We are at Showdown and Khrist is being carried away from the ring. Mark Xamin and Kodiak Winters stand at the curtain watching as Khrist bleeds profusely on the stretcher. The camera follows the paramedics and Khrist into the back stage area and beyond to the back parking lot where an ambulance is waiting for them. They load Khrist into the vehicle. They have to push the camera man away to keep them from getting into the back with him. The Camera watches as they sound their siren and take off at a high rate of speed. Fade out.

The camera sparks back on to a picture of a hospital. In big bold letters on the front of the building the words “Birmingham Mercy General” stand out above large automatic sliding glass doors. The camera heads into the large building and to a counter that is centered in front of the large sliding doors. You can hear a voice ask the cute young brunette behind the counter if this is where Khrist was admitted earlier. After laughing a bit and being told by the voice behind the camera that the request was a serious one the girl checks some papers in front of her and click clacks away at the keyboard of her computer for a second. The smile drops from her face quickly before she tells him that Khrist was admitted earlier and is in the ICU. She says that he is in bad shape and may not make it. The voice asks what room and she tells him. The camera turns and is now headed for an elevator.

We follow the camera through the hallways of Birmingham Mercy General Hospital until we reach a room busy with men in long white coats and people in beds screaming random painful things. The man approaches another desk and asks the lady here where Khrist can be found. She looks at some papers like the receptionist before her and stands.

Receptionist: Follow me sir.

The camera follows her to a curtained off bed. She talks to the voice behind the camera before opening the curtain.

Receptionist: I warn you... he isn't in good condition. This might be a little hard to look at. You may not want it on tv… [she points at the video camera]… if that’s what that’s for.

Voice: No we thrive on realism in the CWF ma'am. Can we see him please?

A solemn look washes over her face as she slowly drags the curtain along its silver rod. As the curtain opens you can see a puddle of blood on the floor behind it. You see sheets that were once white but have been soaked blood red. The one thing you do not see is Khrist. The voice is frantically asking the receptionist if she has seen him. He screams things like “where the hell is he” and “how do you just lose a man like that?” After checking her computer for what seems like forever she looks up and shakes her head no.

Receptionist: He's just not here.

Fade in to a sold out Ralph Engelstad Arena in Grand Forks, North Dakota. 11, 410 screaming fans have jam packed the arena to capacity. Fireworks explode at the entrance ramp and above the ring, igniting the fans into a frenzy. Standing at ringside is Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to Grand Forks, North Dakota! Welcome to a sold out Ralph Engelstad Arena! And yes indeed, welcome to the CWF’s Saturday Night Showdown! Good evening everyone, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…and Bobby, we have a pay-per-view quality line up here tonight!

BC: What a main event! I mean good Lord, will Brian Adams and Rob Osbourne even make it to Night of Champions II? Based on the war of words that’s been going on all week, it sounds like they’re going to absolutely tear each other apart here in Grand Forks!

TT: That is going to be an epic main event but also, Pledge Allegiance will square off against The Juggernaut here tonight, and you know The Juggernaut is out for revenge because it was Pledge who cost him the National Championship at Vendetta just two short weeks ago!

BC: Yeah so even if Brian Adams doesn’t make it to Night of Champions, there’s no telling if Pledge will either, because The Juggernaut is not exactly the most forgiving person on the roster.

TT: In addition, we will see round two of the Lord of the Ring tournament, and ultimately tonight we will find out who the finalists will be…and they will go one on one at Night of Champions II to determine the first ever CWF Lord of the Ring and who will face the CWF World Heavyweight Champion, whomever that may be, at Summer Smash 2009 on June 27th!

BC: And isn’t it fitting at Night of Champions will emanate from Las Vegas, Nevada? The stakes are high, baby!

TT: The MGM Grand Garden Arena will be rocking on May the 30th no doubt! Also tonight, Magnus Thunder is in action as he takes on Trent Davidson…

BC: Trent Davidson, the one and only? More like the one night stand, Teddy. This guy has been MIA since his first night on the job and Magnus has a new edge about him…he could put the final nail in Trent’s coffin!

TT: Alex Ruettiger will go one on one with Motion…and that’s just the card for the night, fans…as we’ve become accustomed to, that’s usually half the fun…so much more will undoubtedly happen tonight and we are ready to go to the ring for our opening match up!

BC: Woo!

TT: So let’s get down to the ring where Trent Davidson awaits the arrival of Magnus Thunder...

BC: Trent looks like he's shat himself Teddy.

The crowd erupts as "Just Like You Imagined" by Nine Inch Nails begins to play and the announcer begins to speak.

Announcer: Standing 7'5 and weighing in at 500lbs. He comes to us today from Jotunheim, Norway. He is Magnus Thunder!

Thunder appears at the curtain to a roaring round of applause from the crowd. He makes his way to the ring, and once he is inside the match is underway. Trent tries to cut Magnus off by attacking him at the ropes but the rights and lefts he's throwing have no effect. Magnus rears back and throws a right at Davidson's face that connects. Trent staggers back as Magnus fishes entering the ring. Trent is on the run now. He tries to slide under the ropes to the outside but Magnus is having none of it.

TT: Davidson isn't even putting up a fight Bobby. He's pathetic in there. Running like that.

He has a hold of Trent's boot and he pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Trent attempts an enzugiri but to no avail as Magnus catches his other foot in one gigantic hand. With one of Trent's feet in each hand Magnus snaps back and flings Davidson across the ring. Trent lands on the top of his head in an awkward way. Magnus is up and he stalks his prey. Davidson stirs as Thunder drops his large elbow in the middle of his chest.

BC: That'll take the wind out of you huh?

TT: Sure will, Bobby… that’s a quarter ton coming down on his chest.

Magnus tries to pick Davidson up to his feet, but his body is limp. Instead Magnus drags him to the corner. He sets his head up against the bottom turnbuckle and walks to the opposite corner. Magnus charges at full force and drives his knee square into Trent's head. Magnus looks around at the crowd as Davidson writhes in pain on the mat.

Magnus reaches down and picks up his opponent by the hair. He pulls Trent's head between his tree stump-like legs and heaves up on his body lifting Trent above his head. He brings him down to the mat with horrifying force without letting him go. He brings Trent's lifeless body back above his head and brings him down hard once more without releasing his grip. Once more he brings Davidson's body down to the mat this time sitting down with him. You can see spit and blood come from Trent's mouth when his body hits the mat the third time. The ref goes to the mat and quickly counts...




Your winner! Magnus Thunder.

TT: Absolute dominance…Trent Davidson didn’t stand a chance and Magnus Thunder is looking back to his dominant self…has he finally moved on from his crusade against The New Church? If he has…Brian Adams better sleep with one eye open because Magnus is probably due a title shot after narrowly losing the title match at Super Card V.

BC: Brian isn’t afraid of Magnus Thunder!

TT: Well think back to Night of Champions I…that night in Montreal, Magnus Thunder defeated Brian Adams cleanly, in the middle of the ring…and that has been the only clean victory anyone has scored over Brian Adams thus far.

BC: Yeah well, then a week later on Showdown, Brian Adams beat Magnus cleanly…and then at Super Card V, Adams beat him again to win the title!

TT: That’s true but you can’t count the Elimination Chamber as a clean one on one victory…there were four other men in that match and they all played a hand in Magnus Thunder going down that night. We are still waiting for the rubber match!

BC: Shut up! No one wants to see that!

TT: I think everyone does, but nonetheless…we are going to take a short commercial break. When we come back, Alex Ruettiger takes on Motion! The Lord of the Ring tournament continues with round two! And we will address the hottest rumor in wrestling! Don’t go anywhere!

TT: Welcome back fans…well it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.’s The Insider reported several weeks ago that a major player would be returning to the CWF. A Hall of Famer…someone who was considered the face of the Hall of Fame.

