For the past three months, Brian Adams has run roughshod over the entire Classic Wrestling Federation. Defeating opponent after opponent, each title defense marred in more controversy than the last. Tonight, he will defend the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against the one man who has a clean victory over him. Tonight, Magnus Thunder looks to become the CWF World Heavyweight Champion, and to win the first CWF singles championship of his career. But what role will special guest referee Pledge Allegiance play? Who is behind the black mask? And who will be in the corner of Magnus Thunder?

Meanwhile, the war between Shock Value and The Osbourne Family rages on as “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne defends the CWF National Championship against Keith Daniels. Amidst the controversy of the past two weeks, it promises to be a war of epic proportions as this blood feud spills over into the squared circle.

The CWF Unified Championship will be on the line as The Raving Lunatic defends the gold against the impressive and ultra resilient Sickboy. In what will no doubt be a battle of attrition, who will come out the victor and the champion?

The rivalry between Paul Blair and The Osbournes is renewed tonight as Blair battles the CWF’s first ever second generation star, Bob Osbourne. The son of Rob Osbourne has shown tremendous promise thus far, but can he survive in the ring with a Hall of Famer? Surely, a victory tonight would propel his career in ways he can’t even imagine. But Paul Blair will have other things in mind as he looks to send a message to The Osbourne Family on behalf of Shock Value. Will the legend be able to teach the young rookie a lesson? Or will the wrestling prodigy shock the world and overcome the odds?

“The Daydreamer” Chris Osbourne will battle Drastic…or perhaps Bryan Joseph Osbourne. Regardless of which of the two alter egos show up, Chris Osbourne will no doubt be in for a long night at the office. The family feud continues tonight!

Plus…Alex Ruettiger and Motion will do battle one more time! This rivalry has become more intense each week. Alex Ruettiger’s “business partner,” Amanda, has been at the center of it all, and tonight it will all come to a head.

And, three of the CWF’s newest and brightest up and coming stars will square off in a three way dance for the ages! It’s Mariano Fernandez, James Baker, and Terry Richards in a triple threat match!

It’s the hottest pay-per-view of the summer! It’s Summer Smash!

An overhead shot of Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii from earlier in the evening. The stadium and parking lot are jam packed with people swarming to their seats and people outside trying to get a last minute ticket from scalpers. Another clip of fans who have arrived hours early watching promotional CWF videos on the big screen as final preparations are made to the set.

Fade out, and into a live overhead shot of the arena, buzzing with excitement as “Freebird” by Lynyrd Skynard plays in the background. Fireworks explode at the stage, which consists of two enormous block “S” letters in lime green. A big screen hovers above the set, and tiki torches line the entire aisle, all the way down to the ring, which is surrounded by the trademark Summer Smash pond of water. The ring sits on its own makeshift island in the middle of the pond, and has a blue ring apron, black ropes, and the Summer Smash logo stamped in the center of the ring and on each side of the ring apron. The CWF logo is stamped into each turnbuckle. Fireworks explode above the ring now, and the sellout crowd of 65,000+ roars as the evening sky lights up with each explosion.

The camera pans the crowd and we see several beach balls being bounced around throughout the stadium. Several stadium staff members spray water guns into the crowd to keep the fans cool. It is truly an electric atmosphere.

Standing at ringside is Teddy Turnbuckle. Noticeably absent is his partner, “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to Honolulu, Hawaii! Welcome to the hottest pay-per-view of the summer! Yes indeed, welcome to the CWF’s Summer Smash 2009! Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, and…well, floating around in the pond somewhere is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…Bobby…where are you? There you are!

The camera pans across the modest pond encircling the ring area, and floating in the middle of it on a floating chair eating grapes is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

BC: Aloha, sucker!

TT: What are you doing? You have a job to do!

BC: And I’m gonna do it from right where I am, Teddy! While you swelter in the heat, I’ll be sitting here in this nice cool water, sipping lemonade and getting a unique view of the action. Enjoy the show!

TT: Well…why didn’t I think of that? Anyway, what a spectacular event this promises to be! The CWF World Heavyweight Championship is on the line as Brian Adams defends against Magnus Thunder in what will surely be Magnus Thunder’s final shot at the title as long as Adams holds it. And there are so many elements in play…Pledge Allegiance is the special referee. The man in the black mask will be in Brian Adams’ corner…and to counter that, Magnus Thunder has promised a mystery man of his own in his corner!

BC: The world is waiting for that one, Teddy! The eyes of the wrestling universe are squarely on the main event tonight, and I can’t wait to see who’s hiding behind that black mask. We could find out tonight!

TT: We could very well and I know everyone is dying to find out who will be in Magnus Thunder’s corner tonight as well.

BC: Well I have some reliable sources back stage, and I can tell you with certainty, whoever is in Magnus Thunder’s corner is NOT on the CWF roster at this point in time. I can’t wait!

TT: So much to look forward to in the main event, but how about our National Championship matchup tonight? “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne defending the championship against Shock Value’s Keith Daniels, and needless to say, these two do not like each other.

BC: Understatement of the decade, Teddy! There could be blood in the water tonight with those two going to war! Think about all the hatred between these two…Shock Value dumping apple juice, made to look like urine, on The Osbourne Family…The Osbourne’s responding in kind with double fudge brownies which we were made to believe was human feces, and hand sanitizer which…well, it looked a lot like the Osbournes raided a sperm bank and dumped it all over Shock Value. These guys absolutely detest each other and the National title will be nothing more than a prop tonight…it ain’t about winning titles, it’s about putting the other guy out of action, and you can bet we’re gonna see something special as a result.

TT: How about The Raving Lunatic defending the CWF Unified Championship against Sickboy? Sickboy has been so impressive since his return to the ring but hasn’t quite been able to seal the deal when a title is on the line…will this be his night tonight? Can he become the Unified Champion?

BC: Well, if I was a betting man…and I am.. I would never bet against The Raving Lunatic. He is a monster in that ring. But it’s tough to keep Sickboy down, Teddy…he is a resilient wrestler and it’s gonna be a battle for the ages.

TT: Paul Blair taking on the CWF’s first ever second generation star, Bob Osbourne.

BC: You know me, I’m rooting for Bob all the way, but Paul Blair is going to be a tough mountain for the rookie to climb. He’s a Hall of Famer, a multiple time World Heavyweight Champion, multiple time National Champion, Unified Champion, you name it, Blair has pretty much done it…you can’t put Bob Osbourne’s resume next to Blair…so if Bob wants to win tonight, he’s gonna have to overcome the odds…this will be the first real test of Bob’s career. The Nitemare won’t be around to protect his boy tonight!

TT: All of that and so much more, right here tonight at the hottest pay-per-view of the summer! Without further ado, let’s get to the ring for our opening contest!

BC: [slurps some lemonade] Wooo!

Cut to the ring, where Doc McMartin stands dressed in a Hawaiian button down shirt and surfer shorts…he looks slightly out of place.

Doc McMartin: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Hawaii and Summer Smash! Your first bout of the night will be a three way war. It is set for one fall with no time limit. Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois. He weighs186 lbs, and stands 5'9” tall. He is making his CWF debut here tonight. This is TERRY RICHARDS!

'Ace of Spades' by Motor head screams through the arena as Richards pops through the curtains. He pumps his fist in the air to a few cheers before running off in the direction of the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and quickly pushes himself to an upright position inside the ring.

TT: I'm looking forward to seeing what this guy can do here, Bobby.

BC: I'm just looking forward to what these guys are going to do to each other. There should be injuries here, Teddy.

Doc McMartin: And hailing from Compton, California. Weighing in at 232 Pounds and standing 6'4” tall. Accompanied to the ring by Malik Jones. This is “Da Extreme Gangsta” JAMES BAKER!

'Hail Mary' by 2Pac begins to play and another section of the crowd sends a mild amount of applause The Gangsta's way as he steps through the curtain. He takes his time walking down the entrance ramp jawing with the people at ringside as he makes his way to the far side of the ring. He looks up at Richards and points his finger. You can see him tell Richards to go somewhere but the camera angle changes as the announcer prepares to bring out the third competitor.

Doc McMartin: Standing 5'9” tall and weighing in at 176 pounds. From Buenos Aires, Argentina... MARIANO “THE SHADOW” FERNANDEZ!

The shadow appears at the ramp as 'The Biggest Fight' by Hironobu Kageyama begins to play. The kids around ringside stand up and scream applause. Mariano makes his way to the ring slapping hands with his fans along the way. He reaches the ring, makes his way up the steps to the apron. He steps one leg through the ropes before he is met by a shoulder block from the waiting Terry Richards. This match is underway.


BC: Richards mocks Fernandez, who landed wrong after the shoulder block, while Baker climbs the top rope. Richards doesn't see him until it's too late. Beautiful missile dropkick from the new comer and he's in control of Richards.

TT: The Gangsta gave us a good showing last week against Mariano in singles competition, he's hoping to fair better here though I'm sure. Baker pulls Richards to his feet and snaps him back to the mat with a quick suplex. The Shadow getting back to his feet as Richards is being pinned on the inside..


BC: NO... Mariano up and in the ring quickly to pull James Baker away from the cover. He drops an elbow to the back of The Gangsta's neck, back up and another elbow. Mariano makes the cover, the ref counts...



TT: NO!! Richards back to his feet, he drops a leg on the back of Fernandez to break up the count. Richards is on Mariano quickly. He throws lefts and rights at his face and begins to slam the Shadow's head into the mat.

BC: The Gangster is back to his feet. He's doing the smart thing Teddy, waiting for his chance and not jumping in head first like Mariano.

TT: Fernandez pulled back to his feet by Richards. Irish whip on Fernandez... Reversal! Richards off the ropes and The Shadow pulls off a crazy judo kick to the newest face of the CWF roster. Richards flies back into the ropes.

BC: What is that little twerp doing in there Teddy? Is he striking a pose?

