to admit, he got into my mind. Dragon Red, kick to Terry’s knee…Connects with a hurracanrana! He’s back to his feet, on his karate pose! Ha!

BC: …Goddamn wannabe.

TT: Terry Michaels back to his feet now, going for a spear on Dragon Red, but he jumps over him…SUNSET FLIP!



TT: Kickout by Michaels!

BC: Yeah, this match only ends that fast in my dreams…

TT: Dragon Red is actually going great here! And he tags Dragon Blue in!

The Dragons high-five, happy.

TT: Team work ahoy! Dragon Red grabs Terry Michaels in a front facelock, jumps, looking for a DDT, but he’s just equilibrating himself on Michaels’ shoulder! Wow! And here comes Dragon Blue, full of energy, bouncing off the ropes… DROP TOE HOLD INTO THE DDT! What a combination!

BC: Well James Michaels isn’t that happy about it! Look at the guy, miserably storming into the ring!


BC: Both broke their necks? I’M SCREAMING IN JOY!!

TT:…Sicko. This is between Terry Michaels and Dragon Blue now. Dragon Blue kicks Terry’s gut, bounces off the ropes… Jumping cutter! Wow!

Terry Michaels quickly gets up, yet with difficulties, grabs Dragon Blue…

TT: But Terry is fighting back, lifts him up…QUICK POWERSLAM!

BC: But look at the Power Ranger by the outside! He makes Michaels trip…But there, to the rescue, is James Bak…Oh no!

TT: No one is perfect, Bobby…

BC: You’re wrong, I am. That was completely on purpose.

TT:…Whatever… Well Blue struggling to his feet…Here it comes! Right hand to the chin! Left hand to the nose! Another right to the gut! And… DYNAMIC MESS’EM UP PUNCH!!!

BC: Can’t believe you just said that.

TT: Oh, and there is Dragon Red to help… Terry Michaels still at his feet… TYPHOON KICK! The double enzuigiri connects! There’s the pinfall attempt by Red, this is it!


BC: Ho…


BC: Ly…


BC: Crap.


TT: And the Double Dragons have conquered their first victory in CWF Soil! Oh my god!

BC: So, these guys got beat by the DOUBLE DRAGONS?! Unbelievable. Talk about epic failure…

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners…THE DOUBLE DRAGONS!

TT: The Dragons with an impressive victory tonight!

BC: Whatever...

TT: Up next, a Fatal Four Way to determine the number one contender for the Unified Championship! It'll happen after these commercials! Stay tuned!



We return to the back where we see Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks having a conversation with each other backstage until a stagehand comes up to them.

Stagehand: Kevin Styles, J.T. Banks.

Kevin Styles: What's up man? How may we help you today?

Stagehand: Mark Xamin wants you two to be in his office, like right now.

Kevin Styles: Ummm, did he say why?

Stagehand: No. He just wanted you two there ASAP.

The stagehand walks away from J.T and Kevin. Meanwhile J.T and Kevin begin to walk down the hall on their way to Mark Xamin's office.

J.T. Banks: What do you think the boss wants to say to us?

Kevin Styles: I don't know, but please don't act like a jackass alright.

J.T. Banks: You have my word Kev.

Kevin Styles: Good because I really do not want to get fired here and I know you don't either.

Kevin and J.T then approach the door and open it as we see Mark Xamin sitting down at his desk while Kodiak Winters approaches them.

Kevin Styles: Ummm...... we're here to see Mr. Xamin. I believe he called us in here.

Kodiak Winters steps aside to wait for Mark Xamin's confirmation to either let them through or throw them out.

Mark Xamin: It's fine. I called them in here. Now have a seat gentlemen.

Kevin and J.T then walk past Kodiak Winters and have a seat on the chairs.

Mark Xamin: Boys, I saw what you two did during the CWF meet and greet at the Best Buy in Charlotte.

Kevin Styles: I know you probably don't approve of what we did back there, but that kid was a smart ass though.

Mark Xamin: I don't care if the kid was a smart ass, it's just does not reflect well on the CWF product.

Kevin Styles: Look we're sorry that we fucked up out there and it won't happen again.

Mark Xamin: Good, but to be honest, I think this whole incident is really a blessing in disguise. I mean sure it's a tad bit wrong to do what you two did, but what y'all did though is that you two brought a lot of promotion for the CWF Video Game.

Kevin Styles: We did?

Mark Xamin: Yes you really did there Kevin. You know in light of the publicity that we've all received here, you two will receive an added bonus into your paychecks.

Kevin Styles: How much are we talking?

Mark Xamin: Four thousand, three hundred fifty-nine dollars and ninety-six cents.

Kevin Styles: I like how you think.

Mark Xamin: But there is one more thing that needs to be said before you two go.

Kevin Styles: What is it?

Mark Xamin: If you two want any more bonuses in your future, then you better win tonight. Understood?

Kevin Styles: Crystal clear.

Mark Xamin: Good. Now good luck on your match tonight and please show yourselves the door.

Kevin and J.T. leave the office and shut the door behind them. We cut to the hallway backstage where Dragon Red and Dragon Blue approach Mariano Fernandez.

Dragon Red and Dragon Blue: MARIANO!

Mariano Fernandez: Hey guys, nice to see ya.

Dragon Red: Always nice to be in a company of a champion!

Dragon Blue: Indeed!

Mariano Fernandez: Bob Osbourne was a tough opponent, I must admit. But I heard he wishes to get his hands on me again...

As he says this, Dragon Red and Blue take off there masks to reveal Bob Osbourne and Gary "Chemical X" Scarletti. Bob spears Mariano to the ground and starts pummeling on him. X grabs a chair... THAWCK! THAWCK! THAWCK! After they finish, Bob stands over Mariano...

Bob Osbourne: Hey, Mariano. You were right, I DID want to get my hands on you. But, ya know, I'm feeling generous. So I'm gonna give some of these, trust me, you'll need 'em.

Bob opens Mariano's mouth and pours in a bottle of painkillers.

Chemical X: C'mon boy, you got a match. And I don't think you want to wrestle looking like that...

As they walk off, the real Dragon Red and Blue come up to help Mariano.

Dragon Red and Blue: We'll get you for this Bob!

The Dragons help Mariano back to his feet as we return to the commentator's table.

TT: Bob Osbourne and Chemical X with a sickening attack on the Unified Champion! Rest assured, Mariano will have his vengeance!

BC: To hell with the gnat! Let's go to the next match and see who will take the Unified Championship from him at Liftoff!

Ring Announcer: The following contest is a Fatal Four Way and it is scheduled for one fall! The winner of this match will go on to challenge for the Unified Championship at Night of Champions V: Liftoff!!!

"Just" by Radiohead begins to play as a light is directed on the titantron. Noble walks through the curtain and stands under the light. Noble struts down the ramp, smirking and taunting at the fans.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first...from New York! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds..."THE NATURAL" EDDIE NOBLE!!!

Noble walks up the steel steps, walks to the middle of the apron and looks at all the fans booing him. He then gets into the ring and spreads his arms in the middle of the ring as his music fades out.

"Scream" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the arena. As the scream opens, white lights flash. When the song kicks in, orange and white flash in and out as Bob makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds...BOB OSBOURNE!!!

Bob slides into the ring and jumps up on the turnbuckle. He slowly smirks and raises his fists to the crowd as his music fades out.

"Maybe I'm a Lion" by Black Mages plays through the PA as flames and fireworks go off synchronized with the music. 12 seconds into the song, fireworks go off one more time and Leon Lonewolf appears in huge pop. Leon makes his way down the ramp in a normal pace, but taking time to socialize with fans.

Ring announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis, Minnesota! Weighing in at two hundred eighty-five pounds...LEON LONEWOLF!!!

Lonewolf makes his way to the ring, climbs up the turnbuckle, taunting the crowd by extending his thumb, middle and little fingers of both hands in the air: his symbol of honor. He climbs up another turnbuckle and taunts again. He jumps down and readies himself for the match as his music fades out.

"Perfect Insanity" by Disturbed hits the PA system as the crowd boos heavily. The sirens go off as Terry Richards steps out of the curtain in his regular wrestling attire and his trademark confident smirk. He walks across the entrance ramp, custom Psychosis Championship draped around his shoulder, completely disregarding any fans.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Chicago, Illinois! Weighing in at one hundred eighty-six pounds...TERRY RICHARDS!!!

Richards slides under the bottom rope as the crowd boos harder. Pleased, Terry climbs to the second rope and holds the Psychosis Championship high above his head with both hands as pyro crazily blasts from all turnbuckles in a flurry of explosions. Terry hops down and hands his championship to an official outside of the ring as his music fades out.

TT: Four winner...who will go on to Night of Champions V?!


TT: And this match starts with a bang! Bob instantly goes after Terry as Leon goes after Eddie! Bob with a right. Another right! A third! And he has Richards backed up to the ropes! Bob backs off...only to return with a hard knee lift sending Terry to the outside! Lonewolf and Noble exchange hard rights as Noble is losing ground, nearing the ropes.

BC: Explosive start to this match!

TT: Bob from behind...and he clotheslines both Noble and Lonewolf over the top on the opposite side of the ring! Terry gets back to his feet in front of us here as Bob rushes at slide...NO! Terry moves out of the way as Bob slides out of the ring! And he snaps off a headscissors on Bob!

BC: Ha! That was beautiful!

TT: Terry slides back in to the ring as Noble and Lonewolf return to their feet on the other side. Terry with a full head of steam...summersault plancha over the top...Noble and Lonewolf are taken back to the mat! Terry climbs up to the apron as Bob slowly slides back in to the ring.