BC: I’m already here!

TT: No you dolt. That of course immediately sent the internet community into pandemonium. It was speculation between Jeff Jericho, Triple X, perhaps even Steve Dart…but earlier this week, we got our answer. Can you believe this…Jeff Jericho ladies and gentlemen…Jeff Jericho made an appearance on the CWF network this week…and here is what he had to say.

Cut to a clip of Jeff Jericho’s promo from earlier this week.


It is your God, "Golden One" Jeff Jericho, coming to you live and in person. I will come straight to the point. Just over five years ago I wrestled my last match against Z-Pac in an 80 minute iron man match. It marked the end of the most legendary career the world had ever witnessed. At the end of my career I had won 22 World titles, won 60 other titles on top of it, created the most dominate stable of all time (The Superstarz Corporation), won 5 CWF World titles, became the first inductee into CWF Hall of Fame, been the President of the CWF and even owned it for a brief time in 2004. Truly, I had done it all during my legendary career which nobody could match.

Since then I have traveled the world, slept with countless models, partied with Hollywood's elite and expanded my billion dollar business into a multi-billion dollar business.

And even though some of my retirement has been successful, what have the last 4 years gotten me? BORED! BORED!

A year ago, I returned to wrestling and joined a global wrestling company called FBW. I picked up right where I left off and dominated the world. Since returning to FBW I have since added 18 more World titles to my resume making me a 40 time world champion. But, after a year of destroying the competition the world over I now find myself at a cross roads again. I am BORED once again.

What can cure my boredom? The CWF!

I hear the calls of my name echoing from those within the CWF roster. I hear the faint cries of challenges headed my way from fools trying to make a name for themselves. I've ignored them for far too long. Now the time has come for me to once again return to the CWF and shake it down to its foundation. But it’s not going to be like all the other times before. I have done it all in the CWF. Coming back and rehashing all the same old stuff bores me already. It is time for something new. What is that something new, what will my role be, what will be my impact? I do not know but whatever it is it will be earth shattering.

So, to sum up...I AM BACK BITCHES! I'll see you all real soon, trust me!

Cut back to Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane at ringside.

TT: And that was it. Just like that, he’s back…but we don’t know when, we don’t know where, and more importantly, we don’t know how he is going to arrive. Mark Xamin has refrained from commenting on the issue until right now fans…that’s right, Mark Xamin is standing by to address the Jeff Jericho issue…

BC: I can’t believe this!

Mark Xamin appears on the video screen, clad in his usual white dress shirt and red tie. Kodiak Winters stands behind him, arms crossed.

MARK XAMIN: For the past three weeks I’ve been asked constantly, ‘where’s Jeff Jericho?’. The answer is, I don’t know. I’ve been asked ‘when is Jeff Jericho coming back?’. I don’t know. ‘How is the infamous Jeff Jericho going to make his triumphant return?’. I don’t know. Let me set the record straight right now. The Jericho camp contacted me about a month and a half ago expressing an interest in a return to the CWF. I have not seen Jeff Jericho in some five years. I don’t know what kind of shape the man is in. You heard what he said, he’s been wrestling in various indy promotions, dominating kids who probably stand no chance…but competing on a stage as big as the CWF requires a higher level of attrition, a high level of fitness and a much higher degree of dedication. Jericho has obviously shown us all of these things in the past, moreso than anyone else. He is undoubtedly the biggest star the CWF has ever produced, and there have been a good number of them. I probably don’t need to run down the list but so many stars got their break here…Triple X, Steve Dart, Z-Pac, Shadow Maxx, Magnus Thunder, Bain, Blood, Sammy Salerno, the list goes on and on and on…but none of them were ever bigger than Jeff Jericho.

So, is he coming back? I don’t know what to tell you. His promo this week came as a shock to me and I have had no contact with him whatsoever since it aired. Should he decide to return, as he apparently has, I would no doubt welcome him back, despite the rocky history. But Jericho, I do have a message for you. Don’t make the mistake so many others have made. Don’t come back and tarnish your name. You’re a Hall of Famer, you’re spoken of as a mythical figure around here, as if you’re some kind of God. Don’t reveal the man behind the curtain, Jericho…don’t show up and go half ass. If you’re going to return, return…but give it everything you’ve got. Give us the Jeff Jericho that made you a legend, give us the full time, main event, cream of the crop, larger than life Jeff Jericho…not some washed up, shell of your former self.

And Jericho…if you do return…no surprises.

And with that, the video feed cuts out.

TT: No doubt everyone is on edge here at the news of Jeff Jericho’s imminent return, and right now Dennis Donnelly is standing by with Pledge Allegiance, a man with an extensive history with Jeff Jericho…Dennis?

DD: Thanks Teddy. I'm here with Pledge Allegiance and Pledge, if I could I'd like to get your input on one of the biggest items of CWF news to come down the pike lately, and that's the impending arrival of "The Golden One" Jeff Jericho.

Pledge Allegiance: You know, after weeks of rumor, innuendo, and speculation, we now have confirmation that Jericho's on his way back to the CWF. I for one, can't wait, Dennis. You see, Jericho's in for a rude awakening if he dares step back into a CWF ring. The CWF of today is vastly different than The CWF that Jeff Jericho might remember. The CWF of today belongs to yours truly, and I really like it that way. So great, Jericho's back. He's just going to have to work his way up the ladder just like everyone else does. If he thinks that we're going to roll out the red carpet for him, he's really got another thing coming to him. I really don't want to be the bearer of bad news fans, but I'm aiming to make Jericho's visit here short and sweet. I plan on sending him packing right away. However, not before we give the World the long awaited match-up of The Legend versus The Icon!

DD: Whoa, some strong words for "The Golden One" from Pledge Allegiance! Back to you Teddy!

BC: Pledge has to be the biggest idiot alive!

TT: Why’s that?

BC: He’s got a title match at the end of the month! He’s going to maim Adams and Adams is going to maim Pledge and Pledge has just called out freaking Jeff Jericho! Are you kidding? What do you mean “why’s that” you idiot? Now Jeff Jericho has a target and Pledge, congrats pal, you may have just blown your chances of winning the title because Jeff Jericho is going to make it his singular goal to take you out!

TT: So you think Night of Champions II is going to be the sight of Jeff Jericho’s return?

BC: What the hell better time than then? Pledge just basically invited him to come down to the ring and punt his skull into the bleachers and cost him the title!

TT: Well, if I know Jericho…and I watched the man for long enough to say I do…he’ll be arriving when we least expect it…and to me, that’s the opposite of Night of Champions.

BC: What’s the opposite of Night of Champions? Morning of Losers? You’re an idiot.

TT: …anyway, the speculation will no doubt continue, but up next we have Alex Ruettiger taking on Motion…let’s get back to the ring!

Alex Ruettiger made his way to the ring accompanied by Amanda Caine while “Hollywood Whore” by Papa Roach played. Then the announcer began to speak.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring now coming from Dunshaughlin, Ireland. Six feet tall 220 lbs… he is Motion!

“Pretender” by the Foo Fighters begins to play as the curtains separate and Motion makes a b-line through them toward the ring. The ref signals for the bell as motion slides under the ring. He's stopped in his tracks by a boot from Ruettiger to the back. Alex kicks at Motion's back repeatedly, using the top rope for leverage. Alex jumps in the air and falls on Motion's neck with a leg drop. Alex is back to a vertical base and headed toward the rope. Motion to his knees as Ruettiger flies into him with a drop kick. Alex with a cover. The ref counts...



TT: No! He rolled his left shoulder up I could see it here on the monitor Bobby.

BC: Ruettiger is up and he pulls motion to his feet. Irish whip to the corner... no it's reversed by Motion, and Alex's back slams into the turnbuckle hard. He flips up and out of the ring, falling to the cement on at ringside.

