This is CWF...

This is...


Fireworks and pyro erupt at the entrance stage. The sold out crowd all look toward the entrance as frantic cheers break out. The fireworks and pyro begin to die down as all attention is turned to the commentator's table. Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane sit at ringside.


The light dim down as the opening riffs of“Raise Hell” by (hed) p.e. hits over the PA system. The loud roar of a car engine is heard through out the arena as the fans starts spinning their heads around, but no sign of Brian Adams.

If you think it's too loud...
B*tch get the f*ck out!
If you want to showdown...
B*tch get the f*ck out!
If your ass ain't with me...
B*tch get the f*ck out!

Just then the lights in the arena go up as a blue 2010 Ford Mustang emerges on to the ramp. The car sits at the top of the stage for a moment as the engine start revving. The wheels start to spin as Brian starts to drive down the ramp. Suddenly, the engine starts to kick off, letting off a series of gasps as a huge cloud of black smoke erupts from the exhaust pipe. The music in the arena cuts off as the head lights die down as the car comes to an abrupt stop down the middle of the ramp. The engine lets off a last few clicks as Brian kills the ignition is a rage, jumping out of the car and kicking it furiously. The fans start to laugh and cheer for the car as Brian has given up his assault and makes his way towards the ring. Brian slides under the bottom rope and grabs the microphone from the ring announcer. Brian stares off into the crowd for a moment before bringing his microphone up, readying himself to speak.

Brian Adams: You like that huh? Yeah well, live it up a**holes. I knew the deal I got on that car was a god damn rip off. Piece of sh*t; either way, that's not the reason I came out here tonight. My point is that you people, as much as you may not like me, need me. You need someone like me to show you and give you what you truly want. Ever since my return in January I have taken every chance I've had to do so, with success at every turn. Shock Value has risen from the ashes and set fire underneath the asses of all those who stand against us. It's been fun though, has it not? It has been fun tearing to shreds the men who have claimed the throne in my absence. The journey to my return has been fun because just like last time, everything is going according to plan, and there is little you can do about it, and nothing you can do to stop it. So what would you do? Will you stand aside and watch while Keith, Ricky, and myself march down the path towards immortality, or will you stand in our way as a road block, just to become road kill. You people do know there is no stopping us right?

TT: While I hate to agree with him Crane, he does speak some truth.

BC: Some truth? He's failed to tell us anything but!

TT: Oh really?

Brian Adams: And even if there was, there is no one that roams the halls of the Classic Wrestling Federation equipped to do so. I do not possess the weak mind that led to the fall of the 'great' Rob Osbourne. The Nitemare's Nightmare...are you kidding? Is that all it truly takes to wipe out a man who was once considered a legend? Very sad indeed, but life goes on right? The fact is, plenty of people will claim credit for the downfall of this man, one of them being my opponent in exactly two weeks time at the biggest event of the year. Tige', the man behind the Nitemare's nightmare. Tige', you would like to believe you have a chance in defeating me at Super Card Six, and I'm hoping to God you do. I'm hoping you believe in your heart of hearts that beating is within your drunken grasp. I could tell you here and now that it is not, but it wouldn't do much good would it? No, I don't think so, so I will have to resort to old but still very useful tactics to prove it to you. After the main event is over and the CWF has crowned yet another World Champion, that belief will turn into sudden disbelief. Your hope will morph itself into private shame and public humiliation. I'm sure you'll talk a good game through out the next two weeks, as will I, but it is I who will be named the victor at Super Card and once again be king. It is I who will once again be CWF World Heavyweight Champion!

Brian drops the microphone down on the mat as he raises his arms in the air, ignoring the overbearing jeers from the crowd. “Raise Hell” once again comes over the PA system as Brian steps through the ropes and jumps down from the apron. Brian looks around the apron before pointing to a Super Card Six sign hung up from the rafters as he makes his way up the ramp and around the car, and exits the arena floor.


The Lights begin to flash on and off. "Debonair" by the Afghan Whigs begins to blare across the sound system. Hudson steps on to the stage wearing khaki pants and carrying a coffee cup.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from Cincinnati, Ohio! Weighing in at two hundred thirty-six pounds...HUDSON!!!

Hudson exchanges high fives with a few fans and raises his arms. His once long hair now receeds. He slides under the bottom rope and in to the ring as his music fades out.

The BlairVision Theme hits the arena as the crowd turns their attention to the entrance. Israel Blair steps out to the stage, and makes his way down the aisle, fully concentrating on his opponent.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Kill Devils Hill, North Carolina! Weighing in at three hundred thirty-three pounds...ISRAEL BLAIR!!!

Blair reaches the apron, climbs up on to it, and steps over the top rope. He keeps his eyes locked on Hudson as his music fades out.


TT: Here we go! Blair and Hudson lock up...and Blair takes the advantage as he forces Hudson back to the ropes. Blair whips Hudson across the ring...and he quickly takes him down with a devastating running lariat!

BC: Blair is just so powerful, Teddy!

TT: Blair brings Hudson back to his feet, but Hudson quickly is able to counter with a drop toe hold. Hudson flips Blair over and brings him to a seated position...rear chinlock. Blair quickly is able to bring himself back to his feet and Hudson floats over in to a side headlock. Blair lifts Hudson...and he drops him to the mat with a back suplex!

BC: Hudson needs to find a way to counter this power...or this match will be over quick!

TT: Blair picks Hudson back up and rushes him back first in to the corner. He backs off...and now he's rushing in...big splash...but Hudson is able to move out of the way!

BC: Perfect timing!

TT: Blair stumbles back and Hudson grabs him from behind for a russian legsweep!

BC: Hudson grabs Blair by the arm and applies an overhead keylock.

TT: The ref checks on Blair, but Blair is refusing to give up! Blair is fighting, and he's able to make it to his feet. Hudson quick with an arm drag and twist...and he's trying to force Blair back to the mat with an armbar submission!

BC: It's a smart plan. Keep Blair grounded...

TT: Blair is fighting to try to stay up...but he has no choice as he's dropped back to the mat, this time with an armbar submission applied!

The ref checks on Blair, but Blair refuses to give up! He struggles in pain as Hudson applies more pressure. Blair struggles and again is able to make it back to his feet! He delivers a hard right to the gut, forcing Hudson to release the hold. Hudson approaches...and Blair grabs him with a choke grip! He lifts Hudson in the air...chokeslam!

TT: Blair with a powerful chokeslam there! And he glances up at the entrance...

BC: Wonder what that's about.

TT: Blair picks Hudson back up and lifts him to the shoulder...possibly a running powerslam here?!

The BlairVision Theme suddenly kicks in as all eyes focus on the entrance.

TT: Why does Blair think he need to be out here during this match?

BC: What Blair are you talking about, Teddy?

TT: What do you mean? Oh hell! I forgot we have another damn Blair in the CWF. One was bad enough.

BC: That's not Fair to either Blair!!

TT: Do you need some chap stick?

BC: For what?

TT: Your lips for all the ass kissing you are doing.


All during the conversation the BlairVision music continues to play. Everyone is so focused on seeing Paul Blair that no one has seen that Hudson and Blair (Steele) have both rolled out of the ring and are facing a double countout. When the ref reaches nine, the music stops. Everyone hears the ref say ten and call for the bell. Hudson and Blair (Steele) both roll back in the ring with mics in hand and wearing Apocalypse t-shirts.

Israel Blair: In case any of you low life punk ass rollie pollies did not watch Night of Champions you missed one hell of a show. The greatest part of it was me and my Apocalypse family beating down the like of the LOS. (Mix reaction from the crowd) and when I say FAMILY I do mean FAMILY as in Paul Blair and I are BROTHERS. Let it be known that The person you see before you is no longer Israel Steele. I am ISRAEL BLAIR!!!! I am a Blair and Damn proud of that! Hudson I think you have a thing or two totell Xamin.

Hudson: Xamin did you see that one coming? Israel told you that this type of match should have been at Super card. These low life people need to pay top dollar to see two great wrestler like myself and Israel go at it.

Israel Blair: Hudson your right. If Xamin had any balls he would come out here and face us like a man and make a match for us to take out some of the so called great wrestlers he seems to be hiring these days.

With those words, "Elevation" by U2 hits much to the delight of the crowd and the shock of Hudson and Israel. Xamin makes his way out to the stage.

Mark Xamin: You two seem to think that you can make and break rules as you wish without repercussions. You want a match at SuperCard?

The crowd goes crazy with the mention of SuperCard.

Mark Xamin: I'll tell you what...I will give you a match at SuperCard... I will give ONE...of you a match at SuperCard!

BC: Only one?! That's not fair...

TT: Yeah, yeah... Not fair to Blair... We know!

Mark Xamin: At SuperCard VI, we will debut a new concept for CWF. A new kind of match. The reward for it will be high. Whoever walks out victorious in this match...they will earn a will be good for up to one year...and it will be a chance for the one who obtains the contract to request a championship match wherever they choose...whenever they choose...and whichever championship they choose!

TT: Seriously?! What kind of match is this going to be?!

Mark Xamin: Tonight, we will determine four of the competitors. And for those could be their golden opportunity!

Israel Blair: And what exactly does that have to do with us?

Mark Xamin: Simple. We're going to choose between you two on who our first participant will be!

Xamin looks up at the videotron, as does the crowd. A picture of Israel Blair appears and quickly flashes to a picture of Hudson. The pictures flash back and forth and finally stops with Israel Blair's picture on the screen.

Mark Xamin: Congratulations, Israel. You are the first official participant in the match! Now get the hell out of my ring!



The Arena goes dark as the lights begin to flicker as Hate by Jay-Z and Kanye west starts to plays in the arena.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! On their way to the ring weighing in at four hundred and sixty two pounds, from Brooklyn Newwwww Yorkkkkk. Psyko and Lmo Red, The Hyt Hyt HYT SQUAD.

TT: And here’s a tag team matchup that might turn intere-


TT: Oh my god… You’re annoying, you know.

Out comes the Crimson Typhoon Lmo Red as he stops by the entrance ramp and starts to spin around a few times before his big brother Psyko stops him, then heading to the ring Lmo stops to entertain the fans Psyko goes ring side getting ready to enter the ring.

Mr. Baller by Royce da 5'9" hits the arena as we see C-Note come out to the top ramp. Smoke then fills the ramp and out comes Mr. Baller through the smoke posing for the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And their opponents… From Hollywood, California… TEAM BALLER!


TT: Please, Bobby…

They both then walk out the ramp together with C-Note clapping for Baller. As they hit the ring, C-Note goes to one knee and points to Mr. Baller in the middle of the ring once again posing to the crowd.



TT: Bobby, would you cut that out? The match has barely started!

BC: What do you or anybody care? It’s Team Baller vs Hyt Squad! BORING!!!

TT: I thought your buddy’s little program had taken the squad out of the CWF…

BC: I don’t know why they’re here either. Probably because Mark Xamin, that damn Xamin, disagrees with the Legion, and decided to give these poor souls a second chance.

