Last week…

Brian Adams retained the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, defeating Magnus Thunder in the rubber match by devious means.

[Clip of Adams nailing Magnus with the title.]

Drastic was disqualified from the Lord of the Ring tournament after being committed to a state Mental Facility.

Tonight, Magnus Thunder and Sickboy do battle to determine who will take Drastic’s place in the Lord of the Ring tournament final next week in Las Vegas, Nevada at Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring….

Keith Daniels makes his return to the Classic Wrestling Federation.

The Juggernaut battles Alex Ruettiger.

The Raving Lunatic warms up for his Lord of the Ring finals matchup next week as he takes on newcomer Jay Matthews live tonight.

And in the main event…in a non-title matchup, CWF National Champion, “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne takes on CWF Hall of Famer, “The Ruler” Paul Blair!

This is…

Fade in to the usual set up. Fireworks explode at the entrance ramp and shoot down the aisle, and then explode out of the ring posts. The sellout crowd at the Marriott Center in Provo, Utah erupts, ready for CWF action. Standing at ringside are your hosts for the evening, Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the CWF’s Saturday Night Showdown! We are live from Provo, Utah for the final stop before Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring! I’m Teddy Turnbuckle and with me, as always, is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…and Bobby, this is going to be an explosive night, no doubt!

BC: We are here in the heartland of crazy…Mormon country, Teddy!

TT: Oh please…

BC: That’s right, and tonight, Paul Blair will go one on one with “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne, and I can’t wait to see the National champ do a number on the so-called “Ruler”!

TT: In addition to that, Magnus Thunder battles Sickboy with the winner going on to Night of Champions II in Las Vegas next week, to take on The Raving Lunatic…in his hometown, no less!

BC: Yeah well Magnus Thunder is still reeling from that loss to Brian Adams last week…he was so close to winning the title once again, but as is the story of Magnus Thunder’s career…close but no cigar!

TT: Brian Adams stole the victory by cheap shotting Magnus with the title, and by all means should have been disqualified, but even in that case, he would have retained the title as the belt can only change hands by pinfall or submission. Brian Adams was a defeated man last week and he knew it…he knew on that night, he couldn’t beat Magnus Thunder and he had to resort to those slimy, underhanded tactics that we’ve all become accustomed to with our current World Champion…

BC: Whatever, Teddy…who’s the champ?

TT: Well…unfortunately that would be Brian Adams.

BC: Exactly, so sit down, shut up, and be jealous, you geek.

TT: Well in any event, we've got a whole lot of show to get through tonight folks! We're one week away from our live network special, Night of Champions, it's going be a wild ride tonight for sure. But first, we're going to send things to the ring where special correspondent Dennis Donnelly is standing by. Take it away Dennis!

DD: Thanks, Teddy. It brings me great pleasure to introduce you all to the man who will once again be facing Brian Adams one week from tonight at Night of Champions for The CWF World Heavyweight Championship. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome "The American Icon" Pledge Allegiance!

"Iron Man" bellows throughout the arena and Pledge Allegiance appears at the top of the stage and surveys the arena and soaks in the cheers from the crowd. He walks down to the ring, slapping hands along the way, while red, white, and blue pyro explodes throughout the arena. When he gets to the ring he hops from the ring floor to the apron and steps over the top rope. He makes his way over to Dennis Donnelly and shakes hands with him.

DD: OK Pledge, you're a week away from the rematch of the century. You and "The Flawless One" are set to go one on one in a match that could possibly exceed The Craze in the Maze in terms of pure brutality. The CWF World Championship is once again in your sights. What is going through your head right now?

Pledge: Thanks for having me out here tonight Dennis. It's true, I have the most important match of my career one week from tonight. However Dennis, I didn't request this time to come here and talk about that tonight.

DD: Well then, Pledge, what's on your mind?

Pledge: Tonight, I want to address "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne, face to face, man to man!

The crowd erupts!

TT: Whoa! I don't think the ring can possibly contain these two explosive personalities!

BC: That's it, it's official. The elevator officially no longer is going all the way to the top! Pledge has lost his mind. He's a week away from a title shot and he's begging for a beat down from The Nitemare! Way to go champ. I mean chump!

Pledge: That's right, Rob, if you're within the sound of my voice, and I think you are, why don't you come out here? I've got a lot to get off my chest!

TT: Oh man! Pledge has just called out The Nitemare!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X hits. The lights drop and purple and white spot lights flood the arena and swirl in a haze of fog machine smoke. Pyro explodes at the entrance ramp and The Nitemare flips the curtain open and walks through to an enormous pop. He poses at the entrance ramp, which triggers more pyro, struts his way down the aisle, hopping over the top rope and into the ring.

DD: Alright you two. I'll end this interview right here and now unless you both promise me no funny stuff. If either one of you puts a hand on one another, this interview is over!

NRO: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Pledge: Rob, you and I have been at each other's throats for a better part of twelve years. That's a lifetime in this sport. Our rivalry is already the stuff legend is made of and it goes without saying that the last chapter between you and I has yet to be written. That being said, Rob, I basically have just one question for you here tonight. What is your problem with me?

Osbourne grins and looks out to the crowd before responding.

NRO: At first, I think it was because of what you did to my...excuse me...OUR Father's gravesite in 1999 when we were in the EWA. But I let that go a long time ago. Honestly speaking man, I don't have a problem with you. I just have fun beating you up and messing with your head. Every great has the one he couldn't get past. For Maniac it was Jimmy Blast, for Shawn Hillard it was Scott DeVille, for Mike Stewart it was Andrew Archer, for Blast himself it was Stan Cremins. For you, it's me Pledge. You cannot win the big match when it is me on the other side of the ring...plain and simple. But since we're being open and honest here and airing our dirty laundry right here on Showdown in Provo, Utah....what do you think better describes the full flavor of the all natural barley and hops used to brew Budweiser? Tastes great, or less filling?