TT: His head just barely missed the guard rail right there Bobby... He could have been killed.

Motion thinks for only a second before running across the ring and vaulting over the top rope with a la plancha. He lands on Ruettiger with a crack and they both collapse to the floor in a heap. Amanda Caine goes screams bloody murder steps away from the two men as Motion begins to stir again. Motion climbs in the ring to break the count and then directly back out of it. He pulls Alex, who is visibly shaken, to his feet. He lands lefts and rights before jumping strait up. He wraps his legs around Ruettiger's neck and flips him to his back on the concrete with a hurricanrana.

TT: Holy hell did you see him jump Bobby? Did you see him jump!?

BC: I saw it Teddy, I saw it.

Motion picks himself up and then Alex. He slides his opponent into the ring then climbs the steps to the apron. The ref is checking Ruettiger's condition as Motion is climbing into the ring through the ropes. Amanda wraps herself around Motion's leg. She's screaming the word “no” over and over again.

TT: Amanda is trying to protect her talent.

BC: Yeah I'll bet she thinks he's talented Teddy. [Bobby laughs at his own joke]

TT: What are you implying Bobby?

BC: Never mind that Teddy! Alex Ruettiger is up and Motion doesn't see him.

Alex is behind Motion who is still half in, half out of the ropes and struggling to get Amanda off of his leg. Alex grabs Motion's skull and places it on his own shoulder before he drops to the ground with a scary neck breaker. Amanda claps and cheers for Alex as he picks motion up and turns him around.

TT: He's going for that reverse DDT, he says when he hit's that, the part is over.

BC: If he does hit it the party may just be over Teddy. Amanda may have gotten Alex his first win here in the CWF.

Alex calls for the crowd to get behind him and they do as he begins to drop to the ground... NO! Motion Flips jumps in the air and flips over Ruettiger. He has completely reversed his move and he is now in position for an inverted DDT.

TT: Look at that Bobby Motion hit the motion picture. What a reversal. Wow!

BC: Alex's manager is on the apron Teddy. The ref sees the cover though. Count it ref.

The referee counts...




Your winner…Motion!

TT: Wow, that was quite a match and Motion finally picks up a victory! But what a showing once again by Alex Ruettiger…you’ve got to believe that he’s going to catch a break here at some point, he works hard and he’s coming close a couple of times but he just can’t seem to seal the deal.

BC: Motion looked the best we’ve seen him since he arrived in the CWF…that’s a big win for him.

TT: We’ll see if he can continue riding that momentum in the weeks to come but up next folks, the Lord of the Ring tournament continues…and what an interesting match this is gonna be…Khrist, the leader of the New Church, takes on his favorite apostle, The Raving Lunatic. Last week, Motion laid down for his leader…will the Raving Lunatic do the same? And what the hell did we see at the top of the broadcast tonight? Khrist holed up in a hospital somewhere, the victim of a savage attack, and suddenly he’s nowhere to be found, his blood stained sheets the only clue that he was ever there…something doesn’t feel right about this one.

BC: Just more mind games from the New Church, Teddy! The Raving Lunatic knows his place and Khrist will be cruising to Night of Champions!

TT: I don’t know about that, Bobby…the Raving Lunatic is a guy with a victory over Paul Blair…Blair is a former two time CWF World Heavyweight Champion, a Hall of Famer…and Lunatic dominated him. Here’s a guy who was in the main event of Super Card V. But ever since he aligned himself with the New Church, he hasn’t been the same…he’s lost that edge, he’s put the New Church ahead of himself and he isn’t living up to his full potential. I think he’s tired of it, Bobby! I think these fans are tired of it too!

BC: These non-believers? Puh-lease, Khrist has died, Khrist has risen, and at Night of Champions II, Khrist will come again! Ha!

TT: Well this a match that could turn out to be either a complete disappointment, or a damn exciting contest. We saw earlier that Khrist had to be carried out of the arena at last week's Showdown after Drastic lost his mind and attacked him following their match. What do you think Bobby? Will he even be here tonight?

BC: I'm really not sure Teddy. He looked to be severely injured, and he didn't even stay in the hospital... I mean he had one of his followers make a speech for him…that has to be a bad sign right, Teddy?

TT: We've just got word from the back... Mark Xamin has made this match even more special to assure that these two men actually put up a fight for us here tonight. The loser of this match will be leaving the CWF forever. Their contract will be torn up at the conclusion!

BC: What?!

The lights dim as the announcer begins to speak… the ring is lit brightly by a single spotlight and a dim trail of light follows the path of the entrance ramp.

Announcer: Coming to the ring first from unknown origins. He's 6'2” and weighs 265 lbs. He represents The New Church.... He is Khriiist!

“Requiem - Lacrimosa” by Mozart begins to play out over the speakers as the curtain ruffles. When it spreads wide what you see is not Khrist but a 6 figures. All of them are adorned in cloaks and hoods. It is like some evil clan rally. They step through the curtain and you can see that they are rolling a stretcher down to the ramp. When they reach ringside they roll Khrist who is laying on the stretcher into the ring. One of the hooded figures climbs into the ring and helps his master stand. He leans him against one of the turnbuckles and rolls out of the ring to his followers. Khrist is dressed in flowing white robes that almost shine. There are large red stains around the neck of the robes. His head is wrapped in linen that is soaked and dripping red.

Announcer: And reigning from Las Vegas, NV. He stands 6'3” and also weighs in at 265 lbs. He is The Raving Luuunatiic!

“We Are the Champions” by Queen hits and fans here and there stand to cheer. As the last word of the first verse ends The Lunatic steps through the curtain. He lumbers toward the ring tearing his arms away from the outstretched arms of the fans to either side of him. The Lunatic walks by his fellow disciples before he crawls under the bottom rope and walks to the middle of the ring. Khrist pushes himself out of the corner and staggers toward the center of the ring.

TT: He doesn't look like he's got his feet underneath him and the match hasn't even started yet Bobby.

BC: You're right, he looks punch drunk already Teddy. Either he's really stupid, or he knows something we don't.

The Lunatic and Khrist stand toe to toe. Khrist with the slight height advantage looks down at the Lunatic while he wobbles on his feet. Khrist stumbles backward as he lifts his right hand and points the index finger at the mat. The bell rings and Khrist screams loud enough for the crowd to hear without a mic.

Khrist: Lay Down!... NOW!

The Lunatic pulls away strands of hair from his own head twisting his neck in strange contortions. Once more Khrist yells at him and he is down on one knee. Now he is rolling over onto his back.

TT: This is disgusting Bobby! These men are making a mockery of this damn tournament.

BC: I told you he knew something we didn't. He's gonna take the 1,2,3 from his master just like the other patsy because that’s what sheep do. They follow the shepherd.

The Lunatic is now flat on his back, staring into the arena lights. Khrist stumbles forward. Using the ropes for balance he places one foot on the chest of The Lunatic. The ref calls for the bell and it rings. The ref knocks Khrist's hands away from the ropes before falling to the mat and counting...



No... when the ref knocked Khrist's hands away from the ropes it threw him off balance. He wobbled as the ref counted and on three The Lunatic rolled over. He has rolled Khrist into a pin. The ref is re-positioned and swiftly bringing his hand down for the count.



TT: Looks like The Lunatic's had a change of heart. We may be in for a match here Bobby!

One of the hooded figures has slid Khrist's foot onto the bottom rope and now stands yelling curses at him from ringside. The Lunatic walks to the ropes and stares at the man in the black garb. He pulls back on the top rope and lunges himself over it, coming down hard on the man below. He is up quickly and he throws the announcer from his seat. He picks up the steel chair and is after the rest of Khrist's henchmen. The cowards scatter as he approaches and he turns his attention back to the ring. The Lunatic re-enters the ring with chair in hand. The ref grabs the chair and attempts to take it from him but he fights. While all of this has been going on Khrist has made it to his feet and is now charging at the two men struggling over a chair. He collides into them and the chair is pushed into the ref's face with great force.

