Last week, all hell broke loose as tensions reached a fever pitch. Vendetta’s main event was announced, and Kodiak Winters made an immediate impact. Tonight, all of the combustible elements will be in the arena…

This is…

We fade into the American Airlines Arena, in Dallas, Texas. 19, 200 fans pack the facility to capacity. Fireworks explode at the entrance ramp. The usual set up – you should know it by now. We pan the crowd to see signs such as “Life is paiN,” “The New Church saved my soul,” and “Pledge Hammer!”. Cut to Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane at ringside.

TT: Welcome everyone to Saturday Night Showdown! I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me as always is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…what a lineup we have tonight!

BC: You’re not kidding, Teddy! Tonight, it’s Pledge Allegiance versus Magnus Thunder! Can you believe it? Just last week Pledge double crossed him and before this goes any further, they are gonna settle their differences in the ring!

TT: And no doubt that’s a good thing for Pledge Allegiance who will want to put this behind him before Vendetta, where he will have a shot at the CWF World Heavyweight championship! But also tonight, and this one could be explosive…Paul Blair takes on “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne in what is sure to be a classic confrontation…but here’s where it gets even more interesting. Kodiak Winters will be the special enforcer. The Juggernaut will be joining me on commentary…and Bobby Crane, you will be the special guest referee, and I’ve gotta ask, how can you be impartial?

BC: Impartial? Get with the program, Teddy! Life ain’t fair, and from now on, life ain’t gonna be fair to Blair…so get used to it!

TT: All that and so much more…let’s head to ringside for our opening matchup, loser leaves town match!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, our first match is scheduled for one fall and is a Loser Leaves the CWF match!!!!! First, hailing from Tenafly, New Jersey standing six feet tall and weighing in at 220 lbs…..MISTERRRRRRR MARKOWIIIIIIITZ!!!!

“Enter Sandman” by Metallica plays as Markowitz heads to the ring to a thundering chorus of boos.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, standing at five feet, eleven inches tall and weighing in at 234 lbs……M……U……..H!!!!

“Rize” by Median plays as MuH heads down to the ring looking very determined.

TT: Ladies and gentleman we are ready to get under way here tonight. This match will cost one of these two superstars their job in the CWF, Bobby!

BC: That’s right Teddy…and quite honestly we should have one of these “fat trimming” matches every week. If you can’t show up to win, don’t show up!

TT: I like this new found fire within you, Bobby…seems like Paul Blair has got you all riled up!

BC: Don’t get me started on Blair…he’ll get his tonight! And MuH starts off by slapping Markowitz across the face! Markowitz just smiles and fires a left, MuH with a right..and they are trading blows in the middle of the ring and the crowd is fired up!

TT: MuH grabs Markowitz by the arm and fires him into the ropes, and MuH drops him with a drop toe hold. MuH back on his feet…running start….rolling thunder by MuH and Markowitz is getting it handed to him here tonight Bobby!

BC: He may be getting handed his ass right now, but by the time MuH is done with him, it’s a pink slip he’ll be handed. MuH on the turnbuckle now…plancha dive…NO….Markowitz rolls out of the way and MuH eats canvas.

TT: Markowitz staggers to his feet but MuH up first and rolls him up in a small package….1…..2……thr….kickout by Markowitz. MuH to his feet, grabs a handful of Markowitz’s hair and pulls the slightly larger man to his feet…..reverse neck breaker by MuH.

BC: This may be all she wrote Teddy…..he’s signaling for The Automatic…..and he nails the running scissor kick and Markowitz appears to be done for……cover by MuH……1…….2…………3!!!!!

TT: And MuH has pulled out the win! This guy really seems to step it up when his life is on the line!

Just then the arena goes black as night as a crack of lightening hits the ring in the center. When the lights come back up Markowitz is gone...

TT: What in the name of all that is holy?!

BC:Did lightning just vaporize Markowitz?!

As Bobby Crane finishes the word Markowitz, four men wearing black hooded cloaks emerge on the ramp and all point to MuH at the same time. The men slowly make their way to the ring and encircle it as MuH stands inside the ring looking nervously from man to man. The lights drop again and when they come back on MuH is bound and gagged and being carried out of the ring by the four men in a crucifix position.

BC: Teddy, are those disciples of The New Church?

TT: I think they might be Bobby. They have just destroyed Markowitz and have abducted MuH.

BC: I am curious to see how this plays out Teddy. But for the record, MuH has in fact defeated Markowitz and will remain in the CWF….whether that makes a difference after this evening’s events remains to be seen.

