One week ago... The world watched as a sadistic World Champion brought a ruthless contender to mercy. An act of evil, threatening the family of Adams. The Horsemen officially died, only to see the rise of The Fed Killers. A shocking victory crowned new World Tag Team Champions. Another punched his ticket to Liftoff, officially become the contender for the Unified Championship. And as the night came to an end...the National Champion pinned the World Champion for a second time in a month...

One week later... the night... Fed Killer member Sickboy finds himself in a match against number one contender, Tige'! the night... That the 2010 Last Man Standing winner fights to continue his role as he takes on Yoshiru Long... the night... James Baker is given the golden opportunity of a lifetime, a match against Keith Daniels for the National Championship! the final night... For the last time, the 2009 breakout star Mariano Fernandez will step in to the ring with the World Heavyweight Champion Magnus Thunder! the night...

This is CWF...

This is...

Fireworks and pyro furiously blast off at the entrance stage. The sold out crowd all look to the entrance as they erupt in overwhelming cheers. The fireworks and pyro begin to die down as all attention is turned to the commentator's table, Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane sitting at ringside.

TT: Hello everybody and welcome to Sat...

Before Teddy can finish, the lights in the arena go out. Thunder cracks violently as lightning strikes upon the entrance stage. The instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative hits the arena as the crowd erupts in overwhelming boos. Lightning strikes the stage again as Magnus Thunder makes his way out to the entrance, World Heavyweight Championship draped across his shoulder.

TT: Looks like we're going to kick things off with the World Heavyweight Champion here tonight, Bobby!

BC: It should be interesting to hear what he has to say after last week!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the World Heavyweight Champion...MAGNUS THUNDER!!!

Magnus stops on the stage. He glances to his left and to his right at the booing crowd. He lifts the championship high in to the air as lightning strikes the stage one more time. Magnus drapes the championship over his shoulder again and slowly makes his way down the aisle. He climbs up to the apron and enters the ring. Magnus quickly tears the microphone away from the ring announcer as the lights start to return to normal. The ring announcer quickly climbs out of the ring as Magnus' music fades out. Before Magnus can begin to speak, Adams rushes down the aisle and slides under the bottom rope! He spears the champion, taking him down to the mat and drills him with right after right.

TT: It's Adams! Magnus didn't even have time to speak!

BC: Adams with vengeance on his mind after last week, Teddy!

TT: Magnus is finally able to force Adams off of him! He gets back to his feet and returns the attack with rights of his own!

BC: What an explosive start!

TT: Adams ducks under a right! Magnus turns back to Adams...boot to the gut! Adams grabs Magnus with a front facelock and lays in to him with a series of kidney shots! And here comes security!

Security rushes in to the ring to break up Adams and Magnus. Adams starts to fight off security, hitting member after member with hard rights. A couple of the security members hold Magnus back, but he breaks free from them and comes at Adams again, tackling him to the ground.

TT: I think we need more security, Bobby!

BC: Ask and you shall receive! More security coming to the ring now!

TT: Jesus, Bobby! There has to be about twenty members of our security team out there!

BC: Adams and Magnus are still trying to fight off security!

TT: Security has finally separated these two, and it looks like they're going to escort both men to the back!

BC: What a start to tonight's show!

TT: Detroit is in for one hell of a show, Bobby! And these fans, they're already on their feet here in a sold out Joe Louis Arena! And can you blame them?! We have such an incredible show on hand tonight...including Tige' going one on one with Sickboy!

BC: A match that I expect to be nothing short of great! Sickboy took Brian Adams to the limit, and this week...he faces one of the two number one contenders! A win for him tonight will be monumental for his career, Teddy! But he has one hell of a challenge tonight! Last week, we saw Tige' compete in a triple threat match that say the least! Jagermeister took over in the match for Tige'...but Tige' was still sliding in to make the covers! And even in loss, when you think about wasn't Tige' who was Jagermeister! Will the contender get the victory tonight and build momentum going in to Liftoff? Or will he be upset by the former National Champion and current Fed Killer...Sickboy! We'll find out later tonight!

TT: And what about Yoshiru long and Brian Adams? One has punched his ticket to SuperCard...the other things that he belongs in the main event!

BC: I can't stand the whining that Yoshiru does...but it worked for him last week, Teddy! Tonight he'll have his hands full as he goes one on one with the man who has been undefeated since his return! And like Yoshiru or hate him, he has shown that he's done better since the change in attitude. But will that be enough to defeat the man who has been bulldozing through all of the competition? Only time will tell!

TT: I personally can't wait for that match, Bobby! In addition to that, Keith Daniels will defend the National Championship against James Baker!

BC: We watched a shocking upset last week as Da Xtreme Dynasty overcame the odds and won the Tag Team Championship! Tonight, James Baker has a chance to add gold to this group...but to do it, he has to take down a man who has defeated the World Heavyweight Champion twice! Will we see the crowning of a new National Champion tonight? Or will Keith Daniels continue to dominate?

TT: The main event, Bobby...what about the main event? We are once again going to see Mariano Fernandez take on Magnus Thunder!

BC: Their first match was epic! The match was stopped due to Mariano's inability to defend himself...but he put up one hell of a fight! Their second match was a slight bit different. It ended in a no contest. But that's what brings us to tonight! One final final match. Can Mariano overcome the odds and defeat the World Heavyweight Champion? Or will the champion turn his luck around just two weeks before defending his title at Liftoff? Only one way to find out, Teddy...

TT: All of that tonight and much more! But let's go to the ring for the re-debut of Ricky Chambers!


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, standing at 6’1’’ and weighing in at 230 pounds… RICKY CHAMBERS!!!

“Oh Canada” by Classified hits as the crowd receives Ricky Chambers with cheers while he makes his way to the ring.

TT: It’s surely great to see Ricky Chambers again in the CWF Crane!

BC: It’s even better to see him beat the crap out of that little *beep* Kyle Sync!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent… from Warsaw, Poland, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 275 pounds… KYLE SYNC!!!

Kyle Sync, visibly scared, comes down the aisle to tremendous booing and jeering from the crowd. After stopping for a second, he tries to back up and retreat… only to bump against Kodiak Winters, who shoves him forward. Realizing his destiny, Kyle Sync enters the ring while Chambers is nonchalantly expecting.


TT: And here we go folks, this match is underway!

BC: I’m officially offended that you call this a match!

TT: You’re probably right Crane, but here’s a suplex by Chambers! And Kyle Sync is down!

BC: And Chambers picks him up with another suplex! Kyle Sync is nearly out of it. I say make the cover!

TT: Apparently he heard you Crane, and here we go!



TT: NO! Chambers breaks the count!

Chambers looks visibly offended at Kyle Sync.

BC: Look at Chambers’ expression of contempt! And I believe I’m with him!

TT: For once, Bobby Crane, I’ll agree with you! And there’s Chambers’ signature move!

BC: Canadian Cloverleaf! And Kyle Sync is screaming like the *BEEP* he is!

Ricky Chambers locks the Cloverleaf and holds it for a long time while Kyle Sync’s screams for mercy echo throughout the arena. He is about to tap out, when Chambers breaks the hold in the middle of the ring.

TT: Why did he do that!? Kyle Sync was about to tap!

BC: I think I have the answer to that, Turnbuckle! He picks up Kyle Sync, boot to the gut, he’s got him in the underhook position…

TT: Canadian Chaos! And Kyle Sync is out cold!

BC: Another one for good measure, and this is it!

Ricky Chambers makes the nonchalant pin.





Ring Announcer: Here’s your winner… RICKY CHAMBERS!!!

Ricky Chambers’ music hits once again as he celebrates and the crowd cheers him on for dismantling Kyle Sync.

TT: I’d call that the chronicle of an announced death.

BC: Well thank you, Captain Obvious!

TT: We have to take a break ladies and gentlemen! When we'll be our second debut of the night as Death Squad takes on The Masters Of Pain!


TEAM…PAIN! Blasts through the P.A. system and a big bang exploded in the direct middle of the stage! After a lengthy silence the opening riff of Bulls on Parade by Rage against the Machine blasts out of the P.A…

Ring Announcer: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first at a combined weight of 570 lbs, making their unprecedented Classic Wrestling Federation debut, Rydogg & Jack Reid, THE MASTERS OF PAIN!

Rydogg pulls the top rope down and steps over the rope. Jack Reid climbs up the turnbuckle and does the signature Raven pose on the second rope. When in the ring Rydogg raises both arms with his middle & ring fingers not raised while Jack Reid is on his knees doing the same thing.

TT: Well, Bobby, this is the latest team to arrive to the CWF roster.

BC: Doesn’t look THAT bad. I mean, can’t be worse than losing to Double Dragons…

“Take this Life” by In Flames hits the PA system. Death Squad comes out, running to the ring in a hurry.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents…From Brooklyn, New York… DEATHSQUAD!

Death Squad waste no time sliding under the bottom rope.


TT: And here we go, this tag team match that pits the famous DEATHSQUAD against the CWF newcomers, on their first match, The Masters of Pain!

BC: Eh. Sounds like this may be mildly interesting.

TT: Bruno getting a hold of Rydogg, the rookie…Headlock takedown! Rydogg gets up…Powerslam!

BC: Another rookie tag team getting dominated? Is this every week? Geez.

TT: Bruno irish whips Rydogg into the ropes, Rydogg bounces back… HIP TOSS! And Bruno is in total control of this match!

Bruno smiles, lifts Rydogg up and lifts him over his shoulder…

TT: Bruno going for something here…SNAKE EYES! Rydogg turns around…ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE SKULL! Rydogg is down!

BC: And Bruno tags in the big man! TJ is in this match!

TT: TJ gets a hold of Rydogg… MILLITARY PRESS!

BC: Oh my god…The punchbag of the century!

TT: TJ with an elbow to the back of the head! Rydogg has had zero offence since this match begun! The poor guy!

BC: Poor?! He should’ve prepared himself better! HA!

TT: Look at TJ… He’s just mocking Rydogg… Belly to belly suplex! Rydogg is down yet again!

BC: Come on, people, chant! Punchbag! Punchbag! Punchbag!

TT: TJ grabs Rydogg’s head and strikes with a full powered fist to the nose! I think he broke Rydogg’s nose!

BC: These people get into wrestling without knowing what it is about, Teddy!

TT: TJ lifting Rydogg up again, for the SEVENTH time in this match… Tosses him against the ropes, here we go…ZERO! THE BIG BOOT CONNECTS EARLY IN THIS MATCH!

BC: But look at Jack Reid, he’s snapped! Here he comes...AHA! He can’t inflict any damage to the monster, TJ!

TT: TJ turns around, furious…CLOTHESLINE! Bruno has entered this match, TJ pulls Jack Reid to his feet, scoops him for a violent ride, Bruno’s there to assist! DEATH FROM ABOVE! TJ HITS IT! THE COVER!!





BC: What the hell? The match is over already?!

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners...TJ and Bruno...DEATH SQUAD!!!

TT: Another rookie team who isn’t lucky, right here on Saturday Night Showdown.

BC: Teddy…I’ve got it. Hey, Tommy Bishop? Yes, you on the other side? You’ve got to book this. Kyle Sync & Jay Matthews versus The Masters of Pain versus 2Dimensional. Come on, little man… It fits your show just nicely!


We cut backstage to see an irate Brian Adams roaming the halls. A couple of the superstars and stagehands stand in the hallway as Adams makes his way through. Adams quickly lunges at Leon Lonewolf, forcing him up against the wall.

Brian Adams: Magnus Thunder! Where the hell is he?!

Leon Lonewolf: I don't know. I haven't seen him!

Adams releases Lonewolf and continues his walk down the hall. He sees Donnelly and rushes up to him. He presses Donnelly up against the wall.

Brian Adams: Magnus Thunder!