Pledge: You're kidding me, right?

NRO: Not at all! I mean, for years, I loathed you. You were my driving force to keep going in this business. When my wife and kids would ask me to hang the boots up and retire, and the doctors would tell me if I got one more bad injury I would be done....did I listen to them? No. Why? Simple. I told my kid that as long as Pledge Allegiance had breath left in his lungs, The Nitemare would be there to knock the wind out of him.

Pledge: Wow. You really are sick. The way that you've allowed me to consume your life is truly disturbing. I mean when we were kids in this business I can understand. I can see you trying to piss on me, the new up and comer. It seems to me that you didn't want me stealing your spotlight. And ultimately, that's what I did. I became a household name, won titles all around the world, all while the Legend of Rob Osbourne became fodder for a Behind The Music-type documentary. While I was solidifying my legacy, you were wasting your best years battling your "demons."

NRO: Pledge, Pledge, Pledge, none of that sh*t matters anymore. I think all of this back and forth with Brian Adams has opened my eyes a bit, old friend. I thought Adams was being disrespectful when he said to me that none of what I had done in the past mattered anymore. When he said that I saw red and was livid. Who was he to tell me my accolades over the last decade and a half were meaningless? Until just now, I was furious. But you have once again been an inspiration for an epiphany for me Pledge. It doesn't matter that you were a two time CWF World Champion. It doesn't matter what you did in the IoA, SAW, AIW, MWWF, EWA, ZOO TV...I can go on and on but the fact of the matter is this. NONE OF IT MATTERS!! What have you done for me lately is the question of the hour....

Pledge: What have I done lately? If I'm guilty of anything, it's babysitting YOU! I'm the reason you have that belt around your waist. And as far as that sham of a match you had with Adams? Don't act like you didn't BEG me beforehand to save your ass if it got too hot for you out there. I have the text messages to prove it. Well the babysitting ends tonight! I have the biggest match of my career next week and I'll be damned if I let you or anyone else derail me from that. And let me give you fair warning, dear brother… If you are anywhere in the same zip code next week during my match and have ANY designs of raining on my parade, I will take EVERYTHING from you that you hold dear and I mean EVERYTHING.

NRO: Is that a fact? You know what Pledge, I think I can make that same argument pal, so in my book it doesn't hold water. It's apples to apples. Just as much as we have rung each other’s bells over the years we have also always had that blood tie that made us feel like we needed to look out for the other. Kind of like when you torture your own kid brother but you'll drop the first punk that even talks smack to him. That's how it is with you and me. But I think you're right. I think this needs to end. The brawl to settle it all. I tell you what Pledge...I have a little match at Night of Champions where I have been fortunate enough to rid the CWF of this nuisance it calls The Juggernaut. After that bro, my schedule's pretty clear....

Pledge: That's an offer too tempting to pass up. But I'm going to one up you. Let's make things interesting… How about this? If either one of us interferes in the other's match, that will result in an immediate, indefinite suspension. So if you value your career and an opportunity to get your hands on me, you stay away from my match with Adams. Besides, I want to see what happens when I don't have to save you from getting torn apart by Juggs. Do we have a deal?

Pledge extends his hand to Osbourne who looks down at the hand....then shakes his hand. As he does, Brian Adams sprints down the ramp towards the ring. Osbourne and Pledge both ready themselves and face Adams as Jimmy "The Juggernaut" Washington hops over the guard rail and slides under the bottom rope. Osbourne and Pledge turn just as he nails them with a double clothesline. As Rob and Pledge hit the mat, Adams leaps over the top rope.

TT: Looks like we have an all out war right now Bobby!

BC: What a way to kick the night off. Jimmy Washington is stomping a mud hole in Rob Osbourne and walking it dry while Brian Adams is on top of Pledge pummeling him with lefts and rights.

Just then the crowd pops as Mark Xamin and Kodiak Winters step onto the ramp.

Mark Xamin: Hey hey hey! All four of you, stop it! Stop it NOW! Stop it or I swear to God Pledge, your title match is off next week and Osbourne, you will forfeit the National Title to Juggernaut right in that very ring tonight!

The crowd becomes hostile towards Xamin. Kodiak Winters stands there deflecting projectiles being through at the boss. Pledge, Osbourne, Adams, and Juggernaut stop what they’re doing and yell at Xamin from the ring.

Mark Xamin: Here’s the deal…you want at each other so damn bad? Well Juggernaut, you’re up against Alex Ruettiger tonight…and Nitemare, you’ve got your hands full in the main event tonight against Paul Blair…but it looks like you four just can’t wait until Night of Champions next week to maim each other…so fine! Nitemare, Juggernaut…you’ll be pulling double duty tonight! Pledge, Adams…I thought I was being a nice guy and giving you both the night off before your big match next week, but since you’re out here causing trouble, I guess you’ve declined that gracious offer. So tonight, you’ll both be in action as well! In fact…

Xamin is cut off by the roar of the crowd.

TT: Oh my God!

Mark Xamin: …in fact, all four of you will be in the same damn match, because tonight…Pledge, Osbourne…you’ll get to display some of that “brotherly love” as you take on Brian Adams and The Juggernaut in a tag team match right here tonight!

BC: Ahhh!

The crowd erupts.

Mark Xamin: So Juggernaut, Nitemare…you best hope you make it through your first matches tonight to make it to the main event…and Adams, Pledge…hope you brought your gear because tonight, there is gonna be a war!

The crowd explodes as Pledge and Nitemare glare at each other. Adams and Juggernaut grin and leave the ring together, seemingly on board with the idea.

Mark Xamin: Oh and Nitemare? Don’t go anywhere…because your match with Blair starts NOW!

TT: MY GOD! What a night this is going to be! Don’t go anywhere, we’ll be back with the opening bell!

BC: Ahh!

