For twelve years it has been the grandest event in professional wrestling. The slams become a little bit harder; the holds become a little bit tighter; and the tenacity and will to win reaches an all time high from every competitor.

One month ago, seven men entered Craze in the Maze II…

[Clip of Brian Adams drilling Magnus Thunder in the head with a pair of wire cutters.]

Walking through hell, the men were separated from the boys…

[Clip of the brawl on top of the Maze.]

Blood was spilled…

[Clip of Magnus Thunder dragging himself around the Maze on sheer will alone as blood poured from his forehead.]

Bodies were battered….

[Clip of Paul Blair being thrown off the top of the Maze to the first level. Clip of Pledge Allegiance being dropped off the top of the Maze and to the arena floor.]

But as the smoke cleared, four men out battled the others and earned their place in the main event on the largest stage of all, for the most prestigious championship belt in professional wrestling…

[Clip of Magnus Thunder crossing the finish line. Clip of The Raving Lunatic crossing the finish line. Clip of Brian Adams crossing the finish line. Clip of Paul Blair just barely crawling across the finish line and beating Mickey Stone by a hair.]

For others, it was a second chance that earned them their spot…

[Clip of Khrist being speared off the top of the ladder by Mr. Markowitz, but clutching onto the contract for the win. Clip of Pledge Allegiance covering The M.u.H. for a three count.]

In the ensuing weeks, a battle of attrition was waged…

[Clips of the two classic matches between Magnus Thunder and Brian Adams. Clip of Khrist executing the Second Coming. Clip of The Raving Lunatic nailing Paul Blair with The Scatterbrain. Clip of Paul Blair Blairkicking Brian Adams. Clip of Pledge Allegiance nailing Blair with the Pledgehammer.]

The war of words set the stage…

PAUL BLAIR: I'll let you all stay in my ring for a brief time. But do you know how it ends? … it's going to end with the announcer saying the following. Here is your winner and NEW CWF World Heavyweight Champion, Paul Blair!

BRIAN ADAMS: Hell, if this is all I have to deal with I might just walk out of Supercard with the world title and all my limbs intact. No Duarte, no tables, and no ladders? I guess I can start polishing that belt right now, whatcha think?

PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE: This weekend, in front of 85,000 screaming fans, your American Icon, Pledge Allegiance will step through the door of the most brutal, sadistic, satanic structure known to man, The Elimination Chamber... Five other men will enter, one winner will be crowned, six lives will be changed forever.

MAGNUS THUNDER: This place has seen no combat like that which will take place this Saturday. It's walls will crumble. It's ceiling will be blown to the sky. The foundations shattered into a million pieces as our age of reckoning has finally arrived. No longer will we have any reservations or remorse about who we face, or their inevitable defeat. Good will triumph over the evil that men do. And I will be its herald. I've stood by too long and watched the actions of criminals endanger the innocent. The weak have been trodden and oppressed in their spirits by the pressing hand of wickedness. This day it will end. This day will it be wrested from the grasp of the devil and his servants, both knowing and unknowing. The good of the people will once again shine forth. They will not have any reason to fear. The bringer of storms, the dealer of justice will prevail. So swears Magnus Thunder.

KHRIST: You look into my eyes and what do you see? Fear? No! Greed? No! Mercy? Certainly not! What you sinners see is destiny. Your future is sitting next to your saviour and father, side by side as we re-build the chaotic diorama you have inflicted upon one another. It’s a shame that of the five men I have to face on Saturday, only one of them is saveable. The rest of you disgust me. You may feel strongly about your current code of conduct but you will all come to fear the code The New Church preaches.

THE RAVING LUNATIC: It does not matter weather I or my lord Khrist leaves the new CWF champion all that matters is that it will leave in the hands of the New Church and there is nothing that you can do about it.

And tonight, the score will be settled. Tonight, at the most glorious event in CWF history, a new CWF World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned in the ultimate celebration, the ultimate achievement, the ultimate moment. Tonight, legends will be made, mortal men will become wrestling god’s, and the quest to become the next CWF legend presents the ultimate opportunity.

Tonight, the Classic Wrestling Federation proudly presents…

An overhead view of Toronto, Ontario. The Rogers Center, roof open, sits next to the massive C.N. Tower. The camera slowly zooms in to the Rogers Center from above. As it gets closer, we see the massive lighting structure surrounding the ring, the long, elevated, stage-like entrance ramp, and the colossal set constructed at the far end of the building. The word “SUPER” is spelled out in enormous block letters on the left hand side of the set, while “CARD” dominates the right side. A massive “V,” taller than the rest of the set, and half buried in the ground, creating the illusion that it crashed into the Rogers Center, dominates the center of the set. Within the “V” is an opening where the curtain resides. The CWF logo sits on the top of the “V.”

70, 000 + screaming fans jam pack the stadium even beyond its capacity. Fireworks erupt at the stage and carry on into the late-evening sky, exploding high above the Rogers Center. As they finish, three fighter jets soar across the sky. “Get On Your Boots” by U2 provides the background music as the fans stand on their feet cheering wildly as weeks of anticipation finally comes to a head.

The ring consists of a light blue canvas with the Super Card V logo embedded in the center. Black ropes with blue turnbuckles, each with the CWF logo stamped into it. The apron is a dark blue with the Super Card V logo splashed across each side. The mats surrounding the ringside area are also blue. The lighting rig surrounding the ring is massive, and approximately twenty spotlights, all either blue, red, or yellow, shoot into the crowd and onto the set. The Elimination Chamber looms above it, the steel sparkling in the glow of the setting sun and the spotlights.

Standing at ringside are our hosts for the evening, Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane. Teddy Turnbuckle wears a tuxedo, complete with bowtie. Bobby Crane is decked out in a sparkling blue and silver robe, “Beautiful” handwritten across the back.

TT: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the mecca of professional wrestling, welcome to the greatest show of all, the biggest stage in CWF history….welcome to Super Card number five! I’m Teddy Turnbuckle, with me as always is “Beautiful” Bobby Crane, and Bobby…it just doesn’t get any better than this, what an atmosphere!

BC: No question, look around…over 70, 000 screaming Canadians…think of the revenue we’re going to make on beer alone!

TT: Perhaps the greatest fans in the world reside right here in Toronto, home of CWF Headquarters, located just up the road at University Avenue and Dundas Street! And they are all here to see a brand new CWF World Heavyweight Champion crowned…and Bobby, who’s it gonna be?

BC: It’s got to be Blair! I mean come onnn, Teddy! It would only be fair to Blair! He’s lost his girlfriend of seven years, Robin Cradle…and why did she leave him? Because of his obsession with the CWF World Heavyweight title! Who wants it more than Blair? Nobody, that’s who! Blair is the consummate champion, the most reliable, the most entertaining, the most talented man in this business! Every man is an artist, Teddy…some can paint, some can sing, others can dance….but Paul Blair’s art is wrestling, and tonight will be his masterpiece!