TT: Well, looks like Mr. Baller is going to start this one off with… Huh…

BC: Don’t look at me, Teddy, I don’t know how to pronounce that.

TT: He’s facing… Lmo Red. Wow. Mr. Baller right at the attack, unleashing furious kicks, rabid thrusts to the leg of Red… Baller gets a hold of shoulders… SNAP SUPLEX! Baller slides, twists Red’s arm, and an armbar is appli-


TT: Bobby, please. This is my job.

BC: You’re enjoying this piece of crap of a match?

TT: So far, yes, why?


TT: ...I don’t know what to say. Well, Mr. Baller keeps the armbar applied, and…Now he releases it. Mr. Baller lifts Lmo Red up… BELLY-TO-BELLY suple-


TT: If you could just shut up for ten straight seconds...

BC: No can do, there’s nothing straight about this match, if you know what I mean.

TT: Sexual orientation jokes? Geez, Bobby. Anyhow, Mr. Baller is lifting Lmo Red back to his feet again… Back body drop! And he tags in C-Note, but Psyko is also getting into the ring! Psyko trying to hit Mr. Baller, but Baller grabs him, sidewalk slam! C-Note handling Lmo Red… LEGDROP! Gets up…A KNEE DROP! Gets up one more time, and a quick, smooth elbow drop! What a cluster!


TT: I’m ignoring you, Bob-


TT: Psyko doesn’t give up, he’s going right back at the attack... Big boot by C-Note! C-Note grabs him up to his feet... BALLER BLOCK! This may just be over right here!






BC: Oh, thank GOD!


Ring Announcer: Here are your winners…Team Ball-

Suddenly, the famous “WIPEOUT” yell hits the PA system as the crowd starts to boo. Terry, Chris and Alex all come out with taser guns on their hands.

TT: And out comes the Legion of Shadows! Time to take these guys out of the CWF!

Terry, Chris and Alex all slide under the bottom rope, in a hurry, and start stunning everyone.

TT: Chris tazes Mr. Baller! Alex tazes Lmo Red…And now C-Note! And Terry keeps tazing C-Note nonstop! This is sick!

BC: I love this!

Chris and Alex each grab one member of the Hyt Squad and go away with them.

TT: I guess they’re definitely wiped out of the CWF roster!


"To Boston" by Dropkick Murphy's hits and the crowed explodes into a mix of Cheers and Boos evenly throughout he arena.

BC: What the hell are these two doing here!?! They don't have a match tonight?

After a short pause Ray and Cyril O'Reilly step through the curtain... followed by someone in a Venetian Bauta.

TT: Well, It looks like we'll be starting the show with a little visit from our number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles. And it appears that they're being accompanied to the ring by some masked person.

The mask of this unknown person was mostly white with light blue around the eyes and rolling down the cheeks. The mask had no mouth but the holes cut for the eyes reviled a soft gaze. Normally the O'Reilly's would be full of energy as they made their way to the ring... but not today. Today they saunter down the runway without so much as a glance in the direction of a single fan. Today they remain solemn faced and steadfast. Today they look to be all business. By now they have slowed up enough that whoever it was behind that Venetain mask was now a stride ahead of them.

TT: Just last week, at Night of Champions V, we saw these two men go head to head with the Tag Team Champions, Da Xtreme Dynasty, two times in one night!?!

BC: Yet I see no gold around either of their waists.

The masked figure slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. Ray and Cyril O'Reilly follow suite.

TT: Well as far as I'm concerned neither team walked out of Liftoff a winner.

Ray O'Reilly is quick to the side of the ring to recover a microphone. Once he does he returns to the center of the squared circle... joining his brother and this masked person's sides.

BC: Are you serious Teddy!?! Da Dynasy walked out Champions and therefore walked out winners! Get your facts straight before...

TT: Quite Bobby, Ray's about to begin.

Ray O'Reilly lifts the microphone up to his mouth, and is about to begin, when he stops...and hands the microphone off to the masked figure on his right. The person holds the microphone, firmly, directly in front of where their mouth would be and, without removing the mask, begins.

Masked Man: Tsk... tsk... tsk Danielle Lopez!

TT: Is that...

BC: It's Suzanne Winters!

Suzanne Winters: Last week, at Showdown, Danielle Lopez, you crossed a line!

The crowd goes crazy with cat calls.

Suzanne Winters: Last week, Danielle Lopez, you acted like a coward!

Ray and Cyril grill the crowed as Suzanne speaks.

Suzanne Winters: But most of all, last week, at Showdown, Danielle Lopez, you *BLEEP* disfigured me! Attacking me with a spiked baseball bat!?! What are you *BLEEP* psychotic!?! You could have killed me! When I came at you, the week before, I came with bare fists... I came with pure strength and agility... and you retaliate with a baseball bat!?!

The crowed goes crazy.

Suzanne Winters: Danielle... you crossed a line... and now you have to be punished for it!

Suzie drops her face away from the microphone and extends her hand out to Ray. Her boyfriend takes the microphone from her.

Ray O'Reilly: So Dynasty... this is the sort of activities you encourage your members to participate in!?! Attacks with spiked baseball bats! What kind of weak *BLEEP* has to carry around something like that to make them feel big! Oh that's right, James Baker, as apparently the bat in question actually belongs to him. Baker, Banks, Styles... I've said it myself, this fight is between Suzanne and Danielle, but I can't stand by and watch my girl get physically disfigured and sit back doing nothing! In fact, it took every once of my being not to deliver eye for an eye punishment to Danielle personally! But if you fools want me to continue to control my anger then I have to let it out somewhere... so, Dynasty, if you want to ensure Danielle's safety, then I suggest you come out here and let me and my brother take some of that aggression out on you two... RIGHT NOW!

The crowd goes crazy and Suzanne Winters grabs the microphone from Ray.

Suzanne Winters: While your at it... bring that *BLEEP* Danielle with you!

Cyril, if only to fit it, grabs the microphone from Suzie and continues.

Cyril O'Reilly: In fact, since we never really got to finish our match, last week at Liftoff, why not make it for the Tag Team Titles!

The crowd explodes with cheers!

TT: Oh no Bobby, it looks like things are about to get heated! Will Da Dynasty respond!?!

BC: Of course not Teddy! The O'Reilly Brothers aren't worth their time!

Suddenly "Sorry N' Shit" By Tech Nine begins to blare over the PA system.

TT: You were saying Bobby?

Kevin Styles and JT Banks finally appear from behind the curtain followed shortly by Danielle Lopez. Da Xtreme Dynasty have their Tag Team Titles around their waist and Danielle Lopez the spiked baseball bat in her hand.

TT: We better get security down here now! Things are about to go insane here!

Da Dynasty and Danielle Lopez saunter down the runway with smug smiles on their faces. The O'Reilly's and Suzanne exchange words with them from inside the ring until Da Dynasty is right at ringside. Ray O'Reilly calls for the bell to be rung but the no one at ringside will allow it. After a moment of threatening them Ray slides outside the ring and grabs the ring bell himself. After sliding back inside, next to his brother, Ray rings the bell.


Cyril brings the microphone up to his mouth.

Cyril O'Reilly: This match is scheduled for one fall and will decide the CWF Tag Team Champions! It'll be no DQ and...

Just then Da Dynasty and Danielle Lopez slide into the ring. Cyril chucks the microphone to the ground and lunges for JT Banks! The two immediately begin to exchange blows. At the same time Ray O'Reilly swings the ringbell at Kevin Styles head but Styles ducks the blow and spears Ray to the ground. Danielle Lopez slides into the ring and Suzanne stomps the bat out of her hands before Lopez can get to her feet. Suzie follows this up by continuing to stomp on Danielle... pushing her into the corner of the turnbuckle and laying into with all she's got.

BC: This is mayhem! I love it!

Security guards explode from behind the curtain and make their way to ringside.

TT: Their going to need a lot more men then that to break this up.

The guards seem to recognize this as they don't enter the ring and try to stop it.

TT: I can't even tell who's winning here!?! The devastation is almost to much to take in!

As more guards begin to flow out from the back Suzanne Winters and Danielle Lopez fumble to the ring mat and continue to exchange blows. In the process of rolling back and forth, for the upper hand, the two woman roll right out of the ring. After the hit the outside of the ring security swarms them. As they try to pull these two woman apart somewhere, in the struggle, Suzanne's mask falls off.

TT: Suzanne's mask just came off! Can you see her face Bobby!?!

BC: No! Those damn rent-a-cops are in he way! Move out of the way you jerks!

Almost as if a switch was flicked Winters stopped fighting to get away from security and was suddenly more concerned with covering her face with her arms. Breaking free from the guards Suzie begins to make her way up the runway.

TT: Where is Suzanne going!

BC: I don't know but I want to see her face. Move your hands!

Inside the ring Ray O'Reilly has Kevin Styles set up for a violent Dublin Drop but notices Suzie without her mask seconds before making contact. Instantly Ray abandons his finsher and slips out of the ring. Cyril, who by now found himself brawling near the announcers table with Banks, outside the ring, nails the big man with a Serial Suplex outside the ring. As he stands over Banks gloating Kevin Styles, who was now free from his struggle with Ray, nails Cyril across the back of his head with his Tag Team Title belt. Cyril goes down hard and Styles continues his assault.

TT: Ray and Suzanne have left Cyril here to fend for himself.

BC: Ray's more concerned with making sure no one see's Suzanne's ugly face!

TT: That's not nice Bobby! Suzanne probably has scars all across her face after that heinous attack by Danielle last week.

Security finally separates Styles and Cyril and Cyril looks around for his brother and Suzanne with a confused look on his face.


TT: The heat continues between Da Xtreme Dynasty and The O'Reilly Brothers!

BC: It sure is, Teddy!

TT: Well, Bobby. Details are coming in dealing with that new concept we will see at SuperCard. From what I'm being told, it sounds like the match will be competed in some form of cage. It will be similar to a Hell In A Cell steel cage, surrounding the outside of the ring. The cage itself will be made of chain, similar to a chamber!

BC: Sounds like we're in store for one hell of a match, Teddy!

TT: This is just a small part of what this new concept will be. It sounds like we're going to receive new details related to this match throughout the night! And with that said, I understand that we will now learn who our second participant in this match will be! Let's take a look at the screen!

The videotron starts flashing through pictures of the CWF superstars. The crowd watches in anticipation.

TT: And our second participant is...

The pictures finally come to a stop.


BC: What an amazing opportunity for the impressive superstar! He has a chance later tonight to walk out as the Unified Champion...and now will find himself in a match of high rewards at SuperCard!

TT: So that means that it will be Israel Blair and Eddie Noble in this new concept so far!



TT: And here we go! James Baker’s wishes have been fulfilled, he wanted to face a healthy Paul Blair, and here he is!

BC: The winner gets an asswhip by Terry Richards at SuperCard! Can’t wait!

TT: James Baker and Paul Blair in a flurry of punching at each-other! James Baker takes the upper hand, Paul Blair is hurt… James Baker with the irish whip, Blair bounces off the ropes…CLOTHESLINE! And James Baker has taken the upper hand in this match!

