This is CWF...

This is...

Fireworks and pyro erupt at the entrance stage. The sold out crowd all look toward the entrance as frantic cheers break out. The fireworks and pyro begin to die down as all attention is turned to the commentator's table. Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane sit at ringside.

TT: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Saturday Night Showdown! We are exactly one week away from the biggest event of the year and the biggest show in CWF History! The sixth annual event known to the world as Super Card Six! Our first match tonight will pit one of the eight participants in the Cage of Carnage match Israel Blair against the sole surviving member of the Fed Killers: Sickboy, who will go on to challenge Keith Daniels one last time for the CWF National Championship at Super Card Six in a Steel Cage match!

BC: WOO! Teddy can you feel it? Six great matches will be put on display by the greatest talent in professional wrestling today!

TT: You got that right Crane! The one who wins the Cage of Carnage match will be able to challenge any champion for their title at any given time!

BC: Yes, and talk about feuds! The heated rivalry between Sickboy and CWF National Champion “The Dangerous One” Keith Daniels has lit the whole CWF on fire as of late, not to mention Sickboy himself at one time or another...

TT: Oh that's very cute Bobby, but you're right. Keith and Sickboy have been at each others throats since Last Man Standing and who ever comes out of Super Card Six with the title also takes the final victory between the two! But right now we'll get a preview of things to come a week from now!


The BlairVision Theme hits the arena as the crowd turns their attention to the entrance. Israel Blair steps out to the stage, and makes his way down the aisle, fully concentrating on his opponent.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Kill Devils Hill, North Carolina! Weighing in at three hundred thirty-three pounds...ISRAEL BLAIR!!!

Blair reaches the apron, climbs up on to it, and steps over the top rope. He keeps his eyes locked on Hudson as his music fades out.

TT: Here he is Bobby, one of the Blair brothers that will compete for a chance at any title in the CWF if he can win Cage of Carnage! What do you think of his chances?

BC: Well, I have to be fair to Blair so..

TT: Which Blair?

BC: Blair!

TT: There are two Blairs!

BC: Where?

TT: Paul Blair, and right there, that Blair!

BC: Now you're just being confusing...

TT: Oh shut up!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...from New York City, New York! Weighing at two hundred seventy pounds...he is a former CWF Unified and National Champion...SICKBOY!!!!

"Driver Down" by Trent Reznor hits and the crowd explodes into boos as Sickboy appears on the stage. He takes his time walking down the aisle, looking over at fans in the front row booing him loudly. He smirks at them and continues walking, and then climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes into the ring. He holds out his arms, soaking in the heat from the crowd, and leans against his corner


TT: They lock up! Sickboy brings him in and locks in a side head lock! Sickboy rolls around and locks in a hammerlock! Israel Blair looking for a way out but Sickboy has it locked on tight! Blair with an elbow to the! Sickboy ducks it and wraps his arms around Blair...belly to belly suplex! Sickboy back to his feet...elbow drop!

BC: Ouch! You wouldn't know it if you weren't a wrestler yourself, but a simple move like an elbow drop is enough to take the wind right out of you!

TT: So true! Sickboy back to his feet and nails another elbow drop! Blair grasps his chest in pain as Sickboy is back up once again and is measuring Blair...knee drop! Cover!



TT: Kickout at two! Sickboy gets back up and bounces off the ropes...leg drop! No! Blair rolls out of the way and Sick boy's leg bounces off the canvas! Blair pulls himself up on the ropes as Sickboy nurses his leg!

Blair sizes up Sickboy as he starts to stomp his body. Sickboy tries to take cover under the ropes but Israel drags him back into the ring! Israel drags him back to his feet and sends him running to the ropes with an Irish whip. Sickboy comes back off the ropes and Israel scoops him up...sidewalk slam!

TT: Did you feel the impact on that one?!

BC: I sure did Teddy! Now that's fair to Blair!

TT: Sickboy arches his back in pain but Israel doesn't let up as he mounts Sickboy and starts to unload on him with rights and lefts! Sickboy is being massacred by fists of pure fury from Israel Blair!

BC: Like a pit bull going straight for the throat! Sick 'em!

The referee starts to count to five warning Israel about his closed fists. Israel stands up and lets down a final stomp to the face of Sickboy! Israel on a roll now! Israel forces Sickboy to his feet...short arm clothes line! Sickboy falls to his back and rolls to the outside. Israel follows him out and starts to give chase. Sickboy takes off and rolls back into the ring. Israel slides back into the ring and is met with a boot the face!

TT: That's gonna leave a mark!

BC: Coward!

TT: That's not cowardice,it's called strategy.

BC: It's not fair!

Sickboy with another shot to the head of Israel Blair! Sickboy forces him to his feet and hooks him up...suplex! Sickboy attempts a cover but Israel easily kicks out and pushes him off! Both men back to their feet and Sickboy hauls off with a forearm shot to the face! And another! Sickboy takes off and bounces off the ropes...flying fore arm! No! Israel catches him in mid-air and bring Sickboy down hard with a power slam!

TT: Israel means business here tonight!

BC: That's right Teddy, tonight is all about sending a message to everyone at Super Card!

TT: Israel grabs Sickboy by both legs and sets him up...catapult! Sickboy's face smashes off the turnbuckle! Sickboy slumps back into the corner as Israel charges sickboy....body splash!

BC: Wow! That might have just squashed Sickboy flat!

Israel Blair back off and charges him again and goes for another body splash but Sickboy gets a foot up connecting with Blair's chin! The impact knocks Israel back and turns him around dazed. Sickboy takes off towards Israel Blair and wraps his arms around his head...bull dog! Sickboy with the cover!




TT: Another two count for Sickboy! Sickboy back on the attack with more kicks to the sternum! Blair slowly making his way back to his feet but Sickboy won't let up! Sickboy with a right! Israel returns the message with a right of his own!

BC: Is this a wrestling match or a boxing match?! These two are trying to destroy each other!

TT: You're not joking about that one Bobby! Israel with a left! Sickboy with another right! Sickboy throws another right but Blair blocks it and delivers a knee to the gut that folds Sickboy in half! Israel grabs a hold of Sickboy and shoves him down...

BC: PILE DRIVER! That could have just broken Sickboy's neck! What is he doing? Go for the cover Blair!

TT: There are seven other guys in that Cage of Carnage Bobby, and like you said earlier, Israel has only tonight to send a message to every single one of them to show that he's not to be messed with.

BC: Teddy, Israel Blair is six feet eight inches tall and over three hundred pounds, who is REALLY going to go out of their way to mess with him?!

Israel has Sickboy to his feet and sends him to the ropes...Sickboy comes back on the return...back body drop!Israel goes to the top rope and waits for Sickboy to get up. He's up and Israel leaps from the top rope...flying clothes line! Sickboy is down and Israel with the cover!



THR-NO!!! Sickboy kicks out!

TT: Israel doesn't look too happy with the referee right now!

BC: Would you be? It seems like whenever Blair has Sickboy pinned, the referee forgets how to count past two!

TT: Whenever? Blair has one near fall on Sickboy, and Sickboy has two. Do the math Einstein.

Israel back to his feet and drags Sickboy up with him. Israel hooks him and sets him up for a suplex but Sickboy turns out of it and locks on a sleeper!

BC: NO! This can't be happening!

TT: I think it may be time to say good night to Israel Blair!

Israel starts to struggle as Sickboy tightens the hold! Israel drops to one knee and is starts to fade! The referee lifts his arm and it drops! The referee checks him again but Blair keeps his arm up! Israel struggling back to his feet! Blair with an elbow to Sickboy's mid-section and he releases the hold! Israel takes off to the ropes and returns to Sickboy...shoulder block! Sickboy goes down and Israel sets off to the ropes again. Sickboy ducks Israel as Blair jumps over Sickboy and bounces off the ropes again. Sickboy tries to leap frog over him but Israel stops and catches Sickboy on his shoulders...powerbomb!

TT: Israel showing off his strength as he catches Sickboy in mid-air and power bombs him almost through the ring!

BC: It's gotta be over now!

TT: You may be right Bobby, Israel Blair is signaling for the death drop and if he hits this, Sickboy might not even make it to Super Card to challenge Keith Daniels for the National Championship!