TT: Well we are going to take our first commercial break…stay with us fans!

TT: Welcome back fans and Motion is in the ring awaiting the arrival of this mysterious man in black that is behind the creation of 42147…

Motion stands in the ring, ready to fight.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent!...

Unsure of how to announce the mystery opponent, the announcer stops there. Nothing happens.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent!

Still nothing. The ring announcer looks confused. The referee comes over and says something to him.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed that if Motion’s opponent does not come to the ring in the next 10 seconds, he will forfeit this match!

The referee starts his count. 1…2 …..3….4….5…. 6….. 7…. 8…..9….10!

Ring Announcer: The winner of this match by forfeit….MOTION!

TT: Well Motion picks up an easy victory here tonight and you’ve got to believe he’s not happy about it, he was ready for a fight!

BC: He’ll take it though, Teddy….that’s another victory for The New Church.

TT: I understand something is going on backstage…let’s get back there!

Mark Xamin enters Drastic's "locker room"... the janitor closet. Sitting in the janitor closet is Drastic. He is facing the wall and the light is off.

XAMIN: Drastic, thank you for following my orders. You sought mental help.

DRASTIC: Humph....

XAMIN: You ok Drastic? Well anyway…not everyone listens to the boss. You did. That gets kudos. It will be rewarded.

DRASTIC: Humph....

Some yelling is heard in the backstage area. Kodiak Winters who is standing outside peaks his head around the corner of the door.

KODIAK: Boss, you should see this.

XAMIN: What now?!

KODIAK: Boss.....

XAMIN: Ok ok, I'm coming. Drastic, Stay right here don't move. I need to talk to you.

DRASTIC: Humph....

Cut back to ringside.

TT: Apparently Drastic has accepted help…still though, he’s clearly not mentally stable.

BC: Well, he’s up against Blood later tonight…maybe being a little mentally unstable will work to his advantage.

TT: Nonetheless, let’s get to the ring for the gauntlet match!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen this next match is a Gauntlet match. In this match two men will start in the ring the first to be beaten weather by submission or pin fall is eliminated and must immediately leave ringside. At that time the next competitor chosen randomly earlier in the night will make his way to the ring. This will continue until we have one man standing victorious in the middle of the ring. This is a non title match. Introducing first hailing from Washington D.C.… weighing in at 556 pounds and standing seven feet and five inches tall. He is your Classic Wrestling Federation National Champion! Jimmy "The Juggernaut" Washington !

“Monsters” by Matchbook Romance begins to play and The Juggernaut punches his way through the curtain and onto the entrance ramp. His manager Johnny Gritz follows to his rear right. He makes his way down the ramp and climbs into the center of the ring. The National Championship hangs over his shoulder as he looks around at the audience surrounding him. He holds the title belt high in the air for all to see as the ring announcer introduces his first opponent.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent in this gauntlet match. Coming to us today from the Depths of hell itself. Weighing just under 300 lbs and standing tall at 6 feet 11 inches tall. Ladies and Gentlemen...The Hangman!

“Dead Monsters” by Slipknot blares through the speakers as The Hangman creeps down to ringside.

TT: For a man his size he certainly looks worried doesn't he bobby?

BC: Can you blame him? He’s in there with a guy bigger than he is, when was the last time you think he saw one of them?

TT: You got a point there Bobby.

BC: I know I do Teddy, I know I do. Let’s get this match over with so you can all see Xamin be “fair” to Blair.

The Hangman looks anxious to enter the ring but it doesn't look like that matters as the Juggernaut is exiting the ring and coming down to meet him. The Hangman charges at Juggernaut but the Juggernaut is way ahead of him he jumps and delivers one of the largest dropkicks in recent memory. The hangman slams into the ring post from the kick and slumps to the floor outside of the ring. Juggernaut picks up The Hangman he holds him above his head in a gorilla press position. After a little showing off from The Juggernaut tosses Hangman into the ring like a little girl's doll.

TT: My word Bobby did you see that. What strength shown right there by the Juggernaut.

Juggernaut is quickly in the ring and throwing Hangman into the ropes. The Hangman off the ropes he attempts a clothesline...Juggernaut ducks... Hangman back into the ropes as he comes back he leaps off his massive stumps of legs aiming for the Juggernaut's head with his forearm, but The Juggernaut has already reared back his enormous arm and is heaving it forward at full blast.

TT: Jaw Breaker! Juggernaut with the Jawbreaker already and The Hangman is seeing stars his body is convulsing in the middle of the ring.