TT: The ref is down! He's been knocked out cold by that chair!

BC: This is an opportunity for these two to do anything they can to stay in the CWF, Teddy.

The Lunatic is shaken but not hurt and he turns with a fierce roundhouse right. The punch finds its mark on Khrist's jaw and he slumps to the mat. It is at this point that Khrist's followers come back. They are no longer wearing their hoods, because they took them off to fit in with the crowd. The Lunatic is focused on his opponent when he is struck from behind. The robed men attack him with a chair bringing him to a knee. He is back up fast though and brings the first of the men into the ring with a suplex. He stands and runs at the ropes. Three of the men that have reached the apron are flung off like bugs, one landing in the crowd and the other two hit the guard rail hard. The last one has made it into the ring as The Lunatic turns and jumps at the same time hitting the man with a strong kick. The man falls to the mat and rolls from the ring. Khrist is back to his rubbery feet and has a chair held high above his head. He brings it down on The Lunatic's head with a sickening thud. Khrist falls on the Lunatic, but there is no ref. He's been knocked out.

TT: Khrist could have this one won, but there is no referee to count!

Khrist crawls to the ref on his hands and knees. He shakes him vigorously in an attempt to rouse him. The Lunatic pops up. As the ref begins to come to The Lunatic knocks Khrist to the ground with a double ax handle from behind. The Lunatic picks Khrist up to his feet and whips him into the corner. Khrist begins to slide to the mat but the Lunatic stops him.. he grabs him around the waist and lifts him to the top turnbuckle. The Lunatic hits blood with 5 large right hands each one knocking Khrist backwards. He climbs the ropes himself and pulls Khrist to his feet on the top rope. Lunatic pulls Khrist's head under his shoulder and picks him up. He jumps backwards off the ropes and flattens out, coming down hard on his ass.

TT: Skatterbrain! The Lunatic hit it.. no way he's getting up from that one! Khrist’s CWF career could be over here!

The bandages around Khrist's head have come loose and there is blood spilling out of his skull. The Lunatic covers his opponent, and the ref slowly counts...




Your Winner! The Raving Lunatic.


The Lunatic rolls out of the ring and walks back through the curtains without looking back as “Skatterbrain” by the Insane Clown Posse plays. The robed men that have pulled themselves together have loaded Khrist on his stretcher and are wheeling him out of the arena. The fans sing as they do so.

Crowd: Na Na Na NA... Na Na Na Na... Hey Hey Hey... Goodbye!..

BC: Looks like that’s the last we're gonna see of Khrist…

TT: … Hey Hey Hey... Goodbye!....

BC: …don’t ever do that again.

TT: Khrist is out of the CWF and the New Church has been abolished! And the destroyer came from within…it wasn’t Magnus Thunder, it wasn’t Blood…it was The Raving Lunatic!

BC: All this time we thought he was playing Peter…he but he’s been Judas all along! That backstabber!

TT: The Raving Lunatic can finally stand on his own and the sky is the limit for him now…he is going to Night of Champions to face either Sickboy or Drastic, and we will have the answer to that after this commercial break! Don’t go anywhere, fans!

TT: Welcome back fans and I understand we are about to hear from…Paul Blair? Blair is standing by and we haven’t seen him since Vendetta…

BC: Here we go…

Camera goes out on the CWF-tron. The words "Live from Hollywood" appear on the upper right hand corner. There is nothing on the camera, then suddenly wearing a designer shirt and his sunglasses steps Paul Blair. The fans begin to boo and throw things at the CWF-tron. A smile comes across Blair's face.

Paul Blair: Hello to all the peons and peons of peons out there. I know you all came out here tonight to watch Paul Blair lose, you all came out here to watch me be embarrassed. But don't you think that Paul Blair has better things to do than be at Grand Forks, North Dakota?

A smile comes across Blair's face and the fans boo even more. Blair waits a second for the fans to lower their voices and then he continues.

Paul Blair: Here I am on set of Karate Priest. I'm sure many of you have wondered where I have been over the past couple of weeks. I've been right here in Hollywood making this summer's biggest movie. Let me tell you, Karate Priest is going to one of the greatest movies of all time. I am going to do the one thing that no one in this business has ever done outside of the ring; I am going to produce a movie that is worth the price of admission and then some.

Blair pauses so the fans can chant "Karate Priest Sucks". Blair does not seem pleased and continues.

Paul Blair: You see this is why no one wants to go to the freak town of Grand Forks, North Dakota. Why on earth would someone want to go to your hillbilly town on purpose? But I'll give you a little treat. Next week, Paul Blair is going to be on Showdown.

Blair seems to expect that the fans would cheer but of course they just boo him.

Paul Blair: That's right, Bobby Crane you better run and hide because for the first time since I kicked your ass at Vendetta, I'll be at Showdown. I'm not just going there for any reason but rather to tell the world of my next big plans.

A man comes up to Blair and hands him a bottle of water and speaks to him.

Man: Mr. Blair, they said they need you on set.

The man walks out and Blair just glares at him.

Paul Blair: Looks like I'm needed on the set. CWF, I'll be there next week. I bet ticket sales just went up.

Blair takes his bottle of water and heads back to the set.

BC: Wow, looks like Paul Blair is shooting the best movie since Mr. Nanny.

TT: [laughing] Well nonetheless, Paul Blair will be returning next week on Showdown and that should heat things up even more! And you’ve got to wonder what his thoughts are on the pending return of Jeff Jericho…those two had a blood feud that lasted some six years.

BC: Yeah well Paul Blair is lucky he escaped the wrath of Bobby Crane at Vendetta…I could have had him pinned but…

TT: But checking your hair was more important. We get it, Bobby. Let’s get back to the ring for more round two action!

Ring Announcer: Coming to the squared circle first. He is from New York City, New York. This young man stands 6'4” and he weighed in earlier at 270 lbs. He..... Is.... Siiickboooy!!

“Angry Chair” by Alice In Chains blares out and Sickboy appears coming through the curtain. He touches hands with the fans as he makes his way to ring side. He walks up the ring steps to the apron. He climbs the outside of the turnbuckle, and plays up to the crowd for a minute, receiving a bit of applause. He looks happy. He turns and sits on the turnbuckle, legs hanging outside of the ring.

Ring Announcer: And now, coming to us from Van Nuys, California standing 6'1" and weighing 236 lbs..Ladies and gentlemen...THIS.....IS......DRASTIC!!

"Never Enough" by Five Finger Death Punch blasts out as the lights in the arena go out and pitch black takes over. Red pin lights flash throughout the arena as a giant butterfly made of blood fills the screen on the jumbo screen. Lightning cracks and hits the center of the ring as Drastic steps out from behind the curtain with his hands finally freed from the restricting cuffs that held them behind his back since after his match with the long gone M.U.H.

As Drastic makes his way to ringside Sickboy flies from the second turnbuckle and lands on him with a double arm sledgehammer to the top of his skull. Drastic falls to the ground and Sickboy follows him. As Sickboy lands his leg hits the ground in a horrible position and contorts the wrong way.

TT: OH GOD! His leg could be broke. The bell hasn't even rung yet and his leg has to be broken. You saw the angle it bent to right Bobby? It has got to be broken.

Bobby Crane meanwhile is focused on a rather scantily clad young lady at ringside. He has missed the move and has no idea what's happened.

BC: Huh? Yeah! Of course I saw it Teddy... What are you implying here?

