One week ago...the world witnessed as a man hell-bent of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion took out his adversary. They watched in awe as the monster of a champion lay on the mat incapacitated from a brutal attack. And they stood in shock to find out that the 2010 Last Man Standing winner...the man who punched his ticket to SuperCard VI...the Anti-Hero would add one more moniker to his list come Liftoff...Special Guest Referee...

Tonight...the stars align. Just one week before Liftoff, Shock Value will unite to battle the former World Tag Team Champions. Fed Killer member Chemical X will look to add another victory to his resume as he takes on the self-inflated Yoshiru Long. Gold will be on the line in a rematch from the Valentine Bash as Bob Osbourne looks to take back what he lost to Mariano Fernandez...the Unified Championship. The world will join together and bear witness as the World Heavyweight Champion teams up with one of his challengers from Liftoff, Tige’ to take on the second challenger from Liftoff, Rob Osbourne and his bodyguard Retribution. We have reached the final stop before we reach Liftoff...

This is CWF...

This is...

Fireworks and pyro erupt at the entrance stage. The sold out crowd all look toward the entrance as frantic cheers break out. The fireworks and pyro begin to die down as all attention is turned to the commentator's table. Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane sit at ringside.

TT: Hello everybody and welcome to Saturday Night Showdown! I'm Teddy Turnbuckle and alongside me is the one...the only..."Beautiful" Bobby Crane! The fans are on their feet here in Ottawa as we come to you live from a sold out Scotiabank Place! And what a show we have on hand tonight!

BC: It's the last stop before Liftoff, Teddy...and one step closer to SuperCard VI!

TT: Shock Value will be united once again tonight as they take on the former World Tag Team Champions and the number one contenders...The O'Reilly Brothers!

BC: This will be the biggest match for The O'Reilly's to date...and far from an easy one! The National Champion and the 2010 Last Man Standing winner have been nothing but impressive since their return, both rolling through the competition put in their way! A victory tonight will just further their legacy! On the other side, The O'Reilly's had a huge win last week as they defeated The Legion of Shadows! A victory tonight will be a huge push going in to Liftoff!

TT: We will also find out who will get the first shot at the Unified Championship after Liftoff as Paul Blair, Hudson, and Eddie Noble square off in a triple threat match tonight!

BC: Eddie Noble has really shown his skills in the ring as of late. But he will have two opponents to go through tonight! The world was in shock with the return of Hudson at the Valentine Bash. A win for him tonight will definitely add to his resume! But in the end...can either man defeat "The Ruler"?! He's a former two time World Heavyweight Champion! He's a CWF Hall of Famer! He's a movie star! And let's face it...if he doesn't win just wouldn't be fair to Blair!

TT: The Unified Championship is on the line tonight as Mariano Fernandez defends his championship against Bob Osbourne in a Valentine Bash rematch!

BC: That's right, Teddy! Bob is entitled to a rematch, and he has it tonight! They had one hell of a match at the Bash! Bob put up his best effort, and came close to retaining on a couple of occasions. But in the end, Mariano was able to defy the odds once again and put the former Horseman to rest! Will tonight be a repeat of that...or will Bob Osbourne put an end to Mariano's reign?! We'll find out later tonight!

TT: I can't wait to see that match, Bobby! But what about tonight's main event! We will have all three members of the main event at Liftoff in the same ring a tag team match! World Heavyweight Champion Magnus Thunder teams with number one contender Tige' to take on the other number one contender Rob Osbourne and his bodyguard Retribution!

BC: This is going to be a unique match, Teddy! Tige' and Magnus have teamed up in the past, but it didn't go as planned. Can they get along long enough tonight to defeat Osbourne and Retribution...or will this be a disaster in the making? Rob Osbourne has brought The Fed Killers on the rise, and a win tonight for him will give him the advantage going in to Liftoff! On the other hand, if Tige' and Magnus can work together to defeat Osbourne and Retribution, you'd have to pick them to be the favorites at Liftoff!

TT: I'm not quite sure if I'd say that. After all, Brian Adams is the referee, and you can only imagine that he'll have some sort of influence on the match! But in any case, let's go to the ring for our first match!


TEAM...PAIN! Blasts through the P.A. system and a big bang exploded in the direct middle of the stage! After a lengthy silence the opening riff of Bulls on Parade by Rage against the Machine blasts out of the P.A. Out comes the team of Rydogg & Jack Reid. The crowd, disrespectful, boos this combination. The team tries to give some high fives on their way to the ring, but the crowd doesn’t quite get into it.

Ring Announcer: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 575 pounds... Jack Reid and Rydogg...The Masters of Pain!

Rydogg pulls the top rope down and steps over the rope, as well as Jack Reid. They sit in the corner and eagerly await their opponents.

TT: And here are the Masters of Pain!

BC: Oh my god... This is... Ouch. Painful to see.

TT: Well, perhaps you’ll enjoy these two new teams that are about to appear...

The arena goes dark as the lights begin to flicker as “Hate” by Jay-Z and Kanye West starts to plays in the arena.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, first, on their way to the ring, weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and sixty two pounds, from Brooklyn, New York, making their unprecedented Classic Wrestling Federation debut...Psyko and Lmo Red...The HYT, HYT, HYT SQUAD!

BC: Woot woot woot!

TT: It seems the tag team’s growing on you air…

BC: Don’t be silly. I bet these two are joining the CWF’s crap-list pretty soon.

Out comes the Crimson Typhoon, Lmo Red, as he stops by the entrance ramp and starts to spin around a few times before his big brother Psyko stops him, then heading to the ring. Lmo stops to entertain the fans. Psyko goes ringside getting ready to enter the ring.

TT: Really? Well, there’s only one tag team left...

“Mr. Baller” by Royce da 5'9" hits the arena as we see C-Note come out to the top ramp. Smoke then fills the ramp and out comes Mr. Baller through the smoke posing for the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And finally, from Hollywood, California, also in their unprecedented Classic Wrestling Federation debut... C-Note and Mr. Baller... TEAM BALLER!

BC: Egotistical jerk... Already naming the team after him. I like that!

TT: Ladies and gentlemen, Bobby Crane likes a team. Unbelievable.

BC: Shut up.

TT: Anyway, I’ve been informed that the CWF was toying around with the idea of hiring Mr. Baller for some time, but unfortunately he missed a physic test and wasn’t able to make it to the company... Let’s see how he fares in the tag team division!

Mr. Baller and C-Note both then walk out the ramp together with C-Note clapping for Baller. As they hit the ring, C-Note goes to one knee and points to Mr. Baller in the middle of the ring once again posing to the crowd.


TT: Well, this match is underway... Mr. Baller with a clothesline on Psyko, sending him over the top rope! No! He holds on tight!

BC: This ain’t no Battle Royale, playa!

TT: ...Are you okay, Bobby? Anyway, C-Note also charging... powerslam on Rydogg! And a jumping DDT on Jack Reid! Impressive!

BC: Meh.

TT: Wait, the Hyt Squad coming right back at them... Psyko with a nasty clothesline on C-Note! Psyko turns to Mr. Baller...PILEDRIVER! No, Mr. Baller escapes, sprints towards the top rope...WHISPER IN THE WIND...NO! He hit the referee! OUCH!

BC: Very precautious. HAD to be grown on the New York streets.

TT: Sounds like something Terry Richards would say.

BC: Isn’t he great?

TT: Well, Lmo Red shoves C-Note off, ready to grab Mr. Baller and... What the hell?!

The lights flicker and finally go off in the arena. The crowd cheers, in excitement and mystery, and flashes are seen all over the arena.

TT: What the hell is going on here?!

For a short period of time, a quiet drumming can be heard in the background. Suddenly, breaking loose out of nowhere, an hysterical laugh blasts out of the PA system and sliding into the word... “WIPEOUT”.


Lights of a huge variety of colors strobe around the arena, the main light is restored, and the rest of “Wipeout” by Surfaris plays...And, to the utter amazement of everyone in the building, the Legion of Shadows comes out. Chorus of booing ensues.

TT: What the hell?! Terry, Chris, Alex Richards! Israel Steele to the mix too! Speaking of the devil...

BC: Alright, NOW it’s starting to spice up!

Terry, Chris, Alex and Trent all slide under the bottom rope and start unleashing.

TT: Terry with a DROPKICK on Lmo Red! Chris delivering vicious knees to the face of Jack Reid! Alex...CUTTER on Rydogg! Israel manhandling the Psyko... MILITARY PRESS!

BC: Well, finally, some action!

TT: Israel exits to ringside... Looks like The Legion of Shadows is going to have some fun games here!

BC: But the referee’s getting...Oh, what am I rambling about? I’ll do it!

Bobby Crane drops his headset, heads towards ringside, grabs the referee’s leg and makes him trip face-first into the ground, returning to his table.

TT: Bobby! That was illegal!

BC: Oh, who cares? CWF Referees are little George Bush’s.

TT: Back to the ring though, look at Alex...There goes Rydogg over the top rope! And Israel caught him in a fireman’s carry position!´

BC: Chris’ turn to play...

TT: And he sends Jack Reid to the outside! AND ISRAEL LIFTS BOTH OF THEM! OH MY GOD!!

BC: That’s a strong powerhouse right there!

TT: And Israel’s going away! What the hell?!

BC: He’s taking this crappy team out of here! Sweet!

TT: Anyway, in the ring, Lmo Red and Psyko are down...C-Note crawling into the cover, the referee barely conscious!





TT: And Team Baller earns this match! Wow!

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners... TEAM BALLER!

TT: My god!!

Chris and Alex each grab one of the Hyt Squad’s members and exit the arena with them, leaving Terry staring at Mr. Baller and C-Note, both on their knees. He grabs a mic and speaks.

Terry Richards: This new program of my own, whores and manwhores, is the “Tag Team Wipeout Program”. Tag teams that I consider inapt to become stars in the CWF, or even be good enough to get squeezed by us, will get their asses booted out of the arena just like the Hytties and the Masters of Vain. This is a warning... If you’re not ready enough to handle us, we’re taking you out before you get hurt badly.

Terry now turns his attention to Team Baller.

Terry Richards: Although, some exceptions will be made. See, Team Baller isn’t ready either, but, I’ve got my reasons. Like, you looking a lot like Da Xtreme Dynasty. Welcome to the Classic Wrestling Federation, Mr. Faller, C-Flat... It’ll be fun to have you as my bitches.

Terry delivers a nasty punch to Mr. Baller, that makes him fall back with the impact, ducks a clothesline from C-Note, kicks him in the gut...


Terry, the adrenaline oozing, quickly kips up and handles C-Note his style...

TT: SUPERKICK! C-Note is down and out!

“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed plays to a chorus of boos. Terry Richards smiles and taunts the crowd.



We cut backstage to see a very angry James Baker, standing at the locker with his trademark Spiked Out Baseball Bat in his hand while Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks stand beside him.

Kevin Styles: Lots of people are wondering, just why did we help our next challengers defeat the Legion of Pussies last week in a tag team match? Well to be honest, we wanted our set of revenge against them for what they did to Danielle. Now you may ask, isn't James' set of revenge the same as the Dynasty's? Well not really, because not only does James do things that don't involve us, but because we have a much different relationship with her than James does. Pretty much, the Legion hurt a person that we consider family and it's because of your actions, that you will never EVER get a shot at the tag team titles, as long as we are the champions and it's also because you don't deserve it.

James Baker: As everybody saw last week and as Kev already touched on, there was a really bad low blow inflicted to me as that piece of *BEEP* douche bag Terry Richards injured MY wife by slammin' her skull onto those damn steel steps. Now I get that you're on your time of the month as you've been extra moody as of late, but keep your girly problems to yourself. Now I'm sure you’re wonderin' right now on whether you brought me down to the levels of depression or did you piss me off to the brink of insanity? Well if you picked the latter as your answer, then you are correct because as it stands right now, I am beyond pissed off and WHEN I am able to beat you down like the *BEEP* that you are, you'll wish that you should've actually committed suicide last week because the beatin' that you'll receive will not be pretty.

