Tonight, the CWF returns to pay-per-view with the fallout from Super Card V. Tonight, Birmingham, Alabama will play host to two championship matchups.

The Juggernaut will defend his CWF National Championship against a man who has been the center of controversy since his arrival in the CWF, “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne, in The Nitemare’s first ever CWF championship match!

Brian Adams will make his first CWF World Heavyweight Championship defense inside a 15 foot high steel cage against the number one contender, Pledge Allegiance. Can Pledge make the champion pay for his sins?

In addition, Blood will battle The Raving Lunatic in an epic confrontation. If Blood wins, Magnus Thunder will wrestle the leader of the New Church, Khrist, later in the evening. The Omega battles The New Church live tonight!

“Beautiful” Bobby Crane will step away from the announce position and back into the ring after ten long years, as he takes on his former best friend turned worst enemy, “The Ruler” Paul Blair, in a special attraction match that will surely be a war of attrition. A battle between two CWF Hall of Famers happens tonight!

Plus…in a battle of up and comers, Alex Ruettiger makes his CWF debut, taking on the returning Sickboy and Trent Davidson in a triple threat match!

It all happens tonight…it all happens at…

Fade into a sold out BJCC Arena in Birmingham, Alabama. 16, 800 screaming fans have filled the arena to capacity. The arena is filled with a thin layer of mist, accented by subtle red lighting. Fireworks erupt at the entrance ramp and above the ring, enticing the fans to scream just a little bit louder. The entrance stage features an enormous “V”, made to look like it’s crashed into the ground. Two video screens are set up to either side of it and the aisle is covered in red carpeting, stretching out all the way to the ringside area. The floor around the ring is covered with black padding, and the ring itself features a “V” splashed in the center on a grey canvas. The ropes are black, the turnbuckles red with the CWF logo stamped on them. The apron has “Vendetta” etched across each side of the ring. At ringside is Teddy Turnbuckle and “Beautiful” Bobby Crane.

TT: Welcome everyone to Birmingham, Alabama! Welcome to the CWF pay-per-view spectacular, the fallout from Super Card V, Vendetta! I am your host Teddy Turnbuckle, and with me as always is none other than “Beautiful” Bobby Crane! And Bobby, what a night we have lined up!

BC: I can hardly wait for this night to get started…Brian Adams defending the CWF World Heavyweight Championship against the number one contender, Pledge Allegiance, in Adams’ very first title defense…but it could turn out to be his only title defense if Pledge has his way, and to make matters worse for the champion, he doesn’t even have is championship advantage tonight because the match is being contested inside a 15 foot high steel cage! It’s barbaric! Brian Adams has to beat Pledge Allegiance to keep the title tonight and we are sure to see a match we won’t soon forget.

TT: In addition, “The Nitemare” Rob Osbourne will have his very ever CWF title shot as he challenges “The Juggernaut” Jimmy Washington for the CWF National Championship!

BC: Oh man, there’s some bad blood brewing in this one and both of these guys have a penchant for going too far. The Juggernaut is still reeling over the death of Johnny Gritz, whom Rob Osbourne Badd Dreamed only weeks before his death and damn near killed him in his own right, and Juggernaut is out for revenge, plain and simple! But Rob Osbourne has championship blood flowing through his veins and he always seems to come up big when the stakes are high, so I can’t wait to find out who comes out on top in this one.

TT: Here’s an interesting one…Blood takes on The Raving Lunatic of the New Church, and if Blood wins, Magnus Thunder gets a match with Khrist later tonight!

BC: Well I’ll tell ya what, Teddy…after what we saw from the New Church last week on Showdown…that map, the dismantling of Magnus Thunder, the promise of the triangle being completed…there’s no way the New Church is entering this building tonight without a plan, and you can bet something is gonna go down tonight that elevates this blood feud into a whole new dimension.

TT: And the one we’re all looking forward to…you, Bobby Crane, return to the ring to take on your best friend turned worst enemy, “The Ruler” Paul Blair.

BC: Sometime’s a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. When you’re as good looking and beloved as yourself truly, it’s a big risk to get in the ring and risk damaging this wonderful, ruggedly handsome, beautiful face…it almost isn’t worth it, Teddy…but I’m fed up with getting no respect around here and tonight, I am going to teach Paul Blair a lesson and after I beat his ass in the ring, I’m gonna give Robin Cradle a call and give her another kind of pounding, if you know what I mean…

TT: Wow that’s…a horrible image. Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over…this is Vendetta and we are live on pay-per-view…and we are ready for the opening bell!

BC: Hell yeah!

Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!!!!! First making his way to the ring from South Bend, Indiana standing six foot one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirty-eight pounds.....ALEX RUETTIGER!

"Hollywood Whore" by Papa Roach blares through the arena as Alex Ruettiger makes his way onto the ramp. He salutes the crowd, giving high fives on his way to the ring for his CWF debut match.

Ring Announcer: And the second opponent in this bout, hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota standing six feet three inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds....The One and Only...TRENT DAVIDSON!

"Red eyes & tears" by BRMC plays as Davidson sprints towards ringside to a moderate pop from the crowd.

Ring Announcer: And the final combatant in this triple threat match up, standing six feet four inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, via New York New York.....THIS....IS....SICKBOY!

Crowd explodes as "Angry Chair" by Alice in Chains erupts throughout the arena as Sickboy makes his way to the ring.

BC: Let's get it on! Sickboy immediately clotheslines Davidson and Ruettiger looks confused Teddy. He's not sure which man to attack first.

TT: He's a smart kid Bobby, help take out the guy that got hit first as he starts kicking Davidson as Sickboy does the same.

BC: Davidson is a marked man in this match. Look at Sickboy, he has him in a Texas Cloverleaf as Ruettiger continues to stomp a mud hole in Davidson's head and walk it dry....wait a minute...A-HA! I figured it out Teddy!

TT: Figured out what genius?

BC: Where I knew the name Ruettiger. Wasn't that the name of the kid who walked on at Notre Dame and was six foot nothing a hundred and nothing, but finally got to lay in the last game of his senior year? They made a movie about it called Rudy.

TT: Ruettiger won't let Davidson tap out...he got him in some upper body lock while Sickboy works the legs. Well Bobby, the kid is from South Bend, Indiana and his name officially is Ruettiger. I can't see that being a common mid-west name. I wonder if he's related...and the kid lets hold loosen and finally let's go altogether as Sickboy just applies more and more pressure to Davidson's back and legs. Ruettiger off of the far ropes, dropkick in the face of Trent Davidson and Sickboy's lock on the legs finally breaks and he lets Davidson hit the mat.

BC: This kid is awesome. RUDY! RUDY! RUDY!

TT: *sighs again* Seriously Bobby, don't you think Sickboy's clothesline and submission holds may have softened Davidson up for the dropkick from "Rudy"?

BC: I don't know about all of that Teddy, all I know is this kid is impressing me here having his debut CWF match at a pay per view event with two former CWF superstars both making their returns.

TT: Ruettiger on the top turnbuckle....signaling to Sickboy that he plans to come off the ropes and nail Davidson and he wants Sickboy to hold him up for the best impact.

BC: Oh it comes Teddy...this is it....

TT: Ruettiger gets some big air and comes hurdling towards The One and Only...NO! Sickboy just speared him in mid air and about broke the kid in half. OH MY GOD!

BC: You see what I mean Teddy, these young kids come in here and show no respect to the CWF veterans and they think they can walk in and half ass it against someone like Sickboy? I think not!

TT: WHAT?!?! You were all but singing Rudy's praises not two minutes ago.

BC: I have no idea what you're talking about Teddy Turnbuckle.

TT: Trent Davidson has had a moment to regain his composure now. He's on his feet and lunging for Sickboy....but Sickboy grabs him by the throat....

BC: He's got him in the goozle Teddy....and chokeslam by Sickboy. This is not good for The One and Only.

TT: Trent Davidson's body hits the ring with a sickening thud. Sickboy not satisfied with that. He's going up top. The big man is about to fly Bobby!

BC: Sickboy crouching on the turnbuckle...Ruettiger about to stand back up, as he does, Sickboy flies off the turnbuckle with a lariat that nearly takes the head off of the rookie!

TT: Now Sickboy pulls Davidson up by the hair....signaling for The Infection...and he nails it! Snap DDT by Sickboy...cover.....1.......2.........3!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner.....SICKBOY!

TT: Hell of a showing for Sickboy there, and Alex Ruettiger looked promising as well…but Sickboy came ready to impress tonight and he’s done just that with a big victory in his first match back with the CWF in a long time, and that win could go a long way in establishing himself here…

BC: Well, with a name like “Sickboy” you’ve got to wonder just how sick he is. I mean is he contagious? Should I be concerned about my health? This guy should require a doctor’s note to enter the arena, I don’t want to catch something from this weirdo.

TT: I’m thinking it’s just a nickname, Bobby…

BC: Nicknames have sure gone downhill…

TT: Nonetheless ladies and gentlemen, our next match should be an absolute battle as Blood takes on The Raving Lunatic. Over the past few weeks we’ve discovered Blood’s fear of…well, blood. And the New Church has taken advantage of that every opportunity that they’ve had. Tonight, does Blood have something up his sleeve to combat this? Or is the New Church going to gain in strength? I shudder to think of a stronger New Church.