TT: Well no doubt the other five men in tonight’s main event will have something to say about that. Magnus Thunder, Khrist, The Raving Lunatic, Pledge Allegiance, and Brian Adams will all join Paul Blair inside that ominous Elimination Chamber…and unlike Craze in the Maze just one month ago, tonight there will only be one winner, one survivor…and that man will take home the most prestigious title in professional wrestling.

BC: It is going to be the mother of all wars inside that chamber, Teddy! I know it, you know it, every wrestler in the back knows it, 70, 000+ toothless Canadians know it, and millions of people watching on pay-per-view know it…if you were to watch one match all year, this would be it!

TT: In addition, the National title will be on the line as Astro defends against the massive Juggernaut in what is sure to be a tale of David vs Goliath. Can Astro pull off the upset here tonight to retain his title? Can he get revenge on Chemical X’s protégé? Juggernaut has drawn the ire of more than one person in this company, not the least of which is the owner and founder of this great organization, Mark Xamin…

BC: Well he’s got everyone in the world rooting against him, but I think that’s just how he likes it…the pressure is on Astro to beat this guy and be the hero, but Juggernaut has got other plans, and that National title is in serious danger of finding a new home right here tonight!

TT: How about this one, Bobby? “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne goes one on one with Blood in a Sacrifice Match! Can you imagine the violence we’re gonna see in that match tonight? Osbourne called out Blood from day one of his arrival in the CWF, and tonight it all comes to a head…and to top it off, the winner gets a National title shot at next month’s pay-per-view, Vendetta!

BC: Well it’s going to be quite a situation…both these guys will be killing each other to face either the massive Juggernaut, or the guy who would have had to have BEAT the massive Juggernaut, Astro. Either way, it should be a hell of a match next month…but never mind next month, tonight is going to be a match to remember, you can bank on that!

TT: What about our half time show? U2 will perform live, in this building tonight! Mark Xamin will unveil the CWF’s latest signing! And certainly an honor I’m looking forward to receiving, Bobby…you and I will take our place in the illustrious CWF Hall of Fame.

BC: By the time the night is over, we’ll have a new CWF Champion, we’ll have seen U2 perform live, four guys are gonna be fired in the loser leaves town match, and you and I will be Hall of Famers! Of course only one of us truly deserves that honor, and he’s the best looking one in this building.

TT: Well that’s the difference between us, Bobby…I don’t expect these things. No question you deserve your spot and I like to think, based on the reaction we got last week, that I deserve my spot too, but I would never run you down on a night like this and try to ruin it for you.

BC: You couldn’t possibly, Teddy! Because guess who’s inducting me? None other than The Ruler himself, Paul Blair! Ha!

TT: Well congratulations to you on that…

BC: It’s been long overdue! I mean look me at me! I’m the most beautiful man to ever appear on CWF programming…I’m a former ECWA World Heavyweight champion, I’m the voice of the CWF…why wouldn’t I be in the Hall of Fame?

TT: I said congratulations, did you not hear me? Way to go! You win Bobby, you’re going to be a Hall of Famer now! I’m sure none of us will ever hear the end of it!

BC: You mean I won?

TT: Won what?

BC: This verbal exchange!

TT: What? Are you serious? Yeah, sure, Bobby…you won. Way to go, you’re the champion.

BC: …it’s oddly unsettling.

TT: For crying out loud…ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over! It’s time for the opening match up at Super Card V!

Standing in the center of the ring proudly, decked out in a tuxedo and bowtie, is the esteemed CWF ring announcer, Doc McMartin. An employee of Mark Xamin’s first attempt at a wrestling promotion, the MWCW, Doc followed Xamin to the CWF where he has been employed ever since – indeed, he is soaking this night in; the product of twelve years of hard work.

DOC MCMARTIN: Ladies and gentlemen, good evening, and welcome to Super Card fiiivvvee!

The crowd roars in anticipation of the first match.

DOC MCMARTIN: Our opening contest is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first…from Des Moines, Iowa…weighing in at 257 pounds….AXEL WAAAYYYY!

“Desolation Row” by My Chemical Romance hits and Axel Way steps through the curtain wielding a steel chair held high over his head. The crowd roars as the first wrestler of the night makes his appearance. Axel bangs the floor with the chair, the clanging sound barely audible over the pyro that explodes at the entrance way as he does. On the long walk down the aisle, the fans chant for him loudly – “AX-EL! AX-EL! AX-EL!” He soaks it in, banging the chair against the ring steps and climbing into the ring. He braces himself with one foot on the middle rope and one on the bottom, leaning over the top rope and holding up the chair to hundreds of flashing cameras and more roars from the crowd.

DOC MCMARTIN: And his opponent! From San Diego, California…weighing in at 234 pounds…Muhand Upton Hilton, THE M.U.H!

“Rize” by Median interrupts Axel Way’s moment in the ring, and The M.u.H. walks through the curtain to a loud mixed reaction. No doubt, he has his followers, but this crowd seems torn on their judgment of him. He slowly walks through the massive set at the entrance way and stops, looking back and sizing up the enormous structure. He looks out at the sea of fans as pyro explodes behind him. He mouths the word “wow,” amazed by the size and spectacle of the event. He walks to the ring, slapping hands with some fans along the way, hops up onto the apron, sticks one leg through the ropes, and then stops, turning back to the crowd and nodding at them in approval. He enters the ring and immediately demands the referee take the chair away from Axel rears back as if to charge at MuH with the chair, and looks to the crowd for their opinion. They suggest he does it with a loud cheer. Just as he’s about to charge, the referee grabs the chair from him and warns him, much to the chagrin of the vocal Toronto crowd.


TT: We are underway here at Super Card V, and it couldn’t come soon enough! This is the very first Super Card appearance for both of these men and this is no doubt a night neither one of them will ever forget.

BC: Until they get old…by then their story will be so out of control they’ll be telling their grandchildren that this match was for the title or something…if anyone is dumb enough to mate with these gorillas.

TT: Would you stop?!

The two men scan the crowd and marvel in the sheer size of it. Gazing up at the dusk sky, the setting sun creating an orange, red, and blue masterpiece, both men must have counted their lucky stars for the opportunity to be here.

They slowly circle each other in the center of the ring, sizing each other up. And then, as if they could read each other’s minds, they clash in the center of the ring, locking horns and trying to outmuscle the other. Axel Way, the bigger of the two, wins out, and powers The MuH into the corner. Clean break. Axel backs up to the center of the ring and MuH slowly follows. He challenges Axel to a test of strength. Axel accepts, and they lock their right hands together…and then their left. A titanic struggle results in the MuH dropping to his knees, his wrists bent backwards courtesy of Axel Way. Axel pulls him up to his feet by his wrists…MuH bounces up and plants his feet in Axel’s chest, then drops back…monkey flip! Axel hits the mat and rolls into the corner, slamming his fists into the mat at losing that exchange.

