Last week, Pledge Allegiance demanded a rematch after the controversy that unfolded at Vendetta. Mark Xamin granted him his title match, but it would come on May 30th at Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring.

Later that evening, Brian Adams took on “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne in a battle of two champions. With a little help from Pledge Allegiance, Rob Osbourne got the victory, setting the stage for complete and utter chaos.

[Clip of the ensuing four way brawl between Brian Adams, Pledge Allegiance, Rob Osbourne, and The Juggernaut.]

With four of the CWFs most prominent stars in the ring, and CWF security and officials struggling to separate them, Mark Xamin dropped a bombshell. Brian Adams would defend the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against the only man with a clean victory over him since the CWF’s rebirth in February.

Magnus Thunder.

And it will happen…


[Clip of Brian Adams’ face, red with anger and resentment at the announcement.]

This is…

We fade in to a sold out University Arena in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fireworks explode at the entrance way and above the ring, sending the raucous crowd into a frenzy. The camera pans through the arena, and welcoming us to the show is Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to Albuquerque, New Mexico! We are live from the University Arena, and this is CWF Saturday Night Showdown! Good evening everyone, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me as always is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane. Tonight, history will be made!

BC: That’s right, for the first time ever, a major title is on the line on Showdown! And it’s the grandest prize in the entire industry, the CWF World Heavyweight Championship…and let’s be honest, it’s not fair! Brian Adams should not be defending the title tonight, he has a title defense coming up at Night of Champions against Pledge Allegiance, and…

TT: …don’t get too far ahead of yourself, Bobby…first he has to beat Magnus Thunder! Because if Magnus Thunder wins the title tonight, Brian Adams will NOT be defending the title against Pledge Allegiance at Night of Champions II…Magnus Thunder will! That means Brian Adams would be out of the title picture until at least June, and as long as we’re being “honest”, Bobby…face the facts, we could very well see a brand new CWF World Heavyweight Champion crowned tonight, because Magnus Thunder has given Brian Adams fits over the past few months, no doubt his toughest opponent to date and a man who has beaten him cleanly!

BC: Shut up! Just…just shut up, Teddy!

TT: And that’s just the main event! Also tonight, how about this one…Lord of the Ring finalist, Drastic, Rob Osbourne’s apparent brother…takes on Pledge Allegiance! But it gets better…the special guest referee will be… “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne! What on earth will transpire in that one? Rob Osbourne has it in for both of those guys!

BC: I don’t know, but those are three very combustible elements in the ring at one time…I guarantee you something is going down!

TT: In addition, The Raving Lunatic will face perhaps his most daunting opponent in his young career…one week removed from single handedly destroying the New Church and running Khrist out of the CWF, The Raving Lunatic will take on the former CWF National Champion…the 7’5”, 556 pound behemoth…The Juggernaut!

BC: Maybe The Juggernaut can knock some sanity into this nutbag! Then again, maybe he’ll just knock his head right off his shoulders! Or maybe drill him on top of the head and hammer him into the mat like a rail road spike…oh I can’t wait!

TT: The Raving Lunatic is the other Lord of the Ring finalist, he will take on Drastic at Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring, and the winner will headline Summer Smash against the CWF World Heavyweight Champion, whomever that may be, but it’s looking like it will be one of the current champion Brian Adams, Magnus Thunder, or Pledge Allegiance…and regardless of who it is, the Lord of the Ring will have his hands full at this summer’s hottest pay per view!

BC: Hold onnnnnn, Teddy…let’s not “get ahead of ourselves” as your geek ass would say…first, Lunatic has to make it through The Juggernaut, and if…IF he survives the night, he’ll go to Night of Champions!

TT: Well nonetheless, here’s something you’ll enjoy…tonight, Paul Blair returns from the set of The Karate Priest, and in fact returns to the ring tonight, taking on Sickboy!

BC: That is definitely fair to Blair…his first match back and he’s up against a guy who’s busted his ass since signing with the CWF and Blair had better beware!

TT: And coming up in just a minute…can you believe this…Kyle Sync will make his second attempt at a career in the CWF! He has assured us all that he has gotten himself straightened out and is ready to make a splash…but he’ll be in tough tonight because he is taking on the streaking Motion, who has been extremely impressive the past couple of weeks!

BC: Well hey, Kyle Sync came highly touted a few months ago, but he completely bombed and it turned out he wasn’t the hotshot he told us he was…he dropped match after match, and he was lucky to escape permanent injury…but tonight he says he’s refocused so let’s see if he can live up to his reputation!

TT: As a matter of fact, let’s find out right now…we are ready to get underway with our first match of the evening!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your opening match. Approaching the ring first… he comes to us from Warsaw, Poland. Weighing 275 pounds and standing 6 feet 2 inches tall. This is Kyle Syyyync...

“Hunt You Down” by Saliva blares out over the speakers and the crowd has very little if any reaction. There is a longer than needed dramatic pause before the curtain spreads and Kyle Sync appears. He is holding a microphone in his hand and pandering to the fans at the top of the stage. The crowd still has very little emotion, some boo. Sync pulls the microphone to his lips and speaks...

Kyle Sync: Thats right! I'm back! I'm better than ever. With my resume I should be in the main event tonight and not wrestling some guy I can't remember the name of. This is a complete sham. It's a mockery of my credentials. If Mark Xamin wishes to waste my time with meaningless crap such as this...

At that very second the speakers begin to boom out loud music once more. 'Pretender' by The Foo Fighters is playing and the fans rush to their feet. There is loud applause and at first Sync believes it is for him. That illusion is quickly dashed as Motion makes his way through the curtains at a full out sprint. He hits Sync with a shoulder block sending him flying off of the edge of the stage and into the rail keeping the fans back.

TT: Oh god!... he hit his head there Bobby.