BC: All the better! Maybe Israel Blair wins the Cage of Carnage match and then challenges Daniels for the National title and beats him for it!

TT: You're putting a lot of stock into the Blair name.

BC: It's the only name worth anything in a market that's otherwise in the toilet!

Israel forces him to his feet and wraps both hands around Sickboy's throat and lifts him up in the air! He's going for the Death Drop but Sickboy is holding on for dear life! Israel can't force him down and the referee is yelling for Israel to release the choke hold! Israel ignores the referee but Sickboy forces him to oblige as he gouges Israel's eyes! Israel lets go of Sickboy and stumbles away blinded! Sickboy grabs Blair from behind...back suplex!

TT: It's not over yet Crane! Sickboy has once again found a way to stay in this match!

BC: Well he better savor the moment because Blair won't give him another chance!

TT: Sickboy out to the apron and climbs the top rope! Israel back to his feet and finally notices Sickboy as he jumps off the top rope...flying cross body! Sickboy hooks the leg!



TT: Blair kicks out at the last second! Sickboy is determined to win this match but Israel isn't ready to give up either!

BC: That's right Teddy! A Blair is a Blair and you gotta be fair to Blair!

Israel and Sickboy both back to their feet. Sickboy runs to the ropes and charges Blair but Israel cuts him off with a stiff clothesline to the throat! Israels steps back and waits for Sickboy to get up on his own. Sickboy struggles to one knee and finally pushes himself up to his feet! Blair sets himself up and thrusts his foot into the air...Blair kick! No! Sickboy ducks it and clips the knee of Israel Blair! Blair goes down to on knee and Sickboy is back up!

TT: I smell a sickness coming infection!

Bobby lifts his head up and loudly sniffs the air, as if he's trying to catch a whiff of what Teddy was talking about.

BC: Funny, I don't smell a thing. Must be your upper lip.

TT: Very funny.

Sickboy hooks him up and goes for a snap ddt but Blair blocks it and spears him into the turnbuckle! Sickboy folds up like a chair but Blair keeps ramming his shoulder into Sickboy's abdominal area! Blair with a stiff shot to Sickboy's face and Sickboy is reeling! Israel drags him out of the corner and nails him with another straight shot to the jaw! Sickboy falls back and leans against the ropes out on his feet! Israel senses that Sickboy is finishes and whips him to the ropes with an Irish whip! Sickboy on the return and Israel sends him flying with a back body drop! No! Sickboy holds on to Israel's neck and brings him down into a Snap DDT!

TT: The Infection! Sickboy nailed it!

BC: It's not fair! It's not friggin' fair!

TT: Sickboy with the cover!





BC: This can't be happening!

TT: It just did!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match...SICKBOY!!!

TT: Sickboy with a great victory here! We need to go to commercial! When we come back, a Cage of Carnage preview as SJ Funk takes on Jimmy Johnston!


TT: Welcome back, folks! Are you ready for our first Cage of Carnage preview?!

BC: Is anyone ready for it?! Either way, this next match should be great! It'll pit two of our returning superstars against each other! And both will have the opportunity next Sunday to walk out of SuperCard with their legacy cemented!


We cut to the backstage area where Keith Daniels has arrived to the arena. After collecting his stuff, he makes his way to the lockerroom area where a door leading to Shock Value's private dressing room is visable. He opens the door and walks in.

Keith Daniels: What the hell?

Hanging from the ceiling of the room are meat hooks with various cuts of meat from beef to lamb. As he walks slowly upon the blood soaked floor, he notices a piece of paper stuck to one of the carcasses which reads the following.

Keith you started with me this beef.
Now you've sealed your fate.
Once I get through with you at SuperCard VI.
You'll be dead meat on a hook mate.

April 3rd, 2010 you're dead bitch.
Signed by your master Sickboy.

Keith lets out a yell of frustration before making his way out of the locker room to search for Sickboy. We cut back to the commentator's table.


“Wildside” by Motley Crue plays as the crowd goes absolutely insane. SJ Funk comes out, regular ring attire, and a smirk on his face in his in-ring CWF return. He strides calmly down the aisle, giving high fives to the fans on his way down.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Durham, England, weighting in at two hundred sixty-eight pounds... “THE ORIGINAL SHOWSTEALER” SJ FUNK!!!

TT: And here’s the man that shook the world last week by shutting up Mike Laszlo, back to wrestling!

Funk slides under the bottom rope and taunts the roaring crowd, now awaiting his opponent.

BC: And now...This is going to be off the charts! Prepare for the return of...

Mozart’s Piano Sonata blares through the PA system to a mixed reaction from the crowd, some fans cheering his return, and some other fans booing him for all he is. “Double J” Jimmy Johnston walks down the aisle, slowly, pretending he doesn’t see any fans at all.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, making his CWF return, from London, England, weighting in at two hundred seventy-five pounds...”DOUBLE J”...JIMMY JOHNSTON!!!

Jimmy bows before the ring, climbs to the apron and enters the ring through the ropes as the crowd continues its mixed reaction.

TT: And here we go! Jimmy Johnston and SJ Funk are back to wrestling in a CWF ring!

BC: Yes, Double J, the man, the hero, the star!

TT: ...And, don’t forget, after making an impact last week, SJ Funk is back to wrestling!

BC: But, nobody cares about SJ Funk. Sure, he may have beaten Yoshiru, but, still...Who cares?


TT: And the bout is underway! Jimmy Johnston and SJ Funk circle each other around like cobras...Or, like Conan O’Brien and Justin Bieber! HA!

BC: Hum...What?!

TT: It’s a joke from Twitter, you know. You wouldn’t understand.

BC: Damn straight, Teddy. Social networking is for dumbasses. I’m not talking to these snots anyway!

TT: Yeah, Bobby, we ALL know. SJ’s got a hold of Johnston’s arm... Hip toss! Jimmy Johnston quick back to his feet now, SJ is off guard and gets caught with a spear! What a way to begin!

BC: Jimmy Johnston is back! Oh yeah.

TT: SJ on the ground, pulls himself up using the ropes...Belly to belly suplex on the incoming Double J!

BC: Don’t tell me he’s winning this thing... What is the guy doing on the top rope anyway?

TT: You’re right, Bobby, SJ is climbing to the top rope... However, look at Jimmy, he isn’t exhausted at all, he’s behind SJ, look out... GERMAN SUPLEX!

BC: Look at the irony, a British guy executing a German suplex. Heh.

After SJ hits the mat neck-first, he rolls back and into his feet.

BC: And now, these two staring at each other. Vicious!

TT: Well, who is going to prevail? Both men involved in a huge exchange of punches... Look at the blows unleashed on each other!

BC: Compare them, JJ lets out the heavier punches!

TT: And a big uppercut by JJ himself, seems like SJ is dazed... NO! A huge punch to the face knocks Jimmy down!

BC: Oh, goddamnit! Jimmy Johnston...See, he’s getting up! Buck up, buddy...

TT: Snap suplex by SJ Funk! The one, the only, the original funksteroo has gone berserk!

BC: The what now?

TT: Yes, that’s one of his nicknames! Whether you like it or not, Bobby...You’ve got to admit he’s a legend!

BC: No, Teddy, I am a legend, not him.

TT: Whatever you say. Meanwhile, while we were talking, SJ got JJ to his knees, now lifting him up... T-Bone suplex into the canvas! What a painful impact!

Funk wastes no time in lifting JJ up again...

TT: CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! JJ knocks Funk out of nowhere with the huge clothesline from hell! Look at SJ Funk, holding to his neck, squirming in pain in the ground!

BC: Alright, here we go, this is going to be intense... JJ near the ropes, stalking SJ...

TT: SJ Funk is up, Jimmy Johnston already going to strike...SJ with a DISCUS PUNCH! No, he misses his own counter! Double J has avoided the move... LOW BLOW! SJ holding onto his crotch, writhing in pain, nearly grounded...And Jimmy Johnston with the quick roll-up!




TT: SJ Funk made it through the unbearable pain after that low blow, and this match will go on!

BC: Not for long it won’t! Double J is already at the offensive, and drops him with an old school, mind zapping, still effective, body slam!

TT: It’s just a simple scoop slam, Bobby.