TT: MuH looks like he’s on his game tonight!

BC: Yeah well I wouldn’t piss off Axel Way with that chair at ringside…he’ll decapitate you!

Axel gets to his feet, clearly angry, and yells at MuH to come and get it. MuH charges in and the two start exchanging blows…left hands, right hands, both men going at it tooth and nail! Axel finally takes the upper hand and backs MuH into the corner…

TT: MuH doesn’t want this to turn into a brawl…he has to keep the pace up if he wants to have a chance…he can’t play to Axel’s strength.

BC: No chance in hell is he gonna beat Axel Way in a brawl, he better smarten up or this won’t last long!

Axel, with MuH trapped in the corner, drives his shoulder into MuH’s gut. And again, and again! MuH hunches over, trying to get some air in his lungs…as he does, Axel grabs him by the hair and heaves him into the center of the ring, sending MuH spinning before landing face first on the mat. Axel looks to the crowd who roars in approval. Axel hovers over MuH to pull him up…as he leans over, MuH pulls him in for a small package!




Axel kicks out and looks taken aback by the surprise of that counter. As MuH dusts himself off and gets to one knee on his way back to his feet, Axel quickly capitalizes on his vulnerability and catches him with a shining wizard! MuH drops sideways to the mat, favoring his head and trying to shake out the cobwebs. Axel stays on him and pulls him back up…from behind, german suplex! MuH goes sailing through the air but he flips backwards and lands on his feet! Axel doesn’t see him…he spins around…MuH dropkicks him out to the arena floor!

TT: A real back and forth battle here!

BC: This is a chess match, Teddy...not Axel’s type of match, he wants to keep it a brawl…MuH wants it to be anything other than a brawl…this is a battle to make the other guy wrestle your type of match…so far it’s looking pretty even!

Axel way slams the apron in frustration and storms around the ringside area, looking for his chair. Once he finds it, he gets up onto the apron with it. But that’s as far as he gets as the referee immediately stops him from reentering the ring. As Axel argues with the referee, he holds the chair up, pointing at it animatedly and imploring the ref to let him use it. While he argues, MuH bounces off the ropes…and nails the chair with a dropkick, sending it directly into Axel’s face! Axel and the chair both go flying back to the arena floor, Axel’s back smashing into the guard rail! The ref warns MuH and begins the count out…







Axel slowly gets to his feet, but as he does, MuH dives through the ropes with a perfectly timed suicide dive, and Axel smacks back into the guardrail once more, while MuH sails straight into the front row. The ref runs out to check on both men. MuH pats a fan on the head and takes a swig of his drink, then hops back over the guardrail and grabs Axel. He tosses him into the ring post! Axel staggers backward, dazed by the blow…MuH immediately grabs his arm and whips him hard into the steel ring steps! The steps topple over and Axel thuds off of them. The referee orders MuH back into the ring, which he obeys, and checks on Axel.

TT: What an assault by The MuH, he took to the air and look what happened, he took control of the match!

BC: The only problem is he didn’t finish the job and Axel is gonna be pissed now!

After a few seconds to absorb the damage of the blows, Axel slowly fights back to his feet and slides back into the ring before the ref can start his ten count. But that’s as far as he gets. Once back in the ring, MuH pounces on him and unleashes with a barrage of punches. Axel tries to fend him off but the onslaught is too much and MuH forces him to remain on the mat. MuH quickly drags him to the center of the ring and wraps his legs up…figure four! MuH has it locked and Axel is racked with pain!

TT: MuH has him in big trouble, he can almost hear the tendons stretching and snapping in Axel’s knees as that pressure is applied!

BC: Axel better not wait too long to get himself out of this!

Axel writhes in pain but rejects the referee’s offer to stop the match. The crowd stamps their feet in a thunderous effort to rally behind Axel Way. Axel sits up and blocks out the pain, clenching his fists and looking to the crowd for support…he fights to reverse the hold…MuH teetering…almost there…and he’s got it! The hold is reversed and MuH shakes his head frantically as he pulls himself to the ropes to break the hold! MuH clutching his knee while Axel pulls himself up with the ropes and slowly staggers over to MuH…he pulls him up and MuH hobbles around as Axel drags him to the corner and shoves him into the turnbuckles with authority.

TT: What’s Axel looking for here? Oh my!

BC: Get your cameras ready!

Axel Way lifts him up to the top turnbuckle. Axel climbs through the ropes and up to the top rope from behind MuH…he hooks MuH’s waist and looks behind him, calculating the drop…

TT: No! Don’t do it, Axel!

BC: Ahhhh!

Axel Way tosses MuH backwards with a German suplex from the top rope to the outside! Hundreds of camera flashes go off as MuH sails through the air and crashes through the Spanish announce table! Axel takes a bad fall as well, dropping to the concrete floor and narrowly missing hitting his head on the apron on the way down! The crowd erupts and chants of “holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!” rumble through the Rogers Center. Axel Way immediately grabs the back of his head in pain, likely one of the first things that hit the floor on the way down. MuH lies motionless in a tangled heap of monitors, computers, papers, and wires. The wood from the table has splintered and contorts out in jagged pieces. MuH’s arm appears to be cut. The referee checks on both men frantically and calls for EMTs to come out and help.


BC: I’ve never seen anything like it in my life! That was the mother of all German suplexes! MuH has got to be finished, no way can he continue this match, let alone win it!

TT: Axel Way took a nasty fall as well but amazingly he’s trying to get back to his feet! I guess he meant what he said when he told us all he’d out do CWF Hall of Famer, Z-Pac! If he stays healthy he might have a chance to outdo him!

BC: Stay healthy? Wrestling like this?! Do you hear yourself, Teddy?!

EMTs swarm around MuH but Axel Way crawls over and clears them out of the way, pulling MuH out of the wreckage and throwing his limp body back into the ring. Axel Way follows and makes a cover!



3!!!! NO!

TT: MY GOD HE KICKED OUT! How the hell did MuH kick out?!

MuH gets a shoulder up at the last second and Axel Way can’t believe it. The crowd is on their feet waiting to see what happens next. Axel argues with the ref about a slow count but the ref has none of it. Axel pulls MuH up and lifts him up for a gorilla press slam in an incredible feat of strength! But MuH flails his legs wildly and Axel loses his grip…MuH lands behind him and swings at him with a wild clothesline…no, Axel ducks…and he has him on his shoulders….FALL AWAY CUTTER! HE NAILED IT!