BC: Who is that guy?

TT: Which one Bobby?

BC: That one there.... The one that’s twitching.

The ring announcer has to speak at the top of his lungs to be heard over the fans.

Ring Announcer: Weighing 220 pounds and standing 6 feet tall. He's from Dunshaughlin, Ireland! This Is Moooooootion!

Motion has leaped from the stage during his introduction and landed on Sync's twitching body. What pain! The referee assigned to the match has left the ring and is making his way toward the carnage. Halfway he meets motion who is pulling Kyle down to ringside by his hair.

The Ref is screaming at them to get in the ring and Motion obliges. He rolls Sync's lifeless body into the ring and climbs to the apron himself. The ref rolls in under the ropes and calls for the bell. Motion has worked his way up to the top turnbuckle. He comes down on Sync's chest with a flying elbow. Motion with the quick pin in the middle of the ring. The ref counts...




TT: Oh boy Bobby. Kyle Sync just got handed another loss his first night back here in the CWF. Looked to me like he had no idea what he was doing out there. Almost like a deer stuck in headlights, he never got his feet under him.

BC: Who the hell is Kyle Sync? You know what I don't care let’s move on.

TT: Well some people have it and some people don’t…either you’re cut out for the big time or you’re not…and Kyle Sync clearly is not. A big name on the independent circuit, perhaps…but in the CWF, he just doesn’t have what it takes.


TT: …what are you talking about, of course I heard that you idiot, what’s the matter with you?

BC: That’s the sound of Kyle Sync choking…again!

TT: Wow that was a long way to go to make that joke…anyway fans, we have to take a short commercial break…when we come back, Paul Blair will step out of Hollywood and step back into the ring as he takes on Sickboy! Don’t go anywhere!

TT: Welcome back to CWF Saturday Night Showdown…we are live from the University Arena in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and we are just getting started here!

BC: I can’t wait to see the Karate Priest…is Blair a black belt now? How many black belts do you think it would take hold up Blair’s pants? In his old age he’s put a little weight on, Teddy…in fact, I heard Paul Blair’s hair has gone completely grey and he’s put on 150 pounds since we last saw him!

TT: 150 pounds…in two weeks?

BC: Paul Blair is a big fan of fast food…he’s literally been eating his career away!

TT: Give me a break…let’s get to the ring!

Ring Announcer: Our next match is scheduled for one fall. First making his way to the ring, standing six feet five inches tall, weighing in at 275 lbs.....he is a member of the CWF Hall of Fame...."The Ruler" PAUL BLAIR!

The BlairVision theme hits and the crowd immediately explodes with boos as Blair appears at the entrance way. He shakes his head at the unappreciative crowd and makes his way to the ring.

TT: Well he definitely hasn’t put any weight on, Bobby…in fact he looks well rested…

BC: All those 2 PM naps can have that effect on the elderly…he’s up in time for the early bird special and then it’s off to the arena…this has already been a full day for Paul Blair…

TT: Would you stop…

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, standing six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, via New York, New York.....THIS....IS....SICKBOY!

Crowd explodes as "Angry Chair" by Alice in Chains erupts throughout the arena as Sickboy makes his way to the ring.

BC: And these two waste absolutely no time going right at each other’s throats, Teddy Turnbuckle!

TT: Well Bobby, the fans know these two old journeymen go way back. They have done battle inside the squared circle on more than one occasion, and this match is sure to be entertaining to say the least.

BC: Sickboy and Blair trading rights and lefts, and Blair gets the advantage and slingshots Sickboy into the ropes...high knee by Sickboy and Blair drops to the mat.

TT: Blair quickly back to his feet though appearing a bit dismayed at Sickboy’s lack of ring rust.

BC: No, that scumbag Blair just realized that HE's the one with ring rust. He's a step behind and that's going to be his downfall Teddy! That and his arrogance. I tell you what, I'd like to...

TT: You had your chance Bobby Crane and you couldn't get the job done, now sit down, shut up, and call this match!

BC: Yessir! (sarcasticly salutes)

TT: Enough already, Sickboy delivering a barrage of martial arts kicks to star of the Karate Priest! Blair now his knees...

BC: YA DON'T SAY?! Blair, on his knees? Whoda thunk it?

TT: .............

BC: What? Ok, ok, that was out of line. But it was funny. Right? I mean, you smirked a little. I saw you Turnbuckle...admit it?

TT: It was amusing, but highly inappropriate nonetheless. Sickboy now with a slight advantage on Blair. He pulls him up and lifts him high above his head....stall suplex...and Blair comes down hard.

BC: Again......I will leave it alone....but I could have......

TT: Thank you sir. Sickboy climbing the ropes, and he dives for a frog splash....NO!!!!

BC: Blair was playing possum and pulls up his knees and Sickboy takes the full impact in his rib cage! Ouch!

TT: Blair wasn't playing too much of a possum, he is hurt, but his experience in the ring made him pull up at the right time. Sickboy writhing in pain...Blair is staggering to his feet.

BC: Blair shaking out the cobwebs...or at least trying, but as his age, the cobwebs start to takeover...and Blair delivers a swift kick in the gut to Sickboy. And now he is on his way up the ropes.

TT: Blair is going to get air! Diving headbutt by The Ruler and the Ruler-Rooters are raising the roof!

BC: Figures that Blair's big crescendo would be a move that hurts him as bad, if not worse, than it hurts his opponent. Bravo…idiot.

TT: You may have a point there Bobby Crane. It might be the most intelligent thought you've had this entire match sir.

BC: Thank you.

TT: Oh brother....

BC: Blair is up but he's busted himself open and the crimson river is starting to flow. Wait a minute, Sickboy with a hand full of tights, school-boy on Blair, the ref is counting.....1............2.................3!!!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner....SICKBOY!!!!