BC: Yes, but it’s performed by Jimmy Johnston.

TT: Whatever. Jimmy is up and SJ is down...Quick sneaky elbow drop to the chest! Gets up like a tornado, and JJ drops another one of those elbow drops, SJ now gasping for air...And this sort of spinning elbow drop! What the hell was that?

BC: Innovation, Teddy, innovation!

TT: Well, Jimmy Johnston is just waiting behind SJ Funk for him to get up... SJ completely to his feet, Johnston grabs him, sends Funk into the ropes... DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Both men knocked each other down!

BC: Will the return of these two end up in a draw? Would they be considered physically equals? Not on my shift!


TT: Well, the referee is counting already...Both men motionless...




TT: And SJ kips up already! He’s back to the attack!


TT: SJ Funk not wasting a minute and going right at Jimmy Johnston...OW! He gets nailed with a punch to the face!

BC: Yes, Jimmy was alive! YES!

TT: Jimmy Johnston is back to his feet, after this cheap technique...But SJ fighting right back with a sidewalk slam!

BC: Oh my god...But won’t this guy just give up once and for all?!

TT: Well, here’s the cover by Funk on Jimmy!




TT: But this match will continue! SJ Funk is frustrated... And he throws JJ out of the ring!

BC: Jimmy Johnston is already getting up...

TT: SJ Funk bouncing off the ropes...BASEBALL SL- NO! Johnston caught him by the legs... SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! ON THE MAT! ON THE MAT!

BC: That had to hurt to anyone!

TT: JJ wastes no time, already pulling SJ up by his throat... SICKENING chokeslam against the ring post!

BC: SJ is dazed... NO!

TT: Drop toe hold against the ring post by SJ! He’s bouncing back once more!

BC: How can he do it? They’re battered enough!

TT: SJ is still going for more...BACK TO BELLY SUPLEX! Wow, I think Jimmy Johnston’s head crashed into the steel steps...He may have a concussion right now!

BC: What, he came back, and now he’s got to retire? No way! Let’s go Jimmy!

TT: SJ rolls JJ into the ring, and climbs the turnbuckle himself... DOUBLE AXE HANDL- NO! JJ CAUGHT HIM! DOUBLE J! DOUBLE J! DOUBLE J IS LOCKED IN!!!

BC: Yeah! This match is going to be over in a minute!

TT: SJ Funk is twisting and turning as Jimmy Johnston holds him pretty tight!

After around a minute and half in the hold...

TT: Wait a second, SJ is kicking his legs as hard as he can... He’s kicking JJ hard...Wait! JJ released the hold!

BC: NO!!!

TT: SJ escaped the DOUBLE J! My god! SJ is going to attack now... ONE FUNKIN’ DRIVER! He hit it! The cover!




TT: HE DID IT! SJ Funk beat Jimmy Johnston in his debut!

BC: NO!!!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner... SJ FUNK!

Funk makes his way to the back as we fade to commercial.


TT: We're back! And get this, Bobby...Sickboy left the arena...and Keith Daniels has just stolen a limo to give chase!

BC: That match is really heating up, Teddy!


"Maybe I'm A Lion" plays through the PA as flames and fireworks go off synchronized with the music. Twelve seconds into the song, fireworks go off one more time and Leon Lonewolf appears to a huge pop. Leon makes his way down the ramp at a normal pace, but taking time to socialize with fans.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis, Minnesota! Weighing in at two hundred eighty five pounds...LEON LONEWOLF!!!

Lonewolf makes his way to the ring, climbs up the turnbuckle, taunting the crowd by extending his thumb, middle and little fingers of both hands in the air: his symbol of honor. He climbs up another turnbuckle and taunts again. He jumps down and readies himself for the match as his music fades out.

The BlairVision Theme hits the arena as the crowd erupts in boos. Paul Blair steps out to the stage, smile on his face. He taunts the crowd who hate him, but he acts like they're his biggest fans.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from River Falls, Wisconsin! Weighing in at two hundred seventy pounds..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!!!

Blair makes his way down the aisle and toward the ring. He climbs up the steps, enters the ring, and once again taunts the crowd as his music fades out.


TT: Lonewolf and Blair lockup...and Lonewolf forces Blair back against the ropes. The ref calls for the break, but Lonewolf responds with a knee to Blair's gut! Lonewolf with the irish whip. Blair on the rebound...and he drills Lonewolf with a hard forearm to the skull!

BC: Take that, Lonewolf!

TT: Lonewolf stumbles back as a result of the shot...and Blair hits him with a boot to the gut. Blair with an arm drag...and here's an elbow to the back of the arm! Blair twists the arm again, and he quickly takes Lonewolf over with a snapmare!

Blair locks in a rear chinlock on the ref quickly checks on Lonewolf. Lonewolf fights his way back to his feet as Blair floats over in to a side headlock. Lonewolf lifts Blair vertical...back suplex! He quickly gets back to his feet and picks Blair up. Lonewolf forces Blair in to the corner and drills him with shot after shot as the referee tries to seperate the two!

TT: Lonewolf risking disqualification there!

BC: Damn right! Disqualify him!

TT: Lonewolf rushes in at Blair...but Blair gets the boots up! Lonewolf stumbles back and Blair takes him to the mat with a lariat! Lonewolf returns to his feet...another lariat! Lonewolf is up again, and Blair delivers a hard right to the skull! He backs Lonewolf against the ropes and quickly whips him across the ring. Lonewolf on the return...and he drills Blair with a devastating lariat of his own!

BC: That is totally not fair to Blair!

TT: This is another preview of what we could see in the Cage of Carnage match! Both of these men will be involved, as well as six of the CWF's other top superstars!

BC: It's a Blair match for sure!

TT: Lonewolf brings Blair back to his feet and lifts him on to his shoulder. Lonewolf with a running start, and Blair falls behind! Blair with a chopblock, and Lonewolf is taken to the mat! Blair grabs Lonewolf by the legs...he flips him crab!

BC: Woohoo! Come on, Blair!

TT: Lonewolf is screaming in pain as Blair leans back to apply more pressure!

The referee checks on Lonewolf, but Lonewolf refuses to give up! He uses all of his strength to drag himself to the ropes...he's close...and he's got it! Blair releases the hold and stomps away at Lonewolf! He brings Lonewolf back to his feet...swinging neckbreaker!

TT: Blair has taken control here, Bobby! And Blair makes the cover!




TT: Lonewolf kicks out! Blair quickly continues the attack as he hits the far ropes...knee drop on the return! He picks Lonewolf up and brings him to the corner. Blair relentlessly slams Lonewolf face first in to the top turnbuckle! He whips Lonewolf across the ring, and follows in with a hard lariat!

BC: This...this is what makes Blair...Blair!

TT: Blair grabs Lonewolf as he stumbles out of the corner...russian legsweep!

BC: If Blair can be this focused in the Cage of Carnage...I think he has a great chance of grabbing that contract!

TT: Blair picks Lonewolf up and hits him with an atomic drop! Blair rushes at the far ropes. Blair on the return...NO!!! Lonewolf takes Blair down with a big boot!

BC: Not fair!

TT: Lonewolf takes a second to catch his breath. He picks Blair up and boots him in the gut. Lonewolf grabs Blair, spins him around...spinebuster! And Lonewolf makes the cover!




TT: Blair kicks out! Lonewolf brings Blair back to his feet with a front facelock and lifts him vertical...and he drops Blair gut first across the top rope!

BC: Come on, Blair!

TT: Lonewolf hits the far ropes. Lonewolf on the rebound...BOOT TO THE FACE!!! And Blair is sent crashing hard in to the barricade outside!

BC: Why is the ref not admonishing Lonewolf?! That was totally uncalled for!

Lonewolf quickly climbs out of the ring and picks up Blair. He whips Blair hard in to the steps as the ref starts the count!





TT: Lonewolf rushes at Blair...hard knee to the skull as Blair sits against the steps!

BC: COME ON! Why the hell is the referee being such an ass?!




TT: And Lonewolf quickly gets Blair back in to the ring, following behind him! And here's the cover!




TT: Blair gets the shoulder up! Lonewolf brings Blair back to his feet...boot to the gut! And it looks like he's positioning Blair for the Lionheart! He has Blair high in the air...WAIT!!! Blair squirms and falls behind!