TT: Axel Way has won the match, and what an effort by both men!

BC: Wow! And that was just the first match!

The crowd roars on the three count and the ref raises Axel Way’s hand as he lies on the mat, exhausted. “Desolation Row” by My Chemical Romance hits and Axel rolls out of the ring, hunched over, racked with pain, but victorious on the biggest stage in the wrestling world. He raises his arms as he staggers back up the aisle, and the crowd roars its approval.

MuH, meanwhile, is fighting just to regain consciousness back in the ring. As he sits up, the crowd roars out of respect for his effort. MuH rolls out of the ring and hobbles up the aisle slowly, nodded his head to the crowd and thanking them for the experience. Before walking back through the curtain, he looks back at the ring and shakes his head, disappointed with the result.

TT: Hell of an effort by The MuH…absolutely nothing to be ashamed of for that man, what a match! To kick out of that violent German suplex off the top, through a table on the outside…I mean are you kidding me? He should be dead, and he managed to kickout and walk out under his own power!

BC: Well maybe he has more guts than brains, but MuH showed up tonight to put on a show and mission accomplished…now you could argue that he has a head as thick as a granite counter top and that’s probably why he isn’t walking out of here with severe brain trauma…but still…

TT: Oh give it a rest, that was pure guts and heart is what it was…and what a huge victory for Axel Way! His very first Super Card, undoubtedly the biggest of all time, and he has really made a name for himself tonight!

BC: He may have moved himself into National title contention with this win but the big question will be, can he build on this momentum? And the bigger question will be, can he wash the damn grease out of his hair? Man alive, if someone lit a match in here his head would explode…

TT: Alright that’s enough from you…ladies and gentlemen this is just a reminder that our next pay-per-view extravaganza, Vendetta, will be coming to you live on pay-per-view on April the 25th…mark the date on your calendar, folks…and those of you living in Birmingham, Alabama…get ready because Vendetta will be coming to you live from the BJCC Arena!

BC: We have to go back to Alabama? God I hate that place. I guess you Alabamans can unhitch your motor homes and make the drive out from the trailer park…that arena is gonna stink.

TT: What are you talking about, Bobby? Alabama is a beautiful state…

BC: Okay, never use the words “beautiful” and “Alabama” in the same sentence ever again.

TT: Nonetheless, ladies and gentlemen…up next we have a match up with huge implications…because of the five participants in it, only one of them will leave the stadium tonight with a job! That’s right, fans…four of the guys that are about to make their way to the ring will be doing so for the final time in the CWF, because four of them will have their CWF contracts terminated…the winner will continue to wrestle in this great organization.

BC: And that’s incredible because for most of these guys, besides Mickey Stone…none of them have ever won a match in the CWF! I mean, really we’re about to determine who out of these five guys is the tallest midget!

TT: Well be that as it may, it is the most important match in the career of these hopefuls…let’s get back to the ring!

Back in the ring, Doc McMartin stands waiting to introduce the competitors for the next match. As he speaks, the ring crew frantically works to clean up the wreckage of the last match, setting up a new Spanish announce table.

DOC MCMARTIN: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be contested under elimination rules! Five men will enter, and two men will begin the match. The three other competitors will take their place in a respective corner, and at any time, a tag may be made. A competitor can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, disqualification, or countout. Every man that is eliminated will be terminated from the Classic Wrestling Federation! The winner and sole survivor will earn the right to continue his CWF career!

The crowd cheers.

DOC MCMARTIN: Introducing first…from Phoenix, Arizona…weighing in at 226 pounds…MICKEY STONE!

“Red Eyes and Tears” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club hits and Mickey Stone steps through the curtain to a mixed reaction from the capacity crowd. A look of desperation and worry overshadows his excitement at being a part of the biggest event in CWF history. He walks to the ring, his eyes never leaving the squared circle. Completely oblivious to everything else around him, Mickey Stone steps through the and gives himself a pep talk.

DOC MCMARTIN: Next…from Detroit, Michigan…weighing in at 223 pounds….being led to the ring by RAIN…here is TOXIC!

“Hello” by Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, and the NWA hits, and Rain struts through the curtain, long legs exposed in a sparkling mini skirt. Behind her is Toxic, who can barely hear his own thoughts as Rain screams at him to focus. Toxic nods his head at her in agreement the entire way down the aisle, and slides into the ring, posing for the crowd to a mild reaction.

DOC MCMARTIN: From Dunshaughlin, Ireland….weighing in at 220 pounds….MOTION!

“The Pretender” by Foo Fighters rips through the arena and Motion storms out from behind the curtain looking ready to tear someone’s head off. The crowd, perhaps happy to see a fire in his eyes, cheers him enough to gain his attention. He turns his head towards the sea of fans and a look of realization crosses his face. This is it, his final chance to prove he belongs in the greatest wrestling promotion on earth. He nods to himself and climbs into the ring.

DOC MCMARTIN: From Ontario, Canada!

Cheers from the hometown crowd.

DOC MCMARTIN: Weighing in at 247 pounds…X-TRIMMER!

X-Trimmer flies out from behind the curtain, sprinting to the ring and stopping only to slap hands with a few fans in the front row. The crowd gives him a warm welcome home as he climbs to the second turnbuckle and poses, before hopping back down and adjusting his neck as the final competitor is announced.

DOC MCMARTIN: And the final competitor… from Warsaw, Poland….weighing in at 275 pounds…. “THE ADRENALINE” KYLE SYNC!

“Crawling” by Linkin Park hits and Kyle Sync roars out from behind the curtain, the poster boy for potential having disappointed in his CWF career thus far, looking ready to shed his reputation of whipping boy and come up with a clutch victory. He smacks himself in the sides of the head to get himself into a zone, and steps through the ropes.

DOC MCMARTIN: Earlier this evening, names were drawn out of a hat to determine who would begin the match in the ring. Each competitor will be hearing the results of that draw for the first time right now. The first man to start the match…MICKEY STONE!

Stone curses under his breath, then nods to himself and gets ready for battle.

DOC MCMARTIN: The second man to start the match…MOTION!

Motion’s face turns a deep shade of red and he licks his lips, ready for action. All three remaining men stand on the apron in a corner.

TT: Alright fans, we’re about ready to get this started…Motion and Mickey Stone will start this off…at any time they can make a tag to any of the three men on the apron. This is elimination rules, each man will be eliminated one by one until there is only one man left standing! This is gonna be a good one!

BC: Look! The little vein in Motion’s forehead is ready to burst! Ha!


Mickey Stone stares across the ring at an angry Irishman whose eyeballs look ready to pop out of his skull. He immediately looks for a tag but all three men on the apron jump down to the floor. Stone holds his arms out at the men on the floor and slowly turns to look at Motion, who charges at him like a raging bull and cleans his clock with a spear, much to the delight of the crowd.

