Classic Wrestling Federation


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"Golden One" Jeff Jericho

- 5 time Heavyweight Champion

- 3 time National Champion

- 2 time Unified Champion

- 2 time Tag Team Champion

- Had legendary feuds with Triple X, Z-Pac, Paul Blair, Jimmy Blast, and others while in the CWF

- Founding father of The Superstars Corporation (TSC)

Triple X

- Voted greatest CWF wrestler in history

- 5 time Heavyweight Champion

- 1 time National Champion

- 1 time Unified Champion

- 1 time Mid-Atlantic Champion

- 5 time Tag Team Champion

- Had a legendary feud with Jeff Jericho

- Grand Slam Winner, and first 5 time World Champion

- Battled Dean Warren in one of the most decorated main events of all time at Summer Smash 1999

Mark Xamin

- Founding father of the CWF

- Known for his creativity and originality

- Former Interim President of MWWF

- Has booked the most memorable events in CWF history - Had on camera feuds with X-Rated, Steve Duarte, Paul Blair, among others, which has led him into the ring on several occassions, most notably at Summer Smash 2005 where he battled Paul Blair in a Hell in the Cell match


- Known as the Legendary King of Hardcore who brought Hardcore to the next level in the CWF and revolutionized it

- Known for loving pain and fighting in some of the most brutal matches ever

- Gained infamy when he turned the CWF Mid-Atlantic Title into the Mid-Atlantic Hardcore Title.

- Had Legendary feuds with 2Bad, Paul Blair, Jeff Jericho, Chris Reinhardt, Steve Dart and Mike Van Pro.

- 3 time CWF World Champion, 3 time CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion, 1 time CWF Tag Team Champion, and won the CWF Hardcore Trophy.

"Ruler" Paul Blair

- 2 time CWF World Heavyweight Champion.

- 1 time CWF National Champion

- 4 time CWF Unified Champion

- Regarded backstage as the model handler and the standard which all should strive to achieve in terms of class and loyalty

- Signed his first CWF contract in late 1998

- Legendary feuds with Jeff Jericho, Z-Pac, Triple X, Mark Xamin, Steve Dart, and a plethora of others

- Defeated Mark Xamin in a Hell in the Cell match at Summer Smash 2005 to earn himself a spot in the Hall of Fame

Teddy Turnbuckle

- Legendary CWF play-by-play man

- Debuted at Thursday Night Havoc on June 11, 1998

- Has called the greatest moments in CWF history

"Beautiful" Bobby Crane

- Legendary broadcast partner of Teddy Turnbuckle; his one liners and biased insight rendered him extremely entertaining

- Former ECWA World Heavyweight Champion

- Has wrestled in the CWF on occasion, most memorably against T-Money at Red Alert on May 13, 1999

Pledge Allegiance

- After cutting his teeth in the MWWF, EWA, and SAW, Pledge Allegiance signed with the CWF, beginning a legendary career

- 3x CWF World Heavyweight Champion

- 1x CWF Mid Atlantic Champion

- Has battled all of the greats, including Jeff Jericho, Triple X, Jimmy Blast, Brian Adams, Rob Osbourne, Maniac, Steve Dart, Z-Pac, Paul Blair, and most others

- Has taken control of the CWF on several occassions, and in 2009 assisted Rob Osbourne with his hostile take over

- A consumate professional backstage, and a mentor for the younger, up and coming wrestlers

Magnus Thunder

- A CWF original, Magnus Thunder made his debut on the December 12, 1997 edition of Friday Night Assault in a match against Sleepwalker

- Magnus Thunder and Sleepwalker went on to establish The Omega, a stable that was a part of the CWF, off and on, for the next thirteen years

- Wrestled the Match of the Year against Crow at The Valentine Bash 1998

- Headlined the very first Super Card against the legendary "Hotshot" Mike Stewart

- 2 time CWF World Heavyweight Champion

- 1 time CWF Tag Team Champion

- Had a spectacular feud with Brian Adams in 2009, resulting in some of the best matches of the year

- Is tied with Paul Blair for the longest CWF World Heavyweight Championship reign in history

- Retired at Super Card VI after defeating his long time nemesis Yoshiru Long (Blood), and was inducted into the Hall of Fame the same night

Jimmy Blast

- An MWWF legend, Jimmy Blast had an infamous feud with Maniac throughout 1996, 1997, and 1998. Considered one of the most legendary feuds of all time, Maniac credits Jimmy Blast with keeping his career alive -- which ultimately led to the creation of the CWF

- Founding father of The Horsemen stable

- 1 time CWF World Heavyweight Champion

- 2 time CWF National Champion

- 2 time CWF Tag Team Champion

- Master of the mind game

- Inducted into the CWF Hall of Fame at Super Card VI by Maniac

* Jeff Jericho was inducted into the Hall of Fame in an unofficial capacity and in less than amicable circumstances by an individual without the authority to make such decisions. However, in light of Jericho's accomplishments in the early CWF, his place in the Hall of Fame shall remain. In present day, in light of his terrible fall from grace, the CWF is embarrassed to have ever been associated with Jeff Jericho.