With one week remaining before the CWF’s next pay-per-view extravaganza, Vendetta, the tension is mounting and tonight it will spill over in an epic main event! After a one week hiatus, CWF programming has returned to the air waves for an explosive night of action!

We fade in to the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Missouri. 10, 600 fans have packed the modest arena to capacity. Blue and yellow spotlights shoot through the arena. The camera pans the raucous crowd, fans holding up signs reading “RIP Johnny Gritz,” “Life is paiN,” and “I don’t like you!” are shown on screen. The set, as usual, features the word “SHOWDOWN” in huge blue block letters, with both “O”s featuring video screens, and a curtain between the “W” and the “D”. The ring features a grey canvas, red turnbuckles with the CWF logo on it, and black ropes. The Showdown logo is stamped into the center of the ring and onto the ring apron. The ring is surrounded with blue padding.

Standing at ringside is Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to St. Louis, Missouri! It’s been a long two weeks but the CWF returns to the airwaves tonight after a week off for Easter, and this is Showdown! I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, with me as always is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane, and we have got a pay-per-view quality card on the menu tonight!

BC: You bet we do, what a main event!

TT: Indeed tonight we will see a fatal four way match! In a non-title affair, the CWF World Heavyweight Champion Brian Adams will step into the ring with his Vendetta opponent, Pledge Allegiance, the CWF National Champion The Juggernaut, and his opponent at Vendetta, the number one contender for the National Championship, “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne! I’ve been racking my brain all week long trying to pick a winner…I don’t think I can do it, Bobby.

BC: Well I’ll tell you what, this isn’t gonna be about winning and losing…this is gonna be about sending a message to your opponent at Vendetta. There’s nothing on the line but pride tonight, Teddy…but next Saturday night at Vendetta, the titles are up for grabs and if you’ve got a chance to soften up your opponent tonight, that’s what it’s all about.

TT: In addition, a colossal tag team encounter as The Raving Lunatic and Motion of the New Church take on Team Omega, Blood and Magnus Thunder, and this has been a battle of two crusades for the past two months.

BC: Well Magnus and Blood must be chomping at the bit at the prospect of getting their hands on these two, but again…let’s put things into perspective here, there is nothing on the line tonight but pride…next week at Vendetta, it’s Blood taking on The Raving Lunatic, and if Blood wins, Magnus Thunder gets a match with Khrist later that night. This match tonight is going to be interesting because both teams will be looking to send a message and carry some momentum into the pay-per-view…

TT: You’re uncharacteristically insightful tonight, Bobby…

BC: I took a chair shot at a house show last week and now I think I’m Larry Robinson.

TT: Oh Lord. Speaking of Pledge Allegiance, what an opportunity he will have at Vendetta when he gets a CWF World Heavyweight Championship match in Brian Adams’ first title defense!

BC: And tonight is critical for Pledge…he needs that momentum if he wants to have a chance next week…Brian Adams is flying high, he is in the prime of his career and when you’re in that zone you’re tough to beat…Pledge has to have everything going for him if he wants to take that title.

TT: No doubt, it will be an absolute war at Vendetta! And here’s another one I’m looking forward to tonight…Paul Blair takes on the up and coming Axel Way! This kid has a really bright future and a win over The Ruler tonight could send him well on his way…

BC: We’re kicking the show off with a bang, c’mon let’s get started!

TT: Let’s head to the ring!

The lights dim as “Red Eyes and Tears” by B.R.M.C. hits and the curtain separates.

TT: This is the CWF debut match for both of these men, Bobby. We’ve seen Davidson here in the past and he has had some success, but does he still have it? I don't know about you but I am really looking forward to seeing what these two are capable of.

BC: You're not the only one Teddy.

Trent Davidson appears on the other side of the curtains and makes his way to ringside. He stands next to the ring pointing a finger at James Baker. The announcer introduces both men and the ref gets Trent into the ring. The bell sounds.

Davidson is immediately on the attack laying down lefts and rights to the midsection and face of Baker. Baker comes back with a boot to the gut. Baker off the ropes, but he telegraphed it and Davidson lifts him off the ground with a huge back body drop. With no hesitation Trent is quickly off the ropes and in the air. He comes down on the back of James' neck with a leg drop. Davidson puts his weight on the Extreme Gangster's shoulders...


No! James baker gets the left shoulder up…

BC: That'll leave him needing an aspirin…

Trent pulls The Gangster to his feet. He puts his head under his arm and snaps back a quick vertical suplex. He makes the cover once more, this time holding the far leg and rolling his weight.



Kick out! Both men getting back to their feet now but Trent is much faster. Once more he throws rights and lefts unleashing a fury on James Baker, backing him into the turnbuckle. James tries to fight out but to no avail as Trent rears back and throws his shoulder into James' gut. He rams his shoulder home three more times before pandering to the crowd and crossing to the opposite corner. Davidson turns his attention back to James Baker and charges. He leaps and comes down with a splash on The Extreme Gangster in the corner. James Baker takes two steps out of the corner and drops to his face comically.

BC: This match doesn't seem to impressive right now.

TT: Actually I think whatever the exact opposite of impressive is, that’s what we're getting from this gangster tonight.

James Baker is beginning to get back to his feet when Trent from behind slaps on a vicious looking sleeper hold. Baker fights flailing wildly trying to shake the hold. Trent squeezes harder and begins to shake his torso back and forth.

