Last week in Birmingham, Alabama, a new CWF National Champion was crowned as “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne etched his name in championship lineage in his first ever championship match in the CWF. Later that evening, “The Flawless One” Brian Adams narrowly escaped Vendetta with the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, retaining the title in controversial fashion.

Tonight, one week later, what will be Pledge Allegiance’s reaction? How will the champion conduct himself? And what will the future hold for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship scene? Also, the first ever Lord of the Ring tournament begins tonight!

This is…

Fade in to a sold out U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The crowd has jam packed the arena to capacity and fireworks explode at the entrance way and above the ring, sending the fans into a frenzy. The usual set up, except at the entrance way there are two cacti set up on either side to add an element of Arizona atmosphere. At ringside is Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to Saturday Night Showdown! Welcome to the desert! Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona one week removed from Vendetta! I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…and Bobby, something tells me it’s gonna be a long night at the office for Mark Xamin…

BC: Oh you aren’t kidding! We’ve had a week to watch the replays, there is absolutely no conclusive video evidence that shows that Brian Adams’ feet hit the floor first in the cage match. The referee decided that a tie goes to the champion, but according to the rule book…well, who reads that thing anyway? TT: Well the referees are supposed to read it, Bobby…the rulebook clearly states that in the event of a tie, the match should be restarted. So the referee blew the call and you know Pledge Allegiance has been stewing all week.

BC: Yeah but Mark Xamin has had a week to figure this whole thing out. And by the way, that wasn’t the only controversy Pledge was involved with at Vendetta.

TT: He may well have cost Juggernaut the CWF National Championship as well, and for that you know Pledge is a marked man. But will he enact his rematch clause, or will he be too busy hunting down Pledge Allegiance? Man, what a show this is gonna be!

BC: Yeah and that’s not even taking into account what’s going on in the ring tonight…

TT: The inaugural CWF Lord of the Ring tournament! Round one of the 8 man tournament begins tonight with four exciting match ups, the winners advancing to next week’s show and the finalists competing at Night of Champions: Lord of the Ring on May 30…and the winner will get a CWF World Heavyweight title shot at Summer Smash 2009 in June! The hottest pay-per-view of the summer is already heating up starting tonight!

BC: Pick a winner in this tournament, Teddy…can you do it? You can’t! I mean thinking about it…Magnus Thunder and Drastic have got to be the two favorites but they’re about to beat the holy hell out of each other tonight and only one of them can advance. How about Sickboy or Trent Davidson? The Raving Lunatic or Alex Ruettiger? Khrist or Motion?

TT: Well that last one will certainly be interesting, two members of the New Church…one of them being the leader. But it’s going to be a hell of a tournament and the winner will no doubt be catapulted into the main event scene for a long time to come. But I just have trouble betting against Magnus Thunder. He came so close to winning the title at Super Card V but he hasn’t been the same since…perhaps the New Church got inside his head but he will need to focus tonight to get past Drastic.

BC: You’re going with Magnus Thunder…I’m going with Drastic. Anyone who can win a match handcuffed is a dangerous man to bet against.

All of a sudden the lights start to dim as the sound of bagpipes start to play throughout the arena's sound system. All of a sudden a black hearse is being slowly driven out from the back onto the Showdown stage. The hearse is followed by six pall bearers and a band of bagpipe players playing "The Battle is Over". The hearse stops and the pall bearers open the back doors and slide out a casket. Three on one side and three on the other, they all take a hold of the casket and slowly start carrying it towards the ring. The driver's side door swings open to reveal "The Flawless One" Brian Adams to be the driver of the hearse.

TT: Oh what the hell is this?

BC: Shhhhh!

TT: Why? Why should I have to put up with this?

BC: It's obvious that someone has died Teddy, show some respect!

TT: Unbelievable!

Brian slowly starts making his way towards the ring carrying a duffel bag. Brian stops short of the casket mockingly taking in the moment as the crowd's booing has started to drown out the sound of the bag pipes. Brian walks up the steel steps and starts stalking the apron and briefly looks out into the crowd and immediately receives their disapproval of his actions. Brian throws the duffel back in the ring and steps in between the ropes. Brian takes the microphone handed to him and picks the duffel bag back up and waits for the crowd to calm down. The bag pipes continue playing but in a lower tune as Brian picks up the microphone and holds it to his mouth.

Brian Adams: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here today to celebrate the career of one of the most illustrious wrestlers to grace the CWF squared circle but never grace the CWF hall of fame. This man has accomplished a lot in his career, but not enough to get what he wanted.

TT: This is totally unacceptable! Take him off the air!

BC: Teddy! Show some respect! He is here to honor Pledge!

TT: Please tell me you're joking.

BC: If he was out here to make a mockery of Pledge and not out here to honor him, do you think he would have gone through all this trouble?

TT: Yes! Yes I do!

[Brian starts talking to the pall bearers off the microphone and motions for them to lift the lid on the casket as Brian drops the bag near the edge of the canvas.

Brian Adams: Now ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to show you some moments from Pledge's career that I think really defined him as a 'go-getter' type of professional. So without any further ado, please give your attention to the CWF jumbo-tron as we look back on the career of The American Icon.

The screen turns to static before a clip of the Craze in the Maze match comes over...

Brian Adams emerges from the maze and makes his way onto the roof to loud boos. Pledge has begun to climb down the outside of the maze, but Adams spots him and stands above him. Pledge, hanging from the third level in an especially dangerous spot…looks up at Adams and realizes how much trouble he’s in. With one stomp, Adams could send him thirty feet below to the concrete floor. Pledge immediately begins climbing down, and Adams follows. About half way down, he catches up, and they begin to exchange blows on the side of the maze! The crowd stands up and roars, knowing they’re about to see something that will be replayed for years to come…and in that respect, they get their wish, though they probably were hoping the roles would be reversed. Adams slams Pledge’s head into the side of the maze and Pledge loses his grip, falling to the arena floor and surely being eliminated from contention. He lies unconscious.