Juggernaut turns the hangman over onto his back with a kick and puts his foot on top of his chest in a nonchalant cover.




The ref is rolls The Hangman's convulsing body out of the ring when “La Bamba” by Los Lobos hits and Rey Del Dragon comes through the curtain not walking but rolling as El Traductor is kicking him and pointing at the ring. Dragon finally makes it to his feet he he is at ringside now and seems to be arguing with El Traductor.

BC: Looks like that guy's trying to head for the hills Teddy.

TT: Yeah but it looks to me as though El Traductor isn't going to let him.

As the argument continues between wrestler and manager a hand engulfs the whole top of Dragon's cabasa and the Lucho star is hoisted off the ground in this manner as The Juggernaut stares down with a confident look on his face. He gets Dragon up to ring level he drags him across the top rope Dragon now suspended in the air head on Juggernaut's shoulder feet draping the rope. The Juggernaut drops down with a jawbreaker and Dragon screams and writhes in pain. Holding the back of his head all the while Juggernaut looks over him... Juggernaut paint brush's Rey's face, El Traductor is screaming and pounding on the matt begging Rey to get up, to do something. Rey trying to get away has kicked The Juggernaut south of the boarder...Juggernaut is on his knees he holds his hands at his midsection his face contorted in pain, but the ref didn't see it.

TT: Ouch that looked like it hurt!

BC: I hope he's already had kids Teddy, because after a kick like that there’s not much chance of it happening from here on out.

Del Dragon, seizing the moment, is to his feet he throws kicks at Juggernaut's Head. Juggernaut fights them off and pushes Dragon away still on both knees in the middle of the ring. Dragon off the ropes with a dropkick to the midsection, and Juggernaut doesn't look happy. Dragon into the ropes again this time though Juggernaut catches him. He holds him under his arm as he regains his vertical base then he drops back to the mat with a side slam. Back to his feet and another side slam. Dragon has gone limp in The Juggernaut's hands and doesn't look long for this match as the Juggernaut returns to his feet once more and drops to the mat with force a third time this time he releases him. The Juggernaut with the cover.




TT: Goodbye Rey.. enjoy your upcoming trip to the hospital.. wow can you believe this match so far?

As Dragon is dragged out by El Traductor “I Want it All” by Queen cracks on the p.a. and the crowd erupts in a a low thunder roll of thunder as Astro appears at the curtain. Stardust stands at his side and they look down at the man that threatened to kill her not even a month ago. Astro points at Juggernaut for a second before taking off toward the ring at full tilt speed. Astro Slides into the ring and him and the Juggernaut meet in the middle of the ring rights and lefts fly kicks are thrown eventually astro is able to push the juggernaut into the ropes. Astro whips The Juggernaut across the ring... NO reversal by Juggernaut... Astro off the ropes... Juggernaut with a clothesline... Astro ducks it... Astro back into the ropes, Juggernaut follows coming off his feet for a flying shoulder block, but to no avail, Astro has rolled out of the way. Juggernaut smacks face first into the canvas, Astro is on him immediately raining down boots to the back of The Juggernaut's head.

TT: Remember Astro held that National Title belt not too long ago and this is the guy that took it from him.

Astro quickly climbs the ropes once at the top of the near corner he jumps sailing down onto the Juggernaut's neck with the square of his elbow. Stardust has gone under the ring and now has a chair in her hands she slides it into the ring next to her man then around to the other side where she jumps up on the apron. Stardust has the ref distracted as he tries to get her off of the apron and away from the action. Astro has the chair in hand he brings it down on The Juggernaut's head. Astro tosses the chair to the mat and makes the cover Stardust conveniently drops from the apron at just the right time and the ref counts...




No... The Juggernaut kicks out at the last second with a good deal of force, he sends Astro flying halfway across the ring. Astro is to his feet as The Juggernaut is back to one knee.. Juggernaut for the first time tonight looks winded and tired. Astro seeing his opportunity is swiftly on the Juggernaut again... Astro kicks him in the stomach, putting the juggernaut's other knee on the mat. Astro grabs Juggernaut's left arm, he twists it behind the Juggernaut into a hammer lock of sorts.

BC: Does he really think he can apply Astronomical to this guy Teddy? What is he, stupid?