TT: That's a judo stance Bobby, you'd know that if you pulled your head out of..

BC: OH GEEZ! A wicked kick to the temple of Terry Richards and he flies over the rope to rinside. He landed bad there Teddy, I think he may have broke something. I knew I was going to enjoy this match.

TT: Shut up, Bobby! James Baker takes advantage while Mariano's back is turned. From behind Baker with a horrible neckbreaker. Fernandez is down. Baker tells the crowd what he thinks of them while Fernandez writhes in pain and Richards lays unconscious.

BC: The Gangster turns his attention back to the hurt Mariano Fernandez. He pulls him back to his feet and drives him into the turnbuckles with lefts and rights. The Gangster pulls Fernandez to a sitting position on the top rope then climbs the ropes himself…

TT: Is he going for a hurricanranna Bobby? I think he is... NO! NO! NO! OH MY GOD! Mariano threw the Gangster to the outside as he attempted a top rope hurricanranna. I think the guard rail broke him in two Bobby Crane, how could a human being live through that?!

BC: Ah come on teddy, thats merely a flesh wound... look at Fernandez, he's going out after Richards.. The ref starts a 10 count inside the ring while Mariano stomps into the prone Terry Richards.

TT: James Baker isn't moving at all Bobby, I think he might be dead!

BC: Well then he won't be winning this match will he Turnbuckle?

TT: Come on Bobby that's sick... I think we need some help out here for The Extreme Gangster. On the other side of the ring Terry Richards has taken the upper hand somehow and the Shadow is being thrown into the guard rail. The ref is urging them to get back in the ring here.

BC: We can't let a war like this end up in a count out though Turnbuckle, I say let them fight.

TT: I agree, but we need to get this match back inside the ring. Richards throws Mariano's face into the guard rail repeatedly! Mariano's eyes look glazed over. This is crazy!

BC: Finally we have some movement out of The Extreme Gangster as he pushes himself off of the rail and to the floor. He's wrapping his hands around his gut, he HAS to be injured Teddy. This is great, can I call 'em or what?

TT: Richards in the ring. He crosses and sees Baker squirming on the ringside floor. Richards crosses the ring to look at Mariano before running to Baker's side and flying over the top rope. He crashes on top of Baker with a splash! Baker screams in pain!

BC: The fans are really getting behind these guys here Turnbuckle, can you hear them?


TT: Richards throws Baker under the bottom rope he slides in himself and looks around to the people in the stands. He pulls his thumb across his neck and points at the Gangster who is back to his knees and getting to his feet.

BC: What is he setting him up for Teddy? It looks like some sort of reverse Russian Leg Sweep. HOLY...

TT: That's the Shock Turn Bobby! It's all over, the ref is there for the count immediately!




TT: NO! When did The Shadow get back to his feet? Mariano Fernandez hit a flying elbow from the top rope, that broke the count at the very last second. Richards pulled to his feet by Fernandez. But what's going on on the outside?!?Malik Jones is trying his best to revive the Gangster while Fernandez goes on the offensive against Richards. I think Jones just handed something to Baker Bobby!

BC: He didn't hand him anything Teddy that's your imagination! He's only doing what any worthwhile manager would do!

TT: It might not matter anyway, Mariano picks up Richards, and flips him around.

BC: It's a tombstone Teddy! Can you believe it?! We all doubted we would ever see it but there it is! The ref is there for the count quickly..



TT: No Bobby no! Malik Jones is up on the apron. He's trying to get into the ring and the ref has stopped the count to prevent the interference. I'm not sure about that move, I think that Fernandez could have had the win there.

BC: But he didn't get it did he Teddy? I hope that'll go to show him nice guys always finish last. He's waiting for the ref, Richards is out of it. The Gangsta has pulled himself back up and he's behind The Shadow. He pulls a rather large fist back, high into the air.

TT: As though he senses someone behind him...

BC: Maybe he just saw the gangster's shadow you ever think of that?

TT: Shut up Bobby!! The Sh.. Fernandez rolls out of the way at the last second and the gangster misses, his fist smashes into Terry Richards face and quarters spill out from between his thumb and fore finger. He had a roll of quarters in his hand Bobby!

BC: I don't know what you're talking about man, I didn't see anything. But there goes Fernandez, off the ropes... YAKUZA Kick to the skull of The Gangsta James Baker! The cover...




*DING DING DING!* Doc McMartin: Here is your winner…MARIANO “SHADOW” FERNANDEZ!

TT: Mariano Fernandez does it again, what a match!

BC: That little whelp! I’ll give him this much, he’s showing a lot of promise, but I hate his stupid little attitude…he’s like a little girl who just got home from Sunday school. “Oh thank you, this is such an honor, I respect you, thank you thank you thank you…” God, shut up already and tell someone you’re gonna kick their ass!

TT: Would you stop? Mariano does his talking in the ring and what a performance…and what an impressive debut by Terry Richards! He’s got a bright future ahead of him. James Baker as well with a solid effort but Mariano got the better of him tonight.

BC: Yeah...right. Close but no cigar. Hey how’s the weather over there, Teddy?

TT: How many glasses of lemonade is that, Bobby? Three? Four? You’re gonna have to head to the men’s room before the next match starts…real smart.

BC: [slurping] What’s that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of this delicious and refreshing lemonade gliding down my throat like a cold winter breeze.

TT: Uh yeah, sure. In any event, up next folks, we have a match that is full of bad blood…Alex Ruettiger taking on Motion in a major grudge match.

BC: This is an old school feud, Teddy…it all started in the ring. These two battled each other for several weeks on Showdown, but when Amanda entered the equation, things started to get heated…Rudy doesn’t like how Motion treated Amanda, Motion just flat out doesn’t like Rudy…this is gonna be nasty.

TT: Before we get started with this second match I would just like to take a little time out to welcome our friends at the Hawaiian announce booth from the Hawaiian Sports Network.. they will be calling this match for the local fans here in attendance and around the big islands on the HSN radio Network.

BC: And with that said, let’s get to the ring for Alex Ruettiger versus Motion.

Doc McMartin: The next match is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Dunshaughlin, Ireland. Weighing 220 lbs. He is 6 feet tall even. Ladies and gentlemen, THIS IS MOTION!

Motion Runs for the Ring as 'Pretender' by the Foo Fighters sings out. The crowd gives him a mixed reaction as he rolls into the ring and comes to a stop on his knees. He turns and faces the entrance ramp awaiting his opponent.

Doc McMartin: And his opponent, out of South Bend, Indiana... 6'1” 238 pounds, this is ALEX RUETTIGER!

BC: There's 'Hollywood Whore' by Papa Roach, and there's Alex, but Amanda is nowhere to be seen.

TT: That's no wonder after what happened this week... Amanda lost her and Alex's baby and there is a very good possibility that it was because of the fall Motion took onto her, this is going to be an emotional match Bobby!

BC: Ruettiger wastes no time getting to the ring, he looks furious, and this crowd is going crazy! The ref backs the two men away from each other and calls for the bell. This match is under way!


TT: Ruettiger on the attack quickly. I wouldn't expect anything to technical here Bobby. Alex with a barrage of elbows, fists and feet. Motion drops to his stomach and rolls out under the ropes to collect himself while the ref holds Ruettiger back.

BC: The ref only makes it to 3 on the 10 count before Motion climbs to the apron. The ref backs Ruettiger away from the rope while Motion enters, he lets go and they’re at it again! Collar and elbow tie up and Motion gets the upper hand. He pushes Alex into the turnbuckle and throws a hard knee to his gut. Motion drops his weight back holding onto the rope, he slides his boot under Ruettiger's chin.

TT: He's blatantly choking him ref. Break it up.

BC: The ref with the five count... he gets between the two pushing motion back.

TT: How dirty! He just poked Ruettiger in the eyes over the top of the ref's back. He didn't see a thing, and Alex could be blinded.

BC: Are you alright today Teddy? You seem to be seeing a lot of things that aren't there! Motion with the clean break and he's back on the attack right away. He rakes the face of the Rudy look-a-like across the top rope, keeping his focus on that eye. It's a good strategy Teddy! I mean how is Rudy supposed to fight if he can't see?

TT: It's dirty and underhanded is what it is Bobby, and you know it as well as I do!

BC: If it ain't broke don't fix it Turnbuckle! Motion with a nice power slam and now he's on Rudy's back.

TT: He's using his fingernails to gouge at the eye of Ruettiger! This is sick, Alex is bleeding from that eye now! The ref with verbal warnings that Motion ignores, and he finally breaks the hold. Motion pulls Ruettiger back to his feet and whips him to the ropes. Motion lowers his head for a back body drop, but he telegraphs it and Ruettiger is able to pull off a beautiful swinging neckbreaker.

BC: Both men are very slow to return to their feet, but Motion is up a split second before his opponent. He takes off for the ropes... Ruettiger is right on his tail, as Motion reaches the far rope and turns Ruettiger is there with a clothesline!

TT: Alex and Motion go flying over the top rope. Motion hits his back and shoulder and Ruettiger hit's the ring steps with his left leg. They are both hurt.. the ref begins his count slowly..






BC: Rudy's head pops up off of the floor outside the ring. He looks around before rolling to his stomach and pushing himself to his feet.



TT: Ruettiger rolls in under the ropes and right back out, stopping the count and enticing the ref to let this thing go on. The ref follows him outside the ring as he stalks Motion who has made it back up and looks to be trying to figure out where he's at.

BC: Rudy from behind.. DING! Motion's head thrown into the ring post! That had to hurt! Rudy isn't done he wants something from under the ring. He's really looking under there isn't he Teddy?... Teddy?

TT: Look at the top of the ramp Crane! It's Amanda, she's here!

BC: Why the hell is she out here, all women are Teddy, and I would know!

TT: Thanks for that insight into the world of Bobby Crane, but there's a match going on here. Alex Ruettiger is still looking under the ring, he doesn't even notice that Amanda Caine is out here. She's made her way down the ramp she's right behind him about to.. BE CAREFUL!