TT: Lonewolf turns to Blair...BLAIR KICK!!! Blair hit the Blair Kick! And this should be over!


TT: Blair has the cover!!!




TT: That was so close...but Lonewolf got his foot on the bottom rope! You'd have to think that if Blair would have hooked the leg, it would be over!

BC: DAMN IT! Stupid ref!

TT: Blair can't believe it! He pulls Lonewolf back up...low blow by Lonewolf! And the ref never saw it! Lonewolf has a hold of Blair...LIONHEART!!! And he falls on Blair for the cover!!!




TT: Lonewolf has done it!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...LEON LONEWOLF!!!

Suddenly the lights go out...

TT: What’s going on!?

BC: I don’t know, but it sure as hell ain’t pretty!

They come back on and the crowd goes wild!


BC: More like the GNAT has returned!

Mariano stares at Leon Lonewolf with a mixed expression of rage and sorrow... he reluctantly takes a step at him.

TT: Look at his face… he looks… as if he didn’t like being there!

Mariano hesitates, but then hits the Tsunami Strike on Leon!

BC: BANG! He fell like a sack of potatoes!

After the strike, Mariano lowers his head down in regret and walks away from the ring in silence, to the crowd’s cheers.

TT: But Leon is his friend! Whatever happened between these two!?

BC: I don’t know, but when the gnat does this, he means business! I guess only time will tell Teddy!

TT: I’m inclined to agree with you! Don’t go anywhere folks, we’ll be right back!



"Hail Mary" by 2Pac hits the PA system as James Baker has his signature Spiked Out Baseball Bat in his hand, while Danielle Lopez, Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks all apear onto the ramp behind him with the crowd cheering for them.

TT: Here's Da Xtreme Dynasty, who'll face the Legion of Shadows later on...And, don't forget, the road to SuperCard ends here, and James Baker is going to face Terry Richards at the fabled event as well!

BC: Teddy, can I be straightforward?

TT: Uhm...Sure.

BC: If I even threw in my predictions and comments for the match, I'd be forever known as a despicable nazi racist.

TT (Whispering To Himself): Yeah...You WOULD...

BC: What did you say?

TT (Nervous): Erm...Nothing.

The entire Dynasty then makes their way over to the announcer's table with microphones in their hands. Styles and Banks stand behind Bobby Crane as he's trying not to make eye contact with them. James then wraps his arm around Danielle as he speaks into the microphone.

BC: Hey, DXD guys! Move a little more to my front...James Baker is going to talk.

TT: Geez...

James Baker: What it do Phoenix, Arizona?

The crowd then cheers loudly.

BC: How many times have we heard this?

James Baker: Now last week, I heard some disparagin' words about me from Landfill and Fink, also known as the second gayest tag team in the CWF.

The crowd then gives out a mixed reaction at the mentioning of The O'Reilly Brothers. James and Danielle then take a seat on top of the announcers table.

James Baker (In A Fury Of Rage And Frustration In His Voice): Now Ray O'Reilly, you really thought of layin' your hands on Danielle after she made your transvestite bleed like a *BEEP*in' pig. Well what you forget here is that I was the one who prevented Danielle from inflictin' more damage, but yet like the dip*BEEP* that you are, you forget that rather quickly. Is that a coincidence or does that occur often in your house hold. Maybe your mother didn't raise you right. Oh *BEEP*, I forgot, you don't really have a mother, now do you?

TT: That was a bit cold.

BC: Yeah, but at least he's capturing five percent of my attention. And he's JAMES BAKER!!!

James Baker: Anyways as I was sayin', yeah this Spiked Out Bat is indeed MINE. I brought it here to the CWF with me. It's served me well when I debuted and it even has it's uses today, like for instance, makin' Suzanne even more of an ugly bitch than "it" already is and it's greatest use will come at Super Card when I once again, defeat Terry Richards to begin my 2nd CWF Unified Championship reign and in the process, add more gold to Da Xtreme Dynasty. I've also noticed that Ray thinks that I encourage the activities that I mentioned, what you fail to realize is that I don't tell my boys and my wife what activities that they can and cannot do, no they make those decisions on their own, but if you want to play these types of games, then by all means, do so because if there's one thing that they all have learned from me over the years, it's that they know exactly how the game is played.

James then hands Danielle a microphone and she then speaks.

Danielle Lopez: So, you want to call me a coward, is that right? You are a *BEEP*ing hypocrite because if I recall, you rammed my head onto a windshield and you also slammed my head onto a limo tire. (starts to get into a sarcastic tone) Yeah, that's using your fists alright and what's even better is that not only did I blade your face against those spikes, but all of the fans liked it when I did that to you.

The crowd then cheers.

Danielle Lopez: You say that you have pure strength and agility. Well, i'm waiting to see this so-called strength and agility that you possess. Oh, that's right! You have ZERO ability, I on the other hand, have tons of ability. Unlike your fat ass, I have actually competed in a sanctioned match in the CWF, while you have just sat in the back and ate everything in sight, like the fat cow that you are.

The crowd then cheers again.

Danielle Lopez: I've also heard rumblings about me being a psychotic bitch. For christ sake, I am the nice person out of everybody in the group. I am sweet, humbled and the nicest person that you'll ever meet, but if you anger me, well I can be the evilest, most vindictive bitch alive. I'm exactly like my husband when i'm pissed off.

James Baker: And that ladies and gentlemen is not a good thing indeed. Anyways, now as a result of my fourth victory over Paul Blair, I FINALLY get the CWF Unified Championship match that I so rightfully deserved and what makes this even sweeter, is that I not only get to take that title, but I also get to finally end this nine and a half month rivalry with that prick Terry Richards.

The crowd explodes into a reaction of loud boos. A "F*CK YOU TERRY" chant in the background is heard, and even censored.

James Baker: I agree with you guys. I'd like to yell that to his face, but the great thing about this is that not only will we claim victory over those faggots here tonight, but all of us will walk out of Super Card with all of the gold and cement Da Xtreme Dynasty as the dominant force, again that is.

"Whiplash" by Metallica loudly blares through the PA System as the crowd fades into insane boos, for this man everyone hates. Terry, Chris and Alex Richards come down the aisle, with a "Sick of Baker" pin locked on their tuxedo suits. Chris, however, brings a huge box of those.


TT: Well, you might be lucky...

Terry smirks, and starts talking with his headset microphone, but Baker disrespectfully interrupts him.

James Baker: Well, well, well. If it isn't the little bitch known as Terry Richards, or whatever faggot name your goin' by this week.

Terry Richards: Wow, nice joke, Baker. I see Coco is crying all the way from New York. What are you going to call me next, f[BEEP]stain? You'll be licking out many of those in the future, I assure.

James Baker: Yeah, yeah, yeah and that's comin' from a 186 pound little midget. Yeah, I remember all those times that you "beat" me and I really question that stance alot because while you did technically get the win against me, you had to use interference and underhanded tactics to get the win, while early on in our CWF stint, I beat you fair and square, which stumps me at amazment here because if you wouldn't use dirty tactics in your matches, you would be at the exact level that Kyle Sync is on.

Terry Richards (Seething In Anger): This coming from a guy who was everyone's bitch for like two months straight. I actually gave some fight to Magnus Thunder and Rob Osbourne, you know... But wait. I've grown a little too much weary of you, like anyone else... Look at Bobby Crane signaling, Chris, go give him a pin.


Chris goes down the aisle with a pin, Da Xtreme Dynasty always looking at him, and gives the pin to Bobby Crane.

BC: Oh god, I look so pretty! Thank you very much, Chris!

Chris runs back to the Legion of Shadows, smiling.

Terry Richards: Anyway, I have a little stipulation for our little match at SuperCard. How about if we spice it up, if we make it a little extreme? I was thinking of a stipulation I haven't had the opportunity to use... The Windy City Wipeout Match.

James Baker: Speak on it then you *BEEP*in' midget.

Terry Richards: I'm going slowly, for you to see where I kick your ass, got it? Okay. It's a three stages of hell match. The ring is surrounded by a huge steel cage, with no top, and the ropes are replaced by barbed-wire ropes.