TT: I don't think he's gonna get out of this one, Bobby…

Baker's face has turned a deep red and purple. His eyes are shut as Trent tells the ref to check him. The ref tries to get Baker to talk to him but there is no response. The referee lifts Bakers hand high above his head as Trent squeezes down tighter. The hand drops once... twice... three times.

Winner: Trent Davidson by way of knockout.

TT: Davidson looked absolutely dominant in that one…James Baker may as well have stayed at home.

BC: Just another “extreme gangsta” oozing with originality, Teddy. I’m sick of this whole hip hop fad, if you’re a wrestler, be a friggin’ wrestler…being a “gangsta” isn’t gonna help you in the ring as James Baker just illustrated.

TT: Well nonetheless fans, early last week the CWF got some unfortunate news. Johnny Gritz, the manager of The Juggernaut, sadly passed away after being gunned down near his home early last week. It was just a couple of weeks prior to that that he sustained a serious head injury at the hands of “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne. Certainly a tragic situation and no doubt one that has to be weighing on Rob Osbourne’s conscience.

BC: Yeah well, Juggernaut is gonna be pounding a hole through his conscience and Vendetta, and probably even here tonight in the main event. That altercation should be almost as interesting as the main event next weekend. But a sad loss for the Juggernaut camp, no doubt.

TT: Juggernaut is scheduled to come out here and say a few words…so let’s get him out here.

“Monsters” By Matchbook Romance begins to play and Jimmy “The Juggernaut” Washington steps from behind the curtain, dressed in his street clothes. Levi Jeans, boots, a black muscle shirt and a black leather sport jacket. He is immediately showered in boos.

TT: This capacity Missouri crowd showing their disdain for The Juggernaut…

BC: Yeah but look at him. Does it look like he cares?... that’s 7'5... 556 Pounds.

The Juggernaut rolls into the ring and grabs a microphone.

The Juggernaut: For those of you who ain’t heard, this week I lost a dear friend of mine, “The Mouth of The South” Johnny Gritz was gunned down in the street. Now I could sit here and waste time and tell you how great of a person he was, but you people couldn't possibly understand what it is to have a real lifelong friend.

The crowd boos The Juggernaut even more.

The Juggernaut: I mean this is Missouri... back woods cousin kissin' country... between banging your siblings and the livestock it surprises me very much that you guys found the time to make it out to the Chaifetz Arena anyway!

The crowd is on their feet in a unison ASSHOLE chant to the juggernaut. The Juggernaut begins to pace around the ring soaking it up.

The Juggernaut: Yeah I know you people love anal but that's beside the point. I'm not out here to please you... I'm out here tonight to send a message to “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne... my opponent in a week at Vendetta. Rob Osbourne, as the National Champion, in one week I'm supposed to defend my title against The Nitemare! But Rob... you failed to realize one thing when you attacked Gritz. And that one thing is, for every action, there's a reaction. And a Juggernaut reaction is one hell of a thing. Tonight, The Nightmare begins for you Rob.

The Juggernaut drops the microphone and begins to climb out of the ring as “Monsters” by Matchbook Romance begins to play .

TT: Well as speculated, it sounds like there’s gonna be hell to pay for Rob Osbourne tonight.

BC: If the Juggernaut has his way, Osbourne will be hung upside down from the roof of the building and riddled with bullets…that’s his definition of a “reaction”…if I’m Rob Osbourne, I’m not even coming out for the main event because I’m already in my private jet heading to Mexico. No, scratch that, I get diarrhea just thinking about Mexico…I’m heading to my mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

TT: You do that, Bobby. You do that. In the mean time, we’re taking a commercial break…folks, when we come back, Drastic will take on The MuH…and the MuH has stated that if he loses this match, he will quit the CWF…don’t go away!

TT: Welcome back fans…we’re about to see Drastic take on The MuH but I understand Drastic is literally just arriving at the building here…do we have a camera back there?

We cut backstage as Drastic is arriving to the stadium after a long week in the boons of Texas. He is dressed in a shirt that reads "NRO" Is Life on the front and "Life is Pain" on the back, and a pair of blue jeans. His wrists are taped and he has elbow pads on both elbows. As he is making his way through the backstage area men in suits approach him.

Suit 1: Excuse me Sir. We need to take your statement.

Drastic: MuH....

Suit 2: Sir, If you do not cooperate we have the go to take you into police custody.

Drastic: MuH....

Suit 1: Sir, last Sunday where were you during The M.u.H vs Markowitz match ?

Drastic: Uh.... MuH....

Suit 2: Sir. I know this is brain surgery but if you do not have an alibi I am afraid you will be treated as a suspect.

Drastic: *shrugging his shoulders*... M...u...h....

Suit 1: Cuff him...

One of the two men pulls out his handcuffs and gets closer to Drastic as if he is going to handcuff him. The handcuffs are strapped on and the Therapist comes around the corner.

Therapist: Excuse me... what are you doing?

Suit 1: This man is a suspect in the kidnapping of one CWF Superstar The MUH...

Therapist: He was in his dressing room the entire time. Watch the tapes. Now take those handcuffs off of him...

Suit 2: ummm... Muh....

Therapist: Excuse me?

Suit 2: I don’t have the keys....

Suit 1: Me either...

A man walks up and taps Drastic on the shoulder. It is the stage hand.

Stagehand: Drastic you’re up next.