Juggernaut shakes off the pain, and gets back to his feet. He rips his arm free of the hammer lock and turns... Astro with lefts and rights to the chest and face of the Juggernaut. They have no effect. The Juggernaut slaps his hand around the neck of Astro.... Juggernaut picks him up high and... no float over by Astro into a DDT but wait... The Juggernaut didn't budge, Astro is hanging from the neck of the Juggernaut in mid air. The Juggernaut raises a knee into the gut of Astro and picks him up for a vertical suplex. Juggernaut back in control picks up Astro. Astro is thrown into the turnbuckle hard and Juggernaut follows in with a shoulder block. Astro falls to his face in the corner. Juggernaut stands on Astro's back.

TT: Dear Lord how can Astro stand that type of pressure on his back. So much weight.

BC: Well it doesn't look like he can stand it to me Teddy, he looks like he’s in a lot of pain from this angle.

Stardust pleads with Astro to fight back but Astro seems to be losing consciousness under the weight of The Juggernaut. He Finally Steps down off of Astro only to pick him up by the hair and slap his catcher's mitt sized hand around Astro's neck once more. Juggernaut picks Astro up high in the air and drops him on the back of his head with a choke slam. A one handed cover from Juggernaut...




Juggernaut rolls Astro out of the ring with his boot cussing at him the entire time. Stardust is on the apron now yelling at The Juggernaut, telling him what she thinks of him. The Juggernaut makes a move at Stardust as though he is going to hit her and she flinches... Stardust has fallen from the apron and landed at a bad angle. The Juggernaut then turns and faces the curtain. The music that hits is “Desolation Row” by My Chemical Romance and Axel Way appears from behind the curtain he is holding a baseball bat and pointing it at The Juggernaut. The ref is checking on Stardust on the outside while on the inside Astro has grabbed the ring bell and stands behind The Juggernaut waiting.

BC: Turn around Jimmy.. wait don't turn around... just watch out buddy.

Axel has made his way to ringside but has not entered the ring and he still points the bat but now the Juggernaut knows that it isn't him Axel is pointing at. Juggernaut turns slowly to look behind him. As he does so Astro Charges full force and the ring bell connects with the head of the Juggernaut. He falls to the ring like a sack of potatoes as Axel slides into the ring and Astro slides out. Axel Swings the bat one time bringing it down on the neck of The Juggernaut. Until Astro is there to tend to Stardust the ref doesn't leave her side. As he re-enters the ring Axel has covered The Juggernaut...




TT: Axel Way has done it! Axel Way has pinned the National Champion and my God, what a huge victory for him, the biggest in his young CWF career no doubt!

BC: Axel Way has a real bright future here in the CWF but he better get out of there because the Juggernaut is pissed!

TT: We are going to take a quick break, fans…don’t go anywhere!

TT: Welcome back fans…let’s waste no time, back to the ring as Drastic takes on Blood!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, our next match is scheduled for one fall. First, standing six feet and one inch weighing in at 236 lbs.......DRAAAAAASTIIIIIIIIC!!!!!

"Never Enough" by Five Finger Death Punch plays as Drastic heads to the ring. As he climbs between the ropes he is sweating profusely and is very pale. Just then the lights drop and "So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin erupts through the PA as red lights flood the arena and smoke from the fog machine creates an artificial mist around the ring. Blood steps into the entrance area and a single white spot hits him from the far side of the arena and only his head is lit. HUGE pop from the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And here is his opponent, standing six feet four inches tall weighing in at 245 lbs......BLOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

TT: And Blood wastes no time going after Drastic...competing against Blood in only his second CWF event. Xamin must see something in this kid, Bobby.

BC: I can't think what that may be Teddy. He is a sick, twisted, sociopath. I for one think he should be locked away very tightly.

TT: Tell us how you really feel Bobby! You really need to either deal with the thing with Blair tonight or switch to decaf! Sheesh!!! Blood is just landing a barrage of lefts and rights now into the torso of Drastic and the rookie has nothing for the veteran.

BC: This is insane Teddy! Last week Drastic beat Hangman to within an inch of his life and now Blood seems to be doing the same to Drastic here tonight. You have to think the string of losses Blood has suffered as of late have to be the fuel to this fire he is showing us here tonight!

TT: Right you are Bobby! Blood now kicking Drastic over and over. The kid is curled up in a the fetal position spitting up blood....but that is only making Blood come at him harder and with more force behind each blow. Blood now climbing the ropes.....oh a double foot stomp on the abdomen of Drastic. Oh no, the blood is pouring from his mouth now....this is bad....he has to have internal injuries.

BC: The referee needs to call for the bell before this gets out of hand. We have already had one man vaporized by a lightning strike. I don't think Mark Xamin wants anymore innocent lives on his hands here tonight. Teddy this is just ridiculous!