BC: Simple math, Teddy. Khrist, Lunatic, Motion…that’s three members of the New Church to The Omega’s two. It’s a numbers game and don’t think for a second the result of these matches matter, because it’s not about wins and losses, it’s about both of these factions running their own crusades, and one upping the other.

TT: But the result does matter in this one, because if Blood wins, Magnus Thunder has his match with Khrist tonight!

BC: Exactly, if Blood wins. Do you think Khrist would allow that? The fate of Blood is in the hands of the New Church tonight and if Blood does pull off a win, you can bet it’s because Khrist has a plan to send Magnus Thunder a message.

TT: Well, I’m almost afraid to see how this all unfolds, but let’s get this one done with early so we can enjoy the rest of the night…to the ring!

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

A violin symphony begins to play throughout the arena as the lights go out. A group of druids with torches in hand slowly make their way from the back forming a row on each side of the entrance ramp. They face each other, and lean their torches to form an arch over the entrance ramp. The symphony cuts off as an explosion of flames hits the stage. The crowd watches in anticipation as the flames slowly die down. The symphony fades in to "So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin as a dark red strobe flashes throughout the arena. Blood is on one knee with his head bowed at the stage. He slowly looks up towards the ring, and gets back to his feet. He slowly begins his walk down the ramp under the archway, with the druids falling to one knee and bowing their heads after Blood passes them.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring. From Charlotte, North Carolina. He weighs in at two hundred forty-five pounds...BLOOD!!!

Blood makes his way to the steps and slowly enters the ring. He lays his staff in the corner and makes his way to the center of the ring as the crowd continues their cheering. He watches as the druids rise and make their way to the back. The music slowly fades as the lights begin to return to normal. He pulls off his cape and puldrons, handing them to the referee. He continues to glare at the entrance, still wearing his skull bone mask.

Teddy Turnbuckle: It definately appears as if the old Blood is back, Bobby! Have you ever seen an entrance like that?

Bobby Crane: Like him or hate him, Teddy. One thing is clear...he has a very intimidating entrance!

"Requiem - Lacrimosa" by Mozart begins to play. After a few bars it cuts in to "Princes Of The Universe" by Queen. The lights slowly dim as a white spotlight shines up the stage area.

Ring Announcer: And the opponent. Representing Khrist and The New Church! Hailing from the Mojave Desert just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada! He weighs in at two hundred forty-five pounds...THE RAVING LUNATIC!!!

The music continues to play but nothing happens. The lights come back on as The Lunatic has yet to appear.

Teddy Turnbuckle: Where's The Lunatic?

Bobby Crane: Not sure, Teddy. I thought he would have made his way out when his music hit.

Blood continues to fixate on the entrance as the lights once again dim and the music comes back on.

Ring Announcer: Representing Khrist and The New Church...THE RAVING LUNATIC!!!

Everyone waits in anticipation, but again, The Lunatic does not appear. The lights return as the music once again cuts off.

Bobby Crane: This is getting ridiculous! We're supposed to be having a match here!

Ring Announcer: I have been informed that if The Raving Lunatic will forfeit this match if he does not appear!

The lights dim and the music hits once again.

Ring Announcer: Representing Khrist and The New Church...THE RAVING LUNATIC!!!

Blood as well as everyone else focuses on the entrance, anxiously awaiting the presence of The Lunatic. The crowd suddenly erupts as The Lunatic appears behind Blood, seemingly appearing from out of no where. Blood's focus still rests on the entrance area, but a smirk comes to his face, as if he knows The Lunatic is standing behind him.

Teddy Turnbuckle: It appears as if we'll have a showdown after all! Do you think that Blood realizes The Lunatic is standing behind him?

Bobby Crane: I think that smile says it all, Teddy.

The music fades as the lights slowly return to normal. Blood turns towards The Lunatic, still with a grin on his face. He removes his skull mask, handing it to the referee, and continues his staredown with The Lunatic.

Teddy Turnbuckle: What kind of styles do you think we'll see from these two tonight?

Bobby Crane: I'm thinking that there will be little as far as technical holds, both men probably relying more on power and brawling!

Teddy Turnbuckle: The referee calls for the opening bell...and this match is underway!

Even after the bell, Lunatic and Blood still continue to stare each other down. Blood finally breaks the silence as he throws a hard right, connecting to the jaw. Lunatic reacts with a right of his own.

Teddy Turnbuckle: Blood with a right...Lunatic with a right! Blood with another...Lunatic with another! The two men trade punches back and forth...and Lunatic finally stops the momentum with a knee to the gut! Lunatic with a hard forearm as he backs Blood in to the corner.

Bobby Crane: The Lunatic has something to prove here tonight, Teddy. I don't expect that he'll go down without a fight!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Lunatic buries his shoulder in to Blood's gut...and a second...and a third! Lunatic with a front forearm shot...and Blood falls to a sitting position in the corner! Lunatic hits the far ropes...running knee to Blood's jaw! He brings Blood back to a standing position in the corner and backs off. Lunatic with a full head of steam...but Blood moves out of the way, forcing Lunatic to crash chest first in to the corner!

Blood waits for Lunatic to turn around before drilling him with a hard right. Lunatic slumps back in to the corner as Blood continues with a series of rights to the skull! Blood backs off as he measures Lunatic. Blood rushes in...running knee lift in the corner! Blood irish whips Lunatic...but he pulls him back in to a devestating clothesline! Blood quickly makes the cover!




Teddy Turnbuckle: Lunatic kicks out! Blood pulls Lunatic back to his feet. He twists Lunatic's arm, backing him in to the ropes. Blood with an irish whip and he catches Lunatic with a spinebuster...NO!!! Lunatic counters with a spike DDT!

Bobby Crane: Beautifully executed! He should be going for the cover here!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Lunatic stomps at Blood...and again. Lunatic hits the far ropes...legdrop! He brings Blood to a sitting position and drives a hard knee in to the back...and a second! Lunatic holds his knee in the center of the back as he applies a chin lock!

Bobby Crane: This is a submission, although it's more likely that he's using it to wear Blood down. Excellent strategy from The Lunatic here!

Lunatic pulls back as the referee checks on Blood. Blood doesn't respond. Instead, he slowly makes his way back to a standing position, delivering a hard elbow to The Lunatic's gut! Blood tries to hit the far ropes, but Lunatic manages to grab Blood's arm, pulling him back in to a clothesline...but Blood ducks it! Blood grips around Lunatic's waist and Lunatic quickly swings his head back, headbutting Blood in the face. He delivers a hard back elbow forcing Blood to fall back in to the ropes.

Teddy Turnbuckle: Lunatic with a clothesline, and Blood is sent crashing to the outside! Lunatic climbs out to the apron as Blood slowly gets up. Lunatic with the dive....and Blood catches him, ramming him back first in to the apron! Blood grabs Lunatic and rams him face first in to the steps...and a hard shot in to the ring post after!

Bobby Crane: This is not an area where The Lunatic wants to be! Blood is very comfortable with the hardcore being outside of the ring definitely gives him the advantage!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Blood rolls Lunatic back in to the ring, quickly following behind him. Blood brings Lunatic back to his feet and quickly snaps off a vertical suplex! He rolls Lunatic on to his stomach and locks in a camel clutch!

Bobby Crane: It looks like Blood is targeting that neck, Teddy! Possibly setting up for The Suffering!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Blood pulls back, applying more pressure as he randomly delivers hard crossarms to Lunatic's face! The ref checks on Lunatic, but Lunatic doesn't appear ready to give up! Blood releases the hold and stomps at Lunatic's skull!

Blood pulls Lunatic back to his feet and delivers him in to the ropes. He catches Lunatic on the rebound...spinebuster!!! Blood picks Lunatic up once again, this time lifting him to his shoulder. He approaches the corner looking for snake eyes, but Lunatic squirms and falls behind! Lunatic shoves Blood chest first in to the corner and follows by leveling him with a hard clothesline to the back of the neck! Lunatic grabs Blood by the leg and places it on the rope. He leaps in to the air and forces all of his weight on to Blood's leg! He grabs Blood's leg, kicking at the back of it before forcing Blood over in to a half boston crab!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Another submission here...but Blood is close enough to grab the bottom rope! The ref calls for the break, and Lunatic uses almost the full five count before he breaks the hold! He brings Blood back to his feet, lifting him overhead with a gorilla press...and he drops Blood down to his shoulder before slamming him back first to the mat! Lunatic makes the cover!




Teddy Turnbuckle: Blood kicks out at the last second! Lunatic checks with the referee to make sure on the count as Blood slowly gets to his feet...SHUT UP!!! Lunatic hit that Shining Wizard out of no where, and it looks like Blood is on dream street! Lunatic grabs Blood, bringing him over to the corner. He lifts Blood to the top turnbuckle and follows him up. Lunatic with a front face lock...but Blood hits him in the kidney...and again! And Blood shoves Lunatic off of the ropes!

Bobby Crane: I believe The Lunatic was going for his signature there, Teddy!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Blood off the top...summersault senton...but he's too exhausted to make the cover!

Bobby Crane: Blood has already taken a good amount of punishment here, and it's showing with this lack of urgency to make the cover!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Blood looks dazed as he slowly gets to his feet. The Lunatic is starting to get back up, and Blood instantly rushes him back first in to the corner! Blood lifts Lunatic to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle...but Lunatic reacts with a hard right! Blood stumbles back as Lunatic stands on the top rope. Lunatic with a clothesline...NO!!! Blood catches him in mid-air with The Suffering!!!

