Hudson def. Onyx via Hudson Driver at 6:38
Mike Laszlo def. Randy Rage via submission with the Down Payment at 8:12



A series of pyros blast off at the top of the ramp as fireworks explode from around the videotron.  The sold out crowd is on their feet with cheers as the pyros continue to blast off.  We scan through the crowd to see hundred of fans holding up various signs.  "Vote For Tige' 2010", "The Nitemare Is Dead", "Mason's Gonna Kill Ya", and "Shock Value Will Rule" are among the many.  We cut to Teddy Turnbuckle and "Beautiful" Bobby Crane sitting at the commentator's table.


TT: Hello everybody and welcome to the Valentine Bash!  I'm Teddy Turnbuckle and as always, alongside me is "Beautiful" Bobby Crane!  We have a sold out Convocation Center here in DeKalb, Illinois...all on their feet for what promises to be a great show!


BC: You can say that again, Teddy!  All of the CWF's top stars are in action tonight!


TT: Bob Osbourne will be defending the Unified Championship tonight against Mariano Fernandez!


BC: Bob is the longest reigning Unified Champion in the CWF!  He seems to always have a way to overcome the odds...but can he do it tonight?  His opponent is a former National Champion as well as one of the fastest rises stars in the CWF!  Can Bob Osbourne defy the odds again to retain his championship?  Or will Mariano Fernandez dethrone him, showing once again why he's considered by most to be the breakout star of 2009!


TT: It should be a great match, Bobby!  In addition, we're going to see the return of Shock Value!  Keith Daniels and Brian Adams will team up tonight as they face the Horsemen's team of Chemical X and Sickboy!


BC: Two teams that are very experienced in tagging with each other!  Brian Adams made his surprise return to in ring action at Last Man Standing, solidifying his championship match at SuperCard VI with a victory in the battle royale!  Keith Daniels also made an impact since his return, most noticably at Last Man Standing where he defeated Sickboy for the National Championship!  On the other side of the coin, you have the ever so dangerous Sickboy!  The man definitely has something to prove tonight after Daniels tried to burn him alive...not to mention, he's a very smart competitor.  Look how long he held that National Championship for!  And finally, Chemical X.  A former Heavyweight Champion in his own right.  He has an impressive resume, and tonight...I can assure you that he'll be more than ready!


TT: And what about tonight's contender's match, Bobby?  A rematch from Season's Beatings as our campaigning Tige' goes one on one with Rob Osbourne!


BC: Both men feel they have a claim for the World Heavyweight Championship!  At Last Man Standing, Osbourne lost to Magnus in the championship match...but it was because of interference from Tige' and Roland Ulv!  On Showdown, Tige' had a match with the champion that was interupted by the Horsemen...a match with Tige' felt he was about to win!  Only one can win tonight...and whoever that man is...they punch their ticket to face the champion at Ides of March!  Will it be the former "Nitemare" or the campaign driven Tige'?  We'll find out tonight!


TT: Which brings us to tonight's main event!  Magnus Thunder defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Jack Mason!


BC: At Last Man Standing, Jack Mason outsmarted the world as he re-entered the battle royale to ultimately seal his spot in the World Championship match tonight!  But can he do it, Teddy?!  Or will our World Heavyweight Champion...the mammoth who always seems to pull through when it counts the most...will he retain?  It should make one hell of a main event, Teddy...I can't wait!


The BlairVision Theme hits the arena as the crowd gives a mixed reaction.  Paul Blair steps out to the stage and poses for the crowd.  He smiles as he makes his way down the aisle.


Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!  Making his way to the ring...from River Falls, Wisconsin!  Weighing in at two hundred seventy pounds..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!!!


Blair makes his way to the steps and quickly enters the ring.  He poses for the crowd once more as his music slowly fades.


TT: Blair is looking for this to be a night of vengeance.  We saw his friend Israel Steele turn on him after a match with Brian Adams.  Following that, Blair has been on the receiving end of multiple attacks at the hands of Israel Steele!


BC: I have a feeling that tonight...CWF will FINALLY be fair to Blair!


"Dead Horse" by Motorhead blasts in the arena as the crowd erupts in boos.  Israel Steele steps out to the stage, raising his right arm high in to the air.  A smirk comes to his face as he lowers his arm and makes his way down the aisle.


Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring...from Kill Devils Hill, North Carolina!  Weighing in at three hundred twenty-five pounds..."THE REAL DEAL" ISRAEL STEELE!!!


Steele approaches the ring, climbs up to the apron, then steps in to the ring.  He glances over at Blair for a second before turning his back on him to raise his arm for the crowd once more.  The crowd continues to boo as Steele lowers his arm and his music fades out.


TT: This should be a unique match, Bobby!




TT: Blair with no hesitation, attacking Steele from behind!  Steele slams hard in to the corner after the forearm shot from Blair.  Blair spins Steele around and delivers hard right after hard right!


BC: HA!  Blair is killing him!


TT: Blair with the whip across the ring!  He rushes in at Steele...hard lariat...NO!  Steele caught him and slams him hard to the mat with a urinagi!  Steele quickly brings Blair back to his feet, forcing him back to the ropes.  He whips Blair across the ring...and he lifts him high overhead off the rebound!  Steele drops Blair hard to the mat with a military press!


BC: Steele has such magnificant power!


TT: Steele pulls Blair back to his feet once again...and he drops him with a backbreaker!  Steele holds on to it, rising back to his feet...a second backbreaker!  Steele presses a hand against the leg, his other against the chin...and here's a submission!


BC: Blair in trouble early here!  And this is what's so deadly about Israel Steele!  He has the strength, he has the power...and now with the Legion Of Shadows, he is becoming more dominant and ruthless in that ring!


TT: Steele is definitely an impressive superstar, Bobby!  And the ref is checking on Blair, but Blair won't give in.  Steele applies more pressure to the hold as the ref continues to check.


Steele continues to apply the pressure as Blair struggles.  Blair fights to get a leg loose, and finally does as he drives a knee in to Steele's skull!  Steele drops Blair as he stumbles back.  Blair slowly makes his way back to his feet...and he's quickly taken back down with a massive running lariat!  Steele brings Blair back to his feet.  He lifts Blair, rushes at the corner, and Blair is diven hard back first in to the corner!


TT: Steele is just being dominant here!  He buries a hard shoulder to Blair's abdomen...and another!


BC: Steele is impressing me more and more as this match continues...even if he's not being fair to Blair!


TT: Steele lifts Blair to a seated position on the top turnbuckle and drills him with a hard right!  Steele climbs the corner...superplex!  And Steele floats over in to the cover!








TT: Blair quicks out!  Steele quickly picks Blair up and tosses him out of the ring.  Steele tries to follow, but the ref holds him back!


BC: Blair needs to find a way back in to this match!










TT: And Steele finally makes his way out of the ring as Blair starts to get back up.  Steele with the whip...no!  Blair reverses and sends Steele shoulder first in to the ring post!


BC: Blair with a timely counter!  Gotta love it!






TT: Blair rolls in to the ring and quickly rolls back out to break the count!  He lifts Steele back to his feet and rings his arm hard against the ring post!






BC: Blair with a smart strategy as he focuses on that right arm!  He has Steele's arm still wrapped around the ring post.  He lifts his foot up to the post for leverage and yanks back on the arm!








TT: Blair finally releases the arm!  He forces Steele under the bottom rope.  Blair follows him in and starts stomping away at his former friend!


Blair hangs Steele across the middle rope.  He presses down on Steele for a second before hitting the far side of the ring.  Blair on the return...and he lands hard on Steele's back!  Steele falls back to the mat in pain as Blair smiles at the destruction he is causing.  Blair climbs to the middle turnbuckle...hard fist drop to Steele's skull!  Blair quickly makes the cover!








TT: Steele with the kickout!  Blair brings Steele to a seated position and applies a rear chinlock.  Steele is struggling as the referee checks on him, and Steele is somehow able to make it back to his feet.  Blair floats over to a side headlock, and quickly goes behind with a rear hammerlock!  Blair holds the hammerlock as he sets Steele up...russian legsweep!


BC: Now Steele will see just who "The Ruler" really is!


TT: Blair quickly continues his offense as he grabs Steele with a front facelock, bringing him back to his feet...and he plants him back to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker!




"Debonair" by Afghan Whigs hits the arena as the crowd focuses on the entrance stage.  Steele turns his attention to the stage as well as Hudson steps out.  He makes his way down the aisle, coffee cup in hand.