TT: Drastic somehow, somewhere just pulled out the strength to struggle up to one knee...but it makes no difference...Blood off the far ropes...oh no....oh I can't look Bobby....

BC: Oh My God!

Blood jumps and grabs Drastic in a stunner sending blood all over the mat. As Drastic hits the canvas and blood heaves from his mouth his eyes roll back in his head and the vein in his forehead pops out as a bit of blood begins coming from his nostrils....then with a blind fury he kips-up and goes wild eyed.

TT: How the hell did he do that?!

BC: (screaming and standing) BECAUSE HE IS INSANE TEDDY! THAT'S HOW!!!! INSANE I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!

TT: Bobby...calm down...

BC: How can you ask me to calm down when a man who not more than 10 seconds ago had been all but decimated?!

TT: Watch out Bobby!! Drastic spears Blood, who had turned his back thinking the man to be near the end. Drastic doesn't end it with the spear though, he immediately is on top of Blood pummeling him with all of his might. He's in that 'Ralphie from A Christmas Story' mode again Bobby. This is what happened last week to the Hangman. I have to tell you this. I never would have thought that Drastic would manhandle Blood the way he is right now.

BC: Were we watching the same match here? Did someone put something in my coffee (sniffs his coffee and tosses it out) wasn't Blood just beating Drastic and had him lying in a puddle of his own blood and piss?! I mean, don't try and flip the script on me Turnbuckle. Shoot me straight here. Am I losing it? Where in the name of all that is holy, did Drastic just....just...leap up like that? It isn't right Teddy. It isn't right at all and it doesn't make any sense. What happens to him when he flips out, is he like the Incredible Hulk?

TT: I don't know the answer to that question, but I know one thing Bobby, don't make him wouldn't like him when he's angry.....what the....

Just then a young boy hops over the guard rail and tosses Drastic a small vile and then races back out the same way he came in.

BC: What was that?

TT: I don't know..Drastic is opening the vile the kid tossed him...Blood is back on his feet. He's a little woozy but he turns to face Drastic and Drastic throws the contents of the vile right in Blood's face and Blood juts starts shaking as the partially co-agulated blood in the vile drips from his face..... Drastic with the QQ.....AND HE NAILS IT! Cover .....1..........2.........3!

Ring Announcer: And here is your winner.......DRASTIC!!!!

TT: What the hell just happened?!

BC: I don’t know but Drastic has done it again!

TT: Fans…I understand Mark Xamin is standing by backstage with an announcement.

Cut to Mark Xamin’s office, where Xamin sits behind his desk.

MARK XAMIN: Ladies and gentlemen, the match we are about to see, pitting Paul Blair against “The NItemare” Rob Osbourne, has several stipulations. For one, the Juggernaut will be at ringside doing color commentary. Kodiak Winters will be the special enforcer….and perhaps the most intriguing of all, Bobby Crane will be the special guest referee. Before that match begins, I have an announcement to make. At Vendetta on April the 25th…Paul Blair and Bobby Crane will have a chance to settle their differences. They will meet, one on one!

BC: Thank you!

The crowd roars.

MARK XAMIN: Also at Vendetta, we will see the Omega and the New Church go at it. Blood will take on the Raving Lunatic. If Blood wins, then later than night we will see Magnus Thunder go one on one with the leader of the New Church, Khrist!

TT: That’s huge!

MARK XAMIN: Enjoy the rest of the show.

TT: Alright, Bobby…you need to head up to the ring and we are ready to get this match started!

"Monsters" by Mathcbook Romance begins and the CWF National Champion with the title dwarfed over his massive shoulders makes his way to the ring.

TT: I'd like to welcome the Champ to the announce booth. Bobby, if you'd be so kind....

BC: (to Washington) You're a big sumbitch aint ya? Well it’s time for me to call this match right down the middle Teddy....*winks*

Ring Announcer: Our next match is scheduled for one fall. First making his way to the ring, standing six feet five inches tall, weighing in at 275 lbs.....he is a member of the CWF Hall of Fame...."The Ruler" PAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL Blaaaaaaaaaair.

The BlairVision Theme music plays as Paul Blair comes to the ring.

JW: Bobby Crane is in for it with these two old junkyard dogs Mr. Turnbuckle.

"Beautiful" Bobby Crane climbs into the ring to call the match. Special Enforcer Kodiak Winters and Mark Xamin are already at the ringside area. Winters and Blair stand nose to nose for several moments before the lights drop and the purple strobes kick in and the opening chords of "Nightmare" by Crooked X begins as "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne hits the ramp and the triple pyros explode around him and he sprints to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, standing six feet four inches and wei......