BC: Oh, come on! We’ve seen Terry Richards destroying Baker so many times… They’ve faced seven times, excluding the Last Man Standing battle royal, the devastating brawl, the tons of unsanctioned conflicts between them, and everything.

TT: Baker grabs Paul Blair’s head…And a dragon sleeper is applied! You know, Bobby, Terry also has a history with Paul Blair. His first documented CWF win was against Paul Blair…His first singles main event, although in a house show, was against Paul Blair…And he has won both those matches. Perhaps the third time could be the charm.

BC: I deeply doubt that, Teddy.

TT: You never know what can happen… Well, back to the ring action here, Paul Blair is slowly getting out of the dragon sleeper, look at him slowly crawling to his feet…And he breaks the hold! The impact is so big that sends Baker retracting…James Baker right at the attack…And Da Xtreme Gangsta with a spinning heel kick! Not the type of move you’d expect from Baker, eh?

BC: Why? Because he’s a lame bastard of five crappy moves?

TT: Uh…No…Because of his weight?

BC: Whatever you say.

TT: Anyway, James Baker is in full control of this match…Paul Blair has had little offense, other than breaking the hold!

BC: James Baker is just lucky, and you know it, Bobby.

TT: This luck may get him a Unified Title shot…

BC: Paul Blair is getting up, Teddy! You’re wrong!

TT: Let’s see what happens, Blair completely back to his feet now… James Baker with a clothesline, and there goes Paul Blair FLYING over the top rope!

BC: How shameful to the Karate Priest would it be if he got beaten by JAMES BAKER by COUNTOUT!


BC: I’m praying to god so that doesn’t happen, seriously.


TT: Baker is also on the outside, so they both have the risk of being counted out…Baker slamming Blair’s head into the apron…Wow!


TT: James Baker keeps slamming Blair’s head against the apron, he can barely breathe!

BC: Every rational man wants a shot at Terry Richards!


TT: This is just becoming sickening…Look at Blair, I think…I think he broke his nose.

BC: Alright, that’s too much.

TT: Huh? What the hell are you doing?

Bobby takes his headset off, gets off of the announcing table and starts screaming at Baker.


BC: Cut it out, for god’s sake, you twisted bastard! Stop! Seize!

TT: Baker isn’t obeying Bobby’s orders, going for another hit…BLAIR COUNTERS! BACK SUPLEX!

BC: Take THAT, you unintelligent redneck dumbass!

Bobby goes back to the announce table.

TT: And Blair slides under the bottom rope! Baker is left on the ground, writhing in pain!

BC: A lesson for the dimwit! Hehe!


TT: Why do you want Paul Blair against Terry Richards so badly?

BC: I’m sick of Baker. I’ve even created a Facebook group for it.

TT: I won’t embarrass you and ask how many people joined… Back to the action, Baker is struggling to get up, he may just not make it!

BC: I’d wish…


TT: Baker to his feet! Baker is back to his feet now!


TT: AND BAKER ROLLS IN! This match will continue!

BC: I reckon it won’t be for long, look at Baker, he’s screwed up in the head AND neck!

TT: Blair picks him up…T-BONE SUPLEX! The Karate Priest is pumped up!

BC: That goddamn movie sucks, compared to the awesomeness that we will see in Agent Cobain.

TT: Why aren’t you part of the Legion?

BC: I ask the same.

TT: Paul Blair is full of adrenaline, he’s setting up a little Blairkick…Baker up to his feet, Blair going for the kick…James Baker ducks! Counters! DA XTREME KNOCKOUT! HE NAILS IT!

BC: Oh, damn!






Ring Announcer: Here’s your winner, and the new number one contender for the Unified Title…JAMES BAKER!



The crowds attention is turned toward the stage by the beginning of Rev Theory's "Voices".

I hear voices in my head
They council me
They understand
They talk to me

The actual music of the song comes on and out onto the stage walks Mike Laszlo. He stands at the stage and slowly looks out in to the crowd, devilish grin coming across his face as he takes in the boos of the crowd. He heads down the ramp as the song continues.

You got your rules and your religion
All designed to keep you safe.

But when rules start getting broken
You start questioning your faith

I have a voice that is my savior
Hates to love and loves to hate
I have the voice that has the knowledge
And the power to rule your fate.

He walks down the ramp, taunting the fans, doing his best to avoid the outstretched hands while the chorus plays.

I hear voices in my head
They council me
They understand
They talk to me, they talk to me
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me, they talk to me

He reaches the ringside area as the Ring Announcer makes his announcement.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from Cleveland, Ohio, now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at two hundred forty-seven pounds...MIKE LASZLO!!

Mike climbs on to the apron. He enters the ring, posing to the crowd as the song continues.

All the lawyers are defenseless
All the doctors are disease
And the preachers all are sinners
And the police just take the grease
All you judges you are guilty
All the bosses I will fire
All you bankers will have losses
And politicians are all liars

I see darkness falling
I hear voices calling
I feel justice crawling
I see faith has fallen

Done inspiring the hate of the crowd he backs in to the corner where he clasps his hands, twirling them to loosen the joints. His theme fades as he waits for his opponent.

The lights in the arena slowly dim as the black-screened videotron begins a countdown.






The videotron goes black.


"I Came To Play" by Downstait hits the arena as the crowd erupts in overwhelming boos. Yoshiru Long, microphone in hand, steps out to the stage with his assailant. The assailant stands with his arms folded as Yoshiru takes a look around at the sold out crowd. A smirk comes to his face as he makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from Tokyo, Japan! Weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds..."CWF'S UNSUNG HERO" YOSHIRU LONG!!!

Yoshiru and the assailant make their way to the ringside area. The assailant remains outside as Yoshiru uses the ring steps to enter the ring. He looks across the ring at Laszlo as his music fades out.


TT: And this wrestling bout is underway, Yoshiru Long, one on one, against Mike Laszlo! And Yoshiru jumps at Laszlo already, delivering sickening thuds to the head of Laszlo! What an extreme start!

BC: God I hate that man!

TT: Yoshiru has Mike Laszlo grounded, near the ropes, and he chokes Laszlo in the bottom rope with the force of his boot!

BC: He’s going to make him cough “Blood”...

TT: Touché, Bobby Crane.





TT: Yoshiru releasing the hold, but a very furious beginning to this match nonetheless... Mike Laszlo is grasping for air already, and it has barely been thirty seconds since this begun!

BC: Yoshiru doesn't even deserve to be in the CWF! Enough said.

TT: Yoshiru violently pulls the dazed Laszlo back to his feet, irish whip into the ropes, Laszlo ducks, bounces again... YOSHIRU WITH THE BIG BOOT!

BC: Wow, he’s completely dominating him! I thought Laszlo was going to look decent, but he’s looking like Kyle Sync right now...

TT: I can see that! Yoshiru grabs Mike Laszlo’s leg, twists it in an awkward angle...Ouch...And JUMPS over it! That was just sickening!

BC: It wasn't that impressive...

Yoshiru Long gets up, rolls under the bottom rope, grabs a steel chair and gets back in.

TT: What the hell? Yoshiru may get disqualified here!

BC: Stop, you incompetent jerk!

TT: Me, incompetent? Bobby, you can call me bad, but not incompetent, you ungrateful bit...

BC: Calm down, I’m talking about Yoshiru!

TT: Ah...I see!

BC: Yo’ mama!

TT: The hell was that for?

While the announcers argue, the referee had already taken the chair off of Yoshiru’s hands.

TT: Anyway, while we were talking pointlessly, Yoshiru already locked in a front headlock on Laszlo! Laszlo barely up to his knees, trying to get out of the vicious hold!

BC: Sad. This match is already ruined for me. Has been since Yoshiru's intro.

TT: I still don't understand your issue with Yoshiru.

BC: He's a whiner! Every single week!

TT: Laszlo back to his feet now, delivering hard shots with his elbow to Yoshiru’s stomach... Long is forced to release the hold, Laszlo grabs him...YOSHIRU WITH THE LOW BLOW! A quick liftoff for Laszlo, Yoshiru going for a powerbomb in the turnbuckle, and he connects it- ouch! The referee got caught in the middle!

BC: Heh.

TT: Oh, come on, that was clearly on purpose!

BC: You see what I mean? What the hell is all the hype for Yoshiru for?!

TT: Yoshiru removes the steel chair from the referee’s inert arms... Here we go! CHAIR SHOT TO LASZLO’S SKULL! What a sickening, thunderous thud!

BC: Come on! This is illegal! Yoshiru has snapped, and I like that! Yoshiru locks the chair in Laszlo’s leg...

TT: LEGDROP! Laszlo screams in pain as his leg is severely damaged!

BC: We need a new ref down here!

TT: Apparently, he isn’t finished!

Yoshiru pulls Mike Laszlo to his feet, locks him tight...


BC: Cover, but no referee! WHAT?! He can't do this! He has a hold of the referee’s fist and he’s counting the pin himself!





TT: Well, Yoshiru Long has completely destroyed Mike Laszlo!

Ring Announcer: Here’s your winner... "CWF'S UNSUNG HERO" YOSHIRU LONG!!!

BC: He clearly cheated throughout the match!

TT: He certainly made an impact ton...

Suddenly, the lights go out in the entire arena as the crowd cheers in curiosity.

TT: What the hell is happening now?!

The titantron suddenly lights up, as Yoshiru Long stares at it, baffled. Several spotlights flicker and walk around the crowd... And then, three loud words come out of the PA system...


The crowd explodes into a huge frenzy of cheers. “Wildside” by Motley Crue hits the PA system, the crowd very loud.

TT: Could this be...?

BC: ...


SJ Funk sprints down the hallway, as the crowd is on their feet to welcome him back. SJ slides under the bottom rope, quickly gets up...

TT: And here we go! CLOTHESLINE on Yoshiru! Mike Laszlo gets up, and gets knocked with a fist! Yoshiru quickly escapes the ring! SJ Funk with a SPEAR on Laszlo as he returns to his feet! SJ picks up Laszlo...GO HOME DRIVER! GO HOME DRIVER!

BC: Wow...


“Wildside” by Motley Crue resumes playing as SJ Funk taunts to the nonstop cheering crowd. Laszlo is rendered unconscious on the ground.


"Sorry N' Sh*t" by Tech N9ne hits throughout the PA system with the crowd giving off an enormous positive reception. Danielle Lopez then emerges from behind the curtain and then stands on the ramp, pointing to the crowd as Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks then emerge from the curtain with a rather confident look on their faces and raise their CWF World Tag Team Championships in the air as the crowd gives all of them a huge positive reception. J.T and Kevin then each have an arm looped through an arm of Danielle as she leads the two down the ramp before slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Kevin and J.T then hop onto the ring apron and hold the ropes for Danielle before entering the ring themselves. Danielle does a couple of cheerleader poses in the middle of the ring as Kevin grabs a couple of microphones, before the music dies down.

Kevin Styles: What up, O-Town?

