A video clip begins to play...

Richmond: Great! Now the whole match will be ruined! Mike Stewart releases the hold, and he stomps away at Thunder’s knee....the ref finally breaks Stewart off....Stewart pulls Magnus Thunder up...Magnus Thunder can barely stand up! “Hotshot” is gonna try to body slam him! I hafta see this.....oh he didn’t even come close! Magnus Thunder smashes Mike Stewart in the back with a double axe-handle.....and Stewart goes down...this is a great match!

Mark: I knew it would be! Uh-oh...AJ is making his way to the commentators booth....should we take off?

Slick: Naw...stick around! Haha...

American AJ grabs the headset off Ron Richmond.

AJ: Hey Slickster! Now, Mark and Rick just haven’t been calling this thing down the middle...so I’ll show ‘em how to commentate! Magnus Thunder nails the poorest excuse of a champion ever with a short lariat...

Mark: Wait a minute...you’re on Magnus Thunder’s side?

AJ: I didn’t say that....Magnus Thunder goes to pull the idiot up, what a cheap shot...Stewart counters with a low blow! That’s gotta hurt...

Mark: Idiot? And what was that NEWC thing backstage all about?

AJ: You’ll find out before the nights through...Mike Stewart with an elbow drop to the knee....Magnus Thunder is wailing in pain...Stewart pulls him up....Magnus Thunder grabs him by the throat....CHOKE SLAM!!! I, uh...gotta go...

American AJ gets up from his seat and races down to the ring. “Slick” Rick follows him.

Mark: What are they doing? Magnus Thunder is going for the Thunderstorm!! American AJ grabs Magnus Thunder’s sledgehammer, Justice! “Slick” Rick is distracting the ref....American AJ hits Magnus Thunder in the back with Justice!!!

Richmond: Magnus Thunder just went down....here comes Fearion! AJ blocks him from the ring...Stewart crawls over to Magnus Thunder! 1..........2.......god no......3!!! OH NO!!! MIKE STEWART WINS!!!!!!!! And the entire Omega is coming out! Tornado Warrior and Alien-1 just jumped over the guardrail, and they’re surrounding Mike Stewart! No....they’re just staring at him...and now they take off as if disappointed in him...

HH: Here is your winner...and STILL CWF Champion of the World... “HOTSHOT” MIKE STEWART!!!!!

TT: Triple X is ascending up the stairs....and he’s on that balcony! Good God.....HE JUMPS OFF!!! And he landed on Merrix with a splash off that balcony! 1................2.................KICKOUT!!! Triple X can’t believe it....and he’s taking Merrix up the stairs....and he’s gonna piledrive him on the stairs! Merrix’s head is gonna hit the corner of one of the stairs, and he’ll be out for months! BUT HE REVERSES IT!! Triple X is backdropped down the stairs and he is hurting back! And he’s still worn out from the Classic Showdown!

BC: Come on Triple X! Do it for TSC!!!

TT: Merrix down after him....Triple X somehow fighting back...fighting the pain...these two are brawling in the crowd again...and now their at a fire exit of some sort! Triple X whips him into a steel garage....and now spears him with some sort of a pole....Merrix hurting.....Triple X beans him over the head with a garbage can, and Merrix is bleeding! God, this is a blood donor clinic here tonight! This is Gorefest, not Super Card! Triple X with a cover! 1................2.............thr, KICKOUT!!!!

BC: What.....how the....

Maniac: Triple X throws him out the emergency exit door......and whips him into the CWF truck outside the arena! It has to be -15 out there! Triple X setting him up for another piledriver....again, Merrix reverses it! Triple X smashes on the ground! Merrix pulls him up...and he’s opening the back door of the truck.....and he SLAMS it on Triple X’s fingers! Holy f....

TT: Whoa, whoa.....watch your language! Merrix to the back of that truck....and he flies out with a suicide dive! Onto the damn concrete and onto Triple X! Merrix setting up a table now....and he’s taking Triple X to the top of that truck! And Triple X low blows him! X-LOCK ON TOP OF THE TRUCK!!! Merrix won’t quit....Triple X giving it all he’s got....this could be his last chance! Merrix breaks it!!!! And he’s up......NUCLEAR FALLOUT OFF THE TRUCK AND THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! Merrix has skinned his knee....he could have killed himself with that.....Triple X...there’s no way he’s getting up! A cover....1..........................2................................................3!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doc: Here is your winner......and NEW CWF WORLD CHAMPION.......KEVIN MERRIX!!!!!!!!!!! And, your new CWF NATIONAL CHAMPION......TRIPLE X!!!!!!!!

TT: Wait a minute....Axe has Dallas Storm by the throat.....CHOKESLAM!!! But wait! Storm hit the top of the cage! Axe is so damn big, and he lifted Storm so high, it knocked open the roof of the second level, and now people are climbing to level three! The same level the World Title is on!

BC: And Dallas Storm is out from that chokeslam!

TT: Jericho Cane and Blood both brawling on the third level of this maze! Cane with a PUMPHANDLE SLAM! OH MY GOD!!!!! Blood just feel through the third level.....through the second.....on the first floor AND THROUGH A TRAP FLOOR!!!!



BC: And look!

TT: Jericho Cane has kicked open a wall, and there's the World Title! He's about to grab it and....OH MY GOD!!!

Just as Jericho Cane reaches out to grab the World Title, he is Super Kicked by someone hiding in a dark corner of the maze. Cane is laid out, and emerging from the corner is "IMF" Eric Covenant...and more surprisingly....Triple X!

BC: Thats...

TT: THATS TRIPLE X!!! And he just cost Jericho Cane the World Title! Wait a minute.....Dallas Storm is crawling on his hands and knee's to the title......COME ON!!!! DALLAS STORM WINS!!!!!


Doc: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, and NEW CWF World Heavyweight Champion......"MR AGGRESSIVE" DALLAS STORM!!

TT: Dallas Storm wins it, courtesy of Triple X! And look! XXX and Eric Covenant seem to have zeroed in on Wraith! They are destroying the already exhausted European Icon!

BC: Wait a minute, look up there!

MX: SECURITY!!!!!!!!!

TT: AJ TAYLOR HAS MADE IT TO THE RAFTERS! And Steve Duarte is getting his ass kicked! But security pulls Taylor off of Duarte, and they take Duarte away as well! Taylor may be out of this match, but Brian Adams can grab the belt now!

BC: Oh my God if Adams wins this, I won't NEED your Super Card bonus, Xamin! Ha!

MX: Keep it up and you don't get paid this month. Period.

BC: Shutting up, sir.

TT: Slater and Night are fighting with all they've got! Night whips him to the ropes...and he put his head down too early! Slater with a POWERBOMB!!!!!! And wait a minute.....Blair from behind......BLAIR KICK! Blair nailed Slater with the Blair kick, but the ladder is on the outside, and Blair just passed out from the fatigue! And damnit, every man in the CWF is lying on their back!

BC: This is the most amazing match I've ever seen!

TT: Brian Adams rolling to the outside, and he's sliding that ladder back in the ring! Adams setting it up now......Z-Pac starting to stir on the outside....Adams slowly climbing the ladder......Z-Pac slowly getting to his feet......and he see's Adams! Adams is at the top rung! Z-Pac driving forearms into the lower back of Adams! Z-PAC THROWS HIM OFF!!!! And Z-Pac has a clear path to the title! Z-Pac is reaching! Wait a minute....MIKE VAN PRO PUSHES THE LADDER OVER!!! BUT Z-PAC IS HANGING ON BY THE TITLE!!!!!

BC: OH MY GOD!!!!!

MX: HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!

TT: Z-PAC IS HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE!!!! Z-Pac dangling in mid-air! AND HE'S GOT THE TITLE!!!!!!!!


Doc: Ladies and gentlemen....the winner of this match, and NEW CWF World Heavyweight Champion.......Z-PAC!!!

The crowd is on their feet as Z-Pac drops to the canvas in a HUGE drop. The title lands on top of him. Brian Adams sits up and looks on in disbelief.



MX: That was an amazing match!

TT: But Brian Adams was screwed! Steve Duarte has screwed Brian Adams again! What does Adams have to do?!



The crowd hushes as a man wearing a mask hops over the guard rail and starts doing a number on the new CWF Heavyweight Champion, Z-Pac!

TT: What the hell! Thats....thats Z-KRUSHER!!!! And he is going to work on Z-Pac! Z- Krusher pulls him up....AND HE NAILS HIM WITH THE ZDT ONTO THE TITLE! Z- Krusher just nailed Z-Pac with his own move, onto his newly won World Heavyweight Title! And look at Brian Adams! Adams is smiling!

TT: Magnus Thunder or Brian Adams! One of these two men will be your new CWF World Heavyweight champion and this is history in the making! One of these two men will hoist the World title over their head for the very first time in their career!

Adams and Magnus both to their feet and they meet dead in the center of the ring and immediately begin exchanging blows! Both men throwing fists of fury and Adams is busted wide open! Adams’ forehead pouring out blood and it has him blinded! Magnus ROCKS him with a clothesline and Adams folds up like an accordion! Magnus drops to one knee, shaking out the cobwebs from the exchange...he pulls Adams up and sits him on the top rope...Magnus meets him on the top and...no way, no way! Magnus has him set for a powerbomb off the top! The title is his if he can nail this! He has Adams up...


TT: It’s over! It’s over! Magnus is our new champion!

The crowd collectively jumps from their seats as Adams’ head hits the back of the turnbuckle. But Magnus Thunder has twisted his ankle on the way down and he’s in too much pain to make the cover. Magnus rolling around and clutching his ankle...and finally he shuts out the pain and inches his way over to Adams...closer, closing...and closer still....and he drapes his arm over Adams’ chest...a cover!



3!! New Champion!

NO!!! Adams’ shoulder just barely gets up!

BC: Oh my God...I must have an irregular heart beat by now...

TT: How the hell did Adams get out of that?! Magnus looking to the heavens, he can’t believe it! If that won’t put Adams down what will?!

Magnus doesn’t know what to do...any other man would surely have been finished after that move! Magnus pulls him up and goes for the only move that could possibly finish him off...the Thunderstorm! Surely the Thunderstorm will finish him! Magnus takes him to the center of the ring...and he has him up for the first powerbomb!

No! Adams breaks free...Magnus reaching to grab him back....THE LAST CHAPTER! LAST CHAPTER! Adams caught him on the chin, and Magnus drop down to one knee!

BC: You mean that didn’t knock him right down!?

TT: Adams can’t believe it! Magnus should be unconscious but he’s only dropped to one knee!

Adams, looking desperate, steps in and NAILS him again with ANOTHER LAST CHAPTER! HE CAUGHT HIM SQUARE IN THE CHIN AGAIN AND MAGNUS IS OUT! Adams flops over top of Magnus and drapes himself on top of him for a cover!

TT: Is this it?!

The crowd collectively holds their breath...




The crowd explodes!

Eliminated: Magnus Thunder



DOC MCMARTIN: Here is your winner....and NEW CWF World Heavyweight Champion.... “THE FLAWLESS ONE” BRIAN ADAMS!

The crowd explodes as “Represent” by (hed) p.e. hits, though it’s barely audible as the building has gone completely crazy. The referee drapes the title across Brian Adams’ chest, Adams still slumped against Magnus Thunder, his face a crimson mask. The referee raises Adams’ hand in victory...Adams rolls over onto his knees and leans over, kissing the title.

TT: WHAT A MOMENT! Brian Adams is the new champion and it took every ounce of everything the man had to take down Magnus Thunder, and Thunder was within a quarter of an inch from being the champion!

BC: What a night!

TT: My God what a night indeed! What a Super Card!

Magnus Thunder slowly regains consciousness and sees Adams celebrating with the title. Realizing what’s happened, Magnus sits up and hangs his head, disappointed. He stands up and walks over to Adams...grabs him by the shoulder and spins him around. Adams looking at him through a crimson mask! Magnus looks to the crowd, as if contemplating slugging him....Adams flinching, preparing to be hit....but instead, Magnus just nods at him, and respectfully leaves the ring, letting Adams have his moment.

The video comes to a close as a voiceover starts.

History has shown...the greatest night of the year is here once again! The stars have aligned...and it all comes down to this...one night...

SuperCard...the original showdown... Magnus Thunder would enter in to the biggest event just a few short months after his debut... A man who won the first ever Last Man Standing would get his golden opportunity...

SuperCard II...the vision of perfection... Kevin Merrix and Triple X... a showdown of two of the greatest superstars...but only one would walk out as champion...

SuperCard III...the resurrection... Craze In The Maze... A violent, vicious match that could only see one true winner...

SuperCard IV...the rebirth...a special ladder match featuring every superstar...but only a freak would survive...

SuperCard V...the continuation of a legacy...satan's structure would never be the same...and only one man could overcome the odds...

Tonight... Tonight is the rise to a new era...the rise to a new legacy...tonight...the stars will not hold us down...the sky is the limit...

The world will watch as a legend enters the ring for the last time. A match to end a ten year war... Tonight, two men will enter the arena...but who will survive past their Last Rites... It is the end of a legacy for one... For the other, a chance to shine...

Dark hearts have overcome six... Tonight, two teams will do battle one last time... For one, it's a chance to reclaim their gold... For the other, a chance for vengeance... Who will walk off of the grandest stage with the gold...

Brutality will reign tonight... Eight men for the first time will step in to a brutal structure unlike any other... All for the opportunity of a lifetime... All for a chance to shine...

Last...man...standing... Two men will step in the ring with one thing on their mind... Pure destruction... The gold is the reward... Can the two men survive this brutal battle they have been entrapt in... Or will they find themselves...broken...

Only a cage can contain them... After two brutal encounters...two men will step in to the structure that could bring their downfall. A hatred has brewed within their hearts...and for the final time...they will meet... Will the fire continue to burn within their hearts...or will this brutal structure extinguish the flame...

A career rests in the balance... A man on the edge has the opportunity of the lifetime...a chance to destroy the very thing that created him... Will the legend take down the founder...or will the founder do the unthinkable and end a career on the stage which he built...

A challenger makes his way back on to the big stage...a chance to once again reign supreme... A champion with one thing on his mind...continue the nightmare... Two warriors clash in an epic encounter... Will the nightmare continue to reign...or will the challenger prove once again that he is truely...flawless...

This...is the biggest night of the year...

This...is where superstars are made...

This...is the grandest stage of them all...

This is...

Fireworks blast off from the top of the stadium as jets fly over. "Kingdom" by U2 erupts in the arena. The crowd is filling the stadium with overwhelming cheers as we come down to the entrance stage, a new setup for the biggest show of them all. The front stage is lined with HD screens. The videotron sits where the entrance normally is. Above it rests a gigantic SuperCard VI logo, lit up to illuminate the stadium. Fireworks and pyro blast off all along the stage and the aisle. Nearly ninety thousand fans are on their feet, eyes locked on the entrance as they watch the pyro show. The fireworks and pyro finally die down. We turn to the commentator's table where Bobby Crane and Teddy Turnbuckle sit, both with smiles on their faces.

TT: Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome...welcome...welcome! Welcome to the biggest show of the year! Welcome to...SUPERCARD VI!!! We are here in the Rose Bowl...Pasadena, California for what could possibly be the biggest event in SuperCard history!

BC: This is going to be such an amazing show! We have some of the top matches...and of course the Hall Of Fame ceremony!

TT: That's right, Bobby! Tonight we honor two of CWF's biggest names! Jimmy Blast and Magnus Thunder will enter the Hall Of Fame class of 2010! We also know that tonight will be Magnus Thunder's last match...and what a way to go out! Magnus Thunder and Blood for the first and last time...in a Last Rites match!

BC: Ten years in the making, Teddy! I can't wait to see what exactly these two put each other through!


Ring Announcer: The following is the Last Rites Match! The first participant to earn three falls in this match will be declared the winner! Their first fall must be won by pin or submission...their second fall must be won by knockout...and the final must be won by placing the opponent in to the casket and shutting the lid! Introducing first...

The lights in the darken.






Flames erupt in front of the videotron as "I Get It" by Chevelle blasts throughout the arena. The flames die down and the videotron opens to reveal Blood resting on one knee with his head lowered. He holds his staff in his left hand to his side. He is wearing a bone mask and a black cape with gold trim held on by a cross harness. He slowly rises back to his feet and steps out to the stage. He glances around at the booing crowd before gripping the staff in front of him with both hands and making his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first...from Tokyo, Japan! Weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds...BLOOD!!!

Blood makes his way over to the steps. He climbs in to the ring and makes his way to the center, once again dropping down to a knee. He holds his staff to the left of him as he bows his head. Fire arises in spurts around the ring. The fire slowly dies down as Blood rises back to his feet. He hands his staff to an official outside of the ring as the lights return to normal and his music fades out.

TT: What a way to open SuperCard VI! Blood...Magnus Thunder...Last Rites...and Magnus Thunder's final CWF match!

BC: As much as I hate Yoshiru Long...I love watching THIS man wrestle!

Officials start to wheel caskets down to ringside. A casket is placed on each side of the ring as well as a casket on each side of the stage.

TT: The caskets are in place...and it's time for CWF's newest inductee in to the Hall of Fame to make his entrance...for the last time!

The lights go out once again as images of Magnus Thunder's greatest moments start to play on the videotron. Thunder roars throughout the arena as a series of lightning bolts strike down upon the stage. An enormous bolt strikes down solely upon the center of the stage as "Crimson Thunder" by Hammerfall hits the arena. A layer of smoke begins to rise from the stage. Magnus Thunder suddenly emerges, appearing to rise up from within the smoke in the center of the stage. Lightning bolts once again strike down upon the stage as Magnus looks around at the roaring crowd.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Jotunheim, Norway! Weighing in at five hundred pounds! He is a former World Tag Team Champion, a former two time World Heavyweight Champion, the 1998 Last Man Standing Battle Royle Co-Winner, the 2009 Lord Of The Ring Winner, a twelve year veteran to the CWF, and the LATEST inductee in to the CWF's illustrious Hall of Fame...MAGNUS THUNDER!!!

The crowd is viciously cheering for Magnus Thunder as he strides down to the ring, never letting his eyes leave Blood. Magnus steps up to the apron and climbs over the top rope. He makes his way over to Blood and stands face to face with him as the lights return to normal and his music fades out.

TT: There he is, Bobby! One of the greatest to ever grace a CWF ring!

BC: And after ten years, Teddy...we're finally going to see this war come to an end!

The referee checks to make sure both men are ready and calls for the opening bell.


TT: And the staredown continues!

BC: This match means so much to both men, Teddy! They've been waiting for this moment for years...and it all comes down to tonight...to SuperCard VI!

TT: Here's the lockup, and Magnus takes the quick advantage as he forces Blood back in to the ropes. Magnus releases Blood...and he delivers a brutal knee to the gut! Magnus with the irish whip. Blood on the rebound, and Magnus takes him to the mat with a back body drop!

BC: Magnus definitely has the advantage when it comes to the power game!

TT: Blood is back to his feet and Magnus quickly rushes at him...but Blood catches him with a drop toe hold! And he quickly floats over and applies a facelock!

Blood grips tightly as the ref checks on Magnus. Magnus uses his power to slowly rise to his feet. He lifts Blood in to the air and rushes him back frist in to the corner! Blood releases the facelock as Magnus buries a shoulder in to the gut...and a second...and a third! Magnus whips Blood to the opposite corner. He quickly rushes in...but Blood gets the boots up! Blood quickly lifts himself to the middle rope. He dives off...spinning european uppercut!

TT: Nice shot by Blood! But Magnus is still standing!

BC: He might be standing, but it definitely rocked him!

TT: Blood hits the far ropes...chopblock from behind on the return, and Magnus is dropped to a knee! And Blood continues the attack as he drills Magnus with a knee to the skull!

BC: And that one worked! Magnus is face down on the mat!

TT: Not for long though! Magnus is starting to get back up. He's on all fours...and Blood rushes in with another hard knee to the skull!

BC: And look at this, Teddy! Blood wasting no time as he grabs Magnus by the legs...possibly going for the Blood Lock here!

TT: It's a very painful submission move that we've seen him use hundreds of times in the past! And it's locked in! This could spell trouble for Magnus!

BC: Don't count the former World Champion out yet! One advantage he has with this move is his size. Blood isn't able to elevate Magnus like his other opponents which means that there is no pressure added on to the neck!

TT: Magnus is struggling here, obviously in pain!

Magnus uses his strength to lunge his legs forward, sending Blood in to the ropes! Blood grabs hold of the ropes to stop his momentum as Magnus slowly gets back to his feet. Blood rushes in...SCRAPBUSTER SLAM BY MAGNUS!!! And he makes the cover!




TT: Blood with the kickout!

BC: This is the sign of a great wrestler, Teddy! Blood kicks out of the pin, and Magnus instantly brings him to a seated position and applies a rear chin lock!

TT: Rear chin lock?! With how massive his arms are, this is more like a full blown sleeper hold!

BC: Either way, he wastes no time to continue the attack!

TT: Magnus has gained control here...and he brings Blood back to his feet. He lifts Blood high in to the air with that sleeper hold...and he tosses Blood overhead!

BC: JESUS! Blood crashes hard chest first on the mat! And again Magnus follows up quickly!

TT: Magnus brings Blood up to his shoulder and makes his way over to the corner...snake eyes! Blood stumbles back as Magnus hits the far ropes. Blood turns as Magnus is on the rebound...SPEAR!!! NO!!! Blood saw it coming and leaped over Magnus! Blood with a springboard as Magnus gets back to his feet. Blood spins in mid-air...summersault senton...and he takes Magnus to the mat!

BC: We see Blood week in and week out use a technical style...it makes you forget just how versed he really is in high flying and martial arts styles!

TT: Well, he definitely displayed his skills there! Blood with another springboard...moonsault! Perfectly executed! And it looks like he may be thinking of heading to the top, Bobby!

BC: He's eyeing the corner...but he better hurry up here!

TT: Blood is climbing the corner, possibly looking for another moonsault here!

BC: He may be too late, Teddy! Magnus is getting back up!

TT: Blood dives off...moonsault...and Magnus catches him! Magnus makes his way to the corner...and again with the snake eyes! Magnus hits the far ropes. Magnus on the rebound as Blood turns around...and there's the spear! He hit it this time! And Magnus makes the cover!




TT: Blood rolls the shoulder just in time!

BC: How in the hell did he kick out of that?! That's five hundred pounds drilling him with full impact!

TT: I'm not sure, Bobby...but he deserves credit for surviving that trainwreck! Magnus quick to continue the attack as he brings Blood back to his feet. Magnus with the irish whip...and he follows with a lariat knocking Blood over the top rope and to the outside!

Magnus quickly climbs out of the ring. He picks Blood back up and rams him hard in to the barricade! With one solid movement, Magnus rotates and rams Blood back first in to the ring post!

TT: Magnus is just being brutal on the outside!

BC: Can you blame him?! There's no disqualifications...no countouts...he can do whatever he wants here!

TT: Magnus lowers Blood back to the floor outside. He lifts him back up...this time up to his shoulder. Magnus rushes...NO! Blood falls behind and forces Magnus skull first in to the post!

BC: Blood with a very timely counter there! He was just about to be Magnus' personal lawn dart!

TT: Interesting analogy. And what is Blood thinking here?! He's climb on top of the barricade and looks to be waiting for Magnus to get back to his feet.

Magnus slowly gets back to his feet as Blood runs the barricade. Blood dives off with a crossbody...and Magnus quickly takes him to the floor with a snap powerslam! Magnus picks Blood back up and slams him face first in to the casket at the end of the aisle...and again! Magnus with a boot to the gut...and he has Blood position for the powerbomb! He lifts Blood in to the air...

TT: Bad position for Blood here! It looks like Magnus is going to powerbomb him on to the casket!