TT: Osbourne just few under the ropes and dive tackled Blair and the announcer got knocked over in the melee that is ensuing.

JW: Look at those two going at it, it’s like two old coots fighting over the last jello at the rest home!

TT: I think you need to call the match sir and not insult the men that have paved the way before you. You show them the respect they deserve young man. If it weren't for the legends of this business there wouldn't be a business for you to take for granted!!

JW: Wow Mr. Turnbuckle, I wasn't aware you were so emotional!

TT: You don't become a member of the CWF Hall of Fame without the red and black coursing through your veins. Paul Blair deserves the respect that comes with that title.

JW: Oh, it isn't Blair I don't's him....

Washington points to Osbourne as he belly to back suplexes Blair five times in a row. On the fifth one Blair does a flip and lands behind Osbourne on his feet.

TT: Blair just evaded the last of those suplexes but at what cost? Osbourne now ties up with the Ruler, and The Nitemare irish whips him into the far ropes, Osbourne off of the other side, and flying elbow to the head of Paul Blair!!! THAT'S the man you will face at Vendetta....

JW: Oh, don't get me wrong, Osbourne is an assasin in that ring.....but I'm The Juggernaut.....bitch....

TT: That's starting to get a bit redundant. Osbourne now with the upper hand....and he sets up could be all over....Badd Dream!!!!

JW: Bobby Crane with the count 1.....2.....thre....kickout by Paul Blair! But Osbourne yanks him up hard by the head and superkicks him in the face,

TT: It's called the La La Land...

JW: Are you serious? He has a move he called The La La Land?!?!?

TT: Bobby has to be loving this Juggernaut. This should give you some insight to what Osbourne has in store for you at Vendetta....

JW: Osbourne is what he is. I will give the devil his due....but if he underestimates me for one microsecond I will seize that moment and lay him to waste. You know why Teddy?

TT: (sarcastically) I have no idea? (rolls eyes)


Just as the CWF National Champion is about to curse on the air, the special Enforcer, Kodiak Winters grabs the headset from his head and shakes his finger no.

TT: Well Special Enforcer Kodiak Winters has silenced Jimmy “The Juggernaut” Washington for now, but the CWF National Champion is on his feet and up on the apron. Osbourne in the ring about to finally put this one in the books and decimate what is left of Paul Blair with a Badd Dream....and he nails it!!!!! Cover by Osbourne.....Beautiful Bobby Crane with the count....1.......2.....

Jimmy Washington distracts the referee by jumping onto the ring apron and moving towards the he attempts to duck under the bottom ropes, Kodiak Winters races around the ring and gets his head up between the slightly larger Washington’s legs.

TT: Oh no....oh this could get nasty!! POWERBOMB BY WINTERS! He just put the CWF National Champion through the first two rows here at ringside! OH MY GOD!!!!!

Crowd begins a HOLY SHIT! chant throughout the arena.

TT: And in the ring Osbourne isn't satisifed with the Badd Dream....he is paying homage to his brother...and no I do not mean Pledge Alligence...we mean the retired "Day Dreamer" Chris Osbourne.....and NAILS IT! The Osbournesault...a shooting star press....cover by Osbourne.... Bobby Crane with the count....1.......2.....3!!!!!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne!!!!

TT: Osbourne wins and wait a damn minute! Bobby Crane! Bobby Crane has Blair in a figure four! Crane wrenching in on the hold and Blair is screaming in pain! Osbourne dives after the Juggernaut in the crowd and he’s going to town! Officials storming to the ring and we have to take a break! Stay with us!

TT: Welcome back fans and it is time for our main event!

BC: I can’t wait for this…Pledge Allegiance vs Magnus Thunder, it’s a dream match and it’s about to happen right here tonight!

TT: We're going backstage now to speak with one of tonight's top contenders, CWF legend Magnus Thunder, to get his thoughts on Showdown's main event!

BC: CWF loser...

TT: Oh please, like we haven't heard that a million times about you! Take it away Vanessa!

Vanessa Lapierre: Thanks Teddy! Standing with me now is the storming man-mountain Magnus Thunder who recently suffered crushing betrayal at the hands of a man he thought would prove an ally. Can you tell us what went through your mind after that devastating Pledge Hammer?

Magnus Thunder: My mind became filled with the putrid darkness that spreads throughout the CWF. Sanity has been thrown to the wind. Never have I felt such burning spite from the likes of him. He has torn asunder the balance that kept him safe from judgment, and the consequences are his own. All because he couldn't handle a loss.