Sickboy attempts to return to his feet but falls back down. There is an audible crunch when he falls. Drastic however is able to return to his feet and is now over-top of Sickboy looking down. He pulls him to his feet and throws kicks with incredible accuracy. First to the gut then the knee, after that the face and back of the head. Drastic takes off toward the ring. He jumps at the last second. He springboards off of the apron of the ring bouncing back with a moonsault onto Sick. Sick who was holding his leg is hit hard. His head smacks into the cement and bounces. Drastic gets back to his feet and now he's limping a bit as well.

TT: Now both of them look injured.. This match has just begun!

Sick rolls to his stomach as Drastic limps toward him. Drastic pulls him up, Sick is hopping on one foot now. Drastic whips him into the side of the ring. Sick only makes it 3/4's of the way before falling. His face smacks into the ring apron and he crumples. Sick hobbles after him, picking him up and shoving him under the ropes. Drastic crawls in himself and stands above him staring down.

BC: Teddy can you believe this so far? These guys are beasts. This is the first time they've been in the ring and they're both limping already.

Drastic is on Sickboy like a house of fire. He rains down rights and lefts on his face bringing blood from above his eye and inside his nose. The ref counts to 5 before pulling drastic off and pushing him back.. Drastic turns and climbs the turnbuckle. He stands on the top rope for a second before flying through the air head first. At the last second Sickboy pushes himself over and out of the way. Drastic's face smacks into the mat hard enough for blood to explode from his nose and spray across the blue canvas. The crowd expresses their joy by chanting....

#Holy shit.. holy shit... holy shit!#

TT: Oh my god! These men are going to kill one another. Maybe someone should just stop this match before it goes too far.

BC: Come on Teddy.. this is great!

Drastic turns to his stomach and spits a large amount of blood from his mouth.. Sickboy pushes himself to a knee and then up to one foot. He puts pressure once more on his injured leg and a (for lack of a better term) sick smile washes over his face as it appears that the pain is (for the time being anyway) going away. He takes one step toward the downed drastic and jumps in the air. He comes down directly into Drastic's heart with his elbow. Sick with the cover, and the ref counts...



No! Kickout by Drastic…

…and now they're both getting to their feet. Sick is up first and he kicks drastic in the gut doubling him over. He puts Drastic's head under his armpit and snaps back hard.

TT: Snap DDT by Sickboy. This one's over Bobby.

BC: Holy crap how did he do it with a bum leg?

The ref falls to the mat and brings his hand down...



TT: NO! Drastic kicked out! That was Sick's signature move and he just kicked out of it, Bobby!

BC: I know that Teddy! I'm right here.. I saw it.

Sick boy looks at the referee and holds up three fingers on his right hand in front of him.. The ref shakes his head no and holds up two fingers in response. Sick, obviously frustrated, pounds his fists on the mat before getting to his feet. He stomps at Drastic before bouncing off the ropes and bringing another elbow down in the center of his heart. Drastic sits up grabbing at his chest and wincing in pain. Sick gets behind him and applies a sleeper hold. Sick gets to his feet to add leverage to the neck of Drastic. Drastic holds on for a while but begins to fade as the crowd argues over who they like better. Chants of..

#Lets go Drastic, Lets go Sickboy, Lets Go Drastic, Lets Go Sickboy…#

…can be heard ringing through the arena. Drastic's arm falls to the ground and Sickboy yells at the ref to “count him”.. The ref asks Drastic if he's awake and there is no response.. he lifts Drastics arm once... it falls. He picks it up and again lets it go.. it falls... he picks it up one last time as the crowd peaks and the ring rumbles with their cheers. The ref drops Drastics hand......

It doesn't fall! Drastic holds his hand in the air 2 ft from the ground and pulls it back hitting Sickboy in the nose with his elbow. Drastic pushes his head forward until his chin rests on his chest. He whips it backwards and it smacks into Sicks nose. Blood splatters on the back of Drastic's neck from Sicks nostrils, and now both men are leaking blood like faucets.. Sick releases Drastic and trips him from behind. Drastic hits the mat and bounces back up as Sick holds his bloody nose. Drastic tries to kick him in the gut but Sick moves. Sick with a clubbing forearm to the back of Drastic's neck. Sick with an Irish whip into the ropes on Drastic... No! Reversal and now its Sic into the ropes.. Sick comes back as Drastic drops to the mat. Sick over Drastic and Drastic is up and running the opposite direction.. Both men jump and collide in the middle of the ring, Sick taking the worst of it. Drastic is the first to his feet. He stares straight at the camera, rolling his eyes to the back of his head. He seems almost in some sort of trance.

BC: There he goes again... what is wrong with this freak Teddy?

TT: I don't know but when he does that he scares the hell out of me.

Drastic runs for the ropes. As Sick makes it to his feet Drastic is right there.

TT: GG... He hit it! He Hit it!

Sick is bloody and unconscious when Drastic covers him, wrapping his arms around Sick's legs and pulling them above Sick's head and shoulders. The ref is down and counting immediately....




TT: Drastic has won and what a match!

Drastic stands after pinning Sickboy and looks to the crowd. Sickboy still sprawled out in the center of the ring. Drastic signals for a mic.

Drastic: This tournament for this "title shot" has pushed some people to their limits and has taken some of us to places we have never seen. This past week I was healed. I know who I am.... I know who my father is.... I am Bryan Joesph Osbourne..... and my father is ....

As Drastic is about to say who his father is his eyes unroll from the back his head. He drops the mic and then sits down in the ring not knowing where he is on top of the unconscious Sickboy. Drastic jumps in shock to see he is sitting on Sickboy. He lowers his head in sadness…

BC: You hear that? Drastic knows who his father is!

The lights flicker, and thunder is heard. It is dark in the arena. Drastic looks to the entrance.

BC: I hate the dark!

TT: Grow up, Bobby! I think we know who's about to make his entrance!

Magnus' voice resonates through the arena, flashes of lightning illuminating the ring in bursts.

Magnus Thunder: Justice will reign! You've fought your way through madness and earned a place among us. But you have yet to reach the pinnacle of your ardent climb.

A great burst of lightning and Magnus appears in the ring within a shower of sparks!

Magnus Thunder: Join us, Drastic. Rise above! Take your place within...Omega!

Thunder offers his hand in allegiance. Drastic accepts. The crowd pops.

Drastic: Three for one sale, man. You know what you're getting into with me?

Magnus Thunder: Neither here nor there. Your path of justice has begun. The one called Rob Osborne will have his day!

The lights go out. When they come back on, Drastic and Magnus are gone.

TT: Unbelievable! Omega is growing a new power base! Things are starting to stack up against the bad guys!

BC: Was what just happened really important? I didn't see any gold in that ring!

TT: Put a lid on it, Bobby! You just might be eating your words someday. Again!

BC: Shut up!

TT: Well Omega has grown immensely in power and hey, they may have just recruited the 2009 Lord of the Ring because Drastic has advanced to the finals and will take on The Raving Lunatic at Night of Champions.

BC: Well if ever there was a match made in heaven…

TT: Two men who have both had revelations here tonight will square off on May 30th…

BC: Uh, yeah…revelations. That’s what I was talking about. I didn’t mean that they were both certifiably insane. Not at all.

TT: Alright, Bobby…we get it. But up next folks…fasten your seatbelts! Pledge Allegiance taking on The Juggernaut in a grudge match! It was Pledge Allegiance who cost Juggernaut the National Championship two weeks ago at Vendetta…Pledge who inadvertently gave Rob Osbourne the victory…and tonight, it’s Pledge Allegiance who will face the music that only The Juggernaut can play.

BC: He’s the Juggernaut, bi…!

TT: …alright we’ve heard quite enough of that over the past few months. At Night of Champions, The Juggernaut will put his career on the line against “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne in a huge rematch…and if Juggernaut wins, Osbourne doesn’t get a rematch for the title!