Terry waits as Lonewolf and Noble start to get back up. Terry runs the apron and dives off with a summersault...but he's caught by Noble! Bob rushes at the ropes and suicide dives...but is planted with a vicious clothesline in mid-air from Lonewolf! Noble runs with Terry in the powerbomb position...and he forces him back first in to the ring post! Terry crumbles to the floor! Noble rolls back in to the ring as does Lonewolf. And they lock up! Both men struggle but Lonewolf is able to get the upperhand as he forces Noble in to the corner. Shoulder to the gut...another...another!

TT: Lonewolf has taken over this match, Bobby!

BC: He is so powerful in the ring, Teddy!

TT: And he takes Noble to the ground with a belly to belly suplex! Bob is back on the apron now and Lonewolf throws a right at him...but Bob ducks it! Bob latches Lonewolf's arms, holding him in place as Richards stands on the apron in front of the aisle. Terry with the springboard...and he nails Lonewolf with a missile dropkick as Bob moves out of the way!

BC: Do you see, Teddy? Do you see how skilled Terry Richards really is?!

TT: Terry approaches Bob...and Bob buries a shoulder to the gut! Terry stumbles back hunched over...and Bob dives over the top for a sunset flip...but Terry grabs hold of the top rope!

BC: See how smart he is!

TT: Noble is back to his feet...and he grabs Terry with a rear waist lock! He's trying to pull Terry over for a german suplex, but Terry is holding on for dear life! Lonewolf has returned to his feet...and he grips around Noble and Terry with a rear waist lock! Noble with a back elbow...and a second on Lonewolf! Lonewolf stumbles off as Noble gives Terry one more good yank...overhead german suplex...and Terry lands on Lonewolf for a vertical moonsault!

BC: Wasn't really a counter...but it works!

TT: He has the cover!




TT: Noble quickly breaks up the three count! Noble turns to Bob...and Bob catches him with a jaw breaking knee lift! Noble stumbles and falls to a knee as Bob hits the far ropes...shining wizard on the rebound! Terry slowly gets back to his feet as Bob stalks him...double knees to the back of the head as Bob falls back to the mat! Taking a page out of Mariano's book!

BC: Such a painful move!

TT: Lonewolf slowly gets to his feet as Bob waits. Bob rushes in with a spinwheel kick...but Lonewolf catches him! And he drives Bob to the mat with a hard slam! Lonewolf quickly picks Bob back up. He lifts Bob in a powerbomb position and rushes at the ropes...NO! Bob counters with a hurricanrana at the last second, forcing Lonewolf over the top rope, crashing to the outside!

BC: And look at the skills! Bob lands on the apron after that impressive move!

TT: Richards comes at Bob...but Bob again delivers a shoulder to the gut! Richards hunches over as Bob slingshots landing on top of Terry's back! He dives off of Terry...and he catches Noble with a tornado DDT! Bob quickly makes the cover!



TT: NO! Terry breaks up the count! Terry brings Bob back to his feet...boot to the gut! He lifts Bob in to the air...front suplex!

BC: He better watch out! Lonewolf is getting back in!

TT: And Lonewolf from behind with a full nelson on Terry! He brings Terry high in to the air...and drives him to the mat with a vicious slam! Lonewolf picks up Noble...and Noble delivers a boot to the gut! He grabs hold of Lonewolf...NATURAL CAUSE! He nailed Lonewolf with the gutwrench!

BC: We're going to have a new contender, Teddy!

TT: Eddie Noble quickly makes the cover!




BC: I thought he had it!

TT: Bob Osbourne with the save, and this match will continue! Noble makes it back to his feet as Bob come at him with a right. Noble ducks it...back suplex! Richards is back to his feet...and Noble instantly grips him with a waist lock! He takes Richards over...belly to belly!

BC: Noble is on fire!

TT: Lonewolf is slow to get to his feet...and Noble delivers a dropkick to the knee! Lonewolf drops to one knee as Noble grabs him with a front facelock. Lonewolf pushes Noble off in to the ropes. Lonewolf gets to his feet as Noble returns...and he drops Noble with a big boot! Osbourne is back to his feet and rushes at Lonewolf...but Lonewolf brings him back to the mat with a flapjack!

BC: Damn! These guys are giving it their all!

TT: Can you blame them?! The winner gets a shot at the Unified Championship! And Richards takes Lonewolf down with a devastating spinwheel kick! Richards leans down to pick Lonewolf back up...WOLVEN ASSAULT! He's got it locked in! Richards is struggling!

Richards fights but he is quickly fading! The ref checks on him...and he is nearly out! NO!!! Noble with a knee drop to the skull...and Lonewolf is forced to release the hold! Noble picks Lonewolf up and tosses him through the ropes to the outside! He picks up Richards and tosses him outside as well! Noble picks up Osbourne...setting him up for the gutwrench...NO!!! Osbourne with a double leg takedown...and he locks in the T.N.S!

TT: Bob is on his way to victory here! He has Noble in the center of the ring!

BC: If Noble taps here, Bob will find himself going after the Unified Championship yet again!

TT: Noble looks to be in pain here! He has his hand in the air...ready to tap...

BC: Come on, Terry!

TT: Terry's on the apron...springboard dropkick! And he saves the match! Lonewolf is back in the ring as well! Terry picks up Osbourne...and he has him set for the Shock Turn...NO!!! Osbourne with the reversal in to the Badd Dream!!! And Lonewolf quickly levels Osbourne with a vicious lariat!

BC: That was brutal!

TT: Lonewolf makes the cover on Richards!




TT: Terry somehow rolls the shoulder! Lonewolf quickly pulls Terry back to his feet...and Terry stops his momentum with a dropkick to the knee! Osbourne is returning to his feet...and he drills Richards with a hard knee lift! Osbourne whips Lonewolf in to the corner. He follows Lonewolf in...spinwheel kick!

BC: If Bob hurries up here...he could score the victory!

TT: Osbourne climbs to the top rope...NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE!!! Osbourne nails Lonewolf! Noble is back to his feet and he boots Bob in the gut...NATURAL CAUSE!!! Bob could be out!

BC: Unbelievable!

TT: Richards with a springboard...he spins around in mid-air...roundhouse kick to the skull...and Noble is sent through the ropes to the outside! Bob is slowly getting to his feet, as is Noble. Terry grabs Bob and forces him shoulder first in to Lonewolf's gut! Bob stumbles back as he turns toward Richards...and Richards drills him with a big boot, sending him to the outside!

BC: We're down to Terry and Lonewolf!

TT: Richards quickly grabs hold of Lonewolf...SHOCK TURN!!! He nailed it!




TT: He's done it!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...TERRY RICHARDS!!!

Richards celebrates his win as Bob slowly makes it back to his feet in disbelief.

TT: Well, we now know that Mariano Fernandez will defend the Unified Championship against Terry Richards at Liftoff!

BC: The gnat is going down, Teddy!

TT: We'll just have to wait and see!



TT: Welcome back! We've had one hell of a night so far, Bobby...and there's still plenty more to come!

BC: Right you are, Teddy! Right you are!

TT: Hold on, Bobby! I am now receiving word that at Night of Champions V: Liftoff it will officially be a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship! Magnus Thunder will defend his championship against Tige' and Rob Osbourne!

BC: Well, we were curious as to what would happen after the double countout at the Valentine Bash...but now it's official! Magnus Thunder is going to have his hands full at Liftoff!

The lights slightly dim as a slower version of "I Came To Play" by Downstait begins to play throughout the arena. The crowd erupts in boos as a quick firework blast erupts on the stage. Yoshiru and his cloaked assailant step out to the stage. The assailant pays no mind to the crowd as he waits for Yoshiru. Yoshiru slowly looks around at the surrounding crowd with no expression on his face. He and the assailant make their way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, now residing in Tokyo, Japan! Weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds...YOSHIRU LONG!!!

Yoshiru makes his way to the steps, followed by his assailant. Both men enter the ring. Yoshiru stands near the corner, looking around at the crowd once again as his assailant stands behind him. The lights return to normal as his music fades out.

TT: Like him or hate him, Bobby...there's no doubt that Yoshiru is a very talented athlete.

BC: If he's so talented, why does he need a bodyguard? Actually, what's the deal with all of these bodyguards?! Tige' has Jager...Rob Osbourne has Retribution...and Yoshiru has...well...whoever the hell that is!

The BlairVision Theme suddenly hits the arena as the crowd boos. Paul Blair steps out to the entrance, smile on his face. He ignores the fans as he makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from River Falls, Wisconsin! Weighing in at two hundred seventy-five pounds..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!!!

Blair makes his way to the steps. He climbs in to the ring and poses for the crowd as his music fades out. The ref attempts to call for the bell, but Yoshiru stops him. Yoshiru leans out and grabs a microphone from the ring announcer.

TT: Looks like Yoshiru has something to say!

BC: Great... More complaining from Yoshiru!

Yoshiru Long: Now hold on, Paul. We don't need to do this. Let's face it...with the ref's we have here in the CWF, you're sure to win! Two weeks ago, you were given the victory thanks to poor officiating! You see, Paul. Mark and the rest of the management here...they have held me down! They have kept me from accomplishing the things that I should! And what happens to you? They give you the World Championship twice! They put you in the Hall of Fame!

Blair quickly pulls the microphone away from Yoshiru.

Paul Blair: Are you serious?! This company hasn't been fair to Blair! I beat the World Champion and what happens? They put me in a match against you! You're their golden ticket, Yoshiru! You're their new superstar on the rise...even though you shouldn't be!

Yoshiru tries to pull the mic away from Blair, but Blair won't let him. An official on the outside tosses another microphone in to Yoshiru.

Yoshiru Long: I'm the superstar on the rise? Do you realize how much money I make?! I'll bet you anything that the one who wipes Xamin's ass makes more money than me!

