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The Classic Wrestling Federation prides itself more or less on three things: originality, fun, and realism. So let's go a little bit more in-depth on these three things.

Originality - One of the most important aspects of the CWF is, we are original. Therefore, you cannot join the CWF as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin or Triple H. Your character must be unique. Understandably, you may choose to use a real life wrestler as an inspiration in the creation of your own original wrestler. But if you are mimicking their promos and stealing their mannerisms and catch phrases, then you're going to be on the losing end of most of your matches and probably will find yourself cut from the roster eventually.

Fun: The CWF is all about having a good time. This is a place where you can forget about real life for a while, kick back, and have some fun. There are a few rules to abide by that are essential in creating a fun atmosphere. Rules which you will follow if you plan on beginning a career in the Classic Wrestling Federation. First and foremost, ANY backstage problems are to be resolved through E-MAIL or private messages. Those problems will be resolved in a professional manner. This means if you have a complaint about a match, a fellow wrestler/handler, or any other CWF related issue, you are to either e-mail or PM Mark X, the Owner/Founder/President of the company, or speak with him on MSN BEFORE speaking with the party with whom you have the issue with. Should the issue be a minor one, usually you will be permitted to solve the problem amongst yourselves, but NOT in a CWF forum. If the problem is a major one, it will be handled in a professional manner through Mark X, or if necessary, both parties will schedule a chat, in which Mark X MUST be present, and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The OOC (Out Of Character) board is there for generating storyline idea's, compliments on roleplays, and general chatting. It is NOT there for complaints and arguments.

Realism: Obviously, you will not be allowed not come out to the ring, pull out a gun, and shoot somebody. That is unrealistic and stupid. Use common sense; you can't kill anybody, and you can't do anything that you wouldn't see on basic cable.

This is a booked federation, meaning if you don't roleplay, you plain and simply don't win. Roleplaying is the essence of your character. All matches are judged on your roleplaying ability, versus your opponent's. Essentially, whoever out-roleplays their opponent, scores a victory. When we say "out-roleplay", we mean in terms of QUALITY, not QUANTITY. Fifty one liners will not beat one solid roleplay.

You may NOT use other characters in your roleplay without the handlers written consent. Should an issue arise over the use of another character in your roleplay, you will be asked to forward Mark X a copy of the written document in which the handler granted you permission to use his/her character in your roleplay. Failure to provide this documentation will result in either a job, a suspension, or termination. This will NOT be tolerated.

As an active member of the Classic Wrestling Federation, you are expected to write AT LEAST one (1) roleplay per match that you are booked in, and a MAXIMUM of three (3) per weekly show and five (5) per PPV. This is to ensure that everyone is on a level playing field. Should there be an issue (i.e. you are going away on vacation, there is a death in the family, you are sick or injured, etc.), contact Mark X and make him aware of the situation, and you will be excused until you notify us that you are ready to return to action.

The roleplay deadline for Saturday Night Showdown is Thursday at 7:00 PM EST/4:00 PM PST. The roleplay deadline for pay-per-views is Friday at 7:00 PM EST/4:00 PM PST. You are free to roleplay after the deadline, but it will NOT count towards the result of your match. PPVs will be held one Sunday per month -- sometimes there will be no PPV and instead there will be a network special, Night of Champions. The roleplay deadline will be posted along with the card for the event.


Winners and losers of matches will be decided based on two things: Roleplays, and heat. The most important is roleplays. However, should it boil down to a tie, the winner will be chosen the way it should be. Whomever has the most heat will win the match. This means that the winner will be the one whom will benefit the most from the match, whether it be to add fuel to a feud, to improve a storyline, etc. Should THAT boil down to a tie, the match will result in a draw.

Complaining on this issue will NOT be tolerated. If you have a concern, you may discuss your concern with Mark X in a professional manner, through either e-mail or PM. Any complaining done on the OOC board will first result in a warning. A second offense will result in immediate termination of your CWF contract, no matter who you are - under-carder or main-eventer - the same rules apply. If a complaint is posted on the OOC board, it will be deleted anyway, so don't waste your time.

The CWF will hold one weekly show - Saturday Night Showdown. This is always hand written by either Mark X or the hired card-writer. All final results will be approved by Mark X personally, to ensure quality and fairness.

We will also hold one pay-per-view per month, in which all titles will be defended. This, of course, will also be hand written by either Mark X or the hired card-writer. Same rule applies, all final results will be approved by Mark X personally, to ensure quality and fairness.

Now, getting into more detail. Our shows will be run much the same as WWE RAW or Smackdown!. During the show, another wrestler may sneak attack you backstage or during your match. That wrestler may effect the outcome of your match. This will be done for the good of an angle, and sometimes you will lose a match to benefit an angle. Another wrestler may come out and challenge you to a match. We will NOT allow same-night challenges, unless it is agreed upon by all parties involved, and Mark X himself. This means that you can't come down and challenge another wrestler to a match on that same night. Outside interference will never affect the outcome of a match, even if it is written to look that way. If the end of your match results in you losing due to outside interference, you didn't lose because someone screwed you over, you lost because you got out roleplayed or you agreed to the ending beforehand.

The CWF booking commitee/creative director has control over the show. This means that although you may not send in a sneak attack or pre/post-match interview, you could find that you are involved in one anyway. This is strictly to improve the show and the angle, and we reserve the right to use your character in our shows. This includes, but is not limited to, run-ins, interviews, backstage attacks, guest commentary, etc. Your ideas and suggestions are more than welcome, and more often than not are used.

Not every single strat/run-in will be used. Sometimes two strats will conflict with each other, and in that situation we will make a decision on which of the two would be most beneficial all parties involved. Again, the writer reserves the right to use and NOT use strats based on his/her own discretion. Sometimes we will mix things up to surprise you and keep you on your toes creatively. By joining the CWF you are agreeing to this and while you are free to voice your concerns/opinions, don't whine every time something doesn't go your way.

Thank you for your interest in the Classic Wrestling Federation. By filling out the application form, you are agreeing to all of the terms listed above. Should you break any of the rules listed on this page, you are subject to jobbing, suspension, or termination, depending on the severity of the offense. All of these rules and regulations will be strictly upheld. Zero tolerance.

If you are interested in joining, you may do so here. Do NOT begin roleplaying until you have been contacted by a member of the Classic Wrestling Federation staff team, accepting you into the CWF.