BC: Not so fast, Teddy! Blood is holding the middle rope!

TT: Magnus is pulling with all of his might...but Blood won't release the rope! Blood takes a hand off the rope...hard right! And a second right! Magnus drops to a knee and Blood lands on the apron. Magnus returns to his feet and Blood drills him with a back kick to the chest! Magnus stumbles back to the casket.

BC: How will Blood follow up?

TT: Blood with a springboard...moonsault...NO!!! Magnus caught him! Magnus turns toward the casket...snake eyes! Blood drops to the floor and Magnus quickly pulls Blood back to his feet. He rolls Blood in to the ring and quickly follows...and he has the cover!




TT: Blood again kicks out! And Magnus quickly brings him back to his feet. Magnus grips the throat and lifts Blood in to the air...and Blood with a boot to the gut! Magnus drops Blood back to the mat!

BC: Blood needs to find a way to mount an offense here!

TT: Blood with a dropkick, and Magnus stumbles back to the corner! Blood follows in...lariat! Blood quickly back off. He rushes back in...big splash! Blood hits the far ropes as Magnus stumbles out...BIG BOOT TO THE CHEST!!! And it's enough to drop Magnus to the mat!

BC: He needs to keep on the attack here! What the hell is he doing?!

TT: Blood steps out to the apron...and it looks like he's waiting for Magnus to stand! Blood with a springboard as Magnus gets back to his feet...THE SUFFERING!!! NO!!! Magnus with a spinebuster to counter! He grabs Blood by the leg and drags him to the center of the ring...THE BRUTAL REST!!!

BC: Oh my! This could be the end!

TT: Blood is in serious trouble here! This is one of the most devastating submissions we have ever seen...and the five hundred pound mammoth is applying the pressure!

BC: Blood can't survive this, Teddy!

TT: Blood is struggling...clawing...trying to pull himself to the ropes!

BC: It won't matter, Teddy! No rope breaks!

TT: His face is bright red! He's fading here, Bobby...and...and he taps! He's tapping out!

BC: You can't blame him! That's a brutal submission!

Ring Announcer: Magnus Thunder has earned his first fall by submission! Magnus Thunder now leads one fall to zero!

TT: Magnus releases the submission! Now, according to the rules of this match, Blood will be given a thirty second rest here!

BC: What an opening match so far! And it's not over yet! Magnus leads one fall to zero, but he'll have to knock out Blood to earn his second fall!

TT: That's right, Bobby. Magnus has gotten his submission victory...but Blood still needs to get his first fall!

BC: Blood is a very resourceful competitor! I wouldn't count him out quite yet!

TT: To think, Bobby. We still have a full night of matches left!

BC: Three words, Teddy... Cage...Of...Carnage!

TT: Here we go! The ref waves Magnus on, letting him know that he can continue! And Magnus is waiting, stalking as Blood slowly gets to his feet. Magnus from behind with a full nelson! He lifts Blood in to the air...and he drives Blood back to the mat!

Magnus brings Blood back to his feet. He whips Blood in to the ropes and catches him with a scrapbuster slam on the rebound! He lifts Blood to his feet again and delivers a hard boot to the gut. Magnus positions Blood for a powerbomb as he looks toward the entrance stage. He lifts Blood up in to a crucifix position. Magnus rushes at the ropes...and he tosses Blood over the top like a lawn dart!!! Blood lands back first on top of the casket and slides off to the aisle!

TT: JESUS! The ref quickly climbs out of the ring to check on Blood...and it looks like he'll be starting his count!





TT: Blood has yet to stir after that vicious powerbomb move from Magnus!

BC: I don't think he'll be getting up, Teddy!





TT: He's finally starting to move...but he needs to get up to his feet before the ten count!


TT: He's up!!! Just before the ten count! That was so close!

BC: How in the hell is he standing?!

TT: I'm not sure! Magnus quickly makes his way out of the ring after Blood. And he drills Blood with a big boot, sending him back to the floor! Magnus picks Blood back up, and he quickly tosses him over the barricade and in to the crowd!

Magnus hesitates for a second as he looks up at the giant SuperCard VI logo at the front of the entrance. He steps over the barricade...THWACK! Blood drills him in the right knee with the chair! Magnus drops to a knee, and Blood wraps the chair around his head with a vicious shot...and another! Magnus falls to the floor, but Blood quickly continues his attack as he drops the chair and grabs Magnus with a front face lock. He forces Magnus to his feet, leaning him against the barricade. Blood picks the steel chair back up...THWACK!!! Another vicious chairshot to the skull, and Magnus is sent back over the barricade, crashing on to the steel-grated aisle!

TT: Blood has just brought this match to a new level as he makes his way back over the barricade! He tosses the chair high in to the air, and it lands in the ring! Blood picks Magnus back up and rams him back first in to the casket, forcing the casket closer to the apron! Blood drags Magnus over to the ringside, and he rolls him back in to the ring, holding his head to keep it outside of the ring!

BC: What's he thinking here?!

TT: Blood with a running start...hard knee to Magnus' skull! Magnus rolls over to his gut in pain as Blood shows us a sadistic smile! Blood making his way over to the steps...and it looks like they might be his new weapon of choice!

BC: Finally! I was wondering when weaponry would come in to play!

TT: Blood pulls the steps apart and slides the bottom half in to the ring. Blood rolls back in as Magnus is getting to his feet. Blood with a quick boot to the gut...and he twists the arm! Blood has his boot up against Magnus' neck...but Magnus quickly forces the boot off his neck and clotheslines Blood to the mat!

BC: I believe that Blood was going for the Blood Loss there! Great counter by Magnus!

TT: Magnus with a double choke grip on Blood! He lifts Blood high in to the air...CHOKEBOMB!!!

BC: And it looks like Magnus is going to let the ref count Blood out here!





TT: Blood is starting to stir here as he makes it to all fours...and Magnust follows with a brutal punt kick!

BC: Did you see that, Teddy?! I swear that I just saw blood spray out of Blood's mouth!

TT: That was a nasty kick, Bobby! You may be right!






TT: Up to a five count here! Blood has rolled to his gut and is trying to crawl to the ropes!



TT: Blood is at the ropes, and he is trying to pull himself up...but it's hard to say if he has anything left in him!




BC: He's almost...HE'S UP!!! He's up, Teddy!

TT: That was way too close! Magnus rushes in at Blood...Blood lifts him, spins around...SPINEBUSTER!!!

BC: I've NEVER seen Blood lift Magnus off the ground!

TT: Blood and Magnus are both down!

BC: We've only had one fall obtained so far! Magnus was able to get the submission earlier with The Brutal Rest, placing him ahead one fall to zero! If he can knock Blood out...it'll be one more fall for him to gain the victory!

TT: Blood is finally starting to get up! He's slow to get to his feet...but he's finally there. And it looks like he's wanting to use the chair!

BC: It's been his main offensive move during this match!

TT: Blood has the chair as Magnus is starting to get up...and he delivers the chair to Magnus' skull! Magnus falls to a knee, and Blood drills him with another shot to the head...and it looks like Magnus has been busted open!

BC: Magnus is bleeding from the top of the head...Blood's mouth is still dripping Blood from that punt kick earlier! What else is going to happen in this match?!

TT: Blood tosses the chair to the side, and it looks like he's positioning the steps near the corner! Blood grabs Magnus by the skull...and he rams him face first in to the steps...and again! Blood pulls Magnus back to his feet and leans him in the corner. Blood climbs up...and he delivers a hard right!

Blood releases right after right to the top of Magnus' skull! He hops down from the corner and picks up the steel steps. Blood takes a running start...and he buries the steps in to Magnus' gut! And again! He sets the steps back down as Magnus is hunched in the corner. Blood makes his way to the center of the ring. He takes a running start...runs up the steps...flying lariat in the corner! He climbs up the corner again to lay in more vicious rights!

TT: Blood has taken...WAIT! Magnus has Blood gripped, set up for a powerbomb!

BC: If he hits this...Blood WILL be out for the ten count!

TT: Blood is holding the top rope, trying everything in his power to keep Magnus from dropping him in the steel steps! Magnus again is using his strength to pull Blood down, but Blood won't release the top rope! Blood with the escape as he leaps over Magnus and on to the middle rope! Magnus stumbles forward and turns around as Blood leaps off the rope...he spins in mid-air...THE SUFFERING!!!

BC: Holy...

TT: Blood spun Magnus around in mid-air, drilling Magnus' face in to the steps for The Suffering!

BC: This crowd is going nuts...but Blood landed back first on top of the steps as well!

TT: Blood rolls, and falls off the steps...right on to Magnus! It's a cover!




TT: He got him! He did it!

BC: That was insane!

Ring Announcer: Blood has obtained his first fall! We are now tied at one fall a piece!

TT: And here's the thirty second waiting period! How crazy was that move?!

BC: Blood was very resourceful there, Teddy! It looked like he was going to feel the devastation of a powerbomb on to the steel steps...but he somehow was able to counter it in to The Suffering! Simply amazing!

TT: And with that pinfall...both men are now looking to knock the other out for a ten count!

BC: Win or lose...this is one hell of a way for Magnus Thunder to go out tonight! A match that could arguably be his biggest at SuperCard VI!

TT: And it looks like the waiting period is over...but both men are still down!

BC: This crowd is completely in to this match now! In fact, I don't think I've heard them boo Blood since his intro! That's how great this match has been!

TT: Blood is finally starting to get back up as he uses the ropes. He quickly leans down and pulls Magnus up with a front face lock. Blood with a suplex attempt here...but his back isn't strong enough! Magnus reverses as he lifts Blood high in to the air...front suplex on to the steps! And again both men are down!







TT: Magnus is starting to get back up here...and he's too his feet! He stumbles back, leaning against the ropes.

BC: Yeah, but Blood is still down!



TT: Blood is struggling to get back up...and he does!

BC: He may be back to his feet...but his ribs have to be killing him!

TT: Magnus rushes at Blood...lariat! He quickly picks Blood back up. He brings Blood to the corner and sits him on the top rope. Magnus follows him up...CLOUDBURST!!!

BC: What an overhead belly to belly!

TT: And it doesn't look like Magnus is done! He makes his way over to Blood and picks him back up. Magnus lifts Blood on to his shoulder...running start...powerslam!

BC: Magnus has once again taken full control of this match!





TT: And it looks like Blood will beat the count here as he is already starting to get back to his feet! Magnus rushes at Blood as he's getting back to his feet...SPEAR...NO!!! Blood is able to avoid the spear as he leaps over Magnus! Blood with a springboard, spins around in mid-air as Magnus returns to his feet...FRONT ROUNDHOUSE!!!

BC: Did you hear that?!

The crowd is estatic as Magnus crashes to the mat.

TT: And here comes the count from the ref!





TT: Blood is leaning against the ropes, keeping his eye on Magnus as the referee makes the count!




Blood grabs the steel chair as Magnus gets to his feet. Blood rushes at him...THWACK!!! Magnus is taken back to the mat with a vicious chair shot! Blood places the edge of the chair against Magnus' throat...pressing down harder to choke him out! Magnus struggles as he grabs the chair, trying to force it away from his throat! He tears the chair out of Blood's hands and pushes him away with his boot. Blood rushes back at Magnus...THWACK!!! Magnus with a hard shot to Blood's skull...and Blood crumbles to the mat!

TT: Now that's one hell of a counter!

BC: Magnus is returning to his feet...and look at this, Teddy! He's going crazy as he forces the chair down upon Blood repetatively!

TT: Magnus tosses the chair to the mat as he picks Blood up. Magnus with the irish whip...flapjack on the rebound, and Blood is down! Magnus picks Blood back up with a front face lock. He lifts Blood vertical, walking over toward the top rope as the blood rushes to Blood's head!

BC: Blood needs to find a way to counter this, Teddy!

TT: Blood is struggling...and he falls behind! Blood with a dropkick, and Magnus is sent through the ropes...but he's able to stay on the apron!

Blood starts to get back up as Magnus uses the ropes to bring himself back to his feet. Blood rushes in and delivers a hard shoulder to Magnus' gut...but Magnus keeps hold of the rope!

TT: This could be serious trouble here, Bobby! Magnus is teetering on the apron with that casket resting right behind him!

Blood glances past Magnus and up the aisle at the SuperCard sign. He delivers another hard shoulder to Magnus' gut...and Magnus releases the rope with one hand, barely keeping himself from falling off the apron!

TT: Magnus recovers...hard right to Blood! Blood stumbles back as Magnus starts to enter the ring...NO!!! Blood with a vicious knee lift, forcing Magnus to stay on the apron!

BC: He damn near let go of that rope!

Blood drills Magnus with a right...and a second!

TT: What is Blood thinking here? Blood hits the far ropes as Magnus is still trying to recover. Blood on the return...he uses Magnus' shoulders as a springboard...


TT: Blood just drove Magnus right through that casket with a blockbuster!!! Magnus is motionless as Blood is barely stirring!






TT: Blood has made his way to the barricade, and he pulls himself back up...but Magnus is still down!





TT: Blood is going to get his second fall here, as Magnus still lays motionless!


BC: Incredible!

Ring Announcer: Blood has gained his second fall by knockout! Blood now leads two falls to one!

TT: With that move, we're down to five caskets in this match! And here's the thirty second waiting period!

BC: That had to be the craziest move I have ever seen! How in the hell Magnus will recover from that move is beyond me!

TT: Magnus is still laying motionless, Bobby! I think he was seriously hurt by that move!

BC: His back may be broken, Teddy! That was just...it was unbelievable!

TT: And the thirty seconds has expired! The ref waves Blood to continue the match...and he quickly grabs Magnus with a front facelock! He's trying to pull Magnus to his feet...but he's lifting dead weight! He is finally able to get Magnus up, and he's slowly dragging him around the ring to another casket on the side!

BC: He may end this one right here!

TT: Blood lifts the lid of the casket. He's struggling...and he finally is able to get Magnus in to the casket! He closes the lid and this...NO!!! Magnus is able to keep his arm out of the casket...and he has a choke grip on Blood! Magnus sits up in the casket as Blood gasps for breath! Magnus stands, lifting Blood high in to the air...CHOKESLAM IN THE CASKET!!!

BC: HA! Never count the former champion out!

TT: Magnus drops to a knee in the casket, catching his breath. He climbs out of the casket and grabs Blood. Magnus pulls Blood out of the casket and brings him back toward the broken casket!

BC: Smart move here by the mammoth! Stay as far away from the caskets as possible!

Magnus lifts Blood...spinebuster on the ramp! He quickly brings Blood back to his feet and slams him face first in to the left side of the barricade! He drags Blood across the aisle...and he slam him face first in to the right side of the barricade! Magnus lifts Blood and drops him hard across the knee for a backbreaker! And another!

BC: Magnus is trying his best to weaken Blood here! Let's not forget though...Magnus still needs to get a knockout fall over Blood to tie this thing! Right now, Blood is down to having to get Magnus in to a casket for the win!

TT: Magnus brings Blood back to his feet...and he quickly suplexes him down on to the aisle! And with every move, they're edging closer to the entrance stage, Bobby!

BC: Which in my opinion plays right in to Blood's offense! We have two caskets set up on the sides of the stage, where in the aisle here there aren't any caskets!

TT: Magnus has Blood back on his feet and in position...possibly looking for a powerbomb here! He lifts Blood overhead in a crucifix position...and Magnus drives Blood hard down upon the steel-grated aisle!

BC: Smart move! He has been working on that back throughout this match! We saw him use this same move earlier, driving Blood on top of a casket...but maybe it'll be enough this time!






TT: Blood is definitely hurt here, Bobby!

BC: Damn right! He's had his back driven hard in to the unforgiving steel-grating that makes up the aisle!




TT: And Blood is starting to get back up...he's to a knee...and he's standing!

BC: But for how long?! He looks pretty wobbly there!

Magnus rushes at Blood and drills him with a big boot, instantly bring Blood back down to the steel-grating! He picks Blood back up quickly and forces him to the stage. Magnus lifts Blood on to his shoulders and applies a torture rack!

TT: Torture rack submission here! Now, Blood cannot tap out to this move since it can only be won by knockout...but it definitely can incompasitate him!

BC: Look at the pressure he's applying here!

TT: And Blood is tapping out...but it doesn't matter! The referee is keeping a close eye on both men here...and Blood is starting to go limp! Magnus finally drops Blood down to the stage! Magnus quickly grabs Blood and positions him once again for the powerbomb! He lifts Blood up...powerbomb! A second powerbomb...THUNDERSTORM!!!


TT: And Magnus appears to be satisfied that Blood won't make it back up as the referee starts the count!






TT: Blood isn't moving! This could be a knockout!




TT: And look at this! Blood is moving! He's crawling toward Magnus!


TT: Nine count...and Blood grabs hold of Magnus, barely pulling himself back to his feet before the ten count!

BC: UNBELIEVABLE! How in the hell is Blood holding on?!

TT: Magnus grabs Blood in a urinagi position...but Blood hits the back elbow...and a second! Magnus stumbles back as Blood drops to a knee! Magnus rushes at Blood...THE SUFFERING!!! He hit it out of nowhere!

BC: Both men are down...which means that Blood can still be counted out here!





TT: Blood is starting to get back up...and he's to his feet! He grabs Magnus with a front face lock and lifts Magnus to his feet. Blood is makes his way over to the casket with Magnus...and he pulls open the lid!

BC: This could be it!

TT: Blood is trying to force Magnus in to the casket...but Magnus is fighting back! Hard right to the gut! Blood stumbles away as Magnus tries to catch his breath!

BC: Magnus still needs to get that knockout on Blood!

TT: Magnus approaches Blood...but he's met with a quick boot to the gut! Blood with an arm drag...and he places his boot against the neck...BLOOD LOSS!!! Magnus is down again...and Blood has a golden opportunity to win this match again!

BC: All he has to do is get Blood in to the casket!

Blood looks down at Magnus. He glances over to the open casket and makes his way over to it. He suddenly stops and looks up toward the SuperCard sign.

BC: Why is he hesitating?!

Blood makes his way over to the scaffolding along side the stage. He begins to climb, hesitating after a few steps as he looks down at Magnus. He continues his climb, making his way up to the platform in front of the SuperCard sign. He looks behind him at the SuperCard sign once again.

TT: This can't be good, Bobby! He's about twenty feet in the air here!

BC: Why in the hell is he taking such a risk?!

TT: Magnus is starting to get up...MY GOD!!! Blood dives off the platform...possibly looking to connect with The Suffering...NO!!!

As Blood dives toward Magnus...Magnus rushes at him and drills him with a spear, sending both men through the HD screens setting that extends down both sides of the stage! Loud pops are heards as the screens are shattered! Magnus and Blood both lay motionless inside the gaping hole!

BC: HOLY SH*T!!! Magnus just drove Blood right through out HD screens on the stage!!!

TT: That was brutal, Bobby! And neither man is moving for obvious reasons!






TT: I don't think either man will be getting up before the ten count!




BC: Eight count...and both men are still motionless, Teddy!



TT: And with that, Magnus has scored his second fall!

Ring Announcer: Magnus Thunder has gained his second fall by knockout! Both men are tied at two falls a piece!

TT: Here's the thirty second waiting period...and we're down to whoever can place their opponent in the casket!

BC: What an opening match, Teddy! It's been brutal and nasty! Both men have gone all out in this contest!

TT: Let's not forget...this is Magnus Thunder's final match! We should have expected that both men would give it their all!

BC: Can't blame them!

TT: It looks like Magnus is finally starting to get back up...struggling to stand...and now struggling to stay on his feet! And our thirty second wait is over! The ref waves for the action to continue!

BC: Blood begins to stir at the sight of the ref signaling that period is over. Magnus is up and slugs his way towards Blood who is up to one knee! Magnus grabs him by his hair and begins to drag him down the aisle! Blood attempts to fight him off but Magnus subdues him with a sharp knee to the gut

TT: Blood being forced to ring side and Magnus is looking to finish his old friend once and for all! Magnus grabs Blood but the wrist and irish whips him into the barricade! Blood's lower back smacks against it and slinks down into a sitting position!

BC: You can't even imagine what that kind of impact does to your body Teddy! Connecting with that barricade must have sent a shock up and down Blood's spine!

TT: I'm surprised these two superstars can even stand after all they've put their bodies through! Magnus drags Blood to his feet and grabs his throat! Magnus is going to go for a choke slam out on the stadium floor! If he nails this it's as good as over!

BC: Blood isn't making it easy for him! Blood drops to both knees and becomes dead weight for Magnus Thunder!

TT: Magnus musters up the rest of his strength left in his body and attempt to lift Blood anyways but Blood bring his arm up between Magnus' leg for a low blow! Magnus immediately lets go of Blood and doubles over!

BC: Blood is up and still nursing his lower back as he deliver a stomp to the side of Magnus' head! Magnus falls over onto all fours and Blood...what is he doing?

Blood lines up Magnus' head with the steel steps before backing up from him. Blood puts his hands on his knees measuring up Magnus before charging him..

TT: Blood with a stiff drop kick to the side of Magnus' head forcing it to smash against the steel ring steps! Magnus is down and covers his head trying to block out the pain!

BC: Good luck with that! You could hear that shot all the way from the nose bleeds! Blood drags Magnus to his feet and rolls him back in the ring and slides a steel chair into the ring before following him.

TT: What the hell do you think he'll be needing that for?!

BC: I don't know, but seeing Blood's most recent behavior, it can't mean anything nice for Magnus! Blood picks the chair up and drills it into Magnus' throat!

Blood jabs the chair into Magnus' throat again! Magnus' face is beet red from not being able to breathe properly! Blood lifts the chair high into the hair and brings it back down...Magnus catches the chair and grabs it! Magnus wrestles it away from Blood as he begins to stand up. Blood looks on shocked wondering why Magnus isn't on the ground still gasping for air! Bloods takes off to the ropes but Magnus drops him with a high boot to the chin! Blood is down!

TT: Magnus isn't done yet! Magnus places the steel chair over Blood's face and lifts his boot high into the air!

BC: NO! Don't do it Magnus! He's going to shatter Blood's face into a million pieces!

TT: Magnus brings his boot down hard onto the steel chair and blood begins to slowly drip down from Blood's forehead! How much blood can the human body actually stand to lose before it just gives out?

BC: Beats me Teddy! I'm surprised these two are still conscious much less standing! Magnus forces Blood, a beaten and blood-stained mess, back to his feet and hooks him up...brain buster! Both men are down!

TT: It seems as though neither one can hold on to their advantage once they regain their offense! Magnus crawls over to the ropes and begins to pull himself up using the top rope! Blood reaches out and grabs the steel chair that busted him open!

BC: Magnus over to Blood and throws out a stiff left! No! Blood ducks it and grabs Magnus' arm and twists it...Blood Loss onto the chair! Magnus' face just smacked off that steel chair and Magnus is back down! My God what a match!

TT: And Blood is saying he wants to end it! Blood begins to roll Magnus over to the apron and angrily instructs the referees to open the casket lid! The lid opens and Blood finally kicks Magnus into the casket! This match is going to be over!

BC: All Blood has to do now is lean over and close the lid! Blood grabs the lid and shuts it! It's over!

TT: NO! Magnus gets his hand up and blocks Blood from closing the lid! Blood begins to kick at Magnus trying to force him down but Magnus forces Blood off the lid with a stiff chop to the throat!

BC: He almost had it Teddy! Blood almost had this match won!

TT: Yes he did but almost doesn't get your hand raised, especially at Super Card Six Bobby! Blood is down on his knees trying to regain his breath as Magnus climbs out of the casket and rolls into the ring!

BC: And we're back where we started Teddy with both men in the ring! Magnus to his feet as Blood turns around to another hard shot to the face! Blood backs into the ropes but Magnus isn't done as he clotheslines Blood over the top rope and tumbles out along with him!