BC: OH my Lord! Ruettiger found something and he took his frustrations out on Amanda!

TT: It's obvious that he thought it was Motion!

BC: I wouldn't be so sure if I were you Turnbuckle.

TT: Of course you wouldn't, you're not me! Ruettiger is distraught over what's happened. He's huddled over Amanda and doesn't notice that Motion has made it back to his feet. He lines Alex up in his sight and charges in.

BC: What an awesome boot to the face by Motion. He caught Rudy in that bloody eye and he might have knocked him out. TT: Alex is still moving Bobby, he has life in him yet. But that eye does not look good, it's beginning to swell up. Rudy.. you got me doing it now.. Damn it! Ruettiger is trying to push himself back to his feet.

BC: Motion gives him a hand up then throws a right fist into the swelling eye, holding him up with the left hand he repeats this over and over. Blood is flying from a cut over that eye now, and the ref is going to try and break this up.

TT: Motion just pushed the ref, his head smacked into the guard rail and he's sleeping! We have no ref out here Bobby!

BC: This isn't a wrestling match anyway Turnbuckle, it's a fight. Its a strait out brawl, and right now Motion has the upper hand. He's throwing Alex's face, and that eye into every inanimate object in sight now. They've made their way around to the side of the ring opposite from the entrance ramp, the Hawaiian announce team had better watch out.

TT: Motion throws Ruettiger into the ring steps, the guard rail, and the Ring post as he makes his way closer and closer to the Hawaiian announce table. Alex's head bounces off of the announce table, and Motion rolls him on top of it. He climbs up himself and sets him up... OH MY GOD DON”T DO IT!

BC: MOTION PICTURE! They've destroyed the Hawaiian announce table, both men might be out of this and there’s no ref!

TT: Motion slowly makes his way back to his feet. Finally we have another ref making his way to the ring, he stops to check on the ref that is still out of it at ringside before sliding under the ropes and telling motion to get it in the ring. He starts the ten count as Motion rolls Ruettiger to ringside and hoists him into the ring.

BC: Motion follows under the ropes after him. He pulls Ruettiger back to his feet somehow. He sets him up and.. Another Motion picture in the middle of the ring. Motion with the cover on Ruettiger!





Doc McMartin: Here is your winner…MOTION!

BC: Ruettiger is hurt Teddy, the ref is calling for the medics, as Motion makes his way toward Amanda Caine who is back on her feet but not in good shape.. he's screaming at her... I think he might have a thing for Rudy's little girlfriend now. He grabs her by her long hair. Just as he is about to do something here comes security...

TT: Doing SOMETHING Crane?! It's pretty obvious to me that he was about to attack her!

BC: You never know.. maybe he was going to proclaim his love Teddy..

TT: You are incredible you know that?

BC: Yes I do!

TT: Well…an unfortunate injury takes its toll on Alex Ruettiger and by the looks of that, we may not be seeing him for a while.

BC: Yeah and I bet Amanda is gonna take maternity leave now…lazy woman.

TT: Do you ever listen to yourself? You’re calling Amanda lazy while you float around a pond with a glass of lemonade?

BC: Hey, I work hard…I deserve a little “me” time.

TT: On live pay-per-view? Give me a break. In any event, Motion gets the victory here tonight and it’s a big one as it comes at Summer Smash.

BC: Yeah and I bet there’s a Unified title shot coming up soon in his future, Teddy.

TT: And the CWF Unified Championship will be decided here later tonight as The Raving Lunatic defends against Sickboy. But up next, we have a bizarre contest…Chris Osbourne taking on Drastic…or is it Bryan Joseph Osbourne? You can never tell with this guy.

BC: Right…Bryan Joseph Osbourne belongs in a mental ward.

TT: [holding his hand to his ear, listening to chatter on the ear piece from the gorilla position] Folks we just received some tragic news. Our next match was scheduled to be Drastic a.k.a. Brian Joseph Osbourne, son of "The Daydreamer" Chris Osbourne, taking on his old man. However, the plane they were both traveling on disappeared off the radar somewhere over the South Pacific. They were to have landed about an hour ago. US Coast Guard has begun to search but hopes are dismal because of the tenacity of the waves. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Osbourne family tonight.

The camera cuts to Rob and Bob's dressing room where Bob is stretching out for his upcoming match. Rob is getting taped up by the trainer getting ready for his match with Keith Daniels.

Bob: Holy crap dad, did you hear that?

NRO: Yeah. I'm not concerned. Probably just another insurance fraud scam by your Uncle Chris. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they never even got on the plane kid. Don't sweat it. I'm not.

Cut back to ringside.

BC: See…Nitemare ain’t worried, why should we be? Drastic and Chris Osbourne are both a couple of schemers and nutjobs…I wouldn’t be surprised if they both thought this event was being held in Fiji, hijacked the plane, and are clear for landing.

TT: Well, you may have a point…and if Rob Osbourne isn’t concerned, maybe we should hold up on our own concern until we find out more information. Nonetheless, the next time we join you on pay-per-view, ladies and gentlemen…it will be on July the 25th from Washington, DC…it will be Scars and Stripes.

TT: Scars and Stripes, July 25th…what a night that’s gonna be.

BC: Alright, focus Teddy…focus! Hell of a match coming up next.

TT: What a show this has been so far! And we’re only beginning Bobby!

BC: That’s right, Teddy, and our next match should be a doozy!

TT: That’s right Bobby. YOUR favorite CWF Superstar, and one of our favorite sons, the CWF Hall of Famer “The Ruler” Paul Blair is about to square off with a third generation superstar, and the CWF’s first true second generation grappler, Bob Osbourne.

BC: Bob has been red hot thus far and the ink on the kid’s contract isn’t even dry. He’s ready to take the next step in claiming his birth right here tonight.

TT: Blair and Osbourne have been on a collision course since the youngster arrived on the scene.

BC: Puh-lease! Blair is only trying to satisfy his need to beat an Osbourne. He has tried and failed so many times with Bob’s old man, he figures his only shot was with his son. Figures.

TT: Let’s take a look at that first encounter between these two…

CWF Saturday Night Showdown from Tacoma, Washington on June 13th, 2009. Bob Osbourne steps through the curtain and down the gorilla position with his head hung, sullen and disappointed in losing the Unified title match. Paul Blair stands there warming up for his match. As Bob Osbourne walks past him, Blair speaks up.

Paul Blair: Hey kid…kid!

Osbourne stops and looks back over his shoulder.

Paul Blair: Chin up, you did good. You have your whole career ahead of you.

Osbourne doesn’t respond. Instead, he turns and starts walking away.

Paul Blair: Hey! Hey! You little whelp…I’m talking to you. Show some respect you little punk!

Bob Osbourne stops and turns towards Blair.

Bob Osbourne: Listen, Blair…if I ever want to become an underachieving jobber who chokes when it matters most, I’ll start taking advice from you. Get it? Got it? Good. Now leave me alone “sir”…

Paul Blair: Why you little…

Blair tackles Osbourne but CWF staff immediately swarm the area and break it up. Blair and Osbourne try to get at each other furiously but to no avail. Cut back to ringside.

TT: But that wouldn’t be the end of it though.

BC: Not by a long shot. Bob is his father’s son and wasn’t going to take that kind of treatment, CWF Hall of Famer or not…

CWF Saturday Night Showdown from Tacoma, Washington on June 13th, 2009

BC: Blair is showboating while Wilkes writhes in pain on the mat. He is clutching those ribs tightly Teddy. That’s not a good sign. The ref is over checking on him. This one may be over Teddy.


BC: Bob Osbourne sprints down the ramp, leaps up on the ring apron and scurries up the ropes to the turnbuckle faster than Blair can even turn around….WHISPER IN THE WIND!

TT: And Blair goes down hard.

BC: Doesn’t he always? The great thing is, the ref didn’t even see it!

TT: Osbourne rolls out of the ring and is backing up the ramp as Sickboy notices Blair lying motionless in the center of the ring.

BC: The ref is looking at Osbourne on the ramp and Blair on the mat! He starts the count....






TT: Sickboy is on his knees, trying to pull himself up with the help of the ropes and Paul Blair is flat knocked out right now fans!





BC: Sickboy's on his feet....


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..........SICKBOY!

TT: He did it! Sickboy has defeated Paul Blair once again but this time with a little help from Bob Osbourne! And I guess that answers the question…inevitably we are going to see Paul Blair versus Bob Osbourne sometime in the near future and Blair is not going to take kindly to this attack!

BC: Ha! I love this Osbourne kid! Played perfectly, just like his old man!

TT: But not even that was the end of the nights run in between these two…

CWF Saturday Night Showdown from Tacoma, Washington on June 13th, 2009.

Suddenly, the big screen lights up, and Paul Blair appears walking through the halls backstage.

Paul Blair: Oh BOBBBB! BOBBBBB! Where are you, Bob? I just want to give you some more advice. Come out, come out wherever you are!

Blair has Rob Osbourne’s attention. The Nitemare jumps off the apron and stands watching the big screen helplessly. Blair comes to Bob Osbourne’s dressing room. He knocks.

Paul Blair: [in his best attempt at a female voice] Rooooom service!

The door swings open as Bob Osbourne answers. As he pokes his head out, Blair wraps a steel chair over his head. His head goes straight through the back of the chair and it remains wrapped around his neck as he drops to the floor.



Rob Osbourne immediately sprints up the aisle and behind the curtain. Blair holds his foot over the chair, threatening to stomp on it and break Bob Osbourne’s neck. Blair hears Rob Osbourne coming though and disappears.

TT: And that Bobby Crane, brings us to the here and now.

Doc McMartin: Introducing first, from River Falls, Wisconsin weighing in at two hundred and seventy-five pounds, he is a member of the CWF Hall of Fame…”The Ruler” Paul Blair!

The BlairVision theme plays as Blair makes his way to the ring to a mixed chorus of cheers and jeers.