BC: And the veteran Blair fell for the oldest one in the book Teddy!

TT: Blair is a member of the CWF Hall of Fame and one of the most respected wrestlers in the industry. Just because you still have some sort of issues with him or not, he didn't look bad after his big return from shooting The Karate Priest 2.

BC: Last time I checked Teddy Turnbuckle, this was the CWF, this wasn't Hollyweird. Blair needs to get with the program and get his focus back on what made him, the CWF.

TT: For once we agree. But think about it, Blair can get more for one movie than he does for 6 months on the road. And he doesn't risk his life every night. I can see that being important.

BC: So he's all about the benjamins eh, Teddy?

TT: Good grief. Well nonetheless, what a huge victory for Sickboy…he has a win over Paul Blair under his belt and that’s no easy feat…

BC: This must be a bad night for returning wrestlers…first Kyle Sync makes an ass of himself, then Paul Blair gets beat by Sickboy…

TT: Well up next folks…this should be a dandy. The Raving Lunatic taking on The Juggernaut...

BC: This is such a great match up…you’d almost think you’d never see this match, they’re such an odd pairing…but I think it’s gonna be good, and Lunatic is gonna get hammered…

TT: Well let’s find out…the former National Champion taking on the Lord of the Ring finalist…let’s get to the ring!

Ring Announcer: First, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada...standing six foot two and weighing two hundred and sixty five pounds, The Raving Lunatic!

“Eye of the Storm” by Insane Clown Posse erupts through the arena as the Lunatic heads to the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent.....

Just then "Monsters" by Matchbook Romance begins to blast threw the arena. The Juggernaut's entourage head out to ringside surrounds the ring and two steel chairs are located in the ring and Jimmy "The Juggernaut" Washington steps out from behind the curtain dressed in his street clothes, Levis, Timberland boots, and a black muscle shirt. He begins to march down to the ring with what appears to be The Raving Lunatic's psychiatric case file in hand.

BC: Jimmy Washington, out here in street clothes and his entire entourage is surrounding the ring…

TT: That's for his protection.

BC: The Juggernaut doesn't need protection!

The Juggernaut climbs into the ring and points at the case file, one of his boys hands him a microphone.

The Juggernaut: Ladies and Gentlemen YOU are being lied to! I have here in my hand The Raving Lunatic’s case file. And I brought this case file to the attention of a very close and personal friend of mine, ladies and Gentlemen, my psychiatrist, Doctor Sheila Appleton!

The Juggernaut's psychiatrist Dr. Sheila Appleton comes out from back stage, dressed in a skirt and a white button down shirt. The males in the crowd begin to cheer and cowl at the attractive blond haired Doctor Appleton. She climbs into the ring and The Juggernaut pats on one of the steel chairs signaling her to sit.

The Juggernaut: Sheila... you are indeed a psychiatrist yes?

Dr. Appleton: Yes I am a psychiatrist.

The Juggernaut: Ok, let’s get right down to it. You've reviewed The Raving Lunatic’s case file and what are your findings?

Dr. Appleton: It is my professional opinion that this case file is not authentic. Based on wording and certain phrases that aren't used in the medical profession the case file does not seem genuine. Therefore, The Raving Lunatic is no less sane then you are Mr. Washington...

The Juggernaut: Thank you, Dr. Appleton (She makes her way out of the wrestling ring) Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case. The Raving Lunatic is really just a Raving Actor!

TT: Jimmy Washington just claimed The Raving Lunatic isn't crazy….

BC: No Teddy, he just proved it!

TT: Well you have to question his sources, Bobby. First of all, there’s the whole doctor/patient confidentiality issue…if this so called Doctor, Sheila Appleton is Juggernaut’s shrink and not Lunatic’s, she shouldn’t have access to his files…secondly, she’s basing this opinion on “wording” in Lunatic’s file? Give me a break, this is Juggernaut trying to get into Lunatic’s head…

BC: Yeah well, when he gets in there he’s gonna have to stand in line, cuz I think there’s about 50 or 60 people in there ahead of him…

The Juggernaut: Ladies and Gentlemen, weighing in at a fraction of his opponents weight, allegedly from Las Vegas Nevada, The RAAAAVING! ACTOR! Let’s get this thing going!

BC: And Juggernaut rips off his shirt and leaps onto the apron and steps over the top rope as Lunatic just stands there sizing him up, not really even seeming to realize a size difference, does he Teddy?

TT: Lunatic is...well Bobby, he's a Lunatic.

BC: Do you think it's like Shallow Hal? Like he sees Jimmy as a normal sized guy?

TT: Bobby...have you been hanging out with Adams and Osbourne again?

BC: Lunatic charges in to try and tackle the legs of Washington, but he has him by over a foot in height and three hundred pounds! This is insane. Washington reaches down and plucks the Lunatic up and tosses him into the corner and takes off himself, but Lunatic drops down prone and Washington nails the ring post with his shoulder bending it out a bit and making the ropes stretch.

TT: Impressive indeed, Crane. Juggernaut now going after Lunatic who is racing around the ring staying ahead of the much larger mammoth of a man. Lunatic rolls out of the ring and heads around the far side as Washington climbs out and heads the other way. This isn't going to be good. Lunatic forgot about The Entourage....and their steel chairs...

BC: INDEED! One of the men wielding the chair cracks Lunatic as the ref is distracted by Washington wielding the other chair on the other side of the ring. He has this size advantage and he still has to have outside help to win a match against a man half his size? Sad.

TT: Well Bobby, if he loses to Rob Osbourne at Night of Champion 2, he will be gone for good.

BC: Hey, whadayaknow, hell must be freezing over!

TT: I don't follow?