BC: Well that would set Osbourne back by a few months on his quest for infamy in the CWF but I don’t get this…what happens if Osbourne gets disqualified and Juggernaut doesn’t win the title? Does that mean he has to retire?

TT: That’s actually a good question….perhaps we can clarify that next week but for now, let’s get to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from New York, New York…weighing in at 280 pounds…PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

“Iron Man” by Black Sabbath hits and Pledge Allegiance comes out to a huge pop from the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from Washington, D.C….weighing in at 556 pounds… “THE JUGGERNAUT” JIMMY WASHINGTON!

The Sesame Street theme song begins to play and suddenly a large green decorated dumpster rolls out onto the stage being pushed by six stage hands. The dumpster is followed by about three dozen children all under the age of seven. The dumpster stops at the bottom of the ramp. The kids all begin to gather around the dumpster staring up at it in great anticipation.

TT: What the hell is this?

I don't know, shouldn't these kids be in bed though? Don't they got school in the morning?

BC: It’s Saturday night, but seriously, where are the parents?

The lid to the dumpster opens up, the theme music stops and suddenly out pops the puppet Oscar the Grouch from that classic children's show Sesame Street.

OtG: Hey kids! It’s me, Oscar the Grouch! Being grouchy is bad, and do you know who's really been grouchy since he lost his title match against Brian Adams... Pledge Allegiance. Can you kids say Pledge Allegiance?


OtG: Good job, kids. Now, I want you kids to look in the ring. That's Grouchy Pledge Allegiance. You never want to become that man! You don’t want to be anything like him ever. He's sweaty, he's smelly, he's looses important matches and is losing his hair. Eeeeew!


Pledge is growing increasingly upset and begins to pace around the ring trying to maintain his composure around the children.

OtG: Kids, do you know what your daddy uses when he starts to lose his hair... Rogain. Can you say Rogain?


Oscar the Grouch looks at an irate Pledge and shakes his furry little head laughing.

OtG: That’s right kids, so if you eat your vegetables, take your vitamins, and try every day to not suck at life you will never end up like that guy!

Suddenly Pledge snaps and begins to climb out of the ring.

OtG: Uhh Oh! I think we made him mad... run away... AAAAAAHHHHHHH!

The kids all sprint up the entrance ramp as Pledge makes his way to the dumpster. Oscar ducks down inside. Pledge looks inside the dumpster and is immediately met with a massive punch to the face knocking him back.

TT: What the...

Suddenly Jimmy "The Juggernaut" Washington leaps out from inside the dumpster still in street clothes with Oscar the Grouch puppet still in hand, and a head set microphone on his head.

BC: I knew it! I knew it!

The Juggernaut rips Oscar the Grouch off his hand and tosses the puppet into the crowd. He reaches in his pocket and slips on a pair of black brass knuckles. Pledge charges at The Juggernaut but is met with a Jawbreaker with brass knuckles that puts him down hard.

The Juggernaut: Oscar said he's tired of living in a trashcan, but thought, since we are in a housing crisis, a piece of trash like you should feel right at home.

The Juggernaut kicks Pledge in the ribs and then hoists him into the Dumpster along with the headset microphone. Suddenly four members of The Juggernaut's entourage rush down the entrance ramp and begin to push the dumpster through the back stage. The Juggernaut follows taking off his brass knuckles.

TT: Bobby, where do you think he's taking him?

BC: I have absolutely no idea…

TT: Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

Suddenly Juggernaut’s entourage come flying back through the current and roll down the ramp. Juggernaut looks at the curtain, confused. A few seconds pass and the anticipation grows. And then…

TT: KODIAK WINTERS! Kodiak Winters has come to Pledge’s aid!

BC: Ahhh!

Juggernaut looks around frantically and then finally resolves to face him. Kodiak storms down the aisle and Juggernaut meets him half way. Both men begin exchanging explosive blows and Kodiak chops him into the guardrail! Juggernaut fighting back but Kodiak plowing him with forearm shots to the side of the head relentlessly!

TT: This is exactly what Xamin hired Kodiak to do, avoid stuff like the Juggernaut was about to do and look out!

Three men from Juggernaut’s entourage jump on Kodiak’s back and beat him down. Kodiak flips one over to the floor and shakes one off his leg but as he turns around, Juggernaut rocks him with a vicious clothesline and Kodiak goes down! But Kodiak has done the job and here comes Pledge!


The crowd goes wild as Pledge hobbles out from the back and thanks Kodiak Winters on his way to the ring. He points at Juggernaut and climbs through the ropes. The ref sounds the bell!


TT: The match is going to happen and this crowd is electric!

BC: Oh my God, if Kodiak Winters hadn’t shown up just then, Pledge would probably be in the Grand Forks City Dump by now!

At the sound of the bell, Pledge goes wild on Juggernaut and recklessly begins throwing punches at him! Juggernaut is caught by total surprise and can only attempt to retreat as Pledge stays on him! Pledge like a rabid animal and Juggernaut trying to get away but Pledge grabs him by the waist…release German suplex on the big man and Pledge with an incredible feat of strength sends Juggernaut thumping to the mat with a resounding thud! Pledge pulls the straps off his singlet and lets out a primal scream, having completely snapped, and the look on Juggernaut’s face tells the story….he is completely shocked.

TT: Pledge has had enough! He’s been knocked around and screwed too many times and now he’s going to take it out on Juggernaut!

BC: The roles have totally reversed, it was supposed to be Juggernaut’s night for revenge!

Pledge stalking over Juggernaut and Juggernaut backs himself into a corner…low blow! Pledge got hit with a low blow and Juggernaut smirks and points to his head to show he outsmarted him. The crowd boos wildly as Pledge slumps over, his nose grinding into the mat as he gnashes his teeth in a mixture of pain and anger. Juggernaut rears back and boots Pledge in the ribs! Pledge is elevated three feet off the mat and crumples down in a heap clutching his mid section. Juggernaut grins and stands on him, walking across his ribs and putting all of his 500 pound plus weight on Pledge…Pledge’s eyeballs pop out and Juggernaut wipes his hands as if to say Pledge is finished.

TT: My God…Juggernaut just walked on Pledge using all of his weight…

BC: Those boots were made for walkin’, Teddy! Ha!

Juggernaut palms Pledge’s head like a basketball and yanks him up to his feet. Pledge slouches over favoring his ribs and Juggernaut heaves him into the corner. And he drives a knee into Pledge’s ribs and then sends him back to the center of the ring with a massive hip toss!

BC: This is so intelligent by Juggernaut! Pledge’s only advantage is his speed but now he’s sucking dirty pond water and his cardio is shot, Juggernaut is gonna dominate him for the rest of this match!

TT: You may very well be right and you know who’s loving every minute of this? Brian Adams!

Juggernaut pulls him back up and whips him to the ropes…Pledge desperately ducks a clothesline and noticeably cringes in pain from the effort…he bounces back…flying forearm! And Juggernaut staggers back…and gets his arms caught in the ropes! Pledge has to make the most of it and Juggernaut’s eyes widen as Pledge gets that look in his eye again and comes in with a dropkick straight to Juggernaut’s face! The smack resonates through the arena and Juggernaut has a dazed look about him…Pledge unloading on him with vicious shots to the head but finally he is forced to stop as his adrenaline fades and he is reminded of his injured ribs. He curses under his breath and the ref unhooks the Juggernaut from the ropes…Juggernaut flops to the mat and Pledge stomps him, desperately trying to stay on the offensive. Juggernaut looks like he doesn’t know where he’s at and Pledge heading for the top! Pledge is heading for the top rope and this will be all or nothing!

TT: Pledge risking it all!

BC: It may be all he can do, Teddy! I don’t think he could lift the big man up with those damaged ribs!