Bobby Crane: I'll admit, Teddy...that was impressive! But again, he needs to make the cover here!

Blood slowly crawls, finally getting an arm across Lunatic!




Teddy Turnbuckle: Lunatic gets his shoulder up just before the three count, and this match will continue! Blood is slow to get back to his feet as Lunatic uses the ropes to pull himself to a sitting position. And Blood with a hard running boot to the chest! Blood hits the far ropes as Lunatic again gets to his feet...and he catches Blood with a scrapbuster slam!!!

Bobby Crane: Just when you think one of these two has the upperhand, the other one proves us wrong! Lunatic crawls to the corner as Blood slowly begins to stir!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Lunatic is in the corner crouched as Blood slowly gets up, holding his ribs. Lunatic rushes at him...SPEAR!!! NO!!! Blood moved and Lunatic nailed the referee!!! Lunatic gets back up...boot to the gut by Blood, and he applies the front face lock. Lunatic escapes dropping to the mat...LOW BLOW!!!

Bobby Crane: Haha! That was great! What a counter!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Lunatic rolls out of the ring, and it appears that he's searching for something from under the ring!

Bobby Crane: The ref is down, so anything goes, Teddy!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Blood finally gets back up, making his way to the ropes near The Lunatic.

Blood reaches out to grab The Lunatic.

Teddy Turnbuckle: OH MY GOD!!! Lunatic has just thrown a bucket of blood in to Blood's face!

Bobby Crane: And it looks like Blood is freaking out the same way he has over the past few weeks when he's encountered blood!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Blood has fallen to the mat and is crawling towards the corner as The Lunatic rolls back in to the ring. Lunatic is making his way over to Blood...WHAT THE HELL?! Blood from out of no where with a vicious shot from that staff of his!

Bobby Crane: The Lunatic has collapsed to the mat, and appears to be cut open...but I think the bigger story here is the smile that's on Blood's face...he appears to be unphased by the blood!

Teddy Turnbuckle: I have a feeling that this fear of was all just a mind game he was playing with The New Church!

Blood stands over Lunatic smiling. He walks over to the ropes, steps out of the ring and begins to walk up the ramp, still looking back at the ring. The Lunatic slowly makes it to all fours. He crawls to the ropes, and taunts Blood to come back to the ring.

Teddy Turnbuckle: Well, it looked like Blood was ready to leave this match, but now he's coming back to the ring! Blood swings the staff at The Lunatic, but it's blocked! Lunatic with a headbutt, and Blood drops the staff. Lunatic slides out of the ring and violently forces Blood shoulder and head first in to the steps!

Bobby Crane: I think The Lunatic has snapped, Teddy!

Teddy Turnbuckle: He rolls Blood back in to the ring and quickly follows. Lunatic brings Blood back to his feet and traps his arms. Lunatic with a series of headbutts...and he has Blood down to one knee! He releases Blood's arms and hits the far ropes...hard knee to the jaw!

Bobby Crane: There's no hesitation in his moves now as he mounts Blood and throws a series of hard punches to the skull! He brings Blood back to his feet and drags him to the corner. Lunatic sets Blood on the top turnbuckle again, possibly looking for the Scatter Brain!

Teddy Turnbuckle: We saw him attempt this move earlier but was stopped. One thing is for sure...if he hits's over! Blood with a hard right, and it doesn't look like Lunatic will get to use his move!

Lunatic approaches Blood again, but again is hit with a hard right. Blood repositions himself, and he's met with a vicious uppercut, knocking him backwards!

Teddy Turnbuckle: This is not good for Blood!!! He's hanging in a tree of woe position, but outside of the ring! Lunatic rolls out of the ring. Lunatic with a full run...BIG BOOT IN TO THE POST!!! I think Blood is out cold!

Blood continues to hang upside down as Lunatic rolls in to the ring. The referee finally begins to get back up as Lunatic makes his way to the corner. He climbs up the ropes, leaning over to grab Blood. He pulls Blood back up, locking in a front face lock. He lifts Blood...SCATTER BRAIN!!!

Bobby Crane: It's over if he can get the cover, Teddy!!!

Teddy Turnbuckle: I agree...but it looks like The Lunatic took a nasty landing there too! Possibly hurting his neck!

Lunatic and Blood both lay on the mat. Lunatic slowly begins to regain composure, trying to pull himself to Blood. He inches closer....and closer...and he drapes an arm across!!!




Teddy Turnbuckle: Blood somehow got his shoulder up!

Bobby Crane: I think if the referee would have been a little bit quicker on the count, this match would have definitely been over!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Lunatic slowly gets back up. He lifts Blood and whips him to the corner! Lunatic follows in with a hard clothesline! He holds Blood in the corner as he climbs to the second turnbuckle laying in right after right! WAIT! Blood grabs Lunatic...LEGEND KILLER!!!

Bobby Crane: That powerbomb is one of Blood's old finishers!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Blood crawls to the ropes and pulls himself back up. He picks Lunatic back up to his shoulder, bringing him to the corner...SNAKE EYES!!! And Blood hits the far ropes, RUNNING BIG BOOT!!!

Bobby Crane: Where the hell is Blood getting this energy from?!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Blood with a choke grip on The Lunatic, lifting him high in to the air...possibly looking for The Suffering...but The Lunatic boots him in the gut, forcing Blood to release the grip! Lunatic with a double underhook, and he lifts Blood vertical...he falls forward for a facebuster pancake!!!

Bobby Crane: Unbelievable move! This man has some real power behind his moves, Teddy!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Lunatic pulls Blood back up, gripping his throat! He lifts Blood in the air...THE SUFFERING!!! Blood's own finisher...and this one should be over, Bobby!

Bobby Crane: He needs to hurry and make the cover here, Teddy!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Lunatic drags himself towards Blood...and there's the cover!




Teddy Turnbuckle: It's over! Lunatic has come out the victor in this unbelievable battle...which means that we won't see Magnus Thunder and Khrist wrestle here tonight!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner...THE RAVING LUNATIC!!!

Teddy Turnbuckle: What an impressive win by The Lunatic here tonight!

Lunatic slumps back in to the ropes, obviously in pain after the match. Blood slowly crawls to the corner, looking to pull himself back to his feet.

Bobby Crane: Khrist should be happy with his minion here tonight. He did exactly what he set out...

Teddy Turnbuckle: WHAT THE HELL?!

Before Crane can finish his line, Lunatic falls to the mat after a vicious shot to the head from Blood's staff. Blood grins as The Lunatic slowly tries to make it back to his feet. Lunatic is up...REVERSE STO FROM BLOOD!

Teddy Turnbuckle: It looks like Blood isn't letting this one end with The New Church getting the victory! Blood gets on top of Lunatic and drills in right after right as the referee tries to pull him off!

Bobby Crane: The Lunatic was busted open earlier in the match, but the blood is really flowing from his skull now!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Blood finally gets off of The Lunatic who rolls over to his stomach in pain! Blood is standing face to face with the ref....and he shoves him out of the ring!

Bobby Crane: I think Blood has snapped, Teddy!

Blood grabs Lunatic with a handful of hair, lifting his head for the crowd to see. He forcefully pushes Lunatic's head back to the mat as he once again grabs his staff. He stands above Lunatic, staff in hand, ready to force the blunt end in to the back of Lunatic's skull!

Teddy Turnbuckle: He can't do this, Bobby! Someone has to stop him!

Just as Blood is about to drill Lunatic with the staff, Magnus runs to the ring and tackles Blood. Blood returns to his feet, screaming at Magnus who is trying to calm him down.

Teddy Turnbuckle: Thank God for Magnus!

Bobby Crane: Magnus could have possibly saved Lunatic's career here tonight!

Teddy Turnbuckle: Well, it looks like all has been...NO!!! Khrist and Motion from out of no where, and they have knocked Blood out of the ring with a vicious shot from a sledgehammer!

Magnus tries to fend both members of The New Church off, but he can't avoid shots from both men wielding sledgehammers. Magnus falls to one knee...WHACK...bonecrushing shot to the skull from Khrist! Motion pulls out a pair of handcuffs and cuffs Magnus' wrist to the top rope.

Teddy Turnbuckle: Magnus is barely conscious, Bobby...and he has no way of stopping The New Church here!

Bobby Crane: Motion is outside of the ring, and he rolls Blood back in as Khrist helps The Lunatic back to his feet. Khrist grabs Blood's staff as Motion brings Blood back to his feet...and he drills him right in the face with the blunt end!

Teddy Turnbuckle: This is out of control, Bobby! We need security out here! Magnus has pulled himself back to his feet as Khrist approaches him. Khrist with the staff...NO!!! He stops just before hitting Magnus!

Khrist smiles as Motion hands him a microphone.