The screen goes back to an image of Brian Adams in the ring as an almost nostalgic smile comes across his face.

Brian Adams: But not to be outdone that night, take a look at this.

The screen goes to static once again before a clip of the main event from Super Card 5.

Magnus and Pledge now going at it, Magnus barely able to stand! Pledge takes the upper hand and has remarkably outslugged the mighty Magnus Thunder! Magnus stumbles backwards and Pledge charges at him…STO! But Magnus doesn’t go down and Pledge wrenches his back trying to take down the big man! Pledge clutching his back…Magnus drives an elbow into the back of his head…wait a minute…POWERBOMB! He caught him and he has him up again…THUNDERSTORM! MAGNUS NAILED HIM WITH THE THUNDERSTORM!

TT: Magnus caught him and a cover!




The screen goes back to Adams once again who can be clearly seen to be enjoying himself at what we've been watching.

TT: Can I go throw up now?

BC: Sure, if you want to disrespect everything that Pledge has ever done for us in that ring, sure go right ahead!

TT: You can't be serious about that Bobby! Look at Adams! He's laughing!

BC: And? Pledge was a very entertaining guy!

TT: You're talking about Pledge like he's dead Bobby.

BC: After these past few months I can't see how he's still living!

The camera cuts back to Adams who is still looking at the CWF jumbo-tron with the smirk still on his face.

Brian Adams: Last but not least, allow me to show you one last clip that will make Pledge Allegiance live on forever in the annals of time!

The screen goes to static yet again this time before showing a clip of last week's main event at Vendetta.

Pledge looks out to the crowd, every fan in the building on their feet screaming their guts out. Pledge looks down once more…and thousands of camera flashes suddenly go off…Pledge MOONSAULTS OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE!

The screen cuts back to Adams who has become distraught.

Brian Adams: HEY! That wasn't what I told you to show! Hit fast forward!

BC: What was that?!

TT: Divine justice, that's what that was!

BC: Settle down Teddy, don't take this so personal.

TT: How can I not? Adams is trying to play us all off as fools!

The screen flashes back to another clip of the main event from Vendetta.

The crowd buzzes as a slow motion replay from each side of the cage shows both men exiting the cage from different angles. From one angle it appears as though Pledge Allegiance may have hit the floor first; but another angle shows only one of Pledge’s feet on the floor, with the other still not quite on the floor, while Adams, at the same time, was plummeting to the floor at a higher rate of speed, but both feet just barely not touching the floor as well. The clip then forwards to the next frame. Brian Adams’ toes appear to be touching the floor while Pledge Allegiance’s foot seems to just barely be touching as well.

TT: Well what the hell happens now? That looks like a pretty damn close call to me… BC: Adams’ feet are clearly on the floor there but I don’t know…Pledge looks pretty close there too but that’s a tough angle to look at it…

Several referees and staff members from the back come down to ringside to confer. After several minutes, the official referee for the match says something to Doc McMartin and takes the title.

TT: Well for God’s sake, who’s the winner?!

Doc McMartin: Ladies and gentlemen…after reviewing all angles, the referees have determined that while Brian Adams’ feet both touched the floor…the angle on Pledge Allegiance’s second foot is inconclusive, and it cannot be determined whether or not his second foot did indeed touch the floor at the same time. Therefore, the referee has no choice but to declare the winner…and STILL CWF World Heavyweight Champion…. BRIAN ADAMS!

TT: Someone has to come out and stop this!

Brian Adams: Do you see that ladies and gentlemen? That WAS your American icon, your HERO! A man who gave it his all and ended up with nothing. With a heavy heart I have come out here tonight to pay respect to a man who may not have died at Vendetta, but his chances of becoming a Classic Wrestling Federation hall of famer sure as hell did.

Now, in this duffel bag I hold Pledge's most crowning achievements since coming to the CWF.

Brian kneels down and unzips the bag and pulls out an old replica of the CWF Mid-Atlantic title and holds it up for the crowd to see.

Brian: This is the very first piece of gold that Pledge held in his many tenures with this company. Way back in late 90's Pledge was fighting tooth and nail to make a name for himself in the big time, and he did just that when he won this from....

Brian takes a piece of paper out from his pocket and looks at it up and down. His eyes go wide for a minute before crumpling the piece of paper up and throws it behind his back.

Brian Adams: When he won it from that other guy who was the champion before him.

TT: It was you Brian! He won it from you!

BC: Says who?

TT: Says the archives you fool!

BC: That is yet to be determined, Teddy.

TT: You were there!

BC: I...WAS....NOT!

Brian holds the title up a while longer before dropping the title belt into the casket before going back to the duffel bag and digs out two old replicas of the CWF world title and once again hold them up for the crowd to see.

Brian Adams: In the years of 2000 and 2001 Pledge made his mark in CWF history. No matter how black or how short the mark was, he made it by winning the CWF World Heavyweight title! Now, he may not have been the best champion, or a very long champion seeing as how I only have one reign with this title and it has lasted longer than both of his reigns combined, but that's not the point! The point I'm trying to show you is that Pledge has done what every CWF wrestler aspires to do, and he's done it on two separate occasions. Even though the man has nothing more to look forward to, he definitely has enough to look back on. Some of it good, a lot of it bad, but all his.

Brian takes the two replica titles and tosses them down in the casket with the mid-atlantic title. Brian then goes back over into the duffel bag and digs out a wooden plaque and looks at it for a moment before digging out his own CWF World title. He slings his title over his shoulder and holds the plaque up to the crowd.