Suit 1 & 2: Oh shit....

Drastic's eyes roll back into his head and he is lead to the curtains of the stage for his match.

TT: Well Bobby we are about to see two of the fast rising young stars in the CWF here tonight as Drastic is set to take on the M.u.H.

BC: I wonder what was up with M.u.H.'s abduction last week Teddy? Some had speculated that it was the work of the New Church, but they have not claimed responsibility for that action. What do you make of what happened to Drastic...do you think he is really going to try and compete while shackled in handcuffs?

TT: We're about to find out Bobby....

Ring Announcer: Hailing from San Diego, California standing 5'11" and weighing in at 234 lbs......The M.u.H!!!!!

The lights go dim as Rize by Median begins playing through the PA as M.u.H. walks onto the ramp. He pumps both fists in the air and sprints towards the ring. He hops onto the apron and leap frog's over the top rope. He hits every turnbuckle, climbing up and saluting the adoring fans.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from Van Nuys, California standing 6'1" and weighing 236 lbs.....THIS.....IS......DRASTIC!!!

“Never Enough” by Five Finger Death Punch blasts out as the lights in the arena go out and pitch black takes over. Red pin lights flash throughout the arena as a giant butterfly made of blood fills the screen on the jumbo screen. Lightning cracks and hits the center of the ring as Drastic steps out from behind the curtain with his hand securely handcuffed behind his waist. He gingerly walks to the ring taunting the crowd.

BC: I cannot believe this Teddy. The referee is going to have his hands full keeping this match straight...how can he even let Drastic compete cuffed like that?

TT: Drastic doesn't seem to be worried about it Bobby, but M.u.H. capitalizes and nails a running short clothesline on Drastic.

BC: Drastic slow to get back on his feet Teddy. It must be difficult to get your balance without your arms to brace you. This is going to get ugly fast.

TT: I think you may be right...M.u.H. grabs Drastic by the back of the head and pulls him back to his feet and punches him square in the jaw, then a left, then another right, and another left and another right. M.u.H. is beating Drastic senseless.

BC: Like that took much. Drastic is out there Teddy. And right now, he's on his back writhing in pain as M.u.H. showboats and panders to the crowd.

TT: He is giving Drastic too much time to regain his composure. Drastic now wiggling around...what is he doing Bobby?

BC: Well, you've obviously never been in a bar fight then arrested, then had to beat up the cop and get away because you had a pending warrant have you Teddy?

TT: .........

BC: He is going to get his hands back to the front...and he has done it. He may be cuffed now but the odds just got better that he can deal out some damage....yep....here it comes...he is bouncing off the far rope. M.u.H. still pandering not even realizing or probably even considering the possibility of Drastic being back on his feet. Drastic with a head of steam, double axe handle smash right to the middle of the M.u.H.'s neck and he goes down with a sickening thud.

TT: Drastic now climbing the turnbuckle as best he can..M.u.H. is stirring, Drastic may be taking too long navigating the turnbuckle with those cuffed wrists...and M.u.H. is on a knee...Drastic finally up to the top, can he get off in time...NO...M.u.H. catches him with a pair of fists to the solar plexes and Drastic literally flips completely over from the force of the blow and lands face first on the mat.

BC: M.u.H. didn't learn from his last mistake Teddy and he is showboating once again. I have never understood why you give up the advantage like that just to work the crowd...showmanship is fine, but win the match first for crying out loud!

TT: Bobby, Drastic is just laying there twitching....he seems to be having another of his blackouts...this is very disturbing indeed....his nose is bleeding, his eyes are rolling into his head...is he having a seizure?

BC: I do not know Teddy, but he is in bad shape....I knew this was going to be bad...M.u.H. now kicking Drastic over and over....he is really putting the boots to him Teddy.

TT: But look at Drastic...he's back Bobby...his eyes just locked and that vein is popping out...he's tightening up.....

BC: M.u.H. now attempting to lock in a figure four on Drastic...and I have to tell you Teddy, I like the way this kid thinks. Drastic is already pretty much taken out his upper body on his own, so now M.u.H. is gonna work his legs. I like it....

TT: Not on your life Bobby Crane, Drastic puts a boot solidly in M.u.H.'s behind and kicks him hard enough for the M.u.H. to get bowled over head first. Drastic is now stomping a mud hole in M.u.H. and walking it dry Bobby! Ha!

BC: I can't believe it. He can't be pulling this off, literally in handcuffs?!

TT: Bobby, I don't know how Drastic does half the things he does, but every time this guy gets in the ring, he gets beaten to within an inch of his life, then he flips out and then he just hands them their ass. Unbelievable. If this kid can keep from having an aneurism, he should do great things in the CWF.

BC: Well he is about to take care of the M.u.H. once and for all. Here it comes....

TT: Drastic swings the M.u.H. to the rope then runs to the opposite side , when they meet in the middle of the ring Drastic jumps into the air as if he is going to do a spinning hurricanranna and pulls M.u.H. down into a front Russian leg sweep.

BC: He calls that the GG Teddy....and that means it’s time for the QQ! M.u.H. slowly rising to his feet.....HE NAILS IT! QQ!

TT: That devastating spinning heel kick nearly took M.u.H.'s head off Bobby....cover by Drastic.....1............2............3!!!!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner.....DRASTIC!!!!!

“Never Enough” by Five Finger Death Punch begins as Drastic is met at the top of the ramp by three police officers who drag him off the side of the stage.