TT: Welcome back fans, we haven’t even had our first match yet and already you could cut the tension in this arena with a knife! Announced before the break, our main event tonight will be Pledge Allegiance teaming with “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne taking on Brian Adams and The Juggernaut…just one week shy of Night of Champions II…

BC: None of these guys can be happy about this! Anything can happen in that ring, anyone could get injured, you could roll over an ankle, twist a knee, land awkwardly…get smacked in the head and start believing you’re Teddy Turnbuckle…anything can happen in that ring!

TT: Yeah well it gets better…because Rob Osbourne and Paul Blair are about to square off in what was supposed to be our main event tonight…right now!

BC: TT: Osbourne is already in the ring awaiting The Ruler...

The BlairVision Theme hits and the crowd explodes into boos as Blair darts out from the back, charging to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and tackling Osbourne!

BC: AHHH! Get him, Rob!


Blair throws fists of fury at Nitemare, apparently worked up for the match and ready to get back on track after a disappointing loss last week. Manages to escape his grasp and rolls under the bottom rope. The bell hasn’t even sounded yet and the match isn’t officially underway…Blair goes out after him and shoves him from behind into the ring steps! Osbourne completely overwhelmed and Blair grabbing a steel chair…and he CRACKS him in the knee with it! Osbourne in big trouble here and Blair rolls him back in the ring and demands the ref ring the bell!


TT: Blair immediately with a cover! No way! No way!




NO! Osbourne just barely kicks out!


TT: Blair has caught Osbourne off guard and he almost made him pay for it!

BC: This isn’t fair! This isn’t fair to Nitemare!

TT: Oh God, please don’t start that again…

BC: Well it’s true! He hasn’t had time to warm up, he wasn’t ready for this!

Blair complains about a slow count and then pulls Osbourne up by his hair…he whips him to the ropes…hip toss! Osbourne hits the mat but gets right back up, hobbling after Blair looking furious, his knee damaged from the chair shot. Blair charges at him…STO! And Osbourne crashes back down and clutches the back of his head in pain! Blair right on top of him and he mounts Osbourne…Blair raining down fists into Osbourne’s skull and the National Champion can’t find an answer for this onslaught!

TT: Osbourne isn’t gonna make it to the main event tonight at this rate!

Blair yanks him back to his feet by his hair…Osbourne grabs him…JAW BREAKER! And Blair drops after a terrific counter by Nitemare! Osbourne shakes out the cobwebs and pulls him back to his feet…he sets him up…PILEDRIVER! Osbourne nails it and Blair is in big trouble!

BC: Ha!

TT: That could be the game changer right there! Osbourne plants him with a piledriver and Blair is on dream street! Osbourne with the upper hand, rolls Blair onto his back and drags him to the center of the ring…

BC: Osbourne is climbing the ropes. Is he going to try the Osbournesault after taking that shot to the knee earlier?

TT: I don't know Bobby, but at this pace, Osbourne won't have anything left in the tank for the tag match later tonight.

BC: My God Teddy, why would Osbourne attempt a move in a non-title match when he knows he has to compete again later this evening? He's up....NO!!!! PAUL BLAIR RAISES HIS KNEES! Osbourne gets the full brunt of Blair's knees in his abdomen!!

TT: Blair up and on his feet....he drags Osbourne up by the hair.....BLAIR KICK! Cover by The Ruler......1.......2......thre...NO! Kick out by The Nitemare!

BC: I think Osbourne might really be a Jedi Teddy. He has to be calling on The Force to kick out from that!

TT: Blair can't believe it, he is all over the ref demanding he counted too slowly...Osbourne with a chop block to the back of Blair's knees!

BC: Blair grimacing in pain. Osbourne back on his feet. He's teetering...he's tottering, but he isn't falling down. He grabs Blair by the back of the neck and pulls him up...BADD DREAM!

TT: Cover by The Nitemare...................1..............................2................. ..........3!!!!!!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner....."THE NITEMARE" ROB OSBOURNE!

TT: My God, Osbourne did it! But what a valiant effort by Paul Blair, he nearly had him right from the start and Nitemare was in desperation mode!

BC: And for the second week in a row, down goes the Karate Priest, ha!

TT: Well as Osbourne heads back up the ramp, you can’t help but notice that limp he’s walking with, and that’s all thanks to Paul Blair! Mission accomplished for the Ruler, because Osbourne won’t have a chance to heal up, he’ll be headed back into the ring tonight in the main event!

BC: That would explain the look of satisfaction on Blair’s face but come on, this is sickening! Osbourne shouldn’t have to wrestle twice in one night, it’s completely unreasonable a week before a title defense!

TT: Nonetheless fans, as we prepare for our next match here, we remind you that next week, Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring will take place live from fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada and the MGM Grand Garden Arena!

[Cut to a Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring promo. And then, back to ringside.]

TT: Alright fans, be sure to tune in next week for that huge event…so much is going to go down, you can’t afford to miss it! And we are ready for our next match!

BC: Kyle Sync is already in the ring holding a mic. This should be amusing. After his match against Motion last week I'm surprised he's still around.

Kyle Sync: You morons. You still don't know what you're looking at when I stand in the center of this ring do you? I am the greatest....

Sync is interrupted by the sound of "It's All Over" by Three Days Grace booms out and the ring announcer begins to speak.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, coming to us from Orlando, Florida. He weighs in at 324 pounds and stands tall at 6 feet 10 inches. This is the former Mid Atlantic Champion and formerly one half of the CWF Tag Team Champions. This is KEITH DANIELS!

Keith Daniels makes his way down to ringside and into the ring at his own pace taunting the crowd as he does so. Sync looks at him with contempt and Daniels slaps the microphone from his hand. As Sync steps forward to retaliate Keith slaps him across the face with the back of his hand. Sync is stopped in his tracks and what looks like a tooth flies from his mouth.

BC: Wow! I do believe he slapped the ugly right off of Kyle Sync's face right there.