Paul Blair: You mean Kodiak Winters?

Yoshiru Long: Look, Paul. They've given you so much in this company...and for me...they haven't even given me the scraps!

Paul Blair: You're pathetic! But that's beside the point, Yoshimitsu!

Yoshiru Long: It's Yoshiru...

Paul Blair: Whatever! No one cares! As I was saying. It's obvious that I'm the black horse of the CWF! Xamin even stooped as low as to hire plow truck drivers to aggrivate me!

Yoshiru Long: He turned down my wonderful story of The Wizard of Oz!

Paul Blair: He let that low life Israel Steele get away with attacking me!

Yoshiru Long: He made me give a public apology in that third world country, Canada!

Paul Blair: He put me in a match with you!

Yoshiru pauses for a second.

Yoshiru Long: Look, Paul. I think it's pretty obvious. Both of us have been screwed over by this company! Here we are, being forced to wrestle each other again! Never seeing ourselves in a main event match, even though we deserve to be in the spotlight! But I know's fear! Xamin is afraid that men like me and you...that we could defeat his World Tag Team Champions!

Paul Blair: Damn right! I mean, even with a partner like you...I still could carry my team to the championship!

Yoshiru Long: In all fairness, would be me carrying our team. But that's not the point! He knows that men like me and you...we'd mop the floor with the current Unified Champion!

Paul Blair: For once,'re right! Bob Osbourne...he is no where near the skills of "The Ruler"!

Yoshiru Long: Well, Paul. Bob Osbourne isn't the champion...

Paul Blair: What?!

Yoshiru Long: Mariano Fernandez beat him at the Valentine Bash for the championship.

Paul Blair: Bob Osbourne...Mariano there really a difference?!

Yoshiru Long: Good point. Xamin also knows that men like me and you...we'd put his National Champion in the shelf!

Paul Blair: Keith Daniels would feel the pain of a Blair Kick!

Yoshiru Long: Exactly! And his World Heavyweight Champion...Magnus Thunder...come on! Me and you both know, Paul...he could never defeat us!

Paul Blair: Well, I don't know about you...but I've already proven that Magnus Cum La Retard can't defeat me!

Yoshiru Long: We're getting off the subject here, Paul. The bottom line is...we've been under-rated for far too long! I say we shake hands and call it a day! To hell with pleasing these fans...and to hell with pleasing Xamin!

TT: Is he calling this match off?

Yoshiru extends his hand out to shake. Blair is reluctant...but they finally shake!

TT: There it is, Bobby! Looks like this match is done!

BC: Blair's just being nice here! He doesn't want to embarrass Yoshiru again!

Blair and Yoshiru continue to shake hands, both with smiles on their faces. Yoshiru suddenly boots Blair...but Blair catches his foot!

TT: Oh my! Yoshiru trying for a cheap shot...but Blair saw it coming!

Paul Blair: I don't think so, Yoshi!

Yoshiru Long: Hold on! Hold on! I think we just had a little misunderstanding!

Blair smiles as he levels Yoshiru with a clothesline. The referee calls for the opening bell!


TT: Yoshiru quickly gets back to his feet...and we are under way ladies and gentlemen! Both men are circling each other, daring the other to make the first move.

BC: Watch out Blair, remember last time! He's a cheat!

TT: Watch out Blair? He cheats? Bobby, Blair claims to be the king of the low down, good for nothing, dirty tricks, I think he's got that covered.

BC: Yes, but he does it in good taste.

TT: They lock up! Blair with a knee to the gut followed by a head lock! Blair putting the pressure on wrenching his arm tighter and tighter around Yoshiru's head.

BC: Crack his skull Blair! Pop his head like a friggin' cork!

Yoshiru leans Blair's back on the ropes and pushes him off, sending him to the ropes. Yoshiru goes to the middle of the ring to meet Blair, but Blair greets him with his shoulder, knocking him down to the mat hard. Blair looks at Yoshiru for a moment before running to the ropes again. He bounces off the ropes and jumps over Yoshiru. Blair comes back to Yoshiru who attempts to leap frog over Blair but Blair stops and catches Yoshiru on his shoulders...power bomb! Blair with the cover!




TT: Yoshiru isn't going down that easy.

BC: That's not what...

TT: Yeah, yeah, we get it.

Yoshiru rolls out of the pin holding the back of his head. Blair spots Yoshiru's pain and intends to inflict more, stomping the back of Long's head. Blair stops for a moment to pose for the crowd to a mixed reaction of cheers and jeers. Blair grabs ahold of Yoshiru's hair and picks him up, dragging him to the center of the ring. Blair takes one hand off and throws a shot, landing it on the side of Yoshiru's face. Blair unloading on Yoshiru! Blair with a last kick to the gut for good measure! Yoshiru doubles over but Blair isn't finished! Blair wraps his arm around Yoshiru's neck and lifts him high in the air...vertical suplex! Yoshiru is laid out flat and Blair goes for another cover!



TT: Blair is showing no mercy here, looking to start a streak here!

BC: WOO! This is fair Teddy! This is Fair to Blair!

TT: Don't count Yoshiru out yet Bobby!

Blair gets up, frustrated with the referee's count. Blair walks over to Yoshiru and places his heel on his forehead. Blair steps up on it and twist the heel of his boot hard and Yoshiru stops rolling around holding his forehead in pain. Yoshiru's assailant jumps up on to the apron and starts to argue with the referee about Blair's tactics. Blair picks Yoshiru up by the hair as the referee yells at the Assailant to get down. Yoshiru sees the distraction and takes his opportunity, blinding Blair with a thumb to the eye! Blair holds his eye as Yoshiru goes on the offensive!

BC: NO FAIR! I told you he cheats!

Yoshiru with a foot to the back of Blair's knee, who buckles under the impact! He grabs blair's head and pulls it back while wrapping his arm around his neck and locks in a dragon sleeper!


TT: Not only is the dragon sleeper painful, but if you don't tap to it, it will eventually put you down for a nap!

Blair struggles to get out of the hold but Yoshiru is unrelenting, putting more pressure on Blair's neck! Blair reaches for the ropes but is starting to fade!

BC: Stay awake Blair! Don't give up!

TT: He may have to Bobby. Restricting oxygen to the brain can do some real damage. He may have to give it up for the sake of his career! Blair is starting to crumble under the weight of Yoshiru who barks at the referee to check blair. He lifts up Blair's arm once, it drops! He lifts it drops! One more time and Blair is finished! He lifts it drops! It's over!

TT: It's over Bobby!

BC: NO! Blair kept has his arm up! Come on Blair! GET UP!

Blair starts fighting to his feet, but Yoshiru keeps applying the pressure! Out of desperation Blair reaches up and grabs the back of Yoshiru's head and suddenly kicks his feet out into a sitting positions and delivers a stunner to Yoshiru! Yoshiru unwillingly jumps to his feet and falls down holding his throat gasping for air! Blair pulls himself up with the ropes for support, trying to regain his composure, taking his time and breathing deeply trying to regain his breath. Yoshiru slowly starts to get up but Blair grabs him from behind...russian leg sweep! Blair back up to his feet and lands an elbow across Yoshiru's chest! Blair gets and signals for the Blairkick!

BC: It's over now Teddy. Once Blair hits this, he'll be off celebrating victory and Yoshiru will be down on the canvas collecting the teeth that Blair kicks out of his mouth!

TT: Don't count your ducks before you get them in a row Bobby! Yoshiru gets up and looks for Blair. He turns around and Blair lifts his foot to Yoshiru's face...BLAIR KICK! Blair hits it! It's over!



3! No! Yoshiru's assailant places Yoshiru's foot on the bottom rope breaking the count and Blair is livid!


TT: Yoshiru's assailant puts his foot on the ropes and saves Yoshiru from losing this match! Blair starts jawing with the assailaint as Yoshiru starts to stir. Yoshiru sneaks up behind Blair and rolls him up with a school boy! Yoshiru's feet on the ropes!



Blair rolls through and locks in an armbar!

TT: Blair rolls out of the pin and locks in an armbar? Since when does Blair use jiu-jitsu?

BC: What do you mean? Blair invented the armbar! It's all here in "The Big Book of Blair"!

TT: Let me see that!

BC: Here, take it!

TT: Bobby....this isn't a book. It's an album full of photos of Blair. You're half in love with him aren't you?

BC: I'm just being fair, that's ALL!

Yoshiru grabs the rope and the ref forces Blair to break the hold. The assailant jumps back on the ropes but Blair grabs ahold of him! Blair has his hands on the assailant! Blair grabs his head and deliver a forearm to the face, knocking him back down off the apron, but Yoshiru is back up and laying in wait behind Blair! Yoshiru goes for the suffering but Blair counters it with a take down! Yoshiru back to his feet as Blair goes for a clothes line! No! Yoshiru grabs his arm and twists it around as he places his foot against Blair throat and drops down!

TT: Say Goodnight! Yoshiru hits the Say Goodnight!


TT: Yoshiru falls over Blair!



Blair puts his foot on the rope but the assailaint quickly pushes it back off!



Immediately after the three count Yoshiru quickly rolls out of the ring and is helped to the back by his assailant as "I Came To Play" starts to play.

TT: Yoshiru wins! It's over!

BC: That was cheap! Blair has his foot on the ropes, this isn't over!

TT: It is Bobby, the referee did not see Yoshiru's assailant push his foot off the rope!

BC: This is blasphemy! Blair had this match won! This can't be happening!

TT: It's already over Bobby, it's already over.

Blair, disappointed makes his way up the aisle.

TT: It's time Bobby Crane.can you feel the electricity in the air as this capacity crowd prepares to host a Championship bout as The O'Reilly Brothers defend their CWF Tag Team Championships they won from half of Degradation back in December against Da Xtreme Dynasty.