Brian Adams: This! This ladies and gentlemen, is what Pledge has been after ever since he made his return home to the CWF. Some people in the back have started the rumor that if Pledge was to have at least one more good run as a CWF World Heavyweight champion, and as you have been shown, he has had multiple chances to do just that, he would be eligible to be inducted into the hall of fame but has fallen short time and time again. This, my friend, is not an accomplishment of Pledge's, but a star. This star that shines the brightest in the sky that Pledge has been looking at for some time now. Pledge has reached and reached for it trying to grab a hold of this star only to fall flat on his face time and time again. This 'funeral' is not about the death of Pledge Allegiance or even his career. No, Pledge will live on and so will his career. This funeral is to mourn Pledge's chance of ever, and I mean EVER of getting inducted into the CWF Hall of Fame!

A chorus of boos fills the arena as Brian shoots off a smirk at the crowd before bringing the microphone back up.

Brian Adams: Pledge's chance of being a hall of famer was on life support after the main event of Super Card five when you heard me being announced as the new CWF world heavyweight champion. Then at Vendetta, I pulled the f**kin' plug!

Brian tosses the plaque into the casket with the other titles that he threw in before.

Brian Adams: I've said it before and I'll say it again. This title [Brian taps the belt resting on his shoulder] would have been Pledge's ticket to immortality. His name would have lived on forever with the likes of Triple X, Jeff Jericho, Z-Pac, Paul Blair, Steve Dart, Teddy Turnbuckle, and Bobby Crane.

BC: That's right, hall of famer here people.

TT: Get over yourself.

Brian Adams: But Pledge couldn't pull it off, as hard as he tried. The Hall of Fame will become what this title was to me at one point: a distant dream. Something I always wanted but could never have. I made my dream a reality by waiting for my moment and I took it by the throat, but Pledge? No, the man has squandered every possible chance he's been given, not earned, but given to achieve exactly what he's wanted. In the past three months Pledge has had the chance to grab the brass ring. You know what he does though? Instead of just admitting that he lost, he goes to forensic experts to try to stake his claim to something that isn't even his. Even in the case of a draw I would have still left Vendetta with this title. If he wasn't so busy pandering to you pieces of crap in the crowd, he might have done it, but he didn't! He didn't and that's the jist of it all. Now let us end this ceremony the proper way. Boys, that's your cue.

The band of bag pipe players start in with "Amazing Grace" as Brian once again digs into the duffel bag and pulls out a little can filled with gasoline and a book of matches. Brian pours the whole can of gasoline inside the casket and tosses the can over his shoulder. He tears off one match and strikes it to light it. He takes the lit match and lights up the whole book of matches and watches it burn for a moment before tossing it inside the casket. The inside of the casket goes up in flames as Brian stares into it as we go to a commercial.

TT: Welcome back fans…and I am still disgusted by the pathetic display we saw from Brian Adams just moments ago.

BC: He didn’t say anything that everyone else wasn’t already thinking!

TT: Give me a break…anyway, it's time for our first match in the first round of the Lord of the Ring tourney here on Showdown. We will see newcomer who was quite impressive in his debut at Vendetta in the triple threat with Davidson and Sickboy....Alex Ruettiger taking on New Church member The Raving Lunatic.

BC: I am excited to see where Rudy goes in the CWF.

TT: His name is Alex Ruettiger, Mr. Crane. Not Rudy.

BC: Yeah, but he's some relation right? I mean, Notre Dame? South Bend, Indiana? we have to get a reporter to sk him about that some time.

TT: I'll send Mr. Xamin a memo....sheesh...and here comes the youngster now...

Ring Announcer: Standing six foot one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirty-eight pounds...from South Bend, Indiana.....Alex Ruettiger!

“Hollywood Whore” by Papa Roach begins playing as Ruettiger makes his way to the ring.

BC: And here comes the nut job...

Ring Announcer: And his opponent hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada....representing The New Church....standing six foot two and weighing two hundred and sixty five pounds, The Raving Lunatic!

“Eye of the Storm” by Insane Clown Posse erupts through the arena as the Lunatic heads to the ring.

TT: Look at the Lunatic...he's clad in the ring attire usually seen on future CWF Hall of Famer Blood...he truly is a Lunatic, Bobby.

BC: Indeed. Now what is that sicko doing?

TT: He appears to be ripping handfuls of hair from his own head and offering them to Alex Ruettiger as some sort of pre-match gift. This guy is nuts Bobby. This poor kid gets ran through the gauntlet in his two opening bouts he has faced certain doom...he handled the first match rather well, despite making the mistake of trusting Sickboy. Let's see how things go between him and the Lunatic.

BC: I hope Rudy takes that sociopath out. He is clinically insane and should be kept under lock and key. Khrist has manipulated him and twisted the already damaged mind that was there. Now he thnks he's Blood. You know, between this guy and Pledge, I think the CWF has a problem with head injuries...not to mention Drastic...that guy is off his rocker.....

TT: Business is about to pick up as Alex Ruettiger delivers a standing drop kick to the chest of the Lunatic as he extends his hands with the hair offering them to the rookie...and Ruettiger is on top of him pounding away.

BC: But the Lunatic is...well, he's nuts and he has the stamina of Jason Vorhees and Freddy Krueger. This cat can flat out take a beating. Rudy now has the bigger man where he wants him and he locks in a Boston crab but the Lunatic starts doing push-ups despite the obvious pain he is feeling Teddy...this guy really isn't faking, he is really nuts huh?

TT: I've seen stronger men that would have tapped with the way Ruettiger has that submission hold locked in. Lunatic makes it to the ropes and the ref forces Ruettiger to release the hold. The Lunatic is slow to get up Bobby. this kid is REALLY impressing me sir. I think the CWF may have one of its next rising stars in this young man....

BC: For now maybe, but I heard from the Insider again, and it is only a matter of time, quite possibly as early as Summer Smash in June when we see that much talked about third generation rookie coming in that has already been signed by Xamin. I know some rumors Teddy and if they are true, the whole CWF is going to be turned upside down, just like Ruettiger had set up Lunatic, having been pounded into near oblivion, barley responsive, legs weak from the submission lock...