Doc McMartin: And his opponent…from Orlando, Florida standing six foot one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirteen pounds…BOB OSBOURNE!

The arena goes pitch black as “Gone” by Crooked X blasts through the PA as white lights flicker in time with the drum beat. Orange lights are in time to the guitar. As soon as the song kicks in, the lights flash white and Bob comes out and poses at the top of the ramp. Pyro explodes as he heads to the ring. Bob then gives fans high-fives along the way. Once Bob slides in to the ring, and poses, the arena slowly fills with orange and black.

TT: And there is no love lost between Blair and the Osbourne clan.

BC: Hell, there’s no love lost between Blair and the whole CWF locker room.

TT: Oh come on now. Blair isn’t that bad. Okay…maybe he is. You still need to call this match down the middle Crane.

BC: Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure.

TT: Bob and Blair tie up in the middle of the ring. Test of strength, and Blair prevails, sending Osbourne to his back.

BC: Well, no kidding Teddy. Bob undeterred, right back on his feet. Ties back up with The Ruler, Blair with a duck under, and he crashes his forearm across the back of Osbournes head. Scumbag. He could give the kid a concussion.

TT: Blair tugs Bob back up to his feet by the hair, but Bob on his way up, slugs Blair in the gut. Blair off balance now, and another shot from Osbourne, this time connecting to Blair’s jaw.


TT: Blair is wobbly, but he has the presence of mind to drop on his back and roll out of the ring.

BC: Oh, what’s wrong Blair, gonna take your ball and go home?

TT: Blair is taunting the crowd, motioning with his hands that he’s done with this match and starts up the ramp…the ref starts his count 1….2….3….4….5….6….7….8….and Blair thinks better of walking out and sprints back to the ring in time to break the count.

BC: And Osbourne is all over him as he rolls under the bottom rope, but Blair trips him up and they roll around the ring clubbing each other with lefts and rights. The referee trying to break them up now, but they are having none of it!

TT: Finally Bob relents and the ref separates the two superstars. NO! Blair clips Bob in the back of the leg….Osbourne writhing in pain!

BC: Blair just has to cheat every match doesn’t he? Can’t beat anybody but Kyle Sync without breaking at least three rules can he?

TT: He beat you at Vendetta without cheating.

BC: I didn’t pull your string Turnbuckle.

TT: Blair locks in a figure four on the already banged up knee of Bob Osbourne.

BC: Look at him! He has to grab the ropes for extra leverage against a barely two hundred pound eighteen year old! Preposterous.

TT: Osbourne is just in a world of hurt now with that figure four intensifying the pain he already was feeling in the knee….the ref sees Blair on the ropes Bobby and he’s telling him to let go or break the hold…

BC: Wait just a minute…look at Bob….he’s getting all pissed off now…he’s rocking left to right…YES! He flips it over and now Blair is the one in the world of hurt! HA! Give it to him kid!

TT: Blair can’t believe it and he can’t get back to the ropes he was locked onto like a vice grip not two minutes ago! MY, my how quickly the tide can turn!

BC: Blair is screaming out in pain now…but he gets his hand on the bottom ropes and the ref makes Bob break the hold. Unlike Blair, the kid complies and is hopping up onto his good leg. Blair struggling to even get to a vertical base…Bob off the ropes…missile drop kick to The Ruler as he tries to get back up, sending him back down hard to the mat.

TT: Bob is gonna fly Teddy...he climbs the ropes…WHISPER IN THE WIND!

BC: NO! Blair rolls at the last second and Bob eats canvas!

TT: Blair not exactly hopping right up himself. Both men down on opposite sides of the ring…this is just like two weeks ago Crane, but it’s Bob and Blair trying to get up before the ten count instead of Sickboy and Blair.

BC: Doesn’t matter. Result will be the same. I guarantee it.

TT: Bold statement Bobby Crane….the ref starts his standing eight count….1….2….3….4…5…6…and Bob is up. Blair is moving but not much.

BC: Bob dragging Blair by the foot towards the corner…it’s time for Blair to get his feeble Mind Wiped….YES! Osbourne nails the move his dad and uncle made famous, the inverted double arm DDT, but Bob puts his own twist on it, nailing it off of the top rope.

TT: Cover by Bob!





Doc McMartin: Here is your winner….BOB OSBOURNE!

BC: I told you Teddy. Pay up!

TT: Pay up what? We didn’t wager on this bout Crane.

BC: Meh…pfft.

TT: Well a huge victory for Bob Osbourne over the Hall of Famer, Paul Blair…what a feather in his cap!

BC: Bob Osbourne is going places, Teddy…where’s he’s going next, I don’t know, but he’s something special and he will be a World Champion someday.

TT: You’ll get no argument from me on that…a truly impressive victory…Bob Osbourne overcomes the odds and defends a legend like Paul Blair…unbelievable.

BC: Well that’s one victory for the Osbournes tonight…let’s see if Rob Osbourne can retain the National title tonight.

TT: It’ll be very interesting indeed, but up next…we have the CWF Unified Championship match, and this one could be the sleeper match of the night…it’s going to be a war.

BC: Sickboy and The Raving Lunatic, two machines who are the most resilient wrestlers I’ve ever seen…throw the Unified title in the middle of it…this is gonna be insane.

TT: Folks we've got to warn you. Young children, the elderly, or any persons otherwise faint of heart or with a weak stomach need to leave the room or turn the channel. This one is GOING to get ugly.

BC: That's right. We all know about Sickboy's history and propensity for violence, and The Raving Lunatic is ...well...Teddy....he's a friggin Lunatic!

TT: Sickboy has been to hell and back since making his CWF return. Drastic took him to the edge of insanity and dropped him on his head in the Lord of the Ring tournament and then he clawed his way to victory for a shot at the National title and came up short against The Nitemare, thanks to the post match antics the week before by one Paul Blair.

BC: Leave it Blair to get try and take a man out AFTER he loses to him. Idiot.

TT: Sickboy fought back, and beat Paul Blair in a last man standing match at Showdown, thanks in part to Bob Osbourne's interference.

BC: Sickboy had the match in the bag. Osbourne just did us all a favor and saved us from watching Blair bore us to death.

TT: Oh stop it, the man is a Hall Of famer...and this isn't even HIM we're talking about.

BC: Well, the Raving Lunatic, his opponent in this match-up and the current and reigning CWF Unified Champion, has been on fire ever since he dropped that bad habit that was Khrist. That guy was a farce, sacrilegious, if you will.

TT: Indeed. The best thing that ever happened to the careers of Motion AND The Raving Lunatic was the dissolving of The New Church...

BC: See, I disagree. I think The Raving Lunatic's career has taken off because of one esteemed Doctor James Picard, Esquire. He has kept that freak on a leash and nurtured him the only way a Lunatic can be torturing him, humiliating him, and mooching off of his winnings. Does Lunatic even get royalty checks, or does his salary go straight to his Master?

TT: Frankly, the contractual obligations are none of our concern Mr. Crane. Calling this match however, is OUR contractual obligations, and this one is about to get under way....

Doc McMartin: First introducing the challenger, standing six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, via New York, New York.....THIS....IS....SICKBOY!

Crowd explodes as "Angry Chair" by Alice in Chains erupts throughout the arena as Sickboy makes his way to the ring.

Doc McMartin: And his opponent....he is the CWF UNIFIED CHAMPION! Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada…standing six feet two inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and sixty-five pounds…being led to the ring by his manager, Dr. James Picard…THE RAVING LUNATIC!'One of These Days' by Pink Floyd begins to play as the fans roar in a mixed reaction. The curtain spreads open, but it is not James Picard, or The Raving Lunatic we see. Six large Hawaiian men step through the curtain. Four of the men carry large torches, blazing with fire. The other two men carry large drums in front of them. The men stop, flanking the entrance ramp on both sides. The torches begin to move and fire shoots into the air as 'One of These Days' fades out and the sound of the two drummers grows loud. The lights dim to black and the only light in the arena comes from the fire breathers on each side of the ramp. A lone figure can be seen moving about through the fire. Suddenly the light's flick back on. The Raving Lunatic stand in the ring...behind Sickboy clad in a day glow loincloth swath of textured fabrics, with an accoutrement of genuine grass Skirt and full Hawaiian Warrior Face Paint and crown of vines.

TT: And the Lunatic grabs Sickboy, who was completely unaware of his presence in an immediate full nelson and is flailing the Wilkes all over the place!


BC: Sickboy looks like a ragdoll...and the match just started!

TT: OH MY GOD! HUGE sit out "bubba" bomb from the Full Nelson position bringing Sickboy down with everything Lunatic has AND Wilkes's own body weight right onto his tailbone and spinal column!

BC: Call the Honolulu General and tell them to expect one....maybe two reservations on the behalf of the CWF tonight Turnbuckle!

TT: But Sickboy bounces right back up and spits in the face of the Lunatic. Ewwww....Lunatic wipes the full loogey off of his face and sniffs it, then faster than a cat, shoves the finger in Wilkes's face, then kicks him in the stomach, quick DDT by the Lunatic!

BC: I know why the bubba bomb didn't faze Wilkes, Turnbuckle!

TT: And why is that oh enlightened one?


TT: Oh he is not! Sickboy is one of the craziest CWF superstars on the roster and puts his body on the line week in and week out to get these fans hyped!

BC: Oh's Blair that's spineless. Sickboy's just....sick!

TT: [rolls eyes] Oh boy. Back to the action, and the Unified champion is pulling Sickboy up by his hair and launches him into the ropes, Sickboy off the far side now...he leaps in the air for a high cross body....BUT THE LUNATIC CATCHES HIM! Fallaway slam by the champion and Sickboy hits the mat with a sickening thud. But his tenacity forces him right back onto his feet.

BC: Lunatic screams out a tribal yell extending his arms out and up and sprints towards Sickboy with the full rage of a Polynesian demigod....and Sickboy sidesteps him, side Russian leg sweep, and Lunatic screams all the way through the drop until his forehead smacks the bottom turnbuckle!