Pledge slowly gets to the top rope…he set up for a moonsault….it’s all Juggernaut can do to lift his head up…Pledge leaps…AND CONNECTS! Pledge connects with the moonsault! But he immediately keels over clutching his ribs and now both men are out!

TT: Pledge may have damaged himself just as much as he hurt Juggernaut but he may have bought himself some time!

BC: Pledge is gonna have to nut up and make a cover because he’s not gonna last if this turns into a marathon!

Pledge crawling desperately over to Juggernaut…and he drapes an arm across his chest!




No! Shoulder up!

TT: Pledge almost had him! My God that was close!

Pledge squints his eyes shut tightly in disbelief and rolls off of Juggernaut. He slowly gets to his feet and Juggernaut is not far behind. Both men now exchanging blows and Juggernaut takes the upper hand…he whips Pledge to the turnbuckle…Pledge on the rebound…POWERSLAM! Juggernaut devastates him and Pledge writhing in pain! Juggernaut now motioning that he’s going to climb the ropes…Juggernaut is headed for the top rope!

BC: Oh my God! The ropes are gonna break!

TT: That is a 556 pound man about to attempt a moonsault and dear God if he connects, Pledge Allegiance is gonna be served as a pancake for Sunday morning brunch…

Juggernaut trying to keep his balance. Pledge looks up and his eyes widen…he blocks out the pain and quickly gets to his feet…Juggernaut doesn’t see him…Pledge runs up the top rope and uses the momentum to execute a…PLEDGE HAMMER! PLEDGE HAMMER FROM THE TOP!


The crowd absolutely explodes and Pledge slowly crawling over to Juggernaut for a cover!






A member of Juggernaut’s entourage pulls the referee out of the ring just before he can make the three count and the ref immediately calls for the bell.


Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, as a result of a disqualification….PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

TT: Pledge wins it but not in the fashion he wanted to and here comes Kodiak Winters! Kodiak clearing the entourage away from ringside and he chases them up the ramp!

Pledge Allegiance sits up and smirks, knowing he bested the Juggernaut on this night. He slowly leaves the ring. Shortly after, the Juggernaut wakes up and watches in a daze as Pledge Allegiance hobbles up the ramp, clearly favoring his ribs. Juggernaut smiles to himself – mission accomplished, he’d had his revenge and now Pledge will be hard pressed to survive until Night of Champions.

TT: It looks like both of these guys accomplished what the set out to accomplish! Pledge at a tremendous disadvantage in the coming weeks heading into his title match in Las Vegas, but he has defeated the Juggernaut and now he can presumably focus his attention on Brian Adams!

BC: Man, Pledge totally caught him by surprise with that Pledge Hammer…he looked dead to rights when Juggernaut went onto that top rope…

TT: Tremendous heart by Pledge Allegiance and if he shows up to Night of Champions II on May 30th with that same fire, he could be the new CWF World Heavyweight Champion! We have to take one final commercial break, fans…don’t go anywhere, the main event is next!

TT: Alright welcome back, fans…what a night we’ve have so far and now it’s time for our main event…it’s the CWF World Heavyweight Champion Brian Adams taking on the CWF National Champion “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne in a non-title affair. These two don’t like each other one bit and there is a lot of pride on the line here tonight…

BC: Well Adams has been verbally assaulting Rob Osbourne on the promo network for weeks. Osbourne’s primary motivation to win that National title was to shut Brian Adams up about the fact that he’d never held CWF gold. Well, now he has and Adams is on him for the way he won it…with help from Pledge Allegiance. I guess Mark Xamin has had enough and he decided to let them settle the score right here tonight, and I’ll bet you anything Pledge Allegiance’s ribs are gonna feel a whole lot better when he kicks his feet up in the back with a bag of popcorn and a large root beer…maybe some fuzzy peaches…hmm…some Swedish berries…mmmm….candy….

TT: Pledge no doubt will be hoping that this match takes its toll on Brian Adams, and despite his long standing rivalry with Rob Osbourne, you’ve gotta believe he’s pulling for The Nitemare tonight…he wants Adams to show up to Night of Champions in less than perfect shape.

BC: Yeah, guess who else has a vested interest in this one…The Juggernaut! He’ll be pulling for Adams and he’s damn sure not shy to express himself.

TT: Without question this is going to be extremely interesting to watch this all unfold…and that’s on top of the fact that this could turn into a match of the year candidate if it lives up to its potential. Let’s head to the ring and get this underway!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a non-title match up. Introducing first…from Windermere, Florida by way of Nashville, Tennessee…weighing in at 245 pounds… he is the CWF National Champion…. “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X hits. The crowd explodes into a deafening mixed reaction as Rob Osbourne steps through the curtain, the CWF National Championship belt draped over his shoulder. He raises one arm in the air as he walks down the aisle, arrogantly chewing gum with his mouth open and wagging his head slightly with each step. He climbs through the ropes and poses with the title in the center of the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent!

The crowd immediately begins to shower the curtain with boos and garbage.

Ring Announcer: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Weighing in at 240 pounds…he is the current, reigning CWF World Heavyweight Champion… “THE FLAWLESS ONE” BRIAN ADAMS!

“Represent” by (hed) p.e. hits and the curtain moves around, as if teasing the fans. Finally, Brian Adams separates the curtain and steps through, the CWF World Heavyweight Championship belt fastened around his waist. He stops at the top of the aisle and leans back, pointing at the title and taking a full cup of beer off his chest courtesy of a fan in the front row. He laughs at the fan and jumps up and down pointing at the title on his way down the aisle, mocking the fans and showing them how much better than them he is. He climbs into the ring and raises his arms and puts on a completely bogus sad face as if he was expecting cheers.

TT: Both men looking extremely confident and Brian Adams is mocking the crowd as usual…

BC: What right do they have to boo this man, Teddy? They can only dream of being the CWF World Champion! This man has done it, he is living it, and he’s put on more memorable matches in the past three months than most wrestlers do in their entire career! He’ll always have one up on these morons!

TT: Well these “morons” pay that man’s salary so perhaps he should think about treating them with a little more respect.

BC: Whatever, Teddy…this is Grand Forks, they probably paid with food stamps.


TT: Well here we go, a dream match here tonight on Showdown!

BC: Ahh look at this, already!

The fans cheer as Pledge Allegiance appears at the entrance and walks down the aisle in his street clothes, holding a bag of popcorn and a soda. He hops over the guardrail and sits in the front row, kicks back and eats his popcorn as both Adams and Osbourne point at him and protest. The referee immediately hops out of the ring and orders him to the back. Pledge stands up and digs into his pocket and retrieves a ticket.

TT: That’s a front row ticket! Pledge has paid for that seat and he has every right to sit there now…the ref has no choice but to let him stay!

BC: Pledge has lowered himself to the level of these Grand Forks sweat hogs!

TT: Give me a break, Bobby! He obviously wants a closer look at the World Champion in action!

The referee gets back into the ring and explains the situation to Adams and Osbourne. Both men shake their head in anger and yell at Pledge from the ring. Pledge simply raises his bag of popcorn and smiles, tossing a kernel into the air and catching it in his mouth. He motions for them to hurry up and wrestle. With Adams’ back turned to Nitemare as he yells at Pledge, Osbourne jumps him from behind and slugs him in the small of the back with a forearm. Adams drops to his knees and Osbourne grabs both of his arms and puts his foot on the back of Adams’ head…curb stomp! Adams’ head bounces off the mat! Nitemare pulls him back up and whips him to the turnbuckles…Adams on the rebound throws a clothesline but Osbourne ducks…Adams spins around…BADD DREAM! No! No! Adams avoids it and slides under the bottom rope to regroup!

TT: The Nitemare almost ended it right there and that’s how quickly he can turn your lights out, just like that!

BC: But Adams showed some good instincts there to get out of it!