BC: I'll be rooting for Rob Osbourne. Washington drops the chair and rolls under the bottom rope to reset the count as Lunatic is being rolled back into the ring nearly out of it, by one of Washington's lackeys.

TT: And Washington climbs back in the ring. He grabs Lunatic up with one arm and slings him over his shoulder in a fireman's carry position...and he cranks him up in the air and brings him down in a back body drop. That had to hurt The Raving Lunatic, Bobby!

BC: Nut job or not, he felt that. But look at him, he just kipped up Turnbuckle..what the hell?

TT: And he's ceremoniously ripping out handfuls of his own hair and offering it to Washington...Washington looks sickened by the act and backs right up to the ropes, and his massive frame flips backwards, and Lunatic sprints the opposite direction, heads back towards the side Wahsington went out....leaps onto the middle of the top rope, and suicide dives onto Wahsington!

Crowd starts "Holy Shit!" chant.

BC: I'll second the crowd Teddy! Wait a comes The Nitemare!!!!

Rob Osbourne sprints out from the back with a baseball bat.

BC: Osbourne just starts beating hell out of Wahsington's legs and comes The Entourage, one big black brother coming from either side both wielding chairs, Washington struggling to get to a knee, as his two cronies swing for a concerto on Osbourne....The Nitemare ducks and they crack Washington!

TT: And the ref hasn't seen a thing, he's been busy on the other side of the ring with keeping one of the posse members off of Lunatic, but Lunatic is back on his feet and he sees Osbourne sprinting up the ramp with the whole Entourage giving chase....

BC: Lunatic taking everything he has to get Washington into the ring, cover......1...........................2.......................................3!!!!!!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner....THE RAVING LUNATIC!!!!

BC: When you're hot, you're hot Teddy, and right now, The Raving Lunatic is on fire!

TT: Well give the assist to Rob Osbourne, he beat Juggernaut down with that baseball bat and that enabled Lunatic to get the pinfall…it’s almost a shame, that could have been a damn good match if not for The Nitemare…

BC: Osbourne just sent him a message…we’re two weeks away from Night of Champions II and Juggernaut’s days are numbered! Looks like Lunatic is gonna make it to Las Vegas after all!

TT: Speaking of which, his opponent in the finals of the Lord of the Ring tournament for the shot at the world championship, Drastic....

BC: It's Bryan Joseph Osbourne Teddy...

TT: Right...he takes on another Osbourne family member here tonight in the former CWF World Champion, Pledge Allegiance.

BC: But Osbourne has to call the match. I wonder if Washington's goons got him?

Just then "Nightmare" by Crooked X hits. The lights drop and purple and white spot lights flood the arena and swirl in a haze of fog machine smoke. Pyro explodes at the entrance ramp and The Nitemare flips the curtain open and walks through to an enormous pop. He poses at the entrance ramp, which triggers more pyro, and then struts his way down the aisle, hopping over the top rope and into the ring.

TT: I guess not....

Ring Announcer: First, hailing from Van Nuys, California standing 6'1" and weighing 236 lbs.....THIS.....IS......DRASTIC!!!

"Never Enough" by Five Finger Death Punch blasts out as the lights in the arena go out and pitch black takes over. Red pin lights flash throughout the arena as a giant butterfly made of blood fills the screen on the jumbo screen. Lightning cracks and hits the center of the ring as Drastic steps out from behind the curtain and makes his way to the ring.

BC: So what if he's an Osbourne...I still like this kid, and he has been rolling right through the CWF so far Teddy.

TT: And he has taken out the likes of Blood, Magnus, Sickboy, MuH, Motion, Hangman, and others in his CWF career but tonight he takes on the two time former World Champion...looks like the special referee wants to say a word or two...

NRO: Ladies, I want a clean fight....I plan on calling this match right down the middle. I want no cheap shots, no outside interference, no foreign objects...or I'll use it on you myself.....

“By Myself” by Linkin Park errupts through the PA And "The Daydreamer" Chris Osbourne appears on the ramp with a microphone.

TT: What the…that’s Chris Osbourne! Chris Osbourne is here!

DCO: Hey big brother, I don't think any of that is necessary. This match is not taking place.


Rob drops and rolls out of the ring and meets Chris at the foot of the ramp.

DCO: Well Robbie, it's time my boy goes back to the hospital. He's not well.

TT: Panic strikes Drastic’s face as Pledge just stares in awe at the revelation that Drastic is the son of his own half-brother, Chris Osbourne.

BC: You mean Bryan Joseph Osbourne...

TT: Whatever...

NRO: Listen want to lock that little bastard away and throw away the key, be my guest...AFTER this match....

DCO: Fine....then he's going to Solitary for reprogramming.

Just as they turn to face the ring, Drastic and Pledge, in unison, dive through the middle ropes and tackle Rob and Chris.

BC: Drastic is on his own father wailing away at The Daydreamer's head as Pledge pounds The Nitemare about the face, chest, head, neck, and breast!

TT: And here comes The Entourage...

They start to pull Pledge off of Rob, and Drastic off of Chris. They stand The Nitemare up and one of them punches Rob in the mouth. As they do, Pledge, Chris, and Drastic all start working together to fight off the Entourage. As they begin to get the upper hand, Rob takes off.

BC: And The Nitemare has high tailed it out of here Teddy, and I can't say that I blame him. Chris Osbourne now waiving for the orderlies as they roll the gurney down. One of them stabs Drastic with a hypodermic and he drops instantly. They strap him to the gurney and wheel him away as Pledge is left in the ring looking confused.

TT: My God, have we seen the last of Drastic? And…what the hell is going on with the Lord of the Ring tournament now? Drastic was the finalist…

BC: I don’t know but right now it looks like The Raving Lunatic is the Lord of the Ring!