TT: I don't know how it's possible but there actually seems to be a chant of 'Daniels' coming from this crowd.

BC: Lesser of two evils Teddy, lesser of two evils.

TT: I guess you're right Bobby. Look in the ring.. Keith is pounding Sync down to the mat with lefts and rights.

Sync is on one knee when Keith's leg swings into his head. His eyes roll up and the lights turn off when Daniels' boot connects with his temple. Kyle Sync falls to the mat in a lump as Keith takes off into the far ropes. He bounces off the ropes and charges at Sync's prone body, stopping at the last second and flying into the air. He comes down with a leg drop on Sync's throat.

Sync grabs at his throat as he rolls out of the ring and falls to the arena floor in front of the announce booth. Keith Daniels follows Kyle out and stands over him as he makes his way back to his feet. Sync has no idea that Daniels is directly behind him. As he makes it to both feet Keith puts one hand on his back and the other engulfs the top of Kyle's head. Keith throws him hard into the ring steps and Kyle rolls up them into the ring post. There is a horrible crack and when the camera gets to Kyle there is blood everywhere. Sync's nose has exploded and his lip is now split and swelling quickly. Keith spares no time making it to Sync. He pulls him up and rolls him into the ring.

TT: For Kyle Sync's sake I sure do hope that bleeding stops soon. He could die soon if it doesn't.

BC: Are you sure he isn't dead already Teddy? The ref should just stop this now before the CWF has another lawsuit on their hands.

Keith is in the ring and mounted on top of Sync throwing fists into his face. He brings down hammer blows into the already bloodied face of Kyle Sync. The ref pushes at Daniels trying to get him off of what could very well be nothing but a corpse now, but to no avail, as Daniels throws him to the side. Keith gets back to his feet and looks down at the pool of blood growing ever larger beneath Sync. He reaches down and pulls the man to up. There are no feet below Kyle, only dangling limbs, his eyes are shut. Keith hoists Kyle's weight onto his own back and throws him into the air...

BC: FINAL VERDICT! Kyle Sync is dead Teddy. He has got to be dead.

TT: Keith isn't done yet. Look at him. He's putting The Danger Lock on Sync. Somebody ring the bell!

The ref pulls himself to his knees and crawls to the two competitors. He looks at Kyle for a very short time before pointing at the time keeper and mouthing the words ring the bell....

TT: Your winner is Keith Daniels. I wonder if Sync is getting the point yet, that you can't just half ass it here in the CWF Bobby.

BC: Half ass? I still haven't seen him use any of his ass. I mean come on. Let’s just get him out of the ring.

As Keith Daniels stands at the top of the ramp looking at his handy work, Sync is quickly pushed onto a stretcher. His neck is bent at an odd angle and his eyes are still shut. He is carried out of the arena, a bloody mess.

TT: Keith Daniels with an impressive debut but…are you kidding me, Kyle Sync? You’d think after last week he wouldn’t even show up tonight, but…alas.

BC: Remember back in 1998, there was that guy…what was his name…Adam something?

TT: Adam Mazur…yes.

BC: Well in baseball, there’s hitting below the Mendoza line. In wrestling, there’s competing on the same level as Adam Mazur. I think Kyle Sync is entering that territory now.

TT: Well for his sake let’s hope not. Nonetheless, Keith Daniels is a major player and no doubt he will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming months.

BC: Yeah, and I like him already!

TT: In any event, up next The Raving Lunatic takes on newcomer Jay Matthews…let’s hope Matthews’ fate is better than Kyle Sync’s tonight, because Lunatic is carrying a lot of momentum into this match. And next week, he is off to the Lord of the Ring tournament finals to take on either Magnus Thunder or Sickboy…and not only will the winner be crowned the first ever CWF Lord of the Ring, he will receive a CWF World Heavyweight Championship match at Summer Smash 2009, the hottest pay-per-view of the summer! It’s going to be a huge opportunity for The Raving Lunatic to break out into the main event scene!

BC: No doubt, his unconventional style has won him a cult following of fans and we’ve both been impressed with him since his CWF debut back in February at the Valentine Bash. This summer could be his coming out party.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first From Las Vegas, NV. He is accompanied by his personal psychiatrist Dr. James Pica....

The curtain spreads open wide and we see Dr. Picard. “One of these Days” by Pink Floyd begins to rumble the seats in the arena. Picard holds a mic in his hand as he stands in front of the curtain. He begins to speak.

Picard: I got this buddy. Don't worry about it. Yeah you just go sit in your little chair. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Dr. James Picard. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you, a man that WILL be your future Classic Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion.

Just as the music hits it's crescendo Dr. Picard introduces The Raving Lunatic. He comes through the curtain dressed in a pair of loose orange pants and an orange shirt. He follows the doctor to the ring rolling in under the ropes and crawling to the far corner. He positions himself against the turnbuckle and stares into the middle of the ring while the doctor screams down the ramp at the curtain.

Ring Announcer: His opponent, making his debut here in the CWF, coming from Venice Beach, California. He weighs 220 pounds and is 6 feet 1 inches tall. This is Jay Matthews!

The crowd is quiet enough that you can hear Dr. Picard screaming profanities at the curtain. He is begging the man on the other side to hurry up, proclaiming that he has “Things to see, and people to do.” Matthews comes through the curtain as “Light It Up” by Rev Theory clicks on. He stares down at the ring, and his opponent with a look of confidence on his face. As he makes his way to the ring Jay attempts to say hello to the fans at ringside, however very few seem all that interested.

Matthews climbs the ring steps and swings one leg into the ring. At this moment the Lunatic is up from his spot in the corner. He flies across the ring and leaps through the air. Matthews who is looking out at the crowd never sees the huge kick coming and is caught square in the nose with it. Jay tumbles back, smacking the back of his head first against the steel post and then into the ring steps before hitting the floor outside with a thump. The ref calls for the bell as The Lunatic who is already back to his feet slingshots himself over the top rope and onto the defenseless body of Jay Matthews.