TT: Sickboy, not wanting to squander the opportunity, pulls Lunatic's semi-unconscious body just a bit to the left from under the bottom ropes. What IS he doing Crane?

BC: Oh no. He can't be? Yes he is. He's angling it to where Lunatics head is just past the outside edge of the rope, about to slip off of the ring apron...Sickboy sprint to the next set of turnbuckles and leapfrogs onto the top rope....NO WAY TEDDY!! NO F'ING WAY!

TT: AND SICKBOY GETS STUPID AIR! He's got to be at least five feet in the air.....GUILLOTINE LEGDROP ON THE LUNATIC!

BC: And Sickboy's body crashes onto the protective mat outside the ring. He gets onto his feet, here comes Picard...he's running as fast as feeble legs will take him, Unified title in hand....NO!

TT: Sickboy wrenches the title from Picard’s hands and cracks the good Doctor upside the head with everything he has, twirling the older man around twice and splitting open his forehead and dropping his body in a heap on the floor. Somebody get the EMT's out here...NOW!

BC: EMTs rush to ringside and tend to James Picard. As they are loading him onto a stretcher, the Lunatic sits up in the ring and sees what has happened, his eyes bulge from their sockets and the veins in his neck and head pulsate with rage and he sprints full on and suicide dives over the top ropes with the grace of a bull in a china shop....HOLY SHIT!

TT: The Lunatic crashes into Sickboy, who crashes into the EMTs who collapse the foot end wheels of the stretcher, catapulting Picard, much the same way Blair catapulted Sickboy himself just a few weeks ago, and sends the Doctor flying over the guardrail into the first row of fans. This is pure insanity.


TT: Lunatic just beating Sickboy senseless with a flurry of lefts and rights and clubbing forearms. Sickboy attempts to cover up, but to no avail.

BC: It's a primal attempt to protective himself, but the primal rage the Lunatic has right now is a stronger force. It's a moot point Teddy.

TT: You may be right about this one. Sickboy slithers out of the Lunatic's grasp and rolls under the bottom ropes to the safety of the arena floor. He drops to his knees trying to catch his breath. Lunatic running again...Sickboy instinctively rolls left still on his knees, but instead of the suicide dive he was expecting, the Lunatic baseball slides and catches Sickboy, unexpecting and unprepared, right under the chin snapping his head backwards and spinning him around and he lands right in front of us.

BC: Lunatic slides out of the ring and grabs Sickboy by the back of the head and slams his head and slams it into our announce table!

TT: 1......2........3......4......5......6......7.......8.....9....10 times into the announce table, splitting open the head of Curtis Wilkes, spreading the blood of the Sick one.

BC: He is scrambling Sickboy's brains Teddy! There's gonna be nothing left of him for Emma to marry and cheat on and divorce again by the time this one's over!

TT: You are despicable...Sickboy is just about knocked out right here, heaving breathes in our faces, with his torso collapsed on our announce table, legs shaking to try and support himself, his eyes glazed over...

BC: Lunatic back in the ring now. He climbs the ropes...WATCH OUT TURNBUCKLE!

TT: And the Unified Champion gets air! He goes for a leg drop onto the back of Sickboy's head, but Bobby Crane's call to action for my safety gave Sickboy the cue to move, and the Lunatic has just went buttocks first through our announce table! THIS IS CARNAGE!


TT: Settle down Bobby, your gonna have an aneurysm pal! Crowd giving Lunatic the chant they usually reserve for Sickboy, Crane!

"HOLY SHIT!" "HOLY SHIT!" "HOLY SHIT!" chants the crowd.

BC: And Wilkes is pissed! Not to be undone, he pulls Lunatic's splintered body up out of the demolished announce table and tries to irish whip the man into the ring post, but Lunatic reverses the whip and Wilkes's head bounces off of the post with a resounding "DONG!"

TT: Lunatic grabs Sickboy by the hair with one hand and the back of the trunks with the other and heaves him back into the ring. Lunatic locks him into that stump puller style submission hold he calls "The Madness".

BC: It's a formality now...the ref checking Sickboy...I think he was out from the ring post impact Teddy, this move is unneccessary by Lunatic. He could just cover him for the win...but he won't have it. He wants revenge for Picard. He wants to make the Sickboy pay....the ref drops the arm of Sickboy and yells ONE.....again.....TWO.....again.....NO! OH MY GOD! HOW IS SICKBOY EVEN ALIVE?!

TT: I don't know Bobby. I can't see how he can go on. His face, chest, and abdomen are covered in blood...however common that may be for wilkes, it has to be taking its toll on his body. He has to be racked with pain. Pure adrenaline and instinct is the only way he is surviving right now. Sickboy's hand shakes in the air and he reaches out and grasps the ropes, causing the ref to break the hold.

BC: And the Lunatic is sitting on the top turnbuckle ripping handfuls of his hair out in frustration...although....the sick freak does it for fun too. Sickboy back to his feet, turns to face the Lunatic, and Lunatic throws the hair in the face of Sickboy, who swats at it in midair, allowing The Raving Lunatic all the time he needs to leap ...:SHUT UP!"


BC: No you idiot, that's the name of the move, his Shining Wizard to an upright opponent. Cover by the Lunatic.....1........2.......3!


Doc McMartin: Here is your winner ......AND STILL the CWF Unified Champion....THE RAVING LUNATIC!

TT: My God what a match!

BC: Wow…I have a whole new respect for both of these guys after that. We said it was gonna be the sleeper match of the night and man…did they ever prove us right!

TT: Absolutely…what a performance, and The Raving Lunatic scores the victory in his toughest title defense yet…Sickboy is always so close, you can’t help but root for him…but Lunatic brought his A game to Hawaii and he retains the title.

BC: Yeah well after a war like that, you can bet it isn’t over between those two.

TT: Absolutely not, their paths will cross again, and hopefully sooner than later. But folks…get ready. The CWF National Championship is on the line and as far as bad blood goes…it just doesn’t get any more heated than this. “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne defending against Keith Daniels of Shock Value.

BC: Well let’s see…in the past three weeks, these guys have dumped fermented apple juice made to look like urine on each other, fed each other double fudge brownies made to look like….well you know…and dumped hand sanitizer on each other made to look like the Osbournes had raided a sperm bank…these guys are sick, and they hate each other’s guts!

TT: Well before we get to this match…on June 25th, 2009…the world lost an icon. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, passed away.

BC: Yeah, and hey…let’s face it. He turned into a complete freak, a sideshow, a laughing stock in the last twenty years or so of his life. He was accused of some pretty nasty things and I’m a believer that where there’s smoke, there’s fire…but let’s take a moment here, because Michael Jackson, at one time, was the ultimate star. He was the Elvis Presley of a generation and his impact on music and dance is still seen to this day.

TT: Indeed, and we have a special treat for the CWF fans tonight. In 1983, at the 25th Anniversary Motown Special on NBC, Michael Jackson put on what many consider to be his greatest performance of all time. And in tribute to the King of Pop…here is that performance, in its entirety. This is Michael Jackson, from 1983, performing his hit single “Billie Jean”…

The crowd cheers in response to the video as “Michael Jackson, 1958-2009” appears on the big screen.

TT: What a performer, and what a loss.

BC: Give me a break. You know in Michael Jackson’s will, he requested to be melted down into Lego, so even in death children can play with him.

TT: That’s disgusting!

BC: But true, look it up. Now let’s get back to wrestling.

TT: Absolutely, it’s time for the CWF National Championship match…let’s head to the ring!

Cut to the ring.

Doc McMartin: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF National Championship! Introducing first, the challenger! From Orlando, Florida…weighing in at 324 pounds… “THE DANGEROUS ONE” KEITH DANIELS!

“It’s All Over” by Three Days Grace hits and the crowd explodes into boos as Keith Daniels appears at the top of the aisle. He poses as fireworks explode above the set and into the night sky. He makes his way down the aisle, but half way down, the crowd explodes as “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne runs down the aisle and nails Daniels from behind with the National title!

TT: ROB OSBOURNE! Osbourne has got the jump on Daniels and my God, the war is on!


Osbourne grabs a tiki torch and breaks it over Daniels’ back. Daniels scurries up the aisle on his hands and knees trying to escape. Osbourne grabs him and drags him to ringside, and then throws him hard into the ring steps!

BC: Hey! Disqualify him!

TT: The match hasn’t officially started yet! Rob Osbourne has been dying to get his hands on Daniels since the fermented apple juice incident two weeks ago on Showdown and the wait is finally over! The Nitemare is going to town on Keith Daniels!

As Daniels tries desperately to put some distance between he and Osbourne, The Nitemare stays hot on his trail and grabs him by the trunks, exposing his back side for a moment. Daniels spins around and throws a wild right hand, but Osbourne ducks…and BACK BODY DROPS DANIELS INTO THE POND!


TT: The water looked so nice he had to join you, Bobby!

BC: Shut up! Somebody throw him a life jacket! Here, Keith! Grab my hand!

TT: Would you stop? The thing is four feet deep, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

BC: This is Hawaii, Teddy…there could be sharks in here!

TT: …you’re an idiot.

Daniels splashes around wildly in the water. Osbourne grins, satisfied. The crowd roars. Daniels stands up, sopping wet, and starts climbing back over the guardrail onto dry land…Osbourne meets him over there though and the two begin exchanging blows! Rights and lefts, it’s hard to keep up as they become a blur of fists and gnashed teeth. Daniels gets the upper hand and he grabs Osbourne by the hair…pulls him in…SUPLEX INTO THE WATER!


TT: Both men in the water now and my God, have you ever seen anything like this before?!