The crowd cheers at the mention of their hometown.

Kevin Styles: Now i'm not one for being all bragadocious over here, but I can proudly say that J.T and I, did what we said we would do and that's walk out of Liftoff, still your CWF World Tag Team Champions.

The crowd then cheers loudly again.

Kevin Styles: I mean think about it for a moment, barely anybody thought that we would win these titles and even less people thought that we would walk out of Liftoff with the belts still in our possession, but you know what? I like it, actually scratch that, I LOVE IT when all of these god damn critics don't think that we can win, because it motivates us even more to go out there and kick people's teeth's down their mother*BEEP*ing throats.

J.T. Banks: I couldn't have said it any better myself, but you're right Kev, we've beaten adversity time after time after time again and the fact that we still are the champs, just proves that we are a team that nobody and I mean nobody should take lightly and if you want proof on that, then just look at The O'Reilly Brothers for an example on the theory that I just mentioned.

Kevin Styles: Exactly, just look at how they lost the belts and now they're more focused and determined to take our belts away from us. Now speaking of them, Danielle, do you have any input here?

Danielle Lopez: Yes, yes, I do have something that I want to say here. Last week, I heard The O'Reilly's propose the idea of a mixed tag team match that involves myself and that "thing" named Suzanne. Well, after I *BEEP*ed that bitch up with my husband's bat last week, I started to think about the possibility of beating her ass again and once I thought of it more and more, well that's when it became very clear that a match against Suzanne was not only a good idea, but it was a great idea. So Suzanne, how about we make the tag team title match at SuperCard and turn it into a dix person mixed tag team title match and if you're listening to me instead of eating all of the food that the people at catering worked hard to set up, I want your answer to that proposal next week on Showdown and i'm hoping to hell that you accept this challenge because I look forward to beating you down like the bitch that you are.

Kevin Styles: You heard her here first and O'Reilly's, I hope you let your pet walrus into the match, because I know we're looking forward to seeing Danielle unleash the fury and rage that's been consuming her for some time and believe me, it will not bode well for her opponent.

Suddenly, "Mr. Baller" by Royce da 5'9" hits throughout the PA system as Mr. Baller and C-Note slowly walk down to the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd. C-Note then holds the ropes for Baller to get into the ring. C-Note then grabs a microphone and gives it to Baller.

Mr. Baller: Wait, wait, wait a damn minute. Just hold on here, now last week, you and your "great" leader, gave us the right to be the next set of challengers for those titles and i'm, I mean we are just wondering, when are you going to give us the rightful shot that we deserve?

Kevin Styles: Well when do you want it, exactly?

Mr. Baller: I was thinking, how about next week?

Kevin Styles: If you really are up to the challenge of getting your asses stomped, then by all means, we accept, but you two better prepare very carefully because we are not a team to be taken lightly.

Suddenly, James Baker appears from behind and attacks Mr. Baller from behind with the steel chair.

TT: By god, James Baker just pancaked Mr. Baller with that chair.

BC: Bastard, but I doubt he's done yet.

James then sets the steel chair in the middle of the ring and then he kicks Baller in the gut and plants him with Da Xtreme Knockout onto the chair.

TT: Baller just received Da Xtreme Knockout onto the chair.

C-Note then punches James, but James just stands there and looks at him with an evil expression on his face. C-Note then foolishly grabs Danielle's breasts, but she looks at him angrily and then she proceeds to kick C-Note square in the groin and then nails him square in the skull with a roundhouse kick.

TT: Ouch, Potential Brain Damage to C-Note.

BC: That did not look pretty. Note to C-Note, do not grab a woman's titties.... especially if that woman's name is Danielle Lopez, because she will kick your ass badly.

TT: For once, we are in agreement.

BC: Yeah, well it doesn't happen too often, but Styles comes running up and.... he nails it. Stylish Execution onto C-Note.

TT: Banks now has C-Note up and plants him with New York State of Mind. That's Light's Out for C-Note.

BC: That's not only Light's Out, but he might have even more Brain Damage now.

James Baker: You see that, this is what happens when you decide to *BEEP* with Da Xtreme Dynasty and Team Baller, I hope to god that you two are ready because my boys will smoke you and Terry, for your sake, you better hope that you lose the Unified Title because I am comin' for you and you won't know what hit you and that's that and nothin' more, believe that.

"Hail Mary" by 2Pac hits as James, Danielle, Styles and Banks all celebrate with each other in the ring as the crowd is cheering them on.


The lights go dim as a red spot light circles the arena a few times before stopping at the ramp. All of a sudden Red fireworks come crashing down and explode upon the stage ramp as "Raise Hell" comes over the PA system.

If you think it's too loud...
Bitch get the f*ck out!
If you want to showdown...
Bitch get the f*ck out!
If your ass ain't with me...
B*tch get the f*ck out!

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds..."The Flawless One" BRIAN ADAMS!!!

The lights go up in the arena as Brian brushes the curtains aside as he makes he way out on to the ramp, looking out towards the crowd. A chorus of boos starts through out the arena as Brian calmly starts walking down towards the ring. Brian slides into the ring and jumps onto the second turn buckle raising his hands in the hair and yelling at the crowd. Brian removes his Shock Value T-Shirt and throws it out to the crowd and leans into the corner, waiting for his opponent.

"Maybe I'm A Lion" plays through the PA as flames and fireworks go off synchronized with the music. Twelve seconds in to the song, fireworks go off one more time and Leon Lonewolf appears in huge pop. Leon makes his way down the ramp at a normal pace, but taking time to socialize with fans.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from Minneapolis, Minnesota! Weighing in at two hundred eighty-five pounds...LEON LONEWOLF!!!

Lonewolf makes his way to the ring, climbs up the turnbuckle, taunting the crowd by extending his thumb, middle and little fingers of both hands in the air, his symbol of honor. He climbs up another turnbuckle and taunts again. He jumps down and readies himself for the match as his music fades out.

TT: Adams and Lonewolf one on one...are you ready, Bobby?

BC: As ready as I'm gonna be..


TT: The bell has sounded. Huge opportunity here for the returning Leon Lonewolf.

BC: It definitely is! If Lonewolf could knock off the number one contender would instantly put him at main event status!

TT: Here's the lockup, and Adams is quick to grab Lonewolf with a side headlock. Lonewolf shoves Adams off in to the ropes. Adams on the rebound...and Lonewolf with a hip toss, but Adams blocks it! Adams with a counter hip toss...and Lonewolf blocks it! Lonewolf drives a knee to the gut, and he snapmares Adams to the mat!

BC: Lonewolf is REALLY going to have to be on the top of his game to keep of Adams here tonight!

TT: He's doing alright at that so far as he applies the rear chinlock. Adams is able to fight his way back to his feet and he instantly pushes Lonewolf off in to the ropes. Lonewolf on the rebound...and Adams catches him with a flapjack!

BC: Great move by Adams!

TT: And Adams quickly locks his leg around the ankle...possibly going for an STF here!

BC: Smart plan! End this one quick and save your energy for SuperCard!

TT: He almost has it locked in...but Lonewolf with a back elbow...and another!

Adams stands and stumbles back as Lonewolf returns to his feet. Lonewolf rushes at Adams and drills him with a hard forearm...a second! Lonewolf with a boot to the gut...and he lifts Adams vertical for the suplex! Lonewolf brings Adams back to his feet with a front facelock and drops him back to the mat with a snap DDT. He quickly makes the cover!




TT: Adams kicks out! Lonewolf quickly brings Adams to a seated position. He places the knee against the spine and pulls back on Adams' arms for the submission! The ref quickly checks on Adams...but Adams won't give this one up!

BC: Smart strategy by Lonewolf here. Even without a tapout...this hold at least wears Adams down.

TT: Adams is struggling to get to his feet...and he's finally able to. Lonewolf with a rear waist lock, and Adams connects with a back elbow. Adams hits the far ropes as Adams stumbles back. Lonewolf on the rebound...and Adams catches him with a snap powerslam! Adams picks Lonewolf back up and delivers him to the corner.

Adams follows in with a hard clothesline. He continues the attack as he buries a shoulder to the gut...and a second shot to the gut! Adams lifts Lonewolf to the top rope and drills him with a hard right. Adams climbs the corner and grabs him with a front facelock. Adams with a superplex...and he floats in to the cover!




TT: Lonewolf kicks out! Adams quickly picks Lonewolf up...but Lonewolf counters with a boot to the gut! Adams stumbles back. He comes at Lonewolf...and Lonewolf lifts him in the shot on the top rope! Adams stumbles back and turns toward Lonewolf...and Lonewolf connects with a dropkick that sends Adams through the ropes and to the outside!

BC: Adams is having problems in this match here!

TT: Lonewolf quickly climbs out of the ring. He picks Adams up and drives him back first in to the ring apron!





TT: Lonewolf drives Adams back first in to the apron one more time before rolling him in to the ring. Lonewolf quickly slides in to the ring after him. He brings Adams back to his feet...and he drops him back to the mat with a back suplex!

BC: Who would have thought that Adams would be getting dominated here tonight!

TT: Lonewolf picks Adams back up and places him throat first against the top rope...and he's choking him out!





TT: And Lonewolf releases just before the five count! Adams stumbles back as Lonewolf releases. He turns to Lonewolf...and Lonewolf lifts Adams on to his shoulders! Adams with an elbow...and a second! And Lonewolf is forced to drop Adams! Adams hesitates as he catches his breath here...

Lonewolf turns to Adams...THE LAST CHAPTER...NO!!! Lonewolf ducks it! Lonewolf with a double leg takedown attempt...but Adams flips over...sunset flip! He tries to pull Lonewolf over for the pin...but Lonewolf struggles to stay standing! Lonewolf swings down with a right, and Adams moves out of the way in the nick of time! Adams from behind...russian legsweep! Adams quickly picks Lonewolf back up and drives him to the mat with a back suplex of his own!

TT: Adams has finally started to gain some offense here! He picks Lonewolf up...and he drops him to the mat with an armbreaker!

BC: This is what makes Adams such a great wrestler! He is able to absorb so much in his matches!

TT: Adams drags Lonewolf in to position in the center of the ring and now is making his way to the corner. He climbs out to the apron and is making his way to the top! Adams dives off...flying elbow...NO!!!

BC: Lonewolf was able to get the knees up! Adams just connected his elbow with Lonewolf's knees! That looked painful!

TT: Adams is holding his elbow in pain as Lonewolf crawls to the ropes. He uses the ropes to pull himself back up and quickly makes his way over to Adams. Lonewolf grabs the arm...and it looks like he's trying to lock in the Wolven Assault!

BC: If he locks this WILL be over!

TT: He almost has him...there it is!!! He has it locked in! Adams is struggling as the ref checks on him...and Adams legs are in the ropes! The ref is calling for the break!





TT: And Lonewolf finally releases the hold!

BC: Adams was lucky that he was near the ropes!