TT: And Ruettiger lines up in the corner opposite of Lunatics upside down body and sprints full speed, baseball slide into the fce of the Lunatic...WHAT A MOVE KID!!

BC: Good gawd, you are supposed to be the professional Turnbuckle, you may as well be lacing this kid Rudy's boots!

TT: It's Ruettiger Crane!

BC: His name is Ruettiger Crane? Is he some bastard kid I didn't know I had? I swear I'm sterile...I have the medical papers to prove'll not sue me!

TT: .............


Out of nowhere the Lunatic just kips up, turns grabs Ruettiger in a back cracker and nearly breaks the man in half.

BC: Cover by The Lunatic......1.........2...........3!!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner and advancing to the second round of the Lord of the Ring tournament… THE RAVING LUNATIC!

TT: Big win there for the deranged Raving Lunatic, and that means that regardless of who wins Khrist vs Motion, which is coming up folks, we will see another match between two New Church members next week. Is this going to cause a rift within that group, Bobby?

BC: I don’t know, Khrist has a pretty firm hold on their collective consciences so hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Motion lay down for his master…and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lunatic do the same next week. Suddenly Khrist has a free pass to the finals.

TT: That’s an extremely good point there, and if that’s the case he would walk into Night of Champions II with a marked advantage.

BC: It’s like the New Church has said all along…they control things and there’s nothing anybody can do about it!

TT: Alright well let’s get back to the ring as Sickboy takes on Trent Davidson in more round one action!

Ring Announcer: First up hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota standing six feet three inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds....The One and Only...TRENT DAVIDSON!

"Red Eyes & Tears" by BRMC plays as Davidson sprints towards ringside to a huge chorus of boos from the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, standing six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, via New York New York.....THIS....IS....SICKBOY!

Crowd explodes as "Angry Chair" by Alice in Chains erupts throughout the arena as Sickboy makes his way to the ring.

TT: And let's see if Sickboy has any trouble with Trent Davidson tonight Bobby, he made short order of both The One and Only and Alex Ruettiger at Vendetta.

BC: That's the thing about Sickboy, he's just that good. And about Davidson...he's just that bad. This match should not be very much of a sweat breaker for Sick tonight.

TT: And Sickboy nails Davidson with a standing clothesline and Davidson drops flat on his back and isn't moving. Sickboy can't believe it. Davidson is just twitching as if something is wrong with him. Sickboy climbs the ropes and he flies across the ring and lands knees first in the chest of Trent Davidson...Davidson twitching a bit more violently, i think something may be wrong with him Bobby Crane! Call a medic!

BC: I think you are right. I think he broke Davidson's neck....we should be so lucky....cover by Sickboy.....1......2.........3!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner......SICKBOY!!!

TT: Medical staff are attending Trent Davidson and hopefully he will be okay. Love them or hate them, you never want to see another person have a potentially dangerous injury.

BC: Speak for yourself Turnbuckle. I hope Davidson's a vegetable...

TT: Hell of a showing by Sickboy once again and you’ve got to wonder what the hell Trent Davidson is doing in the CWF if he’s not going to make an effort. Sickboy destroyed him and barely broke a sweat doing it…that’s a huge advantage for him heading into next week…he’ll be fresh as a daisy.

BC: That’s the good news for Sickboy. The bad news is he’s up against the winner of the Magnus Thunder and Drastic match later tonight.

TT: We have to take a quick commercial break, don’t go anywhere fans!

TT: Alright, welcome back ladies and gentlemen. I understand Pledge Allegiance has asked for some air time and you’ve got to believe this is going to be explosive. Will we get some answers or just create more questions?

BC: He’s coming out here next?

TT: We’re expecting him any moment now.

BC: Well usually wrestler’s just storm out of the back and take all the air time they want…he’s gone through the process of requesting air time…that tells me he’s doing things by the book and Xamin is going to have to get creative.

TT: Good observation…you have to think Pledge is entitled to a rematch, but then again…he had his title match, he came up short…is he still considered the number one contender? And furthermore…

“Iron Man” interrupts Teddy’s sentence and Pledge Allegiance appears at the top of the ramp. Dressed in a suit, Pledge walks down the aisle, with purpose. He has a very large book tucked under his arm. Ignoring the fans trying to slap hands with him, he walks up the ring steps, enters the ring and calls for a microphone. The time keeper tosses him a mic. He taps the tip of the microphone to make sure it’s on.

BC: Is that the Bible under his arm? Pledge is gonna make Xamin answer to God tonight!

TT: That’s the CWF rulebook, Bobby. You can tell by those giant letters on the cover that say “CWF”…that’s a far cry from the bible, you need to see an optometrist.

BC: There’s nothing wrong with my feet.

Pledge Allegiance: I’m going to make this short and sweet. Over the last week, I’ve done a lot of research. In my hand is a copy of The CWF Rulebook. I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to page 175, paragraph five, section 4 which reads...ahem, ahem…

“If, during the course of a championship steel cage match, should there be a lack of evidence which will not conclusively decide a winner, both participants MUST re-enter the cage and the match MUST be restarted.”

So, whoever decided at Vendetta that the match should end was wrong. According to the rulebook, that match should have never ended.

Pledge starts to get hyped up and unfastens the buttons of his shirt and pulls his tie off.

Pledge Allegiance: I want a rematch and I want it NOW!

Listen to me, X, and listen to me well…if you don’t grant me a rematch at the next possible card I will make your life a living hell. I will sue you for everything you have so much so that this might just become The Pledge Allegiance Wrestling Federation when I’m done with you. Then, I will come after you with with everything I have; your little sock puppet Kodiak Winters will not be able to save you!