Keith Daniels and Rob Osbourne go at it tooth and nail in the pond of water surrounding the ring. The crowd is on its feet as water splashes every which way with each blow. Both men soaked to the bone and Osbourne throws Daniels back over the guardrail! Daniels hits the floor and leaves a puddle beneath him. Nitemare hops over the guard rail after him and Daniels gets to his feet…but he slips in the puddle and twists his ankle! Daniels hobbling around the ring and Nitemare grabs him and rolls him under the bottom rope and into the ring!


TT: We are finally officially underway with this match but my God, both men are drenched and Keith Daniels appears to have injured his ankle…that could have a huge impact on this match!

BC: Nitemare should be disqualified! He jumped Daniels from behind, this isn’t fair!

Daniels gets to his feet and limps over to Osbourne…and he tackles Osbourne to the mat! Daniels overpowering him with his superior size and strength and he pounds Osbourne in the head with fists of fury! The crowd boos as Daniels takes the upper hand. He pulls Osbourne up now and whips him to the turnbuckle…Osbourne rebounds back out, and Daniels connects with a vicious lariat! Osbourne reeling on the mat and Daniels taking a moment to recollect himself. Both men have water dripping off of them.

TT: Well Daniels has the upper hand here now and Nitemare got rocked with that lariat. Look at these guys…absolutely soaked to the core and here goes Daniels again on the offensive…

BC: Get him, Keith!

Daniels stalks over to Osbourne and pulls him up…he whips him to the ropes…SPINEBUSTER! And Osbourne is rocked again! Daniels puts a sadistic smirk on his face and makes a cover!




TT: It’s gonna take more than that to beat Rob Osbourne!

BC: But Daniels is firmly in control here!

Daniels pulls Osbourne up by the hair…Osbourne catches him by surprise…SMALL PACKAGE!




Daniels gets up, furious, and puts the boots to Osbourne. Osbourne slides out under the bottom rope, and then grabs Daniels’ feet and trips him to the mat. The Nitemare jumps back up onto the apron and leaps over the top rope, landing on Daniels with an elbow drop. Nitemare scoops him back up and whips him to the ropes…Daniels limping with each step…Osbourne with a dropkick to the knee! And Daniels twists in mid air as he lands, clutching his knee and grinding his teeth in pain.

BC: Damn!

TT: Rob Osbourne, the veteran, exposing the injury of Daniels and Daniels is in trouble now!

Osbourne grabs Daniels’ foot, lifts it high into the air and DRIVES his knee into the mat. And again…and again…and again! Daniels now spinning himself on the mat in pain and Osbourne picks him up…and sets him on the top rope. Daniels reeling and Osbourne meets him at the top…SUPERPLEX! Daniels hits the mat and Osbourne rolls on top for the cover!





TT: Ohh and Daniels gets a shoulder up at the last second and the match will continue!

BC: What a warrior! Stay alive, Keith! Stay alive!

Osbourne slams the mat in frustration and tells the ref to count faster. He gets to his feet and pulls Daniels up…Daniels with a thumb to the eyes! Osbourne temporarily blinded and Daniels with a belly to belly suplex! Osbourne twists as he hits the mat and Daniels has bought himself some time…he shakes out the cobwebs and pulls Osbourne back up…and a forearm shot to the nose! Osbourne’s nose immediately busts open and starts flowing blood.

TT: What a shot and Osbourne is bleeding profusely from the nose, that could affect his breathing…he has to end this soon!

Daniels’ eyes light up as he sees the blood…he boots Osbourne in the gut, knocking the wind out of him and forcing him to breathe heavier. He lifts Osbourne up…he’s going for the Final Verdict! Osbourne desperately trying to elbow his way out of the fisherman’s carry before Daniels can hit the cutter! Daniels fighting through it and flips Osbourne up…he comes down with a cutter! FINAL VERDICT!

No! Osbourne just barely slips out of it…Daniels spins around…boot to the gut…BADD DREAM! OSBOURNE HITS IT!





Doc McMartin: Here is your winner, and STILL CWF National Champion… “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

TT: He did it! He has defeated Keith Daniels and dear God, what a contest! Osbourne and Daniels gave it everything they had since even before the damn bell, and Osbourne retains the title! Osbourne is still the National Champion!

BC: NO DAMNIT! This is a travesty! If Osbourne hadn’t of jumped Daniels before the match started, we would definitely be crowning a new National Champion right this instant! Rob Osbourne has robbed the fans of a fantastic moment, damn him!

TT: Will you stop it, you’re embarrassing yourself.

Rob Osbourne lifts the title high into the air in celebration as “Nightmare” by Crooked X hits. The fans roar. Osbourne looks down at Daniels and grins, the blood still flowing out of his nose. He raises the title once more, standing over Daniels…he leans down and talks smack to him, and then exits the ring.

TT: A proud moment for the Osbourne Family! It has not been Shock Value’s night here tonight in Hawaii, but up next, Brian Adams better hope he can buck the trend of the evening because the CWF World Heavyweight Championship is on the line!

BC: Brian Adams, he’s our man! If he can’t do it, no one can!

TT: Were you a cheerleader in high school or something? Are you serious? You can weirder every week.

BC: Shut up, Teddy!

TT: Well speaking of Brian Adams…he is standing by backstage with Dennis Donnelly…let’s head back there.

The camera pans backstage where Dennis Donnelly has caught up with the CWF World Heavyweight Champion Brian Adams. Brian is standing by with the title slung over his shoulder and pair of black sunglasses covering his eyes.

DD: I am standing by with the current CWF world heavyweight champion The Flawless One Brian Adams. Mr. Adams, I have to ask you what everybody has been wondering since Night of Champions 2, who is the man in the black mask?

BRIAN ADAMS: Yes, that does seem to be the flavor on the tip of everybody's tongue doesn't it? While several hints have been given throughout this past month, nobody can seem to put their finger on a single name, or at least keep their finger on it before they come up with a new name to suspect.

DD: The hints you've dropped were few and far in between, and everybody is expecting it to be Paul Blair, can you confirm that?

BA: It's not that I can't, I just won't. I will not confirm that it's Blair, but I won't deny it either. It very well could be the Ruler. Then again, the man in the black mask just may be the biggest mark in the biz, he could be the REAL DEAL, he could be the doc, and hell, you might even have reason tonight to fear the reaper.

DD: You are a co-founder of the infamous Shock Value and you have waged a war with the Osbournes. Shock Value has struck the first blow but the Osbournes didn't waste time in retaliating. Can we expect anything else from Shock Value in the coming weeks?

BA: Yes it's true, Shock Value took the first shot that was heard around the world, and that was all thanks to Rob Osbourne no less. I can't guarantee you but two things out of this war. One would be that if you aren't in it, get out and stay out of our way. Two? Shock Value didn't come to the CWF to fight this war, we came here to win it. Magnus will be the first of many casualties in the coming months. If Rob Osbourne wants a piece, tell him to get in line with the rest of the fools that have stepped up to take this title and have failed miserably.

DD: And what about Magnus tonight? He is definitely looking to relieve you of your duties as the CWF World Heavyweight Champion.

BRIAN ADAMS: As he has before, and we all know how that ended. If you've noticed, in every big match I've had from February up until this point I have found a way to pull it out. Tonight is the night you hear Magnus' swan song sung throughout the world. It's not personal Magnus, even if you take it as such. All that matters is me walking out of Summer Smash the same way I walked in, as champion. Tonight I prove that I am the very BEST that the CWF offers the fans today, and until someone takes this title from me, you just can't tell me different.

Brian brushes by Dennis who tries to say something else but Brian is already down the hall making his way towards the ring.

TT: Alright fans, this is it…the time for talking is done. It’s Brian Adams, it’s Magnus Thunder, the CWF World Heavyweight Championship is on the line. Pledge Allegiance will be the special guest referee. What role will he play? Brian Adams will have the man in the black mask in his corner…what role will he play? And Magnus Thunder has promised to have someone in his corner…who is it, and what will his impact be on this match? And according to Bobby Crane, whoever is in Magnus Thunder’s corner is not a current member of the CWF roster. Can you believe this? Could the stakes be any higher? Could there be any more intrigue surrounding this match? This is going to be an epic matchup in CWF history…set your video recorders, ladies and gentlemen…we’ll be talking about this one for years to come.

BC: And don’t leave out this element, Teddy…if Magnus Thunder loses the match tonight…if he does not win the CWF World Heavyweight Champion…well, the way he’s been talking all week, it sounds to me like he’s going to hang up his boots. Brian Adams has a chance to drive Magnus Thunder out of the CWF forever!

TT: That is the sentiment I think we all got by watching his promos this week…Magnus has been doing a lot of soul searching lately and for all his struggled in recent months, he has really turned the corner lately, winning the Lord of the Ring tournament to earn this shot at the title…defeating Keith Daniels last week on Showdown…Magnus Thunder is riding a wave of momentum, a wave that has carried him across the Pacific Ocean, all the way to Honolulu, Hawaii here tonight…and what may well win him his first ever singles championship in the CWF…and what a big one it would be.

BC: Yeah but to do it, he has to go through Brian Adams, Teddy! And nobody…but nobody has been hotter than Brian Adams since February! He made it out of Craze in the Maze at the Valentine Bash, he won the CWF World Heavyweight Championship at Super Card V in March, winning the elimination champion…he’s beaten Magnus, he’s beaten Pledge Allegiance, he’s beaten everyone that’s stood in his path and why would tonight be any different? Brian Adams is the class of the CWF…he puts the “class” in “classic” and he is a fine World Champion! One we can all be proud of!

TT: Please…proud of? He has schemed and cheated his way out of every single title defense he’s had! There is not one victory of his that isn’t marred with controversy and I hope like hell Pledge Allegiance is able to maintain order tonight and make sure that doesn’t happen again!

BC: Yeah well the black mask will be there to make sure Pledge stays in line!

TT: Who the hell is behind that mask anyway?