James then takes his bat and starts hitting the locker with it until Styles and Banks calm him down. Once he's calmed down, James then speaks again.

James Baker: You know what? Actually scratch that *BEEP*, I know that you have a CWF Unified Title match next week at Liftoff against either Mariano Fernandez or Bob Osbourne, but what you really need to worry about here is not if, but how I'm gonna make my presence known because either way you look at it Terry, this will not and I repeat THIS WILL NOT bode well in your favor and that's that and nothin' more, believe that.

Suddenly, Israel Steele, Alex and Chris Richards enter the scene, a sinister look of boredom across their faces.

Alex Richards: So...That's it? I mean, you had ONE week, and this is the best you could do? Typical old James Baker ramble mixed with a little touch of *BEEP*? Wow, just wow.

Chris Richards: Now, Alex, don't bother. If these two keep talkin' tha pimp style, you know what I'm sayin', y'all ain't gonna be afraid, because this crap ain't scarin' anyone, swear words neitha, brotha. THIS IS MAH HAOUSE!

Alex Richards: No, seriously, I've got to say this... Look at Israel right here. Is he afraid? Look, is he crying in fear? NO! I would advise you to SHUT YOUR CAKE EATER and handle business like a real man!

James Baker: Dude, nobody in this company cares about Israel Steele. Nobody is even scared of the fatty Izzy. Then again, I don't fear anybody.

Israel Steele coughs and enters the discussion.

Israel Steele: This coming from a donut-eating candy ass nuthole who humps the greatest whore in San Diego three times a day whether she's dying in a hospital or just offering her ass on the nearest corner of some street in Las Vegas! Give me a goddamn break, Baker. If you aren't afraid of anyone, it's rather funny that Terry makes you his bitch every time you two get in the damn ring, huh?

James Baker (completely disregarding Israel's words): Is that so fatty? Well if you don't want me to poke you, I’ll do somethin' to get you attention.

James then spits in Israel's face.

James Baker: Come on Izzy. Do somethin', I’m beggin' ya, Do somethin'.

Israel Steele: ...You...Are...DEAD!

Israel furiously grabs James' throat and tries to chokeslam him, but James gets out of it and hits Steele with a Shining Wizard.

TT: Nice counter by Baker.

BC: Shut up Turnbuckle. Come on Richards', kick their asses.

Alex and Chris Richards start attacking James from behind and then tries to hit him with a double suplex, but Styles and Banks make the save by hitting Chris with a Double Chop block at the knees.

TT: Ouch! A double chop block at the knees. Chris is not getting up from that.

As that happened, Alex tries to hit Styles with a clothesline.

TT: And Styles ducks it and YES! STYLISH EXECUTION, also known as the double knee facebreaker.

BC: And Banks now has Alex and damn it! He hit him with New York State of Mind.

TT: And that's Lights Out for Alex Richards. Maybe Nas should've included those words into either of his two versions of that song.

BC: I think you meant Billy Joel.

TT: That too, but Nas also had two songs called New York State of Mind and New York State of Mind Part II.

BC: Well enough about that, now it's just down to the Dynasty and Israel Steele. Steele doesn't know what the hell to do here.

Israel tries to charge at James, but Styles catches him with a Dragon Whip.

TT: Midwest Kick by Styles.

On impact of the move, Banks then puts Israel on his back and hits him with the Torture Rack Backbreaker.

BC: Banks just hit Izzy with the Pimp Breaker.

TT: And back to back, they call that The Dream Destroyer.

BC: A more fitting name for that would be the Chiropractor.

Styles then brushes his shoulders off before speaking again.

Kevin Styles: Hey O'Reilly's, don't think that we didn't forget about your lady wanting to get her hands on Danielle. Well if you two want her to get her *BEEP* head kicked in, then bring that fat elephant out there at Liftoff so Danielle can prove that she already is one of the top female talents in the CWF.

James approaches.

James Baker: Three *BEEP* down.... One *BEEP* to go, believe that.

All three of them leave the locker room area while all three members of the Legion of Shadows lay on the ground writhing in pain. Steele slowly starts to get back to his feet...THWACK!!! Hudson drills him from out of nowhere with a chair! Hudson smiles as he looks down upon Steele's motionless body. He gently sets the chair next to Steele and walks away.

TT: Hudson from out of nowhere with a brutal chair shot!

BC: Someone needs to get a leash on that man!

Hudson suddenly returns, cinder block in hand. He places the block on Steele's crotch area and quickly picks the chair back up. He swings the chair down with all of his might right in to the cinder block! Steele instantly screams in pain as he forces the cinder block off and holds his groin.

TT: That's just sick!

Hudson tosses the chair aside and starts to dance around like a mad man as we cut back to the commentator's table.

TT:Things continue to heat up between Da Xtreme Dynasty and the Legion of Shadows!


Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

"Dead Horse" by Motorhead blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in boos. Israel Steele steps out to the stage, raising his right arm high in to the air. A smirk comes to his face as he lowers his arm and makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Kill Devils Hill, North Carolina! Weighing in at three hundred twenty-five pounds..."THE REAL DEAL" ISRAEL STEELE!!!

"Oh Canada" by Classified pumps through the PA as the Canadian colors flash over the ring. A huge maple leaf shines over the entry as Chambers steps out to the stage. He kisses two sets of fingers off to the crowd, pats his chest and points to the sky.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada….standing six feet, one inch tall and weighing it at two-hundred thirty-five pounds, a former CWF Mid-Atlantic, Tag Team, and World Champion, representing Shock Value….RICKY CHAMBERS!


TT: And this bout is officially under way. Israel Steele, the newest member of Terry Richards’s Legion of Shadows has been on quite a roll recently and is looking to keep his win streak going tonight against the last World Champion the CWF had before closing its doors back in 2006, Ricky Chambers.

BC: That’s Terry F’N Richards to you Turnbuckle – and the big man from Kill Devil’s Hill, North Carolina, Israel Steele is up against the odds taking on Shock Value’s newest member.

TT: Chambers circling around Steele now who looks a little intimidated here Bobby.

BC: As well he should be. Ricky Chambers was one of the hottest, most promising superstars on the roster the last time we were in full effect. You can bet he has title aspirations on his short list since returning to the CWF.

TT: After all, he technically never LOST the CWF World Title.

BC: That is true…he could make quite a valid claim to the strap that Adams, Pledge, Magnus and Osbourne have traded back and forth over the last year.

TT: But how would that effect the chemistry within Shock Value Bobby?

BC: Chemistry? In Shock Value? The only chemistry in Shock Value is that of Brian Adams drug lab. The thing about that crew is they all have to be looking over their shoulder for the inevitable knife that will one day be there. Until that time comes though, they are as dominant a force as any other stable in the CWF and better than most of them.

TT: Tonight they get to match up with an up and coming group of men that Terry Richards has assembled. Steele with a tie up and Chambers gets body slammed to the mat hard. Ricky Chambers has GOT to be more careful if he wants to win this match. He can’t try and match strength with the nearly seven foot Israel Steele.

BC: Steele standing tall, waiting for Chambers to get back to his feet. Israel sizes him up….HUGE CLOTHESLINE by Israel Steele and Chambers goes down again.

TT: Steele now with a little momentum and the crowd on his side, moves in again for the tie up. This time though, Chamber delivers a low blow that brings Steele down to one knee.

BC: Chambers, seeing an opportunity to change the tide here, bounces off the far ropes…missile drop kick to the head of Israel Steele and the big man goes down hard!!!

TT: And Ricky Chambers now, all over Steele, locking in a figure four.

BC: The only way to take down a big fella’ like Steele is to get him off of his feet, and Chambers is doing a hell of a job at that. Going to work on the legs of Israel Steele.

TT: Wait a minute Bobby, Steele is rocking back and forth trying to use his superior upper body strength to roll Chambers over, reversing the pressure applied by the figure four...AND HE DOES IT!!!

BC: Chambers is screaming like a stuck pig, and I've heard em screamin’ Teddy. There was a slaughterhouse not far from my boyhood home and every morning at six A.M. they slaughtered some of em, and they squealed the way Chambers is now I tell ya!

TT: That's....umm....that's got nothing to do with this match or wrestling...

BC: And? Some people prefer a good story.

TT: Whatever. Steele finally breaks the hold but the damage looks to have been done, Chambers tries to stand and cannot. Steele pulling him up by the back of his head...Steele raises him up...big shin breaker by Israel, inflicting further damage on that left leg Bobby Crane.

BC: That's right Teddy, Israel Steele has definitely brought his game this evening. I've said it before, I'll say it again, he is moving up on the food chain.

TT: He is taking yet another former world champion to task the way he has Paul Blair lately...

BC: That's not very fair to Blair Teddy.

TT: Oh would you please stop it? Israel Steele now grabbing Chambers again off of the mat and scooping him up.

BC: Look at Steele, he's just grabbed Chambers around the waist and now he's carrying him like a bag of dog food ....BIG SIDEWALK SLAM BY ISRAEL STEELE!!!

TT: Steele signaling for the Death Drop....he stands over Chambers body and grabs him by the throat with both hands and brings him high up the air in a double handed choke...flips him up on his shoulders...SIT OUT POWERBOMB!!!

BC: Cover by Steele!




TT: Score one for team Legion of Shadows in the win column and a loss for Shock Value.

BC: I can't believe he dominated Chambers the way he did. Ricky may have had an off night, but this Ste3ele kid is for real Teddy. That could be your 2010 break out star of the year.


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner, Israel Steele!!!

TT: What a victory for Israel Steele tonight!

BC: Do you see why Terry brought him in to the Legion of Shadows?

TT: I sure do!


"Scream" by Avenged Sevenfold blasts through the arena as Bob Osbourne, former Unified Champion, steps out on to the stage. He is wearing a black hoodie, jeans, and a black baseball cap. He slowly looks around, taking in the mix of cheers and boos. He then slowly lifts the mic to his mouth.

Bob Osbourne: Alright, alright, shut up you assholes! I'm here for business, something I don't usually talk about by myself. But this business is personal. I'm here to discuss my match with Mariano Fernandez. Mariano, I want absolutely, one hundred percent NO interference in this match. I will give you a clean win... or loss. This is the end, my friend. If I lose this match tonight, I will no longer come after that title. No more will I chase dreams. Only reality.

Bob looks around at the crowd. He drops the mic to the stage and makes his way to the back.


TT: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! For those of you just tuning in, we still have one hell of a show on hand for you! We have Mariano Fernandez defending the Unified Championship tonight against Bob Osbourne. And in our main event...we're going to see Magnus Thunder team up with Tige' to take on Rob Osbourne and Retribution!

BC: Maybe this time the World Heavyweight Champion will actually show up for the match!

TT:We'll find out later tonight! But first we have Terry Richards taking on Mike Laszlo!

BC: Laszlo has shown that he knows how to get it done in the ring...but he's going to have one hell of a time against the likes of Terry Richards!

TT: Let's go to the ring!


Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Lilly Sparks…from Cleveland, Ohio, now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, standing six feet and six inches, and weighing in at two hundred forty-seven pounds...MIKE LASZLO!!

"Voices" by Rev Theory blasts in the arena as Mike Laszlo walks out to the stage, hand in hand with Lilly Sparks by his side. The two stand atop the stage and slowly lookout into the crowd, devilish grins coming across their faces as they take in the boos of the crowd. They look at each other and share a kiss, smiling at one another before they head down the ramp as the song continues. He makes his way up the steps and enters as Lilly makes her way over to the corner.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, on his way to the ring...from Chicago, Illinois standing five feet, nine inches tall and weighing in at one hundred eighty-six pounds...he is a former CWF Unified Champion…"THE WINDY CITY MADMAN" TERRY RICHARDS!!!