Khrist: Magnus you fool. Did you think it would be that easy? Did you honestly think your friend was just going to run through my disciple and we would do battle here tonight? Do you not yet realize that The New Church is not one individual, but a conglomerate of beings gathered for one cause? The New Church is a power to be reckoned with. You say you have seen groups such as ours rise and fall in your years. I say you have yet to see the true power of that which is Khrist. I have been sent to lead the huddled masses in a revolution against the filth that scum like you spread throughout the world. You spout ludicrous rhetoric and pound your chest in the name of the Lord.. well I am here to tell you that the lord does not want you, Magnus Thunder. He wants nothing to do with you. With the conglomerate that is The New Church behind me, there is nothing you, or Blood, can do about it. You wish to save your friend here tonight...but you can't. You should no longer waste your breath trying to save his forsaken's of no use when you can't even save yourself!

Khrist hands the staff to Lunatic who is staring a hole through Blood, still laying on the mat, barely conscious. Lunatic stands over Blood as Blood slowly tries to make it to all fours.


Lunatic brings the staff down with all of his force, smashing the blunt part in to the back of Blood's head, leaving Blood motionless on the mat. Magnus is irrate as he tries everything he can to break the handcuffs, but is unsuccessful. Motion slides out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair. He slides back in and hands it to Khrist. Khrist places the chair around Blood's ankle as Lunatic approaches, staff still in hand.

Bobby Crane: I think they're going to break his ankle, Teddy!

Lunatic brings the staff down, smashing it in to the chair! Blood barely moves as he still lays unconscious, and The Lunatic smiles as he falls to the mat, turning Blood over. He looks back towards the timekeeper's table and slowly crawls towards the ropes. He slides out of the ring and grabs Blood's mask from the table. He slides back in to the ring and crawls back over to Blood.

Teddy Turnbuckle: What the hell is he going to do now?! No...NO!!! You've got to be kidding me?! Lunatic is licking the blood off of Blood's forehead!!!

Bobby Crane: I think I'm going to be sick, Teddy! That is disturbing!

The Lunatic smiles as blood drips from his mouth. He slowly puts on the bone mask before returning to his feet. He approaches Magnus, who is still trying to break the cuffs. Magnus reaches out for The Lunatic, but The Lunatic makes sure to stay outside of his reach. Khrist pulls The Lunatic back.

Teddy Turnbuckle: I think it's over, Bobby! The New Church is finally leaving the ring as The Lunatic slithers out underneath the bottom rope.

Bobby Crane: We need help for Blood out here!

The New Church make their way up the ramp, looking towards the ring at the carnage they have caused. Magnus gives one final yank, finally snapping the chain to the cuffs. He rushes over to the ropes near the ramp as The Lunatic looks ready to head back in, but Khrist holds him back. Magnus tends to Blood, pulling the chair off of his ankle. EMT's rush to the ring as The New Church walk backstage.

Teddy Turnbuckle: This war is far from over, Bobby!

Bobby Crane: I have a feeling that this isn't the last that we've seen of Blood...he'll be back!

BC: So much for Magnus Thunder and Khrist tonight…not happening.

TT: An absolutely ferocious match we just witnessed and you’re right, Magnus Thunder will have to wait for another day to get his hands on the leader of the New Church, Khrist.

BC: And just like I said, Teddy, this war between these two factions has escalated to brand new heights.

TT: Alright fans, I’m getting word that the Juggernaut has arrived at the arena and we have a camera back there…

Cut to just outside the BJCC arena in the parking lot perimeter gate. A shiny, all black Hummer H1 rolls up to the entrance booth of the parking lot. The sound of loud bass can be heard from inside the H1. The passenger window rolls down and Jimmy “The Juggernaut” Washington sticks his head out as a security guard walks over to the truck.

The Juggernaut: Yea, everything up to the big black semi is with me.

Security Guard: I'm sorry sir, come again?

The Juggernaut: Everything, that’s every car, truck, SUV, and tour bus between this truck and the giant semi is with me.

Security Guard: I'm sorry I'll have to run that by my superiors…

The Juggernaut: You tell your superiors that The Juggernaut is here!

The window of the Hummer rolls up and the Hummer begins to roll passed the security boot, followed by at least two dozen other custom cars, four tour buses and finally a large tractor trailer.

TT: Wow…never one for a subtle entrance, is he?

BC: You just don’t understand, Teddy…The Juggernaut’s so big, it took that many vehicles to transport him here tonight…

TT: Well up next…it’s time for you to lace ‘em up one more time, Bobby…

BC: I can’t wait for this, you know that? Paul Blair doesn’t have a prayer.

TT: Watch yourself, Bobby…Blair will cheat to win and you know his nickname…good for nothing evil tricks.

BC: I know all about cheating. I’ve had six very successful marriages.


BC: As far as Blair goes…look, I’ve got nothing to worry about. I walk so fast, I talk so fast, I could turn the light off and be in bed before the room's dark. I have come here tonight to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I'm all outta bubblegum. Now take my headset, Teddy…you’re about to witness the most beautiful match you’ll ever call.

TT: Good luck, Bobby.

Bobby Crane tosses his headset at Teddy Turnbuckle, fluffs his hair, and in his best attempt to look graceful, strides towards the ringsteps, his sparkling red and silver robe gleaming in the arena lights and dragging behind him as he does. As he stands on the mat, he wipes his feet before enter the ring, and bows deeply to the crowd in mock appreciation for cheers that aren’t actually there. He removes his robe to reveal red trunks with “B.C.” hand-stitched into the hip, and matching red boots and knee pads.

TT: There’s no denying this man could wrestle once upon a time, fans…the question is, does he still have it? It’s been ten years since he wrestled a match, and in fact it was right here in the CWF in a five minute match with T-Money after a comedic match with Miss Money earlier that night. There is no comedy involved in this one, folks…this is deadly serious and Bobby Crane will need to pull a rabbit out of his hat if he plans to beat Paul Blair.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is schedule for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring…from Hollywood, California…weighing in at 235 lbs…CWF Hall of Famer, “BEAUTIFUL” BOBBY CRANE!

The fans cheer the cult hero, Bobby Crane. Seems when the cheers actually exist, Crane prefers not to acknowledge them. He instead jogs lightly on the spot to work up a sweat and tests the ropes.

Announcer: And his opponent…from River Falls, Wisconsin…weighing in at 275 pounds…CWF Hall of Famer, and former two time CWF World Heavyweight Champion… “THE RULER” PAUL BLAIR!

The fans explode into boos even before the BlairVision theme can begin. Paul Blair walks through the currently, and the boos become almost deafening. Blair smiles and opens his arms, basking in the crowd’s immense hatred. He struts down to the ring, never once looking at Crane, but instead mocking fans along the way down the aisle. He steps through the ropes and then finally acknowledges Crane, greeting him with an arrogant smirk and beaming eyes. Crane doesn’t flinch; he simply continues to warm up. The referee backs Blair into his corner.


TT: Well here we go…Blair clearly is already acting like Crane is beneath him. We’ve seen these two try to one up each other since Super Card. Bobby Crane grabbed Blair’s foot through the cage during the Elimination Chamber match at Super Card V and caused Blair to be eliminated. Blair brutally assaulted him the next week on Showdown, and ever since then Crane has jumped him every chance he got, but Bobby Crane is keeping his cool here as Blair smugly walks to the center of the ring to meet him.

Blair, standing in the center of the ring, his head wagging arrogantly, beckons for Crane to come and meet him. Crane obliges and extends his hand to Blair, as if to call a truce. Blair looks around and says aloud “you’re a smart man, Bobby. I would have knocked your lights out.” Blair goes to shakes Crane’s hand, but Crane pulls it back and instead runs his fingers through his long golden locks, and struts past Blair. The crowd roars as Blair seethes and Crane circles around him as if to mock him. Blair, his back turned to Crane, throws an elbow back and catches Crane directly in the temple. Crane staggers back into the corner and Blair charges at him, delivering a knee to the gut. Crane hunches over and Blair plants his face into the mat with a face slam.

TT: Mind games right from the start of this thing and now Blair is targeting Bobby Crane’s pride and joy…his own face. You’ve gotta believe Blair is targeting his face on purpose to send him a message.

Blair pulls Crane up by his long blonde hair and backs him into the corner. He gets right in Crane’s face and starts screaming at him, belittling him and demanding he bow down to the Ruler. Finally, Blair rears back and slaps him in the face. Crane’s head turns with the force of the blow, and he does not turn it back. The camera zooms in on Crane’s face, now flush with anger, his eyes wide and his lips curling. Blair’s face turns from anger to remorse as he immediately holds his hands out and front of him and begins backing up, begging Bobby Crane to forgive him. Crane slowly turns his head back towards him and stalks towards him. Blair begs him off but Crane won’t buy it and he kicks Blair in the gut and whips him to the ropes…back body drop! Blair sailed ten feet in the air and dropped, and now Crane off the ropes…knee drop to the head of Paul Blair!

TT: Bobby Crane has control of the match! Bobby Crane controlling Paul Blair!

Crane leans over to pull up Blair but Blair grabs him by the hair and forces him into the referee. The referee warns Blair but Blair manages to mule kick Bobby Crane in the groin with the referee’s focus on himself. Crane slumps to the mat and Blair concedes the issues to the referee before redirecting his attention back to Bobby Crane.

TT: Good for nothing evil tricks is at it again as Paul Blair has low blowed Bobby Crane and changed the momentum of this match!

Blair grins and grinds his boots into Cranes face to add insult to injury. Crane trying to pull himself up with the ropes and Blair slaps him across the back of the head to humiliate him. He pulls Crane up and whips him to the ropes…spinebuster! And Bobby Crane’s back and neck bounce off the mat violently.