DD: Th...That way!

Adams shove Donnelly aside and quickly makes his way down the hall in the direction that Donnelly points. He makes his way to another stagehand and forces him against the wall.

Brian Adams: Where is he?!

Stagehand: Who?!

Adams pulls the stagehand off the wall and throws him with force in to the wall. The stagehand collapses to the ground. Adams picks him back up and tosses him in to the wall again. He angrily continues his way down the hall and kicks open the emergency exit to enter the parking lot.

Brian Adams: MAGNUS! Where the hell are you?!

We cut back to the commentator's table.

TT: It looks like Adams is searching for the champion, Bobby!

BC: He definitely looks pissed! Magnus better hope that Adams doesn't find him!


Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Lilly Sparks….from Cleveland, Ohio, now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, standing six feet and six inches, and weighing in at two hundred and forty-seven pounds...MIKE LASZLO!!

"Voices" by Rev Theory blasts in the arena as Mike Laszlo walks out to the stage, hand in hand with Lilly Sparks by his side. The two stand atop the stage and slowly lookout into the crowd, devilish grins coming across their faces as they take in the boos of the crowd. They look at each other and share a kiss, smiling at one another before they head down the ramp as the song continues. He makes his way up the steps and enters as Lilly makes her way over to the corner.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent….

The BlairVision Theme kicks in the arena as the crowd echoes with cheers. The Ruler steps out to the stage. Blair poses for his Ruler Rooters before making his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: …standing six feet five inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy-five pounds, hailing from River Falls, Wisconsin...he is a former CWF Tag Team Champion, a former CWF National Champion, a former three time CWF Unified Champion, a former TWO time CWF World Champion and he is the only ACTIVE IN RING CWF HALL OF FAMER…"THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!

Blair makes it over to the steps, using them to enter the ring. He poses one last time for his Ruler Rooters before his music fades out. Blair turns his attention to Mike Laszlo and sizes him up as the ref calls for the bell.


TT: And this one is under way. The Hall of Famer Blair ties up with Laszlo who quickly gains the advantage and ducks behind Blair…big belly to back suplex and The Ruler goes down hard!

BC: That’s not fair to Blair…come on Paulie…make this punk kiss the hand!!

TT: You off your meds again Crane?

BC: What the hell is that supposed to mean?!?

TT: One week you loathe Paul Blair, the next week you love Paul Blair. You’re about as consistent as Canada’s men’s hockey team!

BC: Touché’…Blair back on his feet now and he does not look impressed.

TT: He should. That was a textbook suplex by Laszlo.

BC: Blair ties back up with Laszlo…NO…Blair fakes the tie-up and kicks Laszlo right in the mid section!! Quick snap DDT by The Ruler!!

TT: And Blair is getting some momentum going…Laszlo back to his feet, charges Blair…hip toss by Blair sends Laszlo down on to his backside.

BC: And the former world champion is on a roll. Blair over to Laszlo…grabs Mike by the arm and Irish whips him into the ropes…but Laszlo springboards off the ropes catching Blair in the chin with a reverse elbow.

TT: And just like that the tide turns and the CWF newcomer has the Hall of Famer reeling! A left by Laszlo…a right by Laszlo…a left, a right, a left, a right…and Blair rocks back on his heels….

BC: …and Blair fires back with a desperation clothesline! Don’t count ole Blair out yet…

TT: But Laszlo kips up and Blair cannot believe his eyes!!!

BC: Neither can I. This Mike Laszlo is for real Teddy. I mean, last week when he lost to Hudson I had all but written him off…but now…now I don’t know. I may have been wrong.

TT: Imagine that. Laszlo ties back up with Blair and a power struggle ensues….and FINALLY Laszlo gains control and Irish whips Blair into the ropes…and Blair on the rebound now…Laszlo heaves Blair up on his shoulder like a Dominator, then swings him down into a facebuster across his knee…

BC: That wasn’t just any old facebuster…that was Malicious Intent Teddy Turnbuckle, and you can stick a fork in Blair…he’s done.

TT: This may in fact be all she wrote…cover by Laszlo…1……2…Thre…


TT: Really? Did Blair kick out? Bobby, trust me man, it’s time to switch to decaf!

BC: Smart ass.

TT: Better than being a dumb ass…Laszlo is arguing with the ref that it was a slow count. Meanwhile, Paul Blair is getting back to his feet.

BC: Laszlo sees him and sprints towards him, but Blair sidesteps Laszlo and uses Mike’s momentum to send him flying over the top ropes out to the arena floor.

TT: Lilly checks on Mike as Blair moves towards the ropes.

Just then ‘Dead Horse’ by GNR plays and Blair stops dead in his tracks and slowly turns his head towards the entrance ramp expecting Israel Steele to be on his way to the ring to interfere in yet another of his matches. Instead of seeing Steele, the music cuts out and the jumbo screen comes up from black to show Dan Hudson standing in Paul Blair’s dressing room covered in blood, with blood all over the walls and mirror. Maniacal laughter is heard followed by the voice of Robin Cradle coming over the PA.

Robin Cradle: Paul….I love you. Now, forever, and always….

Then the screen goes to static as a female scream is heard. Blair looks on in disbelief as Laszlo, with Lilly’s help, rolls back in the ring and sneaks up right behind Blair.

BC: What in the hell is going on?

TT: If I didn’t know better, I’d wager that Hudson may have just killed Robin Cradle!

BC: No! No! No!

TT: Didn’t know you were such a Robin Cradle fan Bobby.

BC: Not that you twit…look!

Laszlo comes up from behind Blair and hits him with a Sunset Cutter, then floats over and locks in a Crippler Crossface.

TT: Sickening maneuver by Mike Laszlo, and what’s this? Some sort of submission hold?

BC: Well Teddy, before the deal can be closed, you have to have the Down Payment!!!

TT: And Blair is tapping out! This one is over!!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner….MIKE LASZLO!!!!

“Voices” by Rev Theory sparks up as Lilly meets Mike in the ring and they celebrate his hard earned victory over the one time face of the CWF.

TT: Tough loss for Paul Blair here tonight, but it wasn’t exactly a cut and dry defeat was it Bobby?


We cut to Terry Richards, with a very distraught look. He’s wearing the same old dark tuxedo suit, and very neat dark sunglasses. He’s holding a paper on his left hand, and a Desert Eagle gun on his right hand.

Terry Richards: Well…[Sighs]…The moment has finally come. Ladies and gentlemen, what I am about to read comes from the bottom of my heart. Please listen closely, and please respect me for once.

Terry coughs, grabs the paper, clears his throat, and reads.

Terry Richards: “To nobody. Speaking from the tongue of an experienced wrestler who obviously would rather be an emasculated, infantile complainee… This note should be pretty easy to understand. All the warnings from the terrorizing factions over the years, it's my first introduction to the, shall we say, ethics involved with independence and the embracement of your community has been proven to be very true. I haven't felt the excitement of wrestling, as well as actually booking it, along with really doing something for too many years now. I feel guilty beyond words about these things, for example when I and my boys are backstage and the lights go out and the manic jeering of the crowd begins. It doesn't affect me in the way which it did for Mariano Fernandez, who seemed to love and relish the love and admiration from the crowd, which is something I totally admire and envy. The fact is, I can't fool you any longer, any of you. It simply isn't fair to you, or to me.”

TT: Wait a second…I think I heard that somewhere else…

Terry Richards: “The worst crime, a crime worse than everything I’ve ever did, would be to pull people off ONCE AGAIN by faking it, pretending as if I'm having one 100% fun. Sometimes I feel like I should have a punch-in time clock before I walk out on-stage. I've tried everything within my power to appreciate it, and I do, God believe me, I do, but it's not enough. I appreciate the fact that I, and we, have pissed off, and entertained a lot of people. I must be one of the narcissists who only appreciate things when they're alone. I'm too sensitive; I need to be slightly numb in order to regain the enthusiasm. But, what's sad is my family. On our last four months, I've had a much better appreciation of all the people I've known personally, and as fans of our music. But I still can't get out the frustration, the guilt, and the lack of sympathy I have for everybody. There is good in all of us, and I simply love my family too much. So much that it makes me feel too fucking sad. The sad little sensitive unappreciative bossy combination guys! Why don't you just enjoy it? I don’t know!”

TT: That sounds like…Oh my god…That’s a version of KURT COBAIN’S SUICIDE NOTE! THAT EXPLAINS THE GUN! OH MY GOD!!

BC: NO!! NO!! NO!!

Terry Richards: I have two young, fresh siblings who sweat ambition and empathy, and an adopted sister who reminds me too much of what I use to be… Full of love and joy. Every person she meets, everyone is good and will do her no harm. And that wakes “something” inside of me to the point to where I can barely function. I can't stand the thought of Hikari becoming the miserable, self destructive, insane maniac her dysfunctional brother became. I have everything in this world, everything in perfect conditions, and I'm grateful, but since the age of twelve – perhaps prior to that age - , I've become hateful towards all humans in general, and hated by them. Only because it seems so easy for people to get along and have empathy… Empathy only because I love and feel for people too much I guess. Thank you from the pit of my burning nauseas stomach for your few letters and concern during the last years. I'm too much of a neurotic, moody person and I don't have the passion anymore, so bear this in your mind, it's better to burn out, than to fade away. Mariana and Hikari, I'll be at your altar. Please keep going, Mariana, for the rest of the family and for Israel Steele, for their life which will be so much happier without me. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU!”

TT: Oh my god…Don’t do it, Terry! The FCC’s going to sue us!


TT: Wait a second…Bobby, are you crying?


Terry Richards: Peace…

Terry opens the gun and inserts a bullet into it…

Terry Richards: Love…

Terry puts the loaded gun near to his head…

Terry Richards: Empathy…

The trigger is ready…Cut to the baffled, yet sorrowful crowd…Cut to Teddy, who is in absolute shock…Cut to Bobby Crane, who is discretely wiping the tears out of the corners of his eyes... But Terry throws the gun away!

Terry Richards: AGENT TYLER COBAIN!!!

Terry grabs a poster out of nowhere featuring him in the center, red tone glowing around him with the title “Agent Cobain” and the chorus of “Suck It” by Blownload plays in the background.

Terry Richards: You all cried out, didn’t you? Poor little kids…You’d miss me too hard. I’m AGENT Cobain, not old putrid Kurt Cobain. I’m your latest action hero. I play the role of Agent Tyler Cobain, an undercover CIA agent who is infiltrated in a New York mafia family. They sell crack and more other drugs to small gangs across the darkest neighborhoods of New York. I’m going to blow all their brains off…Because I’m the man.

Clips from Agent Cobain follow. Terry Richards, with a suspicious look, playing Poker with an old Mafia Godfather. Terry Richards, on top of a roof, dramatically ends a drug deal with a sniper rifle by killing both men. Scenes from battles, gunfights, confrontations, a battle between the gangs, the Mafia, and the CIA… And then, to end it all, Terry pointing his gun at the Mafia Godfather, who has a gun pointed back, and exclaiming…

Terry Richards: It’s all down to us two now.

“Agent Cobain! On the cinemas this Summer… OR WHEN IT DAMN WELL PLEASES TERRY”

The crowd and the announcers are still completely baffled. Cut back to Terry Richards.

Terry Richards: Oh, and if you thought the beef between me and my brothers was real…We screwed you again!

Chris, Alex, Israel, Hikari and Mariana all come to the screen and celebrate, always shoving the poster down the fans’ throats.

Terry Richards: You’re going to watch this, bitches! IT’S BETTER THAN KARATE PRIEST!

Terry smirks, confident, and celebrates with the rest of the Legion of Shadows as we return to the commentator's table.

TT: Wow…Terry scared the hell out of me!

BC (Struggling to regain his breath): …You're telling me!