"Perfect Insanity" by Disturbed hits the PA system as the crowd boos heavily. The sirens go off as Terry Richards steps out of the curtain in his regular wrestling attire and his trademark confident smirk. He walks across the entrance ramp, custom Psychosis Championship draped around his shoulder, completely disregarding any fans. Richards slides under the bottom rope as the crowd boos harder. Pleased, Terry climbs to the second rope and holds the Psychosis Championship high above his head with both hands as pyro crazily blasts from all turnbuckles in a flurry of explosions. Terry hops down and hands his championship to an official outside of the ring as his music fades out.


TT: Terry Richards slaps his peck a few times as he back peddles and sizes up Laszlo. Laszlo picked up an impressive win last week over the CWF Hall of Famer Paul Blair..

BC: Hey! That's not very fair to Blair, after all, we all know it had more to do with Dan Hudson and Robin Cradle than it did Mike Laszlo.

TT: True, it was a controversial win for Mike Laszlo last week, but a win it was nonetheless. Let's see if he can repeat his luck with a win over the former Unified Champion, The Windy City Madman, Terry Richards.

BC: I already told you Turnbuckle, that's Terry F'N Richards to you!

TT: Laszlo moves in and locks horns with Richards and Laszlo sends the leader of the Legion of Shadows to his back, but Terry rolls through and stands back up glaring at Mike Laszlo.

BC: Laszlo has him out matched in the size, and from what I've seen of scouting footage on him, he may have old T-Rex on experience as well. But you can't stop Terry Richards...the crazy little bastard will just keep coming. Trust me, I know.

TT: Haha, that you do old friend. Laszlo now wasting little time going in for another tie up with Terry Richards, but Terry ducks under Laszlo’s reach, springboards off the ropes and nails Laszlo in the back of the head with a spinning heel kick.

BC: But Laszlo back up quickly to his feet. Richards again sprints to the ropes and bounces off, but Laszlo grabs him in a swinging side slam!! Nice move by big Mike Laszlo! You know Teddy, he hears voices in his head...

TT: That IS what they say...

BC: They council him...they understand...

TT: Okay, okay, I get it. Terry Richards back up on his feet and he is respecting the raw brute power of Mike Laszlo now after a few good bumps. Richards shoots in low and picks the ankle of Mike Laszlo with an amateur style move and puts his ankle in a submission lock driving Laszlo down to his back, but he plants his other free foot on Terry's chest and kicks him straight out toward the turnbuckle in the far corner of the ring!

BC: My God that kid has some strength! He must be in peak physical condition...that, and Terry Richards is five foot nothing a hundred and nothing...

TT: But he IS a former Unified Champion Bobby Crane And he's coming right back off of the turnbuckle at Laszlo, again going for the ankle and Laszlo kicks away, but Richards latches on like a dog in a fight.

BC: He's crazier than a shit house rat Teddy...but so is Mike he just comes straight down with his knee across the back of the head of Terry Richards...THAT'S gonna leave a mark!

TT: That was ferocious! Terry is out of it Bobby. This can't go well...

BC: Laszlo pulls Richards up by the hair and drives his head into the mat with a sitout piledriver. Richards head is taking a harder pounding than Cyril O'Reilly's butt hole when he was still in Oswald State Correctional Facility.

TT: Good Lord Bobby, this is a family show!

BC: Don't start with that crap again. We're not allowed to market to "families" dumbass. Liabilities and all. Sheesh, get with the times man!

TT: Well, he will feel that one tomorrow, that's for sure. He'll have a headache this big...and folks, when you have a headache this big, you need Excedrin. Excedrin, Excedrin Migraine, and new Excedrin Tension headache are the headache aid of choice for the CWF and MWF.

BC: Nothing like product placement. We have sold our corporate souls Teddy. And I think Mike Laszlo may have just put the final nail in Terry Richards' coffin this evening Teddy.

TT: That may be, but regardless of the outcome of tonight's match, Terry Richards will face the winner of tonight's match between Bob Osbourne and Mariano Fernandez for the Unified title at Liftoff next week.

BC: Laszlo now towering over Terry. He grabs Terry by the throat and pulls him up to his feet and raises him up in the air...what the...Terry Richards brings his legs up and applies an upside down shoulder lock on Laszlo...Richards is hanging upside down and pulling Laszlo down with him...Laszlo writhing in pain....look at that crazy little bastard.....

TT: He has developed his game quite a bit and expanded his arsenal of moves. Laszlo, out of desperation slams Richards down on the mat with the little strength he had left...but Richards just does not let go of the hold...

BC: He's like a rabid dog with the taste of blood. All Cujo and shit.....finally, he breaks the hold...Laszlo stands up but Terry's waiting for him...SHOCK TURN!!!!

TT: Cover!




TT: And The Windy City Madman does it, taking the win over Mike Laszlo!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...TERRY RICHARDS!!!

BC: That's Terry F'N Richards to you Teddy. And now he sits back and watches the Unified title match to see who his opponent will be. Will Mariano Fernandez retain his Unified Championship against the man he won it from, or will Bob Osbourne reclaim the title and become the youngest three time Unified Champion in CWF history? Stay tuned folks and find out right here tonight!!


We cut to the parking center of the Scotiabank Place. A stretch Limo is seen pulling into the lot and eventually comes to a stop right in front of the camera. The driver is quick to throw the limo into park and jump out to open the door for his patron.

BC: Ooh, I wonder who this could be.

The door swings open slowly and, once fully ajar, out walks CWF's own Danielle Lopez. Lopez, dressed in her usual attire, smiles as the driver closes the door behind her.

Danielle Lopez: Hi everybody!

Danielle barely gets the word out of her mouth when suddenly, out of nowhere, she's grabbed by the hair and tossed back first in to the limo she had just climbed out of.

TT: Oh my God! Did you just see Danielle's head bounce off that windshield.

After her head bounces of the Limo window Danielle falls to the ground. Ray and Cyril O'Reilly quickly make their way over to join Suzanne. The two former CWF Tag Champs move in at Suzie's side as Ray's girlfriend, and the O' Bro's manager, continues her assault on Danielle.

BC: We need security back there ASAP!

Suzie quickly slams Danielle's head against the tire of the Limo and proceeds to land lefts and rights to her face.

TT: Speak of the Devil Bobby! Here's security now!

Three guards rush in to view but don't even get close to Suzanne and Danielle before Ray and Cyril pounce on them. In a matter of seconds the O' Bro's have all three men laid out on the concrete. Winters lifts Lopez to her feet. In one quick motion she monkey flips Danielle onto the hood of the limo. Just as quickly Suzanne climbs the stretch and stands tall a top of it. The limo driver tries to pull out but Ray is quick to throw open the driver's side door and drag him out of the vehicle. Ray and Cyril begin to attack the driver as Suzie smiles and performs a back flip off the top of the limo, crashing down upon Danielle as she's laid out on the hood. The sound of flexing metal echo's in the parking center as she makes contact. Ray grabs Suzie by the arm and helps her down. The two smile and kiss as Cyril hugs the two and laughs maniacally.

TT: Forget about security it looks like we're going to need some paramedics!


The arena goes dark and the crowed goes quiet with anticipation. In a split second the entire place explodes with flashes of light and loud music as fireworks fire up and down the entryway and "To Boston" by Dropkick Murphy's blares over the PA system. As the fireworks die down Ray and Cyril O'Reilly appear at the top of the entryway. The brothers, dressed in jeans and T-shirts with the logo OB's on the front, enter the stadium as cocky as ever. Suzanne suddenly appears behind Ray and drapes her arm over his shoulder as she waves to the fans. Cyril follows closely behind his older brother Ray and Suzanne as the pair saunter to ringside.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is a tag team bout scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, making their way to the ring at this time, being accompanied by the beautiful Suzanne, at a combined weight of 420 pounds, The O'Reilly brothers, Ray and Cyril O'Reilly!

A mixed reaction from the crowd. Ray runs and slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds hype the crowd. Throwing his hands in the air he praises some fans and insults others. Suzanne, after blowing a kiss to Ray, makes her way to a chair set up near the ring bell. Cyril finally makes his way into the ring via the stairs and the two brothers meet center ring with a hand slap and half hug.

BC: Oh boy...Some Shock Value ahoy!

"If you mad I'm on top, then wish me gone
If you mad I'm on the road, then wish me home
And if you mad that I'm right, punk wish me wrong
But after your three wishes - BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!"

Suddenly, "Blow It Out" by Ludacris blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in both boos and cheers. The lights dim and Keith Daniels makes his way to the stage. Blue spotlights begin to roam about in the crowd while Daniels looks out. Darkness shrouds Daniels as he looks around. He raises a fist and the fireworks begin to blast on the stage, blinding the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, first! On his way to the ring... from Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at three hundred forty six pounds... "THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!

Daniels begins to walk down the ramp, taunting the fans in the front row. He climbs onto the apron and steps between the ropes and walks to the left turnbuckle. He scans the crowd briefly before spreading his arms wide, inviting the fans to take in his glory. He climbs down and walks to the other side of the ring, a smirk on his face. Once again climbing the turnbuckle, he begins to shout at the fans in the front row and point to himself as he again opens his arms to the crowd. He hops down again, turns around, and begins to nonchalantly lean against the turnbuckle, awaiting the start of the match as his music fades out.

BC: And here comes his partner... We’ve all been waiting...

"Represent" by Hed P.E. plays over the PA system as fireworks start to blast out of the entrance ramp. A mixed reaction drowns out the music as Brian Adams emerges from the curtains. He spins around showing himself off to the crowd, pointing at himself and taunting the fans as he continues towards the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his partner...from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds! He is the 2010 Last Man Standing Co-Winner..."THE FLAWLESS ONE" BRIAN ADAMS!!!

A few hands reach out for Brian but he doesn't bother acknowledging them as he runs up the steel steps posing for the crowd before stepping in-between the ropes. He spins around again as he takes off his t-shirt and throws it out into the crowd. He looks at Daniels, smirks, high-fives him, and exits to the apron.


TT: Looks like Keith Daniels and Cyril O’Reilly are going to start the match!

Without taking their eyes off eachother, Daniels and O’Reilly start walking around on circles.

TT: And here comes the action! Keith Daniels with a collar and elbow tie-up on Cyril O’Reilly... The Dangerous One, switching to a front facelock, and a takedown! Daniels is in full control of this match!

BC: I don’t know what to say... REALLY...

TT: Why not? Just cheer for the dirtiest party and piss the crowd off.

BC: Am I really that predictable?

TT: Precisely. Keith Daniels has gotten Cyril back to his feet now, hooks the arm, swift snap suplex! Look at the speed!

BC: Daniels is getting up, I wonder what he’s going to do...

Keith Daniels sprints across the canvas and jumps, a nasty dropkick targeted towards Ray O’Reilly.

BC: Dropkick! Oh, man, Ray just flew to the matting below! I love the dirty, unnecessary tactic!

TT: That’s Bobby Crane for you, folks. Keith returning to focus on Cyril...But he gets CAUGHT with a SPEAR! Cyril took the upper hand in the bout!

BC: Look at the furious flurry of punches that Cyril is using to pummel Keith’s head into a bloody pulp! That has GOT to be Bill O’Reilly’s drunken son and grandson.

TT: Would you stop cherishing Terry Richards once in awhile?!

BC: Yeah, fine, just going back to Blair...Shut your trap, Teddy.

TT: I’ve heard that so many times from you I won’t even respond. Cyril violently bringing Keith Daniels up by grabbing his tights...