TT: The ref is admonishing Lonewolf, and Adams is pulling himself back to his feet. Lonewolf rushes at Adams...low bridge! Lonewolf tumbles out, but he's able to stay on the apron! Lonewolf is pulling himself back up...and Adams grabs him with a front facelock. Adams lifts Lonewolf vertical, and he suplexes him back in to the ring!

BC: And it looks like Adams might be thinking that this is the end!

TT: Adams brings Lonewolf to his feet and flips him over...could be looking for Starstruck here!

BC: And if he hits will be over!

TT: Lonewolf is struggling...and he falls behind! Adams turns to Lonewolf...big boot!!!

BC: Right in Adams' mush!

TT: Lonewolf picks Adams up...and he has him in position! He lifts Adams for the Lionheart here...Adams is struggling...a hard right...and Adams flips over! He's going for a sunset flip here...and he's able to pull Lonewolf down in the center of the ring for the pin!

BC: NO!!!

TT: Adams quickly back to his feet rather than going for the pin! He has Lonewolf's legs...and he has him flipped over...FLAWLESS EXECUTION! He has it locked in!

BC: Right in the center of the ring!

TT: Lonewolf is struggling...he's trying to keep from...NO!!! He's forced to tap out!

BC: And that's all it takes!


Ring Announcer: Your winner by submission..."The Flawless One" BRIAN ADAMS!!!

TT: Adams gets the victory here tonight...but not without a fight!

Adams releases the hold, exhausted from the match. The referee raises Adams' arm.

TT: WHAT THE HELL?! Lonewolf with an attack from behind, and Adams is dropped to the mat! Adams is starting to get to his feet...and Lonewolf with a boot to the gut...DDT!

Lonewolf quickly rolls out of the ring and over to the timekeeper. He pushes the timekeeper off of his chair and grabs it. He slides back in to the ring with the chair as Adams is using the ropes to get up.

TT: Adams better watch out here... NO!!! Adams is able to escape out of the ring before Lonewolf can make contact with the chair! Adams makes his way up the aisle and to the back as Lonewolf is obviously frustrated!

BC: Can you blame him? He thought he had the match well in hand!

Lonewolf quickly turns around and cracks the referee in the skull with the chair! He tosses the chair to the ground and grabs the referee...

TT: Wolven Assault!!! He has it locked in on the ref! And here comes security! Security quickly gets Lonewolf to release the hold...and it looks like they're going to escort him to the back!


The big screen bursts to life as "Elevation" by U2 hits. The crowd explodes into a mixed reaction as CWF Owner and Founder, Mark Xamin, steps out from behind the curtain with a wide grin on his face, holding out his arms and looking to the sky, mouthing something along the lines of "thank god" to the heavens.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen...please welcome the founder of the CWF...MR. XAMIN!!!

He struts down to the ring with a bounce in his step, climbs the ringsteps and steps through the ropes, taking the mic graciously from the ring announcer. As the music stops, Xamin waits for the crowd to die down. A "you screwed Nitemare" chant begins -- though it is more of a joyous chant than an angry one.

Mark Xamin: Go ahead, soak it in! Soak it in! How does that little song go? Ding dong, the witch is dead!

The crowd cheers.

Mark Xamin: You see, we're in Orlando, Florida...we're just across the street from the Nitemare's home, and hell, we all know Rob Osbourne is sitting in front of his little TV, probably throwing some kind of temper tantrum -- those work when you're four, but at your age, Nitemare, you just look like an idiot -- probably making up some kind of ridiculous, long winded, intricate story to justify his behavior, but the fact of the matter is, you will NEVER...I repeat, you will NEVER, see that piece of crap in the CWF ever again!

More cheers.

Mark Xamin: Now I could come out here and lay into the over rated politician, but it's really quite simple. Rob Osbourne was a beat up old horse who was becoming more and more of a problem every day...he couldn't survive without supervision, he was a burden to everyone around him, and he had absolutely no use to I did what I had to do. I took the old horse out back, I pointed the shotgun at his droopy old head...

Xamin points his fingers towards the camera like a gun.

Mark Xamin: And BANG! I put the miserable old horse out of his misery! And now that Rob Osbourne is dead and gone in our hearts and minds forever, now that this dark cloud has been lifted from the CWF and the wrestling world in general, let me be the first to say that...

"Iron Man" by Black Sabbath hits and the crowd explodes!

TT: Wait a minute! Could it be?!


The crowd erupts at Pledge Allegiance steps through the curtain! Xamin's facial expression turns from pure glee to utter shock as his jaw hits the floor.

TT: IT'S Pledge Allegiance! HE'S BACK!


Pledge Allegiance: Hey Xamin. Remember me? I always thought you were a sick son-of-a-bitch… Scratch that… I always KNEW you were a sick-son-of-a-bitch; and the plan that you laid in motion last week at Night of Champions further cemented that. Over the last year your grimy fingerprints have been all over some of the most devious plots within The CWF and coincidentally, many of them involve your buddy Brian Adams. What happened at Liftoff was disgusting and low…even for your standards. I for one and sick of it and not going to stand for it anymore.

TT: Pledge looking to make a statement here!

Pledge Allegiance: I’m not going to come out here and rehash what went down last week. It’s not necessary. But I would like to do is clear up your revisionist history. You just came out here and rambled on about how you put an end to “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne. If anyone in this building can lay a legitimate claim to that… It would be me.

BC: WHAT?! Is he serious?!

Pledge Allegiance: That’s right. Me. It all started back at Fall Fever when I beat Rob for The CWF World Championship. If you think about it I am the only one on The CWF to LEGITIMATELY defeat The Nitemare. After our match, there was no controversy, like with his matches with Magnus as to who should have won. At the conclusion of Fall Fever, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that I was the victor, the one who was deserving of The CWF World Championship.

BC: Is it just me...or does the whole world think that they are the cause of Nitemare's absence?

Pledge Allegiance: The paranoid, obsessive, and delusional Nitemare that you are quick to run down is a result of the crushing defeat handed to him last fall. The Nitemare was always quick to underestimate me and my abilities. The loss that he felt at my hands shook him to his very core. The Nitemare that entered the match at Fall Fever was vastly different than the one afterwards.

BC: I don't know if I agree with that. Osbourne seemed the same to me before and after that match...just a little more cocky while he was the champion!

Pledge Allegiance: After Fall Fever, everything The Nitemare was so sure about; especially his ability to defeat me, became one gigantic doubt. He began to doubt himself, his abilities, and his place in this industry. It was at that point, he began to unravel. But I digress. I’m not here to run down The Nitemare. He’s not here to defend himself. I’ll be damned Mark, if I’m going to let you take credit for my work. Rob and I have the most storied rivalry The CWF has ever seen. What he and I have accomplished under The CWF has made you unbelievably rich.

TT: Well, I don't know if I'd call it the most storied rivalry either. I mean, with men like Jericho, Dart, and Triple X who have had some of the biggest matches in CWF history... Although Nitemare and Pledge was definitely a modern day epic!

Pledge Allegiance: As nutty as a fruitcake Rob is, you have to respect that. The past is the past, and you will not run him down anymore. He may be my greatest rival in this sport, but he’s also my brother. So, Mark, I’m here to shut you up. I’m not going to do it tonight, however. I’m going to do it in front of a sold-out Rose Bowl at Supercard VI. What do you say Mark? You and me? Supercard VI? This match is a long-time coming. Are you man enough to accept my challenge?

Mark Xamin: A match? With me? Please, Pledge...maybe you've taken one too many knocks on the head again. Maybe this time you don't think you're Teddy Turnbuckle, maybe you think you're somebody worth fighting...but I've got nothing to gain by wrestling you, so if you want to be a part of Super Card, I suggest you find some other way, because...

Pledge Allegiance: Oh give me a break, Xamin. You know there's a part of you that wants to kick my ass. I mean, I've got that Osbourne blood flowing through my veins! Every time my heart beats, you hear "Os-bourne, Os-bourne, Os-bourne"...and you can't stand it! See you thought you got rid of the Osbournes, but there's still one left, and if you wanna get rid of me, if you have the balls, you'll get in the ring with me at Super Card!

The crowd roars.

Mark Xamin: You know what, Pledge? You got it! You've got your match but I won't be coming alone at the Rose Bowl for Super Card VI, no no...I will have a friend in my corner, and when I beat you,'ll join Rob Osbourne in the unemployment line, because your career will be OVER!

Pledge Allegiance: You got a deal Mark. Bring anyone you want. Bring The Army, The National Guard, The Mounties for all I care. I’m not coming alone either. I have someone in mind to watch my back too. And trust me…if I can’t beat you, I don’t deserve to be in The CWF. If you beat me…I’ll quit!

Xamin drops the mic as "Elevation" by U2 hits. He stares down Pledge from the ring. Pledge nods and smiles at him, happy with the match being made official.



TT: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! It's been one hell of a night so far...and it can only get better!

BC: Damn right! Up next, we're going to see Sickboy go one on one with Shock Value member Ricky Chambers!

TT: Hold on a second, Bobby. It sounds like we're going to learn a third participant in the new SuperCard concept. But first, in addition to the match taking place inside of a Hell In A Cell style chain cage, it is now confirmed that the cage will have pods attached to it in order to hold the superstars! In addition, there will be no countouts and no disqualifications!

BC: So, it's pretty much an elimination chamber match?

TT: Without a roof on the cage. One more thing to add here... It sounds like the contract will hang above the ring and can be obtained with the use of a ladder!

BC:'s an elimination chamber and a ladder match crossed?!

TT: Again, it sounds like we'll hear more details on the match later! And with that said, let's turn our attention to the screen and see who will be participant three!

The videotron begins to randomly flash through the members of the roster.

BC: Who, oh who could it possibly be?!

The videotron stops on a picture.

TT: MARIANO FERNANDEZ!!! The former National and Unified Champion will join Israel Blair and Eddie Noble in this mysterious match that gets more and more interesting!

BC: I can't wait to hear the next little bit of information they give us!


TT: Well fans it's time to go on to our next match.

Sickboy: Teddy shut the *BEEP* up.

Our cameras search around and find Sickboy walking through the crowd dressed in a hoodie, jeans and boots. He hops over the guard rail before sliding into the ring with a microphone in his hand with the crowd booing loudly.

Sickboy: All you Orlando Florida morons better shut up and recognize that you're booing the man who should be the CWF National Champion right now.

BC: Damn right he should be.

Sickboy: I had Daniels beaten. I had Daniels seeing f*cking fairies dance around his head and you know what he did people? He intentionally tried to get disqualified. Because he knew that he couldn't beat me fair and square. Screw being fair to Blair. What about being fair to me? Being fair to a man that gave that National title prestige and never once cheated to retain that belt.

BC: That's right.

TT: Uh Bobby. You do realize that you helped Sickboy retain that title against Terry Richards don't you?

BC: I don't know what you're talking about.

The crowd who are now getting sick of Sickboy start chanting 'Shut the f*ck up'...which he chooses to ignore.

Sickboy: Don't believe me that I was screwed. Look at this...

Footage from NOC: LiftOff begins to play.