Nitemare shows Adams with his fingers just how close he came to putting him out. Adams shakes out the cobwebs. Nitemare goes to exit the ring after him but the referee holds him back. Adams turns around and he’s face to face with Pledge Allegiance! Pledge throws his drink in Adams’ face and Adams is blinded! Pledge sits down and the ref didn’t see it!

BC: Hey! Where the hell is security?!

TT: Brian Adams completely blinded…Pledge has already made his impact felt here!

Brian Adams staggers around the outside of the ring holding his eyes, trying to restore his vision. The ref looks at Pledge and Pledge holds up his arms like he doesn’t know what happened. Nitemare quickly to the outside and grabs Adams…and throws him into the ring steps! Adams reeling and Nitemare pulls him up and whips him into the guardrail! Adams arches his back upon impact and Osbourne charges at him…Adams ducks and counters…back body drop into the crowd! Rob Osbourne sent sailing into the second row and EMTs immediately rush to make sure the fans are ok. Osbourne meanwhile gets tangled in a mess of padded steel chairs and struggles to his feet. Adams gets back into the ring and demands the referee count Osbourne out!

1….. 2….. 3….. 4….. 5…. 6…. 7…. 8….

Osbourne manages to flop back over the guardrail and gets back up onto the apron. Adams charges and bangs him off, and Osbourne’s chest breaks his fall across the steel guardrail! Osbourne in considerable pain but the count has been broken and now Adams goes out after him!

TT: Brian Adams is a master at turning the tables like that…suddenly The Nitemare is the one in big trouble here and Adams is a dangerous man on the outside!

Adams pulls up the padding on the floor, exposing the concrete. He pulls Nitemare up by the hair he sets him up for a piledriver on the concrete! Adams pointing at Pledge…this could be him at Night of Champions! But he takes too much time and Osbourne counters with a double leg take down! Adams falls back…Nitemare grabs him by the legs…slingshot into the steel ring post! Adams bounces off it with a glazed over look in his eyes and flops to the floor! Pledge Allegiance laughs hysterically in the front row and Nitemare quickly rolls Adams back into the ring. He walks over to Pledge…

TT: Uh oh…

BC: He should not be out here!

Osbourne takes a swipe at Pledge but Pledge avoids it and shoves him. The referee quickly comes out and gets between them and gets Osbourne back into the ring. Osbourne yells at Pledge from inside the ring as the referee demands he behave like a fan and not touch the wrestlers. Pledge argues that Osbourne came after him…the ref throws up his arms, defeated, and gets back into the ring. Adams pulls himself up using the ropes and Nitemare turns around…step up enzugiri! Adams caught him and Nitemare goes down! Adams over to the corner and wait a minute…he’s pulling the padded turnbuckle off, exposing the steel! Adams grabs Nitemare and he bashes his head into the exposed steel buckle! No! Nitemare blocks it…and sends Adams’ head in instead! Adams immediately drops to the mat and writhes around like a fish out of water. Blood begins to trickle down his forehead…Brian Adams is busted wide open!

BC: Oh no…oh no…

TT: Well that backfired on Adams in a big way and now he is busted open!

Nitemare shakes out the cobwebs and hunches over to pull Adams up…he whips him to the ropes…spinebuster! Adams has the wind knocked out of him and Nitemare goes for a cover!




BC: It’ll take a lot more than that to beat Brian Adams!

Osbourne gets up and stomps him in the chest ferociously. Adams desperately trying to block each kick and he manages to catch Osbourne’s foot…he trips him to the mat…ankle lock! Adams has an ankle lock submission hold on and Osbourne’s face goes beat red in pain! The blood flows out of Adams as he cranks up the pressure…Osbourne has nowhere to go, he’s in the center of the ring! Adams cranking with everything he’s got…Nitemare desperately trying to get to the ropes but Adams pulls him back to the center of the ring! Nitemare threatening to tap…will he do it? His arm hovering over the mat but he pulls on his own hair to stop himself! Nitemare now…trying to turn over…he does! And he kicks Adams off of him! Adams staggers back into the ropes…but he bounces back and drives an elbow into the side of Nitemare’s head!

TT: My God, these two are so evenly matched, it’s been back and forth…this has had mind games, outside interference, blood, mental chess, and now it’s become a technical match up…

BC: What a match!

Nitemare appears to have been cut open by the elbow and now he bleeds from the side of his head. Adams sees it and furiously pounds his fist into the open wound, trying to open it up wider…and he appears to have succeeded. He smiles to himself. Adams pulls up Osbourne now and picks him up…scoop slam! The quick and easy maneuver serves to set up for bigger things as Adams heads to the second rope…and he jumps off with an elbow into the side of Osbourne’s head once more! Nitemare now in a world of hurt and Adams with a cover!



Shoulder up!

TT: Nitemare able to kick out and the blood now pouring from both of these men!

Adams argues with the referee about a slow count…Osbourne slowly crawling over to him and he grabs Adams by the front of the tights and directs him right into the referee! They collide heads and the referee goes down! Wait a minute!


BC: Ahhhh!

The Juggernaut barrels down the aisle wielding a steel chair…no, Pledge hops the guardrail and cuts him off! Pledge and Juggernaut now brawling and Adams is screaming at them both from inside the ring to stay out of his business! Pledge and Juggernaut struggling to take control of the chair and there is a tug of war going on here! Adams leaning over the top rope trying to grab Pledge…wait…Pledge wins the tug of war and the chair nails Adams in the head on the carry through! Pledge turns around and smiles at his good fortune…Adams staggers back…Nitemare with a rollup! The referee wakes up…a slow cover!

BC: No! No! Ahhh!





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner… “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

TT: My God! My God! Pledge just cost Adams the match and Osbourne is celebrating like he just won Olympic gold! Pledge into the ring and he goes right after Adams but Juggernaut heaves him off…Nitemare jumps on Juggernaut and now Pledge is on Nitemare…three way brawl and Adams coming around now as well…all hell has broken loose and security and CWF officials swarm the ring! Adams furiously trying to get at Pledge but security won’t allow it!

BC: This is insanity! And…ahhh!

A voice comes out over the arena, deep and booming.

Magnus Thunder: You've been found wanting, Adams. And the scales do not lie. Restitution must be made for what you've stolen!

TT: This is bad news for Adams... BC: Oh no...

Magnus Thunder walks out onto the stage, Stormbringer at his side. Brian Adams is flipping out in the ring as security tries to restrain him.

Magnus Thunder: In the time since Super Card, you've done nothing but avoid me Adams. But you knew that one day you'd have to pay the piper. You handed off the shot to a man I had defeated for you. Now you refuse to defend your title at all. I can see the fear on your face. I challenge you now! Can you best me without the aid of five others combatants?

TT: Magnus Thunder has challenged the champion and Brian Adams is having a fit in the ring, blood staining his face and he wants at Pledge so badly I don’t think he even hears Magnus! Pledge mocking him from the other side of the ring and Nitemare and Juggernaut separated as well!

Suddenly, Mark Xamin appears at the top of the stage and stands beside Magnus.

Mark Xamin: You know, Magnus…that’s an excellent point. Hey Adams…looks like you’ve got your hands full with Pledge there, but here’s the deal…next week, you’re gonna have a…shall we say…distraction. A big distraction.

Adams turns his attention towards Xamin and screams at him furiously from the ring.

Mark Xamin: Next week…you will defend the CWF World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd roars as Brian Adams starts throwing security guards and referees around in anger. Pledge Allegiance has now become amused.

Mark Xamin: You will defend that title against…MAGNUS THUNDER!



The crowd absolutely explodes! The camera zooms in on Brian Adams who looks like he’s seen a ghost. Then it shifts to Magnus Thunder who grins at Adams, and then raises Stormbringer high into the air and lets out a war cry.


BC: This is not fair!


Fade to black.