TT: The former one half of the tag team champions has Keith on his hands, and sends him FLYING into the turnbuckle! For the love of god!

BC: Keith Daniels quickly retracting from the post...Sneaky Cyril with a cheating rollup!



TT: Keith Daniels KICKS OUT!! This match was nearly over!

BC: I don’t think this is it yet.

Cyril, unpleased, pulls Keith up by his hair and lifts him...

TT: Uh-oh, Cyril pulling Keith Daniels to a powerslam position, here we go! NO! Keith Daniels slides to behind O’Reilly... REVERSE DDT! DANIELS TAKES THE LEAD!

Keith Daniels uses the ropes to pull himself up, starts panting, tired, and gets a hold of Cyril.

TT: Daniels now, getting a hold of this Irish prowess... BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! He connects it!

BC: Daniels back to his feet...I think this is it...YES!


BC: I’ve been waiting a lot for this!

TT: Brian Adams... Dropkick on Cyril! Bounces off the ropes, Cyril dazed... Insane CLOTHESLINE! Brian Adams has snapped!

BC: He’s going for more! Ray better watch out...

TT: SPINNING HEEL KICK ON RAY O’REILLY! And he goes FLYING into the black matting below!

BC: He landed shoulder-first... If he’s injured, I swear to god I’m going to cheer.

TT: That’s just sick!

BC: That’s just beauty and perfection. Me.

TT (sarcastic): Yeah, right. Perfect...

BC: If you don’t believe me, it’s your problem, man.

TT: Anyhow, Brian Adams has got a hold of Cyril O’Reilly, takes him for an upside down, over the shoulder ride...BRAINBUSTER!

BC: Cyril O’Reilly’s deformed and damaged brain has finally ceded! He’s now retarded!

TT: That was unnecessary. Brian Adams sprints into the ropes, bounces off one side, jumps over Cyril, bounces off the other side... That’s plainly mocking Cyril!

BC: Who cares? This man does anything he wants to! He’s one of the greatest wrestlers ever! He’s going to headline SuperCard again, while Cyril lost to Da Xtreme Dynasty, for god’s sake!

TT: Brian Adams just keeps bouncing off the ropes...RAY FROM THE OUTSIDE TO STOP IT! Dirty leg trip, and Brian fell face-first into the ground! That’s the second week in a row someone stops him from the outside.

BC: Yeah, but Ray is no assailant, he’s just plainly retarded.

TT: We heard you already, Bobby...

BC: It’s always good to say things more than once. Cyril inside the ring, taking advantage of the damage done...Brian Adams getting up...DOWN AGAIN! Jawbreaker!

TT: Cyril pulling Brian Adams by his wrist, hooks his waist... GERMAN SUPLEX! Adams lands ON HIS NECK! What a sick maneuver!

BC: Come on...Flawless One...Losing against the O’Reilly’s, that would stain you forever... UP!

TT: Brian Adams slowly rising to his feet...However, Cyril is up too...BIG BOOT! Adams back down!

BC: I’m going to throw a fit if Shock Value doesn’t win this thing!

TT: Well, the odds aren’t that good for them right now! Cyril is visibly tired though... And he TAGS RAY IN!!

BC: Here comes the other Irish guy. Oh, I’m so sarcastically excited. Cue me letting out a depressed “woo” shout.

TT: Shut up. Ray, this corpulent big man has entered the match...Right hand on Adams! And another right to Daniels on the apron, a little pay-back! HA!

Ray O’Reilly turns around, focusing his attention back on Adams...

TT: Ray has got Adams secure...Scoops him up...POWERBOMB! The ring just shook!

BC: This is a nightmare...Ray hasn’t got Adams grounded. But...Look at that!

TT: What the hell? Keith Daniels has climbed the turnbuckle, high risk maneuver incoming, Ray turns around... SEATING SENTON! And here comes Cyril from the outside to pummel on Daniels, the match has turned into absolute pandemonium!

BC: That’s how I like my matches!

TT: The confusion strikes! Cyril and Daniels furiously exchanging fists on the floor! Brian Adams slowly getting to his feet...Ray with a SPEAR! NO!! ADAMS COUNTERS INTO A DDT!

BC: Cyril has beaten Daniels pretty badly, he’s got Adams’ leg...INSIDE CRADLE!



TT: Keith Daniels saving the match for his team! At the last second!

BC: Keith Daniels taking Cyril for a huge ride...HERE WE GO!!! THE FINAL VERDICT!!!

TT: Cover, this match may just end here!





TT: Keith Daniels lifts him up... Could we see a second Final Verdict?! NO! Ray jumps back driving Keith into a huge DDT!

BC: Ray stumbling to his feet, turning around to Brian Adams... YES!!! LAST CHAPTER! LAST CHAPTER! WE’RE SAVED!!

TT: Brian Adams with a LAST CHAPTER out of nowhere! But now both men are down from exhaustion!

Brian, grounded, slowly crawls towards the cover...

TT: I don’t think he’s going to make it!

BC: Come on, Brian Adams is going to do it... YES!

TT: Adams drapes an arm over the prone body of Ray O’Reilly, here we go!





The crowd enters a frenzy of boos as the victory is awarded to Shock Value, and the referee raises Brian Adams' damaged hand.

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners... Brian Adams and Keith Daniels... SHOCK VALUE!!!

Adams makes his way to the back holding his injured hand as the referee grabs Daniels' National Championship. He is about to leave the ring when the lights begin to flicker on and off before they go off entirely, leaving the arena in darkness.

BC: Great now the powers out! What else is going to happen tonight?


The videotron suddenly flickers to life showing footage of Keith Daniels setting the car which contained Sickboy several weeks ago on fire. It is soon accompanied by the beginning of 'Eulogy' by Tool at the beginning of the following lyrics.

'He had a lot to say, He had a lot of nothing to say.'
'We'll miss him.'
'We'll miss him.'

The videotron flashes the words 'Did you forget about someone Keith?' before it disappears off the screen. Soon the lights come back on and standing behind Daniels wielding a steel chair is Sickboy.

TT: Oh my God Sickboy is here and Keith doesn't realize it yet.

BC: Keith. He's behind you, Sickboy's behind you.

Sickboy smacks the chair down on the canvas once which grabs Keith's attention. But as soon as Keith turns his head around Sickboy violently slams the chair right on Keith's skull with a sickening crack which results in Keith falling face down on to the canvas.

TT: What a sickening chair shot Bobby. Sickboy promised he would come after Keith and he has done just that.

Sickboy walks over to Keith and pulls him up. As he does, blood pours out of Keith's head almost like a faucet. Sickboy brings Keith up to eye level so he is facing him dead in the eye before tucking him under his arm and giving him an Infection DDT back down to the mat.

TT: We need security down here right now.

BC: Damn right we do, this is just disgusting.

Sickboy reaches through the ring ropes to grab a microphone before walking over to turn Keith on to his back as he stands over him to speak.

Sickboy: Keith. I told you I was going to get you eventually. I told you that one way or another I would make your actions look like child’s play and now it is beginning. You've ducked and weaved away from me the past few weeks. The question I ask is do I have your attention now?

Sickboy then drives the microphone right into the bloody forehead of Keith Daniels before continuing.

Sickboy: I want my shot Keith. I want my revenge. I am sending the message loud and clear for you?

Sickboy again drives the microphone into Keith's head.

Sickboy: Now I know that you'll get pissed at me for this and that's good. That's how I want you to be. For you see I am issuing a challenge for you for the National title at SuperCard. I am no longer going to be ignored Keith and if you have the balls you won't ignore my challenge. Nor will Xamin. I want my title back Keith or otherwise you'll just have to suffer the consequences of your cowardice.

Sickboy drops the microphone and picks up the chair again only to drive it right across Keith's face before rolling out of the ring and up the ramp to a chorus of boos.

TT: Sickboy has struck! We have to go to commercial...but when we return, we'll find out who will receive a shot at the Unified Championship the week after Liftoff!


TT: What a night we've had so far, Bobby!

BC: You're telling me! The further along we get through this night, the more I anticipate next week's network special!

TT: You're favorite superstar, Hall of Famer, and actor is up next, Bobby! Let's go to the ring!


Ring Announcer: The following contest is a triple threat match, scheduled for one fall, with the stipulation that the winner will get a shot at the CWF Unified Championship! Introducing first, from River Falls, Wisconsin! Weighing in at two hundred seventy-five pounds..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!!!

The BlairVision theme hits as Paul Blair makes his way down the aisle to a mixed reaction. Blair comes down the ring holding his hand in the air, telling everyone to “KISS THE HAND!”, and then finally getting in the ring.

TT: Looks like the crowd here are not interested in Kissing the Hand!

BC: This is not fair to Blair.

Ring Announcer: And now, from New York City, New York! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds..."THE NATURAL" EDDIE NOBLE!!!

"Just" by Radiohead begins to play as a light is directed on the videotron. Noble walks through the curtain and stands under the light to a huge crowd booing. Noble struts down the ramp, smirking and taunting at the fans. He walks up the steel steps, walks to the middle of the apron and looks at all the fans booing him. He then gets into the ring and spreads his arms in the middle of the ring.

BC: This kid has been impressive! I can’t wait to see him competing for the title!

TT: First he has to win this match, Bobby!

Ring Announcer: And the final participant...from Cincinnati Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred thirty-six pounds...HUDSON!!!

The Lights begin to flash on and off. “Debonair” by the Afghan Whigs begins to blare across the Sound System. Hudson steps onto the walkway wearing khaki pants and carrying a coffee cup. He exchanges High Fives with a few fans and Raises his arms.

TT: And here comes Hudson! Great effort last week even though he had previously been assaulted!

BC: Yeah, but that didn’t get him the “W” did it?


TT: And the match is on! Hudson went right after Noble decking him against the turnbuckle! A kick to the gut and a DDT!

BC: Blair is quick to follow up and drills Hudson with a right!

TT: Hudson reacts, grapple with Blair... beautiful Suplex!

BC: Noble from behind, with a German suplex on Hudson!

TT: Hudson is down, Blair drills Noble with a hammer to the back of the neck!

BC: And now Hudson gets up, Blair attempts a kick, but Hudson catches the leg and hits an elbow! Blair is clenching his leg in pain!

TT: Noble with a beautiful brainbuster on Hudson! He grabs Blair for the irish whip and nails him with a cutter! And here’s the cover!



NO! Blair kickout!

BC: Great survival by Blair!

TT: Hudson with a bulldog on Noble from behind! Great timing! Blair charges but Hudson catches him by surprise with a drop toe hold! And Hudson locks a crossface!

BC: Look at the pressure he’s putting on Blair!

Blair waves his arms back and forth, the referee is going to ask him if he wants to throw the match, but Noble breaks up the count with a stomp on Hudson’s back!

TT: Noble with the breakup!

BC: Awesome timing! Kid’s not only strong, he’s also smart!

TT: I’d agree, Bobby Crane, but here’s a belly to belly suplex by Blair! He picks up a dazed Noble and hits a body punch, Noble doubled over... and Blair is going to make him Kiss the Hand!

BC: NO! Hudson with a dropkick on Blair! And there’s a hurricanrana on Noble!

TT: Hudson gaining momentum, he goes for the turnbuckle, climbs up and hits a diving elbow on Noble! He’s now going for Blair, picks him up... NO! Low blow by the Ruler!

The crowd begins to boo!

BC: These peons don’t recognize a work of art when they see it!

TT: Oh shut up Crane! Hudson writhing in pain on the mat, Blair putting on the boots, but Noble clocks him on the back! And here’s a picture perfect Atomic Drop!

BC: Blair falls down holding his back, and Hudson off the ropes with a flying forearm on Noble!