TT: Lunatic is back to his feet and dropping his big boot into the side of Matthews' face. He looks vicious here today, this is a side of the Lunatic we have seen before, and it could spell disaster for this rookie.

Dr. Picard shouts out direction for The Lunatic as he throws the body of Jay Matthews into the ring. Jay pulls himself up to one knee before The Lunatic helps him the rest of the way. Jay throws a few meaningless rights and lefts that bounce off of Lunatic's chest. Lunatic throws one hard elbow into the face of Matthews knocking him into the turnbuckle. Lunatic pulls Matthews into him and lifts his weight to the top belt. The Lunatic needs to hold him in place to keep him from falling to the outside again as he climbs to the top himself. The crowd comes to life as The Lunatic pulls Matthews to his unsteady feet and then hoists him into the air high above his head. The Lunatic holds him there for a few seconds before dropping to the mat...

BC: Skatterbrain, Teddy… no way he's going to get up from that. Good lord that move should be outlawed.

TT: For once I agree with you Bobby. That move is just disgusting to see applied.

BC: The Lunatic isn't done Teddy. Look he's putting him back on the top rope.

TT: Not again! Someone stop him! Don't let him do that again!

The Lunatic drops from the top rope with a second Skatterbrain. Matthews now has blood leaking from one ear and flowing from his mouth. Jay's eyes are rolled into the back of his head. The whites of his eyes show and it looks like he might be dead. The Lunatic picks the convulsing Matthews up into a sitting position. He pulls back on Jay's left leg, stretching it the wrong way. Lunatic holds Jay's head under his free arm, his knee pushing into Matthew's back. Matthews immediately shows signs of life in the way of his hand waiving in the air. You can hear him scream “I quit” over the relentless sound of boos raining down from the crowd.

BC: Not much of a surprise that the Lunatic won this one. Jay Matthews should take this match as a message that he shouldn't expect to win just by being him. That is if he is ever able to wrestle again.

TT: The ref has called for the bell but The Raving Lunatic refuses to let go of the modified stump puller. Security is making their way to ringside now, thank God... maybe they can get him off of the rookie.

As security rushes down the entrance ramp Dr. James Picard Makes his way into the ring, microphone still in hand. While the security staff and a couple referees attempt to pull The Lunatic out of the stump puller Dr. Picard speaks to the crowd. He looks as though he doesn't notice the ruckus going on behind him.

Dr. Picard: What you have seen tonight has simply been a preview of what you will see at Night of Champions. Sickboy and Thunder go head to head tonight. Both of them receiving a second chance while The Lunatic has made the most of his only chance. It doesn't matter to the Lunatic who it is he has to go through to get to the gold, I can assure you of that if nothing else. I mean let's really look at the two possibilities. Magnus Thunder, a man who has had more chances than I could count and has come out wanting every time. A man that proclaims himself a true Christian. Yet he mimics a God that was not the God, but rather one of many Gods. Magnus, where I come from we have a word for men such as you. That word is “hypocrite.” The other possibility is Sickboy, a man who goes by the moniker of “boy.” Does anything else really need to be said about him? Grow up and realize that you don't stand a snowballs chance in hell of matching up with my Lunatic, let alone beating him. Oh you can try, and I'm positive you will, but just like your opponent tonight has so many times, you will come out the on the losers side of the brackets. The Raving Lunatic will win at Night of Champions. He will go on to Summer Smash and it won't matter who he faces there either. Believe me when I say, there is NOTHING you can do to stop it. The doctor is out.

Dr. Picard motions for The Lunatic, who is still pulling back on the leg of Matthews, it is now at a horrible angle. The 10 or so staff that are attempting to pull The Lunatic away from the obviously hurt Matthews fall flat on their asses as The Lunatic releases his grip on Jay's leg and follows the doctor out of the ring and up the ramp.

TT: Lunatic has never looked stronger heading into Night of Champions II next week, Bobby…and next week we’ll be live in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada!

BC: And with this Dr. James Picard guiding him, he looks more dominant than ever before! That’s a scary thought! And to think, Magnus Thunder and Sickboy are going to be fighting each other for the right to go one on one with this guy…not exactly a grand reward!

TT: Fans, we have to take a quick commercial break…don’t go anywhere, when we return, Dennis Donnelly is standing by with the CWF World Heavyweight Champion, Brian Adams! And the Juggernaut goes one on one with Alex Ruettiger!

BC: Woo!

TT: Alright, welcome back fans…as promised, here’s Dennis Donnelly with the champion of the world, Brian Adams…

The cameras cut backstage to Dennis Donnelly standing by the door leading into the locker room of the CWF World Heavyweight Champion, "The Flawless One" Brian Adams. Donnelly knocks on the door awaiting an answer before Brian swings the door open with authority. He looks both ways into the hallway before allowing Dennis and the camera man into his locker room.

Brian Adams: What do you want?

Dennis: Well first, allow me to thank you for giving me the chance to get your thoughts on tonight's sudden change of events. The main event was scheduled to be between Paul Blair and the Nitemare Rob Osbourne, but now it's to be a tag match pitting Pledge Allegiance and Osbourne against The Juggernaut and yourself.

Brian Adams: Wow, what a wait to point out the obvious. Is there point to all this?

Dennis: Yes, um, your thoughts?

Brian Adams: What do you think is running through my head? A week before what is most likely to be my biggest title defense I get to face off against the very man I'll be defending the title from. I get the chance to wrap my hands around that jerk's neck and beat any chance he had of defeating me out of him tonight.

Dennis: You aren't worried?

Brian Adams: Worried? Why should I be worried? Listen, every time I have stepped in the ring with Mr. Pledge Allegiance what has been the outcome? Oh yeah that's right, him carrying his sorry carcass to the locker room while I carry my belt back. How is Night of Champions going to be any different than last month or even the month before that?