BC: That's right Teddy, they faced a watered down version of Degradation in only getting Vincent Torigianni in that title win, but the O'Bros have been on a non-stop roll since that time, running rampant on the tag team scene here in the CWF, but Baker's boys Styles and Banks are finally getting their shot at the belts against the Bros.

TT: All of the usual suspects have fallen to the O'Reilly's the same way they had to Degradation, but every dog has their day eventually and this might be the night that Da Xtreme Dynasty finally gets back on track.

BC: They haven't been the same since James Baker lost the Unified Title to Bob Osbourne..their stock definitely rose after the event surrounding the promotional launch of CWF The Game, but it remains to be seen if they are made of the right stuff to wear the CWF gold.

TT: Well Bobby Crane, we're going to find out if they can get the job done next!!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a Lumber Jack Match and it is for the CWF World Tag Team Championships!!!!

Israel Steele, Paul Blair, The Richards Legion, Death Squad, Trent Walker, and Mike Laszlo make their way to the ring and take their places as the assigned lumberjacks.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challengers, at a combined weight of four hundred and seventy-two pounds..being accompanied to the ring by their manager Danielle Lopez.the team of J.T.Banks and Kevin Styles...DA XTREME DYNASTY!!!!

"Sorry N' Shit" by Tech N9ne plays as Danielle Lopez emerges from behind the curtain and then stands on the ramp clapping her hands while J.T. Banks and Kevin Styles then come out slowly with evil expressions on their faces. The crowd gives the team a huge positive reception. J.T and Kevin then each have an arm looped through an arm of Danielle as she leads them down the ramp. Kevin and J.T then hop onto the ring apron and hold the ropes for Danielle before entering the ring. Kevin and J.T then stand in the ring while Danielle does a couple of cheerleader poses in the middle of the ring. After Danielle gets out of the ring, Kevin and J.T then go to one side of the ring and wait for their opponents.

Ring Announcer: And their a combined weight of four hundred and thirty pounds, and being accompanied by their manager Suzanne..the reigning CWF Tag Team Champions of the World.Ray.Cyril ...THE O'REILLY BROTHERS!!!!!

The arena goes dark and the crowed goes quiet with anticipation. In a split second the entire place explodes with flashes of light and loud music as fireworks fire up and down the entryway and "To Boston" by Dropkick Murphy's blares over the PA system. As the fireworks die down Ray and Cyril O'Reilly appear at the top of the entryway. The brothers, dressed in jeans and T-shirts with the logo OB's on the front, enter the stadium as cocky as ever. Suzanne suddenly appears behind Ray and drapes her arm over his shoulder as she waves to the fans. Cyril follows closely behind his older brother Ray and Suzanne as the pair saunter to ringside. A mixed reaction comes from the crowd as Ray runs and slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to hype up the crowd. Throwing his hands in the air he praises some fans and insults others. Suzanne, after blowing a kiss to Ray, makes her way to a chair set up near the ring bell. Cyril finally makes his way into the ring via the stairs and the two brothers meet center ring with a hand slap and half hug.


TT: And this one is under way. Styles and Cyril to start things off.collar and elbow tie up, duck under by Styles.Belly to Back suplex by Styles, but Cyril flips over and lands on both feet.

BC: Cyril with a crushing forearm to the back of Styles head and Kevin goes down hard. Quick tag by Cyril to Ray. Ray all over Styles now, pulling Kevin to his feet, hard Irish whip, Styles on the rebound.POWERSLAM!!!

TT: Ray O'Reilly drops Kevin Styles on the mat.what the- what is he doing Bobby?

BC: Ray with a head of steam sprints and bounces off the far ropes..sliding drop kick to Styles and Styles flies under the bottom rope and hits the protective mats below with a sickening thud! I know what he's doing Teddy, he's sending Styles out to the lumberjacks!!!

TT: And the Richards brother, Alex and Chris, waste no time putting the boots to Styles! Chris Richards pulls Styles to his feet.and Alex nails him in the chin with a superkick!!!

BC: Styles falls backwards into the waiting arms of Israel Steele who rolls him back in the ring. Ray now back on top of Styles, pulling him to his feet, whips him into the ropes. Tag to Cyril. And Ray leaps up on the top turnbuckle.

TT: Cyril lifts Styles up in a torture rack.and Ray flies off with a leg drop across the throat of Kevin Styles.WAIT!! NO!!! Styles fights free and Ray nails Cyril!!!!

BC: Styles desperately makes the tag to JT Banks who comes in the ring a house of fire and drops Cyril with a hard left, and a right on Ray, a left on Cyril, a right on Ray.Banks off of the ropes.DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!!

TT: And both O'Bros go down hard and Banks is jacked and ready to go!!! The crowd is pumped and ripping the roof off of the arena!!! Banks pulls Cyril, the legal man, up to his feet and executes a picture perfect tilt-a-whirl slam and then goes right after Ray.

BC: But Ray was playing possum and throws in a drop Russian toe-hold, bringing Banks down on his face!!! Ray O'Reilly leaps up and moves in on Banks, but the ref is telling him to get out of the ring.

TT: Well, his brother Cyril IS the legal man!

BC: Pfft, who can keep track?

TT: The ref can, and I can.and you can bet your ass these fans can!!!

BC: Yeah, yeah..Cyril O'Reilly and JT Banks both struggling to get back to their feet, O'Reilly more so than Banks.and Banks gets up first.Cyril reaching for the tag.NO!!!

TT: Banks grabs him by the feet and yanks him back just out of Ray's reach. Banks with a tag to Styles, they pull O'Reilly to his feet, Styles whips O'Reilly one direction ad Banks sprints in the other direction...Styles grabs O'Reilly off the rebound.heaves him high in the air.Banks off of the far side now.WAIT A DAMNED MINUTE!!!

BC: Those pesky Richards' boys are at it again! Alex jumps up and grabs the ropes and pulls them down, causing Banks to flip over the top rope and land outside the ring. Chris Richards pulls Banks up off of the arena floor and yells to Israel Steele.

TT: Steele bracing himself..Richards sends Banks flying towards him....STEELE WITH A BIG BOOT!!!

BC: NO!!! Blair knows that isn't fair, and he just cracked Israel Steele from behind with a folding chair!!!

TT: You're a poet and didn't know it!!

BC: Very funny! Steele and Blair are all over each other now! I LOVE IT!!!

TT: And Death Squad have had about enough of the Richards Legion's interference in this one and Bruno and TJ are all over Chris and Alex. At least Mike Lazslo is minding his own business Bobby!

BC: You spoke too soon Turnbuckle! Lazslo looks around and notices the commotion, glances at us here at the announce table, shrugs his shoulders and then nails Trent Walker!!!

TT: All hell is breaking loose outside the ring Bobby, and our lumberjacks have started an all out riot! Death Squad and the Richards boys on one side, Paul Blair and Israel Steele and Lazslo and Walker on the other.

BC: Danielle Lopez is trying to help Banks back to his feet.but Suzanne comes up from behind her and grabs her by the hair and slams her onto her back! Good Lord, even the managers are fighting it out!!!

TT: Banks back in the ring now, with a little help from Danielle before she got attacked. Cyril O'Reilly also back to his feet.

BC: O'Reilly nails Banks with a left, Banks with a right, Cyril with a left, Banks with a right.and another right, and another right....and Cyril is staggering.


BC: JT now with a tag to Styles...Cyril , half out of it, stretches to make the tag to his brother Ray.

TT: Styles and Ray trading blows, and Ray starts to get the upper hand....Styles, staggering now, turns to face O'Reilly

BC: And Ray with a quick hook but Styles ducks it and O'Reilly loses his balance.Styles grabs a dazed Ray....STYLISH EXECUTION!!! That's a Double Knee Facebreaker for those listening on our Internet audio feed.

TT: And as soon as they hit the mat Banks grabs him...NEW YORK STATE OF MIND!!! And when they do them back to back they like to call it LIGHT'S OUT!!

BC: Fitting name.cover by Banks.and here comes Cyril for the save....NO....Styles stops him from breaking the count!





TT: They've done it Bobby, after failed attempt after failed attempt, the boys from Da Xtreme Dynasty have finally gotten it together and claimed their place at the table!!!

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners and NEW CWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD.....KEVIN STYLES......J.T. BANKS.....DA XTREME DYNASTY!!!!

"Sorry N' Shit" by Tech N9ne plays as Banks and Styles embrace the tag team titles.



TT: We're back ladies and gentlemen! And up will be Sickboy and Brian on one!

"Represent" by Hed P.E. plays out the PA system as fireworks start to blast out of the entrance ramp. A mixed reaction drowns out the music as Brian Adams emerges from the curtains. He spins around showing himself off to the crowd, pointing at himself and taunting the fans as he continues toward the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds..."THE FLAWLESS ONE" BRIAN ADAMS!!!

A few hands reach out for Brian but he doesn't bother acknowledging them as he runs up the steel steps posing for the crowd before stepping inbetween the ropes. He spins around again as he takes off his t-shirt and throws it out into the crowd. He makes his way over to the corner and leans back while his music fades out.

TT: There he is! The man who's heading to the main event of SuperCard VI!

BC: Let's not forgot...he's also the man that has yet to be pinned since his return in January!

"Driver Down" by Trent Reznor hits and the crowd explodes into boos as Sickboy appears on the stage. He takes his time walking down the aisle, looking over at fans in the front row booing him loudly.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from New York City, New York! Weighing in at two hundred seventy pounds...SICKBOY!!!