TT: We're back! Ladies and gentlemen, if you're just joining us, Brian Adams has been on a search for Magnus Thunder after the actions from last week! He attacked Magnus at the top of the show, but security broke it up!

BC: We also saw the debut of Ricky Chambers...a dominant performance as he defeated Kyle Sync!

TT: Mike Laszlo got the biggest win of his career so far as he defeated Hall of Famer, Paul Blair! It may not have been by the most honest methods...but it's an impressive win nonetheless!

BC: And what about what we saw before we went to commercial! Terry Richards convincing us that he was about to commit suicide! Of course, I knew better...but I could tell that you fell for it, Teddy!

TT: You were scared...we all know it, Bobby!

BC: Whatever...

TT: Up next...Eddie Noble will go one on one with Hudson! Let's head to the ring!


Ring announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Cincinnati, Ohio, standing at 5’ 9’’ and weighing in at 236 pounds… HUDSON!

“Debonair” by the Afghan Whigs hits as a bloodied Hudson makes his way to the ring with a certain difficulty, to the crowd’s cheers.

TT: And here comes Hudson, he doesn’t look in his best shape…

BC: Would you expect him to after the assault he suffered by the hands of Israel Steele?

TT: Indeed, but still it takes a great amount of testicular fortitude to come down to the ring after that!

BC: Not gonna help you pull of the W here!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from New York City, New York, standing at 6’2’’ and weighing in at 240 pounds… HE IS “THE NATURAL”… EDDIE NOBLE!

"Just" by Radiohead begins to play as a light is directed on the videotron. Noble walks through the curtain and stands under the light. Noble struts down the ramp, smirking and taunting at the fans. He walks up the steel steps, walks to the middle of the apron and looks at all the fans booing him. He then gets into the ring and spreads his arms in the middle of the ring.

BC: This guy has been impressive in the last match, but he came up short by very little! Can’t wait to see what he’ll do right now!

TT: It appears the ref has heard you, Crane!


TT: And here we go! Noble gets the upper hand with a clothesline to Hudson!

BC: Great impact! Hudson is down!

TT: Hudson now trying to get up as Noble stalks him… Noble is near and bam! Great hit to the gut by Hudson!

BC: Lucky shot!

TT: Maybe so, but now Hudson is on his two feet again and hits a right at Noble’s face! Now a left! Now another right! And Noble is driven back!

BC: Great resistance indeed, but Noble blocks Hudson, now he picks him up in a swift grapple… Brainbuster! And here’s the cover!

TT: I guess Hudson’s state won’t allow him to kick out…



NO! Hudson kicks out!

BC: Can you believe it?

TT: What resiliency Hudson has! And Noble cannot believe it!

BC: Hudson up, charges at Noble with a body tackle! Caught him off guard!

TT: And now mounted punches to Noble’s face! Hudson is furious!

BC: Noble pushes Hudson away, quick to get up to his feet again, and grapples with Hudson once more! Backbreaker!

TT: Hudson might be broken in half by now!

BC: Here’s the cover! Hudson’s not kicking out of this one!




NO! Hudson with another kickout!

TT: Unbelievable!

BC: You can’t be serious!

TT: Noble is getting frustrated! Look at his expression!

BC: Wouldn’t you be? He had Hudson on that one!

TT: I’m not so sure! Hudson is up again! He picks up Noble for the Irish Whip, Noble bounces on the ropes… Jump Swing DDT by Hudson! Noble is down!

BC: And now Hudson climbs gingerly to the turnbuckle… Flying elbow of the top connects! And Noble is writhing in pain! Goddamnit!

TT: Great move by Hudson! Now he’s got Noble in a Boston Crab!

The ref checks on Noble, who refuses to submit, while Hudson locks his legs as tightly as he can! But Noble tries to struggle… he reaches for the top rope… and he makes it!

BC: He’s got the rope, break the hold Hudson!

TT: Hudson does, letting Noble get up to his feet, but Hudson charges and hits a beautiful Belly to Belly suplex!

BC: Noble is dazed… come on Eddie! Get back to your senses again!

TT: I don’t think he’s listening Crane, and here comes Hudson with a dropkick! Noble against the turnbuckle!

BC: And Hudson with a mudhole stomping!

TT: Great strategy when looking for survival! Not letting the opponent gain momentum!

BC: Hudson backs away for a punt… he charges at Noble… NO! Noble is quick to react and hits Hudson with a kick to the gut!

TT: And Noble is furious! Front kick on Hudson, picks him up and hits a Powerbomb! He forces Hudson to his feet… STALL Suplex… NO! Hudson counters with an inverted DDT! Hudson’s got a cover!




NO! Noble kicks out!

BC: Whew! I can’t believe Hudson could even put Noble’s shoulders for a two-count!

TT: Neither can Noble himself after that powerbomb! Look at how he’s looking at Hudson!

Noble is beside himself, but quickly gains composure and charges at Hudson with a spear, driving him to the mat!

BC: Ha! Hudson got hit by a battering ram!

TT: Not content with that, Noble picks up Hudson… Spinebuster! Hudson dropped like a sack of potatoes!

BC: Now Noble signals for the end, he picks up Hudson in a gutwrench, hoists him up on his shoulders!

TT: Hudson wiggling his way to escape! And he makes it! Lands behind Noble and hits a dropkick on his back! Noble now drops to his knees grabbing his hurt back!

BC: And Hudson stomping once again on Noble! Another dropkick to Hudson’s back! And another cover!



NO! Noble pushes Hudson away and both men are looking exhausted!

BC: I can’t believe Hudson has survived that long!

TT: Neither do I Crane! And neither does the crowd!

Crowd begins a “LET’S GO HUDSON!” chant.

TT: And now the ref is starting the count…






BC: Both men getting a knee up…





TT: And both men are up again! They both circle each other and here’s another grapple! Hudson goes for another DDT, but Noble is quick to push Hudson away!

BC: And now Hudson goes for the Irish whip again… NO! Reversal by Noble! Hudson bounces, Noble jumps for the dropkick but Noble catches him mid-air with a scoop slam!

TT: Hudson is now rolling in pain! The ref should call this one over, he’s going to pass out soon!

BC: It’s just a little blood, Turnbuckle, sheesh don’t be such a primadonna!

TT: And Noble now picks up Hudson once more for another body slam… Hudson escapes once again and takes off for the ropes! Bounce again… NO! Noble got him in a gutwrench, he hoists him up on his shoulders one more time! POWERBOMB! Natural Cause!

BC: This one is over!





Ring Announcer: Here’s your winner…"THE NATURAL" EDDIE NOBLE!!!

“Just” by Radiohead hits as the crowd starts a respectful clap for Hudson, while Noble is still recovering from the match while the ref has his hand held up in the air.

TT: A great effort by Hudson! Had he been in perfect shape, this match may have ended up differently!

BC: But he wasn’t, and Noble got a great win!

TT: No question about it Crane, but it would have been better if Hudson hadn’t been assaulted by Israel Steele!

BC: Beh, shut the hell up and stop complaining!

TT: Coming up in a moment will be Fed Killer members Rob and Bob Osbourne teaming up to face Israel Steele and Leon Lonewolf!


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome.. Da Xtreme Dynasty!!!

"Hail Mary" by 2Pac hits throughout the PA system with the crowd giving off an enormous positive reception. James Baker and Danielle Lopez then emerge from behind the curtain holding hands while Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks walk behind them. James and Danielle point to the crowd while Styles and Banks raise their CWF World Tag Team Championships in the air. Together, all four of them walk slowly down the ramp before slapping hands with the fans. James lowers the bottom rope for Danielle before he and the rest of the crew get into the ring. Kevin then grabs a microphone and stands in the middle of the ring with everybody else as the music dies down.

Kevin Styles: You know it was a few weeks ago when people decided to write all of us off as a group. Sure we weren't riding in on some great wave of momentum that we were on some six to seven years ago and yes our win-loss record wasn't exactly on the up and up, but it was only a matter of time until we found that niche again and time after time, we kept telling everybody that our time is coming, but once we got screwed out of a victory against the Legion of Pussies, that's when all of the critics started to write us off as a pure joke, a comedy act or my personal favorite, two wrestlers that cannot cut it in a wrestling ring anymore.

The crowd then starts up a "You Still Got It" chant at them.

Kevin Styles: I know right. I know that we still have what it takes to win. I mean hell, I give all the great fans some high flying action each and every time we're booked and J.T here still does some amazing shit for a man of his stature. Damn it really irks me to hear the critics hate on us, wouldn't you agree?

Kevin then passes the microphone to J.T.

J.T. Banks: Totally Kev. It's pure crap of how we were written off as nothing but stepping stones for inferior teams, but guess what critics? We are now the NEW CWF World Tag Team Champions and if anybody thinks that we're just going to be a one and done team, well then think again because we are gonna prove to all the critics out there why we are a force to be reckoned with.

J.T then passes the microphone back to Kevin.

Kevin Styles: Now ever since we won these beautiful belts, people have been asking us. Where will your first title defense be at? Will you successfully defend the titles in your first defense? Who will be the first challengers for your belts? You know questions like that. Well to answer the first two questions, we don't care when we have to defend these belts because we will defend these belts at anytime and we will retain in our first title defense. Now to answer on whom our first defense will be against. Well we give the more deserving teams a shot at our belts. You know teams like The O'Reilly Brothers and the Double Dragons instead of defending against a least deserving team like the Legion. They will not get a shot at these belts for as long as we hold the belts. The only time we will consider changing that is if and I mean if, they actually win a competitive match without cheating and interference from their butt buddies, then we MIGHT consider giving them a shot, but only if they do it the right way.

Kevin and J.T then raise their titles high in the air as the crowd let's off a huge reaction.

James Baker: That's right guys. I cannot stress this enough, but I truly am sick and tired of always havin' to come up on the short end of the spectrum and I’m also tired of bein' screwed out of my matches as I and all of you great fans know that I have the talent necessary to get to a better position, but all of that will change as every member of the Dynasty, will change their fortunes for the better and to all of you great fans, I will continue what Kev and J.T started last week by becomin' your new CWF National Champion and I will not and I repeat I WILL NOT let you down in my part to help reclaim what made us, greatness personified in the first place and that's that and nothin' more, believe that.

"To Boston" by Dropkick Murphys blares over the PA system as Suzanne and The O'Reilly Brothers walk down the ramp and into the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Cyril O'Reilly: I don't really want to ruin your touchy moment here, but my brother and I couldn't help, but hear about the first tag team title defense.

Kevin Styles: Yeah that's right. I'm only gonna take a wild guess that you also heard the type of competition that we want to defend these belts against.

Cyril O'Reilly: Right. That's the truth.

Kevin Styles: Well last week, you guys walked in as the champs and despite a valiant effort, you two lost these beautiful belts, thanks to our Lights Out finisher.

Ray O'Reilly: Just get to the point already.

Kevin Styles: Okay then...... Anyways seeing as how you two deserve the first crack at these belts, we were thinking since Night of Champions V: Liftoff, is only just a few short weeks away, I say let's have Da Xtreme Dynasty defend their newly won CWF World Tag Team Championship against The O'Reilly Brothers. Does that sound good to you guys?

Ray O'Reilly: That sounds good to me.

Cyril O'Reilly: Yeah we accept.

Styles and Banks then shake hands with The O'Reilly Brothers.

"Heresy" by Nine Inch Nails hits through the PA System as Israel Steele and Terry, Alex and Chris Richards all come down to the ramp to heavy boos from the crowd.

Terry Richards: OH, TELL ME YOU DIDN'T!

James Baker: Awww what's the matter bitch? Afraid Mariano isn't gonna kick your ass badly enough.