James Baker: I LOVE that idea. Got any more ideas, you *BEEP*ed up idiot?

Terry Richards: That's rather cute of you to say. The first fall of this match is a standard asswhoop for you... See Valentine's Bash 2010 for more information on this. The second fall of the match is an "escape the cage challenge", where you must go over the cage and into the outside for the victory. The third and final fall of this match, if I ever need it - very unlikely - is a Last Man Standing, complete chaos, utter ownage match. No limits. You must keep your opponent down for the huge ten count to win. You can do everything. The match, ladies and gentlemen, MUST END in one way or another. So, is James F'N Faker ready?

James Baker: *BEEP* yes, mother *BEEP*er. I accept your proposal.

Terry Richards: You are a one of a kind imbecile. You realize how bad I will hurt you?

James Baker: You god damn right I do and I don't give a *BEEP* on what type of damage gets inflicted upon me, because I will walk out of SuperCard as the new Unified Champion and that's that and nothin' more, believe that.

Terry Richards: Yeah...Right...

Chris Richards: Oh wait...Hold on a second here. While James Baker was senselessly rambling on the same old crap, I did my math... Therefore, I'm throwing out the ultimate challenge. For the final time in your career...Will you two monkeys over there give us a title shot...Or not?

James Baker: You've got to be goddamn deaf... I said NO! You'll never get a title shot, can't you people understand it? You've never given ME a Psychosis Championship shot, for example! Bear this in mind... NO! Never! No way! Impossible! In your dreams! Not on my shift! PERIOD!

Chris Richards: Well... You know it... The Ultimatum was thrown out at the 27th February. Well, I looked at it... I gave you a one-month time for a decision...So it is no. Fair enough... Today is the 27th of March.

James Baker: Oh, no...No. You can't do it. YOU CAN'T F[BEEP]ING DO IT!

Chris Richards: Oh hell yeah. We've held Enrique under our wing for a long time...Now it's time to do it.


Chris leaves.

TT: Who the hell is going to wrestle tonight then?

James Baker: I'm going to beat the holy hell out of you, Terry! It's better now, because it's a handicap match!

Terry Richards (Laughing): Oh no, it isn't!

Suddenly, the PA system is hit with the loud lyrics of "End of all Hope" by Nightwish. The crowd rises in excitement, curious, James Baker stares at the videotron...

BC: Who can this be?!

Finally, a figure steps out of the videotron, with an entirely dark attire and a furious look, followed by bodyguards...


Terry smiles and high fives Trent, as well as Chris and Alex. This faction runs down the aisle, furiously attacks Baker, and the match is on.



TT: And this match is on! Terry and James in the ring, staring each other down, and look at Richards’ smirk!

BC: He’s just confident that James is going DOWN tonight!

TT: We’ll see about that... and there’s Baker with a body tackle and pounding him down!

BC: Bah, that won’t keep him down for long! Here come the Legionnaires stomping on the gangster!

TT: Not for long! Here come Da Dynasty! Kevin Styles with a dragon screw on Alex Richards, and J.T. Banks with a big hammer to Trent Walker!

Terry broke free from James’s mounted punching and caught James with a Hurricanrana, while J.T. Banks has Trent Walker against the turnbuckle and Kevin Styles runs to Alex Richards to a suicide dive, sending him both out of the ring!

BC: It’s a total brawl out here!

TT: I’d agree, the ref is struggling to get everything back under control!

BC: Oh come on ref, let’em go at it!

Trent hits a jawjacking punch on J.T. Banks, then catches him with an Irish whip... clothesline and Trent sends Banks above the ropes! He climbs down the ring and a total fistfight begins on the crowd! In the meantime Kevin Styles is pounding Alex’s head on the apron, but Terry runs to the ropes and hits a cross body block on Styles sending him above the wall! James is quick to follow and hits a baseball slide on Terry, they descend to ringside, lock up, and after a grapple James suplexes Terry into the crowd!

TT: This is total madness!

BC: I’ve lost track of this, are Terry and Baker still legal?

Terry and James are exchanging blows back and forth in the crowd! Trent and Banks are inside the ring while Alex Richards is now hitting a splash from the top turnbuckle on a downed Styles!

TT: We need security out here!

BC: I think someone heard your call!

Security officers swarm the stage restraining every contestant, while the referee instructs James and Terry to return to the ring! They both obey and start another lock-up!

TT: Now it looks like everything is going back under control... Beautiful belly to belly by James Baker!

BC: Richards is quick to get up though, and here is a vicious chop to James’ chest! And another! And once more! And there’s a kick...

TT: NO! James Baker catches it!

BC: Terry reverses into an Enzuigiri! Right to James’ head!

TT: James is dazed, Terry goes to get him, but James punches out of instinct and Richards is driven back!

BC: Lucky shot!

TT: I don’t think so, look at James now! Beautiful haymaker to Terry’s stomach! And a knee to the head, Terry is down!

BC: Quick Terry, get up!

TT: James hits an elbow drop and he goes for the pin!



Quick kickout by Terry!

TT: Richards back on his feet, he takes off for the ropes, springboard back elbow and James stumbles back! Terry follows up with a DDT! And he’s got a cover!

BC: Come on Terry!



Kickout by James!

TT: James kicks out, Terry goes for a sitting sleeper hold... James kicks Terry in the head! And he follows up with a powerslam! Great impact!

BC: He picks Terry up, tosses him against the turnbuckle with a terrible spear!

TT: He might have broken Terry in half!


TT: Your bias gets worse within every second!

BC: Hey, I’m entitled to it!

TT: No, you’re supposed to call the match!

BC: Shut your hole primadonna!

TT: Jeez! Now James is reaching for Terry, got him in a lock up for a suplex... NO! Another DDT counter by Terry! Both men are down!

BC: See Terry’s resilience! That’s why he’s a proud champion!

TT: Maybe so, but Mariano still hasn’t had his rematch!

BC: Quit talking about the gnat already! He is unrelated to this match!

TT: I’m just sayi-

BC: Nobody cares what you’re saying! Now who’s supposed to call the match?

Both men are crawling to the ropes... and they both make the tags! Banks and Walker inside the ring now!

TT: And here comes J.T. Banks with a vicious clothesline! Walker is quick to get up though, and catches banks with a boot to the face!

BC: That’ll leave a mark!

TT: And Walker with an elbow to the back of Banks’ head! Banks stumbles down and Walker putting the boots on him!

BC: Keep that big galoof down!

TT: Not quite! Banks rolls sideways and is back to his feet, and there’s running front powerslam! Walker fell like a sack of potatoes!

BC: I’ll admit, I wouldn’t like to have been on the end of that one!

TT: Me neither Crane, but Banks forces Walker up... PUMPHANDLE SLAM! And there’s the cover!



TH... NO!!! Alex Richards breaks the three count!

TT: The Richards are starting to get annoying here!

BC: Oh Jeez Teddy, it’s called surviving!

TT: It’s called being a pain in one’s backside!

BC: You’d sure know about it...

TT: Shut up! Banks picks up Walker with an underhook suplex! And look at Terry and James! They’re itching to get inside the ring!

J.T. Banks looks at James and Kevin Styles, and makes the tag with the latter! Kevin climbs to the top rope... CLEVELAND HANGTIME! NO! Walker rolls out of the way and makes the tag on Alex!

BC: And here’s the two quickest guys! Alex with a quick elbow drop on Styles!

TT: And now Styles with a high flipping drop kick! Alex stumbles back, Styles catches him... SWINGING NECK BREAKER! He runs to the ropes and there’s the split-legged moonsault!

BC: NO! Alex with his knees at the last second, and Styles grabs his stomach in pain! Here’s the cover!



TH.. NO!!!

TT: Styles kicks out!

BC: That was close!

TT: Close or not, this match is still on!

BC: And here’s a Stylin’ leg sweep by Kevin Styles! How the hell could have he pulled that off?

TT: No idea Crane, but Alex rolls into his two feet again and there’s an elbow to Styles’ gut!

BC: That’s how it’s done!

TT: Styles stumbles back, Alex rushing at him but NO! Spinning backfist! Alex is dazed!

BC: Both men stumbling to their corners, and there’s the tag on Terry and Baker!