TT: Boy, those spinebusters will suck the life right out of you and Crane has the wind knocked out of him. Blair is no doubt going to up the ante here and make an example out of my Hall of Fame announce partner if given the chance.

Blair lays the boots to him and then pulls Crane back up by the hair again. Blair lifts him up for a suplex…Crane flips over him and lands on his feet…but as he does, he drops to one knee, still reeling from the spinebuster. Blair shakes his head at Crane and smirks at him, smacking him across the face and screaming at him to give it up. Crane, showing signs of life, slugs him in the midsection in response. And again…and again…Crane mounting a comeback! Blair backed into the ropes and Crane whips him to the opposite side…Crane drops his head for a back body drop but Blair catches him and swings him down with a neckbreaker! Blair sits up with a snarl and immediately pounces on Crane, pounding on his forehead trying to bust him open but to no avail. Crane fending him off as best he can but Blair keeps coming at him and the referee pulls him off on account of the closed fists.

TT: Crane is taking the brunt of Blair’s rage and any time Crane one ups him, Blair seems to get angrier, as if Blair is entitled to run right over him. Crane is an ex World Champion, Blair! You should expect this!

Crane pulls himself to his feet as the ref admonishes Blair, and he blindsides Blair with a tackle! Crane now throwing the punches and the crowd roars! Crane pulls him up and now Blair bumping all over the ring as Crane slugs him! Crane grabs him and whips him to the turnbuckle….Blair hits it with such force that he flips over the top rope and onto the apron! Crane rocks him with a clothesline on the apron and Blair falls to the outside! Crane out after him and he whips him into the ring steps! Blair reels on the floor as Bobby Crane walks to the opposite end of the ring and looks to the crowd…the crowd has no idea what’s coming next but they egg him on…Crane charges at Blair…oh big boot right to the face! A running boot to the face and he nearly beheaded Blair against the ring steps! Crane throws him back into the ring and fixes his hair, asking a female fan in the front row to borrow her mirror. The fan frantically gestures at him to get back into the ring as the referee’s count has reached 8, and Crane quickly slides himself back in.

TT: Did he really just stop to fix his hair? Geez, Bobby…

Bobby Crane to the top rope…flying elbow! And he connects! Blair in a world of hurt now and Crane with a cover!



3! No!

Blair gets a shoulder up at the last second!

TT: Ohhh he was inches away! Inches away! Bobby Crane nearly had him beat!

Crane argues with the referee about a slow count but to no avail. He leans down to pull up Blair…Blair was playing possum and he catches Crane in a small package!




Both men to their feet now and Crane wastes no time…he backs Blair into the corner and whips him to the buckles…but Blair reverses and Crane hits the corner…on the rebound…belly to belly! Blair caught him and now Crane is down! Blair over to him now and he drives a knee into Crane’s face…and again, and again, and again! Crane now trying desperately to protect his face and Blair seems hellbent on destroying his good looks. Crane grabs Blair by the tights and whips him towards the turnbuckles! Blair loses his balance and his face smashes into the middle buckle! Crane has bought himself some time and he rolls to the outside…wait a minute…he’s grabbing a steel chair! Crane has a steel chair and he’s trying to see his reflection in it!

TT: Oh no…Bobby for God’s sake, for ten minutes could you not worry about what you look like? Crane is frantically checking on his face in the reflection in the chair!

Apparently the lighting isn’t good enough for him on the outside so he rolls into the ring with the chair. The referee tries to pry it from him but Crane shoves him away and tries to get a better angle, checking to make sure his hair is in place and no damage has been done to his face. But wait…as he checks his reflection in the chair, Blair is up…BLAIRKICK INTO THE CHAIR! Crane goes down and Blair with a cover!





Announcer: Here is your winner…PAUL BLAIR!

TT: Aww Bobby, you’re your own worst enemy.

Blair jumps up like he’s just won a championship and celebrates in the ring while the crowd boos. Crane, just realizing what’d happened, rolls out of the ring and slams the mat with his fist, spitting out a tooth. He sits himself back down in his announce chair and tries to recover.

TT: Well you never cease to provide us with a little irony, Bobby. You’re looking more than capable of winning this thing and the very chair you were using as a mirror to make sure you were lookin’ good is the chair that knocked your tooth out!

BC: Shut up, you half-witted little twit! Puh…

Bobby Crane spits some blood out of his mouth. Teddy Turnbuckle can’t help but laugh.

TT: Bobby, old friend…win or lose, you’re always a fun guy to watch. Good work out there, you proved your point.

BC: I had him beat! I had him! You saw, right? Did everyone see? I had him.

TT: We all saw, you went toe to toe with Paul Blair. Good job. Up next folks we have the CWF National Championship…it’s the first of our two championship bouts here tonight!

BC: I had Blair, I had him! Did you see? I had him. You saw right? You saw I had him? I had him.

TT: Ok buddy you just relax…something’s going on backstage, let’s check it out.

BC: …I had him.

Cut backstage. The Juggernaut is seen walking around a corner psyching himself up for the match, swinging his fists in preparation like a boxer. He is dressed like a boxer with a black and red hooded robe. Suddenly, his thirty plus man entourage come marching around the corner behind them. Every one of them dressed in black, all holding steel chairs in their hands.

BC: Do you think he plans on marching all those men out here for his match?

TT: With The Juggernaut you never know.

Cut back to the arena.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the CWF National Championship!

The crowd roars.

Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger…from Windermere, Florida by way of Nashville, Tennessee…weighing in at 245 pounds… “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

“Nightmare” by Crooked X hits. The lights drop and purple and white spot lights flood the arena and swirl in a haze of fog machine smoke. Pyro explodes at the entrance ramp and The Nitemare flips the curtain open and walks through to an enormous pop. He poses at the entrance ramp, which triggers more pyro, and then struts his way down the aisle, hopping over the top rope and into the ring.

TT: This is it, it’s a big night for Rob Osbourne, his first chance at CWF gold and he is raring to go…

BC: Well he better be planning on relying on his speed and agility because if he tries to play a power game, Juggernaut is gonna crush him into a fine powder.

Announcer: And his opponent! From Washington D.C…. weighing in at 556 pounds…the CWF National Champion…JIMMY “THE JUGGERNAUT” WASHINGTON!

“Monsters” By Matchbook Romance blasts through the BJCC Arena and Jimmy “The Juggernaut” Washington steps out from behind the curtain, followed by his bodyguard Lexington, his boy Landon and an entourage of over thirty men backing him up.

BC: Every man in The Juggernaut's entourage is bigger than the last, he came out here with a whole football team!

The Juggernaut climbs onto the ring apron. The entourage stops at the entrance ramp and set up their steel chairs to watch the match front and center. Lexington and Landon stand at the far corner as The Juggernaut takes off his robe.

BC: The Juggernaut came out here with an army. And if I were Rob Osbourne, I'd be feeling a little bit of pressure.

TT: That’s why you’re not Rob Osbourne.


TT: Well the time for talking is finally over! These two have been trying to destroy each other for weeks and finally…finally this thing will be settled tonight. Will the Juggernaut retain or will we see a new CWF National Champion crowned here tonight at Vendetta?

BC: Juggernaut is gonna retain…can you picture this big mastodon being pinned for a three count? Can you see this gargantuan quitting? I don’t think so…he’s gonna be the National Champion for a long time.

Juggernaut’s entourage leaves the ring and Nitemare looks up the aisle and towards the entrance way which is littered with Juggernaut’s massive entourage. Juggernaut stands in his corner adjusting his neck, gnashing his teeth and looking bigger than ever. Osbourne sizes him up and then charges at him, taking him down with a tackle and unloading on him with furious lefts and rights! Juggernaut flips him over and now he unloads on The Nitemare, his massive fists threatening to stamp Osbourne’s head right into the mat! Finally they separate and both men get back to their feet. Osbourne walks right up to him and slaps him across the face! Juggernaut retaliates with a heavy right hand that sends Osbourne flying backwards to the mat!

BC: You better not try to brawl with him, Nitemare!

TT: God, Jimmy Washington’s fists are like sledgehammers!

Juggernaut grabs him by the head and palms him like a basketball back to his feet. He hooks Osbourne in…massive belly-to-belly slam! Osbourne bellows out in pain and arches his back…Juggernaut off the ropes…big splash! And 556 pounds of humanity drops across the chest of a helpless Rob Osbourne! Juggernaut with a cover early! Could that be enough?





TT: My God that was unbelievably close! Osbourne just barely got his shoulder up and the referee just barely missed hitting the mat for a third time, Osbourne may have kicked out on instinct there and we’re only minutes into this thing…

BC: And that’s the power of the Juggernaut, Teddy! When 556 pounds crashes down on you, you’re out, whether it’s 5 seconds into a match or 50 minutes! Osbourne was fortunate to kick out of that!

TT: He’s been in the ring for so long you’ve got to believe it was instinct, and that’s the advantage Osbourne brings to this match, his experience.