BC: How should I know, Teddy? It could be anybody! I’ve heard all the names! I’ve heard Jimmy Blast, in an effort to screw with Rob Osbourne…I’ve heard “Radiant” Roland Ulv…I’ve heard “Hotshot” Mike Stewart…I’ve heard Tige, I heard Darklight Warrior, I’ve even heard Maniac! Whoever it is, it’s gonna make a huge impact and the CWF will never be the same again! But who knows if he’ll even be revealed tonight?

TT: Well we don’t know, but I’d love to find out and I’m sure 65,000 plus screaming fans in this stadium would love to know…and I’m sure the millions of fans sitting at home watching this on live pay-per-view would love to know…it’s time whoever this guy is stops hiding behind a damn mask and reveals himself!

BC: Ok, fine…so what about Magnus Thunder’s corner man then, huh? What’s so different about that? We don’t know who he is either.

TT: Well lots of names are circulating about that too…

BC: I’ve heard a lot of names, you’re right. I’ve heard Maniac’s name mentioned, as he has a storied past with Magnus Thunder…Maniac brought him to the MWWF, Maniac trained him, Maniac was his mentor for years…but then again, I’ve also heard Blood could be making his return tonight. I’ve heard Shadow Maxx, Sleepwalker, Chiron, Patriot, Mike Stewart…hell, I’ve even heard Mark Xamin’s name mentioned! It could be anybody and frankly I’m sick of waiting!

TT: Well enough of the waiting then! Let’s get to the ring and find some answers!

Cut to the ring.

Doc McMartin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the special guest referee! He is a former CWF World Heavyweight Champion….from New York, New York…PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

The crowd roars as “Ironman” by Black Sabbath hits and Pledge Allegiance steps out from behind the curtain. He puts his hands on his hips and looks out at the massive crowd, impressed at the sheer size of it. He walks down the aisle, his face lit up by the glow of the tiki torches, and slaps hands with a few fans on his way down. He climbs into the ring and poses for the crowd as fireworks explode in the night sky above.

BC: What a horrible choice for a guest referee! How the hell can he be impartial with his history with Adams?

TT: Well gee, Bobby…Adams has called in so many damn favors since winning the title, maybe it’s time he’s the one with the deck stacked against him. Let’s see what he’s made of now!

BC: Shut up! This is completely uncool!

TT: By the way, how’s the water out there?

BC: It’s perfect! Now shut up!

The camera zooms in on Bobby Crane, still floating around the pond surrounding the ring with another glass of lemonade in his hand, his sunglasses now pulled up into his hair line, and a scowl on his face.

TT: You’ve had a lot of lemonade tonight…this has been a long event. Don’t you have to go to the bathroom? God, you’re surrounded by water, you must have the bladder the size of a medicine ball to not be racing to the men’s room.

BC: Shut up! Don’t make me go in this pond!

Doc McMartin: And now, introducing the challenger!

Thunder rumbles through the stadium and the crowd roars in anticipation.

Doc McMartin: From Jotunheim, Norway…weighing in at 500 pounds…MAGNUS THUNDER!

A bolt of lightning streaks across the night sky in a dazzling display of pyrotechnics. Then, another bolt of lightning strikes down into the stadium, catching a lightning pole set up at the entrance way. As the sparks fly, Magnus Thunder steps through the curtain and “Just Like You Imagined” by Nine Inch Nails hits. The crowd roars as the giant Norseman powers Stormbringer high above his head and bellows a war cry. He strides down the aisle, the tiki torches glowing, and steps over the top rope into the ring. He stares down Pledge Allegiance.

TT: Let’s not forget, Bobby…for all the animosity between Pledge Allegiance and Brian Adams…Pledge and Magnus Thunder don’t exactly see eye to eye either, and their paths crossed just a few short months ago on an episode of Showdown!

BC: Whatever...where is Magnus Thunder’s corner man? I mean he promised he’d bring one…and surely, the great and noble Magnus Thunder would never lie…ha!

TT: Well that’s a good question…where is his corner man?

BC: There never was one, Teddy! I bet he’s gonna make up some ridiculous story, like Thor is in his corner or something idiotic like that…

TT: Oh give me a break.

Doc McMartin: And his opponent! From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Weighing in at 240 pounds…he is the reigning and defending CWF World Heavyweight Champion…. “THE FLAWLESS ONE” BRIAN ADAMS!

“Represent” by (hed) pe hits, and the crowd immediately erupts into boos. Fireworks explode at the curtain and high above in the night sky to welcome the champion. Brian Adams steps through the curtain, the CWF World Heavyweight Championship belt fastened tightly around his waist. Behind him walks the mysterious man in the black mask, the subject of much speculation over the past month. As the tiki torches light the way down the aisle, spotlights zip through the crowd, creating the atmosphere. Adams’ eyes never leave Magnus. The masked man holds the ropes for him and he steps into the ring. Even as Pledge Allegiance takes the belt from him and frisks him, he never stops staring at Magnus.

TT: You could cut the tension with a knife…this is for all the marbles.

BC: Adams has his game face on, Teddy…I don’t know how it looks from where you’re sitting, but from where I am, it looks like Magnus Thunder is quivering. Is he quivering? Is Magnus Thunder scared?

TT: Will you give it a rest…why don’t you come sit over here with me instead of floating around the damn pond all night?

BC: I’m happy where I am, thank you.

Pledge holds up the title and displays it for the crowd, who roars. He stops to stare at it for a moment. He then hands it to the timekeeper on the outside and calls both men into the center of the ring for instructions.

Pledge: Alright, I want a clean fight. When I say break, you damn well break. Adams…I know your game. You pull anything tonight and I will not hesitate to exercise my authority. Magnus…good luck, brother.

BC: What?! What the hell kind of bias is that?

TT: In fairness…he’s right. Adams plays dirty.

BC: Well he didn’t wish Brian Adams good luck, did he?

TT: You know what? Good, Bobby. Good! Maybe it’s time Brian Adams got a taste of his own damn medicine! There is too much on the line tonight and Pledge Allegiance knows firsthand what it’s like to get screwed by Brian Adams!

BC: Shut up! This isn’t fair!

Brian Adams smirks at Pledge, and then turns his attention back to Magnus. He steps right up to him and holds out his arms, asking him where his corner man is. Magnus grins slightly and nods. Adams looks at him in disbelief, and slaps him in the face!

TT: What a cheap shot!


Pledge quickly gets between them and forces Adams back to his corner. Adams holds his arms up as if to show he isn’t resisting. Magnus stands in place, his head still twisted from the slap, and slowly turns it back towards Adams, a look of fury in his eyes. Pledge backs him into his corner. The man in the black mask pats Adams on the back and takes his place in the champion’s corner. Pledge calls for the bell.


TT: We are underway with the main event! This is it folks, this is the one we’ve all been waiting for and you can bet we’ll be talking about this one for years to come!

BC: But seriously, where is Magnus Thunder’s corner man?

Magnus Thunder strides out to the center of the ring. Adams circles him. Adams jumps in and they tie up with a collar and elbow lock up. Magnus Thunder overpowers him and shoves him down to the mat! Adams bounces right back up, and immediately locks up with him again…Magnus powers him down again! Adams again bounces back up, and they lock up…this time Magnus powers him into the corner. Pledge Allegiance calls for a clean break. Magnus Thunder lifts up his arms to show he’s obliging, but Adams takes the opportunity to slap him in the face once more!

TT: Give me a break!

BC: I love it!

Magnus Thunder charges in at Adams with a thunderous forearm shot to the chest that brings Adams to his knees. Magnus grabs him by the hair and heaves him through the air and crashing to the center of the ring. Adams pulls himself back to his knees and begs him off immediately…Magnus and Pledge exchange glances and grin. Adams backs up into the corner and shakes his head wildly, trying to beg Magnus off. Magnus looks to the crowd, who roars, and then unloads on Adams with furious rights and lefts! Adams looks like a punching back and Magnus won’t let up! Adams is helpless as sledgehammer like fists drive into his body and jaw…Magnus will not stop and Pledge lies across the top turnbuckle in the opposite corner eating pretend popcorn!


TT: Magnus Thunder is giving Brian Adams his just due and Pledge is enjoying every second of it! Hey, wait a minute…

The man in the black mask gets up on the apron and Magnus immediately turns towards him, but Pledge quickly gets between them and he orders the masked man off the apron. He protests, and as Pledge exercises his authority, Adams sneaks up behind Magnus and low blows him! Magnus drops to the mat just as the masked man jumps back down to the floor and Pledge turns around. Pledge sees Magnus is his precarious state and questions Adams. Adams shoves Pledge aside and mounts Magnus Thunder. He drives fists into the side of Magnus’ head, but Pledge pulls him off and pokes him hard in the chest as he yells at him to never touch an official. Adams ducks under the middle rope and Pledge leans over to go face to face with him, screaming at him. The crowd goes wild!

TT: Pledge laying down the law!

BC: This is ridiculous!

Magnus gets back to his feet, though still laboring from the low blow. Pledge lets up on Adams and Adams gets back through the ropes. Magnus angrily beckons him to come and get some…instead, Adams rolls out of the ring and under the bottom rope. The masked man reaches into the pond and scoops up a handful of water, and dumps it on Adams’ back to cool him off. Adams shakes his head and kicks at nothing in frustration. The masked man calms him down and the two talk strategy. After about ten seconds, Adams nods as if they have reached a conclusion. He struts over to the time keeper and grabs his title. The crowd boos wildly as Adams makes a dismissive hand gesture and he and the masked man walk up the aisle with the title.

TT: Adams is walking out of here! What a damn baby, he’s taking his ball and going home because things aren’t going his way…

BC: No, he’s being smart! Come on, this is a completely unfair match, Teddy…Pledge is out to get him, the whole world knows that…and the champ doesn’t need that!

Adams disappears behind the curtain. The camera zooms in on Magnus Thunder, who does not look upset at all. Pledge begins to count Adams out but Magnus stops him. The two exchange words and Pledge smirks at him. Suddenly, Brian Adams reappears at the top of the aisle, walking backwards from behind the curtain. The masked man is nowhere to be found. Then, we find out why…emerging from behind the curtain, stalking Adams is…


TT: Oh my God, that’s…that’s…

BC: Who is it? Who?