Dennis: Tonight he has Osbourne to help soften you up before your match for one.

Brian Adams: Oh really? What is Osbourne? Six-four? I have a god damn giant that is just dying to be let off his leash to jump for Osbourne's jugular.

Dennis: So tonight is all according to plan?

Brian Adams: Who's plan? My plan? No, I just happened to luck out tonight.

Dennis: And what about Pledge? You don't think he has a plan?

Brian Adams: The only kind of damn plan Pledge needs is insurance. The best laid schemes of mice and men most often go astray, Donnelly…and if this is Pledge's idea of a fool-proof plan to take me down before he has to face me next Saturday, then he's gone way off the reservation with this one. Take a look at the history and take a look at the statistics. I would have thought Pledge would have learned that even with Osbourne helping him he can't win when it counts. Tonight isn't about winning though, it's about the end, or at least the beginning of it.

Dennis: Well there you have it folks, this is Dennis...

Brian Adams: What are you doing?

Dennis: I'm sending the audience off before going back to ring side.

Brian Adams: I can see that. Why are you doing it here?

Dennis: I just thought...

Brian Adams: GET OUT!

Cut back to ring side.

TT: Well a very confident Brian Adams…this main event tonight will no doubt play a pivotal role in the outcome of both title matches next week…Brian Adams defending the CWF World Heavyweight championship against Pledge Allegiance, and “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne defending the CWF National Championship against the Juggernaut…and if the Juggernaut loses, his CWF career is over!

BC: Next week is gonna be off the charts for sure…hell I’ve already put my money down on both matches!

TT: Wait a minute…you bet on matches? You realize that is a breach of your CWF contract, right?

BC: Oh puh-lease, Teddy…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…and besides, I almost never win.

TT: [sighs] Let’s get back to the ring…

Alex Ruettiger and Juggernaut are both already in the ring.


TT: Here we go, Juggernaut vs Alex Ruettiger and what a chance for Ruettiger to make a name for himself as he goes up against the massive former CWF National Champion!

BC: Or a big chance for him to get flattened like a pancake!

Ruettiger charges at Juggernaut and tries to catch him by surprise, wildly throwing punches but Juggernaut shoves him off with power and Ruettiger hits the mat and flips backwards. Juggernaut palms him by the head and pulls him up. He whips him to the ropes…and Juggernaut with a twisting spinebuster! Ruettiger in pain and Juggernaut flexes his muscles for the crowd, who boos him loudly.

BC: Someone better get Ruettiger out of there before he gets hurts…Juggernaut is gonna kill him, ha!

TT: Juggernaut looking like he’s gonna cruise to victory here tonight, make quick work of Alex Ruettiger and then move on to the main event tonight!

As Juggernaut poses for the crowd, Ruettiger kips up and clips his knee from behind! Juggernaut goes down in a heap and Ruettiger relentlessly goes to work on Juggernaut’s knee. He heads to the second turnbuckle…and drives an elbow into Juggernaut’s leg! Ruettiger has caught Juggernaut by surprise and he wisely keeps him grounded, dragging him to the ropes and draping his foot over the bottom rope…and he leaps up and crashes into Juggernaut’s ankle! Juggernaut in pain and Ruettiger is headed to the top!

TT: Ruettiger to the top rope! It’s all or nothing!

Ruettiger leaps off the top rope but Juggernaut sits up and catches him by the throat…he lifts him up…CHOKESLAM! Juggernaut with a cover!




TT: Ruettiger showing tremendous heart kicking out of that and wait a minute!

The crowd stands up as “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne storms out from the back. Juggernaut sees him and leans through the ropes to grab at him…but Osbourne steps back and Juggernaut misses…Osbourne NAILS HIM with the National Title!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner, as a result of a disqualification…THE JUGGERNAUT!

TT: Nitemare attacks Juggernaut and Juggernaut wins the match by disqualification, but you’ve gotta believe Juggernaut will be looking for revenge tonight in the main event!

Nitemare exits up the aisle and Juggernaut slowly gets to his feet and storms to the back, incensed.

BC: You must be shaking in your boots, Teddy! This is gonna be the rumble of all rumbles and you’ve got a front row seat!

TT: Well I’ll tell you what, I’ll be glad at Night of Champions II next week when we’re sitting high above the ring in a press box.

BC: Wimp!

TT: Well, whatever you say…ladies and gentlemen, our next match is to decide who will take the place of Drastic in the finals of the Lord of the Ring tournament after he was re-admitted to Shady Brook Sanitarium this past week by his father, "The Day Dreamer" Chris Osbourne.

BC: This should be an outstanding bout....Magnus is...well, he's Magnus. 'Nuff said. Sickboy, Curtis Wilkes, is no slouch himself. Both of these superstars have been around the block more than a time or two.

TT: It's time Bobby...

Ring Announcer: Our following match is scheduled for one fall. First, making his way to the ring from New York, New York standing six feet four inches, weighing in at two hundred and seventy!

“Angry Chair” by Alice in Chains plays as Sickboy heads to the ramp to a huge pop from the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, a former CWF Tag Team champion, from Jotunheim, Norway… standing seven feet five inches tall and weighing in at five hundred pounds MAGNUS THUNDER!

“Just Like You Imagined” by Nine Inch Nails explodes through the arena as the lights drop and Magnus Thunder appears at the base of the ramp. He bows his head low, then hoists Stormbringer into the air as pyro ignites all around him as the crowd erupts.

TT: I get chills every time I see Magnus' entrance. And Sickboy wastes no time at all getting this one started as he executes a suicide dive off of the top ropes...

BC: Magnus is having none of it and catches Sickboy in mid air and flings him over his head in a fallaway slam. Sickboy hits the end of the metal ramp with a resounding crack.

TT: Sickboy quickly gets back to his feet as Magnus climbs through the ropes. Sickboy rolls under the bottom ropes and Magnus delivers a mule kick that lifts Sickboy a good five inches off of the mat.