You can’t protect Adams and his title forever! I’ve beaten him once, he’s never beaten me…

Mark Xamin appears on the video screen.

Mark Xamin: Now Pledge, I know you didn’t just call out Kodiak Winters. I mean with all the problems you have these days, what with the controversy in the main event at Vendetta, and the fact that Jimmy Washington wants to tear your head off and use it as a basketball…you couldn’t possibly be so stupid as to draw the ire of The Beast, could you? Tell you what, I’ll tell Kodiak to pretend he didn’t hear that because I know you’re fired up.

And rightfully so, actually. I agree with you, the wrong call was made last week in the World Championship match. The match should have been restarted. And I’ve had a week to reflect on this. You will have your rematch, Pledge.

The crowd roars.

Mark Xamin: But not tonight. In fact, not even next week.

The cheers turn to boos.

Mark Xamin: No, next week Brian Adams has another commitment but we’ll get to that later. Pledge, I racked my brain all week trying to think of the best way to go about this, and it just seems to me that Vendetta’s main event was literally too close to call, so I’ve come up with an idea. At Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring, you will get your CWF World Heavyweight Championship rematch. But it will be in a triple threat match!

Pledge screams at the video screen and the fans become more hostile.

Mark Xamin: Now calm down, Pledge…it’s not what you think. See this isn’t your traditional triple threat match. In fact, the only two participants in the match will be you and Brian Adams. But here’s the catch…you will wrestle in not one, not two, but three separate matches against each other that night. The first will be a standard one fall match. The second will be a ladder match. And the third…and this is my personal favorite….the third, if necessary, will be a Last Man Standing match! Oh but it doesn’t end there…in light of the cage match at Vendetta, I thought what the hell, why not throw them in another cage but eliminate the controversy? So the Last Man Standing match will take place inside a cage…but it will be Hell in a Cell! The first man to win two of the three matches will be declared the winner and undisputed CWF World Heavyweight Champion!

So Pledge…if I were you, I’d be grateful that you’ve been given until May 30th to prepare for this thing…because I guarantee you, neither one of you will ever be the same again when the triple threat is finished.

Pledge Allegiance drops the mic and furiously walks up the ramp, ignoring the fans once again.

TT: My God…well the war rages on, Bobby…

BC: A regular match, ok…a ladder match, sure…a Last Man Standing, Hell in a Cell match? I’m even ok with that. But all three in one night?

TT: Well not necessarily…if Pledge wins the first two matches then the third isn’t necessary.

BC: Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. Adams and Pledge are so evenly matched I wouldn’t be surprised to see them both drop for a ten count in the Last Man Standing match and have to do this thing all over again!

TT: Well Xamin also mentioned something about Brian Adams being in action next week but I guess we’ll have to wait until later to find out what he meant by that…

BC: You can bet that whatever it is, it’s gonna be huge.

TT: Well nonetheless, we are ready for more round one action as the Lord of the Ring tournament continues!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall, and is round one of the Lord of the Ring tournament! Introducing first…

Suddenly the lights drop. From the rafters, Khrist descends with his arms outstretched like a cross. He hovers over the ring with a microphone.

TT: This guy gets more bizarre every week…

Khrist: Motion, my brother. You have been called by the New Church to spread the good word of Khrist. And tonight, I bestow upon you the greatest honor – the chance the lay down for your savior, to make the ultimate sacrifice. And if you do, dear brother…you will surely see the gates of heaven opened for you on your last day. Now come! And make your choice.

Khrist fully descends into the ring and unlatches the cords that lowered him. Motion walks out looking humble, his head down. He wastes no time climbing into the ring, and immediately lies down. Khrist places one foot on his chest and the referee makes the cover.




Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…KHRIST!

TT: Khrist has these guys completely brainwashed and you were right, Bobby…just like you predicted, Motion laid down for Khrist and I suspect The Raving Lunatic will do the same next week. Khrist is going to have a clear path right to the finals and this is a disgrace!

BC: It’s smart, Teddy!

TT: Hold on a minute…I’m being told that something is up in Pledge Allegiance’s locker room…

BC: Uh oh…this is where things start to get ugly.

TT: Can we get a camera back there? Let’s go backstage to Pledge’s locker room, I hope this isn’t bad…

We cut backstage as Pledge Allegiance makes his way to his dressing room. He pushes open the door to his dressing room. The lights are out. He fumbles around to find the light switch and as soon as he does he is instantly startled.


"Calle Ocho" By Pitbull begins to play over a stereo, and Pledge turns beet red. His room is packed with men and women all dancing and partying to the music. Hanging from the ceiling is a giant banner that reads "Congrats on the Loss, Loser!” Suddenly Landon, a large black member of The Juggernaut's Entourage emerges from the crowd of jam packed people and bumps into Pledge.

Landon (shouting): This is a great party but we're running out of beer! Where the hell is the beer!?

Pledge cringes his teeth, marches over to the stereo and turns it off.

Pledge: All of you people need to get out! NOW!

Voice: HEY! What do you mean “you people”?!

Pledge takes a second look around and realizes that he is the only white person in the room. Then the monstrous Jimmy "The Juggernaut" Washington stands up from the far side of the room and begins to walk towards Pledge. The crowd parts, making a path for The Juggernaut. The Juggernaut walks up to Pledge.

Pledge: What, is this your idea of a joke?

The Juggernaut: Oh no, this is no joke... this is very real! We're here to celebrate you losing your match last week. We're here to celebrate the fact that even though you tried your best you just couldn't get the job done against Brian Adams! We're here, to celebrate you!

Pledge: Oh, is that all...

The Juggernaut: That’s all. I told you I had a surprise for you. What did you think I was gonna do? Wrap a chair around your head?

Crowd in Unison: Yeah!

The Juggernaut: Not this time! But consider yourself warned. Whether you are there to help me or not... if you ever get yourself involved in one of my matches again, I'll end your god damn career. Understand?