TT: What a big win for Drastic, winning the match in handcuffs! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that before!

BC: And that spells the end for The M.u.H….

The MuH slowly sits up in the center of the ring as Drastic’s music cuts out. The crowd gives him an ovation as he looks out at the sea of fans and nods his head. The crowd chants “thank you Milton!” as the MuH waves and hangs his head as he takes the long walk up the aisle for the last time.

TT: Really a shame to see a young up and comer like him go. He went through a rough patch and was marred in a slump but with a little direction he really could have had a decent career.

BC: Well, it’s the law of the jungle, Teddy…the strong will survive, and it’s that simple.

TT: Folks, something is going on backstage in Rob Osbourne’s locker room…can we get a camera back there?

“The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne is walking backstage to his dressing room. He opens the door and his room is trashed. Spray painted on the walls and floors in red are things like “Juggernaut was here” and “14 days.” Hanging from the ceiling is a poster of Rob Osbourne with a bulls eye painted on it and on the floor is a large “V” with a circle around it.

Juggernaut's Voice: It’s the Juggernaut BITCH!

Rob Osbourne quickly turns around ready to pounce and placed behind him is a TV cart. On the TV is a video of The Juggernaut on loop. Rob Osbourne gets pissed and smashes the TV off the cart.

TT: Mind games by the National Champion!

BC: Juggernaut is trying to get into Nitemare’s head but Nitemare is the master of mind games and I don’t think this is a game Jimmy Washington wants to play…

TT: Rob Osbourne is one week away from his very first shot at CWF gold but he’s gonna have to survive the night if he wants to make it that far! We’ll be right back fans!

TT: Alright, welcome back to Showdown…the owner and founder of this great organization, Mark Xamin, is standing by with an announcement regarding Vendetta!

Cut back to Mark Xamin’s office – in a press box above the St. Louis crowd in the Chaifetz Arena. He is dressed in a suit, complete with a white dress shirt and red tie. Standing beside him with his massive arms folded is “The Beast” Kodiak Winters, a black CWF t-shirt clung to his massive chest. The camera zoom in on Xamin.

Mark Xamin: Well fans, we are one week away from our next pay-per-view event, Vendetta. We’ll be coming to you live from Birmingham, Alabama and our great fans down there sold out the event in under thirty minutes! It is no doubt going to be a special night. I am pleased to announce one more match that has been added to the already stacked lineup…Trent Davidson, Sickboy, and Alex Ruettiger, will compete in a triple threat match!

TT: Wow! Davidson cut his teeth in his match tonight but Sickboy will return to the CWF next week and Alex Ruettiger will make his debut!

Mark Xamin: But now for the big news. Brian Adams and Pledge Allegiance will do battle for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship in Alabama next week, in what is sure to be one of the more memorable matches in recent CWF history. It is Brian Adams’ first title defense and Pledge Allegiance’s big chance to once again wear the title he so covets. But it’s no secret to anyone who has been watching CWF programming over the past few months that it has been nothing less than a warzone each and every week. Brian Adams is no doubt a marked man, and Pledge Allegiance has drawn the ire of everyone from Paul Blair to Magnus Thunder. Therefore, in order to protect the integrity of the main event at Vendetta…the CWF World Heavyweight Championship match will be held in a 15 foot high steel cage!

TT: What?! Oh my God!

Mark Xamin: Thank you for your time…enjoy the rest of the show.

TT: What an announcement by the owner of the company! Brian Adams versus Pledge Allegiance at Vendetta has just become a cage match for the title!

BC: I can’t wait for this!

TT: The Vendetta main event just became even hotter! And we are ready for our next match, Paul Blair taking on Axel Way! Let’s head back to the ring!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one fall. First, making his way to the ring, accompanied by his brother and tag team partner, Keith Way…AXELLLLLLLLL WAYYYYYYY!!!

“Desolation Row” by My Chemical Romance begins as Axel Way, accompanied by his brother Keith, heads towards the ring.

TT: Well it is time for your favorite Hall of Famer to take the ring Bobby…

BC: Jeff Jericho is in the building Teddy?

TT: No Bobby, I was talking about Paul Blair…


TT: Bobby, I need you to settle down and call this match impartially. Can you do that?

BC: Is Blair a jobber?

TT: Bobby, that wasn’t a very nice thing to say about The Ruler…

BC: Compared to what I was thinking about saying, it’s PG-13 Teddy.

TT: And here comes the legend now….

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, former CWF World, National, Unified, and Tag Team Champion….current member of the CWF Hall of Fame…..”THE RULER” PAULLLLL BLAIIIIIRRRRRRR

The BlairVision Theme begins playing as The Ruler makes his way to the ring to a mixed chorus of cheers and boos.

BC: Look at that arrogant sonofa….

TT: Mr. Crane! Control yourself.

BC: …….

TT: And Blair wastes no time going after the rookie. Collar and elbow tie up, belly to back suplex by Blair!

BC: And Way shrugs it off and comes right back for more. Show ‘em who’s boss kid! Show that punk he should have retired a decade ago!

TT: Way with a suplex of his own on Blair and The Ruler bounces back up as well. I think Axel just surprised him Bobby…

BC: He’s gonna do more than surprise him when he wins this match Teddy! Axel Way now with a running start, short arm clothesline by Way. Take that Blair!