TT: The crowd is on their feet in appreciation for the two veterans! Magnus is back up to his feet and looks down at Blood's lifeless body! Magnus grabs hold of Blood and picks him up...Magnus throws him face first into the ring post! Blood's own blood stains the post as his head ricochets off!

Blood lays still on the stadium floor as Magnus moves towards him, almost stalking him. Magnus picks him up and tosses him back into the ring and follows him. Blood and Magnus both back to their feet and Blood nails Magnus in the face with a forearm shot out of desperation! Magnus rocks back as Blood nails him with another one for good measure! Magnus teetering on the ropes and Blood charges him...Magnus ducks and back body drops Blood over the ropes but Blood lands on the apron behind Magnus who doesn't know that Blood landed on his feet! Blood spins Magnus around and Magnus swings for the fences but Blood ducks it and grabs Magnus' head and jumps off the apron...Magnus' throat gets hung down off the apron!

TT: Magnus is down as Blood attempts to catch a breather on the outside!

BC: That's not smart! Blood you gotta get in there and roll him into the casket! That's the only way you're going to win this!

TT: I think he knows that Bobby, but these two men have been going to war with each other for over half an hour and have lost buckets of blood in that time!

BC: But this is Super Card Teddy, it's all about the victory! It's all about the glory!

TT: Maybe so, but it's damn near impossible for these men to have anything left in their gas tanks!

BC: Blood is back in the ring now as Magnus is up to his hands and knees...leg drop to the back of the head! Magnus back down! Blood get him rolling!

TT: He may have heard you Bobby! Blood slowly forcing Magnus' body across the ring! He has him over to the apron but Magnus grabs hold of the ropes and won't let go! Blood begins to stomp on Magnus' hands trying to make him let go of the ropes! Magnus swings his leg and trips Blood to the mat!

BC: It's like neither of them can catch a damn break in this last bout! One man gets the upper hand, and then the other finds a way out of trouble!

TT: You have to remember that these two know each other so well, that they're able to predict what the other will do almost before the other does it!

BC: Both men are up and are going fisticuffs! Blood with a left! Magnus with a cold right! Blood and Magnus in the middle of the ring! The crowd accentuates the blows when the land!





TT: Blood with a stiff shot to Magnus' jaw that rocks him back! Blood takes off and bounces off the ropes...Blood returns but is caught by Magnus as he lifts Blood up into a gorilla press slam! Magnus showing his power off to the crowd as he takes off towards...


Magnus launches Blood's body over the top rope towards Bobby Crane and Teddy Turnbuckle! Blood's body smacks off the top of the table and slides all the way to the guard rails at the back of the table! Magnus Thunder bellows out a cry to the crowd who erupt in cheers at the action they're laying witness to! Blood is laid out on the floor and isn't moving at all! Magnus rolls out of the ring and goes behind the table and forces Blood up! Blood is out on his feet as Magnus grabs is head and slams it off the table! Blood bounces off the table and begins to stumble out from behind the table, feebly attempting to escape Magnus Thunder! Teddy and Bobby sit back down as Magnus clears out from behind the table and trots after Blood!
BC: Wow that was intense! I'm surprised the table held up!

TT: I'm surprised Blood's body held up! How are all their limbs staying intact after all they've done to each other tonight!?

BC: I have no clue Teddy, but I'm loving every damn minute of it! This is CWF at it's finest!

TT: Blood back in the ring now and Magnus slides in after him! Magnus goes to grab Blood but Blood drop kicks Magnus' knee out from under him! Blood now off the ropes...Blood returns and smacks his boot off Magnus' face!

BC: Magnus won't go down! Blood is now is Magnus' face tell him to stay down but Magnus shakes him off and grabs him by the throat! He's going for a choke slam!

TT: No! Blood breaks the hold and wraps his arm around Magnus' throat...THE SUFFERING! Blood nails The Suffering!

BC: It's all over now! All he needs to do is roll him over into the casket and shut the lid!

TT: That sounds very simple in theory, but Blood is down as well! This match has taken too much out of both of these competitors!

BC: Blood is starting to his feet! Come on! Get up and roll him in! Now is your chance! Come o—what the hell is he doing!

TT: Look to me that he's going to the top rope to finally finish off Magnus Thunder! Blood is at the top and awaiting for his giant former friend to rise to his feet! Magnus is beginning to stir and gets to one knee. Blood is begging with his hands for Magnus to get up! Magnus finally up and turns around to Blood leaping off the top rope! Blood wraps his legs around Magnus' head and brings him down for a hurricanranna!

BC: No! He can't get Magnus to roll throw and Magnus pulls him back up...POWER BOMB! But Magnus isn't done as he lifts him up one more time and heads towards the side of the ring with the casket!!!

TT: Is he going to finish the Thunderstorm dropping him in...

BC: I think so Teddy!

Thunderstorm! Magnus slams Blood down into the casket with the second power bomb to complete the Thunderstorm! Magnus leans over the top rope...

He grabs hold of the lid and the crowd become deafening as they all rise to their feet...



TT: Oh my God! My dear God Magnus Thunder has won it!

BC: That was incredible Teddy!

Doc McMartin: Ladies and Gentlemen...the winner of this bout...MAAAAAAAAGNUUUUUUUUS THUUUUUUUUUUNDEEEEEEER!

BC: I can't believe it! After all these months! After all these years!

TT: I don't believe words will ever be able to describe this match Bobby. Not now, not ever!

"Crimson Thunder" by Hammerfall plays over the stadium PA system as Magnus lets out a triumphant scream out to the crowd and raises his arms high in the air!


"Hail Mary" by 2Pac hits throughout the PA System as James Baker, Danielle Lopez, Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks appear from atop of the stands with *BEEP* Terry Richards t-shirts over their wrestling gear on as they mingle with the crowd while they all have microphones in hand.

BC: Oh, great. These idiots are now appearing from the crowd.

TT: This is Baker and Lopez' home state after all. Show some damn respect.

BC: Bite me you cunt.

The music starts to die down and James then proceeds to speak into the microphone.

James Baker: What's up Pasadena, California?

The crowd then starts cheering loudly.

James Baker: It feels really good to be here in front of my fellow Californians, but what makes this even better is that we are here at the biggest stage of them all. Super Card. The showcase of the immortals.

The crowd then cheers loudly again.

James Baker: You know, i'm glad that all of us get to compete here tonight, because not only do we have a chance to walk out with more gold, but this is the stage that we wanna prove that Da Xtreme Dynasty, is still a force in this industry.

The crowd then cheers loudly again.

James Baker: But enough about that. Now tonight, all of you fine fans get to tune in and see yours truly compete for the Unified Title against that prick Terry Richards.

Kevin Styles: Actually, speaking of Terry Richards. We have a surprise for all of you. You see, I didn't want to let this out of the bag already, but we have a new member of Da Xtreme Dynasty.

BC: Oh god! There's more of them now?

James Baker: That's right Kev. I guess you can say that negotiations started at Enrique's funeral and luckily for us, we came to an agreement with this new member and suffice to say, it's gonna make bad ol' Terry Richards, flip his *BEEP*in' lid. Now, to all of you great fans, when should we oh I don't know..... introduce him?

The crowd frantically cheers.

James Baker: It looks like you all want him to be here now. Well without any further delay, I present to all of you, the NEWEST member of Da Xtreme Dynasty, give it up for my boy, ISRAEL BLAIR!!!!

"Hail Mary" by 2Pac hits again and out comes Israel Blair from the top of the stands, dressed up in Blue jeans and a *BEEP* Terry Richards t-shirt, complete with an *BEEP* Terry Richards pin locked onto his shirt. He slaps a few of the fans hands before he greets every Dynasty member with a handshake and a hug for Danielle.

TT: Israel Blair is now apart of Da Xtreme Dynasty.

BC: I believe that it is now Fair to Blair. What a huge addition indeed.

TT: Is this a change of tone for you or are you just lying out of your ass?

BC: Can it Turnbuckle. Let's see what Izzy has to say.

Israel Blair: You know something, this is without a doubt, a great, great honor to be a part of Da Xtreme Dynasty. I have wanted to be a member ever since I got here and i'm finally living the dream.

The crowd then lets out a huge reception at Izzy's words.

Israel Blair: But what's even better about this, is that asshole Terry Richards is going to *BEEP* himself because deep down, he knows that his Legion of Sausage Lickers cannot hold a candle to how great Da Xtreme Dynasty really is.

James Baker: See! I agree with Izzy wholeheartedly and we will all prove that when I slaughter that pussy to win the Unified Title and Kev, J.T and Danielle retain the tag team titles over Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam and Porky Pig. Oh, and don't forget, Izzy will win the chamber match and gain a championship match against anybody that he chooses, because he's just that god damn awesome.

Israel Blair: That's right James. So Terry, bring your tiny little midget ass out here, so I can see the look on your face when you finally see me hanging out with my true friends.

The spotlight then goes towards the entrance ramp, but nobody appears from behind the curtain.

James Baker: Come on you retarded bitch. We ain't got all day up in this mother *BEEP*.

Again the spotlight then goes towards the entrance ramp, but like last time, nobody appears from behind the curtain.

James Baker: God dammit, you *BEEP*in' asshole. Bring your mother *BEEP*in' ass out here.

Again, nobody appears from behind the curtain.

James Baker: Okay then Terry, you want it like that. Fine! Be a little bitch then, but know this though. When we step foot in that ring tonight, you will be goin' to hell with the most psychotic man known on the planet and once the dust has settled, the Unified Championship will come back home to Da Xtreme Dynasty and that's that and nothin' more, believe that.

"Hail Mary" by 2Pac hits again as all of Da Xtreme Dynasty start socializing with the crowd.


Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the World Tag Team Championship!

“To Boston” by Dropkick Murphy’s hits and The O’Reilly Brothers entrance video begins to play. The crowd goes wild! Ray O’Reilly… Cyril O’Reilly… The O’Reilly Brothers! As this shows up on the screen fireworks shoot off. They explode on the entryway, along with the music, and then continue to fire off down both sides of the runway. The videotron seperates and finally Ray O’Reilly, Cyril O’Reilly and Suzanne Winters step out to the stage. Ray and Cyril both have on Supercard VI t-shirts and Suzanne a hot wrestling outfit. The men go wild… regardless of wither they can see her face or not. Suzie’s Venetian mask this week has a big VI across it. The O’ Bro’s run their hands across their waists, signifying they’ve come for gold, before slowly making their way to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring first at a combined weight of five hundred fifty pounds, hailing from New York, New York and Wicklow, Ireland respectively...SUZANNE WINTERS...RAY AND CYRIL...THE O'REILLY BROTHERS!!!

The three throw their hands into the air and receive a mixed reaction from the crowd. Ray runs and slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to hype the crowd. Throwing his hands in the air he praises some fans and insults others. He then holds the bottom rope down with his foot and pulls the middle one up with his hands so Suzanne can enter the ring. Cyril finally makes his way into the ring via the stairs and the three meet center ring with hand slaps and half hugs as their music fades out.

"Sorry N' Sh*t" by Tech N9ne blazes throughout the PA system, as clouds of black, red and blue smoke start hitting the ramp as there are a bunch of lights flickering throughout the stadium. The videotron seperates and Kevin Styles, J.T. Banks and Danielle Lopez all appear from the smoke and stand on the ramp. Styles and Banks raise their titles in the air as Danielle points to the crowd before fireworks go off behind them.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the ring...DANIELLE LOPEZ...and the CWF World Tag Team Champions...KEVIN STYLES AND J.T. BANKS...DA XTREME DYNASTY!!!

They each have an arm looped through an arm of Danielle as she slowly starts leading the two down the ramp as they all proceed to slap hands with some of the front row fans. Danielle then slides under the ring rope, while Styles and Banks hop onto the ring apron and get in between the ropes. Danielle then does a couple of her signature cheerleader poses in the middle of the ring while Styles and Banks go to the top rope and raise their titles in the air while the fans are cheering loudly for them. Once they hop off the turnbuckle, all three of them then stand in the ring, waiting for the bell.


TT: And this match is on... A brawl has broken out! Da Xtreme Dynasty is furiously battling The O’Reilly Brothers as the arena erupts into cheers!

BC: Look at that! J.T. Banks choking Ray O’Reilly in the turnbuckle...Cyril with a knee to Styles’ gut... And the catfight in the center of the ring! Danielle Lopez and Suzanne Winters going at it! Danielle nearly ripping the mask out of Suzanne’s face! How embarrassing would that be? She’s got one of the biggest CWF crowds ever!

TT: Wow, Suzanne is doing quite well for her first ever CWF wrestling match, but let’s not forget everyone’s fighting... Look at Cyril!

Cyril O’Reilly grabbed Kevin Styles, and now he chucks him over the top rope.

TT: What a nasty lading for Styles! And the referee is finally imposing some control!

BC: That referee is an incompetent little gnat! CWF referees are just pure scandal...

TT: Apparently, he’s able to impose some control...He’s dividing the Dynasty and the O’Reilly family...Wait a second! Ray ducks the referee...SPEAR on J.T. Banks! And Da Xtreme Dynasty’s all over him now, but the referee is back, furious!

BC: Who wouldn’t be furious, the guy made the referee look like a damn fool! Well, he is one, but...

TT: Finally, this match is going to start as regulated. We’ve got the women, Danielle Lopez and Suzanne Winters starting this one... The ladies absolutely loathe and hate each other! This rivalry is huge... And Danielle starting the attack with a dropkick! Suzanne bounces into the ropes, captures Danielle out of nowhere, reverse STO!

As Suzanne is getting back to her feet, using the ropes for leverage, Danielle is right back at the attack.

TT: Wait a second, Danielle by behind... Roll-up on Suzanne! Danielle’s whole body making pressure to assure that Suzanne doesn’t kick out...



TT: But she does!

BC: I just think we’re going to witness new tag team champions and the same Unified champion. I have that feeling. Da Xtreme Dynasty’s time of fame is over...

TT: We’ll see about that when the time comes, Bobby. Suzanne back to her feet, agile like a cat and quicker than Danielle... Nailing her with a quick Tornado DDT! Suzanne... She tags Ray O’Reilly in! WHAT?!

BC: Alright, an Irish man beating up a woman in her home state? Only in Super Card!

TT: Danielle on her knees, she’s just noticed Ray...Look at her face, she look frightened for a second!

BC: She is frightened, Teddy, but she’s just hiding it!

TT: Ray picks her up and violently tosses her around the ring! What a nasty landing! Ray picking up Danielle...And he pushes her! Danielle loses balance and falls to the ground!

BC: But Ray can’t pin her, otherwise he can’t win the belts!

TT: Well, he’s just doing this for pleasure then! Ray has got her head...CAMEL CLUTCH! This is turning out to be pretty sick... But wait a second! Here comes J.T. Banks... DOUBLE AXE HANDLE! Ray is stunned...BIG BOOT! And the referee has to take him back to his place already, threatening a DQ!

BC: He’d retain the titles that way...

TT: Well, you’re right... But now Danielle is barely up, and Ray is down... Danielle with the SENTON! And Danielle tags in J.T. Banks to a huge ovation from the crowd!


TT: It’s wonderful how you hated and now love Terry Richards, and do what he does.

BC: The man’s great, for peat’s sake!

TT: Anyway, back to the match, here is J.T., Ray’s up... J.T. scoops him up, PILEDRIVER! Banks waiting for him to get up, already bouncing off the ropes for added power, Ray on his knees... ROLLING KOPPU KICK! WOW! Ray is on the ground, the cover!




TT: And Ray takes advantage of the ropes nearby!

BC: He would’ve survived anyway!

TT: You never know, Bobby, this is Super Card! Banks picking up Ray already...And an irish whip into the corner, away from both Da Xtreme Dynasty and The O’Reilly Brothers! J.T. incites the crowd into a roar, sprints into Ray...BIG BOO- NO! HE MISSES!

BC: Look at Ray, ducking, grabbing J.T.’s legs...

TT: POWERBOMB! The cover!




TT: Wow, he was almost going down!

Ray, frustrated, gets up and tags in Suzanne.

TT: And here comes Suzanne, the masked lady!

BC: She was brutalized. The Dynasty are a bunch of idiots.

TT: Stop cheering indirectly for Terry Richards!

BC: Shut up, Teddy... J.T. is on his knees, realizing Suzanne is in...AW!!

TT: Winters with a huge kick to J.T.’s groin!

BC: That didn’t hurt. That goddamn pervert is rejected this way so many times by so many women, he’s getting used to it.

TT: I don’t know, he’s writhing in pain, still on his knees... Suzanne jumps over him, neckbreaker! Wow!

BC: How embarrassing would it be if this ended up right here, right now?

TT: I agree, Bobby, very embarrassing, but this is not even near the end. Suzanne is back to the O’Reilly corner, and she’s tagging in Cyril! Cyril grabs J.T. by behind and turns him into Suzanne... DROPKICK! Cyril capitalizes on the impact...TIGER SUPLEX! No, J.T. landed on his own two feet, locks an arm around Cyril’s neck...REVERSE DDT! He hit it! Cover!




TT: Almost! J.T. Banks now, trying to get himself up and tag Kevin Styles...NO!

BC: Cyril grabs his arms...CRUCIFIX PIN!




TT: No, the match hasn’t ended!

BC: J.T. rolls back... And a quick decapitating knee to O’Reilly’s forehead!

TT: J.T. dragging himself towards his corner...And he tags Kevin in! The crowd goes nuts!

BC (Disrespectfully Yawns): Is this match over yet?

TT: J.T. picks up Cyril in a flapjack position...And Styles drops him with a double knee facebuster! What a tag team move!

BC: Well, the cover can end the match right away...




TT: And Ray is here to save the match for his team! This could’ve been the end for Cyril!

BC: But the match will go on. They’ve still got a chance to win...

TT: Ray picks up Banks... Sends him flying with a clothesline to the outside! But wait, here’s Danielle! DANIELLE FROM BEHIND...

BC: WOW! Did she just chuck big man O’Reilly to the outside?!

TT: True, and Ray landed flat on his back!

BC: She’s still a who-

TT: Bobby...

BC: Alright, whatever. But, look at that! Suzanne’s in the match, and a brawl has started between the ladies!

TT: This crowd loves it!

BC: ... Bunch of perverts!

TT: Well, you were also enjoying this!

BC: Shut up! And here comes the referee to clean the house! The ladies return to their rightful places, that incompetent referee barely being able to control it...

TT: And on the other side of the match, Cyril and Styles are just pummeling eachother with huge blows! Cyril with a haymaker... Styles with another one! Cyril going to attack again... NO! Kevin blocks it...SPINNING HEEL KICK! And Cyril is stunned...Kevin with a running bulldog!

BC: Styles is picking him up already...Yeah, right...

TT: Wait a second, this could be it... THE STYLES BUSTER! HE HIT IT! STYLES BUSTER! Cover!




TT: Ray interferes! Ray here to save the match, picking up Styles now... DOUBLE ARM SPINEBUSTER!

BC: Ray’s not done yet, he’s picking up Kevin Styles again! Lifts him up high into the air...SERIAL SUPLEX! SERIAL SUPLEX!

TT: Wait, Suzanne jumping from the top rope...BAM! 450 SPLASH! SHE CALLS IT...The MISSile! She didn’t miss that one for sure!

BC: Teddy, you idiot, that’s not the joke! The cover by Suzanne!




TT: J.T. Banks is back, out of nowhere! Vicious clothesline on Cyril! Turns around to Ray...The Guerrilla Clutch! IT IS LOCKED IN!

BC: I think Cyril is going to tap...



TT: He’s still stuck in that hold...Wait! Suzanne with a shot to J.T.’s neck by behind! He releases the hold!

BC: Danielle runs into the match...A SPEAR ON RAY! HAHA!

TT: Ray was more dazed than hurt... But Danielle has got a hold of Suzanne, and there they are brawling like nuts again!

BC: J.T. pushes the screaming Suzanne by her hair... Is he going to unmask her? SICK?

TT: No...What the hell?


TT: J.T. is provoking Suzanne Winters a little!

BC: That’s not provoking, that’s sexual harassment! That guy is a downright freak!

TT: Suzanne kicking back, JT writhing in pain now...SUZANNE WITH THE DDT!

BC: I wonder why the mask didn’t fall...

TT: What, you want to see it? Eww! Danielle is running into Suzanne... LATINA CUTTER! LATINA CUTTER! COVER!




TT: Cyril breaks the cover with a huge kick to Danielle’s ribs... OW!

BC: Cyril isn’t done yet... There he goes against J.T... SERIAL SUPLEX! Another time! COVER!




TT: Danielle broke the cover! She’s holding to her ribs, struggling to breathe after that hard kick...

BC: Here comes Suzanne...CLOTHESLINE!


JT rolls to the apron, as Ray previously did, now leaving Cyril and Kevin Styles back in the ring.

TT: And it all comes down to Cyril and Styles again! Cyril kicks Kevin in the gut, scoops him up...JACKNIFE POWERB-NO! Cyril nailed Kevin with the jackknife powerbomb, but he was able to counter to a huge DDT at the very last second! Amazing!

BC: But both men are on the ground now...

TT: Kevin crawling towards J.T., who hasn’t fully recovered yet...Same with Cyril and Ray!

BC: Who are you rooting for, Teddy?

TT: I don’t bother who wins this, it’s been a fantastic match already! Kevin still crawling into the corner! Cyril crawling to the opposite corner! AND BOTH MAKE THE TAG AT THE SAME TIME!

BC: But Ray and J.T. have suffered finishers...They’re not in a good state...

TT: Let’s see how they do! Ray O’Reilly seems slightly in better shape than Banks... And a flurry of punches to him! But no, J.T. delivering some of his own! A quick succession of blows between these two, they just don’t stop!

BC: I sense that the end is near for one of them...

TT: J.T. with an European uppercut! And... He’s going for it! J.T. lifts him up, ready for the New York State of Mind!!!

BC: But Suzanne from the outside makes him trip! Look out, Danielle by behind... NO! NO!


BC: What the hell, Suzanne made a titanic scene for that little cut? What a wuss!

The cameras all zoom to her face, which she tries to cover.

TT: It’s just a little wound! Ridiculous!

BC: I can’t believe it! Suzanne is a pretty big actress... WAIT! A LATINA CUTTER ON DANIELLE HERSELF! WOW!

TT: Back to the ring, now, Cyril is in... UH-OH!

BC: Here we go!

TT: MCBOMB! MCBOMB! THEY HIT THE MCBOMB, GOD ALMIGHTY! Here comes Styles to the rescue...But Cyril with a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Ray with the cover on J.T., who suffered the McBomb! This is it!

BC: It’s going to happen!!!








BC: YES! Legion of Shadows and O’Reilly Brothers, one, Da Xtreme Dynasty, zero!

TT: What are you talking about?

BC: This is the night where Da Xtreme Dynasty finally understands they suck! I can feel it in the air, Teddy!

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners... And NEW CWF Tag Team Champions....THE O’REILLY BROTHERS!!!

The O’Reilly Brothers get handed the titles as they dramatically raise them in the air, and then hug eachother.

TT: Well, Bobby, there you have it! We’ve got brand new tag team champions, as the O’Reilly Brothers win the title for the second time!






Ring Announcer: The following is the Cage Of Carnage match! In this match, two participants will start with another participant entering randomly at two minute intervals! The participant who retrieves the contract hanging above the ring will be declared the winner and may use the contract any time within the next year for a championship match of their choosing!

TT: This is what we've been waiting for, Bobby! The first ever Cage Of Carnage match!