Terry Richards: Number one, shut the hell up. Second, why the hell are Minus One and Whiskies worthy enough of getting those titles? They have no damn rights whatsoever. My boys defeated Da Xtreme Dynasty TWO times, in our illustrious career. The O'Reilly's? Cyril. Sorry...ZERO. They don't deserve jack.

Alex Richards: Come on! With champions like this we're not going anywhere. If you don't give us those titles, I swear to god I'm going to AWF! WOOO!!!

The crowd immediately starts throwing garbage at the Richards family.

Alex Richards: The next fan that throws any plastic thing into my little figure gets their ASS KICKED BY IZZY!

Kevin Styles: Hey jackass. Why don't you just state your point already instead of threatening the fans.

Chris Richards: Shut it, dumbass! We DESERVE those titles. We are awesomeness in its pure form, and you've got to admit.

Kevin Styles: Actually you don't Christy. You see while you and Alexis may have technically beaten us, you had your gay brother Terry help you achieve that victory and plus when you had your chance at the titles, you lost to The O'Reilly Brothers, which in turn states that you two do not deserve another opportunity at these titles. Hell the way I see it, it's The O'Reilly Brothers who get their rightful rematch and if we do retain against them, then the next challengers should be the Double Dragons and if we do beat them as well, then maybe the Legion of Douche's will get an opportunity to not only get their asses handed to them, but to end this long standing rivalry once and for all.

Chris Richards: Look, you two, I'm giving you an ultimatum, Legion-style. If you don't give us a MUCH EARNED shot within one week... Look into my face. I swear to god I'm going to kill Enrique.

Absolute shock reaction from the crowd.

Chris Richards: You hear me? You've got one month, or else I'm going to chop Enrique's head off. You have my wo...

Just as the Richards family were talking, Baker then Springboards off of the ropes and hits all four members of the Legion of Shadows with a Suicide Dive onto the ring floor below.

TT: By gawd. Baker takes all four of them out with that suicide dive.

BC: That bastard. Wait what's this.

TT: Good lord, Styles and Banks aren't wasting anymore time as they're brawling with The O'Reilly's.

As the Dynasty and The O'Reilly's battle each other outside of the ring, Danielle appears behind Suzanne.

BC: Oh no. Suzanne, look behind you.

TT: Holy crap!! Danielle just nailed Suzanne with the brutal Roundhouse Kick that she calls Potential Brain Damage.

BC: That's a fitting name, because that kick looked brutal from here.

Ray and Cyril then attempt to nail Kevin with their Final Spike finisher, but Styles leapfrogs it and hits Ray with a backflip DDT. Meanwhile Cyril catches wind of it and immediately nails Styles with the Serial Suplex.

TT: That's a sick suplex that Styles took.

BC: Yeah, but now Cyril is slugging it out with the big man, J.T. Banks.

TT: Look out.

As Banks and Cyril are slugging it out, Israel Steele and Alex and Chris Richards attacks them from behind and starts hitting them repeatedly with the chairs. Chris then sets a chair up and hands Banks to Terry, which Terry hits Banks with the Shock Turn onto the chair. Chris and Alex then get Cyril up and then hit him with a Double Aided powerbomb onto the same chair.

TT: Damn!!! What a sickening shot that the Legion of Shadows have given to Banks and Cyril O'Reilly.

BC: Yeah, but I don't think they're done yet.

Terry grabs Styles and hits him with a piledriver onto the floor as Israel Steele hits Ray with the Death Drop.

TT: Now it's down to just Baker against the Legion. This isn't good. This isn't good at all.

BC: No kidding. Come on Richards, kick his ass.

Baker attempts to fight back as he hits Alex and Chris Richards with a double clothesline. However, as that happened, Israel flies in with a big boot to Baker's head.

BC: What's Danielle doing here?

TT: Danielle attempts to fly... Oh my god no. Terry Richards caught her. Don't do it Terry.

BC: Do it. Give the San Diego whore what she deserves.

Terry then slams Danielle's head onto the Steel Steps which causes her to immediately get busted open. Security then immediately comes rushing in to get the Legion of Shadows away from the ringside area.

TT: Oh my god. The Legion of Shadows have sunken to a new low by doing that to Danielle Lopez.

BC: Come on it's perfectly natural.

TT: You are a sick man Bobby Crane and I bet James Baker is going to be one angry man when he stirs up from that.

BC: You may have spoken too soon Teddy, because Baker is now up to his feet and I don't think he's too happy right now.

Baker then notices Danielle's condition and just starts throwing random things in frustration. He then rips up the announce table and starts slamming the monitors onto the ground in even more anger and frustration. Malik Jones and the EMT's then check on Danielle as Baker runs up to check on her. Styles and Banks also get up and check on her. The EMT's along with Jones, Baker, Styles and Banks, all lead the gurney to the bottom ramp.


"Maybe I'm a Lion" plays through the P/A and flames and fireworks go off synchronized with the music. 12 seconds into the song, Firework go off one more time and Leon Lonewolf appears in huge pop. Leon makes his way down the ramp in a normal pace, but taking time to socialize with fans.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 285 lbs: Leon Lonewolf.

He makes his way to the ring, climbs up the turnbuckle, taunting the crowd by extending his thumb, middle and little fingers of both hands in the air: his symbol of honor. He climbs up another turnbuckle and taunts again. He jumps down and readies himself for the match.

"Dead Horse" by Guns N' Roses plays to an unpleasing reaction. Israel comes out the curtain with a smirk on his lips, taunts with synchronized pyro and keeps walking down the aisle, disrespecting the fans.

Ring Announcer: And his partner...From Kill Devil's Hill, NC...Weighing in at 325 pounds..."THE REAL DEAL" ISRAEL STEELE!

Israel Steele smirks to the ring announcer's introduction. He climbs to the apron, and enters the ring by draping his legs over the top rope, looking intimidating and powerful. Leon extends his hand, but Israel pretends he doesn't see it.


TT: And this tag team match is on! As we can see here, Leon is going to start the match as he much requested, against Rob Osbourne!

BC: Those two months paid off. You can now get your due destruction, Leon. Pff…What a dumbass.

TT: Rob Osbourne and Leon walking around on circles, without taking their eyes off each other…Here we go! Collar and elbow tie up! Rob Osbourne is the strongest man… Belly to belly suplex connects! Both men quickly up… Osbourne with the big boot!

BC: What are you expecting? Osbourne’s the man! As everyone predicted, he’s whooping Lonewolf’s ass!

TT: Rob Osbourne with a cheap, cocky taunt while Leon’s down… KNEE DROP! Osbourne is completely dominating this confront.

Rob Osbourne grabs Leon by the head…

TT: Oh! Jawbreaker to counter Rob’s efforts!

BC: Don’t tell me this kid is actually prevailing in this match…

TT: That’s what it looks like that is happening! Leon bounces off the ropes… Clothesline from hell on the former Nitemare!

BC: Come on…For god’s sake, Leon looking good! No way.

TT: Leon scooping Rob up…POWERSLAM! What a strong powerslam on Rob Osbourne! And he tags Israel Steele into this match!

BC: Here comes the big man from the great Legion of Shadows, Teddy! Look at those muscles!

TT: Lonewolf going to take Rob Osbourne for the ride of his life… MILLITARY PRESS! Israel bounces off the ropes… nasty elbow to the back of the head!

BC: Why is Israel Steele teaming up with this degenerate? We want Terry Richards! Come on, Teddy, sing it with me! We want Terry! W.W.T.!

TT: Worst Wrestling Technique?

BC: I’m going to murder you for that one. I mean it.


BC: Israel Steele grabbing Rob Osbourne, look at the power… NO! Osbourne hits a cutter out of nowhere! That’s the Osbourne family for you! HA!

TT: You mean, Ozzy Osbourne is also like this?

BC: You truthfully deserve a slap in the face tonight.

TT: Sigh…Anyways, let’s focus on the action that’s happening in this very ring. Rob Osbourne grapples Israel’s body tight…SLAMS him against the ring post! Look at the carnage!

BC: And he tags Bob Osbourne in! This keeps getting better and better!

TT: Bob Osbourne is in the ring… DROPKICK to Israel Steele! DROPKICK to Leon Lonewolf…Who lands face-first on our announce table! I think he broke his nose, Bobby!

BC: Who cares about the damn guttersnipe?! Look at Bob Osbourne, former Unified Champion!

TT: Kick to the gut…Double underhook applied…FACEBUSTER on Israel! What a tremendous hit, and Bob’s already bragging about it!

BC: These Osbournes love messing with the crowd. Hehe.

TT: Bob Osbourne, the youngest and longest reigning Unified Champion ever, now getting a hold of Israel’s head, blasting it with series of well measured pounding to the forehead!

BC: But Israel jumps… REVERSE STO! Wow, not the move you’d expect from a big man…But, you can’t predict what a Legion of Shadows member is going to do next!

TT: Looks like Israel is getting up, getting set to dominate in this match…

Israel stumbles to his feet, looks at Rob Osbourne standing outside the apron…

TT: Israel running at Osbourne…BIG BOOT! NO! Rob Osbourne got his leg and PULLS him over the top rope…And Israel lands on his neck! That must’ve hurt badly!

BC: Look at Bob Osbourne, that smart youngster!

Bob Osbourne takes a leap and dramatically tags Rob Osbourne in, who swiftly turns around and hits a double axe handle on Israel’s head!

TT: Further damage to the head of Israel! That man may have a concussion right now!

BC: But look at the inside of the ring…Bob Osbourne… SUICIDE DIVE ON ISRAEL STEELE! Osbourne family for the win!

TT: So…You’re not going to sing?

BC: …What?!

TT: I was hoping you’d sing Crazy Train or something.

BC: As soon as this match over, I’m going to slap your face. HARD.

TT: Can’t I have a little fun once in awhile, for peat’s sake? Anyway, you’ve got two Osbournes getting up, Israel Steele possibly unconscious, lying on the floor… What the hell? Leon Lonewolf to the top rope, more highflying action coming up… SENTON! SENTON! Rob and Bob Osbourne are down and out! AHH!

Leon kips up, electrified, and taunts the crowd, leading them to a frenzy.

TT: Leon grabs Rob Osbourne, rolls him into the ring and climbs the apron…

BC: Oh my god…The schizophrenic cannot be winning this thing!


The crowd is on their feet after this extreme counter. Rob Osbourne starts getting up, scornfully taunts the crowd, and picks Leon up.

TT: Rob Osbourne having the upper hand in this confrontation… Headlock takedown! And the headlock is kept locked in!

BC: But here comes Israel Steele for the save… BIG BOOT ON ROB OSBOURNE!

TT: Bob Osbourne has joined the brawl too…He takes a chance… TORNADO DDT ON ISRAEL! FROM THE TOP ROPE! CHAOS HAS ERUPTED!

Bob Osbourne is left the only man standing in the ring, to which he smirks.

TT: Bob Osbourne grabs Leon’s legs…This could be the T.N.S! Leon screaming and struggling to escape the evil hold… BUT BOB LOCKS IT IN! GOOD LORD!

BC: But neither of these two is a legal man in this match!

TT: Anyway, Israel coming for the rescue… CLUBS Bob in the back of the head, nearly incapacitating him… Oh no, he’s got the throat locked tight! Here we go!


TT: But look at Osbourne from behind… Bends his neck…BADD DREAM! BADD DREAM ON THE SO CALLED “JARK”!

BC: Seems like sleeping with Trixie Lee gives you more superpowers than sleeping with Robin! HA!!!

TT: Can we not talk about sex? This is a wrestling match featuring such great people as Rob Osbourne, so sex has nothing to do with this.

Bobby Crane absolutely cracks out laughing hysterical.

TT: (Sigh)… Anyways, Rob Osbourne is trying to get up…And he drapes an arm over Israel Steele! THE COVER!



THREE!!! NO!!! NO!!!