Juggernaut implores the referee to make a faster count and Osbourne struggles to lift his head off the mat. Juggernaut helps him up and whips him to the ropes…huge shoulder block and Nitemare bounces off the mat and flips backwards upon impact, landing in the ropes! Nitemare’s leg is caught in the ropes and Juggernaut smells blood, he pounces and pounds Osbourne’s knee! He jumps up and DRIVES lands on Osbourne’s leg. Osbourne screaming in pain and ref can’t get him out of the ropes! Juggernaut runs to the ropes…as he rebounds, the ref gets Osbourne free…Nitemare sees Juggernaut coming just in the nick of time and pulls down the top rope…Juggernaut flips over and lands on the floor on the outside! Nitemare struggles to his feet and goes to run the ropes but his knee is in too much pain…instead he leaps over the top rope and dives onto Juggernaut! But Juggernaut catches him and hangs on! He RAMS Nitemare’s back into the ring post! And again! And again! And now he snake eyes Osbourne on the ring steps and Osbourne is in a bad way!

TT: Juggernaut is absolutely dominating The Nitemare here and I haven’t seen Osbourne treated like this since…well, ever.

BC: This is why you never bet against a man this size!

Juggernaut picks Osbourne up and presses him high above his head…and throws Osbourne over the top rope and back into the ring! Osbourne looks overwhelmed by Jimmy Washington’s power and he desperately rolls back to his corner, the pain in his eyes telling the entire story. Juggernaut climbs back into the ring and stalks over Osbourne, cracking his knuckles. He reaches in to grab him but Osbourne manages to slide between his legs…Juggernaut turns around…Osbourne with a superkick! He nailed him but he couldn’t reach Juggernaut’s chin…instead he connects at the chest level and Juggernaut staggers back into the turnbuckle! Osbourne quickly climbs to the second rope and unloads on him with right hands! The crowd counts along! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…..10! Osbourne now jumps down from the ropes but his knee gives out! He tries to fight through it and chop the Juggernaut down! The crowd “woos” with each chop and the Juggernaut’s chest turns bright red…Osbourne needs to get him on the mat but the giant Jimmy Washington will not go down!

TT: Osbourne needs to do something here! He has to take away Juggernaut’s size advantage and there’s only one way to do that, and that’s take it to the mat.

BC: He better do it fast because with one move, Juggernaut could have him in a world of hurt…

Nitemare kicks Juggernaut in the legs, again and again, but Juggernaut fights through it and reaches out to grab him…Nitemare ducks…Juggernaut spins and goes to clothesline him…Nitemare ducks again and dropkicks him from behind…Juggernaut flies into the corner and missed the turnbuckle, hitting his head on the ring post! He slumps over the top rope…Nitemare to the second turnbuckle…he grabs Juggernaut head and facewashes him down to the mat! The crowd roars as Juggernaut goes down…Osbourne quickly to the top rope…flying elbow drop! And a cover!



Huge kickout!

TT: Oh my God…

Juggernaut kicks out with such force that Osbourne is sent five feet in the air and rolls to the mat. Juggernaut sits up looking pissed…Osbourne quickly off the ropes…dropkick to the face! Juggernaut back down and Osbourne trying to figure out what on earth to do next! Nitemare with a noticeable limp drags the Juggernuat to the center of the ring, and cinches in a figure four! He has it locked and there’s nowhere for Juggernaut to go!

TT: Nitemare has the figure four on him and this is exactly what he needs to do! On the mat everyone is the same size and Nitemare is not only doing that, he’s taking out Juggernaut’s legs and that’s going to affect his power!

BC: He’s doing a good job keeping him at bay here but you get the sense of an impending explosion of offence from the Juggernaut and if that happens it could be lights out for Rob Osbourne!

TT: This is his first ever CWF title shot and the Juggernaut could snuff him out with the blink of an eye like he almost did at the start of this match! Osbourne has to be ultra careful!

Osbourne really applying the pressure, bobbing up and down on the mat, Juggernaut’s face etched with pain. Like a rabid animal, Nitemare pounds on Juggernaut’s knees while still in the hold and Juggernaut can’t afford to stay in this much longer…he tries to power the hold over and reverse it! Nitemare teetering and tottering, Juggernaut fighting with every ounce of strength to get him turned over…and he gets it! He gets it and now it’s the Nitemare that’s in trouble! Nitemare becomes a blur of hair as he shakes his head ferociously in defiance of the pain! He inches his way towards the ropes…inching, inching…Juggernaut crawls back to the center of the ring in an incredible display of upper body strength and now Nitemare is back to square one! Juggernaut pushing himself up and arching back to increase the pressure and Nitemare looks to be considering tapping! Osbourne with his hand hovering over the mat and the crowd screaming at him not to tap but the pain might be too intense! Osbourne taps…no! No he stopped himself and smacks himself in the face to refocus…Osbourne fighting with everything he’s got in him to reach the ropes! Inching…inching…almost there…Juggernaut again powering back towards the center but Osbourne is trying to power back! Osbourne showing incredible will power!

TT: Osbourne has to make it to the ropes! If Juggernaut gets him back in the center of the ring, if Nitemare doesn’t tap out he’ll pass out!

BC: His whole CWF career is flashing before his eyes!

Juggernaut furiously tugging himself back to the center of the ring but Osbourne plants his fists into the mat and refuses to allow it…and he slowly, agonizingly inches his way to the ropes…one step…two steps….Nitemare’s arms wobbling, threatening to give out on him…if he loses his balance that’s it! Nitemare takes another step…and another…and he reaches for the ropes…he’s got it! He’s got it! Osbourne makes it to the ropes but Juggernaut won’t release the hold! The referee counts…1, 2, 3, 4…Juggernaut releases the hold at four and Nitemare immediately grabs his legs in pain. He tries to get to his feet, but his legs twist and fail beneath him, and he drops to the mat.

BC: Well that backfired!

TT: I don’t know how Osbourne can possibly win this now, his speed has been taken away from him.

Juggernaut gets to his feet, barely able to stand himself…he drags Osbourne, on his knees, to the center of the ring and pulls him up…and he sets him up for a powerbomb! If he nails this it could be lights out for The Nitemare! Juggernaut has him up! Nitemare frantically throwing punches to break loose! Juggernaut staggers backwards but keeps his balance…he regains it and widens his stance…he’s gonna do it! Osbourne going down…no! Osbourne turns it into a hurricanrana…but no! Juggernaut is too heavy and Osbourne now dangling upside down from the Juggernaut’s massive neck! Osbourne frantically shaking his head…Juggernaut powers him back up…but Osbourne goes with it and adds some extra momentum…Juggernaut loses his balance and falls backwards…Osbourne crashes into the referee! The referee is down and both men are struggling to continue!

TT: what a battle this is and neither man can stand, both men with damage to their legs and now what the hell is this?!

BC: Ahhh!

Through the crowd comes Pledge Allegiance wielding a steel chair! Juggernaut’s entourage at the entrance way doesn’t know what to do so they watch on. Pledge going for Nitemare! Both men back to their feet and neither man sees Pledge! Pledge swings…and a miss! Nitemare ducks and Pledge hits Juggernaut in the head and the chair immediately dents! Juggernaut drops to the mat unconscious…Nitemare grabs Pledge from behind…Badd Dream! No! Pledge escapes and rolls out of the ring as Juggernaut’s entourage charges down the aisle! Pledge escapes through the crowd but back in the ring the referee has come alive! Nitemare to the top rope…OSBOURNESAULT! And a cover! Osbourne with the cover! The ref counts slowly as he remains groggy from the collision…





TT: He did it! Osbourne has done!

BC: I don’t believe it!

Announcer: Here is your winner, and NEW CWF National Champion… “THE NITEMARE” ROB OSBOURNE!

TT: Osbourne is the champion! He has finally won CWF gold and amazingly you can give the assist to Pledge Allegiance!

BC: I’m in shock! Osbourne has defeated The Juggernaut!

Osbourne, draped across the Juggernaut, reaches out as the referee hands him his newly won championship belt and clutches it close to his chest. He rolls out of the ring and holds the National title high above his head to the roar of the crowd, and limps up the aisle with the title across his shoulder.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, The Juggernaut sits up and furiously looks around for Pledge Allegiance, who is long gone.

TT: Pledge may have been wise to stay out of this…he has a World Championship match, and it’s up next…and there is a pissed off Juggernaut looking for him now…

BC: Yeah Pledge is happy it’s a cage match now for sure, but we’ve seen in the past, that doesn’t necessarily stop anyone from getting involved…

Suddenly, Mark Xamin appears on the video screen.

TT: Well…as we’ve seen in the past…this man can stop anyone from getting involved…

Mark Xamin: Ahem…hey Juggernaut? You know, I was about to come on and restart the match but it occurs to me you’ve barged into my office and threatened me enough times in the past couple of months that I’m not sure you even deserve it. So instead, this is what I’m gonna do. If you even so much as think about getting involved in the main event tonight…you will not receive your rematch with Rob Osbourne. That’s right, you get involved in the main event, and your rematch is up in smoke. As a matter of fact, if anyone who doesn’t have my approval to be at ringside tonight for the main event is down there, they will be banned from the CWF for six months! This is going to be a clean title match, the best man will win…and to ensure that happens, Kodiak Winters will be at ringside as the special enforcer!

TT: Well that’s certainly good news!