TT: Noble stumbles back, Hudson picks him up to hit a great backbreaker! And Hudson’s got a cover!



NO! Blair breaks up the two-count!

BC: And the Ruler staying alive!

TT: Blair hits a flurry of punches to Hudson, here’s a grapple and a beautiful scoop slam!

BC: And Blair with an armbar! He’s going to rip Hudson’s arm off the socket!

TT: Hudson is struggling, could he tap out!?

BC: Well it’s just a matter of time seeing how the Ruler is holding that arm!

TT: NO! Noble once again breaking up the hold!

BC: Noble is irate! Spinebuster on Blair! Piledriver on Hudson! Noble with the upper hand here!

TT: He’s now signaling for the end! Now he picks up Hudson and goes for the Natural Cause... WAIT! Hudson is struggling holding on against the ropes! And he finally breaks free!

BC: So close, Hudson got lucky there!

TT: And all men are up again! Blair with a club to Noble’s back, he looks at Hudson and they nod! Sandwich Piledriver!

BC: This is hideous! These two have joined forces!

TT: It doesn’t seem like it, Crane, looks like they’re trading punches! Hudson with a right to Blair! Blair with a right to Hudson!

BC: And here comes Noble again! He shoves Hudson to the turnbuckle and hits a body punch on Blair! And Hudson is getting a mudhole stomping!

TT: Blair with a front kick on Noble! He adds a knee to Noble’s gut for good measure, and drills him with a sidewalk slam! He turns his attention towards Hudson, who’s leaning on the rope, and he climbs the turnbuckle to punch at Hudson’s face!






BC: Hudson pushes Blair away and Blair falls on his back!

TT: Great fighting spirit! And Hudson picking Blair up, Noble comes at them... DOUBLE SUPLEX on the Ruler!

BC: This is SO not fair to Blair!

TT: Now Hudson and Noble getting at it once again! Hudson gets the upper hand, irish whip by Hudson and a Lou Thesz press with an added dose of knuckles!

BC: Noble covering his face! Hudson continues the mounted punching... and there’s the Ruler breaking up the hold again!

TT: Noble was freed by Blair, they look at Hudson... DOUBLE POWERBOMB! Hudson falls like a sack of potatoes!

BC: Noble and Blair looking at the downed Hudson... NO! BLAIRKICK ON NOBLE! And here’s the cover by the Ruler!




TT: Noble with a foot on the bottom rope!

BC: Are you kidding me? The Ruler had it!

TT: And Blair reluctantly breaks the hold... he is stalking Noble, measuring his man... NO! Hudson with a Missile Dropkick out of nowhere! And Blair is down! Hudson picks up Blair and there it is! HUDSON DRIVER! And there it goes!




NO! Noble at the last second breaking the pin!

BC: And Noble staying alive! I told you this kid was smart!

TT: That’s not being smart Crane, that is a lucky shot!

BC: Whatever... the thing is that this baby is still on!

TT: And Noble here having broken up those finisher attempts... Blair and Hudson may work together if they want to keep this man down!

BC: Looks like that’s what they’re doing... they both pick up Hudson and hit another Double Suplex!

TT: Hudson picks Noble up, Noble fights back and shoves Hudson away! Blair is coming! No! Noble with a surprise jaw jacking punch! And Noble gaining the upper hand! Blair at Noble’s mercy... SPINEBUSTER!

BC: And here’s Hudson jumping at Noble... NO! Noble catches him mid-air for an earth-shaking scoop slam!

TT: Blair has gotten up, grapples with an expecting Noble... OH NO! An eye gouge by Blair!

BC: That is hideous!

TT: Weren’t you being fair to Blair?

BC: I didn’t pull your string Turnbuckle!

TT: Whatever... here’s a belly to back by the Ruler! Hudson joining with a running leg drop!

BC: A 2-on-1 assault on Noble! This is a total travesty!

TT: And Noble is forced to his feet by Blair, still rather dazed... Hudson and Blair nodding at each other! They both go for the ropes!

BC: A double Blairkick!?

TT: NO! Noble ducks at the last second and there’s the BLAIRKICK ON HUDSON! He’s out cold!

BC: And the Ruler cannot believe it!

TT: Noble is back to his senses, he hits a haymaker on Blair! He grabs him into a gutwrench... POWERBOMB! NATURAL CAUSE! And here’s the pin!

BC: This one’s over!





Ring Announcer: Here’s your winner..."THE NATURAL" EDDIE NOBLE!

The crowd erupts in boos as “Just” by Radiohead hits, while Eddie Noble celebrates despite the pain inflicted on him by his opponents.

BC: And there you go, Turnbuckle! He gets his Unified Title Shot! I knew he was going to win since the very beginning!

TT: Yeah, right... that’s why you were rooting for Blair the entire match!

BC: Anyway... he’ll be facing either Mariano Fernandez or Terry Richards the very Showdown after Night of Champions V: Liftoff!

TT: And for one, he deserves it! Beating Blair and Hudson TOGETHER isn’t an easy feat!

BC: Meh... pfft.


TT: Alright Bobby, our next bout matches up two extraordinary talents that have been proving themselves to you, me, and everybody else that they're here to make their marks here in the CWF.

BC: That's right! The Fed Killers' own Chemical X just two weeks ago went up against Rob Osbourne's bodyguard Retribution and Tige, one of the men that will challenge Magnus Thunder for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship in just one week at Night of Champions: Liftoff.

TT: And he'll be going up against Yoshiru Long, a man who took “The Flawless One” Brian Adams to the limit last week in a match not many will forget anytime soon!

BC: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but was there really a question if he would have beaten Adams? Adams if a former CWF World Champion and the winner of the Last Man Standing battle royale!

TT: I think Yoshiru raised that question higher than anyone since Adams' return Crane! This match should be an instant classic, and surely a stepping stone for either one that comes out on top!

BC: I'm going with Chemical X. Scarletti is a former CWF National Champion, he led Juggernaut to a National Championship reign last year, and he was good enough for Rob Osbourne to take notice and induct him into the Horsemen and the Fed Killers!

TT: That may be true, but Yoshiru has been dancing down these halls a long time, and is a former Unified Champion himself!


The lights slightly dim as a slower version of "I Came To Play" by Downstait begins to play throughout the arena. The crowd erupts in boos as a quick firework blast erupts on the stage. Yoshiru and his cloaked assailant step out to the stage. The assailant pays no mind to the crowd as he waits for Yoshiru. Yoshiru slowly looks around at the surrounding crowd with no expression on his face. He and the assailant make their way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, now residing in Tokyo, Japan! Weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds..."CWF'S UNSUNG HERO" YOSHIRU LONG!!!

Yoshiru makes his way to the steps, followed by his assailant. Both men enter the ring. Yoshiru stands near the corner, looking around at the crowd once again as his assailant stands behind him. The lights return to normal as his music fades out.

TT: And there is he ladies and gentlemen, the man formerly known to CWF fans as Blood, accompanied by his mysterious assailant.

BC: Who the hell is he anyways? You don't think that it's Jeff Jericho again in disguise do you?!

TT: Somehow I doubt that Bobby. We may never find out. But never mind that now, because here comes his opponent, Chemical X!

The Lights dim and, a low hue of red begins to flow through the arena as the piano solo of "Run this town/ posthumous zone" by Jay-Z, Rihanna, and ES Posthumous begins to play. Suddenly the Shadow of Gary "Chemical X" Scarletti appears at the top of the entrance ramp backlit by a hue of red lights and Rihanna begins to sing. At 34 seconds at the crest of the crescendo just as Jay Z begins to play a huge explosion of red pyro begins to blast around the arena as red raining sparks rain over Chemical X. Chemical X walks down the entrance ramp staring at the crowd but not saying a word. X climbs into the ring and begins to pace around.


TT: And here we go Bobby! They lock up! Yoshiru rolls behind X and locks in a waist lock...take down! Yoshiru slides down and locks in a front face lock!

BC: Come Scarletti! Get him!

Chemical X starts to his feet but Yoshiru brings him in and lifts him up...vertical suplex! Chemical X arches his back in pain as Yoshiru jumps to his feet...leg drop! Yoshiru drags X back up to his feet and goes for a body slam but X wiggles free and drops down behind Yoshiru and drops him with a neck breaker. X back to his feet and picks Yoshiru up and throws him to the ropes. Yoshiru bounces back and is nailed in the face with an elbow! Yoshiru stumbles back and leans against the ropes...clothes line by X and Yoshiru is sent tumbling out to the arena floor! Yoshiru's assailant goes to check on him but X rolls out of the ring and X chases him off. The assailant runs to the other side of the ring as X turns his attention back to Long. X grabs him by the hair and sends him running...head first into the steel steps! Yoshiru stops cold upon collision but X isn't done! X starts stomping Yoshiru with shots to the head.

TT: This can't be good Bobby, Yoshiru's head took a clear shot to those steel steps.

BC: It sounded like a friggin' car crash from here Teddy. You have to believe that there will be some left over damage after tonight! But Scarletti doesn't care! He's still going strong after Yoshiru putting his boots to that Jap's head! But the referee has started to count them out!







Chemical X finally notices the referee's count and starts to pick up Yoshiru.



Chemical X rolls Yoshiru back into the ring and quickly follows him, breaking the referee's count. X picks Yoshiru back up and shoves his head down and wraps his arms around Yoshiru's waist...Pile driver. X just spiked Yoshiru's head off the mat! It's over! X with a cover...



No! Yoshiru kicks out!

TT: Chemical X with a close two count!

BC: Yeah, but Chemical X isn't here for pin falls, he is here to prove a point! He has been zeroing in on Yoshi's head since he sent him crashing head first into those steps! The sign of a strategist, I love it!

The referee checks on Yoshiru who pushes him away, letting him know he's okay to keep going. X grips Yoshiru by the hair and drags him to his feet and locks on in a front face and tries to drop down for a DDT but no! Yoshiru blocks and runs X into the turnbuckles! Yoshiru backs off a bit and then charges X...Clothes line! X is dazed and Yoshiru is trying to fight through the cob webs. Yoshiru lifts Chemical X to the top rope. Yoshiru follows him up and tries to hook him up for a superplex by X starts battling back! X with a left...Yoshiru answers with a right! X with another shot but Yoshiru overcomes him with a forearm shot to the side of the head! Yoshiru hooks him up and stands on the top rope...SUPER PLEX!

TT: Oh my God! Yoshiru nailed that superplex. You could feel that ring shake throughout the whole arena!

BC: They spilled my water! Stupid Jap!

TT: You racist.

BC: What did you call me? How dare you insinuate such a derogatory and discriminating label upon me!

TT: I call it like I see it. Everyone heard it.

BC: You must be blind, because I didn't say anything wrong!

TT: Would you shut up!? Yoshiru with a cover!



Kickout by X and Yoshiru can't believe it!

BC: That was close! Come on X!

TT: You're so bias

BC: Did you just call me gay?

TT: No, I called you...never mind!

Yoshiru slowly gets back up and stops to catch his breath and X lays motionless on the ground. Yoshiru goes back to work on Chemical X and tries to pick him up, but Chemical X catches him and rolls him into a small package! The referee is caught off guard but drops down to make count!



Kickout! Yoshiru rolls out through the ropes, cursing himself in anger. X slowly starts to make his way to his feet as Yoshiru climbs the turnbuckle. Yoshiru lies in wait as X looks around for Yoshiru. X turns around and Yoshiru leaps off the top rope with a flying cross body! No! X catches him in both arms and holds him for a moment...fall away slam! X back to his feet and drops a knee to Yoshiru's head! Yoshiru cradles his head in his arms but X is showing no mercy as he mounts Yoshiru and stars pummeling him with rights and lefts! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! The referee warns Chemical X about his closed fists and X shoves him away as he gets up and pick Yoshiru up and hooks his arm around Yoshiru's neck...Brain buster! X has become a house of fire! Yoshiru back to his feet and X throws another fist but Yoshiru blocks it...thumb to the eye! X is blinded for a moment but that's all Yoshiru needed. Yoshiru picks Chemical X up and slams him down! Yoshiru presses his foot down on X's throat and uses the ropes for leverage! The referee warns Yoshiru to break his hold but Yoshiru exclaims that he has til’ the count of five and the referee starts the count!