TT: And look at these two! They’re rushing furiously at each other, and Richards got the upper hand with a flying forearm!

BC: James is sent outside the ring, Terry gaining momentum, up the ropes one more time with a Whisper in the Wind!

TT: And all hell has broken loose again!

BC: Wild brawl once more!

Both teams’ members jump outside the ring and take on their respective rivals at ringside! In the meantime James and Terry are brawling all the way to the crowd again... Terry with an eye gouge to James! James with a low blow on Terry!


TT: And it looks like the ref has decided to throw this one away!

BC: Ah shucks, but the action is still going on!

Now the CWF tron shows Terry and James amongst the crowd! James chasing Terry and spears him once more into the P.A. system! At ringside, Walker has grabbed a chair shot... THWACK! Right to the skull of J.T. Banks who is knocked down busted open! Kevin Styles and Alex Richards crash at the announce table, making Teddy and Bobby step back!

TT: We need security once again!

BC: I hate to say this but I agree with you!

Terry is still writhing in pain from the spear, but James is backing away... climbing on to an arena balcony!

TT: This is insane!

BC: And there’s Terry!

Terry realizes and gives chase to James, starting a fist fight atop the balcony!

TT: These two are going to kill each other!

They start a grapple, swaying back and forth... and they both fall on top of the sound system!

BC: God, that was brutal!

TT: We need EMTs here now!

EMTs rush to the scene, taking James and Terry away on stretchers as we fade to commercial.



"To Boston" by Dropkick Murphy's hits and the crowd explodes into a mix of Cheers and Boos evenly throughout he arena.

TT: Uh, oh Bobby!! It’s the number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles.

After a short pause Ray and Cyril O'Reilly step through the curtain... followed by Suzanne Winters… still wearing that Venetian Bauta.

BC: What do you mean uh oh Teddy?

TT: You know nothing good ever comes from an appearance by this group.

BC: You got that right!

TT: You know what I mean Crane!

The O’Reilly Brothers, both sporting Supercard VI t-shirts, saunter down to ringside as they play it up big to the crowd. Suzanne Winters, latched to her boyfriend Ray O’Reilly’s arm, checks her mask to make sure it’s securely in position.

TT: Looks like Winters had a new strap put on that mask of hers.

BC: She wants to make sure no one gets another chance to see her disfigured face at the hands of Danielle Lopez.

Suzanne Winters slides in to the ring under the bottom rope, followed quickly by Ray, as Cyril slowly scaled the steel steps. Once on the apron Cyril stepped over the top rope, into the ring, to join his brother and Suzie’s sides.

BC: You think they’re here to give an answer to Da Dynasty’s challenge.

TT: I could only assume Bobby.

Ray O’Reilly grabbed three microphones from ringside and, after handing them out to his brother and girlfriend, once after the fans quieted down, brought his microphone up to his mouth… and began softly.

Ray O’Reilly: One week.

Ray drops the microphone to his side and stares out across the arena. A smile, from ear to ear, plastered across his face and the face of his brother... Suzie that was anybodies guess as her face was well hidden behind that mask. Ray brings the microphone back up to his mouth. This time he yells.

Ray O’Reilly: One Week!

This time the crowd goes nuts as Ray drops the microphone back to his side. The crew soaks in the excitement for a moment before Ray continues.

Ray O’Reilly: One week Styles…

Cyril O’Reilly: Banks…

Suzanne Winters: Danielle…

Ray O’Reilly: One Week!

TT: This place feels like it’s going to explode. The tensions so thick you could cut it with a knife.

BC: So thick that, if you do intend on cutting it with a knife, better make it one of those ones that can cut tin cans and pennies… that thick, thick!

Ray O’Reilly: One week until me and my brother here finally get out rematch for those Tag Team Titles! One week until Da Dynasty Xtreme become Da Dynasty X-Champs!

The crowd begins to boo.

Cyril O’Reilly: Boo all you want! Doesn’t change the simple fact that, come next week’s Showdown, the straps will be back where they belong,

The O’ Bro’s both throw their hands into the air.

Ray O’Reilly: Now… last week, at Showdown, Da Xtreme Dynasty extended me and Cyril here a little challenge. Well, it actually, it was that *BEEP* Danielle Lopez that did the extending… so, I figured, why not Suzanne give you our response have.

BC: It never fails. Even with a mask on the guys in the audience still hoot and holler for Suzanne!

Suzanne Winters: As I told Ray and Cyril earlier, when I first heard Danielle’s request, I was sort of confused by it. Wasn’t that the same proposition Cyril had made the week before? Like… the SAME exact proposition!?! If we really felt like it we could roll back the tapes and show you… but we’re running out of patients here. So, Hoe, to answer your question… Yes, we accept!

The crowd goes crazy.

Suzanne Winters: BUT! That’s right, their is one little but, something fat ass Lopez wouldn’t know anything about.

Cyril O’Reilly: Just a little tweak to the match really… that’s all. We agree, all three of us, to make this Tag Team Title Match a three on three mixed tag… but only if it goes down elimination style!

The fans erupt.

Ray O’Reilly: That’s right Styles, Banks…Lopez. Three on three mixed tag team elimination match! Wow, that’s a mouth full. You see… as much as me and Cyril here would LOVE to see Suzanne stomp a hole in Danielle Lopez and cover it for the win… how long after that would it take for the two of you to stop saying “it wasn’t me beaten in that match, it was Danielle!”? Sometime before it made me gag up in my mouth to hear you say it? Probably not! Up until you demanded a Tag Title rematch? No! This ends here! This ends at the beginning! This ends at SUPERCARD! This ends with not one Dynasty member pinned, or Danielle Lopez… no it ends when each and every one of you three falls to the mat and is defeated by the O’Reilly’s and Suzanne Winters!

Cyril O’Reilly: So Styles, Banks, Lopez… you want the match for Supercard? You want the mixed tag to be for the CWF Tag Team Titles… on the grandest stage of them all? You got it! Just make sure it’s elimination style… we wouldn’t want to go spoiling all the fun on just one of you, now would we.

“To Boston” hits and the three throw their microphones into the crowd.

BC: Hey! Those are expensive microphones! They can’t just be tossing them into the crowd.

TT: Agreed Bobby but those microphones are the last thing on my mind right now. This coming week, at Supercard VI, The O’Reilly Brothers and Suzanne Winters face Da Xtreme Dynasty and Danielle Lopez in a mixed elimination tag match for the CWF Tag Team Titles! It’s official folks!

BC: I can’t wait! This is set to be one of the most epic Tag Team Title bouts in the history of the CWF!

TT: Well, up next, Bobby is Eddie Noble...but who will his opponent be?!


"Just" by Radiohead begins to play as a light is directed on the videotron. Noble walks through the curtain and stands under the light. He struts down the ramp, smirking and taunting at the fans.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from New York! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds..."THE NATURAL" EDDIE NOBLE!!!

Noble makes his way up the steel steps, walks to the middle of the apron and looks at all the fans booing him. He gets in to the ring and spreads his arms in the middle of the ring as his music fades out.

TT: Noble looks prepared here tonight! And he better be! He's been under the assumption all week that he would be taking on Ricky Chambers tonight...but we found out earlier tonight that Chambers would not be here! As a result, Mr. Xamin has put Noble in a match against Yoshiru Long!

BC: I hope Noble destroys him!

The lights in the arena slowly dim as the black-screened videotron begins a countdown.






The videotron goes black.


"I Came To Play" by Downstait hits the arena as the crowd erupts in overwhelming boos. Yoshiru Long, microphone in hand, steps out to the stage with his assailant. The assailant stands with his arms folded as Yoshiru takes a look around at the sold out crowd. A smirk comes to his face as he makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring...from Tokyo, Japan! Weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds..."CWF'S UNSUNG HERO" YOSHIRU LONG!!!

Yoshiru and the assailant make their way to the ringside area. The assailant remains outside as Yoshiru uses the ring steps to enter the ring. He looks across the ring at Noble as his music fades out.

TT: This is a huge match for Yoshiru too! In just one week, he will meet Magnus Thunder one on one in the ring for the first and last time!

BC: Correction, Teddy. Yoshiru won't be at SuperCard...BLOOD will meet Magnus Thunder one on one!