BC: Israel with his foot ON THE ROPES!!! He was saved by the rope!

TT: Rob Osbourne is tremendously pissed! His son Bobby behind now… ELBOW to Israel’s head! Leon Lonewolf running in… Rob Osbourne caught him! BADD DREAM! The cover…





The crowd doesn’t look very satisfied. Rob Osbourne and his son celebrate, in a little father and son moment, as they taunt the booing crowd.

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners… Rob and Bob Osbourne… THE FED KILLERS!

A smack is heard on the announce booth.

TT: OUCH! What are you, insane?

BC: That’s for all you did during the match. Now GO BACK TO YOUR OLD SELF!

TT: Uh…Okay…Can’t one break from monotony once in a while?

BC: Not you.

Rob and Bob Osbourne live the ring, Rob wrapping his shoulder around his son and smirking. Israel and Leon are left in the ring, Leon struggling to get up, and Israel staring furious at the Osbourne family.

TT: Well, Israel Steele was nearly winning this thing…

BC: It was all thanks to Leon. See? I knew he couldn’t win, because he had filthy old Leon Lonewolf behind him.

Israel Steele stops looking into the Osbournes in pure disbelief and turns around, to the barely standing Leon.

TT: Israel doesn’t look like in a good mood… UH-OH! DEATH DROP! DEATH DROP ON HIS TAG TEAM PARTNER!

BC: HA! That’s what you get for sucking that hard!

TT: Leon is completely beaten and battered here, and Israel snapped!

“Dead Horse” by Guns N’ Roses plays to a chorus of boos. Israel taunts in the middle of the ring as we fade away.


Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...

"Driver Down" by Trent Reznor hits and the crowd explodes into boos as Sickboy appears on the stage. He takes his time walking down the aisle, looking over at fans in the front row booing him loudly.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from New York City, New York! Weighing in at two hundred seventy pounds...SICKBOY!!!

Sickboy smirks at the fans as he continues walking. He climbs the ring steps and makes his way through the ropes in to the ring. He holds out his arms, soaking in the heat from the crowd, and leans against the corner as his music fades out.

TT: The fans sure love to hate this man!

BC: Like he really cares!

"Discotheque’ by U2 begins to play and immediately turns in to “Iron Man” by Black Sabbith as Jagermeister comes walking out on to the stage and down to the ring.

BC: What the hell is this?!

TT: I'm not sure... But Sickboy looks as confused as we are!

Tige': Once again, another worthless match booked by Mr. Xamin. I am you guest ring announcer via satellite! His opponent from...ummm... from the Chill Machine...JAGERMEISTER!!!

BC: Is he serious?!

TT: He sure sounds serious! Really doesn't seem fair to Sickboy! He now will face Jagermeister...and as you can see Bobby, the official isn't even a CWF's an official from the EWA!

Before the ref can call for the opening bell, Jagermeister takes Sickboy down with a running lariat!


TT: Well, here we go! Jager takes the early advantage with that massive clothesline! He quickly brings Sickboy back to his feet...but Sickboy stops his momentum with a boot to the gut! Sickboy with the irish whip...and Jager reverses it! Sickboy on the return...diving forearm!

BC: Jager barely even budged from that shot!

TT: Sickboy hits the ropes again...dropkick on the return...and that one forces Jager to stumble back to the ropes! Sickboy rushes at Jager...spinwheel kick...and Jager tumbles to the outside!

BC: That's the way take the bigger man out!

Sickboy waits as Jager starts to get back to his feet. Sickboy runs full speed...suicide dive through the ropes...and he takes Jager to the ground!

BC: Sickboy with an impressive move!

TT: Sickboy picks Jager up and rolls him back in to the ring. Sickboy follows him in...and Jager is quick to his feet. Jager boots Sickboy upon his entrance, taking back over on offense!

BC: The last thing Sickboy wants in this match is to let Jager get the upperhand!

TT: Jager picks Sickboy back up. He whips Jager in to the corner...and he follows in with a vicious spear! Jager drills Sickboy in the gut...and again! Jager with vicious shoulders to the gut!

Jager tosses Sickboy overhead with a belly to belly! He quickly continues the attack as he brings Sickboy back to his feet with a front facelock. Jager with the vertical...but Sickboy blocks it! He tries again...and again Sickboy blocks it! Sickboy hits Jager with a hard shot to the kidney...and again! He pushes Jager off and quickly rushes at him...armbreaker!

TT: Sickboy with an armbreaker...and he has taken the big man down! Sickboy brings Jager to a seated position. He places his knee in to Jager's spine and pulls back on the arms for a submission!

BC: Great strategy by Sickboy here! He's going to wear the big man down!

TT: Jager is struggling to rise back to his feet...and Sickboy is forces to switch over to a side headlock. Jager forces Sickboy off in to the ropes. Sickboy on the return...and he slides between Jager's legs to avoid an attack! Sickboy leaps on Jager...and here's a sleeper hold!

BC: Another submission from Sickboy!

TT: And it looks like this one is working! Jager is struggling...but has dropped to one knee! The ref is checking on Jager, but Jager refuses to give up!

Jager continues to struggle...slowly fading. He's almost out...almost...

TT: This could be it!

BC: Don't count Jager out just yet!

TT: Jager is gaining a second wind! He's starting to get back to his feet! Sickboy has the sleeper locked in tight as Jager has him lifted off the ground...and he rams Jager back first in to the corner! He steps out from the corner and falls back, crushing Sickboy beneath him!

BC: Great counter! And Sickboy with the smart move here as he rolls out to the apron!

TT: Jager takes a moment to catch his breath before making it to his feet. Sickboy is slow to stand on the apron...and Jager quickly grabs him with a front facelock! Jager lifts Sickboy vertical...and he brings him back in to the ring with a suplex! And here's the quick cover!




BC: He should have hooked the leg, Teddy!

TT: Jager quickly brings Sickboy back to his feet and forces him back in to the corner. Jager with a back elbow...and a second! He lifts Sickboy up...setting him up on the top rope. Jager follows him up...but Sickboy with a hard right! A second right, and Jager is reeling! One more...and Jager crashes to the mat!

BC: What the hell is Sickboy thinking here?!

TT: Sickboy looks ready for flight...guillotine legdrop! And Sickboy makes the cover!




TT: Jager gets his shoulder up! Sickboy quickly brings Jager back to his feet...arm drag and twist. He grabs a hold of Jager...russian legsweep! And Sickboy quickly drops a knee to the skull!

BC: Great match so far, Teddy!

TT: Sickboy brings Jager to a seated position again...and he drills Jager in the head with a vicious knee! Jager quickly rolls out to the apron, but Sickboy has no hesitation with his attack! Sickboy is lifting Jager back to his feet on the apron...NO! Jager with a shoulder to the gut! Sickboy hunches over as he stumbles back.

Jager quickly enters back in to the ring and grips Sickboy by the throat with both hands. He lifts Sickboy in to the air...but Sickboy counters with a boot to the gut! Sickboy hits the ropes as Jager hunches over. Sickboy on the return...and again he's taken to the mat with an overhead belly to belly from Jager!

TT: Right when it looks like Sickboy is going to get the upperhand...Jager foils his plans! Jager slowly gets back to his feet...and he picks Sickboy back up. He grabs Sickboy in a urinagi position...but Sickboy hits him with an elbow to the head...and another! Jager stumbles back...and Sickboy hits him with a boot to the gut! He grabs Jager with a front facelock...THE INFECTION!!!

BC: Beautiful move by Sickboy! And he makes the cover!






TT: Jager was just pulled out of the ring...BY TIGE'!

BC: Tige' was hiding under the ring the whole time...and Sickboy doesn't even realize!

TT: Tige' has snuck in to the ring as Sickboy looks out of the ring to Jager! Tige' from behind...TIGE' TIME!!! And he makes the cover!




BC: It's over, Teddy!


TT: I'm still trying to figure out how that can be considered as being legal!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...TIGE'!!!

BC: It's an EWA referee, Teddy! What do you expect?!


We cut backstage where Adams is once again roaming the halls. He suddenly stops, looking at the door next to him...the door to Xamin's office. Adams boots the door, forcing it open in a violent manner. He walks in to the office and over to the desk. Adams slams his hands down on the desk, startling Xamin.

Brian Adams: Magnus Thunder! I want him...tonight!

Mr. Xamin: Hold on, Brian! Calm down! I'm sure we can work something out...

Brian Adams: NO! I want Magnus, tonight! After what that bastard did last week...

Mr. Xamin:'re letting your emotions get the best of you! This isn't the Brian Adams I hired. You want to get even, do it on your terms...not his!

Brian Adams: There's nothing that you can do for me to change my mind! I want Magnus tonight!

Mr. Xamin: I've got a better idea...

TT: Welcome back! It's been one hell of a night so far, Bobby...and in two weeks, we're in for another huge show! Night of Champions: Liftoff will take place on Saturday, March 13th as a live network special! And what a show it will be! We already know that Terry Richards will challenge Mariano Fernandez for the Unified Championship!

BC: Last week the world watched as Terry Richards won a fatal four way match to earn this contendership! The only question now is can Richards continue this roll and defeat the gnat for the Unified Title, or will Mariano Fernandez do what he's done week in and week out...amaze the world with his impressive skills!

TT: We also learned earlier tonight...and now know that it is official! We will see Da Xtreme Dynasty defend the World Tag Team Championship against The O'Reilly Brothers in a rematch from last week!

BC: The O'Reilly Brothers have been nothing short of impressive since they made their debut here in the CWF! But they as well as the rest of the world were shocked when Da Xtreme Dynasty defeated them last week to become the new World Tag Team Champions! And in two weeks, The O'Reillys will have a chance to recapture the gold! Can they reverse last week's outcome, or will the Dynasty defy the odds one more time?!

TT: And in our main will be Magnus Thunder defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Tige' and Rob Osbourne in a triple threat match!

BC: It was at Last Man Standing that Magnus Thunder defeated Rob Osbourne to retain his championship...but it was thanks to help from Tige' and Roland Ulv! In two weeks, it no longer will be a one on one match! Can Tige' come out victorious and become the new World Heavyweight Champion? After weeks of campaigning for a championship match he now will be given one! But he's not alone! Can Rob Osbourne walk away with his second World Heavyweight Championship? He was looking to reach this feat at Last Man Standing but came up just short! Will Liftoff be a different story for him? Or will Magnus Thunder turn his luck around and retain the championship? He's had problems as of late...but every time his championship is put on the line, he finds a way to walk out victorious! Who will be the champion in two weeks? Only time will tell!


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall. First, weighing a combined three hundred and seventy-six pounds, Alex Richards....Chris Richards...The Legion of Shadows!!!

"Fight" by Motorhead reverberates throughout the entire venue to a chorus of boos. Chris, Alex and Trent pop out of the curtain, with their hands raised. They sprint down the aisle (althrough Trent slowly walks to ringside), slide under the bottom rope, do the letter "L" with their hands to the crowd and await their opponent.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents...

The arena goes dark and the crowed goes quiet with anticipation. In a split second the entire place explodes with flashes of light and loud music as fireworks fire up and down the entryway and "To Boston" by Dropkick Murphy's blares over the PA system. As the fireworks die down Ray and Cyril O'Reilly appear at the top of the entryway. The brothers, dressed in jeans and T-shirts with the logo OB's on the front, enter the stadium as cocky as ever. Suzanne suddenly appears behind Ray and drapes her arm over his shoulder as she waves to the fans. Cyril follows closely behind his older brother Ray and Suzanne as the pair saunter to ringside.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring at this time, being accompanied by the beautiful Suzanne, at a combined weight of 420 pounds, they are former CWF Tag Team Champions of the World...The O'Reilly brothers, Ray and Cyril O'Reilly!