Motion pulls him up and whips him to the ropes…and catches him with a devastating SPINEBUSTER! Mickey Stone arches his back in pain and Motion stands there admiring his work, waiting for Stone to get up. Stone pulls himself up using the ropes…Motion storms over to him and knees him in the gut…and hooks him in…gutwrench suplex! Stone twists to the mat and hits hard, scurrying over to the corner where X-Trimmer is chomping at the bit to get in. Stone tags out to him.

TT: This is the best we’ve seen out of Motion since he got here!

BC: He keeps this pace up and he may keep his job!

X-Trimmer jumps over the top rope and charges at Motion. Motion takes his head off with a vicious clothesline. The back of X-Trimmer’s head hits the mat hard and Motion gives him no time to recover…he pulls X-Trimmer up…MOTION PICTURE! He nailed it!

TT: What a move!

BC: Ahhh!




Elimated: X-Trimmer

TT: And X-Trimmer will be standing in the unemployment line Monday morning, Motion has eliminated him and he’s out of here!

BC: That was fast!

Toxic gets into the ring in X-Trimmer’s place and jumps Motion from behind, sending him staggering and slumping over the middle rope. Toxic charges at him to jump on the back of his neck, but Motion moves and Toxic straddles the middle rope! Motion grabs him in a DDT position, Toxic’s feet still hooked to the middle rope keeping him elevated…MOTION PICTURE! Toxic took the full force of it and Rain’s eyes widen in panic on the outside!




Elimated: Toxic

TT: Toxic is out of here! And he’s taking Rain with him!

BC: Man I hate to see her go but I love watching her leave!

Motion is a house of fire and he grabs Kyle Sync from the apron and heaves him into the ring! Sync flips in and crashes to the mat in surprise…he quickly gets to his feet and charges at Motion..Motion goes for a clothesline but Sync ducks…Sync on the rebound…crossbody block! No! Motion holds on…fallaway slam! Motion has the crowd solidly behind him and Sync begs him off in the corner!

Motion forces Sync back to his feet and shoves him hard into the corner! And he whips him HARD to the opposite corner…Sync hits the turnbuckle and staggers back out of the corner…Motion with a reverse neckbreaker and Sync is down!

TT: What a showing by Motion thus far!

BC: Man! Where’s this Irish spirit been all these weeks? He’s looked more like a leprechaun than a warrior…but tonight he’s actually shown up and he’s making an impact!

TT: Indeed he looks unstoppable and Kyle Sync and Mickey Stone have both got to be feeling the heat here!

BC: Motion’s been eating his Lucky Charms!

TT: [groans]

Motion pulls Sync up…PILEDRIVER! Sync is out and Motion with a cover!




Eliminated: Kyle Sync

TT: My God! Motion has single handedly eliminated three people and it’s down to him and Mickey Stone! Motion has barely broken a sweat and he is dominating this match!

BC: Ahhh!

Mickey Stone freezes on the apron and his eyes bulge as he realizes it’s down to this. All that stands between him and a career with the CWF is Motion. He swallows with a noticeable gulp and slowly enters the ring. Motion stands on the other end, beckoning him to come on. Stone charges in…Motion ducks a wild clothesline that would have taken his head off…Stone turns around…belly to belly! Motion nailed him and the crowd is going wild for him!

Motion pulls him up and slams him back down with an STO…Stone fighting to get to his feet…up to his knees…Motion charges at him…spear right to the head! Stone is out like a light…Motion isn’t done, he wants to put an exclamation mark on the night…he pulls Stone up…MOTION PICTURE! And he counts with his fingers along with the referee!




Elimated: Mickey Stone

TT: Motion has done it! Motion singlehandedly handed each and every man in the man a pink slip and his CWF career will continue! What a performance!

BC: Holy crap! If he showed up in that kind of shape every night he’d be a serious threat!

Motion celebrates in the ring, the anger drawn on his face throughout the match seemingly melted away. The crowd is on their feet cheering him on when suddenly the lights go out. The only light in the arena comes from the ever-fading sun in the sky, the sky now a deep shade of purple.

TT: What’s this?!

Some type of druid chanting is heard throughout the stadium. Appearing at the curtain is Khrist and The Raving Lunatic. Both clad in hooded cloaks, their faces are just barely visible, but they each have the distinguishing mark of The New Church painted on their faces. Motion looks confused in the ring, ready to fight. Khrist and Lunatic slowly make their way to the ring and climb the ringsteps.

Lunatic climbs through the ropes first, and then holds them open for Khrist, who enters. He slowly walks up to Motion. Motion, confused, doesn’t know what to make of it. Khrist can be seen mouthing something to Motion through his hood. Motion’s face goes flush.

TT: What on earth is he saying to him?

Suddenly, Motion drops to one knee and genuflects to Khrist. Khrist bows his head and using his thumb, paints the symbol of the New Church on Motion’s face. Motion outstretches his arm in the form of a cross.

TT: No! My God, no! It looks like the New Church has recruited its newest member, Motion!

BC: Oh man…what an addition! With Khrist’s guidance, there’s no telling how far Motion can go!

The crowd explodes into boos, though a small sect of fans can be heard cheering. The three members of the New Church smile at each other and embrace, and then make their way to the back.

TT: I’m telling you, Bobby…that New Church is a dangerous cult and I don’t think it’s going to end well for them.

BC: Well it might end well tonight! With Khrist and Lunatic in the Elimination Chamber together, there’s no telling what kind of damage they can do! If they work together they could eliminate everybody else and one of them could be the champion!

TT: Well that’s a frightening thought, Bobby…but they do have to enter at separate intervals so whoever ends up in the ring with them could be looking to make short work of them because of that fact!

BC: Short work of them? Are you nuts? Have you seen these two? Khrist is a one man wrecking crew and Lunatic enjoys pain! It’s gonna take an infantry to take these two down!

TT: Well there’s an infantry in that chamber tonight named Magnus Thunder and he is dying to get his hands on both of these guys!

BC: Yeah well, the numbers game might catch up to him, Teddy. Not only does the New Church want a piece of him, Brian Adams is in that ring too…Adams beat Thunder just last week on Showdown…that’s an awful lot of momentum he’s riding! Not to mention Paul Blair! I mean let’s take a second here, and be fair to Blair…he can capitalize on the smallest mistake and turn it into another title reign for the Ruler!

TT: That main event is happening tonight, folks…and what an absolute mammoth of a main event it’s going to be! But up next…oh boy, I hope you’re ready for this one, fans…Blood takes on “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne in the second ever Sacrifice Match! Now if you missed the first Sacrifice match, you can be forgiven…it happens on an episode of CWF Friday Night Assault twelve years ago. If that match was any indication of what we’re about to witness…put the kids to bed, because this is going to be violent.