"The Night" by Disturbed erupts in the stadium as flames and fireworks go off synchronized with the music. Fireworks blast off one more time as the videotron screen seperates to reveal Leon Lonewolf. Leon makes his way down the ramp at a normal pace, but taking time to socialize with fans.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis, Minnesota! Weighing in at two hundred eighty-five pounds...LEON LONEWOLF!!!

Lonewolf enters the cage and climbs up to the apron. He enters the ring and climbs up the turnbuckle, taunting the crowd by extending his thumb, middle and little fingers of both hands in the air. He climbs up another turnbuckle and taunts again. He jumps down and is led by an official over to one of the open pods. Lonewolf enters the pod as his music fades out. The pod is shut and locked.

TT: So we know that Leon Lonewolf will not be starting this match for us!

BC: Lucky him!

"Wild Side" by Motley Crue erupts in the stadium. Red, blue, and green strobe lighting starts stricking around the stadium. As the main instrument intro continues, the videotron seperates revealing SJ Funk. Funk steps forward to the stage and throws both arms in the air as pyros start shooting from random positions to the side of him. After a short while, Funk brings his arms down to his side with venom setting off more pyros at both sides which encase him. After the pyros settle, Funk makes his way down the aisle slapping hands with fans.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Durham, England! Weighing in at two hundred sixty-eight pounds..."THE ORIGINAL SHOWSTEALER" SJ FUNK!!!

Funk enters the cage and climbs up to the ring apron. He enters the ring and spins into the center. He enters in to a pose as more pyros shoot up to the sky from behind and at to the side. As the pyros die down, he makes his way over to the corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle on the near left part of the ring and saluting the fans, in turn throwing his cap into the crowd. He hops down as his music fades out and is led by an official to an open pod. Funk steps in to the pod followed by the official locking it shut.

TT: What an impact Funk made on his return last week, Bobby!

BC: I'm sure that Mike Laszlo thinks otherwise!

The BlairVision Theme hits the stadium as the crowd once again focuses on the entrance. The videotron seperates allowing Israel to step out to the stage. He looks around at the sold out for a second before giving a smirk and starting his walk down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring, from Kill Devils Hill, North Carolina! Weighing in at two hundred thirty-three pounds...ISRAEL BLAIR!!!

Israel enters the cage and smirks as he makes his way over to the pod with Funk inside. He pounds his chest and smiles as he looks in at the caged competitor. He makes his way over to the pod with Lonewolf inside. He pounds his chest and smiles at Lonewolf as the official approaches him. The official leads Israel to an open pod as his music fades out. The official locks Israel inside of the pod.

TT: That's right, Bobby! We have TWO Blairs now!

BC: I know, Teddy! It's great!

"Oh Canada" by Classified hits the stadium as the videotron seperates. Ricky Chambers steps out to the stage and poses for the crowd. He smiles as he slowly makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Calgary, Alberta! Weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds...RICKY CHAMBERS!!!

Chambers enters the cage and slides in to the ring. He poses for the crowd one more time before his music fades out. The official leads Chambers to an open pod and locks him inside.

TT: So, we now know that Leon Lonewolf, SJ Funk, Israel Blair, and Ricky Chambers will all start out inside pods! That leaves four others left to enter!

"Hero" by Skillet erupts in the stadium as the crowd erupts in cheers. The videotron seperates to reveal Mariano Fernandez. He rushes out on to the stage and poses for the crowd.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Weighing in at one hundred seventy-six pounds...MARIANO FERNANDEZ!!!

Mariano rushes down the aisle and leaps on to the outside of the cage. He climbs to the top. Mariano sits on top of the cage and looks out in to the crowd as he points toward the briefcase high above the ring. He climbs down the inside of the cage. His music fades out as an official leads him to an open pod. Mariano enters the pod and is locked inside.

TT: What an ovation for Mariano!

BC: I still can't figure out why these people love the gnat so much!

"Just" by Radiohead begins to play as a light is directed on the videotron. The videotron seperates as Eddie Noble steps out to the stage and stands under the light. Noble struts down the ramp, smirking and taunting at the fans.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring, from New York! Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds..."THE NATURAL" EDDIE NOBLE!!!

Noble enters the cage and climbs on to the apron. He walks to the middle of the apron and looks at all of the fans booing him. He enters the ring and spreads his arms, drawing in off of the crowd's boos. His music fades out as an official leads him toward an open pod. He enters the pod and is locked inside.

TT: There it is, Bobby! The sixth participant has been locked in the pod! And you would have to believe that these six hold a major advantage!

BC: They definitely do! Although the briefcase won't be lowered in to a retrievable position until all eight have entered the actual match, being one of the last ones to enter the ring is a huge advantage! It means that others could have already been locked in to their pods. It also means that you're fresh compared to those who have had to compete in the match already!

Mozart's Piano Sonata starts to play as all eyes focus on the entrance. The videotron seperates. Jimmy Johnston steps out to the stage and bows for the crowd. He looks around at the crowd, expression not changing as he slowly makes his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring, from London, England! Weighing in at two hundred fifty-seven pounds..."DOUBLE J" JIMMY JOHNSTON!!!

Johnston enters the cage and climbs the steps up to the apron. He enters the ring, makes his way to the center, and once again bows for the crowd. He looks back toward the entrance as his music fades out.

TT: This is a match of returns, Teddy! Jimmy Johnston, Mariano Fernandez, and SJ Funk are all returning to action tonight!

BC: Who cares about the returns! This match stands for one thing...BLAIR!

The BlairVision Theme erupts in the stadium once again as the videotron at the entrance seperates. Paul Blair steps out to the stage with a smile on his face. He looks around at the booing crowd before making his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring, from River Falls, Wisconsin! Weighing in at two hundred seventy-five pounds..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!!!

Blair enters the cage and climbs up to the apron. He enters the ring, still smiling as the crowd continues to boo. The cage door is shut and locked as Blair's music fades out.

TT: Are you ready, Bobby?!

BC: Eight men...one contract...who will survive?!
Two referees stand in the ring. They make sure that the pods and the cage are locked. They check to see if Blair and Johnston are ready before calling for the opening bell.


TT: There's the bell, and here's the lockup! Johnston is taking advantage as he forces Blair in to the ropes. Johnston quickly grabs Blair with a side headlock and slams him to the mat!

BC: One thing to remember about this match is that there are no disqualifications!

TT: That's right. Anything goes in this match tonight! And Blair is struggling to get back to his feet. He forces Johnston off in to the ropes. Johnston on the rebound...and Blair catches him with a sleeper!

BC: We have about a minute left until our third participant enters the match.

TT: Johnston struggles to get out of this sleeper. He drops down...jawbreaker on Blair! Blair stumbles back as Johnston quickly gets back to his feet, and he takes Blair down with a running lariat!

Johnston picks Blair up and quickly lifts him up to his shoulder. He falls forward driving Blair to the mat with a slam! Johnston picks Blair back up and locks in an abdominal stretch! One of the refs quickly checks on Blair, but Blair won't give up! Blair struggles to free himself from the submission, but he's met with a hard forearm to the chest!

TT: Blair could be in trouble here! He's struggling to break free...and he finally does as he connects with a hip toss!

BC: Woohoo!

TT: Johnston returns to his feet and Blair rushes in...but Johnston catches him with a beautiful overhead belly to belly suplex! He keeps the hold as he pulls Blair back to his feet...THE DOUBLE J!!! He has the submission locked in, Bobby!

BC: Damn it!

TT: Blair is in major trouble here!

BC: Come on, Paul! You can't give up!



TT: There's the buzzer! Who will join Blair and Johnston?!

The official unlocks Israel Blair's pod and slides the door open. Israel rushes in to the ring and delivers a vicious big boot to Johnston's skull!

TT: We have both Blairs in the ring!

BC: Now this is definitely fair to Blair!

TT: Israel picks Johnston up and brings him back to the mat with a suplex! Paul Blair is back in action here as he forces Johnston to his feet. Blair with a boot to the gut...double DDT from the Blairs!


TT: Paul brings Johnston back to his feet once again. He whips Johnston toward Israel...spinebuster! Israel leans down and double grips Johnston's throat. He lifts Johnston to his feet...in the air...DEATH DROP!!! Johnston rolls to the outside as Israel and Paul quickly follow.

Paul picks up Johnston and slams him face first in to the chain caging! Johnston stumbles back, turns to Paul, and takes him down with a lariat! Israel quickly boots Johnston in the gut. He grabs Johnston by the arm and whips him hard in to the cage...but Johnston reverses it! Johnston picks Paul up and rolls him in to the ring. He rolls in after Paul.

BC: A little over a minute left here before our next entrant...and Johnston looks like he's finally getting the advantage in this handicap attack!

TT: Johnston picks up Blair and whips him to the corner. Johnston follows in...big splash! Paul stumbles out, and Johnston whips him to the ropes. Paul on the rebound...SCRAPBUSTER SLAM!!!

BC: That's not fair to Blair!

TT: And here's the first cover of the match!




TT: Israel breaks up the cover! Israel grabs a hold of Johnston, but Johnston quickly stops the momentum with a boot to the gut! Johnston rushes at Israel, and Israel quickly lifts him in the air as he spins around...inverted atomic drop as Paul begins to return to his feet!

BC: Let's go, Paul!

TT: BLAIR KICK!!! Paul hits the Blair Kick on Johnston and Israel quickly makes the cover!




TT: And there's the first pinfall!

One of the referees helps Johnston up and leads him to the open pod. He is locked inside as both Blairs climb out of the ring. They walk around the ring, taunting all of the participants locked inside of the pods.



TT: Here we go! Who will join the Blairs in this match!

The official unlocks Mariano's pod and slides the door open.

BC: Kill the gnat!

TT: The Blairs quickly make their way toward Mariano. Paul swings with a right, and Mariano ducks it. Mariano with a boot to the gut, and he slams Paul face first in to the apron! And Israel from behind with a rear waist lock on Mariano! Paul coming at Mariano here, but Mariano lifts his body and double boots Paul away!

BC: Damn it! Come on! Destroy the gnat! Show what Blairs are capable of!

TT: Israel still has the waist lock held tightly and Mariano is struggling with all of his power to break it! Mariano grabs a hold of the chains. Israel is trying to pull Mariano away from the cage. Mariano with a back elbow, and Israel releases his grip as he stumbles back.

Mariano leaps up using the cage for support. He uses the cage as a springboard...moonsault! And Israel catches him! Israel rushes at the cage, but Mariano slips behind and forces Israel face first in to the cage! Paul grabs Mariano from behind and forces him hard in to the plexiglass of one of the pods! He grabs Mariano and rolls him in to the ring.

TT: Paul wasting time here as he checks on his brother!

BC: Come on, Paul! Keep on the gnat!

TT: Paul rolls in to the ring as Israel starts to pull himself back up. Paul picks up Mariano...boot to the gut. Paul with a whip, and Mariano crashes hard in to the corner as Israel makes his way back in to the ring. Paul follows in...massive lariat in the corner!

BC: Now this...this is what Blairs are all about, Teddy! Look at this in ring perfection!

TT: Paul forces Mariano at Israel and Israel forces Mariano high in to the air...WAIT! Mariano counters with a headscissors forces Israel chest first across the top rope! Paul rushes at Mariano, but Mariano ducks under a lariat...neckbreaker!

BC: What the hell?! They had him!

TT: Israel comes at Mariano...big boot! NO! Mariano ducks under the boot, and here's the rollup!




TT: Israel has been pinned! And that means that Johnston will be coming back in to the match!

The official leads Israel over to an open pod as Johnston is released from his pod. Johnston quickly slides in to the ring. Paul starts to get back to his feet but quickly is brought back to the mat with a lariat from Johnston. Johnston approaches Mariano, and Mariano quickly kicks Johnston in the calf...and again! Mariano hits the far ropes...spinwheel kick on the rebound...NO!!!

TT: Mariano with an attempt at a spinwheel kick...but he was caught by Johnston! Paul starting to get back up...and Johnston with an inverted fallaway slam, forcing Mariano at Paul, knocking both men to the mat!

BC: As much as I hate the fact that the move was done to Paul...I must admit...that was an innovative way to execute a crossbody!

TT: Mariano is starting to get back up...and Johnston takes him to the mat with a big boot!

BC: We're at about fifty seconds here, Teddy!

TT: Johnston grabs Mariano and brings him back to his feet. He has Mariano positioned here...could be trouble! Johnston lifts Mariano, possibly looking for a powerbomb here! Mariano is struggling as Paul has made it back to his feet. Paul with a boot to Johnston's gut...and Mariano is able to shift his weight for a seated senton!

Mariano quickly returns to his feet and rushes at Paul, but Paul counters with a snap powerslam! Mariano rolls to the outside in pain as Paul makes it back to his feet. He brings Johnston back to his feet and forces him in to the corner. Paul climbs the turnbuckle and starts to lay in to Johnston with a series of rights! Mariano slowly pulls himself back to his feet and finds himself face to face with Leon Lonewolf, only the plexiglass from the pod seperating them.



TT: Who will be the fifth participant?!

Lonewolf's pod opens and Mariano quickly pounces on him inside the pod. The two exchange hard shots in the pod as Johnston pulls Blair out of the corner in a powerbomb position and quickly drives him to the mat!

TT: Mariano and Lonewolf are beating the living hell out of each other inside of that pod!

BC: The gnat has snapped, Teddy!

TT:And look in the ring! Johnston has Paul locked in The Double J! This could be serious trouble!

BC: The gnat is going nuts!

TT: Paul Blair is in a bad spot here, Bobby! I have no clue how he's going to escape this submission! And it looks like Lonewolf has finally gotten the upperhand with an eye poke on Mariano!

BC: And it looks like Lonewolf isn't hanging around to capitalize! He's escaped the pod...and it looks like he's searching for a weapon under the ring!

Lonewolf pulls out a kendo stick from under the apron as Mariano rushes at him from the pod! Lonewolf slides in to the ring and drills Johnston with the kendo stick! He drops the stick as Mariano slides in after him. Mariano grabs the stick and Lonewolf quickly escapes the other side of the ring!

TT: Oh my! Look at this, Bobby! Johnston sees the stick in Mariano's hand! I don't think he realizes that Lonewolf actually hit him with the stick!

BC: Which I'm sure was Lonewolf's plan with that attack!

TT: Mariano rushes past Johnston with the kendo stick...NO! Johnston grabs Mariano by the arm as he passes and quickly turns him around...massive lariat!

BC: Simply devastating!

TT: Johnston picks Mariano back up as Blair rolls out to the apron. Johnston with the choke lift...and he violently tosses Mariano in to the corner! Johnston with a full head of steam...and he drills Mariano in the gut with a shoulder!

BC: Lonewolf is playing things smart here. He's waiting outside of the ring and keeping his composure as Johnston takes it to Mariano!

TT: And it looks like Blair is searching for a weapon now as well! And he's found himself a trash can lid! Johnston has Mariano up on his shoulder now as Blair slides in to the ring...Johnston with a running powerslam! WAIT! Blair with a shot from the trash can lid to Johnston's skull!

BC: That has to hurt!

TT: Blair is beating the living hell out of Johnston's head with that trash can lid as Lonewolf stalkingly slides in to the ring. Mariano is slow to get up...running big boot from Lonewolf! And he quickly flips Mariano over...WOLVEN ASSAULT!!! He has it locked in! The ref is checking on Mariano!

BC: This submission is so devastating, Teddy!

TT: And it looks like the ref is telling Lonewolf to break the hold as Mariano starts to spit up blood!

BC: Well, I don't think there was a tapout...but he had to call for the before Mariano suffered a serious injury!

TT: And I believe it does count as a submission...so Mariano will be helped to an open pod...and Israel Blair is back in the match! Israel quickly enters the ring and joins his brother in beating on Johnston! And again Lonewolf climbs out of the ring!

BC: Yeah, but it looks like he's looking for another weapon this time!

TT: What will he pull out here? It's a ladder! Ladies and gentlemen...here's the first ladder in the match!

BC: The ladder can be such a devastating and unforgiving weapon, Teddy! It should be interesting to see how Lonewolf uses it here!

TT: Well, we're down to about thirty seconds until our next entrant enters...and Lonewolf slides in to the ring with the ladder. Lonewolf drives the ladder hard in to the gut of the downed Johnston...and again!

BC: This has become a three on one match here!

TT: I believe Lonewolf is handing the ladder to Israel and telling him to continue the attack!

BC: Smart strategy! He's making friends in this match here!

TT: Israel drives the ladder hard in to Johnston's midsection...WAIT!!! Lonewolf from behind on Paul...the rollup!




TT: Lonewolf pulled a fast one on the Blairs! Look at the look on Paul's face! He can't believe it...and Israel is just realizing what happened! The ref escorts Blair to an open pod, and Lonewolf again keeps his distance as he slides out of the ring! Israel frustratedly throws the ladder out of the ring!



TT: There's the buzzer...who will be joining us now?!

Noble's pod opens and he quickly rushes over to Lonewolf. He delivers a quick boot to Lonewolf's gut. He continues as he grabs Lonewolf and slams him face first in to the cage! Israel slides out and joins with Noble on the attack of Lonewolf. Israel lifts Lonewolf to his shoulder...rushes at a pod...and he tosses Lonewolf like a lawn dart at the pod!

TT: That was brutal! And it looks like Johnston is going to join Noble, Blair, and Lonewolf on the outside! Johnston grabs Blair from behind and rams him hard face first in to the cage! Israel stumbles back and turns toward Johnston...and Johnston grasps around him with a bear hug!

BC: Bear hug?! No! It's the Double J! Again Johnston is implimenting that submission of his! Johnston squeezes harder as Noble rolls Lonewolf in to the ring.

TT: Noble looking under the ring here...table! He has a table! Noble slides the table in to the ring and quickly follows. He's setting up the table here...and Lonewolf from behind with a running forearm! Lonewolf hesitates as he catches his breath...and it looks like Israel is out on the outside!

BC: It doesn't matter though! Johnston can only eliminate an opponent IN the ring!

TT: Lonewolf with a boot to the gut as Noble gets up. Lonewolf has him position...he lifts him high in to the air for the Lionheart...but Noble squirms and falls behind! And Noble quickly connects with a neckbreaker!

BC: It looks like Johnston is finally releasing that submission! He rolls Israel in to the ring and quickly follows...and here's the cover!




TT: And that'll do it! Israel Blair will head back to a pod!

BC: So, has the match reached your expectations yet, Teddy?!

TT: Considering the fact that we still have two more left to enter the match, I can't really say! And look at this, Bobby! Noble and Johnston are joining together to attack Lonewolf! They have Lonewolf to his feet...double suplex!

BC: Well, we're still waiting on SJ Funk and Ricky Chambers to be released from their pods...but we've already had a few pinfalls in this match!

TT: And teamwork appears to have went out the window as Johnston quickly boots Noble in the gut! He positions Noble...lifts him in the air...powerbomb! And Johnston makes the cover!




TT: Noble kicks out! Lonewolf is returning to his feet...and he's brought back to the mat with a big boot from Johnston! Johnston leans down to pick up Lonewolf...WOLVEN ASSAULT!!! Lonewolf has the Wolven Assault locked in! He's applying alot of pressure here...and it could spell the end for Johnston!

BC: Johnston needs to find a way out of this hold! We saw earlier that the ref considered Mariano eliminated to protect his health from this hold! Could we see that again?!

TT: Johnston is struggling...and look at the strength as he lifts Lonewolf in the air...POWERBOMB!!! Did you see how Lonewolf landed?! That was nasty!

BC: Both men are down...and look at how quickly Noble capitalizes as he makes the cover on Lonewolf!




TT: Noble with a smart plan there...and he quickly makes the cover on Johnston as well!




TT: Johnston rolls the shoulder! The ref escorts Lonewolf to an open pod as Paul Blair and Mariano are both released from theirs!

BC: And look at this! Mariano quickly is going after Lonewolf before he can be locked in his pod! And Paul is going right after Johnston!

TT: Blair and Noble teaming up now on Johnston as Mariano has Lonewolf on the floor outside, pounding the living hell out of him!

The referee tries to pull Mariano off. He finally is able to which allows Lonewolf to crawl toward an open pod. Mariano slides back in to the ring as Lonewolf is locked in to the pod.

TT: Noble and Blair with a double DDT on Johnston! Noble turns...TSUNAMI STRIKE!!! JESUS!!! That came out of nowhere! And Mariano makes the cover!




TT: Noble is eliminated...and that means that Lonewolf will return to the action! And look at that! Mariano leaps over the top rope, positioning himself right in front of the pod door that Lonewolf is locked in!

BC: Lonewolf's pod is opened...and again Mariano pounces on him right away!



TT: Who will it be?! Funk or Chambers?!

Funk's pod door suddenly opens. He steps out and quickly slides in to the ring.

TT: SJ Funk joins the battle!

BC: Woohoo! Funktastic!

TT: And Funk quickly goes after Blair! Funk with a lariat! Blair is quickly back to his feet...another lariat!

BC: Funk is the fresh man here...and how unfair is it that he attacks Blair?! Blair was the man who started this match!

TT: What is Johnston doing? I didn't realize, but he apparently has exited the ring and is looking for weapons!

BC: And look what he has, Teddy! It's time for a TABLE!!!

TT: Johnston slides the table in to the ring and quickly follows. Funk throws Blair over the top rope and to the outside. Johnston rushes at Funk...and Funk uses the momentum to plant Johnston with the Funk Stealin'!

BC: That is such a vicious spike to that T-Bone suplex!

TT: And it looks like Funk is headed to the top rope! Funk dives off...OSCAR SHOW!!! What a perfect modified phoenix splash! And he has the cover!




TT: That's it for Johnston! He'll be locked back in to his pod...and Israel Blair has just been released from his once again!

BC: Woohoo! Two Blairs again!

TT: But the big thing here is...Mariano and Lonewolf and still beating the holy hell out of each other inside one of our open pods!

BC: I'm loving it! The gnat's got heart...I'll give him that!

TT: Johnston is being escorted to an open pod as the Blairs join together, strategizing on how to go forward with their attack! The Blairs both slide in to the ring and attack Funk! Funk is trying to fight both men off...but they are able to take the advantage!

BC: This crowd is going nuts, Teddy! They are loving the brutality in this match!

TT: Israel with a hard irish whip sending Funk in to the corner! Paul follows in...lariat! Paul whips Funk out of the corner...and Funk reverses it at the last second as he sends Paul right in to Israel's big boot!

BC: Damn you, Funkmaster!

TT: Israel quickly checks on his brother. And Funk from behind...jumping inverted STO...in to a backbreaker!!! What a move!

BC: Come on! Someone help the Blairs!

Funk looks down at both Blairs. He looks up toward the top of one of the pods. He points at the pod, listening as the crowd resounds in approval. Funk climbs the corner and hoists himself on to the pod. He looks around at the crowd who continue their unrelenting cheers. Funk grabs a hold of the cage, pulling himself to the top. He slowly walks the cage like a tight rope, centering himself with the ring. Both Blairs slowly start to get back to their feet.

TT: He has to be twenty feet in the air here! Funk dives off...MY GOD!!! SHOWSTEALING DDT OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE!!! And both Blairs are taken down!

BC: But Funk is down as well!

TT: It looks like Lonewolf has finally gotten the upperhand here as he makes his way out of the pod, dragging Mariano out with him! He slams Mariano face first in to the cage...and again! Lonewolf rolls Mariano in to the ring, and it looks like Lonewolf is in search of a weapon of his own!

BC: Anything's legal in this match, Teddy!

TT: And Lonewolf has a second table! He slides it in to the ring and quickly follows as Mariano slowly gets to his feet. Mariano is taken down with a lariat from Lonewolf!

BC: Funk's finally moving, Teddy...and he drapes an arm across Paul! NO!!!




TT: Paul Blair has been eliminated!

The referee helps Blair up and escorts him to an open pod.