TT: Folks…hopefully we can get some answers…we are going to take our final commercial break, we will be back with the first ever CWF World Championship match on Saturday Night Showdown! Don’t go anywhere!

TT: Welcome back fans…we are just about set for our main event here, Brian Adams defending the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against Magnus Thunder in what will no doubt be a barn burner, the rubber match is happening here tonight in a matter of minutes, both men with one victory over the other but right now…I understand Mark Xamin is standing by with a ruling on the Lord of the Ring tournament…Mark?

Mark Xamin appears on the big screen. The fans react accordingly – a mixture of boos and cheers. He wears a white dress shirt with a red tie, and as always, “The Beast” Kodiak Winters stands behind him, arms folded, his massive chest stretching every last fiber of his black CWF t-shirt to its limit and providing the backdrop.

Mark Xamin: Thank you, Teddy. I’m sorry to inform everyone that what just happened to Drastic was indeed legit. He has been checked into a psychiatric ward and he is stuck there until further notice. Therefore, I have had to made the unfortunate decision to disqualify Drastic from the Lord of the Ring tournament.

The fans boo loudly.

TT: That is a real shame…

Mark Xamin: It is a real shame indeed, Teddy. Drastic made a valiant effort and overcame tremendous odds to get to the finals, defeating Magnus Thunder and Sickboy along the way. Now this presents us with a problem. The Raving Lunatic is left without an opponent for the tournament final to crowd the very first CWF Lord of the Ring. But I have a solution. Next week on Showdown, Sickboy will take on the loser of the main event tonight…the winner of that match will go on to Night of Champions to up against The Raving Lunatic is the tournament final. The winner of that match will receive a CWF World Heavyweight Championship match at Summer Smash on June 27th. So, should Brian Adams lose the title here tonight, he will take on Sickboy next week. Should he retain the title tonight, Magnus Thunder will battle Sickboy next week.

TT: Well that sounds like a reasonable solution, but I have to ask, how did you come to this decision?

Mark Xamin: Quite simply, with the disqualification of Drastic, his two previous victories become null and void. Therefore, his two victories have become defeats, and the two men he originally beat are now reinstated into the tournament. Those two men of course were Magnus Thunder and Sickboy. However, if Magnus Thunder were to become the champion tonight, it would only be fair that Brian Adams take his place in the tournament.

TT: A very fair solution…now Mr. Xamin…before you go, I have to ask. Both Brian Adams and Magnus Thunder hold a victory over the other. This is the rubber match tonight…do you care to venture a guess on who wins tonight?

Mark Xamin: I…truly don’t know. This is going to be a match for the ages and I hope both of them bring everything they have…I have no doubt that they will, as they have on both previous occasions that they’ve met in the ring.

TT: And one more question, if I may…

Mark Xamin: Of course.

TT: Pledge Allegiance earlier this week issued a statement saying that he would not have participated in the match with Drastic tonight. We didn’t get to see what would have unfolded as Drastic was hauled out of the arena, but Pledge made some very harsh remarks about you and your alleged efforts to make him jump through hoops to get what he wants. Do you have any response to that?

Mark Xamin: Well I’m trying to turn the other cheek when it comes to Pledge Allegiance, Teddy. He’s in the heat of battle, in the fight of his life. He’s got a lot on his plate right now but I would suggest to Pledge Allegiance that he look back over the past few months. He was in Craze in the Maze…he was given every opportunity to win that night. He didn’t get the job done, but what did I do? I gave him another chance to get into the main event at Super Card V. He got it done at Night of Champions I. He was in that Elimination Chamber at Super Card as a result, just as the other five men were and he had every opportunity to win, just like they did. He didn’t get it done. So what do I do? I give him the first title shot at Vendetta. Yes, there was some controversy there, but the video replay was inconclusive. Both of Brian Adams feet touched the floor, while there is some discrepancy as to whether or not both of Pledge’s feet hit the floor at the same time. So to reconcile this issue, I have given Pledge Allegiance a guaranteed title shot at Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring on May 30th. I believe I have gone above and beyond to give Pledge Allegiance a fair shake. It would be nice if he were more appreciative of my efforts.

TT: Now Mark, to be fair, Pledge’s issue is more centered around the fact that he’s been put in too many dangerous situations. For example, tonight he was to take on Drastic with Rob Osbourne as the guest referee…no doubt this would have put Pledge in harm’s way just two weeks shy of his title shot.

Mark Xamin: Harm’s way? Harm’s way?! This is the wrestling business, Teddy…if Pledge is worried about being in harm’s way I would suggest he look for a new career. How about the fact that his opponent at Night of Champions is about to defend his title against the most powerful wrestler in the company? Would that be considered harm’s way? I’ll give Pledge Allegiance a little tip…the minute you stop pissing and moaning about all the reasons you might not become champion, and start focusing on what you need to do to win…that’s when you’ll start fighting like a champion again. If you’ve got a problem, hey…there’s a locker room full of guys who would love to have your title shot in two weeks…and if that’s what you’d prefer, that can be arranged. But for the second time this month, I’m gonna turn the other cheek…I’m not gonna sick Kodiak Winters on you, I’m not gonna truly stack the deck against you. That’s two strikes, Pledge. I suggest you keep your eye on the ball and avoid the third.

TT: Thank you, Mr. Xamin.

Mark Xamin: Enjoy the rest of the show.

The big screen now switches to a Brian Adams vs Magnus Thunder splash image as Xamin disappears.

TT: Very strong words from the boss to Pledge Allegiance…

BC: He basically just emasculated him…that should light a fire under Pledge’s ass for sure!

TT: Well in fairness, Pledge has a point….he’s been knocked in the head so many times he forgot who he was for a good number of weeks…at some point he had to snap.

BC: Yeah well…Xamin is under a lot of pressure, he doesn’t have time for this!