BC: Yeah, think about these rules. No holds barred, you have to knock your opponent out for ten seconds, and then roll him into a casket and shut the lid. I mean, that’s like three stipulation matches rolled into one and I don’t think either one of these guys can be kept down for that long! They’re literally going to have to destroy each other, beat each other into absolute oblivion to win this thing, and my money is on The Nitemare…Blood has just gone too soft to do what it takes to win this kind of match.

TT: Well that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, but keep in mind, Bobby…Blood literally invented this match. Osbourne is wrestling in Blood’s type of match and that puts him at a disadvantage right away.

BC: Disadvantage? Osbourne? You’re nuts, Teddy…Rob Osbourne is never at a disadvantage! This guy is one of the most ruthless, cunning men to ever enter the wrestling business…he will stoop to any low to win a match! Do you remember 1997, Teddy?

TT: I remember it well.

BC: It was the year of The Nitemare! First he won the MWWF World title, then he spat on it and went to the EWA…then he dominated the EWA and damn near killed the MWWF…I mean this guy is dangerous, and on a stage like this, in front of this many people, his first pay-per-view match in how many years? Don’t tell me about a disadvantage, Teddy…Blood better be afraid for his life!

TT: Well Blood has done some dastardly things as well, Bobby…and the same can be said for him, it’s his first pay-per-view match in some time, and he is chasing the one thing that has eluded him his whole career, the CWF World Heavyweight championship…a victory here tonight would put him in contention for the National title, which would only propel him into contention for the World title…both of these guys are dangerous, both of these guys have motive, and frankly Bobby, I don’t feel safe sitting here at ringside!

BC: Oh don’t worry, I’ll protect you.

TT: Yeah I’m sure you will… Doc McMartin stands in the ring. The crowd is already on their feet as the casket is rolled out and the barbed wire is wrapped around the ropes and ring posts.

DOC MCMARTIN: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the SACRIFICE MATCH!

The crowd roars.

DOC MCMARTIN: The rules of the match are as follows. There are no disqualifications, anything goes…the ropes and ring posts will be completely covered in barbed wire. To be victorious, you must knock your opponent out for a ten count as in a Last Man Standing match. After the ten count, you must roll your opponent into the casket and close the lid. The winner of this match will receive a National Championship match at next month’s pay-per-view, Vendetta!

The crowd cheers.

DOC MCMARTIN: Introducing first….from Charlotte, North Carolina…weighing in at 245 pounds…BLOOD!

“So Cold” by Breaking Benjamin hits and the lights dim. A single red spotlight hits the curtain. Fire explodes across the stage. Walking through the smoke is Blood, and the crowd roars at the sight of him. He looks out at the crowd, 70, 000+ fans on their feet, cameras flashing, the electricity in the air immeasurable. He nods, takes a few deep breaths and like a bull seeing red, tears his way to the ring, a look crossing his face as if he’s digging into the depths of his soul to pull out the monster required to win a match of this magnitude. He carefully steps through the barbed wire ropes and spins in a circle, taking in his environment. And then, the red spotlights now shooting throughout the arena suddenly turn purple…

DOC MCMARTIN: And his opponent!

The crowd pops huge.

DOC MCMARTIN: From Windermere, Florida, by way of Nashville, Tennessee…weighing in at 245 pounds…. “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

The crowd explodes as “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne roars through the stadium. Rob Osbourne's personal assistant, Alex Romanov steps out from behind the curtain with microphone in hand.

ALEX ROMANOV: Ladies and gentleman, for the past 13 years, when you heard that song ring out in the arena, you knew what was coming next. Due to licensing issues, I would like for you all to get ready to hear the song that you will know means HE is near...

“Nightmare” by Crooked X begins. The lights drop and purple and white spot lights flood the arena and swirl in a haze of fog machine smoke. Triple explosions happen in an arc at entrance way and Rob Osbourne runs out to an enormous pop from the crowd. The Nitemare looks ready for a war, his wrists taped, the gaze of a warrior in his eyes. He struts his way down the aisle, posing along the way. He soaks in the scene of the sea of humanity in the crowd, and observes the environment he is about to enter. He whistles to himself under his breath, mildly impressed with the match Blood has concocted. Blood, staring at him from the ring, gives his a knowing grin. Nitemare returns the expression, both men knowing they are about to give it everything they have. Osbourne carefully steps through the barbed wire ropes.

TT: You could absolutely cut the tension in the Rogers Center with a knife!

BC: We are about to witness something like we’ve never seen before, you can feel it.

The referee calls both men to the center of the ring. As he explains the rules to them, they go nose to nose. Cameras flash all over the place. As the referee finishes, he goes to separate them…but Osbourne sucker punches Blood on the break up!


TT: Osbourne with a cheap shot!

BC: And things like that could be the difference, Teddy! Osbourne is willing to do them but I don’t think Blood is!

Blood staggers back and Osbourne immediately charges in at him and tries to shove him into the barbed wire ropes, but Blood regains his bearings before it’s too late and gets out of the way. Nitemare struggles to keep himself from falling into the barbed wire but manages to keep his balance. Blood from behind…he clubs The Nitemare in the back and Osbourne drops to the mat to avoid the ropes…Blood drops an elbow but Nitemare gets out of the way and both men get back to their feet. They meet in the center of the ring and lock up…Blood over powers him and backs him towards the corner…but Osbourne with a sudden surge of strength powers his way back to the center of the ring…and now backs Blood into the corner! But Blood powers back and back to the center of the ring they go…Osbourne goes for a thumb to the eye but blood sees it coming and blocks it…he swings at Osbourne, Osbourne ducks….Nitemare whips his arm at Blood for a clothesline but Blood ducks…Blood goes for a superkick! No, Osbourne out of the way…Osbourne with a step up enzugiri! No, Blood ducks his head and Osbourne gets nothing but air! Blood pounces on the fallen Nitemare but Nitemare twists his way out of it and both men back to their feet once more as the crowd roars its appreciation for the exchange.

TT: Neither man able to take the upper hand so far, this looks like an even battle…

BC: Oh man, this is going to come down to guts, plain and simple!

Again they lock up…but this time Nitemare wastes no time and knees Blood in the gut…and he rears back and knees Blood square in the chin! Blood whips backwards from the impact and hits the mat hard. Nitemare immediately pulls him up…and whips him to the ropes! No! Blood holds on and manages to stop the momentum…and he reverses it! Nitemare to the barbed-wire ropes…no! He reverses…Blood towards the ropes…no! Reversal! And Nitemare finally is sent running to the ropes…but he wisely slides underneath the bottom rope instead and luckily misses any sharp edges. Nitemare on the outside collecting his thoughts….Blood running to the ropes…he leaps on to the top rope…PLANCHA! And he caught Nitemare with all of it!