BC: Sickboy is taking an early beating Teddy!

TT: Indeed, but if memory serves me correctly, that is when Wilkes is at his best. His feud with Chemical X in the IoA was insane. They had one of the nastiest sets of matches I have ever witnessed. Pure brutality.

BC: Sort of like what is happening to Sickboy now. Magnus is brutalizing him....wait! Sickboy pokes Thunder in the eye and the big man is temporarily blinded.

TT: Sickboy on his feet, off the ropes, and he delivers a missile drop kick to the left knee of Magnus Thunder. Magnus drops to one knee as Sickboy catapaults off of the far ropes once more and this time the missile dropkick connects to Magnus's left temple.

BC: TIIIIMBERRRRRRRRRR!! And Magnus comes crashing down like a ton of bricks.

TT: Sickboy is up on the ropes....he launches himself in the air......going for a diving headbutt!!!


Crowd breaks into "HOLY SHIT!" chant.

TT: And once again this week Sickboy gets the crowd amped up!

BC: And he gets busted open for it. Sickboy and Magnus are both bleeding from the forehead!!

TT: But Magnus doesn't appear to be as bad off as Sickboy from the impact!

BC: That's because Magnus is a friggin' God Teddy! Look at him just roll over and stand up like Sickboy never touched him.

TT: Magnus is on his feet but appears to be limping a bit. That dropkick in the knee by Sickboy may have done some damage.

BC: Not to the leader of Omega.

TT: Leader?!? Are you serious? The guy must have a mouse in his pocket when he mentions Omega these days.

BC: WRONG-O! Drastic is just on leave Teddy. Omega is strong. Bryan Joseph Osbourne will heal and come back stronger than ever. Omega will reign supreme.

TT: Maybe they need to call the boys at Shady Brook for you Crane...

BC: We do have a match here Teddy. Sheesh. You call me the unprofessional one?

TT: Indeed sir! Magnus now grabbing Wilkes by the nape of the neck with one giant paw and tosses Sickboy into the corner. Magnus with a head of steam....Splash in the corner and Sickboy is crushed beneath the force of Magnus's impact.

BC: It was like Magnus harnessed the power of Sleipnir and he just flattened Sickboy.

TT: Sickboy twitching. Somebody call a medic. Curtis Wilkes is hurt badly!

BC: Relax Teddy. Sickboy is known for his bumps. Don't you watch these guys promo's on PWN? He just told the story this past week about how he got his name...

TT: None of that matters right now...if Magnus can wield Stormhammer and call for the Thunderstorm this one may be over!

BC: And he has it out! He's like a Nordic friggin He-Man. BY THE POWER OF GREY SKULL!

TT: Will you stop it?! Now you're being good old Bobby Crane. Magnus nails the first powerbomb....and the second powerbomb....wait a minute! He's nailing a THIRD POWERBOMB!

BC: And he ends it with the sitout cover....1.......2..........3!!!!!!

TT: He gets another inch closer to a rematch for the World title Bobby!

BC: He has to get past The Raving Lunatic at Night of Champions!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner and advancing to the final round of the 2009 Lord of the Ring Tournament...MAGNUS THUNDER!

TT: What an enormous victory for Magnus Thunder and what an impressive showing by Sickboy who will no doubt have his opportunity down the line! Magnus Thunder takes on The Raving Lunatic next week at Night of Champions II, and what a history those two have, stemming from Magnus Thunder’s crusade against the New Church, which ironically was destroyed from the inside by the Lunatic himself!

BC: Well Magnus has been chomping at the bit to get his hands on Lunatic, and what a time to do it, when Lunatic is riding a huge wave of momentum, he’s got Dr. Picard directing traffic and he is really hitting his’s gonna be a long night at the office for both of these guys in Las Vegas.

TT: No question…and fans, I’m getting word that Dennis Donnelly is continuing his fantastic work here tonight…he’s standing by with Pledge Allegiance!

BC: Aww geez, again? Doesn't this guy ever get tired of hearing himself talk? He and Osbourne already ate up nearly a half hour of our valuable television time!

TT: Will you please!?! Take it away Dennis!

DD: Thanks Teddy. I'm backstage with "The American Icon" Pledge Allegiance. Pledge, we're just minutes away from a blockbuster tag-team match pitting you and The Nitemare against CWF World Champion Brian Adams and Jimmy "The Juggernaut" Washington. What's going though your head right now?

Pledge Allegiance: Well Dennis, this is certainly an interesting turn of events. I planned on having the night off, but duty calls, I suppose. Looks like the deck is stacked against me as usual. Thanks again, Mark! However Dennis, I wouldn't have it any other way! That's the kind of competitor I am. Mark dropped me into the viper's pit with those three clowns. It's a stinky situation and I'm bound to come out smelling like a rose. I guess I was wrong earlier when I said I was done babysitting Rob. It looks like tonight I'll have to carry his sorry ass to victory one more time. I'm seeing a recurring trend here. I wasn't kidding when I said he can't drop a deuce without me being there to wipe for him. That all ends after tonight.

One last thing Dennis, I just want to send fair warning to The Nitemare. Rob, if you dare cross me tonight, it will be the single biggest mistake of your career. I'm in it to win it tonight Robbie, you better be too!

DD: And there you have it! I personally cannot wait to see this match tonight. I don't know that the ring will be able to contain these four! Back to you Teddy.

TT: Strong words from Pledge Allegiance and man…this just keeps getting more and more interesting! Pledge and Nitemare surely can’t trust each other, yet they’re dependant on each other tonight just to make it to Night of Champions II!

BC: This is gonna be nuts!

TT: We are going to take our final commercial break! When we come back, we will have our main event of the evening, Pledge and Nitemare versus Brian Adams and The Juggernaut! Don’t go anywhere!