TT: Alright fans, it’s time…history will be made in mere moments…for the first time ever, the CWF World Heavyweight Championship is on the line right here on Saturday Night Showdown!

BC: And this is so unfair to Brian Adams!

TT: You heard Mark Xamin, Bobby…if you think it’s unfair you’re in the wrong business! This will be Brian Adams’ second title defense since winning the gold at Super Card V. It was then, on March 21st, just a shade under two months ago that Brian Adams pinned Magnus Thunder after a brutal Elimination Chamber match to win the title…can he pin Magnus Thunder one on one tonight? His title reign depends on it…let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen…the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd roars.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger…from Jotunheim, Norway…weighing in at 500 pounds….MAGNUS THUNDER!

The crowd erupts as “Just Like You Imagined” by Nine Inch Nails hits, and the thunder rumbles through the arena. Towering through the curtain is the massive 7’5” frame of Magnus Thunder. He stands at the top of the entrance way for a moment and looks out to the crowd, nodding in appreciation of their reception. Then, with a war cry, he raises Stormbringer high above his head, an amazing pyrotechnic bolt of lightning striking it as he does…sparks fly as it hits the hammer, and Magnus swings it down, hammering it into the ground, which triggers a huge series of pyro explosions behind him. He explodes up the aisle, walking with a vengeance, and climbs into the ring, raising his warhammer once more to the adoration of the crowd.

TT: Magnus Thunder looks like he’s in the best shape of his life and wow…quite an entrance. I’ve never seen him so jacked up…he’s ready for a fight, you better believe that!

BC: And Brian Adams has only had a week to prepare for this! It’s a crime that the title is up for grabs tonight!

TT: Brian Adams is about to be run over by a train called Magnus Thunder if he’s not careful!

Ring Announcer: And his opponent!

The crowd immediately begins booing.

Ring Announcer: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Weighing in at 240 pounds…he is the current and reigning CWF World Heavyweight Champion… “THE FLAWLESS ONE” BRIAN ADAMS!

“Represent” by (hed) p.e. is drowned out almost entirely by the boos of the incredibly vocal crowd, who throw garbage at the curtain. Brian Adams sticks his head out of the curtain and immediately pulls it back as a cup of beer comes sailing at him and splashes into the curtain. Adams holds the title through the curtain as if to mock the crowd, then quickly pulls it back. He slowly steps through the curtain entirely but is pelted with garbage. The crowd roars as a soft drink hits him directly in the head, soaking his hair. He storms back behind the curtain. Several seconds pass and suddenly, his voice booms through the arena, apparently having got hold of a mic backstage.

Brian Adams: You New Mexico dirtbags better shut your mouths and show the champ so god damned respect or I ain’t comin’ out! You hear me?! I won’t come out and your stupid little match won’t even happen! How would ya like that you bunch of quasi Mexican jumping beans?! Huh? Now shut your mouths and worship the champ as he graces you with his presence!

TT: God, the nerve of that man!

BC: What?! The nerve of these PEOPLE, Teddy! Throwing garbage at the champ! It’s shameful!

“Represent” by (hed) p.e. starts up again, but is once more drowned out by the crowd’s disdain. Brian Adams emerges from behind the curtain and holds up the title, tilting his head back and closing his eyes as if soaking in the hatred. He storms up the aisle and….stops, about half way, when he noticed a fan holding up a sign that says “Adams Sucks!”. Adams grabs the sign and tears it in half, screaming at the fan. Then, as if he’s reached his limit, he gestures that he doesn’t need this crap, and starts walking towards the back.

TT: Brian Adams is walking out! Adams is walking out of the arena and this crowd has gotten to him!

BC: You underestimate the champion, Teddy! Look at Magnus in the ring! That fire he came to the ring with is slowly dissipating and it’s being replaced with impatience! Magnus wants him in the ring now!

Adams slowly walks back towards the curtain, wagging his head arrogantly as he does. Magnus Thunder has seen enough, and storms out of the ring and up the aisle after Adams. The crowd roars as Magnus grabs a handful of Adams’ hair. Adams’ face turns to shock as Magnus drags him back down the aisle and towards the ring.

TT: Thank God! Magnus has got him! Magnus dragging Adams back to the ring and we are gonna have our title match!

BC: Ahhh!

Just as Magnus gets him to the ring, Adams, breaks from his grasp. As Magnus turns to go after him, Brian Adams clobbers him with the World title. Magnus immediately drops to the floor.


BC: HA! Brilliant!

Adams tears around the ring and pulls the heavy steel ring steps off their base, and DRIVES them into the back of Magnus Thunder. Thunder bellows out in pain…and Adams drills him again!

BC: I love it!

TT: The ref is helpless to stop this because the match isn’t even officially underway!

BC: And even if it was, so what?! Adams gets disqualified and keeps his title! Oh I’m really starting to like this guy!

Adams lays the boots to Magnus until officials swarm the ringside area to hold him back. Adams rolls into the ring and raises his arms as if he’s won the match. The crowd boos him furiously. Medical personnel come to Magnus Thunder’s aid.

TT: And suddenly the whole damn match is in doubt…again! Can Brian Adams do anything legitimately? He’s a very capable athlete, can’t the guy just go to the ring and wrestle?

BC: Oh come on, he’s using his brain, Teddy! It’s his most dangerous weapon!

As EMTs tend to Magnus Thunder, the rage in his eyes grows ever stronger. He begins to shake with fury. Suddenly, as if hit by a shockwave, the EMTs and CWF staff surrounding Magnus all go flying as Magnus powers them away from him and furiously climbs back into the ring, his anger seething as he slowly climbs into the ring, his eyes never leaving Brian Adams. Adams gulps obviously, and immediately begins looking for an escape, but the referee rings the bell and the match begins!