Vanessa Lapierre: Magnus, is there ANY chance the two of you can reconcile this and if so, where to next?

Magnus Thunder: I've already offered him his opportunity, and he spat it back to me. He has made his choice, and there is nothing I can do to change his mind but give him a dose of his own vile concoction!

Vanessa Lapierre: Not much has been said about the defeat you handed Lunatic at Super Card. Are you expecting any outside interference tonight from the New Church?

Magnus: Oh, I have special plans for them. Of that, you can be sure. No one affronts a member of Omega without penalty. Justice will reign!

Vanessa Lapierre: Best of luck to you tonight, Magnus! Back to you Teddy!

TT: Thanks Vanessa…it looks like Magnus Thunder is all business tonight.

BC: Yeah well you can bet your bottom dollar that Pledge Allegiance will be prepared…you don’t go pissing off a giant like Magnus Thunder unless you’ve got a plan.

TT: Well let’s get to the ring!

Ring Announcer: The following contest is schedule for one fall! Introducing first, from Jotunheim, Norway…weighing in at 500 pounds… MAGNUS THUNDER!

“Just Like You Imagined” by Nine Inch Nails hit and Magnus Thunder strides through the curtain, his hulking figure an awe inspiring sight. Thunder rolls through the arena as Magnus makes his way down the aisles and steps over the top rope, into the ring.

TT: An absolute legend right there…

BC: Yeah, a legendary loser…how many opportunities has this guy lost? He never seems to be able to come up big in the big matches.

TT: I beg to differ…he was inches away from being the champion at Super Card V…

BC: Yeah, just like he was “inches” away from being the champion at Super Card I, and every other title match he’s been in…this guy needs to stop this crusade he’s on and focus on getting the job done.

TT: Wait a minute now, what’s this?

As Magnus Thunder stands in the middle of the squared circle awaiting the entrance of Pledge the lights suddenly go dim as monk like chants can be heard streaming throughout the arena. The video screen blinks on and it is pure white. You can faintly see the symbol of the New Church in the bright white light and it fades to the Raving Lunatic. He is backstage somewhere and he is standing on a milk crate holding a book. A group of ten people in black robes with hoods, all wearing the symbol of the New Church begin walking down the entrance ramp slowly as the video plays above them.

The Lunatic: Magnus Thunder, your day of reckoning has come. Today marks the beginning of the fight of your life, lost one. You have relied on your size and brute strength far too long. People call me a Raving Lunatic for speaking my mind and doing what I believe needs to be done while they call you a hero for spouting your religious hedonism to the world. You speak blasphemes of my lord and savior, you wanna-be Thor. And even as I talk you are ready to tear down one of the few friendships you hold in the CWF, standing in the ring ready to fight Pledge Allegiance, and for what? You believe that because he is smaller than you he is fair game. I believe it is time someone brought you down to size you overgrown Norwegian.

As the Lunatic talks on the video screen, the hand held camera at ringside pans toward the bottom of the ring where the canvas draping over the sides has just moved. Suddenly The Lunatic pops out from behind the canvas. He slithers into the ring like a snake on his belly being sure not to make any noise. Magnus does not hear the fans yelling for him to turn around as his attention is fixed on the video screen. The Lunatic from behind with a vicious low blow, and another, and another, and as Magnus begins to teeter over like a freshly chopped redwood the Lunatic gets behind him. He picks him up and slams Magnus to the mat with force with a back body drop. The Lunatic wastes no time climbing to the top rope. He flies half way across the ring landing with a hard double stomp to the small of Magnus' back.

TT: My God, the New Church is out to destroy Magnus Thunder! And you’ve got to believe Magnus can’t wait to get one of these guys in the ring one on one!

The Lunatic mounts Magnus' huge frame and rains down rights and lefts in a fury. Magnus' head bounces off of the mat back into a fist over and over as the ones wearing the uniform of the new church step into the ring. The Lunatic is now barking orders telling them to pick Magnus up and throw him over the top rope. They are only able to do so because of the punishment already inflicted by the Lunatic. He continues to bark orders at them as they climb back out of the ring and go under it looking for something. They have surrounded Magnus as well fists and boots rain down on his head and torso. The Lunatic still barking orders they begin to disperse and you can now see Magnus. His arms are held out to his sides. He is motionless and they begin to lift him to his wait not to his feet. Magnus is somehow held down on an enormous cross. Magnus Thunder has been crucified!

TT: They’ve gone too far! They have crucified Magnus Thunder and this is too much!