TT: Welcome back fans and…well because all hell breaks loose here, Mark Xamin is standing by with an announcement regarding Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring next week…Mark?

Mark Xamin appears on the big screen – white dress shirt, red tie, and a massive Kodiak Winters standing behind him with his arms folded.

Mark Xamin: Thank you, Teddy. I thought this would be a good time to round out the card for next week’s network special extravaganza, Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring. In addition to the already stacked line up, we will see Sickboy take on “The Ruler” Paul Blair…the winner will get a National Title match the following week on Showdown, whether it’s against Rob Osbourne or the Juggernaut remains to be seen. And finally, Keith Daniels will take on Jay Matthews as Daniels’ CWF return continues. That of course, is in addition to potentially three matches between Brian Adams and Pledge Allegiance for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, Rob Osbourne defending the CWF National Championship against The Juggernaut, and the Lord of the Ring tournament final between Magnus Thunder and The Raving Lunatic. Indeed, the road to Summer Smash 2009 begins next week in Las Vegas, Nevada!

The crowd roars as Xamin disappears from the big screen.

TT: Wow, what a night it’s going to be next week in Las Vegas! Two new matches added here and a huge opportunity for Paul Blair and Sickboy comes with it!

BC: Well Sickboy lost out tonight on becoming the first ever CWF Lord of the Ring, but what a big chance he’ll have next week…

TT: Alright fans, this is it! Our main event, and we are about to get underway! Let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…from Washington, DC and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania respectively…at a total combined weight of 796 pounds…the team of THE JUGGERNAUT!...and the CWF World Heavyweight Champion… “THE FLAWLESS ONE” BRIAN ADAMS!

TT: Well a tremendous display of solidarity as these two come to the ring together!

Adams and Juggernaut step out from the back to loud boos, but as they do, Pledge Allegiance and Rob Osbourne both jump them from behind!


Pledge throws Adams into the guardrail while Nitemare decks Juggernaut from behind with the National title. Adams scurries up the aisle with Pledge in hot pursuit…Adams running around the ring for dear life and he trips! He trips and Pledge now stalking over him! He lunges in for him but Adams catches him with a drop toe hold out of nowhere and Pledge’s face smacks into the ring post! Meanwhile, Nitemare is stomping a hole through Juggernaut’s chest! He sees Adams in control and runs over to him, perhaps realizing that if Adams and Juggernaut work together then he’d be screwed too. He nails Adams from behind with the National title as well!

TT: The National title should be registered as a lethal weapon and Nitemare and Pledge have got the jump on Juggernaut and Adams!

BC: Ahhh! Come on, someone stop these guys, the match hasn’t even started yet!

Nitemare pulls a table out from under the ring, much to the delight of the fans, and sets it up on the outside. Juggernaut has made his way to the ring and he grabs Pledge from behind…and shoves him into Osbourne! Osbourne and Pledge collide heads.

BC: Meeting of the minds!

Juggernaut sees Nitemare’s table and raises him another, pulling out a table from under the ring and stacking it on top of the other. He throws Nitemare into the ring…meanwhile Adams scoops Pledge up…and slams him on the concrete floor! Juggernaut whips Nitemare to the ropes…SPEAR! Big spear and Nitemare’s eyes are glazed over from the devastating body shot! Adams pulling the padding off the concrete floor and taunting the crowd…back in the ring Juggernaut pulls Osbourne up…and he has him up for a chokeslam! No! Osbourne with a thumb to the eyes and Juggernaut lets go of him.

TT: My God this is chaos!

On the outside, Adams has Pledge up for a piledriver on the unprotected concrete floor! Pledge is about to be put out of commission! Adams has Pledge up…but Nitemare DIVES out at him and nails Adams with a suicide dive, saving Pledge from certain injury! Pledge drops to the floor and has no idea what happened but Nitemare quickly back in the ring…Juggernaut to the outside and he’s grabbing a steel chair! Osbourne screaming at him to bring everything he’s got back to the ring…Pledge throws Adams into the ring and Adams immediately to his feet and tackles Osbourne from behind! Juggernaut quickly into the ring with the chair…he rears back to hit Osbourne with it but Pledge grabs it from behind and nails Juggernaut in the back! Juggernaut drops to his knees…Adams charges at Pledge and tackles him…Pledge drops the chair and Adams throwing wild punches at him!


Nitemare pounding on Juggernaut now and Adams has control over Pledge…he whips Pledge to the ropes…Pledge catches him with his head down! Neckbreaker! Osbourne pointing at the chair and he holds back Juggernaut! Pledge grabs the chair and looks to the crowd who roars in approval! He rears back and swings at Juggernaut…but Juggernaut ducks! PLEDGE HITS OSBOURNE!



Pledge shrugs and nails Juggernaut with the chair anyway, sending him through the ropes and to the outside. Adams stands up and his eyes widen as he sees it’s just him and Pledge. The crowd stands on their feet and cameras flash. Pledge drops the chair and begs Adams to come and get him…Adams charges at him in a fit of rage and Pledge ducks a wild punch…he has Adams up…PLEDGE HAMMER THROUGH THE TABLES! He nailed it!



Pledge celebrates in the ring as the crowd goes wild. EMTs and security rush to the ring. Meanwhile, Nitemare has gotten back to his feet and he spins Pledge around angrily, screaming at him for the chair shot. Pledge reasoning with him, but Nitemare slaps him in the face! Nitemare slapped him and now Pledge tackles him and both men roll around the ring taking shots!


Security swarms the ring and pull the two men apart but that doesn’t stop them from trying to get at each other. The ring fills with CWF officials who keep the men pulled apart. EMTs tend to Adams and Juggernaut heads over to check on his partner.

TT: GOOD GOD! What’s gonna happen at Night of Champions II in Vegas?! We are out of time, join us next week for Night of Champions, what a night!

As Pledge and Nitemare try to get at each other, we fade to black.

Until next time…