A mixed reaction from the crowd. Ray runs and slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds hype the crowd. Throwing his hands in the air he praises some fans and insults others. Suzanne, after blowing a kiss to Ray, makes her way to a chair set up near the ring bell. Cyril finally makes his way into the ring via the stairs and the two brothers meet center ring with a hand slap and half hug.

BC: This is ridiculous Turnbuckle, these people are showing the O'Bros absolutely no respect! These men are former Tag Team Champions...these men dethroned Degradation....these men had held off all comers...

TT: Except for Da Xtreme Dynasty. But this is a new week, and Ray and Cyril have their opportunity to get another shot at CWF Tag Team Title glory.

BC: Yes, but they have to get through the Richards Shadow Legion in order to face Da Xtreme Dynasty at Liftoff Teddy.

TT: It's Legion of Shadow's now Bobby, and indeed they do.

BC: Hey, here's an idea, what if Baker and Richards decided to get on the same page right.

TT: ...........

BC: Hear me out they take Enrique, Danielle, Styles, Banks, Baker, Richards, Richards, Richards, Walker, Harikiari, and Steele...combined...they could be The Richards Legion of Xtreme Shadows!!

TT: You have completely lost your ever loving mind Bobby Crane.

BC: It's brilliant, I should have my own promotion.

TT: Oh brother!

BC: Speaking of brothers, it looks like Alex will start this off against Ray. It really doesn't matter which of these two little shits gets in the ring with either O'Reilly, they are both at a serious size disadvantage. And let's not talk about when big dumb Cyril gets in there.

TT: He may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer Bobby, but he gets the job done week in and week out.


BC: Collar and elbow tie up and Ray heaves Alex Richards onto his back and grins from ear to ear as Alex rolls backwards back up onto his feet, shocked at the power of Ray O'Reilly.

TT: Ray circling, slapping his peck...moves back in for a tie up....BIG POWER SLAM!! And Ray grins again and jogs in place and makes the tag to Cyril.

BC: Zero to you Teddy Turnbuckle. He may be like Forrest Gump with muscles, but the kid can flat out wrestle.

TT: Cyril scoops up Alex Richards....tilt a whirl side slam....and he snags Alex right back up....Irish whip....Chris Richards with a blind tag on his brothers shoulder....Alex off the rebound into the waiting arms of Cyril O'Reilly...BIG fall away slam! Cyril with a cover on Alex...

BC: You big oaf, Alex isn't the legal man....OH SNAP!!!

TT: Chris Richards with a roundhouse kick catching Cyril O'Reilly right under the jaw and nearly clocking him nearly out cold.

BC: Ray in to make the save...but Chris nails him with a clothesline from hell!

TT: And you said they didn't stand a chance.

BC: That little pissant Richards is cleaning house, I don't believe it!!!

TT: And the referee tries to restore some order to the match. Ray and Alex both climb out of the ring and back to their respective corners.

BC: Chris pulls Cyril up to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle chest first...Richards running behind him...

TT: And Cyril bounces backwards off of the impact...VERTIBREAKER BY CHRIS RICHARDS!!!!

BC: If you have to face a big guy like Cyril, you have to take him down a notch Turnbuckle.

TT: Very impressive moves by Chris Richards so far Bobby, you have to give him credit.

BC: I tell you what Crane, if they pull this out...

TT: So you'll eat crow then?

BC: Can I at least get it on rye....WAIT A DAMNED MINUTE..belay that order come the tag team champions...

Styles and Banks leisurely make their way to the ring, with the tag team titles strapped around their waist. They mock the O'Reilly Brothers and yank the titles off and lift them high in the air. They throw their titles over their shoulders and make their way to ringside and just circle the ring, observing the match.

TT: With those two down here, who does it favor Bobby?

BC: Well, we all know how much the Legion and Da Dynasty hate each other...but there can be no love lost between The O'Bros and Da Dynasty either.

TT: Cyril getting back to his feet after that impressive onslaught by Chris Richards who makes the tag to Alex just as Cyril falls into his own corner and barley makes the tag to Ray before dropping to his face.

BC: Ray comes in and storms Alex Richards with a Lou Thesz press.

TT: And he follows it up with a flurry of lefts and rights.

BC: Ray up off of Alex now and he grabs the smaller Richards brother by the hair and pulls him back to his feet....NO!!!

TT: Alex Richards drops in the splits and rabbit punches Ray O'Reilly right in the crotch!!!

BC: Oh that's not right. you just don't do that to another man Teddy, it isn't right. He may never have kids now. Do you know what that does to the O'Reilly family line? It means either Cyril has to produce anoff-spring, Lord help us, or it ends with these two. Sad really.

TT: Drama queen. Its part of the risks they take. Nevertheless, the cheap shot pays off and Alex makes the tag back to Chris .

BC: Chris lifts Ray up in an electric chair position, Alex climbs to the top it comes Teddy!!

TT: The interference by Styles and Banks?

As he utters the words, Kevin Styles leaps up on the apron and nails Alex Richards with the tag team title. As he does, Suzanne distracts the referee as JT Banks rolls under the bottom ropes and nails Chris Richards, who still had Cyril up in the Electric Chair position, with his title belt and then rolls back out the other side. Suzanne then directs the ref to turn around as Cyril falls face first onto Alex Richards as Chris drops him after getting nailed with title.


TT: This is a travesty, the Richards brothers were in control, they had it won....

BC: And they let their mouths write checks their asses can't cash's the count by the ref!




TT: They did it, the O'Reilly Brothers will be heading to Night of Champions: Liftoff to face Da Xtreme Dynasty for the chance to reclaim the tag team titles.


Ring Announcer: Here are your winners...THE O'REILLY BOTHERS!!!


"Represent" by Hed P.E. plays out the PA system as fireworks start to blast out of the entrance ramp. A mixed reaction drowns out the music as Brian Adams emerges from the curtains. He spins around showing himself off to the crowd, pointing at himself and taunting the fans as he continues towards the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds..."THE FLAWLESS ONE" BRIAN ADAMS!!!

A few hands reach out for Brian but he doesn't bother acknowledging them as he runs up the steel steps posing for the crowd before stepping in between the ropes. He spins around again as he takes off his t-shirt and throws it out into the crowd. He makes his way over to the corner and leans back while his music fades out.

TT: There he is, Bobby! The man who has a guaranteed title match at SuperCard VI!

BC: He sure does! But tonight he faces that whiny little girl known as Yoshiru long!

The lights slightly dim as a slower version of "I Came To Play" by Downstait begins to play throughout the arena. The crowd erupts in boos as a quick firework blast erupts on the stage. Yoshiru and his cloaked assailant step out to the stage. The assailant pays no mind to the crowd as he waits for Yoshiru. Yoshiru slowly looks around at the surrounding crowd with no expression on his face. He and the assailant make their way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, now residing in Tokyo, Japan! Weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds...YOSHIRU LONG!!!

Yoshiru makes his way to the steps, followed by his assailant. Both men enter the ring. Yoshiru stands near the corner, looking around at the crowd once again as his assailant stands behind him. The lights return to normal as his music fades out.

TT: What a match this should be!

BC: If Brian can beat Yoshiru in three minutes and twenty seconds...I win the pool!


TT: And here we go! Brian Adams already attacking! Front facelock, DDT!

BC: What a start!

TT: Brian Adams pulls Yoshiru back to his feet, irish whip, Yoshiru ducks, bounces off the ropes, bulldog! Yoshiru is crazy!

Yoshiru violently pulls Brian Adams to his feet, lifts him up and lifts him up for a vertical suplex…

TT: And he hits it! What a vertical suplex on Brian Adams, and Yoshiru Long is currently in control!

Yoshiru gets closer to Brian Adams, going to lift him up…

TT: LOW BLOW! CHEAP SHOT! Brian is back at it!

Brian gets back to his feet and fights back with several punches and kicks, making Yoshiru drop to his knees in pain.

TT: He’s being able to ground Yoshiru… SNAPMARE! DROPKICK to the back of the skull!

BC: That was painful…

TT: Brian is keeping his attack up, bouncing off the ropes… OH! The assailant interferes!

BC: Awesome. That guy is simply awesome.

Brian Adams quickly gets to his feet, furious, and stares at the masked assailant. After some moments in a stare down, Brian shakes his head in disbelief and spits on the masked assailant’s face.

TT: OH MY GOD! Look at the lack of disrespect from Brian Adams!

BC: Wait a second…Yoshiru by behind with the roll up!




TT: The match isn’t over yet. Yoshiru dragging Brian Adams into the turnbuckle, where he is leant…BOOT TO THE FACE! Yoshiru nearly ripped Adams’ face off!

BC: Good one!

TT: Yoshiru is still going for more! Non-stop knees to the face! Oh my god!



TT: Yoshiru, watch out!



TT: And Yoshiru stops the violent torturing with his knees at the last time! Where is all of this rage coming from?!

BC: I think that’s just who he is! Ha!

As a very stunned Brian Adams slowly regains his feet, he is immediately nailed by Yoshiru…

TT: SPEAR! Brian Adams is back down!

BC: Got to love both of these guys, Teddy! They’re simply insane!

TT: Yoshiru with a cocky taunt…That’s just provoking the crowd!

BC: That’s just being smart, Mr. Intelligence!

Brian Adams slowly rises to his feet, as Yoshiru is still distracted…

TT: JUMPING CUTTER! Looks like that wasn’t a good idea at all, was it?

BC: I’m not admitting it…

TT: Whatever. Brian Adams has Yoshiru down, and there he goes...Headlock applied! Look at that, that’s vicious!

Instead of tiring Yoshiru down, Brian Adams has only enraged him. Yoshiru breaks the hold and delivers a swift punch to Adams’ face.

TT: What a blow! Brian Adams is stunned…But he fights back with another blow!

BC: Yoshiru is vacillating… But no! What a punch to the stomach! And Adams fights back with a jab to the jaw!

TT: Well the crowd isn’t enjoying it that much…

BC: Hey, people, go to hell; THIS is wrestling! Yoshiru fights back with a blow, no, Adams ducks and gets a hold of him…

TT: SIDE SLAM! Both men on the ground!

BC: WRONG! Brian Adams is already getting up…Look at that confident smirk, just taunting the crowd! THAT, ladies and gentlemen, THAT is a true athlete, a true wrestler!

TT: What? He only smirked at the crowd!

BC: Shut up! Brian Adams fully back to his feet… Uh-oh! I smell a Last Chapter coming! Brian Adams is set!

TT: The anxiety rising on Bobby Crane’s heart, Yoshiru turning around… LAST CHAPTER! NO…CAPTURE SUPLEX! YOSHIRU COUNTERED!

BC: Looks like a nasty little landing for Adams! I think he twisted his ankle! Damn you Yoshiru!

TT: Both men are down…But it seems like Adams is injured badly!

Yoshiru grabs the ropes in a feeble attempt at getting up, once he is to his feet, Brian Adams snaps…



TT: The referee now checking on Yoshiru, he may be out!

Adams leans himself in the bottom rope…


The mystery assailant brusquely pulls Adams of the ring and viciously attacks him. After a quick beatdown, the assailant discretely rolls Brian Adams back into the ring.

TT: Looks like there was a “flaw” in The Flawless One’s defense!

BC: I’m fighting the temptation…

TT: Of what?!

BC: Of not busting your skull wide open.


When the referee turns around, he sees Adams still in the ground, and thinks nothing happened, therefore, starts the count for both men.




TT: Yoshiru is moving! Yoshiru is already getting up, but Adams isn’t!


TT: Yoshiru back to his feet now…


BC: Brian Adams isn’t moving!


BC: For god’s sake, he got screwed!


TT: Wait! I think he moved his legs!

BC: Yes! That’s Brian Adams for you! Ha!


TT: Adams is back to his knees!