TT: What the hell is Hudson doing?!  We're in the middle of a match here!


BC: Maybe he's drunk!


Hudson continues his way down the aisle as Steele leans around from the middle and top rope.  The referee climbs out of the ring, stopping Hudson from climbing in.  Steele continues to watch as the referee holds Hudson back.  He signals for Hudson to return to the back.  Hudson shrugs and turns back toward the stage as his music fades.  The referee slide back in as Hudson quickly turns back around, splashing the substance from his cup in to Steele's face.


TT: Hudson just threw something in to Steele's face!


BC: The referee didn't see it, Teddy!


TT: Steele rubs his eyes as he re-enters the ring and turns around...BLAIR KICK!!!  Blair with the Blair Kick!  And this is going to be academic as Blair quickly goes for the cover!










TT: It's over, Bobby!  Blair, thanks to help from Hudson...has gotten his vengeance on Israel Steele here tonight!


Ring Announcer: Here is your winner..."THE RULER" PAUL BLAIR!!!


The BlairVision Theme hits.  Before the referee can even raise Blair's arm in victory, he slides out of the ring and joins Hudson, making his way up the aisle with a smile on his face as he continues to keep his eye on Steele.  Steele slowly returns to his feet and makes his way over to the ropes, upset over his loss.  He stares a hole through Blair as the crowd resounds in overwhelming boos.


TT: Steele seems irate with this result, Bobby!


BC: Can you blame him?!  He was looking to make an impact here tonight...but instead, he suffers a devastating loss!


Blair and Hudson continue to the stage as Steele suddenly gives chase.  Blair and Hudson quickly escape to the back as they are followed by Steele.


TT: I have high doubts that the issues between Israel Steele and Paul Blair are over!  In any case, Bobby...the show must go on!  Still plenty of big matches to come!  And I have to ask, Bobby...who do you think will walk out of tonight's event as the new number one contender?!


BC: I voted for Tige'!


TT: What a thing it would be for him to win tonight and fulfull his campaign promises!


Suddenly, the cameras circle around the packed arena with strobe lights blinking a variety of colors as smoke starts hitting the ramp.


Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome..."DA XTREME GANGSTA" JAMES BAKER and his wife...DANIELLE LOPEZ!!!


"Hail Mary" by 2Pac hits throughout the PA system with the crowd giving off an enormous positive reception. James Baker and Danielle Lopez then emerge from behind the curtain holding hands while they point at the crowd to even more cheers. James is wearing a white buttoned down t-shirt, Baggy Blue Jeans, a Black Skull Cap on his head and a Long Platinum Cross Pendant Necklace around his neck, while

Danielle is wearing a beautiful and sparkling Black Dress. Together they slowly walk down the ramp before they slap hands with the fans. James then lowers the bottom rope for Danielle before he gets into the ring. As Danielle does her cheerleading poses in the middle of the ring, James then goes onto the top turnbuckle and poses for the fans before throwing some merchandise into the crowd. James then hops down from off of the turnbuckle, grabs a microphone and then puts his arms around Danielle.


James Baker: What it do DeKalb, Illinois?


The crowd cheers loudly at the mention of their town.


James Baker: Now I know what you all came here to see and that's some hard hittin' action right?


The crowd cheers loudly.


James Baker: Well all of you great CWF Fans here tonight sure as hell will indeed get the hard hittin' action once I kick Terry Richards' ass all over this arena tonight, but I know that there's people that are askin' about my extra curricular activities that has been goin' on ever since I revealed to the entire world that I kidnapped Hikari. Well first, Kev, J.T, Malik, bring out our subject will ya.


"Sorry N' Shit" by Tech N9ne hits throughout the PA system as Kevin Styles, J.T. Banks and Malik Jones all walk out from the curtain slowly while they have Hikari walking in front of them with shackles around her ankles, handcuffs on her wrists and a burlap sack over her head. Kevin, J.T and Malik are wearing black suits. They then slowly walk down the ramp. Kevin then helps Hikari into the ring as J.T and Malik then go into the ring afterwards.