BC: He hit the referee! He took away the last piece of sanity that was stored inside the brain of another handicap referee! Face it, these guys suck at their job, that’s why Brian Adams is refereeing the main event!

Keith Daniels looks upon the referee with a tip of fear running on his veins... Sickboy, behind him, on the other hand, looks very pleased.


BC: Sickboy's going to win...Oh wait, there's no referee!

TT: Sickboy isn't that happy now!

Sickboy lies on top of Keith Daniels, but there's no referee to count the pinfall. Angry, Sickboy rolls to the outside and goes near the announce table.

Sickboy nods his head.

Sickboy: Now we all saw that. Then look at this...

The footage now cuts to the finish.

TT: Look at Keith's power...He's lifting him back up!!! He releases him in a strong toss against the ropes, Sickboy bounces back... LIVEWIRE! LIVEWIRE!!! HERE WE GO!!!



TT: Wait a second...


TT: KEITH DANIELS RETAINS!! But, look at that... Sickboy's foot was touching the bottom rope!

Sickboy now turns his attention back to the booing crowd.

Sickboy: I am sick and tired of being screwed by this federation's referees and officials. I'm also sick of Keith Daniels being the most undeserving champion in modern history. Daniels I know you're watching back there and I want you to hear me loud and clear. I want another rematch. I don't care if I have to break every bone in your body to get you to accept one way or another. This isn't over Keith not by a long shot.


"Oh Canada" by Classified hits the arena as the crowd turns their attention to the entrance. Ricky Chambers steps out to the stage and looks around at the sold out crowd. He looks toward Sickboy in the ring and makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from Calgary, Alberta! Weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds...RICKY CHAMBERS!!!

Chambers stops halfway down the aisle and turns to the crowd once again, listening to their reaction.

TT: WHAT THE?! WAIT A DAMNED SECOND! Sickboy with a brutal attack as he quickly exits the ring and tackles Chambers to the aisle! Sickboy picks Chambers up and slams him face first in to the barricade...and again! Chambers stumbles as he turns back to Sickboy...boot to the gut...THE INFECTION!!!

BC: THAT WAS BRUTAL!!! Impactful DDT right on to the steel grating of the aisle!

TT: And Sickboy isn't done! He picks up a now busted open Chambers and brings him toward the ring. Sickboy slams Chambers hard in to the steel steps!

BC: I think Chambers is out, Teddy!

TT: The referee is pleading with Sickboy to stop...but Sickboy refuses as he forces Chambers hard in to the ring post! He finally rolls Chambers in to the ring.

BC: I'm guessing that this match has been thrown out, Teddy!

Sickboy grabs the ref by the shirt and insists that he calls for the opening bell.


TT: Maybe not! The ref just called for the opening bell! Sickboy quickly grabs Chambers and brings him to his feet. THE INFECTION!

BC: Vicious!

TT: And Sickboy puts a hand on Chambers for the cover!




TT: And that's it! Chambers didn't even have a chance!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...SICKBOY!!!

Sickboy sits up gathering his thoughts before rolling out of the ring to pick up a steel chair.

BC: Oh boy Ricky better watch out.

TT: With Sickboy posessing a steel chair you know it won't be good. We all know what happen to Keith Daniels

Sickboy slides into the ring and waits for Ricky to rise to his feet.

TT: Chambers doesn't even know where he is! And Sickboy drills him with the steel chair in the head!

Sickboy starts to laugh maniacally.

BC: He's gone, he's snapped!

Sickboy picks up Ricky and scoops him up for what looks to be a body slam only to sit out and drive Ricky skull first into the chair. Soon security rushes to the ring as Sickboy bails with a sick sadistic smile on his face as he walks up the aisle.


The lights flicker off to the sound of distant thunder. Lightning flashes across the entrance as the instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative grinds into the air. Through a shower of sparks walks the titanic frame of Magnus Thunder.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen...please welcome...MAGNUS THUNDER!!!

Magnus strides to the ring with a cold stare and sinister eyes, stepping over the top rope and over to the ring announcer. He grabs the microphone from the ring announcer as his music fades out.

TT: The former champion has something to say, Bobby!

Magnus Thunder: It was a long year...and I have only myself to blame. A looming darkness had crept over the CWF...because of me. Unneeded pain, suffering, and sorrow were left in my wake. Though what actions committed while I was...incapacitated...were not of my choosing--

Crowd boos for a moment.

Magnus Thunder: It is I, when all is said and done, who shares the full weight of guilt. It was a mistake, my return. I returned for reasons unworthy of my God, my faith, and my friends. I returned for something that had long ago escaped me, a fire I hoped to rekindle. But that fire came at a cost, and was all but snuffed out. Those who would see this sport destroyed if but for their own gain, those who would never become honorable champions, will not go unpunished. But for now...for now it must end. As of today, I officially announce my permanent retirement from this sport.

The crowd erupts in boos...

The lights in the arena slowly dim as the black-screened videotron begins a countdown.






The videotron goes black.


"I Came To Play" by Downstait hits the arena as the crowd erupts in overwhelming boos. Yoshiru Long, microphone in hand, steps out to the stage with his assailant. The assailant stands with his arms folded as Yoshiru takes a look around at the sold out crowd. A smirk comes to his face as his music fades out.

Yoshiru Long: Seriously? This is how it ends, Thunder? You're going to just...hang up the boots so to speak? I don't think so Magnus! Did you ever stop to think why exactly I would cost you the World Heavyweight Championship at Liftoff? It's because the era of the CWF having a pathetic World Champion had to come to an end! And I'll be DAMNED if I let that man who disgraced the World Heavyweight Championship walk out of the CWF before he steps in the ring with me!

TT: It was Yoshiru Long that ultimately costed Magnus the championship! There's no doubt about that!

BC: And here we week later...still having to listen to him whine!

Yoshiru Long: For the past decade I have watched as these the everyone else praised you! But me...I KNOW just what kind of worm you really are! So, Magnus...I have a little proposal. If you want to walk out on the CWF...that's fine. But not before SuperCard! One last match, Magnus...that's all I'm asking. You step in to the ring with me at SuperCard! What do you say?

TT: Yoshiru laying out the challenge!

Magnus Thunder: No...

BC: WHAT?! Why in the hell would he say no?! He has the opportunity to shut the loudmouth up!

Yoshiru Long: So, you are a coward...just like I've been saying!

Magnus Thunder: It's not that, Yoshiru. I refuse to SuperCard. You're not the one I want! I...want...

Yoshiru Long: Spit it out!

Magnus Thunder: BLOOD!!!

TT: Blood?! I'm pretty sure Yoshiru Long is Blood!

BC: Heh.

Yoshiru Long: So...let me get this straight. You'll accept the challenge for SuperCard...but only if I come as Blood... So, for one night only...Blood would make his return to retire Magnus Thunder. You've got yourself a match!

TT: WOW! It's going to happen, Bobby! Magnus Thunder and Blood at SuperCard VI!

Yoshiru Long: But there is one other thing. I don't want to just pin you...I want to show everyone just who ended your career! So'll be a Last Rites match!

TT: I'm not quite sure what that is...but it looks like Magnus is nodding his head in acceptance!

BC: This match has been twelve years in the making!

The assailant suddenly collapses to the ground as he's drilled with a steel chair from behind by Leon Lonewolf!

TT: What the hell is this?!


TT: Yoshiru turns...and he's cracked in the skull with the steel chair, dropping him to the stage! And Lonewolf quickly locks in the Wolven Assault on Yoshiru! He's holding the hold tight...and Yoshiru is spewing up blood!

BC: This is awesome!

TT: And here comes security, trying to force Lonewolf in to releasing the hold...and he finally does! What a brutal attack!

BC: Lonewolf has changed since his return, Teddy!

TT: He sure has! We have to go to commercial...but when we come back...the Unified Championship will be on the line!


“Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed hits the PA system as the crowd boos heavily. The spotlights that were previously circling the ring all focus on the entrance ramp...But Terry’s not coming alone.

TT: And here comes Terry Richards, the new Unified Champion, and he’s bringing...What the hell?!

As Terry makes his way down the aisle, regular dark tuxedo suit, and the Psychosis Championship on one shoulder, the Assault Championship on other, and the Unified Championship around his waist, roughly fifteen muscled security guards, armed with dark batons, protect him from the crowd.

BC: Look at that man, he’s on the peak of his career! The guy has three title belts on him right now and all those guys to protect him from these stinky gnats! I love it!

TT: I understand why he’s bringing security, but I don’t understand...Why is he bringing so many of these?

All security guards surround the ring, as Terry Richards enters it, securing full protection. Terry grabs a mic and speaks out.

Terry Richards: Not so brave now, are you people?!

The crowd boos Terry, furious.

Terry Richards: Well, I am sick and tired of being disrespected and attacked over and over! From now on, these bodyguards are going to enhance my security...Because I’ve got way better things to do than dealing with those bastards that try to get a life, but can’t, look at me... I’ve got three damn titles tonight! Suck on THIS!

Terry smirks, the crowd showers him with a negative reaction, and Terry spins on his foot, exhibiting all three titles to the crowd.

Terry Richards: You don’t like it? It’s your problem, because you’re going to have to get used to this. Well, without further ado...Let’s start the Unified Title match, come on out, Eddie Noble...


Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the CWF Unified Championship! First...currently in the ring. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois and weighing in at one hundred eighty six pounds...he is your CWF Unified Champion...TERRY RICHARDS!!!

"Just" by Radiohead begins to play as a light is directed on the videotron. Noble walks through the curtain and stands under the light. Noble struts down the ramp, smirking and taunting at the fans.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from New York...weighing in at two hundred forty pounds...”THE NATURAL” EDDIE NOBLE!!!

Noble walks up the steel steps, walks to the middle of the apron and looks at all the fans booing him. He then gets into the ring and spreads his arms in the middle of the ring.


BC: HERE WE GO TEDDY! Richards and Noble circle each other in the ring. Richards moves in closer towards Noble...they lock up...Noble pushes Terry back into the corner but Terry steps between the ropes and yells to the ref to break it up. The referee forces himself in between Noble and Richards as Noble pushes himself off Richards and tells him to bring it on! Terry waves him off as he ducks back into the ring and walks along the ropes. Come on Terry! Get him!

TT: And he we go again! They lock up! No! Richards ducks Noble and connects with a stiff right! Noble stunned as Richards with a boot to the gut. Terry now with a front face lock...DDT! No! Noble blocks it and rams Terry into the turnbuckle with his shoulder!

Richards doubles over in the corner as Noble has taken the upper hand. Noble with a knife edged chop! A loud crack is heard through out the arena as Noble nails in another! Richards chest is turning beet red! Noble sends Richards to the far corner but Richards whips around and reverses and sends Noble crashing into the turnbuckle...clothes line! Noble stumbles out of the corner and walks into a standing drop kick from Richards that sends Noble to the apron!

TT: The champ on top of his game here!

BC: Damn straight! Noble better regain his composure or we could be in for a short one here tonight!