TT: Good point! In any case, this match is about to get underway!


TT: Yoshiru and Noble quick to start things off as they lock up! Noble with the advantage here, forcing Yoshiru back...but Yoshiru with a knee to the gut! Yoshiru with an arm drag and twist, and he quickly whips Noble in to the ropes. Noble on the rebound...boot to the face as Yoshiru telegraphs the back body drop!

BC: This match has huge implications for both of these men! Noble is entering the Cage of Carnage at SuperCard and Yoshiru is entering that Last Rites match against Magnus!

TT: Noble hits the ropes...lariat on the rebound! Noble brings Yoshiru back to his feet and quickly drops him back to the mat with a short arm lariat. He holds the arm and pulls Yoshiru back up...another short arm lariat! Noble pulls Yoshiru up again...belly to belly suplex!

BC: Noble has complete control here! This is great!

TT: Noble brings Yoshiru back to his feet and pulls him over to the corner. He rams Yoshiru face first in to the top turnbuckle...and again! Noble turns Yoshiru around in the corner...hard right...a second...a third! Noble with the whip, and Yoshiru is quick to reverse it as he sends Noble hard in to the opposite corner!

Yoshiru hesitates as he catches his breath. He rushes in for a lariat but Noble gets the boots up! Yoshiru stumbles back as Noble rushes out of the corner...snap powerslam by Yoshiru! He slowly returns to his feet and again tries to catch his breath. Yoshiru stomps away at Noble before bringing him back to his feet. He whips Noble in to the ropes, and he catches him with a sleeper on the rebound!

TT: Sleeper hold! Yoshiru has it locked in tight here, Bobby!

BC: Noble is struggling! Like Yoshiru or hate him...he knows what to do in that ring!

TT: It looks like Noble is starting to fade here! He falls to a knee as his face turns red. His arms are slowly moving...and it looks like our referee is ready to check if Noble is out!

BC: Come on, Eddie!

TT: The ref grabs Noble's arm...and it falls! He lifts the arm a second time...NO! Noble is still in this! He struggles...and he's back to his feet! He's trying to seperate Yoshiru's arms, but Yoshiru is being relentless! And Noble drops down to the mat...jawbreaker on Yoshiru!

BC: That's one way to counter!

TT: Yoshiru stumbles back as Noble makes it back to his feet. Noble with a boot to the gut and he quickly whips Yoshiru in to the ropes. Yoshiru on the rebound...and Noble with a flapjack! Noble quickly pulls Yoshiru back to his feet...abdominal stretch!

BC: The tables have turned! Yoshiru in trouble with this submission!

TT: The ref is checking Yoshiru, and Yoshiru isn't about to give this one up!

BC: He will, Teddy! He will!

TT: Yoshiru struggling here...and he attempts a hip toss...but Noble blocks it! Noble with a hard forearm to the chest! He lifts Yoshiru in to the air...pumphandle slam! And here's the cover!




TT: Yoshiru kicks out! And Noble is quick to continue the attack as he stomps away at Yoshiru!

BC: He has a lot to prove here tonight, Teddy! A victory tonight will lead him in to SuperCard with momentum!

TT: I still can't wait to see that match, Bobby! We've been told that it'll be something which we've never seen before!

Noble pulls Yoshiru back to his feet and backs him in to the corner. He lifts Yoshiru to the top rope and quickly follows up. Yoshiru defends himself with a hard right to the kidney...and a second! Noble falls back to the mat as Yoshiru is perched on the top rope. Yoshiru dives off...and he's met with a right to the gut!

TT: Bad risk by Yoshiru there! And look at this, Bobby! Noble has Yoshiru in the gutwrench position!

BC: Yoshiru could be in trouble here!

TT: Noble lifts Yoshiru...and Yoshiru is able to fall behind! Yoshiru with a neckbreaker!

BC: A much needed reversal! And it looks like Yoshiru is going to have a little time to catch a breather here as both men are down!

TT: I have to ask, Bobby...what match are you most looking forward to at SuperCard?

BC: It's hard to say, Teddy. We have so many great matches this year. The first ever Cage of Carnage match...Terry Richards and James Baker in a Last Man Standing match...the tag titles defended in a mixed six man tag match...Sickboy and Daniels part three...the Last Rites match...and of course the main event! How can one choose?!

TT: Surprising answer from you. I figured that you'd say the Cage of Carnage match since it features TWO...count it...TWO Blairs!

BC: All in all...this could be the biggest SuperCard we've ever had! And I can't believe I forgot to mention...Pledge Allegiance and the boss at SuperCard!

TT: And it looks like Yoshiru is getting back to his feet. Noble is starting to get back up as well, and he's instantly met with a boot to the gut. Yoshiru with a front facelock...vertical suplex! He brings Noble back to his feet...release fisherman's suplex!

BC: Noble had this match in total control, but he gave it up to Yoshiru here!

Yoshiru picks Noble up and whips him to the corner. Yoshiru rushes in...big splash in the corner! Noble stumbles out as Yoshiru hits the far ropes. Yoshiru on the rebound...BIG BOOT! He quickly brings Noble back to his feet. Yoshiru with an arm drag and twist. He places his boot against Noble's neck...SAY GOODNIGHT!!!

TT: That could do it, Bobby!

BC: Ha! Doubt it! Noble had the ring awareness to roll out to the apron!

TT: Yoshiru wasting no time as he comes back at Noble for the attack. Noble pulls himself back to his feet on the apron, and Yoshiru grabs Noble with a front facelock. Yoshiru lifts Noble vertical...but Noble falls behind!

BC: Woohoo!

TT: Noble grabs Yoshiru with a rear waist lock. He forces Yoshiru up against the ropes and uses the momentum to force Yoshiru down to the mat for a rollup!




TT: Yoshiru kicks out again! Both men return to their feet and Noble quickly rushes at Yoshiru...Yoshiru with a spinebuster!

BC: He uses such impact with that move!

TT: Yoshiru steps out to the apron.

BC: He's wasting a lot of time here! He should be staying on the attack!

TT: Noble is slowly getting back to his feet as Yoshiru hits the springboard...THE SUFFERING!!! NO!!! NOBLE COUNTERS WITH AN OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY!!!

BC: That looked painful!

TT: And Noble in one solid motion pulls Yoshiru back up in a gutwrench position...NATURAL CAUSE! He hit that devastating gutwrench powerbomb!

BC: It's over, Teddy!

TT: Here's the cover!




TT: I don't think the ref saw it, but Yoshiru's assailant put Yoshiru's foot on the bottom rope to break up that count!

BC: The ref might not have seen it, but Noble sure did!

TT: Noble argues with the referee, trying to explain to him that the assailant got involved! He makes his way over to the ropes, and it looks like he's waving the assailant to step in to the ring!

BC: Can you blame him?! He had the match won!

TT: Noble is trying to get the assailant in the ring...but he should be paying attention to Yoshiru! Yoshiru has made it back to his feet...and like a lion he is stalking his prey!

BC: Don't turn around, Eddie!

All eyes suddenly focus on the entrance stage as flashes of lightning strike down. The arena lights go out.

TT: What the hell is happening here?!

BC: I'm not sure, Teddy...but it came at the worst time for Yoshiru! He was setting up to hit Noble with The Suffering!

The lights come back on to reveal Yoshiru laying in the middle of the ring. His arms are crossed as he lays motionless, bone mask laying on his face. The assailant is motionless on the floor outside. Noble is looking down upon Yoshiru in confusion.

TT: Noble doesn't know what to think here! He grabs the bone mask and looks at it for a second before tossing it aside. He pulls Yoshiru back to his feet...NATURAL CAUSE!!! And here's the cover!




TT: Noble gets the victory here tonight!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..."THE NATURAL" EDDIE NOBLE!!!

BC: Fair is fair, Teddy! Yoshiru cheated to keep from losing this match...but look what happens in the end! Cheaters never prosper!

The referee raises Noble's arm in the air as "Just" by Radiohead hits the arena. Noble climbs out of the way and makes his way up the aisle, glancing back to see Yoshiru's motionless body.

TT: We have to go to commercial! When we come back...the main event!



"Kingdom" by U2 starts playing in the arena.