James Baker: Now where were we again? Oh yes, you see it's already known that I needed my own personal revenge for Terry ruinin' my career and many would claim that I have avenged that, but my revenge is not complete as I need to beat Terry Richards tonight to complete my revenge. Now as far as why Hikari is out here with us depsite her havin' shackles, handcuffs and all the good stuff in the world strapped on her at the moment. Well after havin'

some time to truly reflect on all that has happened, I actually have a proposition for you Terry. So with that bein' said, get your ass out here right now if you want to hear the proposition that I have.


Perfect Insanity by Disturbed hits the PA system as the crowd boos heavily. Terry, Alex and Chris Richards all come out to the ramp with Enrique Lopez towed with a chain around his neck as Mariana is the one holding the chain around his neck. Terry then grabs a microphone as his music dies down.


Terry Richards: Hurry up, Baker, I've got a chick to date, a family to have fun with, and a life to spare instead of looking to your putrid corpse.


James Baker: Well you see Terry. Since you and your Idiot Legion so graciously have my brother in-law with a fuckin' chain around his neck and with myself and my Dynasty have your sister with shackles on her feet, handcuffs on her wrists and a burlap sack on her head, I figured let's up the ante here and raise the stakes for our match up against each other, tonight. That is if your up for it.


Terry Richards: ...Hmm, interesting. Keep going, see if you can shave that ugly beard while you're talking.


James Baker: Haha I see you got jokes now. Well you see I had a proposition come into my head and well I say we raise the stakes here as the winner of our match gets their family member back. Basically if I win, then you return Enrique to me and my crew and if you win, then I return Hikari to your

family. So is it a deal or no deal?


Terry Richards: Are you fucking kidding me? I'd be Kyle Sync if I said no. Let's do this, Baker. Just a warning... Someone will walk out hurt.


Terry drops the mic as he and his crew walk backstage.  James looks on with a cocky smirk on his face.


BC: There ya have it, Teddy!  If Baker wins tonight, Enrique is freed!  If Richards wins tonight, Hikari is freed!


TT: A lot on the line in that match tonight!  But next, we have a very unusual match, Bobby.  It was a few weeks ago that we saw a change in the man then known as Blood.  Apparently, he felt like he had deserved alot more than he had gotten.


BC: Whiny little bitch!


TT: It started with an attack on the man he will face tonight, Alex Ruettiger.  The following week, during an apology, his assailant attacked Ruettiger!  And last week...we found his true intentions as he dropped the name Blood, insisting that he be called Yoshiru Long.  In addition, he decided to call out anyone in the back to face him...


BC: Ha!  I remember that...Blair came out and kicked his teeth in!


A video begins to play, starting the week after Last Man Standing.  Yoshiru and Ruettiger pass each other in the hall backstage.  Yoshiru suddenly attack, brutally beating Ruettiger, leaving him in a puddle of his own blood.  The video continues as Yoshiru stands in the ring speaking to the CWF fans.  The fans' hatred for Yoshiru shows through as they erupt in boos.  The video continues with the following week.  Ruettiger is battling Noble when Yoshiru suddenly makes his entrance, costing Ruettiger the match by distraction.  Yoshiru attempts to apologize, but Ruettiger will have nothing of it.  Ruettiger is suddenly attacked from behind by a cloaked man in bandages.  The cloaked man brings Ruettiger back to his feet, and Ruettiger is planted with The Suffering!  The video comes to an end as Ruettiger holds his head in pain and Yoshiru looks back to the ring with a smirk on his face.  The focus returns to the entrance stage.


TT: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is going to be contested against two talented men, Yoshiru obviously having the experience over Alex in this next match up.


BC: Obviously not enough experience keep his tampon intact. Blood, excuse me, Yoshiru Long, has been bleeding all over us with his whining and complaining.


TT: You have to admit, he has a point. He's been the go to guy to make anyone a star in this business and doesn't have much to show for it.


BC: And we're to suffer for it? I don't think so!


TT: Calm down Bobby.


“Hollywood Whore” by Papa Roach hits the PA system to a huge ovation from the crowd. Alex Ruettiger comes out, tags the fan’s hands in a frenzy. He slides under the bottom rope and raises his hands and gets another loud pop from the crowd


Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from South Bend, Indiana, weighing in at two hundred thirty-eight pounds… ALEX RUETTIGER!


TT: Alex Ruettiger looking as good as ever and he'll need to be if he wants to go one on one with Yoshiru Long.