TT: Blair with a drop toe hold and now Way is down on the mat. Blair summarily administering a good old fashioned beat down. Left, right, left, right, left, right…..Way is dazed Bobby.


TT: Way slow to get to a knee, Blair behind him now, what is he doing Bobby?

BC: He’s gonna hurt the kid Teddy. This is ridiculous. Blair is applying some sort of Japanese reverse choke hold on Way now. I don’t think the poor kid has much left in him Teddy. This is nuts. Somebody needs to stop this!

TT: Bobby, relax. Axel Way can handle himself in the ring. He has had an impressive start to his CWF career thus far.

BC: Yeah, well, a win against The Ruler will help his career, but no one will think any less of him if he loses to Blair…I mean…it IS Paul Blair for crying out loud.

TT: Blair now with an atomic bomb after Axel refuses to submit…and now the kid is in some serious trouble. Blair with a running start….dropkick to Way who was already down on a knee trying to regain his composure.

BC: And look at that egomaniac Paul Blair. Hitting the kid when he’s down. Scumbag….

TT: Blair is signaling for the BlairKick…..and…….YES! He nails it! Cover by Blair…..1……..2……..3!!! You know, I still get chills when he nails that move Bobby, even after all these years…Bobby?

Just as the ref is raising Blair’s hand in victory, Bobby Crane slides under the bottom rope with the ring bell in his hand and busts Blair in the back of the head with it.


Bobby Crane stands over Paul Blair’s unconscious body as one of the techs at ringside throws him a microphone.

BC: Blair, don’t hate me because I’m beautiful….hate me because I’m just plain better than you.

Crane throws the mic on Blair’s chest and rolls back out of the ring and returns to the announcer’s booth.

TT: Are you out of your mind?

BC: See you at Vendetta, Blair!

TT: We have to take a commercial break, don’t go anywhere fans!

TT: Welcome back fans and we are heading backstage where apparently The Juggernaut is about to enter Brian Adams’ locker room!

Cut to Brian Adams locker room. Jimmy “The Juggernaut” Washington steps into the room without kicking the door open. Brian Adams springs to his feet, The Juggernaut raises his hands.

The Juggernaut: I didn't come here to fight Brian. Just hear me out!

The Juggernaut sidesteps Brian Adams and takes a seat in the corner of the dressing room.

The Juggernaut: Listen, it’s like I said... I only have one focus tonight and that’s getting revenge on Rob Osbourne. But you... you have a lot of things to worry about.

Brian Adams: What are you here to state the obvious kid?

The Juggernaut: No... and I'm not here looking for a friend either. But Pledge and Osbourne are fucking dangerous as a team, you know this and I know this. And even though that five million dollar bounty on your head is a move of desperation... it still doesn't change the fact that it makes them even more dangerous.

Brian Adams: Still stating the obvious!

The Juggernaut: Listen, I'm not looking for a friend, just know... I've got your back in this.

Brian Adams: I don't need your help.

The Juggernaut: No, you don't want my help. You’re the CWF World Heavyweight Champion. I know you don't want my help but whether I help you or not the entire roster is about to rain down on you like the lords fury. And I'm the only one that thinks there’s more to gain from backing you up.

The Juggernaut stands up and walks towards the door.

The Juggernaut: You have my help whether you like it or not. I don't even want a thank you, old timer... but you’re welcome anyway.

The Juggernaut walks out of the dressing room.

TT: Well for once Juggernaut is actually making sense…a united Juggernaut and Adams would certainly play to their advantage in the main event tonight.

BC: But Adams is a lone wolf, you know that…Juggernaut better watch his own back and forget about the champion’s.

TT: I'm steaming with anticipation over this next one Bobby. The ring is ready and so is our announcer so let’s get to it.

Announcer: This next bout is set for one fall it is a no disqualification, falls count anywhere tag team match. First from Dunshaughlin, Ireland and Las Vegas, Nevada respectively. Representing The New Church. Weighing in at a combined weight of 485 pounds and standing 6 foot 2 inches and 6 feet even. I introduce to you The Raving Lunatic and Motion.

“Requiem – Lacrimosa” by Mozart begins to play only getting out a few bars before cutting and then “Princes of the Universe” by Queen sounds. A bit of the crowd is standing in applause, while the rest are raining boos down on the New Church representatives. The Lunatic and Motion both wearing their hoods and robes make their way to the ring; once in the ring they remove the hoods. They are looking at the curtain. Almost staring a hole straight through it.

Announcer: Introducing from Charlotte, North Carolina. Weighing in at 245 pounds standing 6 feet 4 inches tall...here is Blood!

"So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin hits on the sound system and the fans go wild. A single red spotlight hits the curtain. Fire explodes across the stage. Blood appears through the smoke created. He approaches the ring as the fans roar. Before climbing to the apron to get in the ring he surveys the crowd. The red spotlights that have been filling the arena have cut off suddenly. Now the lights cut off too.

BC: Looks like Xamin forgot to pay the electric bill again Teddy.

TT: Oh shut up Bobby! Would someone get these lights back on!

The Lights come back up slowly and a ghastly sight is illuminated. The mat which was blue is now a deep crimson. There are pools of what look to be blood covering the canvas of the mat. Both The Lunatic and Motion have been devoured by the thick red liquid and they don't seem to mind. However Blood doesn't seem to like it. He has taken more than one step back and he looks like he's having second thoughts about even stepping foot into the ring.