Pledge stares down The Juggernaut unimpressed by the threat.

Pledge: Are you done? Because if I'm not mistaken, you lost as well.

The Juggernaut: Yeah, I lost. But rather than focus on the past and hire an investigator to change the outcome of a match I lost, I'm focusing on the future and getting back my title, maybe you should do the same. Now I'm done here!

The Juggernaut turns to the crowd.

Landon: Juggy, where's the beer?

The Juggernaut: More beer at the bus!

The crowd charges towards the door all at the same time and practically disappears out of the dressing room. The Juggernaut slowly backs out of the dressing room never taking his eyes off of Pledge.

BC: I don’t think Pledge is getting off that easy…

TT: Juggernaut has something up his sleeve, no doubt about it and Pledge had better grow eyes in the back of his head. We have to take a short commercial break fans, don’t go anywhere!

TT: Welcome back fans…it’s been a chaotic evening so far and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon…

[Magnus Thunder's entrance music begins.] TT: Wait just a minute! Magnus Thunder is coming to the ring after a week's hiatus and...

BC: That's not the same Magnus I remember...he's looks like he just jumped out of Ben Hur!

TT: I'd watch what you say, Bobby! He looks ready to kill!

[Magnus grabs a mic and steps in. He is wearing a set of chain-reinforced banded leather armor. A long black leather cloak is draped around his shoulders. Stormbringer in hand. The helm covers most of his face. The music fades.]

TT: What a sinister visage standing before us!

BC: He's insane...I knew it all along!

Magnus Thunder: In a short passage of time, I have been abandoned and betrayed by those I trusted most. I have harbored the anger of a thousand storms that I would one day unleash upon them. But no longer. It is time to put past wrongs aside. Time for justice once again. I call forth you, Pledge Allegiance.

Pledge enters, but stays near the entrance.

Magnus Thunder: Something wrong, friend?

Pledge: I'm quite comfortable here, thank you very much. Now get to the point.

Magnus: Just as well. Several weeks ago, you offered me a hand of friendship in the wake of your mania. I am here to accept this on a conditional basis.

Pledge: Fair enough. What's your condition?

Magnus: Equity.

Pledge is confused. Blood ambushes him from behind and gives him the PLEDGE HAMMER!!!

TT: OH MY WORD!!! A Pledge Hammer right on the stage!


Magnus: Equity. Now we are even. Pledge, I accept your offer.

Magnus walks to the back.

TT: Equity? What in blazes has gotten into his head?

BC: I dunno, Teddy! But it's awesome!

TT: Magnus Thunder with a new edge and poor Pledge Allegiance has seemingly everyone in the CWF gunning for him!

BC: He’s made too many enemies! He better hope he makes it to Night of Champions II…I’m sure he’ll welcome being locked in a cell, he won’t have to worry about everyone on the roster coming out to take his head off!

TT: And now what the hell is this? A podium and red carpet being set up in the ring…and we’re heading backstage!

The scene fades in at the entry to the underground parking for the wrestlers beneath the arena. Seven limousines pull in procession led by a black Masserati. As they all head through and park and begin to unload, it appears that the recently crowned CWF National champion "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne has brought the majority of his family with him for some sort of celebration event here tonight. Among those present are Matt Osbourne, Eric Osbourne, Tim and Tom Osbourne and a younger male teenager with baggy jeans and a long sleeved hoody on with the hood up and dark glasses on beneath what little is showing beneath the shaggy hair and hood. Osbourne motions to them all to follow him and the head through the backstage area and as the entourage approaches the curtain to pass through to the ramp confetti explodes throughout the arena as "Celebrate" by Kool and the Gang plays and the Osbourne Clan makes its way to the ring as a podium is being set-up in the center of the red carpet that has been placed in the ring. The Nitemare steps behind the podium as the rest gather behind him.

NRO: Ladies and gentleman, I stand before you this evening humbled. I have changed a lot of things about myself during the four years I took off from this business. But one thing has been consistent about me throughout my fifteen year career is that I always come out in the big match. And at Vendetta I was facing the largest man I had ever squared off with. And I defeated him. I am sure my detractors will point out this....

Osbourne points to the jumbo screen as a clip is shown from Vendetta when Pledge swung for the fences and missed Rob, instead connecting with The Juggernaut's head leaving a dent the shape of his head in the chair thus leading to The Nitemare's win.

NRO: You see, the thing about a big match like that is, you seize every opportunity to win. I could have beaten on you for another hour longer, I was more than prepared to take you the distance. Pledge just saved me time and put you out of your misery much faster. But I am here tonight to tell you that I am no paper champion. I will defend this title. And because I want to prove a point. Prove a point to you that at Night Of Champions, you will get your contractually obligated rematch. But then, after I beat you up one last time, you are done with this title until I have moved on.

Speaking of moving on. My goal in returning to the squared circle wasn't just to win a CWF title to shut up the Brian Adam's of the world who have nothing else to say to me except "win a CWF title and then you have some legit standing, all of your other countless titles and accolades don't mean anything. Get some gold here and then talk to me." Well Brian Adams, I have done that. And now I've done the talking to Xamin. It's time to put up or shut up, son. Champ against Champ, our titles are not on the line, but next week hot shot, you and me, main event. Keep something in mind as you lie restless at night trying to rest your weary mind....!

TT: That’s huge! So that’s what Xamin was talking about earlier…Brian Adams takes on “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne next week on Showdown!

Just then Drastic, still in handcuffs rushes the ring and dives at the young man standing near Osbourne in the hoody's legs but the younger man does a back flip and avoids the spear. Instead, Drastic nails "The Spider" Tom Osbourne but before he can even get back up, Tom's brother "The Saint" Tim Osbourne is on him in a flash, and has him held face down with a knee in the back of his neck. The Nitemare removes the mic from the stand and leans down next to Drastic who is nearly foaming at the mouth trying to get at the National Champion....