TT: One week, Bobby! One week until SuperCard VI! And what an event it will be!

BC: Pasadena is going to be on fire next weekend!

TT: The World Tag Team Championship will be defended in a six person mixed tag match as Da Xtreme Dynasty teams with Danielle Lopez to take on The O'Reilly Brothers and Suzanne Winters!

BC: This is going to be such a great match! We have been informed that it will NOT be an elimination match...however, in order for the championship to change hands, one of the champions must be pinned! This puts The O'Reillys at a severe disadvantage, but in the's all about the gold! Will the Dynasty be able to hold on to the belts or will The O'Reillys walk out as our NEW tag team champions?!

TT: And what about the Unified Championship! It'll be Terry Richards and James Baker in a Last Man Standing match!

BC: A Last Man Standing match so far! There's a chance that the match type will change, but the ultimate goal will stay the same! Terry won the championship back at the Valentine Bash, and he looks to continue the role he has been on! And James Baker...well, this gives him a chance to add more gold to the Dynasty! Will Baker be able to walk out as the new Unified Champion...or will Terry once again be successful?! We'll find out in a week!

TT: Magnus Thunder will compete in his last CWF match as he takes on Blood...not Yoshiru Long...Blood in a Last Rites match!

BC: This is going to be a brutal match! It pretty much comes down to the first competitor to score three seperate falls wins! They must score a pinfall or submission for the first fall...knock their opponent out for the second...and put their opponent in a casket for the third! Will Magnus Thunder walk out of the CWF victorious in his last match? Or will Blood end this twelve year feud with a victory?!

TT: And what about Sickboy and Daniels for the National Championship?!

BC: This is the third championship match between the two! The previous two have left us in awe...and this one is destined to top them both! Can Daniels once again defeat Sickboy to keep the National Championship? Or will Sickboy have the third time be his charm? It all comes down to next Saturday!

TT: For the first time ever...the Cage of Carnage match! Eight men all shooting for a chance at that contract which is good for a championship match over the next year!

BC: This match is going to be unbelievable! You've got eight of the top CWF stars in SJ Funk, Leon Lonewolf, Israel Blair, Paul Blair, Ricky Chambers, Eddie Noble, Jimmy Johnston, and Mariano Fernandez all trying to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to gain that contract! A brutal steel cage...ladders...weapons...this is going to be a bloody match! And the question is...who will earn the contract and cement their place on the grandest stage of them all!

TT: The boss will enter the ring at SuperCard as he goes one on one with Pledge Allegiance!

BC: If Pledge loses this match, he must retire! But the bottom line is...this is going to be a crazy match! Can the boss retire the veteran, or will Pledge put the boss in his place?! Next week, we'll find out the answer!

TT: And our main event...Tige' defends the World Heavyweight Championship again Brian Adams!

BC: This is the biggest match for Tige' so far! Not to mention, this is one of the biggest matches for Brian Adams! He main evented SuperCard V last year and won the World Heavyweight Championship! And he enters in to SuperCard VI with the same opportunity! Can Tige' defeat the red hot Brian Adams...or will Adams once again be our World Heavyweight Champion?! We'll find out next Saturday!

The music fades.

TT: With that's time for our main event! Magnus Thunder and Brian Adams...for the last time!


The lights flicker off to the sound of distant thunder. Lightning flashes across the entrance as the instrumental version of "Haunted" by Type O Negative grinds into the air. Through a shower of sparks walks the titanic frame of Magnus Thunder.

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Jotunheim, Norway! Weighing in at five hundred pounds...MAGNUS THUNDER!!!

Magnus strides to the ring with a cold stare and sinister eyes, stepping over the top rope and in to his corner as his music fades out.

The lights go dim as a red spot light circles the arena a few times before stopping at the ramp. All of a sudden Red fireworks come crashing down and explode upon the stage ramp as "Raise Hell" comes over the PA system.

If you think it's too loud...
Bitch get the f*ck out!
If you want to showdown...
Bitch get the f*ck out!
If your ass ain't with me...
Bitch get the f*ck out!

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds..."THE FLAWLESS ONE" BRIAN ADAMS!!!

The lights go up in the arena as Brian brushes the curtains aside as he makes he way out on to the ramp, looking out towards the crowd. A chorus of boos starts through out the arena as Brian calmly starts walking down towards the ring. Brian slides into the ring and jumps onto the second turnbuckle raising his hands in the hair and yelling at the crowd. Brian removes his Shock Value T-Shirt and throws it out to the crowd as his music fades out.


TT: Here we go, Bobby! Magnus Thunder and Brian Adams!

BC: Kind of unusual here. Doesn't look like Magnus is ready!

TT: Adams with a right, and Magnus takes it. Adams with another! Adams with a lockup, and Magnus forces him off! Adams with a boot to the gut forcing Magnus to hunch over! Adams with the irish whip...but Magnus won't allow it!

BC: Magnus isn't really defending himself here...maybe some sort of redemption?!

TT: Adams with a boot to the gut...and he drops Magnus with a DDT! And it seems like we have some sort of comotion in the crowd!

Tige' hops the barricade with a set of golf clubs. He slides in to the ring as Adams focuses on Magnus.

TT: It's Tige'! The champ is here!

BC: And Adams doesn't realize it!

Tige' swings the golf club at Adams' back, dropping him to the mat! Tige' takes another swing at Adams' back!


TT: And the ref is throwing this one out before it even gets started! Adams is slowly starting to get back up...he reaches all fours and it looks like Tige' is going to use Adams' head as a golf ball!

BC: This isn't good for the number one contender!

TT: Tige' brings the club back...NO!!! Magnus grabs the club from Tige' before he can take the swing! And look at this! Magnus is bending the club in half!

BC: Tige' is begging off here as Magnus tosses the club to the side!

TT: Magnus with a double choke grip...and he lifts Tige' in to the air...NO! Tige' with a kick to the groin! Magnus falls to a knee as Tige' drops back to the mat!

Tige' rushes at Magnus...boot to the face! He quickly grabs another golf club out of his bag as Adams finally has made it back to his feet. Tige' grabs Adams...REVERSE STO WITH THE CLUB!!!

TT: Tige' with a brutal attack here! Magnus has returned to his feet...and Tige' drills him with the club in the knee! Magnus drops to the mat in pain, and Tige' quickly strikes him again in the knee with the club!

BC: We need help out here!

TT: Tige' grabs a hold of Magnus' leg and pulls him over to the ropes. He places Magnus' leg on the middle rope...another brutal shot to the knee with the club...and another!

Magnus is in obvious pain as Tige' smiles. Tige' makes his way back over to Adams and flips him over on his belly. He drags Adams to the corner and slides out of the ring. Tige' grabs Adams arms and pulls him close to the ring post. He sets down the golf club and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Tige' cuffs Adams hands around the post with a sadistic smile.

TT: Adams is helpless here! Where the hell is security?!

BC: Oh my! I'm receiving word that security has apparently been drugged in the back! There is no security to make the save tonight!

TT: Tige' picks the club back up...hard swing in to Adams' right arm! And another! Magnus is trying to crawl back over to Adams...but it looks like the pain in his leg is just too much!

BC: He may have a broken leg, Teddy!

TT: Tige' with another swing here!

Tige' drops the microphone, smile on his face. He makes his way over to the timekeeper. Tige' pushes the timekeeper off of his chair. He grabs the chair and a microphone before making his way back over to Adams.

Tige': This week...a broken arm! Next week...a broken dream!

TT: Tige' with another brutal swing to the arm!

Tige': Ain't it cool?!

TT: Tige' grabbing Adams by the head here, and he drags him closer to the ring post!

BC: This isn't good, Teddy! He has Adams' head right up against that post!

TT: NO...NO...NO!!! Don't do this, Tige'!

Tige' viciously drives the chair in to the side of Adams' head!

TT: We need help out here! Security...EMTs...we need anything we can get!

BC: Adams is out! Magnus can barely move his leg! And Tige' is loving it!

TT: We're out of time, folks! Join us next week for SuperCard VI! Hopefully Adams and Magnus will still be able to compete!

Tige' stands face to face with Adams, still smiling as he admires his brutality through the crowd's heavy boos.

Fade to black.