Announcer: And weighing in today at 500 pounds. He Stands a colossus 7 feet 5 inches. From Jotunheim, Norway, his partner, Magnus Thunder.

The crowd erupts as “Just Like You Imagined” by Nine Inch Nails hits. The bass line plays as strobe lights fill the stadium. As the drums roll in, so too does the thunder. With an explosion, Magnus Thunder towers through the curtain. He makes his way quickly to ringside, and to his partner Blood who is still staring at the ring in disbelief. Magnus and Blood share a few secretive words. Both of them start for the ring Magnus slides under the ropes soaking the front of his body with red. Blood has stopped 2 or 3 steps from the ring he stares on as The Lunatic and Motion begin to stomp at Magnus.

TT: Sound the bell this one is starting right now!

The Lunatic and Motion put their boots to the back of Magnus' head as he slides into the ring. The ref calls for the bell. The Lunatic barks out orders to Motion as he runs to the far side of the ring and comes off the ropes he jumps and comes down with a big knee drop on Thunder's head. Magnus looks to Blood for help but Blood seems unable to get into the ring.

BC: Why doesn't Blood get in there and help his partner out Teddy? The ref obviously has no control at all here.

TT: It seems to me that the blood has petrified... Blood.

The Lunatic and Motion pick Magnus up to his knees and begin throwing rights and lefts. Magnus is still fresh, he shoves motion with one large arm and He flies across the ring. With the other arm he swipes at The Lunatics head knocking him to a knee. Magnus back up to a foot, he throws a right and then a left, connecting with both on The Lunatic's temples. Motion is back up and he delivers a drop kick to Magnus's face. The Lunatic is to his feet, they begin to rain down boots on Magnus once more. Magnus with a mighty show of strength pushes them away and rolls under the ropes to the floor. He is now almost completely doused in blood from head to toe.

He approaches Blood with a mad look on his face. Blood steps back from him. Magnus grabs bloods shoulder and pulls him close. Blood is obviously uncomfortable. They are talking when from above inside the ring the Lunatic has picked up his own partner into a powerbomb position. He throws him from the ring onto Magnus and Blood.

TT: Wow, Bobby! He just powerbombed his own partner out of the ring.

The Lunatic doesn't slow down he is quickly out of the ring he picks Magnus up and puts him back in the ring. He nudges Motion to get him moving and slides back into the ring himself. Magnus is back up to a knee when he does so. Lunatic charges. Magnus with a clothesline. Magnus is to his feet and he drops back down with an elbow to the chest of The Lunatic. He picks The Lunatic up and it looks like he is going to try and end it quick. He picks The Lunatic up for the Thunderstorm... No. The Lunatic slides out. He bounces off the ropes and charges Thunder again. The Lunatic jumps at the same second Magnus turns and Shut Up. The Lunatic with a variation of the Shining Wizard.

Out on the floor Blood is back to his feet and he stares at motion who is still getting to his. As Motion collects his thoughts Blood sets himself to lunge at him. Motion turns to see Blood run full steam in his direction only to stop one or two steps before his forearm connects with Motions neck. Motion takes advantage kicking Blood in the gut and throwing him into the ring steps. Motion pulls Blood back to his feet and sets him up for a suplex. But Blood reverses and slams Motion back onto the barely padded floor.

BC: Looks like Blood is getting over his fear doesn't it Teddy?

TT: That's not good news for The New Church.

Back in the ring Magnus has taken control again and is throwing the Lunatic from one turnbuckle to the opposite corner. The Lunatic lands in the corner with a painful crack and barely has time before Magnus rushes in with a splash. The Lunatic falls to the canvas and quickly rolls out of the ring falling to the outside with a thump. Magnus looks down to see Blood throw Motion into the ring steps as he steps out of the ring after motion. The Lunatic is crawling toward the announce table with Magnus stalking him from behind. The Lunatic makes it to the Bell table when Magnus reaches him. Magnus puts one giant hand over the back of The Lunatics head and begins to pick him up when The Lunatic turns around... DING!... He's hit Magnus in the head with the ring bell. Magnus doesn't let go but the lights have definitely dimmed. The Lunatic again crashes the bell over Magnus' cranium and now it begins to bleed.

BC: Good Lord they could hear that in Valhalla.

Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Blood has removed what little padding there is on the concrete that surrounds the ring and has Motion in position for The Suffering. Blood grips Motion by the throat, lifts him in to the air, he pulls him back at him as he falls back with a devastating reverse STO.

BC: HAHA... Motion is motionless Teddy.

TT: Oh be quiet already, I'm trying to work here.

BC: Trying and failing.

The Lunatic has rolled Magnus back into the ring, and begun to throw chairs, tables, ladders, and anything else he can find under the ring into it. At the same time Blood has rolled Motion into the ring and is making his way around to The Lunatic. As Magnus begins to shake the cobwebs and come to inside the ring Blood has made his way directly behind The Lunatic who stands on the apron preparing to step through the ropes. Blood positions himself under The Lunatic and grabs him from behind suddenly bringing him down to the outside with a powerbomb of sorts.

Magnus is back to his feet in the ring and is standing about the still motionless Motion. He picks up the man that looks like a child in comparison. He wastes no time as he brings Motion's head between his legs. He lifts Motion high in the air and brings him down once..twice..three times. Stopping on the third and pushing down for the cover. The ref slides in the blood that covers the ring and counts.