NRO: Let me tell you something you obsessive little BASTARD! You may have my last name but you are not welcome here. BRIAN JOSEPH OSBOURNE!! That's right shit for brains, I know who you are. You have just begun to put the pieces together, haven't you? Well let me tell you this, I'm done footing the bill for your care. I’m calling your daddy and he can take your crazy ass back to the state nut house!

As Osbourne pulls his cell phone out Drastic lunges for him, Rob moves as Tim and Tom both grab Drastic...Matt bounces off the far ropes and the six foot ten inch three hundred pound redneck mountain of a man goes to deliver a near decapitating lariat clothesline from hell to Drastic, but Drastic's eyes roll back in his head and the vein in his forehead pops out and his body goes limp and Matt Osbourne hits both Tim and Tom instead of Drastic and drops both of his cousins....Drastic's eyes return to normal and he rolls out of the ring just as Matt is about to stomp him. Rob and the teenager stand watching as Drastic hops the guardrail, nose and mouth bleeding and sprints through the crowd.

TT: My God, did we hear that right? Drastic is an Osbourne?! This place has officially gone crazy and wait a damn minute, what’s this now?!

"Monsters" by Matchbook Romance begins to blast over the PA and The Juggernaut marches out onto the entrance ramp followed by Lexington, and his entire entourage. They stand at the top of the ramp as the entourage surrounds Juggernaut and The Nitemare and the Osbourne clan look on from the ring. The Juggernaut grabs a microphone.

The Juggernaut: Alright, I'm gonna get right down to it. March 7th 2009, Night of Champions! I made my debut here in the CWF! My career in the CWF begins with The Night of Champions and it could end at the next Night of Champions.

BC: What! What is he talking about?!

TT: I don't know, The Juggernaut is a wild card.

The Juggernaut: Rob Osbourne, last week, you managed to win your first CWF championship. It’s about time, right! Wrong! See because I'm proposing a match at The Night of Champions for that very title. If I win! You do not get a rematch against me for the title. So as long as I have the title, you cannot have it. However, if i lose...not only will I not come after you or your title... I will leave the CWF. I will nullify my contract and will end my professional career right where it began. Night of Champions.

BC: Is he serious?!

TT: Is think The Juggernaut may have bitten off more than he can chew on this one.

The Juggernaut: Oh and one more stipulation... to make sure there’s no outside interference. I want this match to take place in a cage and I want none other than Mark Xamin's enforcer as the special guess referee.

TT: Ok now I KNOW he’s crazy! Kodiak Winters wants to take his head off!

The crowd begins to cheer for the idea of the match.

The Juggernaut: Now.. this is what I want. If I don't get what I want… if this match is not on the card by next week, I promise you this... The Juggernaut is going on the f**king warpath. I'll break Mark Xamin in half. I'll eat that little enforcer of his for breakfast and then I'll wrap the National title around Rob Osbourne's neck.

Xamin, I'm giving you a chance to get rid of me, and Rob I'm giving you a chance to prove that you can actually beat me without outside interference. But you will not beat me... Because I am The Baddest Mother F**ker in the World!

Rob Osbourne picks his mic back up and speaks up.

NRO: Well big boy you are every bit as dumb as you look…you want it, you got it. Night of Champions, I will end your career….BITCH!

TT: My God! Night of Champions is shaping up to be huge!

BC: Adams and Pledge, Osbourne and Juggernaut, Lord of the Ring tournament finals…this is insanity!

TT: We are going to take our final commercial break…we will be back with the main event, Drastic taking on Magnus Thunder!

TT: Well ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Showdown, and the ring crew has just finished clearing the confetti and blood from the Osbourne celebration. What do you make of all that, Bobby?

BC: Well, I would say we know who little BJ was in that promo we saw of Drastic's earlier this week on PWN. Drastic is obviously a stage name, and his given name is Brian Joseph Osbourne.

TT: As in Joe "The Crippler" Osbourne? Rob Osbourne's father?

BC: One in the same. But don't forget Teddy, old Joe got around. He's not just Rob's dad. He's Chris Osbourne's father, Eric "2 Xtreme" Osbourne's father, Pledge Allegence's father, so that doesn't mean we know exactly how Drastic is related to Rob Osbourne, but he is indeed.

TT: Just when you thought you knew all of the Osbournes...more come out of the wood work.

BC: Like any good Tennessee redneck families. Nothing else to do in the country for fun except making babies!

TT: Oh brother...well, it's time for the newly named Osbourne family member to compete in the first round of the Lord of the Ring tournament here against the CWF Legend, the former CWF tag team champion who is no stranger to the hardware...Magnus Thunder.

BC: Great Odin's Raven! The Nordic giant is going to have his hands full with Drastic here tonight.

TT: Well, him being an Osbourne makes sense now Bobby, the kid as cracked up as he is, is undefeated to date in the CWF. And he hasn't faced the cream puffs...his most recent victory was over Magnus's friend and fellow CWF legend Blood. Can he take out Magnus as well?

BC: Not if he hasn't gotten those hand cuffs off yet he won't.

Ring Announcer: First, hailing from Van Nuys, California standing 6'1" and weighing 236 lbs.....THIS.....IS......DRASTIC!!

"Never Enough" by Five Finger Death Punch blasts out as the lights in the arena go out and pitch black takes over. Red pin lights flash throughout the arena as a giant butterfly made of blood fills the screen on the jumbo screen. Lightning cracks and hits the center of the ring as Drastic steps out from behind the curtain with his hand securely handcuffed behind his waist. He gingerly walks to the ring taunting the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from Jotunheim, Norway…weighing in at 500 pounds… MAGNUS THUNDER!