TT: Here we go, Bobby! Our final entrant...Ricky Chambers is being released from his pod!

Chambers' pod opens as he steps out. All eyes of the competitors look up toward the sky as the briefcase starts to lower above the center of the ring.

TT: And now the briefcase can be obtained!

Funk slides out of the ring and grabs the ladder from the ground as Lonewolf slides out of the other side of the ring, grabbing a ladder from under the apron! Both men slide in to the ring as Israel starts to get back up...

TT: Lonewolf and Funk rush at each other...and they make a ladder sandwich out of Israel! Chambers slides in to the ring...chopblock from behind on Lonewolf! And Funk quickly drills Chambers in the gut with the ladder!

BC: Look around, Teddy! Funk is the only one standing!

TT: You're right! And Funk is realizing that too! Funk sets up the ladder in the center of the ring...and he's starting his climb! He could end it all right here!

BC: He's almost to the top!

TT: Funk is there...he's reaching for the briefcase! WAIT! Mariano's on the apron! Mariano with the springboard...and the crowd goes nuts as Mariano lands on the ladder! He quickly makes his way up to Funk...and drills him with a right!

BC: We've got a battle at the top of the ladder here!

TT: I don't think either man realizes...but Israel and Lonewolf are both back to their feet! And look at the strength here! Israel and Lonewolf are working together as they lift the ladder and pull it away from the briefcase!

BC: HA! This is great!

TT: Mariano and Funk both holding on for dear life as Lonewolf and Israel make their way over toward the edge of the ring...

Israel and Lonewolf violently force the ladder hard in to the cage, crushing Mariano between the cage and the ladder! Mariano takes the hard fall, crashing to the floor outside! Before they can move the ladder, Funk is able to stand on the ladder and run down it...double lariat! The ladder tumbles to the outiside as all men lay on the mat!

TT: Chambers is looking to take advantage here! Chambers grabs the ladder laying on the mat, and he's setting it up here! He begins him climb...but Funk has recovered! Funk quickly pulls Chambers off of the ladder and the two begin exchanging a series of rights!

BC: We may need help out here for Mariano!

TT: We may need help for Funk if he doesn't turn around! Lonewolf from behind...half nelson overhead suplex...RIGHT IN TO THE LADDER!!!

BC: Funk is laying motionless on the ladder as it leans against the top rope! Chambers comes at Lonewolf...and Lonewolf takes him down with a big boot!

TT: That had to hurt! Lonewolf quickly turns his attention back to Funk. He pulls Funk off the ladder. He has Funk positioned...lifts him in to the air...POWERBOMB ON TO THE LADDER!

BC: JESUS! The ladder is left twisted and mangled...as is Funk!

TT: Lonewolf pulls Funk off of the ladder, and here's the cover!




TT: Paul Blair and Jimmy Johnston are back in the match!

Blair and Johnston are released from their pods as Funk is led to a pod of his own. Mariano lifts himself using the apron and rolls back in to the ring as Paul and Johnston begin to brawl on the outside! Johnston takes the quick advantage as he rams Paul face first in to the cage! Blair stumbles and turns around...lariat by Johnston!

TT: Johnston is going for another weapon here, and Lonewolf is on the attack in the ring, beating the living hell out of Chambers!

BC: Look at the gnat, Teddy! He's made his way to the top of a pod!

TT: Yeah, but Israel's following close behind! Israel with a hard right, and Mariano is rocked! Israel climbs on to the top of the pod, but Mariano retaliates with a vicious front roundhouse! Israel drops to a knee. Israel quickly rises back to his feet, and he kicks Mariano between the legs!

BC: Completely legal!

TT: Israel with the double choke grip! He spins Mariano around as he lifts him in the air...DEATH DROP FROM THE TOP OF THE POD!!!

BC: Mariano is motionless after that...and look at the smile on Israel's face!

TT: Both men are down after that move! And Chambers could be in trouble here is Lonewolf locks in the Wolven Assault!!!

BC: He tapped! He tapped!

TT: And it looks like Chambers will make his way out to an open pod! The ref escorts him to the pod, and Lonewolf is on one hell of a roll here!

BC: And it looks like Lonewolf just realized that Mariano has been taken down!

Lonewolf makes his way over to Mariano. He brings Mariano to his feet...but Mariano quickly defends himself with a high roundhouse that sends Lonewolf through the ropes and to the outside! Mariano drops to a knee as he catches his breath. Israel gets back to his feet and takes Mariano down with a hard knee to the jaw! He tosses the mangled ladder over the top rope before picking Mariano back up. On the outside of the ring, Johnston is beating the hell out of Blair with a trash can lid! He drops the lid to the floor and rolls Blair in to the ring. Johnston follows him in and picks him up. He brings Blair to his shoulder...

TT: Running powerslam by Johnston! Israel has Mariano high in the air with a choke grip...and Mariano nails him with a knee lift, sending Israel back to the corner! Johnston makes the cover on Paul!




TT: Paul Blair is eliminated again!

BC: Damn it! He just got back in the match!

TT: The referee is escorting Paul back to the pod as Mariano rushes in at Israel...and Israel catches him! Urinagi! Mariano is brought to the mat hard as Lonewolf is sneaking back in to the ring with a ladder! He sets it up in the center of the ring as the referee quickly slides back in! And Israel has the cover!




TT: And Mariano's headed back to a pod as Noble is released from his pod!

BC: Who cares about that! Lonewolf is making his way up the ladder! He may have the briefcase here!

TT: Israel makes his way over to the ladder and is climbing up the other side! Israel and Lonewolf exchanging hard shots on the top of the ladder as Noble enters the ring.

BC: What the hell is Noble doing?! He should stop Lonewolf and Israel...but he's setting up one of those tables near the edge of the ring instead!

TT: Israel has the double choke grip on Lonewolf...but Lonewolf breaks the grip! Lonewolf with a front facelock on Israel...SUPERPLEX OFF THE LADDER!!!

BC: And Noble is still wasting time here as he sets up the second table...on top of the first! He's double stacking, Teddy!

Noble looks back to notice that both Lonewolf and Israel are down. Johnston is down on the outside catching his breath. Noble quickly makes his way over to the ladder and climbs up. He reaches for the briefcase...he's close...he almost has it...

TT: Noble could do it here!

BC: NO!!! Johnston is back in the ring, and he tips the ladder over, forcing Noble to crash hard to the outside!

TT:Johnston quickly pulls the ladder back in to position. As he begins to climb, Lonewolf makes it back to his feet. Lonewolf rushes at Johnston...hard lariat! Lonewolf waits as Israel starts to get back to his feet...running big boot! Lonewolf quickly exits the ring...what is he thinking here?!

BC: I'm not sure?! All of the other competitors are down! He should be going for the briefcase!

TT: Lonewolf lifts the apron...and it looks like he's pulling out another ladder! Lonewolf slides the ladder in to the ring and quickly follows. He picks up the ladder and climbs the turnbuckles...and look at this Bobby! He has one end of the ladder on the top of the pod and the other end on the top of the double stacked tables!

BC: He made himself a bridge...but why?!

TT: Israel is starting to get back up here, and Lonewolf quickly makes his way over to him. Lonewolf forces Israel over the top rope, and sends him crashing to the outside of the ring! Johnston is getting back to his feet...and he's met with a boot to the gut by Lonewolf! Lonewolf with a hard right, and he drags Johnston to the corner.

BC: We may see what he was planning in a second here!

TT: Lonewolf sits Johnston on the top rope. Lonewolf climbs out to the apron and climbs to the top rope. He hoists himself up to the pod and pulls Johnston up to join him! WAIT!!!

BC: HA! Noble taking advantage here as he has made it in to the ring and is ascending the ladder! He's near the top...he's there, again reaching for the briefcase!

TT: NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! Lonewolf just pitched Johnston off the top of the pod, forcing him to crash to the floor outside!

BC: JESUS!!! Johnston has to be hurt after that one!

TT: Lonewolf runs the ladder like a bridge and dives off...SPEAR!!! He damn near broke Noble in half with that spear!

BC: The crowd is going nuts after that shot!

TT: All four men are down!

BC: What a match this has been, Teddy! And it's all for the opportunity to earn a shot at any championship, anytime for the next year!

TT: Israel is back to his feet and slowly slides in to the ring. He picks Lonewolf up with a double grip...DEATH DROP!!! And he has the cover!!!




TT: Lonewolf will head back to an open pod! And that means that Ricky Chambers and SJ Funk will be back in the match!

BC: Look at how quick Funk and Chambers enter the ring! Both men go right for Israel...double boot to the gut...double DDT!!!

TT: Funk begins his climb up one side of the ladder...and it looks like Chambers is making his way up the other side! Both men have reached the top...and we have another brawl breaking out for the briefcase!

BC: Ha! This is great!

Noble slowly returns to his feet. He makes his way up the same side of the ladder as Chambers...but Chambers quickly kicks him off! Funk with a wild right, and Chambers avoids it! Chambers grabs hold of the briefcase...and he rams it right in to Funk's skull! Funk collapses to the mat!

TT: Great opportunity for Chambers here! He's reaching up for the briefcase, but it's still swinging uncontrollably after that shot from the briefcase!

BC: Noble is back to his feet...and it looks like he'll make his way up the other side of the ladder!

TT: Noble and Chambers exchanges shots on top of the ladder...and Noble is able to push Chambers off! And Johnston has finally made his way back in the ring as Noble hops down from the ladder!

BC: Look in Johnston's hand! He has a lead pipe!

TT: Chambers slowly stands...pipe to the gut! Noble rushes as Johnston...and he's drill in the skull with the pipe! Johnston picks Chambers up...crucifix powerbomb! And he makes the cover!!!




TT: Chambers will return to a pod!

BC: Wait! Look at the other side of the ring! SJ has Noble! GO HOME DRIVER!!!

TT: And SJ has the cover!!!




TT: Noble will return to a pod as well! And we're left with just three!

BC: This match has been great so far!

TT: Noble and Chambers are both being escorted to open pods here, and all three of our competitors still in the ring are back to their feet!

BC: This could get interesting!

TT: Israel and Johnston instantly go at each other, exchanging shots! And it looks like Funk has something in mind here!

BC: Funk is on the top turnbuckle, and it looks like he's moving the ladder that was resting on top of the pod!

Funk wedges the legs of the ladder in to the cage, forming a bridge from the cage to the table. Johnston gets the upperhand as he takes Israel down with a chokeslam. He makes his way over to Funk, but Funk quickly climbs to the top of the pod. Johnston climbs the corner to go after Funk, but Funk leaps over to the bridging ladder! Johnston glances back as Israel is starting to get back to his feet. He hops down from the corner.

TT: Israel rushes at Johnston...and Johnston catches him with a spinebuster! Johnston picks Israel up and drags him toward the ladder. He lifts Israel up...what the hell is this?!

BC: I'm...I'm not quite sure!

Johnston feeds Israel through the ladder, laying him on top of it's support bars. Funk remains on top of his own ladder, keeping an eye on Israel and Johnston.

TT: It looks like Johnston is making his way to the top of the ladder here!

BC: And Funk doesn't appear to be worried!

TT: Johnston glances back at Funk...perfect opportunity to go for the briefcase here!

BC: I don't think he's going for the briefcase!

Johnston dives off the top of the ladder...and he connects with a devastating legdrop, breaking the supports on the ladder as Israel crashes to the mat! He quickly makes the cover!





TT: Israel Blair is eliminated again! And that means that Lonewolf and Mariano will return to the match!

BC: Something's gotta give, Teddy! Who is going to win this thing?!

TT: Israel is being led to his pod...WAIT!!! Funk off the top of the ladder as Johnston gets to his feet...SHOWMAN DDT!!!

BC: This man is full of risks, Teddy!

TT: And it looks like Mariano and Lonewolf once again are trying to finish their unsettled business as they beat the hell out of each other on the outside! And it looks like Funk is checking the stability of the ladder in the ring!

BC: That thing isn't going to hold!

TT: I think he realizes that! Funk grabs the ladder and dumps it to the outside. He climbs out of the ring, and it looks like he'll be bringing in a new ladder, Bobby!

BC: You're right! He has a new ladder!

TT: Funk slides in with the ladder and quickly sets it up in the middle of the ring. Funk is climbing...and Lonewolf has taken Mariano down with a devastating boot on the outside! Lonewolf slides in to the ring, and he's climbing up the other side of the ladder!

BC: They better watch out! Johnston is back to his feet as well! Johnston has a hold of the ladder...and he tips it, forcing both Lonewolf and Funk to crash to the outside near Mariano!

TT: Johnston is setting the ladder back up in the center of the ring, and it looks like he might have his chance to grab the briefcase! Johnston is climbing the ladder here...but it looks like Mariano is back up! He slides in to the ring...and Johnston intelligently hops off of the ladder!

Funk and Lonewolf both slowly make it to their feet on the outside. The both slide in to the ring. Funk quickly goes after Johnston as Lonewolf goes after Mariano! Mariano with a dropkick to the knee! Mariano makes his way to the corner and climbs to the top rope. Lonewolf is back to his feet as Mariano leaps over to the bridging ladder!

TT: Johnston and Funk exchanging shots...and it looks like Lonewolf may have an idea here! Lonewolf folds the ladder in the center of the ring, and he leans it against the double stacked tables! Lonewolf climbs up the ladder and to the top of the table! Mariano with a hard shot to Lonewolf...and Lonewolf returns with a hard shot of his own!

BC: This isn't good, Teddy! Mariano is at least sixteen feet in the air! A very dangerous spot to be!

TT: Lonewolf with a boot to the gut on Mariano! He positions Mariano and lifts him for the powerbomb!!!

BC: NO!!! He'll kill the gnat!

TT: Lonewolf steps on to the ladder and turns to face the tables...and Mariano is struggling here! Mariano with a right...and a second...and Lonewolf loses his balance, crashing to the ladder!!!

BC: Almost a seated senton there!

TT: Mariano grabs a hold of the cage, making his way across to the area near the pod. Mariano climbs up to the top of the cage...what's he thinking here?!

BC: I'm not sure...but whatever it is...he may want to think again!

Mariano leaps off the top of the cage...shooting star press...LONEWOLF AND MARIANO CRASH THROUGH THE LADDER AND TO THE FLOOR!!!

TT: MY GOD! This crowd is in shock...silent after seeing that! We may need EMTs out here!

BC: Unbelievable! That was just...just...I don't even know what to call it!

TT: And look in the ring! Johnston has gotten the upperhand as he drives Funk to the mat with a running powerslam! He has his chance here!

BC: Come on, JJ!

TT: Johnston grabs the ladder leaned against the table and sets it up in the center of the ring! It could be over in a few seconds here! Johnston is making his way up the ladder...he's almost there! Johnston is at the top of the ladder...and he's reaching for the briefcase! Funk is starting to come to...and just in time!

BC: Johnston is struggling to unlatch the briefcase, and it's giving Funk the time to stop him!

TT: Funk makes his way up the other side of the ladder, and the two are exchanging rights!

BC: HOLY! Look outside the ring, Teddy! Mariano is somehow standing! It's a miracle!

TT: Mariano has Lonewolf up, and he rolls him in to the ring!




TT: Lonewolf is eliminated! We're down to three!

BC: The end has to be near!

TT: Johnston has gained the upperhand as he grabs Funk...chokeslam off the top of the ladder! Both men crash to the mat...and Mariano is ceazing the opportunity! Mariano crawls toward the ladder, and he's using it to pull himself back to his feet! Mariano is climbing...slowly...but he's climbing!

BC: Come on, gnat! It's your time to shine!

TT: Mariano is almost there....he's reaching for the case! He could do it here!

Mariano struggles to reach for the case. He tries to unhook it as Johnston gets to his feet. Johnston makes his way over to the ladder, grabs Mariano by the ankle, and pulls him off, catching him on his shoulder! Johnston makes his way over to the ropes and drops Mariano throat first across the top! Mariano stumbles back holding his throat! He turns around...and Johnston locks in The Double J!

TT: Johnston has Mariano in that bear hug submission of his! This could spell trouble for The Quiet Storm!

BC: Well Johnston better start paying attention! Funk is going after the briefcase!

TT: I think he noticed, Bobby! Johnston releases his submission and quickly makes his way over to Funk. He grabs Funk by the ankle and yanks him off the ladder...NO! Funk counters with a reverse DDT!

BC: What an excellent counter!

Mariano crawls toward the ladder, as does Funk. Both men use the ladder to pull themselves back to their feet. They step on to the first rung. Mariano drills Funk with a hard right...and Funk strikes back with a right of his own! To the second rung...and both men swing with hard rights for the other!

TT: Both of these men are exhausted Bobby! They're swinging with a right as they step up each rung!

BC: Heh! Yeah, they've definitely been to hell and back tonight!

TT: They finally are at the top of the ladder! Funk with a shot to Mariano...and Mariano with a shot of his own! Funk with another...and Mariano with another!

BC: Look! Johnston's back up! And Mariano drills Funk with a hard shot, forcing Funk to lean back, barely holding on to the ladder! And Johnston grabs Funk from behind...CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB!!!

TT: And Mariano is grabbing for the case! He's close here, Bobby!

BC: Johnston is making his way up the ladder...looking to stop Mariano!

TT: Mariano nearly has the case unlatched! Johnston is closing in on him! Johnston with a right and Mariano falls back...his ankle is caught in the ladder!!!

BC: Johnston...come on! It's your time!

TT: Johnston has a hold of the briefcase...and it looks like he'll unlatch it here...NO!!! Mariano somehow has found a way to rise back up! He unhooks his ankle and drills Johnston with a right! Johnston retaliates with a right...NO!!! Mariano ducks it!

BC: OH NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!

Johnston stumbles forward and Mariano uses the momentum to forces Johnston off of the ladder with a back body drop...but he holds Mariano on the way down!!! Both men crash through the double stacked tables!

TT: Look at the carnage, Bobby! Mariano and Johnston are both motionless!

BC: What a match!

TT: It looks like Funk is finally coming to! Funk is crawling toward the ladder! He's slowly ascending, barely able to stand! He climbs...higher...higher...he's at the top of the ladder and reaching for the case!

BC: Who's going to stop him?!

TT: Mariano and Johnston are still motionless here as Funk is still trying to unlatch the case...AND HE'S DONE IT!!!



Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..."THE ORIGINAL SHOWSTEALER" SJ FUNK!!!

"Wildside" by Motley Crue hits the arena. Funk falls to the mat, devastated from the action he was involved in. Mariano slowly comes to, using the ropes pull himself up. He falls back in to the ropes, leaning against them for support. He falls to a knee as the cage is opened and EMTs rush in.

TT: We have the EMT's out here to check on Mariano and Johnston!

BC: And look! Mariano is forcing the EMT's off of him! He's crawling toward SJ, and slowly stands back up, this time using the ladder for support!

Mariano reaches down to help SJ up. The two shake hands and Mariano raises SJ's arm in the air.

TT: A show of sportsmanship here!

The pods are opened as the participants make their way back up the aisle, broken and battered from the action in the match. The crowd is going nuts as the cage begins to raise. Mariano climbs out of the ring and makes his way to the back as Funk climbs back up the ladder. He sits on top of the ladder and holds the briefcase high in to the air, showing off his victory.

BC: So, what did you think, Teddy?! Was it worth having this match at SuperCard?!

TT: Undoubtably! This match was such a great one! And that man...he could be the next big thing!


The lights dim down in the The Rose Bowl as the crowd grows silent. The signature SV Logo appears on the Jumbo-Tron as "Suck it Up" by (hed) p.e. starts over the PA system

Are you ready?...

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Let's get ready to...DESTROY!!!

Bow down, bow down!! 1,2,3 SUCK IT UP!

The lights go up as Keith Daniels and Brian Adams appear at the top of the stage. Keith raises his fist as Brian poses for the crowd, receiving a mixed reaction from the fans in Pasadena. Brian and Keith slowly make their towards the cage. Keith instructs the referee to unlock the cage. Keith and Brian enter the cage and walk over to stand in front of Ricky Chambers who has just been let out of his pod and is standing in the middle of the ring, disappointed. Brian looks at Keith and both nod at each other. Keith circles Chambers as Brian backs up and nails him with a Last Chapter followed by a Livewire from behind!

TT: What the hell was that about?

BC: Brian and Keith have turned on their friend Ricky Chambers! Ricky Chambers is laid out in the middle of the ring!

TT: Yeah, I can see that, but why?!

BC: I guess we'll find out, Brian is requesting a microphone!

Brian rips the microphone away from the announcer and stands over Ricky Chambers fallen body.

Brian: Ricky, Ricky, Ricky...do you know why you're laying on your back with Keith and myself standing over you tonight? Well, you'll need to look no further, just lay there while I explain why this has been done to you. Keith and myself, we heard of your return, and we knew you were capable. We saw you win the RWF World Title back in 2007 and saw you overcome the odds many times over. Well, you know, except when you're in the ring with me of course. That's not the point, the fact of the matter is, as a member of Shock Value, you need to be able to pull your own weight. You went from being a blessing to becoming a burden Chambers, have nothing to show for it! Keith has his National Championship, and I'll have my World Heavyweight Championship by the end of the night. What about you? What exactly have you done with the opportunity we have given you as a part of Shock Value? Nothing! You have squandered your fortune with only two wins against Kyle freaking Sync! Then what? Then you lose to the likes of Israel Blair? Not to mention your no show against a rookie like Eddie Noble? This has become beyond ridiculous Chambers, and SV is pulling your punk card. As of right now, you are no longer Shock Value. If you want to prove your worth to us, you better get me Canada's finest real quick, because I am no longer accepting any less of you. Consider this some tough love, and the next time I see you, I may not be so king. You have two options from now on: Shape up or ship out pal, the choice is yours, and always has been.

"Suck it Up" plays over the PA system as Brian and Keith exit ring side leaving Ricky Chambers laying on his back in the middle of the ring.


"Kingdom" by U2 hits the stadium as the videotron opens. The CWF superstars make their way out to the stage and line on each side of the aisle. The music fades as all attention turns to the videotron. "Lifeline" by Papa Roach hits as a video begins to play, highlighting the career of Jimmy Blast. The crowd watches the memories as do the superstars. The music fades as the video comes to an end, and Teddy Turnbuckle steps up to the podium in the ring.

TT: Ladies and gentlemen, here to induct Jimmy Blast into the CWF Hall of Fame...his greatest rival. The legendary...the incomparable...MANIAC!!!

“Turn the Page” by Metallica hits and Maniac steps out from behind the curtain to an explosive pop from the crowd! Wearing a tuxedo, his long, jet black hair, now showing signs of grey, hanging down to his neck, Maniac looks out to the crowd and smiles, nodding in approval at the immense sea of fans. He walks to the ring slapping hands with a few fans along the way, and then climbs the steps and through the ropes into the red carpeted ring. Stepping up to the podium, Maniac pulls out his speech from his inside jacket pocket and unfolds it as the music subsides.

Maniac: Thank you for the warm reception. When I began my career in 1996, I was wild, crazy, and lacked discipline. That’s why they called me “Maniac.” I lacked direction. I had no plan, I was simply coming to the ring to take out a lifetime of anger on whoever was unfortunate enough to be across the ring from me on any given night. Very quickly, I became the MWWF Intercontinental Champion...at the time, the highest ranking champion in the promotion. I was the top guy. And then Jimmy Blast came along.

The crowd cheers.

Maniac: Jimmy Blast became the MWWF United States Champion, ranking higher than I did. Instantly, our story began. Over the years, we had countless battles, unleashing a war that carried the MWWF through its good days, and most importantly, in its darkest hour. See, when everyone else left the company for greener pastures, Jimmy Blast and I remained loyal. We carried the company back to prominence and when that era sadly came to an end, Jimmy Blast came here, to the Classic Wrestling Federation, to continue his legacy.