Yoshiru lifts his foot off of Chemical X who quickly replaces Yoshiru's foot with his hands over his throat. Yoshiru gets in the referee's face and starts arguing with him as X slowly makes it to his feet. The referee starts yelling back at Yoshiru but he has turned his attention back to X...X'ed out! Chemical X nailed Yoshiru! X with a cover!



TT: What the hell is this?!

BC: The assailant is on the apron and starts yelling something at the referee who has stopped the count! Scarletti is pissed and rightfully so! He has this match won!

TT: Not quite!

Chemical X makes his way over to the referee and the assailant as Yoshiru starts to stir on the canvas. Chemical X stares down the assailant and nails him with a forearm sending him crashing to the floor. Yoshiru is up and sneaks up behind X and forces him into a roll up! Yoshiru pushes his feet up on the ropes!

BC: This can't be happening!

TT: It is!






TT: On that I'd have to agree with you Bobby. Once again, Yoshiru's assailant wins another match for Yoshiru Long.

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall....YOSHIRU LONG!!

BC: This is crap! I want a recount!

TT: Bobby this is a match, not an election!

“I Came to Play” comes over the PA system as Yoshiru quickly rolls out of the ring and helps his assailant up as they fast track themselves to the back.


TT: Are you ready for this, Bobby? We're moments away from seeing Mariano Fernandez and Bob Osbourne for the Unified Championship!

BC: They were so impressive at the Valentine Bash, Teddy! Even if the gnat beat Osbourne for the title!

TT: Remember, Bobby...whoever wins this match tonight will take on Terry Richards next week with the championship online!

BC: That...I am excited about! After Osbourne wins back the Unified Championship tonight...he and Richards get to show all of these peons what TRUE wrestling really is!

TT: Well, I guess it's obvious who your pick is!


"Scream" by Avenged Sevenfold hits the arena as the crowd erupts in boos. As the scream opens, white lights flash.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the CWF Unified Championship!!! Introducing first, the challenger...

The song finally kicks in as orange and white flash in and out. Bob makes his way out to the stage, looking around at the crowd. His demeanor is serious as he continues his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at two hundred fifteen pounds...BOB OSBOURNE!!!

Bob slides in to the ring and jumps up to the turnbuckle in the corner. He slowly smirks and raises his fists to the crowd. He hops down from the corner and awaits the arrival of Mariano as his music fades out.

TT: Here it is, Bobby! Osbourne's big chance to regain the Unified Championship!

BC: Damn right! We're crowning a new Unified Champion tonight, Teddy! You know it...I know it...these peons know it!

"Hero" by Skillet hits the arena as the crowd erupts in deafening cheers. All eyes focus on the entrance as Mariano Fernandez steps out to the stage. He looks around at the cheering crowd as he runs to one side of the stage, firing them up. He rushes over to the other side of the stage, firing that side of the crowd up.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Weighing in at one hundred seventy-six pounds! He is the CWF Unified Champion...MARIANO FERNANDEZ!!!

Mariano returns to the center of the stage, smile on his face. He rushes down the aisle and slides in to the ring. Mariano rolls across the mat, springs back to his feet, and strike a martial arts pose. The crowd continues to go nuts as he removes the Unified Championship from his waist. His music fades out as he hands the championship to the referee.

TT: The champion looks fired up and ready for tonight!

BC: Screw the gnat!

The referee shows the championship to Osbourne who nods and smiles. The ref returns to the center of the ring and raises the championship overhead for the crowd to see. After displaying the belt for a few seconds, the referee hands it to an official on the outside. He checks on Mariano, then on Osbourne...and he calls for the opening bell!


TT: Here we go, Bobby! Osbourne and Mariano circle each other...and here's the lockup. Osbourne takes the early advantage as he applies a side headlock. Mariano with a quick push off, forcing Osbourne to the far ropes. Osbourne on the return and Mariano drops to the canvas. Osbourne leaps over him and hits the opposite ropes. Here's Osbourne on the return...leap frog by Mariano. Osbourne hits the ropes again. Osbourne on the return...and Mariano takes him over with a head scissors!

BC: Stupid gnat!

TT: Osbourne is quick to get back to his feet. He rushes at Mariano, but Mariano quickly takes him to the mat with a hip toss! Osbourne gets back up and rushes in once more. Mariano drops to the mat for a monkey flip...but he telegraphed it! Osbourne has the legs!

BC: This isn't good for Mariano!

TT: Osbourne trying to lock in the T.N.S! He almost has it...NO! Mariano is able to avoid the submission as he backs to the ropes! Osbourne backs off and lets Mariano return to his feet.

BC: Osbourne needs to capitalize on moments like those!

TT: Well, he did say that he wanted this to be a one hundred percent clean match!

BC: Which is a STUPID idea!

TT: Regardless, Mariano has return to his feet...and here's another collar and elbow tie up! Both men struggle to take the advantage...and Osbourne is able to force Mariano in to the corner. Osbourne with a quick irish whip across the ring. Osbourne rushes in...high knee lift! Mariano stumbles out of the corner as Osbourne springboards...and he catches Mariano with a tornado DDT!

BC: That was impressive! The gnat damn near had his skull broken!

TT: And Osbourne makes the quick cover!




TT: Mariano with the kickout! And Bob quickly applies the rear chinlock!

BC: I honestly thought this match would be more back and forth, but so's kind of been one sided!

Mariano struggles, trying to make it to his feet as Osbourne applies more pressure. Mariano fights, and he finally makes it to a knee. Osbourne releases the chinlock and quickly flips over Mariano's body, dropping him with a form of a neckbreaker! He climbs out to the apron and looks in at Mariano, waiting for Mariano to return to his feet. Mariano slowly gets up as Osbourne hits the springboard...spinwheel kick!

TT: The champ is down once again! Osbourne quickly makes his way over to the corner and climbs to the top. Osbourne off the top...frog splash! And he has another cover!




TT: Mariano with another kickout! Osbourne is quick to continue the attack as he brings Mariano back to his feet. Osbourne sets Mariano up for a northern lights suplex...but Mariano blocks it! Osbourne with a second attempt...and Mariano blocks it again! Mariano breaks the facelock and leaps on to Osbourne's back! He rolls through with a sunset flip for the pin!



TT: Osbourne quickly kicks out! Osbourne rolls back reaching a seated position...and Mariano drills him hard with a stiff kick! He brings Osbourne back to his feet and whips him in to the corner. Mariano with a springboard...and he delivers a vicious dropkick to Osbourne in the corner!

BC: Like the gnat or hate him...the little bastard is quick!

TT: Osbourne drops down in to a seated position as Mariano makes his way to the center of the ring. He rushes at Osbourne...hard knee to the jaw! Mariano pulls Osbourne out of the corner, positioning him near the ropes.

BC: What is he thinking here, Teddy?! Shooting star? 450?

TT: We're about to find out! Mariano leaps up...split legged corkscrew...NO!!! Osbourne got his knees up!

BC: Ha! Double knees to the spine! That has to hurt!

TT: Osbourne uses the ropes, slowly pulling himself back to his feet. He hesitates as he rests.

BC: He needs to continue the attack here, Teddy! Every wasted moment is one that could have been the deciding factor during the match!

TT: Mariano is slowly making it back to his feet...and Osbourne rushes at him...head scissors...and he takes Mariano over the top to the outside!

The crowd erupts in cheers from the move as Osbourne and Mariano both crash to the floor. The referee leans out to check on the competitors before he starts the count.




TT: Osbourne is starting to stir!



TT: Osbourne uses the apron to lift himself back to his feet. He slowly pulls himself up to the apron as Mariano is finally starting to get back up.

Osbourne runs the apron and flips off of it, nailing Mariano with a summersault senton! He slowly makes his way back to his feet and picks up Mariano. Osbourne rolls Mariano in to the ring and climbs on to the apron. Osbourne with a slingshot...and he flips landing back first on to Mariano's chest!

BC: Osbourne once again has taken complete control of this match!

TT: Osbourne brings Mariano back to his feet and whips him to the corner. Osbourne steps back out to the apron and he makes his way to the top. Osbourne with a reverse facelock!

BC: It looks like we might see a Near Death Experience!

TT: Mariano is struggling, and he's able to fight out of the facelock! Osbourne dives off the top...over Mariano and rolls on the mat! He quickly gets back to his feet...and he's met with a vicious running enziguri!

BC: Timely counter by Mariano!

TT: Mariano quickly brings Osbourne back to his feet...arm drag and twist. And Mariano drops Osbourne back to the mat with a high roundhouse!

Mariano positions Osbourne's legs for an indian death lock. He locks in the submission and bridges back. Mariano grabs Osbourne in a urinagi style hold and uses the strength in his legs to pull up on the body for pressure!

BC: What the hell is this?!

TT: I'm not sure, Bobby! But it seems effective! Osbourne is screaming in pain as Mariano applies more pressure! The ref checks on Osbourne, and he's refusing to give up!

BC: I don't know how much longer he can hold out in this submission! He's being bent in half!

TT: The ref checks on Osbourne...and Osbourne again refuses to give up! He claws, trying to make it to the ropes. He's close...and he grabs the bottom rope!

BC: He is lucky he made it to the ropes!

TT: Mariano quickly releases the hold. And it looks like Mariano may think this match is over! He's waiting for Osbourne to return to his feet...possibly looking to hit that Tsunami Strike of his!

BC: If he hits Osbourne with this kick...the match will be over!

TT: Osbourne is slowly getting back up. Mariano rushes in...TSUNAMI STRIKE!!! NO!!! Osbourne with an excellent counter as he brings Mariano to the mat with a snap powerslam! And both men are down!

BC: This match is becoming better than their encounter at the Valentine Bash! Both men are worn down...but they're putting it all on the line here tonight with the Unified Championship hanging in the balance!

TT: Both men are slowly getting back to their feet. Osbourne takes Mariano down with a lariat! Mariano slowly returns back to his feet...and he dropped with a second lariat! Mariano uses the ropes to pull himself back up as Osbourne rushes at him. Osbourne with a knee! Mariano dumps him over the top!

BC: I don't think that went quite as planned, Teddy! Osbourne landed on the apron!

TT: Mariano turns toward Osbourne...and he's met with a shoulder to the gut! Mariano stumbles back as Osbourne hits a springboard! Osbourne with a crossbody...NO!!! Mariano with a spinwheel kick, and he takes the challenger down!

BC: God damn did that look like it hurt or what?!

TT: Mariano crawls to the corner as Osbourne holds his gut in pain. Mariano is back to his feet as Osbourne slowly starts to get back up. Mariano rushes in...TSUNAMI STRIKE! Mariano hit it!

BC: Damn it!

TT: Mariano is obviously exhausted as he falls back to the mat! He's trying to crawl over for the cover...almost...and he gets an arm across the body!




TT: That's it, Bobby! It's over!

BC: I don't think so, Teddy! The ref is saying two! Osbourne rolled the shoulder just in time!

TT: It looks like you're right! But you'd have to believe that if Mariano would have made the cover right away, this match would be over!

BC: Timing is everything!

Mariano slowly gets back to his feet. He grabs Osbourne, bringing him back to his feet...but Osbourne quickly drops Mariano to the mat with a double leg takedown! Osbourne holds Mariano's legs...and he locks in T.N.S!!! The ref quickly checks on Mariano, but the champ won't give in! Osbourne applies more pressure as Mariano struggles to fight through the pain!