Winners: Magnus Thunder and Blood

TT: Magnus pins Motion for the victory but hold on a second!

The lights dim and Khrist’s voice booms through the arena.

Khrist: Magnus Thunder…Blood. You fools. You think you’ve won? You are merely pawns in my game of human chess. Your God can’t save you at Vendetta…Mark Xamin can’t save you at Vendetta…no one can save you at Vendetta. You think your God has a plan? You think he’s in control? You ignorant fools. I control your fate, just as I control the CWF. You require proof? So be it. I have controlled the CWF even from afar. The past several weeks have seen the CWF venture on a New Church pilgrimage!

TT: Oh my God that is all kinds of creepy…we’ve been travelling across the country in the shape of the symbol of the New Church!

Khrist: Think back, non-believers. Think back to the past several weeks when Blood was doused in his own pathetic namesake and his fear was exposed. Think back to when Magnus Thunder was crucified. And now, BEHOLD!

Out of nowhere, The Raving Lunatic wraps Magnus Thunder over the head with a steel chair. Magnus stumbles backwards and gets tied up in the ropes. Blood, too hesitant to climb into the blood soaked ring, slams his fist on the floor and can only watch and both Lunatic and Motion pummel Magnus until he is completely unconscious and bleeding profusely from his forehead.

TT: My God this is sick!

Khrist: Next Saturday at Vendetta, the triangle shall be completed. Magnus Thunder, Blood…your time has come. Next week, you shall become the ultimate sacrifice.

BC: Wow…I’m a little spooked, I don’t…

TT: Bobby, for God’s sake would you come out from under the damn table…

BC: You can’t make me!

TT: We are going to take our final commercial break fans, don’t go anywhere, our main event is up next!

TT: Welcome back fans and we’ve got this place cleaned up for our main event!

BC: I can hardly wait, four of the CWF’s best in one ring!

TT: All four men are in the ring awaiting the bell and we are ready to get started so let’s wait no longer! It’s time for the main event!


Pledge Allegiance and the Juggernaut start the match off, while “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne and Brian Adams take their place in a corner.

TT: Pledge and the National Champion start things off, and remember folks, the object of the match is to pin any of your opponents…the first pin fall will win and keep your eye on the Nitemare and Brian Adams because they will both be looking for a tag to get into this match.

Pledge sizes up Juggernaut…Juggernaut towers over him…Pledge stomps his foot and Juggernaut is caught by surprise. He hops backwards a step and Pledge chops him into a corner. He grabs him for an irish whip but Juggernaut has decided he’s not going anywhere. Juggernaut is too heavy for Pledge to move and he rips Pledge into him and slugs him down with a short clothesline. Juggernaut pulls Pledge to his feet and heaves him into the corner, unloading on him with machine gun like fists of fury. Pledge is riddled with fists and Juggernaut whips him to the ropes….flying shoulderblock! Pledge bounces back to the mat and the camera zooms in on Nitemare’s face.

TT: It looks like Nitemare is somewhat impressed by Juggernaut’s size and strength…it’s one thing to see it on a television monitor, but to see it close up as we have…it truly is a sight to behold.

BC: Yeah well he’ll have to bring his A game to Vendetta if he plans on snatching that title away from Jimmy Washington.

Juggernaut pulls Pledge to his feet and lifts him up onto his shoulders…F-5! No! Pledge lands on his feet…Juggernaut spins around…dropkick by Pledge! Juggernaut staggers back into Nitemare’s corner and Nitemare slaps him on the back making a blind tag.

TT: Now here’s a match we’d all like to see. Rob Osbourne and Pledge Allegiance are about to go toe to toe!

The crowd gets on their feet at the sight of these two legends about to duke it out. They meet in the center of the ring and immediately go nose to nose. Pledge goes to stomp Osbourne’s foot as he did Juggernaut’s, but Osbourne sees it coming and Pledge gets nothing but mat. Osbourne pokes him in the eye and dropkicks him in the knee! Pledge to the mat clutching his knee and Osbourne immediately grabs his leg and drives his knee into the mat! And again! And again! And Pledge is reeling in pain as his knee gets punished. Adams mockingly reaches out his hand for Pledge to tag, but as Pledge reaches out to tag him in, Adams pulls his hand back and flips him the bird. The crowd boos wildly at him.

TT: What a completely classless move by Adams!

BC: Ha! Brilliant! He’s letting Nitemare soften him up before Vendetta!

Nitemare drags him back to the center of the ring and locks on a figure four! A figure four in the center of the ring and Pledge bangs the mat in pain! Nitemare bouncing up and down to add pressure and Pledge desperately trying to turn it over! The ref asking Pledge if he wants to stop the match but Pledge refuses! Wait a minute! Juggernaut gets into the ring and turns Pledge over…the hold is reversed thanks to Juggernaut! The ref forcing Juggernaut out…wait…Adams in the ring now and reverses the hold back! The ref on Adams now…Juggernaut switches the hold! Nitemare in pain now and the ref warning Juggernaut to get out or he’ll be sent to the back…Adams now turns the hold over and stomps Pledge in the knee to punish him further! Pledge screaming in pain and the ref forces Adams back out!

TT: Osbourne and Pledge are both challenging for titles next week and the champions are enjoying every minute of this!

BC: Wait a minute…

Nitemare suddenly releases the hold and stands up. Drastic has made his way to ringside and stands on the apron…Nitemare distracted by him and Pledge crawls up behind him with an inside cradle!