More cheers.

Maniac: Battling Jeff Jericho, Triple X, Steve Dart, Z-Pac, Pledge Allegiance, Bain, Freeze, Nemesis, and a plethora of CWF legends...and yes, even myself in the 1999 match of the year...

The crowd roars.

Maniac: Jimmy Blast was always worth the price of admission. Along the way, he became a two time CWF Unified Champion, a two CWF Tag Team Champion, and in October of 1998, he captured the ultimate prize...the CWF World Heavyweight Championship. But Jimmy Blast’s true legacy lies in the roots of our corner of the wrestling universe. Without Jimmy Blast, there was no Maniac. And without Maniac, there was no CWF. Truly one of the founding fathers of the business...ladies and gentlemen, I can think of no man more deserving of this honor than the classiest and most respected man in the history of this company...the newest member of the CWF Hall of Fame...Jimmy Blast!

Jimmy Blast walks to the podium wearing a very fine looking smoke gray Armani suit. It has been months since Blast has been seen in a CWF ring. As he strolls to the podium he stops to look around. He takes in the applause and the accolades of the screaming fans. He waves to the crowd. Blast is really humbled by the cheers. It wasn’t very often in his career that he heard the cheers, it was mostly boo’s for the legendary dirtiest player in the game.

Blast steps up to the podium and reaches out to shake the hand of Maniac. These two were bitter rivals for many years, but there is nothing but mutual respect on this night of nights. After a brief exchange that only the two “legends” hear, Blast begins to address the fans.

Jimmy Blast: Tonight is a night that I never thought would be possible. From the early days in the MWWF to the bright lights here this evening. This has been a ride that was not for the timid. I have been blessed with the chance of a lifetime. A chance to get out here night after night and entertain the greatest fans in the world. You guys didn’t always cheer like this. Actually you were very loud in booing me. I loved every damn minute of it. I knew when you were booing that I was doing my job. I gave you all everything that I had every single night. You knew going in that if Jimmy Blast was on the card. You were going to get your money’s worth.

This is the greatest company in the business. To be inducted into the CWF Hall of Fame is truly a humbling experience. It is the shining moment in my career. From the time I entered this sport, I had one goal. I wanted to be someone that everybody remembered. I didn’t care if you loved me or hated me. I just wanted to be remembered. Thank you for making that happen here tonight.

I would be remised if I didn’t mention some of the people that helped me get here. I want to thank the “Horsemen”. The real “Horsemen”. Tony Mullins, Money Train, Roland Ulv, and yes I said it right, Rob Osbourne. These men were my family for many years. We traveled up and down the road together. Causing havoc everywhere we went. They were what drove me to great success. We were always trying to one up each other, all the long making sure that nobody else got in the way. I could not have asked for better team mates, friends , and brothers. Thank you, gentlemen. This honor is truly yours as well as mine.

Then there is the man who introduced me here tonight. Maniac you were the toughest S.O.B. I ever stepped in the ring with. You tested me every time out. Our battles are legendary. The hatred at one time was a real as it gets. Tonight though brother I want to let the world know that I have nothing but respect for you. I’m going to miss the battles. Maybe, just maybe, we can get together and do it one more time. What do you think?

So in closing let me just say that this is a great honor. I am so thankful to all the fans, the guys in the back, and to the promoters. Thank you ..... Thank you ....May god bless you.

The crowd gives Blast a standing ovation. “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne hits and he and Maniac embrace, hugging, shaking hands, and sharing another private word. Blast acknowledges the adoring crowd, exits the ring, and walks through the curtain for perhaps the final time. TT: Ladies and gentlemen..."JAMMIN" JIMMY BLAST!!!

The crowd starts a thank you chant as Turnbuckle waits for their cheers to die down. "Shadow Of The Day" by Linkin Park hits the arena as the crowd focuses on the videotron. The biggest moments of Magnus' career begin to play, highlighting his greatest achievements. The video comes to an end as the crowd roars once again.

TT: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome...BLOOD!!!

"I Get It" by Chevelle erupts in the stadium as the videotron seperates. Blood steps out to the entrance in a nice black suit and makes his way to the ring. He climbs up the steps, enters the ring, and makes his way over to the podium.

Blood: So many great names have walked down that aisle in this company, and many still do. But tonight, tonight was the last time for a man who I feel is quite possibly the best person to work with. This man has been in this industry for fourteen years. He has had some of the greatest battles...he has had some of the greatest matches. I have watched this man compete with the likes of Paul Blair, Z-Pac, Jeff Jericho...and the list goes on and on.

The crowd erupts with appreciation.

Blood: He has proven time and time again that everyone has a place here in this company. He is a former World Tag Team Champion...and over the past year, he has held the World Heavyweight Championship twice! He is the first man to win the Last Man Standing battle royle...and just a few short months after entering this company, he was the main event for the first ever SuperCard!

The crowd again cheers in appreciation.

Blood: Earlier tonight, I had the honor of being his opponent in his last match...and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! Ladies and gentlemen...you're latest inductee in to the CWF Hall Of Fame...MAGNUS THUNDER!!!

"Crimson Thunder" by Hammerfall hits the arena as lightning strikes the stage. The videotron opens, releasing the mammoth to make his way down the aisle. He climbs on to the apron and steps over the top rope as the crowd is filling the stadium with cheers. He makes his way to the podium as his music fades out.

Magnus Thunder: Just as the seasons come and go, and the great ages of the world pass into memory, so must the work of a man who has seen the greatest heights and depths of what it means to be what you define as a star. The peaks and valleys are all there to teach us, but we are never there forever. These things, too, shall pass. The way in which a man lives is indicative of his ideals. I came here because someone I cared for deeply was in need. Chiron Cross, a young man who is in all respects a son to me, was threatened with a life of poverty even after his deliverance from a place of wickedness and greed...I was unable to support him through normal means of employment, which were scant.

Then came a call for “talent”, which had been brought to my attention through a strange series of events too complicated to share here, one that asked for men of able bodies and strong charismatic traits to become what the world knew as a professional wrestler. Though the world can endlessly debate the extent of my charisma or, in the opinions of some, a lack thereof, I nonetheless managed to stand out from the crowd, likely because I stood above them. From my initial training from the storied Maniac, whose more direct methods were not altogether expected, to my very first taste of combat against the legendary Sleepwalker, who became a brother in arms I could count on like no other...it was the beginning of a path which I never would have dreamed. Up until then, I had never watched professional wrestling. My life had other priorities and television wasn’t one of them. But once I started...once I saw the life I could give Chiron, it was settled. I was hand-picked by Maniac himself, approved not several days later by the man who made me what I am today.

I expected moderate pay. I received a king’s bounty. Mark had always treated his people well. Through the loyalty and the betrayal, the tragedies and the triumphs, he never wavered from his vision of a company where men could beat each other to a brutal mess and still walk out to fight the very next night. That first match against Sleepwalker was, for lack of a better term, an awakening for me. It was the start of the most epic stable to ever set foot in the hallowed halls of the CWF. Omega. The last line. The one no one dares to cross. We took in another, Shadow Maxx, and it was then that history unfolded.

My spirit soared as their leader, though I never asked for that position, and we embarked on a journey that took from the four corners of the world to the furthest reaches of the cosmos. Yet the greatest of these journeys happened here. Right here, within these ropes, and upon this canvas. We were the makers of history. Our efforts to rid the CWF of evil and corruption took me from the undercard to the main event, to winning the first ever Last Man Standing alongside Crow, onto a legendary battle at the very first Valentine Bash, and then to headline the very first Super Card. All in just four month’s time.

From besting the cunning and ruthless to battling the demonic forces that sought only our doom, I had done it all. I have crossed the length and breadth of this existence, seen the greatest sights of the world both small and great, been the greatest bastion of good and a horrific harbinger of death, and come full circle to both.

But now those circles must be broken.

It is time for me to go. For I have accomplished what was needed. I have been part of the astonishing rise of the CWF, witnessed the maelstrom of champions that, and the fiery bedlam that keeps you all coming back for more.

I accept this place of honor among the great ones who came before. I am honored and grateful to stand within the halls of this veritable Valhalla as a man who did his job, and did it well.

To Mariano, your heart is the biggest one of any competitor I have ever seen. I trust that one day I will see you standing here next to me.

To Keith Daniels, another whose face will be among legends one day, I am sorry I had not stuck by you as I should have all those years ago. Keep moving forward, and let the grace of God guide you.

To Pledge Allegiance, for giving me an opportunity to earn the world heavyweight championship a second time, and for a long and storied reign.

To Brian Adams, for without you I would not have been pushed to a new limit in my efforts to reign supreme over all.

To Blood, for coming out here and ending this feud once and for all. May God watch over you, and may the power of the storm be at your every step. You and I battled like no other, and I will be feeling this for days upon days. We would never forget each other even if this battle had never happened, but even doubly so now. I will never walk the same again. I will fondly remember the battles we waged, and I hope that there memory never fades.

To Maniac, for being a friend to me all those years, a man whom one could count on to be both a wild card and a man of honor. I miss the days when we fought side by side, knocking aside the competition like so many paper dolls in a hurricane. We would have been unstoppable.

To Mark Xamin, old friend, whose faith in me never wavered and always welcomed me back with open arms. You made me, you made all of us, and brought us to a place that allowed us to live in greatness. May that always be forefront in your mind, that you created an empire of icons that has never been equaled in all of wrestling.

To those of you who are still finding your place among within this storied organization, never give up on your dreams. And never forget who you are.

My friends out there in the sea of darkness around me, the cynics of the world think what we do is the stuff of sideshows, circus acts in the name of mindless entertainment. But looking at all of you here, this great, wonderful, endearing crowd of people...looking at you, I see those who know what we really are, and what we truly mean!

And so it is to you that I give my final thanks, my fellow seekers of justice. It was you, the fans, who looked upon this haggard Norseman of old, and saw that a man of justice was just what the CWF needed. It was you who carried me here, and it is to your hails and cheers will I depart.

The crowd starts another thank you chant as Magnus makes his way up the aisle. He is followed by Blood and the rest of the CWF roster as "Kingdom" by U2 plays. Turnbuckle returns to the announce table.

TT: There you have it, Bobby! Magnus Thunder and Jimmy Blast...Hall Of Famers!

BC: Indeed!

TT: Next up...it'll be Terry Richards and James Baker in a Last Man Standing match for the Unified Championship!


Cut to the ring.

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Last Man Standing match, and it is for the CWF Unified Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Compton, California, standing tall at 5’11 and weighing in at 232 pounds... HE IS “DA XTREME GANGSTA”... JAMES BAKER!!!

"Hail Mary" by 2Pac blazes throughout the PA system as clouds and clouds of red smoke appear on the entrance ramp. The videotron seperates as James Baker slowly walks through the smoke, dressed up in Black Dickies, a long black trenchcoat and his face painted in red and black colors as he carries a glass cup in his right hand and his Spiked Out Baseball Bat in his other hand. He then slowly walks down the rap while his homestate fans continue to give him a positive reception. He then tags hands with a few fans before turning around on the steel steps to face the crowd. He then proceeds to drink out of the glass and then spits the blood into the air before he steps through the ropes and into the ring. He then gets on the rope and drinks from the glass again before he spites the blood into the air for the second time. He then takes his trenchcoat off and places it in the corner as he proceeds to do the same thing with the glass and his Spiked Out Baseball Bat before pounding his chest and pointing his right index finger up to the sky to show tribute to his late relative, Enrique Lopez.

TT: And there is James Baker, ladies and gentlemen!

BC: To hell with Baker, I want to see Richards!

As James Baker taunts on top of the turnbuckle, his theme suddenly fades out to the sound of interference in transmission. The lights of the arena flicker, as Baker comes down from the turnbuckle. The arena lights keep flickering, the speed between light and darkness increases...And, finally, all systems go down. The crowd doesn’t look very satisfied. After some moments of silence in the dark, suddenly, a quick succession of drumming plays as pyro blasts synchronized with the song, gradually going down the aisle. When the rest of the instruments kick off, pyro explodes out of all four turnbuckles three times loudly. The rest of “Motorbreath” by Metallica keeps playing, the general arena lights are restored, and the crowd starts booing incredibly loud. Twenty security guards, organized in two rows, invade the aisle on their way to the ring as the crowd boos violently. They stop next to crowd, pretty much stopping people front row from seeing the entrance. The entrance for the full Legion of Shadows ensues. Chris and Alex come first, dragging down the aisle a coffin, seemingly as a mention to Enrique, which gets a huge chorus of booing from the crowd. Hikari and Mariana come next, guarded by Trent Walker, that keeps screaming “ROSE BOWL SUCKS!” and “CALIFORNIA BLOWS!”. After all of them are ready at ringside, Terry finally arrives, tuxedo suit, the Assault and Psychosis Championships around his shoulders, and the Unified Championship around his waist. By his side goes his assistant, Lynne... Who he’s having a secret affair with. The crowd enters a riot, booing and trying to throw trash at Terry, but getting stopped by the ultra protective guards. Terry cockily walks down the aisle, fakes to run, to match the song that talks about a life full of electricity, but then resumes his confident stride down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...From Chicago, Illinois... (Heavy booing)...Weighing in at one hundred and eighty six pounds, by the first time ever in SuperCard...He is currently the unsanctioned Psychosis Champion, the owner of the Assault belt, and the Unified Champion...Accompanied to the ring by the Legion of Shadows and hired bodyguards...”The Windy City Madman”...TERRY RICHARDS!!!

The crowd completely hates this, and so does James Baker. Chris, Alex, Mariana, Hikari, Trent and Lynne all sit ringside, next to the announcer’s table.

TT: Well, we’ve got the family joining us at ringside...

BC: Sorry, Bobby, you’re not decent enough to face them.

TT: Whatever.

Terry goes through the ropes and into the ring with a smirk as an answer to the incredibly vicious crowd. The bodyguards spread away as their duty is done. Terry shows off all of his three titles, hands them all to the referee, grabs his tuxedo suit, and shreds both parts in other two, revealing a special wrestling attire for him, wrestling tights with the Legion of Shadows’ logo on the side. Terry seemingly keeps looking at the crowd, but then explodes out of nowhere, turning around and jumping into a beautiful hurracanrana for James Baker.


TT: And here we go! Whoever can keep his opponent down for 10 seconds will be the winner of this match and the title!

BC: Not to mention the one with the bragging rights!

TT: And Baker is a raging bull already! A spear to Richards taking him down!

BC: Oh crap, he’s gone mad!

TT: And with a good reason, may I add!

BC: Shut up! Richards swats Baker away and is quick to get up! Here’s an elbow to Baker! And another one! A kick to the gut and a DDT! Baker is down!

TT: Great move combination by Richards!

BC: And now Richards is stomping a mudhole on Baker! That’s right, Terry, stomp his butt like you MEAN IT!

TT: I don’t think that’s going to happen! Baker rolls out of the way, gets back to his feet and hits a roundhouse on Richards skull!

BC: Crap! I hate to admit it, but it’s a great impact!

TT: Richards knocked backwards and onto his back, Baker quick to follow... Full Nelson Slam! And Richards is flat on his back!

BC: Goddammit!

TT: And now Baker with his signature Guillotine Choke Hold!

BC: Look at the pressure he’s applying! He’s going to kill Terry!

Baker is applying the choke hold on Richards, pressing harder and harder until Richards turns blue! The ref asks Richards if he wants to throw the match, but he denies almost maniacally, and with every ounce of strength in his body he manages to break free!

TT: Look at that! What a close one by Baker!

BC: That goes to show that Richards has no quit inside him!

TT: I would certainly agree! And now there’s a lockup! Richards and Baker grappling, Baker has Richards for a Brainbuster... NO! Richards with a head scissors and Baker is sent rolling to the ropes!

BC: HA! What an excellent counter!

TT: Baker making it to his feet, Richards bounces over the ropes... CORKSCREW ATTACK! Baker and Richards crashing outside the ring!

BC: I love this! There are no rules, we’re in to see total carnage!

Baker getting back to his feet first, he picks up a steel chair as Richards is about to stand... THWACK! Right to the back of Richards!

TT: What an impact! Richards is doubled over with that chair shot!

BC: Nooo!

James Baker lifts the chair up with one arm and the crowd pops huge!

TT: And here’s Baker hyping the crowd! He is going to swing again... NO! Superkick by Richards out of nowhere, the chair impacts on Baker’s face!

BC: WOW! That was deadly!

TT: James Baker is already busted open!

BC: And this is only the beginning!

Richards with the chair now, approaches Baker and THWACK! A huge shot to the Gangsta’s skull! And another one!

TT: This is almost sadistic!

BC: And that’s why I love it!

TT: Terry Richards for another shot... NO! Out of instinct Baker pushes the chair back with his foot to Terry’s face!

BC: Damn Baker got lucky!

TT: Maybe so, but now he’s gone psychotic! Kick to Terry’s gut and BANG! Terry’s head is rammed against the ring post!

BC: No, dammit! Not the head!

Baker pounds Terry’s head time and again, until Terry drops like a sack of potatoes!

TT: And here’s the count!









Richards gets back up!

BC: Yes! I knew he was going to do it!

TT: You would alright!

BC: Shut your hole and call the match!

TT: What do you think I’m doing!? Richards still staggering, but shakes the cobwebs and gets back in the ring! Baker is quick to follow up, bringing the chair with him...

BC: Richards runs to the ropes and bounces with an elbow! Baker is dazed, and Terry follows up with a jumping roundhouse to Baker’s head!

Baker drops the chair, but still on his feet, Richards grabs his arm, twists it around... NATARE BIANCO!

BC: Unbelievable! Excellent stylish move by Terry!

TT: Wait, what’s Richards doing?

Richards is setting up the chair in a flat position while Baker is still regaining his senses, he grabs baker... Russian leg sweep and BOTH men’s faces hit the chair! Richards gets up busted open but laughing maniacally, tasting his own blood!

TT: And here’s another count!









Baker is up!

BC: Are you kidding me!?

TT: Apparently not! Baker is up and this match continues!

Baker rushes to Richards, whips him hard against the ropes and hits a beautiful Hurricanrana! He picks Richards up, lifts him up... DA XTREME KNOCKOUT ON THE CHAIR! Richards is convulsing through the impact!

BC: That psychotic rapper wannabe is going to kill Richards!

TT: Just as Richards has wanted to kill Baker all of this match!

BC: I didn’t pull your string Turnbuckle!

TT: Anyways, Crane, you have to admit these two men have taken each other to new limits tonight!

Richards is writhing on the mat in pain! Baker looks at the ring, drops down, picks up a table and sets it up.

BC: Oh no, I don’t like where this is going...

TT: Me neither, but for different reasons!

Baker signals for the end... he carries Terry upon his back and climbs the top turnbuckle, aiming outside the arena into the table, he goes for a Super DDT... NO! Richards counters it into his own at the last second! And both men crash through the table out cold!

TT: Oh no, no NO!

BC: It’s now down to who is going to get up!

Both men are motionless as the referee starts the count!

TT: And here’s the count!





Both men starting to stir...






Richards with spaghetti legs, manages to stay up!



Ring Announcer: The winner of this match... and STILL CWF Unified Champion... THE WINDY CITY MADMAN... TERRY RICHARDS!

Terry drops down again as his family members rush at his side, while EMTs take down both wrestlers in respective gurneys.

BC: YES! Yes! Richards retains! I knew this was going to happen Teddy

TT: Whatever you knew or didn’t know, this was a hell of a match!


TT: Alright everybody! Our next match up could be described with only one word: Headliner! On any other event this match would be the main event for sure. Tonight, "The Dangerous One" Keith Daniels defends his National Championship once again against Sickboy. The heated rivalry between these two warriors of the squared circle has become the stuff of legends Bobby, and I have no idea what better way to cap it off than in a steel cage at the grandest stage of them all, Super Card Six!

BC: No kidding! These two men have been at each other's throats for the past four months! The war that these two have waged with each other has been nothing short of brutal! Keith Daniels set his challenger on fire, and then Sickboy went so far as to attack the National Champion's family!

TT: There is no doubt that these two men have taken a professional rivalry to a whole other level and made it damn personal between the two!

BC: Can you blame them Teddy? Keith Daniels wanted to be send a message as the National Champion and Sickboy answered the message with one of his own. These two have been in so many matches in a short amount of time that I'm surprised that they haven't killed each other by now.

TT: Very true, and hopefully the steel cage tonight will contain the carnage that these two superstars will undoubtedly unleash upon each other, with only one men coming out of this the winner and the National Champion. Speaking of which, who do you think will come out of this with their hand raised Bobby?

BC: Sickboy is one tough son of a bitch Teddy, there is absolutely no denying that. With that being said, Keith has been on a roll unrivaled by anybody to my knowledge. He is one half of the Shock Star Originals and just as good as anybody in that ring, including his partner Brian Adams who is in the main event for the world title tonight! Who do I pick? I'm a betting man Teddy, and the smart money says Keith Daniels walks out of Super Card Six the same way he walked in: still CWF National Champion. He's inhumanly large, he's tall, he's talented, he's confident, and he's dangerous! How about you?

TT: While I agree with almost everything you say about our current champion, I think I'll be throwing in my change with the challenger. Sickboy has proven in the past that he is a worthy competitor in that ring. He is one of the greatest National Champions in recent history and has become somewhat of the dark horse here in the CWF. He is always a threat to anyone, and is only one win away from turning his recent bad luck around. I believe we'll be seeing a new CWF National Champion by the end of this battle.

BC: Let's see if your right Turnbuckle, here comes the challenger now!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, our next bout is a steel cage match for the Classic Wrestling Federation's National Championship! Introducing first our challenger from New York City, New York...he stands at six feet four inches and weighs in tonight at 270 pounds, is a former member of the Horsemen and the Fed Killers and is a former CWF National Champion...SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK BOOOOOOOOOOOOY!

"Driver Down" by Trent Reznor hits and the crowd explodes into boos as Sickboy appears on the stage. He takes his time walking down the aisle, looking over at fans in the front row booing him loudly. He smirks at them and continues walking, and then climbs the ring steps and steps through the ropes into the ring. He holds out his arms, soaking in the heat from the crowd, and leans against his corner.

TT: There he is Bobby! There is the man that could be our next CWF National Champion.

BC: You hear what you're saying? Could. Not will, not is, could. It's not definite and he hasn't been able to defeat our current champion ever, and I don't believe Keith will allow it tonight. Far too much is on the line tonight!

TT: Well, here is the man to prove you right. Here comes our champion!

"If you mad I'm on top, then wish me gone
If you mad I'm on the road, then wish me home
And if you mad that I'm right, punk wish me wrong
But after your three wishes - BLOW IT OUT YA ASS!"

Suddenly, "Blow It Out" by Ludacris blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in both boos and cheers. The lights dim and Keith Daniels makes his way to the stage. Blue spotlights begin to roam about in the crowd while Daniels looks out. Darkness shrouds Daniels as he looks around. He raises his CWF National Title up in the air and the fireworks begin to blast on the stage, blinding the crowd.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring... from Orlando, Florida! Weighing in at three hundred forty six pounds... he is the Classic Wrestling Federation National Champion!! "THE DANGEROUS ONE" KEITH DANIELS!

Daniels drapes his CWF National title back over his shoulder as he begins to walk down the ramp, taunting the fans in the front row. He climbs onto the apron and shows his title off to the crowd before stepping between the ropes and walks to the left turnbuckle. He scans the crowd briefly before spreading his arms wide, inviting the fans to take in his glory. He climbs down and walks to the other side of the ring, a smirk on his face. Once again climbing the turnbuckle, he begins to shout at the fans in the front row and point to himself and then his title as he again opens his arms to the crowd. He hops down again, turns around, hands the title over to the referee and begins to nonchalantly lean against the turnbuckle, awaiting the start of the match as his music fades out.