Mark Xamin: But let’s talk about next month for a moment here. Next month the CWF will hold Night of Champions II: Lord of the Ring on May 30. Starting next week on Showdown, we will be starting a tournament bracket. Round one will be completed next week. Round two the week after that. And the finalists of the Lord of the Ring tournament will compete at Night of Champions to determine who is the first ever CWF Lord of the Ring! That man will receive a CWF World Heavyweight Championship match at the hottest pay-per-view of the Summer, Summer Smash in June!

TT: Wow!

Mark Xamin: And now…ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the main event!

BC: Man…there’s no easy ticket to the top in the CWF, Teddy! You have to overcome the odds to get to the main event and earn your way up the ladder…

TT: You’re not kidding…think of what everyone had to go through to make it to the main event of Super Card V…and now whoever wants to be in the main event at Summer Smash this June is going to have to win a tournament to make it! Unbelievable!

BC: Yeah but who is the champion gonna be, Teddy?

TT: Let’s find out…the cage is lowering and we are ready for the main event!

The lights dim and the cage lowers to an ominous bass line. The crowd roars as the cage clamps into place on the ring. Legendary ring announcer, Doc McMartin, does the honors of introducing the match.

Doc McMartin: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a STEEL CAGE MATCH!...and it is for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd roars.

Doc McMartin: To win this match, you must either climb over the cage or through the door, and both feet must touch the floor. The first man to escape the cage will be declared the winner and CWF World Heavyweight Champion! “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath hits and the crowd erupts as Pledge Allegiance emerges from behind the curtain. Pyro explodes as his raises his arms and the crowd grows louder still for him. He makes his way down the aisle, and tugs on the cage walls, testing their give, and then climbs through the cage door and into the ring.

“Represent” by (hed) p.e. interrupts Pledge’s music, and the crowd immediately drowns it out with boos as “The Flawless One” Brian Adams emerges from behind the curtain, the CWF World Heavyweight Championship fastened around his waist. He arrogantly poses at the top of the aisle as pyro explodes behind him. Adams taunts some fans in the front row on his way to the ring. He glares at Pledge through the cage, and finally climbs through the door. Once inside, he climbs to the top of the cage and straddles it, holding the title up. He gets showered with more boos and finally climbs down.

Doc McMartin: Introducing first, the challenger! From New York, New York…weighing in at 240 pounds… PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE!

The crowd roars for Pledge, who throws up his arms in acknowledgement of the reception.

Doc McMartin: And his opponent! From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Weighing in at 240 pounds…he is the reigning CWF World Heavyweight Champion! “THE FLAWLESS ONE” BRIAN ADAMS!

The crowd boos as Brian Adams once more holds up the title, kisses it, and hands it to the referee.

TT: Was he kissing it goodbye?

BC: Get with the program, Teddy…he worked a long damn title for that belt, he treats her nice.

TT: Her?

BC: Shut up.

Kodiak Winters suddenly appears at the top of the entrance way and makes his way to ringside, stopping at the end of the aisle and facing the curtain with his arms crossed.

TT: And there’s the special enforcer, Bobby. No one is getting involved in this one with Kodiak Winters standing there and that’s on top of Xamin’s orders that the entire CWF roster save for those he’s approved of being at ringside is to get involved in this one or they will be banned from the CWF for a period of six months.

BC: Yeah well you know he made that ruling to stop the Juggernaut from coming out here for revenge on Pledge.


TT: Well this is it! The wait is finally over and the CWF World Heavyweight Championship match is officially under way! This is your Vendetta main event and my God, what a hotly anticipated match this has been!

BC: My heart is pounding already!

Not a fan in the crowd is sitting down as Brian Adams and Pledge Allegiance meet in the center of the ring and go nose to nose. Both men talking smack as they grind their noses together and make their last effort to get into their opponent’s head. Finally, Pledge can wait no longer, and fires the first shot, a right hand that surprises Adams and sends him stumbling backwards, much to the crowd’s delight. Adams steps in and fires back, rocking Pledge. The crowd boos loudly. Pledge fires back to loud cheers, only to have Adams retaliate to more boos. Finally, it degenerates into an all out brawl and both men fire lefts and rights until they become a blur of fists! Pledge takes the upper hand and whips him to the ropes…Adams on the rebound, Pledge with a back body drop and Adams sails through the air and drops to the mat! Adams goes to roll out of the ring and then remembers he’s inside a cage!

TT: Adams will need a new game plan tonight, he won’t be able to slow the pace or play mind games inside the cage!

BC: Come on, Adams! Get him!

Pledge grabs him by the hair and chucks him into the cage wall, Adams bouncing off of it face first and stumbling back towards Pledge…Pledge rocks him with a clothesline! Adams bounces back up and Pledge with another clothesline! Adams right back to his feet and again, Pledge with a third clothesline! Adams to his feet slowly and the crowd is going wild! Pledge comes at him again and shoves him into the corner…and he whips him to the opposite corner! Adams bouncing off the turnbuckles and back to the center of the ring…Pledge with flying head scissors! Adams is sent into the ropes and he drapes over the middle rope…Pledge running to the opposite end of the ring and rebounds off the ropes with a head of steam…and he dropkicks Adams’ head into the cage! No! Adams moves and Pledge dropkicks the steel cage and hits the mat hard! Pledge down for the moment and Adams backs up into a corner to regroup.

TT: Pledge looking dominant in the early going but Adams was able to capitalize on a mistake there…Pledge perhaps trying to do too much too soon.

BC: Adams is in survival mode, Pledge is gonna have to pick his spots because Adams will be doing things out of instinct now.

Pledge picks himself up and gets back to his feet. Adams does the same and the two meet in the center of the ring. They lock up…no, before they can, Adams thumbs Pledge in the eyes and Pledge is blinded! Adams lifts him up and torpedos him into the steel mesh walls of the cage! Pledge rockets off the cage and lands on his feet, but is met with a brutal clothesline by Adams! Adams now mocking the crowd and getting incredible heat for it. Pledge slowly getting to his feet and Adams turns around…Pledge hooks him in…t-bone suplex! Adams twists and drops to the mat in an awkward position and Pledge shakes out the cobwebs before dropping a leg across the throat of Adams.

TT: The stakes are high here and you can almost sense that both of these guys are in a defensive mode here…they’re feeling each other out somewhat and not trying anything too risky so far, just wearing each other down.

BC: And that’s smart, Teddy…there’s no reason to be stupid. Be methodical, wear the other guy down…these little moves like leg drops and body slams and things like that may not look like much, but they take their toll in the ring.

Pledge grabs Adams by the legs and slingshots him into the cage wall! But Adams jumps on like Spider Man and begins frantically scaling the cage! Pledge catches him and pulls him down, and Adams drops, straddling the top rope! Adams’ eyes widen as he rides the top rope, and Pledge shakes it, adding to Adams’ misery! Adams trying to stop him for dear life…and with one final shake, Adams flops off the top rope and slumps onto the mat. Pledge heading for the door now, and the door swings open for him! Pledge stepping through and we may have a new champion here…

No! Adams blocks out the pain and rushes over to him, pulling him back in and the cage door swings shut! Adams with a DDT! And Pledge stays down, allowing Adams to recover from the top rope ride.

TT: Man, Adams is going to have to find a way to quell this attack by Pledge somehow…Pledge just looks like a man possessed tonight…he wants that title so bad and you can tell.

BC: Adams is just biding his time, Teddy…weathering the storm, he’s ready to strike when the time is right!

Adams pulls himself up and forces Pledge to his feet…Adams hooks him in for a German suplex but Pledge blocks it…and reverses! Pledge now ready to catch him with a German suplex but Adams with a mule kick! Pledge gets low blowed and it’s completely legal in a cage match…and now Adams throws him into the cage…and grinds Pledge’s face into the mesh fencing! Pledge moaning in pain as the steel fence tears the flesh from his forehead, busting him open! Blood now trickling down the face of Pledge.

TT: Pledge is busted wide open and that could be the determining factor!

BC: And there it is, Teddy, I told you! Now Pledge has to get out of that cage as fast as possible because that blood loss will wear him out…it’s a race against the clock for Pledge now and that’s on top of dealing with Adams!

Adams calls for the door to be opened, but he doesn’t go through it. Instead he sticks Pledge’s head in the open doorway and goes to slam the cage door on him! But Pledge is just able to move before he gets the chance or that would have been lights out for sure! Adams climbing back through the ropes and Pledge dropkicks him into the cage wall! Adams falls to the mat on impact and Pledge crawls to the opposite end of the ring. Pledge checking himself for blood and he finds lots of it. He slams his fist into the mat at the sight of it and then shakes his head, psyching himself up as if to tell himself not to let the blood keep him down. Pledge back over to Adams and he pulls him up…and wait a minute…he’s pulling Adams over to the cage door! Pledge has snapped and he’s calling for the door to be opened…and he sticks Adams’ head in it and SLAMS it on him!

TT: Pledge has rung Adams’ bell and you’ve got to believe it’s pay back! Pledge has had his bell rung so many times over the past few months and finally he’s the one dishing it out!

BC: Oh no…oh no…Adams…get up! Get up! There’s no time to waste feeling sorry for yourself, get up!

Adams lays in a heap by the door and Pledge drags him back to the center of the ring. He unfastens the turnbuckle and throws it over the cage and into the crowd, the turnbuckle now nothing more than exposed steel. He pulls Adams up and drives his head into the steel buckle! Adams immediately drops to the mat clutching his forehead and blood begins to pour out of his forehead as well! Both men now busted open!