BC: Wait a minute AHHHH!

Blood storms out for the back and the crowd erupts. He fights off the druids and Magnus, now conscious, breaks himself free of the ropes binding his arms and legs. The Raving Lunatic runs through the crowd to escape, Blood chasing after him! They disappear backstage with Blood in hot pursuit. The druids scatter and Magnus Thunder looks infuriated.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent!

TT: Oh my God I feel bad for Pledge now!

“Iron Man” by Black Sabbath hits and Pledge steps out from behind the curtain…

Ring Announcer: From New York, New York! Weighing in at 280 pounds….PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

Pledge races up the aisle and immediately attacks an enraged Magnus Thunder.

TT: Here we go! It’s on! It’s on! It’s on!

They exchange furious blows, back and forth, both men throwing every ounce of force they can into every blow! Magnus backs him into the ropes and knees him in the gut, and then heaves him into the center of the ring! Pledge hits the mat and Magnus jumps on him…and both men now rolling around the ring throwing fists of fury! The referee pulls them apart but the moment they both get back on their feet they clash again, exchanging more lefts and rights!

TT: What a war!

BC: These two want at each other so bad, it’s a good thing they’re getting this out of their system tonight because I don’t think the CWF could contain these two if it boiled much longer!

Magnus shoves him into the corner and spears him with a shoulder to the gut. Pledge hunches over and drops to the mat…Magnus drops a big leg on him but Pledge moves and Magnus gets nothing but mat! Pledge off the ropes…dropkick to the fallen Magnus and it catches him square in the face! Pledge pulls him up and connects with several stiff kicks to the back of Thunder’s legs…Pledge off the ropes…bulldog! Magnus slams his fist into the mat and blocks out the pain, willing his way back to his feet. Pledge has his back turned, pandering to the crowd…he turns around…big boot! Pledge goes down but bounces back up…Magnus with a vicious clothesline and Pledge goes down again!

TT: What a match and you’d expect nothing less from these two!

BC: Magnus is so mad I think the little vein in his forehead is gonna pop!

TT: Magnus has had enough and he is making Pledge feel his wrath!

Pledge scurries around the ring to escape Magnus but Magnus catches him…whips him to the ropes…powerslam! Magnus has taken control of the match and Pledge is in pain! Magnus pulls him up…fallaway slam! Pledge rolls around the ring upon impact and Magnus forces him back to his feet and shoves him into the corner! Pledge now being placed on the top turnbuckle and Magnus up to meet him there! No way, no way! Magnus is going for a powerbomb from the top and Pledge shakes his head desperately, pleading him not to do it…Magnus has him up…and DOWN! But no! Pledge squirms out of it at the last second and instead Magnus gets planted with a faceslam!

TT: Huge counter by Pledge and that may have saved the match for him!

BC: And that’s a huge momentum shift…

Pledge counting his lucky stars at avoiding that powerbomb and now back to his feet…he goes to the second turnbuckle and leaps up, driving an elbow into the back of Magnus’ head. Magnus still reeling from the faceslam from the top and Pledge takes advantage, furiously stomping him…he pulls the big man up and whips him to the ropes…scoop slam! No! He can’t lift the 500 pounder and Pledge hurts his back in the process! Magnus chops him down with a double axe handle to the back and wait a minute…


BC: Ahhh!

The Raving Lunatic races down the aisle, Blood still in hot pursuit! Blood chases him around the ring and as a last resort, Lunatic rolls into the ring! And he bumps into Magnus! Lunatic slowly turns around to find Magnus standing there…Magnus grabs him by the throat…CHOKESLAM! And Lunatic rolls out of the ring and Blood gets a hold of him, whipping him into the ring post! Lunatic eats a mouthful of steel and back in the ring…Magnus fixated on Lunatic and Pledge from behind….PLEDGE HAMMER! PLEDGE HAMMER! He nailed it and a cover!




TT: PLEDGE WINS! Pledge has defeated Magnus Thunder thanks in no small part to The Raving Lunatic and Lunatic is high tailing it up the aisle with Blood chasing him…wait a minute!

From the crowd comes CWF World Heavyweight Champion, Brian Adams! Pledge celebrating in the ring…and Adams from behind…


TT: Adams nails Pledge with the title! Adams caught him and Pledge is down! But look, Magnus Thunder back to his feet and Adams leaves through the crowd! Magnus is absolutely furious and Adams has sent Pledge Allegiance a message!

BC: This is insanity!

TT: We are out of time, fans…see you next week!

Fade to black.