The steel cage starts to descend around the ring. The camera pans back and forth between both men as they both watch the cage come down over them. The referee holds the title belt high in the air before exiting the ring out through the cage door, closing it behind him.


BC: HERE WE GO TEDDY! Can you feel it! The CWF National Championship at Super Card Six! It doesn't get any bigger than this!

TT: No it doesn't Crane! The lock up! Daniels with a quick knee to the gut followed by a forearm shot to the face! Sickboy is forced to back off a bit but is right back in Keith's face as he jumps at him with rights and lefts! Keith shoves him away forces Sickboy to tumble backwards into the corner!

BC: What power displayed by our National Champion! Keith on the attack! He drags Sickboy to his feet by his hair and delivers another brutal forearm to the face! Sickboy is in a big of a daze as Keith grabs Sickboy with both hands around his head and slams the side of Sickboy's head into the cage! WOW!

TT: Wow is right Bobby, that cage doesn't give when you get slammed against it, and I'm sure Sickboy would attest to that fact! I don't believe we'll see any sound wrestling tonight!

BC: No kidding, these two want to tear each other apart! Keith Daniels grabs Sickboy's head again and slams his face back into the cage and Sickboy is down! This match could be over before it really starts!

TT: Don't count Sickboy out yet Crane! Sickboy tries to crawl away from Daniels but the champion refuses to let up! Daniels with a boot to Sickboy's head forcing him to roll over! Keith like an animal in there!

BC: You gotta be Teddy! That's the only way to survive in a cage match! Keith has Sickboy back up...short arm clothesline! Wow, you could feel the impact all the way over here at the announce tables!

TT: Keith Daniels showing no mercy to Sickboy tonight folks! Keith Daniels drops a knee on Sickboy's head! Keith back up and is now making a home for his foot on top of Sickboy's throat!

BC: With that much weight Keith could crush Sickboy's esophagus! You can't win a match if you can't breathe Teddy! Woo!

TT: You would really want Keith to do that just so you could be right huh?

BC: No, I want Keith to do that so he can win. Big Keith Daniels fan here, buddy.

TT: Get over yourself! Keith Daniels stands over Sickboy's fallen body, hovering over his prey like a predator about to go in for the kill!

BC: Kill him Keith!

Keith Daniels drops an elbow! No! Sickboy rolls out of the way leaving Keith on the canvas cradling his elbow in pain! Sickboy back to his feet and hits a leg drop over Keith's throat! Sickboy drops in close to Keith Daniels and starts talking trash to Keith!

BC: Oh that's great! Stop what you're doing to taunt a man that could tear you to shreds! That's your pick Teddy! His talent may be a threat to others, but his intelligence, or lack thereof, is a threat to his own well-being!

TT: Say what you want, but these two men hate each other! Sickboy mounts Daniels and starts to lay into him with lefts and rights! Keith covers up to shield himself until Sickboy tires himself out! Sickboy tries to land another right but Keith catches him by the wrists and throws him off!

BC: Pure power! That's how you describe our champion! Keith is back up and starts after Sickboy! Get him Keith!

TT: Sickboy with a dropkick that forces Keith to the ropes and Sickboy has started up the cage! Sickboy almost to the top!

BC: Daniels grabs him by the trunks! Sickboy starts to kick at him but Keith grabs his leg and throws him down to the ring on his back! This is where is pays to be as big as The Dangerous One is Teddy!

TT: No doubt about that, but why isn't Keith trying to climb the cage?

BC: Because he is in no hurry to defeat Sickboy! This match to Keith is more about decimating Sickboy to within an inch of his life and I must say that Keith is doing one hell of a job at doing so!

TT: Maybe, but if he wants to walk out of Super Card Six with the title he better start trying to get out of the cage instead of destroying Sickboy!

Keith forces Sickboy up and lift him up onto his right shoulder. Keith stands back and starts running towards the side of the cage! Keith throws Sickboy off his shoulder like a javelin head first into the side of the cage! Sickboy's head makes a sickening thud as he connects with the cage! Sickboy drops to the mat as Keith smiles at his handy work. Keith lifts him back on the shoulder and repeats the act as Sickboy crashes back into the side of the cage!

BC: I'll be right back, I think I'll call the paramedics. This match is over!

TT: You just sit back down Crane! It's not over until that bell rings, but I am concerned for Sickboy's health. Going head first into that cold hard steel one time is enough to give you a concussion, but Keith has drilled Sickboy's head into the cage four times now!

BC: Yeah, he's lucky Keith hasn't put him into a damn coma! I love it!

TT: Again?! Why isn't Keith trying to escape the cage? This is ridiculous!

BC: Ridiculous, but totally legal! Keith has him back on his shoulder again and takes off towards the cage!

TT: Sickboy counters! Sickboy drops down behind Daniels and shoves him face first into the cage! How did that taste Mr. Dangerous One?!

BC: Ahh! Come on Keith, shake it off!

Keith Daniels stumbles back and falls to one knee. Sickboy measures Keith and nails a stiff drop kick to the side of Daniels' head and he is down! Sickboy goes to the top rope as he awaits Keith to get to his feet! Keith is up and very angry. He spins around in a fit of rage but Sickboy was waiting for him and leaps off the top rope...tornado ddt! Keith's head smashes off the canvas! Sickboy slow to his feet and checks on Keith...Keith is down and not moving! Sickboy runs and jumps and begins to scale the side of the cage!!

TT: Keith is down and Sickboy is almost at the top of the cage! This is it Bobby! We're going to have a new CWF National Champion!

BC: Don't get too far ahead of yourself Teddy! Keith is up and spots Sickboy! Keith is enraged as he starts up the cage after Sickboy!

TT: Sickboy has one leg over the side of the cage! If he wants to win this he's going to have to make a jump for it!

BC: Keith catches his leg! Sickboy is trying to shake him off but that's useless! Sickboy and Keith are both on top of the cage fighting it out! Sickboy with a left...Keith returns with a stiff right that knocks Sickboy off his balace!

TT: Sickboy is gonna fall! If he falls onto the floor he wins it!

BC: NO! Keith grabs him and keeps him up! Keith climbs over and hooks Sickboy up!

TT: Is Keith goes to do what I think he's going to do!

BC: I think so Teddy! I believe Sickboy is going for a ride!!!

Keith lifts Sickboy up...cameras all around the Rose Bowl start flashing as the two men go crashing down to the mat. Hard.


TT: Oh my God! They both could be dead from the impact of that alone! I think the ring moved! Neither man is moving!

BC: This is intense! This is Super Card Six! It doesn't get much better than this Teddy!

TT: While I'd love to agree with you, we have two men in the ring that just took a twenty foot fall right before they slammed down onto the canvas harder than ever before!

BC: You knew this was going to be a war! These two guys are looking to kill each other and will do anything to accomplish that before the night is over!

TT: You may be right Bobby, but look! Keith is starting to move!

BC: That's right Keith! Get up and get out of there! This is your night Daniels!

Keith gets to his feet and smiles at Sickboy's seemingly lifeless body. Keith raises his boot and drops it down hard onto Sickboy's face! That sure brought Sickboy back to life! Sickboy rolls around the ring covering his face, blood exploding out of his nose! Keith sees the blood and lifts his nose and breathes in deeply through his nose, as if he smells the sweetest aroma in the room.

TT: Keith is one sadistic individual Bobby, there is no way you can deny that.

BC: I don't plan to. All I got is two words for you: Shock Value.

Keith grabs Sickboy by his hair and forces him to his knees. Keith screams down at Sickboy and demands that Sickboy beg him for mercy. Sickboy shakes his head violently before driving it into Keith's crotch!

BC: That's one way to get head, I suppose!

TT: You're disgusting! Sickboy with the low blow that forces Keith to buckle over and Sickboy is back to his feet! Sickboy is nursing his lower back but is fighting through the pain! Sickboy shoves keith down between his legs and lifts him up...pile driver! Jesus, both of these men will need MRIs and CAT Scans before this is all said and done!

BC: You're not kidding! These men have been cracking each other's skulls to pieces since the bell rung!

Sickboy drags Daniels to his feet and over to the side of the cage and smashes him into the wall! And again! Keith is out on his feet and leaning against the side of the cage for support! Sickboy drops back and nails another drop kick to the back of Keith's head and smacks his face into the cage again! Keith is bleeding!

TT: Keith is cut! The blood is beginning to pour out of his forehead!

BC: Someone call a time out!

TT: Bobby, there are no time outs in wrestling!

BC: Well, there should be! The man is bleeding profusely and might pass out!

TT: But like you said...it's all legal!

Keith falls down on all fours but Sickboy doesn't waste any time! Sickboy goes back to the side of the cage and slowly begins to climb it. Keith checks his forehead and feels the blood driiping from it. A scowl forms over his face and he spots Sickboy on the cage.

TT: Keith doesn't look too happy Bobby.

BC: Don't get him angry Teddy. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

TT: Please...

Keith gets to Sickboy and turns around and is now under him! Keith grabs Sickboy and has him on his shoulders with his legs wrapped around Keith's head! Keith walks to the middle of the ring and slams him down...POWER BOMB! The crowds stands in amazing and start chanting "C-W-F! C-W-F! C-W-F!" in appreciation for what they're witnessing before their eyes!

TT: This is incredible!

BC: This is CWF baby! The only place you'll ever be able to see action like this!

TT: I have no idea how Sickboy could have survived that! First a super-plex from the top rope, and now a power bomb that could have quite possibly have broken him in half?

BC: These two men are the toughest I've ever seen, and they're still here for more

TT: It's all about Super Card Bobby! This is the show case of the immortals! This is where legends are made! Triple X, Magnus Thunder, Brian Adams, they ALL made their names at Super Card, and these two men are looking to do the same!

Keith Daniels lifts Sickboy to his feet and lifts him over his head with a gorilla press! Sickboy is dangling ten feet in the air! Sickboy starts to struggle and hooks his finger in Daniels' eye! Keith drops him and covers his eye with his hand! Sickboy back his feet and grabs Keith by the back of the head...neck breaker! Keith's neck is brought down hard onto Sickboy's shoulder! Sickboy starts climbing the cage again!

TT: And again Sickboy starts to scale the cage! Sickboy is determined to take that title away from Keith.

BC: Because he knows that's the only way he can hurt him! In a normal match he can't pin Keith, and in a steel cage match he can't go toe to toe with him, so the only way to hurt him is to take away his national title by running away from him and escaping the cage!

TT: Bobby...that's kind of the whole point of the match!

BC:...so?! That doesn't change a thing!

TT: Sickboy is at the top of the cage! He's going to win it!

BC: What is he doing?!

TT: It looks like he's staying at the top waiting for Keith Daniels to get up!

BC: Keith, stay down!

TT: I don't think he heard you Bobby, because he's getting up! Keith is up to one knee and finally pushes himself up! Sickboy sees he's up and leaps off the cage into a MOONSAULT!

BC: NO! Keith catches him on his shoulder! The crowd explodes in admiration at the monsterous strength of the CWF National Champion! Keith circles the ring with Sickboy on his shoulder before charges the side of the cage and rams Sickboy face first into the steel! Sickboy is busted open!

TT: Oh my God! Both men are down and both men are bleeding! Do you think either of them will be able to finish this match before they bleed out!

BC: God I sure hope so! Xamin is very well to do money wise, but I can only imagine the chunk of change he'd be paying out for insurance purposes!

TT: That very well may be if it this keeps up much longer! Keith Daniels and Sickboy start to their feet! Keith is up!

Keith yells out to the crowd and signals for the Final Verdict! Sickboy is back up to his feet but doesn't know where he is. Keith grabs him and brings him in, lifting him up on his shoulders! Keith spins Sickboy off of his shoulders...Final Verdict! No! Sickboy spins off Keith's shoulders and lands on his feet! Sickboy with a boot to gut! No, Keith catches in and throws it down and locks Sickboy in a clinch! Keith begins to lift sharp knees into Sickboy's mid-section!

BC: I don't think Sickboy will be able to take much more of this! Those Muay Thai knees are hard enough to shatter your ribs!

Sickboy breaks the clinch and follows it up with a series of forearms to Daniels' jaw! Keith falls back to the ropes as Sickboy covers his ribs in pain, trying to regain his composure after all those knees that Keith drilled into his gut. Sickboy slowly back to his feet and takes off. Sickboy bounces off the ropes and returns to Keith who cuts him off with a vicious clothesline!


TT: No one can execute a clothes line quite like Keith Daniels! All the power in the world and he knows just how to use it with that solitary move to knock you clean off your feet! Sickboy was turned inside out and lands on the canvas like a rag doll!

BC: I think right now I'd like to remind the children at home to NOT try this at home.

TT: Yes indeed! A move like done by anyone but trained professionals is likely to break your neck! Did you see the way Sickboy's body contorted in mid-air?!

BC: Yes! Keith, get up! This is your chance to win it! HAHA! I think he heard me!

TT: He may have Crane! Daniels is crawling his way towards to side of the cages and pulls himself to his feet! Keith reaches up and high as he can and starts to climb the cage!

BC: Yes! I told you he was going to keep his belt! Come on Keith, climb!!

Keith continues to climb the cage as Sickboy starts to stir and slowly begins pushing himself up to a vertical base. Keith Daniels is the top of the cage and swings one leg over! Sickboy sees this and desperately begins to climb the cage after him! Keith swings his other leg over as Sickboy reaches the top! It's Sickboy and Keith now at the top of the cage on opposite sides! Right! Left! Right! Left!

TT: Jesus, these guys are looking to beat each other into oblivion!

BC: Just let go Keith! Let go and fall down and you'll win the damn! Let go damn it!

Keith with another right! Sickboy grabs Keith's head and smashes it off the cage! Keith comes back and returns the favor to Sickboy! Blood is flying from their heads from each blow to the head! Sickboy with a thumb to the eye on Keith and slams his head off the cage once more! Keith is dazed! Sickboy grabs him by the neck and hooks him in! Sickboy screams out to the crowd and makes a gesture with his hand!

TT: Is it possible Bobby? Do you think he's going to go for it?!


The whole Rose Bowl lights up with camera flashes once again as Sickboy pulls Keith Daniels off the top of the cage back into the ring with a brutal snap ddt!

TT: OH MY GOD! HE NAILED IT! He nailed the Infection from the top of the cage into the middle of the ring!

BC: Do NOT try this at home!

The crowd is now on their feet chanting “Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!”

TT: Could this be the end for our reigning CWF National Champion? After a crushing blow like that you would believe that all Sickboy would have to do is climb the cage and get down without much worry from Keith Daniels at this point!

BC: Yes, you would believe that wouldn't you?! Well I don't! This is not the end of Keith Daniels! You'll see!

TT: Sickboy is starting to army crawl towards the side of the cage and is now using it to hoist himself up! Sickboy has begun climbing the cage and has to be using every last ounce of energy to be doing so!

BC: GET UP KEITH! You can't let that little freak take your title away! GET THE HELL UP NOW!

TT: Sickboy is inching his way up the side of the cage! Keith Daniels is starting to stir but does he have the energy to reach Sickboy in time to save his title reign?!

BC: Of course he does! He's The Dangerous One damn it!

TT: Keith is up to one knee but Sickboy is three quarters the way up the cage! Keith looks up the cage and seems almost enraged that Sickboy is attempting to escape the cage!

BC: That's right Keith, get pissed! Get pissed and get Sickboy! Go get him!

Keith stumbles his way over towards the side Sickboy is climbing and begins to climb himself! Sickboy swings his leg over the top of the cage! Sickboy is sitting on top of the cage and Keith has made his way to Sickboy! Keith and Sickboy start going at it again!

TT: This two just don't quit do they?! Keith nails Sickboy with a right to the side of his head! Sickboy returns it with a right of his own! Keith nails him again! And again! Keith is looking to obliterate Sickboy! Wait...what are they doing!

BC: They're both standing on top of the cage! This is insane!

TT: This is beyond dangerous! They could fall and both be out of a career!

BC: This is Super Card Teddy, in their minds this is their whole career wrapped up in one night!

TT: I don't believe they believe that Crane! You can always live to fight another day!

BC: I'm sure that is coming from your years of experiencing wrestling at Super Cards!

TT: Sickboy with a right! Keith returns it with a left and begins to dominate Sickboy on top of the cage! Both men have lost what seems to be gallons of blood throughout this historic match up!

BC: Throw him down and get out of the cage Keith! You've already destroyed him, now claim your prize!!!

TT: Sickboy and Daniels continue to trade blows! Daniels with a sharp forearm to the face and Sickboy has finally had enough!

BC: That's right Sickboy! Just admit defeat and allow Keith to walk out of Pasadena with what is rightfully his!

TT: What is Keith doing!


Keith charges Sickboy and SPEARS HIM OFF THE TOP OF THE TWENTY FOOT STEEL CAGE! The deafening crowd goes silent as they come crashing down through the Spanish announce table!

BC: Get out of the way Jose'!

TT: Shut up!


TT: Who won?! They both hit the floor!

BC: It has to be Keith! IT HAS TO BE!

The referees huddle up and begin to whisper to each other for a while. They then go over to the announcer Doc McMartin and make their request...

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please give your attention to the Classic Jumbo-Tron as the referees are calling for an instant replay of the action!

The cameras pan to the Jumbo-Tron as footage of the replay of Keith spearing Sickboy off the top of the cage is shown. The footage goes into slow motion as Sickboy and Keith go crashing through the Spanish announce table and stops to show who's feet hit the ground first. The referees huddle up once again to discuss the decision and then go back to Doc McMartin to announce the winner.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen...the winner of this bout...and NEEEEEEEEEWWWW! CWF NATIONAL CHAMPION!....SIIIIIIIIIIIICK BOOOOOOOOY!

“Driven Down” by Trent Reznor blasts over the Rose Bowl's pa system as paramedics rush down to the ring to attend to both Keith Daniels and Sickboy. The referee lays the National Championship over Sickboy's fallen before the paramedics hoist his body onto the stretcher and roll him off the stadium floor. Keith finally comes to as the paramedics try to get him on a stretcher as well. Keith finally realizes he lost and shoves the stretcher away as he begins to stumble around the ring and up the ramp on his own.

TT: My God what a match!

BC: You said it Teddy! This could very well take the match of the night, if not match of the year award in December!

TT: And with Sickboy picking up the win tonight, does this mean he'll be defending it in a rematch a month from now at Vendetta?!

BC: It could be Teddy! Keith Daniels showed tonight that he is one of the best in the business and tonight could just as easily have gone his way! After tonight Keith has decide if he wants to attempt to regain what he lost here tonight, or if he finally wants to make a run at the World Championship. There will always be bigger fish to fry for Keith Daniels, you can believe that!

TT: Hats off to Sickboy as well who put on one hell of a fight against a man who he previously has never gained a victory over!

BC: And in my mind still hasn't! I won't deny that Sickboy has probably just fought his greatest fight in his career, but Keith Daniels beat Keith Daniels tonight Teddy! If Keith wasn't so damn hell bent on destroying Sickboy instead of retaining the National title, he might still be..

TT: But he's not, and Sickboy is now a two time National Champion whether anyone likes it or not! And he beat Keith Daniels for it as well!


Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! If Pledge Allegiance loses...he must retire! Introducing first...

"Elevation" by U2 hits the arena as the crowd turns their attention to the stage. The videotron seperates as Mr. Xamin steps out to the stage, black jeans and black t-shirt on. He smiles as he looks around at the sold out crowd admiring his creation. He gives a wave to the crowd before making his way down the aisle.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first...from Toronto, Ontario! He is the Chairman and Founder of CWF...MR. XAMIN!!!

Xamin slides under the bottom rope and in to the ring. He climbs the corner and once again waves to the fans. He hops down as his music fades out.

TT: I still can't believe that the boss is wrestling tonight!

BC: Why not?! It's his creation! He can do what he wants!

"Iron Man" by Black Sabboth booms throughout the stadium and the crowd jumps to their feet. The videotron seperates as Pledge Allegiance steps out to the top of the ramp, taking in the love from the crowd. He marches intently down the aisle, slapping the occasional hand along the way.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from New York, New York! Weighing in at two hundred eighty pounds...PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!!!

Once Pledge gets to the ring, he jumps from the arena floor to the ring apron and steps over the top rope. He climbs in to the ring as his music fades out, intently staring at Mr. Xamin.


TT: The match has started, and look at Pledge already...SPEAR on Mark Xamin!

BC: So, this is basically the boss between a washed up Hall of Famer. Perfect.

TT: If you weren’t so sarcastic, perhaps you could get a raise, eh Bobby?

BC: Shut up.

TT: In the ring, Pledge is furiously stomping Xamin over and over, and now he’s choking him on the bottom rope!





TT: And Pledge finally releases it! Wow, he’s pretty determined in winning this thing!

BC: I for one wish he just retires.

TT: Pledge violently pulling Xamin to his feet... Going for a powerslam, but no! Xamin comes down from it and rolls to the outside!

BC: Not even the damn boss of the CWF can handle Pledge Alligence? So, who can?


TT: I don’t know! Mark Xamin is still resting in the outside, Pledge looking enraged at him...


TT: Pledge sliding under the top rope and attacking the president, wasting no time! It’s all or nothing for Pledge Alligence in this match!


TT: Pledge grabs Xamin... SNAKE EYES! Xamin goes shoulder-first into the unforgiving steel of the ring post!


BC: That’s why we’re so much better than that silly company. While their boss is portrayed like some damn hero, ours is in the real world, getting a hell of a beatdown by Pledge Alligence...Okay, damn.


TT: Well, Pledge has got a hold of Mark Xamin, and he rolls him back into the ring. Pledge slides under the bottom rope, and the referee is forced to stop the count.

BC: Mark Xamin is still recovering...Oh wait! Look at him running away from Pledge!

TT: He’s practically crawling away from Pledge Alligence, this looks like a terror movie, but Pledge only wants to win the match! Pledge grabs Mark Xamin by his clothes and pulls him up...

BC: Look at Mark, struggling to get away from Pledge! Haha!

TT: Pledge Alligence sends him flying with a back body drop! Mark Xamin to his feet, stunned, turns around...AVOIDS Pledge’s clothesline! At the last second! Mark is getting to the outside again, but Pledge is tired of it...HE’S GOING TO FLY...



The crowd goes absolutely insane with Pledge jumping between the middle and top ropes and into the CWF president.


TT: Pledge is absolutely tired of Mark Xamin’s cowardly manners! Look at the flurry of punches to Xamin’s skull, right in front of us! Pledge gets a hold of Xamin...And CHUCKS him over the announce table!


Teddy Turnbuckle and Bobby Crane are forced to stand up as Mark Xamin is tossed into their side of the table.

BC: Hey, watch it, Pledgie Wedgie! I’ve been inducted into the Hall of Fame before you, skippy!

TT: No need for such mannerisms, Bobby... Pledge is now getting Mark Xamin, tossing him right back into the ring...And this match resumes to normal!

Teddy and Bobby sit down again.

TT: Well, Pledge is back on the ring...But Mark Xamin rolls out from another side of the ring! This is getting annoying!

BC: Pledge is getting more and more annoyed...

Pledge incites the crowd into a roar for him. Mark Xamin slides back into the ring, with something on his hand...

TT: What is Mark Xamin...He’s got a steel chair! What the hell?

BC: He’s the boss, he does what the hell he wants to!

TT: Pledge turns around...BAM! He gets nailed with a chairshot to the forehead, and the referee is about to rule a disqualification...But Xamin stops him!

BC: What did I say, Teddy?

Xamin signals for a microphone, and a stagehand timidly handles him one.

Mark Xamin: What the hell? This match is way too plain if I want to cut your career short. Pledge, I now officially rule this match...NO DISQUALIFICATION!