TT: There you have it, Pledge has leveled the playing field and now both men are bleeding!

BC: Ahhh!

Pledge now stalking behind Adams…Adams slowly to his feet…Pledge from behind…sleeperhold! Sleeperhold! And the crowd roars as Adams flails his arms about trying to reach at…nothing in particular in the sky. Pledge squeezing with everything he’s got and Adams slowly starting to fade! Adams dropping to one knee and Pledge now forces him backwards and turns it into a rear naked choke! Pledge holding on for dear life and Adams is out! Adams is out! Pledge has a clear path to the championship, all he has to do is walk through the door! But no, Pledge is climbing the cage instead!

BC: What’s he doing?! Pledge, you idiot! Walk through the door and the title is yours! What the hell is he thinking?

TT: Perhaps he wants to win this the old fashioned way! And Pledge now on top of the world standing on the top of the cage! The title is his if he scales back down and both of his feet touch the floor!

Pledge leans down to begin his descent but then looks down at Adams lying unconscious in the center of the ring and has second thoughts. No doubt Craze in the Maze crosses his mind, where Adams dumped him off the top of the Maze. The multiple chair shots he took at the hands of Adams must also have crossed his mind. At this point it is now abundantly clear that Pledge isn’t climbing down the cage…he has other things in mind.

TT: Come on Pledge, don’t do it…don’t do it! You could be World Champion! Just climb down the cage!

BC: Ahhh!

Pledge looks out to the crowd, every fan in the building on their feet screaming their guts out. Pledge looks down once more…and thousands of camera flashes suddenly go off…Pledge MOONSAULTS OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE!




BC: Holy crap!

Pledge connects but the fall no doubt took its toll of Pledge too, who rolls around on the mat clutching his knees. Adams…well, if he wasn’t unconscious before, he is now. The blood flows out of both men’s foreheads and stains the mat, and Adams’ body looks broken. Pledge is in bad shape himself and alternates between clutching his knees and his abdomen. The crowd is on their feet chanting “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!”

TT: My God, Pledge has made the ultimate sacrifice here! He doesn’t just want to win the title, he wants to put Brian Adams out of commission! Pledge Allegiance is tired of being pushed around he is sending a clear message to the entire locker room here! Pledge could have been the champion but he elected to add insult to injury and we’ll see how it pans out now!

BC: Yeah but now he has to get back out of the cage! There are no pinfalls or submissions, so he has to get out of the cage and I don’t think he has it in him to climb now by the looks of it! That means he’ll have to go out the door…

Pledge keeled over in pain but he slowly inches his way towards the door from the opposite end of the ring! If he can make it he’ll be the champion and he tells himself just that as he struggles to pull himself across the mat. He crawls up to Adams and pushes at his lifeless body to make sure he’s still out, and then continues on his way. The door swings open but Pledge has a ways to go and Adams slowly lifts his head up off the mat, blood staining his face in a crimson mask. Adams can barely move but he looks over and sees Pledge making his way to the door…Adams’ eyes widen slightly beneath the blood and he slowly begins to stir, trying desperately to pull himself towards Pledge but it may be too late!

Pledge Allegiance has one hand through the door and he’s running out of energy fast! The blood continues to flow out of his head and Pledge has to know he’s got to get out quickly as he begins to fade! Half of Pledge’s body makes it outside the cage door and the crowd is on edge, this could be it! Pledge desperately trying to muster up the energy to pull himself just a little bit further and meanwhile Adams is trying to do the exact same thing…Adams inches away from grabbing Pledge’s boot but he’s beginning to fade as well! Pledge has completely passed out from the blood loss and slumps over the ring steps, his lower half still in the ring. Adams grabs his foot and drags him back in and then sits himself up in the corner, slapping himself in the face and shaking the cobwebs out but still unable to pull himself up.

TT: My God what a war…what a damn war and it’s amazing Adams even knows where he is after taking that moonsault off the top of the cage! Pledge took a huge risk and it may have cost him!

BC: Yeah but can Adams climb the cage either? I don’t think so and I wonder if either of them could even drag themselves through the door now.

Adams fighting to get to his feet, using the ropes and the cage wall to pull himself up. Finally to his feet, Adams can barely stand, looking as low a soft breeze could knock him over. He leans down to pull up Pledge, the blood dripping off his forehead as he does. Pledge is dead weight but Adams manages to get him up. Adams going for it..LAST CHAPTER! He nailed Pledge with the Last Chapter and Pledge isn’t going anywhere for a good length of time! But Adams drops to his knees on impact and the struggle to get to his feet begins again!

TT: Good God, Adams nails the Last Chapter! And Pledge may be out for good here!

BC: He’s not getting up any time soon, but now Adams has to find a way out of the cage! I don’t think he can see with that blood trickling into his eyes and look…he’s crawling towards the wrong corner looking for the door!

Adams tries to use his hands as his eyes and lunges at a corner of the cage. Rather than play that game, Adams decides to climb the cage instead…perhaps not the wisest decision but regardless, Adams scaling the cage slowly, threatening to lose his grip but he manages to hang on! Adams inching his way towards the top of the cage, God knows where he’s getting the strength! Adams’ foot slips and he slides and back towards the ring! No! He manages to hang on with one hand and his feet dangle dramatically in mid air until he’s able to cling back to the cage! Pledge still remains motionless and if Adams and get over this last hurdle he could retain!

Adams now trying to pull himself on to the top of the cage, no doubt the hardest part! Meanwhile Pledge is actually stirring! The crowd is on their feet and Pledge’s head slowly begins to move and he ever so slowly manages to turns over onto his stomach and regain his bearings! Adams now laying on the top of the cage and threatening to pass out the way Pledge did at the door! Pledge is very slowly crawling towards the door and Adams doesn’t see it! The crowd is on their feet!



Adams slumps at the top of the cage and slowly turns his head and sees Pledge headed for the door. The door swings open and Adams’ eyes widen. As quickly as he can, though the whole thing looks to be in slow motion from everyone else’s point of view, Adams twists his body and begins to climb down the cage! Pledge headed for the door, Adams headed for the floor! Pledge half way out the door and Adams half way down the cage!

TT: We’re gonna have a damn photo finish here! My God this is intense! Get two cameras on these guys quick!

BC: Oh my heart! My heart!

Adams feet dangling at the bottom of the cage now as he prepares to jump…Pledge sliding out of the cage and Adams jumps at the same time…BOTH MEN ARE OUT!


BC: What happened? Who’s the champion?!

TT: I have no idea! From our vantage point it looked like…maybe Pledge?

BC: No way….Adams’ feet hit the floor first for sure! No doubt about it!

The referee frantically runs over to Doc McMartin and points to the video screen.

Doc McMartin: Ladies and gentlemen…as both men escaped the cage at the same time, the referee has decided to review the replay to determine who’s feet touched the floor first!

The crowd buzzes as a slow motion replay from each side of the cage shows both men exiting the cage from different angles. From one angle it appears as though Pledge Allegiance may have hit the floor first; but another angle shows only one of Pledge’s feet on the floor, with the other still not quite on the floor, while Adams, at the same time, was plummeting to the floor at a higher rate of speed, but both feet just barely not touching the floor as well. The clip then forwards to the next frame. Brian Adams’ toes appear to be touching the floor while Pledge Allegiance’s foot seems to just barely be touching as well.

TT: Well what the hell happens now? That looks like a pretty damn close call to me…

BC: Adams’ feet are clearly on the floor there but I don’t know…Pledge looks pretty close there too but that’s a tough angle to look at it…

Several referees and staff members from the back come down to ringside to confer. After several minutes, the official referee for the match says something to Doc McMartin and takes the title.

TT: Well for God’s sake, who’s the winner?!

Doc McMartin: Ladies and gentlemen…after reviewing all angles, the referees have determined that while Brian Adams’ feet both touched the floor…the angle on Pledge Allegiance’s second foot is inconclusive, and it cannot be determined whether or not his second foot did indeed touch the floor at the same time. Therefore, the referee has no choice but to declare the winner…and STILL CWF World Heavyweight Champion…. BRIAN ADAMS!

TT: Oh come on!

The crowd boos loudly and begins to throw garbage. Brian Adams and Pledge Allegiance both receive medical attention, though it is doubtful either one of them has a clue what’s going on.

TT: Brian Adams is still the champion but this is ridiculous, that looked like at the very least a clear draw to me, and Brian Adams has dodged a huge bullet here.

BC: Phew! Justice has been served!

TT: What the hell are you talking about?

BC: You know what they say in baseball, Teddy…tie goes to the runner! Well in the CWF, a tie goes to the champion and Brian Adams has retained!

TT: Well you have got to believe it’s far from over between Brian Adams and Pledge Allegiance…what an absolute disappointment for Pledge Allegiance who by all intents and purposes should be the World Champion right now! Fans, we are out of time…we will see you on Showdown where hopefully we’ll get some answers!

BC: Wooo Brian! Wooo!

TT: I’m Teddy Turnbuckle for “Beautiful” Bobby Crane…thanks for joining us…good night everyone!

The camera zooms in on both Pledge Allegiance being fastened to a stretcher, and then Brian Adams, also being fastened to a stretcher with the CWF World Heavyweight title. Both men are bloodstained and barely moving.

Fade to black.