TT: I think this match is just about over, Bobby!

BC: New Champion, Teddy! Can you say it?! New champion!

TT: Mariano is really struggling here...WAIT! Mariano is somehow able to grab the facelock and he quickly rolls Osbourne on to his back for the inside cradle!




BC: That was a close one!

TT: Osbourne able to kick out...and this match will continue! Both men are slowly returning to their feet. Mariano with a springboard...and he spins around in mid-air for the front kick...NO! Osbourne catches him with a spinebuster!

BC: That was impressive!

TT: Osbourne brings Mariano back to his feet and forces him in to the corner. He lifts Mariano and seats him on the top rope. Osbourne follows him up...could be the Mind Wipe, Bobby!

BC: Oh man! Bobby's closing in on a third Unified Championship reign!

TT: Mariano is struggling...MIND WIPE!!!

BC: HA! It's over! New champion!

TT: Osbourne rolls Mariano on to his back...and here's the cover!




TT: Mariano got his foot on the rope!

BC: DAMN IT! Osbourne needs to keep the gnat down!

TT: Osbourne can't believe it, Bobby!

BC: Do you blame him?! He hit the Mind Wipe...he's locked in the T.N.S...and this match is still continuing!

Osbourne pulls Mariano back to his feet. He forces Mariano to the corner again. Osbourne sets Mariano in a seated position on the top rope again. He climbs up the corner and grabs Mariano with the front facelock...ready to hit Mariano with another Mind Wipe. The Star Wars theme suddenly hits the arena as the crowd all turn their attention to the entrance.

BC: What the hell is this?!

TT: I'm not sure, Bobby!

Osbourne glances up at the entrance as two figures in robes make their way out to the stage. One is holding a plastic red lightsaber, the other a blue saber. They make their way down the aisle, play fighting with the sabers as Osbourne watches on. The music fades out as Mariano gives Osbourne a shove, forcing him off the top rope.

TT: The distraction is going to cost Osbourne! Osbourne is getting back to his feet as Mariano dives off the top...NO!!! Osbourne catches Mariano with a picture perfect dropkick in mid-air!

BC: See, Teddy! Bobby isn't going to fall for any distractions!

TT: Osbourne pulls Mariano back to his feet and quickly positions him for a Badd Dream...but Mariano is quick to rush Osbourne hard in to the corner, breaking the hold!

BC: Stupid gnat! I hate him, Teddy! I really do! He's just...he's too much of a goody-goody!

TT: Mariano rushes in at Osbourne with a splash...NO!!! Osbourne moves out of the way! Mariano stumbles back and Osbourne quickly forces him back in to the corner! Osbourne quickly climbs to the top rope. He has Mariano with a reverse facelock!


TT: NO!!! Mariano doesn't allow Osbourne to execute the full flip...and he has Osbourne in trouble as he holds him in position walking out from the corner...TSUNAMI DRIVER!!!

BC: That is *BEEP*!

TT: And Mariano falls on top of Osbourne for the cover!




TT: Mariano has done it! He has retained the Unified Championship!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...and STILL CWF Unified Champion...MARIANO FERNANDEZ!!!

TT: Mariano is still the champion! This is a great day!

BC: Insufferable gnat!

TT: Wait a second, what's going on in the ring?!

Mariano signals for a mic. The ring announcer hands his to Mariano and Mariano thanks him.

Mariano Fernandez: Of course you people haven't forgotten what happened last time Bob assaulted me, right? He had no better idea than making me taste his painkillers!

The crowd erupts in boos for the unconscious Bob Osbourne.

Mariano Fernandez: And let me tell you, once I woke up that day...I actually had to puke! But now that Bob is on his way to recovery, I've got something to make him feel better!

One of the robed men outside of the ring toss Mariano a bottle filled with lime green colored pills.

BC: What is that?! Are those painkillers of his own?!

TT: Look at the bottle, Crane! It's Vitamin C!

Mariano Fernandez (smiling): I'm sure this is going to help you on your way to recovery, Bob!

Mariano force feeds the vitamins to Bob as the crowd frantically cheers.

Mariano Fernandez: And here you go, kids! Eat your vitamins, say your prayers, be true to yourselves! And like Bob, you'll be on your way to a great future! Thank you all, and good night!

He leaves the ring, bowing down, to the crowd's applause. He joins the two robed men who reveal themselves to be Dragon Red and Dragon Blue.

TT: Hahahaha! Gotta love the kid! Talk about doing your opponent one better!

BC: I can't believe the gnat has resorted to this!

TT: Do me a favor and shut up!

BC: Hmph!

"Between Angels And Insects" by Papa Roach starts playing.

TT: We're just one week away from the live network special...Night of Champions V: Liftoff! And we just found out moments ago that it will indeed be Mariano Fernandez defending the Unified Championship against Terry Richards!

BC: The gnat found a way to hold on to the title tonight in what was definitely a blockbuster match! But can he do the same thing next week?! Mariano has been the CWF's rising star over the past few months, topping it off at the Valentine Bash by winning the Unified Championship! But his opponent at Liftoff isn't exactly a pushover! Can Mariano keep his grasp on the Unified Championship, or will The Windy City Madman, Terry Richards dethrone The Quiet Storm?!

TT: That is going to be one hell of a match, Bobby! We will also see the World Tag Team Championship defended as Da Xtreme Dynasty defend the belts against The O'Reilly Brothers in a championship rematch!

BC: The Dynasty overcame the odds a couple of weeks ago, defeating The O'Reilly Brothers for the Tag Team Championship! It was a shock to a lot of people as The O'Reillys seemed to be the dominant tag team here in the CWF! The O'Reillys have turned up the heat on this match after Suzanne's attack on Danielle Lopez earlier tonight! Was it a mistake to start this fire against the Dynasty, or will The O'Reillys recapture the gold?! We'll find out next week!

TT: Yes we will! And has just been made official! Keith Daniels will defend the National Championship at Liftoff against Sickboy!

BC: It's a rematch from Last Man Standing! After setting Sickboy on fire, the former National Champion gained a measure of vengeance tonight with that brutal attack on Daniels! And next week, he has a chance to add to that if he can win back the National Championship! But it won't be an easy task! We've seen Daniels score two pinfall victories over the World Heavyweight Champion...not to mention that he has been completely dominant week after week! Can Sickboy overcome these odds, or will Keith Daniels show the world just why he's called "The Dangerous One"!

TT: And in our main event...a match for the ages! Magnus Thunder will walk in to Liftoff to defend his championship against Tige' and Rob Osbourne in a triple threat match! To add to that, it was announced last week that Brian Adams will be the special guest referee!

BC: That match, should be an instant classic! Three of the CWF's top competitors will be laying it all on the line in hopes to walk out of Liftoff as the World Heavyweight Champion! Magnus Thunder has had his problems throughout the months...but no matter what any of the critics say, he has found a way to keep that championship! Rob Osbourne is getting his second chance at the belt. After losing to Magnus Thunder due to interference at Last Man Standing, you know that Osbourne is walking in to Liftoff with something to prove! With that said, in my opinion, Tige' is the wildcard in this match! The past two weeks, Tige' has let Jagermeister compete in his matches for him! He'll be the fresh competitor in the match next week, Teddy...there's no doubt about that! And of course, we can't forget about the special guest referee. We've seen Brian Adams compete against Rob Osbourne and Magnus Thunder earlier last year. But the truth is, Brian Adams looks out for one man...Brian Adams. He could be a deciding factor in the match, but the question is...who does he hate more?

TT: Good point, Bobby! I guess we'll find out next week! And with that's time for our main event!


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the main event! The following is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall.

Suddenly, "Pain" by Three Days Grace kicks in as Rob Osbourne walks onto the stage. Retribution follows behind him, walking in a slow and calculated manner.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, at a total combined weight of 570 pounds, representing the Fed Killers, the team of Rob Osbourne and Retribution!!!

Osbourne then eyes the ring with determined focus, and then sprints down, sliding under the bottom rope. Retribution walks down the aisle, pulling his gloves tight and pulls himself up onto the apron, stepping over the top rope and into the ring. Osbourne comes up onto a knee and reaches out with both arms to the sky as rhythmic pyro explosions shoot out of the turnbuckles. Osbourne stands and flexes while Retribution stares at the curtain, almost waiting to destroy the next person who steps out, as the music fades out.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents... First, from Madison, Wisconsin, weighing in at 235 pounds, he is accompanied by Jagermeister... He is Tige'!!!

Discotheque by U2 plays as Tige’ comes walking out onto the stage with Jagermeister following him. He has a stack of Nitemare Rob Osbourne rookie cards and starts handing them out to the crowd as Jagermeister is carrying that familiar boom box.

TT: I don't think Rob Osbourne is very entertained.

BC: Why should he be? I bet those rookie cards are worth a ton of money, and Tige's just giving them away!

TT: A ton of money? Are you sure?

BC: Of course I'm sure! Haven't you checked trading card books, Teddy?

TT: No. Trading cards really isn't a hobby of mine. I focus on calling matches.

BC: You know, for someone who focuses on their job as much as you, you're not very good at it.

TT: I respectfully disagree.

Tige’ gets in the ring and grabs the mic.

Tige’: Well, this is a familiar situation here. So, before my tag team partner tonight does not show up I want to say this. Both I and the Nitemare over here lock up with Magnus Thunder next week at Night of Champions for the CWF World Championship and I know the Nitemare and I have not seen eye to eye lately but I know we are both sick and tired of a Champion who is consistently losing and not to mention has lost to yours truly. Night of Champions will be his last night at CWF World Champion. Now, I made my in ring debut in the CWF back and January when I was supposed to partner with Magnus Thunder. You could say him not showing up that night was the spark the got me in the title picture. Hell, we can thank Magus Thunder for the whole campaign as well. So, will the paper champion show up tonight? Let’s See…

Tige' continues to wait, watching the curtain.

TT: Is Magnus going to show up, or just leave Tige' stranded?

BC: It could be a good move! He would effectively eliminate one of his opponents before Night of Champions! I don't want to see it happen though, not to Tige'. C'mon, Magnus!

The lights flicker off to the sound of distant thunder.

TT: There's the answer to that question!

BC: Yes!

Lightning flashes across the entrance as the instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative grinds into the air. Through a shower of sparks walks the titanic frame of Magnus Thunder.

Ring Announcer: And his tag team partner, from Jotunheim, Norway, He weighs in at five hundred pounds and is the CWF World Heavyweight Champion, he is Magnus Thunder!!!

Magnus strides to the ring with a cold stare and sinister eyes, stepping over the top rope and into his corner. The crowd boos like a swarm of bees from hell. Magnus lifts the World Heavyweight Title high in the air and glares at Tige' and across the ring at Osbourne and Retribution. The lights return to normal and his music fades out.

TT: Magnus doesn't look to be in a very good mood tonight.

BC: When is he ever in a good mood anymore? Everybody's been holding him down since his career started. Now he's the Champion and isn't going to make it easy on anyone.

Tige' points to himself, signifying to Magnus that he wants to start the match. Magnus steps over the top rope and to the apron as Tige' turns around. When he does, he comes face to chest with Retribution.

TT: I don't think Tige' expected him to start the match off! He already looks like he wants a tag.

BC: He's evaluating his strategy, Teddy.

TT: Looks like he needs to decide what that is and soon.

Tige' swings for Retribution's face and connects. Retribution however doesn't seem fazed. He grabs Tige' and launches him into his corner. He enters in and stars throwing lefts and rights to the midsection of Tige' and finishes it off with a throat thrust.