BC: Once more, he does what he wants!

TT: Pledge getting up...Mark Xamin with another chair shot to his back!

BC: Doesn’t seem like it did much effect!

TT: Pledge gets up, completely, but his back somewhat damage... Another one! His leg was shaken into pieces with that shot!

BC: Na na na na, na na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye! Sing along, people!

TT: I don’t see or hear anyone cheering...


TT: Mark Xamin now, choking Pledge with that chair...Wow!

BC: That’s the best choke ever! Look at Pledge, nearly breathless!

TT: But, Teddy, what if Pledge is forced to retire this way? It would damage his pride forever!

BC: Who cares?

Pledge slowly rises from the horrible choke...

TT: Wait, Pledge getting up...JAWBREAKER! Xamin’s forced to release the hold, Pledge desperately tosses the chair away... SPEAR on the boss!

BC: Oh, come on...I want a little more Pledgembarrassment!

TT: Pledge is electrical! Look at him stomping out on the boss! Mark Xamin is the one who can barely breathe now, look how the roles got so easily reversed!

Pledge stops the stomping, rolls to the outside, and grabs a STOP sign from underneath the ring.

TT: Pledge’s got a weapon of his own... And he hits Xamin with the stop sign! Ironically, Pledge can’t be stopped!

BC: ...I know, everyone awaiting me to criticize you in one way or other. Well screw you!

TT: Bobby, sheesh. Look at Pledge, he’s throwing the stop sign away, getting another object from down the ring...And he’s got a Singapore cane! Wow!

BC: Mark has got the stop sign he dropped!

TT: Pledge back in the ring, SINGAPORE SHO-NO! Xamin with a cheap stop sign shot! Pledge staring at him furiously, looking like there was no effect...

Mark Xamin, seething with anger, hits a huge open handed, disrespectful slap in Pledge’s face.

BC: WOW! That damn slap echoed all over the arena! I loved that sound!

TT: Pledge didn’t like it... SINGAPORE CANE SHOT! And another one! And a flurry of them, Mark Xamin is writhing in pain on the ground! That kendo stick leaves huge red marks on your skin!

BC: Why does Mark allow this and doesn’t fire him once and for all? What’s wrong with him?!

TT: He’s being slightly fair to Pledge Alligence!

BC: THE LINE IS “FAIR TO BLAIR”! Kiss the hand, dimwit!

TT: I’ve got a match to announce, Bobby. Anyway, Pledge has dropped the kendo stick, he’s now lifting up Mark Xamin... COULD THIS BE THE PLEDGEHAMMER! NO! Mark Xamin able to climb down, grabs the steel chair...ANOTHER SHOT!

BC: Pledge isn’t even down? What the hell?

TT: Pledge won’t go down after that chairshot!

Pledge swipes the chair out of Mark Xamin’s hands, whose courage immediately vanquishes.

TT: Mark Xamin is screwed! Pledge got him... SPINEBUSTER! On the steel chair! Xamin’s back must be absolutely shattered!

BC: Pledge in full control...I guess we’ll have to see him around again, Teddy...

TT: Pledge isn’t done... He’s going to the outside yet again and bringing...What’s that?


TT: Pledge is going to the extreme here! He’s back to the ring, now, and he’s laying the thumbtacks all over the mat!

BC: But look out, Mark Xamin has got a steel chair, by behind...

TT: Pledge turns around...DUCKS the chairshot! He’s got a hold of Xamin, lifts him up...SIDE SLAM! INTO THE THUMBTACKS! GOOD GOD! THE BOSS HAS GONE INTO THE THUMBTACKS!

BC: Just pin him, Pledge...he's done!

TT: What the hell is Pledge doing here?! He has the limp Xamin back to his feet...and he spits in Xamin's face!

BC: That's just wrong! He's the boss!



TT: It's The Raving Lunatic! He's back! And he quickly grabs Pledge by the throat with a double chokegrip...CHOKEBOMB!!!

BC: And it looks like the boss had a plan all along!

TT: Xamin is being helped to his feet by Lunatic...WAIT!!! Lunatic hoists Xamin to his shoulders...RUNNING POWERSLAM ON TO THE TACKS!!!

BC: Insane!!!

TT: And it looks like The Lunatic isn't done! He grabs Pledge and positions him...CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB...ON TO THE TOP OF XAMIN!!!

Lunatic drops to the mat and slithers out of the ring with a smile on his face. He hops the barricade and makes his way through the crowd!

TT: Unbelievable, Bobby! The Raving Lunatic is back!

BC: And look! Pledge has the cover!!!




TT: It's over! Pledge has won! *DING! DING! DING!*

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!!!

TT: Pledge is victorious here tonight, so he will NOT be forced to retire!

Pledge rolls out of the ring, still confused with what happened as EMTs rush out to help Xamin.


This your one chance...

Your one shot...

Your one opportunity...

Revenge is not a valid motive, it's an emotional response

Brian: This world has seen plenty of wars. These wars that encompass hundreds, if not thousands of lives are not started because of a poor economy. They do not start because of the price of gas or even because of communism. That would be far too easy and to a further extent a little too logical. No, these wars that have spilled blood by the gallons and have torn flesh by the pound are started from our own personal vendettas

This is our time, our war, our revenge, our....


Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd roars.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…weighing in at 240 pounds… “THE FLAWLESS ONE” BRIAN ADAMS!

The lights go dim as a red spot light circles the staduim a few times before stopping at the ramp. All of a sudden red fireworks come crashing down and explode upon the stage ramp as "Raise Hell" comes over the PA system.

If you think it's too loud...
Bitch get the f*ck out!
If you want to showdown...
Bitch get the f*ck out!
If your ass ain't with me...
Bitch get the f*ck out!

The lights go up in the stadium as the videotron seperates and Adams steps out to the stage, looking out toward the crowd. A chorus of boos starts throughout the arena as Brian calmly starts walking down towards the ring. Brian slides into the ring and jumps onto the second turnbuckle raising his hands in the hair and yelling at the crowd. Brian removes his Shock Value T-Shirt and throws it out to the crowd and leans into the corner, waiting for the bell to ring as his music fades out.

BC: There he is, Teddy! The prodigal son has returned to the main event of SuperCard!

TT: Could your lips be any more stuck to that man’s ass?

BC: Shut up, you geek! That man was the champion of 2009 and tonight will mark the beginning of the championship reign of 2010!

TT: For that to happen he’ll have to go through Tige’…not something to take for granted.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent…from Madison, Wisconsin…weighing in at two hundred thirty-five pounds…he is the CWF World Heavyweight Champion….TIGE’!

“Discotheque” by U2 begins to play as the stadium lights go out. The videotron starts quickly flashing between a wide variety of colors. As the music begins to pick up the videotron seperates. It stays open for a few seconds then closes, revealing a black silhouette against it. The main guitar riff hits as the lights in the stadium explode in a colorful array of flashing lights. The spotlight shines on Tige', the CWF World Heavyweight Championship belt hanging from his shoulder and glimmering in the lights. Tige' makes his way to the ring mocking the crowd as the stadium atmosphere is much like a dance club.

TT: And there’s the champion…no doubt this is the biggest match of Tige’s illustrious career.

BC: And no doubt this is his toughest opponent!

TT: Indeed it is…what a matchup this should be! It’s the biggest match of the entire year! It’s main event time!


TT: Here we go...and Adams is quick on the attack as he tackles Tige' to the mat! Adams with a left...another...and he continues to lay in with the lefts! The ref pulls Adams off. Tige' gets back to his feet...and he's tackled to the mat again! Adams again with hard lefts...and the ref again pulls him off!

BC: Adams is risking disqualification here!

TT: The ref is admonishing Adams as Tige' gets back to his feet...and Adams quickly rushes at Tige'! Tige' catches him with a boot to the gut...and he quickly sends Adams shoulder first in to the ring post!

BC: Did you notice...Adams was using his left hand when he was unleashing on Tige' instead of his right! Maybe a sign that that arm is still damaged after last Showdown?!

TT: If that's the case...it just became worse as his right shoulder just drilled that post! Adams stumbles out holding his shoulder. He turns around...and Tige' brings him to the mat with an armbreaker!

BC: Perfect strategy from the champion here! Work over that injured arm!

TT: Tige' hammerlocks the arm behind Adams' back...and he drives a hard knee in to it...and another! Tige' pulls up on the arm...potential submission here!

BC: Adams is obviously in pain as he tries to squirm out of this hold!

TT: Tige' finally releases...and there's another knee drop on to the arm! Tige' pulls Adams back to his feet..vertical suplex! And he makes the quick cover!



TT: Adams with the easy kickout! Tige' brings Adams back to his feet and sends him to the corner. He follows in...and Adams gets the boots up! Tige' stumbles back and Adams brings him to the mat with a lariat from the left arm!

BC: Again using the left arm!

TT: Tige' returns to his feet...another lariat! Tige' is back up and swings at Adams with a wild right, but Adams ducks it! Adams grabs Tige' from behind...back suplex!

BC: And Adams is quick to continue the attack here as he lifts Tige' to a seated position and applies the rear chinlock!

TT: Tige' is quick to bring himself back to his feet as Adams floats in to a side headlock. Tige' forces Adams off in to the ropes. Adams on the return...shoulderblock, and Tige' is dropped to the mat! Tige' gets back up and Adams quickly catches him with an inverted atomic drop! Adams grabs Tige' and scoop slams him to the mat!

BC: Non-stop action here!

TT: And it looks like Adams is going to ascend the ropes! Adams climbs to the top as Tige' lays on the mat. Adams with the diving elbow...NO!!! Tige' gets the knees up! Adams is rolling around in extreme pain!

BC: That was the right elbow, Teddy! Big mistake by Adams!

Tige' makes it back to his feet and pulls Adams up. He grabs Adams with a reverse facelock, but Adams is quick to counter it with a bridging northern lights suplex!




TT: Tige' bridges up! He spins around and lifts Adams in to the air...piledriver! And Tige' is quick to continue his offense as he applies the armbar!

BC: And again...it's on the right arm!

TT: Adams is in extreme pain here! He's struggling to get back to his feet as Tige' tries to apply more pressure! Adams struggles...but he's able to get to his feet! Tige' with an arm drag and twist...and Adams delivers a left to the gut...and a second! Tige' stumbles back...

BC: Adams needs to find a way to stop the attack on that right arm!

TT: Tige' comes at Adams, and Adams catches him with a boot to the gut...snap DDT! And Adams is quick to make the cover!




TT: Tige with the kickout! Adams quickly brings Tige' back to his feet and drags him to the corner. He slams Tige' head first in to the corner...and again! Adams spins Tige' around and clocks him with a hard left!

Tige' leans in the corner as Adams hits him with a couple more rights. Adams hoists Tige' to the top rope and drills him with another left! Adams climbs to the middle turnbuckle and grabs Tige' with a front facelock. Adams lifts Tige'...but Tige' holds the top rope to prevent it! Adams tries again...and again Tige' holds the top rope! Tige' drills Adams with a hard shot to the kidney, forcing the challenger to hunch over! Tige' shoves Adams off the top rope and quickly stands. Tige' dives off...missile dropkick!

TT: What a dropkick!

BC: He hit it perfectly, Teddy!

TT: Tige' makes his way over to Adams and picks him back up. He whips Adams to the corner...and he follows in with a vicious lariat! Adams stumbles out and Tige' quickly grabs hold of him...backbreaker! Tige' holds the hold and pulls Adams back up...sidewalk slam!

BC: Tige' is so impressive in this match so far!

TT: Tige' pulls Adams back to his feet and hoists him in the air...hot shot across the top rope!

Adams stumbles holding his throat as Tige' grabs him from behind with a rear waist lock. Adams delivers a back elbow, and Tige' quickly grabs him...russian legsweep! Tige' hits the ropes...knee drop on the return! He grabs Adams and drags him to the ropes. Tige' drapes Adams' throat across the middle rope and starts to choke him!

TT: Tige' with the blatant choke here, and the ref is trying to get him to break!

BC: Let's remember though...if Tige' gets DQed, he still retains the championship!

TT: Very true. And Tige' finally releases the hold! He brings Adams back to his feet and sends him to the corner. Tige' makes his way over to Adams...and he clocks him with a right...and a second! And he lays in with repetative rights, dropping Adams to a seated position in the corner! Tige' hits the far ropes...boot wash!

BC: Did you see Adams' head twist there?! This could be over!

TT: We may find out in a moment here! Adams collapses to the mat, and Tige' quickly makes the cover!




TT: Tige' tried to pull the fast one there, using his feet on the ropes...but the ref saw it and stopped the count!

BC: Come on, ref! It's not like it's something that Adams wouldn't do!

TT: Tige' lifts Adams to a seated position...and he drives a hard knee in to the spine! Tige' holds his knee in place, grabs Adams by the arms...and here's the submission!

BC: Great submission here! He's pulling back on both arms while applying pressure to the spine! This move not only hurts on the back, but also on both arms! And with the condition that Adams' right arm is in...this could spell the end for him tonight!

Adams struggles in pain as the ref checks on him. He refuses to give in, and fights to try and get to his feet! He's finally able to stand, but Tige' quickly floats in to a side headlock, swings the hips, and forces Adams to the mat! Adams struggles to escape again. He fights his way back to his feet and quickly shoves Tige' off in to the ropes.

TT: Tige' on the rebound here...THE LAST CHAPTER!!! NO!!! Tige' saw it coming and quickly stopped his momentum to avoid the hit!

BC: Tige' is wrestling a perfect match here, Teddy! His awareness is amazing...and as of yet, Adams really hasn't had much of an offense!

TT: Tige' quickly escapes the ring, and Adams is giving chase! Tige' runs around the ring followed by Adams! He slides back in and Adams quickly follows...and Tige' stomps him on the way in! Tige' brings Adams back to his feet...and Adams with a hard right! Another! Tige' stumbles back, and Adams with a big boot taking the champion down!

BC: Here's his chance!

TT: Adams hesitates as he catches his breath. He makes his way over to Tige' and picks him up...release fisherman's suplex! Adams quickly pulls Tige' to a seated position...overhead keylock submission!

BC: This is more of a submission to wear down your opponent...but it can be very effective!

TT: Tige' struggles but makes it back to his feet, and Adams quickly continues with an arm drag and twist...elbow to the back of the arm! Adams whips Tige' in to the ropes. Tige' on the return, and Adams lifts him...samoan drop!

BC: All of that impact right on the spine!

TT: Adams pulls Tige' back to his feet...and here's an abdominal stretch!

BC: Notice how Adams makes sure to use his left arm to apply this hold! Again, this goes back to the injuries substained on his right arm!

TT: Tige' brutally attacked that right arm on Showdown, and it's obviously playing a huge role here tonight!

Tige' struggles as Adams quickly lifts him in to the air...

TT: Oh my! He has him in position for Starstruck! It could be ending right here!

BC: Come on, Brian! You can do it!

TT: Tige' squirms and falls behind...TIGE' TIME!!! He hit Tige' Time!

BC: Ha! But look at Adams' ring awareness! He instantly rolls out to the apron!

TT: Tige' is slow to get to his feet but finally does as Adams lays on the apron. Tige' reach over the ropes to grab Adams, and he brings him to his feet...NO!!! Adams hangs Tige' on the top rope!

BC: Yeah...but he did it with his right arm!

TT: Adams crumbles to the floor outside as Tige' falls to the mat in the ring!





TT: Adams is starting to get back up here...and he slides in to the ring. Tige' is slow to get to his feet...and he's caught with an inverted atomic drop! And a second! Adams uses all of his strength...scoop slam!

BC: Again, more pressure on that right arm from having to lift Tige'!

TT: Adams rolls out to the apron as Tige' lays on the mat. Adams stands, and it looks like he's going back to the top! Adams slowly making his way up...and Tige' is already back to his feet! Tige' with a hard right, and Adams falls to a seated position on the top rope! Tige' climbs the turnbuckles and applies the front facelock...SUPERPLEX!!!

BC: NO!!! Adams reverses in mid-air with a crossbody, and he has the cover!




TT: He almost caught the champion there! Both men return to their feet...and Tige' rushes at Adams! Adams with a double leg takedown...and he's trying to flip Tige' over for the Flawless Execution! This could end it if he locks it in!

BC: We've seen him use this submission many times in the past! Nearly impossible to escape!

TT: He almost has it...and it's locked in! Tige's in trouble here! His championship is slipping away!

The ref checks on Tige', but the champion isn't willing to give up! Adams releases the leg he was holding with his right arm and yanks back harder on the left!

TT: You can see here that Adams has released one of the legs! Obviously because his arm is hurt!

BC: It's still a dehibilitating submission!

TT: Tige' is gripping the mat, clawing his way toward the ropes! He's getting close...almost there...and he...he...he ta...NO!!! He's got the bottom rope!

BC: Impressive!

TT: The ref is trying to get Adams to release the submission...and look at this! Tige' is tapping! Not that it matters since the hold is supposed to be broken, but it shows you how much pain he's in!





TT: Adams finally releases...and again he risks disqualification!

BC: Whatever, Teddy! He has up to a five count to release the hold...and he did!

TT: Both men are exhausted here! Tige' is still down on the mat, and Adams is on a knee, catching his breath. Adams finally gets back to his feet. He makes his way over to Tige' and flips him on to his back. He grabs Tige's legs...what is he thinking here?! Flawless execution again?!

BC: I'm not sure...but that sinister smile makes me believe that he has a plan!

TT: He drags Tige' near the corner and releases his legs. Adams drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring. He grabs Tige' by the legs and pulls him...bends the left leg around the ring post...OH MY!!! Figure four around the ring post!!!


TT: The referee is yelling at Adams to release the hold as Tige' screams in pain! Adams applies more pressure...and the ref begins his count!





TT: Adams releases the hold as again he uses the full extent of his five count! He quickly slides back in to the ring. He picks Tige' up and hits the ropes behind...chopblock! Adams grabs the left leg and scissors it as he drops to the mat...heel hook submission! Heel hook submission!

BC: Adams has become a machine, Teddy!

Tige' screams in pain as Adams applies more pressure! Tige' desperately tries to hold on as his face turns red...and he falls back to the mat!




TT: Almost a three count there! Tige' has to keep his shoulders off the mat!

BC: And look at how smart Adams is here! He's holding the ankle with one arm as he drags himself back toward the center of the ring with the other!

TT: The ref checks on Tige' again...and Tige' again refuses to give up! Tige' is struggling...trying to flip Adams over...

BC: But how would it help?! The pressure is still applied to his leg and ankle!

TT: Tige' fights...and he's flipped Adams on to his belly! Adams screams in pain again as the ref checks on him...WAIT!!! Look at this!!! Tige' has somehow managed to pull himself back up...and he counters the heel hook in to a sharpshooter!!! Adams in deep here!

BC: They're in the center of the ring, and Adams is already screaming in pain!

TT: Adams needs to find a way out of this move! He's crawling and clawing, trying to make it to the ropes! He's close...

BC: He looks ready to tap, Teddy!

TT: He's almost there...inches...centimeters...and he grabs the bottom rope!

BC: That was close!

TT: The ref is calling for the break, and Tige' just smiles!





TT: Tige' finally releases the hold...and he looks pleased!

BC: He also looks to be in pain as he is limping on that left leg of his!

TT: Tige' grabs Adams by the hair and pulls him back up...Adams nearly unable to stand! Tige' is shouting at him...and here's a slap to the face forcing Adams to stumble back...LAST CHAPTER!!! JESUS CHRIST!!! OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

BC: Adams just rocked Tige's jaw...but it sent Tige' over the top rope and out of the ring!

TT: Adams is down in the ring from exhaustion, and Tige' may be out cold outside of the ring from that devastating superkick!






TT: Adams makes his way to the edge of the ring, drops to the mat and rolls out after Tige'! He picks Tige' up...and Tige' quickly pulls Adams forward, skull first in to the ring post!

BC: Smart move by the champ...and look how quickly he rolls back in to the ring! He's yelling at the referee to start the count!






TT: We're to a five count here, and Adams is barely stirring!



TT: Adams still isn't back to his feet at seven!



TT: Adams is finally to his feet, using the apron to pull himself back up!


TT: Adams barely slides back in to the ring on time! And Tige' can't believe it! Tige' quickly on the attack here as he tackles Adams to the mat immediately! Tige' with a series of rights...and Adams rolls him over! Adams with left after left...and Tige' rolls him back! More rights from Tige'!

BC: This has become a brawl, Teddy!

TT: Adams quickly rolls Tige' back on his back and lays in with more lefts...and the referee is finally trying to seperate the two! He finally gets Adams off of Tige'! Tige' is back to his feet, and Adams with a boot to the gut! Adams hoists Tige' in to the air, positioning him for Starstruck...and Tige' is able to quickly counter...

BC: Oh my! Tige' has Adams in position for Starstruck! And he drops Adams down, gripping him with a reverse facelock! May be Tige' Time again!

TT: Adams uses his strength...and he has Tige' in position once again for Starstruck...but his right arm gives out and he drops Tige' forward! Adams drops to a knee holding his arm and Tige' takes quick advantage as he rushes at Adams...NO!!! Adams out of nowhere with a spinebuster!!!

BC: These two have gained a second wind here, Teddy!

TT: And it looks like Adams is going to the top one more time here! He's on the top rope...he dives...elbow to the heart! And it looks like he may be closing in on the victory!

BC: What a main event so far!

TT: Adams is waiting for Tige' to return to his feet here. Tige' is slow to get up...THE LAST CHAPTER...NO!!! Tige' caught the foot! He forces Adams' foot back to the mat and quickly boots him in the gut...BADD DREAM!!! He just drilled Adams with the Badd Dream!

BC: What the hell?!

TT: And Tige' has the cover!




TT: Adams has somehow gotten his shoulder up! Tige' can't believe it!

BC: I'm not sure how Adams did it...but this match will continue!

TT: Tige' pulls Adams back to his feet...and again with the reverse facelock! Adams quickly spins it around, going for the northern lights here...but he can't force Tige' over! Adams pushes Tige' off in to the ropes. Tige' on the rebound...LARIAT...NO!!! Adams ducked! Tige' turns around...THE LAST CHAPTER!!! Adams connects!

BC: Right on the money!

TT: Adams needs to make the cover here! You can tell he's exhausted, but this is all about the World Heavyweight Championship! Adams is slowly crawling toward Tige'...he's close...and he drapes an arm across Tige's chest!





TT: How in the world is this match going to end?!

BC: I'm not sure, but it looks like Tige' has rolled to the outside!

TT: What's this?! Tige' is making his way over to the timekeeper's table...and he has the World Heavyweight Championship in hand! He makes his way back to the ring and slides in!

BC: The referee is warning Tige' that he'll disqualify him for using the belt!

TT: I don't think Tige' cares! He's poised...ready for Adams to return to his feet! Adams crawls to the ropes, using them to slowly pull himself back up. He's too his feet as Tige' rushes at him with the belt...THE LAST CHAPTER!!! Adams drills Tige' on the run! And he falls on top of the champion for the cover!






Ring Announcer: Here is your winner and the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION..."THE FLAWLESS ONE" BRIAN ADAMS!!!

BC: The second Flawless era begins tonight!

TT: Jesus, how impressive were both men in this match?!

BC: We couldn't ask for anything more!

The referee hands Adams the championship as he slowly makes it back to his feet. Tige' slides out of the ring in pain, making his way up the aisle, still staring back at Adams. Adams makes his way over to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles. He raises the championship high in to the air for the crowd to see.

TT: Adams is the new World Heavyweight Champion...and SuperCard VI is in the books! Goodnight everybody!

Fireworks blast off from the stage and the structure above the ring. Adams continues to hold the championship high in the air, drawing in off the fans' reaction.

Fade to black.