BC: Yeah, regardless of my thoughts on Yoshiru's vocality, he's a great technician in that ring and could go toe to toe with anyone in that ring. Except for Blair of course.


TT: Well, we'll see how it all goes down because here he comes now!


The lights slightly dim as a slower version of "I Came To Play" by Downstait begins to play throughout the arena. The crowd erupts in boos as a quick firework blast erupts on the stage. Yoshiru and his cloaked assailant step out to the stage. The assailant pays no mind to the crowd as he waits for Yoshiru. Yoshiru slowly looks around at the surrounding crowd with no expression on his face. He and the assailant make their way down the aisle.


Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, now residing in Tokyo, Japan! Weighing in at two hundred forty-five pounds...YOSHIRU LONG!!!


Yoshiru makes his way to the steps, followed by his assailant. Both men enter the ring. Yoshiru stands near the corner, looking around at the crowd once again as his assailant stands behind him. The lights return to normal as his music fades out.




TT: Here we go ladies and gentlemen! Yoshiru and Alex circle each other in the ring as Yoshiru's assailant steps out and hops down off the apron. Alex and Yoshiru go to lock up but Yoshiru with a kick to Alex's stomach! Alex wrenches over holding his gut as Yoshiru pushes him back towards the rope and throws Alex with an irish whip! Alex on his way back now...clothes line by Yoshiru!


BC: That was beautiful! Yoshiru is quick to pick Alex back up in a vertical position just to slam him back down on to the mat hard with a body slam. Alex is reeling in pain holding his back while Yoshiru circles Alex admiring his handy work. He had better get back down on him fast, Rudy won't stay down forever!


TT: I think he heard you Bobby, because Yoshiru has just mounted Rudy and has started lighting him up with punches to the face and head! Right! Left! Right! Left! Yoshiru stops for a minute to take a breather but that was a mistake! Rudy hooks Yoshiru's arms and rolls him into a pinning position!




2.....KICK OUT!


Yoshiru rolls out of the pin breaking the count as they both quickly make their way to their feet. Yoshiru charges Alex in frustration but is met with a forearm to the face! Yoshiru is driven back, holding his face in pain. He shakes it off and charges Alex again but is met with another one!


TT: Alex nails Yoshiru with two forearms to the face and has gone on the offensive.


BC: Hey Teddy, what do you tell a woman with two black eyes?


TT: What?


BC: Nothing, cause she's already been told twice!


TT: Would you stop it!?


Yoshiru in pure aggravation charged Alex one more time and takes a wild swing at Alex but he ducks it! Alex takes his arm and pulls him in and picks him up on his shoulders...Samoan drop!  Alex rolls over and gets up, dragging Yoshiru up by his hair. Alex hooks Yoshiru's head and flips him over with a snapmare and immediately locks in a reverse chin lock! Yoshiru starts kicking his feet in an almost rabid nature trying to get out of his current position. Yoshiru's face starts turning a deep red from the blood being constricted from Alex's tight grip around his neck. Yoshiru slowly makes his way to his feet and hits Alex in the abdomin with an elbow! And another! Yoshiru catches his breath before making a break for the ropes. He bounces off the rope and comes full blast at Alex and gets nailed with a shoulder block and hits his head off the canvas!


TT: Yoshiru just can't seem to regain his composure. Everytime he gets some shots in Alex has something to counter it!


BC: Rudy is no slouch Teddy. You seem surprised.


TT: I'm not doubting Rudy's in ring ability at all, I just know Yoshiru better than this!


BC: Rudy has made his way to the top rope! He's measuring Yoshiru as he slowly starts to get him from the mat. Yoshiru slowly turns around but is met with a double ax handle.


TT: No! Yoshiru jumps up and hits a drop kick to Ruetigger's chest! Both men are down! What a match!


BC: It's Valentine's Bash baby! This is where we started just a year ago, but we're no where near finished yet, and neither is this battle between these two!


Yoshiru uses the ropes to prop himself up. He leans back trying to catch his breath before moving in on Alex.  Yoshiru lifts him up and and grabs his waist...back breaker! Alex falls to the mat grabbing his lower back, his face grimacing in pain! Yoshiru isn't done though! Yoshiru starts targeting Alex with sharp kicks to his back! Alex is down! Yoshirus sees his opportunity and starts to climb to the top rope!