TT: Don't count your money too fast Crane, you could end up broke! Noble back on his feet on the apron but Richards catches hold of him! Richards hooks him up and attempts to bring Noble in with a suplex but can't bring him over! Noble with a knee to the gut and lifts Terry up...suplex to the outside! This doesn't look good for the champ!

BC: How do you figure? Terry does not have to beat him! He has to beat Terry!

Noble measuring Richards and runs off the apron...elbow drop! Richards grabs his chest in pain as Noble slowly gets to his feet. Noble forces Richards to his feet and sends him running with an irish whip into the barricade! Richards back arches as his body slowly slumps to the ground, letting out a howl of pain. The referee warns them both to get back in the ring before starting to make the count.




Noble grabs Richards and forces him back in the ring.

BC: That's right cheap shot! Keep it clean and in the ring!

TT: Cheap shot? Noble hasn't done anything that isn't in the rule book.

BC: Since when is there a rule book?

TT: Since the beginning of the CWF you dope!

BC: You made that up!

Noble rolls back into the ring and stands over Richards...leg drop across the throat! Noble feeling it now and picks Richards back up...back breaker! Again Noble focusing on Richards back! Noble with a cover!




BC: YES! Come on Terry!

TT: Noble with a two count but isn't done with Terry yet. Noble with an elbow drop! NO! He missed! Terry rolled out of the way and now Noble is twitching around on the mat cradling his elbow!

BC: Serves him right! Richards back up now! Yes! Get him! Noble is up to one knee but Richards is back to his feet and nails him with a drop kick to the face! Noble is down!

Richards isn't finished yet though. Richards picks Noble up and shoves him down between his legs and lifts him up...pile driver! Noble is clutching his neck in pain as Richards gets up and stares out towards the crowd who show their lack of affection towards him with a chorus of boos. Richards smiles back at them and starts to taunt them.

BC: What are you doing Richards! You have him!

TT: Apparently Richards is more concerned with getting the last word with some of the fans here in Orlando than retaining his Unified Championship!

BC: Don't say that!

Richards lifts Noble to his feet and shoves him into the corner and immediately starts stomping at his mid-section. Richards with another stiff right! Noble's head flies back from the impact! Terry goes down and lifts Noble to the top rope. Terry with another shot to the head for good measure! Terry climbs the ropes and starts to signal for something...

TT: What does he have in his head right now?

BC: That would be a brain Teddy, you ever hear of one of those?

TT: I'm getting really sick and tired of you--

BC: Of course not. Richard jumps on to Noble's shoulders and wraps his legs around his head...HURRICANRANNA OFF THE TOP ROPE!

TT: NO! Noble caught him! Richards is in no mans land and at the mercy of his challenger! Noble stands up and motions to the crowd with his thumbs what he is about to do!

BC: NO! Don't you do it!

TT: YES! Sit down power bomb off the top rope! Both men are down! Get up Eddie! Make the cover!

BC: He can't! I think the fall might have taken something out of him as well! HA HA! YES!

TT: Noble is starting to stir and rolls over and lays his arm over Richards!




THR...NO!!! Richards with his foot on the ropes!


TT: Would you make up your mind? No! Yes! No! Yes! You're like a damned woman!

Noble is in disbelief! Noble is in the referee's face engaging in a shouting match as Richards starts to pull himself up with the ropes. Richards with a chop block to the back of Noble's knee! Noble buckles under the impact and begins to nurse his knee as Richards is back to his feet! Richards forces Noble's leg straight and begins to repeatedly stomp Noble! Noble screeches in pain holding his knee as Richards continues to mercilessly batter Noble's knee with his boots!

TT: Richards zeroing in on Noble's knee!

BC: Can't win a match if you can't walk Teddy! Terry has this match well in hand, as I SAID he would! Oh come on! What is that!?

TT: Noble gets to the ropes! The referee gets in between forcing Richards to back off! Richards tries to charge Noble but the referee holds him back. Terry better be careful or he'll get himself disqualified!

BC: Why should he care? He get's DQ'ed, he'll retain!

TT: That won't stop Xamin from making Richards defend it against him again! Then this match would have been all for nothing! Terry finally obeys the referee's order and backs away from Noble. The ref turns his attention back to Noble. Noble blows off the referee, claiming he's okay.

BC: Get outta there ref! Let them fight it out!

Richards with a boot to the gut and whips Noble to the ropes. Noble bounces off the ropes and is slow on the return...Richards with a clothes line! No! Noble ducks it and grabs a hold of Richards head...neck breaker! Noble slowly back to his feet and grabs Terry up into a sitting position...dragon sleeper! Noble locks it in and Terry immediately starts to struggle trying to get out but Noble has it locked on tight!


TT: Terry better think of something quick, it only takes so long for this move to send you to sleep!

BC: Stop it! This can't be happening! Terry grab the rope!

TT: He's trying Crane! He can't! Richards attempting to stand up, but Noble has about fifty pounds on this guy! Two hundred and forty pounds leaning down on his body while being choked out! Richards is fading!

BC: Wake up Richards! Oh my God could you imagine if he falls out here and loses the Unified Championship to Noble in Orlando? It'd be a Nitemare!

TT: That's cute.

Richards starts to his feet, mustering all of his strength to stay awake!He's up but still in a bridge-style position! Noble is losing his hold! No! Noble drops him with a reverse DDT! Here's the cover!




TT: What a match!

BC: What a man! Who else could have kicked out of that after being in a sleeper hold?

TT: Do you, Bobby Crane, take Terry Richards to be your lawfully wedded wi--

BC: Shut the hell up!

Noble and Richards both back to their feet and start trading punches! Noble with a hard left! Terry with a right! Noble and Richards! LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT! The crowd is on their feet for these two men battling it out! Noble with a boot to the gut and hooks Richards up for a! Richards blocks it and lifts Noble high in the air...brain buster! Richards isn't finished as he mounts Noble and starts in pounding on him with wild lefts and rights as Noble covers up trying to cushion the blows! The referee starts to count to five as Richards continues to lay into him! The ref counts to four before Richards stands up and land a boot to Noble's face!

TT: That was uncalled for!

BC: That was great! Richards is up and signaling for the Shock Turn! This is it Teddy! Your winner, and still CWF Unified Champion, Terry Richards!

TT: The fat lady isn't singing yet Crane.

BC: Did you just call me fat? I am not fat! I am beautiful! You're jealous!

Noble is up to his feet and Richards grabs him..Shock Turn! No! Noble blocks it and nails Richards with a knee to the gut...gutwrench powerbomb!

TT: Natural Cause! He hit it! It's over!

BC: No it's not! Noble is out as well! Terry's foot came down across Noble's head! They're both down!

TT: You better count your money very carefully Crane.

Noble is starting to stir as Richards lays out cold. The referee starts to count them both out!



Noble is up! Noble is laying in wait for Richards to get up! Richards rolls over and stumbles to his feet. He turns towards Noble and receives another boot to the gut. Noble sets him up...another gut wrench power bomb! NO! Richards flips through it and lands on his feet! Noble spins around and Terry grabs him...Shock Turn! Terry got all of it! Terry with the cover!





TT: Jesus Bobby, you might want to check your pants..


Ring Announcer: The winner of this match....AND STILL CWF UNIFIED CHAMPION...TERRY RICHARDS!!!

"Perfect Insanity" by Disturbed plays over the arena's PA system as Richards gets to his feet and yanks the Unified Championship, Assault Championship, and Psychosis Championship belts from the referee's hands and demands him to raise his hand. Richards raises all three belts up in the air for all to see.

BC: Wow! What a match!

TT: Yes, Richards came out the victor, but that doesn't take away the fact that Noble held his own and could just as easily have walked out the Unified Champion!

BC: Okay, Okay, I'll give the kid his credit, but Terry was great!

Richards holds the titles high up in the air as he makes his way up the ramp towards the back.


TT: What a win for Terry Richards! And with that...he will now head in to SuperCard VI to take on James Baker!

BC: Baker isn't even in the same league as Richards!

TT: Well, we go! We're being given more information on this new concept at SuperCard VI! In the match...if a person is pinned or submits, they will be locked back in to one of those pods...but are NOT eliminated from the match! Instead, they will wait in the pod until the person who scored the fall over them is pinned or submits!

BC: So's dodgeball rules! If the person you lose to're back in the match!

TT: It adds to the intrigue of the match if you ask me!

BC: It most certainly does!

TT: To add to that...two men will start the match, and every two minutes a new superstar will be released from a pod to begin the match. After all participants are released from their pods the first time, the championship will be lowered in to position and will become available to obtain!

BC: So....the match cannot be won until all members have entered the match?!

TT: Sounds like that's the way it's going to work! With that said, let's check out who the last announced participant in this match will be!

All eyes focus on the videotron as it starts to flash through pictures of the superstars.

TT: And the next participant is...

The videotron comes to a stop.


TT: That's right! Paul Blair will join the other three in this blockbuster match!



"Kingdom" by U2 begins to play.

TT: We're back ladies and gentlemen...and we're just two weeks away from the biggest event of the year! SuperCard VI will come to you live from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California! We've already sold out the arena...and is it really that hard to believe?! I mean, look what we have for SuperCard so far! The Unified Championship will be on the line as Terry Richards defends his championship against James Baker!

BC: This rivalry continues in to SuperCard...and what better way to continue it then to put the Unified Championship on the line! The Dynasty and The Legion have had this war going on for the past couple of months...and now it's time that their leaders square off on the grandest stage of them all! Can Richards retain his Unified Championship...or will Baker add to the Dynasty's gold? We'll find out in two weeks!

TT: It has also been made offficial as of tonight...a rematch from Liftoff as Keith Daniels will put the National Championship on the line against Sickboy!

BC: Sickboy did everything in his power to win back the championship at Liftoff...but thanks to bad officiating, Keith Daniels was able to walk out still National Champion! As a result, they will do battle one more time! Will Keith be able to out do Sickboy one more time? Or will Sickboy once again capture the National Championship?!

TT: It's been twelve years in the making...and we will finally see Magnus Thunder and Blood battle in Magnus Thunder's last match! To top it's a Last Rites match! Which by the way, Bobby...I have been informed that it will be the first to score three falls who will walk out victorious. Their first fall can be won by pinfall or submission. There second, a knockout. And the third...put their opponent in a casket!

BC: This match promises to be brutal, Teddy! Yoshiru made the challenge earlier tonight, but Magnus would not accept unless it was to be against Blood! So now, in two weeks we will see the end all match for Magnus and Blood! Will Magnus Thunder walk out of Pasadena with a win in his final CWF match...or will Blood do the unthinkable and end Magnus' career?!

TT: We will also see the introduction of what I am now being told is the Golden Opportunities Chamber match! The winner of the match will earn a contract that is usable for up to a year toward a match for any championship...any place...any time! We're unsure of how many participants will be in this match...but we do know four that are already in! Mariano Fernandez, Paul Blair, Eddie Noble, and Israel Blair have already been placed in the match!