TT: Blood caught him and finally someone has taken the upper hand! High risk, high reward for Blood and it pays off!

Blood beats his chest and the crowd cheers him on. He pulls Nitemare up…bodyslam on the concrete floor! And Nitemare is down….Blood searching the ring area for weapons. Nitemare slowly pulling himself up, slightly groggy…he turns around…Blood swings a steel chair at him! But Nitemare ducks and the chair hits the ringpost, vibrating violently into Blood’s hands and causing him to drop the chair in pain…Nitemare quickly grabs him….and slams his head into the barbed wire covered ring post! The crowd explodes and Nitemare grins, seeing the opportunity.

TT: Blood’s head hit that post and got tangled up in that barbed wire at the same time!

BC: Is Blood bleeding? Because that would really be the ultimate irony. Ha!

No visible blood on Blood….Nitemare grabs the chair and tosses it into the ring. He grabs Blood and rolls him back in, Blood’s back scratching against the barbed wire on the way in and cutting him slightly between the shoulder blades. A bead of red trickles down his back as Nitemare carefully climbs back into the ring. He grabs the steel chair and holds it up, signaling that he’s going to waffle Blood over the head with it. Blood fights to his feet…and Nitemare swings at him with the chair, but Blood ducks and the chair hits the top rope…and bounces back, hitting Nitemare in the face!

BC: Ahh!

TT: That must be an unlucky chair, it’s backfired for both men now!

Blood quickly capitalizes…backcracker! And Nitemare reels on the mat while Blood attempts to recover. Blood now grabs Nitemare by the legs…and SLINGSHOTS him into the corner! Nitemare misses the turnbuckle and instead hits the barbed wire covered ring post! And he screams in pain as his flesh tears from his forehead…Blood rips him out of the barbed wire, perhaps more painful than entering the tangled torture device, and flings him backwards with a German suplex! The camera zooms in on Nitemare’s face, which has blood running all the way down from his forehead to his chin. The crowd roars at the sight of blood.

TT: Nitemare busted open and my God this match has barely started!

BC: But when Nitemare tastes his own blood, it usually only brings out the best in him!

TT: You could be right, everyone reacts differently when they bleed but historically Nitemare has turned it up a notch when it happens to him!

Blood mounts Nitemare and pounds his fist into Nitemare’s open wound on his forehead. He manages to open the cut a little wider until Nitemare shoves him off. Blood quickly back over to him and pulls him up…blood stained on the mat where Nitemare had been laying. Blood drags him over to the ropes and tries to grinds Nitemare’s head into them…but Osbourne braces himself with his hands on the rope and blocks it…Blood pushes down on his neck with all his might trying to force him down…but Nitemare mule kicks him between the legs! Nitemare with a low blow and Blood slumps to the mat!

BC: It’s all legal, baby! Ha!

Nitemare drops to his knees as well, giving himself some time to recover. His face is now a crimson mask. Blood slowly getting back to his feet…Nitemare grabs the steel chair…Blood comes in at his…WHAM! Nitemare dents the chair over Blood’s head and Blood drops to the mat!

BC: Going, going, GONE! Homerun Rob Osbourne! Blood’s head must be somewhere in Lake Ontario!

TT: What a shot!

Blood remarkably remains conscious though, and groggily sits up…Nitemare wraps the steel chair around his head again and this time Blood is out cold! Blood now bleeding from his head as well and trickling down his face….the ref starts a ten count!









TT: Blood is stirring and the ref stops his count!

Nitemare, bleeding but having had time to recover, grabs Blood by the hair and pulls him up to his feet, blood staining his hands with Blood’s blood as he does. He whips Blood to the ropes! Blood tries to avoid the barbed wire by leaping over the top rope, but his foot gets caught on the rope and he trips, landing on top of the casket! Nitemare, seeing an opportunity, quickly climbs the top rope…and he sails off with a flying elbow drop on the casket! But no! Blood moves and Nitemare bounces off the casket and to the arena floor!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: My God, what is gonna happen next?! This is back and forth all the way and both men are busted wide open! Nitemare in a world of trouble here!

With Nitemare now unconscious on the floor, the ref counts again…







TT: Nitemare showing signs of life and the count is stopped!

Blood grabs Nitemare by the hair and shoves him into the guardrail…and he whips him into the side of the ring, the small of Nitemare’s back hitting the ring apron! Blood hooks him in! Belly to belly on the concrete floor and Blood rolls back into the ring! Nitemare in all kinds of trouble…Blood watches him exert more energy trying to get back to his feet and then crawl back into the ring, all the while Blood having a chance to shake out the cobwebs. Blood pulls him up…and sets him up for a…PILEDRIVER! Nitemare has been piledrivered and he is may be out! But Blood grabs his legs….twists him over…BLOOD LOCK! BLOOD LOCK and the crowd goes wild!

TT: Blood has him! Blood has got him in the center of the ring with the Blood lock and there’s nowhere for Nitemare to go!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: And with all that blood loss I don’t think he’s got the strength to turn it over!

Nitemare tries to push up, mustering every bit of upper body strength that he can. The camera zooms in on Nitemare’s face, a complete crimson mask, blood trickling down his long, blood-stained hair and dripping off the end. Blood manages to hang on, rearing back with even more pressure! Nitemare beginning to fade! And the ref lifts his arm up…once…..twice….three times! No! Nitemare still has some fight left in him and again he tries to push himself up…but Blood still hangs on! Nitemare trying to twist his way out anyway he can, but Blood is relentless and will not let go! Nitemare fading…fading….fading….the ref lifts his arm….once… twice….three times! And Nitemare is out! Blood releases the hold and slumps forward, burying his nose in the mat and grinding his teeth as pain racks his body. The ref counts Nitemare out!











TT: Nitemare is out and now Blood has got to roll him into that opened casket and shut the lid!

BC: Oh my God! How many people can say they forced The Nitemare to black out?!

Blood crawls over to Nitemare’s lifeless body, rolling him slowly towards the casket, leaving a trail of blood behind him. Nitemare almost at the casket and Blood is struggling to push his dead weight, the blood loss clearly playing a factor…Blood’s hair is now soaked in his own blood, and it takes every ounce of energy he has left to roll the 245 pound Osbourne across the ring. The casket opens…and he rolls Nitemare inside!

BC: Ahhh!

TT: If Blood closes the lid this one is over!

Blood sees his chance and powers to his feet…and he leans through the ropes and SHUTS THE LID! Blood has won!