TT: Yoshiru on the top rope, what's he planning to do?!


BC: To fly Teddy! Yoshiru leaps off the turnbuckle and drives his elbow into Rudy's back! That's gonna leave a mark!


Alex's body convulses upon impact from Yoshiru's elbow. Yoshiru is also affected by the impact, holding his elbow as he slowly gets up. Yoshiru measures Alex before jumping up and drops a knee onto the middle of his back! His back must be a shattered mess by now! Yoshiru picks him up and locks in a front face lock. NO! Alex with a northern lights suplex which catches the referee off guard. The referee drops to the mat and makes the count!








BC: My God my heart just skipped a beat! That was close!


TT: Not close enough Bobby, this war wages on! Hey! Whats going on!


Yoshiru's assailant hops on to the ring apron and starts arguing with the referee, distracting his attention away from the match. Alex makes it to his feet first while Yoshiru remains on his knees, watching his assailant work the referee over. Alex moves towards Yoshiru and grabs his head but no! Yoshiru lifts his arm up between Alex's legs and hit a low blow! Alex doubles over holding his groin in a state of shock and pain! Long's assailant drops down off the mat after seeing the damage has been done. The referee forgets the assailant and turns his attention back to the match. Yoshiru grabs Alex and wraps his

arm around his neck...


TT: Could it be?


BC: Yes it could! Yoshiru hits The Suffering! It's over now for sure!


TT: What is Yoshiru waiting for? Pin him!


Yoshiru circles the ring, staring down at Alex, like a predator admiring his prey before he sinks his teeth in to get a taste of it's flesh. Yoshiru grabs  Alex's legs and then looks to the ground who start in on him with a chorus of boos.


TT: What is he doing? He has Ruettiger dead to rites! Pin him and end it already!


BC: It's not over for him yet if I think he's doing what I think he's doing. He is! He locks in his patented Paralyzer! This is painful!


TT: Alex can't take too much of this. Yoshiru has been breaking his back all night!


Yoshiru cinches the move in, putting pressure on Alex's neck and back. Alex is screaming in pain and is reaching for the bottom rope! He starts to crawl towards it inch by inch.


TT: Come on Rudy! Just a few more inches! He's got it! He's got the bottom rope!


BC: No he doesn't! Yoshiru drags him back to the middle of the ring and reapplies the paralyzer! He's done for sure now!


Alex tries to dig deep and takes another lunge, but it's no use! Yoshiru bends Alex's legs back further and presses his knees into the middle of Alex's back. Alex can't take it anymore and starts to tap! Alex taps!


BC: He's tapping! It's over!




Ring Announcer: The winner of this match via submission, YOSHIRU LONG!!!


The ringing of the bell nor the sound of the announcer deters Yoshiru. He keeps the paralyzer locked in as the referee starts screaming at him telling him to break the hold! Yoshiru screams back at him and spits at the referee! The referee warns Yoshiru that he will disqualify him and reverse the decision. Yoshiru dares him and the referee starts making the five count!










BC: Yoshiru breaks the hold at the last second and is your winner here tonight folks!


TT: Yes but it doesn't seem as though he's finished with Ruettiger! Yoshiru's assailant brings a chair into the ring. He grabs the referee and toses him from the ring! Com'on was that really called for!?


BC: No, but that isn't going to stop them. It seems if Yoshiru and his assailant are on a mission here tonight. Yoshiru points at Rudy's foot and gives instructions to his assailant. His assailant wraps the folded chair around Alex's ankle as Yoshiru goes to the top rope and oh no...


TT: Oh what's the matter Bobby?! Did you just realize that this is going to end bad for Alex?! This is enough! Can we get some security down here!


BC: Too late! Yoshiru jumps off the top rope and comes down feet first onto Alex's ankle! Oh my god Teddy, his ankle his to be broken in pieces!


TT: This is sickening!


Alex lets out a loud shriek of pain as the paramedics come rushing down to the ring with a stretcher to help Alex to the back. As they set him on the stretcher, Yoshiru leans out of the ring and rips the microphone from the announcer's hand.  He makes his way back over to the stretcher proned Ruettiger and leans down, getting face to face with him.


Yoshiru Long: As I said to you before...it's nothing personal...