TT: That’s T-MONEY!


The camera gets a shot of Bobby Crane, who sits up too fast in his floaty and falls into the water, splashing wildly.


There is an enormous pop as the crowd realizes who it is, and T-Money, clad in a Hawaiian shirt and navy blue dress pants, chases Brian Adams back down the aisle. Adams rolls back into the ring and bumps into Magnus Thunder! The crowd roars…Adams spins around…BIG CLOTHESLINE! And Magnus completely rocks him out of his boots! Magnus nods at T-Money…and T-Money returns the nod and takes his place in Magnus Thunder’s corner! The crowd roars!

BC: What’d I miss?!

TT: You idiot…T-Money is Magnus Thunder’s corner man!

BC: Well what the hell happened to the masked man then?!

A backstage camera gets a shot of the masked man lying unconscious in the gorilla position.


The crowd roars as they see the footage.

TT: There he is, and he’s out like a light!

Back in the ring, Magnus Thunder pulls Adams up and whips him to the ropes…POWERSLAM! And Brian Adams is in big trouble! Magnus off the ropes…big leg drop! And he makes a cover! Pledge with the count!




BC: That was a fast count!

TT: It looked fine to me, but Adams kicks out nonetheless and this matchup continues! No one to date has rattled the cage of Brian Adams quite like Magnus Thunder has done so far tonight!

Magnus pulls him back to his feet and hooks his arm…and lifts him high in the air! BRAINBUSTER!


Adams sits up upon impact, his eyes glazed over, and then drops back down. Magnus quickly with a cover!






TT: Good God! Adams got a shoulder up at the last possible second and this match continues!

Magnus looks at Pledge who shows him two fingers. Magnus pulls Adams up. Adams on spaghetti legs…Magnus runs to the ropes and comes at Adams with a big boot! But Adams ducks out of the way…Magnus turns around…SPEAR!


TT: What a spear! He took the five hundred pounder down with force!

Adams wobbles back to his feet and takes a moment to collect himself. He pounces on Magnus and grabs him by the hair, slamming the back of his head into the mat repeatedly. He pulls Magnus up and whips him to the ropes…Adams runs to the opposite end and sails back at Magnus with a flying forearm! And Magnus goes down! Adams now to the second rope…and a elbow drop right to the massive chest of the challenger! Adams now firmly in control and he makes a cover!




BC: That was a slow count!

TT: Like hell it was, that was a perfectly timed count, just the same as when Magnus covered Adams, give it a rest, Bobby!

BC: Shut up!

Adams immediately complains about a slow count. Pledge yells at him to shut up and wrestle. Adams pulls Magnus up by the hair and whips him to the corner. And he runs in at Magnus…step up enzugiri! And Magnus drops to his knees. Adams climbing to the top rope now…and Magnus slowly getting his bearings and back to his feet…Adams leaps off the top rope…flying bulldog! And Magnus hits the mat face first!

BC: Yes! Yes! Now cover him!

TT: Adams caught him with a huge move and that could be it! He makes the cover!






Magnus Thunder gets his shoulder up at the absolute last split second. For a moment, the crowd thinks it’s over, but Pledge holds up two fingers and the crowd erupts!

TT: The match continues and dear God it doesn’t get any closer than that!

The camera zooms in on T-Money in Magnus Thunder’s corner, who breathes a sigh of relief and shakes his head in disbelief.

TT: T-Money thought it was over, just like the rest of the world did but the match continues and what the hell is going on now?

Suddenly, Jeff Jericho and Keith Daniels appear at the top of the aisle, with the masked man between them, his arms slung over Jericho’s and Daniels’ neck as they help him back to ringside.

BC: Oh what courage! What courage by the masked man to come back out here after that savage attack by T-Money!

TT: Will you give me a break, what are all three of them doing out here?!

Adams argues will Pledge that it was a three count. He raises his arms, thinking he’s won, but Pledge quickly tears his arms down and tells him it was a two count. As Adams furiously argues with Pledge, Magnus Thunder slowly gets back to his feet. Adams turns around…and Magnus catches him with a big boot! The crowd roars! Magnus groggily lets out a war cry which is returned by the crowd and T-Money. He pulls Adams up…and sets him up for a Thunderstorm! But Jericho gets on the apron! Jeff Jericho is on the apron and T-Money races around to take care of business! Magnus lets go of Adams…T-Money pulls Jericho off the apron and the two begin exchanging blows! The crowd goes wild but now Keith Daniels slithers into the ring as Pledge has his back turned! He sneaks up behind Magnus…FINAL VERDICT! He nails Magnus with it in an incredible feat of strength and the crowd boos vehemently! Daniels slithers back out of the ring and Adams wearily drapes his arm across Magnus’ chest…Pledge turns around and makes the count!








The crowd explodes as Magnus kicks out. Adams and Daniels look at each other in disbelief. Adams throws a fit and once again argues with Pledge! Pledge screaming back at him and they go nose to nose like a manager and an umpire. Magnus Thunder slowly coming back around and gets to his hands and knees. Adams shoves Pledge! Pledge shoves back…right into Magnus Thunder! Adams trips over Thunder and Magnus with a roll up!







Magnus to his feet…wait a minute…the masked man on the apron with a steel chair! Magnus doesn’t see him…he swings and connects! He hits Magnus in the back of the head with the chair, right in front of Pledge Allegiance! Pledge goes to call for the bell but stops…and decides to let the match continue!

TT: Pledge is gonna let this thing go! The masked man hit Magnus with the chair but on a disqualification the title wouldn’t change hands! Pledge will not disqualify Brain Adams and Shock Value is furious!

Adams quickly makes a cover! But Pledge refuses to count! Adams screaming at Pledge again and Pledge telling him he won’t count due to the chair shot! The masked man gets in the ring and gets in Pledge’s face…Pledge grabs him…PLEDGE HAMMER!


The crowd explodes and in comes Jericho…PLEDGE HAMMER! Keith Daniels….PLEDGE HAMMER! And Pledge Allegiance is enforcing the law! He looks at Adams and Adams pleads with him to stop…Magnus slowly getting to his feet and Pledge backs off…Magnus now towering over Adams…he lunges in to grab him…Adams slides under his legs…Magnus spins around…STARSTRUCK! HE CATCHES MAGNUS SQUARE IN THE CHIN!


TT: Magnus is down! Magnus is out! Adams nailed Starstruck and that’s gotta be all she wrote! Here’s the cover!






TT: MAGNUS THUNDER….JUST…KICKED…OUT! And he is hulking up!


Magnus kicks out and immediately gets to his feet, blocking out the pain! Adams doesn’t know what to do…he throws a right hand…no effect…another…no effect…Magnus Thunder blocks the third right hand and boots him in the gut…one powerbomb…sit out powerbomb…THUNDERSTORM! The crowd erupts!

TT: This is it! This is what the world wanted to see! Magnus hits the Thunderstorm and we could have a new champion! The cover!






Brian Adams gets a shoulder up just in the nick of time. Magnus can’t believe it…he slams his fist into the mat and looks up to the heaven, the stars twinkling in the night sky. He looks out at the crowd, everything in slow motion to him. He looks up the aisle, the tiki torches still burning bright, smoke rising from them. He looks down at Shock Value, struggling to regain their senses on the floor. He looks at Pledge, who has a sympathetic look in his eye. He looks down at Adams, bobbing his head up and down off the mat as he struggles to regain consciousness. And finally, he drops to his knees and looks into the palms of his hands. Is this his destiny? Is he to lose here tonight and ride off into the sunset having never attained his ultimate goal?

No, he won’t have it.

TT: Magnus Thunder asking the Gods for their help and he has his answer!

Magnus pulls Adams back to his feet…and he sets him up for another Thunderstorm. He has him up with the first powerbomb…and down! And back up for the second…Brian Adams leaps over his head on the way up and lands on his feet! Magnus spins around…STARSTRUCK!

NO! Magnus catches his foot! Adams’ eyes widen…Magnus pulls him in…and hits the sit out powerbomb! THUNDERSTORM! A cover!







Doc McMartin: Here is your winner….and NEW CWF World Heavyweight Champion…. MAGNUS THUNDER!

The crowd absolutely explodes! T-Money jumps into the ring and hugs Magnus, jumping up and down wildly! Magnus has a grin, stretching ear to ear, no doubt the happiest moment of his career. Pledge Allegiance, with a huge smile on his face, hands him the World Heavyweight title. Magnus holds it up high in the air and lets out his trademark war cry, and the crowd would have blown the roof off the stadium if there was one.



Fireworks explode in the sky and the crowd roars, when suddenly…


TT: The masked man!

The masked man sneaks up behind Magnus Thunder with a steel chair. Just as he’s winding up, Magnus turns around. The masked man stops, dead in his tracks, and slowly backs away…but he backs into T-Money, who is standing there with his arms crossed. The masked man gulps. Magnus reaches out and grabs him by the throat. He looks to the crowd and motions to take off the mask. The crowd roars.

TT: Take it off, Magnus! Take that mask off!

BC: Hey! Respect that man’s privacy!

Outside the ring, Keith Daniels and Jeff Jericho frantically plead with Magnus not to do it. Magnus looks at them, looks at the masked man, and choke slams him to the mat. The crowd roars. T-Money holds down the fort. As Daniels and Jericho try to enter the ring, T-Money clears them away. Magnus tears at the mask…it comes off…the crowd looks on in stunned silence.

BC: Oh my God…

TT: I…I can’t believe it. Magnus Thunder can’t believe it! This crowd can’t believe it! It’s...Mark Xamin?

Magnus Thunder’s face goes from jubilance to shock. He is looking down at his friend and mentor. The man who brought him into the business and bred him for greatness.

He looks down at Mark Xamin.

Fade to black.