TT: And here goes Yoshiru running into him…Adams elevates Long, quick spin around…STARSTRUCK! HE HIT IT AND YOSHIRU’S OUT!

BC: Cover!




TT: Brian does it!!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…Brian Adams!!


We cut to the backstage area. Mariano Fernandez, T-Ray, Deadpool, Sleepwalker, Caleb Marlowe, & ShadowMaxx make their way down the hallway.

ShadowMaxx: Tonight's the night, Mariano. One last match...

Mariano Fernandez: I know the importance of this match tonight. And I assure you, guys...I will not take him lightly...

Sleepwalker: Tread carefully, Mariano. He is different than he used to be. No longer does mercy run through his veins. He is setting out to destroy you.

Mariano Fernandez: He is still inside that shell... I know he is. Tonight, with all of you in my corner...we will find the true Magnus... Justice shall prevail!

We cut back to the commentator's table.


TT: Well, it looks like Mariano has brought some company with him here tonight!

BC: We'll see him and Magnus later tonight! But first, Keith Daniels makes his very first CWF National title defense against James Baker! This should be good!

TT: Oh yes! Keith Daniels obviously holds the experience over Baker in this one, in wrestling and big match situations, and this has to be the biggest match of James' young career!

BC: No doubt, but you can't count him out either. One of the many rookies that entered the Classic Wrestling Federation last year, he captured the coveted CWF Unified Championship back in late October of last year!

TT: Well, this match is surely putting him to the test, and here comes the challenger now!

“Hail Mary” by 2Pac plays throughout the arena, strobe lights blinking a vary of colors as the crowd in attendance stand to their singing along to the lyrics of the song and just going crazy. Smoke starts hitting the ramp, fulfilling throughout the bottom level attendance. Cameras hit the entrance ramp, as out from behind of the videotron, headlights on high beams coming into view through all of the smog cruises a Black 64 Impala, switches slamming to the ground. The camera then switches to "Da Xtreme Gangsta" James Baker who is decked out in a white Emmitt Smith #22 Dallas Cowboys Jersey, black dickies and a black bandana on his head as he's driving the car.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Compton, California, weighing in at 232 pounds! He is "Da Xtreme Gangsta" James Baker.

The lowrider makes its way down the ramp, James is playing up to the audience as the audience giving off more positive feedback towards him, James then hits the car’s hydraulic switches once again, causing the car to bounce up and down before the nose of the car makes a stop right in front of the ring. The car then moves side to side, before halting in position. James opens his door, getting out of the car reaching into the upholstery to pick out a 40 ounce bottle of Beer wrapped in a white bandana. James then slaps hands with the fans at the corner of the barricade's and then steps in between the ropes to get inside of the ring. James then hops on the top turnbuckle and plays up to the audience a little more by throwing up the West Side Signal with his left hand while he takes a drink of his 40 ounce bottle of beer with his right hand. Once James does that, he hops off the ropes, takes off his jersey, hands it to the ringside person and then sits down in the corner while he awaits for his opponent.

TT: There's the challenger Bobby! And he looks ready!

BC: He better be if he hopes to have a chance against the champ! People can talk all they want about him not defending his title, but ever since taking the strap from Sickboy, he has ran the gauntlet as good as anybody. He defeated then number one contender Jack Mason, and then he went on to beat the World Heavyweight Champion twice! The man is on a roll!

TT: That's true Bobby, but can James Baker derail him tonight?

BC: I guess we'll see Turnbuckle! Here comes the champ!

"If you mad I'm on top, then wish me gone
If you mad I'm on the road, then wish me home
And if you mad that I'm right, punk wish me wrong
But after your three wishes - BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!"

Suddenly, "Blow It Out" by Ludacris blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in both boos and cheers. The lights dim and Keith Daniels makes his way to the stage. Blue spotlights begin to roam about in the crowd while Daniels looks out. Darkness shrouds Daniels as he looks around. He raises a fist and the fireworks begin to blast on the stage, blinding the crowd.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring... from Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at three hundred forty six pounds...he is the current CWF National Champion! “The Dangerous One” KEITH DANIELS!!!

Daniels begins to walk down the ramp, taunting the fans in the front row. He climbs onto the apron and steps between the ropes and walks to the left turnbuckle. He scans the crowd briefly before spreading his arms wide, inviting the fans to take in his glory. He climbs down and walks to the other side of the ring, a smirk on his face. Once again climbing the turnbuckle, he begins to shout at the fans as he lifts his National title high in the air. He hops down again, turns around, and hands the title to the referee and awaits the start of the match as his music fades out.

BC: Oh man! Come on ref ring the bell and let's get this party started!


TT: And here we go! Keith wasting no time as he attacks Baker from behind with a powerful forearm to the back of his neck! Baker buckles under Daniels' power but Keith shows no mercy and hits him again and Baker rolls out of the ring under the rope!

BC: Go after him Keith! Don't take any chances!

Daniels steps out of the ring between the ropes and gives chase to Baker! Baker takes off and starts running around the ring away from Daniels whose face looks to be one of a rabid animal! James slips back into the ring under the rope and Daniels follows after him but James with a foot to the side of Daniels' head! And another! One more and Daniels is down on the mat with his hands clamped to his head. Baker moves in on Daniels and leaps in the air....leg drop across Keith's throat! Keith crunches his body gasping for air!

TT: And James has taken control of this match!

BC: He better stay on him if he wants to keep his chances alive!

Baker grabs Daniels and pushes him into the corner and starts driving his shoulder into Daniels' mid-section! Baker backs and runs back at him...Body splash! No! Daniels catches him and slams him down hard to the mat! Keith Daniels comes out of the corner and tries to shake the cob webs. Keith drags Baker up and sends him to the ropes! Bakers bounces off the ropes and returns to Daniels and he drops him with a shoulder block. Baker's head slams off the canvas and he is down!

BC: James Baker just ran into a brick house Teddy!

TT: There are very few men in the CWF that are as big as the National Champion today, Baker just learned that the hard way! Daniels with a cover!




TT: Baker with a kickout at two! Daniels almost had it right there.

BC: It's going to take a little more than that to put down Da Xtreme Gangsta!

Daniels mounts Baker and has laying into him with his fists to the face. The referee warns Daniels about his closed fist who ignores him and starts to count. One....Two.....Three.....Four...Fi—no, Keith stands up and steps off Baker. Keith begins to argue with the referee as Baker starts to stir, slowly getting up. Daniels looks over and sees that Baker is up to his feet and charges him. Keith with a boot to the face, no! Baker ducks it and nails him with a drop kick to the back of the knee. Baker is up and still dazed from the beating he just got done taking. Keith is on the ground holding his knee and Bakers senses Daniels' vulnerability! Baker grabs a hold of Daniels' leg and locks in a leg lock! Daniels is writhing in pain and is laying in the middle of the ring!

TT: Baker has him Bobby! Daniels is trying to block out the pain as he tries to reach for the ropes but is too far to grab them!

BC: Don't tap Keith! Don't you dare tap! Suck it up!

TT: Why are you so concerned with Keith winning this?

BC: I bet a lot of money on him!

TT: Well if he can't find a way out of this, you might just have to chalk it up as a lo--

BC: Don't you dare! He won't quit!

Daniels stops reaching for his ropes and starts kicking his free foot at Baker! Daniels finally connects with Baker's chin and Baker breaks the hold! Daniels' tries to get up but stumbles against the ropes as he tries to put pressure on his knee! Keith turns to the crowd and lets out a screams as he pulls himself up. Bakers sneaks up behind him with a chop block to Keith's knee and he is down again! Baker grabs Daniels' legs and struggles to drag him back into the middle of the ring! Baker turns in and tries to lock in the submission again but Keith blocks it! Baker leans in and receives a shot to the face by Daniels that backs him off! Baker turns his attention back to Keith's leg but Keith uses his strength to overpower Baker and kicks him off, sending him flying across the ring!

BC: It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a..

TT: Baker goes flying across the ring! But you have to wonder what kind of pain that put Keith in, having to use that injured leg!

BC: Can you ever let me get anything out!? I was set up great for that line!

TT: Would you just focus on this match?!

BC: I am focused you jerk. It wouldn't hurt to show a little passion you know!

TT: Not if your passion is fueled by the money you bet on somebody. It would serve you right for Keith Daniels to lose tonight just so you can learn your lesson!

BC: Excuse me? What did you just say? Take it back!

TT: No!

Daniels back to his feet and begins to limp towards Baker. Baker makes his way to his feet but Daniels clinches his head and starts to bury his knee into Baker's abdomen! Daniels lets go of Baker and shoves him into the turnbuckle! Keith tries to charge Baker, but can't follow through from the pain in his knee and catches the bottom of Baker's boot! Daniels backs off and tries to support his knee as Baker charges Daniels! Daniels looks up in time and throws himself forwards! Live Wire! Daniels hits the live wire but is slow to make the cover! Daniels with a pin!



Baker with a foot on the ropes!

BC: Cheap! That's so cheap!

TT: Rules are rules Bobby! The ropes are there for a reason!

BC: They're there to cheat! Daniels had this won and you know it!

TT: I know that Baker got his foot on the ropes and this match will continue!

BC: Psh...traitor.

Daniels looks at the referee in confusion and asks him what happened. The referee tries to explain to Keith that Baker had his foot on the ropes but Keith isn't having it. Keith stands up and starts yelling at the referee while Baker slowly gets up. Baker from behind with a school boy roll up!




TT: Baker almost stole this one with that roll up!

BC: My heart just skipped a beat! Keith keep focused!

Daniels rolls off his back and curses himself in frustration. He stands up but Baker is on him, kicking the back of his leg. Daniels struggles to stay on his feet but Baker is unrelenting! Baker with another kick to the leg and Keith finally buckles! Bakers grabs Daniels head and snaps back with a DDT!

TT: Da Xtreme Knockout, and it could be over right here folks!

BC: Come on Keith, get up!

Baker, not finished, steps out on to the apron and heads to the turnbuckles. Keith slowly starts to make his way to his feet as Baker makes his way to the top rope and starts to measure Daniels. Daniels up to his feet and Baker leaps off the top rope...ALL EYEZ ON ME! NO! Daniels catches Baker in mid-air on his shoulders and carries him to the middle of the ring. Daniels face cringes in pain as he holds Baker on his shoulder and putting too much weight on his knee. Keith spins and throws Baker off his shoulders....FINAL VERDICT!

BC: Final Verdict! Bakers face connects with the canvas as Keith drops to the mat after him! Keith, make the cover.

TT: He's trying! He rolls over Baker's lifeless body and falls over Baker!





TT: It's over! Daniels is still the champ!


Ring Announcer: The winner of this match...AND STIILL! CWF NATIONAL CHAMPION! “The Dangerous One” Keith Daniels!!!

“Blow It Out” blasts over the pa system as the referee hands the National title back to Keith who raises it high in the air showing it to the crowd before exiting the ring and starts making his way to the locker room.

TT: Well, Baker put up a valiant effort that won't be soon forgotten.

BC: Yes, but Keith won and that's what counts in this business Teddy! Keith wears gold because he is gold!

TT: It's almost time for our main event, Bobby! Can you feel it?!

BC: This crowd sure does!

TT: They've definitely gotten their money's worth tonight! We've seen Yoshiru Long take Brian Adams to the limit! We've seen Tige' use more cheap tactics to overcome Sickboy! We've seen the debut of Ricky Chambers! And a little bit earlier, we saw Keith Daniels successfully defend the National Championship against James Baker!

BC: You're forgetting about how the show started! Adams with a vicious attack on Magnus. You're forgetting about Adams' search for Magnus! And how in the hell did Xamin convince Adams to get vengeance in another way?!

TT: Hopefully we'll find the answer to that soon! But right's time for our main event!