"Just Like You Imagined" by Nine Inch Nails hit and Magnus Thunder strides through the curtain, his hulking figure an awe inspiring sight. Thunder rolls through the arena as Magnus makes his way down the aisles and steps over the top rope, into the ring.

BC: I for one can't wait to see Drastic get just out and out beat up by the much larger, much stronger, and more ring savvy veteran Magnus Thunder. Drastic may have a chance if he had his hands, but as it is. I wouldn't bet on him.

TT: My friend, we know the X factor in Drastic's chemical make-up....He's an Osbourne...never bet against him...

BC: I'm already tired of that name and I have a funny feeling we're going to be hearing more and more of it...

TT: What does that mean Bobby Crane?

BC: Shh....I'll never tell!

TT: Magnus walks up to Drastic and just clubs him with a lumbering forearm across the chest and Drastic just crumples but only falls to one knee. Drastic seems shocked at the god-like strength of Magnus Thunder!

BC: The big man is pulling Drastic up by the collar of his tattered NRO t-shirt...and he is showing him the Magnus Thunder definition of pain and hoists him into a torture rack, after a few moments of racking him, he finishes the move off with a death valley driver. Magnus quickly back to his feet and Drastic is in a world of pain....he's flipping out Teddy...

TT: The eyes roll back and Drastic seizes in the center of the ring...magnus is unsure what to do...suddenly Drastic is bleeding from the nose and his eyes ar eback to normal, and he kips up....kick to the stomach of the big man, but to no effect...another, but barely effecting Magnus, Drastic nails an ensiguri and the Nordic Giant takes a knee...Drastic to the ropes....he hits them and comes back on a rebound. Magnus goes for a big boot. Drastic baseball slides under the bigboot. Back on his feet quickly behind Magnus and he dropkicks the leg out from underneath the big man. Magnus goes crashing hard to the mat.


TT: I think the arena shook.

BC: With Drastic having his hands behind his back, handcuffed there isn’t a lot he can do. Drastic goes to the corner quickly while Magnus is still on the mat. He waits as Magnus gets up slowly favoring his knee. Drastic leaps off the ropes spinning in a corkscrew style, landing in a dropkick to the legs of Magnus once more. Magnus being hit with such impact stumbles backwards into the other side of the ring. Drastic steps back into the other corner and gets a running start. Drastic does a back flip and lands it into a dropkick to the front of Magnus' knees. Magnus falls down to the mat.

TT: Take the legs away from a giant and he isn’t much of a giant for long. Drastic goes back to the corner again. He takes off running once more but as he gets to the corner Magnus reaches out and grabs Drastic by the throat.

BC: Well I think Magnus on his knees is about as tall as Drastic is standing up.

TT: Magnus struggles to stand. Still holding Drastic by the throat he lefts Drastic into the air high.


TT: What is going to happen now?

BC: Well we know Magnus has problems with Khrist, but is it possible he is here to deal with the comments our psycho sadistic hero, Drastic said this past week ?

TT: Khrist nods to the ring as and looks to the ramp expecting Lunatic to run down to ringside. But Lunatic is nowhere to be found....Khrist is up on the apron and Magnus lets go of Drastic and lunges out at Khrist but Khrist jumps off the apron. Meanwhile behind Magnus is Drastic climbing the rope....Magnus turns around and Drastic jumps off hitting Magnus in the face with the QQ. Magnus stumbles forward to his knee. Drastic gets up and bounces off the rope. He hits Magnus with the QQ once more. Magnus now sprawled out nearly the entire ring. Drastic runs to the far turnbuckle.

BC: Didn't Drastic say he would help Magnus if the New Church tried to interfere? Drastic leaps off spinning in a shooting star press, landing it in a double stomp to Magnus' chest. Magnus spits blood all into the air. Drastic slowly getting back up places a knee over the throat of Magnus and motions for the ref to count.

1……... 2............3!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner….DRASTIC!

TT: Wow.... all with his hands behind his back....

BC: Look Teddy!!

TT: Khrist is in the ring. Drastic standing over Magnus.

BC: What is going to happen?

Khrist is given a mic and speaks.

Khrist: Drastic. I shall forgive your trespasses if you just leave the ring. My rabid dog will not have to bite. What will it be? Shall I free you of your indiscretions?

Blood comes running out of the back. Blood is bruised and obviously still in much pain from what took place at Vendetta. The fans go nuts but Khrist doesn’t see what is going on. Blood sneaks into the ring behind them and Drastic out of nowhere hits Magnus again with the QQ and Blood hitting Khrist in the back of the head with an axe handle smash. Blood checks on Magnus and rolls him out of the ring. Drastic looks down and sees his hands are suddenly freed. The handcuffs somehow broke. Drastic stands and his eyes roll into the back of his head. He walks over to Khrist and drags his body to the corner and begins punching him repeatedly. Blood begins to pour from the mouth of Khrist.

TT: What in the hell is happening?

BC: Drastic has snapped!

TT: .... yea about that Bobby...

BC: What?!

TT: He has never been right to snap....

BC: Oh c’mon Teddy! You know what I mean!

Drastic turns and walks slowly to the corner. He runs full speed at Khrist hitting him with the GG. Khrist now out in the middle of the ring. Drastic looks to the corner and begins to climb... DRASTIC MEASURE!! More blood spews from the mouth of Khrist like a fountain of blood. The ring is covered in it.

TT: This is just sick. How in the hell are Xamin and Winters letting this happen?

Khrist bleeding profusely in the ring and just as Blood is helping Magnus up the ramp, Xamin and Winters come out from behind the curtain. Drastic looks up at the stage to see his boss and the enforcer. He reaches down to Khrist and runs his hand through the blood of Khrist. He brings it to his mouth and licks the blood off of his hand then takes off through towards backstage.

TT: My God what a scene! We are out of time, we’ll see you next week fans!

BC: Ahhh!

Fade to black.