TT: Ohhhh boy! I bet Brian Adams wishes his “most dangerous weapon” could jump out of his head, grow arms and legs, and wrestle Magnus Thunder for him because his brain isn’t gonna do him much good now!

BC: Oh my God, RUN, Brian! RUN!

Magnus storms over towards Adams but Adams ducks his head through the middle rope and leans outside, forcing the referee to back Magnus up. Magnus implores the referee to make Adams fight. The ref walks over to Adams and says something. Adams concedes that the referee is right, and walks out to the center of the ring to face Magnus. The two circle each other. Magnus stalks in…and Adams backs up…and once more ducks under the ropes, forcing the referee to hold Magnus back. Magnus Thunder grows angrier and demands Adams fights.

TT: Come on, this is getting ridiculous!

Once more, they meet in the center of the ring. They go to lock up…but Adams ducks under Magnus Thunder and slides under the bottom rope, signaling for a time out as he walks around the ring, clearly stressed out. The crowd boos him relentlessly.

TT: Would somebody get that coward in the damn ring?

BC: This is such a brilliant strategy!

Magnus Thunder has seen enough. As Adams turns his back to jaw back and forth with a fan in the front row, Magnus reaches over the top rope and grabs Adams by the hair. In an incredible feat of strength, Magnus lifts him by his hair and heaves him back into the ring, Adams’ legs kicking desperately in the air as he does. With Adams now in the ring, Magnus throws him into the corner and unloads on him with machinegun-like fists of fury. Adams, convulsing as if he’s being riddled with bullets, is helpless to fight back. Magnus whips him to the opposite corner and Adams bounces off the turnbuckle and rebounds into the center of the ring…Magnus SPEARS him hard! And Adams is damn near cut in half, his head going one way and the rest of him going the other. Magnus lets out a loud war cry and the crowd, solidly behind him, roars back.

TT: Good God, Magnus is tearing him apart and I don’t think Adams is going to last long here!

BC: Weather the storm, Brian…weather the storm! Ahh!

Magnus pulls him up by his chin and rears back…and a straight punch to the jaw rocks Adams and he drops to the mat! Magnus grabs him by his legs…and catapults him into the turnbuckle! Adams misses the buckle though and his head smacks the steel ring post instead! Adams bounces back in a daze and wobbles involuntarily towards Magnus…Magnus picks him up…POWERSLAM! And he got all of it! Adams looks broken and Magnus hooks the leg for the cover!




NO! Adams got a foot on the rope!

BC: Oh my God! Fast count! Fast count! Ease up, ref!

TT: And Brian Adams just saw his championship reign flash before his eyes, and perhaps out of instinct got his foot on the ropes or the powerful assault of Magnus Thunder may have finished him here in the early going!

Magnus can’t believe how close he came to being the champion and Adams lays there, his foot draped across the bottom rope. Magnus leans over to pull him up but Adams sticks his thumb in his eyes! He was playing possum and Magnus staggers back, blinded…Adams to his feet…and he slaps the big man in the face!

BC: Ahh! That was a bad mistake!

TT: Adams adding insult to injury and Magnus is furious!

Magnus Thunder’s head remains tilted from the force of the slap, but he leaves it there for dramatic effect. He slowly turns his head back towards Adams, who immediately begs forgiveness, dropping to his knees and begging him off. Magnus follows him into the corner, stalking over him…Adams suddenly jolts to his feet, grabs Magnus by the hair and leaps over the top rope, Magnus’ throat draping across the top rope and slinging him backwards to the mat with a force!

BC: He’s so resourceful! No wonder he’s the champion!

TT: Adams lured Magnus to the ropes and took advantage!

Adams slithers back into the ring and grins. He drapes Magnus’ foot across the bottom rope and jumps up…DRIVING himself into Thunder’s ankle. Magnus clutches it in pain and Adams stomps on his furiously, trying to keep him on the mat and take away his size advantage. Magnus pulls himself towards the center of the ring trying to create some room for himself, but Adams is on top of him like a jackal, kicking and tearing at Magnus’ legs, his teeth gnashing as he does. Adams now mounts Magnus and viciously pounds him in the face, fists flying everywhere…finally he stops, only to lean in and bite Magnus on the bridge of the nose! Magnus kicks his legs in pain and the referee pulls Adams off. The bridge of Magnus Thunder’s nose is now slightly cut, a bead of blood trickling down it and dripping off the tip, staining the mat. Adams’ chin is stained with Magnus’ blood and he smiles coyly, immediately going back to work on him, driving his elbow and forearm into Magnus’ face and chest.

TT: My God! Brian Adams is like a savage animal! Magnus doesn’t even have time to collect himself here as Adams relentless assaulting him!

BC: Haha, I love it! Magnus can’t even catch his breath, Adams is all over him!

Adams now off the ropes…and he drops a leg across Magnus Thunder’s throat! Magnus rolls over onto his stomach, trying to regain his breath as Adams panders to the crowd. Adams quickly back over to him and he sits on his back, pounding him with forearm shots to the small of the back. And he moves up slightly, now sitting on the very spot he just pounded and grabbing Magnus by the chin…he cinches up…camel clutch! Adams has it locked in and Magnus stares out aimlessly into the crowd, his arms flailing as he tries to escape but to no avail!

TT: Adams has him with the camel clutch and look at the torque on Magnus Thunder’s back! My God! Adams wrenching back with every bit of strength he can muster! No one has ever made Magnus Thunder submit but could we witness it for the first time here?

BC: There’s a first time for everything, Teddy!

TT: Adams ripping and tearing, bobbing back and forth like a rabid animal, teeth gnashing…Magnus is dead center in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go and my God I’ve never seen such a sickening angle on a camel clutch! Oh my does Brian Adams have that locked in perfectly!