The lights flicker off to the sound of distant thunder. Lightning flashes across the entrance as the instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative grinds into the air. Through a shower of sparks walks the titanic frame of Magnus Thunder.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...from Jotunheim, Norway! He weighs in at five hundred pounds and is the World Heavyweight Champion...MAGNUS THUNDER!!!

Magnus strides to the ring with a cold stare and sinister eyes, stepping over the top rope and into his corner. The crowd boos like a swarm of bees from hell as the lights return to normal and his music fades out.

TT: Listen to this, Bobby! I am receiving word that Mr. Xamin is ordering that this match MUST have a winner! It cannot end in a cannot end in a disqualification!

BC: Good! I want to see the gnat get destroyed!

Magnus stares up the entrance as T-Ray, Deadpool, ShadowMaxx, Sleepwalker, and Caleb Marlowe make their way to the ring. They surround the ring as Magnus smirks at the sight of his old friends.

TT: Omega is here, Teddy!

"Hero" by Skillet blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in cheers. All eyes focus on the entrance as Mariano steps on to the stage. He keeps his eyes focused on the ring, unusual for him. He doesn't pose for the crowd, instead he slowly makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Weighing in at one hundred seventy-six pounds! He is the Unified Champion...MARIANO FERNANDEZ!!!

Mariano approaches the apron, glancing over at the surrounding Omega members. He slides under the bottom rope and in to the ring, still not letting his eyes leave Magnus. Magnus smiles as he raises the championship in the air, mocking Mariano. The music slowly fades as Mariano hands the Unified Championship to an official outside of the ring. Magnus tosses the Heavyweight Championship to an official on the outside and both men wait for the opening bell.

TT: Are you ready for this, Bobby?! The World Champion...the Unified Champion...and there WILL be a winner!


TT: Magnus with the slow stalk approach here...but Mariano isn't backing down! Mariano with a boot to the gut...but Magnus quickly retaliates with a hard right! Magnus with another right...but Mariano ducks it! Kick to the leg...and a second from Mariano! And Mariano with a chop block from behind!

BC: Didn't even take the champ down!

TT: Mariano hits the far ropes as Magnus turns to him...low dropkick...and Magnus is finally brought down to one knee! Mariano with a hard knee lift to the jaw...and a second! WAIT! Magnus with a choke grip! He returns to his feet and lifts Mariano high in to the air...reversed in to a headscissors!

BC: Great counter!

TT: Mariano waits as Magnus gets back to his feet. Mariano rushes in...and Magnus drops him with a big boot! He quickly picks Mariano back up and lifts him to the shoulder...snake eyes on the top turnbuckle! Mariano stumbles out, and Magnus drops him to the mat with a sidewalk slam!

BC: Magnus with total control here! And he makes the cover!




TT: Mariano with the kickout! Magnus picks Mariano back up and forces him in to the corner. Magnus backs off, smiling at the members of Omega. Magnus rushes in for the lariat...but Mariano moves out of the way!

BC: The gnat is still in this!

TT: Mariano with a springboard as Magnus stumbles out...and he nails Magnus with a hard kick to the chest! Magnus stumbles back as Mariano hits the ropes...dropkick...and the champion is dropped to the mat!

BC: Great move by Mariano!

Rob Osbourne makes his way out to the stage as he's engulfed by a chorus of boos. He stands on the stage watching the match. Mariano leaps to the middle rope...moonsault! He brings Magnus to a seated position and hits the ropes...forearm shot to the skull! Mariano rushes at the ropes...legdrop on the return! And Mariano makes the cover!



TT: And Magnus rolls the shoulder!

BC: It's going to take more than that to keep the mammoth down!

TT: Mariano quickly steps out to the apron. He makes his way to the top rope...but Magnus is quickly back to his feet. Magnus with a right, and Mariano is crotched on the top turnbuckle! Magnus climbs up the corner...overhead belly to belly off the top! Magnus brings Mariano back to his feet...and he has him in a powerbomb position!

BC: NOT GOOD! This could spell the end here!

TT: Magnus lifts Mariano up...powerbomb! He pulls him back up...a second powerbomb! He pulls Mariano up...and Mariano struggles! Mariano flips over Magnus and is trying to pull him down with a sunset flip! NO! Magnus reaches down and grips Mariano by the throat! He pulls Mariano back up...but Mariano delivers a hard knee to the jaw!

BC: HA! Just like Battle To Survive!

TT: Magnus stumbles back to the ropes as he drops Mariano. Mariano with a springboard...but Magnus catches him and dumps him over the top rope! One has to wonder what Osbourne's plans are as he watches this match from the stage!

Magnus quickly climbs out of the ring. He picks Mariano back up and rams him hard in to the apron! He lifts Mariano in to the air and drives him spine first in to the turnbuckle! Magnus rolls Mariano in to the ring and quickly makes the cover!




TT: Mariano rolls the shoulder...and Magnus appears to be getting frustrated!

BC: Can you blame him?! He's been hitting Mariano with everything he has!

TT: Magnus brings Mariano back to his feet...short arm clothesline! He pulls Mariano up again...another short arm clothesline!

BC: Look at ShadowMaxx! He looks to be on pins and needles outside of the ring here!

TT: Magnus grabs Mariano by the leg...BRUTAL REST!!! He's got it locked in!


TT: Mariano screams in pain as Magnus applies the pressure!

BC: How in the hell will he get out of this?!

TT: He needs to make it to the bottom rope, Bobby! Mariano is trying to pull himself to the edge of the ring...closer...closer...he's almost there! And he has the bottom rope! The ref is calling for the break, but Magnus is refusing to release!

BC: Smart move by Magnus here! This match cannot end in disqualification, so he can hold this move as long as he wants!

ShadowMaxx has finally had enough and hops on to the apron. Magnus releases the hold. He makes his way over to ShadowMaxx. The two argue, and Magnus pushes him off the apron. Mariano slowly makes it back to his feet...but is quickly brought back down with a massive lariat! And Magnus makes the cover!




TT: Mariano kicks out at the last second! And it looks like Magnus is about to snap! He quickly climbs out of the ring in front of us here...and he's made his way over to the timekeeper's table. Magnus grabs his championship.

BC: Is he done with this match?!

TT: Magnus slides back in to the ring...and it looks like he's going to use his championship as a weapon!

BC: It looks like he's struggling on whether he should hit Mariano with the belt or not!

TT: We've seen Magnus as the remorseless one for so long now that this is hard to understand...he's actually hesitating! Mariano is slowly getting to his feet...and it looks like Sleepwalker has decided to get involved!

BC: What the hell is he doing?!

TT: Sleepwalker tears the title out of Magnus' hands! Magnus turns to Sleepwalker...

Sleepwalker rushes at Magnus...THWACK!!! NO!!! Mariano pushed Magnus out of the way and took the shot from the championship! Sleepwalker can't believe what just happened...and neither can Magnus! Mariano is gushing blood all over the ring as Sleepwalker quickly checks on him!

TT: It looks like the referee is calling for the bell, Bobby!

BC: What?! We haven't seen a pin or submission!

TT: I think Mariano is out cold!


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen...the referee has determined that Mariano is unable to continue! Therefore...the winner of this match...the World Heavyweight Champion...MAGNUS THUNDER!!!

TT: I think that was a great call by the referee! Mariano looks to be severely hurt here!

BC: And look at this! Magnus is actually trying to help Mariano back to his feet as the Omega members join him!

TT: WAIT!!! Retribution has hit the ring, Bobby! He just stormed through the crowd...and he has a lead pipe in hand! And he nails ShadowMaxx in the skull with the pipe...and a shot for Marlowe as well! Retribution with another shot...this time to T-Ray...and one for Deadpool! Sleepwalker rushes at Retribution...and he's taken down with a shot from the pipe as well!

BC: Retribution is cleaning house here! And Retribution now, picking up the members of Omega one by one and tossing them out of the ring! And Magnus takes a shot to the skull as well!

TT: Retribution with a vicious attack here!

BC: He has definitely changed the atmosphere here tonight!

Retribution looks up the ramp as Osbourne makes his way toward the ring. T-Ray, Deadpool, ShadowMaxx, Caleb Marlowe, and Sleepwalker all lay outside of the ring, incapacitated after the brutal attack from Retribution. Magnus slowly starts to get back up as Retribution turns back to him. Magnus makes it back to his feet...THWACK!!! Retribution drills Magnus in the skull with the lead pipe! Osbourne slides under the bottom rope as the crowd overwhelms the arena with boos.

TT: What could Rob possibly have planned here?!

BC: Whatever it can't be good for Magnus!

TT: Mariano is slowly getting back to his feet...boot to the gut by Osbourne...BADD DREAM!!! Osbourne picks Mariano back up and tosses him out of the ring!

BC: The gnat never stood a chance!

TT: Retribution is pulling Magnus back to his feet. Osbourne grabs Magnus...BADD DREAM!!!

Osbourne begins to lift Magnus back to his feet when the crowd suddenly stirs. Osbourne and Retribution look up at the stage to notice Tige' and Jagermeister rushing down toward the ring. Both men slide under the apron. Jager ducks under a swing from the lead pipe by Retribution. Retribution turns back to Jager...and Jager with a running lariat taking Retribution over the top rope!

TT: Tige boots Osbourne in the gut and grabs him with a facelock...but Osbourne counters! Osbourne with a boot to Tige's gut, and he grips him for a Badd Dream! And Tige' with the reversal!

BC: And it looks like Osbourne isn't taking any chances, Teddy! He quickly avoids Tige' as he escapes to the outside! Tige' looks pissed as he stares at Osbourne from in the ring!

TT: Osbourne with a wise move here as he hops the barricade.

Security and EMTs make their way out to the ring to help Mariano and the Omega members to the back. Tige' turns around as Magnus has made it back to his feet...and he grabs Tige' with a choke grip! Magnus lifts Tige' in to the air...

TT: WAIT! Adams from the crowd...and he's in the ring! He spins Magnus around...THE LAST CHAPTER!!!

BC: Tige' quickly rolls out of the ring!

Adams calls for a mic. The ring announcer tosses one in as Adams lifts Magnus' head off the mat, beating it over and over with the microphone.

TT: It looks like Adams is getting himself some revenge for last week!

Adams finally stops as he looks down at the bloodied skull of Magnus. He glances at Tige' who's watching on from the aisle, then at Osbourne who's watching on from the crowd.

Brian Adams: Surprise...surprise... Two weeks until Liftoff, assholes. And as that day approaches...I know something that the three of you don't!

BC: What the hell is he talking about, Teddy?!

TT: How am I supposed to know?

Brian Adams: You see, boys. I had a little chat with Xamin earlier tonight. I'm not waiting until SuperCard VI to be in a match for the World Heavyweight Championship! At Liftoff, it will no longer be three men in the World Heavyweight Championship will be four!

He glances over to Tige', then to Osbourne, both furious with what they've heard. Adams drops Magnus' head back to the mat as he stands.

TT: So Liftoff is now going to be a Fatal Four Way?! What does that mean for SuperCard?!

Adams smirks as he slowly pulls off his 'Shock Value' jersey...revealing the black and white stripes!

TT: WHAT?! You've got to be kidding me!

Brian Adams: At Liftoff...I call the shots!

Adams smiles as he drops the mic to the ground and grabs the World Heavyweight Championship from an official outside of the ring. He makes his way over to Magnus, looking down at his body. Adams stands over Magnus and raises the championship high in to the air with one hand. He glances to a furious Tige', finally joined by Jager, and a furious Osbourne, who is now joined by Retribution.

TT: Is this a sight we'll see at SuperCard VI?! Adams holding the championship high in to the air?! Only time will tell! We're out of time, folks!

The stare down continues between Adams, Tige', and Osbourne.

Fade to black.