BC: This is going to be one of the CWF's most unique matches! You can think of it as a cross between an elimination chamber and a ladder match...except being eliminated doesn't mean that you're out of the match! This could be the biggest match in Mariano's, Eddie's, or Israel's career! For Paul...this could be his chance to once again rise to the top! In two weeks...the world will see a new innovation in CWF!

TT: And what about Mr. Xamin! Earlier was signed...and it will happen at SuperCard! Mr. Xamin one on one with Pledge Allegiance!

BC: The boss will step in to the ring in what could quite possibly be a bloodbath! A lot of hatred has brewed between Xamin and Pledge over the past year...but none more than what Pledge feels was an obvious setup at Liftoff against Rob Osbourne! Can the boss compete with the likes of a CWF Hall of Famer and former World Champion? Or will Pledge once again make his meteoric rise by extinguishing the boss?!

TT: And what about the main event! The World Havyweight Championship match! Tige'..after one of the most controversial turns in CWF history will defend his newly won World Heavyweight Championship against the Last Man Standing winner...Brian Adams!

BC: Brian Adams has been on fire, Teddy! He has yet to lose since his return at Last Man Standing...and for the second year in a row...he'll be main eventing SuperCard! Can Tige' do what no other superstar has been able to do since Adams return and defeat him one on one? Or will Adams once again claim the championship? Two weeks, Teddy...and we'll have our answer!

TT: That's right, Bobby! And we'd like to give a special thanks to U2 for their song "Kingdom", which is the official theme for SuperCard VI! And speaking of main's about time for tonight's main event! It will be champion pitted against champion as National Champion Keith Daniels will go one on one with World Heavyweight Champion Tige'!

BC: It should be an excellent main event!

TT: Only one way to find out...let's go to the ring!


Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...

"Discotheque" by U2 begins to play as the arena lights go out. The video screen starts quickly flashing between a wide variety of colors. As the music begins to pick up, a black silhouette of a man appears against the colorful screen. The main guitar riff hits as the light in the arena explode in a colorful array of flashing lights and the spotlight shines on Tige'.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Madison, Wisconsin! Weighing in at two hundred thirty-five pounds! He is your NEW CWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...TIGE'!!!

Tige' makes his way to the ring mocking the crowd and followed by Jagermeister as the arena atmosphere is much like a dance club. He stands near the ring and takes the championship off of his waist. He raises it in the air with a grin on his face, displaying the championship for the crowd as Jagermeister stands outside of the ring. Tige' climbs up to the apron and taunts the crowd once again before stepping in to the ring. He looks up toward the entrance with a smile on his face as his music fades out.

TT: He's your NEW World Heavyweight Champion...and he looks prepared for tonight!

If you mad I'm on top, then wish me gone
If you mad I'm on the road, then wish me home
And if you mad that I'm right, punk wish me wrong
But after your three wishes - BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!

Suddenly, "Blow It Out" by Ludacris blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in both boos and cheers. The lights dim and Keith Daniels makes his way to the stage. Blue spotlights begin to roam about in the crowd while Daniels looks out. Darkness shrouds Daniels as he looks around. He raises a fist and the fireworks begin to blast on the stage, blinding the crowd.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring... from Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at three hundred forty-six pounds! He is your CWF NATIONAL CHAMPION... "THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!

Daniels begins to walk down the ramp, taunting the fans in the front row. He climbs onto the apron and steps between the ropes and walks to the left turnbuckle. He scans the crowd briefly before spreading his arms wide, inviting the fans to take in his glory. He climbs down and walks to the other side of the ring, a smirk on his face. Once again climbing the turnbuckle, he begins to shout at the fans in the front row and point to himself as he again opens his arms to the crowd. He hops down again, turns around and hands his championship to the referee. He begins to nonchalantly lean against the turnbuckle, awaiting the start of the match as his music fades out.

TT: Keith Daniels once again finds himself in a non-title match against the World Heavyweight Champion...this time being Tige'!


TT: There's the bell...and here we go! Tige' and Daniels with the lockup...and Daniels takes the immediate advantage as he forces Tige' to the ropes. Daniels with the irish whip. Tige' hits the far ropes...and he's caught with a hip toss on the return! Tige' is quick to get back to his feet...and here's another lockup!

BC: If Tige' is looking to take advantage in this match, he'll need to use his speed to counter Daniels' power!

TT: Daniels again is taking the advantage as he forces Tige' to the corner. He releases Tige'...and here's an overhead shot...but Tige' quickly moves out of the way! He forces Daniels to turn toward him...boot to the gut! Tige' with a hard forearm shot, and he follows with a whip across the ring!

Daniels crashes back first in to the opposite corner and is quickly met with a vicious lariat from Tige'! Tige' pulls Daniels out of the corner with an arm drag and twist...and he drives a hard elbow in to the arm! He twists the arm more...and he sweeps the leg to force Daniels to the mat!

TT: Tige' is more than likely going to keep this on the ground as much as possible! Tige' hammerlocks the arm...and he drives a hard knee in to Daniels' exposed spine! And another!

BC: Great strategy by the champion here!

TT: And look at this, Bobby! Tige' has Daniels in position for a camel clutch! He elevates Daniels in the hold...and he's driving a series of forearms to the exposed chest!

BC: How great is this! The champion is actually using a power game here against a man who is more powerful than him!

TT: Tige' releases the hold...and now he's taunting the crowd!

BC: Can you blame him?!

Daniels slowly starts to make his way back to his feet, and he's met with a boot to the gut from Tige'! Tige' with a drop toe hold, and Daniels is brought to the mat once again! Tige' quickly follows up with a side headlock on the mat which prompts the official to quickly check on Daniels. Daniels refuses to give up! He struggles...and is slowly able to make it back to his feet. Daniels shoves Tige' off of him. Tige' turns around..lariat from Daniels! Tige' gets back to his feet...a second lariat! Tige' up again...another lariat!

TT: Daniels is taking control here, Bobby!

BC: About time!

TT: Tige' is back to his feet...and he swings a right at Daniels! Daniels dodges to a backbreaker! He quickly pulls Tige' back to his feet...lifts him to the shoulder...running powerslam! And he has the cover!




TT: Tige' is able to kick out! And Daniels is quick to continue the attack as he brings Tige' back to his feet. Daniels lifts the champ vertical...and he takes him to the mat with a suplex! Daniels picks Tige' back up...lifts him off the mat...and he rushes him back first in to the corner! Daniels with a forearm...and another!

BC: Daniels is just being brutal here!

TT: Daniels spins Tige' around...FULL NELSON! Daniels trying to lift Tige' in to the air...but Tige' has a hold of the top rope! Tige' kicks off of the top turnbuckle, and Daniels is knocked to the mat...Tige' on top of him!




TT: Daniels releases the full nelson to prevent being pinned! Tige' rolls back to his feet as Daniels starts to get back up...and Tige' punts Daniels in the face as he reaches all fours! Daniels crashes back, sitting leaned against the corner! Tige' hits the ropes...boot wash on the return!

BC: Jesus!

TT: Tige' picks Daniels up...reverse facelock...

BC: Could be time for Tige' Time!

TT: NO!!! Daniels spins around and lifts Tige'...spinebuster! And both men are down!

BC: This match is so important to both of these men! In two weeks, Daniels enters round three with Sickboy and Tige' is in the match of his life against Brian Adams!

TT: And so far tonight...they've put on one hell of a show!

BC: What an event it will be this year at SuperCard! So many great matches on hand...including the boss against Pledge Allegiance!

TT: Daniels is slowly starting to get back to his is Tige'. Daniels grabs Tige' and whips him in to the ropes. And Tige' with a boot on the return as Daniels telegraphed the back body drop! Tige' hits the ropes...low dropkick...and Daniels falls to a knee! Tige' with a front facelock...DDT! And he makes the cover!




TT: Daniels kicks out! Tige' stands and grabs Daniels. He drags Daniels over to the ropes and lays him chest first across the middle rope. Tige' hits the far ropes...and he crashes down hard on top of Daniels on the return! Tige' pulls Daniels up to his feet...russian legsweep! And again he flips Daniels on to the belly...applying the camel clutch!

BC: Tige' has really brought his A-game here tonight!

TT: The ref is checking on Daniels...but again Daniels refuses to give up! Daniels is struggling...and he's able to make it to his feet, lifting Tige' with him! Daniels falls back...and the hold is quickly broken as again both men are down!

BC: Ha! This is such a great match so far, Teddy!

TT: Daniels is starting to stir...and he's back to his feet. He picks Tige' up and forces him to the corner. Daniels with a hard right...and another! Daniels with a knee to the gut...and he backs off from Tige'!

Daniels quickly rushes in...big boot in the corner! Tige' stumbles out as Daniels hits the ropes. Daniels on the return...LIVEWIRE...NO!!! Tige' ducks it! Daniels turns to Tige', and Tige' boots him in the gut! Tige' with the whip...but Daniels holds Tige's wrist! He forces Tige' on to his shoulders...THE FINAL VERDICT...NO!!! Tige' squirms and falls behind! Tige' with a reverse facelock...TIGE' TIME!!! NO!!! Daniels with the counter as he spins around! Daniels with an overhead belly to belly...and Tige' is able to block it!

TT: Counter after counter! Tige' pushes Daniels away. Tige' rushes in for the lariat...NO!!! Daniels ducks and lifts Tige' to his shoulders! FINAL VERDICT!!! WAIT!!! Tige' counters in mid-air with Tige' Time!!!

BC: Make the cover, Tige'!

TT: Tige' is worn do...WAIT!'s Chambers and Adams making their way toward the ring! Chambers with steel chair in hand...and he drills Jagermeister in the back of the head with it!

BC: HA! Adams is taunting Tige' here...and Tige' looks irate at what just happened!

TT: Tige' makes his way over to the edge of the ring, yelling at Chambers and Adams!

BC: He needs to keep his eyes on Daniels!

TT: Right you are! Daniels is slowly getting back to his feet as Tige' continues to yell at Adams and Chambers! Adams with a smirk on his face as he points behind Tige'. Tige' turns...LIVEWIRE!!! And Daniels quickly makes the cover!




TT: MY GOD! Daniels for a third time has defeated a current World Champion!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...the CWF National Champion...KEITH DANIELS!!!

TT: Adams and Chambers quickly slide in to the ring. Daniels quickly brings Tige' to his knees as Chambers forces his mouth open.

BC: What the hell are they doing here?!

Adams forces charcoal liquid in to Tige's mouth. Tige' pukes as Adams laughs and smiles.

TT: That was just sick! And look at this!

BC: Ha! Adams is rubbing Tige's face in the puke like a dog!

TT: And it looks like Daniels has grabbed the World Heavyweight Championship! He hands it to Adams as Adams lifts Tige's head out of the puke! He holds Tige's head up, forcing him to stare at the SuperCard VI sign near the entrance!

Adams holds the championship in the air with a smile on his face as he continues to force Tige' to look near the entrance.

TT: We're out of time, folks! See you next week!

Fade to black.