Sickboy smirks at the fans and continues walking. He climbs the ring steps, making his way through the ropes in to the ring. He holds out his arms, soaking in the heat from the crowd, and leans against his corner as his music fades out.

TT: This is such an important match for Sickboy! A victory here would go such a long way for his career!

BC: Especially after Adams pinned him at the Bash!

The ref calls for the opening bell.


TT: Here we go! Sickboy and Brian Adams! Here's the lockup! A struggle between Adams and Sickboy...and Sickboy with a knee to the gut! Adams is hunched over, and he's met with a clubbing blow to the back, taking him to the mat! Adams returns to his feet...and he's met with a kick to the gut!

Sickboy shoots Adams off in to the ropes. Adams returns, and Sickboy locks in a sleeper hold! Adams is quick to escape as he floats behind Sickboy. Sickboy delivers a back elbow...and a second! Sickboy turns to Adams and hits him with a hard forearm! Adams stumbles back to the ropes. Sickboy rushes at him...low bridge...and Sickboy tumbles to the outside!

BC: Ha! You have to love the in ring awareness from "The Flawless One"!

TT: Adams keeps his eye on Sickboy as Sickboy begins to get to his feet. Adams with a slingshot...crossbody over the top! Adams quickly returns to his feet and picks up a groggy Sickboy. Adams with a! Sickboy reverses and Adams smashes shoulder first in to the ringpost!

BC: Smart move by Sickboy there!

TT: Sickboy quickly rolls in to the ring...and he rolls back out to break the count! Sickboy makes his way over to Adams and brings him to his feet. He wraps Adams' arm around the post...and he pulls on it with all of his force!



TT: The ref has begun his count...and Sickboy slams Adams' arm hard in to the post! He releases Adams, and Adams falls to the floor in pain!

BC: Sickboy amazingly has taken full control here!

TT: Sickboy picks Adams up and rolls him in to the ring. Sickboy follows him in. He brings Adams back to his feet and hammerlocks the arm behind the back. Sickboy with a legsweep...and he drives Adams hard on to that injured arm!

Sickboy quickly brings Adams' arm out from behind his back and applies an overhead keylock. Adams struggles as the ref checks on him. He tries to make it to his feet...but Sickboy drills him with a hard right! Adams continues to struggle...and he's finally able to make it back to his feet. He boots Sickboy in the gut and whips him in to the corner. Adams shakes his arm, trying to regain feeling. He rushes in and nails Sickboy with a hard lariat!

TT: Adams starting to mount an offense here! He snapmares Adams out of the corner and nails him with a hard kick to the back! Adams pulls Sickboy back in to the corner, leaning him against the bottom turnbuckle...and he chokes Sickboy with his boot!





TT: And Adams finally releases Sickboy! He pulls Sickboy back to his feet and whips him in to the ropes. Sickboy on the rebound...and Adams with a back body drop! Adams hits the ropes...knee drop on the return...and here's the cover!




TT: Sickboy kicks out! Adams quickly brings Sickboy to a seated position and applies a rear chinlock. Sickboy struggles as the ref checks on him...and he's able to make it back to his feet! Adams releases the chinlock and rocks Sickboy with an atomic drop! Adams boots Sickboy in the gut...abdominal stretch!

BC: Adams is so technically sound in the ring, Teddy! I don't know if the CWF has anyone who can match the technical skills of Adams!

TT: Adams pulls back to apply more pressure as Sickboy struggles. The ref checks on Sickboy...but Adams clubs him in the chest! Sickboy continues to struggle...and he's finally able to counter with a hip toss! Adams returns to his feet and Sickboy takes him back to the mat with a perfect dropkick!

BC: Right in the face!

TT: Adams is slowly getting back up and Sickboy is quick on the attack...armbreaker...and Adams is back on the mat! Sickboy holds out Adams' arm and drives his knee in to it...and again! Sickboy drags Adams over to the ropes. He wraps Adams' arm around the bottom rope and yanks on it, applying more pressure to the injured arm!

BC: Did you ever think coming in to this match that Sickboy would have such a great plan, Teddy?!

TT: A great plan indeed! He is focusing on one part of Adams' body, causing great damage to it!





TT: And he finally releases! The ref admonishes Sickboy as he brings Adams back to his feet. Sickboy with an arm drag and twist...and he wrenches down on the arm! Sickboy grabs Adams for a russian legsweep...but Adams is able to hit him with a back elbow! Sickboy stumbles back and Adams quickly whips him across the ring...

Sickboy returns and is met with a boot to the gut from Adams. Adams hits the ropes as Sickboy is hunched over...big boot on the return! Adams grabs Sickboy by the legs...FLAWLESS EXECUTION!!! Adams locks in the hold...but he struggles to keep both legs held! Sickboy fights a leg free and Adams is forced to release the hold! Adams grabs Sickboy with a front facelock, bringing him back to his feet. He lifts Sickboy in to the air...vertical suplex! Adams steps out to the apron and ascends to the top rope. He dives off...elbow to the heart! Sickboy holds his chest in pain as he slowly makes his way back to his feet.

TT: This could be the end! Looks like Adams is setting up for The Last Chapter! Sickboy is back to his feet...and he catches Adams foot! Adams went for The Last Chapter...but Sickboy saw it coming! And he takes Adams down with a short arm clothesline! And Sickboy quickly makes the cover, hooking the leg!




TT: Adams kicks out! Sickboy quickly continues the attack as he grabs Adams with a front facelock. He brings Adams to his feet and lifts him vertical...but Adams struggles and falls behind! Adams pushes Sickboy off in to the far ropes. Sickboy on the return...and Adams catches him with a snap powerslam!

BC: Now that was impact!

TT: Adams brings Sickboy back to his feet. He sets Sickboy up for a northern lights...but Sickboy blocks it! Adams tries again...and again Sickboy blocks it...THE INFECTION!!!


TT: This could be it, Bobby!

Adams quickly rolls out to the floor. Sickboy looks at the ref, frustrated before he steps out of the ring. Sickboy picks Adams back up and rams him hard in to the barricade. He pulls Adams back over to the apron and rolls him in to the ring. Sickboy quickly follows and makes the cover, feet on the ropes!




TT: The ref saw the feet on the ropes!

BC: Sickboy almost stole one!

TT: Sickboy brings Adams back to his feet and forces him in to the corner. He drills Adams with a hard forearm shot! Sickboy lifts Adams to the top rope and clocks him with a hard right, leaving him stunned! Sickboy follows him up. Looks like a superplex here...but Adams is fighting it! Adams with a shot to the kidney...a second...and he pushes Sickboy back to the mat!

BC: Another opportunity for Adams here!

TT: Sickboy slowly getting back to his feet...and Adams catches him with a blockbuster! What a move! Adams quickly pulls Sickboy back to his feet and lifts him to the shoulder. He carries Sickboy over to the corner...snake eyes! Sickboy stumbles out and turns to Adams. Adams scoops him up...

BC: Looks like we may see Starstruck!

TT: Adams has him in position, but Sickboy is struggling...and he's able to reverse it! Sickboy has Adams in position for a tombstone...he lifts Adams in to the air...and he drops him throat first across the top rope! Adams falls to the mat in pain as Sickboy hesitates, catching his breath!

BC: These men have to be exhausted...but what a match they've given us so far!

TT: Sickboy picks Adams back! Adams pulls Sickboy down...dropping him chest first across the middle rope! Adams hits the far ropes...and he lands on top of Sickboy from the rebound! Adams waits in position as Sickboy stumbles and turns...THE LAST CHAPTER!!! NO!!! Sickboy ducked it!

BC: That's the second time that Sickboy has escaped The Last Chapter!

TT: Adams turns back to Sickboy...and Sickboy with a back body drop, but Adams blocks it! And Adams drops Sickboy with a DDT!

Adams goes for the cover, but Sickboy rolls out to the apron. Adams reaches over the top as Sickboy slowly pulls himself back up. Adams grabs Sickboy with a front facelock. He lifts Sickboy in to the air, but Sickboy falls behind! Sickboy rushes Adams in to the ropes, and he pulls back, falling to the mat, and he rolls Adams up for the cover! Adams quickly forces Sickboy off of him, and Sickboy sails between the ropes and to the outside!

TT: Counter after counter in this match! Sickboy is slowly starting to get to his feet as Adams steps out to the apron. And Sickboy quickly sweeps the legs, forcing Adams to crash hard to the floor! He picks Adams back up and rolls him in to the ring. Sickboy follows him in.

BC: This is the time where Sickboy needs to capitalize!

TT: Sickboy is stalking Adams...waiting for him to get back up! Adams slowly returns to his feet...and he's met with a boot to the gut! Sickboy going for The Infection...but Adams counters with a double leg takedown...and he flips over for the jacknife cover!!!




BC: Did he get him?!


TT: It's over! Adams caught him!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..."THE FLAWLESS ONE" BRIAN ADAMS!!!

Sickboy looks up from the mat in disbelief as the ref raises Adams' arm in victory.

TT: Sickboy can't believe it!

BC: Sickboy just had one hell of a match! Multiple times where he came close to getting the victory! But in the end, he was caught by surprise with the jacknife pin!

"Represent" by Hed P.E. hits the arena as Adams makes his way up the aisle, taunting the crowd as he looks back toward Sickboy. Sickboy argues with the referee.

TT: What a match, Bobby!

BC: You're telling me! Sickboy was great in that match. But like I said, he was caught by surprise in the end!

TT: We have to go to commercial! But when we come back, it will be Chemical X, Retribution, and Tige' in a triple threat match!

BC: I can't wait!



TT: We're back, folks!

BC: Yes we are! And we're also one step closer to our main event!

TT: But first, let's get ready for our next match of the night, a triple threat match which pits the former CWF National Champion Chemical X against one of the men who will challenge Magnus Thunder for the World Championship at Liftoff, Tige! And let's not forget Rob Osbourne's personal body guard, Retribution!