TT: Tige' now on the mat, grabbing his throat. Retribution is a house of fire here tonight!

BC: I don't know who to cheer for! I love all of these guys! Get up, Tige'!

Retribution turns in Magnus's direction and glares at him momentarily. This provides Tige' with the time he needed as he chop blocks Retribution, bringing the big man down.

TT: Tige' now with some offense!

BC: Get up, Retribution!

TT: Make up your damn mind.

Tige' now stomping away at Retribution. Retribution, however, continuously swats his foot away as he makes his way to his feet. Tige' hurries over and slaps Magnus on the shoulder. Magnus looks at him, his shoulder, then over at Retribution.

TT: Didn't look like Tige' wanted to wait for Magnus to reach his hand out.

BC: It's not like Magnus is Tige's best friend or anything and wanted to give him a break.

Magnus, without fear, steps over the ropes and walks to the center of the ring. Retribution meets him there as the staredown ensues.

TT: These two big behemoths are glaring at each other! Two immovable objects! Something's got to... What the hell?

BC: What is that?

Suddenly, disco music begins to play from the boom box Jagermeister brought to the ring. It sits on the apron for everyone's enjoyment. However, Magnus, Retribution, and Osbourne grab their ears and turn their attention to Tige', who is now dancing on the apron.

BC: It's great! Tige's got the disco music going again! I love it! Oonce oonce oonce...

TT: Please, someone shut it off! I can't think!

Retribution takes this opportunity to deck Magnus in the side of the head, staggering him backward. He hurries forward and grasps Magnus's arm and leans him against the ropes. He then tries to swing him to the ropes, but Magnus reverses. Retribution off the ropes and Magnus sets him up for a big boot.

TT: Retribution ducks! Off the other side and...

BC: Wow! What a shoulder block! Magnus hitting the mat at that velocity, I think it registered on the Richter scale! Quickly, someone lift Magnus and check for survivors!

TT: What the hell is wrong with you!?

Retribution grabs Magnus by his hair and rushes him to his feet. Retribution with a chop to Magnus' throat! Magnus stumbles back but returns with a shot of his own! Retribution rocks back but doesn't leave his feet! Magnus throws another thunderous fist but Retribution blocks it and brings Magnus in and lifts him up....Samoan drop!

TT: I don't think the ring was meant for the size of these two men!

BC: I hope Xamin has insurance, something has got to give!

Magnus is back up but Retribution has a front face lock locked in. Magnus is struggling with his hand held out for the tag but Tige isn't paying attention. Tige's too busy dancing to the music. Magnus musters all of his strength and lifts Retribution on to his shoulder and drives him into the corner! Magnus driving a hole into Retribution's mid-section with his shoulder! Magnus stands up straight and delivers a monstrous elbow to Retribution's face! Magnus stares at Tige, who could care less about what's going on inside of the ring. Magnus storms over towards Tige and delivers a hard slap to his back, making a loud CLAP! Sound. The referee signals the official tag and Tige looks towards Magnus and then inside of the ring. Tige shrugs his shoulders and enters the ring and Magnus exits out on to the apron.

TT: Magnus can't be happy with Tige's antics. I mean seriously, one week he forces Jagermeister to fight his battles for him, and now he comes out to the ring in our main event match to dance for us? This isn't Chip n Dales!

BC: I think it's great! Magnus needs a sense of humor. Wait a minute. Magnus what the hell are you doing?!

TT: Magnus has had enough! Magnus jumps down off the apron and chases Jagermeister away! Magnus has his eyes on the boom box and lifts it high in air. Oh my God, YES!

BC: NO! Don't you do it!

Magnus slams the boom box down, shattering it into several pieces. Tige looks over at Magnus, as if he was truly shocked at Magnus' actions. Tige shakes his head as he turns his head towards Retribution who delivers a boot to the face of Tige! Tige caught off guard and sent straight to the mat! Retribution follows up with an elbow to Tige's chest! Retribution with a cover!




TT: Kick out at two! Bobby...Bobby are you okay?

Teddy turns to Bobby Crane who seems to be hyper ventilating after the two count on Tige.

BC: Yes...I...I'll be okay. Tige get up!

Retribution quickly to his feet and tags in Osbourne! It's Osbourne and Tige! No! Tige quickly scrambles over and force tags Magnus back in the ring! Magnus looks at Tige with a rage in his eyes before he steps over the top rope into the ring. Tige steps back out onto the apron nonchalantly. Magnus eyes up Osbourne who has his arms extended and tells the big man to bring it on! He does! Magnus runs at Osbourne and takes a swing to knock his head off but Osbourne docks and puts Magnus to the mat with a double leg take down! Osbourne on Magnus! Osbourne with fists of fury to the champs face!

BC: Get him Osbourne! This is your next CWF World Champion ladies and gentlemen!

TT: Don't bet your whole bank on that yet Crane. Save that for next week, which could be a totally different story. What the hell is Tige doing?!

Tige starts yelling instructions to Jagermeister who ducks down underneath the ring and looks as if he's digging for something. He comes back out from underneath the ring with yet another boom box!

BC: We are saved! Get this party started Tige'! WOO!

Jagermeister presses play as the music starts to play and Tige continues to dance for the crowd on the apron. Meanwhile, Magnus has pushed Osbourne off of him and has returned to his feet. Osbourne charges Magnus but he catches him...power slam! Magnus drilled Osbourne’s back nearly through the ring mat! Magnus back to his feet and runs off the ropes...body splash! Magnus with a cover!



Retribution with the save! Magnus is pissed! Magnus and Retribution start to brawl as Osbourne starts to his feet. Magnus clotheslines retribution out of the ring but Osbourne with a chop block to Magnus' knee! Magnus is down! Osbourne starts talking trash to the champ as he begins to stomps a hole through his chest! <./em>

TT: Osbourne seems to still be angry at Magnus about their outcome at Last Man Standing!

BC: And why wouldn't he? He had that match won! No worries, he'll right that wrong in one week, and we'll actually have a REAL champion!

TT: Hey Bobby...

BC: Yes?

TT: Shut the hell up.

BC: Screw you!

Osbourne continues to stomp the champ but Magnus catches Osbourne's foot and pushes him off! Osbourne catches himself on the ropes and runs back at Magnus but he dives at Osbourne with a clothesline! Osbourne is down! Magnus hoists himself up to his feet with the ropes. Magnus slowly makes his way to Tige who is still dancing to the music which seems almost non-stop.

TT: Is that song on repeat or something?

BC: Who cares? It's great!

Osbourne is up and runs at Magnus who is almost at his corner. Osbourne leaps into the air and latches on to Magnus' back...sleeper! Osbourne has a sleeper on Magnus! Magnus is reaching his hand out to Tige who has his hands in the air as the tempo in the music has started to speed up. Magnus is starting to fade!

BC: Put that giant to sleep! Nighty night you son of a bitch!

Magnus, as a last move in desperation, grabs Osbourne's legs and starts stumbling backwards and squashes Osbourne into the turnbuckle. And again! Osbourne breaks the hold as he folds up in the corner like an accordion! Magnus slowly makes his way to a vertical base and starts to stumble towards the corner. Finally there, he tags Tige in. Tige tells Jagermeister to cut the music as Tige makes his way into the ring. Osbourne is up and confronts Tige in the middle of the ring! Osbourne is ready for a fight but Tige holds one hand up and he digs his other into his pocket.

BC: Watch it Osbourne, this could be a trick.

TT: Could be? It's Tige', what else could it be?

Tige takes his hand out of his pocket and offer Osbourne...a Rob Osbourne rookie trading card! Rob Osbourne snobs Tige and nails him with a right hand! Tige drops the trading card as they start trading fists with each other! Tige sends Osbourne to the ropes...back body drop! Tige rips Osbourne to his feet by his hair, allowing him to stand on his own delivers a clear right hand to Osbourne who staggers back! And another! Tige' receiving mixed reactions from the crowd as he digs into Osbourne! Tige sends Osbourne to the ropes and goes for another back drop but Osbourne turns in mid air and lands on his feet...reverse DDT! Osbourne back to his feet....leg drop!

TT: Osbourne meaning business in that ring tonight against his old friend!

BC: Meaning business? Rob Osbourne is the meaning of this business Teddy!

TT: If you say so.

Jagermeister up on the apron and distracts the referee. Tige back to his knees and Osbourne grabs him but Tige delivers a low blow! Osbourne grabs his crotch and falls to the mat in pain. Jagermeister drops back down to the floor as Tige is up again. Osbourne slowly gets up and Tige delivers a fore arm to Osbourne's face and starts yelling Jagermeister to hit it!

TT: What the hell is he doing!?

BC: It's raining!

Just then, Nitemare trading cards start spilling all over the ring and arena from the rafters. Osbourne looks around confused as Tige is pointing at Osbourne and laughing. Osbourne has had enough! Tige and Osbourne start trading fists again and Osbourne gets the upper hand with a sharp fist to the throat. Tige grabs his throat as Osbourne makes his way to the top rope! Osbourne measures Tige and leaps off for a flying! Tige rolls out of the way and Osbourne catches the mat, hard. Osbourne rolling around on the canvas as Tige jumps over to his corner and tags in Magnus!

TT: Here we go again Bobby! Magnus and Osbourne!

BC: More music, less Magnus. Just the way I like it!

Tige turns to the music back on and continues to dance as Magnus grabs a hold of Osbourne. He sends Osbourne to the ropes and waits for him. Osbourne returns and Magnus with a knee to the gut! Osbourne flips over and hits the mat! Magnus roars to the crowd as they erupt in cheers for Magnus Thunder! Osbourne holding his abdomen as Magnus grips him up...head butt! Osbourne dazed and leans against the ropes. Magnus looks over at Tige and starts to yell at him to turn off the music. Tige' just ignores him as he picks up his speed to the beat of the music. Magnus starts making his way over to the boom box and grabs it! Tige grabs the other end and they are in a tug of war! Magnus almost pulls Tige into the ring but Osbourne from behind! Osbourne nails Magnus in the back of the head, forcing him to let go of the boom box. Tige returns to dancing but keeps the boom box in his hand.

BC: Keep your hands off Magnus! You're killing our fun.

TT: This is a wrestling show, not a rave Bobby!

Osbourne continues to beat on Magnus but Magnus shoves him off. Osbourne returns but Magnus catches him by the throat! Magnus lifts him up...choke slam! No! Osbourne gouges his eyes and lands on his feet! Osbourne off the ropes but runs right into Magnus' elbow! Magnus stares down Osbourne and then runs towards the ropes himself...


TT: NO! Tige just smashed to boom box over the back of Magnus' head!

BC: YES! Can you feel the music now Magnus! HA!

Tige drops the remains of the boom box on the floor and instructs Jagermeister to follow him towards the back. Magnus stumbles back towards the middle of the ring to a waiting Osbourne. Osbourne hooks Magnus in...BADD DREAM! Osbourne hit the Badd Dream! Osbourne with a cover!




BC: Yes! We have a winner!

TT: Magnus was screwed!


Ring Announcer: The winner of this match...Rob Osbourne and Retribution!

“Pain” by Three Days Grace plays over the arena as Retribution helps Osbourne to his feet. Osbourne barely able to stand on his own as the referee tries to return Magnus' title to him but Osbourne rips it away! Osbourne holds the title high in the air as the crowd answers with resounding jeers to the message he's trying to send.

TT: Osbourne and Retribution steal one here tonight folks, but will Osbourne be holding that title in the air at the end of next week's Main Event as well?

BC: Of course he will! He should have been doing that at Last Man Standing if it wasn't for that traitor Roland Ulv!

TT: What about Tige?

BC: ...he's innocent!

TT: Hardly. But were out of time folks! See you for Night of Champions V: Liftoff next week! Goodnight everybody!

Fade to black.