The crowd erupts in boos as Yoshiru gets back to his feet.  EMT's bring the stretcher up the aisle as Yoshiru waits for the crowd to calm down before speaking.


Yoshiru Long: For the last few weeks...I have told all of you about my storied past.  The fact that I have been overlooked at every turn!  The fact that I have been the stepping stone for most of the guys who have reached superstardum!


The crowd overwhelms Yoshiru with boos.  He quickly climbs out of the ring as the assailant makes his way over.  They approach the commentator's table.


Yoshiru Long: Take a look at tonight's show for example.  Mariano Fernandez challenges Bob Osbourne for the Unifeid Championship!  Brian Adams and Keith Daniels team up to face two members of the Horsemen!  Tige'...he gets a contenders match against Rob Osbourne!  Jack Mason...he gets himself a match for the World Heavyweight Championship against Magnus Thunder!  And what do I get?  THAT!


Yoshiru puts to the stage where EMTs are finally getting Ruettiger out of the arena.


Yoshiru Long: That's right, ladies and gentlemen.  Again, Yoshiru Long gets SCREWED!  I get reduced to facing men like Alex Ruettiger while the ones that I help push to the next level wrestle for contenderships and championships!


Yoshiru turns to Teddy Turnbuckle.


Yoshiru Long: Teddy, what match is next?  Who suddenly has been pushed above me this time?  Terry Richards and James Baker?


TT: Well, they will compete later tonight, but their match isn't next.


Yoshiru Long: Who is it then?  Come on, I can handle it!


TT: Umm...Ashley Mastrangelo and Sharlene Berger...


Yoshiru Long: You hear that people?  Let's congratulate them for their advancement above me!  Congratulations Ashl...


Yoshiru suddenly has a serious look on his face.


Yoshiru Long: Excuse me...what did you say, Teddy?


TT: I said that Ashley Mastrangelo and Sharlene Berger are up next...


Yoshiru Long: You're serious?


Yoshiru tosses the mic aside in anger.  He and his assailant storm back up the aisle, ignoring all of the fans as they make their way to the back.


BC: Why'd you tell him that, Teddy?!  You don't want to piss him off...do you?!


TT: Well no, but he asked!  Let's just continue.  Ladies and gentlemen, April 3rd...the biggest event of the year RETURNS!  That's right, folks!  Our next official pay-per-view will be on April 3rd, 2010...and it will be SUPERCARD VI!


BC: That's right, Teddy!  We already know that regardless of who the champion is going in to SuperCard...whether it's Magnus Thunder, Jack Mason, Rob Osbourne, or Tige'...they are guarenteed that their opponent will be "The Flawless One" Brian Adams!


TT: How incredible was Adams on his return, Bobby?  Winning the battle royale at Last Man Standing.  Solidifying his shot at the champion come SuperCard VI!  Remember last year...he was one of the six to step in to the elimination chamber at SuperCard...and in the end...he walked out as the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!


BC: I remember, as I'm sure he does as well!


We cut to the parking lot.  A black limo pulls up and comes to a stop in front of the building.  The driver steps out and makes his way to the back of the limo, opening the door.  Out steps Rob Osbourne, serious look on his face.  The driver shuts his door and opens the trunk.  He pulls out a bag and brings it to Osbourne.  As Osbourne makes his way toward the entrance of the arena, a young lady approaches with an ipod in hand.


Young Lady:  Mr. Osbourne, I think you should see this.  Just click the play button.


Rob Osbounre:  What is it?


Rob Osbourne clicks play as www.meatspin.com comes up.  Osbourne takes the ipod and throws it at the ground.  He walks away in anger as he opens the stage door to enter the arena.  He makes his way down the hall wheeling his bag behind him.  He finds his locker room and opens the door.  Rob enters the locker room to see15 flat screen TVs set up along the walls, all having been set with the same video playing.


Rob Osbourne: Fucking Tige'!


He slams the door shut as we return to the commentator's table.


TT: Looks like the mind games have begun, Bobby!


BC: They sure have, Teddy!  And it all comes to head later tonight when Rob Osbourne and Tige' meet in a contenders match!  But first...our women's match of the night!


The arena goes blue as the first notes of "Here I Come" by Fergie hit the PA system. Just as the music gets to the vocals a solo blue spotlight hits the top of the entrance and there is Sharlene Berger rocking out with the crowd cheering her on.