BC: That's not his bodyguard! Rob Osbourne doesn't need a body guard!

TT: Oh here we go.

BC: He doesn't! The man won more awards than anybody last year, and lets not forget his National Championship reign AND his World title reign, the man is a machine!

TT: Yes, a machine that was systematically shut down at Last Man Standing by Magnus Thunder.

BC: Freaking fluke! He had that match well in hand and you know it! If it wasn't for that treacherous dog Roland Ulv and that foul mouthed louse Tige, Rob's waist would be wrapped in gold!

TT: He'll get his chance again at Night of Champions Crane, let us focus on the match at hand!

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, he stands at Six foot ten inches tall and weighs in at three hundred and twenty-five pounds, hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota...RETRIBUTION!

The lights drop and darkness sets in the arena. Smoke begins to billow from out of the ring on all sides as "Hurt" by Johnny Cash begins playing. A super spot shining from BEHIND the curtain blinds the camera giving a negative image in the screen as Retribution steps out and the spot fades out. Clad in all black ring tights, and a neoprene top with red piping and a black leather mask covering his facial features, but letting his hair flow out of it and his chin jut from the bottom. He snaps his head back and then walks to the ring with purpose. He steps over the top rope and drops to a knee as the fog machine smoke fills the ring and then he raises both arms and pyro explodes as he stands, ready for the fight.

BC: Look at him! He's a beast!

TT: He'll need to be Bobby if he wants to beat these two warriors of the ring.

BC: Warriors of the ring? What are you smoking? Are you hanging out with Adams again?

TT: Would you shut up?

Ring Announcer: Our next contestant is a former CWF National Champion! He stands at six foot fives inches tall and weighs in at two hundred seventy-five pounds! CHEMICAL X!

The Lights dim and, a low hue of red begins to flow through the arena as the piano solo of "Run this town/ posthumous zone" by Jay-Z, Rihanna, and ES Posthumous begins to play. Suddenly the Shadow of Gary "Chemical X" Scarletti appears at the top of the entrance ramp backlit by a hue of red lights and Rihanna begins to sing. At 34 seconds at the crest of the crescendo just as Jay Z begins to play a huge explosion of red pyro begins to blast around the arena as red raining sparks rain over Chemical X. Chemical X walks down the entrance ramp staring at the crowd but not saying a word. X climbs into the ring and begins to pace around.

TT: He sure looks ready for this match after that hard fought loss at Valentine's Bash Crane!

BC:This man went toe to toe with Keith Daniels and Brian Adams and but came up a bit short, tonight he's looking to make an example.

TT: Really? Because tonight he's going against one of the number one contenders to the world title, and one of the biggest men in CWF right now. Not the greatest night to pick out of the hat to make an example.

Ring Announcer: And our third contestant! Standing at Six foot three inches tall and weighing in at two hundred thirty-five pounds! From Madison, Wisconsin...TIGE!

"Discotheque" by U2 begins to play as the lights go wild in a array of colors. Tige walks out onto the stage in his street clothes with a mic.

Tige’: Hello CWF!

The crowd begins to chant “Tige’ is #1”!

Tige’: Well, I wanted to say my peace here and while I hold nothing against either you Chemical X or your Retribution….well, besides your associations with the Nitemare, I want to make it perfectly clear to the CWF front offices that this match is a waste of my time. Both of you are not even on the same planet as I am. So, tonight your two will be facing each other….

"Ironman" by Black Sabbith begins to play as Jagermeister walks out onto the stage.

Tige’: …along with JAGERMEISTER!!!!!!!!

Jagermeister begins to walk to the ring with Tige’ following behind him. Jagermeister gets into the ring as Tige walks over to the commentators booth.

Tige’: Hey a**holes. How are you? Mind if I join you?

TT: What did you call us?

BC: Take a seat Tige'!

TT: Jagermeister enters the ring as Chemical X immediately attacks him and we are on our way!

Retribution leans back in the corner for a few moments watching Chemical X and Jagermeister trade fists. Chemical kicks Jagermeister in the gut and sends him to the ropes with an irish whip. Jagermeister bounces off the rope and returns to Chemical X who has jumped high in the air...Lou Thez press! Chemical X is raining down punches upon Jagermeister! Retribution sees his chance and bounces off the ropes and takes off in the direction of Chemical X who is still mounted on top of Jagermeister and connects a boot to Chemical X's face! Chemical X flies off of Jagermeister who rolls out of the ring onto the arena floor!

Tige': Hey! Get back in there and stop slacking off!

TT: Slacking off? You have HIM wrestling YOUR match, and he's slacking off?

BC: Teddy, how many times do I have to tell you? Don't poke the bear.

Retribution picks Chemical X off the canvas by the head and throws him into the corner against the turnbuckle and mashes his face with an elbow! And another! Retribution steps back and measures Chemical X who slowly starts to stumble out of the corner...chop to the throat! Chemical X drops to his knees holding his throat trying to breathe! Retribution wastes no time picking him back up and tosses him out of the ring!

TT: Jagermeister and Chemical X are both down and out of the ring and Retribution is the only one left standing in his debut match!

BC: Not for long Teddy! Jagermeister is sliding back in the ring and sneaking up on Retribution! Forearm to the back of the head!

Tige: Do it again! Crack that f*cking egg!

TT: Would you watch it? We have sponsers you know.

Tige': What's his problem? His vagina bleeding out again?

TT: Hey!

Retribution, unphased by Jager's forearm, turns around and stares Jagermeister in the eyes. Jagermeister takes off and bounces off the ropes and hits him with a shoulder block. Retribution stumbles back a little but still on his feet! Jagermeister takes off again but Retribution catches him by the throat! Jagermeister is struggling as Chemical X makes his way back into the ring and runs at Retribution but he catches X as well!

TT: Anyone care for a ride?

Tige': Anyone care to write this a**hole anymore corny lines for the night?

BC: CHOKESLAM! Retribution with a double choke slam on both Chemical X and Jagermeister and he covers them both!

Tige': Hold my seat for me, I'll be right back.



Tige' slides in the ring and breaks the count by pulling on Retributions foot, taking him off of both Chemical X and Jagermeister! Tige' with an arrogant smile towards an enraged Retribution as he slides out of the ring and returns to the commentators' booth.

TT: What the hell was that?!

BC: The work of a pure genius Teddy! Pure genius!

Tige': Hi guys, you miss me?

Retribution leans over the ropes and starts berating Tige' who holds his hands up and shrugs his shoulders acting as if he has no idea what he's so mad about. Chemical X and Jagermeister are starting to stir and X is up! Chemical X with a chop block to Retribution's knee! He falls to one knee as Chemical X nails him with a drop kick to the face! Retribution falls down to the mat as Jagermeister is up and Chemical X charges him but Jagermeister catches him...spine buster! Chemical X arches his back in pain and rolls out on to the outside apron.

BC: What a spinebuster!

Tige: Ain't it cool?

Jagermeister turns his attention toward Retribution who is pulling himself up from the ropes and leans against the turnbuckles. Jagermeister runs towards Retribution and leaps high in the air and connects with a body splash! Jagermeister backs up and lets Retribution come out of the corner. Jagermeister with a kick to the gut and pulls Retribution in for a DDT!

Retribution is down!

Tige': Excuse me for a second.

TT: Where are you going?!

Tige slides into the ring and covers Retribution! The referee looks confused for a moment before making the count!



Retribution with a kickout and throws Tige' off his body with ease! Tige slides back out of the ring again and returns back to the commentators booth.

TT: What do you think you're doing.

Tige': This is what winners do you dumb son of a...

BC: Okay guys! Calm down! Wow, did that really just come out of my mouth?

Retribution sits up, angered by Tige's pin attempt. He stands up and meet Jagermeister with a straight shot to the face! And another! Retribution trying to obliterate Tige's body guard with fists of fury. Retribution heels back and throws a wild hay maker and drops Jagermeister with ease! Retribution screams out to the crowd, receiving a mixed reaction but X is up on the top rope and waiting for Retribution! Retribution backs up unknowingly and X jumps from the top rope! He wraps his arms around Retributions head and nails him with a bulldog! Chemical X with a cover!



THR! NO! Jagermeister breaks the count with a kick to X's head!

TT: That was close!

Tige': Not close enough.

BC: I second that!

Chemical X is holding the back of his head as Jagermeister starts stomping a hole into Chemical X's chest! Retribution starts shaking off the cob webs and gets back to his feet. Retribution stares at Jagermeister who stares right back. They both stare down at the fallen Chemical X and shrug their shoulders as they both start taking turns stomping him!

TT: Jagermeister and Retribution working as a team now trying to stomp a hole through Chemical X's torso!

BC: Come Scarletti! Get up!

Tige': This is beautiful!

BC: What did you say? That's mine!

Jagermeister continues to stomp him as Retribution runs to the ropes. Retribution bounces off and comes back and nails Jagermeister with a monstrous spear! Jagermeister is down and once again Retribution is the only man standing! Chemical X isn't moving! Retribution grabs Jagermeister and shoves his head under him and wraps his arms around his waist. Retribution pulls him up and positions him for a crucifix powerbomb!

TT: Retribution going for the Final Judgment!

Tige': I'll be back, I'm going to check if Chemical X is still breathing!


Tige' leaves the booth once again and slides into the ring. He makes his way towards Chemical X but Retribution sees Tige' before he can get to him. Retribution drops Jagermeister and nails Tige with a spear! Retribution has Tige' in his grasp and is unleashing hell's fury upon him! Chemical X slowly starts to get up but Jagermeister grabs him and puts him in a clinch! No! Chemical X breaks the clinch and pushes him away. Jagermeister charges him but Chemical X is ready and hits a spinning round house kick!