TT: What on earth is Drastic doing out here?

CWF officials swarm out from the back and drag Drastic away but back in the ring Pledge and Nitemare are exchanging blows! Pledge gets the upper hand and back Nitemare into a corner but…what’s this? Nitemare just said something to him and Pledge stops…Nitemare and Pledge both looking at Adams and Juggernaut…they nod at each other and both men rush over to their Vendetta opponent’s…Pledge tags in Adams and Nitemare tags in Juggernaut…it happened so fast neither man could stop it! Juggernaut and Adams forced into the ring now and both men are livid!

TT: Pledge and Nitemare caught on to their little scheme and now the champions are the ones that will have to punish each other just one week away from their title defenses!

BC: Juggernaut said he had Adams’ back earlier tonight! Now he’s got no choice but to smack him around!

Adams and Juggernaut refuse to fight but the referee threatens to disqualify them. They reluctantly lock up…Juggernaut forces him to the mat with brute strength and…wait a minute, Adams is laid out like he’s been shot and Juggernaut runs to the ropes…and drops down with a very unconvincing body splash, not even touching Brian Adams. They are making a mockery of the match! The ref is forced to make a cover!



Pledge breaks it up!

TT: These two don’t give a damn who wins this, they just watch to get to Vendetta unscathed!

BC: I love it!

As Pledge has his back turned, Juggernaut jumps him and nails him from behind…the referee counts it as a tag and now the legal men are Adams and Pledge, next week’s pay-per-view main event! The crowd roars and Adams goes to tag Nitemare, but Nitemare drops to the floor and Adams is furious! Pledge jumps on him and unloads with fists of fury! Adams scrambling around the ring desperately…Pledge grabs him by the tights and drives a fist into the small of his back and Adams flops around the ring like a fish out of water! Pledge a house of fire and Adams desperately looking for a way out! Juggernaut in now and he tries to make the save but Nitemare tackles him to the outside!

TT: Juggernaut is taking it to Osbourne outside the ring while Pledge and Adams are trading lefts and rights in the center of the ring.

BC: Pledge ties up with Adams, Adams into the ropes, Pledge goes for a hip toss but Adams does a full flip and lands back on his feet and delivers a vicious side kick to Pledge's chest. The American Icon is wobbly teddy but it will take much more than that to take him down.

TT: Meanwhile Osbourne just got a reversal of fortune outside the ring as Juggernaut ran at him full speed and Osbourne rolled away from the ring post that was supporting him and Juggernaut just about split his head open spearing the ring post where Osbourne had been...

BC: It's a good thing Osbourne moved Teddy, that would have busted all of his ribs in one felt swoop.

TT: Osbourne rolls under the bottom rope back into the ring as Juggernaut shakily gets to his feet and enters the ring as well...Osbourne off the far ropes, missile drop kick to Juggernaut just as he was standing back up in the ring...and he is all tied up in the ropes...it’s the worst place a big man can find himself in a wrestling ring Bobby...

BC: This is absolute carnage Teddy. These 4 superstars have left everything in that ring here tonight...Adams just went for a clothesline but Pledge ducked, bounces off the far ropes, and they nail each other at the same time.

TT: I don't think this match can continue much longer Bobby. Pledge is all over Adams while Osbourne assaults Juggernaut who is all tied up in the ropes. I don't think Osbourne realizes what is happening on the other side of the ring Bobby.

BC: Almost on cue he sees it now Teddy. Osbourne is assessing the situation....there it is...that deviant grin. No...He can't be thinking what I think he's thinking.....

TT: What?!

BC: He's gonna stack ‘em high and watch ‘em fly. He pulls Pledge onto Adams and then climbs the turnbuckle....he's taking them to dreamland Teddy.....

TT: And Osbourne nails his brother Chris's finisher...the Osbournesault, a devastating shooting star press....what is he doing Bobby?!?! He should be covering Adams and winning this match...what in God's name is Osbourne doing....

BC: He's helping his brother win this match Teddy! He just rolled Adams onto his back and then rolled Pledge onto Adams....the ref doesn't know what t do as Osbourne demands he go for the cuont...and he has no choice.....1.............2......................3!!! Pledge wins! Pledge wins! Pledge wins!

TT: Pledge is barely back on his feet as the referee raises his hand in victory. He doesn't have a clue what just happened Bobby.

BC: Osbourne has a chair....*CRACK*...he just gave Pledge another concussion. I hope he doesn't start thinking he's you again Teddy...or worse...he could think he's me.....

TT: Pledge may have won the match yes, the war...I don't think so...he is out cold Bobby. And look at Osbourne....he's showing Juggernaut just how much size does in fact matter. The National Champion is still caught up in the ropes and has had to watch Osbourne's actions with a primal rage.

BC: Osbourne is eyeballing Juggernaut now...swinging the chair like he's Barry Bonds in the batter’s box....NO...NO OSBOURNE!!!!


TT: OH MY GOD!!!! Three insane chair shots from Osbourne to Juggernaut and the big man is finally out cold. Bobby, I knew this was going to be a HUGE match tonight but I don't think anyone would have been able to predict the outcome. Vendetta is next on the dockett and you can bet Osbourne has a HUGE target on his back now!

BC: It’s gonna be crazy in Alabama next week!

TT: We are out of time…we will see you next week at Vendetta! Good night everyone!