Wait! No! Osbourne managed to wedge his foot in between to stop the lid from closing and the ref has seen it! The ref will not ring the bell but Blood thinks he’s won! Blood celebrating in the ring and Osbourne slowly dragging himself back into the ring…Blood has no idea….Osbourne to his feet… from behind…he spins a surprised Blood around….BADD DREAM! ON THE STEEL CHAIR! Blood is out like a light and Nitemare drops back to the mat, crawls towards the corner as the ref counts Blood down!












TT: Blood is out and now Nitemare has to get him in the casket!

BC: This is insanity!

Nitemare has to crawl over to Blood slowly, and just like Blood, struggles to roll him towards the open casket. Nitemare’s blood drips everywhere as he powers Blood towards it…a little extra blood pouring out of Nitemare’s forehead each time he exerts himself. Blood almost there…and he’s in the casket! Blood is in the casket but Nitemare has passed out in the ring and can’t shut the lid!

BC: Come on, Rob! Get up and close the lid!

TT: Blood would be out to pasture if only Osbourne could get up and shut the lid! This match would be over!

Osbourne fights and claws his way back to his feet…but when he finally gets there, he immediately loses his balances and drops back to the mat. Blood, meanwhile, is stirring…and Nitemare sees him and backs up, pushing himself from the seat of his pants with his legs! Blood fights to get back in the ring and finally makes it…he stands, groggy and wobbling…slowly making his way towards Osbourne…

BC: This has been one of the most intense matches in CWF history. These two old school throw backs have put on a clinic tonight for the guys in the back. They are beaten, they are battered, they are bloody, and this match is destroying two of the giants in our industry today!

TT: That's right Bobby. These two are hacking away at one another like they are giant redwoods, and it is only a matter of until one falls and the sacrifice is completed!

BC: What's this?!

As Blood closes in on Osbourne, Pledge Allegiance comes down to ringside with Trixie Lee. Pledge grabs the two announcers and threatens to crack their heads together if they don't take off their headsets off and move. As they do, Pledge and Trixie sit down and put on the headphones, the crowd on their feet and chanting at Pledge.

PLEDGE: Ladies and gentleman, i do not know what that buffoonery was all about, but we have ridden you of those imposters and my partner and I, "Beautiful" Bobby Crane are here to carry you through the end of this exciting match!

TRIXIE: Uh...right you are Teddy?

Blood reaches down and grabs Osbourne by the throat with both hands, blood now smeared on Osbourne’s neck and chest. Osbourne with barely enough strength to fight back…Blood goes to slam him down but Osbourne somehow lands on his feet…Blood goes to drop kick Osbourne into the barbed wire but Osbourne moves!

PLEDGE: Bobby, how does Osbourne get out of the way so fast when he drinks so much and does the kind of hardcore drugs he does?

TRIXIE: Umm...I haven't a clue Teddy! What I do know is he just narrowly missed being sent into the barbed wire! PLEDGE: Both men down! THE LIGHTS ARE ON BUT NOBODY'S HOME, BOBBY! THIS ONE COULD BE OVER SOON! Who can dig down and find the tenacity to gut this out?

Both men struggling to their feet…and they clash in the center of the ring! Lefts and rights, both men with one last surge of energy! The blood sprays everywhere as their fists connect! Both men now running out of steam…Nitemare with a right hand…Blood with a right hand…and both men wobbling! Nitemare explodes with a clothesline! Blood goes down!

TRIXIE: Pledge, did you see that?

PLEDGE: Pledge? Pledge Allegiance is here? Where, Bobby? ....Bobby, I've got to be honest with you, you have been acting very odd lately. I think you may be crazy. You think you're Trixie Lee and I'm Pledge and you want me to do you. I think you need to get help....

The crowd erupts as Mark Xamin comes out and sends security down to remove Pledge and Trixie from the announce table. As they get up, the real Bobby Crane and Teddy Turnbuckle take their mics. Rob Osbourne pulls Blood up and whips him into the far ropes! Blood hits the barbed wire and screams out in pain as it digs into his flesh! Nitemare and sees Pledge near ringside out of the corner of his eye. He fakes like he is going to go after Blood, but instead stops dead cold and reaches over to grab Pledge by the hair. Pledge avoids him. Blood sees his chance and runs at Nitemare from behind! Pledge reaches up and pulls the top rope down just as Blood goes hit Nitemare! But Nitemare see him coming and moves! Blood flies out of the ring and lands nearly head first on the concrete arena floor. Pledge and Trixie race up the ramp to the back.

BC: Did you see that Teddy? Pledge, unintentionally just changed the direction of this match!

TT: Bobby....what is wrong with Pledge? How can the CWF medical personnel allow him to compete with his head injuries?

BC: I have been asking CWF officials that question for days!

Nitemare drops back to his knees in the ring, barely able to hold his weight up…Blood crawling back up onto the apron…and he’s up…Blood drops to his knees on the apron, reeling, trying to regain his bearings…wait a minute, Nitemare sees him and blocks out the pain, blocks out the blackness engulfing him more and more each second as he threatens to pass out from the blood loss…Blood to his feet….SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK! Nitemare nailed him with a superkick and Blood flies off the apron and into the casket! He’s out! The ref counting!











TT: Blood is out and Osbourne has to shut the lid! Can he do it?!

Nitemare bursts towards the casket…and shuts the lid! The casket is closed and Nitemare has won! The crowd explodes.


TT: Osbourne has done! Osbourne beats Blood in an absolute classic!

BC: I am blown away! Do you know what this means? For the first time EVER in his 16 year career, Rob Osbourne will compete for a CWF Championship!

TT: Rob Osbourne is the number one contender for the National title and my God, only at Super Card would you see a match like that! Both men gave it absolutely everything they had, there has got to be a mutual respect between these two warriors! The match could have been over on at least three separate occasions! Blood had Nitemare out after a Blood Lock and we thought he’d won, but Osbourne’s foot saved the day and the match went on…if that were a Last Man Standing match, Blood would have been the victor!

BC: But it wasn’t a Last Man Standing match, Teddy! Nitemare beat Blood at his own match! Ha!

TT: Blood has nothing to be ashamed of, what an effort, what a match…what a moment!

Nitemare drops onto the floor and passes out. The ref raises his unconscious hand in victory. “Nightmare” by Crooked X drones through the arena as EMTs rush to ringside to help both Rob Osbourne and Blood. As the mess is cleaned up, we cut to a shot of Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane sitting at ringside.

TT: Well an absolute classic there, and I suppose this is a perfect time for the half time show because we need to collect ourselves here!

BC: We’re gonna be Hall of Famers, Teddy!

TT: Indeed we are, partner….not only will the Hall of Fame induction take place…U2 will perform live, and Mark Xamin will reveal his protégé!

BC: I can’t wait!

TT: Alright fans, we are about to kick off the half time show! Enjoy the show and we will see you back here for two title matches!

BC: I’m gonna be a Hall of Famer!

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