BC: X'ed out! Jagermeister gets X'ed out!

TT: Chemical X with a cover!





BC: Chemical X wins it!

TT: Retribution is not happy! He had this match well in hand!

BC: Obviously not well enough. You have to give him credit though, if it wasn't for Tige' he would have had Jagermeister down and his hand raised.

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match....CHEMICAL X!!!

Jager and Tige' make their way to the back, followed by Retribution. Chemical X slides out of the ring and looks under the apron. He begins to toss chairs in to the ring.

TT: What the hell is this, Bobby?!

BC: I'm not sure, Teddy!

X makes his way over to the timekeeper's table and grabs a microphone. He slides back in to the ring.

Chemical X: Bob Sickboy, THE TIME IS NOW!

Bob Osbourne and Sickboy march down to the ring with briefcases. Sickboy is carrying two. He tosses one to Chemical X as he climbs in the ring.

Chemical X: Rob Osbourne! I'm calling you out. You can come out here with Retribution, the Wichita Police Department and the Kansas National Guard for all I care but I want you out here NOW!

Chemical X begins to pace around the ring looking at Sickboy and Bobby for confirmation. They nod there heads in approval.

Chemical X: Come on Rob, pick your vagina off the ground and drag your ass out here now! Rob Osbourne...two weeks ago I asked you if you were cutting ties with The said yes and walked away from me. I'm thinking "great, he's left us for dead in our darkest hour" but then the following week you made me question if you were truly leaving us or not when you put that waste of life Tige' on his head in the backstage hallway. I told you at the Valentine Bash I was calling you out ...wait a minute...over here...point the camera right at me. Got it? Good...alright, look here. Rob...we're sitting down right here in the middle of this ring and I dare ANYONE in the back to try and make us leave without Rob Osbourne answering us.

The Horsemen all unfold their chairs and sit in a semi-circle facing the entrance ramp.

Chemical X: A General doesn't leave his troops on the battlefield to die need to come out here and atone for your acti-

"Pain" by Three Days Grace blares through the arena as Rob Osbourne, in a black t-shirt, jeans, and black combat boots with Retribution right on his heels. He slides under the bottom ropes as Retribution steps over them.

Rob Osbourne: Gary...Curtis...Bobby....there comes a time when a man has to take a step back and refocus his perspective. I failed you all. And for that there is no way to say I'm sorry enough. But like I said Gary...The Nitemare's dead....and I've cut ties with ALL THINGS that had to do with him alone. That also means me cutting ties with the hands down, single most dominant stable in the CWF today, The Horsemen...

The Horsemen members all tense up and look as if they will come unglued any second.

Rob Osbourne: Please...guys...hear me out...and will you people please shut up? I mean, you're just being rude now. You might want to listen up, because this has to do with YOU as well. So, if I could have your attention please? Thank you. Like I said, I feel like these things that have been happening to you guys the last few weeks are my fault. While I've been gone, I've had time to give allot of thought to allot of things. There are some of these things going on in the CWF... moreover...with these men right here in this very ring that were an end result of choices I made. And they are things that need to be addressed. One of these is Jimmy Blast, and the fact that he just won't go away. Like the sad old broken down family dog with mainge. You love really do...and you just can't force yourself to have him put down...he won't die...and if you don't act soon, he's going to ruin the carpets. While I do regret the day I dragged him kicking and screaming from Shady Oaks...he continues to make these outlandish claims about us destroying the reputation and tarnishing the image of The Horsemen brand. You know what? He's right.

The crowd gasps as do most of the Horsemen.

Rob Osbourne: The Horsemen were always known as the group of guys who had to pull the dirtiest tricks in the game to pull out a win. The Horsemen were the group that everyone hated because all they did was work the look for the opening then claw their way in. But not these guys. No, these men standing in this ring with me...they're better than that. Any one of these men can be the world champion in the CWF. They don't need to be "the dirtiest players in the game" - they're just THE BEST players in the game. I think it's about time you boys find out what it is you've been carrying around for a week. How about you open those cases. Oh.....the combinations. Each of you enter your date of birth numerically...

Sickboy, Chemical X, and Bob all look at each other in confusion then enter their dates of birth on the dials. Each case pops open and out falls a manilla folder and a black T-shirt. Each man pulls on their respective shirts; all black jobs with a boxed in red F*K on them as Osbourne continues to speak...

Rob Osbourne: You see CWF....these men assembled in this ring and myself, we have witnessed FIRST HAND the destruction of the MWWF, the EWA, the UWL, the TWO, the TWO2, the SAW, the RW, the RWF, the AIW, and the IoA. We've each at one point or another been branded a Fed Killer. On THAT, they are right. Ladies and gentlemen, Jimmy Blast can have his Horsemen. These men...these Fed Killers...THIS is what the future holds for the CWF.

The fans start chanting "BULLSHIT...BULLSHIT...BULLSHIT!" and pelting Osbourne with sodas, beers, nachos, and all other sort of garbage they can find.

Rob Osbourne: I knew you'd feel that way, but as wrestling fans, you don't yet see the error of your ways. If it weren't for the destruction of the MWWF there would be no EWA and there would have never been a first era of the CWF. And if the SAW would have lasted there wouldn't have been a first era of the IoA, nor would the CWF have come back in the asterisk era. And if the CWF hadn't yet folded again there wouldn't have been a second IoA run, and if the IoA hadn't failed again there wouldn't have been another run in SAW, which led to another IoA run, which led to an AIW run, which led to another IoA run, which failed again and led to another CWF run a few years back. Then there was the RW and RWF and then a CWF again. What does it all mean? It means we want to give you ungrateful fans what you crave...a brighter, better tomorrow. And that can only come as a result of the Fed Killers!

Osbourne takes off his leather jacket, revealing the same black shirt with red-lettering. The fans begin booing wildly as "Killing in the name of..." by Rage Against the Machine begins playing and the fans boo wildly, letting go an unrelenting barrage of garbage on the ring as the Fed Killers raise their fists in unison.



TT: We're back ladies and gentlemen! Before we get to our next match...I think it should be brought up that we now know Mariano Fernandez will be defending the Unified Championship against Terry Richards at Night of Champions V: Liftoff!

BC: And what about the main event?! Magnus Thunder will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Tige' and Rob Osbourne in a triple threat match! The champion is going to have one hell of a challenge come Liftoff!

TT: He sure will! Speaking of the's time for our main event!

"If you mad I'm on top, then wish me gone
If you mad I'm on the road, then wish me home
And if you mad that I'm right, punk wish me wrong
But after your three wishes - BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!"

Suddenly, "Blow It Out" by Ludacris blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in both boos and cheers. The lights dim and Keith Daniels makes his way to the stage. Blue spotlights begin to roam about in the crowd while Daniels looks out. Darkness shrouds Daniels as he looks around. He raises a fist and the fireworks begin to blast on the stage, blinding the crowd.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! On his way to the ring... from Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at three hundred forty-six pounds... He is the CWF National Champion… "THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!!!

Daniels begins to walk down the ramp, taunting the fans in the front row. He climbs onto the apron and steps between the ropes and walks to the left turnbuckle. He scans the crowd briefly before spreading his arms wide, inviting the fans to take in his glory. He climbs down and walks to the other side of the ring, a smirk on his face. Once again climbing the turnbuckle, he begins to shout at the fans in the front row and point to himself as he again opens his arms to the crowd. He hops down again, turns around, and begins to nonchalantly lean against the turnbuckle, awaiting the start of the match as his music fades out.

TT: Alright! One champion in the ring…And here comes the beast!

The lights flicker off to the sound of distant thunder. Lightning flashes across the entrance as the instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative grinds into the air. Through a shower of sparks walks the titanic frame of Magnus Thunder.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from Jotunheim, Norway! Weighing in at five hundred pounds, he is the CWF World Heavyweight Champion… MAGNUS THUNDER!!!

Magnus strides to the ring with a cold stare and sinister eyes, stepping over the top rope and into his corner, staring at Keith Daniels. The crowd boos like a swarm of bees from hell.


TT: And here we go! Keith Daniels quickly charges at Magnus Thunder with a flurry of fists! Irish whip, Magnus counters, and Keith is clocked with a big boot to the face!

Magnus Thunder roars to the crowd, which answers back with a chorus of boos. As Keith slowly gets to his feet, he is thrown back down with a huge clothesline!

TT: What a clothesline! Keith quickly rolling to his own two feet…Just to get caught by another!

With the strong impact from the clothesline, Daniels flies through the air and lands on his neck.

BC: Damn, that must’ve hurt!

TT: What are you expecting? It’s Magnus Thunder! Magnus right on the offensive…LEG DROP! He’s got to have crushed Keith’s chest!

Magnus Thunder violently grabs Keith’s head and tosses him like a ragdoll into the top turnbuckle, head-first.

TT: Daniels is being totally manhandled here! Magnus keeps slamming his head against the turnbuckle, the referee is forced to stop this!



As an answer to the count, Magnus starts hitting Daniels’ back with his knees as he keeps slamming his head in the turnbuckle.


TT: Watch out, Magnus, you may wind up disqualified!


TT: But Magnus releases the hold! Uh-oh, seems like he’s not too pleased with the referee…

Magnus grabs the referee by the throat and stared at him. The referee tries to squeeze out of his hold, in pure panic, and Magnus shoves him away. The official falls to the mat and slowly starts getting up.

BC: Magnus, turn around…Surprise! Keith Daniels with a bionic elbow! Daniels is back in the game…

TT: Kick to the gut! The CWF World Champion is holding to his stomach… Keith jumps over him, trying to go for a victory roll!