Adams now sticks one of his knees in Magnus’ back and plants his other foot in the mat, leaning back with extra leverage. Magnus Thunder’s face turns beat red from the pain and Adams screams at him to tap out.

TT: Good Lord what a sick submission hold! Adam’s knee digging right into Thunder’s spine and Magnus has got to be in complete agony right now!

Magnus fights through the pain, refusing to tap. Adams losing strength in his arms but he hangs on, rearing back on Magnus with everything he’s got. Magnus Thunder fading…



The ref lifts Magnus’s arm once. It drops.

Twice. It drops again.

The fans begin to stomp their feet in support of Magnus Thunder, rallying behind their hero.

The ref raises his arm a third time… And it drops!

NO! Magnus just barely keeps it up and the match continues, pumping his fist and fighting to regain his strength. Brian Adams looks around frantically, telling the crowd to shut up. He takes his knee out of Magnus’ back and sits back down with all of his weight. Magnus plants his fist in the mat and slowly powers his way up! The crowd on their feet as Magnus gets to his, and he’s up! Adams clinging to his back but Magnus Thunder is up and the crowd goes wild! And he runs backwards into the turnbuckle! Adams hits the buckle back first but he hangs on…Magnus does it again! Adams clinging on for dear life…Magnus DRIVES him back again but Adams jumps off! Adams jumps off and Magnus rams himself into the buckles! Adams standing in the center of the ring pointing at his head and mocking the crowd, showing them how smart he is…but as he turns around..Magnus BLOWS right through him with a vicious clothesline, and for a fleeting moment it seems as though steam was shooting out of his ears and nose as he followed through with ferocious power! Brian Adams crashes to the mat with such force that he flips halfway backwards and lays crumpled up like an accordion!




Magnus Thunder pulls Adams up and whips him to the ropes…SPINEBUSTER! He rocks him and Adams looks like he has no life left in him! Magnus pulls him up again…and hooks him in…pumphandle slam…into a POWERSLAM! And Adams again hits the mat with a sickening force! Magnus Thunder a house of fire and he once more pulls Adams up…whips him to the ropes…big boot! No! Adams ducks out of desperation…and he comes back with a FLYING FOREARM! NO! Magnus moves and oh no, the referee got nailed and he drops unconscious!

TT: Oh no! There’s no referee!

BC: Oh my God Brian, just run! Run for the hills! Hit the deck! Ahhh!

Adams gets up and looks down at the referee, but as he turns around, Magnus Thunder boots him in the gut…POWERBOMB! And he hangs on for another….THUNDERSTORM! MAGNUS NAILS THE THUNDERSTORM AND HE MAKES A COVER! It’s all over!

TT: Oh God there’s no referee! Come on! Get another one out here! Look at this! 1…2…3…4….5! By rights Magnus should be the damn champion right now!

BC: Sweet merciful mother of God stay down ref! Stay the hell down! There’s only one recognized official in this match and he’s unconscious!

Magnus makes the count with his own hands…


But it does no good. He grabs his own hair, partly in frustration and partly in disbelief. Suddenly a new referee comes flying down the aisle! The crowd goes wild!


TT: Here it comes! Here’s the cover!



Threeeeeeeeeeeeee, nooooooooo!


BC: Ok…breathe Bobby…breathe…hee hee hooooo, hee hee hooooo…

TT: Will you stop!

Magnus Thunder looks into the palms of his hands and then up to the heavens, as if questioning if this is his destiny. As he ponders, Adams begins to stir and Magnus quickly pulls him up by his hair…he sets Adams up for a second Thunderstorm! He has him up for the first powerbomb…and he HITS IT! And he brings him back up for the second….Adams leaps over his head on the way up and scurries under the bottom rope to the outside!

TT: Come on, not this again!

Adams quickly grabs the timekeeper by the tie and tosses him down to the ground. He grabs the CWF World Heavyweight title belt and heads for the aisle!

TT: Give me a break!

Magnus grabs lunges through the ropes and grabs him by the hair…the referee immediately comes in to break it up…ADAMS NAILS MAGNUS WITH THE TITLE! Adams nailed him and the ref didn’t see it!

TT: No! Not like this! Come on!

BC: Ha!

Magnus staggers back, clearly dazed…the referee looks completely baffled and Brian Adams quickly slides back into the ring, his knees buckling slightly, clearly laboring from the Thunderstorm….LAST CHAPTER! ADAMS NAILS IT! Magnus doesn’t go down though! Magnus drops to one knee and Adams can’t believe it! ANOTHER LAST CHAPTER! And finally Magnus slumps over to his side, and Adams rolls him over for a cover!






Ring Announcer: Here is your winner…and STILL CWF World Heavyweight Champion… “THE FLAWLESS ONE” BRIAN ADAMS!

TT: DAMNIT! Brian Adams has stolen this match and he retains the title!


TT: Highway robbery here tonight on Showdown, Magnus Thunder should be the champion, he had Adam dead to rights but the referee was down and couldn’t make the count!

BC: Hey, that’s wrestling, Teddy! Deal with it!

Brian Adams snatches his title and demands the referee raise his hand in victory. He does, and Adams grins, taunting the fans. He rolls out of the ring and slowly walks up the aisle. The camera zooms in on him and then Magnus Thunder, alternating.

TT: Next week, Magnus Thunder will take on Sickboy and he will have a chance to go to the finals of the Lord of the Ring tournament, and from there a chance at another title shot, and my God, Brian Adams better hope he doesn’t get that far! Magnus Thunder got screwed here tonight!

BC: That was almost as beautiful as I am!

TT: We are out of time folks, thanks for joining us…see you next week!

Adams holds the title up in the air once more as Magnus Thunder lifts his head up off the mat and stares him down from the ring.

Fade to black.