BC: Ha! Not to Magnus, he isn’t!

TT: Magnus grabs him by the neck, lifts him up for a ride… CHOKESLAM! The cover, this could be it…




BC: This was nearly the end! Aw!

TT: True, Bobby, but Keith Daniels has still some energy left!

Magnus picks up the debilitated Keith Daniels and whips him against the ropes.

TT: Keith Daniels bounces off the ropes, Magnus grabs his legs…Back body drop!

BC: That was intense…But what were you expecting, it’s Magnus Thunder!

TT: Look at Keith Daniels, stumbling to his knees…

Magnus gets close to him and stares him down. Daniels is still dazed. Magnus raises his hand, wide open, and motions to slap Keith Daniels in the face…

TT: Magnus Thunder is going to despicably smack the holy hell out of Daniels…No! Daniels ducks it, jumps…DDT! He got the big man into the ground!

BC: That’s why he’s the Dangerous One, Teddy!

Keith Daniels slowly spins towards Magnus and drapes an arm over him! The cover…


TT: And Magnus quickly swipes Daniels’ arm away! How disrespectful!

BC: Who cares? He’s the damn CWF World Champion, he’s the pinnacle of success, he’s the greatest big man in the entire history of this world, he does what he wants when he wants!

TT: It seems he’s still got a little more gas in his tank!

Both slowly crawl to their feet, but Keith Daniels straightens himself up slightly quicker. As soon as Magnus gets ready, he starts sprinting towards Daniels…

TT: Here comes a clothesline… NO!

Daniels lowers the top rope and swiftly hits a drop toe hold on Magnus, who loses his balance and flies into the other side of the apron.

BC: But he’s not totally gone from the ring yet! Look out!

Magnus furiously gets a hold of Keith’s neck, looking for another chokeslam…



Keith Daniels lands right on the edge of the announcer’s table spine-first. The front rows all get on their feet to see what happened. Keith slides into the matting below and screams in pain. Magnus Thunder climbs off the apron.

TT: Magnus is a crazed beast!

BC: I’d love to see Terry Richards versus Magnus, sounds like a little psychotic!

TT: There you are with your mancrushes.

BC: Shut your damn mouth, would you? Magnus Thunder looking for some more damage, but he’s got to be quick, or else he’s going to get counted out!


Magnus Thunder completely disregards the referee’s count and grabs Keith Daniels.


TT: Magnus brings Daniels to his feet…RAMS him against the announcer’s table!

BC: I think Daniels is hurt badly here…But who cares?!


Magnus gets a secure hold of Keith Daniels…

TT: Keith…SLAMMED INTO THE RING POST! He looks like a ragdoll!

BC: Everyone does to the hands of Magnus Thunder, Teddy!


Magnus Thunder grabs the steel steps and throws them easily into the ground.

TT: Look at that power!


BC: Magnus needs to be careful with that count, but he’s completely unnoticing it!

Magnus Thunder grabs Keith Daniels’ head and throws him directly into the barricade, further damaging his back.


TT: OUCH! Keith Daniels’ back is severely injured! Someone’s got to stop this!

BC: What are you talking about, Teddy? It’s a wrestling match!


TT: Well, it looks to me that Magnus has noticed the count…

Magnus Thunder rolls under the bottom rope and stares at the referee, angered.

BC: Being a CWF Referee is worse than being Mariano Fernandez! And THAT, sir, is bad!

TT: Magnus Thunder grabs the referee by the throat… He’s threatening him! That official has got to be careful with Magnus…

As Magnus turns around to exit the ring again, he is met with a jawbreaker from Keith Daniels, using the ropes.

TT: And Keith Daniels is back in the game!

As Magnus holds his throat in pain, Keith Daniels takes a chance…

BC: What is Keith Daniels about to do here? WOW!


The crowd goes absolutely wild. Keith uses the ropes to slowly get to his feet.

BC: Keith just staring at Magnus Thunder, waiting for the CWF World Champion to get up…

TT: Magnus is still dazed, turns around… Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!

Keith Daniels is trying to lift Magnus Thunder into a Final Verdict. The crowd goes completely insane.


Keith Daniels surrenders to the pressure and falls to the mat, Magnus Thunder landing directly on top of him. Whispers of disappointment can be heard from the crowd, but the fans lighten up when realizing that Magnus Thunder is going for the pinfall…




TT: Keith Daniels just won’t give up here!

Magnus is awfully frustrated.

TT: Magnus grabs Keith Daniels’ head… KNOCKOUT PUNCH! What a well-measured strike to The Dangerous One’s face!

BC: I think he injured Daniels’ nose! Now he’s got his back and his nose screwed up! Got to love the beast!!

TT: He hasn’t released his head…Uh-oh! MAGNUS IS GOING FOR THE THUNDERSTORM!

The crowd starts booing heavily as Magnus grabs Keith tight…

TT: Magnus lifts him up, taking Keith to the ride of his life…

BC: Look at Keith! He looks like a goddamn puppy, struggling to escape! Give it up, Daniels, you’re going to get squashed!


Magnus easily gets him up, ready for another…


Magnus, now with a little more difficulty, lifts him up in the air…

TT: And here comes the THIRD ONE!

BC: What the hell? Magnus isn’t moving! Come on, Magnus! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL!

TT: Look at that! He isn’t moving because Keith has locked in headscissors! He’s struggling to breathe!

BC: Not now, damnit! I don’t want the lousy CWF National Champion to beat the WORLD Champion! For god’s sake, Magnus, straighten up and beat the holy hell out of that guy!

TT: Keith is slaying the giant! Look at that, he’s taking the air out of Magnus!

Magnus is slowly succumbing to the headlock, breathless.

TT: The giant is coming down…Oh my god, I can’t believe this! THE GIANT FALLS! MAGNUS THUNDER IS GROUNDED!

BC: But he isn’t going to tap out! There’s no way!

TT: Indeed, he’s just unconscious! Keith Daniels has realized that… And he releases the hold!

Keith Daniels is tired. He raises his arm in pain and in victory to a big reaction from the crowd.

TT: The crowd is on Daniels’ side!

BC: Magnus! Magnus!

TT: Keith Daniels slowly tries to lift Magnus Thunder… He’s going to try the Final Verdict again!

BC: It’s even worse, smartass! Magnus is now deadweight!

TT: Keith Daniels…Wait a second, he stops! HE GAVE UP TRYING! What the hell?!

It looks like Keith Daniels suddenly had a brilliant idea. He climbs to the top rope, a smirk on his face. As soon as Magnus notices he’s on the top rope, Magnus climbs to the ropes, trying to battle Keith Daniels.

TT: This is not working out…Keith Daniels in a very precarious position here! But…What the hell is he doing?

Keith, extremely agile, flies over Magnus’ head and lands on his feet.

TT: Now he’s on the ground…Magnus is turning around to face him, but he’s a big guy…

BC: Oh my god…I get what he’s going to do! You’ve got to be kidding me!

TT: Oh no… OH NO!

As Magnus turns around, Keith Daniels captures him in a fireman’s carry position.


BC: Come on, Magnus, get out of it!


The crowd goes absolutely insane. Keith slowly turns Magnus around and drapes an arm over his chest, both men out of gas in their tanks.

TT: The cover!






BC: YES! Thank god Keith Daniels isn’t winning this thing!

Keith Daniels, extremely annoyed, gets up and raises his arms. The crowd cheers.

TT: It looks to me that Keith Daniels is about to finish this!

BC: What else can he do, Teddy! He’s already hit the Final Verdict! If Magnus doesn’t surrender with that, what can make him surrender?

TT: That’s what we’re about to find out! Keith awaiting Magnus to rise, Magnus to his feet, turns around… SPEAR! NO!!

BC: Magnus countered! Yes!

TT: Magnus brutally tossed Keith Daniels shoulder-first into the ring-post!

Daniels gets back to his feet, turns around…

TT: Magnus got him by the neck!

Daniels’ efforts of escaping are fruitless…

TT: Chokeslam! He connects it! Both men are down from exhaustion!


TT: Neither man is moving!




TT: Magnus Thunder is moving! Daniels is still down!


TT: Magnus using the ropes to pull himself up! And Magnus is slowly moving too!


TT: Magnus is ahead of Daniels!

BC: This match is going to be over!


TT: Magnus to his feet! He’s got Keith Daniels’ head…


TT: Magnus Thunder takes him for a ride! Here we…What the hell?

BC: Rob Osbourne! He’s here to save the match!

Rob Osbourne, to a huge chorus of boos, nonchalantly makes his way out to the stage.

TT: Osbourne is here!

Magnus turns his attention to Osbourne. He waves for Osbourne to come to the ring, but Osbourne just stands, watching on. Magnus turns back to Daniels...


BC: Rob Osbourne SCREWED Magnus Thunder! Good Osbourne!






TT: That's it, Bobby! For the second time...Keith Daniels has defeated the World Heavyweight Champion!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...the CWF National Champion..."THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!!!

Osbourne stands on the stage, clapping at the performance. The referee hands Daniels his championship, and Daniels poses for the crowd. Magnus rolls out of the ring.

TT: The champ has to be pissed! Osbourne caused the that costed Magnus the match!

BC: Now, that's not fair, Teddy! Daniels beat Magnus...he didn't cheap. Magnus wasn't attacked! Daniels accomplished something that Osbourne failed to do at Last Man Standing! He's done something that Tige' has yet to technically do! He's beaten the champion!

Magnus brings himself to his feet, staring up the aisle at a smiling Osbourne.

TT: We're out of time, folks! See you next week!

Daniels stands on the turnbuckle holding the National Championship high in to the air as Osbourne and Magnus continue to stare at each other.

Fade to black.